Here Comes The Forced Labour Party – Massive Extension Of Workfare And Benefits To Be Slashed

all-fucking-wankersSo finally we have the truth, or at least some of it.  Pensioners, sick and disabled people, the young unemployed and the poorest families will all face unprecedented attacks should Labour win the next election.

In their election manifesto released today Labour have pledged to scrap benefits completely for 18-21 year olds by introducing some form of mass YTS or workfare scheme.  They will force huge numbers of older unemployed people into compulsory training – by which they probably mean workfare – and the rest into their shit workfare plus a sandwich scheme.  They also want to lower the benefit cap in some parts of the country, meaning that the soaring homelessness caused by the policy in London will be extended to other cities.

They will keep the despised Work Capability Assessment, possibly making it worse with the ominous threat of it becoming even more work focussed.  This will come with a new, no doubt mandatory ‘support programme’ for sick and disabled claimants – by which they probably mean workfare.  There are no plans to halt the closure of the Independent Living Fund, reverse the atrocious reforms to Council Tax Benefits, scrap or even reduce benefit sanctions and they think Universal Credit is a good idea in priniciple.

Benefit spending overall will be capped.  Child Benefits will face a real term cut and some pensioners will lose winter fuel payments.  The pension age will be raised even further meaning more people working till they die.

This is the fucking Labour Party in 2015.  Every bit as intent on punishing the poorest as the Tories.  If the Labour Party win next month then don’t be ordinary, don’t be young, don’t fall ill and don’t be old.  Because Ed Miliband could not give anymore of a shit about the poor than Iain Duncan Smith.

You can read the manifesto at:

Above pic from Class War, standing 8 candidates, who want to double the dole and pay for it by soaking the rich.  Who would you rather vote for?

Join the Week of Action Against Workfare and Sanctions beginning on 25th April.

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96 responses to “Here Comes The Forced Labour Party – Massive Extension Of Workfare And Benefits To Be Slashed

  1. All. Fucking. Wankers.

    Just wanted to repeat that.

  2. Its charities like Helen Douglas House who use mandatory work activity are likely to be the backbone of any workfare.

    • Having completed the does not work program, refused to sign electroni c pad. Next time signed on was given letter saying that they are introducing Electronic Signing System for JSA, payments are more reliable and secure. To enrol on this system we ask you to provide 6 signatures on an ES pad plus forms of identification.

      I was also told to be alert of telephone call within 48hrs to be placed on workfare. Two weeks have gone by and this did not occur, thankfully.

      I hope they are amenable to me not doing any of the above next sign, because I go straight to my dads funeral, after that.

      Yes, I know, Get the violins out.


  4. Labour can’t be trusted, but I’ll still vote for them as I want to see the end of this government and their little yellow helpers.

    • Have you forgotten ‘tougher-on-welfare-than-the-tories’, and ‘we’re not the party of the unemployed and those on benefits’ Rachel Reeves? True, Labour will have its work cut out trying to out-nasty the Tories, but they’ll make a valiant attempt. They’re scum, and because of their hypocrisy and betrayal of the working class (yes, I know it’s nothing new, having begun at least 30 years ago), I hate them more than I hate the Tories. This is a gut feeling, not a political analysis. I wouldn’t vote for Labour, Tories, or LibDems if you paid me.

      • Labour is going to have to win this election, otherwise it’s the continuation of existing Tory polices, plus a further 12bn undisclosed welfare cuts.

        No other party, but the Tories or Labour, is going to win the election minority or otherwise, and it is that simple. There is at least this time round the chance with some leverage from the anti-austerity parties, that if voted in Labour can shift to the left. That is only though if people are bothering voting in the marginals to produce Labour wins.

        I end up going gut at every election (haven’t voted Labour in my life), but the arithmetics of the polls are so tight this time, this election cannot be lost! The last 5 years have been so horrific already that any policy diiference now has to be considered for the sake of every closely lived out detail that will exist for people post May 7 – paid workfare or non-paid; bedroom tax or no bedroom tax; cancelled or reworked UC vs the IDS nightmare… It won’t be pretty if Labour get in, but God the alternative!

        I’m of an age that I have never known a Tory government until this one (before it was lore), and fucking hell they have exceeded all the cruelty I was warned about. They have pauperised, starved and humiliated so many people. Never again! I want them OUT!

        • So…

          Conservative government = we’re screwed.

          Labour government = we’re still screwed.

