The Worst Of Margaret Thatcher Meets The Worst Of Tony Blair, We Need To Fight These Bastards Like Never Before

five-more-years-no-wayWhen the richest 20% of people vote to attack the poorest 20% – a crude but not unfair summary of what just happened in the election – then any talk of democratic mandates or majorities is redundant.  What we are left with instead is human decency – do we want to live in a society where diabetics die because they cannot afford the electricity to chill their medicine?  Or where children are socially cleansed away from their schools, friends and families because neither benefits or wages are enough to pay soaring rents?

Do we want to live in a country where strikes are virtually banned, or where dissidents can be targetted by the full force of the state even when they have committed no crime?  And if anyone complains they will be smeared as thugs by the bullying right wing press and told they have no right to protest?  Are these the so-called British values that created the welfare state, won votes for women and the working class, or defeated Fascism both in Europe and on our own streets?

If the answers to these questions is no then there is really little choice left.  We need to fight these bastards like never before.  Parliamentary democracy has failed to curb the most repugnant excesses of the rich.  No political party is riding over the hill to save us, this went beyond labour vs tory a long time ago.  The fight for the soul of this disunited kingdom will now take place in the streets and workplaces, or wherever we can wedge a spanner in the works.  No-one can stand idly by now, not unless you want to see a country in which millions suffer poverty and those who object get a truncheon in the face.  Or a bullet depending on the colour of your skin.

We are witnessing the emergence of a government that seems intent on combining the worst of Margaret Thatcher’s ideological greed with the petty control-freakery of Tony Blair.  It is the worst of all political worlds, the ultimate neo-liberal triumph combined with an attempt to crush any last trace of dissent

But do not believe the fucking hype.  Most people did not vote Tory.  The working class vote for UKIP does not represent a significant rise in racism or bigotry – go to any working class area and see people of all races working and living together, fucking and loving each other.  That’s not to deny there is work to be done.  But you don’t see that in Surbiton or Chelsea.

For many who voted UKIP, and Green and SNP, their vote was for a plague on all their houses.  A vote that we have had enough of the rich run rampant and politicians that either couldn’t give a fuck about us or outright despise us.  This Government is as weak as any that has come before, they know it and they are terrified.  That is why they are shouting so loud.

What is now needed to be done will not be easy.  It will be frustrating and frightening, exhausting and even boring at times and we will need to keep coming back, over and over again.  It will mean protests that don’t ask for permission in advance, civil disobedience on a scale not yet seen, real strikes not flimsy one day gestures and a movement that is prepared to defend itself.  One that doesnt get drawn into lazy tabloid stereotypes of good and bad protesters, or distracted by careless graffiti, or even gives a flying fuck what the Daily Mail and the wealthy they serve thinks and says about us.

A diversity of tactics is vital, there is no pure method of achieving radical change.  We should work together where we can and part as friends when we cannot. We are all on the same side, they made sure of that centuries ago.  They started class war when they threw us off our land, forced our children into factories, sent our young to die in their wars and now want to strip away everything those returning heroes won for working class people.  It’s time we fought back like never before.  All of us, united, against the fucking rich.

There are upcoming protests in Glasgow, Peterborough, Manchester, Sheffield, Cardiff, Winchester, Newcastle, Leeds and many more to come – please feel free to leave details of upcoming events, protests or actions in the comments.

Class War and the National Coalition Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) have both called a protest in Central London on the day of the state opening of Parliament, May 27th – keep it free.  Class War will be meeting at 11am, keep an eye on their facebook page for more details.

UK Uncut have called a day of action on Saturday May 30th, which coincides with a protest against scrapping the Human Right’s Act.

A massive demonstration wil be taking place in the City of London on the 20th June.

Please help spread the word about all events and let’s make them huge.

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143 responses to “The Worst Of Margaret Thatcher Meets The Worst Of Tony Blair, We Need To Fight These Bastards Like Never Before

    • I am asking young feet if they will give legs for a new party to walk?

      The hard left got micro party votes, even though they offered an end to starvation and all this suffering from benefit ‘reform’ aka abolition.

      The starving cannot wait around for decades to pass whilst the hard left get the same low vote and win nowhere in any number as MP.

