Nick Clegg Wants Even More Debt For The Young, Why Is This Dick Still Talking?

NickClegg-looking-like-a-dickWhen Nick Clegg was negotiating with the two main parties after the hung election he could, if he had really cared, insisted on scrapping tuition fees before entering a coalition agreement.  At the very least he could have argued for fees to be reduced, or even frozen over the course of the Parliament.

But instead he threw away the educational chances of a generation in favour of a stupid referendum on what wasn’t even Proportional Representation when it came to the vote.  And he lost.  Because he is a dick.  Remember that if you have recently graduated with a huge debt.  Every time you make a payment remember you are in debt because Nick Clegg is a dick.

Now he wants young people sucked even further into debt by luring them into taking out huge loans to pay for a deposit on a tenancy agreement.  Deposits that will be far higher than they are now because Clegg wants to set the loans at £1,500 outside London.  According to The Guardian the average deposit is £1,200.  So overnight the standard deposit will shoot up by £300 quid which will have to be repaid over the next couple of years.  So young people won’t be able to afford their rent and will stay at home and not get on the “rented property ladder”, which is Clegg’s ludicrous name for the fucked housing market.  And of course these loans will only be available to young people who have a job, so those most in need of help with housing, with no means to pay up front, will stay homeless.

Just like the other main parties Clegg has no plans to build more housing at social rents people can actually afford.  Or any concrete plans to reverse the savage housing benefit cuts he voted for which are leading to soaring homelessness.  But they will plant a tree for every child born in the UK.  Perhaps that’s where they expect them to live.  What a bunch of dicks.

Whatever you decide to do at the election remember one thing.  If you vote Liberal Democrat you are voting for a dick.  It doesn’t matter how much you might like your Lib Dem candidate, they are a dick.  If there can only be one small sliver of comfort gleaned from the last five years of misery it will be the Liberal Democrat party being consigned to the dustbin of history.  Don’t spoil that for everyone.  Don’t be a dick.  Don’t vote Lib Dem.

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137 responses to “Nick Clegg Wants Even More Debt For The Young, Why Is This Dick Still Talking?

  1. overburdenddonkey

    we’re wondering that in scotland, hence the #scotriots pisstake twitter storm, today!!

    • “THE TIDE IS TURNING, obd”

      Just watched Andrew Marr carry out a beautiful character assassination on Cameron………..
      Cameron tried his best to overtalk Marr, but he did not succeed one iota.

      Marr brought up the evil done to the poor and infirm, David Clapson and the most recent guy who took his life over benefit form complexity.

      He even asked him about being a party of the rich, soon to be folloed by, “I understand your favourite hobby is foxhunting”

      Just watching the evil, horrible bastard squirm has set me up for the day, mind you, his demise would set me up for a lot longer…..

      ……………..Cameron, being the spoilt brat that he is, will probably try to level a complaint against Marr.

      • cameron is a knobhead

        Cameron, the squirming cunt, couldn’t even look Marr in the eye. Bet Cameron was glad when the band finished their piece and he could get the fuck out of there.

      • cameron is a knobhead

        It was funny when Marr said: “We are both enjoying this interview” lol

      • cameron is a knobhead

        And nice of Marr of remind Cameron that “you don’t receive hardship payments for the first two weeks”. No response was the loud reply from Cameron.

    • LibDems R Fucked

      We all know what will happen if Clegg gets another crack at power in a coalition with the Cons. The LibCons will spend the next FIVE (5!) years shovelling shovel full of after shovel full of shit on the weakest, poorest and members of our society, only it will be a a lot, lot worse than the proceeding five years. And at the end of the five years and as the DWP Cemetery overflows with the coffins, the results of yet more ‘difficult decisions’ the Clegathon will turn around and say: “I’ve made mistakes [yet more fucking ‘mistakes’]; I admit that and I apologise. Please elect me for another 5 years so that I can ‘finish the job'”

