Over 90,000 Children Now In Temporary Accommodation As The Homelessness Epidemic Gets Even Worse

homeless-march1There are now over 90,000 children living in temporary accommodation according to the latest official statistics – a rise of over 15% in just one year.

The number of these families living in B&Bs – which usually just means one room, often with shared facilities – has leapt by a shocking 35% compared to a year earlier.  990 of these families had been living in this kind of accommodation for over six weeks, over double the number from the same period last year.

Every measure of homelessness has risen according to the latest statistics, with 13,520 households accepted as homeless by Local Authorities between January and March 2015, a jump of 8% on a year earler.

The main reason for families becoming homeless was the loss of an assured tenancy with a private sector landlord.  Soaring rents, stagnant wages and shrinking benefits – combined with a barely regulated private rental sector where landlords can evict on a whim – is driving the homelessness epidemic as many people can simply no longer afford to pay their rent.

This week’s figures only represent a very small sample of the true number of homeless people in the UK.  Only those legally eligible for help from local authorites are included, which in practice means only those with children, significant disabilities or health problems and people over pensionable age.  Homelessness charities have warned that this measure only shows the tip of the iceberg of even these groups as recent changes to the law mean families fobbed off into insecure private rented accommodation by councils are no longer included in the figures.

A recent report found that rents have risen by 10% in the last year, and that’s across the UK, not just in London.  George Osborne has already pegged rises in Housing Benefits at just 1%.  The impacts of the Bedroom Tax and first Benefit Cap have still not been fully felt as local authorities have used Discretionary Housing Payments to top up Housing Benefits.  These payments will soon come to an end.  The number of houses built at a social rent, meaning they are genuinely affordable to low income families, fell to the lowest level in the history of council housing in 2013/14.

A perfect storm has already been created and we have not yet seen anything like the worst of it.  The full impact of Iain Duncan Smith’s bungled welfare reforms have not yet been fully felt according to managers of homelessness services in local councils when questioned by homelessness charities last year (PDF).

But even this will just be the beginning.  The government have already pledged a lower Benefit Cap, which will leave almost the entire private rented sector in the south of England unaffordable for out of work families.  Tens of thousands of people in social housing will also be affected, particularly larger families who will have nowhere they can afford to go.  Osbourne is also likely to scrap housing benefit completely for those under 21, whilst a mass sell off of housing association properties is also on the cards.  And that’s just what we know about.  Billions more is set to be cut from the social security budget, and however the Chancellor does that it will mean many people can no longer afford to stay in their home.

Disabled People Against Cuts have already called a protest outside next week’s budget.  Everyone who cares about having somewhere to live over the next few years should join them and say #balls2thebudget.  Please join, share and tweet the facebook page for the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1455266081436327/

You can read the latest homelessness statistics at: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/statutory-homelessness-in-england-january-to-march-2015

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235 responses to “Over 90,000 Children Now In Temporary Accommodation As The Homelessness Epidemic Gets Even Worse

  1. Good grief. I despair – things shouldn’t be so utterly unfair.

  2. Can you imagine how a family with young children are coping in this heat on the hottest day of the year in one room?
    Or a homeless person unable to find anywhere to keep cool?

  3. So why has this blogs side of the social security argument been pushed back so far over the last 30 years, not just on the political front but in the moral dimension (where the argument should be stronger).

    • overburdenddonkey

      watch my lips… BEHAVIOURISM…


      ……………………This blog must be upsetting those who kill at will, the DWP etc

      So much in fact that they put lemons like yourself forward to try and dilute the rhetoric against inhuman welfare cuts.

      My name is GEOFFREY REYNOLDS, but you prefer to stay anonymous for obvious reasons.

      Anyone who can ridicule child poverty has reached their nadir, the lowest point anybody can reach.

      I witness child poverty, homelessness and deprivation, the real world a million miles from you and your twisted backers.

      Your cloak of anonymity hides a putrid human being who thrives on the despair of those at the bottom.

      It would not surprise me in the least if your employer was the DWP, after all with so much press about the hidden, soaring, mortality rates, someone has to try and play it down……………..

      Mocking disability is no longer a crime, yet you openly target those at a disadvantage, surely you have deeply set mental problems of your own?

      ……………………identify yourself for all to see or forever hold your tongue, cowardice is a sure sign of weakness.

      “Some refer to you as a troll, scum is more befitting”………………………..

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  8. I’ll dance the buckles off ma shoes wi you McSporran lad!

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  10. We are talking about poverty – relative poverty – environment, housing, income etc – absolute poverty – destitution, homelessness, no hope for the future. Absolute poverty comes from benefit sanctions from which people have no protection. This results in nil income – no bills being paid – evictions – unable to purchase food – (people need food to live and work) there must be people who are attending at GP surgeries and hospitals showing signs of malnutrition who have become victims of these cuts. Can someone tell me where (near) skeletal people can find a decent paying job?

  11. I am appalled
    This is what happens all too often these days. I am buying time with my credit card, but fear for my kids’ futures. Hearing about ILF must makes me so angry with this bunch of s##ts

  12. Neeps n Tatties

    btw ALEX Salmond’s outside interests have earned more than £100,000 so far this year, according to an update of the Scottish Parliament register of interests.

  13. Neeps n Tatties

    The former First Minister received £91,800 for “sales, royalties and payments” up to June 3 for his best-selling book on the independence referendum, The Dream Shall Never Die.

    The money was in addition to £13,500 declared earlier this week in his Westminster register for newspaper “articles and interviews” between January and March.

    The total of £105,300 was paid to The Chronicles of Deer, a company Mr Salmond created earlier this year to receive his income from publishing.

    Mr Salmond also earns £67,700 a year as the MP for Gordon and is paid £19,700 – one third of the standard MSP’s salary – as the MSP for Aberdeenshire East.

    However he donates the latter, plus his First Minister’s pension of £2598 a month, to the Mary Salmond Trust, a charity named after his mother which operates in North East Scotland.

    Mr Salmond’s spokesman said the registers were updated in line with parliamentary rules.

  14. Sickness benefit shake-up considered

    Plans to scrap part of the UK’s main sickness benefit are being considered, a leaked Whitehall paper suggests.
    It describes the Employment and Support Allowance as a “passive” benefit which does not “incentivise” people to find a job, and proposes abolishing the work-related activity group (WRAG) category.
    If scrapped, weekly payments would drop nearly £30 from £102.15, bringing it in line with Jobseeker’s Allowance.
    The Department for Work and Pensions said it did not comment on leaks.
    The government is seeking to save £12bn from its welfare bill.
    It is expected next week’s Budget will unveil only some of its proposed cuts, with others to be announced in the autumn spending review.

    Fit for work?
    The paper seen by BBC News was written by the Department for Work and Pensions before the general election in May.
    It is marked “not government policy”, but the BBC understands the proposals are still under consideration.
    About two million people in the UK receive the Employment and Support Allowance, in some form.
    It is paid out to disabled or sick people who are unable to work or need help getting back to work.
    Currently, people undergo a fit-for-work test to decide how their illness or disability affects their ability to work.
    If eligible for the benefit, they are placed in either the WRAG category, and must prepare for employment, or a support group category and are not expected to work.
    Those who do not meet the criteria may be given Jobseeker’s Allowance of up to £73.10 a week instead.

