Austerity Might Be An Opportunity Says Welfare-To-Work Boss As She Eyes Up Jobcentres

Pauline could be heading for a P45 if ERSA get their way

Pauline could be heading for a P45 if ERSA get their way

Further austerity and welfare reforms might be seen as an opportunity says the chief spokesperson for the welfare-to-work sector Kirsty McHugh.

McHugh is Chief Executive of the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA), the trade body established to lie on behalf of grasping welfare-to-work  parasites like G4S and Maximus.  In a blog post published after the election McHugh warns that some in her sector may view further austerity with trepidation, but points out that others may see it as an opportunity.

The reason for this optimism is because many of the leases for Jobcentre Plus offices are up for renewal over the next five years.  This could mean, according to McHugh, the possibility of out-sourcing Jobcentre services.

This is the long term ambition of the welfare-to-work sector, to take over Jobcentres completely.  Already ERSA have accused the current benefit sanctioning policy of being ‘bonkers’ and lobbied for Work Programme companies to be given a role in deciding whether to stop someone’s benefits.

This slow power grab has been ongoing for over a decade.  The DWP spends billions on salaries and admin costs and ERSA would like to see those billions going towards the companies they represent.  Of course this will mean tens of thousands of Jobcentre workers becoming unemployed (stop laughing).  But it will also mean the removal of any last lingering traces of humanity in the social security system as unemployed, sick and disabled people are transformed into nothing more than human commodities to be bought, sold and destroyed for profit.

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111 responses to “Austerity Might Be An Opportunity Says Welfare-To-Work Boss As She Eyes Up Jobcentres

  1. “Grasping welfare-to-work parasites” will also be overjoyed that the Tories will abolish human rights (Human Rights Act), as part of the same process.

  2. Kirsty McHugh is SCUM!!

    Should be renamed the Association of Related Services for Employment (ARSE) – befitting for an outfit whose members run Adult Re-Skilling and Education ‘courses’ (ARSE)

  3. ABSOLUTELY no one should make a profit out of the sick, vulnerable and disabled … it is morally and ethically wrong!

  4. Countdown Carol

    Give me a vowel please Carol…. E…. and a consonant…. R….. another constant please…. S…. and a vowel please Carol…. A……… dum, dee, dum, dee, dum , dum, dum…. How many letters have you got….. 4…. ARSE 😀

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  6. ERSA = ARSE 🙂

  7. Lambeth Community Mental Health Services “Living Well Network Hub” is moving to Streatham Job Centre Plus (SJCP), opening their doors there on Monday 29th June, but “celebrating” with a launch party on Friday 26th June between 2pm and 4pm with free tickets available via Eventbrite on the internet. Blurring the distinction between NHS/ social services and DWP functions. Additionally, the first pilot of psychological therapies at Job Centres ( principally online CBT) for those suspected of having mental health problems starts on an unspecified day in June at SJCP, to be “rolled out” across the UK in January. Worries that people who fail to comply or “get better” could be sanctioned. June 26th demo planning in progress.

    • overburdenddonkey

      quaker, who’re noted for their non-violence… ‘Bob Johnson has now commented; The governor you talked to was following the party line – the ‘replacement’, the so called DSPD units (Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder units) cost £500,000,000, and achieved nothing. A Sainsbury Mental Health Centre Report condemned them – they never once asked me what I did …CBT doesn’t go to the root – which needs cutting.’ and the cure in a nutshell is…“Goodbye psychosis – using anger to cut its roots,” ….the anger that is trapped/frozen by abuse, which needs to be expressed…

  8. I guess soon there will be little to distinguish us from North Korea. Starving, homeless families forced to work slave labour. Mentally ill forced to accept treatment or starve. Indoctrination by state tv of the masses. A political dynasty with no hope of reform. Actually I think we’re there already…

    • Dave Harrison

      Not to mention that we’re both nations of dog lovers, albeit, we like to take them out for walks and the Koreans like to eat them. If Miliband had won we would both have had a complete joke as a leader too. Thankfully, we’ve got a good PM and team committed to sorting out Labour’s mess. Rejoice! Rejoice!

      • I expect that was a sarcastic comment. I’m actually happier with a Conservative government than a New Labour one, as New Labour are pathological liars claiming to represent the masses while sucking up to the banking sector, while the Conservatives are at least for the most part honest about their corporate favouritism. But really, it’s the lesser of two evils.

