From Tragedy To Farce, How Universal Credit’s Work Related Activity Is Beyond A Joke


Someone buy Zac a pint.

The rules on what constitutes work related activity for those claiming Universal Credit would be laughable if they were not backed by sanctions that can plunge people into destitution for up to three years.

As part of Iain Duncan Smith’s obsession with forcing unemployed, sick and disabled people into ever more irksome and pointless activity, unemployed claimants are now expected to spend 35 hours a week looking for a job.  The guidance for Jobcentre decision makers gives an example of a typical day:

“Dave is in receipt of UC. His expected number of hours of work are 35 a week. “On a typical day, Dave spends
1. two hours on-line looking through recruitment sites
2. one hour reading the “situations vacant” pages in the press (local papers,
national papers and trade journals)
3. one hour and a half completing a job application and covering letter
4. half an hour reviewing and updating his CV
5. half an hour pursuing further information on suitable advertised vacancies
6. half an hour speaking to friends, family and former colleagues about possible employment opportunities
7. one hour researching the possibility of setting up in business as selfemployed.”

Under the rules Dave is supposed to do this every single day or face his benefits being stopped.  That means updating his CV – every day.  Looking at the same job vacancies in the press and on the internet, every day.  Boring his friends and family by asking them about employment opportunities.  Every day.

It is beyond a fucking joke.  You can imagine the conversations in Jobcentres:

“Well I spent an hour yesterday researching becoming a self-employed plumber”

“Very good, what did you find out”

“I can’t plumb”

“Oh.  Try researching becoming an electrician tomorrow”.

Of course ask them to send you on a training course to become a plumber and you’ll be cleaning the bogs on workfare somewhere before your Work Coach has had chance to stop laughing.

These ludicrous rules come with one vital caveat, and it’s one the Jobcentre doesn’t want you to know about.

“J3075 There will be times where a claimant has spent less time on work search than their expected hours of work. In such cases, where a claimant has taken all reasonable action to find paid work, then the work search requirement is satisfied1. What all reasonable action will be will depend on the claimant’s circumstances.”

There are more and every claimant should read the guidance on Work Related Activity which can be found at:

DWP rules change frequently, visit this page for the most up to date information.  Always try and speak to a welfare rights advisor such as Citizen’s Advice if you are having problems.  Claimants acting collectively has been used to successfully challenge Jobcentre decisions, contact your local claimant’s group and if there isn’t one think about starting something up.

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103 responses to “From Tragedy To Farce, How Universal Credit’s Work Related Activity Is Beyond A Joke

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  2. DWP can take that and stuff it in a most painful place.

    Refuted :

    “As there is no legal requirement for Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants to
    undertake 35 hours of Work Search Activity each week, no legislation or
    national guidance stating otherwise exists.”

    “I rest my case you honor – how do you find the defendent?”

  3. overburdenddonkey

    where’s common sense we need it?
    wide eyed new/unaware claimant gets snared (new to uc)…keenly sign up to pointless activity, desperate for work and/or keep vitality giving vitals of life income coming in…. akin to individually whitewashing pebbles, scrubbing the floor with a nail brush and building drystane dykes in the hills to punish, keep peasants occupied, that go nowhere and do nothing… definitely form a claimant support group or join one…knowledge is power….

    • overburdenddonkey

      typo; where’s common when we need it?

    • What the Wooster twits fail to consider is that they are buildng a army of people who – if/when – the time comes will literally be baying for thier blood.

      This is effecting enough people that sooner or later, when it is apparent to all that the law won’t help them – they will help themselves by any means possible. At that point all bets are off.

    • Well well well

      Now we can finally see the figures of this fraudalant rip off scheme:

      A4e was paid £1.3million for the contract and £10,500 a month to implement it. The company received payments for each person it helped gain employment.

      The court heard that while A4e helped 558 people find jobs, staff lied about others.

      ‘The total amount of fraudulent claiming was 167 files, for a total loss of £288,595.’

      The firm signed the £1.3 million, three-year Inspire to Aspire contract in August 2008.

      What a name, I like it “Inspire to Aspire”, which was subsequently changed on reflection to “Aspire to Defraud”… love it.

