DPAC – The Revenge Tour From April 18th

revenge-bannerDisabled People Against Cuts have called a Revenge Tour beginning on April 18th and including visits to the constituencies of Esther McVey and Iain Duncan Smith.  Please help spread the word.  From their website:

A fortnight of Fight Back and telling politicians throughout the UK what we think of them and what they MUST do if they want our votes.

Everywhere from April 18th – May3rd. Select your favourite politician or issue to campaign on.

Some funding is available for travel bursaries with priority given to members.

April 23rd (Thursday) National DPAC will be going to Wirral West constituency to visit Esther McVey. Meet noon at the Job Centre, Market Road, Hoylake.

Esther’s constituency is very marginal and at the moment she looks set to lose her seat. We want to help facilitate that.

April 25th (Saturday) National DPAC will be going to Chingford to visit Iain Duncan Smith. Meet 2pm outside Chingford Rail station. Trains from Liverpool Street.

Please get in touch with us at mail@dpac.uk.net to let us know if you want to go to one or more of these events or would like help with travel costs.

Please also arrange your own events and send us details.

Join and share the facebok page.

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76 responses to “DPAC – The Revenge Tour From April 18th

      • @xerxys
        I think you’ve got the wrong web site its the DM you want. A young man has, it is claimed, had several children with several different mothers. This is exactly as the genetics of evolution are programmed. You on the other hand believe yourself to be superior to the man in the article. Yet you don’t show any understanding of the basics of spelling or grammar. You provide no cogent argument or in fact inform explain what exactly you are objecting to. Propaganda and the ego are beyond your grasp at the moment, quite simply, you’re a hater. Taking all that in to account, one wonders why you believe yourself to be superior.

        • Can’t agree with you on your comments to xerxys jake. Xerxys, in my opinion, was simply sharing a newspaper story and his/her personal thoughts on same. I have taken the time to read the newspaper article and I can only hope that females will be forewarned by his published antics and give him a wide berth.

      • Yep. Xerxys is right. It’s not the corrupt, corporate owned politicians, systematic tax evasion, tax havens, corporate welfare, privatisation, foodbanks, zero-hour contracts, workfare, benefit sanctions, denial of sickness benefits and rising homelessness that’s the problem, no, it’s the jobless baby makers! That’s what’s wrong with this country! If it wasn’t for them, everything in this country would be just tickety boo!

      • I’m not disputing he’s scum (common assault on his ex) but that’s nothing to do with the amount of children he’s fathered!

  1. overburdenddonkey

    god, i wish i could be there… i hope there is a large and noisy turn out….

  2. UC, housing benefit & sanctions.

    An update on DWP improvements to communications following Matthew Oakley’s independent review of Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) sanctions.

    The Department for Work and Pensions accepted all recommendations and began implementation immediately. The Department is going beyond the review’s remit by looking at sanctions communications for all Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants, as well as for Employment and Support Allowance and Universal Credit. This update provides an overview of progress already made, and outlines further important work to be completed in 2015.

    We have made sanctions information more accessible. In July, we published a clear English guide to JSA sanctions on GOV.UK. This helps claimants understand how to avoid having their benefits stopped, and provides clear information on challenging decisions and accessing hardship payments. It also advises claimants to inform their local authority if they have been sanctioned, as an extra safeguard to ensure their housing benefit is not inadvertently stopped (alongside an IT process which notifies local authorities).

    Click to access jsa-sanctions-independent-review-government-response-update.pdf

  3. Recommendation 3

    The Department should work with Local Authorities to improve the coordination of their approach to delivering Housing Benefit for claimants who have been sanctioned. In the short-term, all letters and communications informing claimants of the application of a sanction should advise claimants already in receipt of Housing Benefit to contact their Local Authority about their claim.

    The department accepts that the Housing Benefit of claimants should not be stopped following a sanction and we are taking immediate action to ensure that this does not happen.
    When a claimant’s JSA is stopped, for whatever reason, the JSA computer system sends an automatic notification to Local Authorities. This information is essential where entitlement to JSA has ended, for example, because they have found work. In such cases, their entitlement to Housing Benefit will need to be reviewed (for example, because of increases in their income). However, the information that is sent also includes those where a sanction has been imposed. In order to allow the Local Authority to distinguish between these cases and those where entitlement has ended we have proposed a short- and long-term solution.