  2. Yes OBD i look forward to likes of Danny Alexander losing their seats. That would indeed be sweet. Spent the last 5 years propping up an obscene govt and never said a dicky bird about their horrific cull of benefit claimants. Now, because it’s GE time, they want to talk about how the Tories cuts are all ideological. That’s not what they said before!! They’ve loved their time in the spotlight and want more.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yep, they couldn’t wait to get in the back of the ministerial limos….be lucky to be let on a bus after this… 🙂

      • Haggis & Tartan Coaches Ltd

        On behalf of the Highland Bus Drivers Association we give notice to Danny Alexander that if we see him waiting at a bus-stop we will be driving straight past – doesn’t matter if it is pissing down rain.

    • LibDems R Shit

      Yeah, and Danny can take that obnoxious, treacherous ugly little shit Jo fucking ‘claims expenses for a tube of toothpaste and anything else she can think off’ Swinson with him.

  3. Like in the US, politics is dead in this country, we had Thatcher/Major then “New Labour” which turned out to be “old style Tory” the Liberals were the last hope for the UK (basically because they had not been proven to be bad yet) but in the end they turned out to be just another flavour of Tory, UKIP=Tory Fascists, Bnp=Facists the only UK party with any decent ideas for the working class is the SNP and they don`t even want to be in the UK.

    • overburdenddonkey

      which is why we want to leave and/or storm WM with mp’s coz we’re fed up being sold out….voting and scot voice not mattering… they should have lets us go when they could, last yr, but they fought perniciously tooth and nail to hold onto us ukok better together etc etc, and they’re still complaining we’re not listening to them, as if we’re thingys, its, to barked instructions @!
      liberals telling us why machiavellian politics are good for us or we’d get feart, and they have to think for us, for our own good… #patronisingbtlady

      • overburdenddonkey

        icing on the cake libdems head for total scot wipeout…’pledge’ that one! + ‘Astonishing new set of Ashcroft polls : Labour head for wipeout, as Jim Murphy looks set for devastating defeat at the hands of the SNP in East Renfrewshire….’

        • obd, East Renfrewshire predicted win for the SNP. No more to be said then. Other than. how are we, the British electorate going to cope with a Tory government forever end amen? Maybe I should move to Scotland. I am a Celt you know!!!

  4. Twitter ablaze with #scotriots
    LibDems say “we didn’t start the fire”.

  5. What do you do in a consitency where its Lib dem with a small majority over the conservatives? Serious question, big dilemma?

    • overburdenddonkey

      intuitively who would you vote for…who’d you want to win in a coin toss, ie toss a coin and as the coin starts to spin/is spinning the 1st answer that comes into your head, is the right one….

    • don’t vote for either and let fate decide, at least it won’t be on your conscience

      • But if fate decides and the conservative wins its on my conscience that I Didnt vote… MP sorted out my problems with the DWP so I will vote for him, but I’ve told him many a time I think the Lib Dems are betrayers and butt boys.

  6. Talking about the young, ‘Benefit form led to man’s suicide’. Heart-breaking.
    Fucking DWP at it again!!!!!

    • overburdenddonkey

      so sad, uknotok, RIP mark…

    • “The problem is he was dyslexic so he really struggled with forms.”

      Remember a time they helped fill in the forms and the burden was on DSS staff to ensure that all benefits were claimed.

      Who stopped that?

      • Mr R, remember a time when DSS staff told you not to come of benefits for a specific job because it would make you worse off financially? So I didn’t.
        As a single parent in the mid 1970s. they told me to go home and look after my baby as they would take care of me. And they did.

        In the early 1990’s when I became ill, they let me ‘get better’ . And I did.

        In the 21st Century, they harassed , persecuted and drove me to thoughts of suicide. But I didn’t.
        Policies, policies, fucking policies

        • Do not believe the contempt by DWP/JCP for claimants is a professional front think that it is a very real and entrenched hatred built on propaganda and the false social aspirations of the last few decades.

