Take Action Against Soaring Homelessness: Support The March For The Homeless On April 15th

march-for-homelessSupport the March for the Homeless.  April 15 2015, Whitehall SW1, 6pm.

On last Sunday’s Andrew Marr Show Iain Duncan Smith said that homelessness had not risen since he implemented savage Housing Benefit cuts like the Bedroom Tax and Benefit Cap.  Even for a politician this was a breath-taking lie.

Every possible measure of homelessness has risen since the current Government weren’t elected.  The number of homeless families has soared by 27% and charities say the problem is far greater than even this, attacking the figures as no longer reliable.  The number of people sleeping on the streets has leapt by 50% and is now at the highest ever recorded level.  It is shocking that a Secretary of State can so openly attempt to deceive the public and astonishing that a highly experienced poltical interviewer like Marrs would let him get away with it.

According to a recent report produced by charities working on the front line, Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms are driving the rise in homelessness.  Perhaps of most concern is that just one in ten  local authority homelessness managers who were surveyed for the report believed that the impacts of benefits cuts had largely ‘run their course’.  Most believed things are set to get worse over the next two years.  Soaring rents, shrinking benefits and the threat of further cuts to come could yet create a homelessness crisis on a scale rarely if ever seen before in the UK.

On Wednesday April 15th a March for the Homeless will take place in Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada and the USA.  In London a mass rally will be held in Whitehall from 6pm with music, speakers, a free shop, street kitchen  and more.  Please help spread the word, for more info visit: http://streetskitchen.co.uk/?p=2072

For news of what’s happening in other cities join the facebook page or visit their website.  Campaigners are using the hashtags #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets and #March4Homeless

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119 responses to “Take Action Against Soaring Homelessness: Support The March For The Homeless On April 15th




        From: Alf Denning

        1 April 2015

        Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

        I have become aware that a number of people allocated to the ESA
        Support Group (“SG”) have been told in writing that they must
        attend a JCP office and bring passport and bank details with them.
        I further understand that they have been told that if they do not
        comply they are putting their benefits at risk. It seems that only
        those that were able to call the JCP were then told that the
        required information could be supplied by post.


  1. Out of the home he knows, and forced into a home he does not know.
    Please sign,


  2. 1 how many reviews into benefits claimants killing themselves since Jan

    2: Seeing as you are killing people by your actions, can I see a copy of the
    latest report, as this is of paramount public interest.

    3: Do you realise that you are liable for your actions, with that in mind how
    many staff have left the DWP since Jan 2012.

    4: How many staff have been sacked for failing to install the draconian
    policies since Jan 2012,

    5: How many whistle blowers have been sacked since Jan 2012.

    6: What is your policy on vulnerable households and sanctions.

    Your department is responsible for killing thousands of people in the UK by
    your actions, I posit that this makes you democidal maniacs Terrorists and
    Traitors and I demand you resign immediately.


  3. overburdenddonkey

    we’re ground into the ground, our foundations swept away by this storm of austerity! millions walk on by….
    10 fold increase in food banks dependency in scotland in 4yrs…’just say no’ to food and home addiction….

  4. The Scottish demo webpage looks more like a promotional Third Force charity event than a political march demanding action – more another day In paradise than get them out by Friday.




    • I doubt they have internal organs made of flesh, like the rest of us. Open up Fraud, Mcvile and IBS, all you will see is circuit boards, wires, chips…

  6. Guess which dept is NOT reading this?

    I have a nice letter from the labour candidate round my way saying labour will put the minimum wage up to £8, end zero hr contracts and bring me breakfast in bed on sundays. Just kidding, I made up the bit about wages and contracts.

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  8. “Samantha Cameron earned a reported £400,000 per year as creative director”


    • Guess which dept is NOT reading this?

      I would put up with 12 downing street; it must be about £13.80 a week!

    • lol was paying £35 a week for a dingy bed-sit with no water water, heating, no shower/bath, had to throw a bucket down the bog way back in 1970.

