How The Benefit Lies Begin. Ludicrous Claims By Job’s Website Reported As Facts In Tory Press

malcolm-xIt is astonishing how quickly an outright lie told as part of a shoddy marketing campaign can turn into real proper news when it suits the political objectives of the Tory press.

Both the Daily Mail and The Express have run the same triumphant story today claiming that the number of job vacancies has now outstripped the number of unemployed people.  According to the Daily Mail there are now over one million job vacancies and just under 800,000 jobseekers.  Even for the Mail this is a staggering untruth.

The latest Labour Force Survey, conducted by the Officie for National Statistics (ONS), revealed that there are currently 1.83 million officially unemployed people, over double the amount reported by the Daily Mail.  In addition to this there are over 2 million people who are ‘economically inactive’ and want a job but do not meet the strict definition of unemployment set by the ONS.  The true number of unemployed people in the UK is over 4 million.

The ONS also collect data for the number of job vacancies which is produced from a widespsread survey of employers.  This shows that there are currently 733,000 job vacancies, meaning there are almost six people chasing every job.

The reason the Daily Mail are claming unemployment is so low is that they are only counting current claimants of Jobseeker’s Allowance, the main unemployment benefit.  Eligibility conditions for this benefit are now so tough that the number claming only accounts for a fraction of the total number of people who report that they are unemployed. Nobody, including even the DWP pretends anything otherwise.  Well nobody except the right wing press.

The claim that there are a million jobs available figure comes from private company Adzuna and is equally bogus.  Adzuna are the latest online jobs vacancy site that harvests advertised jobs from across the internet and attempts to put them all in one place.  According to the company the number of vacancies on their website has now hit over one million so they have launched a gushing press onslaught claiming that there are now more job available than people out of work..

Yet even the briefest scan of their website shows that when they say job vacancy, what they actually often mean is a couple of hours work at little more than the minimum wage. Many of the vacancies are so-called micro-jobs – one wants someone to write three paragraphs of advertising copy for twenty quid, another is asking for someone to deliver 2000 leaflets.  Many more job advertisements on the site are duplicates and some are even illegally advertising for unpaid internships and work experience positions.  Others are flaky sales companies wanting commission only staff. or franchise opportunities and catalogue distribution jobs which require money to be invested upfront.

This entire story is nothing more than a fucking advert for Adzuna who by pandering to the prejudices of the Daily Mail have managed to leverage some free marketing in the national press.  And of course it suits the party line of the Tory newspapers perfectly, if unemployment is caused by a ‘skills shortage’ then that means unemployed people themselves are to blame for being out of work.  If this so-called skills shortage is affecting the economy, which they pretend it is, then unemployed people are even to blame for slow economic growth.

The sad thing is it will be unemployed, sick and disabled people who pay for this free advertising splurge concocted by Adzuna.  This story has not just featured in the Tory press, but throughout business publications and some local newspapers.  Very soon it will emerge in pubs and workplaces as someone authoritively declares that they heard there are more jobs than there are unemployed people.  There aren’t, it’s not even close.  But it said so in the papers so it must be true.

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90 responses to “How The Benefit Lies Begin. Ludicrous Claims By Job’s Website Reported As Facts In Tory Press

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  3. To live a lie is very hard work, trying not to slip up. but of course there are slip ups & mistakes.Fiddling figures is where it`s at. Being a slave seems to be a job title these days with no pay or workers rights.

    Dodgy Dave backing down from his Bill Of Rights & let Mr Gove get the blame & the sack for a failure.

  4. how dare you criticise this wonderfull goverment.

  5. Once one has been sanctioned you are now in work as a job figure.

  6. Any silly fuckwit that thinks there are more jobs than unemployed must be living in cloud cuckoo land.

  7. If this is the case then Interest Rates should have risen(Mark Carney BOE) I only report UJM when I sign on,last Week I was told to use other sites as UJM was unacceptable…Really? I thought this was the Dogs Bollocks a 1 stop shop for the unemployed,God knows you shoved it down my throat enough…

  8. They put it in print so the thick Tory voters and the MP’s can just about read it .. You will notice no long words or facts ..just the usual lies that only the thick believe and as long as it’s next to a article on some fat arsed plastic Alien then it has to be true!

