Minister for Disabled People’s Cosy Relationship With Mayor Sacked In Disgrace For Disability Hate Comments

tomlinson-martinNew Minister for Murdering Disabled People Justin Tomlinson refused to condemn his long-standing colleague Mayor of Swindon Nick Martin who was forced to resign after making vile comments about disabled people.

Martin was forced put of his position in 2014 after he was heard asking “”Are we still letting mongols have sex with each other?” at a council meeting.  Despite initially denying making the comments he eventually resigned after he was found guilty by the Council’s Standards Committee of making abusive and insulting references to disabled people.

Throughout the affair, Justin Tomlinson, MP for North Swindon, refused to condemn his long-standing colleague for the remarks.  This prompted local Labour Party parliamentary candidates to issue a public letter to Tomlinson asking whether they supported Nick Martin remaining a councillor and member of the Conservative Party.  Tomlinson apears to have simply ignored this letter.

The truth is that Tomlinson and Nick Martin go way back.  As recently as last week the new Minister spoke warmly of how Martin introduced him to local politics over 15 years ago after he had contacted him about an overgrown hedge.  As can be seen above, Tomlinson and Martin remain facebook friends.

Nick Martin will be grateful for his colleague’s lack of condemnation, he was re-elected as a Councillor at the local elections last week.  And Tomlinson went off to the DWP for his new job designing and implementing disability strategy.  His voting record on matters that concern disabled people already speaks for itself.  But if you can judge a person by the company they keep, then Tomlinson’s cosy relationship with the former Mayor of Swindon tells us everything we need to know about his true attitude towards disabled people.

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54 responses to “Minister for Disabled People’s Cosy Relationship With Mayor Sacked In Disgrace For Disability Hate Comments

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  2. Andrew Coates

    Reblogged this on Ipswich Unemployed Action. and commented:
    This is the kind of government we now have.

  3. “and he wore an hat and he had a job and he brought home the bacon…”


    The most evil bastard, Tomlinson also supported a Doctor called Lister, who also sat on Salford council.
    Dr Lister made comments about “GUILLOTINING HANDICAPPED CHILDREN”
    Tomlinson gave this sick cunt his full support, although being asked to give up his position.

    Many features of this incident have been magically cleansed from the internet, but just type in JUSTIN TOMLINSON AND DR LISTER…….

    When we have twats like the idiotic Lord David Fraud and Dame Carol Black, wanting handicapped to work for fuck all, it makes you realise just what a twisted set of bastards make up our goverment think tanks (or should that be Licensed Extermination Committees).

    The human rights people should have a field day with this bunch, it’s just like Nuremberg on a plate………………


      By Vicki Foster

      SWINDON councillor Owen Lister did make offensive and discriminatory comments about guillotining disabled children, an investigation has decided.

      The former GP, who is still on the council as an independent Tory, provoked a storm of protest in September after he was alleged to have said it would be preferable to guillotine severely disabled children.

      On Wednesday Swindon Coun-cil’s standards committee will meet to decide whether Coun Lister, who at the time was a Conservative, breached the council’s code of conduct.

      I”It wasn’t a very nice meeting to be at.”

      Fellow ward councillor Justin Tomlinson (Con, Abbey Meads) offered words of support for his colleague.

      He said: “I was not at the meeting but having worked with Owen since 2000 as a fellow ward councillor I know he is an exceptionally hard working, caring and diligent councillor who is popular with local residents.

      “This whole process has been very tough on councillor Lister and I hope it will be resolved quickly.”


      • Hand picked for his utmost hatred for anything that is not perfect, his true aryan beliefs;

        Forced sterilization in Germany was the forerunner of the systematic killing of the mentally ill and the handicapped. In October 1939, Hitler himself initiated a decree which empowered physicians to grant a “mercy death” to “patients considered incurable according to the best available human judgment of their state of health.” The intent of the socalled “euthanasia” program, however, was not to relieve the suffering of the chronically ill. The Nazi regime used the term as a euphemism: its aim was to exterminate the mentally ill and the handicapped, thus “cleansing” the “Aryan” race of persons considered genetically defective and a financial burden to society.

        Tomlinson, minister without jackboots.

  5. So now we are aware of the ‘wasteful eater’ demonisation of the old, sick, disabled, poor that was the propaganda of the Nazis.

