The Forced Labour Party: The Day That Corbyn (And Half His Cabinet) Voted For Workfare


Almost every new member of Corbyn’s cabinet, including Corbyn himself, voted in favour of the above motion to force unemployed people into temporary jobs – which involve ten hours a week unpaid work – or face benefit sanctions.

Corbyn was joined in his support for forced labour by over half of his new cabinet, including John McDonnell, Andy Burnham, Angela Eagle, Rosie Winterton, and Tom Watson.  London Mayoral hopeful Sadiq Khan also joined the workfare frenzy as did Green MP Caroline Lucas.  She kept that quiet.  Never trust a hippy.

The vote took place in an Opposition Day debate introduced by creepy (and possibly former) Shadow Employment Minister Stephen Timms as recently as February this year.  In the debate Timms outlines Labour’s ‘tough plan’ for a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee that “will hold people responsible for accepting work when it is offered.”

These compulsory jobs would be set at the minimum wage and last six months with no guarantee of a real job at the end.  Instead unemployed people would then be expected to “pursue intensive job search” for six months. Appallingly, whilst these jobs would be full time, those forced to join the scheme would only be paid for 25 hours a week – meaning they would be expected to work for ten hours for free.  Labour said that these extra ten hours would be reserved for training, provided by the employer.  Employers like Poundland.  They must think we’re fucking idiots.

Compulsory jobs, that involve 260 hours of work for no wages, are workfare.  Jeremy Corbyn has said he opposes both workfare, and benefit sanctions.  Yet here he was, with all his so-called lefty chums, voting for both.  Not one Labour MP spoke up in the debate about the impact of removing benefits from those who chose not to, or were unable to take up a compulsory job.   Workfare is now so embedded within both main political parties that it no longer even occurs to them to ask what if these sanction backed schemes destroy more lives than they ‘help’.

There is a chance now for Labour to take a step back, admit they were wrong, and consign their support for benefit sanctions to the dustbin of history. Benefit sanctions kill and no amount of fucking job outcomes justify the horror of driving people to poverty, homelessness, ill health and even death in the hope of catching a scrounger.  The impact of sanctions are just the same whether applied by a leering Tory or a Labour do-gooder who’s convinced themselves that forcing people into poverty paid work under the threat of destitution is some kind of help.  If this weekend’s events represent real change then it time for Labour to call for benefit sanctions to be scrapped, without exceptions.  Otherwise, for unemployed people at least, then Corbyn’s victory is little more than meet the new boss, same as the fucking old one.

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417 responses to “The Forced Labour Party: The Day That Corbyn (And Half His Cabinet) Voted For Workfare

  1. If that’s the case then he can get lost.

  2. Told you, they are all the same, there is no one left in government, that is fit to goven.

    • The chimps from the old PG tips adverts could do a better job than any of the chinless clowns making a complete mess of things. No wonder I don’t bother to vote for any of them.

  3. Wikipedia “Timms is an evangelical Christian.”!!! He can also get lost.

    • He might have done, no announcement on Shadow Employment Minister yet I don’t think.

      • Owen Smith, Pontypridd. Shadow Secretary for Work and Pensions

      • FUck me, you working for Mr Murdoch now?

        This hit piece is worthy of the Scum.

        You don’t have to like the guy, but to deny there is an opportunity here to at last oppose this government is fucking ridiculous.

        Fuck off back to Urban 75 with the other cunts who swim in the mire.

        • overburdenddonkey

          oh yeah what chance is that then…there was a chance voters denied it and voted tory 330 seats to reject an snp 56 seats, lab 232seats alliance..
          or do you discount scotland’s efforts to get rid of red and blue tories…

          • Because Labour exists as the only opposition in Parliament, and now it has a leader who gives a damn.

            It’s not perfect by any means, but to ignore this just to satisfy personal politics is self defeating.

            No one is saying you give up campaigning on the streets or that you have to sign up to Labour. Just that there’s a chance something good can come from this, rather than the usual fractioius bullshit from the left.

            • overburdenddonkey

              the snp have been opposing the tories not labour…the labour party is shrinking labour and the snp could have been a united opposition if socialists come out in droves to vote, they didn’t that was thier choice then want’s really changed nothing as labour are still in opposition although they might actually oppose now…the tories have 330 (constituency) seats, not swing seats, but rock solid seats, i can assure that no. will not substantially change, anytime soon..

    • Guaranteed paid jobs in my area? Since when? All I get is employment agencies nicking all the (once employer-direct) jobs from all the factories around here, and as these proper jobs have gone up the swanee, all that is left are the scraps offering zero-hour contracts.

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  5. Whomever is or was in ‘power’ before, now and in future, all the fucking elite nobcases in government can stick workfare up their sun-less shafts. Workfare is the posh get-out-of-jail clause name for slavery without recognition towards the un-paid / un-employed person. Workfare doesn’t work nor give proper paid work for anybody, being squashed under the boot of the Tories, apart from giving all those scammy staff on those work programme providers work for themselves.

    I was at some point shoved onto the work programme nonsense by ignorant people at the DWP/JCP/WPP more interested in giving themselves a good name in the press, bleating off to the media that the work programme will get Britain back working again under full employment. The only people, who got full recognition and any money through me working my hind legs off in some god-forsaken ratbad establishment dealing in recycling rancid paint for general resale, were the likes of Seetec and the so-called ‘manager’ ( I use that term very lightly indeed) of that flea-ridden paint place.

    Seetec, incidently, are only now able to open their offices in my town just two days a week – Thursdays and Fridays – as the wheels of their extravagance gravy train have fallen off and are now missing, and that the number of un-employed people referred to them by my JCP has dropped like a stone into single figures.

    Assuming then on that basis that Seetec here are shut three days a week, the placements that they can send the likes of mugs like me to have been reduced through no more money being paid to the placement from Seetec and that being involved in the first place with Workfare, those places have been giving a bad reputation with the general public and retail trade sales likewise.

    Workfare for me involved dragging my ass out of bed before 7:00am each weekday morning I had to go to the placement and not getting home again until around 6:00pm that evening. All for what? Absolutely jack shit for me as far as I was concerned with it all and no money or proper skiils gained that I could take to some proper employer in future.

    The other day in the week, where I was not vegetating in some disgusting recycling depot reeking of rancid paint, was spent all day doing jobsearch in Seetec on reject, re-conditioned computers running Windows XP and not with any proper office software neither. The printer. shared on all computers often broke down or ran out of paper each time other jobseekers tried to print their job applications off to prove both to their JCP coach and also their WPP coach they were applying for jobs and not farting around.

    Anyone yet to experience the fun of ‘Work Programme’ like I had to go through, placements range from anything to anything else, offering useless skills (such in my case) re-selling old, manky paint back to the general public – of which knowing how to mix and re-sell this paint has no bearing on my past, present and future work choices.

    I read some time ago that an out-of-work van driver as made to go on the WP foir six months. His placement that he was given? – having to clean old furniture in order to teach him how to work for a living and teach him valuable work skills that could be transferred to any new job he could land.

    He refused to clean old, wood-worm infested furniture whilst on workfare and he ended up sanctioned for six months because of this action he took. He even argued against this placement at his JCP but they ignored him anyway and insisted he complete the placement, although he got or learned nothing that he could take away back into his previous line of employment.

    • that sounds familiar Fen the furniture job, that is what they wanted me to do, so that other people who couldn’t afford….. sorry other people on workfare had to buy the furniture from said warehouse. You know what they wanted me to do, sit down all day sat next to the door, making sure no one unsavoury enters the building, instead of paying money for a security guard. As if I’d make a security guard anyway, one look at me and they would have laughed, ignored me and ransacked the place anyway. What skills I was meant to be doing there I don’t know. The don’t help you find work, they are just a façade to quell the public, so they think the are not hordes of scroungers on the, they were so often led to believe before the last two previous elections. Never mind about telling the public the truth.

      • Maria – security guard! Yes, that sounds just the sort of thing they would do. Putting a vulnerable person in danger in order to protect the second hand furniture.

      • Yes. That story about that van driver being forced into cleaning old furniture was from a year or more ago. But it is still relevant to us all even today. I had some flak from the awful stuff I went through with the likes of Seetec. None of which were ever helpful towards me.

        I’m glad that they are open just two days a week at present, although sooner or later the offices will be shut for good and ‘for sale’ signs plastered all over the fronr door and windows.

        *P.S. I read from an older post the other day from you Maria that you liked me (for what I stand up for for my rights and the rights of others on here. Thank you for your support to me. And I like you too :).