  7. I am Certainly Not Voting Liberal Democrat who Propped Up the
    ” Conservatives ” in Office whilst the Opposition was Not Always
    much of an Opposition

  8. The Dalrymple Curse’ ‘Stay passenger, but shed no tear.
    A Pontius Pilate Lieth here’. Obviously, Clegg, Alexander and Co

  9. Last Stand;
    ‘To wanton me, to wanton me,
    Ken ye what maist wad wanton me?
    To see s King James at Edinburgh Cross,
    Wi fifty thousand foot sand horse,
    And the usurper force to flee,
    Oh, this is what maist was wanton me!

  10. ‘oh this is what maist wad wanton me’ ought to have read

  11. Nick Clegg fronts a Lib Dem party that is the gone party.

    Lib Dems lost worst than any other party in the last by-election for a vacant MP post as it did not even get 400 votes and lost its deposit, you have to put down to run as an MP in a voting area.

    The Lib Dems limped in behind the even more irrelevant Greens, only goting to keep the 1 MP they already have.


    Vote SNP in Scotland and cut 11 Lib Dem MPs, 1 Tory and around 40 Labour from UK parliament. Bring in 59 anti austerity SNP.

    Vote Plaid Cymru and cut around 29 Labour, 8 Tories and 3 Lib Dems. Bring in anti austerity 40 Plaid Cymru into UK parliament.

    Vote Mebyon Kernow and cut the 6 Tory and Lib Dem MPs in Cornwall. Bring in Six more anti austerity MPs.

    Vote National Health Party in England and vote out Prime Minister Cameron and Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, and the Tory MP in the famous for being famous, Stafford. Bring in about 13 MPs that areanti austerity cuts to NHS

    Vote Class War and vote out Iain Duncan Smith in Chingford and Wood Green voting area in London. Bring in about 12 calling for double dole and pension.

    Vote TUSC and vote out Labour’s Leader Miliband. 100 per cent anti austerity as proven time and again as mostly ex Labour party members sacked from the Labour party for voting against austerity cuts.
    Cut over 113 Tory, Lib Dem and Labour MPs from UK parliament.


    400 MPs is the result, with a few left from Labour, to be the sole way to reach the threshold of 326 MPs to form a UK government.


    Right now Yougov polling prediction for 7 May general election is:

    277 Labour

    264 Tories

    28 Lib Dems

    But Labour cannot rule because it has failed as a single party to reach the minimum threshold of 326 MPs to form a UK government.

    A group of parties forming a UK government can, by the rules, negotiate between each other and not just with Labour.

    This happened before many decades ago, from the newspaper headlines saying

    Labour surge
    But Tories remain in command


    In the event of this severe hung parliament, when no big party has reached the 326 MP minimum threshold, then the party already in government is obliged to stay in power in a caretaker government.


    We see the beginnings of a Tory / Labour coalition, with no effective opposition save a flying visit from the currently predicted 53 SNP MPs down from Scotland.

    Only voting the small parties, can stitch together an anti austerity majority government.

    And puts the Tories and Lib Dems, much reduced, into a minority opposition unable to stop the roll back of austerity cuts and total loss of state pension, to hordes of men and women with no other pension provision in life.

    (only have til Monday April 20) /

    The only website worldwide that has all the small parties gathered together for your perusal, with links to their proper professional websites for your information:

  12. it’s all just a game to these cunts. They sit on velvet pillows and make decisions that destroy good people all whilst the people around them are making tons of money and doing things that would get a normal person the jail.

    It just makes me fucking sick that a talentless cunt like him makes untold money latching on to the tory tit, while us poor wither away and die through the hairbrained schemes him and his fellow toffs make up on a whim through an inbred hatred of the poor. Inbred is a current theme with these toff types.

    I would be happy with 70 quid a week just for these scum bastards to fuck off and leave me alone but 70 quid a week to go through the shite they are putting me through just now? Not a chance. We are lab rats getting put through untold torture both physically and mentally and yet day after day we read in the newspapers and watch on the tv that we are benefits scum.

    I would rather be benefits scum than tory scum.