      Labour and The Greens abandoned the poor long ago, and do austerity wherever they have the power to do so.

      The SNP and Plaid Clymru in their devolves parts of UK are anti austerity and have saved their devolved NHS. Plaid Cymru hopes to devolve welfare more to Wales.

      I have a little blog page on me little personal website I got free, access via:

      Under the drop down menu of NEW PARTY.

      Say if you would support, please, the start of this new party, for now.


  1. Mass Protests in the Provinces as Well as the Capital

    Boycotting of ” Newspapers ” which Victimize the Poor and
    Vulnerable and publicly ripping them up and Putting in the
    Rubbish Bin when one finds them abandoned

    Mass Lobbying of MPs to Show that People are Not Happy
    with the Austerity Slavery Agenda

    Away with Obscene Poverty End Obscene Wealth

  2. Yes to the Right to Mass Public Protest

    No to State Oppression and Totalitarianism

    Britons Never Shall be Slaves


    Shouldn’t be too long before the police announce another gun amnesty, yet at the same time they are restocking their coffers with every weapon imaginable……………..

    Common sense dictates what you do.

  4. @Geoff
    Don’t forget those 5,000 machine rifles issued to constabularies a few years ago. What are they intended for? (replies on the back of a fag paper)


      “just practising”

      Armed police officers are being dispatched to tens of thousands of domestic incidents, road accidents and minor skirmishes each year, raising concerns about an ‘Americanisation’ of the police force, it has been claimed.

      One force alone – Thames Valley police in southeast England – deployed officers with handguns to 8,709 routine jobs last year.

      These call-outs make up the majority of work for many of the country’s 6,000 armed officers, according to a Freedom of Information request by the Times.

      In Britain, authorised officers carry their handguns holstered on routine jobs, while heavy-duty weaponry, such as sub-machine guns or carbines, are locked in their vehicles.

      The revelation last year that armed officers were being dispatched to minor disturbances in Scotland is reported to have caused widespread dismay.

  5. Birmingham Against The Cuts;
    National END AUSTERITY NOW demonstration on Saturday 20th June.
    If you want to go please email with the number of tickets you want reserved. We will be leaving Birmingham at 8.45am, venue TBC.
    See you all soon.
    Keep up the good work Johnny, donation on its way.

  6. p.s £10.00 waged, £5.00 unwaged.

  7. overburdenddonkey

    450+mps…de-facto ‘govt of national unity’, if you like…
    the only real question is, does this taste like democracy…?
    there is no scot/ tribalism, but a growing recognition and opposition to the threat these people pose to our, precarious class, survival…

  8. It’s now do or die.

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  10. I admire your passion, but because we no longer have a capitalist system dependent on manual labour, there isn’t the leverage we once had. The use of CCTV and a large police force, makes the act of protest practically useless. We live in a much more individualistic society and the typical person will look to their own short-term interest. Years of right-wing ideologies have created a society which is unable to fight the state due to the threat and use of law to punish protesters into submission.

    • Peter, who cares about CCTV? I don’t. Who cares about the Police? I don’t. Who looks at their own short-interest? I don’t. Who said the act of protest is useless? You did. Who said one’s ideologies prevents peaceful cooperation? You did. Are you going to March Yes or No?

      • Answer me this. Did protesters stop pit closures, selling off royal mail, council tax, student fees, fracking, bedroom tax… you get the picture.

        • overburdenddonkey

          no! but there’s nothing left to divide and conquer us with…

        • Peter, I ‘get the picture’. I am not angry at you, I am angry at myself. I have sat around for the past 5 years moaning, crying and then becoming depressed, a complete victim with all that surrounds me and thousands of others. With the Tories back in POWER and with the excellent writing and thought provoking words from the Void, I aim to get up of my arse and join in, so to speak. Your words, unfortunately, bought me back down to earth and made it all seem futile, negative and despondent.

          • Exactly!! I’m in work but fuming over way everyone is being treated by this government. I’ve taken to the streets in marches on strike days n I’m planning on going to couples of demos advertised on here. Maybe we won’t change anything but at least we feel we’re doing something. After we came out on strike last year, soon after, the council ( who I work for.. School) put. Wage up to living wage. One small victory in the battle..