  9. overburdenddonkey

    people are waking up before NS had appeared on tv few really knew what the snp were about once they did support in soared… #takeuswithyouscotland

  10. Anyone who can Believe Propaganda like that such as Friday Night
    Pub Idiots and TV Zombies are as Thick as Solid Wood in the Head

    Tories Scrapped Apprenticeships Shut Down Chatham Dockyard
    and Messed About with the Miniers

    Slave Labour Exploitation must be Opposed

  11. Typical Tory lies! How many of the so called jobs are already filled and have been since they were put on the site? The DWP are just as guilty of putting jobs on their UJM site that are already filled. I used to search UJM every day for all jobs within a 10 mile radius and spent loads on phoning them only to be told the job had already gone, on questioning why it had already gone when it had just been put on the site that day they came out with excuses from we filled it internally and didn’t have a vacant position but had to advertise to comply with the law to there was never a vacant position and have never advertised a vacancy!
    IMHO I believe up to 50% of the vacancies are that old they have been filled by the employer advertising it at an agency or agency staff passing on filled job positions to other sites so people then send off applications and never get a reply, but many employers won’t reply unless you are asked to an interview.

  12. Just looked at Adzuna for jobs in my field (Electronics), all are listed on other agencies’ sites including Monster – didn’t see any jobs listed by the firms concerned. In other words a meta job-site, be interested in how they make their money?

  13. The 2nd of June Mark’s the Anniversary of the Kondomari Massacre in 1941 AD .

    Greek People were Killed by Nazi Forces under the Command of Generaloberst Kurt Student .

    An Example of Nazi Brutality upon Occupied and Oppressed Greece.

    Today Greece is Occupied by the Nazi Designed European Union and Greek People Experience The Misery and Oppression of Austerity which the Rich seem Not to Join In.

    • Oh nice. Greece is what England is becoming. The EU and the Tories neither understand capitalism nor socialism. The EU wiped out capitalism and jobs and social medicine and welfare in Greece. The Tories copy the EU by stealth and other means to get the same result on the poor.

      Listening to speeches made by New Democracy or what the Troika / IMF said, in Greek and German. Then heard the same Anglicised version from the Tories for years.

      Glad someone has realised that.

      The Greek rich do not join in with austerity, because the rich Greeks left Greece after being given a long period of time to escape by Papandreou, who if he had kept his gob shut none of this would have happened.

      The German tourists are not the German politicians and as Greeks speak German, they can converse direct on holiday and the German people apologise for what the German politician-dominated EU is doing to Greece.

      Because the EU has not one comprehension of the basic concept of capitalism and so have destroyed the small to medium independent retailers and the average waged / incomed middle class throughout southern and eastern Europe.

      The EU is an empire and acts just like the various European empires did throughout history.

      The IMF has never heard of anything but feudalism, just like our Tories, which is why it never believes in public spending that is focused on people, worldwide.

      The public have believed in the same wrong thoughts about the poor throughout history in England, and are still stuck in a feudal world.

      The House of Lords in the UK is something entirely feudal and not within the western democracy system invented by the ancient Greeks. So has no right to exist in the modern world.

      So the Daily Mail and Daily Express could be exported back to 1066 AD and the feudal system’s elite would recognise the sentiments about the poor exactly. Nothing has changed.

      There were but two kinds of people,

      The Lord of the Manor who literally owned the serfs tied to the land and the merchantmen and freemen with their own land and businesses beholding to the elite. The elite were then beholding to the crown that actually ruled. Unlike the monarchy today, that is merely a figurehead.

      Our laws and land ownership are based on the Norman law, who did a land survey and census with the Domesday Book shortly after arriving from France and ruling us.

      So never mind Nazis.

      The political class in the UK are exactly the same as they were for 1000 years.

  14. Under Mussolini’s government the ‘free’ media required a licence from the government in order to operate. The government then provided the newspapers with stories to run. Anyone else worried by the similarities?

    • @AndyH
      Mussolini’s regime was fascist, as is the one we now live under. The only difference between then and now is that most of our media are owned and controlled by oligarchs with fascist leanings.