  13. Reblogged this on idontbelieveitagain and commented:
    Nick Clegg is a dick.

  14. Looks like another “charity” doesn’t know the meaning of the word “volunteer”

    spruce carpets
    Volunteer Programme Administrator
    Job description

    Main duties
    Assist with volunteer inductions; complete start and leaver paperwork
    Supervise roll out of e-training modules for volunteers
    Devise and maintain training plans; coordinate internal and external training for volunteers and collate training records for funder reporting purposes
    Observe practical application of skills learned from training
    Build the relationship by planning and participating in activities together
    Serve as a positive role model to volunteers; build relationships by planning and participating in activities together, develop self-esteem and motivate volunteers to achieve their goals
    Liaise closely and regularly with carpet trainer/fitter regarding training rotas and volunteer progress
    Minimise risk within the workplace for volunteers by following health and safety procedure, alerting the Volunteer Supervisor of any new risks and to remove or implement measures to minimise the risk
    Highlight any areas for improvement within the warehousing operation and escalate to Volunteer Supervisor
    Any other ad hoc duties as required

  15. Clegg is the political equivalent of a dead man walking-he could easily lose his own seat and it serves him right. Every unpleasant thing that the Tories have done is only possible because of the Lib Dems. He could have done things differently, having a compromise and supply arrangement and then shooting down every nasty Tory thing. His vote would have swelled. Now he’ll most likely lose a lot of seats including his own.

  16. Seems like Sky Snooze has been given the orders to dig up the dirt on Wee Nicola. Kay Burley has unearthed picture of Wee Nicola clad in all leather and holding a whip which hubby paid a French artist £1500 for and was a wedding gift to Wee Nicola from hubby. Kay has spoken to Wee Nicola and confirmed it to be true. And Martin Cunt has been sent up North to rake through Wee Nicola bins and rifle through her underwear drawer.

    • It was nice of Ed to remind Wee Nicola that it was the SNP’s treachery in voting with the Tories that brought down the Callaghan government ushering in 18 years of Thatcherism: “Come aff it Ed, a wis only 9 at thi’ time”, maybe so Nicola but a wuman’s a wuman n aw that. Ed could have also mentioned the SNP MP who voted with the far, far right-wing of the Tory Party for the restoration of hanging, aye yi wir only a nipper at the time, Nicola. Wad some power the gift he gie us tae see oorselves as ithers see us – tartan tories n aw that.

      • * SNP MP*s who voted with the far – it wis mair thin wan o’ ’em.

        • overburdenddonkey

          rabbie burns
 ‘It’s bizarre enough that Labour are trying to fight an election campaign based on something that happened 36 years ago. But it’s especially bold of them to do so by going against almost every other historical account, including those of the party’s own witnesses who were actually there in the middle of it.’
          plenty more where this come from if you care to check on wings…

          • overburdenddonkey

            obviously there are many articles on this, here’s one….’So how would Burns have voted on 18 September? We can never know for sure but he was an opponent of monarchy and slavery, and a champion of the rights of man and democracy. Put simply he was a radical. I find it hard to envisage him putting his cross in favour of the status quo. His every instinct would be with the common people and, the further down the social ladder you go in today’s Scotland, the greater the support for independence.’

            • ffs ovd – you can’t really blame those Irish guys for not voting – if they hadn’t ‘toed the party line’ they would have been ‘knee-capped’ at best or summarily ‘executed’ at worse.

              • overburdenddonkey

                i’m not blaming the irish guys where do you get that from?
                there was loads of turmoil in the labour party @ the time i’m old enough to remember it and also thinking good on the labour rebels…but the dissent within the ranks and how it was played out in the press brought labour down and allowed sanitized govts into power, all towing the party line or they’re out on their ears…this, imv, was very bad for democracy, and it’s showing all too clearly now…i never trusted labour nor politics again after this as the individuals voice in parliament now counted for nothing…

                • That’s indeed true; Callaghan’s government was the last real, authentic government with that ‘raw’ feel to it – the way politics should be. After that the ‘spins doctors’ were brought in and politics went ‘on message’.

