Iain Duncan Smith’s First Re-Education Centre To Open In Streatham Jobcentre

my-jobStreatham Jobcentre is to become the home of Iain Duncan Smith’s first Re-Education Centre where teams of gormless Jobcentre workers, psychiatrists, social workers and voluntary sector busy-bodies will team up to bully people with a mental health condition into low paid shit jobs as part of their ‘recovery’.

The South London Jobcentre already contains a Living Well Community Hub* where specialist mental health services operating alongside Jobcentre Plus staff are working together towards a common goal of improving health and well-being and helping people to get back to, or stay in, work.”  This is to be joined by a new Increased Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) team who, along with Jobcentre staff, will attempt to fix unemployed people with Cognitive Behavior Therapy and when that doesn’t work probably just stop their benefits.

With forced psychological treatment already threatened for those claiming social security, and moves to increase information sharing powers between Jobcentres and other agencies, these new centres represent the end of mental health services that people who are poor can actually trust.  From now on only the naive or inexperienced will feel confident being open and honest with therapeutic staff knowing that a Jobcentre Work Coach is just next door waiting to sanction their benefits.  Jobcentre staff, health assessors and charities have already been weaponised against unemployed, sick or disabled people, now nurses and psychiatric workers are also to be drafted into the unceasing war on the poor.

A consensus has emerged amongst politicians, charity bosses and think tanks that unemployment, homelessness or living in poverty are themselves evidence of psychological defects.  That if you are unable to find a job – or even worse don’t want one – then there must be something wrong with you, something that can be fixed.  And if you are unemployed because you are sick, then becoming employed will cure you.  It is utter fucking horseshit and flies in the face of the reality of a low pay economy where work is often bad for your health and four million people are chasing 700,000 jobs.

Those at the top of the Tory Party know what’s really going on.  That this is really a blueprint to demolish the welfare state and normalise both unpaid work and desperate poverty for those who can’t find a job.  That this will create the kind of ultra-competitive and savage society that bosses want to force down the wages and working conditions of everyone.  All Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms are really about is just another wealth grab that will consolidate the power of the capitalist class – the bankers, landlords and business owners who once again think they fucking own us.  And if anyone complains that our entire lives consist of nothing more then ceaseless, boring work to increase the wealth of the rich then they will be seen as deviant, in need of forced psychiatric treatment.  Or left to starve.  Either way they will be ‘helped’ to understand that poverty paid monotonous labour is good for you, and will make you happy and free.

A mass protest has been called by the Mental Health Resistance Network against the new Re-education Centre and which will march on Streatham Jobcentre on Friday June 26.  Meet at 1:30pm in Streatham Memorial Garden, more details on facebook, please share and spread the word!

*It comes as no surprise to find homelessness charity Thamesreach at the heart of this initiative, recently even welcoming Iain Duncan Smith himself to visit their Community Options Team in the new centre.  Thamesreach’s strategy to end homelessness has long been to make the lives of homeless people as difficult as possible in the hope that this will cure them.  This is the so-called charity that warns people not to give money to beggars because they are all druggies, that thinks increasing the price of Special Brew will stop people being alcoholics, that has teams of outreach workers harassing homeless migrants by telling them to go back to where they came from and who teamed up with Tory Westminster Council in their failed attempt to criminalise feeding homeless people.  Whilst Thamesreach has been pursuing these policies the number of street homeless people has doubled in the capital.  You can see why they would get along with Iain Duncan Smith whose attempts to fix poverty by making the poor poorer have only succeeded in creating more poverty.

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395 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith’s First Re-Education Centre To Open In Streatham Jobcentre

  1. Greenwood4727

    CBT is CRAP. its premise is your way of thinking is wrong.. If you feel depressed then it is the way you think not that you are bullied/insulted by the dwp.. It must be your fault. If only you could “think” better then you would be happy.. forget that there are no jobs, forget you are scared of being sanctioned, forget you are being made homeless. if only you had CBT then you wouldnt be homeless, sanctioned or anything like that.

    • To be fair you sound like you know little of cbt also what type of cbt are you refering to because there is more than one?

      • overburdenddonkey

        under the generic it is all behaviourism…. bf skinner

      • Greenwood4727

        only what i experienced by a CBT practioner. ho made me worse.. his solution to being lonely is to go into a pub on my own, sit and drink on my own.. my mobility issues bad ankles he said get a mobility scooter.. CBT is a con, its brainwashing as if your experiences of being bullied are the fault of you. and you should be happy about it.. when you are asked for how you felt about things and you do a 7 page document documenting every single bullying, from school to work to the dwp.. he had nothing to say

        • Greenwood – so sorry to read what you have been through and sincerely hope things take a turn for the better soon.

          • Greenwood4727

            thanks Donna so long as i am left alone i am ok.. its when i have to deal with the dwp and their treatment of me as being not even worth the breath i take.. thats when i get worse.. they are making me more of a hermit than ever..

      • Yes Sheridan, they are many forms of CBT and without exception, every single form of it is unmitigated shit that causes immense harms to the individuals bullied into receiving it.

        Greenwood4727 has it absolutely correct. You don’t.

        • So Lucy…… every person who thinks CBT has helped them is wrong, are they?

        • Lucy – It’s quite difficult to even talk to monsters like you and overburdenddonkey who think that paedophiles who rape children should not be prosecuted.

          • Wish it was your tongue that had a caliper on it

            • Donna – Everyone who dislikes freedom of speech has a nasty reason……

            • overburdenddonkey

              remember when one sees a politician responsible for austerity and much suffering…it’s nasty to tell them to shut up and stop what they’re doing…telling others what you think is an affront to free speech, eh! that is free speech….and anyone who constantly tries to shut one up by calling one ‘shit for brains’ ‘you’re this that or the other’, and throws many other insults @ one..’OBD, Ha ha ha ha! Most 5 year old children are less transparent than you! In that case, why don’t you fuck off and never post again? You’re doing it for your benefit, not anybody else’s’…is a beacon of free speech, that’s their free speech….their emotional immaturity is dazzling, and do dances on semantic pinheads…but your ‘Wish it was your tongue that had a caliper on it’ vents your anger and that is the true target of calipers, is to block expression of anger, to cause compliance, to their will…

              • OBD – I am a newbie to this blog – I just write what I feel and no way will I bow down to anyone – unless I have misinterpreted what they have said. Also, this person replied to Paul stating the Rossendale Allottment Association was near to where he lived – how would he know that?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  it’s nr the maudsley hosp, i suspect….right on, you’re doing well hen… 🙂

              • Don’t let him/her raise your blood pressure OBD – obviously he/she gets a kick out of trying to upset you for some reason known only to himself/herself. Sounds more female – to me – a male would not write in that context – well the males that I know wouldn’t. Just as well I am on two weeks hols – would have missed all of these comments if I had been working.

          • Where exactly on this blog do Lucy and OBD make reference to your statement “who think that paedophiles who rape children should not be prosectued”?

            • Neither of us have ever written that Donna, Caliper is a tedious troll with a massive deficit in the skills of comprehension.

              • Yes, I can see that Lucy – however, if people want to make statements then they should back it up with evidence – which I knew there was none. He/she keeps asking questions – I wonder if he/she has a torch shining on the monitor when they are typing lol.

              • Lucy – That’s easily resolved! Let’s see both you and OBD write – “I think paedophiles who rape children should be prosecuted”…… I bet you don’t!

                • kki (kitchen knife incident)

                  This is all very, but wtf has it got to do with: “Iain Duncan Smith’s First Re-Education Centre To Open In Streatham Jobcentre”

                  Please stay on message

                • Empty vessels make the most noise.

                • overburdendonkey

                  I think paedophiles who rape children should be prosecuted, REPEAT, I think paedophiles who rape children should be prosecuted. There you go caliper/ pat testing , now you have heard me say it you can go and fuck right off. Have a shit life!

                • I agree, I think paedophiles who rape children should be prosecuted. There you go calper/ pat testing, satisfied? Now, fuck off!!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  how dare you, we have NOT changed our minds and i WILL NOT DISCUSS THAT BLOG POST HERE, cross pollinating and causing trouble on this blog is despicable…that is relevant to that blog post and not this one, all you try to do is discredit make personal comments and rabidly criticize others…as if insulting people helps grow intelligence, this is NOT an intelligent and mature thing to do ….i will, as i have said, discuss it there….

                • People can read for themselves……

                • KKI (Kitchen Knife Incident)

                  This is all very well and good, but wtf has it got to do with: “Iain Duncan Smith’s First Re-Education Centre To Open In Streatham Jobcentre”

                  Please stay on message

                • OBD – Lucy had the sense to keep shtum, but you had a hissy fit. It looks like I hit the bulls-eye! However, I am GENUINELY pleased that you’ve both changed your minds about protecting child abusers from prosecution.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you’re an unbelievable fantasist…that’s what’s giving people such a laugh…just checked on other blog no new posts from you yet…..like i say i’ll answer your twisted distortions of what you alleged we said there….

                • Caliper, you really a fucking disgrace. I don’t know who used my name to type that supposed agreement with your bullying demands, but it wasn’t me. I won’t be capitulating to your tragic and infantile demands. But if you want to cream yourself stupid by believing I did, ensuring that your mental health spirals further into the chaotic abyss, then please do.

                  The blog owner will know who typed what.

          • kki (kitchen knife incident)

            This is all very, but wtf has it got to do with: “Iain Duncan Smith’s First Re-Education Centre To Open In Streatham Jobcentre”

            Please stay on message

          • Caliper, I ‘received’ CBT in my early days of feeling unwell. It was good to talk. And, it was good to recognise that there are many ways to help oneself. However, I was always someone who always wore rose coloured glasses so CBT did not help me in the long term. It just buried my pain and left it to fester.

            • All therapies (mental or physical) help some people a lot, some people a little, and some people not at all. For some CBT helps them through the worst times, and so has certainly saved some lives. If the choice is between drugs and CBT for medium term help then I know which is usually preferable.

              If you’re looking for a magic 100% cure, ask overburdenddonkey.

