New Unelected Pensions Minister Ros Altmann Wants Us To Work Till We Drop

swearing-pensionerDavid Cameron has rewarded former banker Ros Altmann for the report she wrote calling on us all to work longer by making her Minister for Pensions despite her never having never won an election in her pampered life.

Altmann, who said last year that “Encouraging and enabling those who want to work longer is an idea whose time has come”, will join comedy toff and another former banker Lord Fraud at the DWP where he will remain in his role as unelected Minister for Welfare Reform.  That’s democracy yah.

Altmann is obessed with making people us work longer, even claiming it will be good for our health.  She should fit right in at the DWP where forced work makes you free and poverty is good for you.  In her report last year, commissioned by the DWP, Altmann even endorsed unpaid workfare style schemes for older workers, suggesting it was unfair that only the young are forced to work for no pay.

According to Altmann those who retire too soon will miss out on the “positive feelings that derive from work”.  You can tell she’s never had a real job.  Altmann assumes because posh people might benefit from a few hours well paid work when they are over pension age that means the rest of us want to be sweeping the streets or working in supermarkets into our seventies.  She also says that if we all work longer then we can keep out the immigrants, as if building companies are all going to start recruiting brickies from pensioner’s night at the local Bingo.

Nobody normal wants the pension age to rise, yet it is the policy of both main political parties.  And now a Government that only around 20% of people voted for have put in unelected stooge in charge of bullying us into working till we drop.  This is a robbery, people have paid for their pensions yet an increasing number are never likely to get one.  Life expectency varies by up to a decade depending on how poor you are.  There will soon be no respite, even when we grow old, from the relentless onslaught of cut throat capitalism that has no space at all for human joy.

Students have joined Class War in calling for a protests at the State Opening of Parliament on May 27th – please help spread the word.

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160 responses to “New Unelected Pensions Minister Ros Altmann Wants Us To Work Till We Drop

  1. That patel woman is Barking mad too
    Apart from being a fan of the death penalty
    ( she’s found her calling at DWP)
    She suggests that all working British are bone idle lazy.

    Seems to me the DWP has a new contingent of totally mad fruitcakes
    And they said Ukrap were barmy

  2. Greenwood4727

    I am sure i wont live long enough to get a pension..

  3. Doctor in the House

    If you retire at 60 you are expected to live for another 18 YEARS! If you retire at 65 you are expected to live for another 18 MONTHS!

  4. This is the Fault of the Scum who Voted Tory

    Still there is something about the General Election Result
    that does Not Add Up

    Mass Protests against Tories Needed

    • you can protest all you want it wont change a single thing as for as the election of the torys goes.

      • dirt under their feet

        While the results of the election are as they are, there’s much that can be done that the results of it are not as the government expect them to be.

    • Mass protest against the tories???
      dont make me laugh .. they would pronably bring out the water cannons,tasers and rubber bullets if they could…
      Thanks to the idiots who voted for this scum…Cameron said he wouldnt do a tbird term in office..mebbe he knew something we diddnt??
      Thats all thanks

  5. Altmann wants to try it on the factory floor,working 12 hour shifts and night shift,deafness,cuts and bruises,broken bones,I have had ’em all,when she has experienced 50 years of a working life on the factory floor,she can speak from experience.
    It’s always a white coller worker who tells the rest of us what is good for us.

    • Yeah, my working life has left me with bronchitis and a moderately bad shoulder injury. Neither too bad at present, thankfully, but getting worse every year, and I can forsee a time when they will badly effect life.

      Just wish the wages had had an equally life-changing effect.

  6. Fuck that. I’m retiring asap. Work kills.

  7. Altmann even endorsed unpaid workfare style schemes for older workers, suggesting it was unfair that only the young are forced to work for no pay.

    JV the over fifties are already being sanctioned into workfare-forced labour.

  8. Another Fine Mess

    An unelected ex-banker in charge of pensions. You just know that’s going to turn out well.

  9. Just looking at my latest wage slip – £58.00 per month is taken off for compulsory pension contribution. Still totally depressed and fed up! Off topic – got letter today from G4S asking me to submit a meter reading? They can go and jump – I will never have anything to do with that Company. Makes me wonder how one company can be involved is so many varied contracts.

    • @donna ww have G4$ come and read our gas meters too. They seem to turn up when they feel like it.

      • @bob – if someone turns up here from that Company I will not give them access. How can they be involved in workfare, security and now meter readings? I think I will switch provider and tell them to delete my name and address from their data base. I provide meter readings online to the provider – think I will ask where my wages are lol

        • Sounds like the meter readers are outsourcing, but switching providers won’t help. It’s not your supplier who employs or even chooses the meter readers. There’s one set of meter readers in each area and the suppliers *have* to use them. That’s why you’ll sometimes see the same guy in an npower uniform one day and a eon or BG one the next. They all use the same meter readers.

