This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Iain Duncan Smith Election Challenger Arrested Over Alleged Sticker

lisa-mckenzie-arrestLisa McKenzie, who is standing for Class War  against Iain Duncan Smith in Chingford, was arrested last night in the latest petty police attack on the group’s election campaign.

Lisa was accused of putting a small sticker on a wall two weeks previously and thrown into the back of a van, hand-cuffed and held for hours.  She has been charged with criminal damage. The arrest took place at last night’s Poor Doors demonstration, the weekly picket of the luxury tower block in Aldgate where tenants in social housing are forced to use a different door to the rich.  According to one onlooker police insisted her arrest was nothing to do with the election campaign against Iain Duncan Smith.  They must think we are fucking idiots.

When Lisa and Class War recently went on the campaign trail in Chingford they were followed by police, repeatedly harassed and threatened with arrest.  Class War candidate for Croydon South, Jon Bigger, was recently followed around the constituency by up to a dozen coppers just for handing out leaflets.

At previous Poor Doors protests police arrested high profile Class War supporter Jane Nicholl, threatening her with ludicrous arson charges after somebody allegedly burnt a small effigy of Boris Johnson.  At a later demonstration police seized a Class War banner they said had a rude word on it and arrested the person holding it.  One of Class War’s founders, Ian Bone, has also been arrested at the protests for equally trivial reasons.

Both the Poor Door’s protests and Class War’s election campaign have been boisterous, but peaceful.   The only violence has come from jumped up twats in uniform doing the bidding of the likes of Iain Duncan Smith. This is what fucking democracy looks like when working class people use their system to fight for our interests.  Petty arrests, police violence, censorship and harassment replace televised debates and election hustings.  Class War’s slogan ‘by the brick or the ballot paper’ has never seemed more apt.  The bastards will come for you whichever you choose if they don’t like what you say.

Lisa Mckenzie, who was recently described as the living embodiment of class hatred by former Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips, has vowed this arrest will not silence her.  Following her release she said “if they want to shut me up they will have to kill me”.

The Poor Doors protests continue, every Thursday, 6pm, 1 Commercial Street, London E1.

Visit Class War’s website for the latest news on the campaign:

Above pic from Class War’s facebook page.

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354 responses to “This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Iain Duncan Smith Election Challenger Arrested Over Alleged Sticker

  1. Three business leaders distance themselves from pro-Tory letter

    TheGuardian – 2nd April 2015

    Cross-bench peer unhappy over letter, AstraZeneca boss withdraws his name and new Ladbrokes boss disowns views of predecessor

    Three business leaders have distanced themselves from a letter that warned of the risks of a Labour government following concerns that their views, or those of their companies, had been misrepresented as a political endorsement of the Tories.

    Read More:

  2. The Conservatives last won an Election in 1992 – 23 years ago.

  3. Yet another Political Prisoner standing up for Human Rights in the UK. Promotion of a dictatorship is a rogue state.

  4. In fact the Welfare budget not stands at £160 Billion. Makes £12 Billion look like fraud.

  5. Cassetteboy – Cameron’s Conference Rap:

  6. overburdenddonkey

    look… enforced to comply to the might is right imperialists states will…stuck in the establishments framework of reasoning ‘we know what’s best for you’ well they don’t, we know whats best for us… see also this vid presented by prof joe sim raw and powerful punishment; a failed social experiment… see solutions section by maverick psychiatrist dr bob johnson and his successful work in parkhurst prison…

  7. Returning Officer

    I therefore declare that Lisa McKenzie has been duly elected as the Member of Parliament for Chingford and Woodford Green 🙂 Fuck you Iain Duncan Smith! 😀

  8. Reblogged this on Christopher John Ball and commented:
    This is what happens in the United Kingdom, apparently the home of democracy, in the 2015. Damn shameful. The establishment are running scared of us because they can see we are rediscovering our strength. Nothing scares them more than the voice of the people.


    Councils have made electioneering by parties without huge funds almost impossible.

    You cannot put anything on buildings or street furniture, despite councils doing it all the time.

    You cannot give out leaflets under anti litter laws.

    The Suffragists before the Suffragetes, began women’s rights to be human by giving out pamphlets. This is how most of our history progressed.

    You cannot swear in public. That is an old law. Perhaps there is a way to use the Wingdings or shift key top row of keys on computer to get round that? They’re All W!&*£$s? Get This C&^% Out!

    Politics is banned from public spaces, despite councils using it for banners all the time.

    Perhaps next time Class War burn an effigy in public, you do it in a large candle holder? Those nice Moroccan fretwork holders with a long handle?


    There is a way to have a banner and that is to haul it behind a bicycle.

    See Adbcy’s idea link to their Youtube info on me home page:


    But really for Class War to be followed by a huge Police presence (thus wasting taxpayers’ money and reducing actual police work) means media attention.


    The important fact to be relayed to the youth vote Class War will get, is that never again will a SINGLE PARTY RULE UK GOVERNMENT.

    So the idea that voting for a small party does not matter, is entirely wrong, for the first time in UK history.

    A herd of parties of the poor on the left could utterly change UK parliament and end austerity and save lives.

    This is what Lenin said back int he 1920s
    when austerity was tried and failed just as it has today,
    to do anything but further impoverish the people
    …at the second Congress of the Communist International. …purpose was to politically define the approach of revolutionaries.
    … Across Europe, North America and parts of the colonial world new Communist Parties were emerging but having broken with the old social democratic and labour parties, Lenin was now arguing they had to set their strategic sight at winning a majority within their working class.
    …‘Left Wing Communism,’ with a particular focus on the infant British Communist Party, was laying down a policy of being prepared to work with those who retained loyalty to reformism (embodied in the Labour party in Britain), the majority of the working class, while retaining a critical edge. …

    With low voter turnout, small parties have never had a better opportunity to win MPs and become part of a herd of parties of the poor of the left in power in UK parliament.

    With yet another even more severe hung parliament being predicted again and again on the TV, then parties like Class War winning MPs then reduces both Tory and Lib Dem MPs in UK parliament.

    By Labour fatally reduced by the SNP winning all of Scotland’s 59 seats, then Labour must be inside a herd of left wing parties to reach beyond the 323-326 MP threshold for a majority.

    So small marginals of Tory and Lib Dem MPs being won by parties of the poor on the left are at their most important in UK voting history.

    The poor now vastly outnumber all other voters in most voting areas.

    This is not about voting.

    This is about – Not Starving.

    Put a pencil cross in a box by a different party’s logo on the ballot sheet the polling staton’s officer will give you, on 7 May, in council and UK parliament elections, and save the lives of those you care about.

  10. If Dodgy Dave wins there will be an uproar & there will not be enough police to cope. Send in the army. Oh shit the police force has gone on strike. What`s that a General Strike worse than 1926 !!!

  11. overburdenddonkey

    anti trident demo tomorrow… with live stream…

  12. Deaf Nantwich man takes on DWP in £20k landmark case

    NantwichNews – 31st March 2015

    A deaf Nantwich man could be in line for a £20,000 payout after taking a Government department to tribunal over his benefits rights.

    Steven Mifsud, of St Lawrence Court, looks set to receive up to four years of payments from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) after a long-running legal battle.

