Deconstructing The So Called Jobs Miracle And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan SmithRepeatedly over the last few months the Tories have cheered that there are more people working than ever before as if this was some kind of fucking miracle.  In truth it is exactly what you would expect in a growing population.  Unless the economy is in the grip of recession there are almost always more jobs than ever before.  More people means more jobs.  They all have to shop.

According to the Office for National Statistics the total size of the UK’s workforce – which means all of those working, unemployed, or economically inactive, such as long term sickhas grown by 2.6 million since 2010.  In that period the number of people in work has grown by 2 million.  The disparity is partly down to the rise in women’s pension age, a bodge in how the figure are recorded means that all women under 65 are now included in the workforce, even if they are retired.  Previously only women under 60 were included.

The Employment Rate, the percentage of people in work, has only shifted upwards by about a percentage point, from 72.1% to 73.3%.  That’s around half a million people, which is just under the growth in the number of people who have become self-employed since 2010.  How many of them are making any money is anyone’s guess, but we do know that average earnings from self-employment are plummeting.

One of the reasons for the growth in both population and new jobs is migration.  In an astonishing fact, curiously ignored by the Tory press, there are one million more people in employment who were not born in the UK than in 2010.  That’s over half the growth in jobs during the current administration.*

What those million new workers tell us – and some will be UK citizens who happened to have been born overseas – is that most of the growth in jobs has fuck all to do with Iain Duncan Smith’s bungled welfare reforms.

To look at the impact of social security policies means delving into the unemployment figures, and crucially long term claimants.  Figures quietly released last week showed that the number of people who had been on benefits for three out of the last four years has fallen by just 91,000 since 2010.  This is despite economic growth, the Work Programme, mass benefit sanctions and the country recovering from a deep recession.  And even this figure is likely to be revised down as more data comes in.

There were just over 600,000 fewer unemployed people recorded in the latest figures than there were in the last period of the previous Government, and there are still almost 2 million of them.  Most of the jobs the Tory’s are claiming have been created have not gone to people who were unemployed.  And the quality of these jobs is also relevant.  People can be included as offically in employment if they are on workfare for example – although there are currently less people on unpaid work schemes than during the Labour administration.

As well as the growth in self-employment, nearly half a million of the new jobs are part time.  You only have to be working a few hours a month to be classed as employed.  The growth of zero hours contracts is well documented.  The quality of most of these new jobs is shit.

The Labour Market Statistics, on which all this information is based, are messy, not least because they are based on a survey.  What they suggest however is that unemployment has fallen, but not by that much, and that many of the new jobs are part time or low earning self-employment.  This is hardly a great fucking success story for a country emerging from a recession.

Perhaps a better guide to what is really going on are the Housing Benefit statistics.  This is an exact figure and reveals the number of people who need help to pay their rent.  The only two criteria for claiming Housing Benefits are a low income and low or no assets.  By the very nature of the benefit, everyone who is claiming it is poor.

There were 4.751 million people claiming Housing Benefit in May 2010.  In November 2014, the latest month for which figures are available, there were 4.883 million claims.  More people are poor now than before the Tories weren’t elected, despite the so-called jobs miracle   And that is the figure on which Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms should be judged.

*Before anyone starts feeling all UKIP remember this is not a one way street.  A study released last year found that up to 70% of graduates are planning to fuck off soon in the search of somewhere less shit.  For every Polish builder who turns up we might soon lose a marketing graduate from Surbiton.  On balance we’ve probably got the better end of that deal.  Whatever your views on immigration policy, the very worst thing that could happen is for working class people of different nationalities to be be tricked into fighting each other over the scraps they hand down.  The capitalist class of Europe – the bankers, property developers, business owners and landlords – are united.  We need to be as well.

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  1. Wirral In It Together

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    Let’s get some truth on the fiddled unemployment figures…

    • @WIIT
      Those in Wirral need to get their arses in gear to make sure Fester McVile ends up where she belongs – on top of a midden. As an exiled Wirralian it saddens me to see her lording over (and destroying) where I grew up.

  2. The whole work thing is backed up with DWP help, even down to housing benefits which are to do with local councils polices. It Pays To Work [with dwp help] the head line of the Welfare Reform Slogan – With DWP Help – It costs lots more to implement & advertise [ DWP you Tube Channel & Twitter] Social media Celebrities. Disability seems to be Anti Social Media.

  3. overburdenddonkey

    link to last yrs guardian quotes just 1 in 40 new jobs are full time and anyone who is even slightly aware of ukplc economics could create a large list of the impact of this on the working class economy and some current political manifestos designed to fudge over the truth..

  4. I’m not a great fan of introducing new laws (as it stands the “Law” is a bag of shite) but I really want one banning Politicians from the abuse of statistics. The punishment of offenders should include public flogging, as the lies are read out and denounced.

    I don’t otherwise support any form of corporal punishment but it is just so frustrating watching them pervert the truth that the numbers are trying to tell!