              • You are obviously on some kind of crusade here – do you get pleasure out of arguing with other people?

                • No. you’re wrong, I’m an atheist. I’m just trying to inject a little reality…… with limited success!

                • You still have not answered the question – what is your crusade against OBD?

                • Can’t you read? I just answered it – “I’m just trying to inject a little reality…… with limited success!”
                  If you prefer to invent a conclusion then that’s up to you. On an anonymous blog there is only what people say – nothing else. Falsehood is only proved by inconsistency.

              • You don’t have to be religious to go on a crusade – however, I do not understand the cause you are so virogously trying to uphold on this blog.

              • No – you are answering with unrelated obscure questions – what have you got against OBD – there is obviously something – I, too am a realist – glad you can see that you have had limited success!!!!!

                • You really didn’t understand! Sorry, I thought you were being obtuse. The point is that in the regions which were on the receiving end, “crusade” means the oppression, rape and mass murder of Muslims by Christians. If you’ve never talked to a Muslim then maybe you didn’t know that.

                • P.S. If you are a realist, why are you pleased that reality has had limited penetration on this site?

                • I have already given you the meaning of crusade – in the dictionary – you are obviously on a non religious crusade – to upset certain people whom you have targetted for your vendetta – I have no idea why you even visit this site.

                • P.P.S. You might also remember that George W Bush massively put his foot in his mouth with the same failure to understand the word, so you’re in ‘good’ company!

                • “I have no idea why you even visit this site.”
                  [Sigh!] I’ve answered that twice now, but for the third and hopefully last time – “I’m just trying to inject a little reality…… with limited success!”

              • LIMITED success is the key – we are not Americans – we are ordinary people who are trying to help other people – unlike you! Why do you store people’s comments from other sites? Going by your responses to another unfortunate commentator on this – you have obviously stored his/her response too – give up Caliper – you are outdated – we now call it prosethis.

                • “we are not Americans – we are ordinary people who are trying to help other people”
                  Ha ha ha! Would you say that to an American??? Keep on digging!

                • Would you call it hypocrisy to take the mickey out of people’s spelling on your Facebook page, when your own spelling is none too good?

                • yes, I can make a typo – but however, when it comes to spelling and grammar I could beat you hands down!

                • You really are a bit thick, aren’t you? What on earth would be the point of a spelling or grammar competition on a blog site, where you can check everything before you post it? It would be a bit like a prosethis on a robot.

              • Caliper, I find you funny, I really do. I love the jibes, the analysis and your own going internal questions. But do stop goading and looking for a fight, there really is no need to be a bully.

          • KKI (Kitchen Knife Incident)

            This is all very well and good, but wtf has it got to do with: “Iain Duncan Smith’s First Re-Education Centre To Open In Streatham Jobcentre”

            Please stay on message.

        • EMDR is a much better/faster and more effective treatment/counselling, and is actually the most researched, CBT is used only because it is cheaper.

        • Lucy what qualifies you to make that assumption. Yes cbt may not work for everyone and sometimes people recieve the wrong form of cbt but having worked in mental health for many years and being a “service user ” myself I can say with much certainty that cbt is not “crap”. Indeed it has been proven to help many people. Calling it brainwashing just shows peoples ignorance.
          There are other talking therapies available and along with medication can help many people.

          • What qualifies me Sheridan is none of your business. But I am qualified, in fucking spades sweetheart. So please keep your patronising, reductive tyranny to yourself.

            CBT in all forms, is crude behaviourism. It does not work, it causes harm again and again. The biggest harm being that some people, believe that it helps, when all it does is keep them beholden to their fear and destroy their true self belief. You clearly had a huge deficit in your training and education for working in MH if you believe otherwise.

            CBT/EMDR and the rest of the behaviourist based guff hasn’t got one piece of real research that shows it as a cure, a help or anything other than a money making scam for parasites.

            Every piece of research that shows CBT in a positive light can be picked apart to show the fallacious nature of the hypothesis within a few minutes.

            You have been conned.

        • Eating cake as instructed

          Lucy; spot on. Psycho babble shite uttered by tossers with at best a Psychology degree who deem themselves superior.

      • Sorry, CBT is CBT, there are no variations or types of CBT, just different types of therapy with similar names. Sounds like you know little about it….

        • Levinas – No variations? REALLY??? Would you therefore say that ALL CBT practitioners are of equal competence?

        • No need to be pedantict. Yes I could have said that there are different forms of counselling or cognative therapies or talking therapies but didnt want to confuse the issue with jargon.
          I should hope I know something about counselling having studied and used counselling skills.

          • Is it because you used to work in MH Sheridan that you believe you are superior to those who have not?

            If you could abandon your arrogance for one nano second, you might realise that most of the people who post here about MH know one hell of a lot more about it than the so called “professionals” charged with helping them

            Studying counselling skills isn’t really helping is it? Are you going to be lining up for a job in JC+ to sit next to JC advisers, doling out mealy mouthed harms (therapies) to claimants and recommending they be sanctioned because they refuse your sainted brand of behaviourism?

      • phobosanddeimos

        So now they’re going to get more unqualified pseudoscience quacks to try telling me that all of their (dwp/atos/workinglinks) criminal abuse is all my fault?

        Fake ‘Therapy’?… No, I just need to find an honest cop (lol) and get these sick criminal abusers off my back and into prison where they belong.

        Abuse of Vulnerable Adults –

        Click to access No_secrets__guidance_on_developing_and_implementing_multi-agency_policies_and_procedures_to_protect_vulnerable_adults_from_abuse.pdf

        Fraud Act 2006 – (up to ten years in prison)

        Misconduct in Public Office – (up to life in prison)

    • It is not crap. It works for many people. However, it does not work for everyone and not for all mental health conditions. It is done correctly, ethically and without forced participation, it works well. Emotions affect your thoughts and thoughts affect emotions simply. The CBT that the DWP propose will be the quackery type done by people who have no degree in psychology, no clinical training, just a short spell in some sort of crap training.

      • The delusional belief in cbt Emma, is analogous to the frequently spouted argument about ethics of hitting children as punishment.

        People who have been hit as children, often say “I was smacked as a child and it never did me any harm”

        The harm it did to the person is that they believe that violence does not cause harms.

        The belief in cbt causes harm by insisting that the individual denies their own natural emotional response.

        Emma, emotions are the software that allow us to have a mind. Emotions are our most profound and powerful drivers for absolutely everything we do. Without them we are royally fucked. We would die.

        Cbt insists that all of the individuals emotional responses are wrong and it reduces the individual to a compliant shell.

        Are you a therapist by chance Emma?

  2. overburdenddonkey

    this scheme clearly demonstrates that the tories have totally lost the plot and are now reduced to grasping @ straws to justify their draconian policies…
    http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/apr/17/austerity-and-a-malign-benefits-regime-are-profoundly-damaging-mental-health so where will the dwp be able to recruit their staff from then….? yes the virtual Q outside the factory gate…’if you could just grasp the message that has been repeated throughout history that work is good for you you will be set free by it’…the truth is people are only satisfied by work, when work provides a decent income…work without a decent income is humiliating and malnourishing of body, mind, and soul…dispiriting… http://www.brusselsblog.co.uk/people-we-should-listen-to/ ‘The governor you talked to was following the party line – the ‘replacement’, the so called DSPD units (Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder units) cost £500,000,000, and achieved nothing. A Sainsbury Mental Health Centre Report condemned them – they never once asked me what I did …CBT doesn’t go to the root – which needs cutting.’
    the cure in a nutshell… “Goodbye psychosis – using anger to cut its roots,”

  3. Utter tosh. More trick cyclists unfit for purpose deliberately messing with folks minds. Little wonder many are mentally ill. In my case duress would produce complete bowel and bladder void vomiting and sweating worse than Jack Nicolson at his best. No amount of fkg my head will fix my body failing daily.

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  5. I suppose the re-education will involve “how to lie on your cv and get a string of jobs, in which you prove, time and time again, your ineptness” – after all, that’s what IDS’ re-education involved.

  6. The gormless work coach, dodgy outsourced psychiatrist and the psychopathic goody two shoes charity worker are the three signatures needed to sanction assisted suicide for the claimants.


    Presumably, the name specialist, will apply to someone of the ilk of an Atos, Capita or Maximus lemon………………..

    A hard up tosser that is willing to inflict pain on another human being for the promise of a few quid.
    They will have attended a short certificated course that has been approved by the secretary of state who has not got the gumption of a terrapin in a bowl of custard.

    The expertise will lead to another trail of suicides and despair, but hey, who cares when the subjects are already dysfunctional and broken.

    People cringed when they heard of the exploits of insane nazi doctors in extermination camps, IDS is no exception to the rule.

    This guy is a complete nutter running on a brain that is so deranged, frankenstein would give it a miss even if a coconut was only available……

    ………………..you can tinker with anything, but the mind is such a complex piece of kit, that even the real experts are not sure of the parameters that intervention may hold.

    Give somebody an imaginary title and they will try to live up to it, sadly the obituary columns will say something completely different.

    Hunger games eat your heart out, “the people menders are coming”.

  8. Too many people in England are sick in the head. No, not the mentally ill, the evil stupid fuckwits who watch poverty porn, voted Tory and gets a hard on for IDS’ torture methods like this. It’s a lot to wish for, but I wish every single one of them will learn, personally, what it truly means to suffer.

  9. Already Know of (healthy) teenager already advised that they may need (jobsearch) re-education by a work coach.


    ………….just noticed that DAVID JOHNSON (EHRC) v ATOS case has mysteriously been cleansed from the pages of the internet.

    It shows how desperate the DWP are getting, but the judge in the case asked for a “real medical report”.

    It speaks for itself…………………….

  11. “specialist mental health services operating alongside Jobcentre Plus staff” is a phrase which I find particularly chilling – it elevates JCP staff to a level of skills, knowledge and competency which they clearly do not possess.

    • I think perhaps you didn’t understand the word “alongside”!

      Anyway, you missed the real point. A Jobcentre it is not the appropriate agency or environment to be assessing mental health problems, additional specialist staff or not.