    ‘Millions saved’
    The paper also proposes renaming the assessment tests “employment capability assessments”, rather than work capability assessments, in order to focus attention on job-seeking, not benefit-seeking.
    It says removing the £30 top-up for WRAG claimants would give people less reason to worry that they were getting the “wrong” outcome from their assessment.
    The tests would identify claimants’ strengths, rather than focus on what they could not do, and would be carried out much sooner in the application process, the paper says.
    Under the plans, the government could save hundreds of millions of pounds by the end of the decade, the paper says.
    Charlie Pickles from Reform, a think tank focusing on public service delivery that was co-founded by Conservative MP Nick Herbert, said the current system encourages people to stay on the benefit rather than finding work.
    “We have a huge gap between disabled people’s employment rate and non-disabled people’s employment rate and if you are building in perverse incentives, within a benefit system, then you are encouraging people to move onto that benefit,” he said.
    Ministers are also understood to be considering changes to the support group category of the Employment and Support Allowance, with a possible announcement in the 8 July Budget.
    A spokesman for the Department of Work and Pensions said: “This is speculation based on documents leaked before the election. We do not comment on leaked documents.”

  15. The mistake that you make Johnny, is to write of IDS’s bungling. it isn’t bungling. it is deliberate. Premeditated. As you said, it is a perfect storm. They are now planning on dropping ESA WRAG down to JSA rates. These filthy cunts know what they are doing alright. They pick on the weak. And then they pick on them some more. The’yre like sadistic kids tormenting an animal during the week, but on a Sunday they’re altar boys in some catholic church run by a bunch of nonces. What a shower of absolute shite.

  16. “New data shows an alarming increase in food poverty and food bank use in the UK, with proposed benefits cuts threatening to plunge 40,000 more children below the poverty line.”


  17. The welfare budget in brief

    In 2015-6, spending on benefits, pensions and tax credits is expected to total £220bn
    State pensions and age-related benefits, such as winter fuel allowance and free TV licences, will account for £95bn
    Child tax credits and working tax credits – £30bn
    Housing benefit – £26bn
    Disability and incapacity benefits – £37bn
    Child benefit – £12bn
    Pension credit – £6bn
    Jobseekers Allowance and income support – £5bn

    Source: Institute for Fiscal Studies

    • And people currently on JSA and income support are the ones being targeted the most to see this type of support reduced or withdrawn.

  18. DWP PRESS RELEASE – 1st July 2015

    Government to introduce a new and strengthened approach to tracking the life chances of Britain’s most disadvantaged children.

    The government will introduce a new and strengthened approach to tracking the life chances of Britain’s most disadvantaged children, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, announced today (1 July 2015).

    Improving people’s life chances will be central to the government’s ‘one nation’ approach to the next 5 years and ministers want a much more effective measure focused on the real causes of poverty.

    The current child poverty measure – defined as 60% of median income – is considered to be deeply flawed and a poor test of whether children’s lives are genuinely improving.

    This was shown when the number of children in poverty went down significantly as the economy shrank during the recent recession, when in reality there was little change to those children’s lives.

    The government will bring forward legislation to correct that with new measures focused on levels of work within a family and improvements in education attainment, 2 key areas in terms of improving social mobility.

    Read More:

  19. Disability Confident Portal
    Welcome to the ecdp Disability Confident Portal


    The Case for Inclusive Recruitment – Act 1 – ClearKit – ClearAssured – ClearLearning

  21. ecdp is a pioneering organisation run by disabled people, for disabled people



    “It says removing the £30 top-up for WRAG claimants would give people less reason to worry that they were getting the “wrong” outcome from their assessment.”

    …………………and this statement from the DWP, is proof that they are under investigation for gross breaches of both, human rights and disability rights.

    It is a thinly veiled admission that the work capability assessments carried out by Secretary of State only recognised charlatans is proving to be a major embarrassment that is linked to soaring mortality statistics that they strive to keep secret.

    The following lines are written on a DWP internal report;

    “About two million people in the UK receive the Employment and Support Allowance, in some form.
    It is paid out to disabled or sick people who are unable to work or need help getting back to work.”

    It says that ESA is paid out to disabled or sick people who are unable to work……………………………………

    Those who are unable to work will not be absorbed into the support group, they will be stripped of their crutch that enables them to live a life as near to that of an able bodied person. In other words they will be discarded with no help whatsoever, forgotten forever, perhaps another unfortunate suicide in an obituary column in a local paper.

    …….and as for, DUNKO THE CLOWN, rewriting the criteria for child poverty, it is just allowing the perpetrator of so many unexplained deaths, the opportunity of penning an alibi to distance himself from the carnage that he created.

    “The noose awaits you, you sad bastard”

  23. ”Iain Duncan Smith among 19 MPs to have official credit card suspended ”


    Bit rich for him to overspend beyond his means all the while people whom suffer his benefit sanctions and bedroom taxes get the shit end of the stick as usual. He can’t justify trying to save money from his benefit reforms now when he has been throwing his money around like fucking water.

    Who still remembers that he claimed expenses for haircuts (fucking bald coot hasn’t got much hair), underpants (as is his ass isn’t fat enough for all the sitting he does every day in his cushy little office) and paying over the odds for cleaning products and charged the taxpayer around 100 quid or so for them.

    Fucking bald-headed Nazi cunt with no morals and even less brains on how to handle money. The next time I get a haircut I shall ask my JCP to pay for it instead of me. I bet they won’t give me the money nor a credit card for this, unlike their snotty nosed boss.

    • MPs – and amount owed when their card was suspended

      Ben Gummer – £1,290.07
      Brian Binley – £575.02
      David Willetts – £1,172.05
      Debbie Abrahams – £2,586.90
      Eric Joyce – £12,919.61
      Iain Duncan Smith – £1,057.28
      Ian Liddell-Grainger – £1,023.94
      Ian Paisley Jr – £6,195.94
      Jack Dromey – £1,328.46
      John Woodcock – £1,756.13
      Mark Lancaster – £600.00
      Mike Crockart – £720.64
      Pamela Nash – £6,929.29
      Paul Farrelly – £213.00
      Rachel Reeves – £4,033.63
      Simon Danczuk – £3,645.67
      Simon Hughes – £826.56
      Stephen Gilbert – £2,925.76
      Toby Perkins – £693.30

      What happens when you don`t pay your debts. Teach us MP`s.

  24. But it was all a ‘mistake’!

    ‘Watchdog admits Duncan Smith’s credit card blocked in error’

    • How much did that cost Dodgy Dunko The Clown.

    • The biggest mistake was giving him a credit card in the first place. We can all see he can’t handle public finances, let alone his own money and expenses. Somebody buy him an abacus before he is forced by the media to own up to money laundering activities or even worse he admits to printing fake £10 notes and passing them off as genuine.

  25. ‘1,000 Islington children facing poverty’ due to lowering of the benefit cap

    Islington Tribune – 26th June 2015

    THE government’s proposed lowering of the benefit cap will plunge 1,000 Islington children into poverty as more than 800 already-hard-up families will lose £3,000 a year, council chiefs have warned.

