Sunday Mirror’s Savage Attack On Elderly Women’s Wedding Shows Where The Labour Party Are Heading

Meet your class enemy.  Public school toff Lloyd Embley is editor of the Sunday and Daily Mirror

Meet your class enemy. Public school toff Lloyd Embley is editor of both the Sunday and Daily Mirror.

The Sunday Mirror has given us a taste of what is soon to come from the Labour Party by printing an appalling attack on an elderly woman unable to work due to illness because she had the cheek to save up and spend a few quid on her wedding.

Todays top exclusive features the story of Richard Broom and Sandra Gallagher who recently spent £5000 on a marriage ceremony and reception after they saved money from their benefits and “borrowed from friends and family”.  You will rarely read a piece in any newspaper so dripping with class hatred and contempt for the poor.  Gallagher, who the paper calls a ‘granny bride’, is unable to work due to  a serious health condition whilst her partner is unemployed.  A few years ago Gallacher would have been a pensioner, but due to the rise in the women’s pension age she is now a scrounger, and so fair game for vicious bullying from the tabloid press.  The paper even attacks her for using the NHS, disclosing details of an intimate procedure she had some years ago for medical reasons.  Even the sex lives of sick and disabled people will now be used against them if they are unable to work due to their health.  Or at least they will be if the target happens to be a woman.

This gutter journalism has not appeared out of the blue.  Both the Sunday and Daily Mirror are little more than mouth-pieces for the Labour Party.  Be in no doubt, this is a warning shot from the establishment left that any lingering trace of sympathy for the poor has been extinguished.  They have been quite happy to exploit the suffering of sick, disabled and unemployed people in the past, but now they are lining up with Iain Duncan Smith and the Daily Mail to join the grotesque onslaught against people with nothing.  This couple lived on just over £100 a week each  after housing costs, and even this is dubious unless her unemployed partner was also paid a carer’s premium.  The current rate of Jobseeker’s Allowance is just £73.10.  The Sunday Mirror is either lying or omitting crucial facts to encourage their readers to hate this couple.

This is what we can now come to expect from a left-wing media dominated by public school toffs and a party where Oxbridge wankers are currently trying to jostle each other out of the way for the leadership.  George Osborne must be pissing himself watching a Labour newspaper softening up the public for his planned social security cuts.  This strategy has already cost the Labour Party their votes in Scotland and much of Wales.  Now they seem happy to lose the working class across England as well.  They do not fucking deserve us.  They never have.

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123 responses to “Sunday Mirror’s Savage Attack On Elderly Women’s Wedding Shows Where The Labour Party Are Heading

  1. Labour party disintegrates as we watch. They are a non party who basically stand for corporate greed and wealth while demonizing the poor sick disabled and unemployed. Just like the… Tory party actually. That’s why they were found out here in Scotland and christened “The Red Tories”

    Disgusting bunch they really are.

  2. “This gutter journalism has not appeared out of the blue.”

    You’re right it didn’t, especially in the case of this particular couple. They appeared on one of the many benefit programmes gracing channels 4/5 a while back.

    So whilst I don’t particularly like the way they have been portrayed they deliberately put themselves in the firing line in order to get their five minutes of fame, after all he apparently is looking to get into acting. On this occasion they have only themselves to blame.

  3. overburdenddonkey

    yep this is a disgusting attack on people…in which the SM accede to facts…the overriding is the savings allowance of £6000 before notional income penalty….

  4. Brought a tear to me eye love. The best of luck to the happy couple. And that lloyd embley can go and toddle off.

    • Lucy Valentine

      ” this is a warning shot from the establishment left”
      “This is what we can now come to expect from a left-wing media ”

      I don’t think it counts as “left” when they’re doing this kind of thing. Demonising poor people is definitely not left.

  5. Georgies “emergency” budget just a month away … just saying… 😉

    • a network error occurred

      He’s probably going to announce chimney sweep apprenticeships and the return of capital punishment…

  6. a network error occurred

    Who the fuck buys & reads this shit? I wouldn’t even wipe my arse with a tabloid.

    • Far too many people read this stuff.

      My friend, who’s otherwise a nice guy, has a partner who reads the Sun. These people just soak up wwhat’s written. They work all day and come hom to veg out. That’s how this media of ours gets you: people just sit down exhausted and watch or read the shit that’s put out there and don’t question it.