    Read More:

  13. The shame is that Class War need to wear their party name and party logo that will be on the ballot sheet, so that when arrested for trivia, the media cannot avoid publishing the party name and party logo in the newspaper picture.

    Let us hope that more of the same is done to Class War.

    At least the activists have the right to regular toilet breaks and cups of tea during being held in police station, and if kept sufficient time a proper meal.
    Somewhere nice and warm.

    Recruiting for members outside Jobcentres (seeking the sanctioned) and foodbanks might be fruitful.

    I despair about commentators who talk of Dodgy Dave winning.

    This is not about voting, but about the 75 per cent of the people who are poor, in or out of work, from babes in wombs to pensioners, learning that they have all the power they need.

    There is no such thing as a small party today.

    And the poor vastly outnumber all other voters.

    A small marginal or a voting area with the bulk of voters poor, both give this scenario.

    The more MPs from the parties of the poor on the left win, the less Tory and Lib Dem MPs there are.

    The UK government needs a party with 323-326 MPs minimum and above to reach a threshold to rule.

    No big party will come anywhere close to that number ever again.

    Least of all this year.

    The TV news is constantly predicting the most severe hung parliament, so this is a self-prophesy by suggestion.

    A hung parliament means small parties are huge.

    And the small parties themselves can only be a handful, but put together they could reach hundreds of MPs that far exceeds the 323 MP threshold.

    Class War seems tiny. But each Class War MP win
    is 1 less Tory or Lib Dem MP.

    And Tory and Labour are already neck and neck only.

    The poor right now will not come out to vote because they think their vote cannot count. They could not be more wrong.

    This is not about voting, but about putting a pencil cross in a different party’s box this year, and by that gain food and shelter for those you care about as well as yourself.

    • I’m ex socialist workers party n ex respect member, up to now I’ve considered class war too anarchist for me. However I’m rapidly revising my opinion and if they stand in my town they’re certain of my vote…

  14. Super Woman Esther McVile bye bye losing your seat in Liverpool.

  15. Lisa McKenzie would not need them for protection,unlike some to walk down the street.

    What this really shows is what society has become under the Tories in the last thirty six years.

  16. “Moving round the EU is a great right and a prerogative, but freedom to move is not freedom to claim benefits” – Nick Clegg.

    Only the rich will have the great right and a prerogative of moving round the EU.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      is he thinking of defecting to ukip? our eu citizenship is not negotiable…

      • Nick Clegg’s subjects not citizens of the EU is worse than UKIPs all out alternative.

        Political graffiti is not vandalism, a nation in self-loathing and false indignation.

        • overburdenddonkey

          Political graffiti is not vandalism, but justified expression, that melts the mask of this disunited kingdom, frozen in self-loathing and false indignation….

    • Provider fodder 'No More'

      Freedom to travel to any piece of the planet at one’s own risk is a human right, not a ‘great’ right,has been since before my grandfather was born,and the continuation of such a right has Abso fucking lutely bugger all to do with membership of Europe. Leaving the E.U. will affect this about as much as withdrawing from the co-op would stop you buying beans there, and Cleggy is full or sh1t and can kiss my Arse!

  17. Provider fodder 'No More'

    HAIRY Arse!

  18. People of England it’s up to you now to vote in huge numbers to vote out this baldy bastard and his evil friends. We have it covered in Scotland we just need a wee bit of help from you lot.

  19. overburdenddonkey
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  21. This one will be interesting.

    Right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

  22. Stepping Razor
    Fester McVile is MP for Wirral West, in the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, which is separate from Liverpool… on so many levels!

  23. Trial of sending your job search, jobs applied for etc to the DWP via email.

    Click to access foi-1764-14-remote-signing-claimant-letter.pdf

    • Fucking wankers. One good thing is if it puts jobcentre staff out of work.

      • Yes, many will be laid off by the end of June, then there is UC with all the PT’S and self employed having to go to the JC, – A lot of people in JC’s.
        But this trial like any other of their schemes is voluntary.

        • Whe i sign on it’s one lady herself behind a screen. It used to be 3 or 4 but been one a good few months now.

          • There used to be about 20 advisers in the local JC, now there are 8, with more and more people appearing in the JC because a lot are being sacked or laid off – then to be taken on workfare.

  24. Cashing in is a tv show about Cash Generator, it’s been on in the last few weeks in Scotland had the manager out the Motherwell branch openly saying the job centre wanted him to give a young girl experience in the store and yep this is fucking workfare. Apparently the girl gives the store a boost and business is way better. They say she goes in and has a smile on her face and not a “ooh I have to do this or my benefits will get stopped”.

    Fucking scum cunts never even gave her a full time job in the show. Fuck Cash Generator. Scum bastards preying on the poor.

  25. To those who don’t yet know..

    It may be helpful if I clarify that there are no mandatory requirements to sign forms created by external providers for any DWP mandatory work related activities and this includes those funded through the Flexible Support Fund. As there is no requirement to sign such forms, a sanction would not apply in these circumstances.

  26. I would have thought an arrest for an “offence” such as this was itself illegal.How can the Police in London justify this? It seems the London City Police (Met) have no concept of what the Law allows, and what is and is not acceptable policing. This kind of police activity began under the Blair -Brown administration. The tories have taken it to a new level. It has to looked into and something done about an out of control London (Met) Police service.

    • Yeah, does an act not supposed to attract a penalty on conviction of something like at least 3 years imprisonment before an arrest can be made – whatever, being arrested for placing a tiny sticker on a wall doesn’t quite right.

      • I mean being hand-cuffed, man-handled and thrown into the back of a meat-wagon for fuck all… wtf!

      • … but you can get life imprisonment for ‘criminal damage’

        • sibrydionmawr

          It is, technically speaking, criminal damage, but the police, and the authorities behind them make themselves look really stupid when they overreact in this way. In arresting Lisa McKenzie the authorities have actually given her and both the Poor Doors and Class War election campaign a lot of high profile exposure. Even the most petty of right-wingers would agree that arresting someone for merely placing a sticker on something was way over the top.

          As someone who has in the past been an enthuastic user of stickers with a political message, I can only say that the police objected to our using traditional paste and posters when plastering propaganda over the windows of the businesses we were protesting against – self adhesive stickers were deemed okay by our two-officer police escort, one of whom was overheard saying to the other that he thought our bright orange stickers actually complemented the corporate livery of the company’s business premises!.

          Evidently traditional wallpaper paste and posters make a mess, and are a bugger to remove, and self-adhesive stickers are viewed as being easy to remove, though that depends a lot on the adhesive used…

  27. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    I don’t intend to vote for Class War, but I’m reblogging this because of the implications it has for all parties of the Left, and for popular protests generally. Clearly, the police’s over-reaction to someone putting up a simple sticker against IDS, or using foul language on their posters, shows how terrified the authorities are that they could lead to something far more serious. The unspoken fear here is the terror that Lisa McKenzie and her fellow protestors could start a riot. This also shows clearly just how unpopular IDS and his policies actually are, despite all his self-justifying guff and blather. They’re probably afraid of a repeat of the 2012 riots.

    It isn’t just Class War that has been targeted in this way. If you read the ‘Rotten Boroughs’ column in Private Eye, you will find a number of cases over the years where ordinary citizens have been prosecuted and persecuted by their local authorities when they have campaigned against them for various reasons. These have included people, who have been charged for simply putting up posters in their own homes or businesses. And then there was the Green Party activist, who was arrested for putting up things the local Kipper didn’t like on his blog.