    A study by Islington Council raises the alarm over the impact on Islington families already living on the breadline. It is launched just weeks before Chancellor George Osborne’s “emergency budget” in which he is expected to detail a range of welfare cuts.

    The Tory government plans to reduce the amount a working-age family can claim in benefits from £500 a week to £440 – the equivalent of £23,000 a year. The cap is currently £26,000.

    The council estimates the plans will hit approximately 575 Islington households, in addition to the 250 already affected by the cap, who will lose an additional £3,000.

    Read More:

  26. Everything that’s happening under this bunch of twats is getting worse, soon they’ll be nothing left to cut, then what, start cutting people’s throats literally, I wouldn’t put it past them!

  27. A Place of Residence is a Basic Human Right for Decent Adults and

    It makes me Sick how Morons were Brainwashed to Slavishly Accept

    No Wonder why the Country is the Poxy State of Silliness it is

    Wake Up Britain and Stop the Love of Slavery Zombie Trance

    • I will have to start wearing a tin hat on my head to stop the electronic mind-control signals we get from the government through radio and TV and mobile phone…

  28. Just reserved my free copy of the new Windows 10 OS. The lengths I will go to, just to keep the spies and hackers (from the government) away from my private life.

    Applied for my free registration to the new system via a new app on my Win 7 taskbar.

    • sibrydionmawr

      I doubt that anything Microsoft produce will keep you safe from GCHQ/NSA snoops… There’s probably a direct line built in!

      • Once I have Windows 10 on my PC at the end of this month I will put back all my security in place again. Firefox will be back on along with all its the privacy add-ons within minutes of my PC running the new OS hardware.


        I reckon Microsoft got their fingers burnt with the utter failure of Vista and Windows 8.1 and are having to make amends with their customer base. There’s no catch with the upgrade offer Microsoft are doing, except it’s only free for a year. After this anyone wanting Win 10 will have to buy the new installation discs.

      • Don’t even trust Microsoft’s encryption software – BitLocker. Just suspect it has a built-in ‘back-door’ for ‘the prevention and detection of crime’. Every ‘security flaw’ discovered in Windows is just another ‘back-door’ being discovered. And what about up-loading documents to the ‘cloud’ – sure Google here is a copy of my sensitive documents, and what’s that buried away in your terms and conditions that they can be ‘made available to ‘law enforcement’ for the prevention and detection of crime’. Even your Fakebook page can be ‘made available to ‘law enforcement’ for the prevention and detection of crime’; forget about those ‘privacy settings’ – they don’t work!

        • sibrydionmawr

          I just find it a lot less hassle to have my computers running Linux and to follow the advice given here:


          I got totally fed up with Microsoft and the need to install anti-virus, anti spyware anti- this anti-that. Also, Linux tends to get security updates regularly, and is usually free. It’s not a perfect answer, as any computer system can be breached, but with a little knowledge can be made pretty damn secure.

          Facebook being available for purposes of law and order… Facebook is the reason that we were met at the B&M Bargains in Merthyr Tydfil by FOUR cops, and there were only TWO of us!. I’d say that Facebook is one of the primary sources of information for the police

  29. The man can’t handle a damn thing except his overinflated ego!

  30. nice little film about the miner’s strike, with sub-titles


  31. Reblogged this on glendrixglendenning1 and commented:
    Once again, Jonnyvoid shines a light into the dark recesses of our contemporary political culture. A culture that routinely encourages people to blame the victims of a frankly; vicious economic / socio-political consensus for the hardships and privations that are imposed upon them.

    There is an agenda – not exactly well hidden – behind all of this growth in homelessness and insecure tenancy – apart from the desire of some of our political leaders to see those friends, families and associates, many of whom have “interests” in the private rented sector; grow richer. This rather more sinister “desire” is rooted in politics and ideology; a plan to take our nation back to a pre 1939 state, complete with Workhouses and a “poor law” to ensure that not only are many of our most economically disadvantaged simply swept off the streets and into virtual open prisons – which will be called something like “work-centres” and doubtless, be run by one or more of those lovely outsourcing companies so beloved of contemporary Government (of BOTH Conservative and Labour colour).
    Companies such as G4S or Capita perhaps ….. But (and here’s the rub), said “inmates” would provide yet another layer of cheap / free / slave (delete your choice) labour for those political paymasters out there in tax dodging corporate heaven to grow richer and fatter upon. By happy coincidence, this 21st century version of a Dickensian Nation would also ensure that a suitable climate of fear continues to help persuade those just about managing to hang onto their lives at the lower end of the economic pile to put up with as much BULLSHIT as their employers require, in order to avoid falling into the shite pile so carefully prepared for them ….

    Oh the joy of living in shitty Britania …..

  32. all thease people made homeless ,and yet the discusting inbreed backwards,physically,mentaly,socialey repulsive …so called windsors…..want over onehundred and seventyfive million to refurbish buckingham pallace…….

  33. The ruling elite are taking the absolute piss and they know it!

  34. And the ” Official Opposition ” Fiddle About .

    It makes me Feel Sick how to some Ivory Tower Politicians pushing
    Filth such as so called ” Sex Education ” upon Children is more
    Important than Seeking to Bridge the Gulf between Rich and Poor

  35. OT: Housing Benifit – Proposed cuts

    Housing benefit ‘savings considered by ministers’

    Ministers are considering forcing all housing benefit recipients to contribute towards their rent as part of efforts to save £12bn from the welfare bill, government sources say.

    Housing benefit is thought to be an obvious target as costs have been rising in recent years, to £25bn last year.

    The average weekly housing benefit payment is £93.

    If, for instance, ministers made claimants pay 10%, they would have to find about £9.30 a week to ensure their rent is paid in full.

    The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has calculated that this would save £2.5bn if applied to both the social and private rental sector.

    “Very scared”
    Samantha Ashby is a single mother of three – two teenage boys and girl of five – from south-east London, who currently gets all her rent paid by housing benefit.

    “I’ve been unemployed since I was pregnant with my daughter. I used to work somewhere but I’ve had my daughter since then and I’m unable to work.

    “The relationship with their father has broken down so he moved out and I’ve basically been on my own. She started full-time school last September. I have been looking for work but just haven’t been able to find anything that fits in with family-friendly hours.

    “I would probably have to drop her off at a breakfast club or childminder’s or after-school club. I would need somewhere close, with decent hours.

    “There’s shift work out there but it starts at 7am and goes on to 11pm. It’s just not practical. The hours are very limited.

    “I can’t afford to pay any rent at the moment. I’ve got literally just enough money to get by, to pay the bills, clothe the kids, put food on the table. I don’t have any spare money, I’ve got no reserves, no savings, nothing to tide me over to get me through any benefit cuts.

    “Debt would be eviction again and if I was evicted there’s always the fear that they would say I’d made myself intentionally homeless by not paying the rent. Obviously I’m very scared.”

    The measure to reduce the benefits cap to £20,000 outside the South East would save tens of millions – a relatively small amount of money, according to the IFS.

    However, Chancellor George Osborne is said to see it as a key political message, showing that the government is tough on welfare costs.