          And while providing readings to the supplier will keep your bills accurate they will eventually get a warrant to get the meter readers access as by law they have to have eyes on your meter every so often. (It’s 2 years for Gas not sure how long for electric).

    • Cheer up! If you live long enough to retire you’ll have an extra £15 per week. Don’t go mad and blow it all at once!

  10. “in” meant to say – typing with a stutter today.

  11. One thing is for certain. The Tories are now more toxic than ever. Fat Dave’s hug-a-hoodie, one-nation, opportunity for all blather of years ago is shown for the steaming heap of bullshit it always was from this hollow PR man. At Carlton TV, where he “worked” (I use the word in the broadest sense possible) he accquired the nickname of Satan, I think we know why now.

  12. overburdenddonkey

    poverty and other reasons ie a house conversation, new car, or world cruise, not just eating of heating as it will/has become for millions…mean that over the last few years that a staggering and unprecedented 1.4m pensioners now work…so her claims are very out dated, UNLESS there is another agenda going on here….! default mandation, coz, pensions have practically vanished for many who are say 20yrs from retirement age, fixed in the minds of many as 65, actual retirement age has been abolished and is now called state pension age…soon to be 69…as human biology makes no sense to these people, expect to see a 68yr old fireperson, or bus driver…?! some may be still fit and able the vast majority not…
    if pensioners want/need to work they already do in ever increasing no’s, many now do have a choice, in the future there will be no choice….there are many other ways of maintaining wellbeing, other than working till one fucking drops…moving around to get INCOME keeps one fitish, as does any other activity, like dancing or singing or having a knees up…! INCOME is good for wellbeing as the rich very well know….the poor expected to thrive on a sniff of an oil rag… published 2013….

    • Jackie Bird a job for life, a daily insult to most Scots of her generation that never experienced such job security.

      • overburdenddonkey

        that lab/tory are joined @ the hip should be no surprise to those in scotland, but it stills seems to surprise many….that labour rather than listen in scotland, argue it’s the voter that didn’t listen…the right wing lurch is now plain for all too see, don’t expect more than token lip service ‘opposition’ from labour…they will go all out with the tories to crush the snp, of this there is no doubt…seeing what is, will make our resolve even stronger, a concept that so far they have failed to grasp….oh look bob i posted this under mr r….

  13. One thing supplementing a living pension for fun another to be sanctioned into work due to pension poverty.

  14. "Chucky" Umunna

    We are the hard Labour Party – the clue is in the name 😀

    • Ibiza Club Party Re-Mix Extended Version

      See that Ed and Justine have fucked off to Ibiza for a month to party and no doubt celebrate the success of Ed’s phoney election camapign. They have left the kids and the monolith at home.

    • The Labour Party guided political opposition in the UK into a padded cell and the Tories slammed the cell door shut.

  15. In truth where are all these jobs for senior citizens coming from? How many companies want elderly people working for them, particularly in unskilled positions that need strength and energy rather than experience and brains? If you’re a medical doctor, or a lawyer, or a judge, or a Member of Parliament you might be able to go on… and on… and on… and want to go on until you drop but what about the unemployed sixty year old miner, or roofer, or brick layer with six decades of physical wear and tear accumulated from hard manual toil do to secure a position doing something new, lighter and different? Flip burgers in McDonalds? Stack shelves in Tescos? Serve people bagettes at Subway? Or coffee at Starbucks? Do shit employers like that even want old workers in their employ?

    Utter bollocks that could only have been dreamed up by somebody who has never done a bloody hard day’s physical work in her fucking life!

    • I’m a school cleaner with rheumatoid arthritis, I struggle now. I honestly don’t know how I’ll manage doing it til I’m 66,? That’s if they don’t raise the age again…

  16. Well in view of the positions for “lap dancers” and “adult telephone operators” that have appeared on Universal Jobwank, It won’t be long before the Prince of Darkness want’s me to sell my hole in my 70’s. Any takers? …..

  17. Sadly there are employers, such as B&Q who want to employ/exploit older workers, as they need people who have skills/knowledge about DIY who will be prepared to work part-time to top up their meagre pensions/have something to do for a pittance.

    I personally have no issues with older people wanting to work, but I do think they should demand that they are paid at least a living wage, and show solidarity with all other workers. Retail work is shit work, and even the main union for retail workers is shit – it isn’t known as Useless Seven Days A Week for nothing (Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers, USDAW). It’s so shit, that when someone becomes an USDAW shop steward at Tesco, the company send them on one of their management courses, so that they know how the company operates. Cynics see that as a kind of ‘fastrack’ into management.

