Wednesday 8th July – DPAC Return to Parliament in a day of action to say #Balls2TheBudget.

assorted-game-ballsvia Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)

DPAC joined by Class War, Streets Kitchen, Black Dissidents & others
Balls to the Budget
Wednesday 8th July, 10.30 am
Downing St

Big balls, small balls, footballs, tennis balls, volleyballs, handballs, rubber balls, plastic balls, flour balls, paint balls, canon balls, beachballs, hairballs, furballs, glitter balls, gumballs, basketballs, garlic balls, initialed balls, personalised balls.

Get creative.

Balls to austerity;
Balls to taking our rights;
Balls to taking our jobs;
Balls to cutting our services;
Balls to bankers bonuses;
Balls to cutting the ILF;
Balls to Met Police;
Balls to cuts to Access to Work;
Balls to cuts to Social Care;
Balls to the Bedroom Tax;
Balls to Workfare & Sanctions;
Balls to Forced Treatments;
Balls to Maximus, Atos & PIP;
Balls to Child Poverty & inequality;
Balls to low pay & exploiting workers;
Balls to anti-homless laws;
Balls to stifling protest;
Balls to migrant bashing, racism & Islamophobia;
Balls to cuts to Housing, Education, NHS, Legal Aid, Womens Refuges, CAMHS and much much more.

Then, afterwards – We Are Going Back.
11.30 The Lobby, House of Commons.

Bring balls.
Online: Twitter from 10.30 am till yer tweeting fingers wear out

Take part online by using and sharing: #Balls2TheBudget

There is a tweetlist you can use here:

Please spread the word!

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102 responses to “Wednesday 8th July – DPAC Return to Parliament in a day of action to say #Balls2TheBudget.

  1. As a customer on the Work Programme, I would like to share a new development with you which follows the acquisition of A4e by Staffline Group Plc in April.

    I am delighted to be able to announce the launch of PeoplePlus, the combined business which officially brings together A4e and fellow Work Programme provider Avanta.

    F*ck off with your sanction slavery.

    • A4E, whom are total cunts are one of the dis-organisations I have had the mis-pleasure to be attending a few years ago. The silly cow Emma (whateverhersurnameis) took bribes left right and centre through false work placement and job outcomes.

      A4E doesn’t stand for ‘Action For Employment’ – it really means ‘All For Emma’ – especially where money is concerned, the greedy bint.

  2. Balls to Christophobia;
    Balls to self-loathing;
    Balls to Russophobia;
    Balls to the Scots, that they grow some.

  3. Balls to Heterophobia;
    The Biggest Balls to every pseudo-intellectual phobia circulating on the internet.

  4. Indeed! Balls to balls ups 😀

  5. overburdenddonkey


    • Just what I would say as a swear word if my toilet cistern tank had a big crack on it and water was pouring out all over the floor.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there is no such thing as Islamophobia, because a phobia is a fear that’s irrational. It is quite clearly not irrational to fear Islam, or any fundamentalist religion, as evidenced by the many, many acts of murder and terrorism being committed in its name. It’s not good enough to say they’re the minority and the rest are peaceful, take away the religion and there’s no cause of this warping of its teachings. All religions are antiquated nonsense that should have no place in 21st century society. And trying to equate immigration with racism, especially when you’ve already admitted to one of the main reasons why our current system is ridiculous (aka even more unemployed people and overbloating of services at a time when there are six times as many unemployed people as there are job vacancies) is childish Guardian twaddle.

    Balls to you and all other apologists, and this is coming from someone who usually agrees with your posts.

    • Phobia twaddle with those on the left that think they can play apologists and co-opt a fundamentalist religion for political advantage are dangerously delusional.

      • give it a rest, not on this post please.

      • Just the disabled lobby co-opting ISIS to fight for them in an attempt to save their DLA payments and Motability cars – and why it is always great big gaz-guzzlers like Nissan Qashqai you see them driving, like cars nobody else can afford. Every time I see a brand-new Nissan Qashqai pulling out in front of me without looking I just know it is a “Motability” motor. What is so wrong with a Corsa or an Aygo? Is it so that when they career into you it’s you that gets taken out. You keep seeing them accident damaged then instantly replaced, yeah, ever wondered why you so many accident-damaged Nissan Qashqais?! Can’t help thinking what happened to the poor Corsa driver that they crashed into. This shady Motability scheme must be keeping the car industry. Who can afford a new car every three years? Unless you are on Motability. I remember someone whose Sun has ‘asthma’ getting handed one of these free luxury cars. And the whole family can drive them too. And take advantage of the ‘disabled badge’ and free parking. Motability is a scam but fear if the Government tried to put a halt to it there would be a massive backlash from the car industry and car dealers who both must profit handsomely from hard-working 5 year-old Corsa drivers who fund this scheme.