    MY READ OF THE Above:

    As a Example to make this plain as day:

    So – if have children and on benifits make a choice as follows:
    – if not at home tending underage children, by having to work, go to jail as Social Services will have them off you in a flash for child neglect
    – if at home but children end up starving as ends don’t meet due to increasing contributions to what not benefits like housing/tax credits. Social Services will have them off you in a flash
    – if don’t pay rent, told delibretaly made yourself homeless, eff off you’re on the streets – possiblity Social Services will have them off you in a flash

    So all good.

    Er no. What person would want to have children under those circumstances..? oh do’nt then! I remember complaints about not enough English People having children? This will really help.

    How long before the first reports and Confirmed Deaths by starvation, just to keep a roof over your head?

    But remember always, we are all in it together.

    • Homeless & Hungry

      It won’t stop at 10% though. It will probably rise to a level similar to the bedroom tax – ~ 25%. Assuming the £93 per week figure is correct that would be £23.25 a week. Then add to that the bedroom tax, council tax ‘contributions’, not to mentions sanctions. A fiver here, a tenner here, another 20 quid some place else may not seem much if you are on an over-inflated MPs salary, but when you are on benefits it fucking cripples you. Basically, we are going to be left with fuck all money to live on! What a shower of fucking cunts.

      • Another Fine Mess

        Bathroom tax next, followed by a door tax and then window tax, cardboard box tax.
        Selfservatives long-term economic plan – to turn the UK into rubble.

        • overburdenddonkey

          a f m
          they’ve sold all our jobs off and trying to make out they haven’t…
          Apprentices: How easy is it to create three million more? hmmm a tricky question, i know perhaps call every min and below min wage job an apprenticeship, in fact don’t pay wages @ all….

        • At one time I believe in the 16_17 century there was a windows or glass tax!!

        • overburdenddonkey

          only in redblue tory world can poverty be redefined as meaning; ‘worklessness’, and lack of going to eton/oxbridge, aka education….if people could just pull themselves together, snap out of the affects of child abuse, abuse in general, think positive, gain access to their trust funds, reverse their PTSD and LMF, we’d all be millionaires..no jobs, no problem, write a CV, that’s sure to create one..bedlam just another word for blamed, their prehistoric rhetoric is as old as the hills, not quite, nothings that old… ‘the cheviot, the stag, and the black, black oil’….

      • @Rob Smith on FaceBook Ill and soon to be made homeless

    • Yes, why do none of these bastards ask why is this happening instead of just hitting out at the poor? Why is the housing benefit bill rising? Because more and more of us cannot own our own homes and rents are rising. Perhaps they could actually tackle that problem, as has been suggested by people time and time again? Stop rich landlords accumulating more and more of the housing stock, bring in rent controls? No of course not. Just take more money away from the poor, after all they can always create more of us to pay their rents. More and more MPs are landlords of course, what happened to the principle of ‘conflict of interest’? All in it together? In the most unequal, and still increasingly so, country in Europe?

      • If you are going to San Francisco...

        Don’t know why we don’t have rent controls – over 90% of the property in the San Francisco Bay area of the USofA is rent-controlled and the properties that aren’t rent-controlled are charged at an extortionate rate. Rents are out of control in the UK. The UK desperately need rent control – if it is good enough for that bastion of crapitalism the USA is is good enough for the UK.

      • If you are going to San Francisco...

        If Osborne genuinely wanted to bring down the Housing Benefit bill he would bring in rent controls – and easy, straightforward solution. But what is Osborne’s ‘solution’ – to make Housing Benefit recipients pay part of their inflated rental costs. You couldn’t make it up!

        • sibrydionmawr

          Could also go the Austrian way. In Vienna, 80% of all housing is socially owned housing, which means that even relatively well paid people rent their homes from social landlords. This means that the few private landlords that there are have to charge similar rents to the social sector.

          Does anyone remember the time when council housing was seen as a social good, available to all who qualified? That meant it didn’t matter how much you earned, or what your job was, you qualified for council housing. But at some point in the 80s someone decided that social housing in the UK was to be housing of last resort. Ideally people would own their own homes, and housing associations would be the providers of housing at ‘affordable’ rents (notions of affordability being decided by people like barristers, who may have been well meaning, but someone on an hourly rate of something like £300 isn’t going to have a full appreciation of what is affordable to someone on half that sum per week). Then the vice started to be turned, with the amounts of grant gradually being reduced, thus forcing up the rents for housing association tenants. Much of the council housing had been sold off, (well the best housing of it’s kind anyway) and had gradually been bought up by as Buy To Let and rented out at multiples of what the council rent would have been.

          Up until the 1988 Housing Act there was indeed rent control in the UK, and all rented property was subject to a Fair Rent, adjudged by a Fair Rent Officer. Those people who are in the lucky situation of renting before 15 January 1989 are still paying a regulated rent.

          Common sense would dictate that introducing regulated rents would be a very sensible thing to do, as would building more social housing for rent. It’d be popular, and would reduce the amount paid out in Housing Benefit too. However, as we know, this government isn’t exactly well blessed with sense, common or otherwise.

  36. I’m already contributing towards my rent, due to Blair’s bedroom tax in the private sector.

  37. ” lord fraud ”
    freud was once a banker
    worked with new labour
    inventing a cancer..
    destroy the disabled
    via wca
    starve the poor on jsa…
    freud is a fraud
    for unum he acts…
    folks evicted via his bedroom tax..
    freud smiles away
    in his 8 bedroom mansion…
    as the sick and disabled
    are starved by sanctions…
    freud the fraud
    and his benefit cap..
    squeezes the needy
    of all their sap…
    disabled suicide rates just soar and soar
    as a result of this disability denyers’ law…
    millions already wasted on universal credit
    five weeks no money
    to fuckin actually get it…
    as lord freud now a tory toff
    disabled be paid breadcrumbs
    i hear him scoff..
    lord fraud now doth sleep and snore
    freud the fraud knows what’s in store…
    dreams invaded by the poor..
    who place a mirror in his path
    his ashtray heart withered in daath,

  38. David Cameron abolishes poverty, just like that

    The prime minister is the most shameless practitioner of political mendacity – to be poor from now on will mean to be in need of correction, not cash

    The Guardian – Thursday 2 July 2015 11.32 BST

    “We can make British poverty history, and we will make British poverty history,” said David Cameron back in 2007 – and he’s done it, just like that. Wave a magic wand, he and Iain Duncan Smith are abolishing child poverty as we know it. As an issue, poverty is to vanish, no longer a target or a word in the Conservative lexicon.

    Other things will be targeted instead – worklessness, family breakdown, addictions, debt and educational success. In doublespeak, the very meaning of the word poverty disappears when to be poor no longer means to lack money. To be poor will from now on mean to fail, to be poor apologies for human beings, people in error, in need of correction not cash. That means 64% of children formerly known as poor will now vanish from the government’s reckoning because their families are not failing, but “hardworking” – just earning too little to keep afloat. Morally they are just fine, so they are no longer poor even if they queue at food banks at the end of the week.

    No surprise at Duncan Smith deploying Jesuitical corkscrew arguments to duck the international measure of poverty. He and Cameron have spent the week softening up opinion for huge benefit cuts in next week’s budget, due to focus on tax credits, largely paid to in-work, ”hardworking” families, victims of Britain’s swelling ranks of the under-paid. Tax credits are a mechanism for redressing the fall in wages as a share of GDP over the last 15 years. With bogus indignation Cameron inveighed against the “merry-go-round” of tax credits – and indeed the state shouldn’t need to subsidise misery wages.