    But then UK’s aristocracy have always been that way.

    Labour has lost two general elections in a row, not because the Tories won, but because Labour left behind ALL of its working class voters, and does not represent them. Shown by Mr Balls losing to a Tory.

    It is Labour voters who do not vote and who do not keep up registration to vote. They are the 70 per cent in England.

    In so called safe Labour seats, everyone mostly does not vote, and a tiny minority vote in the Labour MP.

    Our lives are in danger, make no mistake.

    We relied on the state from the 1945 welfare state and now it has gone.

    So has the state pension for new claimants from 2016.

    You are the young feet that are the only way a new party could have legs to walk a party into reality.

    The extreme hard left got micro votes as too communist too soon.

    Even though only those parties offered food on the table and a roof over your head.

    So backing away from the total extreme of the left, but still socialist in the important ways.

    Only you can make a reality of a party written up by me, and old school Labour voter all my life, and keen watcher of SYRIZA who went from 4 per cent vote share to a landslide victory now.

    There is a blog page on me free web pages clicked through from that page I got free, to show support for the idea.

    But just talk is not enough. Action speakes louder than words.

    Read my NEW PARTY page and tell me in these comment pages, of your support.

  6. Jim Murphy sectioned

    Former MP detained after being found jogging around the Houses of Parliament at 3am clutching a portrait of Kezia Dugdale

  7. Omg – how on earth did this man manage to get re-elected onto a Council he had previously resigned from – are there any disabled children living within the same area? I don’t understand how anyone could vote for someone like this to represent them and their area on a Council. Wonder if he aired his obnoxious opinions to David Cameron when his disabled son was born? Is there anything we can do about this?

  8. “On 1 Feb 2012: Justin Tomlinson voted not to make an exception for those with a cancer diagnosis or undergoing cancer treatment from the 365 day limit on receiving contribution based Employment and Support Allowance”

    I think part of the problem is that, perhaps naively, I and many others expect that all people have an innate and intangible concept which we may refer to a “common decency”. A collective morality. Meaning that anyone faced with a voting decision about whether cancer sufferers should be exempted would vote in favour. To vote the opposite way seems abhorrent and monstrous. If you didn’t take the opportunity to help another in a vulnerable position and in fact chose to deny them help, then it could only mean that you lack empathy for those less fortunate or worse still that you enjoy having them suffer and show no conscience.

    When I see this behaviour I am reminded of the scene on the Ferris wheel in the movie the Third Man (1949) when Harry Lime rationalises his sales of watered-down penicillin.

    Despite all the revelations of the crimes being committed by Members of Parliament and anyone in a position of “authority”, people continue to vote them in to power. Can we expect the same behaviour to produce different results? It seems to me that particular personality types gravitate to politics, malignant and self-interested hiding behind an image of respectability with a suit and a smile. But In reality sociopaths or psychopaths.

    As Johhnyvoid has highlighted this week, appointing Priti Patel and Justin Tomlinson as Employment minister and Minister for the Disabled, the last thing either of those two want to do is help anyone. Help you to an early grave perhaps. The evidence is there in Tomlinson’s voting record for all to see. If you want a vote for an act of parliament to harm the vulnerable, count him in.

    And with the intent to demolish the human rights act the Tory government is tearing up the rule book for the abuses they are planning to carry out, now they have their sociopathic dream team in place. I don’t think there can be any doubt that these particular ministers have been employed for their lack of conscience. Perhaps the people should now tear up all laws……… least metaphorically. But I think that same sense of common decency prevents us from destroying the elitist structure that does us so much harm.

    • Political Ponerolgy

      Lower-class psychopaths become criminals; middle-class psychopaths become become lawyers; upper-class psychopaths become politicians. It is horses for courses; you will find the same ‘types’ in any jobs/professions. And the same is true of politics; this has been well studied and researched by authors such as Andrew M. Lobaczewski in his book Political Ponerolgy and the conclusion is that anyone, anyone who enters this ‘profession’ is a self-serving psychopath.

  9. Constituency
    Swindon Conservative MP’s Office, First Floor, 1 Milton Road, Swindon, SN1 5JE

    Since Justin Tomlinson`s office is on the 1st does it have wheelchair access. Trying to hide the truth already Mr no hoper.