    • It’s not my post, its a repost from DPAC’s site and is a call to protest outside the budget on July 8th, so I’d rather that didn’t get sidetracked by some petty nit-picking. And it doesn’t equate immigration with racism, it says no to migrant bashing, thats a good thing, whatever you might think of how immigration is used – because one of the ways it’s used is to divide working class people based on nationality or ethnicity and turn us on each other instead of on them.

    • Religions cause wars not peace.

  7. I hear Russell brand was recently confronted by a couple of hecklers at an anti-austerity gathering/march, who told him to “F*** off back to Milliband”. Like the big brave revolutionary he is, he ran off crying!

  8. Isn’t it strange how other countries prioritise nationals for jobs which can be done by nationals? Or is it stranger that we don’t?

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  10. ‘New balls please!’ Wimbledon has started!

    • Signed immediately. They won’t be happy until everyone on benefits is working 40 hours a week for them and those in jobs are all in abject poverty and shopping at a foodbank to survive.

      • @Raining
        ………….”They won’t be happy until everyone on benefits is working 40 hours a week” including those on the State pension – to keep us happy and occupied for our own good, as inferred by the vile (un)Priti Patel

        • It’s disgusting now they’ve got their friggin’ eyes on harassing pensioners and thinking of telling them they have to do community work or the like to keep their pensions. I’m ashamed to live in this country the way it is now. Every bit of decency, empathy and humanity is being slowly stripped away, leaving us with this brutal idea that if you’re non productive, for whatever reason, then you’re to be harassed, exploited and eventually murdered for the ‘crime’.

          Blame the stupid b——s that flocked to vote for it. I heard a Tory MP on an interview about all these benefit cuts and the like and they said “we’ve got a mandate from the British people to do all this” or words to that effect.

          UK falling into the mire of greed lack of empathy and despair.

  11. Now we are having a heatwave with temperatures up to possibly 38c, let’s all hope that Parliament catches fire and burns down from the intense effects of the sun. Even better if all the useless nobhead MPs are trapped in the building when it goes up in flames.

    • @Fen
      Oh for a 1-kiloton tactical nuclear device, properly finishing off the job started by Guy Fawkes.

      • Even a nuclear warhead wouldn’t rid us of the infestation of ”MPs’ squatting illegally on that old damp-ridden building.

    • Fen, The Devil has plans for them Bastards for sure. In the meantime, enjoy the heart wave, get out in the garden, fuck looking for non-jobs, indeed, make them up as you go along whilst soaking up the sun.

      • There are easy ways to bend and get around that silly website of theirs. I won’t post on here how I cheat that awful website each day as I value my privacy too much against the nosey bastards in my JCP who will do anything to rob me of my dignity once more (seetec, A4E) spring to mind – WPP shite.

        • Fen, The game has to be played. My ball, your ball, their ball, our ball. I suppose, just like a game of chess. My turn your turn, so on and so on.
          Keep your spirits up x

      • Bernadette – looking for pple in my work pm me if you are interested.

        • Hi Donna Smith,
          I am like the Post Office, I do lots of different things!! What you got in mind?

          • Bernadette – if you click on my name you should get my facebook page – pm me – it’s not the greatest of jobs but it isn’t hard work.

            • Hi Donna, you have me intrigued.
              Got your details up, I however, don’t use Facebook (used to. )
              Tell you what Donna, I love guessing, so how about some clues?

              • Bernadette can you not use a friend’s facebook page – as long as I know it is you I will respond. Salaried position – paid monthly. Flexible hours. Ability to use a lap-top – supplied. As I said – it isn’t hard work – just a bit boring at times. I used to love it – been there too long now and I want a change. There are people who have worked there for 16 years plus. The computer stuff is easy. You still get paid if the system goes down.

                • Bernadette H

                  Thanks Donna,
                  The work sounds right up my street.
                  Currently cleaning (back breaking) but my background is in research (Social Sciences). Tedious data entry type roles that I can do from home, I am certainly familiar with (mainly social housing). I will set up my Facebook page and email you. Thank you x

  12. I don't have wings

    So now my adviser at the ‘jobclub’ type place I got badgered into attending has put me forward for some shitty minimum wage packing job at a firm situated about 15 miles away with a 6.00am start when I have no transport. How the flying fuck am I meant to get there to start at 6.00am ??????

    • Catch 22. If you are placed in a job by those WPP tossers and you have no money or means of transport to get there, you are truly fucked into a sanction for non-compliance and refusing their offer of work.

      If you are on WPP currently they will do anything to fuck you over and try to control you.