  15. I had a concern with regard to the Murdoch SUN article about meteorological office jobs and disabled people
    It was playing the ” pc correctness gone mad ” card
    The subtext to me was ” disabled people are stupid and not worth employing ”
    Funny that this same tory press claim that all disabled claimants are faking their conditions “

  16. Very soon it will emerge in pubs and workplaces as someone authoritively declares that they heard there are more jobs than there are unemployed people.

    The jobs confetti will be picked-up by murderous Work Coaches and stuffed down the sanctioned throats of unemployed claimants before it can become pub banter.

  17. show some respect for our lord and savior george ousbourne who ascendsd from heaven to save us all.

    • show some respect and stop trollin this blog.

    • sibrydionmawr

      Hmmm, surely, even in your illiterate way you mean descended rather than ascended? Oh, I see, you got the Heaven bit wrong, and ascend Gidiot did, from Hell!

  18. Dodgy Dave Cameron BIG on other peoples corruption and slavery not so BIG when playing at home.

    DWP/JCP corruption and slavery, just ask IDS.

  19. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    The Daily Mail and Daily Express in lying bullshit complete non-shocker over claims there are more ‘vacancies’ than there are ‘unemployed’ people…

  20. Scots ‘living in constant fear’ of further welfare cuts

    ScottishHousingNews – 1st June 2015

    Many people accessing benefits are living in constant fear that further cuts will push them into “crisis situations”, a new study has found.

    The Welfare Reform Tracking Study
    by Edinburgh Napier University, which looks at on-going changes to working age benefits, revealed all respondents, including those in work, found themselves in very difficult financial situations and therefore felt an underlying sense of ‘precariousness’. Many were anxious that changes to their circumstances or entitlements would push them into crisis situations.

    Read More:

    • In addition to this many participants said they received poor and sometimes conflicting communications from benefits agencies and there was a lack of clarity over information that was provided, bringing extra stress and uncertainty.

      DWP/welfare disinformation part of the disruption tactics deployed against claimants – in my opinion a deliberate policy of psychological warfare perpetrated by the sate against its own citizens creating a climate of socio economic fear and ‘precariousness’ not only against the target claimant group but the waged class generally.

    • The SNP have kept a variety of welfare under their own laws and pay the bedroom tax and council tax support of the poorest.

      The poor have some hope in Scotland.

      Wales will get more devolution over welfare.

      Both Scotland and Wales have a devolved NHS saved from privatisation and still public.

      Ulster has escaped the flat rate state pension law, that has SERPs opt out and National Insurance record wiping each other out.

      But Scotland has not.

      The lowest forecast for retiring next year seen is £8.39 per week after 45 years in work flat rate state pension.

      So Scottish new pensioners face a bleak future indeed, with all kinds of cuts to Pension Credit and who knows if pensioners will get the next wave of welfare cuts, when already on the lowest state pension of all rich nations bar Mexico, about to become a lot less.

      But there are the working poor and women who will face NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE as new pensioners. Work til you die or starve if you can’t forever in life.

      Betraying their own Tory grey vote.

  21. The Scots should declare UDI and send Westminster packing.

  22. Brimstone – Air Pass Through (Fam’s) 198x

  23. Policy implications: The findings of this study demonstrate a range of situations in which people might seek advice. It also shows that there is no
    ideal or ‘one stop shop’ solution; advice needs to come from a range of
    services. It should be considered how services that are currently perceived as not operating effectively can be improved. This is particularly important for CABs which form a large part of the support infrastructure.

    Scotland needs proper citizens law centres, proactive social ambulance chasers not the divisiveness of special privilege group representation or the soft social enterprise model of CAB.



  24. Pensioner are fucking poor, yeah right!

    “A Glasgow pensioner who bet £30,000 on a Conservative majority at the UK general election has collected his £240,000 winnings.”

    30 grand on a bet! Bet he lives of off custard creams and keeps the heating turned off – poor, poor pensioner 😦 😀

    • Stop it right now.

      The Tories are dividing us by age as well as money.

      There are indeed millions of pensioners on low works pensions and the lowest state pension of all rich nations, who go hungry and keep the central heating off even in the depths of winter.