    • Provider fodder

      Reed Advisor ; ‘So, Paul.’
      ;’Mr Jonestone, to you’.
      Ah, O.k. , Mr Jonestone. Do you mind if I call you Paul?
      Yes, actually. You are a sniveling opportunist fuckwit twenty something with less brains than an Ox, who turns up to work for an employment agency/Pimp welfare to work combo organisation that is operating outside the common interest with the aim of taking money from the employer, employee and government tax payer subsidies at the same time whilst doing your utmost to influence employee status downwards and assuming everybody else is as cabbage like as you are.
      Your aims, financial goal posts and your necessity to fuck over everybody within reach are as obvious as your B/S attempts to hide your motives behind rhetoric and the repeated illusions of Dogma. You are lower than a fraudulent thief estate agent whilst only being one step above Pond Scum.
      I will not listen to your U.S. Psycho babble bullshit, have the tax payer billed for it messing with my outlook; (‘Mindset’; Classic indoctrination techniques often found in churches and cults),will not participate in info harvesting for your organisation in any way I can avoid, and on top of all that,I wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire; not even to just to save MY half of the human Genome.
      Reed ‘Advisor’; I may have a really good job for you, Paul.
      ;’Mr Jonstone’.
      ;’I ‘may’ have a really good job for you ‘Mr Jonestone’.
      If you can just sign this 3rd party form, it allows us to send your details , first, to our in partnership site so we can rape the Arse out of finding you a job. Big bucks;
      We get paid thrice. Second, we can send your details out to any other bugger that might have you, and THIRD, if you are dimwit enough to sign it if we cant pimp you out to somebody who will pay you have given us the right to send you for a job picking up Dog Shit for minimum wage on earlies and we still get some money out of it.We call this the ‘being realistic’ option. No other way we can pull a bonus from you.
      Mr Jonestone;
      ‘Tough shit. Sanction me, I still get my rent paid. For now. Glad to waste your time,you pimptastic ignorant twentysomething skilless transparent obnoxious and slightly malicious greedy Imbecile,and its no wonder you Terrapins died of fright,’

      • Provider fodder

        No frontline staff of ‘REED In Partnership’ have been identified, as per Mr Voids fair request a while back. However; I generally found every ‘adviser’ that lasted more than 6 weeks (2 visits if you must know) to be an odious ambitious money grabbing cxxt who did little to nothing except push me towards the poor house.
        Not a single bean of help or a single job within my skills was offered for application,because I would not sign the piece of paper that would seal my Doom.
        There is Good news though;
        This organisation is finding it incredibly hard to find high caliber ARSEHOLES who will work for 17k plus bonus.
        The job turnover rate is in the 8 weeks region. The age and salary expectations are too low,so apart from the odd shit pot, they get promoted sideways until they realize the wage is a joke instead of leaving immediately.It is pretty unsustainable currently, and that is with newly hired vast empty buildings.
        I see (Financial) TROUBLE, AHEAD. . .

        • Provider fodder

          Perhaps we WILL end up with a ‘Stazzi’..
          People mandated through workfare to work the work program
          Advisers positions..
          I would envisage some self abuse going on in directors accommodation if they could ‘pull’ that off. Pun appearing out of thin air.

  9. “Political Party Funding
    A list of Labour’s non-trade union donors: Financial Services sector now party’s second biggest cash funder”





    By John Pring, editor of Disability News Service

    It is fair to say that the Department for Work and Pensions is not disabled people’s favourite government department, but it is the one that Disability News Service (DNS) deals with most often. So when the DWP press office threatens to stop responding to DNS enquiries “with immediate effect”, it is a threat I have to take seriously.

    This blog will describe how this situation has come about. I hope that other disabled people will offer their opinions on whether I am behaving unreasonably, or whether the DWP is threatening DNS unfairly and potentially breaching the Equality Act.


  11. David Cameron: Tories will not undermine disability benefits

    PoliticsHome.com – 31st March 2015

    David Cameron has signalled the Conservatives will protect disabled claimants from welfare cuts in the next parliament.

    Read More:



    The election debate will be dominated by business leaders, bond markets, the Health Service and the public finances. The poor have been written out of the script.

    Despite George Osborne’s recent claims, poverty in Britain is growing. Driven by an increasingly fragile jobs market, the rise of insecure work and a more punitive benefits culture, poverty levels have been rising for a generation. Whatever measure is used, poverty levels are much higher than in the 1970s. They are also close to double the average of other rich countries.

    Deprivation levels are higher today than in the late 1990s. Today more households live in a damp home while three times as many cannot afford to heat their home adequately. The numbers who skimp on meals is at a 30 year high. The poorest fifth in Britain are 40% poorer than their counterparts in Germany and 30% poorer than in France.