    In the short term, as part of our overall communications review we will ensure that wherever necessary claimants will be advised to keep their Local Authority informed to stop them inadvertently closing their Housing Benefit.

    In the long term we will implement an IT solution so that Local Authorities are given the information they need to suspend Housing Benefit only in cases where it is appropriate to do so.

    Click to access jsa-sanctions-independent-review-government-response.pdf


    • overburdenddonkey

      as if they didn’t know of the harm stopping hb and ct did before!

      • I know what you mean OBD.

      • It’s good news though, now, it will prevent a lot of people becoming homeless, it leaves the current homeless people so hopefully something gets done about that.

        • overburdenddonkey

          far be it from me to dampen that ray of sunshine/common sense from the dwp, but lets go the whole hog with it 🙂 …but…sanctions do cause a great deal of harm and it may be seen to lessen the harm of them, and actually in some circles may even promote them as being ok/less draconian…ie being in a room of 12c is better than being in a room of 0c, but still very harmful to one’s physiology in the long term…
          + one still has to find the means to sign on and keep up job searches or whatever…i still want to see an end to sanctions, and a massive increase in benefits in line with european social charter…a citizens income would be even better imo…

          • OBD

            I would think that everyone want’s the sanctions to stop, in an instant, but what other system do we need instead.

            • overburdenddonkey


              • I take it you don’t think we the unemployed (JSA) should need to look for and apply for jobs, instead, to be left alone to do what we want but still receive benefits or even a citizen’s income for the rest of our lives.

                You know, no matter what DWP throws at us, there will always be those who complain. because those people don’t want to do anything.

                What is wrong with the sanction system is everyone is treated the very same.

                • enigma sanctions have nothing to do with job seeking they are a punitive socio-economic control instrument.

                • Code Machine

                  @ enigma – you are a middle-class fucking knobhead who has fallen on hard times as a consequence have joined the dole queue. You are OK with sanctions for the poor but God forbid some fucking middle-class knobhead gets their vitals of life withheld! There should be no discrimination within the sanction system – everyone should be treated the same (middle-class knobheads included) ; likewise with jobcentre policy, but we already know that the poorer you are the worst you are treated and it is the poorest areas that have the highest sanction rate. Anyway, fuck you, enigma, and your angling for a de facto ‘two-tier’ benefit system with ‘coded in’ concessions and benefits for middle-class fucking knobheads such as yourself. Fuck off!

                • Code Machine

                  PS If everyone was treated the same, poor and middle-class knobheads alike, that would be the only good thing you could say about the sanction system. Also, your tacit support for a vicious and brutal regime is abhorrent. Enigma – you are a cunt!

                • The sanction system is death by starvation by design.

                  Sanctions many months long, when medically known that on average a person dies from starvation within a month, less if other health factors.

                  Sanctions and bedroom tax are causes of suicide, byt he forensic proof of suicide notes.

                  You cannot find work once sanctioned as no money for personal hygiene, bus fares let alone for food that is the basic staple of life.

                  97 per cent of the benefits bill is people in work and poor pensioners.

                  Not even 2 per cent are the unemployed.

                  The citizen income idea would be funding neutral as would negate the need of welfare admin, which is the true rise in national debt, yet pour money into the economy, especially the dying high street, where the poor and the old and the disabled come out to shop.

                  Welfare admin is double any dole and rising each year, whilst the money to the starving has reduced by the billions each year.

                  The DWP sanction decision-makers have trebled in number since 2006.

                  Foodbanks are not sufficient, as do not feed people every day, as is done in Europe, with its free cafes open 7 days a week, that most feed the working poor and poor pensioners.

                  Foodbanks mostly feed in-work people today.

                  Over 90 per cent of new housing benefit claims over the last few years have been by the working poor.

