Male Applicants Only! The Government’s Job Seeking Website Is Still Breaking The Law

UJ-male-onlyOver a dozen job vacancies on the government’s job seeking website are advertising for male only teachers in Saudi Arabia in breach of UK recruitment laws.

The teaching vacancies, which ask for “MALE Applicants only”, appear on the DWP’s Universal Jobmatch website, the scandal hit online recruitment service run by Monster Jobs which unemployed people are bullied into using by Jobcentres.

In an embarassment for the government these vacancies have come to light on the same day that the DWP published a Privacy Impact Assessment for the website outlining how potential employers using the site are vetted.

Previously any dodgy bastard could post a job advertisement to Universal Jobmatch with barely any checks on whether they were a genuine employer.  This led to a predictable series of spoof vacancies along with many outright scams.  In order to prevent this the DWP have said that staff now check the first advert placed for each new employer.  Yet as these vacancies show, that hasn’t worked.

The problem is that most of the job adverts are automatically generated from other recruitment sites, meaning there is little real checking of whether the positions are genuine or legal.  These ‘male only’ teaching jobs have been harvested from but originally came from the employment agency Alderwood Recruitment. currently have over 40,000 other vacancies posted on Universal Jobmatch.

Alderwood Recruitment boast that they also specialise in hiring staff for the fraud-ridden welfare-to-work sector.  Says it all.

If you are required to sign up to Universal Jobmatch you still do not have to tick the box giving the DWP access to your account and can untick the box giving them permission to send you emails.  You should only be forced to use the website in Jobcentres.  To save time when using the site you can  download Universal Automation.

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540 responses to “Male Applicants Only! The Government’s Job Seeking Website Is Still Breaking The Law

  1. I used that Universal Automation app on a previous Chrome installation, but decided to remove the app later on in case some smart arse government turkey discovered I was not ‘using that UJM in accordance with the tosh that passes for its terms and conditions.

    I didn’t think the risk was small enough to get away undetected that easily using UA on an already dodgy site full of complete claptrap. If I was found out to be using UA by some brown-nosing desk turkey at the DWP, bang goes my dosh for a few weeks, and then I am buggered not paying rent.

    On the subject of male only vacancies, that sort of thing is rife in a number of Middle Eastern Countries where it is their deeply ingrained religious culture. Women are not allowed to drive cars in certain Arabic countries, nor dress in a manner that would flout the teachings of the Koran.

    To see this Arabic culture somehow now imposed on the UK employment market by over eager tin-pot hitlers running around in DWP Towers, we will soon be under Shariah Law at this rate, with that strictly religious law being a un-escapable clause in the JSA claimant Commitment.

    Yet another embarrasing day at the office for Dunko The Clown and the rest of his happy band of circus workers dreaming up this ridiculous piece of employment status in an attempt to look credible following the fiasco of sanctiongate, sanction by hospital and recently, sanction resulting from having a birthday party or celebration.

    Christmas and Easter will soon be banned by Herr Smith as he sees both these occasions as stopping us from searching for jobs. Already, people have been sanctioned for refusing to look and apply for jobs on Christmas Day instead of enjoying the festive time with family and friends, and eating the Christmas Dinner.

    • As far as I am aware, if you are sanctioned you will still get your HB paid, as long as you tell the council pronto.

      • It’s a crazy system that doesn’t work and is falling apart at the seams, but the civil servants don’t know what to do or how to mend it.

        • That may be so, but I have vociferously corrected a ‘Shit Bag ‘ female employee at at A4E for telling everybody that shit,she was trying to put the fear of homelessness into the unemployed as motivation for complying with her need to earn a bonus and I am buggered if I will see anybody else spread George Smiths propoganda even by accident.

          • In fact Mr Void, a detailed examination of exactly what happens over what timescale to those sanctioned and what it costs will be of great value in the fight against George Drunken Shite compared to all the scare mongering that seems to be going round;
            I know for a fact the staff at the housing benefit office wont talk about it because I jolly well asked them.

          • Working Links = SCUM!!

            Yes, the work programme will always tell you that ALL your benefits will be stopped. To quote bottom-feeding low-life scum ‘Working Links’: “We will send you back to the Jobcentre and all your benefits will be stopped. You will be left hungry and homeless”. Cunts!

  2. IDS has been visited by the Saudi Royal Family on how to bring Arabic culture into the heart of the DWP and how to merge it into the UK jobs market. Sexist little slaphead pig, wearing a tea towel on his head and a pair of white curtains instead of proper clothes just so he can get into character as a pretend Arabic Prince and fully surround himself in all things Arabian.

  3. In Saudi Arabia, if one of their people get caught shoplifting they have a hand cut off by sword. Does that mean that IDS will cut off our other bits if we challenge the jobcentre over a sanction appeal?

    • This could well explain smiffie’s ‘small man’ syndrome_
      I suspect he has had his ‘benefit’ cut off for years.

    • Crown Prince ali Abdul

      And rich Saudis in the UK have claimed ‘diplomatic immunity’ for a whole gamut of offences from parking tickets to shoplifting, motoring offences including life endangering ones such as drink-driving, all the way up more serious offences including rape and murder. Getting away with murder – literally!

      But if you dare touch a drop of alcohol in Saudi Arabia they flog you if you are lucky or chop your head off if you are unlucky.

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  5. paultheswineherd

    Fen – very true – Britain is going to be overrun before too long with other people from other nations bringing in their own laws and cultures – I can see the time coming when there will be ‘enclaves’ all over Britain with their own laws and customs overriding British ones. (It’s already happening in some British cities).
    I would like to add that I am not ‘racist’ in any way – I am only telling it as I see it! It is not the ‘refugees’ fault that some may not get a good reception – it’s the Government’s fault (as JCP Sufferer/Customer said too).
    Meanwhile, Dunko the Clown will encourage all of the DWP/JCP lawbreaking and the cruelty and sadistic treatment of the poor, the vulnerable, the sick & the disabled of Britain.

    • @ Paul

      Male only vacancies on Universal Mismatch is THE way forward in harmonising the wage difference between women and men, only if in the tiny mind of a complete mad man wearing a nappy sling under his trousers.

      • paultheswineherd

        Fen – Yes, you are right there – IDS is so insanely delusional that even HE believes ‘his’ very own lies! If this were Victorian times, (not least because of his irrationality), he would be ‘apprehended’ by 6 burly policemen and unceremoniously dumped into into the nearest asylum!
        However, this is 2015 – things have changed and he has, for the time at least, been able to get away with it all – however, his time is running out. Sanctiongate was only the start of it and from now on – for him and his lap-baby, the DWP it can only go downwards in ever deceasing circles – like a cosmic black hole. He and them, risk being completely destroyed before too long.

        • @ Paul

          Dunko the clown wants to drag us back to the victorian workhouse.

          • Fen – Yes indeed – this insane IDS should really be sectioned under the Mental Health Act, but no doubt, if they tried to do this his blackmailed friend, Cameron would (as he is the great and arrogant total asswipe that he is) overrule it and pronounce him ‘sane’ to continue in his due ‘Office’.
            What the fuck does it take to get this asshole sorted out for once and for all. Even Hitler supposedly shot himself in the head and topped himself.
            I really hope that ‘when’ he visits Easterhouse – the Scots will finally ‘sort him out’ in some adequate way – preferably with a 9MM round in his bald pate.

            • The monster rampaging deep within the DWP will soon be chained up and thrown in the cellar with only scraps of rotten fish to sustain him. a 9mm shot right between the eyes is too good even for the likes of him and that would have been a perfectly good bullet wasted.

    • Would that be ‘overrun’ rather than just a bit swamped? They’re not ‘refugees’ they’re people who’ve had to travel halfway across the planet in search of sanctuary. If they are not made welcome but are resented/demonised instead (or worse) that would be the fault of those doing the demonising/resentment (or worse). Is the idea that we ought to tell our children that these ‘non-British’ people are worth less than those born here so they grow up learning to dislike and distrust people who look/sound different to them (assuming they are completely (white) British going back however many generations are necessary to fit that description? I would be embarrassed to try explaining that to any young person.

      • …any more than you’re not ‘racist’ in any way. Others are right to question those views as they don’t belong to many people watching the exodus with growing horror (for a whole set of other reasons). It’s not possible to be ‘a little bit racist” but if you don’t want that label there’s insular/lacking in compassion and fear of the Other.

        • shirley – paul is right – we will be overrun/swamped by those who should have been helped by the rich countries nearest them and who share the same culture and beliefs. Apart from the danger of ISIS terrorists slipping in amongst the innocent victims of war, we have the probability of being told we are not allowed to display hot cross buns in public – yes other religions have complained about that happening in a so-called Christian country, telling us we are not allowed to say Merry Christmas in a so-called Christian country and telling us we are not allowed to preach Christianity or even offer to pray to the Christian God for someone. ie much like it is just now only much worse. With the best will in the world, if we do not have enough to feed and house and give jobs to uk nationals, ie those who already have british passports, whatever the colour of their skin or religion, then we do not have enough to feed and house or give jobs to anyone coming from outside of the uk. Both paul and I appreciate that refugees are people that does not make them any less refugees. If someone asked would you take in a refugee into your house, Shirley, it will mean a bit less food for you and your son, and you’ll be a bit cramped and there’ll be no financial compensation for the inconvenience but your human compassion should tell you to do so, would you say OK or would you say I’m sorry but there’s barely enough food or space for my son and me, I pity your circumstances etc (and I’m not a racist or anything), but my work and any meagre benefits the government gives me just wont allow it, the answer has to be no? If it would be the latter answer, then that is exactly what we are saying, only on a larger more generalised scale.

          • PS there is also unapologetic public Muslim attitude towards women, particularly non-muslim women who dare to dress sexily in public. If a white woman shows to much flesh then a man cannot be blamed for raping her because if you leave the meat out the cats will take advantage (yes, a real argument, not one I have made up). There is an unapologetic tolerant attitude towards paedophilia perhaps explained by the life of mohammed whereby a prominent respected figure in the muslim community speaks as a character reference for one of the muslim grooming gang and as tommy robinson said (yes I know you’ll call him a racist as well) to his astonishment there was no outcry about it.

            • PPS There are also safe houses in the uk for those who have converted from Islam to Christianity, due to their cars being set alight etc BY THEIR OWN COMMUNITY.

            • The vast majority of the attempted sexual abuse and harassment encountered by me as a teenager and in my first forays into the fabulous ‘world of work’ as a young but not completely naive women, we’re… wait for it… by white, British men. I never asked their religion. Those were the men I had the (mis)fortune to be in contact with and alcohol was used to justify inappropriate (& in some instances potentially criminal) behaviour.

              It’s not breaking news that this type of problem isn’t confined to or exclusive to any one group of sexual predators.

              • * & meant to include that this category of men tended also to be ‘older’ if not ‘significantly older’ and so that’s also not something that only happens where the young(er) girls are white, from ‘chaotic’ families and the men from another cultural background. It’s just another excuse to point the finger at ‘incomers’. This type of behaviour is opportunistic and many men of all backgrounds/ethnicities will, and have been attempting it in towns and cities everywhere. We’re just hearing more about some of the systematic and organised varieties of this offending now it’s started to come out into the open.

                • So enough, already, with the burning of hot cross buns …

                • PS Shirley I am sorry to hear about your experiences with older men trying to molest you. At no point did I say or imply that only non-white or muslim men could be rapists or paedophiles, nor that their victims were always white, therefore you have missed my point entirely.

            • Chrissie Hynde made the same observation this week – it’s in her new book. I don’t know what what, if any, religion adheres to.

              • shirley – again, with all due respect to yourself – ‘sexual predators’ can be of any ‘ethnicity’ of ‘any’ age from 14 yrs up to to 80 years (male) – but even females can be ‘sexual predators’. Both males and females, whatever their age and whatever their ethnicity have their own individual ‘sexual’ urges – some more than others. Maybe more in males than in females, – but whatever – (as in the Channel 4 Dr’s programme – ‘we are all the same’!)
                The only ‘difference’ is the ‘genetic’ difference – XX or XY (?) – (I have little idea about this)!
                I may be very controversial here – but, (speaking as a male!) – if a female ‘dresses’ in a very provocative way – then this ‘to a man’ says – I may be available!
                I am aware of what Chrissie Hinde said – she has come in for support and also a lot of criticism in her ‘observations’.
                If a ‘man’ dresses or undresses provocatively to a female – is he ‘judged’ by a female in the same way also? Is this in fact, a case of ‘double standards’?

              • I am aware that paedophiles and sexual predators come from all ethnicities – I am pointing out that the Muslim religion expresses a public tolerance towards it, and this tolerance is not challenged enough.

                • PS re Chrissie Hinde – I don’t watch tv or read “celebrity” opinions much and I neither know nor care what she said. A so called celebrity opinion is of no more interest or value than anyone elses. As tommy robinson said in a radio interview, in general society, paedophiles pursue their vile interests “underground”, in Muslim society not so, hence the character reference for one of the offenders being given by a leading muslim figure.

            • Fallow JCP – Are you, a Christian, seriously accusing Islam of a tolerant attitude towards paedophilia??? What astonishing hypocrisy! If there’s any organised religion which can be accused of that, it’s YOURS!

            • There is such a concept in law as ‘contributory negligence’. Do you want down the High Street waving a bunch of £20 notes? Thought not… 😉

            • There is such a concept in law as ‘contributory negligence’. Do you walk down the High Street waving a bunch of £20 notes? Thought not… 😉

          • paultheswineherd

            Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer – yes, you are definitely right.
            Due to the ‘gradual creep’ of these cultures into the U.K. – we risk, (admittedly quite a long way down the road!) being ‘marginalised’ in our own Country. And you are right – if this so-called ‘political correctness eventually wins – we could see ‘hot-cross buns’ banned as it may offend other ‘religions’. We could see ‘crosses’ or ‘crucifixes’ being banned because it may offend other ‘religions’ or ‘cultures.
            All of your comments make a great deal of sense and are true.
            For instance, if you or me went to Saudi Arabia to live would we be allowed to set up our own ‘Christian’ churches in that country – NO would be the definitive answer. There is a saying – ‘do as the Romans do’ and that would apply in this case. If we went there, we would have to abide by ‘their’ rules and laws and rightly so. I reiterate that I am not ‘racist’ but I do fear what may happen in the future in this respect. If they are in our Country, then they should abide by our rules and laws.
            What they do behind their closed doors is their business – but, I, for one do not want to be ‘marginalised’ in my own Country – and I am sure that many other British people feel exactly the same way, but are becomingly increasingly afraid to do so.
            I am not a UKIP supporter, nor am I a BNP/EDL supporter. I am only expressing an opinion(and a genuine fear), that I believe that many other British people think also.