    • overburdenddonkey

      know what you mean…but if people had a voice there wouldn’t be a law…

    • Well, as the saying goes,”There are lies, damned lies, and statistics” It has to be remembered that a statistic is just a number that on it’s own is pretty meaningless, a bit like a fact – which is like a sace, in that it won’t stand up until you put something in it. A statistic then, can mean literally anything. I personally, having done a social science based degree, have never really liked the quantitivist approach as it doesn’t really take account of the experience of people that a qualitivist approach does, which tends to reflect lived experience, thus filling out the sack that is the empty statistic. Quantitivists have usually been critical of Qualitivists, but that criticism largely boils down to a criticism of perhaps not being objective enough about being subjective. But it’s also good to remember the comedian Lilly Tomlin’s joke about objectivism, that it is merely a collective hunch!

      In short, though I agree entirely with your sentiment, there cannot be an abuse of statistics, just interpretation of what they might mean.

      Public flogging of politicians? Why give in to pecadillos they learned at public school, that wouldn’t be punishment, would it? My preference would be the Pillory.

      • Silly me! I hadn’t thought of just how much they’d enjoy the public flogging! Perhaps make them spend a week filling out tax returns instead?

        Regarding statistics, those numbers can actually tell a very detailed story! What the politician tends to do, is select one number that suits them and spin a story round it. That’s a perversion! All the numbers taken in context will tell their own tale. I kind of like numbers! 🙂

        The divide between Quantitative vs Qualitative needn’t be as wide as the adherents of each tend to believe, as anything, including an assessment of the Quality of something, can be expressed numerically. Likewise a numeric representation of something can give an indication of quality – it just depends on the design of the data collection / analysis.

        Unfortunately a lot of the time statisticians working for the ONS are not that interested in looking at things in that way. There are however some very enthusiastic statisticians out there who are!

        • I agree entirely, and though I’m firmly in the qualititative camp myself, I find it somewhat amiss to ignore the numbers.

          As you say, both are complimentary, or should be. Again, your comment about the research design is also a crucial consideration, however, as anyone in the know realises, much so called ‘qualitative’ research is actually an attempt to prove a point through the use of sometimes very loaded questions.

  5. I wish there was an edit function on this blog – line 3 where it says ‘sace’ you should read ‘sack’

    Just returned from post Workfare JCP interview and am hopping mad ‘cos advisor said a Jobseeker’s Direction would be issued if I didn’t create an UJM account. However, I am in a good position to challenge that, as he knows I am doing more than enough, so it won’t be reasonable according to my circumstances. Also considering going for a challenge so that only the lawful requirements of the 1995 Act apply, namely that I take at least 2 steps per week towards gaining employment. It can be done, and there has been a successful case, but it didn’t create a precedent. Seems that UC starts here towards the end of the year, and in May in the Caerffili and Torfaen areas.

    • Yes an edit function would be good! Automatically corrected that whilst reading though.

      JCP seem to come up with some of these new “requirements” just simply to give themselves more reasons for applying sanctions. Hopefully things may be better by the middle of next month and you won’t need to challenge it.
      Good on you if you do though!

      • Concerned Parent

        Shouldn’t you be at school?

      • I’m not sure that I can refuse to create an account, but I know that I don’t have to give them access, (and I won’t). I’ve seen the latest UJM toolkit that’s posted on Refuted, and it seems to suggest that I will have to create an account, though the wording is vague and there are argumants about whether or not it’s reasonable to insist that a claimant creates an account. Of course, once created, there is no way that they can insist that it is used, as it’s entirely up to the claimant how they evidence their jobsearch – I guess they could even present it in blank verse if they so chose!

        However, I did come accross this gem in my online search for information this afternoon. Some of you may remember this from last year:

        Well, I also found this, and this seems to be a fairly recent post, as I seem to remember a similar article on the same site that gave quite different advice. It seems that the Jobseeker’s Act 1995 supercedes anything a JSAg or Claimant Committment sets out. It seems that the law takes precedent over any silly agreement that is unenforceable because it’s basically unlawful! Though the twist in the tail is that the claimant has to know that it’s unlawful for JCP to enforce the JSAg or Claimant’s Committment – so now you know, it’s unlawful!

        Of course this is cold comfort to those already being transferred to Universal Credit, but there are still many areas of the country where UC won’t be in place for some considerable time, as is the case in Cardiff, where it is due to come in towards the end of the year, but in Caerfilli and Torfaen it starts in May. Hopefully the next government will scrap the entire thing as completlely unworkable. The old system came into being over a long period of time, and is definitely complex, largely because people’s situations are extremely complex.

        I hope if Labour get in they have the sense to realise that UC is totally unworkable, none the less because being digital by default is going to cause all sorts of hardship to people who have issues using computers, such as the tragic case of that man in Aberystwyth who took his own life becuase of his inability to deal with an online application. Face to face interviews are far more efficent, both in terms of getting the correct information and in terms of cost, as well as being potentially far more humane.