          Same fucking difference!

          • No, differences that will mean absolutely everything to those on the receiving end in just a matter of weeks. Three of those differences where listed above.

            It’s too bloody easy to say the two parties are the same, when for some even small changes will make all the difference in the world! That is the position to reflect from, not an idealistic one which is simply not going to happen.

  5. Labour sadly appear every bit as concerned with exploiting the poor as the Tories are. Perhaps once this sinks in it will lead to the civil unrest t his country so badly needs.

    • totallygivenup

      your right bill…when the first sanctions made on tax credit workers kicks in,just maybe the penny will drop,civil unrest like the pole tax riots is needed but sadly it wont happen too many with mortgages and debt will be afriad to riot…but i have nothing to lose

  6. The Tory manifesto is much worse than Labour’s. The Conservatives have promised to cut a further £12bn from welfare spending if the party returns to power—and the bedroom tax will NOT be abolished.

    Cuts to child benefit, carers’ allowance, and employment support allowance, coupled with proposals to tax disability allowances will all affect claimants not easily dismissed as “undeserving” or “scroungers” in populist dogma, and will reinforce the notion of the Tories as the “nasty party”.

    It is abundantly clear that the Conservative manifesto will imperil the lives of Britain’s sick and disabled.

    As a citizen and resident of Canada, I obviously can’t vote in this May’s general election but I have a ‘hold your nose’ and vote Labour recommendation for my Twitter followers from Britain. I strongly believe that it’s critically important to oust the Tories. Moreover, I’m hoping that Labour’s pledge to abolish the so-called bedroom tax will ameliorate the plight of the sick and disabled. I cannot stomach the thought of five more years of Iain Duncan Smith and staggering cuts to the welfare budget, which will pose a serious threat to the survival of vulnerable people.

    This Canadian has spend the last three and a half years campaigning on Twitter—day after day, without surcease—and reporting voluntarily to the UN’s human rights office—on the welfare crisis for Britain’s sick and disabled. Do you really want me around for an additional five years?

    (Montreal, Canada)

    • thanks for helping us poor brits. I can’t stomach the idea of voting labour, but if i didnt and then the evil blues get in…. then no… just no, i must learn to swim, really fracking well, all the way to canada

    • Most of the things you were campaigning against were introduced by Labour. The Tory manifesto isn’t published until tomorrow.

    • Thank you for your tireless work, it has helped give some of us hope that the Tory / LibDem crimes against the vulnerable will see the light of day in the international arena and in the UK. I completely agree that we must used every vote possible to get the Tories out, as the estimated 100,000 deaths to date will be dwarfed by the outcome of another £12 billion of cuts. If we don’t then there will be no trace of our welfare state left to build on in 5 years.

      The Labour manifesto doesn’t give much hope on the workfare front, but it is still the lesser of 2 evils. Labour was based on an ideology that gave us the NHS, Social Security, workers rights. Seeing the manifesto launch today there is hope that they will return to those roots. The priority repeal of the bedroom tax is a sign that they do understand the problems. They will only be able to respond to our pressure if elected, coming second isn’t an option..

      • The problem about the Lesser of two evils.. is IT is still EVIL..

      • Florence – you are correct, Labour WAS based on an ideology that introduced the NHS, social security and workers rights.

        Labour now want to remove all that, and as Johnny has reminded us above, it was Labour who introduced most of the shit that affects us now and that we blame on the Tories. Did the last Labour government repeal the anti-union legislation brought in by the Tories? No. Have you forgotten that it was Labour that started the current stealth attacks on the NHS? It would seem so. Are Labour really committed to social security? Their election manifesto clearly suggests that they want to dismantle it just as much as the Tories do.

        Yeah right, you will vote for Labour in the hope that they’ll make a huge U turn after gaining office, for the small change, the crumbs of abolition of the Bedroom Tax.

        The Bedroom Tax needs to be gotten rid of, but we should be demanding a whole lot more and making it clear that the price of our votes is a whole lot higher than that.

        I doubt that the turn out in England and Wales will be high, and may well be at an historical low – and then we’ll be facing months of tormented navel-gazing politicians worrying about a democratic defecit, when it’s no fucking wonder why people don’t vote!

        The only point of real interest in the upcoming election is what will happen in Scotland – like thousands, if not millions of people not in Scotland, I hope that the SNP do extremely well.