            • Thanks for that Paul. Not only would we be not allowed to set up Christian churches in those countries, Christians have been tortured in those countries simply for POSSESSING a Bible! I detest UKIP and the BNP (and their uncharismatic leaders), but people like George Galloway saying someone going into a public mosque and handing someone a Bible and telling them to reject the false prophet mohammed and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour should be charged with harassment etc make me wish Galloway was deported to palestine if he thinks their beliefs are so hot. A phobia is an irrational fear, not a justified one. Calling someone Islamaphobic because they are rightly concerned about criminal acts such as paedophilia and rape being publicly condoned by that religion or about curbs on their own freedom to be openly Christian or even as a secular person to have the freedom to openly celebrate festivals which refer exclusively to Christianity or to Christ is wrong.
              As you say, many people are increasingly afraid to openly speak of their concerns as they are wrongly labelled a racist, but that is actually a reason why we should speak out about it, stand up and be counted not just online but in the real world as well.

              • Yes To A Tolerant Society! Yes To The Death Penalty For Islamophobes!

                • Yes to the death penalty for paedophiles, whatever their confessed religion or skin colour.

                • Fallow JCP – “Yes to the death penalty for paedophiles”. OK, so let’s hear you call for the death penalty for the Bishop of Gloucester, Peter Ball……

                • One really can’t comprehend the support for the death penalty on a what one assumes is a ‘left-leaning’ blog.

                  Regarding paedophilia, even the definition of ‘paedophile’ (and the ‘law’ in general) is legally, socially and politically constructed (to suit the interests of the rich).

                  For instance an ‘Islamic scholar’ commented recently: “If a girl is not married by the time she is 9 there is something wrong with them”. So you can have a situation where a Saudi Royal is ‘married’ to (and sexually active with) literally hundreds, thousands of which in ‘western culture’ would construe primary school-children. Sheiks have vast ‘harems’ at their ‘disposal’. So you have a siltation where men in their 60s and older are having sex with school-kids by virtue of being ‘married’ to them Notably, the extremely wealthy Sultan of Brunei gets married ever second day!

                  Of course Saudi Arabia also carries the death penalty for rape and sexual relations out of wedlock. Saudi Arabia even executed (beheaded) one of their Princesses for having an affair: Death of a Princess.

                  The Philippines is one country which used to execute (by lethal injection), for crimes of paedophilia but this practice has since been abandoned since it was becoming obvious that very few, if any of the supposed ‘paedophiles’ were in fact guilty; false accusations were being used as means to financial gain particularity from family members.

                  People will do or say virtually anything for money and sexual offences such as paedophilia and rape constitute very grey areas where it is very easy to make false accusations. Even the definitions of sexual offences are altered and what constitutes an offence are changed and played with over time, the current trend to be to make the definition of an offence all the more all-encompassing. The legal definition of an offence, the legal meaning of words can vary widely from what is understood in conman usage; lawyers just love to play around with words and their meanings – it is our job!

                  The arguments against the death aside it is mind boggling how anyone can assume that if an individual stands convicted of a specific offence that they are indeed guilty of said offence or even what that offence constitutes.

                • Albert Pierrepoint

                  @ Fallow JCP

                  Yes to the death penalty for lazy cunts who can’t be arsed to get out of bed before midday. Yes to the death penalty for lazy cunts who defraud the taxpayer. Yes to the death penalty for lazy cunts who pretend to job search.

                • @ Albert Pierrepoint

                  So you are assuming every jobseeker are all lazy cunts who stay in bed unti midday and then I assume that you haven’t mention in your post we also watch Jeremy Kyle every afternoon on ITV2? We are not all like this so don’t tar us with the same brush.

                  Fuck off. I am up every morning around 6:00am and through the day I’m fucking having please my JCP by letting them snoop on my application activities on Universal Jobmatch. That is, I did let them spy on me until I un-ticked that box allowing them access.

                  I would like to be back in fucking work, but my JCP, in all of their dumbass wisdom would rather concentrate purely on form filling, box ticking, making sure I exclusively and only use UJm and not any other recruitment site I have accounst with, and making sure I constantly jump through ever-changing rules they spout off with.

                • EG Yes to the death penalty for paedophiles, WHATEVER their confessed religion or skin colour.
                  QC – It is beneath me to reply to you, except to say that it is beneath me to reply to you

                • @ Fallow JCP – Elbow Grease has got you fucking sussed. One of those strange cunts who can be in two places at the one time – condemning ‘right-wing polices’ such as docking your giro cheque for failing to keep to your side of the bargain, yet at the same time (selectively) supporting the death penalty which is about as far, far right as you can go. Only the far, far right wing, the total-fucking swivel-eyed loons that even Cameron describes as ‘nutters’ supports the death penalty. Good luck to the DWP is truly fucking you over. You deserve it! Don’t expect any fucking sympathy! And don’t come back with your smarmy smart-arse “beneath you” comment.

                • And don’t you fucking address/challenge other posters arguments – or is that fucking ‘beneath you’?

                • And why don’t you fucking address/challenge other posters arguments – or is that fucking ‘beneath you’?

            • The ‘modus operandi’ of sustained stealth population creep by ‘certain religions’ has been well documented along with the political time table/population %age for eventual self govern/self police moving on to total control of the country by way of becoming the majority of the population. This M.O. is now recognized for what it is by most security agencies around the world.

          • I would say yes if we had the room & weren’t (I wasn’t) already struggling, relatively

            • You’d have to report a Change in Circumstances, so it’s unworkeable for us anyway.

            • shirley – in other words in rephrasing of what I have already said considering your circumstances ie not having the room and already struggling, your answer would be no.

              • sian – it was a theoretical question to get shirley to consider the attitude of those who are opposed to the influx of refugees.

              • My answer is that I would very much like to be in a position to do this & unfortunately, realistically, I’m not. But many are and would/will do. These are the same people who potentially might be able to do more than just Vote Corby, and offer support for those less well off and who are having to go without (many will already volunteer/help out family etc.). I can’t see or support yours & PTS’s view/s on this as I don’t see how the one precludes the Other. There are parallels – though no direct comparisons can be made – which to me make it nigh on impossible to understand the ‘we come first/you’re a threat to us’ argument. If we take in high numbers, they will contribute, become consumers and not remain dependent, in most cases.

                • I agree with you entirely Shirley. But sadly you are arguing with people, who just don’t seem to be able to grasp that there are more than sufficient resources available to help refugees in their hour of need, and it need not involve any of us ‘doing without’. There are plenty of houses available up and down the country, and also there are plenty of disused military camps that could be utilised at a pinch. That we, as benefit claimants are not in receipt of sufficient (though I strangely seem to manage, and often have £40 or £50 left at the end of the fortnight before the next lot of JSA goes into my bank account, and I’m also paying off court debts and water arrears too!) is beyond doubt, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that this means that the country is broke – which just isn’t the case. But as I said, we seem to be dealing with people who seem to be want to use some very weak arguments to defend the kind of agenda that used to be the stock in trade of members of the National Front. The dead giveaway, however, as you have no doubt spotted is that they vehemently deny being racist, even before someone has accused them of that! Protesting too much… (And too soon!)?.

              • My answer would have to be no, but I would rather it could be yes.

                • Strangers in shirleynott's Home

                  shirleynott invites a ‘refugee family’ into her own home with terrifying consequences 👿 👿

                  A simple act of kindness turns into a desperate fight for survival 👿 👿

                  👿 A Stranger in shirleynott’s Home 👿

                  .. at a cinema near you from Friday 👿 👿

                • You haven’t thought it through properly, shirleynott. These strangers you would consider inviting into your home are unknown ‘quantities’. There are so many pitfalls that you could fall into! You are giving strangers the run of your home. You could come home to find their ‘friends/relatives’ sat in your front home. You would end up feeling uncomfortable in your own home. You would be in danger of being pushed out, usurped. And once they gained a foothold the tables would turn. If you didn’t leave ‘voluntarily’ they could involve the Police and ‘authorities’, and similarly to a case of ‘domestic abuse’ the male partner (you) would be ‘asked to leave’. You could end up being ‘asked to leave’ – these are ‘vulnerable refugees’ after all… 😉 You could end up in the circumstance that you would never set foot in your home ever again. You could lose the ‘rights’ to your home and property; lose your tenancy. You could could descend into all sorts of quandaries.

                  And if there was any involvement with criminal activity e.g. terrorism you would really be up Crap Creek without a paddle!

                • 😐 :-/ :@

                • PS And you can bet your bottom dollar that JK Rowling won’t be inviting any ‘refugees’ into her multi-roomed mansion. And neither will Nicola Sturgeon inviting any refuges into her tax-payer funded residence, Bute House, up in Scotland.

            • shirley – thank you for being honest and I am sure that you would if you could, if only to look after them as ‘deserving’ humans. However, if you were able to accept them into your house, I, for one would strongly advise you to be very careful (if you did).
              You, after all, would be in the position of someone ‘opening’ your front door to an ‘unknown’ family who may, or may not be ‘honest’ and may, or may not have ‘your’ interest at heart. You naturally, would not know anything of their ‘previous’ history as a family.
              It is like living in a street – opening your door and saying ‘come in’ – of the 10 people that may come in – 7 would be nice people and the other 3 would not have your ‘interest at heart’.
              You would effectively be allowing total strangers into your home, with absolutely no checks whatsoever. They may be ‘lovely’ people and all could be well and everything could be okay. On the other hand – they could rob you blind, or do anything else and you would have very little, or no come-back on them in law as they have not ‘broken into your home’ – you have ‘invited’ them in (with all of the risks that that would involve).
              If it all went wrong, I can assure you that you would have very little to stand on – your heart is in the right place – but you also have to make sure that you and your family would be protected also.

              • Yes, thank you.

                I have accepted the kindness of strangers in the past – not in a Streetcar-type of way – and realise there’s risk on both side. But more often than not kindness (esp. an offer of somewhere to stay when you don’t have it) is more often than not repaid rather than taken advantage of. People still place ads for/take in lodgers ~ even people who have children are not exempt from doing so, and they foster and offer supported lodgings to young people up to the age of (I think) 21+ who are care-leavers.

            • @FJCP… to meet our own needs ~ on&off – so not a consistent/ relatively a low income household.

              But there are (still) very many quite comfortably-off people here – ok, most of them live in Cambridge – or the more vocal ones do – but they’ll have equivalents in every town and village. MPs have 2nd homes they’re not always using, for eg. Who was it offered their home very publically the other day? I can’t remember – It wasn’t QE2 – she could provide whole families with jobs and homes on her estate(s). I don’t think it’s for us – or some of us – to generalise on behalf of everyone’s generosity on the basis that many cannot offer much in practical terms. If someone was collapsed by the roadside you/I would find the means to help ~ this is that Scenario++.

              For me not being able to offer to take in a family means there’s all the more reason to do anything that is possible – starting with not looking the other way & not casting nasturtiums.

              • ‘not casting nasturtiums’ 😉

              • shirley, the point I was making was that in saying no you would have the same attitude as paul and I and others re the uk itself the same attitude you are criticising is for – we are an overcrowded nation with not enough housing for our own people – not the fault of the refugees, but our own people whatever their religion or colour skin are being starved and are homeless. They should come first.

            • Strangers in shirleynott's Home

              shirleynott invites a ‘refugee family’ into her own home with terrifying consequences 👿 👿

              A simple act of kindness turns into a desperate fight for survival 👿 👿
              👿 Strangers in shirleynott’s Home 👿

              .. at a cinema near you from Friday 👿 :evil

  6. IDs smoking the Arabic Hookah pipe too long again…

    • What I’m saying shirley is that most of our unemployed would love to contribute to society, and become consumers, there just arent enough jobs housing or resources to take on more people , because there arent enough jobs housing or resources for the people who are already here legally – that’s not the refugees fault, it’s the governments fault, but that doesnt mean paul and I and the others who YES, DO NOT WANT MORE PEOPLE POURING INTO OUR TINY COUNTRY are being racist in saying so. If they had been white we would have the same opinion.

  7. paultheswineherd

    shirley – with all due respect to you – in the ‘news’ they are described as ‘refugees’ (I of course realise that they have travelled a very long way!).
    With the current Government’s policies – there is a risk that there could be a massive influx (not only of the suggested 20000 over 5 years, but considerably more than that), especially if the likes of Yvette Cooper gets her own way. I would add that many years ago, I was in one of the Midland Cities (on a visit to my now, ex-wife) and I was advised by her at the time, to be careful not to go into one particular area – as I was white and I could have been ‘beat-up’ for straying into their area accidentally.
    I am telling you truthfully what I was told by her – I leave you to draw your own conclusions. But, what I am saying is this – it would be a pity if this sort of this ‘feeling’ should be spread more widely across Britain.

    • There are good people and bad people in all walks of life, but when it comes to understanding other cultures, the Brits are sadly uneducated and very reluctant to accept views other than their own.
      Many, i am sure, will immediately challenge what i am saying.

      I have friends from all walks of life, from many different religions and varied fields of wealth, but i can honestly say that i have yet to find a government so lowly, corrupt and fetid as our own.

      A government that lies, cheats and steals has only one direction and that is downwards……………………..


      • ……….so the Queen wants to come back as a plumber in the next life, not surprising because she has been on the tap longer than Victoria.

        • paultheswineherd

          Geoff – Yes – And both her and her son Charles both avoid paying ‘any’ tax whatsoever if they can possibly do so. They so hate to part with any of their ‘many millions’ of pounds.

          • How many millions in taxpayers money was squandered on Lizzy’s posh throne party. Maybe if I put in an FOI request would dig up something, but then again, my FOI would be rejected as ‘not in the public interest as so many FOI’s have gone before.

            I hope she and her hanger’s on paid for that train trip over the re-opened Borders Line yesterday because If I was a conductor/guard on that trip I would have made her buy a fucking rail card or ticket and shoved her in Third Class. First Class does not deserve the likes of her and all her royal family hangers-on.

            I bet the Steam engine driver and fireman wished they stayed at home now. I have massive respect for all railway workers on the tracks, the engineers keeping the rolling stock and engines running, and all the guys and gals who drive our trains and keep this country and economy going.

            Did Lizzy speak to the Fireman and engine driver? Nothing last night on the news that indicated that she did. She should be fucking ashamed if she didn’t even say hello to them, or made any recognition to the army of people who helped to prepare and steam #60003 Union Of South Africa hours before the ‘royal trip’ was made.

            Priviliged background like hers mean absolutely fuck all to me when people are evicted and thrown in the street for being unable to pay their rent and bills through the bedroom tax, loss of income and their landlord turfing them out to house just so he wants to.

            21st Century Britain has got foodbanks springing up and most of the supermarkets collection food bought by their customers and pass this food onto those foodbanks. I bet Lizzy doesn’t have a foodbank anywhere in or near her posh part of London.

            • The royal family and the history they represent are a very good tourist attraction, so we should keep them. However, they should have NO constitutional powers or influence whatsoever, and they should be paid no more than an equivalent civil servant. All their lands and properties should be put into public ownership and use.

              • Exactly what I am saying, unless they are good for the international tourist trade we bring in to the UK economy, otherwise ship the Royals off to some council estate, sell Buckingham Palace and sell every scrap of land they ‘own’. The Queen even owns the fucking coastline from high water mark to a couple of miles below the shoreline. Why does she need to do that for fuck sake?