      • Another Fine Mess

        They’re all in it together, From March 2012.

        And in more evidence of the links between Ms Harrison and David Cameron, The Independent on Sunday has learnt that A4e is advising No 10 on the next wave of privatisation. It will offer advice on “value for money” in contracting out, including writing guidelines on future privatisations. The firm will hold a seminar in Whitehall explaining how to design welfare contracts with private firms. The contract, worth £250,000 was agreed last September.

  4. Another Fine Mess

    How British video games became a billion pound industry.
    The global video games industry is estimated to be worth £80bn. While America and Japan dominate the market, the UK video games sector employs over 12,000 people, generating an annual revenue of £2.5bn.

    Now we lead the world again, this time in unpaid shelf stackers, and charity shops.

    • AFM: “Now we lead the world again, this time in unpaid shelf stackers, and charity shops.”

      And Foodbanks, don’t forget them. The only country in the world where an idiotic cretinous govt declare they’ve got the country on it’s feet and in recovery when the foodbanks are bustin’ at the seams and new one’s are opening every week.

      “Roll up! roll up! Rest of the world look at how we do it in Britain, with our race to the bottom economics. Where it’s now commonplace to be in employment and penury at the same time.”

      Yeah it’s called “neo-liberalism” and globalization. Take from the poor and give to the rich.

  5. UN complaint puts ILF closure under international microscope

    DNS – 27th March 2015

    Disabled people have asked the United Nations to investigate the government’s decision to shut down the Independent Living Fund (ILF).

    In a written complaint lodged this week, they say the decision to close ILF to new members in December 2010 – apparently without proper consultation – was a breach of disabled people’s rights under five separate articles (17, 19, 20, 30 and 31) of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

    Read More:

    UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

  6. So will Labour keep breaking the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). !!!

  7. overburdenddonkey

    ‘Full-time employee jobs account for only one in 40 created since recession..’



    Disabled claimants within the support and wrag groups are now being targeted by sanction achieving DWP decision makers.

    Letters are being sent to the claimants to voluntarily attend work focused interviews.
    The letters seem harmless, but the follow up phone calls are menacing, often citing that sanctions will be applied for none attendence………..

    In an effort to cleanse the uk of costly benefits, the DWP will sink as low as is possible, escalating it’s present death count into uncharted waters.

    Threatening someone who has neither the mental or physical ability to work, or those reaching the end of their tenure in life, seems the newest sport on planet shit.

    ………………Astonishingly the Welfare Reform Acts forbid the Secretary of State from doing these very things, but the Secretary is beyond the law, a legend in his own lunchtime, having more kills on his resume than any serial killer could only dream of.



      I thought it was too good to be true, that when these words were daubed on a wall, it said “THE POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING”

      …………………….but not investigating the deaths that were running around 74 per week in 2010, nor the deaths hidden by CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM, the Freedom of Information Commissioner…………………………

      All murderers need an alibi to avoid prosecution, GRAHAM has fulfilled his position to a T.


      Our invitation to you
      We would like to invite you to a discussion around whether we can support you back
      into some form of work. An appointment has been arranged for you on [date] at
      [time] at [place] to see [insert name] who is one of our work coaches.
      You are claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). This is intended to
      support those that can back into work and provide those that cannot with support.
      As you are in the support group we cannot mandate you to participate in work-
      focused activities. Therefore your attendance at this meeting is voluntary and not
      attending will not affect your payments.
      We nevertheless would like you to consider attending this discussion to talk about
      the help we can offer into getting you back into some form of work.
      We would appreciate it if you could let us know if you will be unable to attend this
      discussion. Please call us on [insert local number]



        John Slater left an annotation (30 March 2015)

        This is hugely worry as the Welfare Reform Act specifically forbids the Secretary of State from compelling people to attend WFI if they are in the support group. There are stories that the ‘voluntary’ nature of the invites are forgotten about when telephone calls are made and people in the SG are left believing that they have no choice but to attend.

        Also some reports that JCP staff are presenting it as “if you don’t attend you will be sanctioned” over the telephone. Clearly no medical people involved so I can see people harming themselves or medical conditions getting worse having received these invites. Also can’t see what help DWP can give. If you have Cancer, for example, does the DWP suddenly have a cure?