  13. For ESA claimants in SG: Letter to send jobcentre BEFORE being invited to Work Related Interview

    DPAC – 31st March 2015

    For a while DPAC has been aware of ESA claimants in the Support Group receiving letters from the DWP asking them to attend a Work Related Interview. Although the letters say that attendance is on a voluntary basis, these letters have created much anxiety and uncertainty among claimants.

    ESA claimants in the Support Group do not have to attend these interviews, and DWP should not send claimants any communication likely to cause them distress.

    DPAC has now learned through a Freedom of Information request that this practice is undertaken throughout the country:

    Click to access FOI%20889.pdf

    You will find below a template letter you can send to your Job Centre BEFORE being invited to attend an interview or a group session, to make sure DWP is aware that any contact initiated by DWP is damaging to your health and is a distressing experience .

    Read More:

    • ESA Support Group – Invitation to Attend Work Focused Interviews

      I understand that the DWP has decided on a national policy of inviting people who have been assigned to the ESA Support Group (“SG”) to attend meetings or interviews that obviously qualify as Work Focused Interviews (“WFI”), as defined in the Welfare Reform Act 2007 (section 12(7)). Section 12(1) of the Welfare Reform Act 2007 specifically forbids the Secretary of State from imposing WFI on anyone allocated to the SG.

      Please accept this letter as formal notification that I do not wish to receive any invitations to attend meetings or interviews that could reasonably be considered to be WFI.

      Any interaction with the DWP or its contractors is invariably a distressing experience for me and usually exacerbates my medical condition. Therefore, should the DWP ignore this letter and contacts me, I shall consider it to be harassment as defined in the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and reserve the right to make a criminal complaint to the police. I also reserve the right to take legal action against the DWP should its actions, in respect of WFI, result in me sustaining any loss or suffering.

      I also wish to make it clear that I will always comply with the legal obligations arising out of my ESA claim.

      Please confirm, in writing, that I will not be invited to attend any WFI activities. Please do not attempt to contact me by telephone as I find the benefit system far too complex and distressing to deal with on the telephone.

      Please be aware that I have retained a copy of this letter (including the address used) and proof of postage.

      Your faithfully

      Your Name



    ………………………Exploiting disabled to ensure shareholder dividends for MAXIMUS, the new crooks on the block……

    Remploy wins government contract

    Remploy, which provides specialist employment services for people with disabilities and health conditions, has won a two-year contract to deliver part of the government’s new Specialist Employability Support (SES) programme.

    The programme is designed to ensure 1,700 disabled people across England, Scotland and Wales receive work-related support. About 1,250 people with disabilities are expected to move into work over the course of the contract.

    The contract award comes shortly after Remploy announced it would leave government ownership with the creation of a joint venture between Remploy employees and Maximus.

    The Financial Times reported on 12 March that Remploy had been sold to New York-listed Maximus by the Department for Work and Pensions. Maximus was to take a 70% stake while Remploy employees would take the remaining 30%



    MAXIMUS MMS, -0.84% a leading provider of government services worldwide, announced today that its Australian subsidiary, MAX Solutions, has been notified of award on a five-year contract to operate jobactive (formerly known as Job Services Australia) by the Department of Employment. The new contract launches July 1, 2015. MAXIMUS estimates the annual revenue will be at least consistent and may exceed the current annual run rate on its existing Job Services Australia contract. The Company expects to provide further details upon execution of the final jobactive contract.

  17. Provider fodder

    Yeah. I used to work for a well known Car company.
    The owner was such a gem of a (person), they cancelled the drivers crimbo box and gave 7 figures to ‘a Poiltical’ party.
    Whilst Spouting crap about ‘The Path to Greatness’ etc ;
    With the drivers working 80 hr weeks to clear 20 grand.
    Think about these guys when you need 4 wheels and use a Hackney carriage, eh? Doing them a huge one in the long run.

  18. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void stresses how urgent the march is, noting the immense rise in homelessness due to IDS swingeing benefit cuts. The figures are truly shocking. The number of homeless families has risen by 27 per cent, and there has been a 50 per cent rise in the number of people sleeping on the streets. And worse is to come in the next two years.