    • Specialist Einsatzgruppen teams will operate just behind the JCP staff front line to destroy anyone who cannot be forced to take a non paid job.

      This truly is becoming more hideous daily.

  12. I’m well fucked. It’s horrible to know how bad my future is going to be it’s like a crystal ball this site but I am glad i found it. How many are going around blindly not knowing what is about to strike them? When the shit does hit the fan then I expect mass riots everywhere in England. Not in Scotland we are way too peaceful up here 🙂

    • Cephalus – Sadly you are completely fucking right! You should be VERY glad you live in Scotland. I have almost no hope for England, but it’s completely different here in Scotland (as the election showed everybody), but it’s going to take a few years to get things right.

  13. To anyone who is interested: I think Caliper/Pat testing didn’t understand the meaning of “And this is most definitely my last reply to you.”

  14. Re-education centres being opened. Funny thing i watched a program about the Nazi’s the other night and they were doing the same thing. Shoving undesirables who wouldn’t kow tow to the party line into special camps to re-educate them about their duties to society.

    Well we all know how that ended. It’s not too difficult to see how a society can gradually bit by bit descend into barbarism and inhumanity. It starts with stigmatizing certain groups and telling everyone else ‘these are the root of the problem’ then it go’s on to mass propaganda to pound home that message incessantly. Repetition eventually creates belief if it’s said often enough.

    IDS must have studied Goebbels and Nazi Germany as his blueprint on how to destroy the unemployed, sick/disabled all the while making others believe it’s a good thing ie.. those fuckwits who voted him back in..

  15. What next, forcing autistic claimants to undergo Applied Behaviour Analysis? (Oh no, I shouldn’t put ideas into IDS’s head should I?!)

  16. good this will teach people to think twice before they go around getting ill.

  17. Is it even legal to force people to accept psychological intervention?

    • Good point, Timbro. I doubt this is even legal.* It must be in breach with confidentiality clauses. AFAIK, therapists are only allowed to breach their confidentiality act & alarm authorities if their clients actually harm themselves or others.

      The purpose of all therapies is to build trusting relationships between therapists & their clients. How else would people open up & explore their issues? That’s why forcing people into therapy, defeats the very purpose of having any therapy. Any decent therapist knows this. Hence we won’t be seeing any decent therapists with integrity on these schemes.

      * not that breaking the law has ever deterred DWP…

  18. Britain is becoming a nasty place for the sick and unemployed. Labour wanted forced treatments back in 2008 and therapy at the job centres
    I remember one peer in the House of Lords saying her father “Fought on the beaches to stop this type of behaviour.”

    Some of the medical profession involved in welfare reform make me feel sick. These so called job therapists are in need of therapy in my view. A lesson in decent medical ethics wouldn’t go a miss.

    CBT presented as the cure all. I know I had therapy at the Maudsley in 2003. Told me then work will cure you. I told them I had been to work including the army from age 15 in 1972 and it certainly did not help me, hence the problems I live with now.
    South London Maudsley were a part of Labour’s welfare reform nonsense for the sick.

    • overburdenddonkey

      they try to keep one shut down, sad to say…

    • If you were trained to kill people from the age of 15 then it’s not surprising that you’ve had problems since! However, that’s NOT normal work so please don’t reject the whole idea of working. Try some simple, honest work in your spare time with a direct result, like growing your own food. Rosendale Allottments Association isn’t far from you, and there are many others.

  19. There are NO MORE PHYSICALLY or MENTALLY DISABLED people living in the UK. Ian Duncan “The Messiah” Smith has cured everyone & anyone who were at one time Classed as Physically unfit to work & retired because of it. He is a truly amazing man/Saint, is he up for the Nobel Peace Prize??? as the Biggest thing since Antibiotics were created. He should also be up for the “Disney Award”, that would really suit him. Mengele must be very Jealous of this bald headed little Bastard.

  20. Reblogged this on Christopher John Ball and commented:
    Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them. – Jean-Paul Sartre

    Welcome to the fascist UK with ‘Dr’ Iain Duncan Smith as killer in chief

  21. CBT doesn’t work for everyone or every problem. You can’t use CBT to ‘cure’ unemployment. No decent psychotherapist or counsellor would use ‘therapy’ without the subject’s consent – so I guess they’ll be using untrained JCP staff who’ve done some crappy week-long course taught by Power Point. This policy is unethical at the least and should be challenged by welfare rights lawyers. I know if they try this bullshit on me, I definitely will be going to my welfare rights lawyer.

    I’ve had CBT but it didn’t work for me. Going through the misery of therapy with the threat of sanctions at the back of my mind would have tipped me over the edge.

    • overburdenddonkey

      cbt can’t work as it sees ones REACTION to abuse as the problem, and not the as a reaction to the abuse….cbt sees symptoms as a cause….

      • True enough, that’s why it didn’t work for me. The problem was what happened to me, not how I reacted to it (PTSD).

        • overburdenddonkey

          see what comes up re cbt in dr dot rowes hefty read, in all senses of the word ‘beyond fear….’

      • Not always, overburdenddonkey. Good quality CBT teaches us to acknowledge exactly how we feel & how our thoughts (& our underlying beliefs) drive our behaviour. It gives us a chance to explore where our negative beliefs come from & teaches us to think differently about our situation.

        This helps us to strengthen our self esteem, trust our instincts & validate our experiences. So when we get abused by DWP – we’ll see it clearly for what it is & learn to let go of internalised beliefs such as: “unemployed people are bad”. Instead we replace them with healthy beliefs such as: “we deserve fair treatment” & “we have a right to protest unfair treatment”.

        Yes, that’s right. Good quality therapy wrecks poorshaming 🙂 It teaches us that we are all equals & not somehow beneath our rulers.

        Low quality, rubbish CBT practitioners do exactly as you state, overburdenddonkey. They invalidate, minimise or even blame us for any abuse that we endure at the hands of our rulers.

        To find a therapy & counsellor that works for you is in itself a process. Often we don’t even realise that we have a right to change therapists if we don’t feel that they care about us.

        • Internalised beliefs such as: “unemployed people are bad”.

          Then how did the belief “unemployed people are bad” become internalised? By cognitive behavioural therapy presumably.

          CBT – first the exposure then the soft brainwashing.

        • overburdenddonkey

          that’s a standard reply that i have heard so many times before to justify cbt…as soon as you say teaches us to acknowledge, you highlight why cbt is so toxic, as one is acknowledging symptoms not the root causes, and being taught by another to do so…we need therapists that CAN help us to connect to our inner selves and what blocks that expression of inner self, therapist that helps us to express angrily our disgust @ the abuse that has gummed our minds up, to free our minds ie in a safe place tell a figment of one’s abuser for example ‘you can’t hit me anymore’ and this is the hardest bit, MEAN IT …the root cause of ones emotional problems is ALWAYS child abuse…we don’t need to be taught how to be emotionally healthy we are born that way…emotional health/self esteem are destroyed by abuse…give me an example that fits into your label/category of neg thoughts and/or beliefs…and explain to me/tell me what you’re trying to fit into….?
          thinking differently about one’s situation, does not wipe out one’s memories, REMINDERS OF HOW TO BEHAVE AND WHAT HAPPENS WHEN ONE FORGETS TO REMEMBER, so we’re being told to go through an active process of forgetting one thing and remembering another and this is IMPOSSIBLE, effectively re-training mind or re-education… as one must remember to forget, i call this formembering and will last only until the next triggering crisis, when one will have to start the whole cbt process again from scratch, and now possibly with pharms…and remember to forget the current crisis, and actively fight to forget it, thus, consuming massive energy in several distractions, mind not in the now but in several places @ once, consuming ones vital energies, and eye off the ball…and easily dropped in the shit…
          when terror grips the mind the mind vanishes in blind panic…management and control cure nothing, but serve many…what you’re claiming means that you have been able to express some of your bottled up emotions (trapped anger and rage), and/or you only had a relatively small well of trapped emotions, and that is what has cleared your mind to some extent not, cbt,…the reaction to trauma are what is known as symptoms and they can be cured, by expressing the trapped/bottled up emotions that keep the trauma symptoms in place (intact)…“Goodbye psychosis – using anger to cut its roots,” is anger one of your so called neg emotions, i bet it is…. the idea is to eventually freely express anger without the fear (of punishment) for doing so…in other words with a free mind unburdened with trapped emotions that hold one back, clear logical thought and reasoning.. emotions only become neg ie destructive when they are trapped/bottled up/contained with the lid of the box firmly sealed shut…cognitive therapy helps one approach the box so one can eventually see that the box is m/t, and that what hurt one then cannot hurt one now…cbt attempts to short cut this process by going to>>>product outcome<<< (ring bells in neoliberal con-sumer culture?) as logical rationalized conclusion of where one needs to be….the healing process cannot work if that journey to healing is, by passed…
          there is no healing worm hole…cognitive therapy invites one to go where one doesn't want to go…it's easy to rote learn that the system is bad…but it is reacting in the moment to what is in front of one that is vital to nip things in the bud ie being demanded to do what one cannot do and instantly disarming that demand…which is why the state keeps control of one's vitality giving vitals of life…and therefore makes emotional health more important than ever, and also more elusive than ever… in her book dot rowe 'beyond fear' clinicians described cbt being as good as a mind numbing drug…and cbt is oft used in conjunction with pharms..cbt works for a short duration then needs top ups, as trigger manifest themselves…
          CT doesn't need top ups once root causes goned, it's job done…it's always look for the trapped emotions that causes the anxieties of emotional injuries, so if one is triggered find the trapped emotions and express the blocked feelings, trigger no more..the idea is even expressed in the word RECOVERY, of the time before one was abused…healing is always recovering what has been lost, not re-imagining/re-imaging it…but seeing things for what they actually are, the whole picture…
          curing mental pain… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxphZtIHvHs
          see works of dr bob johnson for solutions…also 'the myth of the chemical cure' by joanna moncrieff…romance in therapy is the wrong kind of love, the truly therapeutic kind of love is empathy and compassion…

          • Wow, thank you for the link to Dr Bob Johnson’s work, overburdenddonkey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxphZtIHvHs

            I think that we talk past each other but actually mean the same or very similar things. Good quality therapy (CBT or not) by therapists who do give a shit – does help enormously. Whereas half arsed, just-curing-the-symptoms atrocities do not help & especially not when dealing with past or present abuse.