  13. The State of the Country is Bollocks Indeed

    Given them Tory Nutcase Bastards I Despair and the Fingers up their
    Arses Millions out There

    Wake Up Britain Just Bloody Well Wake Up

  14. And that is why Government get away with it,thanks above or below comments.

  15. Time to ditch the three piece suit if 90+ degrees. What an wilting image to keep your image.

  16. The trolls are scared of sunlight sitting all day on the computer Tory Trolling.

  17. A lot of unusual radio interference at the moment – think there might be a storm brewing 😀

  18. Another Fine Mess

    Cameron’s stealth cut to disability benefits is obscene
    Axing the Independent Living Fund without a plausible alternative will hurt vulnerable people while saving very little money

  19. 6 weeks of untraceable disrupted benefit payments, fascinated!

  20. ‘Test Transmission’

  21. “It also calls for measures aimed at “boosting labour force participation.” This means making available new sources of cheap labour by forcing those on disability or other forms of pensions back into the workforce as their entitlements are slashed.

    The report does not spell out how such measures—which are already being implemented in all the major economies—are to be intensified, other than saying that it will be “politically difficult.” The difficulties refer to the fact that their imposition is fundamentally incompatible with the maintenance of any kind of democratic regime.”

  22. ‘Independent Living Fund: New £20m scheme for Wales’

  23. Homeless protesters face eviction from Manchester city centre.

    Never thought it would be possible to evict homeless people from the town hall gutter, how absurd.

  24. STV showed the scene in Westminster when DPAC tried to deliver their protest letter to the Speaker last week. I just hope they receive better treatment the next time they enter the lobby – they certainly deserve it!
    Speaking about balls – I think you have a “crystal ball” Mr Void – everything you have predicted over the last few months has happened.

  25. But they have been criticised by homeless charities in the city. Peter Green, founder of Manchester homeless charity Barnabus, said he thought many were not “genuinely homeless” and had turned down help from the council.

    Barnabus redefining homeless into bad/good homelessness and monopolising who can or can not occupy public space.

  26. Russell Brand runs away like a big girls blouse after being heckled during the recent Anti-austerity march in London.

  27. IDS is now on BBC News channel (1:54pm weds 1st july) rabbiting on about child poverty, claiming to find a better way to measure poverty levels amongst children,

    Well, if the stupid fucker got rid of sanctions, bedroom tax, work programme and zero hour contracts, and gave us all proper jobs with a proper living wage (fuck that minimum £6.50 bollocks) he will wipe out poverty in a stroke.

  28. Poverty denying ‘decent childhood’ in Wales, says commissioner.

    She said it was “deeply disappointing” having to report that Wales had the highest levels of poverty in the UK.

    • Child poverty a nonsense term and distraction that allowed the focus to be shifted away from the adult circumstances causing that poverty.

      Child poverty – is it a possession of childhood, a toy?

  29. Off topic: Meanwhile the fat greedy corrupt bloated corporate piggies have rubber stamped a third runway at Heathrow which is not needed and will destroy villages and the way of life of many in it’s path as well as be an environmental disaster. As one woman interviewed from the local village said when interviewed: “It’s not needed, it’s just greed”

  30. It does Appal and Anger me how Flipping Out of Touch the I Am All Right Jack Brigade and In my Day Brigade are wherever it is the Materialistic Middle Class or Gormless Geriatrics who Lack Care for the Younger Generation

    Austerity is Glorified Slavery and as For ” Balancing the Books ” Scrap Trident Nuclear Weapons and MPS Expenses

  31. People Need to Protest For Social Justice which Increases a Caring
    Welfare State to be Government Policy

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  33. Today Mark’s the Anniversary of Slaves in the Danish West Indies ( US Virgin Islands ) being Freed in 1848 AD under the Direction of Governor-General Peter von Scholten

    Slavery is Abhorrent and an Affront to Human Dignity which is why the Worst
    Excesses of Capitalism Need to be Opposed

    Slavery Need’s to be Opposed in the United Kingdom Today .

  34. Political Revolution Now !
    Demand that All Nutcase Attacks on Welfare State are Not only
    Halted they are Reversed

    Defend Housing Benefits

    Defend Welfare Benefits

    Despise the Brainwashed the Regime Collaborator and the Out of Touch

    Human Rights For Decent People

  35. Good that Greece has Voted to Reject Austerity

    Britain Need’s Political Revolution Now and thus to Reject and Reverse Austerity

    Boycott Pro Austerity ” Newspapers ” that also Victimise Immigrants when it is the Tories who are the Nation Wreckers

  36. Wouldn’t worry about that tosser GEOFF! Obviously just someone enviousness of their neighbour’s new Nissan Qhashqai. Small minds and all that, can’t see the bigger picture.

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