Shameful: Scottish Charity Journal Publishes Terrorism Allegations Aimed At Boycott Workfare

glasgow-bwAn astonishing piece of gutter journalism has been published by charity journal Third Force News which accuses Boycott Workfare of terrorism and says that charities have been blackmailed into pulling out of unpaid work schemes.

According to Robert Armour, the journalist behind the piece, three Scottish charities including Glasgow the Caring City, have been “blackmailed, intimidated and bullied by campaigners associated with Boycott Workfare”.  One charity goes even further saying anyone who challenges the campaign is “subjected to abuse and terrorism”.

The above picture is a message left on Boycott Workfare’s facebook page just two days before the article appeared and which shows that Glasgow the Caring City appear to take a very different view of Boycott Workfare to that presented by Third Force News.  They even encourage Boycott Workfare to communicate their positive message to others in the voluntary sector.  Which would be incitement to commit terrorism if Third Force News’ claims were anything other than sensationalist bollocks.

The charity who accuse Boycott Workfare of terrorism  along with an organisation who claim to have received a threat of arson are not named by Third Force News, so there is little way of checking the truth of these allegations.  What is certain however is that Boycott Workfare had nothing to do with this or any other violent threat.  To attempt to blame every single incident on one campaign group is as ludicrous as blaming the fucking RSPCA if an animal right’s group torches a slaughterhouse.

There should be no doubt.  Threatening workfare using charities or their staff with violence is a dickish way to behave.  The person you are threatening might be on workfare themselves for a start. But whilst there are laws against sending communications which are threatening, obscene or designed to cause anxiety there is nothing illigal about firmly telling a charity what you think by writing to them or posting on their social media pages.  Or holding a protest outside their premises.  That is not blackmail, it is legitimate protest.  And that is all Boycott Workfare, and hundreds of other claimants and supporters, have ever called on people to do.  In the case of Glasgow the Caring City they didn’t even do that.  They merely informed people that an offshoot of this charity were using workfare.

There are dozens of groups actively fighting workfare in the UK and possibly thousands of individuals.  Martin Himes, the CEO of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) who publish Third Sector News is one of them.  All are resisting in different ways.  Some have opted for civil disobedience.  Others have protested online.  Perhaps as Third Force News claim a few have grassed up charities to health & safety representatives or the local council.  This is not surprising given the appalling conditions some people on workfare have to endure.  It is hardly fucking terrorism though is it?

The truth is that many people are disgusted that charities are involved in forced labour schemes which are backed by punitive benefit sanctions that are leading to horrendous suffering.  These charities may claim that all their forced workers are happy fucking slaves, but they never see the impact on those sanctioned because they couldn’t or didn’t want to work for them without pay.  The homelessness that sanctions cause, or people queuing at foodbanks, ill health and poverty.  Workfare using charities are responsible for those consequences, no matter how they squirm and spin and try to blame everyone except themselves.  To pretend otherwise is shameful.  For Third Force News to smear those trying to bring this vile system to an end by publishing ludicrous claims of terrorism is beneath contempt.

Third Force News are on twitter @ThirdForceNews if you want to tell them what you think of this trash (in a non-threatening, non-obscene way of course).

Boycott Workfare are holding a week of action against workfare and sanctions this week, join in and spread the word.

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201 responses to “Shameful: Scottish Charity Journal Publishes Terrorism Allegations Aimed At Boycott Workfare

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  2. Ignore them, they just want Boycott Workfare to go away. I used to go on work experience when out of work when it was really voluntary I did it, enjoyed it and you knew that when you felt you had a the experience you needed or the company you was with treated you fairly, you could move on to other important ways to try and find a job or join another company that is more in tune with your needs. It used to be helpful. But not anymore, its like slave labour now and most of the placements are no use for experience anyway. Put it back to what it used to be and a lot more people will volunteer for it again. It is shameful this welfare reform, people who have got jobs have 3 hours a week or none. There is no more, work available than when they got in and I suspect there is even less work available than that. Fed up of this government’s blatant lies, preying on ignorant peoples viewpoints of the most vulnerable groups of people in society while the real scroungers, those crooked landlords, those companies that run workfare, those companies that use workfare, those that carry out the assessments, our financial guardians e.g. bankers, that give out bonuses for wreaking the financial stability of the economy, and doubling their pockets full of money; they are the ones that make a fortune at the taxpayers expense and the tax payer doesn’t see who really takes them for a ride.

  3. Groundwork is Greed

    LMAO at this.

  4. There is sheer pandemonium on the streets of major American cities, demonstrations, the size never seen for many years……………….

    All because of the deaths of seven black people who died in police related matters.
    In the UK, in which the journalist and tv presenter, Max Keiser this morning called, “the most censored country in the world”, is guilty of the murder of it’s own citizens on an industrial scale…………………..

    It may be clever to control the media, but even cleverer to try and indelibly stain those who tell the truth of what is really happening in the UK.

    BOYCOTT WORKFARE are doing a brilliant job of exposing the cruelty of the BRITISH SLAVE TRADE, third force news just another tentacle of a government cancer that should be halted in it’s tracks!

    I was brought up to believe that we are all created equal and the price of a loaf of bread was the same across the board.


    What you are witnessing in the good old US of A, could spill out onto our streets at any time. Indeed, the tinder box is already smouldering………

    The DWP have admitted, although reluctantly, that they have been forced to look into the deaths of 49 people. It was first described as 60, but as could be expected of any government agency, played down to the lesser amount.

    The dwp are nothing more than servants of the public, we pay them……………

    So why are they reluctant to release the details?

    There is only one answer and we all know it……..

    “CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER”, an out of control Eugenics programme that is claiming more lives every day.

    Iain Duncan Smith and Esther Mcvey failed to turn up at venues……….

    The reason why?

    Both have blood on their hands, as has, the yellow streak Mark Harper.


  5. Beggars belief that a charity which claims to be competent enough to interfere in world affairs, claims to have had no knowledge of their own backyard complicity in workfare slavery.

  6. Thousands of Scots children bear brunt of punitive sanction regime.

    The parents of those children can be sanctioned for refusing to be enslaved by the very Third Force charities that claim to be the standard bearers of social justice in Scotland.

  7. Charities are blackmailed, intimidated and bullied by the government to join up to work fare.

  8. Third Force ideology of charity and slavery – a privileged working class Scot can not be the victim of human trafficking, forced labour and slavery.

  9. Scottish charitable Third Force crying because BOYCOTT WORKFARE exposed their hypocritical and financially opportunistic complicity in the BRITISH SLAVE TRADE.

