Over 4 Million People Who Want Jobs: Is The So-Called Jobs Miracle Shuddering To A Halt?

work-or-riotNewly appointed Minister of Death, Priti Patel, was allowed to write her first DWP press release this morning as labour market figures showed there were just 35,000 fewer unemployed people in the last three months.  This is the smallest quarterly fall in unemployment in nearly two years, and it is not the only bad news for the DWP – amongst those born in the UK the number of people with jobs fell slightly.

Youth unemployment, for people between 18 and 24, also rose in the latest period, for the second quarter running.  As did the number of hidden unemployed – people without a job who want one but are classed as ‘economically inactive’ rather than officially unemployed – which now stands at 2.298 million meaning the true number of unemployed people is 4.129 million.

The Claimant Count, which means the shrinking number of unemployed people who are still entitled to Jobseeker’s Allowance, fell by just 12,600, the smallest drop since March 2013.  The ‘experimental claimant count’ however, which also includes unemployed people transferred onto Universal Credit, fell by just 6,500.  The number of people claiming out of work sickness benefits rose by 5000 in the same period.

As ever, a large number of people who are officially employed are working part time – and the number of part time workers who want a full time job also rose in the latest period.  There are also 105,000 people on “government supported training and employment programmes”, better known as workfare, who are classed as employed in the official statistics.

The s0-called jobs miracle on which the Tories based much of their election campaign was always largely a myth that was more down to a growing population that Iain Duncan Smith’s bungled welfare reforms.  Today’s labour market figures suggest that even this may be coming to an end.  What they also show, beyond doubt, is that with over 4 million people chasing 750,000 vacancies, there are still no fucking jobs.

You can view the latest Labour Market Statistics on the ONS website.

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102 responses to “Over 4 Million People Who Want Jobs: Is The So-Called Jobs Miracle Shuddering To A Halt?

  1. watfordscrounger

    By my estimate there must be hundreds of thousands of people in receipt of JSA who are on the Work Programme or spending 6 months with a local enterprise agency.

    Yet the ONS does not seem to include these people in the unemployment figures.

    I think that’s what I call a scam!

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  3. Sick & tired of hearing Government lies being trotted out on the BBC every fucking day.UJM is driving me to drink. Used to drink maybe twice a year, now every day.

  4. Why so “passively tolerant” there really should be more disturbance on the shop floor and doleQ.

    cc Scotland Yard, GCHQ, JobCentrePlus

    • there’s plenty of disturbance in the dole Q when I’m there, usually end up surrounded by G4SS goons.

  5. Fuck the Tory lies, you can only paper over the cracks for so long before the mold starts to show.

  6. I have been assigned to 6 Months of CWP,passed from Provider to Sub to another Sub,having experienced the WP and MWA once you sign the paperwork? SFA,I refused to sign,I received an E-mail stating that I “Must sign” after another meeting I asked what Placements were available,as in the Provider Guidance it must benefit myself and the Community and they had 1 place for over 40 people,when pushed? It was a Charity that the Subbie had set up them self (conflict of interest?) I still refused to sign,but stated that I would be willing to participate in a suitable placement,returned to JCP with a Sanction doubt (Will beat it) the general attitude was not about helping the unemployed..Just the Provider and the Subbies charging the Taxpayer and as usual not delivering Jack Shit!

    • ” Provider Guidance it must benefit myself and the Community …”

      You have conceded before your resistance has even started sorry to say, workfare is not and never can be of Community Benefit to you or the community it is forced labour and slavery. Community Benefit is the collective rebuilding after a catastrophic event such as war or a natural disaster not being enslaved to a scam charity ironing the cast off rags of the rich.

      cc Scotland Yard, GCHQ, JobCentrePlus

      • Vertegen Slave

        That can and usually just means a fucking ‘re-cycling plant’ or a fucking ‘charity’ shop

        • I was sent to a ‘re-cycling’ centre when on the mis-work programme. The place SEETEC sent me to was a death trap to both customers and staff alike. If the fucking paint fumes from them flogging old, manky rancid paint didn’t finish you off, the pallets strewn across the side yard would.

          I very much doubt that the death trap place has since cleaned their act up and improved on-site safety procedures in the time long after I was forced out by being overcome by paint fumes aggrevating my allergen health issues.

          These dodgy paint recycling places are the sort of fly-bitten shite holes that CWP attracts in the dangerous pretence of helping the local community and helping jobless people gain useful work experience.

    • Good for you for standing up to them.

    • Don’t sign any paperwork issued to you by your provider. They can’t do anything about it as they are not the ones who operate on the JSA act.