    At the moment, these incidents, while a threat to democracy, haven’t yet undermined it. Heavy-handed policing is still being reported, along with the grotty treatment of citizens by petty bureaucrats with too much power and too little public spirit. The real threat comes from the government’s secret courts and their expansion of state surveillance, all under the pretext of keeping us safe from terrorism. How long before their provisions are expanded from ‘terrorism’ to include ordinary protestors, whom Cameron and his ilk judge to be threats to public order and their property? At the moment, we still have habeas corpus, so people can’t vanish. But the Tories and their Lib Dem enablers have passed laws which can set aside even that. The Nazi state with its concentration camps and ‘Nacht and Nebel’ disappearances await.

    • The thin edge of the wedge of that authoritarian socio-political policing was left-wing oriented political correctness and the censoring of the democratic platform.

      • Roland Bishop

        How was “left-wing oriented political correctness and the censoring of the democratic platform” the thin wedge of that and what was censored?

      • I work in a primary school and there are posters up there saying protesting and demonstrating can. Lead to arrest and a criminal record that can follow you into adult hood! I kid you not!

    • sibrydionmawr

      I think that Jack Straw’s Regualtion of Investigatory Powers Act of 2000 is the basis of all of this. Even back then serious concerns were expressed as it is an extremely badly framed piece of legislation. Basically if the Home Secretary deems that you are a threat, then that is exactly what you are, in the eyes of the authorities. As you can imagine, this kind of legislation is wide open to abuse.

      I’m not so sure about people not being able to be ‘disappeared’. If the powers that be so determine, then someone can be so disappeared. Of course, it would be an illegal act, as it was in most of Central and South America, but it didn’t stop those regimes disappearing people with the connivance of the CIA. It happened in Chile, and as we know, Thatcher was an admirer of Pinochet, who was behind the terror in that country.

      The worst aspect of Jack Straw’s Act is that literally anyone could be described as a terrorist, purely on the whim of the person holding the office of Home Secretary. Conceivably even Welsh language activists could be regarded as ‘terrorists’ and we have only the word of the Home Secretary that prevents activists like this from being regarded as terrorists.

      Even prior to the passing of this Act, from the time of the Miner’s Strilke 1984-85 there is evidence that surveillance of ‘subversive’ organisations extended to the watching of Woodcraft Folk, (a kind of non-militarist, green alternative to the scouting movement) groups!

  28. Now Cameron wants to set up an ‘independent’ ‘Internet Regulator’ with the power to order ISPs to censor any websites he doesn’t like.

  29. Yes to The Right to Political Protest

    No to Tory Tyranny Censorship and Oppression

    Get the Tories Out just like the Nazis are Out of Power in Germany
    so must the Tories be

    Tax the Rich Hands Off the Poor

  30. Decent People Want to See the Tories Out of Office so
    their Nation Wrecking is Stopped

    British Interests ( Interests of People in the British Land )
    Demand a Government that Cares For the Poor and
    does Not Let their be so much Poverty whilst giving
    Tax Breaks to Millionaires

  31. “UK Intelligence Services Attack SNP”

    “This Is What Democracy Looks Like”

  32. The foul stench of corruption. The continuing practice of anti-democracy and neo-nazism is rife in the UK 2015. Whilst Farage utters his bile at the same time as aligning to a Polish far right wing party who want to ‘do away with’ disabled people and Duncan Shit utters his own version of the Third Reich Times others are called ‘radical’ and this government (not mine indeed nobody voted for the present government) wants to stop ‘radicalisation’ what ever that means – they do not realise THEY ARE THE PROBLEM – not the SNP, not disabled people, not the woman in the story. Just how the fucking hell has this country become so anaesthetised to what is happening???????? WAKE UP BRITAIN FFS

  33. Election 2015: Nicola Sturgeon hits out at ‘dirty tricks’

    @01.13 BBC reporter – “What are you actually accusing people of here?”

    Nicola Sturgeon becomes the accused for defending herself against a memo she did not author.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      who’d think the bbc are concern trolls?
      Afro Celt Sound System – Release

    • overburdenddonkey

      scientology behaviourists speak pervades mind of humanity…



        …………………………………….a last ditch attempt to try and distance themselves from the embarrassing pile of uk corpses…………

        From: jimmy3

        4 March 2015

        Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

        I was disturbed to read people in different parts of the country
        with depression have been asked by their work capability assessor
        (one case with Atos and one case with Capita) a specific question
        in relation to their condition.

        “Why have you not tried to commit suicide?”

        1) Is this a question which your department suggests the assessor
        to ask? (as more than one assessor is reported to be asking it)

        2) Do you provide any guidance to assessors in terms of asking them
        to avoid doing or saying anything which may harm the claimant or
        damage the DWP’s case if the decision maker concludes the claimant
        is fit to work and the claimant appeals that decision? Please
        kindly supply such guidance if it exists.

        3) This question links in with question two. Does the DWP provide
        legal guidance to work capability assessment companies/assessors in
        order to minimise the risk of the claimant suing the DWP for
        inappropriate conduct of its WCA contractors?

        Yours faithfully,

        Mr Glynne Powell.

        Link to this

        …………………………………and guess what?, they are late answering it.



          …………….no matter what people have been saying about hanging politicians for crimes against humanity, i would volunteer my services free to release the trapdoor on Smith, Mcvey and Freud……………

          From: jimmy3

          3 April 2015

          Dear DWP freedom-of-information-requests,

          For the record, on 3rd April 2015 I have received this message
          “Department for Work and Pensions have delayed.

          They have not replied to your FOI request DWP Guidance to
          Capita/Atos/Maximus on depression promptly, as normally required by

          Click on the link below to send a message to Department for Work
          and Pensions reminding them to reply to your request.

          (link removed)

          — the WhatDoTheyKnow team”

          Yours sincerely,

          Mr Glynne Powell.

          Link to this

    • … might have well have said: “When did you stop beating your husband?”

  34. Tory dirty tricks backfire & of course they can`t back down. Lies lies & more Tory lies. Set up yourself Dodgy Dave jealous of Nicola Sturgeon. Tory fools.

  35. The Tory advisers are stupid thinking every one else is as stupid as them. The Tory brainwashing has not worked.


  37. The Labour Adviser says don`t get involved in Dodgy Daves fuck up.

  38. Careful Dodgy Dave Nicola Sturgeon.will get you the sack.

  39. Don`t you learn every Dirty Trick will back fire Dodgy Dave. Get your lawyers in !!!

  40. Listen to this US Right-wing garbage, it obviously inspires Drunken Shite.
    Plenty of the “handouts” narrative popular with Thatcherites. I suspect this “Food4Pariots” shower are Tea Party. Remember, VOTE on May 7th to help ensure that US right-wing policies are thrown out of UK politics.

  41. “When filming at the SNP conference in Inverness, Catriona Renton had claimed on BBC Scotland’s Politics Show that Alex Neil had confirmed the SNP’s desire to see David Cameron become the Prime Minister at the next general election.

    The recorded interview with Mr Neil that followed Ms Renton’s claim contained no such confirmation. The BBC were forced to issue a personal apology to Alex Neil.”