  10. Someone on Facebook was writing about their workfare experience – he/she was to be placed in a charity shop – so before they went to the shop – he/she wrote them a letter saying that they were under the threat of sanction if they did not attend the placement. In the letter he/she said that a copy of the letter was being sent to the Charity commission voicing their protest at being forced to volunteer. They got a phone call telling them not to attend. Seems like charities don’t like being reported to the Charity Commission – something to hide?

    • Donna,

      I would ask the simple question are so called charities allowed to operate like companies/corporations according to the letter of the law or the rules governing Charities.

      Specifically, can so called charities take payments for work done? Doesn’t that then fall under the heading of a business operation which means it can no longer be considered a charity as it is now acting and accepting payments like any ordinary company/corporation? Are they paying tax at the company/corporation level? Are they paying NI? Does their insurance cover such activities? Are they… you get the drift

      Lets not even address the use of slave labour – with menaces [ah doesn’t that fall under the fraud act – Threats & Menaces? – when some one gains something by making threats].

      • Hi Gazza,

        As far as I am aware a charity is awarded charitable status if helping out in a specific area. When it comes to a Charity Shop – this is called a Trading Arm – this is where the shop sells donated goods on behalf of the Charity – for example – say I am Donna Smith charity for children – if I wanted a shop then I would set up a limited company with a different name – T/A Donna’s cup cakes – however, the name on the shop would be Donna Smith charity for children. All proceeds of the donated goods would be given to the charity. Any goods bought by the shop for resale would be placed in Donna’s cup cakes retail account – I think these are taxable. I am sure that is the way it works but I am sure there will be people on here that could explain it better than me. Charities can accept donations but cannot take payment for any work that is done – most charity shops – the Manager gets paid. I do know however, for a fact, they do not like being reported to the Charity commission. It is the OSCR in Scotland. England and Scotland are different – Scottish Charities start with SCO 111111 English Charities start reg. no 222222. Shops are not allowed to sell electrical goods or items that might pose a health and safety risk. Whoever that was on Facebook might have helped a lot of people by posting what happened – I sincerely hope so.

        • Perhaps these charities are accepting donations from these workfare provider agencies for forcing people to work in their shops. I definitely think there is more to it – Trustees of a charity are only allowed to claim travelling expenses – it is illegal for them to be paid.

        • I think the regulations have changed over electrical goods, at least in Wales and that other place. Electrical goods weren’t allowed to be sold, but I think the reason was the lack of anyone trained in PAT testing to ensure that the electrical goods were safe for resale. I’m guessing that now PAT testing is done, as most local charity shops now sell electrical goods that have been donated, whereas previously they didn’t, and donated electrical goods were often seen put out with the refuse for collection by council refuse teams – or me if I saw anything useful!

          • lol – you sound like my kind of person – quite right – waste not want not. If it is just a small Charity shop they won’t take electrical goods but if it is one of those big branches such as Cancer Research they have someone who tests the electrical items. I bought a doll’s pram from one and a young girl was told to help me to the car with it – I was chatting to her and she told me she was working there unpaid – that was the first time I had ever heard of workfare. She said she had a house and would not receive housing benefit if she didn’t do it. I told her she would be better off enrolling in a college course and stuff their “bloomin” slave trade. She was a lovely young girl too – gave her a fiver (it was all I had in my purse) for helping me with the pram.

          • The Scavangers

            Yeah, we acquired a fantastic flat-screen colour TV complete with remote control from outside a charity shop 🙂

        • Hi Donnas and All

          Very Interesting information in the above link from the comments section that I think should be shared as Widely as possible as it has Implications for ALL Workfare:

          1st May 2015 by ECAP

          “….And the charities themselves appear to be unaware that the MWA placements they offer are not covered by their Employers’ Liability Insurance. How is this so? There are only two categories of staff that can be insured: volunteers and employees.

          A DWP claimant cannot volunteer for MWA, it is mandatory. Consequently, since they are not a volunteer or an employee – they remain uninsured whilst on placement with the charity.
          This applies to ALL OTHER government workfare schemes. Charities participating in workfare schemes may also wish to consider the fact they can be fined up to £250 for every day they operate without adequate liability insurance. Not to mention the additional adverse media publicity such a hefty fine would attract!”

          [I myself, would note that as the coverage is so specific it also applies to companies as well… Ohhh dearie me]

          As you can imagine being the docile sheep that I am that, I am not LOLing or rubbing my hands with glee at the above news, surely there are no local bodies desperate to fine people, or organizations looking for a nice fat juicy story, after verifyingly informing the Building and Area Managers of staff breaking the law and maybe awnsweerable under the law… hhhhmmmmm

          • Yes Gazza – appear to be really interested and ask awkward questions ie – “is this a Trust Fund then?” “Who do you donate to?” “When exactly did you make your last donation?” “Was your last donation in accordance with the criteria stated within your charitable status documentation? ” Fantastic( lol) – they would have you out of there within minutes lol – Good luck.

    • As workfare providers they would be fully aware of DWP conditionality and sanctions pleading ignorance is a big fat uncharitable lie.

      • Yes, I agree Mr R. Anyone can apply for a copy of a charity’s accounts – these are public records and you are entitled to see them – but as I have said most shops are trading arms set up as a limited company. Therefore, if people are being forced to work in a charity shop – (limited company) giving profits to the charity – it might be worth a little bit of investigation before you are forced to go. Some of these charities do not like the public knowing about their activities and they do not like being investigated. Charities can only operate within their given criteria for example Donna’s Charity for Children cannot give donations to the Christmas Boating Fund – this would breach the criteria of the charitable status awarded. I would advocate that anyone being sent to a Charity shop on workfare finds out exactly who they are SUPPOSED to be helping within a community setting. The Poll at Third Force is sitting at 65% for people agreeing that Boycott Workfare has a right to protest.

      • Had a little look at the charity who posted on Boycott Workfare’s page – Glasgow Caring City – they talk about their project – where they have had people working on the workfare scheme – the project is indeed a limited company with one director – well who in their right mind would donate goods to a limited company – it just goes to show that people think they are donating to a good cause but it is only any profit that is left over from the limited company’s expenses that is donated to the actual charitable cause. They could be paying themselves a very high salary for running the Project (ha ha) and very little cash is actually transferred to the Charity. Someone would have to apply for a copy of the Charity accounts together with a copy of the “Project’s” accounts. How on earth this can be described as helping the community I will never know!!!!!

  11. We never let the facts get in the way and hurl extremely vile abuse at anyone who disagrees yet call other people “trolls”

  12. The PTB seem to think that their propaganda to demonise the disabled & unwaged went so well they can now proceed to the next stage – anyone against the Tories is a terrorist. This level of hyperbole is unlikely to work in the UK. They may have manipulated the unthinking, but when the truth does come out, the same people are horrified. Have you seen the Tory poster making fun of Miliband / stroke victims? Words don’t exist for the level of so-low they are stooping to in their slimy grasping desperation to cling to power.