  9. Dave Harrison.

    Roll up, roll up peasants. You might enjoy this T Shirt offer:

  10. fulltimeperson

    There’s another “benefit” to the DWP of outsourcing the JCP’s functions. Once they are in the private sector they will be at least partially immune from FoI requests and it will be more difficult for people to get their MPs to help out. The process of sanctioning can be obscured (“We don’t keep records of why people are sanctioned, that’s the company’s job and you can’t get the information out of them.”) and an extra layer of communication will allow for still more delays. Of course, the cutting of your benefit will still be put in place promptly.

    • i guess they are getting fed up with all the nonsense FOI requests that get posted on sites like facebook. lets go private so we can burry the dark side of what we really want to achieve is why they want this to happen.

      the day will come where you are sanctioned or have your benefits awarded or cut by some on on a video terminal. if you have seen that movie “up in the air” you will know what iam talking about.

      god help us all

  11. Calamity Jane

    Never mind being more control over and more power to destroy people’s lives, ESRA the evil entity and the scum abomination of companies it represents should be run out of town!

    • Wild Bill Hickock

      ESRA and the cunty organisations it represents, utter utter scum like Working Links, Serco, Ingeus, Learn Direct…lower than sewer rats too numerous to mention want the power to cut of peoples vitals of life…. the roof over their head, the food in their belly. If this ever comes to pass God help us all!

      • ‘Working Links’ are total shit stains. Simple as that. So are the rest of those bastards you mention, but there’s a special place reserved in hell for anyone connected to those ‘Working Links’ cretins.

      • ahh yes working links, the JC sent me to them to get my cv reviewed and get some “interview tips” when i turned up at the office they guy took one look at my cv and said you dont need to be hear so you can go. it was a total waste of time and money. I wonder why the WL office has now been replaced with a “the best connection” agency


  13. Hello Johnny. Thanks, as ever, for keeping us informed about the lamentable state of the nations. There’s a meeting on precisely that theme in the West Wales area tomorrow …


  14. OT: James Roberts Nails the WHY of UJM and the WHAT it means to us

    22minutes of monologue that was not good to hear.

    Think in terms of UK Gov using Benifits as a means of control. And using Zero Hours Contracts with the withdrawl of the Humans Rights Act as a means of keeping the poor poor – but at the same time saying doing anything/everything to “Help” [those that do not comply are labelled as workshy/too fat/druggies etc etc]

    The future is here and it ain’t looking good in these fair lands.

  15. Use hard cash as much as possible, do not support the Living Wage its a scam to ease the implementation of UC slavery.

  16. …The reason for this optimism is because many of the leases for Jobcentre Plus offices are up for renewal over the next five years. This could mean, according to McHugh, the possibility of out-sourcing Jobcentre services….

    The Swans new party

    Shut all jobcentres is therefore funding neutral, as the leases would not be renewed.

    Whilst still have the lease,
    turn the remaining jobcentres into the norm throughout EU of
    7 day a week free cafes,
    providing a hot drink and hot cooked proper meal to
    all sancitoned / lost / delayed benefit adults and their children and babies, but especially important for the kids and pregnant mums.


    The SNP predict this government will not last 6 months.

    The SNP might like to hurry along that wish, by hopefully a May general election next year, when the flat rate pension fully hits and the Tory wives starting screeching their heads off that they are getting far less than current pension or even NIL for life.

    Only your young feet can walk the Swans new party into reality.

    Could you bring The Swans new party, the trade union funding and affiliation needed?


    Me blog – Be quick Google plus keeps banning me –

    Did Government hoodwink us all as far as 1978 on pensions?


    Before the Tories wake up and ban it.

    • 7 day a week free cafes,
      providing a hot drink and hot cooked proper meal to
      all sancitoned /

      End sanctions and compensate claimants that have been defrauded of their benefits.

  17. Unemployed, sick and disabled people are already nothing more than slaves.

  18. Maybe we need a union of our own to feed each other.

  19. There was a woman the Clydebank Post yesterday aged 58 (I think) qualified medical secretary being forced to work on a work placement at the local library for six months plus a ten hour job search or be sanctioned. She said she had paid her N.I. contributions for 45 years – outrageous – however, if the Government or the DWP whoever it is that accepts everyone’s N.I. contributions then if they outsource the jobcentres how can they keep accepting our N.I. contributions. It is like paying an insurance policy that never pays out. Think I would be seeking legal advice and demanding my N.I. contributions for all of those years were repaid – after all N.I. contributions are supposed to be paid to provide benefits to claimants – although, the government can borrow from the fund for certain projects – the point is, I don’t think they can privatise the DWP and keep taking the N.I. contributions and they cannot give a private company our N.I. contributions – well, I don’t think so.