                  Instead of all the cruel sanctions system and welfare admin system, if we had a universal and automatic citizen income, there would be no admin cost and as the poor spend every penny, then the 75 per cent of tax that comes from indirect taxes and VAT, from food, condoms, sweets, yoghurts, ice cream, cakes, any desserts, take-away hot food, cafe coffees, alcohol, cigarettes, et al ad nauseum would pour back into government coffers.

                  Nor the transfer of the burden of cost to the NHS by the starving ending up in the massive rise of malnutriton hospital admissions reported by doctors again and again, and between the GPs talking of the rise of the hunger symptom in kids, of Rickets, that effects bone development.

                  And dear Enigma, you too would receive the universal and automatic citizen income, and no matter what you did, you too would pay the indirect taxes and VAT (embedded in most things so cannot avoid).


                • Even if you ‘survive’ a sanction it is too late; the damage has already been done – your health has been compromised and your chances of suffering debilitating and fatal diseases increased; and your life-span has been shortened considerably.

                • @ enigma

                  Thank you. We couldn’t do what we do without people like you.

                • Bernadette H

                  enigma, if the job centre staff ‘had left me alone’ in the five years that they were torturing me, I would have found a job, no problem. I found lots of jobs regardless of their persecution. They did sweet fa for me. People need training, paid employment and guidance. Yes there are a few that do not want to work. So what. The majority do want to work. Sanctions are all about dismantling the welfare system. Now that’s not fair IS IT?

              • overburdenddonkey

                so you believe in withdrawing scant vitals of life, that nowhere measure up to the human beings right to @ least vitality giving vitals of life….deserving and undeserving…the workhouse…i don’t…. http://tlio.org.uk/welfare-reform-is-ending-the-bribe-for-the-theft-of-our-land/ now the system, has been moved to the position over time (historic) of blaming all people without decently paid employment, insufficient income, for that…

    • Well what happens to someone on Universal Credit when they’re sanctioned? It doesn’t say whether the housing element will still be payable!


    Only 250 odd Labour MPs left in 2010.

    190 odd Labour MPs will be all that is left in May.

    Labour need the below parties to be able to form a UK government ever again.

    Otherwise, Tories can legally stay in power as a Caretaker government for next 5 years.


    1 in 5 parliamentary seats set to have a TUSC choice on 7 May , but getting nil national media coverage at all, just all real anti austerity parties.

    TUSC is fielding the biggest working class challenge in generations on 7 May


    Watch out for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition party political broadcast on
    Friday April 17th….. BBC2: 5.55pm… ITV: 6.25pm… BBC1: 6.55pm… Channel4: 7.55pm


    “Promote inclusive policies to enable disabled people to participate in, and have equal access to, education, employment, housing, transport and welfare provision.

    Support measures to ensure disabled people receive a level of income according to needs.

    Equal pay for equal work.

    Noreen explains why she’s standing as an MP for TUSC in the general election in Salford and Eccles on Thursday 7 May.

    …”I feel the need to fight the most vulnerable people in Salford because they are getting a rough deal from both the government and council.

    I’m standing for TUSC because all through our fight for transport for disabled adults, TUSC supporters were there too. They are genuine. We are genuine.

    We need an MP who will fight for the most vulnerable – for the homeless, for the elderly, for those unable to voice their opinions. I don’t want to see the city that has been so good to me dragged to its knees. I want to stand up for the people of Salford”. ”

    Read more:

    TUSC want to bring in the TUC suggested minimum wage of £10 per hour.


    Abolish the bedroom tax.

    Reverse cuts to benefits; for living benefits; end child poverty.

    Scrap benefit sanctions.

    Restore the pre-Thatcher real value of pensions.

    Reverse the increases imposed on the state retirement age, creating jobs for younger people.

    CLASS WAR 2015


    Fighting alongside protesters for social housing

    Promotes TUSC most of the time, so same policies.


    Abolish workfare, sanctions, benefit cuts.


    “The Work Capability Assessment (WCA) has been misused to force disabled people off benefits and has caused distress and poverty.

    It is unfit for purpose and must be scrapped (see Social Security) – the results will be the same whether ATOS runs it or any other contractor.