            I can’t help but spot the irony in the naming of Dr Bob Johnson’s site: Truth, Trust, Consent…

            The every opposite of enforced treatment programmes.

            • His work is also the polar opposite of any form of behavioural therapy.

              • That’s REALLY helpful to people who come here looking for advice! You claim that none of the mental health treatments available in the UK will work, and the only treatment which does work was only ever provided by one man, and he’s given up providing it!

                • Corsair, there are a few providing effective and humane therapy, but you have to look damned hard. You won’t find this help in the NHS and you’ll work bloody hard to find similar in the private sector. It’s likely that the hunt for effective therapy will harm you further. Many MH professionals are wildly dishonest with their clients about the effectiveness of the therapies they offer. Why? because whether they are paid by you directly or the NHS or even if they are the first year, trainee counsellers, so beloved of the charity sector, it’s important to them that you keep coming through the door and stay sick enough for them to be paid.

                  There’s no point in pretending otherwise. Yep, it’s a massive pain in the butt, especially for those who have had to live a lifetime without any effective help. But if stating it as it is helps one person to realise that the garbage we are offered in lieu of effective healing help causes nothing but harm, then, in my view it’s a good thing.

                • So your advice to people with serious mental health problems is to go and see some guy called Johnson on the Isle of Wight, who’s not seeing anybody? Yeah, that’s really fucking helpful!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  he has closed his clinic due to lack of support…but he and his wife still do all they can do…he does workshops, legalmedico court work and updates his website with therapeutic info and vids…the work is not magical but down earth digging into the shit of human misery to recover lost human being…and is extremely hard work for the sufferer, some people are cured in 15mins others take much longer, but the ethos is once he aids one in starting on the healing path is DIY…this is all clearly stated on his website and in other publications of his…he is a graduate of cambridge, a GP and now for decades a practicing psychiatrist, registered as such with the gmc…working training in some of the most prestigious orgs on the planet see his cv, with impeccable qualifications…he could have stopped work years ago and jetted off to sunnier climes but @ i’d guess 75 he still does the same work helping people day in day out, i assume sunday’s off for quaker meetings.. and when someone refers to mental health treatment it is not difficult to use the word therapy to describe this process…the key is that we all know a time before the abuse, that is what his work gets to, and we all know the after abuse affects…his works speaks to the uninjured and injured child and says you really don’t have to put up with this shit and carry the burden of it anymore, now lets unbottle your trapped emotions.. the whole healing process is contained in his work his trusts the healing seeking victim to understand it…

              • Still not convinced, Lucy. Really think what the jobcentre is proposing is utter fucking horseshit.

                • Well Don, not much I can say to someone who has comprehended the exact opposite of my opinion, from reading my opinion is there?

                  Get thee to a reading comprehension class pronto!

            • overburdenddonkey

              pleb corsair… calling something a THERAPY does not make it a therapy…
              CT is nothing like CBT..CBT does not go to the root, it floats ABOVE the root…i CONDEMN behaviourism as it does not recover human being….it blames the victim dumps all the responsibility for the problem on the victim of crap mind and therefore it is dishonest…..one MUST express trapped emotions to heal…yes people who care does help and does make an enormous difference as one hears their humanity, not the cbt…
              ‘The governor you talked to was following the party line – the ‘replacement’, the so called DSPD units (Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder units) cost £500,000,000, and achieved nothing. A Sainsbury Mental Health Centre Report condemned them – they never once asked me what I did … CBT doesn’t go to the root – which needs cutting.’ the cure in a nutshell “Goodbye psychosis – using anger to cut its roots,”

      • OBD – Of course. The abuse or other trauma has already happened and obviously can’t be changed, so it’s only the patient’s reaction to it that can possibly be helped. CBT is a valuable therapy for many people, so it’s not helpful to reject it out of hand, as you seem to want to do.

        • Greenwood4727

          When you are bullied so much you wish to kill yourself caused by the DWP, how would CBT solve it, when i would be bullied every day even if i had cbt.. the cause of my depression was the DWP and their treatment of me, so i should think differently and accept what the dwp says.. because if you dont you WILL get sanctioned, YOU WILL be punished. the depression is teh SYMPTOM of the DWP’s bullying. CBT says IT IS YOUR FAULT, there is something wrong with you that caused you to be depressed. Forget the dwp and government an media paint all unemployed are work shy scum and should starve to death.. of course its got nothing to do with them.. its you.. give me a break..

          • Greenwood4727

            So we should accept their sending families into destitution, because its for the greater good,, we should all be happy clappy and be glad they are bullying people so much that death is prefereable, perhaps we should be happy we are not a drain on this planet and cheerfully walk into the ovens.. because well it is our fault you know.. because we fight against discrimination, fight against bullying that causes us to become depressed.. we should be punished so says the gods of CBT.

          • Greenwood4727: “When you are bullied so much you wish to kill yourself caused by the DWP, how would CBT solve it?”

            1) With a decent therapist, whom we are NOT mandated to see, we can tell exactly how we feel & what is happening to us without being judged. This can be a life saver if we are ready to kill ourselves.

            2) We learn to distinguish between our own & other peoples’ responsibilities. This helps us to acknowledge that what we experience at the hands of DWP – is abuse. We on Johnny Void’s blog might have already realised this. But a lot of people feel responsible for getting sanctioned or for “failing” to land a job.

            They take these assaults as signs of their own personal failings & sometimes kill themselves. So for them, this is a critical realisation. Remember, not everyone realises that they are getting abused. Especially not if they were abused as children. Which leads us to:

            3) We get a chance to unpack what went on in our earlier lives. This is difficult to do when we are in the midst of ongoing crisis. Hence it makes sense to return to therapy once our present situation is less chaotic.

            • Forgot to mention, decent CBT helps us to realise that we are worthy of asking for help. A lot of people feel ashamed of going to their GP & ask for sick notes for depression. It is quite a big step for some. However sanctions & other DWP harassment often cause depression.

              CBT can help us to realise that getting sick notes is exactly what we need to do in order to protect our emotional health from further abuse.

              • overburdenddonkey

                i really do not enjoy telling people that cbt is crap, but it’s the truth and it is my duty to inform others, so i share my knowledge…. because i don’t want others to continue to suffer AS I DID….and i want a better world for all….

        • I agree, Vernier. In a way it doesn’t really matter which type of therapy is being used. What really matters is the interaction between us & the therapist & whether the therapist cares about us & genuinely wants to help.

          An except from this could be PTSD treatments. But even there if you don’t feel you can trust or get along with your therapist, then I can’t see it working.

          I found CBT mixed in with other approaches helped me best. CBT on its own would probably not have worked for me. A decent therapist I think would not be so set in stone about which approach to use but rather try to tune in on what works for their clients.

      • OBD what about if cbt helped someone come to terms with abuse or not to blame themselves? Would that not be a good result?
        Cbt works for a lot of people and to say it dosent work at all because you recieved the wrong type of help isnt right my friend.

        • overburdenddonkey

          see my other replies…

          • *puts kettle on*

            • overburdenddonkey

              has it boiled yet, i’m parched… 🙂
              coming to terms with abuse is not the same as totally 100% healing from it’s affects and restoring the natural human being to full emotional health, where one is no longer needi of others for continued management…

              • I think we will need a Bowser of tea, going by the number of fans of cbt posting here.

                Part of the process of cbt relies on the individual denying most of their responses to their trauma. Sadly, it convinces people they have been helped when they know full well they haven’t.

                • Bernadette H

                  Lucy, I think, that, it is fab that there are so many opinions on CBT. The only problem I ever had with CBT was when discussing child abuse with the ‘therapist’. He kept fidgeting in his groin area. I, at the time, thought his trousers were too tight. Silly me.

                • Taking the piss is always an option Bernadette.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  b h
                  i’ve very extreme reactions from so called therapist who’re supposed to be teaching on pos behaviours, it’s common, next thing you know the gp’s trying to prescribe drugs shut one up…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  they even admit cbt doesn’t cure one…it loudly proclaims,’shut up and comply, might is right’… http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cognitive-behavioural-therapy/pages/introduction.aspx and yet they are set to spend £bns on it…
                  as for encouraging victims not to blame themselves cbt does exactly the opposite…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  b h
                  edit should read; i’ve had very extreme reactions from so called therapists, who’re supposed to be teaching one pos behaviours, it’s common, next thing one knows is a gp is prescribing mind numbing pharms to shut one up…so it’s pretty obvs the purpose of cbt is to shut one down….ie stop moaning, get a grip, and get a job, look i’ve got one….

                • “we must try and reframe your childhood/life experiences in a more positive way” says the cbt delivering, weaponised parasite.

                  “good luck with that, just don’t put your efforts on the internet, lest the police see it, your career might take a dive” says the fucked up (but sussed) patient.

                  “stop it serf-patient/claimant, you are catastrophizing and clinging to your abuse as an excuse to avoid contributing to society” says the parasite

                  “goodbye” says the patient as they flee the bullshit world of behaviourist based therapies

                  “losing your benefits for the next four weeks will help you adjust your negative outlook” says the parasite

                  obd, this country needs a galactic sized worm pill.

                • This shit is straight out of Stalinist Russia, Lucy 🙂 Joe must be smiling in his tomb 😀

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yes, people really need to know/see that all mhp’s are caused by abuse..bullying of course is abuse…see article 12, uk benefits manifestly inadequate… the power to intimidate us is always ill gotten….

                  Click to access UKXX2_en.pdf

                  the more who see the truth of that, the merrier…

  22. When are doctors and professional psychiatrists going to step in and stop this farce?

    • donna – it seems too many of them are also players in it….

    • overburdenddonkey

      see guardian link i posted above where 442 signed a letter condemning ‘work therapy’….