        • A bit after the fact this, but I hope you see it, Sib.
          Good for you if you don’t give them access to your UJ account, though be prepared to be put on 4 weeks of MWA for your pains, if you haven’t done it already. That’s what happened to me, but it was worth it. They can’t, I believe, put you on it twice.
          If Labour get in, they have stated in their manifesto that they will “pause and review” UC. That’s a start, at least, though after his stumble off stage in the final leaders debate on TV last night and his bizarre refusal to do any deal with the SNP, he may well have fucked his chances. Let us pray not… (I’d rather vote Green, but as I’m in a Tory marginal I don’t have the luxury of voting with my convictions and will have to vote tactically for Labour. The thought of 5 more years of IDS is too awful to contemplate!)

    • Groundwork is Greed

      I have a UJM account, but I won’t allow them to have access to it.

  6. Disingenuous to divorce immigration policy from localised employment/unemployment for fear of being labelled a racist.

    • I didn’t, it’s not a post about immigration policy. I was going to go into that aspect in more detail but then it would have turned into a post about immigration policy. In short – immigration should mean more jobs in theory, more people equals more jobs. But that doesn’t mean it won’t impact on some sectors, or wages in some sectors and of course its not fucking racist to point that out. The reality is that there is a European wide job market now, thats what capital wants and they will use migration to drive down wages. Since that’s not likely to change in the near future we have two choices, attack each other, the path to certain defeat, or act as a class and stand together against the entire EU neoliberal project.

      • Thanks for that Johhny. I should point out that the IWW operates on a Europe wide, (well a worldwide basis) and has a European adminstration seperate from that of the USA. I wouldn’t say that we’re a huge union, becuase we aren’t, but we’re certainly growing, and stand at nearly a thousand members in the UK at present. The IWW is active in Germany and Norway as well as Switzerland and has a few scattered memebers in the rest of Europe.

        Importantly, the IWW is a union for ALL workers and it makes no difference whether you’re in work, or not, you have the same status in the IWW, which is more than you can say about Unite Community!

        In fact, one of the mainstays of the IWW in the UK is migrant workers, as they often suffer marginalisation and poor pay, which of course has a knock on effect as it depresses wages in general. Again, the IWW does not recognise the difference between ‘illegal’ or ‘legal’ migrants, all are workers trying to live a life. Anyone who thinks about the risks taken by many of the migrants trying to make it into Europe in order to have a chance at a better life and still thinks these migrants are deserving of abuse, or demands that foreign aid is cut is a moron. We are all workers, and maybe if life and the availablity of work that pays enough to have a decent life in Sub Saharan Africa was better we wouldn’t have the migration problems we have – think of that the next time you buy tomatoes from Senegal, Morrocco or one of the many other places that ‘fresh’ produce is sourced from in Africa – or even Europe, as it is likely that it is produced largely by migrant labour, and sold to us cheaply.

        Whoops! Sorry Johnny, didn’t mean to have a rant, but I get really angry when I hear the standard anti-immigrant arguments. I know you didn’t come out with one, but I wanted to plug the IWW, and got a bit carried away!!

        • “Anyone who thinks about the risks taken by many of the migrants trying to make it into Europe in order to have a chance at a better life and still thinks …”

          That risks argument is straight out of the immigration morons neoliberal handbook be happy with your European slave labour lot there are people dying to get here.

          Immigration is beginning to resemble an international slave trade driven by war, ethnic cleansing, oppression and socio-economic failing. To blindly support such immigration is to ignore the causes.

          Cant afford ‘fresh’ produce …

          • Sorry sibrydionmawr but local displacement and distress immigration is not the road to international solidarity it is the road to hell.

            • Again, try reading my comment PROPERLY! The kind of migrant I am talking about doesn’t really have the luxury of choice – and many lose their lives. No one should have to make that choice. If it weren’t for the distortions of international capital it would be quite feasible for people to have a decent life in their own countries, which paradoxically produce food – but for export and sale in European supermarkets, and it’s also probable that food produced by subsised farmers in the USA is imported and sold for less than local producers can sell it, thus depressing the local economy.

          • If you read my post properly you would see that I do not support such immigration, merely try to point out that we do have some responsibility to understand the causes. Anyone who thinks for more than a milisecond realises full well that people don’t move on a whim, but rather out of necessity. This is the same whether it’s between continents, as is the case with people from sub-Saharan Africa, or whether it’s people who are urged to ‘get on their bike’ within the UK. Most people everywhere usually prefer to remain where they grew up, where they know and understand the language and the culture, where their friends and family are.

            Far from supporting this kind of migration, I oppose it, though not the people, who even if they make it here, are visciously exploited because of their lack of legal status, which does impact on wages in general, as it tends to depress them. All the more reason for unions like the IWW to support so called ‘illegal’ migrant workers to ensure that they have exaclty the same rights as all other workers.

            I well understand the causes, and I was not even mentioning the people who flee strife and war, often as a result of actions ordered by British governments.

            If more people understood the causes, which by and large is that of the neo-colonialism of the IMF and the World Bank as well as countries in the developed world and started to put pressure onto our own governments to cancel the debts of these countries (plus perhaps with strings that they reform politically so that democracy has a chance) then there might well be a windfall in that these countries wouldn’t need the pittance of a handout that is called foreign aid, which is hardly a significant amount in terms of what the UK spends, unless you’re one of those UKIP/Daily Mail imbeciles who swallow the whole austerity bollocks hook, line and sinker.