        For me this is harassment, plain and simple!

      • “Therefore your attendance at this meeting is voluntary and not
        attending will not affect your payments.”

        LOL! Then if they see the person has managed to get to JCP, they deem them fit for work as in: “If you can make it here to the meeting then you’re fit for work. You can sit at a desk!”

        Instant relegation into the WRAG and endless ‘Brownies’ dropping through the letter box every morning inviting you to take part in workfare for your benefits.

        They must think people are really friggin’ dumb with that shite.

        • …………………exactly Raining, hit it on the head in one!

          If you attend they will use it against you, just like ATOS did, automaticaly down rated just for turning up, downrated for being smart……………..

        • 6. The work-related activity group

          If it is decided that you do not have a limited capability for work-related activity, you will be placed in the work-related activity group. If you are placed in the work-related activity group, you will receive a lower rate of ESA than if placed in the support group. If you are entitled to contributory ESA, your award will be limited to just 12 months

          ………………………and left on the scrapheap of life, penniless, in pain and forgotten……………



            Judgment: Discretionary housing payments. Council wrong to take into account DLA care component. High Court rules.

            • The LA in my area has been including both types of DLA awards, at all levels, to calculate DHP payments since at least 2004. If you ask for this to be put in writing, they’ll verbally agree and no letter arrives. The letters telling you that your claim was rejected don’t include explanations of why.

              There have never been any actual rules about decision making in DHP cases. The LA can include anything they want in the calculations, including DLA (or now PIP).

              For DHP there are no rules, only “guidelines”

          • Have to laugh at this WRAG Geoff! So basically you’re a sick person who has declared themselves ill, with a sick note from your Dr, and you’ve done this to preclude yourself from the job market because you feel so unwell. One visit to a Maximus/Atos charlatan and they decide you’re not really ill at all and put you in the WRAG group where, amongst other delights, you can be farmed out to workfare and be forced to attend work focused interview brain washing sessions at JCP. All while you’re feeling seriously unwell. That’ll do a lot to make you feel

            Benefit denial service in full flight.

        • There will be a lot of people that will turn up because they don’t yet know of the consequence’s.

      • Don’t give the DWP a telephone number – not everyone has a telephone, I don’t. All my dealings with DWP are online, by letter or via email.


      A ‘fit note’ not a ‘sick note’ is the key to good health
      Saturday, 28 March 2015, 11:03 am
      Press Release: Royal Australasian College of Physicians

      A ‘fit note’ not a ‘sick note’ is the key to good health in the workplace

      Media release

      27 March 2015

      Replacing the traditional ‘sick note’ with a ‘fit note’ is the way forward for ensuring a healthy and productive workplace in New Zealand, according to UK Government Expert Adviser on Health and Work, Professor Dame Carol Black.

      The traditional ‘sickie’ is causing more harm than good for the overall health of workers and in New Zealand, workers take a staggering 6.1 million sick days each year[1].

      Professor Dame Carol will address an audience of physicians in Wellington this week on the topic of Health Benefits of Work.

      “The traditional ‘sick note’ from a GP doesn’t give the full picture of an injured or ill worker’s health, leading to misperceptions regarding their capacity to return to work,” she said.

      “GP’s should be given the option to nominate patients for a phased return to work, different hours, a get well program or changes to the workplace environment.

      Professor Dame Carol was responsible for successfully introducing the ‘fit note’ system into the UK five years ago.

      • “””Replacing the traditional ‘sick note’ with a ‘fit note’ is the way forward for ensuring a healthy and productive workplace in New Zealand, according to UK Government Expert Adviser on Health and Work, Professor Dame Carol Black.””””

        The FIT NOTE is to heavy that`s why I need a SICK NOTE.

  9. YT – Human Rights [Retro Locks Riddim] March 2015

  10. According to my Jobcentre, the 35 hours a week can include time spent travelling to and from the Jobcentre to sign on, as well as time spent waiting to be seen. Make of that what you will.