    • I thnk that poster is an instant fail on the part of the Tories and may be an indication of how desperate they now really are.

      I don’t have a very high opinion of Miliband, but this Tory poster is despicable.

    • The worrying thing is Florence that under Jack Straw’s anti-terror law (2002 I think) anyone who is against the government could well be regarded as a terrorist. Theresa May only has to say that such and such a body, (individual or group) is terrorist, and as far as the forces of law and order are concerned, that would be that.

      That we have ‘asurances’ that the law won’t be used in such a cavalier way is no assurance at all – we need to remember that this is the party that passed a law to get around breaking a law, and we must also remember that that disgusting piece of legislation was effectively supported by Labour.

      • I share your concerns. Straw’s laws were some of the most reactionary ever (and being involved in student politics when he was, I can say his subsequent right-wing views were never a surprise). New Labour’s control orders were also illegal and they were made to change – Parliament was subject to legal review.
        They have been built on by May and the secret trials which are in many ways a greater threat, in as much as you can disappear into a system and be tried without knowing what the charges are, what evidence. or even be in court to see the trial. All the bad laws need to be repealed, but secret trials are a threat to each and every individual; before they could call you a terrorist but you still existed legally with a right to be tried in open court. That’s why control orders were illegal – there was no trial. Now you can disappear into a jail for the rest of your life, without hope of appeal. Removal of the Human Rights act, and the removal of Judicial Review are terrible threats to our lives should the Tories get back in.

  13. The charities who are challenging the government’s workfare programme

    In the third of a series we highlight the campaign against enforced community work placements

    The Guardian – Tuesday 31 March 2015 11.12 BST

    What’s it all about? The Keep Volunteering Voluntary campaign began nearly a year ago in April 2014. It was started in response to the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) workfare programme which requires unemployed people to complete unpaid community work placements to receive benefits.

    The campaign group argues that the programme forces unemployed people to carry out unpaid work – not volunteer – or face having their benefits cut. The group says that consequences of losing benefits may cause destitution and hardship for many.

    Read More:

  14. Has Third Force News (TFN) ever experienced the socio-economic terror of be sanctioned for declining to be enslaved on the community work programme in the charitable third sector?

  15. List of British organisations who have participated in workfare programmes

    Boycott Workfare list

    The anti-workfare organisation Boycott Workfare have compiled its own list of organisations that it states have participated in DWP workfare schemes.
    The AA[2]
    Accident Helpline[2]
    Acorn Computer Recycling[2]
    Acorn Training (East Midlands) – G4S subcontractor in ‘Help to Work’ the newest and most punitive version of workfare yet, which involves 6 month unpaid ‘Community Work Placements'[2]
    Acorn Training Consultants (East Midlands) – G4S subcontractor in ‘Help to Work’ the newest and most punitive version of workfare yet, which involves 6 month unpaid ‘Community Work Placements'[2]
    Action for Blind People – Work Programme[2]
    ATN Adult Training Network (East London) – G4S subcontractor in ‘Help to Work’ the newest and most punitive version of workfare yet, which involves 6 month unpaid ‘Community Work Placements'[2]
    Age Concern[2]

    Full List:

    • IBS is a fucking nobhead

      Didn’t the High Court ordered the DWP to publish the list of workfare exploiters like ages ago. Still waiting…

  16. overburdenddonkey

    any mechanic and/or engineer, will know that to prevent catastrophes excess pressure MUST be vented….for a human being this venting action is no different…the human being are born knowing all natural NEEDS, when those natural needs are prevented/thwarted from being met the human being becomes vulnerable…
    vulnerability is caused by not venting trapped/frozen/blocked emotions, it’s caused by abuse…
    claiming that they are helping a vulnerable person with ‘work therapy’ and/or by definition ‘work experience therapy’ is plain nonsense….people need meaningful employment and all know this…employments that satisfies incomes needs to provide reliable supplies of vitality giving vitals of life or we do suffer and become vulnerable….
    it’s not lack of work that makes us vulnerable, but lack of INCOME, we work to provide the pleasure of maintenance of self esteem caused by income and not the act of work its self, work is useless unless it provides reasonable income, so that we can work rest and play….those that cannot work also know that they cannot work, but will be provided for, for the contributions that they make for being an enhancing part of humanity, indeed the set up of the welfare state fully acknowledges these facts…. in the words of prof allyson pollock …human beings are born caring for others and our ecology, this trait has caused well over a million yrs of human culture and survival, which of late has been twisted and distorted by our cultural infrastructure…that worships greed, over need…mhp’s are caused by abuse, abusing victims some more, is NOT helping….stand united and firm against abuse and the number of abusers will naturally diminish… for reasonable solutions…
    skara brea….

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  18. Joy Williamson

    It’s a coincidence that I should read your post: because I was browsing in a charity shop today and I overheard a conversation between two members of staff about workfare. One said ‘We’re having no more work experience off the jobcentre because they don’t want to work and some of the mentally ill they send are dangerous!’ They spoke that disparagingly of the people that were sent from the jobcentre that I had to butt in.
    I said: “Would you like to be forced to work for nothing!!! Workfare is an evil practice and if I was forced to work for nothing I would have a sneaky pair of scissors and cut the clothes and drop and damage things”
    This very snotty assistant said: “It’s not the charity, the jobcentre said we have got to take them!” I said: “That is not true, the government pay
    charities to take on work programme staff.”
    When she found I knew what I was talking about she refused to talk to me further, I walked out in disgust and if any one wants to know what Charity shop is was: Compton Hospice shop, Dudley, West Midlands

    • ” the mentally ill are dangerous ” no wonder why hate crimes against disabled increase.

      • overburdenddonkey

        do you still claim that CSA/CA victims didn’t suffer coz they didn’t die…?

        • Merry Tiller

          Do you still agree with Dr Alice Miller when she said “It is quite natural for children to awaken sexual desire in the adult”?

          • overburdenddonkey

            repost that question on the web site where you originally posted it….and before answering it i will ask you a question regarding that soundbyte…

            • overburdenddonkey – Most people would answer something like… “No, I don’t think it’s natural for adults to be sexually aroused by children”, but you didn’t. Why? Do you think it’s natural?

              • overburdenddonkey

                repost that question on the web site where you originally posted it….and before answering it again…..i will also ask you a question regarding that soundbyte…ie post a link to the whole chapter that you quote from coz i can’t find it….or is it because you can no longer post there?