      Makes me sad bitter and angry. How do we fight this tide of shit?

      • ” How do we fight this tide of shit?” You already are good buddy by leaving your message. Tell your friend to read the Void and other alternative news sources instead of the tabloids or print out the best articles for him. The tabloids are redundant.

        • “Does anyone using them have to prove they have no money to buy food. A recent survey by a northern university showed some parents would rather buy fags and booze than feed their children. I know of two people who use the food bank and then go straight into the local club with their”shopping” to play bingo.”

          ” they should be means tested those foodbank lazy lot ”

          Such “nice ” ( not ) comments I found on local paper about foodbank opening.
          I wonder which ” northern university ” compiled that ” report “?

      • Sun reader – is that not a contradiction is terms? 😀

        • The other week I wasn;t too happy with him using the word ‘raghead’ to describe a muslim his partner works with. This kind of poison is insidious. Trying to combat it without seeming arrogant (as if not being racist make syou some kind of snob!) isn’t easy. Fuck the media.

      • The Couch Potatoes

        They are so knackered that they haven’t got the time to think for themselves… so the media does it for them… 😀 Stuff like critical thinking takes time and effort 😀

        • Sadly it does. People are intrinsically lazy these days, We all are. That’s just the way society is: it’s easier to flop down in front of the TV or use it to babysit your kids.

          The result is the fucked up society we see unfolding all around us – and these media barons are getting rich off the back of it.

          • Throw out the TV – you’ll feel so much better. There is still online viewing, but I find that takes more effort and I have become very selective about what I watch.

            All news is biased, so it’s important to watch a few news channels – Al Jazira, Press TV, RT, France 24 (yes, it does broadcast in English too!), or any of the others you can find to augment what the BBC doesn’t tell you.

            • 50 Inch Flatscreen Sammy

              Please don’t throw me out… 😦 don’t want to end up hungry and homeless 😦 could get my wire nibbled by a fox or something 😦 please don’t throw me out 😦

  7. I don’t think this couple did the unemployed/disabled claimants any favours – why furnish a newspaper with a detailed list of their wedding expenses – even let them photograph the buffet? Perhaps I am wrong – but I just feel this is a publicity stunt and I wouldn’t be surprised if they set up a Just Giving Page for donations – as a wedding present. They have just added fuel to the Tory Party’s fire – just my personal opinion.

    • It’s not very helpful, but we shouldn’t underestimate the tactics journalists will use to get stories like this, including lying about the nature of the story, getting people pissed and selectively quoting them etc. Best thing is that people don’t talk to journalists at all unless they have a solid track record in supporting claimants, and even then, as this piece in The Mirror shows, even those who pretend to be on the left can’t be trusted.

      • Time will tell Mr Void. Hopefully the trust will be there.

      • Talking of journos I’ve had dealing with them. Take take take and very manipulative too they are

      • I get a feeling the couple got interviewed so they could ask for a top up benefit towards their honeymoon. In a way it’s quite refreshing. 🙂 They’re saying: hi, we’re on benefits but we won’t let that stop us from being treated any differently than “hardworking taxpayers”. Because if workers asked for extra money for stuff they could not afford then I doubt Daily Mirror would publish their pleas. That’s despite that people on Working Tax credit cost the tax payers 6 times more than the unemployed:

        I’m sure this couple proudly presented how they managed to scrimp every penny (for years) off their benefits in order to afford their dream wedding. That information has of course been edited out.

        I wonder if they realised that their facts would get twisted into such lies. Or if they genuinely don’t care, given that they already appear in benefit porn. But before we judge them, read below.

        No journalist ever approach their victims by saying: hi, I’m going to turn everything you say into appalling lies until you look like worthless scum.

        On the contrary, most journalists proclaim how they wish to make a sensitive portrayal of your situation so that people really get to understand…

        There are some decent journalists out there. But as a rule – don’t trust them. Because too many journos are spineless, two-faced scum.