              • To be fair to the SNP Callaghan was going to fall anyway, but the SNP pushed him. It is no doubt something they bitterly regret, but it is a historical fact, historical nevertheless but Ed was still entitled to mention it especially in response to Wee Nicola saying that she “world never vote with the Tories. Regarding SNP MPs voting for hanging according to Catriona Renton of the BBC Alex Salmon is a big fan of hanging, and he does kind of look the ‘type’ that would ‘enjoy a good hanging’ (especially for “Naw” voters; wee Nicola doesn’t look the type though.

                • Also to be fair to the SNP Callaghan reneged on his ‘promise’ on an ‘independence referendum’ so it is understandable why the SNP were a bit miffed; but like a spurned lover seeking revenge it was a mistake and one that cannot, unfortunately for Wee Nicola and the SNP be air-brushed from history.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yes maybe, but that would be a very long historic debate, really not for under those circumstances…have a separate much longer sole focused debate on it and issues like it…imv….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  nah! it was not the snp, but rampant inflation check out the inflation @ the time… i was there 3 day week, power cuts and @ all…
                  ….the rich/neoliberals wanted a guaranteed voter pool and an inflation sink for their portfolios…and that’s exactly what they got…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  p s
                  see also the 3 day week stuff happened early 70’s…production actually was on par and even increased in some areas…my father worked in manufacturing i’m sure we had power cuts @ home? but that was kind of normal then due to industrial disputes or many other reasons or no money as many were on strike, which we’re widely supported, by those who suffered by cause of them…least of my worries then though…so i/we just went through it…long freezing winters, holes in shoes, short trousers, vest, shirt, jumper…coat, hat, scarf, and cloves, if lucky/rich….the tories really had it in for the working classes, it was 15/20yrs of the last great working class struggle…

              • overburdenddonkey

                p s
                although of late my cynical trust is returning, not so much of politics but of the scottsh people to push to get their’s and my voices heard…the indyscotref was an amazing inspiring experience, there will be no business as usual in scotland ever again, the place has changed imo….

                • Too right OBD. They know in Westminster that their days of walking all over Scotland are finished. The Indy Referendum was an inspiring thing for everyone living in Scotland and things will never go back to what they were. Full indy is definitely going to happen, of that i’m sure

                • overburdenddonkey

                  they have no more feet left to shoot @….

  17. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Earlier this week the ‘I’ published an article stating that support for the Lib Dems had practically been wiped out amongst students. Instead of voting Liberal, they were instead turning to Labour and the Greens. It’s not hard to see why. Clegg’s decision to raise tuition fee means that many students will face debts of around £27,000 at least for three years of study, if the fees are around £9,000 per year, never mind living costs. Given this level of debt, all but the richest students will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to buy their own homes after graduating.

    As for his decision to make further loans available, so people could put the deposit for a tenancy, this ultimately has its origins in the Tory reforms of the benefits system. Before Thatcher and Major altered the system, the very poorest on the dole could get government grants to help them purchase absolutely necessary items, like cookers, and carpets where they had children and the bare boards could constitute a danger. Under the Tories, this system was altered to loans, that had to be repaid by being gradually deducted from their benefit over a period of months or years. When I was working in the Benefits Agency over twenty years ago, many of the older civil servants criticised this system for contributing to the continuation of poverty. In their view, it was better to return to the grants system.

    Part of the reason for the continued popularity of pushing loans and debt onto people is the benefits this has for the bankers. They are guaranteed a continuing income from what is now a permanently indebted workforce. And so the people of Britain, under the pretence of making them sturdy and self-reliant, are turned into a nation of bonded debt slaves to the banks and financiers.

    The same banks and financiers that are so keen to sponsor political parties, and from whose ranks the leadership of those parties are drawn. Like the Lib Dems.