      The average works pensions of the average council worker is within 4 per cent lowest income according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies. Men’s at about £4000 a year and women at £2,800 (2013).

      The state pension is all but being wiped out for over half of new pensioners, which will only increase with the years.

      Lowest forecast seen so far is £8.30 per week after 45 years in work.

      Especially for women the state pension is the sole pension provision.

      But millions of men and women will fall into ever deeper poverty, when Pension Credit (savings) is abolished for new claimants next year and Pension Credit guarantee credit is made more complex complidated, even eventually for the over 75s.

      The elderly freeze to death each winter in unheated homes.

      By the raised retirement age, the half of the over 60s within the working poor, and the 40 per cent of the over 50s that are disabled / chronic sick, are losing benefit, being hit by the Bedroom Tax, loss of council tax support and housing benefit, hit by sanctions, left without disability money.

      With the coming idea of taxing disability benefit and Attendance Allowance at source.

      With Universal Credit denying both in a couple Pension Credit if either are below the raised retirement age.

      And men and women older than those hit by the raised retirement age since 2013, who will be hit first from next year and on til 2019 – 2020, by the flat rate pension giving them little or NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE, that is vital food and fuel money.

      Saying ALL pensioners have money is like saying ALL young have money.

      We are within a society with the media and politics doing a very good job of us hating each other, when our common enemy is a feudal aristocratic political class only for the 1 per cent super rich.

      Want to see how poor the pensioner is about to get worse next year. See the end of my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

    • Totally agree no one ever seems to question the employer! But also these same employers want people to work ridiculous hours, ridiculous wages, treated like crap but still complain they cannot find decent workers???? They dont want to employ the disabled as they cannot do loads of tasks for a poor wage (multitasking) but still moan everyone is lazy, and want people to come to them ready trained (cut training costs) unlike my moms day in 1950s 15 year olds were trained on job. But also employers were heavy involved in schools unlike today and yet today claim schools are to blame – bizarre!

  25. ujm is a crock of shit

    ‘Joke’ hospital worker job ad attracts 61 applicants

    Is this one of these jobs?

    “A hospital job advert that warned applicants they would have to deal with “irate surgeons” has been withdrawn despite attracting 61 applicants.
    The advert was for a theatre nursing support worker at Gartnavel Hospital in Glasgow.
    It also warned applicants they would face “verbal and physical aggressive behaviour from patients”.
    NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said the advert was a practical joke which had slipped through HR checks.”

  26. The influence of the newspapers would be little if it weren’t for other media, particularly broadcasters (deliberately) repeating the lies as truth along with their own brand of poverty porn “entertainment”. If they didn’t propagate the bullshit and told the truth/ignored the papers then things would likely be different. More people tune into Benefits Street than they do for newspapers. (Of course there’s online too but…) People respect what they see and hear on TV than they do for any other medium.

    Also in the Daily Mail is a competition to “win your own buy to let house” along with a special about how everyone should jump on the buy to let market right now as conditions are great. In real terms it means the housing market is about to go into nuclear meltdown and they want to con dumb twats into keeping the giant scam going as long as possible.

  27. Don Logan – Politricky # 1st June 2015

  28. How about this for an idea; just to ‘fuck them up’?
    How about each and every one of us goes self employed and sells our irreplaceable skills on the market by the job or by the hour?
    That would REALLY fuck up the east european immigrants?
    Every shit employer would have to change the terms of our working agreements and contracts,to include paying every
    totally unskilled,unambitious and untrained floor sweeper 15K a year and the government would give them a cheap 3 bedroom council house and huge discounts off the cost of living for raising Kids.
    Oh, Shit.It happened already.
    Then along came an open doors migration policy that fucked up the simple equation of resources divide by populace.
    In short, you can either;Stop moaning like Fuck about no ‘Jobs for life’ or decent wages,or you can halt the giveaway of your heritage and lands to people who couldnt give a fuck,pay no taxes,claim every sent and build a house with it in east europe.
    Its a pretty simply choice really.
    Learn a skill these people cannot compete with, shut the gates to unskilled labour or Shut the Fuck up about piss poor wages? You cant share ot all and have it all.