            I find it hard to believe that you can’t afford fresh produce. If you are on JSA, then you don’t have a lot it’s true, but it’s perfectly feasible to eat healthily, including fresh produce. I do and I’ve been on JSA for a long while. Eating healthily is actually cheaper than eating supposedly cheap crap.

    • If it wasn’t for immigrants the country wouldn’t be in the appalling state that it is in.

  7. One of the reasons for the growth in both population and new jobs is migration. In an astonishing fact, curiously ignored by the Tory press, there are one million more people in employment who were not born in the UK than in 2010. That’s over half the growth in jobs during the current administration.*

    That begs the question why did that “astonishing jobs growth” benefit immigrants and not the unemployed locals.


    …The disparity is partly down to the rise in women’s pension age, a bodge in how the figure are recorded means that all women under 65 are now included in the workforce, even if they are retired. …

    Since 2013 women’s state pension payout age rose from 60 to 66, so we cannot retire til at least 2019 – 2020 and beyond.

    So we are classed as working age as a result.

    We cannot access Winter Fuel Allowance nor Pension Credit.


    The only women retired are those who were early retired under the massive austerity job cuts, on tiny works pensions from the public sector jobs, where we were mostly low waged.

    We believed until 2013 that we would get our state pension at 60 and get the full state pension with the 30 years National Insurance record.

    The flat rate state pension moves the goalpost to needing 35 years service.

    But then comes the SERPs mis-selling, which means huge numbers will lose most if not ALL state pension for life.

    See why at end of my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

    SERPs began on 6 April 1978, when mostly public sector employers could begin opting you out of SERPs. Each year opted out, means 1 year less National Insurance record.

    So quite feasible to have nil NI history even after working since then.


    …As well as the growth in self-employment, nearly half a million of the new jobs are part time. You only have to be working a few hours a month to be classed as employed. The growth of zero hours contracts is well documented. The quality of most of these new jobs is shit. …

    Low waged people have been out of the welfare state and state pension system for some time.

    The biggest tax avoidance scheme by firms is the salary sacrifice system for the low waged.

    Paid part in wages and part in expenses (deductions from latter for ‘admin’ charges) means these poor workers fall below the
    Lower Earnings Level.

    So get nil National Insurance automatic credits, from the wage or from the top up benefits in-work.

    The flat rate state pension pays nil state pension for 10 years or less NI record.

    Whereas now get some state pension from 1 year’s NI history.

    LOW WAGED OR LOW INCOME SELF EMPLOYED (Ageism in job recruitment after 50 – 55)

    …and that many of the new jobs are part time or low earning self-employment. …

    Half of the over 60s are within the working poor.


    Universal Credit denies pay out of Pension Credit if either partner is below the raised retirement age.

    Men’s retirement age rose by 1 year from 2013 from 65 to 66.

    Women’s retirement age rose by 6 years from 2013 from 60 to 66.


    Both of these will rise further unless we mass vote SNP, the kingmaker, who will refuse for any further rise in retirement age for the whole of the UK.


    …One of the reasons for the growth in both population and new jobs is migration. In an astonishing fact, curiously ignored by the Tory press, there are one million more people in employment who were not born in the UK than in 2010. That’s over half the growth in jobs during the current administration.*

    What those million new workers tell us – and some will be UK citizens who happened to have been born overseas – is that most of the growth in jobs.
    has fuck all to do with Iain Duncan Smith’s bungled welfare reforms. …

    1 million more workers not born in the UK, means families and other dependents also spending money in the shops from such jobs.

    More than offsetting any ageing of the population.

    We cannot be that many.

    We are the reduced population from two world wars.

    And the elderly pay the 75 per cent of all tax that comes from all of us, in or out of work, and however long we live, of stealth indirect taxes and VAT embedded in our lives.

    VAT is on tampons, maternity pads, condoms and lubricants, alcohol, cigarettes, hot take-away food, coffee or tea when you are sat in a cafe, bicycle lights, delivery charges on post and packing, prams and pushchairs, kindle e-books and apps music and online videos, CDs, DVDs, bottled water, kid’s car safety seats, taxi fares, fizzy drinks, 20 per cent VAT online gaming.

    For all ages and us old folk VAT on sweets, our beer in the pub, cakes, yoghurt, ice cream, 60 per cent of the petrol bill, half home energy bill (plus the climate change levy on top), chocolate biscuits, cold fruit juice, potato crisps, calendars and diaries, 20 per cent VAT on self storage units.

    Premium tax on electrical goods insurance, travel insurance, house and car insurance and the optional power wheelchair or mobility scooter insurance.

    For flights of course we have APD tax on top of our flight tickets. Just see below how much money has been raised from that since 2003.

    The amount of stealth taxes has gone up 50 per cent in the last decade, with the Daily Telegraph listing £1,700 per family rise.