    • They are already giving the private sector our NI Contributions aren’t they?

      The great melting pot of tax and NI is used to pay the parasites who run the work programme, just like it’s used to pay Richard Branson and similar for running GP practices/hospital/clinic services so badly.

      The gov’t would argue that although we may not be receiving any actual money in our handfs, we are receiving it in kind – via the dubious gift of being thrown onto the work programme – which they will define as an “opportunity”

      • Don’t forget its no longer called “National Insurance”… how long before the next change moves it further away from what it was originally paid for and intended for? Watch this space…

      • overburdenddonkey

        here you are lucy, dr lucy reynolds talks to ATD…
        also have you listened to r4 file on 4, 20.00, 19 5 15, mind the gap…
        ‘Mental health services are facing a period of unprecedented change. The Department of Health has committed itself to reducing the disparity between spending on physical and mental illness, and a new payment….’
        symptoms rule, root causes vanished….

  20. I don’t think so Lucy, as far as I am aware all N.I. contributions are taken to provide the benefits system with the cash to pay claimants. The Government can borrow from the N.I. Fund if they have a special project only. I would love to know the total amount they have raked in with sanctions because that too is N.I. contributions money and should be put in the pot to pay benefit claimants. So where is it all going? That is how it all started in the first place – you paid your N.I. and could claim benefit on becoming unemployed etc – supposed to be a safety net if someone lost their job etc. So really they are still collecting our N.I. contributions and not paying the claimants. Supposed to be from the cradle to the grave. At this rate people will end up in an early grave. JSA used to be paid out in accordance with the amount you had paid in N.I. contributions over the previous years. If you had not paid any N.I. you only received the base amount – can’t remember what it was.

    • Dr Death of the DWP

      social ‘security’ : from the cradle to an early grave 😀

    • Yeah it’s a joke. It really is. But the thing is this; They only take into consideration your contributions in the last 2 years before you claim benefits!!! All the years you worked and paid in before that get mysteriously wiped out. Once those contributions run out, that’s it, it’s on to income based JSA. So like me you can have worked a total of around 30 years but with the odd broken period between jobs. They don’t thank me for my 30 years though and say ‘oh the last job you were in you only worked in it for a year.’ All the other years are conveniently forgotten about. It is a total con and the sooner people wake up to the fact they’re being shafted, even while they are working, the better. As soon as you’re of no use to them then you’re considered a burden.

  21. DPA Update:

    Section 56 – This section makes it a criminal offence to require an individual to make a Subject Access Request relating to cautions or convictions for the purposes of recruitment, continued employment, or the provision of services. This section came into force on 10 March 2015. [already in force]

  22. JobCentre Dictatorships. Slavery & slaves.

  23. Close the Jobcentres – They can`t do that it`s worth £3 billion in ID Fraud.

  24. Maybe these crappy providers, particularly charity filth such as the Salvation Army (army! FFS – imagine if muslims called themselves captain and colonel, dressed in uniform and wanted to form a charity!), should get the gig. They can’t do any worse than the DWP.

    In all seriousness maybe given their profile, rather than the inscrutable faceless bureacracy of the dwp, it might be better for claimants who can, when inevitably exploited (as they are by the dwp anyway), kick up a fuss on social media etc.

  25. I think everyone should get together and boycott these shops – if they don’t have customers then hopefully, they will have to close down. Everytime I walk by the Salvation Army man collecting in my high street with a can I always say in a loud voice so that everyone can hear me “do you know that you are asking pensioners for donations and your CEO earns of £250,000 a year – he glares now when he sees me coming lol

  26. there will be the smell of petrol in the air soon.. iv being saying that for 5 years,,,but only for nike air max,,,

    • Signed at job centre today and told that it will be signing using a pad next time. I was also pushed towards taking a first aid course that might help my job prospects. I said it wouldn’t and I would only take the course if JCP force me to. It was also suggested that I apply for cleaning jobs. I was told that if I took a job of 16 hours a week then I could sign off. I then replied that they would be pushing me to find more hours or my housing benefit would be reduced. It’s going to get very nasty for the unemployed in the near future.

  27. JobcentrePlus Corrupt – Chapter3 Benefit Sanctions

    Published 30th Apr 2015

  28. The guvmint wants to keep us all depressed, anxious and passive, nervously hiding behind our letter-boxes biting our fingernails waiting for the gentle thud of the ‘brown envelope hitting the mat. Because depressed, anxious, nervous, passive people are easier to manipulate.