                • I think Buckingham Palace (and Balmoral etc.) complete with all the staff, should be turned into a hotel/art gallery/museum. The royal family can carry on living there in a small wing, but they have to personally greet and be nice to the visitors. Rich tourists will pay a fucking fortune to stay there. The whole thing would be worth hundreds of millions in revenue, and the money can be used to help the poor, sick and disabled.

              • All I say is, I don’t want her or any her family coming to re-open my town’s railway line when it happens. What the fuck does she know about railways?

              • All that time I spent fucking track clearing, not once did we ever see or get any local councillor or local MP come along and muck in with the TCT I was with clearing the track, nor did those pampered councillors at that time offer us financial help.

                Only now their are all interested with getting the railway re-opened only because the government have finally decided the track anf any future new station serving my town is of financial and high strategic importance. wankers the lot of them.

            • Yes, travelling first-class on a steam-train along a spectacularly scenic route through the Scottish lowlands on a sunny day to celebrate one’s Reign on the Throne, and all for free, was a pretty good deal 🙂

              • Oh, and a special thank you to the fireman and driver. It’s is such a shame we didn’t have time to chat 🙂

                • It would have been better for me to see you and Phillip shovelling coal from the tender into the firebox and then you will see how hard it is to steam and drive that type of locomotive. Probably not as you might get coal dust or coal tar in your tiara and get engine grease all down your new dress.

              • I think on the whole ‘Her Maj’ works pretty hard for a person of her age (which is more than can be said for her kids!). The problem is that she gets paid WAY TOO FUCKING MUCH for doing a cushy job.

              • …and remember that Nicola Sturgeon and various useless hangers-on got the same free train ride.

    • They are refugees & so no need to put them in ‘… ‘.

      The only reason they are who/where they are & we are home & dry is because of an accident of birth.

      It’s wasn’t all entirely predictable that much of what’s happening now – people are responding en masse but individually to their extreme adverse circumstance. And in just the same way that so many here have ended up needing to go to foodbanks or not been able to afford the fares to get their children to school or been able to do clothes washing for their uniforms. ‘They’ are just other people. Eerything is relative but this govt’s. shocking treatment of its own people can’t be used as a reason for losing our humanity in the face of a humanitarian crisis. It’s ok on red nose day when everyone is really far away, a few pounds can be given between the comedy and we can all feel virtuous til next year.

    • paultheswineherd

      sian – Ros Altmann had her finger in all three cakes at the same time!
      She had her cakes and ate them all – thrice!

  8. paultheswineherd

    Well said Geoff – The psychopathic bastard that is in the form of that most hated and very discredited Sec. of State for Work & Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith is definitely a rabid and totally insane clown that is skating on very thin ice – he may run and he may hide, but I have a strong gut feeling that his terrible past will soon catch up with him – and very rightly so.

  9. ‘Foodbank offers home delivery service because users are so ashamed they don’t want to turn up’

    • yeah, theve got petrol to BURN.

    • something survived...

      Some areas do this. If you are far too disabled to carry the foodbank stuff home, for example; that’s really helpful. It wasn’t started because of stigma, but because old/disabled/sick etc people have trouble trying to get foodbank food home. my area has no delivered food services or foodbanks. I have to carry the stuff home. A 3-day single-person emergency pack is really heavy for me, and sometimes drags on the ground as I’m short. A week’s pack can be almost unmovable even if I get on a bus. By the time I get home in either case, the bags are shredded and so are my hands. Sometimes making them too cut/sore to use a can opener to open the fucking cans…


    Iain Duncan Smith has been scolded and told to show more “sensitivity” in Parliament, after the work and pensions secretary branded disabled people ‘abnormal’ earlier this week.

    Speaker John Bercow and two Labour MPs rounded on the man charged with administering benefits to thousands of disabled people for what were described as “offensive and discriminatory” remarks on Wednesday.

    They were responding to an observation made by the Tory minister on Monday, who, while responding to news of a rise in the number of people with disabilities returning to work, commented that it was important the figure rise further to meet the employment rate of “normal, non-disabled people”.

    A spokesperson for Duncan Smith refused to comment at the time, but his remark was quickly criticised as “shocking” and “shameful”.

    The issue was raised at Prime Ministers Questions by Labour MP Debbie Abrahams.

    • @ Geoff

      Dunko will laugh off his ‘mistake’ at sniping at the less well-off of our society just as he laughed when the minimum wage structure was increased to £7.20 per hour and re-named ‘national living wage’

      • something survived...

        IDS= an offensive, foul-smelling and infectious sore. Highly abnormal. Not to be approached. Can be treated by applying the IDS to the centre of a blast furnace. If it persists, repeat.

  11. ‘The benefits ‘sanctions’ unjustly taken that leave children hungry and families on the brink of homelessness’$category%20p$1


    Previously announced plans to scrap the Human Rights Act have been confirmed in Parliament.

    Earlier this year the Conservative Party announced plans to scrap the Human Rights Act, and replace it with a British Bill of Rights.

    When asked in the House of Commons when plans would be confirmed, justice minister Dominic Raab said it would happen imminently.

    “We will bring forward proposals on a bill of rights this autumn, they will be subject to full consultation. The preparation is going well,” he said.

    He went on to say that the new Bill of Rights would place the UK Supreme Court over the European Court of Human Rights, and, referring to MPs, said it would give “a greater respect for the legislative role for honourable members in this place.”

    Also, responding to suggestions that the Bill of Rights would be rushed, he said: “The Human Rights Act was itself rushed, there was no period of consultation, it was introduced to parliament in just six months and that’s one of the reasons it proved flawed in practice,” he said.

    “We will take our time to get it right, we will take on board all the views that have been expressed and we want to restore some balance to our human rights regime and that’s what a bill of rights will do.”

    • paultheswineherd

      There we now have it! This rotten to the core and scum Tory Government have it in their sights to scrap the ‘Human Rights Act’ and replace it with a ‘British Bill of No Rights’ – these bastards have to be stopped at all costs.

      • Yet another case of a ‘totally mad and bad’ Government Minister (this also well hated ex-Education Secretary – who knew fuck all about Education!) being appointed into a position (Justice Secretary) of which he also knows fuck all. Again – no consultation with the ‘electorate’ who did not ‘elect’ this bunch of Etonian wankers in the first place.
        Welcome to a very ‘democratic’ Britain – NOT.


    Have you had a medical assessment for PIP and obtained a copy of the report that was produced about you? Would you be willing to provide us with a copy? You can post or scan and email the report and we will pay £7.50 per report to cover your costs.

    Benefits and Work wants to examine PIP medical reports produced by Atos and Capita about a range of different health conditions to help us with our training and our guides. We may publish extracts from the reports, but they will always be completely anonymised and, where necessary, details changed to ensure that you cannot be identified.

    If you have a medical report and would like more details, please drop an email to with PIP medical report in the subject line. Please do not post or email your report until you have heard back from us.



      Never mind the dodgy medical reports @geoff, the real killers are sitting on the benches of the corrupt lawmakers.

      Wearing a wig and a black robe does not put you above the law, these people who were trusted to secure promising outcomes for those affected have in turn put the gun to their heads.

      Rowland should not be making decisions, he is dwp old school, fucking those he has been instructed to shaft.

      i keep asking, “What the fuck is an ex dwp commissioner doing, sat on a judicial bench making decisions on claimants stolen benefits?”

      The Germans needed the SS to carry out it’s evil acts, now we have a bent judiciary kneeling on the coffins driving the nails in.

      Are the UK government party to article 6 of the Human Rights, the right to a fair trial, seems not !

      Keep shafting them Rowland, the posse is catching you up !

      • Toddy – well said. I cannot believe that this Judge is still allowed to practice in this particular field of work. As I have said before – with him being an ‘ex-DWP Commissioner’ – how the fuck has this man been allowed to continue to administer ‘Justice’. If this were a ‘local Government’ situation, there would definitely be a question raised of a probable ‘conflict of interest’ and he would have to explain himself to his ‘superiors’.
        But, it seems that he is exempt from this – WHY? – Is he ‘paying someone to keep quiet’ I wonder! Who knows – but, somewhere along the line, questions definitely need to be asked.

      • Mark Rowland really trashed my sister chance of an appeal going forward.
        He cherry picks all the reasons why the appeal is put forward and lets only the trivia go forward knowing full well that the claimant has no chance of victory. As you say, he is a hand picked d.w.p. hit man that has not an ounce of compassion for those he treads on, just a parasite that sucks the blood of those at the lower end of the spectrum.
        My sister has since reported him to the un commission after finding out about his past on this blog.
        Keep up the good work lads / ladettes.
        This site has really opened my eyes and tons of my mates read your comments.

        • @ Sue Aspinall

          Glad you have found this blog site useful in helping you and your sister take up a case against that clown Rowland.

  14. If you read between the lines on the corrupt UJM site you can clearly see jobs that are advertised by other agencies they normally have the CLIENT CONFIDENTIAL has the employer. If this was me I would state that I do not apply for jobs where it states CLIENT CONFIDENTIAL as they are normally agency adverts where you can get either a days work or several weeks depending on the vacancy. They don’t tell you that you are applying to an agency the shock is when they contact you and ask you to do a day, or a weeks, work. These jobs for male only staff should be outlawed on the UK site! If they want only Males they should only advertise in their own country, where they obviously think a woman cannot do the job advertised.

    • wildthing – I also already refuse to apply for any job which says CLIENT CONFIDENTIAL. I didn’t know they were agencies though, I was just suspicious, because what valid reason could an employer have for hiding their identity?

      • If an employer on UJM hide their identitiy, how do we know the company is not legit and is in actual fact flouting Health & Safety and cutting corners on their employees wages and well-being.

        I have never applied for any jobs marked ‘client confidential’ as who knows who is behind those vague job adverts.

        • I will only apply for jobs that tell me whom the employer is, their wage structure, and any other perks such as further training provider within the job (we all want to climb the career ladder by starting at the bottom first).

          The problem is that UJM likes to flood its pages with endless jobs that come straight from agencies that only offer a day’s work at best in a number of cases, or those rotten zero-hour contracts – ‘we will only pay you only when we feel like we have got some shitty job especially just for you”

          If the job advert on any of the recruitment sites, I have accounts with, have some trusty reputation I will oblige the vacancy and put my name down for it. Employers not giving me the full picture and later appear to be dis-honest and have some half-truths,

          I won’t take any further action and ignore their, more than likely, ”we only want to harvest your CV so we can sell it on to some marketing company that will make us serious money” And yes, I have had marketing spam emails sent personally to my immediate attention after I have replied to a job advert on UJM (that later I discover have only gathered my CV to make a cash return from some grubby mail-order company.

          Fake lottery scams from South Africa, I’ve had offers to have eye surgery, I’ve had PPI offers, I’ve had scams claiming I have won top prizes such as a car or TV, I’ve had scam wanting me to invest in stocks and shares. All of these in return from simply applying via UJM or directly through a company’s career website.

      • Ha ha! …and also any which do not!

    • UK jobs posted on UJM have been removed from my local travel to work areas. All these job postings from that dodgy Uk recruitment are now no longer available for viewing. Th eDWP don’t want that rubbish cluttering up their site no more, but they still allow other recruitment sites to fill up the thing with jobs that are not real.

      • Most are but some are genuine employers who just don’t want other firms finding out they have a vacancy

        • UK recruitment have, since posting on UJM, stole countless legit jobs from and passing them off as their own. Either got wind of this and put the mockers on UK Recruitment, or the DWP told them to sod off and stop abusing the very system they have posted jobs onto,

  15. I just checked out UJM and put any job in my city and the first page had only 4 jobs in the city all the others are all over the county, some only give the county and others give the county and city/town UJM is a complete joke

  16. ‘PMQs: Abrahams and Cameron on sickness benefit claims’

  17. Cherry picking evidence, or weighing DWP/Maximus evidence over that of doctors etc, is an error in law and can form grounds for appeal to upper tribunal. It can be done. You need to be tenatious, study the law and/or get help. If you are in the right, and need to be validated, it is worth doing. (if you can deal with the stress etc). Put together a good aguement, get representation, it is a long long haul and tough, but you can win. The DWP expect folks to give up. It is too complicated/scary. It is therefore important for those who can, to keep going until Justice is done properly. If being unfairly treated is gonna eat at you, think about pursueing your case further. If not, leave it. It is seriously grueling.

    Also, job seekers do need to be a little wary of Scams. Cushty job, excellent pay, the employer is dead set to hire you, or poach you? Starting ASAP after you pay them £90 for a DBS check? Hard up folks are heartbroken when their plum job suddenly vapourises. Check the company’s credentials and reputation.

  18. Iain Duncan Smith: tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock – tick-tock – your clock is still ticking relentlessly away and it will, one day, – come to a complete stop – just you wait and see – HaHa

  19. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    PMQs Abrahams and Cameron on sickness benefit claims

    Published on 9 Sep 2015

    Debbie Abrahams asked the prime minister about claims over the number of benefit claimants who have died after being deemed fit to work.
    The Labour MP referred to comments by Iain Duncan Smith about disabled people on Monday, and said it was time for him to be investigated for a breach of the ministerial code.
    David Cameron said “people should look at the facts” and told her that two newspapers had retracted claims about the figures, and suggested she should read up before asking him further questions.

  20. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Iain Duncan Smith on sickness benefit changes (24Aug15)

    • He makes me sick. Repellent.

      • shirley – even before I play the actual video, he makes me sick.

        • IDS makes me feel sick just knowing he is in un-restricted control of all DWP fiascos.

        • I cannot play the video; I can’t bear to hear his lying voice.

          • It’s really horrible. The only possible ‘good’ about seeing him in what he considers to be ‘action’ is that he looks as unhinged as he sounds. It’s almost as if he i. fearful/guilty about something and trying not to (but failing) to show it. He’s still trying to stick with his ‘script’ of set phrases but in trying to twist them around to fit the questions he’s allegedly answering, he just sounds less & less convincing. People will be off~put. I think this is why we.see relatively so little of him – the pressure is showing – & might even be why both his current and last sidekick’s are intended to appear to be ‘softer”(!) and deliver the medicine in smoother/more palatable way.

          • IDS has been sucking on his gums for so long his false teeth no longer fit properly. Every time I hear him speak I need to have TV subtitles on just to comprehend the rubbish he attempts to say.

            • Ha! I haven’t got a TV thankfully, but when I did, I used to rush to put it on ‘mute’ if ever he, Camoron or Osbourne got up to speak. As they say, the only lie when they open their mouths.

              That said, I might start watching PMQs again if Corbyn wins, as he might give Cam a run for his money!

  21. JUDGE MARK ROWLAND AND HIS CRONIES SHOULD HANG FOR THEIR PART IN CLAIMANT DEATHS…………….Who oversees the activities of Judges? They do. In Scotland the Judiciary have been a law unto themselves and a Judicial Complaints Reviewer was appointed to oversee complaints about Judges and she resigned because she could not do her job properly because of a lack of powers. That is the way our so called Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill liked it as he was a lawyer before being an MSP. In Scotland judges with criminal convictions are sitting in our courts and bought and paid for by business hence the judges horror at calls for a register of their interests being made. Who guards those with the most power? They guard themselves, its called self regulation and it is utterly corrupt. They have rules for others that they do not want subjected to themselves, that is why self regulation was set up.