  42. Wings Over Somerset

    This is a re-run of the dirty tricks that the BBC got up to during the independence campaign. Catriona Renton, in the run up to the independence referendum claimed that Alex Salmon wanted to bring back hanging. You can’t believe a word that comes from the mouth of Catriona Renton or her corporate paymasters mouth.

  43. Theresa May`s valium is not working. £12 billion magic numbers.


  45. To control the people in a dictatorship means you need to go a step further & be a rogue state. Dodgy Dave want`s promotion.

  46. Reblogged this on SMILING CARCASS'S TWO-PENNETH and commented:
    Have they not learned their victims are our heroes; that those marginalised become famous by default; that there are MORE OF US THAN THEM!?

  47. Nicola Sturgeon offers new deal to help Ed Miliband into No 10

    The Guardian – Saturday 4 April 2015 20.46 BST

    Scottish National party leader Nicola Sturgeon has offered to help make Ed Miliband the next prime minister, even if Labour wins fewer seats than the Tories on 7 May. Her appeal comes as she angrily rejects claims that she thinks he is not up to the job.

    Read More:

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  49. “When Cameron talks about “finishing the job”, be afraid.”

    • The bookies have a hung parliament the hot favourite for the GE2015 result (1/7); a Labour minority (2/1) favourite to form the next Government; an SNP landslide predicted in Scotland (1/16 for the SNP to gain the most seats with David Cameron tipped to be the next Prime Minister (8/13). So looks like an Lab-Con-SNP coalition is on the cards.

  50. Murnaghan - Sky Snooze

    Osborne to raise VAT in order to fund tax cuts for the rich!

  51. Talking of the rich the Earl of Sheffield, and ancestor of Samantha Cameron was in fact paid the equivalent of £3.25 million in compensation for giving up his slaves after abolition.

  52. ConMen Conservatives, cheify Fatty, Osborne methinks just handed SNP/Labour the vote in Scotland by saying unholoy alliance – on hearing that I would be rushing to tactical vote SNP/Labour & keep the ConMen out.

  53. True or false

    Nicola Sturgeon memo claiming she would prefer David Cameron in power was written in Scotland Office

    Alistair Carmichael, the Scottish Secretary, confirms controversial leaked document originated north of the border

  54. Another Fine Mess

    Michael Rosen
    “How the hell did they get away with it?
    Call me naive or stupid but when the financial crash came I will admit here and now that I thought that because, for the first time in my lifetime, that
    a) the workings of capitalism had been laid bare in a way that they had never been before,
    b) as people found that their standard of living was being cut and c) as people found that their hard-won and precious public services and welfare was being cut too,
    people would be outraged in ways that we had never seen before…”

  55. Hey have sympathy for Bill Wiggin, nasty money grabbing tory MP who had us pay his mortgage – he;s now selling his properties in Fulham for £3million and his home in Hereford for £xmillion and keeping all the profits – our tax payers money – his home is usefully called ‘Fortunes Gate’ – no bedroom tax for Bill

  56. Even Cameron’s modernising ‘A’ list focused mainly on increasing female and ethnic minority MPs and largely ignored social class. The 2010 Parliament included only two Tory MPs who had worked in manual jobs.

    Has the aspirational diversity and equality agenda subverted and squeezed social class out of the political arena and trumped working class solidarity, was the aspirational diversity and equality cart put before the social mobility of the working class horse?

  57. “Last November, Spain’s social housing occupants got letters ‘consulting’ with them about a done deal: the government had sold their apartments to a group going by the name of Cibeles. Cibeles was a Greek goddess of nature and fertility, so given Lloyd Blankfein’s interest in doing God’s work, it will come as no surprise to you to know that Cibeles is….Goldman Sachs.”

    Coming to the UK…SOON!.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      no! i can see what you mean in this case…best archive and block ’em imo… ……
      ‘Remarkably, it seems to have escaped the attention of these supposed Labour activists that the right-wing paper might not have Labour’s best interests at heart, and that extra Tory MPs in Scotland might well tip the balance in a super-tight election and put David Cameron back into 10 Downing Street – something that SNP MPs won’t do. The argument deployed on that point is that the Union is more important than party politics. Yet at the same time Labour have been insisting all weekend that a Tory government at Westminster is what the SNP actually wants, because it would drive Scots towards independence. Logic doesn’t appear to be their strong point, bless ‘em.’

  58. Beware ConMen Conservativs bearing Gifts.

    This gov only ever changes things in a way that rewards themselves. DO not take up the kind offer of cashing in your pension. Its purpose is to boost the ecomony, drive pensioner to penury [plus get some pensioner apprentices from those who would therefore be forced to work].

    The denial will be you had a choice.

    Here ends this ConMen Warning Party Political Broadcast.

    • overburdenddonkey

      spot on…!

    • Yup, its to get those with a pension pot to piss it up against the wall on a load of shite…. Lamborghinis, colour TVs, music centres, package holidays to Florida…. 😀

    • When those pensioners have been fleeced they will demand that they be compensated from the public/welfare pot.

    • Very much so. Then if they run out of money they tell them ‘ok you can get benefits, but you go on workfare!’

      • @Raining
        That’s the whole point. Pension pots ending up in the pockets of the corporates and banksters, with pensioners then forced into workfare for their state pensions, to then line the pockets of the corporates and banksters. We must act on May 7th to put a stop to it.

        • Yep and i hope people are very careful in what they do and don’t fall into their clutches to be exploited. You can bet any scheme thought up by these corrupt bastards involves them and their corporate mates benefiting from it in the long run while people end up getting shafted through bad shoddy pension advice.



  61. 200 UN cases of Human Rights Breeches. More to follow.

  62. The only way the Tories can win the Election is leadership change. Bye Dave.

  63. Now the 10,000 DWP Deaths for starters & add 50,000 !!!

  64. Teach the leaders not to mess with Disability Genocide.




    Mental health campaigners have criticised new Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) guidance, which could make it more difficult for women to claim sickness benefits than men.

    New guidance issued by the DWP to healthcare professionals assessing people for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), suggests that men and women should be tested differently.

    A man who has been diagnosed with mental health problems and in danger of self-harm or suicide may be assessed as having limited capability for work. Whereas a women in the same position could be asked to show additional ‘personal factors’, such as a family history of suicide, in order to receive ESA.

    The Government says the advice has been issued because suicide is “more prevalent among men than women”.

    Which really beggars belief from the most inept department in the modern world.
    Have they suddenly realised that the advent of topping yourself can be made more palatable by asking your intentions prior to stealing your benefits?

    Are they so thick not to recognise that being left on the scrapheap, without a penny to your name that induces the dark thoughts? That and the fact you probably have the weight of a physical or mental disability already.


      …………..hence the DWP’S new sales pitch;

      If you have been affected by the issues raised in this article please contact the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90 or visit their website for support.