        We need a UK version of Syrzia, or Podemos if we are to have any real hope of change – both are movements of the grass roots, ordinary people, and controlled by ordinary people operating in the direct interests of the ordinary people.

        • I have been around long enough to see the reality. Your version is just that, a version, which you are entitled to, as am I. I know that there will be challenges to overcome with the Labour party, but the constant references back to what happened under Blair & co isn’t helping people to look forward, and feel they have a positive stake in the outcome. This “top level” story that Blair started it all, yah di dah, is used as a smoke screen to minimize what has been done since. It’s a standard tactic called what-iffery. The privatisation under Labour was a maximum of 5% of non-medical, non-frontline services. Tories – compulsory tender of all services, including cancer treatment. Big difference Labour did implement a trial of the WCA, and it was shown to be a disaster, They were going to stop it, but lost the election The Tories have turned it into a killing machine, Big difference. And I would not look to the SNP as some sort of saving grace. They are playing a dirty game, and part of it has worked because you now think that even if you can’t vote for them, you are following their line that you shouldn’t vote Labour. It is a nonsensical position for those claiming to want to have a Labour govt to work with. No, it’s a recipe for a Tory govt, and the SNP will work with them, arguing it will make the best of a bad job, and still get their wishes met. At the expense to the rest of us. But it’s your choice, and I guess you will be the first to complain once the Tories are back in power. I will be on their hit list, and that’s not my choice, but I will do anything to stop that.

  7. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

  8. Vote for fucking class war get Fucking Torie cunts again a vote for these tree hugging hippies will defo do just that!

  9. Vote for labour and they will piss on you, vote tory and they’ll shit on you, but if you stop playing the game then we might have a just country and not a mafia of fraud and corruption, If you want to keep playing the game then you get what you vote for.

  10. should we not vote for them? anyone fancy 5 years of tory and UKIP coalition? would they be ‘worse’. Should we vote for them or not. What else do we have?

  11. Class war have about as much chance winning the election that Jim Morrison as of coming to mine one night for egg and chips. I’ll be voting labour i Don’t like the cunts but i was ids gone

  12. as much as i agree with class war policy’s, i can’t take the comic book look of the blood writing and skull and cross bones seriously. A tory will look at that with glee. It portrays the party as violent and comical, when in reality the message is good and meaningful.
    And if young people want to start pissing off the establishment, start dressing smart with shirts and the like. Such as the Teddy boys in the 50s, it really pissed them off. now kids dress like crap and the torys just laugh. i wear my suit and a tory does a double take.

    • It’s all academic anyway – the vast majority of us won’t have a Class War to candidate to vote for. They are an irrelevence as far as the result of this election is concerned…although I’d love to see them stick it up IDS.

  13. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    So if any of you were thinking that Labour might offer some kind of alternative to the Tories, the fact that they intend to carry on the policy of demonising the unemployed and people forced to rely on benefits to survive will hopefully act as a wake up call…

  14. It’s this sort of crap that led to me joining the Green Party in January (I’m now a local election candidate in Tyburn, Birmingham) – who have a policy of a basic income and absolute right to shelter for everyone (including childless adults who usually don’t now).

    Not that I was ever a member of New Labour anyway. I’ve read some good articles by the Class War parliamentary candidate standing against IDS, and agree about the similarities between those four.

    Wouldn’t doubling the dole make it about the same in real terms as it was in the early ’80s?

    • overburdenddonkey

      that’s what is needed vitality giving vitals for all….which is basic human right…

      • Indeed.

        It’s actually cheaper than the present system anyway in the long run. How much does it cost to put a rough sleeper who breaks a window in winter in prison (up to £60k a year to imprison someone IIRC), compared to giving them heat, shelter and food in the first place?

        And that’s before you consider the loss of dignity, potential and other negative effects on society rather than just filthy lucre.

        • overburdenddonkey

          exactly….perhaps you’ve seen this powerful and raw vid, punishment; a failed social experiment …..presented by prof joe sim and the solutions section by maverick dr bob johnson…there are various articles like enough no strings money, changes lives, and saves huge amounts of money, cuts out armies of ‘carers’, nhs would cost less etc etc…they humiliate and render victim impotent…destroy dignity and with it self esteem…

    • Koenig – So pleased you will be able to stand on your green & moral high ground to survey the smoking ruin-UK when you let the Tories back in.

      • Yougov poll April 9th for 2015 general election.