        • Peter, if you have the time, ponder on this for a moment or two

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    UK Welfare Reform Deaths ~ Updated List ~ October 21st 2014


  13. The inner cities are gonna be on the front line of despair with high costs & high prices & rent & house prices. Chuck all the poorer people out of the inner cities & do up as Tory strong holds. The Tories now have every county in England. Where are the people going to go? Well that`s the bit they haven`t thought about yet & who gives a shit. New Towns or are they called Open Prisons with a big housing building project. Since you got a tablet to read books you don`t need libraries so closed them down & burn all the books. Is that too left wing for you a General Strike or breaking down society for a 20% pay rise yesterday for the Tory MP`s. Greed comes at a cost because the people have spoken for the Emperor Dodgy Dave & The Pay Rise Dodgy Crew Well Tory Voters you should`ve been on the fiddle like us the Tory Party. Let`s think tank about the 2020 Election Tactics to get the Middle Ground. The middle ground is so far up a dictators contradictions that common sense is soooo left wing. Common Sense & morals have become the new buzz words to turn into a International PLC. The unemployment rate has gone down in the UK but the rate has gone up in Scotland. PLC Companies are like the Mafia money buys power. Scotland PLC dodgy Dave Wants It !!!! Careful what you say to Nicky with your bully boy talk & image Emperor Dodgy Dave. The women hold the power in Europe not cooking your fucking dinner lazy dave.

  14. This government wants to bring dictatorship back, whilst at the same time giving people very little to lose if they do kick off.

  15. Let`s go back to the Recession & Banking Crash – How did it start – still paying bankers. The 10th bail out is it.

    Mykal Rose – Wall Street

  16. Fool steam ahead for the new Bill Of Rights dave is going ahead anyway behind the backs of Europe & Tory voters. Dave has now imposed the Bill Of Rights & is being sued by Europe for breaking loads of things like the Human Rights Act 1998. Dave don`t give a shit on he goes breaking more & more laws ion Europe. What fun. See where it`s heading. No one tells dave what to do.

    Dave is a stand up comedian.

  17. Welfare delays ‘unlawfully long’

    Harrogateadvertiser – 19:07 Thursday 14 May 2015

    Disabled people have been forced to turn to loan sharks and food banks because of the “unlawfully long time” taken to provide them with vital welfare benefits, the High Court has heard at the launch of a challenge to the delays.

    Many families have suffered months of anxiety and faced eviction threats waiting to receive the new benefits known as personal independence payments (Pips), a judge was told.

    Two unnamed test case claimants are asking the court to declare that – because of the magnitude of the delay – Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has breached his common law and human rights duties to make payments within a reasonable time.

    Pips are replacing the disability living allowance (DLA) in sweeping government reforms of the benefits system.

    They are designed to help disabled adults meet the extra costs caused by disability, including basic essentials such as food, heating and transport.

    Lawyers for the claimants say they are particularly concerned by the delays as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has acknowledged it is coming to “the difficult period” when it will move 1.75 million people currently receiving DLA over to Pips.

    Figures released at the end of March revealed that 3,200 people making new claims had been waiting for more than a year to receive payments.

    Read More:



    From: M Boyce

    14 May 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    This FOI request concerns the major issue: whether ‘‘sanctions’’
    are used as a FIRST or a LAST resort, and to that effect whether
    information given by the DWP to the Work and Pensions Select
    Committee directly contradicts the information given to the public.
    Disentitlement, claim closure, benefit suspension, doubts, benefit
    reductions, and sanctions – welcome to the unfair and Alice in
    Wonderland world of the DWP, where everything is definitely not as
    it seems. ‘‘Sanctions’’ (and this includes benefit disentitlement
    in broad terms ) are clearly being used as a FIRST resort, and not
    as the DWP constantly claim, a LAST resort. The DWP have supplied
    the Works and Pensions Select Committee with legally incorrect and
    inaccurate information. Why? Have the DWP lied to the Select
    Committee, or are the very well paid people in charge of strategy
    and decision making at the DWP just grossly incompetent? Let’s find



      …………get your mind right, Luke, or else………….

      According to the Government, 46 per cent of benefit claimants
      receiving Employment and Support Allowance, the main benefit for
      ill and disabled people, have mental health problems.