    • overburdenddonkey

      their interrogations also create focus on those subjects (try not thinking about what one might be better not focusing on, coz you’re not going to get any true help, and one knows it, tis mind numbing) and imply such feelings are fixed, that the cause is in the subjects faulty mind set not due to external sources (circumstances) and frozen….ie that their is no fluidity in that persons cognitive existence…it’s a form of emotional branding, that will stay with some one perhaps forever….unless the individual sees what this for what it is and somehow can manage to disprove it to the records….it’s not about helping an individual but scaring the individual away from admitting need for help ie avoiding underlying emotional issues , and various other betrayals by orgs that are supposed to ensure sufficient basic income and therefore welfare rights…key factors are the unreliability of others and a given sense of impotency …imv it’s more control and management by the state…. see also article 12 of coe ESC, jan 2014…benefits manifestly inadequate…. it’s so obvious that income starvation, the starvation of empathy, love, and compassion…abuse causes and worsens mhp’s….being treated like a thing does no good and much harm….

    • “””A man who has been diagnosed with mental health problems and in danger of self-harm or suicide may be assessed as having limited capability for work. Whereas a women in the same position could be asked to show additional ‘personal factors’, such as a family history of suicide, in order to receive ESA.”””

      Discrimination & unlawful.

      • The conditions that have been announced for women to meet to get into the SG under Regs 29 & 35 are actually – homelessness and divorce.

        Suicide attempts or familial history of suicide are not included

        No one in government gives a flying fuck about legality because they never get called to account for it. Very few seem to care about the discrimination either.

        Depressingly, there are plenty of people (activists included) who have used this announcement by lord fraud as an excuse to indulge in some hard core misogyny, which fits perfectly with the divide and destroy approach of this rotting, fly blown shit-heap of a government.



    He suffered heart failure after a common cold and is waiting for a heart transplant. He is kept alive by a machine woven through his ribs to a pump in his heart which keeps his blood flowing at a constant speed.

    “If my machine was to fail I would pass out within 15 seconds and I would die quite quickly. Going out to work physically drains me. After a day’s work, I need to rest up completely for three days. I’m a physical wreck.

    “At the assessment earlier this year, I explained my condition and machine and then that was it, they said I could go. A report said it was not accepted that I had limited capability to work.”

    A DWP spokesperson said: “Employment and Support Allowance assesses someone’s capacity for work and looks at what a person can do because we know conditions affect different people in different ways. A decision on whether someone is well enough to work is taken following a thorough face-to-face assessment and after consideration of all the supporting medical evidence provided by the claimant.


      A former RAF dog handler from Lincoln who has heart failure, has won an appeal to have his benefits reinstated, after being deemed fit to work by the Government.

      Alex Smith, who is 37 and has to be constantly linked up to a special machine to stay alive, challenged the Department for Work and Pensions following a medical assessment. He is now keen to warn others to take a stand if they are faced with the same situation.

  67. I have suicide shoes !!! Goes with my giddeon boots.

  68. Naptali Ft Arofat – Nuh Partial # 17th March 2015 Retro Locks Riddim

  69. David Cameron urges defectors to Ukip to vote for Tories in general election

    The Guardian – Monday 6 April 2015 18.59 BST

    Prime minister says he understands concerns on Europe and immigration but that voting for Nigel Farage’s party on 7 May could hand power to Labour

    David Cameron has issued a plea to former Conservative voters who defected to Ukip to “come back home” to the Tories or risk handing the keys of Downing Street to Ed Miliband.

    Read More:

  70. Ex-Tory candidate Mike Whitehead switches to UKIP

    BBC – 6th April 2015

    A former Conservative parliamentary candidate has joined UKIP, amid a row in the Hull West and Hessle constituency.

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage welcomed Mike Whitehead’s move, with Mr Whitehead citing a row with the local Conservative group for his decision.

    The Conservatives said Mr Whitehead had been “sacked” as its candidate in the constituency last week.

    He had previously resigned as a Tory councillor on East Riding Council.

    Read More:

  71. Labour’s Douglas Alexander deletes tweets saying Nicola Sturgeon backs Tories

    The Guardian – Monday 6 April 2015 15.12 BST

    Shadow foreign secretary backtracks on hotly disputed claim that SNP leader told French ambassador she’d prefer David Cameron as prime minister

    Labour’s election strategy chief, Douglas Alexander, has backtracked over his party’s heavy promotion of claims that the Scottish Nationalists secretly want David Cameron as prime minister.

    Alexander, the shadow foreign secretary, deleted tweets last night that highlighted a widely contested report that the SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon, had told the French ambassador she would prefer a Conservative government. The allegations, apparently contained in a leaked Scottish Office memo reported in the Daily Telegraph, had been denied by both Sturgeon and a spokesman for the French ambassador. Some Labour activists had also balked at their leadership jumping on the story.

    Read More:

  72. It`s about time the politicians got off twitter making twits of themselves. More fuck ups.

  73. The Election seems to be about a cover up, all throwing their toys out their prams.

  74. The way the voting is set up in certain areas like mine is that it is such a Tory Strong hold – What`s the point of voting. My vote is not a vote of 1 vote towards the result, so the voting system of 1st past the post is floored.

  75. So with the mass sanctioning of people and them becoming homeless in record numbers i came across a description of a homeless person as a ‘vagrant’. So i read this happy little ditty that said:

    ‘In England vagrants were whipped, branded, conscripted into military service, or exiled to penal colonies. In colonial America vagrancy statutes were common. A person who wandered into a town and did not find work was told to leave the community or face criminal prosecution.’

    That’s what they want to do here now in this country; sanction your benefits so you have nothing and become homeless. Then they’ll make homelessness a crime and put you in jail as a criminal just like the article i quoted from olden times. That’s it, criminalize the victims and make being unemployed and/or homeless a crime. Next they’ll be bringing back the birch and doing that to the UE or homeless as punishment.

    • More importantly as far as the ConMen Conservatives/UKIP are concerned is once homeless you no longer can Vote. The Cycle they want…

      so, person unlikely to vote for them – unemployed – Check
      Person – unemployed – forced into penury – Check
      Person unemployed – classed as workless/worthless, & broke – Check
      Person unemployed – under severe money pressure – Check
      Person unemployed – on edge of being made homeless – Check
      Person unemployed – homeless – Check

      Once Homeless can truthfuly say nothing to do with them.
      Win Win

    • ” Then they’ll make homelessness a crime and put you in jail as a criminal”

      WTF have you been smoking? thats shit you said is so fucking funny.

      are you going to vote? if so who, and if not STFU

    • Raining, this reminds me of what Thatcher did to suppress the massive numbers of protestors during the 80s. To deter travelling protesters, the tories changed the law so that sleeping in your vehicle, overnight, whilst parked on a verge or a layby, was suddenly illegal. This had an impact, but the determined, still managed to protest, set up camps et al.

      We’ve already seen countless efforts to banish homeless people from our streets. I don’t think this lot (labour included) will stop. What you have written is sadly, bang on the money.

  76. Maybe this post should have been titled:
    “Is This What A KLEPTOCRACY Looks Like?……………

  77. What was that shit on that bullshit ‘election’ debate when that yellow-streaked piece-of-shit turned round to Milliand and said’ “When are you going to apologise to the British people for crashing the economy.” Milliabnd would have been justified in punching a hole through Clegg’s smarmy fucking face. Instead, oddball Ed just stammers and mutters. Clegg must think we are fucking stupid. Why no mention of that Goodwin cunt who crashed RBS, Nick? Get to fuck, Nick! We all know it was global financial heist engineered and perpetrated by the bankers.