  7. Anyone who could Vote Tory given their Nation Wrecking is a Scum
    Filth .

    Briton’s Need to Stop being so Slavish and Slavery Collaborating
    and Stand Up For the Underdog and the Oppressed

    Social Justice Yes Slavery No

  8. my name is " my " name.

    They ain’t omniscient. They get away with murder because we allow them. We are hypnotized by their aura of power.

    “Yet were we to stand tall and clear in the open and say, “These silly would-be Emperors have no clothes!,” their power would evaporate like cotton candy in hot water.”

  9. I Agree only Thick Morons believe Tory Propaganda

    Utter Horse | May 13, 2015 at 4:25 pm | Reply

    Fuck the Tory lies, you can only paper over the cracks for so long before the mold starts to show.

  10. … people without a job who want one but are classed as ‘economically inactive’ rather than officially unemployed – which now stands at 2.298 million …

    Wow I’m in an official ‘ECONOMICALLY INACTIVE’ section, but no I don’t want a job, because I’m too old, knackered disabled /chronic sick.
    Nil benefit. Nil state pension til 2019. NIL STATE PENSION in 2019 FOR LIFE.

    The things is. The rest of the world is not economically inactive. They expect you to pay to live for all sorts of basic things. Food. Fuel. House bills. The huge cost of incontinence products. Soap. Washing powder. Dishwashing liquid. Council tax to pay for that cardboard cut out ceremonial mayor that is a councillor doing no councillor work but getting extra expenses (no not the proper paid job of an Elected Mayor that actually works and not swan about without any power getting more money).

    Will the Tories last beyond 6 April 2016 when the grey vote find out how they have been shafted off their state pension and pension credit, and the FLAT RATE PENSION IS LESS OR NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE.

  11. Greenwood4727

    750,000 jobs.. where.. more like 200,000 at the max.. not counting all those self employed, the “fake” jobs

    • Universal Jobmatch is full of dodgy, fake postings. I’ve seen the same jobs constantly re-posted over and over again, along with new ID codes each time. More often than not, these fake jobs are posted by dodgy home improvement companies and even online only recruitment companies.

      One to avoid at all costs is this one often seen re-posting jobs from totaljobs.com – UK recruitment.net (online company with only a mail-drop address and nothing else).

  12. CaMORON says he’s going to creat 3 million new apprenticeships, and they want to crest 2 million new jobs. What’s wrong with that maths?

  13. It really pisses me off when I hear smug-faced Cameron pontificating about the virtues of work hard and the security of a regular pay check. Can these politicians not get it through their heads that people would like to work but there are no feckin jobs!

  14. Alex Salmond get real where are 60,000 Mediterranean migrants going to be housed and employed in Scotland, stop playing distress politics.

    • not sure if ill get a reply (probably not) but i have emailed conservative party and david cameron aswell asking why they always deceive the unemployment figures.

      • Pegasus, Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply, you won’t get one. I’m still waiting for a reply from Cameron since Oct 2014, either he’s a very slow writer or just an ignorant bastard.

  15. Managing to successfully complete & record 5 hours jobsearch every day of the week none stop would be a’job miracle’. IDS IS CRIMINALY INSANE. It’s fucking impossible.

  16. Why does asda want jobseekers to declare their sexual orientation or religious affiliations for a simple customer service job, are those kind of databases not just a wee bit risky who knows what the political climate will be in the future.

  17. Another Fine Mess

    Still too many turkeys voted for IBS.

  18. Well now that idiots voted them in, I guess they can afford to lie less. lol..

  19. If there are so many people unemployed, you say four million, then how did the Tories get a majority? I will tell you why they got a majority, it’s because the economy is doing better, it’s because they, the Tories, are about jobs. They are about jobs, and a fair crack of the whip for all.
    I think that it is wrong for you people to constantly denigrate them, after all, they have a majority now, the people have spoken. The people like austerity. They like what the conservatives are doing and have given them a mandate to do more. This is The People speaking. And Landless Peasant, You seem to spend your life sending Emails to The Void, doesn’t this interfere with your job search?

    • Three quarters of the electorate don’t like the Tories, only Britain’s archaic electoral system allows elections to be decided by a handful of middle class voters in a handful of maginal seats.

    • I’m in work and can’t afford things like moisturiser and haircuts. Over half my wages go on rent and council tax.
      I do 3 jobs, 25 hours heavy cleaning and I have health issues. I do not feel the tories have done anything for me!!

    • Roger, how is Landless?

    • Well you seem to spend a lot of time reading and commenting on The Void. What’s good for the goose Roger…….

    • … then how did the Tories get a majority?

      Labour committed aspirational suicide on the left while humming the Internationale in babel, Cockroach David Cameron in a beautiful piece of political theatre decapitated the Liberal Democrats while the SNP and UKIP filled the political void with the salt of the Earth.