      This means that the proposal to enforce treatment could apply to an
      estimated 260,000 claimants, who receive up to £101 per week each
      in ESA.

      Estimates based on government figures suggest the state spends up
      to £1.4 billion a year – more than £3.5 million per day – on ESA
      for these claimants with mental health issues.

      The reforms however, would apply only to those claimants judged to
      be capable of some work in future.

  19. Hell yes. Well put as always!

    Here’s our take, thought you might be interested since we were both listed as ‘threats to workfare and the wider economy’ by the DWP and all 😉

  20. Expanded a Daily Mirror recent article with links and further information on my blog to help people against hunger and against all the coming welfare cuts.

    Hope it helps people, and helps others to help other folks in the worse to come.

  21. Dave Harrison

    Look on the bright side folks, that nice Mr Duncan-Smith is doing all he can to help you into work:


      ……….the Daily Mail can print all the shit it wants, because gullible people are easily fooled and believe what they want………………

      Try living on my benefit of only £33.32p per week for the last 22 months and wake up to the real world.
      This equates to £1732 per year only.

      This is the real world of a disabled benefit scrounger with an eighteen year at college and a partner with a bad hip working a couple of afternoons as a sales assistant.

      I worked from leaving school till nearly getting my gold watch until an accident at work stopped me in my tracks.
      You can take away my benefits but you can have my disability for free if you wish……….

      Everybody i know is existing on a knife edge, not living.

      Life is short and to many very painful. Keep on buying the clowns atlas or open up your eyes to the real world, the world that you wish to blank out.

    • You only have to look at the comments below the article to see what knuckle dragging maniacs read the Mail. Funny, how the paper never seems to have space to condemn scroungers like Paul Dacre who claims £250,000 a year subsidy from the EU that he purports to hate so much for his Scottish grouse moor. Or Lord Rothermere, the proprietor, who pretends to be French in order to dodge British taxes and who used a labyrinth of companies to buy a car parking space tax free.

    • Dave Harrison, Stop Reading The Daily Mail. You will go blind

  22. The people of Scotland have already shown what they’re made of, so what are you lot in the rest of the UK doing?

    • P.S. Johnny, I meant to say – absolutely spot on about the problem (except for what you said about the SNP, it was NOT a negative vote), less so about your solution.

  23. DWP Press Release – 13th May 2015

    Benefit sanctions down as more people helped into work

    The number of benefit sanctions has gone down by a third over the past year.

    As claimants fulfil their commitments to look for work and take up the offer of employment support, the number of benefit sanctions has gone down.

    New statistics show 606,000 sanctions were given to claimants on Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) in the past year – a drop of around 300,000 compared with the previous year.

    Sanctions are a necessary part of the benefits system, with more than 70% of claimants saying they are more likely to follow the rules if they know they risk having their benefits stopped.

    Employment Minister, Priti Patel said:

    Read More:

    • Break down the word `Work` more info – Notice it don`t say payed work.

    • Not Worth The Paper It`s Written On = Bullshit.


      …………..Typical DWP drivel from the new ventriloquists dummy…….

      As always, they use statistics that even an idiot can see through, but they are most reluctant to publish how many they have killed along the way.

      The DWP now employ a team of people, full time to try and cover up their heinous crimes on the poor and disabled, yet huge cracks seem to be emerging from their most sad alibi’s.
      You have to have a really good memory to be a substantial liar but the more they employ, the more visible their lies become.

      Every freedom of information request seems to be either delayed or hidden.
      Their replies buried in files that cannot be accessed or missing altogether.
      It is only a matter of time before the floodgates burst open and the true terror of their ethnic cleansing regime sees daylight…………….

      Many have lost their lives already, but we must let the world know what they are up to.

      When the state has a department that allows the brutal slaying of it’s citizens for the pleasure of a couple of homicidal maniacs, its time to reflect on the mistakes……………..

      Watch the suicide rates increase as the reality of flawed welfare legislation takes effect on the most vulnerable.

      My greatest pleasure will be the image of the likes of FREUD, MCVEY AND SMITH dangling on the end of a hastily erected gallows.

      These are not human beings, they are absolute scum not seen since the fall of the Nazi’s.

      Fate has a strange way of being self fulfilling. Their crimes against humanity will never go away, they are truly indelible………………….