        • Thank you fen:-), it was years ago since they offered me that too, they were wasting my time and my life for the sake of false principals. I have since tried to look for voluntary work myself, so I can gain what skills I find useful, in an appropriate setting that is suitable for me and volunteer when and how often it suits my other commitments, but the whole thing is now bunged up by the DWP and voluntary is truly not voluntary any more. They waste peoples time, people that have got other commitments and responsibilities e.g. Children and elderly relatives to care for and they think it is not work, that’s insane, they clearly have a nanny or a carer or the would appreciate how much hard work it is to do those things. How hard it is to find a job without all that nonsense about he the dole. They don’t care if you stave, if it means they can get away with it.

          • I used to do no end of volutary work in a varied selection of local and not so local charity shops years ago, purely because I wanted to do this. Not to just keep my work ethic and work skills ticking over, but I wanted to lend a genuine hand and give something back into the community.

            I won’t go back into Charity shop work now as if I did, my JCP would start ruffling timesheets in my direction wanting me to scribble down what days I would work and how many hours a day would I put in un-paid. Not forgetting any lunch or travel expenses I would be or not claiming as well.

            And the JCP in all their cheek state that volunteering in any community project or charity shop helps get people back into work. What the JCp never mention is that JCP timesheets come as part of the package even if you object to that nonsense.

      • Putting on ‘security’ was taking the piss. You need to be doing just the right amount of work or the day will just drag on. Have a look at a jobcentre cock roach. We used to joke on CWP about what would happen if we just downed tools and refused to work: “They will just put you on ‘security’ and make you stand at the gate all day. Wouldn’t be so bad if everyone was stood at the gate all day. A mate was put on CWP in a ‘charity’ and they made her stand holding the door open all day from 9-5. That is tantamount to psychological torture. But this is the shit that they do if you say you can work the machines, operate the steamer. They put you on ‘security’ or have you stood holding a door open all day.

        • In fact, being stood all day holding a door open is like something out of Guantánamo Bay. At first glance it doesn’t look untoward. But it is a stress position. It would drive you completely nuts. You should have told them to fuck off, Maria. You must have been driven out of your mind sat at a door all day. At least you didn’t have to hold it open.

          • I didn’t say anything CWP, I went home thought about it and didn’t turn up the next day. They, those at the jobcentre before they where given the name work coach or as you put it accurately work roach, told me they would have admin training work there for me. Now I don’t mind admin, I’d do it but one little problem of not being able to hear properly makes the job virtually impossible, go along and see said they. I did partly because it was a long way to travel, I went to see what nonsense they were dragging up next. I don’t quite know what you mean by door? you mean the front door of the building? They just want to break you down so when they give you a slightly better job you will be grateful for it. Well they have had it with trying to mess with my mind I don’t fall for their psychological games. There wants to be a law the prevents people from using other people, there should be a law to respect other people, there should be no us and them, you can still have individualism, and still have a fair deal for everyone. If people in power were responsible people you would have no unequallity.

            • Good to hear that you didn’t put up with their crap, Maria 🙂 It was just like standing holding the front door back all day – just a piss-take. Imagine doing that for 6 months: “It will look good on your CV” or so says a jobcentre cockroach. Yeah, sure, buddy! Another thing they do to take the piss is having you sweep the same small area over and over again all day. You can’t at a door all day, hold a door open or sweep a small area, all day, every day for 26 weeks. It would drive you nuts. Imagine getting up in the morning thinking: “I have to go and sit by that door all day, hold that door open, sweep that floor over and over”. But you notice in the job centre that they rotate the the cockroachs different tasks. One day they are doing the signings, next day you will see them on the podium. I phoned for a hardship form once and it was my cockroach on the phone. You need varied tasks; that’s why you will see a security guard stacking shelves. Even the jobcentre ‘customer care officers’ try and find something else to do. Making you sit at a door all day was tantamount to psychological torture!

              • one of the jobs someone gave me on agency work, because I’m neither that strong and deaf, they gave me the job of inspecting crisp packets for holes all day 8 hours watching bags of crisps go by. At least I was paid for three months on minimum wage, it was temporary job over Christmas, this was one of the jobs I did when I was exploited in the least. But no it doesn’t break me, because you can’t break me that way. People have tried to break me all my life, but they always cracked before I did. I was writing in my head, I was off somewhere else on an literary adventure.

          • In saying that, the person responsible for showing me round, who was wearing a ring on each of her fingers and had several expensive scarves around her neck, just like all the rest of them in the jobcentre, her nails where done and so was her hair, looks to me she never did a real days work in her life, asked me the question of ‘Have you ever worked?’ I looked her in the eye defiantly said yes that I actually have. She lost the tread of what she was actually saying and took herself a minute to compose herself again. They will never take my dignity away from me, because I refuse to let them, don’t let them take yours away, there is more dignity in begging in the street than there is in those places. You have more rights if you committed a crime.

          • And quite reminds me, when I was 16 just out of school they puts me on this scheme to supposedly help disabled people find work. This is when I was young and naïve. They had me sorting out years worth of filing that no one else had bothered to do, they were meant to be training me up in admin. I used to believe that it was possible they could help me with me hearing problems in work, what a load of shite that turned out be. When I did all the filing, which took me a month on a apprentice wage. They lost interested in finding me things to do and had me sitting at the desk waiting all day for more filing to do. So I mixed all the filing system up and quietly left. They bloody exploited me and I still remember it and I won’t ever forget it so some jumped up employer can do the same again.

  6. We need to wait and see.
    Jeremy may well surprise us all.
    Rome wasn’t dismantled in a day.

    I understand your doubts and fears that things will never change, but lets not unwittingly adopt the politics of fear and despondency we so wish to cleanse from politics.

    Why not have an open mind on this one and give him a chance to prove himself?

    You may be accurate but there is also a chance things will improve for us all if we get behind him?

    • loobitzh – in order for him to prove himself to us and sufficiently surprise us in order for us to “all get behind him”, he would have to do a public unconditional 180 degree turn on workfare and sanctions. We did not create the politics of fear and despondency – it is what votes like corbyns for workfare backed with sanctions have created.

    • overburdenddonkey

      truth never creates fear and despondence but awareness…though i admit the tories et al must be terrified of corbyn’s duffle coat…

    • This is labour wanting to be re-elected via the supposed left wing, that is until they get into power. Corbyn looks and acts like a liberal.

      • overburdenddonkey

        ‘what are labour for’, we asked in scotland, reduced to rubble after indy ref… then came the proof of this in may, when we elected a left of centre party, and rejected an snp lab alliance, coz so few had any faith in lab to deliver anything other than neoliberal progs…this left lab in the political wilderness, then a leadership election that was thrown open to the public to vote in, now lab have morphed overnight into a socialist party..pull the other one it’s got bells on….

        • overburdenddonkey

          ps guy
          and the tories continue to consolidate their strong position under the backdrop of a shrinking uk labour market..

          • England does not have the solidarity of Scotland, more is the pity.
            If Jeremy Corbyn really is left wing let’s see him move the boundaries so that that North East becomes part of Scotland, we might have a fighting chance then.
            We can get into a fight with both North and South 🙂

  7. The political record player has been broken for many years now. It’s about time someone smashed the gramophone up and set fire to the scratched record from that flea-infested parliament repeating itself every time I watch the news on telly.

  8. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    All the MPs are breaking the law knowing a crime has taken place & not reporting & acting on the information of WCA – DWP Deaths. A country with no safety net of any kind driven to despair homelessness & no money with a disability. Vulnerable is a word that does not exist any more. Vulnerable people are not a thing that exists. I can muck up the computers using the LIMA programme AKA Tick Box System. When I give the Tick Boxes a choice it can`t compute. A failure of a system when the system with no choices is given a choice. The DWP LIMA robots. Does the container a litre of liquid have a handle? If not I can`t carry it. I will score maximum points 680 points something must be suspect here let`s have a deeper look. No one has scored the maximum 680 points on a ESA50. The phone call you get after you have sent off the ESA50 saying the results & at the same time getting you to make an appointment for a WCA all over the phone – Slow down 2 points. 1. I would like the results in writing first 2. I am not making an appointment for a WCA over the phone until I get the 1st bit in writing. Problematic nudge units.

    • I can muck up those computers (very easily) as used by the ESA & WCA squad against you. They already try to pull a fast one over your eyes, but they won’t be so cocky when if I try to crash in on their party…

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        I keep getting letters saying I have not filled out the ESA correctly & demand I fill it out correctly before giving up.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          It will still come to the maximum points 680.