  11. By law you have to provided tea & biscuits if Work Programming all day!! Not the mention a toilet.

  12. Dodgy Dave & The Dodgy Disability Crew – ATOS – A4e, Maximus, Disability Confident PLC, Integrity Department PLC – Town & Country PLC

  13. How many think tanks does it take to have common sense = 0
    How many think tanks does it take to spend £3 Million = 1

  14. They are not interested in their flag ship welfare reform now its all Election Fever !!! Weakness & what happened to the DWP IDS off partying !!

  15. Difficult difficult times.

  16. Anti-austerity and disability campaigners announce plans to stand for Norwich election

    Eastern Daily Press – 13th March 2015

    The race for the two Norwich seats in Westminster will have a number of runners and riders, with anti-austerity and disability campaigners announcing plans to stand for election.

    Disability campaigner Mick Hardy has said he wants to raise awareness of the plight of disabled people by standing as a candidate for the Dandy Party in Norwich North.

    The 61-year-old, whose party name stands for “Disabled and not dead yet” decided to put himself up for election earlier this year to highlight concerns about the way disabled people are being treated.

    Mr Hardy, who does not work because he suffers from arthritis and mobility problems, as well as stress and anxiety, has been raising the cash for his campaign through crowdfunding.

    The Norfolk-born campaigner, who has undergone a work capability assessment, said that disabled people have been hit by austerity measures more than other people in society.

    Read More:

    • The Norfolk-born campaigner, who has undergone a work capability assessment, said that disabled people have been hit by austerity measures more than other people in society.

      Would say JSA single and joint claimants have been hit the hardest.

      • Hmmm, now there’s an opinion that might start yet another population dividing war.

        If you are claiming benefits, then you have been hit hard.

        Probably a good idea to leave it at that or we’ll have “my cancer’s worse than your motor neurone disease” arguments, which although in this instance, I exaggerate for shits and giggles, similar have been seen on many disability/activist blog comment sections.


    The modern slavery bill, passed this week, increases the maximum jail sentence for traffickers to life – it was previously 14 years – and allows the authorities to seize traffickers’ assets and force them to pay compensation to their victims.

    It also brings in measures to protect people feared at risk of being enslaved and requires businesses to disclose what action they have taken to ensure their supply chains are free of slave labour

  18. Guess who's NOT reading this?

    Actually, the time Zac spent playing video games IS likely to make him more employable. He will have spent 100’s of hours under stress conditions whilst exercising his thought responses and physical reflexes. Mentally he will be (several times) faster thinking,free-er thinking,almost un phased in comparison to somebody who has not followed many digital gaming simulations over several years and may have an interest in real world martial arts as well.
    In short, Zac will HUMILIATE his non participating colleagues is a humble order picking or similar job,and this is also likely to be related to the fact he ‘Just happens to be that sort of guy in the first place’;
    In my experience kids like Zac with a competitive interest end up buying the place out.

    • People like Zac are also vetted out of pre-employment checks because they do not show enough deference and their demand for good practise may overturn the collective incompetence of the organisation.

  19. Guess who's NOT reading this?

    Its the village idiot retard spawned write offs I feel sorry for; Never bought a play station , possibly not a calculator and told that a life pulling turnips was good enough for their parents,.
    Keep voting for a political party if you want your children to grow up in a world were Zac ends up cutting up chicken for KFC in a Padley’s chicken factory; where some prick starts a stop watch when he goes for a Tea break.

  20. Guess who's NOT reading this?

    You keep voting for a party, because Miliband and Cameron’s kids will never punch in to an apron covered in blood for a 12 shift, will never struggle or shit their pants at a redundancy notice. Will never even actually give a toss or calculate the statutory pension allowance.
    You will have saved them all that by giving either of there useless thieving liar shitpot Fathers a single term in parliament.

    • Jolly Bind Jape

      At least Wills will be knuckling down and having a jolly jape over the summer flying helicopters for the air ambulance. Why aren’t council house kids given these sorts of opportunities? Why isn’t the jobcentre offering helicopter lessons – sure they would be very popular. Or do you have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to master the controls of a helicopter? Flying helicopters ffs Poor kids are denied through lack of finance the opportunity to learn to drive a car!

  21. BBC News website has dumbed down big style in time for the 2015ge.

    • Guess who's NOT reading this?