  18. Yes debt slaves they are exploited for houses that are built out of human waste (the bricks are anyway, excrement burned to ask to make facing bricks). It was never about a property owning democracy more like a debt slave plutocracy. Thatcher wanted a nanny state for the rich.

    • Not a lot of people know that – an idea borrowed from the Ancient Egyptian Aztex Indian who burned dung to make their wig-wams.

  19. Thistle,

    The first rule of the Scottish political fight club is to decipher the duplicity.

    Are the SNP even a bona fide nationalist movement or are they merely a British progressive vanguard intent on rattling Westminster?

    • overburdenddonkey

      i say don’t let the snp drag their heels and enjoy the ride, hold them to a/c whenever, you think they’ve slipped …be cynical, but with good reason, hard to explain what i mean, but it’s your voice they need to hear…holyrood is a lot closer in all ways than WM…so get out and vote 2016 for whatever, party of your choice that will deliver indyscot, if that way inclined obvs… ssp, snp, (class war and RIC if they stand in scotland) and maybe greens….noise them up…

  20. Wings Over Somerset

    Wee Nicola’s coffee machine… a cool 2 grand…

  21. Wings Over Somerset

    If you are thinking of buying one 😀 you can read the reviews on Amazon

  22. Was watching that Click programme during the night – after one of the debates – an IT app from Twitter analysed all the tweeted messages – it was called sentiment voting – Nicola Sturgeon got 83% Cheers. David Cameron got minus 63% Boos. Good news folks.

    • You mean that ‘worm’, Donna? Never been able to get my head round that!

      • Hi Confusicus – Twitter gathered all the tweets after the debate – then passed the info onto a University where the computer decided whether the tweets were positive or negative (well as far as I can work out) and then it worked out the positive and negative tweets for Nicola Sturgeon and David Cameron – I was delighted when it read minus 63% for David Cameron – but I don’t know which debate it was based on. Hope this helps.

    • And are those colours changing constantly all about?

  23. joshuachristian19691

    Reblogged this on THE SIEGE OF BRITAIN and commented:
    Well said beastrabban as usual. Right on the money. I received one of the last Community Care Grants before they shut it down. I was one of the lucky ones.

    • When you got a council flat you got a grant of ~ £2000. Not to mention a yearly grant for things like bedding. Thatcher soon put a stop to it all 🙂

    • This was a couple of grand in real terms, so it would be a worth a lot more now, in the same way (unemployment benefit) JSA was worth a lot more then. Now Clegg, has come up with the bright idea to offer a ‘loan’ for a deposit on a flat lol

  24. Now any Gov. grants that are still out there are administered by charitable social enterprises and doled out to their privileged and preferred client base.



    The Countess of Mar tabled a written question that asked the Government: “What person or organisation is legally liable for the wellbeing of benefits claimants who are found to be fit for work under the work capability assessment and who are then made to work?”

    In his written reply on 19 December 2012, the Minister for Welfare Reform at the Department for Work and Pensions (Lord Freud) replied:

    The purpose of the work capability assessment (WCA) is to assist DWP decision-makers in assessing eligibility for benefit, or levels of benefit. The WCA is not a medical diagnosis and the decision affects benefit only; it does not oblige anyone to work.

    Whilst the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions is legally responsible for all benefit decisions made by officials of the department on his behalf, there is no legal responsibility held by the Secretary of State for the well-being of benefit claimants.

    Therefore, neither DWP nor WCA healthcare professionals are liable for any adverse consequence suffered by a claimant following a decision that the claimant is fit for work or for work-related activity.


    • GEOFF corporate manslaughter sums it up quite well



      Date: 19/02/2015

      Dear Ms. Parkes,

      Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 15 December
      2014. You stated:

      I want you to email a copy of each claimant suicide peer review
      anonymised/redacted. ref

      DWP response

      I confirm that the Department holds the information you have requested but it
      is being withheld as it falls under the exemption in Section 44 of the Act and
      Section 36 (2) (b) and (c) of the Freedom of Information Act



        From: JayneL

        18 April 2015

        Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

        When determining to have only 2 rates for PIP – standard and
        enhanced, instead of the 3 rates for DLA; what risk assessments
        were done to identify the number of claimants transferring from DLA
        would lose substantial amounts of money.