  20. There were many Gormless People that Voted Tory but there is
    a Sense amongst many that the Election was Rigged

    Outside of Key Marginals Labour Increased it’s share of the Vote
    such as Manchester Withington and Sefton Central for Instance
    whilst in Thanet South there is Controversy .

    Netherless those who Voted Tory have Betrayed British Interests
    ie the Welfare of Ordinary People outside the Ivory Tower of
    Obscene Wealth

    If the Economy is doing better than why are there so much shut
    down shops in town centres ?

    roger | May 14, 2015 at 8:43 am | Reply

    If there are so many people unemployed, you say four million, then how did the Tories get a majority? I will tell you why they got a majority, it’s because the economy is doing better, it’s because they, the Tories, are about jobs. They are about jobs, and a fair crack of the whip for all.
    I think that it is wrong for you people to constantly denigrate them, after all, they have a majority now, the people have spoken. The people like austerity. They like what the conservatives are doing and have given them a mandate to do more. This is The People speaking. And Landless Peasant, You seem to spend your life sending Emails to The Void, doesn’t this interfere with your job search?

    • overburdenddonkey

      how do you a/c for slab/lab not even bothering to gather/court the left wing vote…? most lab voters, voted out of programmed habit….lab knew full well what the snp and people of scotland and many in r.uk wanted, yet they went out of their way to deny any possibility of left wing govt, why was/is that…? and how do you a/c for example lab being actively involved every step of the way in the formation 2012 health and social care act….?

      • overburdenddonkey,

        fatal mistake for slab to have assumed they owned the working class vote likewise it will be a fatal mistake for the SNP to assume the working class vote is not gifted without a political shift on to a real world agenda.

        • overburdenddonkey

          totally agree…. it’s no good the snp now claiming they’re hamstrung coz r.uk didn’t vote labour, they would have always seen the possibility….imv they’ll now really push for indyscot as a reasonable solution…but they are trying to get welfare powers 1st….and also need to find a way of mitigating the major impacts of austerity now, as well…in particular as with bed tax mitigate the impact of sanctions as a priority…

          • overburdenddonkey

            ps the ‘jock myth’ (rab c), has been busted by our inspirational, caring sharing, political engagement…many poverty enabling charity and mental health schemes, which costs scotland and the scottish people in donations (another form of deserving/undeserving non-centrally administered tax) £bn’s every yr, could be closed and the money redistributed among scottish benefit claimants….
            the subsequent improvement in mental and physical health would be enormous with knock on savings to the scotnhs….now lets show the world how it’s done…!!

          • My fear is that a Scottish Welfare Pot will be doled out to the evil Third Force to administer and plunder that eventuality is not outside current SNP third wayism.

        • If sanctions continue to being issued in Scottish jobcentres the SNP will be toast.


    Government in High Court over benefit payments delay



    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 07/02/2015 .
    You asked:-

    [1] I would like to know how many claimants out of the 49 peer
    reviewed cases had received a sanction. This includes previous
    sanctions and sanctions at the time of their death.
    [2] And if it is within the cost limits, the number of sanctions for each
    claimant will also be useful

    DWP response

    1. In 10 out of the 49 reviews, the person concerned had sanctions recorded
    at some point in their claim.

    2. This information is not available in the peer review reports.

    If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the
    reference number above.

    Yours sincerely,

    DWP Central FoI Team



    “it will cost more than £600 to answer your questions Mr Lythgoe”



    A DWP spokesperson said: “As the report recognises, sanctions are a
    vital backstop in the welfare system and are only used in a small
    minority of cases where claimants don’t do all they can to look for

    I request that the name of the official who spoke to the Guardian
    be published, alongside his position within the department.

    In the “small minority of cases” where claimants have been
    sanctioned what number have had all benefits removed, and how many
    claimants have died, from whatever cause, within 3 months of the
    sanctions being imposed.

    Yours faithfully,

    Paul Lythgoe

    Link to this


  23. Down with Fascism Torism Nazism Racism Islamophobia and
    Victimisation of the Poor and Vulnerable

    The Defence of Liberty and Human Rights is Not Extremism
    the Extremism is Tory Nutcase Budgets and Socially Damaging
    Public Spending Cuts

    Freedom Not Slavery

  24. OT : Customer Survey DWP style

    Signed on and finf DWP doing survey.Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Agree, Strongly Disagree.

    Do Staff act Professionally : Strongly Disagree
    Do Staff Motivate to find Job : Strongly Disagree
    Is Staff Trustworthy : : Strongly Disagree
    Do Staff keep claimants informed : : Strongly Disagree
    Do Staff Treat claimants fairly : : Strongly Disagree

    Strange but no comments section.
    So wrote on it anyway : Managementis cause by harrasing staff to comply, Management uses underhand & ilegal means to drive people off benifit to meet their targets.