    But never mind, soon many more people will begin to see the sheer lunacy of Conservative economics. Tesco have a huge £6bn + defecit, and Sainsbury’s are also in deep shit. Morrisons aren’t doing too well either, and I’d guess that Asda will be suffering from the success of companies like Aldi and Lidl. Tesco particularly employ a lot of people, (at starvation wages) and the company will probably be seeking to lay off huge numbers as a direct way of reducing their defecit. They were probably told to hold fire before the election, as the last thing the Tories needed was a crisis that made what happened in the case with Woolworths look pretty minor, (Woolworths employed some 35,000 people and should have been saved in my view, perhaps turning it into a worker controlled business. Certainly those workers were more worthy of support than bankers).

    My advice, (predictable to those who know me) is join a decent union now, it doesn’t matter which, either the IWW or SolFed. Only those unions will represent your values, as it will be you that does the representing, or people like you, and not some overpaid bureaucracy who will do deals with the bosses behind your backs.

    Expect things to get much, much worse, and prepare. Joining a union like the IWW or SolFed might seem a bit pointless, especially if you are unemployed, but both unions regard the unemployed equally as workers, and can, (and will) help you with things like challenging JSA sanctions, and give you sound advice on how to avoid them in the first place. I’m guessing that it’s going to be essential that these unions start to take on providing support in the shape of foodbanks, as the present structure is about to be overwhelmed. Though organisations such as the Trussel Trust are critical of what the government is doing, it has to be remembered that their scheme is still a part of the establishment, often supported by judgemental do gooders. We will need to develop our own responses that belong to us.

  18. Patel,Altmann,and Sue need to be vacuum tortured.

  19. Just how many old people are going to be forced onto workfare for their pensions before the penny drops and people refuse to live lives of drudgery and poverty?

  20. Slavery Tyranny and Oppression must be Opposed Not
    Collaborated With

    Better Social Justice and a Caring Welfare State than Slavery
    and Suffering

  21. I am glad I never had any children and I enjoy working (although I am unemployed at the moment) but these rats want people to die once they are no longer productive. Thatcher was a socialist for the rich.

  22. Work, Buy, Consume, Die. That’s your lot. Soon it will be reduced to Work, Die. Fuck Capitalism. Life is not worth living.

  23. It really is looking as if Cameron is deliberately trying to start a war.
    He may have a problem though because the police are as hacked off with the Tories as most of the rest of us are.

  24. Rise up and exterminate anything that is torie

  25. Increase Min.Wage to £10p/h, reduce working week to 16hours, lower retirement age to 50, increase jsa to £100 per week, abolish sanctions, Nationalize all energy, water & transport, make it illegal to hoard wealth or own land. This is what a political manifesto should look like.


  27. What the Tories need is people storming parliament like the French did. One day.

  28. Wage-slavery is a Crime Against Humanity. Capitalism is the Beast666. Cameron & his cronies in UKplc serve Satan. This IS Armageddon.

  29. I am NOT a fucking Human Resource, I am a Human Being!

  30. When did we allow these psychopaths to take over our lives? Was it the Industrial Revolution, or the Inclosures? Does it stem from Dee & Liz I & the creation of the British Empire, or Heneree the 8th I am & the creation of the Church of England? Or was it the Norman barons? Or perhaps all of them in succession. How do we change it?

  31. Barry Brown – Politician + King Tubby Killa Dub

  32. DWP/JCP sanctions are still being applied in Scotland the clock is ticking.

  33. How much longer can they sustain the lie? How much longer can they prop up their House of Cards with the bodies of the Poor? Capitalism must crumble! Unjust systems and institutions must collapse. SOON.

  34. …According to Altmann those who retire too soon will miss out on the “positive feelings that derive from work”….

    I retired under the massive austerity public sector job cuts. believing I was going to get my full state pension at 60 after 30 years of NI.

    Most public sector jobs are women, but even the men on the whole, like us, are low waged. So the average council works pensions is about £400 a month for a man and about £2,800 for a woman.

    So the state pension is vital for those below the average wage, or even in it as they are the squeezed middle.

    But a Tory later in interview with me, told me

    Indeed neither is UKIP, The Greens, Labour, Tories,
    (I misss out the dead party Lib Dems)
    as no-one has ever said to revoke by amending with a
    Statutory Instrument
    (so only needs 28 days notice to amend within 5 weeks)
    the 1993 law the revoked the law passed in 1975 that guaranteed pension payout.

    The public were not aware (and some are still not aware)
    of a law passed in 1995 that began the rise in retirement age.

    We are not an ageing society.
    We have always aged.
    Life is 100 per cent fatal.

    We have had millions of young migrants since the 1950s, so where is daft statistics that the old will outnumber the young. When migrants are half of the birth mothers in the nation now. And migrants tend to have bigger families.

    Retired. Look after disabled parents. Did not need to ask about elder care National Insurance credits as had enough for a state pension. Then came the flat rate pension that raised the required National Insurance credits from 30 to 35 from the Pension Bill 2014 (flat rate pension 2016).