    • To appoint a judge such as Mark Rowland to make decisions on benefit appeals is about as crooked as this nation can get.
      An ex dwp social security commissioner from 2009 placed in a position where fairness, integrity and neutrality should be perceived as the key ingredients to a fair trial sends shock waves through my system,
      Judge Rowland should tender his resignation from his post immediately. His conflict of interest is so apparent yet the lawmakers have turned a blind eye on purpose.
      The whole essence of bringing in new benefits has been done illegally from the outset.
      According to existing legislation contained within the Social Security Acts, the only way new benefits could be introduced.

      In respect of the Right of Superession, without throwing out all of the welfare reforms and Social Security law since 1998, there is no simple way to resolve this, hence the rather illegal Declaration 5 page 18 of the ESA50 questionnaire (which attempts to do it via administration).

      At very least the 2010 regulations would have to be repealed. Effectively ending the Assessment before migration. Which means claimants would have to be re-migrated on the premiss that they are already of Limited Capability for work and the supersession would have to apply to all ESA renewals.

      To explain Right of Supersession. basically. where an existing claim is in place, the onus is upon the state to prove sufficient change that would required a supersession (to amend or terminate the award) it is an underpinning principle of the Social Security Acts.

      The WCA however places the onus upon the claimant to proved entitlement, so they are not legally compatible.

      The Underlying issue here is that both the Secretary of State and the Department of Work and pensions were fully aware that their actions had been and remain illegal amounting to a level of institutional fraud, that dwarfs the whole of last decades figures on claimant fraud/error combined.

      The likes of Judge Mark Rowland, Bano, Chataway, Jackson etc should be thoroughly investigated as they all, are fully aware that the changes to certain disability benefits are completely illegal.

      Judge Jackson has been accused of dodgy dealings regarding a claimant.

      The Judiciary investigation was shut down in an interesting way. Basically they drafted two letters (3 months apart) the first asking for more information, the second shutting down the complaint as there had been no response. They posted one then the other, just 1 day apart.

      These people are not judges, they are handpicked crooks that are specially selected to thwart the appeals process to save the treasury vast amounts of money.

      Their obscene wealth is protected by the fact they are paid to look the other way. They do not give two fucks if a claimant puts a gun to his head, overdoses or jumps off a bridge, because their salaries are protected by virtue of the terror they committ on a daily basis.

    • I can see exactly what you are showing in your illustration Toddy. The judge, JUDGE CHATAWAY is turning down an appeal from a claimant.
      CHATAWAY is saying that the litigant, must fill in a questionnaire, the ESA 50 DOCUMENT.


      What is even stranger is the part that the likes of ATOS play in the game of disability denial………………

      The Data Protection Act 1998, and the associated issues of the Department of Work and Pensions allegedly wrongfully declaring ATOS Healthcare as a Data Processor, when prior rulings by the Information Commissioner would clearly define them as a Data Controller in the Capacity of conducting the WCA.




  22. I see plenty of jobs advertising for women only, including one yesterday at a deli which obviously has no gender barriers at all, so I honestly don’t know what the whinge is here. Must have been a slow day, either that or selective offence-taking. I still support the general purpose of this blog to oppose the demonisation of the poor but this is just shite.

  23. As a matter of law, the discrimination legislation applies to the employer. So because in this case the employer is not in the UK there can be no prosecution. Of course it doesn’t look good on a government web site, but it’s not illegal.

    I’m not sure why anybody who gives a shit about equality and human rights would want to live or work in Saudi Arabia, but that’s another matter.

    • The discrimination legislation also applies to the advertiser, publisher and any agencies involved, in this case, Alderwood Recruitment and the DWP.

      • No Johnny, I think you’re wrong, it’s the employer. In most cases the person placing the advert IS the employer, but in this case that person is not in the UK so they have not committed any offence in this country. A newspaper, web site etc. which carries an advert has not actually discriminated against anybody, because they have not given or withheld the job.

        To put it another way…… are you legally responsible for the content of all the posts on this site?


          ** This article should explain where all job adverts must adhere to the law **

          Job adverts: How not to discriminate against applicants

          Most people know that equality legislation protects them from unfair discrimination when in employment. But it’s not so widely known that it also protects them before they even have a job. That’s because discrimination laws aim to ensure that no one gets unfavourable treatment during the application process.

          Employers have to bear this in mind when it comes to drawing up a job advertisement. Whether it’s going out in the local paper, on the internet or on television, an advertisement cannot discriminate on the basis of any ‘protected characteristics’ – such as age, race, sex, disability, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief.

          For this reason, care needs to be taken with language in a job advert. Phrases such as ‘recent graduate’ or ‘highly experienced’ should be avoided unless these are genuine requirements of the job, as they may be seen to be discriminatory on the basis of age.

          Gender-specific terms could also be problematic. Using ‘bar maid’ or ‘handyman’, for instance, implies that the job is only available to one or other sex. ‘German-speaking sales rep’ should be used over ‘German sales rep’, because it would be discriminatory single out one nationality if it’s just the language skill that’s needed.

          Indirect discrimination in a job advert is also possible if it’s requiring something that applies to all but disadvantages a particular group because of a protected characteristic. For example, saying that applicants must wear company hats may be seen to disadvantage some whose religion demands them to have certain other headwear. Advertising only to a specific group, for example in a men’s magazine, may also constitute indirect discrimination.

          Acas can provide tailor-made solutions to help your organisation stay on top of its Equality and diversity: how Acas can help obligations. Acas also runs practical training courses on Discrimination, Recruitment and Equality, diversity and the Equality Act 2010.

        • And as Universal Jobmatch has recently or is currently advertising jobs restricted to one gender and /or sex as we have seen with JV’s thread o this, the DWP is in effect breaching said law that is supposed to protect us when we all apply for jobs or or currently working as un-paid, paid, self-employment, zero hours contracts, etc.

          • No Fen, it’s the employer who is responsible for discrimination, not the web site owner (the DWP in this case). It’s stated clearly in your previous post – “Employers have to bear this in mind when it comes to drawing up a job advertisement.” The DWP didn’t draw up the advertisement.

            • But the DWP are stupid just the same for even carrying those job adverts without properly vetting them and seeing if those jobs actually breached the said law or not in the first place.

              • … or maybe some people at the DWP did notice but didn’t give a shit.

                • Since when does anybody in the DWP give a shit to people not working as drones in that building? They put that rubbish on UJM just to fill up otherwise empty pages and make out there are 1000s of jobs all up for grabs. The amount of crap I have to wade through on UJM just to find anything matching my work skills, etc, and what I want in work is bloody stupid.

                • I’m sure there are a few who really try to help people, but they probably don’t stay very long. Most of the unfair crap comes down from government or senior management level, so the DWP drones get it in the neck from both sides. Only people who don’t give a shit could possibly stick at the job.


    This Tory fiction is getting old very quickly.

    Today, David Cameron spat out the current Conservative Government line about the people who have died while claiming incapacity benefits. He was responding to Debbie Abrahams, who has been a superb campaigner on the subject. Here’s her question:

    “Two weeks ago, the Work and Pensions Secretary’s Department not only admitted to falsifying testimonies in leaflets, but published data on the deaths of people on sickness benefit, which showed that they are four times more likely to die than the general population. That was after the Secretary of State told the House that these data did not exist. Given that, and his offensive remarks earlier this week—referring to people without disabilities as “normal”—when will the Prime Minister take control and respond to my call for the Work and Pensions Secretary to be investigated for breaching the ministerial code?”

    Everything in her question was accurate. The DWP has admitted falsifying testimonies in leaflets. The DWP’s data does show that people on incapacity benefits are four times more likely to die than the general population. Iain Duncan Smith had told MPs that this information did not even exist.

    She drew no conclusions from these facts, other than that Iain Duncan Smith should be investigated for breaking the ministerial code.

    So why did David Cameron go off on a tangent about “people being wrongly assessed as fit to work”? Ms Abrahams never even suggested that!

  25. …………And Bethlehems links to the USA Intelligence Agencies

    The photo shows him being knighted by P Anne.

    Bethlehem’s extensive CV on his Chambers’ website (not a modest chap) says:Joined the Board of Palantir Technologies UK Ltd., November 2013

    The main outfit – ‘Palantir Technologies, Inc. is a private American software and services company, specializing in data analysis. Founded in 2004, Palantir’s original clients were federal agencies of the United States Intelligence Community. It has since expanded its customer base to serve state and local governments, as well as private companies in the financial and healthcare industries. The company is known for two software projects in particular: Palantir Gotham is used by counter-terrorism analysts at offices in the United States Intelligence Community and United States Department of Defense, fraud investigators at the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, and cyber analysts at Information Warfare Monitor (responsible for the GhostNet and the Shadow Network investigation). Palantir Metropolis is used by hedge funds, banks, and financial services firms.’

    The UK version has a Dr Karp and Bethlehem as directors.

  26. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Successful ‘Fit For Work’ Appeals At Highest Ever Rate, New DWP Figures Show

    HuffingtonPost – 10th Sep 2015

    The share of Fit for Work decisions being overturned on appeal is at its highest ever level, figures released by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) reveal.

    Successful appeals against decisions made during April to June last year hit 53 per cent – up two per cent on the previous three months.

    The DWP point out that while the share of successful appeals is on the rise, the number of people appealing a decision has dropped significantly.

    Mencap’s Head of Campaigns Rossanna Trudgian argued today’s figures show the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) is failing the people it is designed to support.

    She said: “The fact that 53 per cent of Fit for Work decisions are being overturned following an appeal is deeply concerning and further evidence of how the WCA is in need of a ‘fundamental redesign’, as acknowledged by a previous Select Committee Report.

    “We hear from many people with a learning disability who during the WCA are asked questions they don’t understand and aren’t offered the support they need to answer questions correctly. Wrong decisions are disturbingly commonplace and the percentage is showing no sign of improving – causing fear and anxiety amongst people with a learning disability.”

    The WCA is designed to determine whether someone who is out of work is entitled to claim Employment Support Allowance.

    It separates people into those who are unable to work because of health related issues, those who could return to some form of work with support or those who could return to work as soon as possible.

    Introduced by Labour in 2008, the WCA program was pushed forward by Tory Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith when he came to office in 2010.

    In the final quarter on 2008, 40 per cent of those who appealed against a Fit for Work decision had it overturned.

    Today’s figures show that since the period of July to September 2013, more appeals have been successful than failed.

    In the report, the DWP claims “caution should be applied before drawing conclusions from the more recent periods.”

    The report says: “The number of appeals has been decreasing and the percentages for the quarter April to June 2014 are for 1,300 Fit for Work decisions with a completed appeal. This compares to 5,000 Fit for Work decisions a year earlier in the quarter April to June 2013.

    “In addition, the proportions for more recent months are likely to change when the outcomes of appeals still to be heard are included.”

    Last month it was revealed 2,650 people died within six weeks of being found Fit for Work, including 1,360 who had lost an appeal against the decision.

    • Everybody would appeal if they had but half a chance.
      The wankers like Judge Mark Rowland are strategically placed to shaft those that have the temerity to appeal, the final hurdle in accessing the dwp coffers of hate.

      The government are on a winner, fucking those most vulnerable and too ill to respond.
      It is like sending wheelchair victims into a minefield. The likes of Rowland should be strung up like Johannes said earlier.

  27. “A month later, on Mother’s Day, Simon Cooke visited the home and found his mother in a distressed and soiled state, with faeces on her face, asking to be taken to the toilet. At the same time, he noticed another elderly female resident was struggling to breathe.
    “It was horrific – the other lady was in severe distress, she was making noises as though she was drowning,” he told the Bureau. “She could hardly breathe. Then I approached my mother and was hit by the overwhelming smell. She had faeces on her hand which she had rubbed into her face. I went to alert the staff but they were busy doing the teas and handing out medicines, so we had to wait.”
    Mrs Cooke remained sitting in her own waste for a further two and a half hours. During this time the condition of the other woman, who had been struggling to breathe, deteriorated.”

    • I have seen it all before Annos, they pushed my grandad into a home thank stank of piss, the kitchen was just a sink cooker and a micro on one table.
      Every evening meal was the same, two fishfingers and peas and the only staff were off the books. One a former local prostitute.
      The owners were both foreign and fucked off on far east holidays at the drop of a hat while the hooker took charge.
      The home catered for eleven, you would not have put your dog in it.

  28. Slavery and Slavery Collaboration must Always be Condemned in
    Moral Principle

  29. ** Gary Numan – ‘Complex’ 24/11/1979 **

  30. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    David Cameron will be invading Syria illegally to take the blame off the DWP UN Human Rights Breaches. Now Cameron is in an illegal war with Syria & breaking more UN Rules. Cameron is a law unto himself. Everybody sits back knowing avoiding the things like killing the Jews in WW !! . Genocide Disability Denial Factories. Cameron is doing the same thing as blair did in Iraq an illegal war – Also an illegal war on the Disabled.

  31. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  32. ** The Police – ‘King Of Pain’ 14/01/1984 **

  33. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Have you got any suicide jobs – I have a great CV – Jobs for Mental Health – Health & Safety Officer Is A Suicide Risk.

    Suicide is not a medical condition holding the DWP up as a hostage.

    Terrorise the disabled – Disabled Terrorist – Terrorist to the Disabled.


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Threaten the PM or threat his UN Breaches in Human Rights. Down for war crimes & Terrorism against the disabled.

      Now twist a contradiction in Genocide.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Terrorising The Disabled the UN won`t look kindly on that – Pure Terrorism on the Disabled nothing more nothing less.

          • It’s about time the UN looked into the abysmal record of Camorons ill treatment of the poor, un-employed, sick and disabled. He and IDS like throwing disabled people out of their specially adapted houses as the bedroom tax cannot be paid and can’t be modified to take into account that the house has been re-built to cater for the person in need of 24/7 care.

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    You now think I am terrorising the disabled & will be charge for terrorising the disabled. Thank you I look forward to that IDS.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System




  35. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Slaves don`t have illness. Slaves are given just enough to keep them alive. Slave Masters own slaves. Slave Trading for profit AKA cuts.

  36. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System



  37. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  38. David Camoron Truth Rap

  39. If only we can have speeches from David Camoron as we do from Barack Obama. At least we would finally get the truth from the government…

  40. Anything that North America can do, the Soviet Union can do better. Still nothing from David Camoron with no speeches yet…

  41. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Charlotte Wilkinson-Burnett: Paralympian banned after disability is ruled ‘psychological’

    Independent – 8th Sep 2015

    One of Britain’s best hopes of a medal at the Brazil Paralympics has been told she can no longer compete after being told her disability is “psychological” rather than physical.

    Charlotte Wilkinson-Burnett, 23, who has been in a wheelchair for four years since she slipped in a shower in 2011, won gold at the Canoe Sprint World Cup in the summer.

    But tests by doctors have shown she has “conversion disorder”, which causes people to suffer from symptoms such as paralysis without any identifiable physical cause.