  8. I was a bit surprised at this from the Mirror group, but it is the kind of talk we have been getting from Labour figures for some time now. Even recent comments from “left leaning” Andy Burnham have been along the same lines. They clearly now nothing.
    Also, how can this paper get away with publishing detail form someone’s medical records? That needs some looking into.
    Labour have no one one of any substance now, and deserve to be wiped out as a political organisation. Sooner the better.

    • a network error occurred

      Left leaning my arse. I’ll believe that when they reinstate Clause 4.

      • That’s why I put it in inverted comas. He almost got away with it too, but Labour just can’t seem to help itself now. The pretendy lefties, usually slip up when it comes to benefits. At least we no know he certainly ain’t to be trusted. Mary Creagh was their last hope, but she pulled out the Leadership race the other day as she couldn’t get enough MP backing. That tells us all we need to know about them.

    • WordPress is fucking shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Consulant Gynaecologist

      “designer vagina”, come off it! It is just a simple and very routine “tightening up” procedure, which I have personally performed countless that’s all. After having seven kids Ms Gallagher’s vagina would have been wide enough to give birth to a planet!

  9. Wait until we see an official comment from the Labour party,if this is a true indication of the Labour party it would be political suicide,so just wait and see.

  10. Was it the Labour Party that have condemned them , NO , The Labour Party are not responsible for the gutter press what’s more I thought Labour were to busy sorting them selves out at the moment , If you have nothing better to do then don’t bother this is a none story .

  11. George you should have followed Rachel Reeves FB she’s been flogging the we will be tough on welfare line for months

    • a network error occurred

      and the stupid twats can’t work out why they lost the election.

      • “Stop Needless Financial Favouritism for Disabled

        Responsible department: Department for Transport

        Stop penalizing able bodied citizens. Disabled people should be given assistance financially to get them mobile, but if they choose to use their mobility to purchase a vehicle often better than many able bodied people can afford. Why should they also be given FREE PARKING and FREE ROAD TAX everybody else who pays towards their allowances which are hundreds of pounds a month has to pay for the costs of road marking and signing as well why should disabled not contribute with the rest of us?”

        E Petition. signatories 1

        Billy no mates then

  12. Jeez – we learn that “Broom bought his fellow scrounger a £500 diamond ring” and 4 paras later that said ‘fellow scrounger’ “Gallagher … is on Employment Support Allowance because of health problems caused by kidney stones.” And the woman is an Einstein!

  13. Kev,
    I hadn’t seen that,I suppose Labour think that if the Torries can get elected with their policies,they are thinking if we can’t beat ’em we might as well join ’em.
    Labour soon did a uturn on an in/out vote on the EU after the election,so expectt anything.

  14. Alley Einstein pays £300+ for stories – maybe she paid for the wedding?

    • dirt under their feet

      That’s what I thought – let’s look up who wrote this – Alley Einstein…

      Revealing that she ‘spent 4 years working for Fox’ and freelances ‘for Fox TV Asia and Sky Australia as both a reporter or participant to documentaries’, and she’s a ‘celebrity life coach’.

      ‘Got a story to tell and sell – you could earn between £300 upwards – the sky is limit depending on type of story and demand.’

      So the Daily Mirror has allowed someone with a close connection with Fox and Sky, who invites anyone to ’Sell a Story’, to make use of this couple for extreme propaganda.

      A journalist who also produces a ‘GET LIVING OR GET DYING’ column – ‘Stop saying you haven’t got enough cash or guts or that someone else needs you. Just do it.’

      When the Daily Mirror should have been telling Alley Einstein where to go, and printing some real investigative journalism about – besides how and why they’re being pushed this story – the effects of the benefit cuts to those caught up in an intentional large increase of a pool of powerless unemployed or underwaged, and all of the fatcat benefit scrounging employers and workfare suppliers feasting on their bones and the largesse of the taxpayer.

      Instead of the usual right-wing-press ploy of finding one extremely untypical couple, and making it seem as if they are representative of a few million others (besides probably misrepresenting it all anyway)

      And then adding the extra windup that these scrounging people on benefits (who can’t be bothered to be looking for work or are faking disability) want the government to match all the savings that they are making from their generous benefits and help pay towards their marriage.

      Now, really, did that couple really think all of that up for themselves?

      Shame on the Daily Mirror for selling out to the influences of Fox news, as have done too much of the Labour Party.