    Applied for the elder care credits. Told as parents had passed away two tax years ago, they would not grant me the NI credits.

    Nil benefit as fit for work when disabled under the disability discrimination act, chronic sick and seriously incontinent. But then the Tories say the terminally ill with cancer on chemoterapy are fit for work and sanction them.

    So Nil Benefit and nil elder care credits. Means Nil National Insurance credits.

    Can’t work. Nil state pension by raised retirement age and forever from flat rate pension. Nil benefit.

    And what did Labour do for me?

    Well Ros Altmann was an advisor to Blair.

    Back in 2009 Ros Altmann spoke against the rise in retirement age for women. Now Ms Altman (a name funnily enough German for Old Man) says Work til you die or starve if you can’t.

    Ros Altmann believes that women have only to wait about 12 or 18 months more for their state pension.

    In fact, I was denied state pension payout beginning 2014 and my retirement date is 2019.

    Women born one year can retire as late as 2017, losing payout since 2013.

    Women born in 1955 can lose payout til 2021.

    So share my petition widely and sign it even if you are just 18 years old and just starting work.

    This is not about change – only mass marching will do that – but about showing we are not quiet about austerity cuts, as portrayed by the national media.

    So much so, even The Economists, an international economy magazine, is saying that, because there is simply nothing in online newspapers or TV news from the UK.

    They dare not say one word for fear of opening the floodgates.

    Well. I think the flood is in full spate.

    The People’s Assembly march went from a few thousand sign ups to over 30,000 a day or so after the election result.

    A spontaneous march on the Saturday went from a few hundred to people who just informally joined the march and grew to 2000.

    Not one word in the news, but a briefest of mentions, and yet they got to Westminster and nearly to No 10.

    The much reduced police will not cope, with Spanish sized marches of
    1 million strong.

    We are the 70 per cent.

  35. Slightly Off topic
    £1.5bn left the NHS last year to go into the pockets of 15 private companies.
    23 Tory MPs and Lords have major stakes or control the same 15 companies.

    Overall £16bn leaked out of the NHS to private companies. The Directors of these companies “donated” £20 m to the Tory party.

    This is how it works. Theiving rich posh bastards stealing our taxes, yet they want us to pick on ‘benefit scroungers’.

  36. Another Fine Mess

    From a thread on UM.
    The power of stupid ideas: ‘three generations that have never worked’

  37. Work too you drop, F**k off Tories.

    They are killing off the poor and the disabled first. Just remember this ….

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    …..because one day it will be YOUR turn. Strength in numbers. Don’t allow them to divide and conquer. Speak up for societys most vulnerable because once they get rid of the disabled and poor then YOU might be the most vulnerable.

  38. Can Boycott Workfare and other groups instigate/publicise a claimants -just say no- campaign against conditionality. Really need some solid/mass push back against work coaches in JCP offices.

    • I think Boycott Workfare would love it if something like that was to happen. Sadly whenever we try to organise anything here like that the only people who seem to turn up are the usual suspects, and very few of the unemployed seem that interested, and seem to be under the impression that there is nothing they can do to fight back – even appealing their (often unlawful) sanctions appears to be too much.

      There are many claimants unions around. We know of those in Edinburgh and Ipswich, but they also exist in Bristol and Cardiff, and no doubt many other places, and could be started anywhere, by anyone. The Cardiff Claimant’s Union is a completely automnous spin-off from the local IWW branch, which facilitates and supports the group. If you Google ‘Claimants Union’ you should get a long list of local groups.

      • Have to put my hands up to having stopped appealing – various reasons but mainly do not want to legitimise an appeals system that is hostile to claimants – a system that holds the claimant to the letter of law but allows the DWP/JCP to make the rules up as they go along.

        Also there is no real compensation for the energy expended and the harm done, ridiculous going back to the jobcentre only to be sanctioned again by ignorant and malicious work coaches. Obviously it is no longer a social security system but a penal system to bring about the socio-economic destruction of the poor.

  39. There is a tendency to concentrate on the poverty of economic means but the poverty of power that accompanies economic poverty is a hundredfold.

    • dirt under their feet

      The way of stopping workers being a united force was to remove secure employment, which started with the destroying of the industries which gave people regular work; until now we’re a country with little left to sell but one another.

      The way of stopping those not working becoming a united force is to make their everyday life so insecure and desperate that they can only focus on survival; so, yes, creating feelings of powerlessness.

      People living on the breadline or below are the least likely to have the strength for political engagement, and they are made to feel too scared to be seen to be doing it.

      All as intended.

      • overburdenddonkey

        yep control the capital, control the population with terror of starvation…
        Deprivation and mental health link ‘strong and consistent’ really…!!? not just strong and consistent, CSA/CA is the cause @ root of all mhp’s, and income deprivation makes things horrendous…yet spending on ‘mh services’ in scotland is £1bn…spent on so called therapies to convince people they aren’t really deprived/suffering, madness personified…
        2 things need to happen, proper INCOMES for all, and healing therapies..
        wasting £900m on what does not work and even makes things worse, is obviously destructive and pointless, but it does provide unethical jobs for some….