    Back in 2003, we saw that pensioners were hit hard by stealth tax rises.

    With the poorest pensioners paying far more as a percentage of their lowest state pension of all rich nations, than the richest pensioners.

    But then the Lib Dems have helped the Tories to make poor pensioners’ lives even worse since 2010.




    MONDAY APRIL 20, to ensure registered to vote or
    register to vote (need your National Insurance number).

    See how at:

  9. overburdenddonkey

    in your massive post that is frankly unreadable imo have you manage to factor in that men also have lost pension rights @ 60…and in fact have to cash their pensions in before they will get PGC…

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  12. Tick tock ,tick tock …..said the clock ….time is running out……unless we all stand together.

  13. ELECTION 2015: Charity boss criticised by watchdog over Tory manifesto photo

    DNS – 17th April 2015

    The disabled head of a disability charity has been criticised by the charities watchdog after a full-page photograph of her was used – with her permission – in the Conservative party’s election manifesto.

    Ruth Owen, chief executive of Whizz-Kidz, is pictured in her wheelchair on page 44 of the manifesto, contravening strict rules on charities supporting particular political parties.

    The charity – which supports young disabled people to access the right mobility equipment – has defended her actions, arguing that she was not named in the manifesto and was appearing only as an “anonymous” disabled person and not as a representative of Whizz-Kidz.

    Owen was recognised with an OBE in the Queen’s birthday honours in 2012, but she insists that her appearance in the Tory manifesto (pictured) does not signify support for the party.

    The Charity Commission has now spoken to Whizz-Kidz about the photograph, after the picture was drawn to its attention by Disability News Service.

    A Charity Commission spokeswoman said: “The charity has explained that Ruth Owen agreed for her photograph to appear in the manifesto as a private individual, on the basis that her name would not be included, and the charity would not be named.

    Read More:

    • Utter contempt or the disabled & charity rules, yet Ruth Owen still denies anything wrong. Now get rid of the OBE.



      By John Pring on April 17, 2015 Benefits and Poverty

      The information watchdog is to investigate the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) over its refusal to publish secret reviews into 49 benefit-related deaths.

      The Information Commissioner’s Office has launched the investigation into DWP’s failure to provide information requested by Disability News Service (DNS).

      A series of DNS Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) requests eventually revealed how DWP has carried out 49 secret reviews into benefit-related deaths since February 2012.


        Killer Shipman ‘murdered 250 patients’

        Killer GP Harold Shipman killed a total of about 250 patients over a 27-year period stretching back to 1971.

        The final report into his crimes examined his actions during his time training as a student doctor at Pontefract General Infirmary.

        Shipman: The Final Report found that Dr Shipman killed up to 15 patients while he trained as a hospital doctor more than 30 years ago.

        The deaths occurred between 1971 and 1974 at Pontefract General Infirmary in West Yorkshire, according to the sixth report of the Shipman Inquiry.

        Inquiry chairman Dame Janet Smith said today that suspicion surrounded a number of other deaths.

        In today’s report Dame Janet said: “My overall conclusion, therefore, is that Shipman killed about 250 patients between 1971 and 1998.

        ……………….a spokesman for the DWP declined to comment

  14. The media & politicians only bring up disability as a weapon to score media Vs politician points. The conflict of a political twitter death trap shows how low morals standards have become. The big problem whoever wins, is the conflict in interest in Maximus & aka ATOS Contracts that are until 2018.

  15. DWP carries out threat to ban questions from Disability News Service

    DNS – 17th April 205

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has carried out its threat to stop answering any questions from the country’s only disability news agency.

    DWP’s chief press officer (disability) had previously warned that he and his staff would stop dealing with Disability News Service (DNS) if it refused to change its procedures.

    DWP has repeatedly missed deadlines, but has begun insisting that if and when it finally produces a late comment – even if produced hours after stories have been sent out to subscribers and have been published – DNS should update its website to show the government’s response.

    John Pring (pictured), the disabled editor of DNS, has pointed out that if he was to do so, he would also have to alert every one of the agency’s subscribers with updates every time a comment arrived after deadline, as well as offering the service demanded by DWP to every other organisation and individual that had been asked to comment on a story that week.

    Pring has also told DWP that its habit of frequently missing deadlines and leaving it until the last possible moment to provide a comment has already had a negative impact on his mental health.

    Pring said: “I have made it clear – repeatedly – to the DWP press office that to take on the extra workload of continually updating my subscribers throughout the week with developments on old stories, in addition to producing the next week’s stories, could have an adverse impact on my mental health and even make it impossible to continue with DNS.”

    Read More:

  16. ELECTION 2015: Two disabled activists barred from job-sharing MP bids

    DNS – 17th April 2015

    Disabled activists have been barred from standing as job-share candidates in at least two constituencies in next month’s general election.

    At least three serious attempts – two involving disabled people – have been made to persuade officials that two or more people should be allowed to stand together for election to represent a single parliamentary constituency.

    But all three attempts have been rebuffed, two by the acting returning officers and one by the Electoral Commission.