      • dirt under their feet

        After which, there’s a lot to this story that doesn’t add up.

        As mentioned in the blog, if he’s on JSA, he would only be getting £73.10. At present the Mirror article says that they get £112.50 ESA & £112 JSA, which looks like a mistake.

        Therefore, whatever, it’s very misrepresentative about JSA rates and in itself good grounds for a complaint against the Daily Mirror, for printing wrong information.

        Otherwise the article is full of phrases which are clearly there only to inflame. So, more importantly, how did those comments come about? If that couple did really say all of that stuff themselves, which is highly suspect, in what way were they being egged on?

        It appears that the media have gleefully found a couple who they can use, to make it look as if everyone on benefits is living it up at the taxpayers’ expense. So we’re told –

        ‘Broom has had no time to look for work.’ “Work is secondary to love”…

        Which would make him the only JSA claimant in the country who hasn’t been having to prove his job-search efforts. So this is put in simply to incite, because there’s no way he would otherwise not have been sanctioned.

        The article is full of – ‘they want you to pay for…’, ‘spending tapayers’ money on…’, bragging they plan to get the govenrment to fund…’, ‘thanks to the taxpayer we are able to…’, ‘his fellow scrounger…’

        And then we’re told he says – “If anything, the ESA and JSA needs increasing, then benefit recipients wouldn’t be so depressed that they can’t look for work.”

        Implying again that people aren’t bothering to look for work (not possible if signing on), and feigning depression to avoid work.

        With another small article underneath, featuring a young man who was also on Ch5’s Benefit Street, who we’re told ‘recently said he wants to father a child with . . so he can get more benefits’…

        The problem is, yes, many people really do believe these stories are typical of all benefit claimants. So that the real issues are covered up.

        Which is why some of us are left with no representation, just about treading water, with a leaking lifebelt, in the midst of a wide sea of Tory blue(s). Not that it would be much better with many Labour MPs.

        Hopefully there will at least be a lot of complaints sent to the Daily Mirror about this article, and its appalling bias. And anyone cancelling their copy letting them know about it.

        • @dirt
          Those on ESA were found unfit for work by qualified medical staff (gps, consultants etc.) it’s Duncan Smith who introduced sanctions on the sick and disabled. In Smith’s view should you have a pulse then you must be made to work (preferably for free) in order to line the pockets of Tory fatcats. Don’t forget, those on State pension are next in line.

        • If the groom is claiming £112 per week in JSA, I would like to know how the fuck he is managing to get this amount whilst JSA rates are set at £73.50 per week, and also the fact people on benefits can only get JSA if they meet the commitments laid down by their JCP job coach advisors.

          He is giving us un-employed a bad name by marrying some old bint and wanting her to have a designer ***** out of JSA.

        • He is not even looking for work and yet he still gets JSA each week. If I was in his position I would have ended up on a sanction for not doing all I can to meet my claimant commitment.

  15. How dare the unemployed fall in love and want to participate in the institution of marriage as a result

    How dare this woman have surgery while unemployed!

    Fuck the Mirror. Fuck Kevin Macguire for pretending to give a tuppeny toss about the poor.

    A friend told me that periods like this, the austerity and the class hatred, really test the worth of everyone. Maybe it’s good that this sort of journalism happens (it isn’t, it’s repugnant) because now we can see who’s on the side of decent values and politics, and who’s a class hating corporate piece of irredeemable shit.

  16. Jeffery Davies

    Spot on but the foolish workers still buy these dregs of bile

  17. And the sun making a big thing of bbc advertising for someone to work in met office. Worse was that they were also accepting disabled people too.
    Terrible isn’t it?
    Having disabled people in a job. Whatever next?

  18. Absolutely disgusting. Ive already cancelled my daily mirror,sunday mirror and sunday people.

  19. a network error occurred

    Channel 5 Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole is gutter tv, made by filth scumbag producers, editors & narrators. All of them are cunts. Channel 5 you are the lowest of the low. You are utter scum.

  20. Vote Green

  21. im disgusted by all thse poor people enjoing themselves it should be agianst the law.

  22. Do you know what? Labour can kiss my arse. What point have they in UK when they became Toryites? Left Unity I think but don’t know.