                • Merry Tiller

                  overburdenddonkey – It’s a very simple question to people who care about protecting children from abuse, no matter where it’s posted. But maybe it’s more difficult for certain people…

                  I’ll try again. Do you think that “It is quite natural for children to awaken sexual desire in the adult”?

                • Merry Tiller

                  Do you think this is natural?:

              • overburdenddonkey

                once again you asked me that question on another site, according to you it makes no difference where that question is answered….but according to me it does, but as you claim it makes no difference then post it there where all of my answers are, it will save me repeating my self over and over again…post it there or it will not be re-answered… repost that question on the web site where you originally posted it….and before answering it again…..i will also ask you a question regarding that soundbyte…ie post a link, so that i can know to what she was referring, to the whole chapter that you quote from coz i can’t find it, nor recollecting those words, from the world renowned witness for the abused child and speaker on behalf of the abused child, and founder of the natural child project, the late great, dr alice miller….tell me why you’re unable to post your question on the site in question, is it because you’ve been banned?

                • Merry Tiller

                  overburdenddonkey – You STILL won’t answer that simple question, but you obviously agree with Dr Alice Miller who said “It is quite natural for children to awaken sexual desire in the adult”. You even seem to think it’s natural to want to rape a one day old child!!!!! I think your morality is about as disgusting as it’s possible to get…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  no! i’ve asked you to post it on another site, as it is not appropriate to answer your questions here, as it wasn’t originally asked here, and as such has no relationship to the topic under discussion here…

                • OBD, there’s something very fishy about troll Merry Tiller’s obsession with paedophilia. Merry demands that individuals should be bossed and bullied into argument based on his/her’s salacious and fallacious points of debate. Something along the lines of “protesting too much” springs to mind. It certainly does seem keen on the subject. I wonder what Merry Tiller is hiding?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  lucy 🙂
                  i’ve still not noticed a reply from merry on the other site as yet…should merry reply there, i’ll post my further thoughts on the matter there…as we are already in agreement of the humanists approach to this serious issue, we’ve already expressed our views on these issues on that site….i just wonder how many different ways are left to spell it all out for merry and shehe’s many other nom de plumes, et al….

                • Merry Tiller

                  OBD – “it is not appropriate to answer your questions here, as it wasn’t originally asked here, and as such has no relationship to the topic under discussion here…”

                  Ha ha ha! Apparently you failed to notice who brought the subject of child abuse up!

          • Just rewinding – but what the fuck has this got to do with “Shameful: Scottish Charity Journal Publishes Terrorism Allegations Aimed At Boycott Workfare”, this is so off-topic it is on another planet.

            • Merry Tiller

              Absolutely true…… so overburdenddonkey, why DID you feel you wanted to take this thread onto the topic of child abuse?

              • …and more pertinent Merry, why do you persist in carrying it on if you object so much?

                Oh I know, you’re the one with the prurient interest aren’t you.

                • Merry Tiller

                  I persist BECAUSE I vehemently object to child abuse. Do you? If so, what do you think should be done to stop child abusers from abusing?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you’ve already been told, what needs to be done so stop pretending you haven’t been….the answers are fully formed and laid out on the other blog…if you have any further questions ask them there…

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes that sums up their entire attitude to people, that the system have caused to become vulnerable….no wonder nothing changes when one has to encounter and stand up against this type of ingrained stupidity (@ best)…the more people like you that stand up against this brazen social discrimination the better in my book….

      • overburdenddonkey

        sorry badly worded; ‘no wonder nothing changes when one has to encounter and stand up against….’what i meant to say; is that it is a symptom of nothing changing in fact getting worse, and that one is increasingly a lone voice, standing up for badly treated people in an insane world….but we must….

    • Superb! You’re a star! If more people challenged instances like this then we’d be in a much stronger position.

      You’re a good person for taking them on. Well done to you, and thanks as well for speaking up against them..

  19. DISGRACEFUL. I am happy that people who feel very strongly about such matters are trying to bring attention to this disgusting exploitation Perhaps some of us should respond to these feeble allegations and tell them people still have a right to protest and complain on any issue which affects the poorest and vulnerable

    What’s next?

    Having all protests outlawed?

    Even the police ( yeah I know) even claim that complaint and protest is part of a healthy democracy such as it is

  20. Well from my point of view if they are talking about Boycott workfare then this group is making waves and the so called business’s have to blame someone for the problem they created. This group is doing it … Telling the truth.. not something that scummy business’s know anything about!
    Support Boycott workfare … Paid employment is what we all want ..Not some get rich scheme for cheap crappy business’s.

  21. Is there no depths to which these evil bastards will sink to.

  22. Another Fine Mess

    Charities campaigning in favour of forced unpaid work, you couldn’t make it up!

  23. Another Fine Mess

    Now they’re holding a poll!
    TFN poll: Are anti-workfare campaigners justified in using intimidation tactics?

  24. Thus is very disappointing. SCVO should be siding with anyone who challenges workfare, as many charities actually deal with the consequences of DWP policy such as homelessness and poverty. It’s utterly disgusting to make light of or abuse words like “terrorism”. Terrorism kills. This is libel and it’s also very disrespectful to those dying right now in Syria and those fighting ISIS/Daesh.

  25. Reblogged this on markcatlin3695's Blog and commented:
    So they didn’t bother to mention that Workfare has been declared ILLEGAL TWICE. Just that “charities” needed to be REMINDED what charity means.
    Disgusting poor excuse for journalism. How about highlighting the continuing disgusting treatment of sick and disabled instead of bad mouthing people who are standing-up for the exploited.

  26. Vote for CLASS WAR!!



  27. Frigtened Pensioners

    There are unknown person(s) who come round here forcing leaflets through out letter-box threatening us if we don’t vote one way or the other. They even come round knocking loudly on our doors – we are afraid to answer the door. If that isn’t terrorism we don’t know what is.

  28. Seetec Are SCUM!!

    “bullying, intimidation and harassment” – sums up these ‘work programme’/workfare ‘provider’ cunts in a nutshell.

    • Work Programme providers are Human Sewage

      If the Tories get in again and continue with Harrassment of the poor, I would suggest The riots of 2011 should be recreated, but only targeting the DWP and the Work Programme offices could be permanantly closed if they were attacked, A few molotov cocktails through each WPP office and you could bring these companys to their knees, Their Head offices should be given the same treatment as well, These companys would shit themselves.
      The people don’t realise how much power they have got, they have it within themselves to close the WP for good

    • So are WORKING LINKS, add them to the list as well. The lowest of the lot.