      ‘is it gonna be THIS Bunch of SHIT Head Lying thieving party BASTARDS you vote in, or THAT Bunch of Lying thieving party BASTARDS? ?
      Rest assured; Here at the Beeb we will present both your available choices in a fair manor because to suggest an alternative would risk common sense showing up at the license fee review and frankly that just would not be good news at all.In the meantime, here is some utterly dreadful repeat of the Dr who christmas special that was written in the canteen thunderbox battling a hangover in 17 minutes this yr,,just in case you didnt notice the difference.
      This will be followed by a James Bond film,that just happens to be past royalty fees. See you at the Ballot box, Dimwits!

    • Too right, it looks like CBeebies lol 😀

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      yep, for scotland click uk….


      “Strange how the BBC evade answering the question”

      Request for Information – RFI20150371

      Thank you for your request of 7th March 2015 under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (‘the Act’)
      seeking the following information:

      “Is it legal to watch catchup TV on services such as BBC iPlayer, without a TV licence?”

      Please note that “TV Licensing” is a trade mark used by companies contracted by the BBC to administer
      the collection of television licence fees and enforcement of the television licensing system. The majority of
      the administration of TV Licensing is contracted to Capita Business Services Ltd (‘Capita’). Over-the-counter
      services are provided by PayPoint plc (‘PayPoint’) in the UK, and by the Post Office in the Isle of Man and
      Channel Islands. Marketing and printing services are contracted to Proximity London Ltd. Media services
      are contracted to Mediaedge:CIA International Limited (“MEC”). The BBC is a public authority in respect of
      its television licensing functions and retains overall responsibility.

      Please be advised that recorded information relevant to this part of your request is already published on
      the TV Licensing website at the following web-link:–devices-and-online-


      A TV licence is only required for those properties where equipment is installed or used to receive TV programme services. Catch-up services (e.g. non-live content on the BBC iPlayer etc) fall outside the legal definition of a TV programme service.
      You might be interested in reading Chapter 2 of our free ebook, as recommended by the BBC!

  22. A friend received an email from David Cameron today. It wants him to vote Conservative, donate 20 pounds, and join Dave’s campaign Team2015. My friend’s main worry was about where they had found his email address. I told him MI5/MI6. My friend does not intending voting for the Cons. as he is aware of what is happening to job seekers, the disabled, etc.

    My friend said that actually the Con/Lib dems had not personally affected him. I reminded him that they had put VAT up to 20% therefore, although he was not starving to death, it had lowered his spending power. He had helped a friend fill in the form from ATOS, which had caused him stress, and had attended 2 WCA’s with them, with the ‘nurse’ at the second medical talking to him as if he was a piece of dirt for wanting to take notes. He had spent time in ATOS, DWP and Job centre buildings that he would never normally have had to set foot in, because he had friends who dared to become ill, disabled or jobless.

    Here is the email:

    From: David Cameron
    Sent: Mon, 30 Mar 2015 6:19
    Subject: This election:

    Dear m…..,
    Five years ago, millions of people were unemployed, there was no economic security for our families and there were worries about whether our country could pay its debt.
    Britain was on the brink.
    Five years later, because of our long-term economic plan and the difficult decisions we have taken, we have more people in work than at any time in our history, living standards are on the rise and we are more economically secure.
    Of course we haven’t fixed everything, but Britain is back on its feet again.
    1000 jobs are being created every single day. 760,000 more businesses have started up.
    Last year our economy grew faster than any other major advanced economy in the world – meaning more people getting that job offer and more families hopeful of a better future.
    This election also takes place at a time when the world is dangerous and uncertain.
    So we need strong leadership to safeguard our national security as well as our economic security.
    That’s why in 38 days’ time, Britain faces a stark choice.
    You can choose an economy that grows, that creates jobs, that generates the money to ensure a properly funded and improving NHS – as well as a Government that will cut taxes for 30 million hardworking people.
    Or you can choose the economic chaos of Ed Miliband’s Britain – over £3000 in higher taxes for every working family to pay for more welfare and out-of-control spending. Debt will rise and jobs will be lost as a result.
    Ed Miliband pays lip service to working people while planning to hike taxes and increase debt.
    After five years of effort and sacrifice, Britain is on the right track. This election is about moving forward – and as Prime Minister, that is what I will deliver.
    So today I’m asking you to help me – to join Team2015, our volunteer network, and play your part in the most important election in a generation.
    Thank you,
    David Cameron

    Donate today

    If you don’t want to receive any more messages from David Cameron and the Conservatives, click here to unsubscribe
    Promoted by Alan Mabbutt on behalf of the Conservative Party, both at 4 Matthew Parker Street, L

    • Donate, My Arse!