    Read More:

  39. Osborne’s first budget without Lib Dems likely to hit welfare state hard

    The Guardian – Thursday 2 July 2015 20.33 BST

    Cuts to housing benefit, a further lowering of the overall welfare cap and reductions to in-work tax credits are all being considered by George Osborne in next week’s budget, as he seeks to roll back what he regards as a bloated welfare state expanded by Gordon Brown during his tenure of the Treasury.

    Read More:

  40. Minister feels for PIP throttle, despite delays and cancellations

    DNS – 26th June 2015

    The new minister for disabled people has brought forward plans to roll out the government’s new disability benefit to those with the highest support needs, despite continuing lengthy delays for thousands of claimants.

    The Department for Work and Pensions had been planning to start in October reassessing people with indefinite or long-term disability living allowance (DLA) awards for their eligibility for the new personal independence payment (PIP).

    But the new minister for disabled people, Justin Tomlinson (pictured), announced today (Thursday) that these reassessments would instead begin for some claimants in some postcodes in the northwest of England and the Midlands – those beginning BB, BL, DE, LE, M, OL, PR, ST, WA and WN – next month (13 July).

    The government’s target is that all existing working-age DLA claimants will have been reassessed for PIP by late 2017.

    Read More:

  41. I see the filthy tories are trying to stitch up camila mengali who runs kids company

  42. What is poverty !!! Figures can always be changed to suit ones suit. Having no money for food is now considered not to be poverty. Having no where to live is considered not poverty. Define the word poverty & define the word disabled & there are no problems with poverty & the disabled.

  43. Politicians take the Piss and Public are Collaborators by being such
    Zombie Sheep

    Britain Wake Up and Stop the Trance

    • overburdenddonkey

      will you take responsibility for your posts and tell us all how to wake up please, what do we all have to do too ‘wake up’…?

  44. The 4th of July Mark’s the Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery
    in New York State in 1827 AD.

    Slavery does Need to be Abolished in Britain which is why Forced
    Labour is an Outrage

  45. ‘The Battle of Orgreave has spurred a battle for truth as AMs from across the party spectrum push for a public inquiry’


    Manic street preachers – 30 year war

    30 YEAR WAR

    It’s the longest running joke in history |
    To kill the working classes in the name
    of liberty | The lies of Hillsborough | The
    blood of Orgreave | All the evasion at
    the BBC

    30 years of war to darken all our class |
    Black propaganda lies and mistrust | See it
    in our eyes the fire dimming away | The old
    boy network won the war again | The old
    boy network won the war again | The old
    boy network won the war again

    So you hide all Lowry ’s paintings | For
    30 years or more | Cos he turned down
    a knighthood | And you must now settle
    the score | And the endless parade of old
    Etonian scum | Line the front benches “so
    what is to be done ” | All part of the same
    establishment | I ask you again “what is
    to be done ” | I ask you again “what is to be
    done ” | I ask you again “what is to be done ”

    These verses at attention stand | Ready
    for the immortal command | The armies of
    my pages | May never fight again | Happy
    for the order to meet eternal fame

    Blame the poor – praise the rich | Make the
    connections – put them in print | Keep ’em
    boxed in keep ’em kettled in | Create a
    mistruth – so bewildering

    So you hide all Lowry ’s paintings | For
    30 years or more | Cos he turned down
    a knighthood | And you must now settle
    the score | And the endless parade of old
    Etonian scum | Line the front benches “so
    what is to be done ” | All part of the same
    establishment | I ask you again “what is
    to be done ” | I ask you again “what is to be
    done ” | I ask you again “what is to be done ”

  46. Pissed Off Peasant

    It’s worse than I first thought. The poxy job I have been made to apply for is not only situated 15 miles away, and pays Min Wage, £6.50 per hour, but it is fucking night shift too! 32 hours at £6.50 per hour, less travel costs, less housing benefit, less council tax reduction, means I would be working for LESS than I get on the bloody dole!

    • Hey! “The best route out of poverty is getting a job!” Where have we heard that absolute shite from? What they mean is take a job and be worse off than you are on the dole but you’ll be bursting with pride that you have a job even though you can’t afford rent and still shop at a foodbank!!

      DWP + JCP = SCUM.

      • Pissed Off Peasant

        Whatever you do, do not be talked into registering with a poxy employment agency by the name of Staffline. They are involved in Welfare To Work, are something to do with A4e, and all their jobs are Minimum Wage shite. You cannot even cancel your account once registered. Fuck STAFFLINE.

        • Staffline frequently advertise jobs in my local and travel-to-work areas. Another fucked-up agency is PMP recruitment where I was told by someone who used to work for them, that this agency doesn’t always pay wages to their agency contract employees working in factories. I won’t go anywhere near those scammy cunts PMP.

        • My town is full of dodgy recruitment agencies who constantly advertise hordes of jobs in their windows yet never seem to fill the vacancies, or they only pay wages cash-in-hand or they expect you to pay daily travel costs (out of your own wages ) up front in their company transport taking you to wherever they send you to work.

        • Dirty bastards are all greasing each others palms and lining their pockets at the expense of the unemployed and sick/disabled. All these welfare to work scum have jumped on the bandwagon and made an industry out of slavery and exploitation.

          Hanging would be too good for them.

    • POP – Just pray you don’t get it then!

  47. Labour Need’s to Give a Voice to the Voiceless in the Face of Destructive Tory Attacks upon Living Standards

    A Place of Residence is a Basic Human Right so Labour Need’s to Oppose any Tory Attacks on Housing Benefit and Scrap the Bedroom Tax

    Welfare Helps the Poor and Vulnerable so Labour Need’s to Oppose Tory Attacks upon Welfare which Drive People intoFurther Poverty and Destitution.

    Labour Need’s to be a Compassionate Alternative to Destructive Nation Wrecking Tories who Attacked Welfare whilst Giving Millionaires Tax Breaks

    This would Get Labour Support and Help the Poor and Vulnerable as the
    Tory Scum are on a Par with the Nazis

    • NoOppression,

      It won’t be long now – before the rest of the country see Labour as it really is – ConParty Lite Version 2.0, only the Middle Class can apply. Watch what happens during and directly after the Budget.
      The Silence by the Front Bench enmass on how the Poor/Jobless/Picked upon in the Labour Party says all you need to know.
      This is going to put the Unions on the spot and then they will reveal if they are for the Workers or the Middle Class.

      • The Scottish campaign for a living wage at a time when benefits are being decimated smacks of division making and vested interests, a campaign complementing the “making work pay agenda”.

        • Interesting Times

          If you are on benefits why the fuck would you want a ‘living wage’. Especially as benefits are being whittled to the bone. Even without the enviable inflation all you are doing is increasing disparity between benefits and wages. Anyway, the ‘living wage’ is just another con. Be careful what you wish for!

  48. Ministers are considering forcing all housing benefit recipients to contribute towards their rent as part of efforts to save £12bn from the welfare bill, government sources say.

    Housing benefit currently can cover the full cost of rent.

    The average weekly housing benefit payment is £93.
    If, for instance, ministers made claimants pay 10%, they would have to find about £9.30 a week to ensure their rent is paid in full.