      Click to access 176_16-18.pdf

      ‘But of course, if you embark on such a radical departure from psychiatric orthodoxy, there’s a price to be paid – in my case, it cost me my psychiatric career. So taste what follows carefully, before you swallow. Being out on a limb can be hair-raising – evidence for it must therefore be so obvious, it can stand on its own. And naturally, there are many sensible psychiatrists who will agree with what I write here, who practise excellent psychiatry, but who keep their heads down, in case the Establishment chops them, as it did me.’
      few are prepared to speak out…

    • Most doctors (i.e. GPs) don’t actually have a lot of knowledge about mental health matters, as it is an extremely specialised area. Many might have counselling training, but that’s not the same thing. I’m guessing that the jury is still out over psychiatry and psychiatrists, but many of us would consider them to be part of the problem.

      However, what is the real consideration here is the misuse of therapies in order to effect a predetermined result, and perhaps it is here where we could do a lot to undermine IDS’ plans.

      These schemes are probably going to be staffed by ‘therapists’ who aren’t particularly well trained, implementing courses of ‘therapy’ that aren’t well designed, and certainly not focussed on the individual. Any decent professional body wouldn’t want to touch these schemes with a ten foot bargepole, and as such we need to contact the various professional bodies and persuade them to publicly criticise these schemes. Shouldn’t be too difficult, as it’s unlikely they’ll want to see their membership threatened by those ‘therapists’ in the Jobcentres with diluted skills and mickey mouse qualiifications recognised by only the DWP.

      • Yes, totally agree, however surely before undergoing an assessment an individual can ask if the person they are seeing is fully qualified – a complaint can be raised if the interviewer does not hold a fully recognised qualification.

        • Donna – You have completely failed to understand that the people who really suffer are those vulnerable people aren’t able to challenge or ‘game’ how the benefits systems work, not those who are.

          • I for one, would definitely stand up for people who were unable to challenge the benefits system – would you?

            • Yes. Which is why saying “surely before undergoing an assessment an individual can ask if the person they are seeing is fully qualified” is fucking stupid!

              • If people knew their rights and had to go it alone – of course they can ask “are you a qualified psychiatrist/psychologist” – they can also have the question put in writing before they are required to attend any appointment – are you stupid?

                • Nice thought Donna, but it doesn’t work like that when any type of health care or health assessment is carried out under the auspices of the DWP.. The “professionals” sitting aside JC+ staff will be classed loosely as HCPs. In a similar manner to the assessors for the WCA have been. The need to have staff who are properly qualified and experienced in a particular area of health care will be circumvented. Probably by writing an extensive scope statement about the role of the job. They will likely be cushioned against being accused of harming claimants by way of a contract that states they are not responsible for anything other than making recommendations to the claimant. The role of deciding who gets referred to the DM for sanction will be left to the blank faced JC+ drones.

                  It doesn’t matter how informed a person is, how educated, how clever, brave or articulate they are when those in power are working from ignorance and prejudice.

                • The DWP “therapists” will be cut from the same cloth as Maxiarse “assessors”.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  it’s exactly the right thing to be worried about…they will try all they can to trip one up and wrong foot one….they are no more than salespeople, trying to deprive one of welfare services….and also get one to work for them… useful info here… http://www.edinburghagainstpoverty.org.uk/
                  see them for what they are and your fear of them will evapourate…

          • overburdenddonkey

            talk about being shallow, insular and missing the point, the whole idea of these blogs and many posters here, bar a few, is to try to inform the downtrodden of their rights and hopefully support people in standing up for their rights…which means that we do understand that @ a very deep level…

            • OBD – You made a very fair point, and for the first time in ages I posted a message to agree with you, and Johnny blocked it! I give up!

      • overburdenddonkey

        it’s become extremely complex and specialist but as mhp’s are actually exponentially increasing something is going badly wrong is it not time questions were asked why…treatment as many now call it really comes down to good old fashioned, self knowledge, we all know what the before and after was, common sense, empathy, compassion and expression of trapped emotions….
        the cure is not emotional repression, but expression…but big business prevents this for the sake of efficiency…competition…the biggest bully takes all….we the masses have to be frozen ridged on the parade ground of their world to survive…
        so that those @ the top of the income stream can have their expressions of kicking the poor to get rid of their pent up feelings in this freud was right… we have to get power restored over 3 things; food, mental health, and housing, (which includes all that keeps us healthy warm and dry) …

    • They won’t Donna. They have already failed to speak out effectively and in a timely manner against the WCA. This latest proposal will (in their eyes) keep the tedious mental health issue patients away from the GP. If the hapless dare to ask the GP for help (there isn’t any usually other than pills and bullshit cbt) then the GP can, with confidence, tell the patient to go to JC+ for “help”

  23. It is massively illegal to force anyone to accept medical treatment against their will. It violates every medical standard from the Hippocratic Oath to The Nuremberg Code. Refusing medical treatment is a basic human right in every civilised country, even if the treatment is claimed to be beneficial (no treatment can ever be guaranteed to be completely beneficial or completely unharmful). The only exceptions are where a person is in immediate danger and cannot give consent (by being unconcious, for example) or has been properly Sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Even people with dementia cannot be forced to accept treatment against their will. The first person to take these regulations to court will win.

    • I would have thought it would invalidate their professional indemnity insurance for any qualified psychiatrist to do this. Isn’t practising medicine without insurance illegal?

      • Psychiatrists won’t be the ones doling out the “therapy”. Even my broken toaster could set itself up in psychotherapeutic practice, the field of psychotherapy/counselling is totally unregulated. Getting effective help is often 100% impossible within the NHS and the private sector. The system is not set up to make people well.

        I think those sitting alongside the JC+ staff are likely be half arsed, semi-trained, private practicing (but not doing too well) counsellors who will be keen to make a bit of a profit from the “tax payer” along the lines of Atos/Maximus HCPs and all WP providers/parasites. Scenarios where struck off physiotherapists dish out crude behaviourism based stupidity to the vulnerable, will be common.

        So far the professional governing bodies for nursing and doctors have made a pretty poor and late show of weak disapproval for their members taking part in government funded bullying of people on benefits. We can’t rely on them suddenly barring members from practicing within ideological programmes in jobcentres.

        Even if we could rely on them, as being struck off of the so called professional registers for such practitioners, means little (they can be struck off of a register, then carry on practicing but must not say they are on a register) there will be few who will be put off of taking part.

        They won’t be practicing medicine, there will be a new category created within the HCRPC to describe the function of these parasites, getting insurance won’t be a problem. They probably won’t even need it.

        • Dr Cawley - Consultant Psychiatrist (Shutter Island)

          Therapists are called “the rapists” for nothing, Lucy 👿 👿

        • overburdenddonkey

          yep, and the victim will be so mind numbed, so fucked up, shut down they won’t be able to complain, not that there’s anyway, any means, or anyone to complain effectively too in any case…they’ll even imply, ‘get some therapy, so that you can express yourself clearly and effectively’ or ‘you need assertion training’, most current roads lead to blaming the victim, ok, not ok… ‘resistance is futile’ signed the borg..online web therapy, more akin to cobweb therapy….

          • I see the kindly head tilt of faux concern by JC+ Headfuck Practitioners being the trigger for the victim to implode or explode obd. Either option will be lethal to the victim. I’d bleakly expect that lethality would extend to the perpetrators too.

            Cobweb is bang on.

            • This won’t end well. It is a honing of and extension of the techniques already employed to a degree in the jobcentre and the ‘work programme’, although the Jobcentre are more careful in what they say and do which is why they prefer to ‘contract out’ a lot of their ‘dirty work’. Reed in Partnership is known particularly for using abusive psychological techniques on their victims; RiP ‘advisors’ receive special training to implant negative thoughts in their victims heads. Victims of this programme will be asked all sorts of intrusive and personal questions, given all manner of ‘tests’, and goaded; all designed to humiliate, demean, and lower the self-confidence and self-esteem of the victim all the whilst with the threat of ‘sanctions’ hanging overhead like the Sword of Damocles for ‘non-participation’. A process designed deliberately to turn the victim into a veritable powder-keg which will either explode or implode in on itself. They can either ‘internalise’ or ‘externalise’ the anger and frustration that the abuse foments. But since the whole point of this process is get the victim to implode the jobcentre have already ‘contained’ and took precautions against any possible explosion so like a rat in a trapped in a corner the victim has not where to run; and in any event an explosion will be quickly extinguished and the victim returned to be ‘re-pressurised’ until they learn that the only option available and which offers the only escape from the torment is to implode on oneself. Basically, the whole point of the exercise is to tip it’s victims over the edge and drive them to suicide.

    • Kent – If they were proposing that JCP staff would hold people down and force medication down their throat then you would be right, but obviously that’s not going to happen. They will have no legal problem whatsoever in withholding payments if a claimant refuses to have ‘appropriate’ treatment for the condition which is preventing them from working, whether that’s physical or mental.

      Also you say it’s “against the law”, but you’re forgetting who makes the laws!

      • Remember, Smith has broken the law in the past. Though it didn’t stop him, thanks to the collusion of Labour, there is a point when he will go too far. There is a very strong case that threat of destitution is coercion as much as by physical means, particularly where someone who even the DWP acknowledge is in mental distress. Secondly, those administering any treatment against the patient’s will are in violation of every medical code there is. Thirdly, where is the money coming from, where are trained staff coming from? If untrained or semi-trained staff are used they will be sued. Finally, this conflicts with treatment the person may be receiving from a GP who is actually trained to do this job. In mental health there are no treatments that work for everyone and many may worsen the condition of some people.

        A great many depressive conditions are caused by the constant poverty and bullying created by the government department that is supposed to help people and this will only worsen. If Smith was genuinely concerned about mental health he would simply spend the money on existing services so people could get better treatment from their GPs and consultants. As always he’s going after the most vulnerable people and in the most brutal, incompetent and wasteful way

        • Kent – You’re STILL missing the point. They’re not going to administer any treatment, they’re going to withhold benefit payments on a completely legal basis.
          What can you do about it? I suggest 3 things:
          1) Don’t vote Tory, Labour or UKIP.
          2) Vote for the Alternative Vote system in 2011 (Oops sorry, too late!).
          3) Move to Scotland, or maybe Sweden.