        277 Labour

        264 Tories

        28 Lib Dems

        326 MPs minimum threshold to form a majority UK parliament.

        So heading for a TORY / LABOUR COALITION from a second general election this year, after the rules of government that meant the incumbent government stays in a caretaker parliament.

        A caretaker parliament that could just as easily meant the Tories stay in power for the next 5 years.

        The SNP are paying the council tax support and Bedroom of the poorest Scots and offer sole help to Scottish disabled, facing loss of all such benefits, and there is talk of SNP paying a higher state pension to its pensioners, facing now the lowest state pension of all rich nations.

        Plaid Cymru offer a Living Wage for all Welsh, when half of the over 60s are within the working poor.

        The Celts can escape the TORY / LABOUR COALITION by the Celts voting all their seats to SNP and Plaid Cymru and Mebyon Kernow in Cornwall (who knows maybe MK may choose to devolve to Wales not London, in the worse case scenario of a TORY / LABOUR COALITION).

        But us in England, will be facing the total end of the welfare state and the state pension, as the Tories are considering cutting even the state pension already being received.

        We can see this, by the flat rate state pension not paying the tiny top up called a Category D pension to a part state pension to someone turning 80 years of age on and from 6 April 2016.

    • Yes, it would restore JSA to the level of what Unemployment
      Benefit was in about 1979 when it was basically frozen. Indeed, I think we should start to use the term Unemployment Benefit as our term for JSA. Job Seeker’s Allowance is the DWP terminology all designed to strengthen the idea that it is not something we have a right to as a citizen who can find no paying work.

      It wouldn’t actually change much, but it will remind us of the way things should be in a civilised society.

  15. On a personal note, without the good fortune of a family able and willing to help I could be on the street by now due to the utter shambles of a benefits system – ridiculously as a consequence of two days of agency work in 2013 and the mess it made of Housing Benefit (suspension for nearly two months).

    What the hell happens to adults who aren’t in priority need who don’t have access to credit or families who can help them out or take them in – especually under 35s renting privately with our lower Housing Benefit rate?

  16. No Party is going to give the working classes want they need but you have to vote for the party that will do less damage to YOU. what do you need from the party you will be voting for? I want to get rid of the bedroom tax and Labour say they will do this. All the Tory bastards will go and vote Tory it’s the working classes who don’t use their vote. I have no choice but to vote for Labour i can’t afford to waste my vote for other small parties as i will be using my vote against getting the Tory’s out. In the local elections i would vote for a small party if i agreed with their Policy’s.we got this 2 toned Government and still ended up with the Tories. Lets do it kick the Tories out and make sure your vote counts, no point in moaning about any parties or policy’s unless you use your vote.I will be helping the Labour party this election day because if the Tories get in again then their won’t be many unemployed or disabled still standing.Just bloody vote.

    • Trouble is, the line seems to be “vote Labour this time or the Tories might get in – next time we’ll start to change things”.

      But when next time comes around it’ll be “vote Labour this time of the Tories will get in.”

      It’s a two party state essentially, and neither of them wants to change that. Are we forever condemned to having to vote for the least worst ?

      I’m not voting Labour because I have no belief that they’ll change anything much. They’ll win my constituency by a mile anyway.

    • Voting Labour – insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    • UKIP is offering abolition of the Bedroom Tax and a basic income at £72 per week.

      All 59 seats going to SNP brings a kingmaker that wants the end of the benefit cuts as well as the Bedroom Tax.

      The working class are being denied the information of the parties that are the sole way to lock the Tories out of power and gain a majority of a group of parties.

      400 MPs could be gained, without hitting Labour, as they would still be within the group of parties come what pay.


      – TUSC – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
      fielding 135 MP candidates
      and 1000 councillor candidates

      – Class War – where no TUSC candidate – about a dozen MP candidates

      – Socialist GB – same policies as TUSC – about 10 candidates, including one of the Brighton voting areas (there are 3, the other one has a TUSC candidate)

      – The Left Unity Party – about 10 candidates
      Abolish work programme, workfare, sanctions, benefit cuts

      – Mebyon Kernow – in all 6 Tory and Lib Dem MP voting areas in Cornwall

      Vote all 59 SNP seats in Scotland

      Vote all 40 Plaid Cymru seats in Wales

      400 and above MP majority anti austerity government.

      There are no small parties, only a democracy deficit from this election, by blogs not covering the parties of the poor of the left, who are getting nil national press and TV news coverage.