    Disabled people should be supported to work but never penalised by the benefits system.

    Other benefit cuts, justified using unfair media attacks on benefit claimants, are having a disproportionate effect on disabled people.

    The Independent Living Fund and Disability Living Allowance should be reinstated – these are vital benefits for basic day-to-day life.

    As a party Left Unity supports disabled people’s campaigns and aims to be accessible to all.”


    SNP is paying the Scottish poor’s council tax support and Bedroom Tax.

    What SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon on the Leaders’ Debate

    …”Rolling out Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) to replace Disability Living Allowance will see over 100,000 working age disabled people in Scotland lose some or all of their benefit by 2018 – representing a cut of £300 million a year, with a loss of at least £1,120 a year per person who loses out. Some 47,000 disabled people in Scotland are expected to lose up to £2,964 a year as a consequence of changes in eligibility to the mobility component.

    At UK level, the cut in disability benefit represents nearly £3 billion a year by 2017/18, with over a million people losing out.

    The SNP propose a modest increase in public spending in real terms in order to stop proposed cuts – and support halting the roll out of Personal Independence Payments to stop the “savage cuts” to disability benefits.” …”Labour’s track record in Scotland is voting with the Tories and Lib Dems against halting the roll-out of PIPs.” …

    “battle the Westminster parties’ obsession with austerity”.
    the big issues facing his constituents are. Housing, disability benefits, and healthcare are the first …

    “Generally in Wales, people think Plaid can’t form a government, but it’s different this time,” says Larsen. “We’ll almost certainly hold the balance of power…New polls matter because this election comes down to Tory-Labour marginals

    Plaid Cymru rejects the marketisation and privatisation of the NHS and will oppose any moves in that direction from governments in Westminster and Wales, particularly if it affects the funding of the NHS in Wales

    As well as training and recruiting 1,000 additional doctors, Plaid Cymru wants to “increase the number of district and community nurses to support people outside of hospital”.

    Plaid supports a “Medical Accountability Bill, including a duty of candour, so that healthcare professionals are legally bound to tell the truth to the patient and their family.”

    MEBYON KERNOW in Cornwall 2015

    Reduces 6 Tory and Lib Dem MPs to UK government, if you vote Mebyon Kernow.

    “Mebyon Kernow is committed to a just and fair society. We believe effective public intervention is needed to combat poverty, tackle social deprivation and fight for
    the disadvantaged, and to tackle ills in Cornish society, such as social deprivation, unemployment, low wages and poor housing.

    MK will fight to protect funding for programmes and initiatives which seek to protect and enhance the living standards for those in need and the less-well-off.”


    If you want rid of Tory IAIN DUNCAN SMITH
    Chingford and Wood Green (London)

    Tories won with 22,734 votes in 2010

    21,725 did not vote in 2010

    9,780 votes wasted on Labour in 2010
    7,242 votes wasted on Lib Dems in 2010


    Liza McKenzie
    Fellow (Professor) London School of Economics.

    If you want rid of Tory PRIME MINISTER CAMERON
    Witney voting area

    Tories won with 33,973 votes

    20,997 did not vote

    7,511 votes wasted on Labour
    11,233 votes wasted on Lib Dems


    National Health Action
    Clive Peedell

    If you want rid of Tory JEREMY HUNT
    Voting area SOUTH WEST SURREY

    33,605 votes Tory win

    19,242 did not vote in 2010

    3,419 votes wasted on Labour in 2010

    17,287 votes wasted on Lib Dem in 2010

    National Health Action
    Louise Irvine




    • overburdenddonkey

      ‘190 odd Labour MPs will be all that is left in May.’
      not according to a recent yougov poll…labour are on for 277 seats, the tories for 264…
      https://yougov.co.uk/news/2015/04/09/numbers-are-clear-labour-narrowly-ahead/ the snp are on for 53/55 seats…

      • Labour will not pay us poor people, a state pension for life, as Labour will not revoke the Coalition’s breach of coalition promise by the enactment of Pension Bills from 2010-2014 (flat rate state pension).