      You are absolutely correct Kent, it is illegal to force anything upon anybody against their will……………

      Even ATOS, CAPITA AND MAXIMUS need your permission, but the DWP try to circumvent your approval by sending out questionnaires asking for signed authority to carry out very carefully hidden, (in the smallprint), agendas.

      Well they can resolve the whole Data Protection Act issue, although that said, it’s a nightmare for the DWP if a claimant has the right to refuse their information being shared, as the DWP would be required to make alternative arrangements both under the DWP regulation and in the interest of Natural Justice.

      It would be at the discretion of the Information Commissioner as to if the DWP/it’s contractors would face prosecution for violation of the Data Protection Act.

      In respect of the Right of Superession, without throwing out all of the welfare reforms and Social Security law since 1998, there is no simple way to resolve this, hence the rather illegal Declaration 5 page 18 of the ESA50 questionnaire (which attempts to do it via administration).

      At very least the 2010 regulations would have to be repealed. Effectively ending the Assessment before migration. Which means claimants would have to be re-migrated on the premiss that they are already of Limited Capability for work and the supersession would have to apply to all ESA renewals.

      To explain Right of Supersession. basically. where an existing claim is in place, the onus is upon the state to prove sufficient change that would required a supersession (to amend or terminate the award) it is an underpinning principle of the Social Security Acts.

      The WCA however places the onus upon the claimant to proved entitlement, so they are not legally compatible.

      The Underlying issue here is that both the Secretary of State and the Department of Work and pensions where fully aware that their actions had been and remain illegal amounting to a level of institutional fraud, that dwarfs the whole of last decades figures on claimant fraud/error combined.

  24. iain duncan smith


  25. Another Fine Mess

    The minister for disabled people is already claiming that they’re getting
    an “extra 650” disabled people a day into work.
    I wonder how this figures in the “1000 new jobs a day”? (as was, now less), and the net immigration of 318,000.
    Even when you consider some of these numbers overlap, they don’t add up!

    We’ve got thousands more disabled people into work, but there’s more to do Justin Tomlinson
    The latest statistics show a year-on-year increase of 238,000 disabled people in work – the equivalent of more than 650 more for every day of the year.

  26. I think we should understand that JCP staff are worried about their jobs too. They get brownie points for sanctioning people and cold stares for not sanctioning. Sanctions were a weapon to bring down the unemployment figures before the election. Now they have carte blanche to do what they want. The JCP staff will be re-deployed as Job Advisor’s at all the new agencies like ‘Work Solutions’, but to get the job’s, they have to behave. What’s an ex-civil servant going to do? They are scared witless of having to sit on our side of the desk. They did it to the Inland Revenue they are doing it to the DWP. But the main point is, sanctions ‘bring down the unemployment figures down’. We don’t just stay off the register for month…

    • I’m sure that JCP advisors are worried about their jobs, but they have done sweet FA about defending those jobs, and their union, the PCS has acted in a completely disgraceful and craven manner. If they took the kind of action that they should have done, they wouldn’t be faced with the situation they now face.

      • Work coaches and pcs union – the left can not face up to the totalitarian demons in its own ranks better to play the politically correct phantom nazi head hunter stalking UKIP than confront the real deal in jobcentres.

  27. The word WORK needs defining. Disabled work needs defining. The only disabled work is working with disabled people who by your DWP rules are not disabled. Disabled people in work is a twisting of words to suit the suits. So how many disabled people in work – Life coaches – disability work coaches – advisers in fact a whole posse of disabled workers in work. That little tongue twister makes a mockery of real disabled people who want a job & the ones who can`t work through their disability & needs. No more disabled cash cows backing up the PLC culture of vested interest which being a chief medical officer has not meaning or clout like a health care professional PLC. The nudge unit is funded by disabled cash cows. The nudge unit has mental health issues & so does the chief medical officer Bill “Maximus” Gunnyeon (Vested Interest) = Illegal. Time to take your medication. Don`t give medication if you can`t take your own medication. The stakes are high like poker faces.

  28. Step out of the box of politics like me.

  29. I think they will attempt to sidestep the “forced medical treatment” issue by arguing that it isn’t mandatory. But benefits will be sanctioned as a result of non-participation. Sooner or later, this question around what constitues ‘mandatory’ will have to be answered. In my view, depriving someone of the means to live, to eat, to exist, must be seen in the ECHR as coercion. Then, anything that uses sanctions as a punishment for non-participation must be considered mandatory.

    Maybe an argument over forced medical treatment using sanctions to ensure participation will break workfare? One can only hope.

  30. DWP/JCP mandatory cognitive behavioural therapy= brainwashing and political indoctrination.

  31. Shutter Island

    Shutter Island 👿 👿

  32. Shutter Island

    Shutter Island 👿 👿

  33. Shutter Island

    👿 👿 Shutter Island

  34. This comeing Monday I have to go on a mounth long course starting with self esteem and other problems you may have …that ate holding you back from finding work…..I had to go on a two week cb and cover letter coure in feb a waste of time we wer e all over 4.
    5 it was just so hummiliateing presided over by this fucking vile old shrew who constantly bragged about how succesfull she was and if you dared question her …your cards were marked …it was a waste of time .this country is becomeing more twisted by the the week.

  35. CBT – Keep talking, keep reinforcing the fear as the oppressor seizes your mind and guides into totalitarianism.

  36. No hardship payments in account after signing on for the second fortnight in a row, JCP wrong for government agencies to target individual citizens with PSYOP disruption tactics.

    JCP work Coach scum off our streets.

  37. So, Swain’s sticky fingers are all over this as per usual. He’s nothing but a jumped-up little cockney barrow boy who made good. It’s quite clear what his plans are…

    Rid the city of the homeless by any means necessary and drive up house price so London becomes the domain of the elite.

    Problem is, Tory cuts are so hard hitting that his “job” is only going to get tougher and tougher.

  38. New work coach trick not putting sign on episodes through, work coach SCUM.

  39. Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) defending and representing JCP work coach scum.

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  41. You want me to do something, it will cost you money DWP & JobCentre – I Thought the Work starts now. Avoiding getting me a real job.

  42. World Cup Report – YT & Navigator

  43. BBC Parliament

    IDS replying to the Queen’s most Gracious Speech on BBC Parliament (Freeview 131) at the mo.

  44. Forced Labour is Slave Labour and Needs to be Opposed
    wherever under Nazis or Tories

    I Wish this Country would Stop this Sleepwalking Trance and Protest
    En Masses

  45. nic.lane2@googlemail.com

    Streatham has always been out there… They opened their doors early for the 18-21 massive under threat of sanction with the “five minute” closure. Like you have a life.
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  46. I had CBT as part of the work programme over the phone and received sheets of paper in the post,it never done anything for me and still out of work coming up two years after finishing.

    Whats likely to happen is those that don’t say what they want to here are likely to have problems with their benefits as mentioned at the top.easily done in a jobcentre.Sounds more like the intensive attitude readjustment which really it is and a front for bullying and intimidation.


    Theres a lot of psychometric tests and personality traits which the Dwp have looked to jump on board.Someone with learning problems and or mental health should never be exposed to this cranky business and is used in these companies’ recruitment process such as here


    • Another Fine Mess

      Many years ago someone gave me a book, ‘How to Think Yourself Rich’ or similar. After 2 chapters, I realised it was cobblers, and so decided if the author was so clever, I’ll instead research how he got rich. It didn’t take long to find his ONLY business was writing/selling ‘How to get rich books’!

      Scientific or quasi-scientific neo-optimism is the default mode of our time. Things will get better, it is believed and, looking back on the dark, pre-Enlightenment centuries, Lennon was right: things can’t get much worse.

      Optimism is a pressure – it is stress-inducing and intelligence-lowering. Pessimism is a release: it is relaxing and mind-expanding.

      The happiness conspiracy: against optimism and the cult of positive thinking

  47. James Gasekll

    I cried after reading this article. It appears the mentally ill are now just fair game for exploitation by politicians and disabled haters who know little and care even less about how the mentally ill live or survive. The very idea of forcing the mentally ill to attend CBT services in Jobcentres is just cruel and flies in the face of every mental health professional’s code of ethics out there. It seems to me we are moving more and more towards a Nazi style state in the UK. The Nazi’s used to put a sigh up at the gates of every concentration/extermination camp – ‘Work sets you free.’ How very apt for Iian Duncan Smith’s re-education policy.

  48. These companies who lend their logo’s to government schemes must be mad – most people will just boycott them and go somewhere else for their needs – jog on Tesco.

  49. omg – you really take the biscuit – are you addicted to this site?

    • Another reason for slacking off work because you don`t do any – Sounding like Katie Hopkins now.

    • Donna – if he is addicted, Johnny will soon force him to go cold turkey!

      • yeah they’ve gone, enough of that shit.

          • Fellow JCP, May I beg the question; ‘Thanks for what?
            A man with multiple personalities/various titles is entitled to voice his opinion. I am sure you would agree? Or a man who is creative and has a mind that goes so fast nobody can catch up with him. His analytic abilities are excellent.

            • Bernadette – I was thanking Johnny for banning him and for agreeing with me and not you…

              • PS Bernadette – I have the feeling that if you had been subjected to the personal attacks and verbal abuse which obd, myself and donna have been by this person you would not quite so tolerant, understanding or admiring of his abilities – and speaking for myself, I never admired his analytical abilities or considered that he “has a mind that goes so fast nobody can catch up with him” even before he targeted me for the tirade of foul-mouthed abuse.

              • overburdenddonkey

                yes, i totally agree with you…that person soon flounders when logic is put in front of them and is the very reason they keep changing their name, and tries to rekindle the same old argument over and over again, twisting everything ones says and gradually changes the subject, tries to bring down the poster, so as to make one’s own personality the subject of criticism, quickly gets very personal …starts off sounding reasonable and then quickly decays into a tiraid of abuse…it they’re so brilliant they would have set up there own blog post by now and attracted masses of followers…no their aim is to disrupt and destroy blogs that they don’t agree with…it did the same on tom prides blog and is heavily moderated there…b h, you’re welcome to it, and you’re welcome to behaviourism….