    Disabled activists believe that allowing job-sharing MPs would lead to an increase in the number of disabled people and women represented in parliament.

    Read More:

    • “”””Legal advice from a leading human rights barrister, commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has suggested that the Electoral Commission could be breaching both the Equality Act and the Human Rights Act by refusing to provide guidance permitting job-share MPs.””””


    …………….tut tut, the tories are pulling their hair out…

    All those millions they stole from the poor and unwell to fund what must be the biggest political drive, ever in UK politics, is going to waste.

    Calling on superdrip John Major, must be an act of total desperation,

    ……………….for anything that would fuck Edwina Currie is not the act of a sane human being, but that of a pathetic, insignificant, little wimp………..

    Maybe part of their sex act involved eggs, did she want hers fertilised or hard boiled?

    That wee lassie from up north has certainly put the unelected government in a tailspin.

    • “That wee lassie from up north has certainly put the unelected government in a tailspin.”

      So true Geoff! i mean when you look at them today, running around like headless chickens with the scare scenario’s getting thrown around left right and centre! You’d think it was the apocalypse that was coming instead of the SNP having a bigger say in westminster. And then they wheel out the gray man John Major! That just finishes it doesn’t it? LOL!

      Just brilliant as you say. Cameron and Co are shitting themselves. Mad Ed too.

  18. DWP & MP`s breaching both the Equality Act and the Human Rights Act
    That is the policy for MP`s & the DWP. Thinking you run it while Maximus pulls the strings. No responsibility borders of law being USA & aka ATOS France.



    From: Trudy Baddams

    17 April 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    how many are zero hours ?
    how many are part time hours ?
    how many are apprenticeships ?
    how many traineeships ?
    how many full time hours?

    Yours faithfully,

    Trudy Baddams

    Link to this

  20. The DWP & the Conservatives are non stop giving & promoting Disability Hate Crime to oppress the disabled. Oppression is a form of slavery to be controlled by the dictator to keep the disabled quiet. Why !!! Because the disabled are a threat to the Welfare Reform & anyway the disabled are PLC Cash Cow that have been sold for trading.


  22. Until disability is not a political tool & weapon for votes then there will be no Human Rights for disabled people. Makes politics look like breaching Human Rights & Equality Laws time & time again. WAKE UP politics can`t help you. Vote for disability slavery is their slogan.

  23. I am bored by the Election confidence tricksters & have been avoiding it all so I have a clearer insight into what really matters. All run off the back of the disabled.

  24. Will they won`t they – Political Bullshit.

  25. Dictatorship is a form of government where political authority is monopolized by a single person or political entity, and exercised through various mechanisms to ensure the entity’s power remains strong.[1][2]

    A dictatorship is a type of authoritarianism, in which politicians regulate nearly every aspect of the public and private behavior of normal people. Dictatorships and totalitarianism generally employ political propaganda to decrease the influence of proponents of alternative governing systems, as is the nature of nationalism of any governing system.

    Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong meets with U.S. President Richard Nixon. Mao’s dictatorial rule from 1949 to 1976 is believed to have caused the deaths of an estimated 40 to more than 70 million people.[3]
    In the 19th and 20th centuries, traditional monarchies gradually declined and disappeared. Dictatorship and constitutional democracy emerged as the world’s two major forms of government.[1]

  26. What people need is more self discipline. you don’t really need money in today’s society, you can’t really go hungry anymore if you are poor. there’s a plethora of soup kitchens and places that provide a hot nourishing meal for the fiscally challenged.
    imagine it, if people used their idle time right we could have parks full of people playing chess and reading works of literature.

  27. One worrying thing I’ve come across of late to those who do use Universal Jobmatch for their jobsearch; you may find “activity history” entries are being deleted. Obviously, we, the punters cannot do this ourselves so it is either a suspect random glitch (highly unlikely) or some fecker’s effort to scupper the unfortunate. I’ve taken screen dumps so I can print it off as proof of a jobsearch but be warned if you do use this method and go into the jobcentre without realising your search may be thinned out/scuppered. Then of course you’d face a sanction.

    • What you’ll find with UJ is that anyone from the Advisor [AO level] up to the Office manager can access records – and “amend” them for “reasons of accuracy”.
      Why I wouldn’t and don’t touch it with a barge pole.

  28. John Major makes a constitutional dogs dinner of ge2015 by deligitimising the SNPs right to take part in the UK democratic process.


      Edwina’s astonishing
      verdict on John Major

      TORY John Major, derided as Britain’s most dull and boring politician, turned into an astonishing superstud when he took lover Edwina Curry to bed.

      For four years he treated her to marathon sex sessions at their lovenest—her flat in London.

      And she breathlessly scribbled in her diary: “He may have been grey to the world, but he was a very exciting lover.”

      The shock truth about the former Prime Minister’s sexual prowess is detailed in the latest extract from that diary, published in full in tomorrow’s edition of The Times.

      Ex-MP Edwina also reveals she used a code when she made notes about the illicit sex, referring to it as “exercise”.

      “Both were married and both had two young children”.



    morning TV show.