    From: Alf Denning

    6 April 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    It has been reported that a JSA claimant was told to remove the
    fact that she has a degree from her CV. Please provide the
    following information:

    Q1 – Is it DWP policy to tell people to remove details of
    qualifications from their CV?

    Q2 – Is it DWP policy to tell people to lie on their CV? (Bearing
    in mind that lying to an employer during the job selection phase is
    grounds for dismissal at a latter stage).

    Q3 – Please provide any guidance available to work coaches relating
    to helping claimants produce / modify their CV.

    Yours faithfully,

    Alf Denning

    Link to this



    From: Karen Springer

    12 March 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    Remploy Employment Services:Written statement – HCWS373 12 March

    ‘Since 2010, Remploy Employment Services has supported over 100,000
    disabled and disadvantaged people into work.’ (paragraph 3).

    Please provide evidence for the total number of disabled and
    disadvantaged people helped into work by Remploy since 2010.

    Please provide evidence for the number of disabled and
    disadvantaged people helped into work by Remploy for the following
    two periods:

    1.May 2010 to September 2013

    2. October 2013 to February 2015.

    Yours faithfully,

    Karen Springer

    Link to this



    ……would have sincerely thought that this single entity that covers up all the deaths generated by the DWP, would be worthy of a medal by now.
    Concealing legislative murders is an arduous task that should be rewarded accordingly.
    Perhaps the friends and families of those who have lost a loved one, might want to push for some kind of remuneration for Christopher……


    Leaps into his new role around the same time that Maximus were awarded the work capability contract.
    No conflict of interest here then, but what happened in the investigation into his defection………………… seems to have been totally forgotten!



      ……………….sorry, forgot to add that Christophers job is independent and was endorsed by Her Majesty the Queen, the same old girl who ratified the Welfare Reform Acts that are cutting down her loyal subjects like flies……..

    • In time anyone who has equity in their home or in their pension will be denied ANY kind of welfare/unemployment benefits, they will be made to draw down on that equity, often forced to sell their homes at knock down prices in order to gain the money quickly, this will also apply when the NHS is totally privatised and their health insurance provider invokes a clause in the small print in order NOT to pay out (theres going to be a LOT of that happening).

      Many are going to learn the hard way what neo-conservatism is all about… Criminality made legal….

      • If I remember correctly, the “sell everything before you are entitled” schtick has been present in Germany for years. If you need to claim, physical assets are considered as well as financial ones. If you are unemployed and have a car, you are told sell it or there will be no benefits, whatever your contribution record.

        We come naked into the world and the government gimps want us in the same state when we die.

  81. The word “Work” needs to questioned.!!! The play on words “Disabled Work” means DWP workers working for disabled work calling it disabled workers. Yet the disabled work does not exist. It is unlawful to set aside disabled workers from able bodied workers, yet it is meant to help only in the perception of the abled bodied to change the perception of abled bodied peoples attitude towards disabled people & using fake work to highlight the abled bodies inability to disabled people are just like them, a human being.

  82. Disabled people are human beings, not a trading tool for votes & £ billions generated for business. We the disabled hold the key to the slave trading of the disabled & the Tories know that. So Tories & Dodgy Dave what can we do about it !!! Well tories ask Sue Marsh since you have got a defector !!! How can we break the disabled so they are not a threat to the economy !! Are the type of thing they talk about in their Think Tanks.!!! These racist policies towards the disabled. Disability control in fake Health Care Public Limited Companies is all work work work no life just work to get the disabled to pay they bosses wages, eg, Tory Party, ATOS, Maximus the list goes on. Don`t bite the hand that feeds you. Many disabled people have worked before & many workers have paid their tax for benefit if ever they need them if they ever become disabled. Dodgy Dave wants to fuck up the UK for the next 50 years because of his ego not for the good of the uk.

  83. No good hiding behind the Tory Party Dodgy Dave !! Try hiding behind ATOS & Maximus once your out of politics in May.

  84. Hunger, starvation, poverty, is the uk in 2015 not a third world country but one of the richest countries can not hide the 10th class citizen living in our third world country the UK. Denial factories fact Tories.

  85. DWP PRESS RELEASE – by me

    There are now more disabled people in work than abled bodied people in work.

  86. Don`t threaten people to vote for the Tories Dodgy Dave you will lose.

  87. Dodgy Dave is running scared, losing your ego as well as your leadership.

  88. Do you want your £800,000 back because you say I am not disabled. Well stop wasting time & get off your lazy arses & take me to court. It is on my terms. The Onus Is On The Burden Of Proof.

  89. Start shredding the paper work at the DWP. NOW you losers.

  90. You will have to pay me £200,000 a year to shut me up & that still won`t I will take your £200,000 & use it for a big Lawyer. Any offers Maximus.

  91. Great Yarmouth candidate’s election posters vandalised and defaced

    BBC – 7th April 2015

    More than 50 Conservative election posters have been vandalised in Great Yarmouth since the start of the election campaign, the party has said.

    Brandon Lewis, standing for Great Yarmouth, said the worst incident was outside Scratby where a poster had been cut to look like a swastika.

    “These mindless people would rather vandalise election posters than engage in political discussion,” he said.

    Mr Lewis has reported the vandalism to police due to the scale of the attacks.

    Swear words had also been scrawled across other posters.

    His election agent is due to meet police officers.

    “We are replacing the posters as soon as we find one has been vandalised and we have plenty of them,” said Mr Lewis, who won the seat in 2010 and has been a local government minister.

    Party workers discovered 22 defaced or destroyed banners over the weekend, with most on private land.

    In addition, a further 31 have been attacked since posters were put up at the start of the election campaign.

    Other candidates who have declared as standing in the constituency are Alan Grey (UKIP), Lara Norris (Labour), Harry Webb (Green Party) and James Joyce (Liberal Democrats).


    “We are replacing the posters as soon as we find one has been vandalised and we have plenty of them,” said Mr Lewis, who won the seat in 2010 and has been a local government minister.

    Party workers discovered 22 defaced or destroyed banners over the weekend, with most on private land.

    In addition, a further 31 have been attacked since posters were put up at the start of the election campaign.

    ……………………….surely these mindless thugs who leave torn and defaced posters should be dealt with accordingly, i ordered them to get rid of them completely………….




        …………….sorry, one T too many in attrocities.
        Never mind, dear old Dad couldn’t afford the boarding fees of Eton.



          US economist Paul Krugman has attacked UK economic performance in New York Times
          Coalition record on economy ‘startlingly bad’ says Nobel winning economist

          COALITION Government leaders have been “posing” as the guardians of prosperity and have been getting away with it, according to a Nobel Prize-winning economist.

          Writing in the New York Times, Paul Krugman said Britain’s performance since the financial crisis struck has been “startlingly bad”, with a tentative recovery that began in 2009 and stalled in 2010.

          “Although growth resumed in 2013, real income per capita is only now reaching its level on the eve of the crisis, which means that Britain has had a much worse track record since 2007 than it had during the Great Depression,” he said.

          “Yet as Britain prepares to go to the polls, the leaders of the coalition Government that has ruled the country since 2010 are posing as the guardians of prosperity, the people who really know how to run the economy. And they are, by and large, getting away with it.”



    The WOW Petition, signed by over 104.000 people, called for a cumulative impact assessment of all cuts to support to disabled people and carers.