  29. Anyone who speaks against authority is now classified as an extremist, anyone who acts against it is now a terrorist. All must accept their punishment with a grateful smile, those who do not display sufficient sincerity in their appreciation will be further punished until they do. This country becomes more and more like a cross between 1984 and Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, in fact I can easily imagine Michael Palin’s character working for the DWP.

  30. The Poll is now at 69.2% in favour of Boycott Workfare.

  31. it’s sad that they cunts even have a poll up. Don’t be afraid to sign it, fuck them having your ip address. What are they going to do? Fuck them. Arseholes.

  32. Victory for Mike Sivier

    Victory for Vox Political:
    DWP ordered to give details of benefit-related deaths

  33. Woman on disability benefits left penniless after hoaxer reports her death and takes her off system

    Published on 26 Apr 2015

    Instead of demanding proof, staff at the Department for Work and Pensions deleted details of Janet Millward who only found out when her money was stopped
    A woman was left penniless after a hoax caller rang the Department of Work and Pensions to report her death.

    Instead of demanding a certificate to back up the claim, it appears a worker simply ‘deleted’ Janet Millward from the system.

    Janet had no idea she was ‘deceased’ until her benefits were stopped.

    And within days, letters offering bereavement advice started arriving addressed to the “Estate of Miss Janet Millward”.

    Both her housing benefit and Disability Living Allowance were scrapped and the tax office wrote to her “personal representative” giving tips on how to settle her estate.

    Now the DWP has apologised for the mistake, which it blamed on human error.

    But Janet, 50, wants to know why the word of one person in a phone call was enough for her to no longer exist.

    The mix-up happened after a man claiming to be her son ‘Alex Millward’ rang the DWP to report her death.

    Unemployed Janet, who does not have children, says within moments a chain of events was put in place to erase her.

  34. Bookie Bastard

    From the Bone blog:


    A CLASS WAR spokesperson said ‘ this will be a sensational result for CW as the two combined have been averaging 20% of the vote’”

    Too late to put a bet on now 😀 😀

  35. Down with Tyranny and Oppression

    Social Justice Yes Slavery No

  36. The Third Force in Scotland is anti-democratic and usurps the power of the people those charitable NGOs claim to represent.

    • overburdenddonkey

      imv any money donated to these ngos is eqiv of income tax….deferred from what the state ought to already provide through our taxes….

  37. bored of this election

    royal kid born just in time to boost cameron’s election chances.



    According to the Human Rights Act, article 6:

    In the determination of his civil rights and obligations or of any criminal charge against him, everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law.

    The reality is completely different, a fair trial or tribunal regarding the DWP, is nothing more than a stage managed process, indeed, the man at the helm of making decisions if a claimants case can go forward, is none other than a SOCIAL SECURITY COMMISSIONER……………


    For this reason i have lodged a formal complaint with the Human Rights Commission.

    How many other DWP appellants have had negative outcomes on their appeals due to this persons intervention?

    • Bent Judges

      Same old faces, like Rowland, making decisions on human rights issues.
      This country is the most corrupt in the civilised world.
      Mind you, they don’t give a fuck who they leave in the gutter or drive to suicide, because they are remunerated beyond the realms of our belief.



        • @reynolds is perfectly honest with his post. Judge Mark Rowland was the commissioner for the old dept. of Social Security back in 2008.

          This is scandalous given that the judiciary are supposed to be fair and independent. This issue should be firmly investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice themselves.

          Bent Britain, governed by crooks in high places.

  39. Judges and other members of the Upper Tribunal

    (e)is the Chief Social Security Commissioner, or any other Social Security Commissioner, appointed under section 50(1) of the Social Security Administration (Northern Ireland) Act 1992 (c. 8),

    (f)is a Social Security Commissioner appointed under section 50(2) of that Act (deputy Commissioners),

    and this is independent, you must be fucking joking !!!



      …….after much tampering with the evidence i may add..

      The Department for Work and Pensions has been ordered to disclose the number of Incapacity Benefit and ESA claimants who have died between November 2011 and May 2014.

      The ruling comes from the Information Commissioner after an appeal by Vox Political‘s Mike Sivier.

      But it seems likely to have been delayed – possibly for political reasons. If the number of deaths has been high, then it would generate a backlash against the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties that presided over them in the Coalition Government.

      Mr Sivier said: “The decision notice was ready in February, but the Information Commissioner’s Office delayed its release for reasons that have not been given. Suppose a large number of deaths have taken place – I have heard suggestions that 60,000 people or more may have died as a result of government policy.


        …………enter the royal scrounger

        ATOS Miracles

        Just watching sky news, see the new baby is a girl, i wish both mother and baby well as i would any other newborn and mom, BUT where i get incensed is the comment “this baby has been born and will live like any other child in the country” leaves me cold, actually if the reporters could yank their patronising arse licking nose browning heads from up their silly patronising stupid ill informed arses they would realise that actually this particular baby will live so far removed from other children’s lives its actually scary, she will leave that hospital to a crowd of people there purely to take care of her every whim and fancy, the baby will have an army of “servants” again to ensure she goes for nothing, lets liken that to a newborn born into poverty and whose mom cant afford either food or heating – or both – a mom who goes home to no support, no midwife on hand, no district nurse to call in to ensure both are alright because the cuts to our NHS have been so severe and ruthless, sorry sky news you are so far removed from the “reality” of this country you are unbelievable and sickeningly so.

        • overburdenddonkey

          i can proudly say i had no idea that this birth was expected until today, and it’s born already….and my immediate thoughts are so fucking what…

        • They see any other newborn and mom as competition a threat to be subjugated if not eliminated at the first sign of insurrection.

        • Does Jim Murphy Dye His Hair

          It was like Jim Murphy said the other night during his “Why are you basing your election campaign on something that happened in 1923*?” slanging -match with Sally Magnuson, in between ranting on about “bookies odds: “The most important journey in a child’s life is from the maternity ward to their first home… ” But it is true, who your parents are are the biggest determinant of your life chances.

          PS Jim-going-to-lose-his-seat needs to go the Danny Alexander school of elocution and received pronunciation

          * The last time a party with the lowest number of seats formed the government


    …………..the Duchess’s hairdresser was seen going into the hospital


      ………….nice paint job…..

      • Invasion of the Decision Makers

        😀 😀 😀 😀

      • Another Fine Mess

        Has she just done that?

      • You guessed it

        I would have used a 2″ brush and Hammerite paint stripper (green 350 ml flask shape can) with a 90 minute window.
        That Amateur graffiti job could be removed by any teenage workfare paint shop attendant on a boozy Friday afternoon.

    • I’m so happyfor her lol . I’m a working single mum and I still can’t afford the hairdressers. I stand in front of the mirror and chop bits off. Been doing it for years..