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            It Varies the DWP response.

            • The system will constantly try to find the slightest fault with everything you send back to them. They can’t even make the JSA signing-on process work without any cock-ups every time I drag myself to that ugly building of theirs.

              • how does sit work now? I’ve not been for ages.

                • The old method of signing-on was a scribble on a piece of paper. Now, it’s by digital pad akin to the sort used by tradesmen or home delivery people. The JCP digital system itself is prone to constant errors and won’t always accept your signature the first time. When it does accept whom you are you get a percentage score from your JCP advisor of how well the system can read and recognise your scribble.

                  Jobseekers first using the new system have to give six sample signatures to cross determine you and to prevent fraud – so the system can determine if they are whom they say they are in relation to their claim for JSA. If the six samples are accepted then you have to make a seventh signature that releases your JSA payments for the fortnight in question.

                  I’ve had anything from 95% to 98% match rate on any occasion I dragged myself to the JCP, and if my new fortnightly signature was un-recognised and did not match closely to my initial six signatures the system would refuse my payment release and I would have had to sign by paper as a one-off occurance.

                • sound like madness to me, does this little sign pad, get bonus for sanctioning you as well?

                • The signing pad only deals with releasing JSA payments, and only if no current sanction applies and that you haven’t been taking liberties with their endless changing jobseeking rules.

                  Sanctions only come about if no jobs are applied for and this evidence hasn’t been recorded on that snooping UJM website.

                • Neither use of UJM or signing using the electronic pad are compulsory. Even if you are issued with a Jobseeker’s Direction to use UJM it has to be ‘reasonable’ in your particular circumstances. If you are on JSA (and NOT UC) you are only required to fulfill the requirements of the 1995 Jobseekers Act, which is to take at least two steps each week towards gaining employment, no matter what is contained on JSAg/CC. Even then, a test of reasonableness is employed, as there is a clause that states that it is sometimes reasonable to take fewer than two steps in a week, or even take no steps, so long as you can justify it, (i.e. give context, such as stating that you are looking for jobs in the XYZ sector, but on that particular week there were only jobs in the ABC sector advertised). This might not pass a Mandatory Reconsideration, (even though it should) but it won’t get past an Independent Tribunal – it’s not down to interpretation either, as the test is clearly stated in the Act, and it’s case of pass or fail.

                  This article has all the information, and a template letter to adapt to your own circumstances should you need to appeal a Mandatory Reconsideration. There is a lot there, but it’s worth reading carefully:


                  As far a being ‘compelled’ to use the electronic signing pad, you can decline to take up the offer of using it without fear of being sanctioned. Jobcentre Plus advisors have been told by their line managers that it’s compulsory, and mine also tried to tell me that, but I responded that I knew that it wasn’t compulsory, and that there was an FoI out on it that explained that it is not compulsory to use:


                  My JCP advisor asked me to send him the link, so that he could safely challenge his line manager.

                  I’ve found that once you show the DWP that you know your rights, and that you are prepared to defend them, they will back off. I’ve been claiming for an almost embarassing amount of time. I do all I can to find suitable work, I even get interviews, but I’m 58, so that tells it’s own story. I know that not all employers are ageist, but many are. I’ll get a job eventually, even if I have to create it myself! Be polite and respectful, but be also be assertive and show that you know your rights, and insist on your rights being respected. Once you do that they will back off and leave you alone. So long as you present the information that you are required to, i.e. jobsearch evidence, that fulfills the requirements of the Jobseekers Act 1995 you’re covered, and you can present that evidence in whatever form you want, even in blank verse I would think. It’s entirely up to you.

                • nice one Sib 😉

                • Signing on in the ‘traditional’ manner presently. As ever, had to ‘argue a case/keep repeating it’s what’s preferable for me to be met with “but most people are doing it this way now” “it’s going to be compulsory soon” etc
                  etc. (Repeat to fade).

                • This is in reply to Sib`s post, Sept 15, 2015, at 11.14.
                  I couldn’t find the relative Reply button. “I`ve found that once you show the DWP that you know your rights, and that you are prepared to defend them, they will back off”.
                  My JCP must be hard core, my printer had run out of ink, so I gave the JCP Adviser a link to signing electronic pads was Not compulsory, she abruptly went to her Manager, when she came back she wouldn’t look me in the eye, let me sign paper as usual, and said “bring proof next time”.

                  Shortly afterwards, (please Note)! A small business like card was shoved through my letter box, with summons to the JCP, with just a Mandatory appointment on it (for what?). No contact tel no. No Adviser name. Incensed, that very day, I walked into the JCP, straight upstairs, and demanded an explanation.

                  I was to be placed straight on CWP, no ifs or buts. This business like card wasn’t even in an envelope??? hand delivered?????

                  So much for standing up for your rights? Hey Sib?

  9. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    While the DWP are working out whose responsibility it is more breaches from the DWP contractors take place. Maximus & Atos control the DWP & they have lost control. I notice Thalidomide is now where to be seen on Health Care Professionals A to Z of medical conditions. Quick wiki.

  10. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Atosphobia & Maximusphobia can be adding to the medical A to Z list. I will be adding it to wiki later on.

  11. Any one know what’s happened to Uxbridge JC?

    It’s GONE!

    ? MASSIVE fraud – 2011 loads employers stealing claimants ids and NI nos? anything to do with this?

    Any info, please inform?

    NOTHING anywhere on websites – really dodgy!!!!!!

  12. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Look you have not filled out the ESA50 how we want. Now go & fill it in correctly to fit around our system. No one scores maximum points – We the DWP/Maximus Demand you fill it in correctly. What a mockery – can`t even get past the form. What proof have you the DWP some one is not able to work. None whatsoever. The onus is on the burden of proof & ids you have none just burial pits.

  13. Here’s the context. We have, laughably, a royal family with a heritage of nazism and child molestation. Who don’t work for a living and sponge of the money from taxpayers. It has to end!

    We have a tory government, filled with millionaires and landowners, lead by Cameron who’s lived of the money of his father and wife’s family with their eyes firmly on the cash NOT the people!

    And now we have Jeremy Corbyn, who’s a left winger!

    Herein is the measure of the task in front of us. Whether its nuclear or fracking. Workfare or death. It matters little to anybody in this country in power, with wealth and status. From the scum of the media to the hostility of vile, inhuman, nazi government. To be a human being in Britain today who wants equality and dignity and respect we have to fight the whole fucking lot of them because up to now, nobody has been on our side. A century’s worth of gains for ordinary people have been removed in the blink of an eye. Are you ready?

  14. H E L P ! ! !

    Any info, please inform?


    Failed upper tribunal permission to appeal. Now apply upper tribunal. Have till 09 10 15.

    Refused to sign in on WP. Sanctioned 13 wks.

    Been through INFERNAL hell and everything Darren Harper’s been through except my case is FAR worse than his! (not undermining him in any way) it’s just the long-term premeditated horrific witch-hunt against me has been going on for far longer and involves extensive slander, litany of lies and horrific character assassination etc. I am going to go public with my case as well!

    I was 3/4 way through WP scheme when Ingeus turned extremely nasty against me. I never had to sign in at any of their other providers and they suddenly decided circa 6 months before i finished, they would tear me to pieces and they did.

    I made it clear I was within my legal rights to refuse to sign any provider documents and this didn’t stop me from paticipating in the WP this was my appeal reason

    I failed on both appeals – so much for Peter Baker’s appeal and it saying that refusing to sign would not stand up legally.

    The judge tore me to pieces in the statement of reasons even though I discussed the issues with him at the appeal. He was vile and made it clear he didn’t like me as I stood up to him and this DWP shit. The 2nd judge backed him completely and said ‘didn’t find an error in law’.

    I have read of loads of you guys telling providers where to stuff their paperwork and refusing to sign in/any provider docs when they threaten to sanction you.

    So, what’s going on here?

    It seems the law is fucked in favour of DWP !!!!!!!

    Any ideas gratefully appreciated as always . . .