    Ms Wilkinson-Burnett says she has been left “heartbroken” after being told by British Canoeing she no longer qualified under International Canoe Federation rules.

    She found out shortly before she was due to compete in the Paracanoeing World Championships and said on her blog: “I should have been competing at the world championships, but following my declassification, this is clearly no longer happening.

    “I thought that I’d be able to accept what has happened and watch my friends compete, but this has been one of the most heart-breaking times of my entire sporting career.”

    Ms Wilkinson-Burnett, from Leicestershire, was an England under-21s hockey player before her accident at a summer school in the US in 2011. She says she has no feeling from the chest down. She began canoeing in September 2013 and was a medal prospect in Rio but was diagnosed with conversion disorder after extensive investigations at hospitals in Nottingham, Leicester and the US. Medics said the tests “strongly suggest” there is no underlying neurological abnormality to explain the weakness and numbness in her legs.

    A spokeswoman for British Canoeing said: “Based on all the information we now have, we can confirm that unfortunately Charlotte’s disability would not be classifiable under the current paracanoe eligibility criteria set by the International Canoe Federation.”

    She added: “We are extremely surprised and disappointed with this turn of events, which is a huge blow to Charlotte, who is a very talented and committed athlete, but it is vital that the integrity of the classification process is upheld to ensure it provides a level playing field for all athletes to participate.”

    Dr Timothy Nicholson, from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London said: “Anyone who understands the disorder will have mixed feelings about somebody being banned from competing.”

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      The Government keep banging on about disabled people getting into sport & how it`s good for them & the country. I do lots of sports as a disabled person, but as soon as I do sport I am deemed not disabled & able & fit for work. What an utter contradiction & has no common sense whatsoever.

      Maximus & Atos now do the medicals for sports & Lord Coe & Mo Farah & Pauls Radcliffe are pissed off at Cameron dragging them through mud slinging & parliament.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        So no one with a Mental Health condition can enter – Discrimination.

      • something survived...

        Exactly. I do disability sport and get told by DWP and ‘randoms’ that it means I’m fit for work. Wrong. I’m knackered all the time, even during sport. Around 80% of the time I’m carrying at least one significant infection. It’s so ironic given that the stereotype of the unemployed is of someone lounging around watching Jeremy Kyle and stuffing their face with junkfood. They want the poor to fit the stereotype. They say the poor should exercise. Then when they do, they are punished, or are prevented from exercise. By their benefits being cut/stopped (or too low when in payment) as punishment. By their required 24/7 knobsearch on Universal JobSplat (aka NumberWhang). By the cuts meaning their leisure centre is closed or downgraded, and if open they can’t afford to go anyway. By the snoopers who try to film the poor doing leisure activities, or shopping for food (we don’t have chauffeurs!!), in order to have evidence of benefit fraud. We are blamed for fatness even if it’s a medical unavoidability or even if we can only get/afford junkfood. And we are blamed for thinness when it’s often because we are fucking sanctioned and starving.

        IDS should lose weight too, starting with his head.

        WARNING: A decapitated cockroach can live for some time without its head. Until it eventually dies of starvation, having lost its mouth parts and so being unable to feed itself.

        This process may take some time. Bring a magazine and a deckchair.

  42. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So is Thalidomide a real condition or just made up in the lab!!!!

  43. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I I notice Thalidomide is not in your list of The DWP –

    Medical guidance for DWP staff who make decisions on adult cases for Disability Living Allowance and for Attendance Allowance.
    This guide is sometimes referred to by staff as the “A to Z of medical conditions”.

  44. ‘ravelling to work ‘is work’, European court rules’

  45. ‘travelling to work ‘is work’, European court rules’

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Interesting Ruling. – Cameron will just ignore it be in beach of the UN again.

    • And the JCP want us to travel up to 90 minutes per journey to our place or work using any form of transport. That adds up to 15 to 21 hours extra a week on top of a basic 40 or 45 hour working week, not taking into account tea or lunch breaks at a maximum 60 minutes per working day.

      If travelling to work will now add 15 to 21 hours a week, the employer won’t now decide to pay their employees to go to work.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        80 hour week – I think the UN will have some thing to say about that. So that`s lees than a £ pound an hour. Any time for sleep of do I get sanctioned for having a kip after 23 hours of bullshit – Another UN Breach.

    • sian – unravelling once at work – I know the feeling…

  46. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Cameron is more important than the UN for a reason to invade Syria.

  47. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Treason Cameron.

  48. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Poor & Disabled have funded Camerons war on syria that is why it has taken 4 your to invade.

  49. ‘Barber unable to cut Adam Holloway’s hair because he was in Great Yarmouth – not Iraq’

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “””The development will cause fresh embarrassment for Holloway, who was already being widely mocked by fellow MPs and on Twitter for his 20-minute speech on Tuesday. “””

      All the MP`s on twitter trolling Mr Holloway – Utter Disgrace All of them

  50. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Facebook new design is terrible – Quashed together for the mobile crowd.

    #Twitters closing down

    • Yeah, seems to be a growing trend this “optimised for fuckwits who ruin their eyesight viewing web-sites on hand-held devices”. Totally stupid fucktards who can’t wait until they get home before ‘updating their Facebook status’; they have to do it whilst ‘on-the-go’ like when they are driving a car – stupid cunts!

      • Wouldn’t be no use to me, this squashed facebook malarky, as I have yet to take an offer up for eye surgery from an e-mail viral scam I had some weeks ago…

  51. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP Press Release 8th Sep 20155

    TO THE JOINT COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS The Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015

    A. Summary of the Bill

    1. Section 19 of the Human Rights Act 1998 (“the HRA 1998”) requires a
    Minister to make a written statement prior to Second Reading, as to the
    compatibility of the provisions of the Bill with the European Convention on
    Human Rights (“the Convention”). The purpose of this memorandum is to
    analyse the issues arising from the Welfare Reform and Work Bill (“the Bill”) in relation to assessing its compatibility with the Convention.

    2. The provisions of the Bill are compatible with the Convention and the Minister has made a statement of compatibility under section 19(1)(a) of the HRA 1998 to the effect that in his view the provisions in the Bill are compatible with Convention rights.

    B. Policy background

    3. The measures contained in the Bill implement policies outlined in the Conservative Party manifesto or which were announced in the Summer Budget on 8 July 2015. All of the policies for the measures in the Bill are based on a number of political and social considerations which include the current economic climate, ensuring that the system is fairer for taxpayers and promoting work as a vital means of tackling poverty. They support the aims of moving from a high tax, high welfare and low wage society to a lower tax, lower welfare and higher wage society and the Government’s commitments to achieve full employment and achieve a more sustainable welfare system that is fairer to tax payers.

    4. The Bill is underpinned by three key principles:
     that work is the best route out of poverty and being in work should always pay more than being on benefits;
     that spending on welfare should be sustainable and fair to the taxpayer whilst protecting the most vulnerable;
     that people in receipt of benefits should face the same choices as those in work and not in receipt of benefits.

    21 Page PDF

  52. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    You can`t have Human Rights set against the current economic climate,

  53. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Is IDS abusing his Human Rights or just abusing other peoples Human Rights. Both.

  54. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    When state chooses who will & who will not have Human Rights in a society there is something fundamentally wrong. Who is to say who has more Human Rights than some one else. The stage is set that fundamental failures in handling disabled people & their needs has been turned into a war funding exercise to invade Syria illegally.

  55. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The UN beware David Cameron will offer you a back hander funded by the US = Maximus to help the US invade Syria.

  56. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    The Commons expenses watchdog is embroiled in a furious row with MPs after it “named and shamed” dozens who had failed to settle debts.

    Ministers Tobias Ellwood, Edward Timpson and Caroline Dinenage were among 26 politicians listed as not paying outstanding sums of up to £500 last year – forcing them to be written off.

    The debts written off range from a few pounds to hundreds. Much of the spending was on official credit cards that are automatically paid off by Ipsa before checks on whether they are allowable.

    Children’s minister Mr Timpson put a £127.50 “public transport” bill on his card – before later ticking a box on a form indicating he did not want to claim the sum as expenses.

    Foreign Office minister Mr Ellwood – who recently wrote a letter to the watchdog backing the controversial 10% MP pay rise because he was “watching the pennies” – owed for three claims.

    A £5 spend on food and drink was deemed outside the rules by Ipsa, while a £17 train ticket was a duplicate. He said he did not want to claim for a £4.50 parking charge but did not repay the cash.

    Chris Skidmore, parliamentary aide to Chancellor George Osborne, spent £125 on a London hotel but the claim was deemed not allowable under the rules.

    Equalities minister Ms Dinenage paid a £13.50 constituency office telephone bill on card but it was later deemed ineligible.

    Details of each MP’s expenses and office costs for 2014-15 have also been published – with spending rising 1.6% to nearly £106 million.

    The overall increase in spending between 2013-14 and 2014-15 was the slowest in recent years, and could indicate that many MPs were winding down their activities ahead of the general election.

    Staffing costs went up by £2.2m to £82.7m, but spending on flats, hotels, travel and subsistence was down around £150,000 at £11.6m.

    The amount laid out on renting and equipping offices was £10.7m.

    Politicians had 4,021 staff on the books compared with fewer than 3,000 in 2009-10.

    Some 169 MPs employed a family member or business associate in their office in 2014-15 – up two on the previous year.

    Spending on enhanced security for individual MPs more than doubled from £33,726 to £77,234 last year. The watchdog said the measures were only authorised on police advice.

  58. This is barely relevant. When I was forced to use UJM I found endless duplicates (well one job had eleven entries), fake jobs, etc. I did enrol for what I thought was a pukka training course and it started OK but then the website vanished like the mourning mist (pun intended). When I was no longer in receipt of benefits I did it my way and found a job as I could target particular jobs rather than the number of applications!

  59. Interesting comments above! Watched the 6PM BBC News this evening and it looked almost like a ‘Cameron propaganda film’. The second report concerned ‘the use of chemical weapons against civilians by Assad’s regime (helicopters) in Syria. Footage was graphic and was of children and adults badly injured by suspected chlorine gas and mustard gas. With Cameron desperately trying to bolster support from the British population for a new ‘war’ in Syria – this could not have happened at a better time!
    Of course, before this happens, there would have to be a Commons vote – unless Cameron went Blair’s way and went in (of course with the U.S.) illegally without a vote being done. I think that that could happen and then he would be following Blair in exactly what he did. Another illegal war, that would cost millions and leave a dreadful power vacuum behind for all of the ‘warring tribes’ and the remnants of ISIS (they cannot kill all of them!) to fill.
    Of course also here would be collateral damage (civilians) and no doubt ‘friendly fire’ indidents and deaths by the Americans.


      Thought i would attract your attention, but do you not think that all those hundreds of empty palatial rooms could give a few lads n lasses a comfy place to live?
      Does the wicked witch deserve all that space?.
      We are all born equal and all that shit, isn’t it time to downsize like all the other inbreds in mainland Europe?

      Theres a few ton of cast iron in the railings alone, throw in the cast iron gutters and the sale of a few blocks of sandstone and voila, a ready made refugee shelter.

      I know the old dear would have trouble sourcing beluga caviar, salmon truffles and scandinavian venison at the food bank but she has got to do her bit…………………

    • Yes the Zionist BBC has unleashed its propaganda, big style…………
      All the talk of attrocities, mustard gas, killing of civilians etc is the same crap they spouted to take us into the last illegal war.
      The electorate don’t want another excuse for John Chilcott to be paid £790 a day for his unfinished memoirs, in fact the last thing we need is another non sanctioned bloodbath.
      Our poor and disabled have to beg but there is no shortages for our weapons of mass destruction conveniently dumped in Scotlands back yard, which in turn makes Scotland a prime target

      …………….was disappointed with the guy going into the job centre with petrol and tipping it upon himself, thought we would be enjoying a PCS staff bbq.

      It won’t be long………….

  60. The welfare charter.


    Traveling to work ‘is work’, European court rules.

    Time spent traveling to and from first and last appointments by workers without a fixed office should be regarded as working time, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

    • OBD – Thanks for that link to a high-quality news source! Who is Carbyn? I addition to the funny typos, the whole article is a pathetic joke. So is Ian Murray!

      • P.S. I forgot to ask – how is that relevant to this topic? Please explain……

      • overburdenddonkey

        wot carbyn euphemism for new labour recycling plant…?

        • Ha ha ha! It’s not possible to recycle those New Labour politicians, because they are too contaminated by warmongering and implementing Tory policies. They are suitable only for landfill or the International Criminal Court.

          • overburdenddonkey

            @ least the REALITY of corbyns hopeless situation as labour leader is beginning to dawn on you….

            • Once again you are inventing things that other people said, so that it fits with what you think. Sorry OBD, but you have a problem.

            • overburdenddonkey

              wot i’m inventing that the party that corbyn inherits is full of blairite new labour pols that he has to work with and get them all pointing in his direction, which will not necessarily be what the individual new labour mp’s constituents want, so they will likely vote for another right wing party who will protect their property/asset status, and artificial position within our culture, as thatcher intended, a determinant right wing voter pool…which new labour was founded on protecting…how absurd….we need a brand new wealth distributing socialist party…the foundation stone of which is a reliable supply of vitality giving vitals of life for all

              • Why does he have to work with them? The Labour party members and MPs will align according to their principles, or leave, and voters will vote as they wish at the next election. If you lived in England, would YOU vote for a Corbyn-led Labour party (with Blairite Tory-lite MPs excluding themselves) at the next election?

              • P.S. I said nothing about “corbyns hopeless situation”, so stop telling me what I think. That’s what I mean about you inventing things. Try asking insead…..

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you implied it….my reply is my assessment of what has been said by you and/or others, like it or not….

                • I implied no such thing. I know what I think, you fucking don’t and you can’t even be fucking bothered to ask!… and why the fuck are you replying to me about what “and/or others” have said?

                  I’ll try my question again – If you lived in England, would YOU vote for a Corbyn-led Labour party at the next election?

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  EG – You are a Tory Troll that is stupid & thick !!! Talking shit !!!

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  EG – Stop swearing all the time ffffff FFFFFF

                • Cor-ban’s ‘progressive’ ‘women-only carriages on trains’ policy should be a vote winner 😀

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you’re question is hypothetical jumps the gun and assumes corbyn has brought his mp’s into line ie converts them to his socialist cause and they turn their backs on the predominance’s of their constituencies but as usual you’re not listening nor replying to what has been/being said but inventing hypothetical’s for me/others to contend with…

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  EG – Simple people with simple lives.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  Corbyn Vs Osbourne 2020 Election.

                • OBD – Corbyn hasn’t even been elected, so of course it’s a hypothetical question you fucking idiot!!! If you’re not interested in anything hypothetical then you have no opinions, in which case your posts are of no value or interest.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  Corbyn has been elected. EG stop swearing at people.

                • Stepping – “Corbyn Vs Osbourne 2020 Election.”
                  Quite likely! So how would you vote?

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  EG Ego Tripping Again.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  EG – I don`t vote.

                • Stepping – “EG stop swearing at people.” Pots and kettles!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  well that’s a relief you won’t be posting to me ever again, as i’m shit for brains fucking idiot moron, with no opinions of value nor interest…excellent… 🙂

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  EG – OK let`s be stupid & foolish. Hot Air.