  10. Employment rate of disabled people rises faster than that of the rest of the population

    Scope – 15th May 2015

    The Office for National Statistics has today released Labour Market Figures for January to March 2015 that include figures for the number of disabled people in work.

    Scope’s analysis reveals that:
    ■ The number of disabled people in work has risen 5.4 per cent to 3.7m over the last year.
    ■ 48 per cent of disabled people are in employment, a rise of 1.6 percentage points on the same period last year.
    ■ The increase in rate of employment of disabled people has outstripped that of the rest of the population, which rose 1 percentage point on the same period last year.
    ■ But the gap between disabled people’s employment rate and the rest of the population has remained largely static for over a decade – now standing at 31.3 per cent.

    Following the election, Scope is looking forward to working with the new Government to achieve a shared ambition of halving the disability employment gap.

    Read More:

  11. IT appears that the way to get on in life now is to treat everyone with contempt including any one who is different to them. How could anyone with a brain cell vote for someone who does not even have that. Politics is going down the sewer and soon the rats will be complaining about the company they have to live with!


    “another porky from the DWP”


    The Employment and Support Allowance (Transitional Provisions, Housing
    Benefit and Council Tax Benefit) (Existing Awards) (No. 2) Regulations 2010
    (S.I. 2010/1907) set out the
    detailed provisions governing the process of conversion and termination of
    existing awards.

    There is no right of appeal against the commencement (or non-
    commencement, as the case may be) of the reassessment exercise in any
    particular case.


    Dear Julie Hutchinson,

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request of 06/08/2013. You asked:

    Your department often informs claimants that the cannot appeal a decision.

    I find this totally misleading, as it is up to the judge at a tribunal to make a decision if whether
    an appeal is acceptable, and not you!

    You even stated this within a FOI response:

    The Department cannot provide a definitive reply to your question. As stated in the previous
    reply, the decision on whether or not to accept an appeal is for the Tribunal judge to make.

  13. There has to be someone killed.

  14. Remember when political assassinations were a thing politicians had to worry about? I think we need to go back to that. Put the orthopedic shoe on the other foot, so to speak.

  15. Seems to fit DWP mentality very well
    Sick and Disabled are criminals and not only that but they are inferior species too
    And what with Ms hangem high patel and her all british are lazy
    DWP are in for some ” interesting times ”
    I can see court cases a plenty

  16. George Osborne has yet to sell any RBS shares and the government still owns 80% of the bank. RBS shares have sunk below the price at which government injected cash in and failed to recover, leaving it with a loss of around £13.5 billion on paper.

  17. overburdenddonkey

    there’s the ultra sinister, and there’s this which do you prefer…?

  18. Reblogged this on Nathaliehickson's Blog and commented:
    I do not understand how these men get these important jobs. Oh yes, it’s the boys club & schools isn’t it? It’s not getting better. I hold the UN gets involved more with UK ASAP.

  19. Take a look at the shite being spouted on Labour Uncut. It’s sickening.

  20. None of this comes as a surprise.It extends through all areas.People are treated like lepers because they on benefits.

    Lord Freud has been promoted despite comments disabled people aren’t worth the minimum wage.

  21. The GCHQ “doughnut” building in Cheltenham is to be lit up in rainbow colours as a symbol of the intelligence agency’s commitment to diversity.

    The uniformity of diversity the equality of predator and prey.

  22. The Domestic State of the Country is the Most Important Issue

    It is Important who Governs the UK and how the UK is Governed

    Increase Welfare Spending Reverse Tory Cuts and Re Nationalize the Railways with Price Controls upon Maximum Cost

  23. It is Important that there are Mass Protests against the Tories on a
    Daily Basis

    The Country Need’s Not to be a Nation of Sleepwalking Zombies

    • This isn’t about party lines any more, Labour are just as bad if not worse because they claim to represent the underclass yet their plans for welfare and workfare were even worse than the Tories’ were.

  24. Doctors that Fail to Care For Patients and who are Stooges of
    Oppression and Tyranny Need to be Sacked

    Doctors Need to be There to Care Not to Collaborate with Infliction
    of Misery and Suffering

    Better Social Justice than Slavery

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