    • overburdenddonkey

      the term error in law often takes one down a cul de sac, it may help if you look @ ‘wrong in law’ that way you won’t need to interpret the actual law with fine tooth comb ie was the law wrongly applied…also the basis is natural law, what would natural law dictate happening…. you might find useful info there…

    • F*** dwp – I’m afraid I always signed the forms they put in front of me before I even read on here that you were supposed to have a choice without being sanctioned for it. But if you haven’t already contacted your local welfare rights officer you could contact her/him, as they know better than we do what constitutes an error of law, and if they do see something amiss they will accompany you if necessary and argue with a judge for you, whereas we as laymen/women do not have the knowledge or understanding of the law to do so. Take everything you have to them, all the paperwork and cd recording. I did it in my bedroom tax case and although she said she didn’t normally take on cases midway, since I had brought all my paperwork and cd of first tier tribunal she would examine it for an error of law and she told me to ask for a statement of reasons for the first tier tribunal decision (once I gave her everything including the statement of reasons she took time to review it and days later handed it back and said she couldnt see anything which would result in a successful upper tier tribunal appeal) 😦

    • overburdenddonkey

      p s fuck, see cait reilly supreme court ruling…..this may help…

  15. Oh ! meant to say

    thought you’d love this :

    my MP is

    John McDonnell !!!

  16. John has been really good in helping me with my previous appeals.

    But I have heard nothing from him since March 2015 when I failed first this appeal!

  17. ** New Musik – ‘Living By Numbers’ 19/01/1980 **

  18. im on esa and not had a peep out of the dwp for near a year now looks like i been forgot about again as no medical forms sent since the 1st 1 when i claimed it.

    i went to sign on with my arm broken in 2 places and was told cant claim jsa no longer.

    funny thing was my cockroach was off sick yet i managed to catch the bus with a broken arm and not been to hospital pmsl.

    im fkn invincible to the jcp bullshit and they know it.

  19. Socialists may support welfare as political expediency but their ultimate objective is to destroy welfare on the road to paradise, what surprise is there in Corbyn’s duplicitous posturing on welfare for you JV?

  20. Appealing legitimises sanctions.

  21. > They must think we’re fucking idiots.

    Chubby Brown is right ‘You’re thick as Pigshit’

    or as Max Keiser put it when education declines ‘you get idiots and loons out in the shires who don’t know which way the wind blows’

  22. When will people learn? The working class can never trust the middle class. The middle class form the majority of the exploiters, toadies to the ruling class, the fictional “squeezed middle”, the resentful little shits who are gleeful that the disabled and unemployed are getting shafted. The clipboard wielding half wits who’ll say black is white in order to protect their own useless jobs.

    Those who claim to be on the left spend all their time whining about sexism, homophobia, racism and the male/female ” pay discrepancy “, which only happens in boardrooms. My heart bleeds. These people couldn’t give a flying fuck about THE real issue, the one Marx told us was THE issue: class.

    The left leaning middle class don’t understand the working classes, never have done. A quick look through the history of the Labour party will show this.

    The whole system has to go. The fact is, we can change government, but the real rulers stay. The civil service, for a start. Add to this the bankers, mass media and corporations. And yes, despite the propaganda, the royal family.

    What did the man write? ” they are few and we are many”. Only militancy and not relying on the middle classes will effect real change. The existing system makes the pigs turn into the men (animal farm) before they even become party leaders.

  23. The whole system needs to be ripped apart until government completely breaks down and there is anarchy.

    That’s the ultimate goal that i’d like to see.

    Only when things are completely stripped back to where we began from can we build a better society. The one we have now is rotten to the core and Corbyn, if he supports any part of workfare or sanctions, is a part of the problem we’re fighting against.

    I want to hear him condemn workfare and sanctions with no exceptions. The silence is deafening.

  24. Can’t find ANYTHING, not ANYTHING about shit hole Uxbridge JC

    You wait till i EXPOSE them!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They would have been shut down to IMMEDIATE effect anyway when I contact Dispatches, Panorama, BBC, C4 – you name it about the extensive corruption in that shit hole!

    Watch this space!

    I lie NOT!

    This is HIGHLY dodgy.




    There’s a load of scaffolding and massive sheets covering the entire building.

    It looks like its been sold off for LUXURY apartments I swear. You can tell by the extensive building works going on. More Legoland London and its profiteering billionaire property developers on behalf of DWP and the destitute such as my self – sanctioned since 19 02 14!

    You couldn’t make it up!!!!!

    Thanks so much for ALL your feedback guys. I’ve done all you’ve suggested.

    I’m shocked you didn’t know more about your rights on workfare as it’s all on Boycott Workfare and Refuted


    it was ME

    IMPLEMENTED non sanctions for refusing to sign any provider documents in the first place with Refuted!

    You couldn’t make this up no matter what!!!

    Peter Baker’s case is on there as well, suggest you guys check it out!

  25. i think im 1 of the only 1s that has taken them apart every single time a sanction has been given to me and i have never lost.

    and i have not had to do any of it either for the last 10 years because i will not sign a 3rd party contract.

    mandatory my ass hole i got sacked from mwa even b4 i set 1 foot in the place.

    and got sanctioned and 1 that 1 as well, bet they still got there fee tho,more fraud the jcp keep hiding and paying these fkn ass hole providers.

  26. Your a lier, and a troll, Corbyn voted against this. This whole comment box is built on a bullshit article.

  27. Also have the people you mentoned including andy burnham also voted against it. Fuck off.

  28. Not sure at all about this Corbyn.. I like a lot of what I see but then on the other hand I see someone who was comfortable in a right wing party for the last 18 years (since Blair fucked it up beyond repair) who has suddenly been thrust into a position he never expected. Time will tell if he is a man of substance..but a man of substance would never have stayed in the New Labour party in my opinion. Also the small matter of 200 odd right wingers on the benches beside him..



    If Corbyn intends to continue with Workfare or Sanctions in any, way shape or form or reneges on his firm commitment to an UNCONDITIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM WE WILL NOT BE SUPPORTING CORBYN OR LABOUR NOW OR IN THE FUTURE.

  30. I am Bloody Well Pissed Off with this Country of Arseholes

    No to Slavery

  31. Yes Micro but he still voted in favour of this compulsory jobs guarantee

  32. To everyone on this site. Jeremy might not be perfect, who is? Perhaps he may have (reluctantly have agreed with some egregious policies ) but change has to got from some-where/ someone, so I say give the man a chance;. It’s a start!

    • overburdenddonkey

      actually keir hardie made the start…after ww2 till mid 70’s labour had massive power it’s all but gone now, though the embers burn for a while longer yet….

  33. We are CITIZENS NOT customers of the state

    • overburdenddonkey

      that must mean that they will now campaign against behaviourism that the last lab gov pinned their colours too surely…?

      • donkey
        or will it be more of the same?

      • You mean the behaviourism that this site subscribes to?????

      • sian & obd, you’d hope that’s what would happen, but we can’t forget that it was Gordon Brown who sanctioned the roll out of toxic CBT across the nation and gave millions to dubious companies like ATOS (Positive Step) to run it.

        Labour’s attitude to MH provision is the same as the other parties. Like the hapless patients, who have a thoroughly valid excuse because they are in total distress, the politicians choose not to question what charlatans like Simon Fucking Wesseley promote. Any therapy promoted gets special favour, if it’s cheap, oppressive, reductive and keeps the serfs compliant.

        Unless Corbyn & Luciana Berger can get themselves seriously educated regarding the reality of MH issues and treatment, it’s unlikely much will change for anyone if they get into power. They will have the same set of behaviourist obsessives whispering in their ears.

        As not yet in power, Labour now have the chance to form a serious opposition to the Tories. It’s important that they are fully informed before they formulate their opposition. Gordon Brown wasn’t informed. It’s easy for politicians to take the easy way out. Wesseley offered a complete and cheap packaged “solution” for a price and Brown didn’t argue, because he chose to remain ignorant.

        I know it’s early days yet for Corbyn, and I think we do have to give him a chance despite his part in previous support for abusive welfare reform. It’s still the same old system and it doesn’t have a lot to defend it or to do with real democracy.

  34. Another Fine Mess

    “Compulsory Jobs Guarantee”

    Slight problem, there are no jobs, paid or unpaid. Even the Sanction Centers and parasites know it. That’s why there’s victims doing ‘admin work experience’ in the Sanction Centers, – they can’t even pay employers to take them.
    If there’s all this important work to be done, then isn’t it odd that all the work experience involves moving furniture about in a charity shop or a recycling plant

    Mass employment is over, might as well be honest and get used to it.
    Unemployment figures due in the next day or 2.

    Panorama – Could A Robot Do My Job?
    8:30pm BBC1 about now!
    Britain is on the brink of a technological revolution. Machines and artificial intelligence are beginning to replace jobs like never before.