    Soon-to-be-former Prime Minister David Cameron, the man who once told us a government should be judged on how well it treats the most vulnerable in society, showed us all exactly what he meant in his interview with Andrew Marr.

    It means he is quite happy for them to die, as punishment for failing to attend an interview at the Job Centre. Grilled over his attitude, he made it clear that he was perfectly happy to allow the continuation of a system that kills – if it saves money.

    Read it for yourself (transcript courtesy of kittysjones’ blog, boldings mine):

    AM:. Well you also talked to Evan Davis about the £22 billion of welfare cuts you’ve made so far as if that was easy. Do you accept that has hurt a lot of poor and vulnerable people?

    DC: Well it has involved difficult decisions. But of course as we’ve done that we’ve been getting two million people into work, 900,000 people…

      • Provider fodder 'No More'

        Which is quite amusing , seeing as the only way the existing populace of this country will ever have their lot improved is by the cessation of unfettered unskilled unprotected slave labour, who are deliberately brought in to increase rents,property prices, drive down wages and employment terms. By the Fucking RICH!

        • Cognitive Dissonance

          It is a clever mind-fuck how the rich, who mass immigration really benefits to the detriment of the poor, have made it ‘left-wing’ to embrace mass immigration and ‘right-wing’ a la UKIP to oppose mass immigration. You can’t be ‘left wing’ and oppose mass, unfettered immigration at the same time.

          • So the politically correct would have it, but…

    • There is no legal complexity or safeguards in the sanctioning regime they are mainly enforced on the malicious and impulsive intent of mostly ignorant if not semi-illiterate JCP work coaches.

  30. Time this lying, spin doctoring Tory shower were kicked out of office!

  31. I have stared into the face of my sanction executioners, they are everyday working class people.

  32. Not directly related to this post, but I want to provide this link – quite unbelievable naivety about how we should be grateful and sycophantic to our MPs and election candidates. You may find it so bad it’s good.

  33. Wonder how much the DWP pays g4s to have their thugs intimidate and terrorise vulnerable claimants in JCP offices.

    • Provider fodder 'No More'

      I’ve turned that on its head as well. Whilst doing absolutely nothing in full view of a camera and reflecting no physical concern whatsover; the’ve ‘shit it’, called the police and ended up being called ‘whingeing tossers’. It takes a higher salary than g4s to pull that crap with anybody from a construction background. Black shirt bullies with no work in ’em or they would be in better paid employ.

      • After being provoked and harassed had a showdown with g4s thugs, one of them was itching for a fight he was undisciplined and had no people skills, the strange part was no one in the JCP office would own up to being the office manager to take a complaint over what had happened.

  34. Provider fodder 'No More'

    It never did and never will do. The labor market is part of a system that has been controlled by those in power for decades, but you will still go and vote for a party. Voting for your local independent candidate is the only answer to this toxic never ending cycle of your interests coming 2nd to big business,the rich and the powerful. Democracy started with people sending the wise and elderly to represent them in their interests in a forum of other peoples with the idea of reaching mutually beneficial agreements.
    Party politics is about kidding the less wise in society there are only three players, all of whom will steal everything from your larder and sell your daughters whilst trading off your lands,livestock and rivers.
    NO political party or party leader has any interest in the welfare of the british public;
    Note; Call me Dave will not finish a 2nd term, because he is only interested in making 10 million a year after stepping down. The P.M’s salary was of no interest to him in the first place. They are all thesame.
    You can vote for an independent from your borough and fulfill your obligation to your neighbors and countrymen as far as democracy goes, or you can vote for a party and continue moaning about how shit things are. The choice is yours.

  35. Another Fine Mess

    ZHCs double plus.
    I’ve known about this crack pot idea for a long time.

  36. Another Fine Mess

    Tesco’s – £5bn loss.
    I never dreamt that my life-long boycott would be that successful.

  37. Another Fine Mess

    The 1st half hour of tonight’s newsnight was about benefits, I thought it was quite good.

  38. Another Fine Mess

    Are there no limits to the Selfservatives dumbness?

    Tory pilot’s aeroplane banner stunt backfires as locals think it’s telling them to vote Labour

  39. Chuck Champion

    Grant Shapps aka Michael Green aka Sebastian Fox aka Chuck Champion up to his old tricks again… 😀

    Grant Shapps accused of editing Wikipedia pages of Tory rivals



    From: John Slater

    21 April 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    The new “original” medical services contract as disclosed by the
    DWP (Agreement Relating To Health And Disability Assessment
    Services) shows the contracting parties as being:

    Maximus Health And Human Services Limited and the Secretary of
    State for Work and Pensions.

    However, the DWP now refers to the company carrying out medical
    assessments as “The Centre for Health and Disability Assessments”,
    which I believe is a Limited Company solely owned by Maximus Health
    & Human Services Ltd.

    Q1. Has the contract been novated to The Centre for Health and
    Disability Assessments Limited or does it remain with Maximus
    Health And Human Services Limited?

    Q2. If the contract has been novated have any of the terms been
    modified during the novation process (other than the company name)?

