March For The Homeless A Huge Success: This Is Exactly What The Capital Needs

DSC00107Hundreds of people brought traffic chaos to Central London last night as the streets were occupied for the capital’s largest ever March for the Homeless.

Around 500  homeless and ex-homeless people, squatters, tenants and housing campaigners gathered opposite Downing Street where a street kitchen was serving free food.  Soon the protest spilled out into Whitehall which was blockaded with one banner reading ‘No More Deaths On Our Streets’.  With traffic backing up police began warning people to leave the road or face arrest only for a cycle rickshaw carrying a full band to turn up and the lively crowd began heading down the road towards Parliament Square.

The march stopped briefly at David Cameron’s backdoor, the often forgotten other end of Downing Street next to St James Park, before making its way to Buckingham Palace where police were forced to hurriedly make a line in front of the gates to prevent the Palace being stormed.  Sort of.  Then it was onto the Pall Mall squat which had been occupied in protest at London’s housing crisis and was conveniently evicted on the morning of the march.  A line of bailiffs were guarding the building and as the crowd approached one of them unexpectedly lashed out at a protester punching him in the face before being restrained by his colleagues and bundled inside.  This took place in full view of several police officers who chose to do precisely fuck all about an unprovoked and vicious assault.  Is it any wonder people call them the filth?

After a brief sit down protest at Piccadilly, the march turned into Soho where it was met with applause by many of the people drinking outside the busy cafes and bars.  The once thriving Soho gay scene is being devastated as venue after venue closes to make way for chain stores and posh flats.  There is barely an inch left of London that is not being destroyed as property developers seek to turn our homes and communities into soulless investment opportunities for the global super rich.

Finally the march stopped outside a new plush squat recently occupied by the same group who were just kicked out of Pall Mall.  With music pouring from the windows protesters mingled with passers-by many of whom were supportive of the squatters.

This march was exactly what needs to happen in a city where an entire generation of children are growing up who will not be able to afford to live here when they are older.  A housing movement that thinks creatively, takes no shit, does not ask permission and is fun to be a part of can only grow as ever more people see their homes come under threat.

The only down point to the event was the late arrest of long standing housing activist Phoenix, who was reportedly nicked for little more than not going inside the building when the coppers told him to.  This follows the recent arrest of Jasmine from the E15 campaign and the string of vindictive arrests at the Poor Doors protests.  This is starting to look like a deliberate strategy of trying to silence the anger in the capital over lack of housing by targeting the people that police have decided are ring-leaders.

Phoenix was unbowed, saying after his release: “Homes for all, keep squatting and occupy everywhere.  Viva the resistance … one day we will all have a home”.

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75 responses to “March For The Homeless A Huge Success: This Is Exactly What The Capital Needs

  1. overburdenddonkey

    only we the people can change things, and we must…
    pah! non dom/mansion workhouse tax…productivity is 40% lower than it was 35yrs ago coz of global venture capitalism…we need decent incomes and reliable access to vitality giving vitals of life as a basic…

  2. Vote for CLASS WAR!!



  3. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  4. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    We’re re-posting this as a couple of delegates from BASHA were in attendance at what sounded like a dynamic and lively protest that rattled the authorities. As we’ve stated more times than we care to remember, those who are concerned about the housing situation out here in Essex need to make common cause with all of those involved in housing struggles across London rather than fall for the divisive blame game crap coming from the likes of UKIP…

    • So we can all squeeze into a card board box and invite more people to come and share in our miserable existence, no human dignity in ghettoising everyone for the sake of a self-righteous principle.

      Did not hear EM support social housing …

  5. ‘The once thriving Soho gay scene is being devastated’ ….’for chain stores and posh flats’ (JV). Sorry guys, don’t know how to properly show this video. Please follow the link to enjoy the pleasure. Says it all !!!

    • When they sandwiched a brothel between two Tesco ‘Metros’ – that was the beginning of the end for Soho 😦 Nice garbs those guys have got 🙂

    • When they sandwiched a brothel between two Tesco ‘Metros’ that was the beginning of the end for Soho 😦 Nice garbs those guys have got 🙂

  6. Jack and Victor

    That Nicola what’s-her-name woman?, guy in drag? who is on that silly ‘leaders’ deabte’ at the moment is wearing so much make-up that for the first time we have had to turn down the colour on our flat-screen TV. 😀 She looks orange or something 😀

    • Shut yer hole ya pair o’ moaning auld gits!

      • overburdenddonkey

        aye, nicola and leanne, took it hands down…

        • Really ? ” In a Survation/Mirror poll, the only snap verdict on the contest, Miliband was declared the winner with 35%; Sturgeon, 31%; the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, 27%; the Green party leader, Natalie Bennett, 5%; and Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood, 2% “

          • overburdenddonkey

            good try hard luck, yes it was the only snap poll that gave labour a debate victory…most others didn’t…my post above was MY opinion, obvs, cos wood came last in most, if not all of the post debate polls….most polls gave sturgeon over 50%….

    • Look in the mirror – you might see something you do like …..