      • Nicky Clarke

        You can’t cut your hair with pound-shop scissors kat, professional hairdressing scissors cost hundreds of ££s, kat. You don’t think anyone notices? Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, especially women, guys can just shave it off. You think if you go for a job interview an employer is not going to notice; it is the woman who has just stepped out the hairdresser who is going to get the job! Pop into my salon the next time you are passing and I’ll treat your hair to a free makeover, just say: “Nicky sent me” 🙂 Regards Nicky Clarke xxx

        • really I cut my hair with a pair of toe nail scissors that I brought from boots ten years ago. I style my own hair with them. Everybody thinks I’ve been the hairdressers. So you are wrong.

          • Nicky Clarke

            Wow, seriously, just wow! They *might* say that you look like you have just stepped out of the hairdressers. : ) You not suffer from split end? The scissors that us hairdressers use are from a different planet compared to toe-nail scissors; the quality of materials, excellent build quality the sharpness, the way in which they are specially weighted, the way they feel in your hand, the longevity. Even saying you were comparing apples and oranges wouldn’t do them justice. If you cut hair for a living you would understand. Me personally, I don’t think twice about paying a couple of grand for a pair of scissors.

            • Could you put your scissors to good use and “scalp” oh, sorry meant to say cut Esther McVile’s bottle bleached locks? Thanks in advance.

            • no not a split end in sight, but I am lucky to have hair with a natural wave, and if you know where to cut my hair, it results in styled hair. They are a good pair of toe nail scissors not sharp but aluminium. They produce more of a feathered effect, instead of a straight cut, which is what I prefer really. as for £2000 for a pair of scissors, I’ve never had that much in the bank at one time. It works for me, I think people in life generally spent too much time worrying about the looks these days to be honest, there are fare too many interesting things to be doing. Why waste your life worrying when you can just enjoy it and on very little amounts of money.

              • Good for you Maria to refuse a “makeover” – happy with your own efforts – me too – however, I thought that hairdresser’s have been known as “stylists” for the past 20 years or so – well in Taylor Ferguson they are!!!!

                • It doesn’t have the same ring though compare ‘I’m goin t’hairdresser’s later.’ with ‘I’m goin t’stylist’s later.’ Maybe it because I live up north, maybe its cos I’m getting old.

          • Nicky Clarke

            PS you are welcome to pop into my salon too for a hair makeover for free; after 10 years I reckon your hair deserves it. Just say: “Nicky sent you”, and if I am in I will see you personally.

            • Thank you for your generous offer though, but if you find someone else who is in dire need of a job and an haircut. Make they the offer you made to me. I don’t really need it personally.

        • LOL!

  41. overburdenddonkey

    sturgeon in inverness today….

  42. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Mr Void here refutes the allegations in Third Force News that Boycott Workfare’s campaign against the use of such forced labour constitutes ‘terrorism’. He points out that Boycott Workfare themselves don’t advocate or condone threats and violence, and that Glasgow the Caring City did not make any such allegation in their communications with the campaign group.

    This seems to show that there are some people who feel very, very threatened by any organised protest or opposition to the use of workfare. So scared, in fact, that they are prepared to make false allegations of intimidation in order to discredit them.

  43. Vote for CHRISTMAS!!

  44. patricknelson750

    Workfare in which the unemployed are forced to work for slave wages when they have already paid their national insurance is a type of terrorism.

    Workfare in which people are payed anything less than the minimum wage is a crime.

    • Provider fodder 'No More'

      Actually, forcing the Sick or Unemployed to work for ‘Slave’ or ‘Zero’ wages is nothing more than a confidence trick.
      As the ‘governments that have been’ have changed the agreement between worker and the state regarding the state enforced insurance scheme known as ‘National Insurance’ and its payout conditionality,it strikes me that the agreement should retrospectively be considered void and every workers national insurance premiums for the entirety of there working life should be returned immediately.
      This scheme is a long term proposition covering over 40 years where a minimum term of contributions is required to make a claim and to change terms on existing clients is obviously in breach of contract.This goes for those claiming job seekers, sickness benefits or the state pension.
      I think the British public are owed a considerable amount of money..

  45. As part of your participation in the Work Programme, I am writing to inform you of an appointment which you are mandated to attend. This appointment is called your “About You” appointment and is with Pseudonym who works at A4e – Working Links SubPrime(Head Office).

    • Fed up with the party system now

      Next time I have to make a claim, I;m going to hold up my end right up to the talking down to from chinless charlies and ambitious foreign import low I.Q. types who could not change a spark plug, then I shall say bloody well sanction away you fuckwit. ;
      I will make it my Goal to cause as much trouble and financial Havoc on the system for the rest of my bloody life.

  46. Fed up with the party system now

    ..As is possible, obviously. But Cameroon will be off after Blairs jobs by then and George Smith will be sniffing around an M.E.P. seat or some other parachute for absolute failed Nonentities,so what mischief can be gotten will remain to be seen.


    “All keep your fingers crossed that the murdering bastards, Mcvey and Smith will, one day be on a trip to Holland”

    Not to pick tulips or buy ornamental wooden clogs, but to explain away all the deaths and misery they caused to the War Crimes Commission in the Hague……………..

    ………..and do you really think the DWP will publish their peer reviews on those who have already died?

    I seriously doubt it, because hiding behind the lily livered Freedom of Information Tsar, Christopher Graham, has become a national pastime.

    Keep up the good work Christopher, they kill them and expect you to bury the evidence……..

    Sadly, you are as guilty as those who pulled the trigger or pushed the knife in and twisted it.


  48. Labour’s disability manifesto: why are disabled people an afterthought?

    New Statesman – 30th April 2015

    Labour will get the disabled vote if only to keep the Tories out. However, the crux of disabled living issues is that currently, disability inherently means poverty. I want to see plans for a country where I can earn like my my non-disabled peers, own my own home like my non-disabled peers – have a life, a family, a future like my non-disabled peers. This election, this vision of equality seems too much to ask.

    For the past five years disabled people across the UK have been living in fear of the gentle ‘phut’ of a brown DWP envelope on their doormat. Benefit cuts, evictions, and ATOS assessments declaring people ‘fit for work’ have led to misery and poverty for the disabled population. As up to 16 per cent of working age adults, we represent a significant proportion of the electorate, so when the Labour party finally published ‘A better future for disabled people: mini-manifesto’ I thought we were in for a treat.

    Read More:

  49. overburdenddonkey

    shameful scotlab/tory/libdem pact… ukokbt….

  50. SLAB to be wiped out

    This is fucking outrageous!