        The poor, especially women, will end up with
        NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE on and from 6 April 2016.
        see why at end of my petition, in my


        The state pension is the sole pension provision for huge numbers of men and women.

        Not only because of the huge rise of in-work poverty, but because of the mis-selling of SERPs (begun in 1978 and for employers to be able to opt you out from 1978) that affects private and works pensions.

        The flat rate state pension needs 35 years of NI history and 35 years of SERPs history. The flat rate abolishes SERPs in 2016 so no further contributions to make up the difference.

        Labour want to ban me from extended women’s right to vote by banning the directly elected Police and Crime Commissioner, with far more chance for a female in the role than a Chief Constable, having tow ork through all the ranks first.

        Labour will not ban Universal Credit that will mean permanent sanctions and already denies Pension Credit if either of a couple is below the raised retirement age.

        But I do not say do not vote Labour.

        Labour with 190 MPs is still the only way for a group of parties to rule the UK government.

        Because 277 seats is still below the legal minimum to form a government of 326 MPs, by a long way.

        So Labour cannot rule the UK parliament.

        Tories will remain at 300 seats, closer to the required by law 326 MP threshold, so can sit in a Caretaker government for next 5 years.

        Even if Tories lose seats down to 264 MPs, they will remain in power in a caretaker government, as they can do in such a severe hung parliament.

        The Lib Dems will be the gone party.

        To get rid of far more Tories and Lib Dems needs TUSC / CLASS WAR / SOCIALIST GB / THE LEFT UNITY PARTY / MEBYON KERNOW / NATIONAL HEALTH ACTION voted into MPs.

        And for Plaid Cymru to take all of the Tory and Lib Dem MP voting areas in Wales.

        You have answered your own question.

        Labour have already lost without paying for the campaign funds of the small parties in Tory and Lib Dem MP areas in England.

        • overburdenddonkey

          i never asked a question i made a statement…correcting your figures…i am a scottish citizen and will vote snp…govt is formed by the mp grouping that wins the vote of confidence to carry the/a queens speech….
          the incumbents always have 1st shot @ this…

  5. What really gets me about these benefit sanctions is that some people do not have internet access to carry out these long job searches that are required. There are also people who do not have computer skills to apply on line for jobs. I do not know anyone who would actually want to live on the paltry sum paid to Jobseekers – I do not know how on earth they actually manage to pay bills and eat. If everyone who is sanctioned took it to a Tribunal perhaps JCP might think twice about dishing them out.

  6. The JC can send you on a course if you do not have “computer skills”
    and they are adding more computer terminals to every jobcenter so people with out access to a computer at home or the public libary can carry out a job search online.

    as for the sacntions, they will never go away. So who are you lot going to vote for.?

    • SNP. Simple as that. Hopefully everyone else in Scotland will do the same if they’ve got a bit of sense. Should have done it in September last year.

      • 11 million disabled in the UK. Plus their relatives.

        SNP in SCOTLAND

        SNP is paying the Scottish poor’s council tax support and Bedroom Tax.

        What SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon on the Leaders’ Debate

        …”Rolling out Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) to replace Disability Living Allowance will see over 100,000 working age disabled people in Scotland lose some or all of their benefit by 2018 – representing a cut of £300 million a year, with a loss of at least £1,120 a year per person who loses out. Some 47,000 disabled people in Scotland are expected to lose up to £2,964 a year as a consequence of changes in eligibility to the mobility component.

        At UK level, the cut in disability benefit represents nearly £3 billion a year by 2017/18, with over a million people losing out.

        The SNP propose a modest increase in public spending in real terms in order to stop proposed cuts – and support halting the roll out of Personal Independence Payments to stop the “savage cuts” to disability benefits.” …”Labour’s track record in Scotland is voting with the Tories and Lib Dems against halting the roll-out of PIPs.” …

      • overburdenddonkey

        https://weegingerdug.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/are-you-still-there-gordon/ ‘I didn’t get up to watch the, ahem, debate on the Scottish Politics Show on Sunday morning. It was another of BBC Scotland’s sterling efforts to disengage punters from politics. A news announcer on Sky News called it “lively”, which is a bit like calling a lynch mob lively. I caught the debate on iplayer later in the day. Well I say debate, it was more three Unionist politicians in a tag team throwing buckets of shite at Nicla Sturgeon while Gordon Brewer polished his nails and wondered when it was all going to be over.’