  49. Why did the Labour Party give the working class every reason NOT to vote them into power?

    Post election the Labour Party look like a party that wants to continue to be the gravediggers union of the working class.

  50. ‘Swansea mental health scheme helping people back into work’


    • lol what a load of pretentious working class scum bags, please sir can I be a pathfinder psycho-babble life coach?

      • It perfectly legitimate for the jobcentre to get away with this crap if the claimants being affected have already declared themselves as mentally ill and are receiving higher rates of benefits as a consequence.

        It will, however, be interesting to see how and if they try and extend these schemes to claimants of JSA.

        JSA claimants are declaring themselves as unemployed and actively seeking work. Their claim is therefore bounded by the labour market requirements and their job-seeking activity and paid accordingly at a lower rate.. How can it possibly be extend to intrude upon their innermost thoughts and private feelings within their being a declaration of mental ill being which is paid accordingly at the lower rate. The jobcentre can’t have their cake and eat it. Claimants can’t be in two places at the same time; except when their interview clashes with their signing-on appointment.

        Work programme ‘advisors’ are adept at making snide comments regarding claimants mental health. You will hear them says things such as “have you asked your doctor to check out your mental health?” You know, just out of ‘concern’ but designed to deliberately deliberately and intoned in such a way as to shatter a (JSA) claimants confidence and self-esteem by implying that they are in some way ‘nuts’, by virtue of being unemployed: “What’s wrong with YOU! Why aren’t YOU in a job?”. The jobcentre, however, appear to be careful enough to restrict their activity to ‘policing’ claims to raise doubts at any opportunity available.

  51. sian: the two most chilling parts: “formed by a team at the city’s main job centre.” and “after a successful pilot, it is now being extended.”

  52. Getting your brainwashed for a giro what next waterboarding sanctions.

    Why are those dim claimants slavishly nodding along to the JCP psycho-babble rhythm.

      • Sleight of Hand

        Actors are unemployed 90% of the time. They just forget to say that these people are unemployed actors playing the part of the unemployed. Anyway, it keeps them in ‘work’ playing the parts of the unemployed 😀 Its just like those ‘advertorials’ you see in the newspapers, an advertisement disguised as an article. The Daily Heil ran one recently: “How I was wined, dined and showered with expensive gifts on a dating site”. Turned out the girl in the article was an actress/model and the guy worked for an advertising/PR agency. Oh, and the sting in the tail was that the guy was gay 🙂 It is all fake!

      • The Timewasters

        They also do this at those ‘seminars’ where they try to sell you crap. They hire an acting troupe to address the audience and pretend that they have bought this product: “My husband is a police officer. You know how suspicious they are and he signed up”. Well, that has displaced any doubts about signing up” 😀 They even had a peg-leg guy pretending he had been crippled in a skiing accident to arouse sympathy and weaken resolve 😉 They use plants in the audience to engage in dialogue with them. Then a shower of plants will rush up at the end to sign-up. Nobody can resist joining a queue. Funny as fuck! Of course you always leave without buying anything/signing up 😀

        • The Timewasters

          Re the ‘peg-leg’ guy. There was nothing wrong with his legs when he was ‘off-stage’. Anyway, this be the same actors they use in the ‘benefits programmes’.

    • overburdenddonkey

      coz they’re desperate to blame themselves, give themselves hope, keeps them in denial of the truth, stops them blaming others, and then they can put the ;problem’ right…the victim is not empowered to do any thing ele by the state system…these behaviourist are sales people selling a fantasy.. even the script they use, if one checks out the ‘providers’, is very similar to the nhs rhetoric on cbt…. http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Cognitive-behavioural-therapy/Pages/Introduction.aspx see the works of dr bob johnson for solutions….

  53. yes, ‘chilling’ is a good word. blimey, the job centre manager looked really ‘ard.
    ‘successful pilot’ oh yeah.


    Yesterday i witnessed a mother painting painting her sons cheap white canvas plimsolls with black gloss paint to comply with school uniform rules………..
    Child poverty is being underplayed by our government, even the Rowntree Foundation and the Human Rights Organisation, have flagged up the dire consequences of a government in denial.

    Changing the goalposts of how child poverty is measured will not help one iota as the mortality statistics will always show the true reality.

    Masking the issue is no newcomer to our twisted leaders;

    Disability is just a myth

    Poverty is just a myth

    Homelessness is just a myth

    Hunger is just a myth

    One things for sure, putting your hands over your ears and closing your eyes will achieve nothing but the inevitable,



    …………….the truth always comes out, even your own staff are chomping at the bit to bring you down……………………..


      The point I am attempting to make is that in poverty fractionalisation the fight against poverty is weakened not only by selective branding but the divisions opened up by the conflicting interests of each group.

      The myth that is being fabricated is that each group is an isolated incidents of poverty.

      • overburdenddonkey

        absolutely right, and the divisions are caused by (factional fragmenting, ok not ok, undeserving, deserving, i’m good, you’re bad, product branding) behaviourism…

        • overburdenddonkey

          ps the overriding terror is that of famine…hundreds thousands in fact millions, are with hope fleeing famine right now…

  55. ‘MP Chris Evans calls for rethink over jobcentres’ (Islwyn Labour)


    • Jobcentres should be replaced by community corporations bringing residents and businesses together to create jobs, an MP has said.

      Code 1 for collective coercion in the name of good community, commonly known as workfare.

      Redundancy in a system is not an evil.


    The Tory SCUM are about to announce cuts to Housing Benefit, which will directly cause a great deal more homelessness.

  57. OT: Off Topic in a way! The Ultimate Voting Fix

    The thing to watch out for is the timing, and the ratcheting of these policies.

    May I suggest the ultimate aim is to lock in the ability of the ConParty to fix Elections?

    How may you ask? Simple, ratchet your policies to make life so all you concentrate on is food/house over head, and if by chance [or more likely by ConParty aim] end up starving or homeless, or better yet forced to move, won’t that distort the number of people voting?

    Devalue to vote of the poor is the ultimate aim.

    It will be interesting to see which currently marginal seats are hit the hardest by these changes, and again after the constituncy boundry changes the ConParty will bring in.

    I suspect that is when the shit will hit everyone in the face and it kicks off.

    • Always hard to tell how much is political strategy and how much is how far they are removed from everyday reality.


        A sinister game of chess by the puppets of the the multinationals, our present government, where the expendable pawns are the people they are supposed to represent, whilst those protecting the Queen enjoy the honey……………….

        Where the bankers call the tune and we bury our dead.
        Utopia for the wealthy and hell for those minions feeding off the crumbs at the base of the table.

        Classified as “Disabled for life only a few years ago”, now fit for work as adjudged by a charlatan working for ATOS.

        My benefits cut from £12,962 per annum to £1747 per annum, or £33.32p per week.

        £33.32p per week, the value of a disabled person in Cameron’s circus of horrors…………………………………….

        • 2012 my incapacity benefits cut after ATOS farce went to the ATM and there was no benefits in, no paperwork the claim had simply been culled by the DWP.

          Did not want to get caught in the revolving door of an ESA claim so claimed JSA, now have several sanctions malicious job-search doubts and for refusing to be enslaved by LearnDirect.