                • Stepping “EG – I don`t vote.” – Then you have no right to any criticism of society, or any credit for it, and there’s no point talking to you.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  EG – Stop throwing your toys out of your pram.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  EG – Rubbish utter bullshit rubbish – Slave Masters & their Slaves.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  So people who don`t vote are not in society & have no Human Rights – You sound like IDS.

                • OBD – “well that’s a relief you won’t be posting to me ever again”
                  There you go again! I didn’t say that. I may well post to you again. Hopefully in response to you standing up and giving a principled opinion about something……

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  I bet EG really likes Katie Hopkins.

                • Stepping -“So people who don`t vote are not in society & have no Human Rights – You sound like IDS.”
                  That’s not what I said. People who don’t vote are NOT part of society’s future, but EVERYONE has human rights.

                • Correction – That should read “part of creating society’s future”.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  EG you are a non stop contradiction.

  61. Pingback: Male Applicants Only! The Government's Job See...

  62. **Manic Street Preachers – ‘The Masses Against The Classes’ 01/22/2000 **

  63. NHS Death Service

    Assisted Dying Bill: MPs debating the ‘right to die’

    “MPs are discussing proposals to allow adults in England and Wales with six months or under to live to end their lives with medical supervision.”

    Interesting, considering that 90% of an individual’s healthcare costs occur in the last six months their life. So just snuff them out and pocket the £cash£!

  64. NHS Death Service

    Interesting, considering that 90% of an individual’s healthcare costs occur in the last six months of their life. So just snuff them out and pocket the £cash£!

  65. Nice of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister to drop in to speak to Cameron……….
    After all, the protection of Israel is paramount to protecting our service personnel coming home in body bags or thrust into the arms of MAXIMUS to be denied disability benefit, limbless or not.

    Strange how we are on the cusp of a war in Syria and most of our poulation are dead against entering another, nothing to do with us, bloodbath.

    It was what Cameron said this morning, that illustrates who is pushing our agenda for war;

    “Mr Cameron said the UK “remains staunch” in its “defence of Israel’s right to exist and to defend itself”.

    ………………….and the Israeli’s hate the Syrians, you don’t have to be clever to join the dots to see who is pushing the uk’s button to get involved in another unwinnable fiasco…………………

    Probably the root cause of all the anti Corbyn rhetoric from the Zionist controlled media of the BBC and the tabloids.

    The uk is now Israels sweeping brush……………

    • “join the dots”

      But, Blair needed a constant source of funds if he was to reduce the influence of the unions – and, it seems, he needed to hide its source lest it be questioned. One of the better known figures at Labour Friends of Israel is David Abrahams, a Jewish property developer. The President of the Zionist Federation, Eric Moonman vouches for him: “I know David well and have travelled with him on a number of occasions.’ Abrahams took on part of the task of secretly funding New Labour. He gave more than £650,000 to the Party under four other people’s names – a move since admitted to be unlawful by the Prime Minister Gordon Brown but which has had no legal consequence.

      Abrahams explains generally that he wanted to remain anonymous as he is a ‘private person.’ But he said far more to the British Jewish Chronicle. He said he gave the money to Labour secretly since he did not want ‘Jewish money’ and the Labour Party to be linked, thinking this would make people suspect there was a Jewish conspiracy.

      Labour Party officials initially denied knowing about these secret methods but evidence has since emerged that Abrahams was at the time in close contact with Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s election campaign adviser, Jon Mendelsohn, who also happens to be the ex-chairman of the lobby group Labour Friends of Israel. Other Jewish members of Labour Friends of Israel kicked in money. Lord Sainsbury gave a million pounds. Levy by 2001 had raised £15 million. Thus the Israeli lobby helped Labour break the power of the trade unions, in return for reshaping the entire UK political scene in the interests of Israel.

      Quite astonishingly, once they had discovered them, the press treated these secret donations with kid gloves. Very few asked what was the Israeli lobby hoping to gain from such massive donations. No one asked, as far as I am aware, if it were Tony Blair who had wanted these donations kept secret – and if so, why? Few speculated on the foreign policy implications.

      As we now know Iraq was never a threat to the UK – but it was potentially to Israel. Blair told his Jewish audiences, “a stable Iraq will be good news for Israel.” He also held back from doing anything to bring the fighting to an end while Israel was bombing Lebanon

    • @Geoff
      Slight rearranging the old saw: “Cameron: arsehole with a little dick compensated for by a big gun.”

  66. Another Fine Mess

    there are 735,000 vacancies in the jobcentres every week,
    IBS 7/9/15

    So full employment in just 2 weeks time then ?

    Despite UJM’s world’s first, and unbeatable features. 🙂 It looks like only about 1% of the postings are from an actual employer.
    It’s just a junk collector.

    • 735,000 vacancies in the jobcentres every week? And there was poor me thinking they scrapped those job boards years ago and moved all vacancies online to the previous website and the now current Universal Jobmismatch bollocks…

    • Half of those ‘735,000’ vacancies have been from just one prolific pest spamming every page for every town – UK whom have been stealing job postings direct from

      • something survived...

        I think they misplaced a decimal point. ‘Britain has the same 735 vacancies every week, duplicated 1000 times’.

  67. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Jeremy Corbyn vs Margaret Thatcher at PMQS (08/05/1990)

    • overburdenddonkey

      yep it’s not funny that benefactors of thatchers housing policies have the gaul to condemn other who are not….

      • Was it that cow Thatcher who brought in the Y.T.S scheme that I had to fucking go on with for three years back in the early 1990s?

        • overburdenddonkey

          yeah, i remember a work place YTS poster of thatcher in a door way chopping young peoples legs off….which represented the disgust of both employers and employees of YTS

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        The Tories should be happy Corbyn is going to be Labour leader, but they are not happy. The Tories see corbyn as more of a threat than the other three Labour losers.

      • OBD – It’s a bit unfair to blame people over the channel for Thatcher’s housing policies!

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          EG – I thought you were not talking to us because we are fuckwits.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          EG – Thatcher`s biggest fan also EG loves Katie Hopkins.

        • overburdenddonkey

          well i do think it’s a gall of benefactors of thatchers housing polices to condemn others who are not, don’t you….?

          • Ah! “gall”… I’m sorry, I thought you were blaming Asterix!

            • overburdenddonkey

              anyway now you’ve gotten your childish humour out of the way…please answer the question….
              well i do think it’s a gall of benefactors of thatchers housing polices to condemn others who are not, don’t you….?

              • There were hundreds of thousands of benefactors of Thatcher’s housing polices. I can’t answer unless you name the one(s) you’re talking about……

              • overburdenddonkey

                one’s and naming, what do you mean…? the whole new labour project was/is based on thatcherism…it holds the determinant voter pool as i ‘ve already said…the very kernel of the phrase ‘hard working families’ as you’ve used on occasion, and are familiar with…..this beneficent home ownership system @ present is irreversible unless there is a massive boom in house building in the uk…
                which again the policies of which the precarious classes have no say in..therefore obvs it condemns others who are not benefactors of the housing boom, and is a block to the redistribution of wealth…and therefore a block to socialism and democracy in the uk, unless one deliberately excludes, no longer counts and blames people for not having the means to be included in democracy by virtue of this and as it will affect uk demographics, as i have pointed out to you previously (so i have said all this to you before albeit not as explicit, i have now tried to incorporate your limited capacity for rational thought into my posts)… ie condemn those who have not benefited form thatchers housing policy, which is what is happening…..

                • OBD – I really have no idea what you’re talking about in your rambling and incoherent post. Your English doesn’t even make sense. What does “one’s and naming” mean? You also say I’ve used the phrase “hard working families” when I have not.

                  You seem to want to say something about benefactors of Thatcher’s housing polices who said they condemned something. Who the fuck are you talking about?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i’m certain you made a reference to hardworking jobseeking refugees…
                  my references are to the determinant right wing voter pool, of uk demographics…

                • You said “i do think it’s a gall of benefactors of thatchers housing polices to condemn others who are not”. If you haven’t got a fucking clue who you’re talking about, as now seems clear, then perhaps it would save everybody’s time (including yours) if you just fuck off and think instead of posting yet more incoherent crap!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you’ve failed to prove and/or demonstrate that my views are crap…but instead have thrown an infantile tantrum…! the democratic skew is well known, it is @ the kernel of new labour policies, that corbyn will be if elected tasked with changing… ie the determinant right wing voter pool stronghold that has to be dissolved before democracy can begin to exist in the uk….

                • FFS! You said “i do think it’s a gall of benefactors of thatchers housing polices to condemn others who are not”. NAME A BENEFACTOR WHO CONDEMNED THEM AND THEN MAYBE I CAN ANSWER YOU!!!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i have done so….the word i used was benefactors…

                • If you can’t name or describe even ONE of these condemning benefactors, then you’re talking out of your arse.

                • If what you’re trying to say is that right-wing voters don’t agree with Corbyn then…… WHOOP-DE-DOO, aren’t you a fucking genius!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i have already fully describe what i mean if you don’t get it then you don’t get it…i’m sure others do, my view in fact was well represented during the indyref campaign ie we vote labour in scotland but always get the tories….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  no what i’m saying is that because of right wing voting bias in the uk caused by thatchers housing policies, corbyn doesn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of forming a govt in the uk for a very long time….new labour was based on thatcherism as blair realized this bias was immovable so he adapted to it and disenfranchised (condemned) millions to precarious existence….

                • “new labour was based on thatcherism as blair realized this bias was immovable so he adapted to it”
                  Ah!!! So do YOU agree or disagree with Blair about that?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  WTF!!! no i don’t agree with blair…

                • Excellent! So if you disagree with Blair, then you therefore think this centre-right bias IS movable, so Corbyn DOES have more than a cat in hell’s chance!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i never said that @ all…the bias is currently still immovable for reasons that i have thoroughly explained….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ps blair never told me that the bias was immovable it’s what i worked out…

                • You’re a fucking nutter! You can’t even agree with yourself!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  impossible as the determinant uk right wing voter pool housing demographic is set in stone…so how ever i answer that childish recent question is irrelevant this fact doesn’t change… ie me answering your question doesn’t change the facts as i’ve thoroughly laid out….

                • …then you DO agree with Blair!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  no i don’t agree with blair per se…i agree that is what blair realized….as i’ve already confirmed in ‘new labour was based on thatcherism as blair realized this bias was immovable so he adapted to it and disenfranchised (condemned) millions to precarious existence….’ this bias has not changed in fact it has worsened….

                • OBD – “this bias has not changed in fact it has worsened….”

                  Errrmmm…. if it has worsened then it HAS changed!

                • P.S. The point being that if you can change people’s minds one way, you can change them the other. All that’s required is the right arguments, and you can’t deny that Corbyn is shaking up the old Tory arguments.

                  In fact in recent years the majority of voters are mostly undecided most of the time, and this is more true than ever. It used to be that some families were Tory and some were Labour, and the children wouldn’t even think voting any differently from their parents. That is no longer true. A huge proportion of voters haven’t even decided right up until election day.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yes it has changed if it’s worsened i know that, it was a obvs a typo….
                  you’re wrong, it’s constituency’s, rather than majority of voters…since 1979 we’ve had a tory govt red or blue…
                  we voted snp in scotland we still got tories…
                  i have thoroughly explained the situation, obvs i’ve heard your arguments before, i have nothing more to add…

                • OBD – Why lie to cover up that your argument was incoherent, and then persist in the same incoherence? Isn’t it far easier to just “I agree”?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  why not point out the lie you allege, for all to see…wanker…

                • That “this bias has not changed in fact it has worsened…” was a typo!

                • P.S. The “wanker” question ALWAYS sorts out the children from the adults. Apparently you are a child……

                • overburdenddonkey

                  well i do think it’s a gall of benefactors of thatchers housing polices to condemn (disenfranchise) millions of others to a precarious existence for the benefit of the few @ the expense of the many, who are not benefactors and blame them for not being benefactors of thatcherism, do you….?
                  and according to you all people without the power to change anything have to do is to change their minds about what is as the determinant uk right wing voter pool housing demographic set in stone, THIS BIAS IS NOW EVEN MORE ACUTE…TB AS A POLITICIAN AS HE SHOWED NO COURAGE IN CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO THAT EXISTED THEN AND AS I SAY IS EVEN MORE ENTRENCHED NOW….it’s constituency’s, rather than majority of voters…since 1979 we’ve had a tory govt red or blue…
                  we voted snp in scotland we still got tories…
                  the only thing i can continue to do is to repeat my self so i will continue to do so….as i’ve nothing more substantive to add to the content of what i’ve written….why would i disagree with what i have clearly written, it’s fact it’s immovable….more importantly why do you continue seek to discredit me and others posters, as what is written here does not cannot change the facts….everyone can see how you twist what is said and it’s consequent affect on truth, in trying and failing to make fools of others you’re actually making a fool of yourself…

                • You still can’t point out the supposed typo then……?

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              EG – Turn That Frown Upside Down.

  68. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    According to the CFI website 80% of Tory MPs are members of Conservative Friends of Israel.[14]

    In alphabetical order, members of Conservative Friends of Israel include:

    James Arbuthnot MP[15]
    Graham Brady MP[16]
    Alistair Burt MP[17]
    David Cameron MP[14]
    James Clappison MP[18]
    Iain Duncan-Smith MP[19]
    Liam Fox MP[19]
    Mike Freer MP[20]
    William Hague MP[21]
    Robert Halfon MP[22]
    Richard Harrington MP[22]
    Lord Stanley Kalms[23]
    Sajid Javid MP
    Eric Pickles MP[24]
    Malcolm Rifkind MP[25]
    Theresa Villiers[26]

  70. ‘David Cameron’s Yorkshire ‘hate’ comment caught on mic’


    In alphabetical order, former and current members of Labour Friends of Israel include:

    David Abrahams, former Treasurer[11]
    Lord Archer of Sandwell[12]
    Sir Stuart Bell[13]
    Luciana Berger, Former Director of LFI[14]
    Tony Blair, former Prime Minister[15][16]
    David Blunkett, former Home Secretary[12]
    Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister[15][16][17]
    Chris Bryant[12] and former Minister for Europe
    Stephen Byers, former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry[12]
    Wayne David[12]
    Andrew Dismore [12]
    Michael Dugher[18]
    Louise Ellman, Vice Chair of LFI [12]
    Derek Foster[12]
    Lord Foulkes[12]
    Mike Gapes, former Vice Chair of LFI (2004)[19]
    Anthony Greenwood, first Chair of LFI (1957)[2]
    Andrew Gwynne, Chair of LFI (2010)[12]
    Fabian Hamilton[12]
    Joan Humble[12]
    Baroness Hayman[12]
    Lord Janner of Braunstone QC, former President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews
    Barbara Keeley[12]
    Barry Gardiner, former Vice-Chair of LFI
    Jane Kennedy, Chair of LFI (2007)[12]
    Ivan Lewis, former Vice-Chair of LFI [20]
    Lord Macdonald of Tradeston[12]
    Denis MacShane[12]
    Michael McCann, Vice-Chair of LFI[21]
    Anne McGuire, Chair of LFI since 2013[7]
    Jonathan Mendelsohn, former Chair of LFI (2002)[22]
    Alun Michael, former Leader of the Welsh Labour Party[12]
    Andrew Miller[12]
    Jim Murphy, former Chair of LFI (2001), former Secretary of State for Scotland [23]
    Dan Norris[12]
    Nick Palmer[12]
    James Purnell former Chair of LFI, former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [24]
    Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale[12]
    John Reid former Home Secretary (2007)[25]
    Rachel Reeves[18]
    Terry Rooney[12]
    Dari Taylor[12]
    Gary Titley[12]
    John Woodcock, Chair of LFI (2011)[6]
    Glenis Willmott, Vice Chair of LFI
    Lord Winston[12]
    Iain Wright, former Chair of LFI (2006)[12]
    Lord Young of Norwood Green[1



  72. ‘Tesco attack victim: ‘Attacker was coward who tried to behead me’

  73. ‘Edinburgh Jobcentre shut down as claimants insist “Advocacy is not a crime”’

    Friday, September 11, 2015


  74. ‘Reach Out
    by Welsh Rock For Refugees’

  75. Assisted Dying Bill: MPs reject ‘right to die’ law’

    • Bad news Sian……………..