                • obd – exactly – if that person really had the brilliant mind which they believe themselves to have they would not be spending their time trying to belittle others – they would be using their mind in better ways.

        • Johnny – If you would like to explain what it is you object to, and it’s reasonable, then I’ll almost certainly do as you ask. It’s your site and you have a right to say what goes and what doesn’t. If you say nothing then I’ll probably just carry on the same……

          • Stop being a dick, keep comments on topic rather than wasting everyone’s time with petty personal attacks and stop using sock puppets. You’re comments are on moderation, if you can post without being a dick they will be published, if not they won’t.

            • Johnny – Thanks for the reply. Keeping on topic and no petty personal attacks is absolutely fine. I agree to that. However, I will be looking out for you to apply that policy equally to all posters. I’m not using sock puppets (that has a different specific meaning), I’m just having to use a new logon if you block one without rhyme or reason. WordPress moderation doesn’t work, so I wouldn’t waste your time with it if I were you.

            • Johnny – Thanks for the reply. Keeping on topic and no petty personal attacks is absolutely fine. I agree to that. However, I will be looking out for you to apply that policy equally to all posters. I’m not using sock puppets (that has a different specific meaning), I’m just having to use a new logon if you block one without rhyme or reason. WordPress moderation doesn’t work, so I wouldn’t waste your time with it if I were you.

      • I maybe trouble & a rebel but to reason with people is the key for constructive foundations.

        Give thanks JV & the regulars.

        • overburdenddonkey

          ‘the thing that rants into a mirror’, by a c doyle…obvs talented and should set up their own blog, people would flock there just to have a laugh, and be thankful we’re still sane despite what life has thrown @ us…..

        • Stepping, I feel, that reason can be found everywhere. You just have to be open to it.

  50. Still scared to talk about IDS & his Alto Egos Caliper?

  51. The 10 Commandments Of Bullshit According To IDS & his alto ego In Deep Shit.

  52. Creativity Is The Order Of The Day.

  53. Time for some think tank therapy!!!!!!!!!? ????????!!!!!!!

  54. Rod Taylor – Words Of Parables + Dub 1981

  55. stevecheneysindieopinions4u

    CBT is hit and miss even if you are mentally ill. Not sure what good it will do to use it on people who have every right to feel like shit.

    • steve, this is one of the biggest problems with the whole of MH therapy, psychology and psychiatry.

      People who have so called “mental illness” do have every right to feel like shit. Their trauma has caused their response which is perfectly legitimate and natural, just the same as those who don’t carry the MH label.

      If you aren’t insane before you get to JC+ then they will apply all their crude nudge techniques to ensure you become insane very quickly.

      Compliance via one size fits no one is the ideology that takes no account of any individual at all.



    Colin Hampton, of the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centre, tells how Stephen was found fit for work by the DWP’s ‘work capability assessment’. Stephen challenged the decision and it went to ‘mandatory reconsideration’, an intermediate stage to try to stop cases going to tribunal appeals.

    Stephen was in no condition to look for work so felt unable to sign on Jobseekers’ Allowance while he waited for a result. As a consequence he received nothing. Then the DWP lost his paperwork and nothing came of repeated phone calls and letters.

    After 22 weeks the reconsideration process turned him down. He had lived on two small loans from the local discretionary fund and he used local food banks, but was not eating well. He was facing eviction and became ever more depressed.

    Stephen died shortly after receiving the news that he would be allowed to appeal against the department’s decision.

    His sister, Mavis Bond, was shocked at the treatment of her brother. “I find it hard to believe in this day and age that the state would leave a man penniless – but this is 21st-century Britain where a sick man can be hounded to death and denied a safety net.”

    Stephen’s appeal was heard posthumously and the tribunal overturned the department’s decision. The story has one more twist. The DWP is now pursuing Mavis for the grant she received to bury her brother. “Not content with hounding him while he lived, the cruel system continues to bring misery to Mavis who is herself in poor health,” says Colin. “People’s treatment at the hands of the department is frightening.”


  57. Dare ids to close the whole in/out of work benefits system down in one go, perfect opportunity – the emergency budget on July 8 2015.

  58. http://dailyjobseeker.tumblr.com/

    Herr Smithy is looking to branch out into new ventures against us down-trodden state slave, following his re-instatement as chief big head. I’ve spotted a link to ”daily jobseeker” on the front page of universal mis-match.

    The old twit making our lives a misery is getting more deluded and paranoid every day against us. Can anybody stop him before we see the first deaths (from his dangerous meddling) in JCP’s across the land?

  59. The focus of most of the comments is on JCP/CBT being applied to the disabled, but JCP/CBT is obviously set-up to target able bodied claimants the objective to define joblessness as a mental illness that can only be cured by work slavery or by the criminalisation of the jobless.

  60. That this is really a blueprint to demolish the welfare state …

    JV should the WS be demolished in an emergency budget are you confident that the British peoples would fight for reinstatement, imho better to fight in the ruins than a degrading war of attrition.



    Delays in paying a new disability benefit to two claimants was ‘unlawful’, the High Court has ruled.

    The case was brought by the pair, known only as Ms C and Mr W, who argued hold-ups in providing personal independence payments (PIPS) meant the Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith had breached his common law and human rights duties to make payments within a reasonable time.

    The payments replaced the disability living allowance (DLA) as part of a far-reaching government shake-up of the benefits system.

    They are meant to help disabled adults meet the extra costs caused by disability.

    A previous hearing had heard that vulnerable people have been forced to turn to loan sharks and food banks because of delays in receiving the benefit.

    Mrs Justice Patterson ruled the delay in both cases was “not only unacceptable, as conceded by the defendant, but was unlawful”.



    Responding to the judgement, Minister for Disabled People Justin Tomlinson said: “The Court has rightly dismissed the claimants’ absurd suggestion that their human rights had been breached.

    “As a result they are not entitled to damages.



      • DWP most wanted, pack of cards

        Ace ♠: Iain Duncan Smith MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
        King ♠: Lord Freud, Minister of State for Welfare Reform
        Queen ♠: Priti Patel MP, Minister of State for Employment
        Jack ♠: Justin Tomlinson MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Disabled People
        Ten ♠: Baroness Altmann, Minister of State for Pensions
        Nine ♠: Robert Devereux, Permanent Secretary

  62. It’s a worrying development but doomed to fail cos they aren’t throwing any money at it. There’s a waiting list a mile long for CBT.

    • overburdenddonkey

      they’re throwing £billions @ cbt now…more money wasted on what doesn’t work, on behaviour management schemes…

      • Then they will need to hire & trainthousands more therapists. Can’t see that happening.

        • not roger, we saw it happen when Simon Wessley introduced IAPT during Gordon Brown’s term of office as PM.

          Yep, they promised thousands of therapists, but only offered minimal, short term, superficial training to the potential cbt therapists. A few weeks of supposed training has left us with the army of incompetents delivering cbt now, generally via Positive Step (an ATOS company)

          They’ll find a way around any HCRPC regs about qualification, just as they did when the WCA was introduced.

          • It will be the same fucking brownshirt 20-something still-live-at-home with no life experience or real work experience whatsoever arseholes with their horseshit ‘psychology’ degrees that the ‘work programme’ employ as ‘advisors’ that will fill most of these vacancies for mindfuckers. They will be queuing up. How else are they going to pay for their mobile phone tops, holidays in Ibiza, nights out, booze, put petrol in their Corsa…

            • Brownshirt, It is not fair to slag of graduates. The schools of learning are in the most part, at the pinnacle of knowledge and understanding of most things in life. JCP are to fucking mean to employ graduates, jobs instead will go to ‘coaches’ people who have a certificate in ‘positive thinking’ .Wankers.

  63. It is CBT in name only. The aim is to make people who think rationally to act irrationally i.e. convince them that working for no pay or very low wages is a good idea. If this cannot be achieved then any information acquired from the claimant during CBT that could facilitate a sanction will be passed to the DWP.

    • It is what is known as “adjustment” Jacques Ellul goes into this in his book “Propaganda”: [page 107] That is why adjustment has become one of the key words of propaganda. Whether it is a question of adaptation to working conditions, to consumption, or to milieu a clear and conscious intent to integrate people into the “normal” pattern prevails everywhere. This is the summit of propaganda action. For example, there is little difference between Mao’s theory of the “mold” and McCarthyism. In both cases the aim is normalcy with a certain way of life. For Mao, normalcy is a sort of ideal man, the prototype of the Communist, who must be shaped, and this is done by pressing the individual into a mold in which he will assume the desired shape. As this cannot be done overnight, the individual must be pressed again and again into the mold; and Mao says that the individual is fully aware that he must submit to the operation.

      [page 225] As in all propaganda, the point is to make man endure, with the help of psychological narcotics, what he would not endure naturally, or to give him, artificially, reasons to continue his work and to do it well. This is the task of propaganda, and there is no doubt that if it is done well, it will make possible the integration of the working class and make it accept its conditions happily.

    • It is what is known as “adjustment” Jacques Ellul goes into this in his book “Propaganda”: [page 107] That is why adjustment has become one of the key words of propaganda. Whether it is a question of adaptation to working conditions, to consumption, or to milieu a clear and conscious intent to integrate people into the “normal” pattern prevails everywhere. This is the summit of propaganda action. For example, there is little difference between Mao’s theory of the “mold” and McCarthyism. In both cases the aim is normalcy with a certain way of life. For Mao, normalcy is a sort of ideal man, the prototype of the Communist, who must be shaped, and this is done by pressing the individual into a mold in which he will assume the desired shape. As this cannot be done overnight, the individual must be pressed again and again into the mold; and Mao says that the individual is fully aware that he must submit to the operation.

      [page 225] As in all propaganda, the point is to make man endure, with the help of psychological narcotics, what he would not endure naturally, or to give him, artificially, reasons to continue his work and to do it well. This is the task of propaganda, and there is no doubt that if it is done well, it will make possible the integration of the working class and make it accept its conditions happily.