  23. Oooh. Read a few comments, just browsing through the messages. Already I believe it’s full of horrible little Tory people being self-righteous about everything. Sorry if you’re not that person….but I have to say the country is full of nasty little thatcherites that love to slag people off, Think you should stop reading Void if you hate him but have a suspicions there are lots of Toryites that aren’t, but you too scared to come out. Poor little yous.

    • a network error occurred


      • Time-Served Toilet Cleaner

        I agree, in fact I’d go further.

        • Hey Time Served? You were just an apprentice yesterday how come you got to be time served in the noble art of toilet cleaning in such a short time? An accelerated intense classroom session it must have been at some college or somewhere.This must be what they mean by these newfangled apprenticeships being good for you!! Anyway congratulations on now being a qualified tradesman!!!

  24. Needless to say “White Dee” is appalled!
    To be fair to the journalist calling her a “granny bride”, she is both a granny and a bride.

    • Needless to say “White Dee” is appalled!
      To be fair to the journalist calling her a “granny bride”, she is both a granny and a bride.

      • I remember the couple from a TV programme. Maybe the guy will get a big brother invite and make good money just like white dee did. He can try out his acting skills then.

        Everyone who represents the labour party appear to think that they were too far to the left but the opposite is true. If they had stood up for the poor and opposed austerity they wouldn’t have lost those forty odd seats in Scotland.

      • Quite honestly I wish they’d stop wheeling out ‘white’ dee everytime there’s a story about claimants and their behaviour. Why should I give a shit what she thinks? WHo put her in charge? She doesn’t speak for the rest of us.

    • Yes JCP to hell with labour until they get the message. It’s not hard. Had it with the consensus which is against everything Labour ever believed in. Come on guys.xx

  25. JV – The Mirror shows, even those who pretend to be on the left can’t be trusted.

    But Johnny most of the welfare hating “hardworking families” utopian collective did come from the left, IDS merely capitalised and mirrored the lefts loathing of the legacy working class.

    • overburdenddonkey

      they’ve sold off our jobs, to line their pockets, and no longer see us…we’re not in their line of sight….they’re not interested in us and hosie has just threatened to call another indyref very soon….

      • The risk for the SNP is that their brand of civic nationalism starts to look like Big Society localism, the SNP should move onto a nationalist agenda and away from the civic otherwise they could find themselves outflanked by the municipality vested interests of Big Society localism.

        • overburdenddonkey

          the snp simply haven’t changed their position…and i prefer centralization of govt…there are just over 5m people in scotland the population of a large city….but wm will push for federal localism (local tax raising fiefdoms) on scotland, which will only truly benefit the se and ldn, and not even it’s all about consolidating the uk establishments power base…
 and i reiterate for those that say otherwise that smith and the vow will deliver nothing for scotland, they were never intended to but to sound like they would…and gb and ad did promise home rule…
          “But the proposals clearly do not reflect the full wishes of the people of Scotland, and also fall far short of the rhetoric from the No campaign during the referendum. Then, Gordon Brown promised ‘nothing less than a modern form of Scottish Home Rule’ and ‘as close to a federal state’ as the UK can be. That was the context for the “extensive new powers” promised in the Vow.’

        • overburdenddonkey

          “Powers over the minimum wage, employment policy and benefits would allow us to build a coherent approach to training, education and support for people out of work or experiencing in-work poverty. We would use powers over equality to create a fairer society by tackling the gender pay gap and strengthening protection from discrimination.
          “These are our priorities and I will be making the case for devolution of further powers to the Secretary of State for Scotland.”

  26. Only now are the legacy working class waking up to the fact that the left betrayed them hence the disintegration of the Labour vote.

    • a network error occurred

      Labour were infiltrated by wealthy middle class academics & capitalists. It was over when they ditched clause 4 and attempted to redefine the relationship between the Workers & theMarket.

      • Alex Callinicos

        “infiltrated by middle-class academics” – not an accusation that can be made against the Socialist Workers Party (SWP).

  27. Fuck them class traitor cunts, they are just neo liberal still having wet dreams about Tony Blair


      ……………mum has said she will cancel the mirror tomorrow, for too long they have been running hate campaigns against those at the bottom……….