      The DWP/PCS EXTERMINATION PARTNERSHIP will be at their wits end not being able to carry on killing.

  76. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  77. ‘Vivienne Westwood: ‘Fracking is a killer”

  78. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  79. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Reggae, DEADLY HUNTA, Syria , Jah Falling Rain, March, 2015

  80. OT – Warning for all windows users who don’t want windows 10

    Microsoft downloads Windows 10 on user machines without asking. (THROUGH WIDOWS UPDATE),

    • What’s the big fucking deal with Windows 10 anyway? OK, it’s defragger runs on a schedule, but so can Windows XP run a defragger on a schedule! Big fucking deal!

    • Another Fine Mess

      Windows 10 – Micro$ofts suicide note.

    • enigma – argh! I wondered why mine kept showing the ! shut down and install updates when I went to put it to sleep mode. I’m apparently still with windows 7 though.

    • I’m running Win10 on an ex-Win7 gaming PC . If you don’t want loads of Microsoft tracking your every move, then you can easily change these settings through control panel. I did.

    • Before, I could play the full version of Solitaire without adverts on the old Win7. Now, if I want to play Solitaire properly I have to pay the greedy sods to get rid of the constant adverts. Still, it was my free choice as to whether or not to upgrade my comp free gratis, but since then I haven’t regretted it one bit. Everything folder, file and program wise is damn easier and faster to use and to find than before.

      • Myself I just don’t like the way ms are going, so now using Linux mint.

        • Everyone has a preferred PC system, either Linux or Windows. I was brought up on the old ZX Spectrum 128K back in my youth and dabbled for a time on a BBC computer – which incidentally is how I self taught myself to even use a computer in the first place.

  81. ‘Recruitment firm under fire for online ad campaign featuring the holocaust, Fred West and Myra Hindley’

  82. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disabled Liverpool FC fan: Bedroom tax is taking Britain back to the 1960s

    Liverpool Echo – 25th Aug 2015

    John Smith, 40, was praised by David Cameron for his community work while the Government tries to slash his housing benefit

    disabled football coach who could lose his home thanks to the bedroom tax today claimed Britain is being taken back to the 1960s.

    Liverpool FC fan John Smith, 40, recently won an award from David Cameron for his community work and was described as “inspirational” by the Prime Minister.

    But at the same time the Government is fighting to slash the cerebral palsy sufferer’s housing benefits.

    Wheelchair-bound Mr Smith, from Croxteth, told the ECHO: “I would return my award rather than pay for the bedroom tax.

    “It’s 2015 but it feels like 1960 with the way things are. There are people having to use food banks because of the bedroom tax.

    “There are people like me in Liverpool who do lots of charity work but they are trying to take our benefits off us.”

    Mr Smith was given one of the Government’s Point of Light awards for his work as a wheelchair football coach – and was handed the gong at Anfield last week by David Cameron’s speechwriter, Tim Kiddell.

    Meanwhile, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) was preparing to appeal against an earlier decision to spare Mr Smith from having to pay the bedroom tax.

    His specially adapted bungalow has two bedrooms – one where he sleeps and another where he stores disability equipment and keeps himself fit.

    The DWP says this second room is unnecessary and Mr Smith should suffer a housing benefit cut worth an estimated £48 a month.

    Ruth Knox, from money advice charity Raise, who is helping Mr Smith with his battle, said yesterday: “People with disabilities are particularly harshly treated by the bedroom tax.

    “For people in John’s position, being threatened with a cut to their housing benefit is very distressing and it damages their quality of life.”

    The DWP said in a statement: “We’ve provided councils with £500m because we know there are situations like these where people may need extra support and local councils are in the best position to make that decision.

    “This case is being appealed to ensure the consistency of the policy overall because, fundamentally, the taxpayer cannot afford to pay for unoccupied rooms.”

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “””The DWP says this second room is unnecessary so fuck off & die.””””

    • Another Fine Mess

      fundamentally, the taxpayer cannot afford to pay for unoccupied rooms.
      Unless it’s for an MP, then they can afford to pay for a spare house plus it’s furnishings.

      • IDS gets his country pile and his london mansion rent-free. Lucky bastard not having to worry about paying extra tax and rent on the many un-usused bedrooms he has got in each house.

        • something survived...

          Unless it’s for the queen, a scrounger of the highest order, in which case the taxpayer is forced to pay for half a dozen large stately homes and hundreds of spare fucking rooms. Each room could become a flat for a family in need, whether refugees or UK benefit clamants. The queen and her antisocial, dysfunctional family could be decanted into one bedsit in a tower block, and forced to apply for jobseekers’ allowance or pensions depending on ages.

  83. Another Fine Mess – (yes, this situation is a disgrace – this poor disabled man, (as well as many, many others, being pilloried by this cruel and disgusting Tory Government).

    And they can also pay for all of the M.P.’s ‘expenses’ and their ‘fiddled expenses’ and their various ‘trips’ and their ‘hotel bills’ whilst visiting Europe on ‘business’ and for the House of Lords (or as I call it, the House of Loungers & Scroungers) and for all of the ‘hangers on’ and their ‘office’ and ‘staffing’ expenses. These M.P.’s really have got their snouts in the troughs and what’s more, often the media does’nt report it/covers it up and the general public is none the wiser.

    The total lack of ‘accountability’ nowadays is absolutely astounding and it is also shameful.

    • That is one reason I never vote and never will. No MP can be trusted with public money as they take it all for themselves as expenses for anything from haircuts, duck ponds, wet wipes, new clothes and extended holidays in the tropics during Parliament recess.

  84. @ Fen – that’s true – even Cameron has been living it up since being in office – I wonder how much ‘tax-payers’ money has been used for his ‘holidays’ – I believe at least 14 holidays in the last 2 years! (I am unsure of the exact amount and this is subject to correction by anyone who knows).
    He denounces ‘dictators’ in other countries, yet, with the lack of accountability he is tantamount to being a dictator himself.
    For the most part, when they get into ‘power’ the money and the power, blows their already mostly large egos ever higher. Just like the 3 ‘blairites’ have done – they often ditch their ‘principles’ and who they ‘care for’. When they get in, they often dump the people who elected them in. Most of them, both in the Commons & the Lords, are nothing more than a measly and arrogant, sleazy & corrupt bunch of tossers – who will do anything to increase their personal share of the vote.

  85. OT: Windows Users and “The End of Days”

    MS looking at the “End of Days”

    It appears UK Gov is scrambling to find anyway of saving money.

    Inevitably it appears to have looked at Subscription charges of Windows Products… You know the 250 per PC, then the 150 per copy of Office per PC that is paid.

    It has been ordered that any software now bought must adhere to the ODF standard. i.e. Librioffice/OpenOffice [basically most free software] compatible with ODF standard.

    It is noteworthy that MS Office is not recommended.

    To Quote””The UK government has selected ODF 1.2 as the standard for editable office documents to be used across government,” said the Open Document Format guidance for UK government.”

    Ooooch. MS Office is the cash cow – that dies what happens?

    Oh, and moving away from MS Office means that there is then no need to buy Windows Licences… which means down the line?

    Story Links:

    • Actually if they are still using Microsoft operating systems, (and most of them are because the people responsible for buying in the technology are accountants and other non-experts who like the ‘security’ of a brand name and go for Windows) they’ll still have to pay a hefty whack in licence fees. I don’t know what the figure is, but it’s bound to be high.

      In 2012 I put in an FoI request to my local authority out of interest to find out how much the were paying to MS in licence fees – it turned out that in the financial year 2010-11 it amounted to £238,000. Okay, that’s for a city authority with some 22,000 employees, but extrapolate that over all levels of government, both local and the national and supra-national levels and you would get a fair picture of how much is actually being spent on, unnecessary in my opinion, software licences.

      Though of course there would be a cost factor to changing over to using open source operating systems, as systems admins/support etc would need training in dealing with Linux systems, immediately after the short-term it would start to pay off, leading to huge savings. The fly in the ointment is that there is a global shortage of Linux specialists at the kinds of levels required, and so they tend to be expensive to employ, and also prone to being poached.

      From an everyday user’s perspective not much actually changes, as most interfaces are fairly intelligible. Most people would start to become familiar within 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the interface.

      It’s good that at least the penny is beginning to drop (literally, it would seem) and that open source products such as LibreOffice is beginning to be taken up in the UK at government level.

  86. Someone said on here a while back that there was a time when, if a Government Minister/MP was found to have done wrong – he would either ‘apologise’ or ‘resign’ or ‘be sacked’. A number of years ago now, that began to change – unless it was really bad – then they would be more likely to stay in their parliamentary seat. If the figures were added up, it would probably be possible to prove this to be true. Also, if an M.P. or a ‘Lord’ did anything ‘criminal’ they might be ‘ostrasised’ for a time, then be given their job, or a different job back and be totally welcomed back into the fold. Notable examples of this sort of treatment include Geoffrey Archer and Peter Mandelson. The most ‘current’ one is of course the insane murderer Dunko the Clown IDS. He it seems can do no wrong at all. Even after his comments about ‘normal’ and ‘disabled’ people, although he was given a good bollocking by Bercow & 2 Labour MP’s – this bastard is still in office.
    What I, and I am sure many other people would like to know is – how much longer can he avoid being sacked/and/or brought to book for his criminal DWP policies. Surely Cameron cannot continue to harbour his friend and confidant – this murderer – for very much longer.

    • Incidentally, I am now just waiting for the time when Cameron announces ‘our forces have already been in action in Syria and therefore, our Country is now involved in yet another (illegal) war’!

    • It was the Edwina Currie “Effect” / David Mellor [though he eventually went] etc etc


    Dear J Hicks,

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 24th August 2015.

    You asked for:-

    Children with Heart Defects being refused DLA

    How many children with heart defects who have previously been receiving DLA have been
    refused this support in 2015?

    Are children with heart defects being targeted by the government to reduce costs for support?

    DWP Response

    We can confirm that the Department does hold some information falling within the description
    specified in your request. However, we estimate that the cost of complying with your request
    would exceed the appropriate limit of £600. The appropriate limit has been specified in
    regulations and for central Government it is set at £600. This represents the estimated cost of
    one person spending 3½ working days in determining whether the Department holds the
    information, and locating, retrieving and extracting the information. Under section 12 of the
    Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) the Department is not obliged to comply with your request
    and we will not be processing your request further.

    • GR -Sounds like the DWP have something to hide (yet again). Refusing basic state benefits to very ill kids like this is a new low even for these DWP scumbags. Why aren’t the media all over this terrible state of affairs? The public need to be informed about this.

  88. Elbow grease you have never been capeable of makeing anyone cum ….have you


    ……………..Breaching the Human Rights Laws on the sharing of personal information.


    What permits this processing of personal information?
    Customer’s who are not required
    to use Universal Jobmatch give their consent to the
    processing of personal information by
    creating an
    account themselves
    via the Universal
    Jobmatch service
    Any jobseeker i.e. a non

    benefit customer; should they decide not to use
    Universal Jobmatch has the right to request us to stop processing their information e.g.
    using it to perform the Universal Jobma
    tch functions
    We process information about users in accordance with our privacy policy.
    Some JSA claimants can be
    mandated to
    register on Universal Jobmatch, create a public
    CV or use the service
    as part of a Jobseeker Direction
    In this instance we
    n continue to
    process their information.
    The transfer of data between DWP and Monster (DWP’s service provider) is allowable
    under the Social Security Act 1998. JSA claimants can be required to provide information to
    employers in order to apply for a job
    , under the Jobseeker Act 1995

    Meanwhile, the freedom of information commissioner, CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM, looks the other way.
    Even ATOS and MAximus are breaking the law by giving opinions when only acting as a data processor

    The Data Protection Act 1998, and the associated issues of the Department of Work and Pensions allegedly wrongfully declaring ATOS Healthcare as a Data Processor, when prior rulings by the Information Commissioner would clearly define them as a Data Controller in the Capacity of conducting the WCA.

  90. Christopher Graham should hang his head in shame over this matter.

  91. It would be better for Microsoft to ‘open’ Office instead. We don’t need a trunk full of competing formats. It is totally pathetic fucking nobheads who enjoy using ‘obscure’ formats: “Oh, look I will save this document in .windows10doc because you can only open it in Office 2020 on a system running windows 10 with a quad-core and 2000GB of RAM because knowing it will piss people off when they can’t just open it as a .doc like any normal person would do makes me feel better about my sad life sat in my parent’s basement wanking, living of off pizza and coke, playing World of Warcraft 24/7 and ‘fighting’ the ‘New World Order’.

  92. stitchedupandbroken

    keep getting knocked off the site here!! write a lot o stuff about ATOS with references,then computer goes down.

  93. stitchedupandbroken

    Geoff Reynolds: Thank you. Never thought/knew that they were stopping kids DLA with heart defects.

  94. stitchedupandbroken

    ATOS assessment soon. Hope police will get involved. Reported abuse at Trust to management. Management refused to investigate my allegations. First said they had,found out they hadn’t,then they said they wouldn’t. Denied they’d promised investigation. Whoops. Had region union rep as my witness. Forced to retire on the grounds of ill health through improper practice by Trust management not implementing its own procedures. Woz terrorized by them. Had to take IB. Next Himmler and his troops come in to take what little I get from them off me. Terrorizes me back to memories of what happened to me at work…whilst trying to uphold NMC Guidelines. ATOS assessors unqualified to assess me. False/lazy documentation. Their discredited reputation forwarding fear before them.
    Judicial hearings: a farce. Adjudicators: indifferent. Bullied and tortured into forced silence. I do not trust,I HATE the authorities in this country. Corruption x 100.
    Just downloaded those said to be killed by DWP and ATOS. The list of SHAME

    • stitchedupandbroken, & Others underging “Assessment”

      regarding “Recording” It occured to me last night the following points to bear in mind, the information act is for the “Individuals” data’ protection – it is not written to protect “Organizations”, therefore any hint of obstruction in recording can be taken as an indication that “You” the data holder are not going to be treated fairly.