      So disenfranchising the working class men and women as much as before the first world war or even back into the 19th century.

  17. Reblogged this on Blinded by the Darkness and commented:
    Sad but true … Parental Advisory!!!


    Never a truer word said.

    The biggest concern is with a line up of Cameron and Farage – and Liar Clegg, (for me) Miliband sticks out as being an EVIL motherfucker. He looks like an Android Tory in disguise with some hidden agenda for world domination which might involve a massacre. He has such an false and evil presence about him. People didn’t seem to notice Savile looking like a blatant stereotypical paedo for decades, is no one else not seeing this?!

    The best this country can hope for is another coalition… We cannot have the Tories in power, and Labour isn’t looking like a viable option, both policy wise and leader wise… What would Miliband do, lose his Ed and get us involved in more middle-eastern wars?

    (In other political comparisons… is it me or does the SNP leader look like a man in drag?! Got such a stupid idea in my head that its the guy off Still Game playing a prank after a few down the pub… I have never seen a Scottish woman looking like that )

    • So what does looking like a man in drag got to do with politics?

      • As much as Ed Miliband looking “evil”. There have been many opinions about Milibands looks, but this is a first! Having re-read the post, I am left wondering if “Universal JobMatch” is indeed confusing Ed Miliband with Charles Manson.

        • i know david camron looks like a dish faced punt, but can not really describe Ed as looking ‘evil’, other than his eyes are a bit close together? i dont think its fair to judge people on there looks, unless they have a dish face.

    • Nicola Nicholas? Sturgeon can’t possibly be female. She? He? has about as much sex appeal as a deep-fried sausage supper. i.e.a ig fat zero. One day she will rip her wig off… and it will be that that guy out of Still Game… and we will all shrug our shoulders, smile and say: “fancy falling for that” lol

      • fulltimeperson

        Only people with sex appeal can be women?
        Or is it simply that you don’t believe in electing a woman unless she has sex appeal?

  19. melianadhelhelm

    How evil must the devil seem
    to trust a demon for a scheme
    A faith in curses on the back
    When promises are blood and black
    To where will the people go
    When right is left and high is low
    Of purposes that as a goad
    Through needle’s eyes onto narrow road

    • Class War have the great electioneering publicity of being followed when handing out campaign leaflets on the high street, so given more publicity than they could ever afford to pay.

      No such luck the other parties of the poor of the left, even the biggest, TUSC, fielding 135 MP candidates throughout the UK.

      What is the most disappointing is CLASS WAR running in competition with TUSC against Iain Duncan Smith.

      Why could not TUSC haves spread out amongst the 200 marginals in the UK so not competing against each other.

      By Class War and TUSC splitting the working class vote, it makes sure Iain Duncan Smith wins.

      Voting Labour against Iain Duncan Smith will not work. In Tories voting areas there is a greater voter turnout for the Tory vote than in Labour sitting MP voting areas by Labour voters, who tend to be more non-voters or not registered to vote.

  20. All Fucking Rich Wankers.

  21. …some pensioners will lose winter fuel payments. The pension age will be raised even further meaning more people working till they die. …

    The raised retirement age for women from 60 to 66 since 2013 has meant at least half a million losing winter fuel allowance.

    In the next parliament the retirement age will rise for men and women, because of the 1995 bill that brought about the escalation in retirement age links to longevity.

    IN 1993 bill to end the 1975 Labour bill that guaranteed payout of state pension.

    This means men and women older than those who suffered the raised retirement age from 2013 and will not retire until the next parliament after 2020, will get hit by the flat rate state pension first from next year’s retirement age.

    This will see huge numbers of men and women get
    see why at end of my petititon, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

    Please share my petition on your Twitter and Facebook pages, to inform the bulk of people who are unaware of the huge pension reforms with worse to come.

    Even the Which guide to pensions, advertised so often on the telly, does not inform of all the nil state pension especially to women coming from 2016.

  22. So just who can we vote for, Cameron’s a lying tossed Miliband checking half wit, sturgeon closet commie, Farage ?????fer Chrissakes we need direction not bull.

    • overburdenddonkey

      we’re all closet commies in alban…. 🙂

    • TUSC – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
      135 MP candidates
      1000 councillor candidates

      Where no TUSC candidates.