          Living off hardship payments.

  58. Camila Batmanghelidjh.

    Self-aggrandising poverty tsars and tsarinas facilitate poverty.


      …………….pray tell us your name and what you do for a living?

    • overburdenddonkey

      she does a lot of good work with children, i don’t agree with some of what she does, or says, but she claims to be a realist a compromisor, imo she goes too far in this regard…but she needs cash for her work, which basically filling m/t bellies with food and offering safety from childhood abuse hell…she seems to be a bread head and she openly admits she comes from a privileged background..but it is simply foolish to dismiss her, what she says and her work…but it seems now she has launched a blistering attack on politicians… http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/jul/03/camila-batmanghelidjh-to-leave-kids-company Campaigner says ‘I am being silenced’ over cuts in government funding for her charity that would leave traumatized children ‘largely unprotected’ @ last she she takes the gloves off….but now it’s too late…
      fundamentally it’s when she describes the biochemical ‘damage’ adaptions (amygdila https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amygdala and how it heals/recovers after expert therapy), too abuse and why the abuse happens and how to cure it, is where she shines for me…some people have very severe physiological reactions to recovery of emotional health headaches, migraines and other symptoms prior to venting of trapped feelings/emotions also vanish…which can include during the healing shock, bleeding from nose, severe headaches and body swelling as symptoms give way to healing…

      • overburdenddonkey

        in the vid clip she also agrees with me that far too much attention is paid to so called vip abusers, as if these are the worst cases, leaving millions of victims on their own, unheard, isolated and without expert help…the focus must be on the abuse victims and symptoms rather than on the abusers themselves…imv this is done deliberately as a feint and distraction from the massive affects and issues caused in our culture by CSA/CA….ie allows cbt interventions…which again is merely blaming the victim for what was/is inflicted upon them…tick box culture ‘yes we’re doing this that and the other effective or not…’ as if something is being done ‘caring’ credentials SEEN to be in order…when in fact the opposite is true nothing is being done to really help CSA/CA victims…
        in the very same way CSA/CA victims are duped into prosecuting their abusers (ignoring their own symptoms and long term suffering, being called the social responsibility of the victims) as if this brings an empowerment and healing solution IT DOES NOT..as if in desperation for answers, to try anything ‘to make it stop’, is consent…nothing crueler than hope…this ALSO has the effect of actually protecting the bulk of abusers from prosecution and detection..!! got to intervene early in childhood, stop the abuse, nip it in bud asap, and heal victims before the victim does anything else..early intervention avoids much long suffering misery for victims, and cuts the abusers abusing span short from the as is often now, to our collective shame, the many (additional) needless decades of abusers abusing others…the unanswered/unattended to question is who originally fails CSA/CA victims…currently the victims are blamed for not coming forward, not having ‘courage’ to do so, but others are culpable, those, i call them abuse benefactors, who turned a blind eye to the abuse in the victims childhood and put the child victims symptoms conveniently down to ‘something else’, those who walk(ed) on by…something no one can deny, as proof of what IS actually happening, is the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer as the ‘musical jobs chairs’ of local uk jobs are sold off..this is the class divide writ large…ok, not ok, empowered not empowered, deserving undeserving, good, bad..

        • Cameron told his shadow ministers that Camila embodied the Big Society. He suggested they study her work and design policies that reflected it.

          About the only time I will agree with Cameron, Camila embodies the practical and ideological failure of the Big Society.

          No matter how well intentioned Big Society can not deliver equal access well-being or social security.


    “Cameron stated that the killing of British citizens sunbathing on the beach in Tunisia was the worst peacetime massacre ?

    if the true figures of welfare deaths, courtesy of Duncan Smith and Mcvey ever come to light……………………………………..

  60. Children’s commissioner Tam Baillie renews austerity attack


  61. Tell the fuckers at the DWP what you think of them –


  62. The world is fucked up, cant really see that changing, to much money to be made,,,


      ……………………..only 83,000 homeless, enigma, but we still have the special fund to bomb the fuck out of Syria………..

      In what context is the life of one scruffy, homeless human being, when you can have all the fun of a missile strike costing upwards of a million quid?

      We have foodbanks, poverty, destitution and soaring suicide rates, yet the terror is not on foreign soils, it is perpetrated by our own government on it’s lowest caste of people, us.

      The impoverished and disabled will succumb to death, not by the hand of an isis terrorist, but by the hand of the most revered serial killer in office, IAIN DUNCAN SMITH, the DWP HITMAN……………………….

      ………………Enigma, just watch the homeless and suicide rates hit unknown territory after the 12 billion theft from those that caused the financial crash, the poor and infirm, hits home.

      Remember government policy, “Why look after our people when it’s cheaper to exterminate them”.

  63. Terri Dactyl (Train Driver)

    Bet the railways can’t wait to automate these lazy fuckers dinosaurs into oblivion. Major disruption to ScotRail trains £60 grand a year* for driving a fucking train! And the bastards won’t even work a Sunday! What is the point of a railway if you can’t travel anywhere on a Sunday!? Of course these lazy bastards all have fancy cars so it doesn’t affect them. ffs you can be expected to work on Sundays for jack-shit as part of mwa/cwp!

    * mainline, overnight ones trouser even more


      ………………..and how much do you receive from the DWP or Tory party office for trolling, dipshit?

    • ASLEF must keep a tight grip on train drivers pay and conditions because if the management and government could get away with it train driving would be a minimum wage job. Driving an HGV through crowded city streets is a lot more stressful than driving a train along a straight empty line, and look what has happened to that – minimum wage if you are lucky!

      Train drivers are earning more than extensively trained pilots on budget
      airlines. Because it is overnight and on a mainline whoever drives the Sleeper service from London to Scotland must be on a fortune!

    • Can’t imagine these railway companies have any problems recruiting train drivers 😉

  64. Mushy Pea Soup

    Vox Political

    “Take jobseeker’s allowance for a single person of 25 or older, which is currently £73.10 a week. Robert Joyce at the Institute of Fiscal Studies calculates that if index-linking remained at the old rate, it would have risen to £87.75 by the end of this parliament. But under the new policy the weekly payment will rise by slightly less each year. By the next election in 2020, the cumulative effect will be a weekly payment of £80.70 – or £366 a year lower, says Joyce.”





    OXI 😀






  70. WE SAID IT FOR YOU!! 😀

  71. Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.

  72. Britain Need’s to Follow in the Footsteps of Greece Land of the Hellenes
    by Remembering the Words of Rule Britannia Namely
    Briton’s Never Shall be Slaves and both Reject Nutcase Tory Austerity
    and Reverse Nutcase Tory Austerity

  73. OT : Another Crash in the Wings? You decide – Inflated Stock Market Prices & what it means to the very Richest


    A very interesting read.

    • Of course there is going to be a ‘correction’ in the stock market at some point; it is cyclical in nature – that is how the smart folks make their money. Someone, somewhere is always ‘predicting’ a stock market crash. It all utter horse shit. Just look at how far the markets, especially the US, have progressed in the past few years an all along someone, somewhere was ‘predicting’ a stock market. That is how when and if the market does ‘correct’ at some point in the future someone, somewhere will be able to say: “Told you so, I accurately predicted the stock market crash.” but what they don’t say is that they have been predicting a stock market crash for the past 20 odd years as the markets have been making gain. On a side note, the media tends to focus on the ‘index’; what they never mention is that the market pays out dividends.