    Yet the government is hiding the true extent of homelessness in Britain with doctored statistics, which the charities have denounced as no longer reliable. Just as bad, some of the BBC’s political journalists seem to consider the issue irrelevant or are even biased towards the Tories in this direction. How else can you explain Andrew Marr’s failure to tackle IDS’ lies on this issue?

    Marches aren’t just happening in Britain. They’re also in America and Canada. The article has links to the protests’ Facebook page and website, as well as links and a brief description of what’s planned for London.

  19. Someone please hang IDs come to acton and sheppards bush there are homeless people everywere you look …just go up the scrubs common ,homeless people everywere in the woods liveing rough as shepards bush becomes gentrified people are being made homeless and driven out of the area theres a tisunami of yuppies flooding the area repugnant….profetional couples……puuuuke and that’s bad news for the locals …were do they think were gonna go…????

    • That’s the problem – traditionally ‘social housing’ is located in ‘bad’ areas. But as the anti-social element ‘disappears’, the area becomes more amenable the area becomes more desirable. So you see ‘yuppy’ flats springing up in the surrounding area; the ‘social housing’ is then ring-fenced by yuppy flats. Consequently, the land on which the ‘social housing’ is located becomes more valuable. So a few ‘back-handers’, a few ‘brown envelopes’ being exchanged between ‘social landlords’ and ‘deveopers’ and the next thing you know is the bull-dozers moving in. In a sense as we strive to improve out localiies we are at the same time cutting our own throats.

  20. Bernie and Millicent

    Over a cup of hot cocoa we overhead some Scotch ‘Poverty debate’ on BBC Parliament last night. Sanctions were brought up; one of the audience was said that as a mum with 3 autistic children the jobcentre has seen fit to leave her with £18 a week to struggle by on; she must missed out the last 3 digits of her postcode on her job diary or something. The consensus of opinion was this decision ‘inhuman’, made by ‘inhuman’ people working for an ‘inhuman’ organisation.

  21. Mark Fuckerberg

    What’s this obsession with ‘Facebook pages’. Facebook records your every move; it profiles you; it harvests all your data; it sells/shares your personal information with third parties; the security services/government agencies/cops have unfettered access to your Facebook account; the DWP use Facebook to find ‘evidence’ of ‘benefit fraud’; the cops use Facebook for ‘fishing expeditions’ and entrapment; Facebook users have been sent to prison, think 4 years, for some drunken, ill-thought out remark – what’s not to like about Facebook. Facebook is ‘free’ for a reason. The only people who benefit from Facebook are Facebook. Zuckerburg and Co. are coining in $300 billion a year.

    • Mark Fuckerberg

      Not to mention that people have also lost their jobs/been refused employment because of content posted on their Facebook page. Facebook is a corporate face of a state entity. Facebook is a cancer; it is a trap; it is an instrument of social control The more pervasive it becomes, the more power and control it has, and the more devastating and fatal its inevitable consequences will be.

      • Dumbfuck 'real name' fakebooker

        “Like it!” 😀 😀

      • Do No Evil lol

        Yeah, just heard a pissed off teacher on the wireless complaining that prospective employers are trawling Fakebook for adverse comments on Fakebook about potential employees…

      • The Facebook Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line August 4th, 2020. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Facebook begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

    • Don’t forget that Mark Fuckberg called its users “His Bitches”…

      • The Google Guys

        And Fuckberg and Co. are heavily involved in developing facial recognition technology. Pity how fuckwit Facebook users can’t see where all this sinister crap is going….

      • The Google Guys

        As well as Fuckberg having the look of a real ruthless, sinister Nazi bastard.





      The couple were initially told the cash had been stopped because Ava’s disability was not considered serious enough to qualidy.

      But later the Department of Work and Pensions said it was due to dad Graham working in Germany, with the DWP claiming that country is responsible. They added Ava should never have been given the carer’s portion of DLA in the first place.

      Graham has worked for the same British company for 25 years, and when he was seconded to Germany the family went with him, but still spent a large amount of time in the UK.

      Later Laura returned to the UK full-time will Ava and her 10-year-old sister Libby.

      Laura, who cares for Ava round-the-clock, said: “They’ve got this completely wrong. Where Graham pays national insurance is completely irrelevant because this is not a national insurance-based benefit.”