    • overburdenddonkey

      very true, i’ll guess they’ll denounce the lie of job abundance any day now…

    • Ex-Vertengen Slave

      Even your ‘work experience’ is a ‘re-cycling’ plant is not even guaranteed. There was a look around an American one on some TV channel or other the other day. And if they can automate it – they will automate. This one only had a skeleton staff at the initial sift to remove items that damage the machinery – people cannot be trusted to not throw their 3-piece suite, cooker and TV out with the trash. After this it was all automated; they had laser beams and all sorts, even a means of detecting different plastics. All the cardboard, plastics and aluminium cans neatly sorted and packed. Even the ‘baling’ was automated. If peeps wouldn’t put their old washing-machine into the trash the plant would have been fully-automated. The documentary also revealed that aluminium cans are the real money-spinner for re-cycling plans – they make a fortune on those! Just where the fuck are Learn Direct, Seetec, Pinnacle and all the other pimps going to send workfare victims!

      • Ex-Vertengen Slave

        And only a tiny amount of ‘trash’, something like 1% was left-over to be sent to landfill!

      • Ex-Vertengen Slave

        And why the fuck shouldn’t these shitty jobs be automated? Oh, it ‘destroys jobs’! Just what the fuck it this fetishism over ‘jobs’. Like it is somehow preferable for a human being to be destroying their body, mind and soul doing some shitty job that a machine can do perfectly well because it is a ‘job’ What the fuck is this all about – seriously!?

        • Ex-Vertegen Slave

          * Vertegen re-cycling – the scum workfare ‘placement provider’!

        • I’m sure when I was at school, there was talk of four day weeks work for everyone, they knew then that work would dry up. And instead of doing the right thing and taking everyone together, they ever pretend there are loads of jobs to apply for, but even there official figures of work available doesn’t even touch the sides, Isn’t it something like 250,000 jobs available for 4 million unemployed. Well they say the is less unemployed but the only count jobcentre figures now, not sanction, not on workfare, as if that all the unemployed.

          • People at any stage on either the four-week Mandatory Work Attendance, the two year work programme or the follow on six month WPP are not counted as un-employed or official claiming JSA. They are the hidden majority not counted as being as out-of-work as instead they are marked up as in work training or working towards qualifications.

          • We were told that by the year 2000 “the machines would be doing all the work and we would be living a ‘Life of Leisure'”. Now it has come to pass that machines are increasingly doing more and more work and the demand for our labour is decreasing. But instead of the promised ‘Life of Leisure’ they want to exterminate us instead!

        • Precisely! That’s why it’s crucial to start agitating for an Unconditional Basic Income for everyone. People would still ‘work’ but at things that are at the moment not really considered work. We all work anyway, but so often the value of what we contribute in terms of the help we give with others, such as accompanying them to see doctors etc just doesn’t get counted. Most of us wouldn’t want to be paid to that kind of thing, but we all have rent and bills to pay. Most of us would do paid work anyway, as it would matter less if it was zero hour, or part time work, as we wouldn’t rely on it to live. More of us would take up self-employment, again because of the reduced level of risk. The bosses would also have to make more of an effort to attract us to do work, by paying decent rates and making the working environment pleasant.

          I think we need to learn a bit from the Norwegians who work to live, don’t do overtime, and if you’re still in the office at 16:05 you’ll be all alone, as everyone else, finishing at 16:00 will have gone home,

      • Another Fine Mess

        Where’s your vid, haven’t seen it for ages.

      • The old ‘bread-and-butter’ of workfare ‘shelf-stacking’ has already been automated; I have visited vast warehouses on the Continent using fully automated system. And once ‘driver-less’ cars become a reality there will be an exponential increase in ‘unemployment’; driving jobs are traditionally the refugee of the low-skilled trying to avoid really low-skilled jobs.

      • A genuine re-cycling plant would be making the investment into modern plant equipment not using slave labour; from a business perspective this would be as short-sighted as it comes. These ‘plants’, therefore, must exist solely as a place to send the unemployed.

      • To the likes of Seetec, work experience for their placement clients involves collecting old, used paint tins from council depot tips and recycling the paint for general public resale at some flea-bitten community paint and scrap re-use project.

  35. Perhaps robots will replace JCP staff – (by the sound of it) not much change there then! Incidentally a report on BBC 1 6PM News earlier – by 2 years time, football clubs will have to provide full disabled access for wheelchairs. Justin Tomlinson was interviewed and he basically said ‘that’s a good thing’ – I wonder why he has changed his tune!!

  36. ‘Justin Tomlinson was interviewed and he basically said ‘that’s a good thing’ – I wonder why he has changed his tune!!’

    Same as Cameron being all nice about the refugees, instead of wanting to bomb Syria.

  37. sian – yes, I suspect that you are right there! : )

  38. Also – the latest news from the Benefits & Work website below.
    If Jeremy Corbyn is as good as he makes out he is, he should urgently begin to tackle the unfairness and cruelty of IDS, his WCA/DWP and this awful Government. He needs to take control and do it pronto!
    (This really needs to be reported to the UN for investigating too).

  39. Sky News reporting that Jeremy Corbyn is due to take a ‘slating’ on the front pages of tomorrow’s newspapers – well, nothing new there then!
    After all, one would not expect anything else from the right-wing Tory oriented tabloid press – with the arch-liar, Rupert Murdoch at the helm.

  40. hes stated very clearly he opposes has caline lucas who supports an unconditional basic income.

  41. Quantam Money Printing

    JC is going to “allow the Bank of England to print money”…. and lots of it 🙂

  42. Wait, where does the term hours of unpaid work bit come from? It’s not in the excerpt you posted Johnny, and I’m not seeing it in the full thing at …?

  43. In a dramatic turn of events in parliament yesterday, the government’s anti-trade-union bill’s second reading is secured and won by just 28 votes. 49 labour party MPs abstained (heard that before?) and so the opposition lost the battle to the tories. What the fuck are 49 labour MPs abstaining for this time???? Wouldn’t be Corbyn’s pro Palestine stand would it? Much of the media noise from the so called left has been the Labour Friends of Israel gang. The labour party to be credible has to get rid of this unruly crowd. How ever will justice return to these shores with this rabble in tow???? Dear Rachel reeves is counted amongst their number

    • Didn’t know that 49 Labour MP’s had abstained, sbsolutely unbelievable Jeremy…………
      It’s as though they have given up completely and roll over to die.

      They have betrayed their founding principles of collective bargaining.

      • Bombing Syria is top of the Labour party’s agenda, hence the list of activists.
        Strange when you consider that only one percent of England and Wales are Jewish?

        In alphabetical order, former and current members of Labour Friends of Israel include:

        David Abrahams, former Treasurer[11]
        Lord Archer of Sandwell[12]
        Sir Stuart Bell[13]
        Luciana Berger, Former Director of LFI[14]
        Tony Blair, former Prime Minister[15][16]
        David Blunkett, former Home Secretary[12]
        Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister[15][16][17]
        Chris Bryant[12] and former Minister for Europe
        Stephen Byers, former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry[12]
        Wayne David[12]
        Andrew Dismore [12]
        Michael Dugher[18]
        Louise Ellman, Vice Chair of LFI [12]
        Derek Foster[12]
        Lord Foulkes[12]
        Mike Gapes, former Vice Chair of LFI (2004)[19]
        Anthony Greenwood, first Chair of LFI (1957)[2]
        Andrew Gwynne, Chair of LFI (2010)[12]
        Fabian Hamilton[12]
        Joan Humble[12]
        Baroness Hayman[12]
        Lord Janner of Braunstone QC, former President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews
        Barbara Keeley[12]
        Barry Gardiner, former Vice-Chair of LFI
        Jane Kennedy, Chair of LFI (2007)[12]
        Ivan Lewis, former Vice-Chair of LFI [20]
        Lord Macdonald of Tradeston[12]
        Denis MacShane[12]
        Michael McCann, Vice-Chair of LFI[21]
        Anne McGuire, Chair of LFI since 2013[7]
        Jonathan Mendelsohn, former Chair of LFI (2002)[22]
        Alun Michael, former Leader of the Welsh Labour Party[12]
        Andrew Miller[12]
        Jim Murphy, former Chair of LFI (2001), former Secretary of State for Scotland [23]
        Dan Norris[12]
        Nick Palmer[12]
        James Purnell former Chair of LFI, former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [24]
        Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale[12]
        John Reid former Home Secretary (2007)[25]
        Rachel Reeves[18]
        Terry Rooney[12]
        Dari Taylor[12]
        Gary Titley[12]
        John Woodcock, Chair of LFI (2011)[6]
        Glenis Willmott, Vice Chair of LFI
        Lord Winston[12]
        Iain Wright, former Chair of LFI (2006)[12]
        Lord Young of Norwood Green

        ……………and CORBYN being totally against war.