        • overburdenddonkey

          Bob Johnson has now commented
          ‘The governor you talked to was following the party line – the ‘replacement’, the so called DSPD units (Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder units) cost £500,000,000, and achieved nothing. A Sainsbury Mental Health Centre Report condemned them – they never once asked me what I did …CBT doesn’t go to the root – which needs cutting.’ …….

  40. dirt under their feet

    So now we’ve got the Blue Party telling us that they’re the real workers’ party, and the Red Party telling us that they’re really the party of aspiration.

    Except that by workers’ party they mean enforcing a free and cheap workforce to serve their corporate string-pulling masters; leaving those bound to the yoke only the aspiration of miserably trying to survive another day.

    While a part of the manipulation of our media is to make invisible the Green Party – those tree-hugging hippies without a clue. The clue there being that they talk about treating all human beings well, and there are those who wouldn’t want us getting those sort of ideas.

    Of course there is no need for people to be working until they drop. There’s no need for anyone to be working too intensely.

    This is a beautiful world and life is a wonderous miracle. What would be so awful about caring and sharing and enjoying our life in this world? Nothing. It would be a better way.

    Yet here we have a government glowing with pleasure at all of their plans of how many ways they can hurt others and make their lives wretched and make everything an existence of work and an empty consumption.

    The least we can do is make it clear that their vision for us is not shared by us. That we revolt against it, because it is revolting.

  41. totallygivenup

    250.000 postal votes went missing in hastings that all im going to say check it out,that an awfull lot of reusable ballot papors for marginal seats…but hey postal vans go missing everyday dont they? oh and all social media is under very close scrutiny,,,why? freedom of speech

  42. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here gives his view on the ominous appointment of yet another banker, Ros Altmann, as Pensions Minister. Altmann was the author of the report arguing that older people should be allowed to rejoin the workforce, if they so wished.

    Mr Void wrote a long piece about this at the time, pointing out just how sinister it was. At the moment, this is supposed to be voluntary, but even then, it was qualified by Altmann’s embrace of workfare-type schemes for the elderly.

    Altmann tried to justify this assault on allowing senior citizens to retire in peace after a long life working and slaving for their living, on the grounds that a small percentage of old folk wanted to return to work. And, of course, there was the usual Tory refrain of the ‘health benefits’ of working.

    As Mr Void pointed out at the time, most people of retirement age actually don’t want to return to work. They want to enjoy a few well-earned years of leisure after a hectic life of work and bringing up the kids, which as most parents will tell you, is hard enough on its own. And as Mr Void pointed out at the time, reforms the parties introduce, telling the public that ‘it’s all voluntary’, have a sinister habit of becoming compulsory.

    This has nothing to do with improving the elderly’s well-being, and much to do with cutting the pensions bill, and further depressing the workforce. It’s been pointed out that much of the welfare bill is spent on pensions. The Repugs in America would dearly love to cut that as well. The Week reprinted several articles from American right-wing newspapers, moaning about how senior citizens were ‘selfish’ for allowing others to be squeezed by austerity, while zealously defending their own incomes from the necessary government cuts.

    Already, way back under Major and Blair, the parties were talking about raising the retirement age, while economists in the broadsheets were earnestly discussing whether we could continue to afford to give the elderly decent pensions. It’s a Ponzi scheme, they said, supported by the younger population. This works fine when the population is increasing, but now that the population is falling, economies will have to be made. So the elderly will just have to face up to having their pensions cut.

    At the same time, the financial sector has looked with extremely covetous eyes on the money the elderly have locked up in their pension funds. Hence the passage of legislation the other week ‘liberating’ it, and allowing the elderly to take it out, to invest elsewhere. Private Eye predicted that this would be another car-crash policy, and that a significant number would lose it through bad investments, or just squander it. More poverty awaits.

    Finally, the Tories want to expand the workforce still further. To keep wages depressed, there has to be more workers competing for fewer jobs. Milton Friedman and his fellow Chicago Fascist cheerleaders made this very clear when they stated that the optimum level of unemployment is about 6 per cent. So, new workers have to be found, in order to stop everyone demanding better wages. The active elderly form such a pool of untapped labour.

    It looks from this, at least to me, that what the Tories have in mind is the effective destruction of a universal, mandatory retirement age. Those senior citizens, who can work, will be expected to, and suffer the loss of their pensions if they don’t. Pensions themselves will just become another form of invalidity benefit or ESA, and pensioners will be expected to go through the same hoops to show they need them as the younger sick and disabled.