  51. SLAB R Toast

    It’s not just in Scotland that insanity has seized Labour. The Observer reports today that Ed Miliband plans to install a nine-foot stone monolith in the Rose Garden at 10 Downing Street if elected, with his key pledges (including the infamous “CONTROLS ON IMMIGRATION”) engraved on it, so that he can see it from his office.

    • overburdenddonkey

      aye see above wings link and vowhenge… hawkwind booked to play @ 1st festie? soon to receive world heritage status, perhaps…christ, they’ve left themselves wide open to ridicule with this kindergaten scheme..

      • SLAB R Toast

        Blair had a stupid “pledge card” too – and look what happened to those “pledges”. These “pledge cards” are only fit for the bin!

        • Milliband to John Humphries discussing Milliband’s Monolith on the today programme: “Let me be clear, John, my pledges expire on May 8th. I will leave the landscape gardening to someone else.” 😀

      • Scottish Labour MPs voting with the UK Government on further cuts:
        Figures via Jim Murphy did not bother to turn up. Article from Huffington Post.

        Douglas Alexander (Paisley & Renfrewshire North) –  £266,079
        Willie Bain (Glasgow North East) – £342,724
        Gordon Banks (Ochil & South Perthshire) –  £372,536
        Anne Begg  (Aberdeen South) – £363,032
        Russell Brown  (Dumfries & Galloway) –  £335,960
        Michael Connarty    (Linlithgow & East Falkirk) – £339,611
        Iain Davidson         ( Glasgow South West) – £296,901
        Thomas Docherty    (Dunfermline & West Fife) – £390,919
        Brian Donohoe        (Central Ayshire) – £349,207
        Frank Doran            (Aberdeen North) – £362,875
        Gemma Doyle        ( West Dunbartonshire) – £238,688
        Tom Greatrex          (Rutherglen & Hamilton West) – £385,399
        David Hamilton        (Midlothian) – £292,444
        Tom Harris                  (Glasgow South) -£352,865
        Jimmy Hood             (Lanark & Hamilton East) – £259,614
        Cathy Jamieson      ( Kilmarnock & Loudoun) – £337,571
        Iain MacKenzie       (Inverclyde) – £289,449
        Michael McCann     (East Kilbride, Stathaven & Lesmahagow) – £367,255
        Gregg McClymont       (Cumbernauld, Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch) – £303,767
        Anne McGuire         (Stirling) -£344,035
        Graham Morrice       (Livingston) – £309,497
        Iain Murray              (Edinburgh South) – £360,778
        Pamela Nash              (Airdrie & Shotts) – £340,786
        Fiona O’Donnell      (East Lothian) – £337,786
        John Robertson         ( Glasgow North West) – £272,705
        Frank Roy                  (Motherwell & Wishaw) – £328,769
        Anas Sarwar          (Glasgow Central) – £369,85

        Total – £9,271,890

        Three notable abstainees:

        Gordon Brown (Kirkaldy & Cowdenbeath) – £253,365
        Alistair Darling (Edinburgh South West) – £285,341
        Jim Murphy (East Renfrewshire) – £440,677

        Total – £979,383

        Grand total – £10,251,273

  52. SLAB R Toast

  53. SLAB R Toast

    Milliband’s monolith

    • HAL - Eyes Wide Shut

      2001: A Space Odyssey was riddled Masonic rituals, alluded to symbolism and contained hidden meanings – like other Kubrick films. There is something very odd, sinister and creepy about Odball Ed and his sudden obsession with ‘monoliths’.

  54. overburdenddonkey
    ‘Scotland’s core grievance that it can never mature to take its place in the modern world while under the thumb of the British state gathers size and speed at a frightening pace, an entire nation moving as if a single political fireball of an activist.’

  55. Neeps n Tatties

    Jim Murphy Car Crash Interview 😀 😀

  56. CC: Boycott Workfare; Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty; Disabled People Against Cuts DPAC; Inclusion Scotland;


    We are absolutely appalled that TFN has suggested that our excellent allies, Boycott Workfare, are in any way involved in any activities that amount to criminal acts []

    This is a libellous allegation and had you named an individual we would now be preparing legal action against you.

    Sick and/or disabled people, in particular, are wrongly being found fit-for-work by DWP/Atos/Maximus and are being compelled to work for these parasitical organisations for nothing on pain of losing their meagre incomes altogether.

    They face sanctions, hunger, homelessness, despair and in many cases suicide. This is an irrefutable fact which has been well documented and will be well understood by your readership.

    We are utterly outraged and this scurrilous piece of writing – we cannot bring ourselves to call it journalism – and bitterly disappointed that it has appeared in TFN whose editorial line has usually been so supportive of disabled and unemployed people’s grassroots struggle against oppression. It has damaged the trust and esteem in which we had heretofore held your paper.

    We do not expect to read headlines and stories worthy of the Daily Mail in literature published by SCVO. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

    We urge you to now do make restitution by admitting fault, retracting your allegation and issuing a full apology to our friends and comrades at Boycott Workfare with immediate effect.

    Boycott Workfare is made up of loving and kind activists who are in the business of saving lives, not destroying them.

    In solidarity with Boycott Workfare

    John McArdle

    on behalf of

    Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights ‘Black Triangle’


    • overburdenddonkey

      well said black triangle… 🙂

    • ” … the business of saving lives, not destroying them.”

      Third Force social enterprise has become the parasitical business of destroying lives in Scotland.

      Bet the Third Sector in Scotland is probably worth more than some Third World economies.



    Following public pressure, and the start of this judicial review, the Government consulted on the eligibility change last summer; out of more than 1,100 responses received, only five were in favour of the new criteria. Despite this, proceedings have continued and disabled people in certain parts of the UK are to be called, or have already been called, for assessments using the new test.






      . “He became Chief Social Security Commissioner and Child Support Commissioner in 2003, and Chief Pension Appeal Commissioner.”






          “It is a known fact that no government department of complaint works on behalf of the public” – Judge Hickinbottom



          ……..the latest tool for restricting justice


          About CROs
          Different types of CRO
          Lists of people with CROs
          See more like this

          About CROs

          A CRO is a court order issued by a judge.

          They’re usually given when a person’s application for a court hearing is refused but they won’t accept the judge’s decision.

          A CRO then stops that person from re-applying to court.
          Different types of CRO

          The judge will decide which is the most suitable type of order to issue.
          Limited CRO (LCRO)

          If a person is issued with an LCRO, it means they have to get the judge’s permission before making any application to the court covered by the order.
          Extended CRO (ECRO)

          If the person continues to go back to the court, a judge can issue an ECRO.

          This order is limited to a specified group of courts. ECROs last 2 years, but can be renewed for a further 2 years.
          General CRO (GCRO)

          In the most extreme cases, the judge will grant a GCRO.