    • That’s disgusting! So this is what the miffed losers are now going to do is it? Sabotage the vote. They ought to be kicked out of the party for allowing that law to get through.

  44. Corbin On some fronts would be okay for example re nationalisation. But contrary to a true trade union socialists he supports mass migration into this country. Surely he must realise that this is in the door saying scab labour welcome. For this reason no one wanting to protect their job and prospects so their children would vote for him

    • I’m not ‘all for Corbyn’ just highlighting some of the issues. The murderous press campaign (and we know who owns it) is what any aspiring political advocate/grouping would have to face in a country whose constitution means nothing unless you are powerful – then you can manipulate it to your own ends – we still need radical and dramatic change for us to regain what has been stolen from the people and that includes our humanity.

      The labour party sadly let us all down again yesterday and so the tories with no mandate from the elctorate (only 24 % voted for them ) want Unions to have a 50% baseline for elections/ strike calls etc. The Labour party is fucking shit and we know the blame lies in the rightwingers (tories by an other name) who have infiltrated the party over the last 30 years and been allowed to continue to do the dirty business from within – this is not a new issue within labour. There should be a purging of the right wing.

      • overburdenddonkey

        purge of right wingers from the lab party….? imv they will lose a large no of their seats if they do, and they only have 232 now, as opposed to 330 blue tories….meaning that labour don’t have a cat in hells chance of forming the 2020 govt…the best chance lab had of being in govt was with a snp alliance and keeping the tories out, but that was voted against….corbyn could have still been elected lab leader then as well….

    • An open door policy on immigration forced on us by Europe is one of the big issues that should be addressed. We are now being told that there is no housing shortage in the north – well why the hell am I paying bedroom tax?

      Nationalisation is about jobs for the boys whether it is private or public. If manned by the private sector we have more chance of the lights staying on due to workers not being allowed to strike, but the shareholders take the lions share of profits.

      If manned by the public sector, there will be more employed (in what would probably become like Oscar Schindlers factory,) with not much being produced because of strikes and overmanning costs.

      smoke and mirrors whichever way you jump.

      • Hey, Guy Fawkes, hope you been resurrected and do a proper job this time.

      • Sounds of the Seventies

        Agree, guy! ‘Public’ industries weren’t much cop either. British Telecom would take like 6 months to install a ‘phone line. And the leccy board would pop round every second day for a ‘spot check’ on the metre. And that laughing-stock known as British Leyland was privatised too.

      • Sounds of the Seventies

        Agree, guy! ‘Public’ industries weren’t much cop either. British Telecom would take like 6 months to install a ‘phone line. And the leccy board would pop round every second day for a ‘spot check’ on the metre. And that laughing-stock known as British Leyland was Government owned too.

  45. Arbitrary Welfare Scotland's Big Society

    Compulsory jobs guarantee …

    The pay of “paid work” is JSA and HB in consequence the job becomes the passport to access benefits.

    The SNP have been promoting the term passport benefits for sometime it is a political device that softens up the public to accept a contribution and workfare based welfare system.

    Early days, the welfare model developing in Scotland is not of universal entitlement but a client based model that is being distributed by the nefarious Scottish third sector that does not target need but sociopolitical favour – identity welfare.

    The SNP and Third Sector in Scotland are way ahead of David Cameron’s Big Society ideology.

    • overburdenddonkey

      the term ‘passported’ is used right across the uk to mean SS payments that auto qualify it’s recipients to other benefits ie HB and council tax reduction…

      • Arbitrary Welfare Scotland's Big Society



        Client identity, contributions and workfare become the passport to welfare.

        • overburdenddonkey

          it has been for yrs and is UK wide, it’s NOT an snp policy…’s done to put sever pressures on claimants to not put a foot wrong….

          • We only have to be one minute late to sign-on and those desk clowns get shirty with us. Yet if they are one minute late or running behind their set schedule, it’s an ‘all right jack’ attitude they display. Makes me sick it does for one rule against us and another for them. Are the wall clocks in any JCP only for the benefit of the staff and we, the customers, cannot use them ourselves to tell the time!

    • Nicola Sturgeon's Knickers

      Too right! Spot on!

  46. Look where David Cameron’s Big Society ideology got us all. Right down the tubes with his denial of food banks, and denial of IDS destroying the safety net of the less well-off.

  47. The Big Society is a Load of Shit like Austerity Fullstop .

  48. On the work programme, I never gave them my CV. I can’t remember why now.

    • Best not to give them a CV as they only completely ruin it beyond repair and then they hand it back saying ”we did a fantastic job on your behalf, now go take it to an employer”

      • I remember now why I didn’t give them my CV. It was because by law, I didn’t have to.

      • Fen – Employers are sick of getting tons of CV’s from jobseekers. Sadly, however, as good as they are most CV’s and cover letters end up filed in the bin. The best way to get an employer interested is to know someone inside the company who will put in a good word about you. Equally, employers prefer jobseekers to complete their own application forms as they use these as a baseline in their own selection procedures anyway.

        Another way to get a job is to put an add in the local paper seeking work/work experience. I know it’s a risk and it can cost a few quid, but it’s worked out for a number of people who now have perminent jobs. Don’t rely on work coaches if you can help it. Most are only interested in meeting company targets rather than getting their clients jobs. I went to a national work conference and met some coaches there and came away disgusted at their lack of knowledge and understanding of the UK labour market. Based upon my experience, most job coaches are extremely uneducated in terms of the jobs market and lack even the most basic professional careers information, advice and guidance qualifications.

        Anyway Fen, good luck with your job hunting.

        • @: Santa

          quote ”Another way to get a job is to put an add in the local paper seeking work/work experience. I know it’s a risk and it can cost a few quid”

          That’s money I can’t even have to throw in the wind asking in the local paper or shop window to find me any work. If I ask to get more JSA each week, then I will advertise myself for work wanted in every shop and supermarket in town and both weekly local papers. Somehow I can’t see the lunatics helping me this way…

  49. On the work programme, I never did hand over my CV. Can’t remember why now.

  50. overburdenddonkey
    Yanis Varoufakis to discuss alternatives to austerity in London….

  51. Reblogged this on perfectlyfadeddelusions and commented:
    I think most of labour are hanging on the coattails of the Tories right now, the guy running for mayor quoted George Osborne on BBC London news when he was interviewed.

    I think the Tories have buttered them up, by allowing them to get a piece of the pie. Some of labour I think were forced to by those sucking on the power test.

    If some just admitted that they were wrong, or they are getting special favours for agreeing that would be much better.

  52. overburdenddonkey

    can’t have strike’s they’re far too disruptive…but as mhairi black points out though; ‘that’s why they’re effective…’

  53. Another Fine Mess

    Coming to a city near you, to explain how you can become an entrepreneur in a deprived area, with just an empty cereal packet, a piece of sticky-backed plastic and a ball of string.

  54. Slavery and Oppression is an Outrage against Humanity

    Utterly Iniquitous

  55. i dont have a cv as the jcp bin them as i put on it 15 of shit i have had to sit through at providers and dont like it.

    cant lie on a cv its fraud and they got what they paid for ie no help or training at all.

  56. Superb rambling speech by Corbyn at the TUC. He actually mentioned the disabled and poor being driven to suicide by the Tories! A Labour leader saying that!!!

  57. A superb rambling speech by Corbyn at the TUC. He actually mentioned the poor and disabled being driven to suicide by the Tories! A Labour leader saying that!!!

  58. A slice of working life and exotic jobs back in the 1960s. I can’t see many of these careers being advertised nowadays on UJM as it is full of fake jobs which are pale in comparison to what used to drive Britain’s economy up[ to the late 1960s.

  59. Jeremy Corbyn. Back in 1984 when he wowed the fashion critics with his scruffy clobber. He still is a snappy style guru with his same shabby clothes in 2015.

  60. About All Sanctions are a Outrage against Humanity and an Embodiment
    of Cruelty and Totalitarianism Something Decent People with Human
    Hearts Not Brainwashed by Toilet Paper Tabloids and ” Newspapers ”
    Must Oppose and Campaign Against

    Yes to Human Dignity

    • Start campaigning outside of tabloid newspapers offices then – take the fight to them instead of them printing it about you.