    • The “mold” is shitty work for no pay or low wages, and you are going to be pressed into it over and over again until you finally submit to it with a great big stupid, cheesy grin on your face. As Bertrand Russell said: “We want them to enjoy their servitude,”

    • And they want to make out that it was all your own idea: that you “chose” shitty work for no or low pay.

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  65. Serious incidents lead to closure of Lincoln disability inpatient unit

    The Lincolnite – 5th June 2015

    A Lincoln disability inpatient unit has been shut down after a number of serious incidents put the quality of care at the facility into question.

    Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT), alongside South West Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), have taken the decision to temporarily close the learning disability inpatient unit at Long Leys Court in Lincoln.

    The trust says there have been a number of serious incidents at the unit recently which have highlighted concerns.

    All new admissions have been ceased with immediate effect and once all existing patients have been discharged or transferred to alternative services, either in the community or in alternative residential settings, the unit should be closed temporarily.

    Operations at the facility will be scrutinised through an internal and external investigation, and the trust say they patients are being relocated.

    No particular details have been shared regarding the incidents that led to the closure.

    Read More:

  66. Maximus are going for 51% of the NHS Shares.

  67. How long before Streatham Job Centre installs a Metal Detector?
    How long before someone is topped by a person with a serious mental condition.
    I know and have seen some of the troubled people who live in that area, and I’ve seen how they react when upset.
    Sadly it will probably happen and sooner than anyone thinks.

    • Greenwood4727

      they will push and push until someone does violence towards dwp staff.. then the dwp will justify clamping down MORE on people stating see this is what the unemployed scroungers do we need to make an example of them.. and more slave labour,

  68. “Mental health” – both politically motivated and socially constructed, Stalin would be proud of this 😀

  69. Jobcentre “therapy” = psychological torture

  70. How are Jobcenters getting away with illegaly imposing 35 hours weekly jobsearch activity upon JSA Claimants?

  71. Drunken sh*te is the one who needs to be re-educated, especially with the use of water torture on him.

  72. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here describes the latest stage in this country’s descent into an Orwellian nightmare dystopia, courtesy of the Tories. Streatham Jobcentre now has a ‘Living Well Community Hub’, where, as he say in his very first paragraph, psychiatrists, social workers, voluntary sector charity workers and jobcentre staff will bully the unemployed back to work. He makes a good point when he states that this represents the end of mental health care that the mentally unwell can actually trust, as it has been co-opted into the system of benefit sanctions. He also points out the way the medicalization of poverty and homelessness has been used to put the blame for these conditions not on the state of the economy, but on the mental health of the poor and homeless themselves.

    As for as the complicity of charities and the voluntary sector in this new phase of politicised medicine goes, he finds it complete unsurprising that Thamesreach, a charity that is ostensibly for the homeless, fully supports it and has invited Iain Duncan Smith to visit their new operations centre. Thamesreach’s campaign to end homelessness has basically consisted of their harassment, coupled with attempts to end private giving to the homeless in the streets, and their feeding by local authorities, as this apparently only goes to support their drug addictions and other problems.

    Mr Void also here gives notice that the Mental Health Resistance Network are planning a demonstration against the Jobcentre. They’re planning to march on it on Friday, 26th June. Mr Void’s article contains a link to the Facebook page giving further details.

    This latest development bears out an observation J.G. Ballard made a few years ago on future forms of totalitarianism. He said that whereas in the past totalitarian states made little pretence at being about anything other than command and control, in the future they would claim to be about serving the public. Ballard was a high Tory, who believed that modern society had become too safe and so had become suffocating and stifling. Hence novels like ‘Supercannes’ and ‘Cocaine Nights’ described closed, gate societies developing cults of extreme violence, or else were stalked by crazed psychopaths, as a means of restoring excitement, vitality and a sense of community amongst the bored, valium-sodden denizens. His observation was probably meant to be a description of the future of form of the ‘nanny state’ about which the Tories so often howl, in order to justify the next round of cuts and the further destruction of the welfare state. But it does accurately describe this form of politicised psychiatry. This isn’t about punishment, according to its architects; it’s about helping people. They’re to be cured of their mental illness by being sent off to work. Who could possibly argue with that?

    In fact, as Johnny Void points out, they don’t help people. They bully them, and seek to dominate and control every aspect their lives. Mr Void has called Streatham Jobcentre a ‘re-education centre’. It’s something of an exaggeration, but only just. It is about re-education, and the psychological destruction of the individual, just like the re-education centres that sprang up throughout the Communist bloc, and which exist even today in the new, capitalist China.

    It also recalls the politicised psychiatry in the Soviet Union. There, obedient psychiatrists serving the regime provided them with a new weapon to intern dissidents, who otherwise could be not be easily prosecuted by the regime. As the Soviet Union was the perfect state, only the mentally ill could possibly oppose the state and its version of the Marxist utopia. Hence they declared that a whole range of dissidents, from religious believers to troublesome old Bolsheviks, who took seriously the state’s avowed raison d’etre to serve the workers, were duly locked up as mentally ill. Iain Duncan Smith hasn’t gone that far yet, but the thinking behind the medicalization of poverty is dangerously similar.

    It also shows how insightful Orwell was, when he described the way language was perverted to mean its exact opposite in ‘1984’. ‘War is peace’, ‘Slavery is Freedom’ were the oxymoronic slogans of the regime. He based it on the Stalinist abuse of language, but it applies to Iain Duncan Smith’s re-education centre here. All the rhetoric surrounding the DWP is supposed to lead you to believe that it is somehow a caring, institution. You even have a contract with the jobcentre itself. In actual fact, that contract is merely a demonstration of their power over you through a list of obligations, and the DWP and its minions are just bullies. But the whole vocabulary used to describe the process of victimisation and control is there to suggest it is anything but.

    And you are expected to internalise this indoctrination, just as the Chinese victims of Mao’s Cultural Revolution were supposed to through ‘self-criticism’, the term the regime gave to their forced confessions of their failings and self-humiliation on behalf of the totalitarian state.

    Unlike the Communist bloc, the forms of psychological coercion and control are more subtle. The political indoctrination carried out by the Jobcentre, and their political medicine, is made more plausible by the fact that it is not explicitly linked to the state. No-one is being arrested and interned for ‘anti-Soviet activity’. Instead, the Conservatives are merely claiming to be helping people in accordance to an impartial ideology that is self-evidently true, and not their explicit invention. Some people have mental health problems that prevent them from holding down a job or having a roof over their head. They must be helped and re-educated to make them a proper, responsible member of society. When they have their benefits cut, or are sanctioned, or put on workfare, this is because they have failed to keep their side of the bargain, not because they are guilty of ‘anti-Tory activity’. As the Tories see themselves as the party of business, and the natural party of government, that, however, is exactly what it is.

    Despite the rhetoric of liberal capitalism standing for personal freedom, the Tories have learned some of the techniques of control and domination from the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century. They’ve just refined them and made them slightly more subtle. And Streatham Jobcentre is just part of the new, subtle, kinder and friendlier authoritarianism.

  73. Down with Totalitarianism Brainwashing and Orwellian Newspeak

    Britain Deserves Better than the Slavery of Neo Liberalism and

    Increase Welfare Benefits Scrap MPS Expenses

  74. There is Good and Evil There is such a Thing

    Good is Addressing Poverty and Alleviating Degrading Poverty

    Evil is Pretending Poverty does Not Exist and/or Trivializing the Level of Poverty in this Country

    Far too many Scum/Sheople out There are Evil Collaborators because they are Oblivious to the Degrading Effects of Poverty and Lack the Intelligence and Human Compassion to Understand that Degrading Poverty is a Real Crime against Humanity

    As it Says in the Holy Bible Proverbs Chapter 14 Verse 31
    Anyone who Oppresses the Poor is Insulting God who Made Them To Help the Poor is to Honour God

  75. It does Make My Blood Boil to Think of All the Species on this Planets
    only Alleged ” Humans ” would be Thick Enough and Slavish Enough
    to be Brainwashed by the Dog Shit Propaganda about the Poor being
    Supposedly Scroungers when the Filthy Selfish Rich despite being
    Millionaires Already have had Tax Breaks under the Con Dems

    A Good Reason in itself Not to Vote Liberal Democrat as they Propped
    Up the Con Dems

    Picking on a Poor People is like Nazi Thuggery Boneheaded and Evil
    Collaboration with Oppression and Tyranny

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  77. Philip K Dick

    Can hear the sound of the goalposts being moved once against; a name change to JSA is in order. In the same way the change from unemployment benefit to jobseekers allowance meant it was simply not enough to be unemployed to claim the main out of work benefit – try it! – you have to be “jobseeking” as well. Now, we have another dimension being added – your “attitude”. We are reaching a situation whereby you will be denied benefits because of your “attitude. Unemployed? Yes; Jobseeking?, Yes; Attitude, then it becomes like something out a novel by Philip K Dick… “hold on there is a doubt on your claim”, “why is that?”, “the jobcentre psychologist has determined that you have the wrong attitude”, “Does it give a reason?”, “Nope, doesn’t say, but didn’t you refuse to sign the community work placement paperwork, could be something to do with that”, “I didn’t refuse to sign anything, but I decided to not given consent to my personal information being shared between third-parties. By law I am legally entitled to do this under the provisions of the Data Protection Act. I also have an expectation of privacy under the European Privacy Directive”, “That may be true, I haven’t got the time to check, all well and good, but the question the psychologist could be asking is “does it present the wrong attitude”, this could be why a doubt has arisen on you claim to Jobseekeers with the Right Attitude to Work Allowance (JRAWA). Nevertheless, as the situation stands we cannot pay you JRAWA. There is not a lot we can do. Have you considered voluntary euthanasia?”

  78. Another big stick to beat the mentally ill of our country and I’m one of them, Tories don’t believe in the voluntary sector, if it were up to them, it’d be destroyed, just like every else is being!

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  80. Stand Up to this Tory Nazi Evil because Britain Deserves Better than
    the Nation Wrecking Tories


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