        BERNIE Ecclestone’s daughters wedding is top drawer journalism costing millions,
        Only time will show the poverty pimps funded thise morose story.

    • Only they call their wet dreams Internationalism, keeps them in the socialist collective and stops them being branded one world totalitarian extremists.

  28. Time-Served Toilet Cleaner

    A. Einstein. She keeps busy doesn’t she. Is she knocking a few years off her age?
    She must have been only 17 when she covered Hong Kong July’97, and Diana, August’97. and even younger working for ATV in Hong Kong, and about 15 when she was a rural TV reporter and weather girl down under.

    This one’s even worse, she must have been only 9 when she started in TV.

  29. Newspapers exaggerate the level of crime (as a child I was too scared to go into a bank or petrol station as I was certain it would be held up). I have adding the Mirror to my ever growing boycott list.

  30. Labour can’t be trusted. I don’t expect much from government, but I’d like it not to try and starve me and others to death or try to make me into a slave.

  31. Well I will Boycott Papers that Victimise the Poor and Vulnerable

    Labour has a Duty to be an Official Opposition Not just another Part
    of the Tory Party

    It Angers Me how Brainwashed Thick Sheople are out There in
    the Unreal World

    • will yo make them take the blue pill if you are elected as president of every poor person?

      no point in getting made at those who cannot see that they are being lied to,
      those who prefer to get the news from the DailyFail/mirror etc just dont care about whats going on around them, as long as they are not affected they will just continue the daily grind.

  32. Reblogged this on glendrixglendenning1 and commented:
    The Labour party was created by the Trade Union and Cooperative movement in 1899 because the existing Political parties failed to represent the interests and aspirations of ordinary working people. The post 1945 Labour Government put in place the NHS and much of the welfare system that we have seen under attack from successive Governments over the last thirty years.

    Sadly, the election of Tony Blair to the leadership of the Labour Party marks the beginning of a process that is now completed and will be confirmed with the election of a new leader (unless a miracle occurs and Corbyn gets in) – this being the death of the very last shred of the original Labour party. Labour was once for you, now it is not. Get over it, prepare to fight for a new dawn.

  33. £5000 is pretty cheap for a wedding these days. The Government it seems don’t want benefit claimants to fall in love, live together or get married.

    • and after all that fuss cam-moron made about married families are better off because of the tax breaks.

      the torys are going to run the country into the ground during this election period.

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    • Like the ConCons [probably got this brilliant Business idea from them too!], displaying a distinct inablity to count let alone string a sentance together.

  35. overburdenddonkey

    behaviourist based programme’s, simply don’t work…notwithstanding the harm it causes, through extended(ing) suffering…
    5-10% success rate, that’s worse than doing nothing…WP anyone…can you see an emergent pattern here…paper clip constructions and all..pointless mind numbing distractions…these ineffective therapies have become culturally ingrained that it’s very difficult to effectively challenge them for the shit they are…very much like those who claim that prosecuting long term and often elderly CSA/CA abusers after a life time of abusing, is good and somehow healing for victims, it’s not…and has a massive and universal affect in preventing and minimizing impacts of abuse, which it doesn’t…the younger (@school age, younger if possible) the victim is spotted and is cured, the better for all…the abusers are caught much earlier on in their abusing span, and also can be also effectively treated for the underlying root causes of their abusive behaviours and indeed cured, pedophilia is a SYMPTOM…victims are trained not to think for themselves and to please and serve the abusers….apart from naming the abuser, the victims should not be involved in prosecuting the abusers @ all, the victims need time to unpack their traumas with the aid of expert therapy…to dump the social responsibility burden on the shoulders of the long suffering victim to prosecute abusers, is plain wrong…others have often long ago failed in their social responsibility in raising the alarm, helping children to recover and keeping children safe from the claws of abusers, and is buck passing…ie blaming the victim…
    indoctrinated by their abusers..2 places @ once thinking as described in dr dot rowes hefty book ‘beyond fear’…aka, rose coloured specs…treatments and solutions used MS are irrational hocus pocus, based on appealing to a higher power…it’s therefore not difficult to see how these schemes are culturally ingrained…
    also some prominent’s condemn cbt as worse than doing nothing…
    no one can fail to see the pattern here…! behaviourism does not relieve nor prevent suffering, ‘i know lets do it some more’….
    the labour party of today, is definitely not the labour party of keir hardie, which was created when people still understood the term humanity…

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  37. Daily Mirror, I’m disappointed in you and annoyed that you’ve published this inflammatory article. This kind of shit stirring is what I’d expect from the Daily Seig Heil.