    • Another Fine Mess, Do I really need to read the link? A Knighthood for eating all the pies? A Knighthood, for helping people in his community? A Knighthood for betraying his working class roots? A Knighthood for sitting on his arse and laughing at all the money in his bank account? Anyone for a Knighthood???

      • Eric Pickles typical communist.

        • Pickles has been given the knighthood as a sop to his vanity now he’s been replaced by a minion of Osborne. Fat Dave’s ambition is to spend the next four years doing as little as possible while Gidiot and BoJo The Clown fight it out. So far Gidiot’s ahead, placing his toadies in every department Fat Dave will allow while BoJo’s been given a non job.

  29. ‘Thousands of jobcentre staff going to lose their jobs’? Oh please Johnny says its not so…….Not Barry form Selly Oak Job Centre that makes the girls cry!!!! Or the ‘other (s’) cruel sadistic, unfeeling and devoid of human kindness. Oh say its not true Johnny

    • overburdenddonkey

      be like elysium… ‘stop talking’ ‘i note a rise in your levels of agitation, would you like a pill’…..

    • pcs union still talking about equality at their socialist talk shops.

      Work Coaches are the austerity henchmen kick them off political demos.

      Close down jcp it is toxic.

  30. pcs union ha ha ha you have no public support IDS has you by the balls, anyone for a sheriff’s badge?

  31. pcs union collaborated to destroy the administration of social security in the uk – treacherous cunts.

  32. Work Coach to teenage claimant on dissing their jobsearch – you may need to go for re-education on how the system works.

    Political re-education leads to human extermination you fuckin ignorant cow!

  33. Silently and almost unnoticed what is happening in jobcentres across the uk will have far reaching consequences for everyone in the UK.

  34. overburdenddonkey

    Alistair Carmichael admits Nicola Sturgeon memo leak…..always good to know..

  35. PS – In other “news”, michelle mone(r) is packing up her padded bras and moving to – who knows/cares.

  36. In my mind a sanction and closing down the JSA claim are two separate procedures and that for DWP/JCP to close down a claim while enforcing a sanction goes beyond the power of the sanction in that a sanction does not give authority to close down the JSA claim without warning or the claimants knowledge thus forcing the claimant to reclaim JSA.

  37. Alistair Carmichael – democratic, diplomatic and international embarrassment to the people of Scotland, resignation is the honourable way to go.

  38. overburdenddonkey

    mr r
    hopefully it’ll further awaken people all over the UK…..

  39. Did Alistair Carmichael support the principle the Recall of MPs, Aye!

  40. Starting to see the welfare client class form in Scotland to preserve the entitlement and status of the public service “caring” and social enterprise class.

    Apart from these privileged ring-fenced claimants the majority poor have to go straight to hell.

  41. overburdenddonkey

    3 petitions over 14000 on 2 already, just sign 1…. memogate….
    and these are the people that feed off of us and see us as nothing more than business opp income, meat for the grinder….

  42. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer springs to mind here – perhaps the SNP should let them keep their seats and hear what claptrap comes out in their speeches.

  43. obd
    Gorgeous 😀 George Galloway on this “Sputnik” programme on RT: “The SNP talks left but acts right” 😉

  44. Wouldn’t call the Minister for Bicycle Tyres a “non-job” 🙂

  45. The 27th of May Mark’s the Anniversary of Nazi Thug and Tyrant Reynard Heydrich being Wounded in Prague in 1942 AD.

    This Thug and Tyrant Hitler’s Stooge in Bohemia and Moravia was a Suppressor of the Czechs and a Victimiser of Jews.

    He Departed this World upon the 4th of June 1942 AD.

    One Less Nazi Thug and Tyrant in the World

    The Evil and Tyranny of the Nazis should Always be Remembered

  46. i remember seeing all those pcs union members on the anti tory demo when Cameron and chumps had their conference in Manchester a few years ago,i shouted at them as to why a bunch of tory collaborators were marching with us?You could have heard a pin drop as they walked by,they are doing the dirty work,spineless scum,just like our Labour dominated council,done nothing to help the poor in Manchester,happy to take millions from their airport and from Man city at least a million a year in rent for their stadium.
    Someone tried to get their expenses claims made public a few years ago but the Labour council refused to show the public their expenses claims,got something to hide maybe?

  47. Fall seven times get up eight.see more

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