  24. “Our welfare reforms are transforming the lives of some of the poorest families in our communities and giving people the skills and opportunities to get on in life.”

    “We offer tailored employment support to jobseekers, and these figures show that more people are taking up that support and moving into work with the security of a regular wage.”

    Employment Minister, Priti Patel.

    • Google translating…. jobseekers are being harassed of off benefits into zero hour contracts and bogus self-employment….

  25. How much has the DWP/JCP defrauded from claimants by the use of sanctions in the last 5 years?

  26. Snooper's Charter

    Drivng Licences being linked to Jobcentre

    By ticking this box, you are providing the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) with your consent to check your personal details including your National Insurance number with the Department for Work and Pensions and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to help verify your identity. If you do not wish to tick this box, the DVLA will be unable to verify your identity and you will not be able to use this service. For more information on how the DVLA will use your information and the alternative ways of accessing this service please see our privacy policy.

    • Snooper’s Charter – That service is only for looking at your OWN driving licence online. Why would you want to do that? I just have to look in my wallet.

      Is your objection just paranoia?

      • You can generate an “access code” which gives some other entity access, maybe primarily for car rental firms at the moment, but it is obvious where it will lead…

    • I cannot see the point of this. I can’t find my licence so I entered my NI number and postcode, hopefully to retrieve my driver number or whatever they call it, but no go. Useless.

    • Not sure if this is still the case, need to check, but you used to be able to view the details through the ‘government gateway’.

  27. David Cameron’s new disabilities minister voted against protecting disabled children’s benefits

    Independent – 13th May 2015

    David Cameron’s new disabilities minister voted against protecting benefits for disabled children and cancer patients, according to parliamentary records.

    Justin Tomlinson, appointed in the new government’s reshuffle, will assist Iain Duncan Smith in implementing Conservative reforms to the benefits system and making £12bn as-yet unspecified cuts.

    Mr Tomlinson has a record of voting against provisions that would see more support directed to the disabled and sick.

    In parliamentary votes he has supported letting contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance expire for those undergoing cancer treatment.

    In a separate vote regarding the new universal credit system he voted against a minimum floor on the amount of money that could be given to disabled children.

    According to the department’s website Mr Tomlinson will have responsibility for child poverty and other cross government disability issues.

    The new minister also voted for the bedroom tax and against a plan to stop benefits being eroded by rising prices. He will be joined in his new role as a DWP minister by right-winger Priti Patel.

    Read More:

  28. New hopes over disabled assesment centre in Norwich

    Eastern Daily Press – 13th May 2015

    People with disabilities who have been stopped from attending Norwich’s assessment centre for disabled people because it it does not have suitable access could be in line for good news.

    The Norwich Evening News and EDP can today reveal that an announcement over a new location for assessments to be carried out is expected “soon”.

    Campaigners have been protesting for more than three years over the assessment centre, which is upstairs at St Mary’s House in Duke Street, Norwich.

    People in wheelchairs or who have restricted mobility are advised that they must be able to walk downstairs from where the assessments are carried out in the event of an emergency, as the lift would be out of use.

    Now a spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said: “We are working to secure a new location for the assessment centre in Norwich and hope to be able to make an announcement soon.”

    The statement comes after prime minister David Cameron announced Justin Tomlinson, MP for North Swindon, as the new minister for disabled people.

    The situation had been described as “wholly unacceptable” by one of his predecessors, Mike Penning, who in June last year said he would be looking at taking action to leave St Mary’s House.

    Read More:

  29. Misty In Roots – Poor & Needy (Extended)

  30. British society is getting drunk on dehumanising the unemployed how long before the lynch mobs hang benefits claimants from street lamp posts.

  31. Is anybody out there actually managing to do 5 hours daily jobsearch 7 days a week (as I have been told to do) or have you all been san ctioned?

    • John Grande, a struggling London art dealer, is thrown what he thinks is a lifeline when he is given the opportunity of handling a collection of rare masters, housed in a villa above the cliffs of Positano in Italy. There, on the beach, he briefly encounters Laura Buckley, the glamorous producer of New York’s most prestigious TV news programme. Neither could know that their lives were to become linked in a terrifying web of intrigue and deceit. Set on both sides of the Atlantic, Iain Duncan Smith’s debut novel is an ingenious fast-paced thriller with an intriguing cast of characters reaching the highest level of office. All are being controlled and manipulated by a powerful, evil man seeking revenge for incidents reaching back to World War Two, involving art thefts, possible Nazi collaboration and murder… his actions prove to be explosive.