    This is the future Mr Void predicted in his earlier article, and I see absolutely no reason to doubt it. I have a feeling that many of those, who voted Tory were older people, who feel threatened by what they consider to be the unreasonable demands of the idle young. This should be a warning to them. After they’ve finished to starving and beating the young and the middle aged into cowed submission, they will do the same to you. And the appointment of Altmann as Minister for Pensions shows this has already started.

  43. stitchedupandbroken

    Way back up there in comments someone suggested joining a union. My advice,Dont Bother. I had UNISON. I was a rep. When trying to uphold NMC edicts against management shortcomings then being scapegoated by management,UNISON did ‘nothing’ for me. I knew more about matters than ‘more experienced/qualified union staff’. Moreover,at union meetings the organisation(as such as it was)was a ‘secret cabal’ run from the pub. I hate to say this,the unions appear to be as much as like New Labour: Leaders on Big Trough ££…and downstairs getting into bed with management. Would you vote for New Labour. I think I would rather vote Tory: at least you know they are the Nazi Party

    • I suggested joining the IWW or SolFed, and if you looked them up you’d see that they are nothing like the TUC unions which will tuck you up as you describe. I can only speak with any authority about the IWW, which is a union run by workers, for workers. We have no bureaucracy, paid or otherwise, and all decisions are taken democratically by all members. We are nothing if not obsessive about our democracy. Take a look at the IWW, find out more, I think you might like what you see. Certainly if you have experience as a rep you would be welcomed. We are still very small in terms of our UK membership (a thousand and growing fast) but we often win the campaigns we engage in, and have no desire to become a business union like Unison, or Unite. You will never be offered credit cards or insurance by the IWW!

  44. stitchedupandbroken

    Am going somewhat off topic here,so apologies. Care in the Community: yer havin a larf,aint ya? Old or disabled? Cut the crap: why not leave em with a shotgun to put in their mouths to blow their brains out. Better than seeing the crocodile tears shed by the politicians over ‘your plight’ as your bed sores grow as big as your football in your butt over months. What would you rather have? Patients choice: Top Chancers in government with bishops (apparently)upset over your neglect,or a nice warm double-barrelled shotgun by your bedside so that you could end-it-all. After all,you could have(in your final minutes)a picture of IDS as Henreich Himmler by your bedside. They are lookalikes after all

  45. I more and more think we should bypass the illfare system to the greatest extent possible, since they issue these daily attacks and threats in order to frighten, demoralize and insult us. Perhaps ‘bypass’ isn’t the right word — who can afford to do without state support altogether? Not me. But we should resist as individuals as well as collectively. Say no to workfare; if they send you on one, make life difficult for them. Tell them you object to it. Beg, borrow and steal. Being on benefits is a prison anyway; your life’s not your own. They treat you like a criminal anyway; break the law.

    As a state pensioner who got my pension at 60 but have constantly tried to earn what I could in the face of totally unapologetic age discrimination — they even blame us for ‘taking jobs from young people — I feel particularly bitter about the policy of ‘encouraging’ us to work, when they know fine we have no hope of getting a proper job at our age. We’re just more workfare fodder.

    Those in their 50s and 60s are the worst off, unemployable by virtue of age, yet put on insulting schemes to give them ‘training’ and ‘experience’.

    Resist, resist, resist. This isn’t our government. Even if the majority had voted for it, there is such a thing (in civilized ethics, at least, though not in practice anymore) as minority rights. Resist.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yep, that’s all we can do and it’s what we must do, even if no changes in our lifetime, keep pressing until we break through and we will…

  46. Given recent events, perhaps I should remind everyone who’s still in charge of the DWP

  47. The media would have it that IDS walks on water and that I am the only unemployed person in the UK – the feelings of failure and isolation are overwhelming.

    • overburdenddonkey

      got to resit the best you can….that’s why we need radical change, coz they isolate/humiliate one deliberately to drain one’s resolve/resistance, to their will…

  48. NHS ‘has wasted more than a year’ on latest bid to improve wheelchair services

    DNS – 1st May 2015

    The NHS has been accused of spending more than a year on its latest bid to improve wheelchair services, while producing nothing but two conferences and a series of working groups.

    Critics also fear that NHS England’s wheelchair services improvement programme has paid lip-service to the views of service-users.

    They say the process is in danger of becoming the latest in a long line of failed bids to improve a service that struggles with lengthy waiting-lists and leaves many disabled people without the right wheelchairs.

    There are also concerns about the influence of the disability charity Whizz-Kidz on the reform process.

    NHS England organised a “wheelchair summit” in February 2014 – more than 14 months ago – with a second summit following on 27 November.

    In a bid to inject some momentum into the process, NHS England set up the Wheelchair Leadership Alliance, chaired by the disabled crossbench peer Baroness [Tanni] Grey-Thompson.

    Its first meeting was in January, with the second taking place this week.