      The Department for Work and Pensions said the family should not have received the letter which told them Ava’s condition was not serious enough to qualify.

      Instead they said the removal of the care aspect of Disability Living Allowance was due to Graham making contributions in Germany.

      A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: “Miss Jolliffe was originally awarded the care component of DLA in June 2014 in error.

      “As her father works in Germany and pays the equivalent of National Insurance contributions there, Germany is the state responsible for providing that benefit.”

      • So, lets see if I’ve got his straight… British Citizen [dual natinality or not], now living in UK [nationality of Parents], is told that country where born, is responsible for paying for care? Really? So I can take it that this is reciprated to other countries abroad. DWP are having a laugh – at a young childs expense to boot.

        • Next I’ll get a letter but first my benefits will stop, saying I’m supposed to be claiming my benefits from Germany because I was born there.

  24. Dumbfuck 'real name' fakebooker

    “Like it!” 😀

  25. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    Take action if you can…

  26. Anne-Marie has been evicted from her London council flat after falling into rent arrears while working on a zero hours contract. She’s been offered a new home… in Wolverhampton.

    Britain’s Benefit Tenants – Thurs 02/04/15 (tonight) Channel 4 23:20 – 00:25

    * contains strong language throughout

  27. Universal Credit is due to replace most benefits, but also working tax credits, housing benefit and there is talk of it replace council tax support.

    Universal Credit sanctions will become permanent because Hardship Payments will become recoverable loans against future benefit or wages by direct deductions from court action.

    UC will hit from 2016 onwards just as the flat rate state pension hits those with a retirement age from on and from 6 April 2016, leaving huge numbers of the poorest men and women with NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE.
    See why, at end of my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT seciton, at:

    Help the millions of poor over 60s left in penniless starvation, hit by sanctions, lost benefit, workfare and Bedroom Tax by the raised retirement age, by sharing my petition’s website on your Facebook and Twitter accounts please.

    Not with any expectation of changing the bare-faced deceit of the Lib Dems (Pensions Minister is Lib Dem Mr Steve Webb) or the Tories, but of making people aware of what is to befall them, so that they look about them for different parties to vote for on Thursday 7 May.


    Neither Tory nor Labour will win this year, with the most severe hung parliament of just neck and neck number of MPs, so the Tories will just continue to rule.

    Then we get a second general election this year, and get a
    TORY / LABOUR COALITION, with no party left on the opposition seats in the UK parliament.

    To bring in an unassailable group of parties in a majority anti austerity government, then MPs from anti austerity parties need to be voted into the job this year.

    Nothing is being informed to you by the national press or TV news, and they are not invited to televised debates.


    The reason for the silence is that there are many Tory and Lib Dem MPs in seats where the poor voting differently would unseat them out of the job.

    Labour would be within the group of parties, but they will never get a majority again for any forseeable future.


    See my personal website:

    This is the Vote or Starve and Freeze election.

    Only different MPs from proven anti austerity parties have the power to utterly change Labour and reverse the welfare and pension reforms that are more than abolition.


  28. I was wondering why it appears that the ConMen Conservatives believe that Pensioners would willingly become Pensioner Apprentacies.

    Now I know the answer. Pension draw down and getting caught out in Paying $0% tax.


  29. Votes in 2010 general election:
    – 10.7m Tories
    – 8.6m Labour
    – 6.8m LibDems
    – 15.9m NON VOTERS

  30. SNP News Network

    Hang Sturgeon

    Police are investigating a comment on social media suggesting that the Scottish first minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon should be hanged.
    A message sent on Twitter by a freelance sports journalist, Fraser Paterson, said Ms Sturgeon should be hanged from a tree in Charlotte Square Gardens in Edinburgh.

    • Sure Nicola Sturgeon can look after herself, 28%debate win.

      He said, she said – call the twitter police is the stuff of totalitarianism.

  31. We need to get our act together, to form a real working class movement and take the power back. The Poll Tax riots were 25 years ago, I was there. I have to admit at certain point’s during that day in London I was scared shitless. But I’m proud that I played my small part in Maggie’s downfall. It can be done we just need to believe. We create the wealth for them, without us there fucked. We have come to rely far to much on the supposed benevolence of the bosses and the state. We need to strike back. I hope to be there on the 15th, I will have to take a sickie from work, I be a skiver & a shirker for a day!