    Yours faithfully,

    John Slater




  41. OT: 06Apr16 UC Credits changes

    It appears other people are becoming aware of the fuck up due to kick in next year:

  42. The Flying Haggis

    A poke in the eye for bawbag Kenny MacKaskill

    Plans to abolish corroboration in Scottish cases dropped



    Having got as far as the upper tribunal, despite being blocked by five different judges on the journey, it came as no shock to receive a summary of what i am being allowed to raise as a point of law, by the above named judge…………………
    These people are not independent, they make a small fortune on the backs of the misery they deal out to the most vulnerable, the poor and the disabled.
    ROWLAND has taken my submissions of points of law, and degraded each one to such an extent that it smacks of DWP DISABILITY DENIAL TAMPERING.

    ROWLAND dismisses my case of breach of Equality Laws, Human Rights violations and Disability Discrimination by the DWP, even before the case goes into court.
    He is nothing but a tool of the state, a well salaried DWP finger puppet, following a well established agenda.

    DISABILITY DENIAL is a mega bucks business for our exchequer but the complicity of those involved may come tumbling down with a change of government.

    You can kick the disabled as long as you want but you won’t stop them from speaking out.
    Even the DWP’S campaign of murdering those it seeks to hush is starting to draw unwanted publicity.

    I have sent a copy of ROWLANDS submissions to the Court of Human Rights for their perusal, along with a dvd and forty one cases of the DWP refusing to pay job seekers allowance to disabled persons awaiting ESA appeals.

    ROWLAND knows his place, the place where the government allow him to tread!

    …………… for independent, forget it, you are just a fly in the ointment of corporate greed.

  44. What would happen to those unemployment statistics if in-work welfare subsidies (housing benefits – tax credits – child care costs) were withdrawn and employers had to cover their employees living costs from the pay role.

    Welfare should not be a hidden subsidy for employers.

  45. Over Worked Tax Payer

    You workshy bums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A JOB OR GET THE FUCK OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plenty of time bitching and moaning on this hateful site. Why not use your time productively in getting a FUCKIN’ JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • overburdenddonkey

      does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!make your comment magically true? stick to telly tubbies…

  46. Pingback: How Lord Fraud’s Benefit Rules For Self-Employed Workers Will Mean The End Of Enterprise | the void

  47. Another Fine Mess

    IBS has escaped from his padded cell, we need to see more of him.

    “Actually 80 per cent are full-time, 60 per cent are managerial level jobs. 60 to 70 per cent are going to British-born citizens, compared to the 90 per cent of jobs that were going to foreign nationals under Labour,’ he said.”

  48. stitchedupandbroken

    Geoff Reynolds. I know what you are talking about Geoff! Would that I know now what you know. Learnt from you,”Recussal”. I was left abandoned and defending myself against a bullyboy gang of employers solicitors and self selecting judicial toadies. I was told those adjudicating were independent. There is no such thing as “independent”: the word is a lie to itself. What I do expect is that you are a good party piece at a good dinner party: “Had that awkward B’strd in the other day;the one who cites x,y,z.” The others nod and give sympathy. Behind the knowing smiles affirming how irritating you and others are,quite satisfaction that you they would not be creaming their salaries for their kids education,wife’s new handbag(s) etcetera. Truble is,they actually do think they are above their soviet bretheren. That’s delusion for you. I know,you know…they’re corrupt and corrupting. 30 pieces o silver taken.

  49. stitchedupandbroken

    Correction:… quiet satisfaction that they know they are creaming their salaries from you for their childrens education,their wife’s new handbag etcetera.
    As a PS say what you like about America(and I certainly don’t like American Policy)they do send some of their judges to the slammer. Here,never! Some elites in the UK are always excluded from the Scrubs: Bankers,MPs…

  50. stitchedupandbroken

    On my deathbed I will know I have never trounced any person for personal benefit or career advancement. I do wonder if those who have taken it upon themselves to advance themselves with money and position will rue their past decisions. I would like to think so. But wont hold my breath. They probably think like Thatcher,or Blair. How nice if they could see into their victims lives when they personally manipulate what they adjudicate in favour of themselves and their ‘guvners’: ie the presiding government and Law Lords,££££ and status. They are,truly,scum. Scum of scum

  51. We Need this Party of Tyrants and Traitors Out of Office

    Just as Germany has Nothing to do with the Nazi Party so the
    United Kingdom must be Free of the Tory Party

    Better the Red Flag than the Chains of Slavery and Oppression

  52. People Men and Women in this Land had to Struggle For the Right
    to Vote. The Right to Vote should Not be Treated with Contempt
    it is the Tories and Liberal Democrats who are Beneath Contempt

    10 Million More Votes against the Tories and Liberal Democrats will
    be a Show of Public Outrage at the Tyrannical Austerity Slavery

    Slaves Expect Slavery Free People do Not Accept Slavery

  53. The Tories shut Down Sheerness Dockyard and Chatham Dockyard
    and Inflicted Misery upon the Miners

    Since 2010 People have Suffered More

    The Nazis used Terms like ” Workshy “

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