    Methinks Management will not be pleased – if they don’t rip it up and chuck it away that is.

  25. Roger I’ve got some rope for Tories like you

  26. Pitiless Prattle is as clueless as her predecessor, Fester McVile – speaking of which – I wonder where she’s working now – oh well, who needs a job title when you’re about to be given a peerage…




    From: Robert Thomas

    12 May 2015

    Dear Her Majesty’s Courts and the Tribunals Service,

    I would please like to request the following information:

    (i) the number of applications for permission to appeal against
    decisions of Social Security Appeal Tribunals, subsequently the
    First-tier Tribunal (Social Entitlement Chamber), to a Social
    Security Commissioner, subsequently the Upper Tribunal
    (Administrative Appeals Chamber), and the outcome of those
    applications during the period 2000-2014; and

    (ii) the number of appeals determined by a Social Security
    Commissioner, subsequently the Upper Tribunal (Administrative
    Appeals Chamber), and the outcome of those appeals during the
    period 2000-2014.

    I am grateful for your assistance. Thank you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Robert Thomas

    Link to this

  28. The Tories have declared war on the trade unions – without public support

    Guardian – Thursday 14 May 2015 11.53 BST

    Most people don’t share the Conservative hatred of unions, yet Sajid Javid is turning the screw by making striking almost impossible

    One of the government’s first bills will make striking virtually impossible. Sajid Javid, the new business secretary, will outlaw any strike not voted for by at least 40% of eligible union members. Turnouts must reach 50%. Current “scab” laws that ban employers from hiring temporary agency staff to fill in for strikers will be abolished.

    Are trade unions too powerful? The mythology of the 1979 winter of discontent is deep-dyed in the Tory political psyche – those bodies unburied, that rubbish piled up in parks. That gave Margaret Thatcher the chance to demolish trade union rights. But along with abolition of the car park show-of-hands votes and intimidatory closed shops, went their power and influence over how national incomes are shared out.

    Any analysis of the British economy over the past 40 years shows how the decline of union power since the early 1980s has coincided with the fall in the proportion of GDP that goes to pay, and the rise of profits. Boardroom pay has sky-rocketed while wages have been held down, as chief executives and directors no longer fear the effect of their pay rises on their staff.

    Read More:

  29. Give it a few months & all the Tory Voters will be moaning. What right do you have to moan Tory Voter !!!

  30. It takes the Tories over 3 years to fix a lift & it`s still not fixed. So let`s start with the easy things before you go to things that are well out of your league.

  31. Barry Brown – Politician + King Tubby Killa Dub

  32. Jobcentres should not be so-called as they haven’t advertised jobs properly in them for many years now. All there is now are shitty computers using dial-up internet that the desk monkeys expect us to use.

  33. Looting Washing Up Liquid & Shampoo & Bubble Bath 3,000 trolleys worth. Road Block – Water Cannon Kick up the Bubbles. The Helicopter can`t see nothing but bubbles. Key Stone Cops & a peaceful Revolution.

  34. I don’t think any of those Tories have the brains to run this country – can we not have a “No confidence vote” and get them out that way? Or have they managed to veto that clause too? I’m positive that the majority of people in England would sign up for that immediately. Failing that we shall have to send Nicola for martial arts training – however, don’t think Mhair Black would need it…… watch out Westminster.

  35. The 14th of May 2015 AD Mark’s The 75th Anniversary of Nazi Attack on Rotterdam Netherlands in 1940 AD.

    Saint Lawrence Church is the only Reminder of Medieval Rotterdam.

    Around 80,000 People were Made Homeless

    The Devastation of Rotterdam Symbolised the Brutality of the Nazi Occupation of the Netherlands

    Nazism caused Harm Then and Causes Harm Now with Tory Party
    Policies which Fail to Care For the Poor and Vulnerable

  36. hahaha another five years of the same old People moaning on this, if half of you put as much effort into typing CV’s you would be employed.

    • Intellectual laziness at its finest. If you spent any time on your basic arithmetic skills you’d realise that there are NOT ENOUGH JOBS. Idiot.

  37. Another annoyance is that the Apprenticeship scheme is marketed as being more inclusive because there’s no longer an upper age limit, BUT you’re not eligible for funding if you’ve already earned a degree. I have a degree and actually wanted to do a relevant apprenticeship since I couldn’t find any suitable work, and was willing to take the cut in pay in order to be out of the Job Centre’s eyeline as well as picking up valuable skills and experience, but the funding isn’t there for me. That’s essentially penalising people for being educated, and that’s after I’ve already amassed huge amounts of debt by studying for this BA to begin with, a BA which has proven to be practically worthless in securing employment.

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