    • And another thing, the FTSE 100 index hasn’t really moved anywhere in the past 10 years, so where does this ‘bubble’ talk come from. Do they just keep re-printing these Doomsday article: “Stock market crash looming in the next six months”. Notice how it is always within a shifting six month time frame. Just to give you enough time to stock up on beans, bullets, guns, barbed wire, ‘solar generators’ or what ever bullshit they are flogging.

    • Saying that, is is a certainty there are dark forces out there who would love to crash the markets (once they have sold out). They would make money on the ‘way down’ by ‘shorting the market’ whilst taking everyone’s pension with them. Then they would ‘buy at the bottom’ with their new found ‘wealth’.

  74. The Tory Regime composed of Millionaires does Not Follow Austerity
    being a Gang of Millionaires so Oppressed Britain Need’s to Reject Austerity as Well that Means Defending Welfare Benefits Full
    Housing Benefit and Public Services in General

  75. overburdenddonkey

    imv the most important thing to do is to campaign for the reliable supplies of vitality giving vitals of life for all, this is social justice…without them we’re all sunk…

  76. The Founder of the Ming Dynasty was Born into a Desperately Poor Peasant Family

    This Man in Imperial China was able to Ascend to the Dragon Throne .

    Having come from a Peasant Family he was Aware of the Suffering of Peasants under the Scholar-Bureaucrats and the Wealthy and had Land Distributed to the Peasants whilst the Yellow Records and Fish Scale Records were Instituted .

    The Ming Dynasty was Noted For being a Great Period in Chinese History when China had a Han Chinese Government that was Not Subjected to Western Aggression and Bullying such as what Sadly Happened to the Celestial Empire of China under the Manchu Ching Dynasty

    Does ” Modern Democratic ” Britain offer a Chance for a Decent Poor Man to become Ruler instead of just Out of Touch Tory Toffs ?

    It Need’s to be the Case then there would be a British Recovery

    • overburdenddonkey

      i can’t wait to tell the redblue tories of the above wisdom it’s sure to make a massive difference, not…

    • overburdenddonkey

      still can’t find it and i’ve looked everywhere for it…can you give us a clue where it is…



    Every day brings yet another story about the government’s prejudiced attitudes and practices towards the sick and disabled. The Right ‘Honourable’ Iain Duncan Smith, MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, has shown time and time again his contempt for the sick and disabled. His policies have seen benefits such as Disability Living Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance being denied to the people who are in most need of it. I have read in the last year our terminally ill cancer patients and disabled people in need of 24 hour care be deemed fit to work. Add to that, people have also DIED owing to the stress of having much needed benefits cut.This shows a misguided and ultimately prejudiced view. It’s as if to be disabled or ill in the UK today is a crime. It isn’t. The attitudes and actions of Iain Duncan Smith are scandalous and it’s time he was removed or resigned from his post. Don’t give The Quiet Man a Quiet Life until he gets his act together! Sign this petition.



      Petitioning HM Courts & Tribunal Service
      Publish the statistics showing how many people have died after their benefits were stopped

      Ian Duncan Smith is attempting to block the publication of “death statistics” that will reveal how many people have died within six weeks of their benefits being stopped.

      After a freedom of information request, The Information Commissioner’s Office has said that there is no reason not to publish these figures but Ian Duncan Smith’s department – the Department of Work and Pensions – has launched an appeal to prevent the figures being made public.

      I’ve started this petition to call on the Courts and Tribunal Service to dismiss this appeal and so prevent any further delay by the DWP in publishing these figures. Please support me.

      For years there have been reports of people committing suicide or dying from ill-health soon after their benefits are stopped. As a partner of someone with a disability I have been through two benefit appeals and have also been a benefit tribunal representation – so I know from personal experience how stressful the system can be and the impact they have on families.

      I believe the public needs to know the full impact of benefit changes.

      In 2012 the Department of Work and Pensions published statistics which showed 10,600 people who had been receiving benefits died between January and November 2011. These figures caused an outcry, although many disabled campaigners disagreed over what the figures actually showed. Ministers then blocked publication of any updated figures.

      Now, thanks to freelance journalist and carer, Mike Sivier, The Information Commissioner’s Office has admitted there is no reason not to publish them. This appeal is the last hurdle to overcome to get these figures out in the public.

      Please support this petition to dismiss the appeal and publish the “death stats”.


  78. “End of Life” Euthansia

    Plenary session about citizens initiative ‘Completed life’

    On Thursday 8 March, the House of Representatives held a plenary session on the citizen’s initiative ‘Completed life’.

    “On Thursday 8 March, the House of Representatives held a plenary session on the citizen’s initiative ‘Completed life’. The citizen’s initiative was submitted by a group called Out of Free Will. It demands the right for all Dutch people over 70, who feel tired of life, to have the right to professional help in ending their life.”



      Please give a copy of PIP Assessment Tool (PIPAT) Release 2.0

      The PIP Assessment Tool PIPAT is a computer system for Assessment Providers to support
      the PIP assessment process. The Department of Work and Pensions leases this computer
      system from a separate commercial supplier. This is considered exempt under Section 44 of
      the Freedom of Information Act, as any such disclosure would breach the copyright owned by
      the commercial supplier.
      If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number
      Yours sincerely,

      DWP Strategy FoI Team


    • This is the stage we are coming to: ‘putting us down’ when we are no longer able to work in order to serves our masters’

    • Scary Movie Part 1

      This fucking scary:

      “* In Luxembourg, Jean Huss and Lydie Err, who co-sponsored the Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Bill 2012, admitted they were disappointed in the law because they said it failed to include children and those with dementia. When I asked why these groups were not included in their law, they said that they knew it was easier to pass the law initially for terminally ill people only and then, once passed, to increase the law’s application.”

      But this is the way these fuckers work. They show you a terminally ill person rolling in agony and begging to be allowed to die. And you think OK I will support this legislation, who in their right mind could possible allow this person to suffer. Before you know it, it has been ‘extended’ to children and dementia. And before you know it Iain Duncan Smith has slipped in a Statutory Instrument to amend the legislation so that it covers the long-term (up to 13 weeks) unemployed.

    • Scary Movie Part 1

      “Tired of life” could just mean feeling a bit depressed. Too bad when you mention to your doctor that you are feeling a bit down, and next thing you know the euthanasia van is rolling up at your front door. Yes, the Netherlands have ‘euthanasia vans’, more like mobile execution suites.





  79. This is to remind you that this commenter has no source of income. Please give generously. Thank you!

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  82. Today Mark’s the Anniversary of the Execution of Nicholas Romanov
    ( Nicholas II ) at Yekaterinburg in 1918 AD.

    The Romanovs lived in Luxury with Faberge Eggs as Gifts whilst
    their Subjects subsided in Poverty and Squalor

    A Lot of Russians Suffered under Poverty and Squalor whilst Many
    were Slaughtered like Cattle From August 1914 AD until there was

  83. It’ll get even worse under these bastards, will be homeless people everywhere you go, it’s bad now but it’ll be even worse with another 5 years of these tory twats!

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