    The debate and vote on the 27th February 2014, the first in history called by sick, disabled people and carers was successful, but since then the Government have failed to honour their side after misrepresenting the position of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, who actually believe it is possible to produce an accurate analysis of how the cuts have been targeted at sick and disabled people and their carers.

    Now, more than ever an assessment into the scale of the cuts needs to be completed to quantify, whenever possible, the human cost of the first round of cuts, before further cuts can be even contemplated.

    The news of some leaked documents, explaining further horrendous cuts to carers and sick & disabled people, have left them terrified of what is going to happen.

    We would have thought it imperative that any government respecting human rights would check the consequences of the cuts disabled people and carers have already endured, before imposing further draconian cuts.

  94. Disability campaigner Mary Laver is to deliver birthday card to Iain Duncan Smith

    Chronicle North East – 5th April 2015

    Mary is to ‘thank’ him for Tory plans to get rid of the Independent Living Fund which she says will imprison her in her own home

    Disability campaigner Mary Laver is to deliver a special birthday card to Iain Duncan Smith – to thank him for plans to “imprison” her in her own home.

    She is protesting against his party’s plans to scrap the Independent Living Fund (ILF) on June 30.

    Mary, 67, of Forest Hall, Newcastle, said: “I’m very frightened about what this will mean to me and anything I can do to at least raise the issue of this appalling cut, the better.”

    The former RAF servicewoman has rheumatoid arthritis so severe that she cannot walk or use her hands.

    As such she requires constant care – receiving around 18 hours a day or 126 a week at present. The majority is funded by her local authority but 46 hours a week comes as a result of the ILF.

    Ironically it was set up by the Conservatives in 1988 for disabled people with high support needs to enable them to live in the community rather than move into residential care.

    It costs about £320m a year and helps nearly 18,000 disabled people across the country.

    Read More:

  95. Dodgy Dave is now begging the Tory rejects that have gone to UKIP to come back to the Tories. Sad little man you are dodgy dave.

  96. The suicide is IDS & Dodgy Dave`s problem with their Mental Health getting worse. Suicidal to the public in Tory policies.

  97. Welfare minister accused of ‘insulting’ workers at factory facing closure – 1st April 2015

    Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith became embroiled in a row over job cuts at a Devon factory helping disabled people get work.

    Exeter’s Labour candidate Ben Bradshaw said it was “extraordinarily insensitive” for the Cabinet minister to visit Pluss, based in the city, amid its upheaval.

    Mr Duncan Smith, in charge of the Government’s controversial welfare reforms, visited Cornwall on Monday and Devon yesterday.

    The proposed closure of Pluss factories in Exeter and Bridgwater, Somerset, which may result in up to 75 redundancies, could follow “changes in commercial contracts and funding from local authorities”, the social enterprise said.

    Read More:

  98. Third anniversary beggars belief for angry Norwich disability campaigners

    Eastern Daily Press EDP – 30th March 2015

    Campaigners who have been protesting for three years that Norwich’s assessment centre for disabled people does not have wheelchair access have spoken of their disbelief that the problem has still not been tackled.

    Today’s demonstration outside St Mary’s House marked the third anniversary of a campaign by human rights group Equal Lives for a rethink over the situation.

    Assessments to establish if somebody is ‘fit for work’ are carried out upstairs at the Duke Street centre, which makes it inaccessible to people in wheelchairs.

    People in wheelchairs or who have restricted mobility are advised they must be able to walk downstairs in the event of an emergency, as the lift would be out of use.

    They have previously been offered appointments at home or at assessment centres in areas including King’s Lynn, Cambridge and Ipswich as an alternative.

    A deal to use ground-floor rooms fell through last month, eight months after the government finally agreed to take action.

    Read More:

  99. What in the US will come here.

    Tory education policy: Send parents back to school for maths lessons.

    A Tory government will examine plans to give parents maths lessons in schools so that they can help their children with homework.

    Senior sources told The Daily Telegraph that a Conservative government after the general election will look at an American-style scheme which offers lessons at parents’ evenings because so many adults struggle with modern maths curriculums.

  100. Nicola, ready for a fight..

    Nicola Sturgeon has suggested the Scottish National party would hold another independence referendum if it wins next year’s Holyrood elections on a manifesto promising a second vote.

    The first minister, speaking in the first televised Scottish leaders’ debate of the election campaign, had tried to brush off questions from the audience and host Bernard Ponsonby about her plans for staging a second referendum.

    She said a referendum was off the table for this general election but, pressed on whether it would be in the SNP manifesto for 2016, she responded: “We will write that manifesto when we get there. I will fight one election at a time [and] I will decide the content of our next manifesto when we get there, and people can decide whether or not they vote for that.”

  101. More than 140 top doctors attack government record on NHS

    The Guardian – Tuesday 7 April 2015 23.41 BST

    Letter from senior health professionals says coalition has left NHS in weakest position ever and calls on people to use votes to reinstate service

    Read the letter in full – [link on Guardian page]

    Leading doctors in the NHS have accused the coalition government of a catalogue of broken promises, funding cuts and destructive legislation which has left the health service weaker than ever before.

    In a letter to the Guardian, more than 140 senior doctors pass a damning judgment on the government’s stewardship of the NHS, which they say is under pressure because of unnecessary market-oriented changes.

    “As medical and public health professionals our primary concern is for all patients. We invite voters to consider carefully how the NHS has fared over the last five years, and to use their vote to ensure that the NHS in England is reinstated,” they write.

    The signatories to the letter include Dr Clare Gerada, former chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners; Prof John Ashton, retired director of public health; epidemiologist Prof Michael Coleman; Simon Capewell, professor of public health at the University of Liverpool; Trisha Greenhalgh, professor of primary care at Oxford; Martin McKee, professor of European public health, and Raymond Tallis, emeritus professor of geriatric medicine at the University of Manchester.

    The letter, which the doctors have written in a private capacity, challenges the government on its NHS record and deplores the current pressures facing the health service.

    Read More:

  102. I do not remember [other than Teachers that is…] a Section of a Professional Body ever lambasting a particular Political Party, and directing voting against said party.

  103. Another Fine Mess

    Why I have to stand against Iain Duncan Smith in the general election

    Class War’s Lisa McKenzie says it’s time someone like herself who has lived on a council estate spoke up about Britain’s social apartheid, rather than politicians who don’t understand the lives of working-class people

  104. A Labour Government may Not be Perfect but another Tory Bonehead
    Government including One Propped Up by the Votes of another Political
    Party will be even Worse For the Poor and UnderDogs

    The Right to Vote is Something which Poor People once Even did Not
    have so it should be Respected .

    As many People as Possible Need to Register to Vote by the 20th of
    April 2015 if they are Not Already Registered to Vote and go Vote
    For Socialism Not Slavery Yes to Social Justice and No to Tory
    Nutcase Budgets

  105. OT: Pension Pot

    Something I mentined over at VoxPolitical but it needs repeating to everyone:

    A Point to bear in mnd is something my sister said – used to work in the industry. “For every Pound” you take out you reduce future payments by tens [10s] or even hundreds of pounds from the monthly/yearly pay out – I STRONGLY SUSPECT it is in the hundreds.

    Beware of false economies.