        • Scottish Politics Show -watched several minutes the behaviour of the union of austerity participants of the liblabcon showed nothing but contempt for the Scottish people.

          • overburdenddonkey

            in a 9min clip the 5mins did watch bent the space time continuum and i thought i’d been watching it for a lifetime… it was a terrible affront to democracy…it can only swell snp support and in fact judging by the universal reaction i have witnessed today, it has…

      • overburdenddonkey

        in proportion, see charts… http://wingsoverscotland.com/a-matter-of-scale/

        • @OBD: Yep there’s a deliberate attempt to try to thwart the SNP now in the run up to this GE. They ganged up and did it for the Indy ref and now it’s a repeat job. However they haven’t bargained for the amount of people that now wish they’d voted YES, as they look at the austerity shitstorm to come, who now want to vote SNP! The momentum is getting faster and faster and nothing can stop it.

          We’ve had a great start with all the mud slinging and the making up of stories regarding who wee Nic wants to see in number 10. Have to be alert as there’s nothing they won’t stoop to in order to discredit the SNP party.

          As MR R mentioned just go’s to show the contempt they still are exhibiting for all the electorate who reside in Scotland.

          Only one answer to them and that’s to get in that ballot box and vote SNP. Send a shock wave through Westminster.

          • Vote for the SNP and you will be letting the Tories in by the back-door. The SNP aren’t called the “Tartan Tories” for nothing. The only way to secure a safe, secure and prosperous Scotland for you, your children and your children’s children is to vote for Scottish Labour. Don’t be fooled by Nicola Sturgeon’s lies, duplicity and deception!

            • overburdenddonkey

              why not, we’ve been fooled by labours for many years, only fair to let someone else have a go….btw the woman in ayr is still waiting for an answer to her question, on gordon browns lies on nhs, transplants, pensions and home rule as keir hardie envisaged….i suppose keir hardie also sanctioned the WP, 0hr contracts, jcp sanctions, WCA, massive pay, expenses, and perks for MP’s etc etc as well?…and pensions we all know what you lot have been doing with them since 2012, and before…then there’s your own gold plated pensions, ukok, don’t make me laugh…where the mass tax base growth plans, through decently paid unsubsidised jobs growth, then….? are you scrapping benefit caps and the localism act?

            • And why did you vote for retroactive workfare legislation to be brought in whereby, what was deemed illegal in a court of law one day, was overturned by parliament and suddenly became legal the following day? That’s a question Labour haven’t been asked in a long time eh? What’s the point in having a judicial system when it can be overruled and the law changed to suit the agenda of a government of millionaires?

    • SNP – there is a queue at most libraries for computers and the maximum length of time you can have access is for 2 hours. So, can you sit in the JCP all day doing the job searches? I remember taking someone to the Job Centre as they had an appointment and I was not allowed to go in with them. I could not believe that they actually had security guards.

      • yes that is true about libarys but time can be booked in advance for a maximum of 2 hours, and there are still the terminals to use at the job center, they have changed things now so that support workers can attend with the person using the services, at least that is what now happens at my local dole office.

        but as for the whole 35 hours looking for work, that is just BS coming out of IDS’s fat mouth there is no way they can make people do that amount of hours let alone come up with a system that would track the entire days job search, they can barely run UJM as it is.

  7. OT: Mental Health

    A Most excellent article about Mental Health.


    The most tellng and pointed thing is at the end of the Article.
    It points to the problem today in politics in general and the specific, and the solution if people want real change and a society that is fit to live in.

    • It says it all when you cannot state what a person is suffering from – political correctness has gone nuts. A few years back a woman caused a storm by stating her daughter was handicapped – the woman was being honest. What ensued was articles in newspapers all over the country saying that the woman should not have spoken the obvious. Was she correct? Well I would say so – if someone is applying for a disability benefit – you cannot state “service user”. It is time to get back to basics – if people are disabled and cannot work – then they should receive benefits to assist them and give them a better quality of life. Please vote and get these Tories out!!!!!