    • Another Fine Mess

      I don’t have any time for working or interviews, due to jobsearching 24/7.

      • i’ve been told to keep a record accounting for what I’m doing to find work for 5 hours of every day inc. Wkends, what time I did what for how long, what sites I used, what jobs I applied for, where I went to ask for work, etc etc none stop. It’s madness. I have already completed the Work Programme & MWA ages ago, and am not on UC. Why am I having to do this shit? I am 50+ and have a medical condition.

        • Hello’ Not Roger’, Having been there, or is it their (Shirley Nott will put me straight) I truly feel for your plight. So if this is any help, here goes. Please feel free (anyone) to correct me accordingly.
          Today,(date and time) I spent one hour on Universal Jobmatch. There were no jobs for my skills. Or, I applied to, ‘Manpower’. Website not trusted as i was asked for my bank details. Or, unable to access my Universal Jobmatch account, Or,/and on-line search could not pass personnel credit check. Next Hour, Applied for job at ????Extensive application form which took me 2 hours to complete. Applied for ???? job already gone. Visited the following companies in my local area (take calling cards/business card on visit) blah, blah, blah, blah. This took 3 hours walking on foot. 5 hours in total.
          Break it down Nor Roger to; hours on websites, hours tramping the streets (think about people you know in the local area, you will be surprised), posted applications, email applications and friends and family. Good luck.

          • Oh, I forgot ‘not roger’. Don’t let the Bastards get you down.

          • Thnx Bernadette. But it’s illegal to make JSA claimants do 35 hours jobsearch. I’ve just complainrd to myMP

            • Another Fine Mess

              Yep. 🙂

            • Not roger, jobcentre staff can do what they F——- Like. There boss is Idi Amin and look what he gets up to???. Seriously, you have to play them at their own game. Good luck with your MP.

          • Been there too & it’s a completely mad system designed to trip people up when they can’t come up with a satisfactory-enough account of every minute of every day of their/there week.

            Hopefully I only turn into the grammar police as a defence against others trying to use someone else’s writings to put them down/try to scoff at what they’ve said & rather than wanting to criticise spellings/use of capitals et. (Whenever I comment the thing I forget to do most often is to close brackets – short attention span & all that jazz…

    • Another Fine Mess

      My local shops are already plagued with people popping in all day asking for a job, I don’t shop very often but I see it all the time.
      If/when i’m asked to to that, I’ll be asking for the manager of the shop/business, and then explaining that the JC sent me, and handing them the name and desk phone number of my advisor in case of any problems.
      Next week I’ll visit the same places and say the JC sent be again…

  32. Money not in your account, new nudge disruption tactic JCP work roaches maliciously ‘forget’ to log signing on episodes.

  33. JobCentrePlus should be closed down, public servants complicit in the wholesale defrauding of benefit claimants.

    JCP is a criminal enterprise sanctioned by Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Work and Pensions the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP.

  34. New statistics show 606,000 sanctions were given to claimants on Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) in the past year – a drop of around 300,000 compared with the previous year.

    606,000 last “Last Resort” sanctions, My Arse!

    • Everyone knows it’s a con to rake in more money for the treasury ie. money denied to sanctioned claimants stays in their account. Second thing is it contributes to the falsifying of the UE figures to skew them to look better than they really are. Same as workfare, another con to remove the UE from the register. On workfare they class you as employed.

    • Another Fine Mess

      606,000 last “Last Resort” sanctions, My Arse!

      There’s only around 750,000 now able to claim JSA.

  35. pcs union 60, 600 or even 6,000 sanctions could be excused by work coaches and DMs claiming to be “just doing their job”, but 606,000 sanctions is indefensible.