    And as you so eloquently put it Johnny “Find a weak spot, organise, and kick it till it fucking breaks.”

    Keep up the good work mate!

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  33. The Conservatives last won an Election in 1992 – 23 years ago.

  34. A4e staff jailed for DWP back-to-work training fraud

    BBC – 31st March 2015

    Six employees at a back-to-work recruitment company have been jailed for a fraud that saw them falsely claim almost £300,000.

    They worked for Action 4 Employment (A4e) which helped people gain training to get into work.

    They made up files, forged signatures and falsely claimed they had helped people find jobs, enabling them to hit targets and gain government bonuses.

    Four more employees received suspended sentences.

    Following a 13-week trial at Reading Crown Court, four people were found guilty of taking part in the fraud in January. Six others previously admitted their part, and a further three were acquitted.

    Prosecutor Sarah Wood said between them they created 167 false claims which cost the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), which contracted A4e to carry out the work, £288,595.

    Some falsified files using the names of family members, while others offered bribes in the form of vouchers to get people to fill out false forms, the court heard.

    Read More:

  35. CEO of A4e says company has ‘zero tolerance policy towards fraud’ following sentencing of 10 former employees

    SloughExpress – 1st April 2015

    A statement from the CEO of A4e has been released following the sentencing of 10 former employees, including three from Slough, who fraudulently claimed to be helping unemployed people back to work.

    “A4e has a zero tolerance policy towards fraud and took this case extremely seriously,” said Andrew Dutton, A4e Group CEO.

    “The sentences today bring a conclusion to the investigation that was started by A4e in 2010, when we uncovered some irregularities in a small contract in the Thames Valley, and we co-operated fully with the Department for Work and Pensions and police to bring this case to court.

    “These convictions relate to a single contract which ended four years ago and represented only 0.24 per cent of our annual business at that time, and to people who no longer work at A4e.

    “We note that the judge in her sentencing remarks dismissed claims that a culture of dishonesty existed within our business.

    Read More:

  36. Think I would be finding out if my name had been used in any of these fraudulent cases – there would be a good case for compensation if your details had been used.

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  38. The 4th of April 2015 AD Mark’s Tragedy in German History The 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Schutzstaffel SS in 1925 AD.

    The SS Schutzstaffel were Part of Hitler’s Forces of Thugs and were Responsible for many Atrocities .

    No to Nazism Then and No to Nazi Atrocities in Britain Now against
    the Poor and Vulnerable

    Raise High the Red Flag of Freedom

  39. A Place of Residence is a Basic Human Right and should be Constitutionally
    Guaranteed and Upheld

    Scrap that Section of LASPO 2012 which makes it an ” Offence ” to Squat in a Empty ” Residential ” Building

    Get the Tories Out

    Get Socialism In

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  41. Very Spot On

    The More People that Vote in the 2015 General Election to Get the
    Tories Out the Better

    Things may Not of been Perfect under Labour but were Better

    A Huge Vote For Labour would Show how Disgusted Decent People
    are with Public Spending Cuts

    Stepping Razor Sound Plate System | April 2, 2015 at 4:28 pm | Reply Votes in 2010 general election:
    – 10.7m Tories
    – 8.6m Labour
    – 6.8m LibDems
    – 15.9m NON VOTERS

  42. Thankfully Margaret Thatcher is Gone from this World but the
    Poisonous Legacy of Thatcherism has to be as Well

    Un Restrained Neo Liberalism and Capitalism has Caused
    a Lot of Harm

    Better Caring Socialism

  43. It is Not an Oppressed Underdog’s Fault for being Homeless
    it is the Fault of the Forces of Oppression and Oppression

    Help the Homeless and Disgust with Oppression Lovers

  44. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    This is for any of you who can get into London on April 15th…

  45. HMCTS Scotland consider an adverse mandatory reconsideration outcome as an independent arbitrators assertion of claimants guilt thus prejudicing the claimants appeal case.

  46. Many Constituencies have Less than 50% Vote For Tory

    The More that Vote against the Tories the More Prospect of the Tories and
    their Dictatorship being Defeated

    I Hope the Liberal Democrats are Electorally Wiped Out if they had No Seats
    I would Cheer

  47. The Right to a Place of Residence is a Basic Human Right

    Tax the Rich Hands Off the Poor

    End Non Dom Status

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