        For example a High + Mid rate DLA claimant moving to 2 Standard
        rates loses aprox £150 a month in real money and associated support
        (free car tax, bus passes etc)

        What was the number of PIP claimants expected to be placed in this

        Yours faithfully,

    • I don’t think the question was answered Geoff, if IDS is legally responsible for all benefit decisions made by officials of the department on his behalf – why is he not responsible for the well being of benefit claimants – he takes the glory if people are lucky enough to get jobs – why not the responsibility if people commit suicide/die after being traumatised by his policies. People have been signed off as fit to work and then die within a short time span after. Great the woman asked the question – not so great she accepted the answer which sounds like a load of mince to me.

      • @Donna perhaps,it’s because he is a psychopathic nut bag who sees dead claimants as a way of saving money


        • Even that kid out of the movie the Sixth Sense could “see dead people”, something IDS seems incapable of! IDS: “I can’t see dead people”

        • Hi Bob – surely there has to be a regulatory body to oversee this Department – I think that was what the female who asked the question wanted to know. There is an ombudsman for most governmental departments so why not the DWP or IDS as he (or a civil servant) wrote the policies? The blame must lie at someone’s door. All of those people on “the list” have been pushed to extreme tactics as they have obviously reached the end of their tether. If they had been in receipt of their entitled benefits and not been left destitute with no hope for their future then perhaps they might still be living today.

      • Of course IDS is responsible Donna, we know that and so does he……..

        That is why he has the piss weak Freedom of Information boss, CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM, carefully covering up his tracks.

        Smith is at the helm of a division of government that actively kills vulnerable human beings on a daily basis, his crimes are no different to the ethnic slaughter within Serbia, or anyware else for that matter.

        Iain Duncan Smith has so much blood on his hands, he does’t know where to turn next. Indeed, the DWP, his butchery department are having to alter the law using bent magistrates and judges to evade his prosecution.


  26. “Tory plans to deny patients the right to refuse treatment are an assault on human rights”

  27. Sky Snooze is crap

    lol at Anna Botox on Sky Snooze and here “oh, Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t changed her outfit since the leader’s debate last night.” Kind of like that TV news presenter guy who wore the same suit every day for a whole year and nobody noticed – fancy wee Nicola wearing the same outfit for a whole year and nobody noticing. Even Tory Bliar only ever wore two pairs of shoes – a brown and black pair.

  28. Mr Void sent small token

  29. “I am seeing examples of people who are being forced to live on water mixed with sugar, smelling with it because they have been surviving like that for two to three weeks. I am seeing people who are drinking Oxo cubes so their kids can eat.” – Fast Forward to 10:50

    Two Rooms

    Fi Glover hosts a unique experiment as two groups of people share their contrasting experiences, and voice their inner concerns about the way society is developing, as Britain faces arguably the most unpredictable election of modern times.

    In the first programme, the groups explore whether they feel that the UK is creating a secure and financially stable society for all.

    Producer: Emma Jarvis
    Series Producer: David Prest
    A Whistledown production for BBC Radio 4.

  30. Mark Fuckerburg

    FREE FROM FACEBOOK: If you upload all your healthcare information and medical records to Facebook we will give you 10 FREE SPINS!! yes, 10 FREE SPINS on the fantastic game CANDY CRUSH 😀

  31. Nick Clegg is a talking dick! 😀

  32. Another Fine Mess

    Camoron seems to think it was correct to sanction Mr. Clapson. “That’s what hardships payments are for”.

    Andrew Marr. @ around 0:45.

  33. Politically disorientated in the void take the test to reference your political position.

  34. To think men used to strife to build great civilisations now they strife to build food bank franchises.







  35. Apparently, if it weren’t for Clegg, the tories would’ve screwed the poor disabled even more than they have.

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