  61. Something Totalitarian which Needs to be Opposed .

    It Seems like the Tory Regime wants Pastors and other Ministers of Religion to undergo Regime Training ( Propaganda and Control Checks ? ) Checks and Enrol in a ” National Register of Faith Leaders ” ,

    Ministers of Religion should Not just be Tools and Approves of the Regime like in the People’s Republic of China for Instance.

    The Nazis Tried to Control Ministers of Religion to Help Prop Up their Totalitarian Regime.

    It is Beyond a Sick Joke that a Minister of Religion in Order to Speak to a Students Religious Union would have to go on a Regime Control Freak Scheme before being Allowed to Speak to Students .

    It Makes a Mockery of People being Able to Practice their Religion without State Interference.

    This like So Called ” Extremist Disruption Orders ” Needs to be Opposed and Stopped.

    The Regime should Not be Running the Country like a Totalitarian Dictatorship .

    Men Ruled by Tyrants if Not by God

  62. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Unemployable is what I am. The people left on the shelf. With the new rules of ESA [which used to be incapacity Benefit] You can at least do a bit & not leave you alone. I am thinking of report my self of disability benefit fraud. If you don`t pass & if you do pass the WCA you are able to do sometime & give all the life coaches work.

  63. Getting back to JV’s piece on Jeremy Corbyn, I think we need to give the guy a chance. Yes – he may not be perfect and he will probably may make loads of mistakes. But as Labour leader, with sound socialist political leftwing views, he will scare the living shit out of the establishment. Unfortunately my guess will be that in 18 months time the new labour turncoats MP’s will dump him as unelectable and select another Tory- lite labour leader to replace him.

  64. Hey everybody – give Jeremy Corbyn a chance to smash the Tories for fucks sake!

  65. What if you’ve already done CWP? You could end up doing 26 30-hour unpaid weeks followed by 26 half-paid weeks and still not be any closer to sustainable employment. I’d like to see Elbow Grease try to justify this one without resorting to his tiresome insults and name-calling. There is simply no way to defend a scheme that makes claimants work full-time for a part-time wage, while clearly also displacing paid jobs in for-profit companies. Any attempts to do so are fatuous.

    • Workfare with a sandwich!

      These are not proper ‘jobs’ that Labour are talking about though as in a employed position with proper pay and conditions. These are government ‘schemes’ backed up by sanctions and which would be ‘administered’ by the usual slave-masters Seetec, Pinnacle, Learn Direct, Working Links, Ingeus… Workfare with a sandwich!

    Tuesday, September 15, 2015

    Claimants responded to a solidarity call-out by Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty and besieged High Riggs Jobcentre in Edinburgh on the morning of 14th September. This direct action and solidarity won a tremendous victory as the DWP gave in and agreed that jobseeker Adam could be accompanied to his appointment by ECAP activist Mike, without the requirement to show any ID.

    This was a complete U turn from the repressive approach taken by High Riggs management on 10th September. Then they arrogantly demanded that Adam’s ECAP accompanier produce photographic ID, and when this unreasonable demand was refused, called the police to try and evict him. The entire ground floor of the Jobcentre was shut down for 3 hours on the 10th as more ECAP members entered to show solidarity. The police even threatened jobseeker Adam, as well as ECAP activists, with arrest for “Aggravated Trespass”.


    In hospital on day of tribunal

    Diabetic David O’Mar, of Fairwater, Cardiff, died weeks after being stripped of his disability benefits in April.

    The 58-year-old was bed-bound in hospital on the date of a tribunal to decide whether he should carry on getting ­disability benefits or was well enough to look for a job.

    Read more: Cardiff dad David O’Mar died two weeks after being ruled fit to work

    Despite family pleas to reschedule, the court ruled the former radio DJ fit for work.

    He died of pneumonia on April 29

  68. The comments speak for themseves

  69. JV – Can Roger’s disgusting post be removed please?

  70. Dodgy Dave’s dodgy friend:

    ‘Court appearance for Cameron aide on child abuse charges’

  71. I was told by my wife this afternoon that she managed to watch the Sky News presentation of Jeremy Corbyn and although his speech to the TUC was brilliant – including mentioning the new Tory ‘Union Hate’ Bill which they are going to oppose, and, more importantly, attacking the Tories on the ‘growing inequality’, uneccesary austerity and the Welfare Reform Bill, as well as attacking the poor, the vulnerable, the sick & the disabled – the really vile bit was at the end when a Sky News reporter did a ‘review.’ According to her, he tore Jeremy Corbyn and his speech apart.
    Apparrently JC was a little late and missed the ‘cue-up’ to speak.
    Sky it seems ran a ‘speeded-up’ film which basically made him look like a fool. When are these Media bastards going to be brought to book?
    They would never have even thought of having done such a thing to Cameron or Osborne. Sky News would be licking their arses in fact. It is totally disgraceful in a so-called ‘democracy’ that Sky News should be allowed to get away with such terrible denigration of a speech by a new leader of a political party in Britain. They should be tackled head-on about this and I hope that their ‘in-box’ exploded with complaints from viewers.

  72. Scotland Welcomes Refugees – Hates And Loathe Its Own Working Class.

  73. Catfish – interesting philosophy of yours. I personally would rather indulge in a nice portion of cod and chips anytime! Or haddock if cod was’nt available at the time!

  74. Oink, Oink!!

  75. Oink, Oink !!

  76. Yes, Maria. A bit like rats, they get a bad name…

  77. Fellow JCP/Sufferer/Customer – yes, that’s very true – things have certainly changed now with our internet age! I agree, pigs are very clean animals (given the chance) and Maria, you are also right – they can be very intelligent. But, certain ones can be quite nasty and cantankerous, especially when a sow has recently farrowed (had piglets). They can be very protective of their offspring and if you get too near, they can have you if you are not careful. They have sharp canine teeth and they can easily rip into tissue. We have white Land Race (unpredictable and sometimes quite nasty pigs) & Wessex Saddlebacks – these are docile and friendly – black, with a white stripe. These are my own personal favourites!

  78. JCP I don’t mind rats one way or another, but when the die of there own accord and you don’t know where they are, it makes a terrible smell, that’s worse than the actual rat. Paul, I’ve never seen pigs, up close anyway but I do like the Tamworth’s and the Glostershire old spots. But I’m more of a bird and dog man myself.

  79. Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer – Yes, they can be cute – but they can also be very nasty! As you say, it is only natural (as in all mothers) to protect their young. I remember the fiasco in Scotland about Donald Trump – and his ideas about the ‘biggest golf course’ in Britain (or something similar!) another horrible capitalist with far too much money and not enough common sense to go with it. He thinks that his money can get him everything, but that is not always so! And as for his comments about the farmer – that is shameful. The farmer had probably been living there years and years before Trump turned up onto the scene. Intensive farming is not my favourite thing either – the meat tastes better when it’s less intensive. I must admit, I prefer beef or lamb – less so pork! (although sausages and bacon are nice – unless from certain companies) – it all depends how they are reared and what sort of good life that they have beforehand.
    Ultimately, the happier the animals, the better the meat – and that goes for chicken also!

    • paul – yes, I agree with that, and I wrote to the coop about their tinned wild salmon once which concerned me as it said it had come from “fisheries” they wrote back and said it did not refer to a fish farm, of which I was glad as I think these are diabolical places – I remember buying some free range eggs from M&S once and somehow I felt I could sense the good life the hens had had even when I was just buying them – I know people might say well yeah because it said free range on them, but some free ranges are freer than others!
      I can understand you being a bit squeamish about pork paul, especially when you will probably have your individual favourites amongst your herd, and thinking of their trusting eyes looking at you as you bring them THEIR food would have the same effect on me!
      Re Trump, on a documentary called Trumped I think it was a Scottish government representative who said to the farmer, do you really want all those important people from all over the world to have to look at old tractors etc. I thought to myself, who is he to say who is important and who is not? The man owned the farm and had a right to have it looking any way he liked. And as the farmer pointed out, a working farm will have things like old tractors on it. And obviously the farmer would not be decked out in a gucci/armani suit like donald trump (and not have the silly combover!), it was the stupidest argument. The farmer said he had voted snp all his life and then treated like that by the scottish government. Thank God for the wind farm!