    Read More:

    • “””For every 182 wheelchair-users not able to work because of incorrect equipment or delays, the social security bill can increase by up to £1 million, compared with an economic contribution of up to £4.7 million if those wheelchair-users are able to work.””””

  49. Mr Reckless, I know how you feel; we have to fight the inner oppressor — the ‘policeman (or Jobcentre bully) in your head’ as much as the external one.

    • overburdenddonkey

      the internal one comes from the savage demands they put on one to serve this toxic system…and are in fact the external pressures….so they are one and the same….the idea is to BOOT their crap out of one’s mind and stop them getting back in, but their pressures are, as they control one’s vitals are relentless, which is why we need radical change now….

  50. DWP told to publish ESA deaths report, after two-year delay

    DNS – 6th May 2015

    The information watchdog has ordered the government to publish hugely controversial figures that will update the number of people who have died while claiming out-of-work disability benefits.

    Activists have been calling on the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to publish the figures since November 2012.

    The ruling came after an appeal by Mike Sivier, a freelance journalist and carer who runs the Vox Political blog and has himself been pushing for the figures to be published since the summer of 2013.

    DWP originally published statistics in July 2012 which showed that 10,600 people had died between January and November 2011 while claiming employment and support allowance (ESA), and where the date of death was within six weeks of the claim ending.

    Their publication caused huge controversy, although many disabled campaigners disagreed over what the figures actually showed. Ministers subsequently blocked publication of any updated figures.

    When challenged under the Freedom of Information Act, DWP claimed that new figures would be published at some point in the future.

    But the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has now told DWP that that was not a valid reason not to publish the figures, and has ordered it to disclose how many claimants died between November 2011 and May 2014.

    Read More:

  51. Dodgy Dave`s new Bill Of Rights will be breaking the Good Friday Agreement for starters.

  52. Lawyer urges release of Tories’ proposals for British bill of rights

    Martin Howe QC, who helped draft plans to scrap Human Rights Act, Confirms 40-page draft is already in existence

    Guardian – 11th May 2015

    The lawyer who helped draft Conservative plans for scrapping the Human Rights Act has urged politicians to publish the detailed proposals as early as possible.

    Martin Howe QC, who has been a party parliamentary candidate, confirmed that a 40-page version of a draft new bill of rights is already in existence but cautioned that its eventual enactment will be a “complex and delicate” process.

    Last October the then justice secretary, Chris Grayling, promised that the bill would be published before the election. It has still to appear.

    The document is understood to be onto its seventh draft – a reflection of how much effort will be required to reconcile all the conflicting interests. A significant proportion of its text is understood to consist of sections incorporated from the European convention on human rights.

    Because the draft bill was a Conservative party document and not a product of the coalition government, it could not be worked on by civil servants or official parliamentary draughtsmen before the election.

    Read More:

  53. What these politicians and their colleagues forget is that they are not living it, we are not in it together Cameron you supercilious complacent fool. Your day will come because you are fuelling an anger that will explode sooner or later. It is ticking right now. I cannot find words to describe you properly but as Aristole wrote long ago, ‘poverty is the parent of revolution and crime’ bring it on. Cameron does not need the Job Centre because he is wealthy, he does not need the NHS, he could not live on zero hour contracts and will never have to, neither could his cabinet. Our enemies are banks, hedge funds, politicians, to name a few who treat us like commodities. Cameron does not care who dies, all Cameron cares about is stopping people claiming benefits. How far would you go Cameron? I have no doubt.

  54. The centre ground has moved very right wing. Dodgy Dave wants his Bill Of Rights because he can then insult the Scottish more without breaking laws. Dodgy Dave`s discrimination of the Scots is a form of racism & show how much the UK is a Rogue state of Europe & the Human Rights Act.

  55. You don`t want the train Signal Man to go on strike do you !!!! Stand still on the matter !!!

  56. These strikers are holding the country to ransom, sack the lot of them. Throwing golden toys out of your golden prams again.

  57. The word is FAILURES pretending your failures have worked brainwashing the country. In a few months all the Tory voters will be moaning. What right do you have to moan Tory voter. Simpletons.

  58. Workers all relying on the DWP for top ups,even the better paid ones. So no need for a DWP then. Shame your words are bullshit. Close down the DWP there is no need for it since everyone is in work. The Contradiction Policy is in full swing.

  59. How right wing can you get – Dictatorship, Rogue state, Genocide Of The Disabled.

  60. Papa Levi – Inna Mi Yard – Dec 2012

  61. Vivian Jones – Institutionalize Racism (GLOBAL DOMINATION)

  62. Why are Israel in the European Football Euro Cup & The Eurovision Song Contest. Too left wing !!!

  63. Sat in the back garden swigging a cold Guinness, fuck 5hours jobsearch.

  64. Another Fine Mess

    Britain is too tolerant and should interfere more in people’s lives, says David Cameron
    Britain is too “passively tolerant” and should not leave people to live their lives as they please as long as they obey the law, David Cameron has said.