  29. share ‘it’ all.
    Keep moaning about your DLA divided by 6 billion people.You entirely generous humanists but moaning about having no money Hypocrites?
    The government are importing roofers without legs and electricians without fingers but you wish to share your benefits with these people?
    Its your money. So be it and dont complain.

  30. Its rubbish anyway a large % of mentally ill are not in jobs training and education but are ignored in most official stats

  31. Reblogged this on Jon Garrad and commented:
    If this doesn’t make you absolutely livid, I’m not sure we can be friends.

  32. Anyone who Oppresses the Poor is Insulting God . To Help the Poor
    is to Honour God
    Proverbs Chapter 14 Verse 31 of the Holy Bible

    Help For the Poor is Good Harming the Poor is Evil

  33. Enslavers is a More Appropriate Term

    Slavery Need’s to be Opposed

    Slavery Collaboration is Abhorrent

    mickeycool34 | June 2, 2015 at 2:48 am | Reply

    Totally agree no one ever seems to question the employer! But also these same employers want people to work ridiculous hours, ridiculous wages, treated like crap but still complain they cannot find decent workers???? They dont want to employ the disabled as they cannot do loads of tasks for a poor wage (multitasking) but still moan everyone is lazy, and want people to come to them ready trained (cut training costs) unlike my moms day in 1950s 15 year olds were trained on job. But also employers were heavy involved in schools unlike today and yet today claim schools are to blame – bizarre!

  34. I read the article referred to in the Daily Heil. And I found it very interesting, as I live close to Cambridge and most of the jobs I apply for are in or close to the city.

    When I request feedback on my applications, employers always refer to the large amount of CVs they receive, and they can’t reply to or interview everyone.

    If there are just 10 people pursuing every 100 vacancies in Cambridge, why are employers/agencies telling me and others that they are being overwhelmed by the shear number of applications they have to sift through.

    Hmm. I spy with my Baldrick eye, something beginning with R. Yes. It’s Rat – a fucking Tory Rat!!!


      …………..i honestly thought the “assisted suicide bill”, had already been passed.



        The ESA50 is your opportunity to tell DWP how your condition is currently
        affecting you. Your actual incapacity or disability may remain the same but
        may now be affecting you differently. That is why we give you the opportunity
        to confirm if your circumstances have altered and why we do not just use your
        previous form.

        …………………WHICH TRANSLATES AS;

        “Regardless of what you write on your questionnaire, the content will be deliberated upon by one of our decision makers, having no medical qualifications, to come to the conclusion your circumstances have changed”

        “Upon this, you will be sent to a, for profit firm such as Maximus, who will, in turn, steal your benefit payment using ex bedpan washers masquerading as healthcare professionals”

        “Many may survive, but those who do not, will be hidden by the uk’s most prolific murderer, IAIN DUNCAN SMITH……………

  36. Alto Ego Riddim Mix (Acoustic Vibes) 2004 JA 7s

  37. While you rage in impotent anger against 5 more years of worsening poverty and starvation while Tories sneer at the rest of us.

    Why not practically bring a new party into reality.

    The Swans New Party.

    With the basic concept thus.

    We are ALL 100 per cent taxpayers.

    But the poor pay a 90 per cent tax rate in or out of work
    and however long we live, from the 75 per cent of all tax that comes from stealth indirect taxes and VAT.

    So Citizen Income and Citizen State Pension would be,
    as current benefit is,
    our money and not some other person’s Income Tax.

    End the conditionality of benefit, form filling, DWP, Jobcentres,
    work programmes et all ad nausem.

    Replace with Citizen Income, universal and automatic
    To at least the level it should be under the EU Social Contract.
    Not taxed.

    Replace with Citizen State Pension
    at 60 for men and women
    At £276.10 per week
    (the full SERPs pension that shows the lie that the flat rate pension is MORE state pension, when it actually is less for forever paying the full standard National Insurance contribution by you and your boss from next year)

    So saves the old from the conditionality of Pension Credit and Winter Fuel Allowance, threatened more and more.

    End Bedroom Tax.
    End Car Tax.
    End Council Tax.
    End Income Tax.
    Put more stealth embedded taxes and VAT on what the rich buy and the services they use, so cannot avoid like income tax.