    • overburdenddonkey

      i despair/weep over the stored up poverty yet to come for millions…..
      @ least sturgeon insists the age of 65 is old enough to retire….but with no more than token income, no tradable equity, things will be dire….
      it is why i advocate a citizens income…

  106. It`s seems there are loads of Polling stations with no Disability Access !!!! Not always is there going to be a helpful person to carry the wheelchair up the flight of steps. Yet again Disability Discrimination to keep the disabled quiet & stop them voting.

  107. Election 2015: Tories’ nuclear sub manifesto pledge

    BBC – 8th April 2015

    The Conservatives’ manifesto will have a commitment to build four new nuclear missile-armed submarines, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has said.

    He said the new fleet was “the only sensible policy to pursue” and would ensure a continuous nuclear deterrent.

    A final decision on replacing the current Trident system is due in 2016.

    Labour is committed to renewing Trident if it wins the election but will consider whether to reduce the number of submarines from four to three.

    The Liberal Democrats favour cutting the number of Vanguard submarines from four to three, saying the existing system was designed for the Cold War era.

    The Clyde-based submarines that currently carry Trident are due to reach the end of their operational lives within the next decade.

    Read More:







  109. Class war dissent usurped by the third force of charitable incorporated organisations, the working class conceded and surrendered political activism to social enterprise and the hollow social security of the charity collection tin – canned conscience.

  110. Just a quick note that normal service will be resumed on the blog in a couple of days, needed a break

  111. nicola nippy sweetie wants to impose full fiscal austerity on scotland
    7.6 billion worth

  112. The government’s record on disability in 60 news stories, 2010-15

    DNS – 8th April 2015

    The actions and words of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat government as reported in 60 Disability News Service stories published over the 60 months of the coalition

    Read In Full:

  114. Election 2015: Tories dodge questions over disability benefit cuts

    DNS – 3rd April 2015

    The prime minister has become the third senior Conservative figure in a week to refuse to say in front of television cameras whether his party plans to tax key disability benefits after the general election.

    David Cameron was asked by SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon in last night’s (2 April) leaders’ debate on ITV how his party planned to find the £12 billion-a-year in welfare cuts announced by the chancellor in last month’s budget.

    Cameron refused to say where those cuts would come from and whether they would include taxing disability benefits.

    Last week, the BBC reported that it had seen leaked documents that suggested the Conservatives were considering taxing disability benefits as one way to cut the social security bill by £12 billion a year by 2017-18.

    Read More:

  115. Dodgy Dave stabber stab back stabber

  116. A tale of two Kensingtons: London and Liverpool … and the election’s inequality gap – video

    The Guardian – Thursday 9 April 2015 09.00 BST

    Kensington, one of the poorest parts of Liverpool, fears three more years of Tory austerity and the closure of its Sure Start centre. Its namesake in London could be hit by Labour’s mansion tax and its abolition of non-dom tax status. John Harris starts his general election campaign road-trip by taking the temperature in two wildly different parts of Britain

  117. overburdenddonkey
    ‘Unionists complain that nationalists didn’t give up after they lost the referendum vote, but in a democracy campaigners aren’t required to stop making their case whether they win or lose it, and nationalists didn’t. Some commentators predicted fighting in the streets. Instead Scotland just kept talking about politics. What the referendum and its aftermath has taught us is that Scotland values democracy.’

  118. There’s nothing fun about being on welfare, and a new Kansas bill aims to keep it that way.

    If House Bill 2258 is signed into law by Gov. Sam Brownback (R) this week, Kansas families receiving government assistance will no longer be able to use those funds to visit swimming pools, see movies, go gambling or get tattoos on the state’s dime.

    Those are just a few of the restrictions contained within the measure that promises to tighten regulations on how poor families spend their government aid.

    State Sen. Michael O’Donnell, a Wichita Republican who has advocated for the bill, said the legislation is designed to pressure those receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to spend “more responsibly.”

    [Missouri Republicans are trying to ban food stamp recipients from buying steak and seafood] ..and a lot more.

  119. Labour accuses Tories of using public money to boost election campaign

    The Guardian – Thursday 9 April 2015 18.07 BST

    Party says data collected from six government departments shows spending on adverts promoting Conservative policies has risen sharply since autumn

    Labour has accused the Tories of using public money to bankroll their election campaign, after it emerged that the government had sharply increased the amount it spends on promoting policies such as Help to Buy and pension reforms.

    Data collected by Labour from six departments shows monthly spending on advertising was about £4m in September and £2m in October but had increased to £10.4m in February. Spending in March is expected to have been about £9.3m, it says.

    Read More:


    The new ATOS Government web site.

  121. ATOS RUN THE TORY PARTY. AKA Maximus Run The Tory Party. aka France & The USA run The Tory Party.

  122. Yesterday I have Tory Leaflet put through my Door despite my
    Sign saying I do Not Want Leaflets so I Ripped it up Outside

    With Common Sense this Country will Bin the Tory Regime in the
    May Election

  123. overburdenddonkey please see this vid…
    it’s outstandingly funny pre-gogs rule og!

  124. I am making a Freedom of Information request regarding schemes
    piloting programmes aimed at in-work claimants – including
    sanctions on benefits – announced by your department to start April
    2015. I would appreciate information on the following:

    1. Where will these pilots be located?
    2. How will they operate and what will working claimants be
    expected to do?
    Please supply outlines of programmes, courses, schedules and
    3. By what mechanisms will sanctions be applied to working
    Please supply details of communications with Housing Benefit
    departments in affected areas, or other relevant agencies.
    4. What providers are contracted to administer these programmes?

    • Certain groups of claimants will be excluded from the trials on the basis that they would not be subject to conditionality if they were not working. This includes those with long term disabilities and recent victims of domestic violence.

      Avoid being targeted for extra-judicial work coach harassment, sanctions and homelessness beat the living daylights out of each other to the point of disabilities.

  125. DWP promoting domestic violence as an escape route from sanctions and homelessness.

  126. HMCTS Scotland consider an adverse mandatory reconsideration outcome as an independent arbitrators assertion of claimants guilt thus prejudicing the claimants appeal case.

  127. Still reeling overburdenddonkey but managed to get a 2nd round, thinking the appeal route is now a waste of time.

    surreal world now, aye…

  128. overburdenddonkey

    it’s a bit like changing railway gauges…but the scottactical voting campaign has had a few problems with it’s wheels…

  129. So Called ” Alternative ” Sheople are Really Selfish Vain Sheepish Idiots.

    Better People are Suffering and Starving in this Country and in the
    Wider World whilst Such Idiots are Obsessed with Hair Fashions
    and Expect Money to be Wasted on such Sheepish Vanity .

    There is Nothing ” Alternative ” about Sheepishly Following
    Celebrity Idiot Trendy Hair Fashions

  130. There is a General Election going on if the Tory Nutcases get Back
    in either as Part of a Coalition of Meatheads they will very Likely
    make Existence For the Poor and Vulnerable Worse whilst
    Braindead Middle Class and Upper Class Selfish Scum Live in

    Britain Need’s Socialism Not Slavery

  131. There are too Many I Am All Jack Idiots out There and TV Zombies
    as Well

    Materialism creates Selfishness just as the Rubbish on the
    TV Box turns too Many into Zombies

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