    • overburdenddonkey

      it all starts with the misnomer ‘mental health problem’, as if, it is hopeless, frozen condition, with no hope of full recovery back to emotional health emotional injuries cured….for years, so called hcp’s insisted that i had them, partly because i had undiagnosed diabetes for many years leaving me with set in vascular and nuerological problems, my right hand for instance is severely deformed, damaged, shrunken, painful etc etc, the diabetes was eventually diagnosed by myself, by insisting on the confirming tests…and because i was severely abused as a child which left me with a whole array of symptoms classified as ‘severe anxiety’ my suffering and deprivation was immense….much better now though…partly relieved to get to the bottom of it all and knowing how to mange these physical symptoms that i suffer and coz the affects of my severe child abuse, emotional injuries, are now cured…the truth is that the symptoms cluster, often called mental health problems, are in fact a healthy response to horrendous circumstances and given to the victim of them, rather than any intrinsic fault in the sufferers mind…
      it’s a software problem not a hardware problem….which is why i bang on about it….i’m trying to share the good news of the cure being available too others so that they can end their suffering, like i have been enabled to do…the cure for abuse symptoms, is NOT found in compliance with the system…

      • overburdenddonkey

        typo..not so much a healthy response, but a healthy mind responding in the only way it can to horrendous circumstances…

        • “Over”

          You are here, DESPITE what others have done to you – whether malicious, not understaanding or whatever.

          The key thing is that you are Here. Those that picked on you wished to dismiss you or control and hurt you. By being here and surviving you have won. Not totally but enough to draw strength on get on with Your life.

          Continue onwards my friend. Continue onwards.

          • overburdenddonkey

            yep, all one really needs is self esteem….the rest then falls into place…simple life, simple needs…basic vitality needs met….

  8. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.

  9. Obd – I can only imagine – well – good on you – you have survived to tell the tale – hope you can inspire other people who have suffered at the hands of others xx

    • overburdenddonkey

      thanks, i know i’ve done my very best in very difficult circumstances, can do no more than that..my interest is purely in emotionally healthy communities… 🙂 a long way off alas…

  10. OT: Are you a UK Resident, No Treatment for you if not. Are you unemployed ….

    And so it starts:

    Hospital patients to be asked about UK residence status

    • Why is this important? The last figures I saw a couple of years back was 20K per year.
      As against 1 million hospital visits per Week.
      So why the Angst over such small numbers…. Oh its Johnny Foerigner…

      It all a cover for underhand policies

  11. I thought this article might be of interest to you.Apologies if it’s old news.


    • HMCTS Scotland have refused to recognise nominated reps that are not affiliated to compliant NGOs.

      The burden of proof for the claimant is strictly beyond reasonable doubt, while the DWP/JCP only has to assert the slight probability of an alleged transgression.

  12. Not very clever to appeal a summary execution after the claimant has been executed as that only gives the system and the executioner judicial legitimacy.

    Will not be going to HMCTS appeal with the several sanctions that have been imposed, those sanctions and any future sanctions will stand unchallenged as monuments to corruption and illegality.

    • … but you should go to HMCTS Mr R, they will most likely overturn the sanctions and you will get your money back 🙂

  13. liblabcon are now totally obsessed with austerity like rabid dogs mauling the poor.

  14. Ruth Davidson, William Rennie and Jim Murphy, austerity is the zero subsistence income of sanctions and the imminent risk of homelessness, want to share?

  15. Sunday Politics Scotland – Ruth Davidson, William Rennie and Jim Murphy, found the austerity engineered penury of the Scottish people hilarious and for their further amusement advocated even more welfare austerity.

  16. Down with Austerity Tax the Rich Hands Off the Poor

    There does Need to be Massive Demonstrations For Social Justice
    in the United Kingdom

  17. Also Protests should be Held against Media Victimisation of the
    Poor and Vulnerable

    Poor People are Not Scroungers but Greedy Rich People
    are Selfish

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