  7. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void gives his account of the anti-homelessness march in the London last night. While the day appears to have been a great success, and the marchers greeted with a lot of public support, the day was also marred by the arrest of a couple of activists, and an unprovoked assault on one of the protestors by one of the bailiffs.

    Johnny Void also remarks on the support the protesters were given in Soho, where the once-thriving gay scene has been decimated by development. Soho is not alone. Many British towns have seen the gay clubs and pubs that appeared in the 1980s close down. For example, Cheltenham at one time had three gay bars – the Phoenix, the Fountain and the Windmill. These have now all closed down. Some of this is due to mainstream pubs becoming more gay-friendly or tolerant, but it may also be due to a changing pub culture that is less tolerant of such specialisation.

  8. With all these property developers replacing social housing/ordinary cheaper housing with upmarket developments, surely there will eventually be sauturation point for these properties? There can only be a finite number of people with the money to buy/rent upmarket properties. I would have thought that eventually the greedy developers and landlords will run out of customers who earn ‘enough’.

    • No fear globalisation will put the demand into supply.

    • A lot of them are empty already bought as investments, prices are rising so fast its not even worth putting tenants in. Hard to say whether that will burst, seems likely, but there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of global yuppies heading to London either.

    • Problem is – when it ges too expensive for the peons to live in traveling distance [and its getting close to that point – as you can only jam so many people into a dwelling, how long before a bad fire reveals the overcrowding and crackdown starts, and landlords raise rents to compensate? there was a spate of fires a while back and a crackdown ensued. Now with less fire stations I wonder how things will work out now?]

      So, too expensive to travel into work – check.
      Too expensive to live close to work – check.

      Big near term future problems in filling Basic vacancies – check.

  9. your a joke VOID a fucking joke, deleteing the posts of those who have a differnt view than you. your site does nothing but instil hate among the lower classes. its so fucking depressing to read the tripe you pedal. many you sound run to be come PM so you can sort out the mess, you have lots of good ideas right!

    • away and fuck off back to the daily heil you stupid fucking cunt and take your shite with you!

    • Didn’t delete anything. You’ve had nearly 200 comments posted on this site but you can go now ta. Endless rants about immigrants, or claimants using drugs or having a drink, are too boring to be welcome here.

    • Wish it was a joke – there could be best selling movies made from some of the scripts posted on here – unfortunately, it is all true – this site goes out of it’s way to help and assist people who are in need of advice. Your handle name is much like the way you talk.

  10. eviltorypervert

    i wish your poor people would complaining and quietly starve to death like your supposed to.


    A unique opportunity has come about for May’s election.

    Social housing can be saved tomorrow.

    The poor non voter has all the power you need.

    The Tories have already won.

    In a severe hung parliament,
    with no big party reaching the minimum threshold of
    326 MPs to form a UK parliament,
    then the government remains in power.

    Labour can never rule again on its own.

    So a new kind of politics for the UK, but old hat to the rest of Europe, is the sole way to form a UK parliament in May.

    A group of parties reaching together the minimum threshold of 326 MPs.

    The very old will vote in the big parties in a hung parliament.

    The rest of us can vote different.


    113 TUSC candidates in England
    59 SNP in Scotland
    40 Plaid Cymru in Wales
    6 Mebyon Kernow – all of Cornwall
    9 The Left Unity Party

    10 Socialist GB
    (the 1 Green MP that is now and will remain is
    only 1 of the 3 Brighton voting areas)

    Brighton Kemptown – Socialist GB candidate

    Brighton and Hove – TUSC candidate

    10 The Left Unity party (some shared with TUSC)

    13 National Health Action party
    (voting out Health Minister Jeremy Hunt and Prime Minister Cameron)

    12 about Class War
    (voting out Iain Duncan Smith)

    With whatever is left of Labour, who with all these partners must change into being anti austerity, because a group of parties, by the rules of UK parliament, can equally negotiate between each other and not just with Labour in government.

    400 MP plus majority UK parliament is th eresult,
    guaranteed anti austerity government.

    Putting Tories and Lib Dems and UKIP into a minority opposition.

    Sole way to get any opposition that is only way to have a democracy parliament.

    Because the Tory caretaker government calling a second general election this year, would get a Tory / Labour grand coalition,
    with no opposition left in the House of Commons
    let alone any opposition in parliament against austerity.


  12. The Tories have been unusually timid so far, the other contenders are in danger of overexposure and a fatal last minute strike.

    • Rocket Launcher

      There is definitely an Exocet missile launched from Conservative Party Central Office on it’s way to take out Wee Nicola….. Milliband, Leanne…. Natalie… maybe steer round leave that Farage fucker… Cameron pulled a master-stroke staying away from that debate leaving them all in the glare of them hot studio lights. Familiarity breeds contempt, especially with the electorate. Wee Nicola especially thinks she is clever but she is no match for those fuckers at CPCO.

    • Nearly Kinnock’s (in)famous ‘presidential-style’ ‘victory’ speech… before he was trounced by Thatcher!

      • * Neil Kinnock

      • overburdenddonkey

        kinnock was a clown….