    Take out all the tax from the energy bills from households.
    Cuts heat and light bills by half.

    Shut down the DWP and Jobcentres.
    Redeploy those basic grade staff to be retrained as Tax Inspectors in Inland Revenue for other tax evasion investigations on the super rich and big firms.

    All this would help the high street thrive and businesses would hire more people.

    Living Wage could be better attained with the Citizen Income.

    End zero hour contracts and the other shannigans like SALARY SACRIFICE SYSTEM to pay little or no wages. For one thing, it is against the system of capitalism and is purely feudal.

    End workfare – taking jobs from the lowest waged – not contributing to the economy – costing the taxpayer – not generating money into the economy under the theory of capitalism – again a feudal idea of serfdom.

    Free care under NHS budget in own home – the long term patient, disabled, hospice, and the infirm elderly. Training up to dementia level.
    Much cheaper than bed blocking in NHS hospitals because of lack of social care.

    Free social housing for the retired as well as the working poor and unemployed. Actually would help cash strapped councils.

    End the feudal system of councils and bring into the modern western democratic system – fewer councillors – less expense bills.

    Now there appears to be a movement for the northern half of England to secede from London rule.

    Either as a separate nation or as devolved to Scotland.

    The English care more for the former than the latter.

    It would be better for Scotland to rule as devolved nations Orkney and The Shetland (not Scots but ancient Norse), Wales, Cornwall and Ulster.

    The Free North – could we call it Albion England to differ the name from the wealthy counties left around London?

    This would mean we could have elections long before 2020.

    And we would have The Swans new party and the right wing Labour facing each other, when it is Labour voters who vote the least and don’t bother to keep registered to vote.

    The Swans new party would offer the Labour voter far more than a right wing Labour, who talk more Tory than the Tories.

    As Labour cannot bring its voter to the polling station, you might consider The Swans new party wiping out all austerity cuts and actually rolling back those spending cuts, yet doing things differently so it all is funding neutral, the way to survive the Tories.

    Only you can bring The Swans new party into reality.
    I can write the script being part old Greek (who invented democracy) and part old English grateful to the Suffragettes, Chartists and Cromwell (that gave us English a chance of enjoying it as people).

    Free social housing for the poorest.

    Rent capping for the rest.
    (They manage that fine throughout Europe).

    End the speculation making home buying unaffordable
    (They manage that fine throughout Europe)

    Return all the social cleansed out of central London’s social housing.

    Rent capping even in London.

  38. In the area where I live, I notice the ‘self employed’ door-to-door catalog ‘plastic pot’ selling ‘jobs’ are back again on the Universal Jobmatch site. They were mostly removed after bad publicity as part of a cleanup of UJ a couple of years back when it was not uncommon to have 20 or more of these local jobs on UJ all the time. In that they demanded money up front for ‘catalogs’ they were breaking Jobcentre regulations. Seems they may have found a way round these rules or the rules have changed. I was once told by one of nicer Jobcentre Plus advisers (there are still a precious few left) that ‘even we do not recommend those jobs’ a few years back. People need to exercise a great deal of caution when applying for such work.

  39. Housing is a Basic Human Right

  40. The 5th of June 2015 AD Mark’s the 75th Anniversary of Nazi Renewal of Operations against French in Operation Case Red in 1940 AD.

    The Nazis were to Occupy France for a few Years and France was Divided between Collaborationists and Resistance Fighters .

    Down with Nazism and Oppression Collaboration

  41. The 5th of June 2015 AD Mark’s the 70th Anniversary of The Allied Control Council Formally takes Power in 1945 AD.

    Germany was Divided like a Cake into Pieces and Occupied.

    Adolf Hitler and the Nazis by their Stupid Attack upon the USSR led Germany and the German People to Mass Loss of Life Territory and then Occupation.

    Nazism leads Nations to Disaster

  42. Never believe what you read in the newspapers, how many times have I heard that? But it’s true, the fourth estate are just out to sell their, so called NEWSpapers! Will stop at nothing to make money. The day will come when newspapers will be redundant! It can’t come quick enough for me, if nothing else, it will save trees!

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