      There can be no objection to it being recorded unless there is a reason they do not. As the data is specific to “You” and is about you that makes things very interesting legal wise.

      Also, do point out that you are allowing them to collect data, give an example like – subject can “raise arm” but such data can not be commented on beyond that brief statement. Also specifiy no data can be passed on until after you have a copy of it and can submit changes/deletions. It is your data after all.
      Any other comments/whatever etc passed on to anyone else and used by them will be considered “hearsay” and be treated as Slander/Defamation, and also harrassment.

      Lay out the above in letter form and post/have with you.

      Oh and your independent witness? Class them as a McKenzie Friend.
      If they get Shirty, point out Courts accept McKenzie Friends Internationally, are they denying that and to provide Legal say so for denial.

  95. stitchedupandbroken

    Noted our exalted leaders have denied us getting proper palliative care. Too much ££££. And no KO for our suffering either. For them? The best treatment. ££££ buys it all. We can’t even die with dignity. You think yer gonna be looked after as well as OUR LEADERS!!! People in power,with position,with £££ get treated differently. Surely we all know it. Guess our dignity in suffering a lingering death will please our Lord Bishops,Gawd Bless ‘Em.

  96. stitchedupandbroken

    War: Its Good Biz.t hink of it this way: Shares in cluster bombs up. Shares in all sortsa killin stuff up. Everyone’s pleased: coffin makers,wheelchair makers,prosthetic limb makers,physiotherapists,psychotherapists. Everyone’s in on the £££££. The Saps are the NE unemployed who come back in coffins draped in the Union flag. Or worse,without arms and legs. Just think: after a year they’re gonna meet IDS. His torture regime is slicker than Himmler’s. Cue: crying tears from our politicians(onions in pockets do the trick)

  97. A song for the Tories.
    This is one of the songs from the Refugee album.


  98. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  99. OT: DWP Jobcentres quiet!

    Someone elsewhere pointed out jobcentres are quiet.

    DWP has bugged up. CPS has pointed out that DWP after getting rid of 3K posts have recently put out a urgent recruitment campaign for 2.7K new staff.

    So lets look at this new equation:

    employ Crapita to call Tax Credit claimants into jobcentres + massively reduce staff + increase Tax Credits bureaucracy via regulations + increase number of people attending jobcentres via Tax Credits = CHAOS

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Jobcentres are closing down all over the country. There will be no jobcentres left soon.

    • HMRC recruiting and apparently also civil service (data entry roles). JCP allegedly quiet because “it’s lunch time”/Friday” and/or they are “appointment only” now – so, what were they before? Also/or because they’re moving towards doing more electronically “people will be able to send info in and not always need to be “dragged in” in person”.

      Have they become fearful of the monster they’ve created in addition to realising that their aims and intentions would place their staff at great risk/things would at some point backfire and they can do same more safely@one remove?

      Are all of the newly quiet j.centres being given makeovers to suit their new, more technological image and attract different, forward-thinking staff (their version of whatever that may mean)?

    • HMRC recruiting and apparently also civil service (data entry roles). JCP allegedly quiet because “it’s lunch time”/Friday” and/or they are “appointment only” now – so, what were they before? Also/or because they’re moving towards doing more electronically “people will be able to send info in and not always need to be “dragged in” in person”.

      Have they become fearful of the monster they’ve created in addition to realising that their aims and intentions would place their staff at great risk/things would at some point backfire and they can do same more safely@one remove?

      Are all of the newly quiet j.centres being given makeovers to suit their new, more technological image and attract different, forward-thinking staff (their version of whatever that may mean)?

  100. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Cuts and lack of leadership have had ‘chilling effect’ on access to justice

    DNS – 11th Sep 2015

    Four legal experts have told peers of their serious concerns about the government’s commitment to enforcing disabled people’s rights through the Equality Act.

    Senior representatives of the Bar Council, the Law Society, the Discrimination Law Association (DLA) and the Law Centres Network were giving evidence to the Equality Act 2010 and disability committee, set up by the House of Lords to examine the act’s impact on disabled people.

    Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, of the Law Society, said there was a “lack of leadership” in the government and elsewhere and a “lack of commitment” to making the Equality Act work.

    She said the Law Society wanted the committee to consider how to restore the “transformative” and “radical” approach – based on the social model of disability – brought in through the Disability Discrimination Act in 1995.

    She said the Law Society wanted to see the government incorporate the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities into domestic law, which would be “a helpful indicator of that commitment and would make a practical difference to enforcement of the Equality Act” and give it “teeth”.

    The committee heard that claims made to employment tribunals had fallen by 70 per cent since the coalition introduced fees in 2013, while claims of disability discrimination to these tribunals had fallen from 7,492 in 2012-13 to 3,090 in 2014-15.

    Read More:

    • Legal experts couldn’t give a flying fuck about the plight of the poor or disabled, they are just whingeing at the the loss of coin in there avaricious pockets due to legal aid knockbacks.

      They get paid, whoever they represent, win or lose. Money is the only god that keeps them in a job, us, just a meal ticket…….

  101. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Confirmed! UN is investigating UK’s ‘grave violations’ of disabled people’s rights

    DNS – 11th Sep 2015

    The United Nations is carrying out an unprecedented inquiry into “systematic and grave violations” of disabled people’s human rights by the UK government, Disability News Service (DNS) can finally confirm.

    DNS revealed last August that the UK appeared to have become the first country to face a high-level inquiry by the UN’s committee on the rights of persons with disabilities (CRPD).

    The committee said last summer, when approached by DNS, that it was not allowed to say whether the inquiry was underway.

    But DNS is now in a position to state definitively that the inquiry is taking place, and has been underway since January 2014.

    The inquiry was triggered by the grassroots campaigning organisation Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), which had grown increasingly concerned by the disproportionate impact of the coalition’s cuts on disabled people.

    DPAC first contacted CRPD in 2012 and began to submit evidence about the coalition’s cuts and reforms in early 2013, with its request for an inquiry considered by the committee behind closed doors in April 2013.

    Read More:

  102. Rachel Reeves ✔ @RachelReevesMP
    When I return from maternity leave in January I will serve my constituents in Leeds West, party & new leadership from backbenches. #Labour

    now if only Duncan Shit would bugger off too!

    • Good! Best news i’ve heard in ages. 😀 In fact she can bugger off and resign as an MP, that’d be even better. She is a useless Tory in disguise masquerading as a Labour MP. She is part of the problem in this country. Time for her and all the other fake Labour MP’s to be kicked out.

  103. Already Murdoch’s Zionist puppet, Sly News, are airing the views of Priti fucking awful………………..
    Everything is now at risk now that Corbyn has been declared winner, the world as we know it, will end, she spouts.
    Tommorow the other hit men within the media will declare all out war, particularly the Mail that i personally wouldn’t pick dog shit up with.

    Our government have been hell bent on attacking Syria before Corbyn’s nomination.

    Just watch the sparks fly as the Jewish controlled media attempt to assassinate this more than credible alternative to wars and austerity

    • “Just watch the sparks fly as the Jewish controlled media attempt to assassinate this more than credible alternative to wars and austerity”

      Yeah they want wars because Israel makes tons and tons of weapons. The more wars there are going on the more $$$$$$ they make.

      Program last night had an article on it. Those drones are all made in Israel and the factory spokesman said they were looking forward to having more business from the UK.

  104. and to all of the parliamentarians who today chose to step down within the Labour Party,

    Good fucking riddance to you all……….

    A new brush sweeps clean.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yep, how to end new labour for dummies, elect a socialist…!

    • Superb Geoff! Any of the wankers that feel aggrieved can resign completely from politics. They are friggin’ useless anyway so they might as well go ahead and do that.

      These New Labour tossers say “They’ve resigned Labour to decades out of power by electing Corbyn!” So what? What’s the point in having a Labour government that just apes what the Tories do anyway? Might as well not be in power but be faithful to your convictions.

      • overburdenddonkey

        yep, far better to have 170 socialists inc snp et al mp’s, than what we have now….

        • OBD: I’m an SNP voter now but used to be Labour every GE. The Bliar years soured me to their neo-liberal strand of politics where they basically became the Tories in disguise. To me i’d rather have the Labour party stick to their guns and not be in power than adopt fake BS policies in order to simply curry favor in middle England in order to win elections.

          That basically is what the Labour party have been reduced to. They found out a lot of middle class types wanted a government that was going to whack benefit claimants so the hapless Rachel Reeves comes out with her infamous announcement about hitting harder than the Tories on welfare. That is all they do constantly. Whatever way the breeze is blowing that’s where their policies head. No convictions no life long personal beliefs in a real Socialist country for the good of all.

          I’m dreadfully ashamed of the Labour party. They are not the party that i recognize from bygone years. JC’s win brings out a chance for real change and to kick out the Bliar years dead wood and to start again.


      I recently spoke to a woman with a rare disease, which keeps her bed-bound for days, even weeks at a time. The DWP told her that she was fit for work. When charity workers involved with her case came to check on her, they found bottles of urine stacked around the bed and piles of half-eaten ready-meals, which the woman had been consuming cold. She had been unable to reach the kitchen or the toilet. Caseworkers told her that her illness wasn’t that bad: because she was bed-bound for only three to 14 days at a time, she probably wouldn’t starve and she could technically survive lying in her excreta for that long. So why should the state give her any help? This is Tory Britain. You’ve got to lie in your own shit and piss for longer than two weeks before you’re considered sick.

  105. The 13th of September Mark’s the Anniversary of the 1843 AD Revolution
    New Style .

    This was an Uprising by the Greek Army in Athens led by Veterans of the Greek War of Independence .

    They Demanded a Constitution and the Removal of the Bavarian German Officials who Dominated the Government .

    The Soldiers shouted at the Royal Palace ( Now Parliament Buildings ) Long Live the Constitution ! .

    King Otto of Greece Granted the 1844 AD Constitution .

  106. Bridging the Gulf between Rich and Poor is Imperative For Social
    Justice in this Land

  107. Another Fine Mess

    Rethinking Work
    Of course, we care about our wages, and we wouldn’t work without them. But we care about more than money. We want work that is challenging and engaging, that enables us to exercise some discretion and control over what we do, and that provides us opportunities to learn and grow. We want to work with colleagues we respect and with supervisors who respect us. Most of all, we want work that is meaningful — that makes a difference to other people and thus ennobles us in at least some small way.

  108. Everyone but the Tories are considered terrorists.

    Conservatives waste no time in attacking Corbyn.

    Jeremy Corbyn represents “a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security” according to an aggressive attack message the Conservatives released hours after his election as Labour leader.

  109. Elbow Grease – I have been watching your posts for a very long time now. I am disgusted in the way that you attack my friends and for no apparent reason. (Most probably to gain some notoriety for your good self!)
    I have deliberately held back upon having a go at you – my (not) friend. You have attacked, in no uncertain manner, my good friends: overburdenddonkey & Fellow JCP/Sufferer. You have had a go at both of them. They have been telling the truth as they see it, (and as I see it also). I am a ‘working person’, (just the same as what you are). As far as I am personally concerned, you have attacked my friends – and therefore – I am a total enemy of yours. You, and you alone are responsible for your own comments.
    You are, nothing more and nothing less – a troll – getting off on what YOU say and not on what others have truthfully to say.
    I am not going to respond to anything that you say, as you do not have anything sensible to respond to.

  110. Well said Paul.

  111. Thank you sian : )

  112. paul – thanks for that. obd is much more generous-hearted than me in continuing to try to have a reasonable argument with eg. I gave up a while back. obd has given eg chance after chance to argue without resorting to insults, false arguments and verbal abuse, and eg has continued to insult, lie and verbally abuse.

  113. Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer.
    Yes, many thanks for that. It just came to a head the other day when I noticed that he was having a go again & again to both of you.
    I waited, and I waited and I waited – and still the shit was thrown at both of you. It was totally crass and stupid. We are all on here to help and inform each other as much as possible, but when I see what he has thrown at you both – then I felt that I had to say something. It is not fair to continually attack someone online and to completely get away with it.
    Apparently he was banned from here once before, but that was before I came on here! Anyway, as far as I am concerned – trolls are exactly what they are – nothing more than ‘toilet rolls’!

  114. If Corbyn is the best that Labour can provide, We should instead have had the annoying Zig & Zag as head of the mis-labour party. Not that I vote myself as everytime some MP or councillor sends me a voting card I tear it up and throw it into the bonfire.

    • Fen, perhaps instead of spouting silly rhetoric you should try coming up with an actual criticism of Corbyn’s putative policies, and also tell us how your ideas are better than his……

      • Corbyn and fanatic who gloated over troop deaths: He entertained Lebanese extremist radical who said ‘death of every British soldier is a victory’

        * Labour leadership twice hosted Lebanese extremist Dyab Abou Jahjah
        * Mr Corbyn, 66, favourite invited the ‘well-known thug’ to the UK in 2009
        * Jahjah, who has been banned from UK, described Corbyn as a ‘friend’
        * Has said he considers ‘every dead American [and] British soldier a victory’

        News story that was reported on 18th August 2015.

        • NONE of those are putative POLICIES from Corbyn… and try using your own words instead of quoting from Tory rags like the Daily Mail. Have you got any opinions of your own? I sincerely doubt it!

          • I do have opinions about JC and what he could do to reverse the Tory Cutback programme, but I will not discuss on here what my thoughts are regarding his policies if I am on the receiving end of anybody unable to respect me and my rights to free speech on a public blog platform.

            • “I will not discuss on here what my thoughts are…”
              That says it all!!!

              • Oh, were you trying to get my attention with that kind of remark? I thought you were trying to be civil with me. Obviously not as your colourful language doesn’t affect or bother me as I have heard far worse foul language from other people, from my time spent working on placement in some grubby paint recycling depot whilst on the work programme last year.

                • Fen – It’s good that some robust language doesn’t bother you. Nor does it me, because I’m interested in the substance and opinions. However, it doesn’t address your refusal to discuss your thoughts about Corbyn’s policies! Why the fuck not?

  115. I won’t respond with any comments on JC with that tone of langauge directed at me. If you want me to say about JC and if he has got any policies that might sway my mind (not bearing in mind he has had links to extremists, wanting our soldiers dead, then EG leave out the sarcastic replies to me.

  116. Fen – Well said. In my reply post to Elbow Grease, I tried to explain to him that I was not aware of Fellow JCP Customer/Sufferer’s alleged ‘situation’ and that was what he thought I was referring to in my reply comment.
    I agree with your remarks as above (re employment/lack of employment etc). There is no need for anyone to throw around insults with regard to this. As in your case, (& Fellow JCP Customer/Sufferer and most other people on this very useful and informative website!) I am just happy to be able to help out and refer to other websites etc, if there is any useful information to be told.

  117. After checking out a handful of the articles on your website, I truly like your technique of blogging. I saved as a favorite it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking back in the near future. Please check out my website as well and tell me how you feel.

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