  36. Were you mis-sold National Insurance, defrauded and sanctioned out of thousands of pounds of contributions and benefits then do the right thing call the National Benefit Fraud Hotline -Telephone: 0800 854 440

    *working closely with fraud task forces, HMRC and local authorities

  37. Were you mis-sold National Insurance and defrauded out of state pension payout by raised retirement age and the SERPs opt out since 1978 that will leave you with just £38 per week after 45 years in work OR NIL STATE PENSON FOR LIFE for both men and women? Then you are screwed after 2016 retirement age.

  38. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here urges that the real, brutal oppression that will be introduced by this Tory government means that people need to get involved in a comprehensive campaign of protests, demonstrations strikes and general civil disobedience if we are to retain even a semblance of decent, civil society. He points out that that the Tories are creating a Britain, where a diabetic man died because he could not afford to heat his insulin, and the poor or being socially cleansed from areas of London, pushed out in favour of the rich. The government also intends virtually to ban strikes and round up dissenters, even if they have actually done nothing wrong under the law. He points out that Cameron’s government combines the worst of Thatcher’s ideology of greed with Blair’s concern for absolute control. He also points out that most people did not vote Tory, and the Votes for UKIP, the Greens and SNP did so as a protest against the present parties. He believes that the rise in UKIP was not accompanied by an increase in racism. He also places the excesses of the current Tory administration in its historical context. It’s part of the centuries long oppression of the poor by the aristocratic elite, beginning with the enclosures, the rise of the highly exploitative factory system in the 19th century, and the wars fought by the working class to increase the profits and wealth of the rich.

    He provides links to further information about forthcoming protests in Glasgow, Peterborough, Manchester, Sheffield, Cardiff, Winchester, Newcastle and Leeds. There is also a link for information about other protests Class War and the National Coalition Against Fees and Cuts have called for on May 27th, and a protest by UK Uncut on May 30th. This is the day Cameron hopes he will repeal the human rights act. Mr Void also states that there is another demonstration planned in the City of London on the 20th June.

    Johnny Void is right about voters turning to UKIP, the Greens and SNP to protest against the mainstream parties. UKIP are a nasty, bigoted, racist party, but most people, who voted for them in the parts of Bristol nearest me – Hengrove – did so out of fear of losing their jobs, not because they were afraid of Blacks, Asians and Eastern Europeans. Similarly, many of those, who voted for the SNP in Scotland did so, not because they hate the English or wish to leave the UK entirely, but because the SNP offered a far better welfare programme than Labour.

    And Cameron is certainly a totalitarian. The fact that his government has already set up ‘secret courts’, like those in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Stalinist Russia, should deeply concern everyone seriously concerned with defending this country’s traditional freedoms. He intends to scrap the Human Rights act, partly because so much of it conflicts with the way his government crushes, degrades and kills the poor and disabled. He wishes to destroy the welfare state entirely, and leave nothing but a sham, a façade of democracy to disguise his government’s highly authoritarian nature.

    It’s definitely time he was stopped, and the traditional parties of the left need to be shown that, whatever Blair said or believes, the mass of citizens in this country do not support the ‘aspirational’ politics of selling off everything for the benefit of rich, whilst denying the poor the help they need simply to keep body and soul together.

    • Hat tip to the compassion of the British peoples they have not yet surrendered the principle of social security despite more than 30 years of ‘aspirational’ propaganda and the collective treachery of their political class.

  39. Gidiot has announced an emergency budget for July. Have the Conservatives really fucked the economy so badly since March? Or was the March budget cynical electioneering? If we need an emergency budget we need an emergency election.



    Delays in processing disability benefits claims were unacceptable but not illegal, the Department for Work and Pensions has told the High Court.

    Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith did not “bury his head in the sand” when problems emerged and took “prompt” action, the court heard.

    Two disabled claimants say processing delays were unlawful and have taken the test case to London’s High Court.

    The judge has reserved judgement and has retired to consider her verdict.

    Mrs Justice Patterson gave no date for when a verdict might be returned.

    Justin Tomlinson, minister for disabled people, has issued a statement saying “significant progress” is currently being made in dealing with claims.

    Mr Tomlinson said: “Figures released on 12 March reflect the significant progress made over the past year and show that claims are now being processed at five times the rate they were in January 2014.