  38. fuck you wordpress you nsa spying piece of shit!!!!

  39. I don’t know about E.S.A but a couples J.S.A is £112.00 per week if you are living with someone or married and are a couple you don’t get £72 per week for each of you …. It’s £112.00 per week for both of you.
    It’s less money if you are a couple which is a bit strange if you are of different sexes as i can’t wear his clothes…. and unless he does it in secret he can’t wear mine!I

    • dirt under their feet

      It’s stated that she’s on ESA and he’s on JSA, so it wouldn’t be a joint JSA claim. The writer seems to have given the figure for a joint claim, and then added individual ESA onto to that; so it’s most likely a mistake… So probably the writer just lifted some figures, while not really knowing much about it, and stuck them all together. Which implies that those figures didn’t come from the claimants themselves.

  40. Fleet Street Fox wrote this, implicating that some children are essentially just expensive mistakes… Are these children victims of the Tory welfare cap or sheer parental stupidity?

  41. Labour Need’s to be an Official Opposition and Stand Up For the
    Poor and Vulnerable it is their Duty as the Official Opposition

  42. People should Not be so Thick as to be Brainwashed to Think that the
    Poor are the Scroungers when the Poor are More the Suffering

  43. It makes me laugh that there are still brainwashed Labourites who think Labour is the party it used to be. They do not give a single damn about anyone in this country except themselves. They will do anything for votes, letting in all and sundry (not attacking immigration per se, but it was so blatant that Labour open the floodgates knowing the majority of those who arrived would vote for them), say anything for a brief shot of publicity, and then blame the Conservatives for failing to arrest a slide that Labour was in large part responsible for. The current government is bad but they at least have a core vote that they’re taking care of. Labour simply don’t give a fuck about anybody.

  44. I’ve got to say, this attitude of: “What are you doing enjoying yourself when you’re supposed to be poor?” reminds me a little of that scene in Shirley Valentine when she gets the answer right in school assembly, and the headmistress gets all shocked and offended and blusters: “W-well! Somebody must have told you!”

    Presumably, all of us poor people should be too busy scrabbling about in the dirt for breadcrumbs with the pigeons to have any kind of life, because for society to continue to function as it does currently, we must be made to remain ignorant to the grotesque hypocrisy that it exists to facilitate.

    At this point, I’m becoming more convinced every day that the only answer left is non-participation. It will happen – it’s just a question of when.

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  46. Children Need to be Able to Grow Up in a Country Free of Degrading Poverty and Obscene Wealth like Tory Nazi Britain is a Country of Degrading Poverty and Obscene Wealth

    Redistribution of Wealth from Rich to Poor will Help Greatly to Help lift Children out of Poverty

    Great Britain Need’s Socialist Revolution and Social Restoration to Combat Degeneracy as Well

  47. There are too Many Brainwashed Tory and Nazi Boneheads out There
    who Lack Human Decency by their Lack of Compassion For the
    Suffering Poor

    Down with Oppression Collaborators

    Nina | June 18, 2015 at 9:03 am | Reply

    I’ve got to say, this attitude of: “What are you doing enjoying yourself when you’re supposed to be poor?” reminds me a little of that scene in Shirley Valentine when she gets the answer right in school assembly, and the headmistress gets all shocked and offended and blusters: “W-well! Somebody must have told you!”

    Presumably, all of us poor people should be too busy scrabbling about in the dirt for breadcrumbs with the pigeons to have any kind of life, because for society to continue to function as it does currently, we must be made to remain ignorant to the grotesque hypocrisy that it exists to facilitate.

    At this point, I’m becoming more convinced every day that the only answer left is non-participation. It will happen – it’s just a question of when.

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  49. absolute rubbish it has nothing to do with the labour party yes I am annoyed because I am on ESA and I cant afford that my money goes on bills, food electric, not on bloody weddings where the money can be used more importantly and as I said the mirror dosen’t dictate what labour do talk bloody sense

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