        • He was OBD. A traitor to the working class, and it still didn’t get him elected as PM, even though he stabbed the N.U.M in the back and left them to stand alone in the fight against Thatcher’s evil.

        • And sadly of Scots descent, I’m sure you’ll be grieved to know OBD. Equally sadly he came to epitomise Welsh Windbag, which under normal circumstances I’d take extreme umbrage over such a title, but in the case of Kinnock I think an exception is in order.

      • Listen to the bit at 1.36 where he says “Well Alright” in a bizarre hybrid Welsh/American accent, and keep yourself warm on chilly days as you glow with embarrassment.

        • The pollsters conned Neil into thinking that he had the election ‘sown up’, however, a couple of days later the real polls revealed it was a landslide for Thatcher, and Neil was left looking like the clown he is.

          • overburdenddonkey

            it would have been better, if you were knocked over by that slight ripple on the shores edge, then he could have been seen to rescue you!

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      the tories and labour are way over exposed, lab and tory neck and neck in uk polls @ 280/282 seats according to electoral calculus…snp on 48…snp barely get a mention in scot MSM, except snp bad, union good, where murphy gets most limelight…the snp were seen as bad until the 1st debate…then there were floods of people who joined the snp even though they couldn’t vote in scotland, with many claiming to want to come and live in scotland, even more now, after yesterdays ‘debate’….mind you the tories now they know the lie of the land, might say ‘we made a mistake, we’ve found £30bn extra that we’re going to pump into the economy, we’ll give worthless scotland indy and no more cuts after all folks’…. 🙂

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  14. overburdenddonkey

    finally a faint glimmer of sanity emerges…
    ‘Hundreds of mental health experts issue rallying call against austerity…400 counsellors, psychotherapists and others sign letter saying ‘society thrown completely off balance’ by ‘emotional toxicity of neoliberal thinking’….’ These amounted to state “get to work” therapy and were both damaging and professionally unethical, they said.’….any true psychotherapist would know that austerity is bound to make, bad, even worse, before it happened…
    better late than never? no not really!
    now go the whole hog and implement the works of dr bob johnson and cure the emotional injuries caused by child abuse, that cause the misleading generic term mhp’s to be used….ie ‘you’ve got mhp’s’…’you’ve got problems’…’really i wouldn’t have know that, unless you told me’, as if the victims owns the problems….’faulty thinking, as it’s not like ours’….hows that helpful?
    describing the product of emotional injuries, as the isolationists term mhp’s, is simply not good enough….as they’re ‘given’ emotional injuries, done to, the victims of abuse…the victims mind is NOT faulty…software programming not hardware fault…ie ‘homelessness is caused by mhp’s they say’….no it’s not it’s caused by a callous culture who don’t GAF and label others to abdicate responsibility for others in our culture, so that they don’t have to feel their own shame for what they do…

    • Focusing poverty,welfare reform and unemployment through the lens of mental health makes me nervous in some-ways as that concentrated push could open the door to poverty and unemployment being labelled exclusively as mental illness deficiencies and we all know that path leads to destruction.

    • overburdenddonkey

      oh i get it, they smell a labour govt, now lets all pretend to be socialists…..
      cue flowerpot men…

    • overburdenddonkey

      bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted, don’t cut either, as an archaeologist would be needed to find the decayed and rusted remnants of the stable and bolt….and the horse for that matter…
      ie anxiety is a symptom of mhp’s, which in turn is symptom of emotional injuries, so cut the crap and go straight to the root…
      ‘The governor you talked to was following the party line – the ‘replacement’, the so called DSPD units (Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder units) cost £500,000,000, and achieved nothing. A Sainsbury Mental Health Centre Report condemned them – they never once asked me what I did …
      CBT doesn’t go to the root – which needs cutting.’

  15. Ed Milliband challenges David Cameron to a duel.

  16. Around 500 homeless and ex homeless on a protest march. in London. a city of 11 million. it doesnt sound like a sucksess to me, more of a failiure. a spirit of apathy stawks this land. the homeless is fooked.

    • overburdenddonkey

      you’re wrong, not about apathy…this is the crust of apathy beginning to break…it was highly successful in every way… more networking, for one thing = greater empowerment…bigger rallies in the future perhaps…@ the nub of the issue, vitality giving vitals of life for all….

  17. If I lived in London I would have been there

  18. overburdenddonkey

    don’t panic folks, the #scotsriots twitter storm is a pisstake sparked by what the scot lib dems, said today…

  19. The Poor Need Representation Not Oppression and Tyranny

    A Right to a Place of Residence is a Basic Human Right

    Social Justice Yes Slavery No

  20. Repeal LASPO 2012 which makes it an ” Offence ” For a Homeless
    Person to Squat in an Empty ” Residential ” Building

    Tax the Rich Hands Off the Poor

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  23. There have been Films about Evil Nazi Zombies Made

    There should be a Film about Evil Thatcherite Tory Zombies made
    and the Social Damage these Monsters upon Ordinary People in the
    British Land

    It could be Called Thatcherite Tory Zombies
    The Mutants of Britain

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