    From: JayneL

    1 May 2015

    Dear DWP Strategy Freedom of Information,

    Thank you for your response however both links you offer result in….
    Page not found 404 Error notices.
    Please either send appropriate links or direct me to the
    appropriate pages

    Further how can a risk assessment only show the gainers and not the
    losers; the purpose of this process is to determine what might
    cause harm to people and decide whether you are taking reasonable
    steps to prevent that harm? What is the DWP Definition of a Risk

    Yours sincerely,


    Link to this

  41. Serious question has Theresa May got the water cannon yet?
    (Just worried for people’s safety.)

  42. Pingback: Join Protests, Sign Petitions, Write Letters | Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox

  43. Low Pay for Life

    Fiona Walker meets people struggling to get by on low pay, and finds out which employers are not paying the living wage. She hears evidence that indicates that many are trapped in working poverty, and looks at the research into what it means to have a decent standard of living.

    BBC1 Scotland 20:30-21:00 Monday 18 May 2015



    We reject the UK Government’s unconscionable Welfare Reform Act and policies which are literally killing our people and which are immiserating millions.

    As disabled people and citizens of Scotland, we demand nothing less than full autonomy for the Scottish Government over all matters relating to welfare, ownership of our natural resources and national assets, income from taxation and measures to address and eradicate the poverty that blights the lives of nearly one million pe… See More


    Man With Cancer Told To Give Up Treatment and Join Work Programme To Keep Benefits
    Scriptonite / May 2, 2014

    A Scunthorpe man has received a 40% cut in benefits after he was diagnosed with cancer, leaving him in serious financial distress during his battle with a disease that killed his father and brother. To add insult the injury, the DWP told him that he could return to his previous level of benefits, provided he gave up treatment and complied with the Jobseeker’s programme.



    steve Young
    December 3, 2014 at 6:42 am

    My father. was assessed by Atos last year 2013 and his benefits stopped as they felt that he was fit to work at 70 yrs old. He had two major heart attacks, pneumonia last year and his left leg amputated in 2006 after a road traffic accident when a driver pulled out in front of him while He was on his motor cycle. His health had declined also due to gangerene in his leg, a broken shoulder which never reset properly and thrombosis in his right leg and blood clots so his right leg was to be amputated. He went through the stress of sitting an investigation into his financial position in May/ June 2013 and due to his continued I’ll Heath had his benefits reinstated eventually Unfortunately in March 2014 he passed away at 71 yrs old and now the DWP are investigating my father for benefit fraud and I have now been told that I as the executor of his estate as small as it is will have to pay back any over payments. My father worked all his life payed his tax, everything until his accident and he lived like a tramp saving all his benefit money and didn’t look after himself properly and now because he saved his benefits and didn’t spend it he’s now being persecuted after his death and I’m now being told it has all got to be paid back with interest.
    Get your head around that one folks!! My father died in March 2014 and still we have not had a decision as yet dec 2014 as to how much I will be required to pay back to the DWP.

  47. You wanna see the shite being spouted on Labour Uncut. And they wonder why they lost.

  48. “The working class vote for UKIP does not represent a significant rise in racism or bigotry – go to any working class area and see people of all races working and living together, fucking and loving each other.”

    As well as the anti-racist sentiment, kudos for demolishing the entire ‘greed is human nature’ argument in a single sentence. Brilliant!

  49. Today Mark’s the Anniversary of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine
    Announcing the Free Distribution of Food to Citizens in the Holy and
    Imperial City of Constantinople in 332 AD.

    An Improvement upon the Meanness and Selfishness of Thatcherite
    Toryism in Oppressed Britain namely the Spirit of Generosity

  50. Proverbs Chapter 14 Verse 31 of the Holy Bible Namely
    ” Anyone who Oppresses the Poor is Insulting God who made Them. To Help the Poor is to Honour God .

    It is Not the Poor who are Scroungers but the Selfish Rich are Hoarders of Wealth and as Matthew Chapter 19 Verse 24 of the Holy Bible States
    And again I say unto You, It is Easier for a camel to go through the Eye of a Needle, than for a Rich Man to enter into the Kingdom of God

  51. Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs and commented:
    We are witnessing the emergence of a government that seems intent on combining the worst of Margaret Thatcher’s ideological greed with the petty control-freakery of Tony Blair. It is the worst of all political worlds, the ultimate neo-liberal triumph combined with an attempt to crush any last trace of dissent

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