    I bet there’s not many Selfservative voters who knew what they we’re voting for.

    • The package of powers, first proposed in March, would allow courts to force a person to send their tweets and Facebook posts to the police for approval.

      Is that a fuckin joke?

      cc Scotland Yard, GCHQ, JobCentrePlus

      • Another Fine Mess

        Reminds me of this, I think we need to have a basic Intelligence test before people are allowed to vote.

    • overburdenddonkey

      a new book ‘london calling’ by ga ponsonby how the scotindyref was stolen by the bbc, will knock yer socks off….

  65. laurajane1955

    Johnny Void, at last someone has written about this dreadful situation with the pensions! Please share petition which is totally against the rising age of retirement. We have a Facebook page also with the same name.
    Please also read the article on this subject:
    come on everybody let’s fight this. Ros Altmann is a traitor to the cause. She used to be on our side. I guess good people are corruptable 😦

    • Laura, signed and passed on.

      • laurajane1955

        I second that overburdenddonkey! Dav, stop believing all the spin that you hear. You really don’t have a clue about reality. Anyway, your money isn’t paying for anything, except the Tories and their huge debt! Get your facts straight before you start spouting nonsense. Where’s your social conscience anyway? Oh no you haven’t got one. Stop snivelling and do something nice for someone for a change.

      • laurajane1955

        Bernadette H, thanks!

  66. I Feel Sad that People like David Clapson Died due to Tory Policies but as For the Evil Scum who Voted Tory if they Died of Cancer I would Not Shed a Tear because the Tory Party is a Party of Evil and Nastiness that Inflicts Misery upon the Poor whilst giving Tax Breaks to Selfish I Am All Right Jack Millionaires

    After all the Nutcase Tories have Inflicted Cuts upon Funding to the National
    Health Service

    Shed Tears For the Victims of Oppression and Tyranny Not Tyrants like Jezebelof the British Margaret Thatcher and Tyranny Collaborators like Evil Scum who Vote Tory

    • overburdenddonkey

      they’re labours policies as well…..thatcher claimed blair was her finest achievement…

  67. Suck it up peasants, we all know that there’s fuck all chance that most of you lot will work until lunchtime, let alone any further down the line.

    in the meantime, those of us who have worked hard and earned our pensions will enjoy them – in our nice houses and gardens, eating good food, drinking nice wine, taking nice holidays and generally without a care in the world because we know that we are financially secure. We can do that because we’re not workshy scrounging wankers.

    • life presents itself differently to everyone, your “well-off” and the next person’s “well-off”, can and will often be distinctively different…

      by the way, do you claim tax credits? housing benefit? so many working families claim either of these, why? because they need to

      have you ever been in your current living situation with your only income being JSA instead of your wage? you’ll find it’s really not a pleasant way to live, you can’t afford to live a life, you just exist… until something better comes along, aka a job, which if you haven’t noticed, they’re pretty fucking scarce

  68. There are always jobs, you’ve just got to look for them. When you’re in a job, it’s much easier to find a better one. The problem is that too many people on here want it handed to them on a plate. They think if they scream loudly enough, hence headlines on this blog such as: What Do We Want? More Fucking Money, which is all fine and dandy, but you lot want it without earning it – you want people like me to pay for it instead, but people like me are fed up of working out bollocks off to pay for welfare scroungers.

    • overburdenddonkey

      standard vacuous (infolite) drivel proclaiming the fools paradise, uttered from time immemorial, that has no connection with reality…ie we’ve heard it all before…for example; 1 in 40 new jobs since the recession are full time….
      millions in work poverty….
      still mustn’t let facts get in the way must we….

    • Another Fine Mess

      There are always jobs, you’ve just got to look for them.

      How come even you can’t find them?
      How come the £10bn spent on the Waste Programme doesn’t find them?
      If there’s over 700,000 ‘jobs’ on UJ, then why don’t the expert JC’s job coaches simply ring the employer and say ‘Hey, I’m sending someone along’?

      Industries are over-producing leading to under-employment and unemployment, there is no work to be done.

      working out bollocks off to pay for welfare scroungers

      Don’t worry your little head about it, you just keep giving your bollocks a working out while you pay for it all like a good little serf.

  69. I can’t see IBS working till he drops as he has never done an honest day’s work in his life nor ever gotten his fingernails dirty. I’d like to see him fucking do some hard graft instead of poncing about all day in his cushy office talking bullshit.

    • Daily Hate headline claiming IT WAS YOUR VICTORY middle England rose up against ” red Ed”

      No it was a victory for corporate theives to rob us even more

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  71. Pingback: Oh Ros, You’re An Embarrassment We Can’t Ignore #Dontignoreit | the void

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