          This order applies to all the county courts and the High Court. GCROs last 2 years, but can be renewed for a further 2 years.

          If this order is ignored, the person will be in contempt of court and may receive a prison sentence.

  58. British Unity is Essential . The Alleged ” Scottish National Party ”
    Destroying Great Britain’s Unity will only Subject the Poor of
    England and Wales to Tory Tyranny Probably backed up by the
    Liberal Democrats

    A United Independent Socialist Britain where Welfare comes before

  59. I would Urge People to Vote Labour

    Labour says they will Repeal the Health & Social Care Act 2012
    and Oppose the Bedroom Tax

    Things have Got Worse under the Con Dems and Common Sense
    says they will get Worse under another Tory Government

    Vote Labour to Get the Tories and Liberal Democrats Out

    • What are you hoping for? That Labour deliver “concessions” that will alleviate your personal circumstance while leaving other to feel the full force of Labour’s jackboot. All the foodbanks, sanctions, workfare, creeping privatisation are all all set to continue under Labour (if they get elected which they probably wont). While Labour intend to persecute section of society they can fuck right off! We are all in in together buddy – better off under the blue jackboot than the red jackboot…. it is the only way things will change for the better for EVERYONE – not you personally.

      • While Labour intend to persecute ANY section of society – and they do – they can fuck right off!

      • Hot Dog - Big Alex S

        Aye, Labour can thank their lucky stars that the SNP aren’t standing in England, otherwise they would be facing complete oblivion from the political map. You only have to look at the Jim Murphy car crash interview with the very astute Sally Magnuson further down to see this. Labour have betrayed their working class roots and turned their backs on the forefathers who founded the Labour party. Labour are no longer the party of the working class – they are party of the rich and business interests. Traitor Murphy and his comedy side-kick being jeered out of Glasgow are a precursor to what Labour can expect come polling day. Labour are going to lose GE2015 and they deserve the good kicking they are going to receive at the polls come Thursday.

      • Do It To Julia

        😀 😀

      • Yeah, too many peeps thinking that if we all vote Labour they will get a few quid extra on their disability benefit or whatever, just enough ££s mind you, to buy their silence. Then they can say: “fuck this, I’m all right my disability benefits or whatever are safe”. You never know Labour might even try this on so the public don’t see any more peeps in wheelchairs queuing at food-banks… which will leave Labour free to put the boot really hard into those less likely to arouse public sympathy i.e young people, the unemployed, those without kids… and for Labour’s target group who are really going to suffer under Labour’s plans and for them life, if you can call it that, is going to be a hell of a lot worse than under the Tories. So, don’t come on here urging us to vote Labour on the fond hope and slim chance that Labour might give YOU an opportunity to jump ship. In a lot of ways Labour are actually worse, you could say ‘fairer’ than the Tories, in at least the Tories are less discriminate, and not politically correct in who they go after. Have some solidarity ffs and think of others for a change. Bet you would be a Sue Marsh given half a chance.

      • Yeah, too many peeps thinking that if we all vote Labour they will get a few quid extra on their disability benefit or whatever, just enough ££s mind you, to buy their silence. Then they can say: “fuck this, I’m all right my disability benefits or whatever are safe”. You never know Labour might even try this on so the public don’t see any more peeps in wheelchairs queuing at food-banks… which will leave Labour free to put the boot really hard into those less likely to arouse public sympathy i.e young people, the unemployed, those without kids… and for Labour’s target group who are really going to suffer under Labour’s plans and for them life, if you can call it that, is going to be a hell of a lot worse than under the Tories. So, don’t come on here urging us to vote Labour on the fond hope and slim chance that Labour might give YOU an opportunity to jump ship. In a lot of ways Labour are actually worse, you could say ‘fairer’ than the Tories, in at least the Tories are less discriminate, and not politically correct in who they go after. Have some solidarity ffs and think of others for a change. Bet you would be a Sue Marsh given half a chance!

    • overburdenddonkey

      slabour sent out identical dear neighbour ‘this is why is support slabour’, letters round constituency and were surprised to be rumbled…?!!

      • Round these parts the working class women (mostly grannies) are the political activists out delivering SNP leaflets to their dear neighbours on this housing scheme.

      • I notice Labour sent out panic letters to pensioners scaremongering them about how their pensions could be at risk if the SNP get their way and how the pension pot was only safe if the UK stayed together. Same as before the indy ref, basically trying to frighten pensioners into voting for them in the GE this time round.

    • Do It To Julia


    • “Tougher on welfare than the tories” Remember Reeves saying that? “Don’t want to represent anyone on benefits” remember that? Vote Labour? You must be joking.

      • reeves is a toff cunt

        Reeves has already set out her stall regarding “welfare” . And you only have to take one look at at her toffy-nosed face or listen to her Oxbridge-educated toff accent to know that she isn’t joking. Milliand, Labour are also fond of to reminding us that Labour represents, is the party of working families. Vote Labour!? Yeah, sure buddy 😉

  60. GE2015 Bookies latest:

    Who will win most seats?
    N.Ireland MPs and speaker do not count.

    No Overall Majority 1/12
    Conservative Majority 8/1
    Labour Majority 33/1
    UKIP Majority250/1
    Liberal Democrat Majority 750/1
    Green Majority 1000/1
    Most Votes/Most Seats Doubles

    Cons Most Votes & Cons Most Seats 2/9
    Lab Most Votes & Lab Most Seats 5/1
    Cons Most Votes & Lab Most Seats 8/1
    Lab Most Votes & Cons Most Seats 25/1

    • Oops 🙂

      Who will win most seats?
      N.Ireland MPs and speaker do not count.

      Conservatives 1/5
      Labour 7/2
      UKIP 250/1
      Liberal Democrats 500/1
      Greens 1000/1
      Majority Betting

      Majority achieved if party wins over half of seats in House of Commons

      No Overall Majority 1/12
      Conservative Majority 8/1
      Labour Majority 33/1
      UKIP Majority 250/1
      Liberal Democrat Majority 750/1
      Green Majority 1000/1


      Most Votes/Most Seats Doubles

      Cons Most Votes & Cons Most Seats 2/9
      Lab Most Votes & Lab Most Seats 5/1
      Cons Most Votes & Lab Most Seats
      8/1 Lab Most Votes & Cons Most Seats 25/1

  61. Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs and commented:
    This is a modern tactic used by the government et al to watch out for. OTT allegations of extreme criminality or extremely offensive attitudes directed at their critics – to put their critics on the back foot and close down discussion of a relevant issue.

  62. Pingback: Solidarity with Boycott Workfare against Third Force News smear campaign – Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty

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