      Vote different

      – Class War

      – Socialist GB (there are 3 voting areas in Brighton, each voting area giving the opporutnity of 1 Socialist GB, 1 Green and 1 TUSC candidates running)

      – The Left Unity Party

      – All of Cornwall for the Mebyon Kernow
      The Cornwall party the Cornish do not know exist because of lack of coverage in blogs and media alike
      Share my website on your Twitter and Facebook pages, so that the victims of the Tories and Labour and Lib Dems alike, in England, vote different and register to vote before deadline 20th April, please. Thanks.

      The poor voter outnumber all other voters today.

  23. I am pleased to see a CLASS WAR POSTER at the head of a left leaning blog finally.

    So when are to get the rest of the parties of the poor of the left, including TUSC, that is the sole way to form over 100 MPs into the UK parliament from those parties please?

  24. overburdenddonkey

    head lines; labour has given up on scotland, no it’s the other way round twats!

  25. Gromit! Fetch me a workfare plus cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese 😀 😀 sandwich 😀 😀 There’s a good dog!

  26. Vote for CLASS WAR!!



  27. totallygivenup

    dave will play his trump card today…mortgages for housing association tenants a masterstroke divide yet again HA,s will go bust more suicides more debt more workfare more foodbanks…but whitevan man sun reading plebs will say yippee! they dont get it…but dave does

    • According to Private Eye this is the eighth election where the Conservatives have announced this policy. It has not and cannot be done because, unlike council houses, HA property is privately owned. Either Fat Dave is an absolute moron or he thinks voters are

  28. It’s a two horse race – we all know that either Cameron or Milliband will be the next Prime Minister. The only thing to be decided is which colour of shit we prefer – red shit or blue shit?

  29. Pingback: Solidarity | Gabriel Vents

  30. I have been voting SNP for years – when I spoke to other people about the SNP – the standard reply was “no I won’t vote for them as I will be wasting my vote”. Look at what has happened. Keep voting for the smaller parties – the more people who vote for them the better. I would vote for Lisa McKenzie who is standing against IDS if I stayed in England. I would love to see her winning and would love to see his face when she does. Go Girl Go and get him.

    • The Portillo Moment

      1997 General Election – The Portillo Moment – Portillo loses seat 😀

      • I never get tired of watching that Portillo moment. Hoping the same happens to Esther McVey and many others.

    • overburdenddonkey

      spot on!
      luckily the house price addiction (asset protection inflation sink right wing voter pool) that has swept is no where near as prominent in scotland, although it does exist….imo the indyscotyes campaign proved what we in scotland already know and experience in our daily lives, is how socially aware scots are, it trumps all…more pandas than tories, soon to include labour…

  31. Vikki Young - BBC News

    Journalists not being allowed to hold the microphone during questions to Cameron to stop them asking follow-ups.

  32. Cameron is a knobhead

  33. overburdenddonkey
  34. I Agree Labour Need’s to Stand Up For Social Justice More but
    the Tories getting Back in will Not Help the Situation .

    There is a Need For Compassionate Socialist Policies upon
    Welfare and I Agree Sanctions Need to be Scraspped Welfare

    Benefit Levels Increased and Price Controls put upon Railway Fares
    and Utilities . We Need a Labour Government and then we Need it
    Pushed towards Socialist Caring Compassionate Policies upon Welfare
    Scrap Degrading Assessments Nazi Like Sanctions and All Tools of
    Oppression and Tyranny upon the Poor and Vulnerable

    We Need Support for Compassionate Welfare Policies to be at the
    Heart of Politics so it is Mainstream Not a Voice Crying in the
    Wilderness that Never Gets Heard amindst the Trance of Neo Liberalism

    That would be a Political Revolution which is in the Interests of the
    Poor and Vulnerable just like a Crackdown upon Media Elements
    which Victimize the Poor and Vulnerable

    A United Independent Socialist Caring Britain Worthy to be Called

  35. My God – another horror story – another death! No wonder people have no respect for this government.

  36. How many of you turds are unemployed (most of you) stop moaning about workfare and get a job like the rest of us! You bitch and moan and act like the world owes you a favour. Its about time you did some work be it real or workfare and don’t go on about disabled and old because we have strived for years to ensure equality. My grandparents both still work in their old age and my pal, who lost both legs and an arm in an accident, has a job and is also an athlete. Also my wife’s cousin who has downs syndrome works at Morrison’s so there really are no excuses.
    Whoever wins the election, long live workfare. And just so you didn’t miss it…get a job you lazy, scruffy cunts!!!!

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