  80. Maria – dead rats near to that you didn’t know the location of and therefore remove!!!!!!! Ugh :/

  81. Jeremy Corbyn's Tie

    Some woman on LBC cracking up at Nick Abbot (Two ‘b’s one ‘t’) on LBC after she told him that she was about to be made homeless because of welfare ‘reforms’: “I’m aghast”, “How can you just be aghast when I have told you that I am about to be made homeless?”, “Well, I hope it doesn’t come to that and you find a way out. Thank you for your call”. Jeez, what the fuck can a guy on the radio do – seriously!

    • She sounded as if she was in tears too. No doubt Nick will be having a chat off-air… 😉 Lucky she didn’t ‘phone right-wing nobhead Nick Ferrari as he would have told or to fuck off and get a job or get another one.

  82. Welcome back, guy! 🙂

    • Thanks Ollie but I don’t know how long for, I have not changed my behaviour for any moderator, I’m still the same, so I’m probably only on here until the next moaning tell tale tit decides they don’t like the truth being told about them.

  83. On the latest TVs you can sign-in to your account to view ‘pay for’ content via Facial Recognition. You can also create an account via Facebook so your TV account and Facebook account are linked.

    This is all to ‘soften us up’ for intrusive ‘facial recognition’ technology. Creepy Facebook are investing heavily heavily in facial recognition technology and is probably part of the raison d’être for their sinister website. Facebook has already trialled facial recognition cameras in shops linked to your Facebook account.

    Facebook already track you around the web even when you are not logged into your Facebook account i;e; if you don’t take any ‘precaution’ Facebook will know and link to your Facebook account that you visit ‘the Void’.

    Your face is going to become the equivalent of what and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera is to a car. At present you can go virtually nowhere without being observed on a CCTV camera. Once facial recognition technology becomes as prevalent as CCTV now you will be able to go virtually nowhere without being observed and recognisedand the details of all your movements being recorded on a gigantic database as is currently the case with vehicle movements.

  84. @ BB I do agree with some things OBD says, not them all of course. Never said you should go away? but as these are the only posts I’ve seen from you, you have not yet insulted me, but as to the past I can not comment on as I do not know.

  85. overburdenddonkey

    the natural rules and circumstances of free speech, ie as on hyde park comer out in public or on another’s doorstep, unless invited in, even then the invitation is limited to the listeners tolerance of the message of the other, do not bode well on blogs so posters have to compensate for this, something that you always omit to do…! hence blog moderation policy…

  86. @ BB

    Because I don’t waste my money on that 2000s rubbish and also I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s which is where my musical tastes are.

  87. As for that ‘X Factor’ that is not even music as far as I am concerned. Every act that wins sounds identical. Does any X factor winner write their own music, play their own instruments, mix and produce their own hit records? All of this is done for them by Simon Cowell’s team of music writers. At least UB40, the Stranglers and Madness did all of their own stuff without resorting to outsiders.

  88. Corbyn has set himself up to have the piss taken well out of him on those “Dead Ringer” type shows 😀

  89. how is a minim wage job the same as working for dole money i don’t get this.

  90. MPs are There in Principle to Represent their Constituents Not to
    Dictate Policy

    There should be More Referendums on Issues

  91. Labour should of had an Leadership Change last Year Before
    the May 2015 AD General Election .

    That would of Helped to Get the Tories Out More than the
    Previous Leader who was a Disappointment in Terms of
    Policy for Want of a Better Description

  92. My JCP advisor phoned me up earlier this afternoon asking if I would like to work for Amazon (christmas run-up period). My JCP has only phoned me with this and I have not been handed, or posted, by my advisor, a JCP mand. letter insisting that I turn up tomorrow at the JCP.

    Should I even consider to turn up tomorrow at an Amazon open day at my JCP or not? Should I even work for Amazon UK or not? I’m looking to gauge any responses on here over this latest farce shoved my way from stupid JCP clowns.

    • Do not work for those bastards. They treat their workforce like shit. Their warehouses are places of torture where you have a special device with you so they know where you are all the time and they’ll absolutely beast the shit out of you. Saw a TV program about it.

      Up to you though. i wouldn’t do it.

  93. fen word of warning about amazon in peterborough the sign a contract with
    stated hours and then dont honor them and sometimes send texts tellin of shift a few hours before starting and the gates canceling you could go along and ask if they still do this an if so do they compensate as the text is the basis of a contract regardless wheather any contract was signed and see what they say as it will be in a group i doubt you will get chosen but i doubt they could say to jcp that was reason cos you askedawkward question how badly some of there workers

  94. @ Cephalus

    I’ve read the posts from you and Fred Bir about Amazon. Many thanks to you both for helping me to decide what I now won’t do tomorrow. The nearest Amazon to me is obviously at Peterborough, which I heard go through so many contracted agency staff all year round.

    I’ve also looked around on the internet and seen scare stories about how they (Amazon) treat their warehouse workers as complete shit if they are not quick enough with processing the orders in a set time limit and can get sacked on the spot for the same said reasons.

    The local agency arranging and assisting with the JCP/Amazon open day tomorrow, and that has somehow won the employee contract, is an agency I already know for being right dodgy and don’t give a flying fart about their contract workers.

    • Just be careful..Make sure you can’t get money stopped. Maybe if you have to turn up for an interview you can flunk it. Just act stupid or something.

  95. I was dead on my feet doing the post office job at christmas a good few years back. The casuals do all the work and the full timers seemed to get breaks the mere mortal casuals weren’t getting. Lugging big huge sacks about into metal cages for 8 hours or if you are lucky a job sitting on your arse putting letters in little designated slots. It’s soul destroying looking over at the lucky casuals who are sitting down whilst you attempt another huge sack of christmas cards that the postie will ransack for money on his round.

  96. Sorry – this has been put on out of sequence once again!
    I promise now to stop talking about farming/pigs on here from now on : )

  97. As for the Right Wing ” Labour ” MPS that may Try to Undermine Jeremy
    Corbyn and who could be Pro Austerity bearing in Mind the Misery that
    Austerity has Inflicted There should be Peaceful Pro Social Justice
    Demonstrations Held in the Constituencies that they are Supposed to

    Equally Constituents Need to Lobby for Social Justice which includes
    a Caring Welfare State

    Members of Parliament are There to Represent their Constituents
    Not just Bulldoze through the Misery of Austerity Slavery

    Austerity Slavery should Never of Happened in the First Place and Needed
    to of been Ended a Long Time Ago

    Great Britain Need’s a Present and Future of Social Justice and
    Human Compassion towards the Poor and Vulnerable

  98. I would Say a Lack of Vision being Out of Touch with the Situation such
    as the Plight of the Poor and Vulnerable and also a Lack of Backbone
    to Stand Up to the Right Wing and Racist Media

    overburdenddonkey | September 16, 2015 at 4:23 pm | Reply

    spot on! so why didn’t they is the Q to be answered…?

  99. Jeremy Corbyn looks like the new Dr Who never mind next Prime Minister, love.

  100. Labour as the Official Opposition has a Duty to Hold the British
    Government to Account and that Means doing More than Abstaining
    from Votes on Welfare

    Labour Needs to Stand Up For Political and Religious Freedom of
    Speech and Highlight the Obscenity of People being Homeless when
    there is so much Empty Property about and the Poor having had
    Council Tax Inflicted upon them whilst Millionaires have had Tax

  101. The 18th of September 2015 AD Mark’s the 165th Anniversary of the United States Congress Passing the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850 AD.

    The Fugitive Slave Act Required that All Escaped Slaves were to be Returned to their Owners and that Officials of Free States had to Oblige in Returning Them.

    The United States Supreme Court had Previously Ruled in Prigg V Pennslyvania 1842 AD That States did Not have to take part in the Recapture or Return of Slaves thus Weakening the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 AD.

    The Suspected Slave could Not have a Trial by Jury or Testify in their own Defence and Anyone Aiding a Runaway Slave was Subject to a $1,000 Dollar Fine and Six Months in Jail.

    In 1854 AD The Supreme Court of Wisconsin Declared the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 AD Unconstitutional but this was Overruled by the United States Supreme Court in 1859 AD Via Ableman V Booth.

    There was Resistance in Vermont as in November 1850 AD the Vermont Legislature passed the Habeas Corpus Act .

    Reverend Luther Lee of Syracuse New York State Wrote in 1855 AD ” I Would Never Obey It.

    Slavery is Something that Needs to be Resisted in Present Britain

  102. Pingback: Nieuwe Labour-leider Corbyn stemt ook 'gewoon' voor dwangarbeid |


    There really is no point in voting. Take it to the streets and kick it ’til it breaks.

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