      • Guess who's NOT reading this?

        ‘Donate your Arse’?
        Considering George is doing his best to gain forcible entry I suppose actually asking you first is a novel approach;The sort of thing that young men occasionally find successful once or twice purely by accident.
        Rifling your pockets whilst your trousers are on the deck is taking the fucking Piss though.

    • Guess who's NOT reading this?

      God ‘ole Dave sent me a similar email,as did his chum Osborne.
      Funnily enough, although both showed the willingness to initiate conversation neither of them have made the effort to respond to my reply.

    • @Prickly
      Whose money are Cameron and Gidiot using to finance that email campaign? From the Tories’ £73,000,000 war chest, or the taxpayer? Should anyone receive a begging letter from the Tories with a post-paid return letter, stuff it full of waste paper and post it back.

    • I would choose screaming lord such over scameron.!

  23. How can anybody spend a half-hour a day updating their CV and such like? If you’re unemployed for most people today is the same as yesterday and the same as tomorrow. What the heck is likely to happen on a daily basis that requires altering your CV? And what about this half-hour speaking to family, friends and former colleagues about finding work? What is that supposed to mean? “Monday: Had a coffee with uncle Bert and spoke to him about any work he might have heard was coming up on the grapevine”? How will the DWP know if thus is true or false? Will they contact “uncle Bert” to get him to corroborate whether what you claim was true and how long he spent talking with you about work and work related activity?


    How can nonsense like this have ever have been allowed to happen?

    If the penalties weren’t quite so serious verging on the deadly I’d laugh.

    • Kafka's Worst Nightmare

      …. then they will turn a round and say: “but you spoke to Uncle Bert yesterday, I want to see you speaking to someone else tomorrow regarding work related activity. In fact, I want you to have spoken to at least a dozen different people on each day. To be clear speaking to the same person twice on any occasion does not count. Also I will be expecting their full names, addresses (with full, not partial postcode) and telephone numbers (home, business and mobile) or I will have no option but to refer your claim to a decision maker…”

  24. Do they owe us a living?

    I’m in the same boat, the universal credit nightmare, 35hrs looking for non existent jobs and now I’ve just learnt that they’ve messed up my payments so I’m flat broke…Seriously considering quitting being a good citizen and becoming a criminal just to keep on living.

    21st century Britain.



    The only way to gain a majority anti austerity UK government is to vote for MPs of the parties of the poor on the left, that are getting no media coverage or talked about in blogs.

    Labour alone cannot win and then we get a second general election that brings in a TORY / LABOUR COALITION, so the Tories would rule for next 5 years.

    None of us would be alive by the next half of a decade with that scenario.


    – TUSC (Trade unionist and socialist coalition)
    6th biggest party entirely ignored by the media

    – Class War
    Double Dole and Pension

    – Mebyon Kernow
    Cornwall has the most slim majorities of sitting Tory and Lib Dem MPs

    – Socialist GB
    The original and in voting areas with bulk of voters being poor


    A multi party coalition is the norm throughout Europe, and succeeds.

    A group of parties reaching the threshold of 323-326 MPs and above can rule the UK government.


    You have til 20th of this month to ensure you can vote.

    Logos of the parties of the poor to put your pencil cross by on
    Thursdahy 7 May.

    Please see:



    From: Colin Lindley

    28 March 2015

    Dear Her Majesty’s Courts and the Tribunals Service,
    When a claimant has had all benefit income denied & is left
    destitute, starving ,no income, no savings, no support at all from
    any sort & has to survive until a Appeal date is set without any

    How can such an appellant claimant who has had every means of
    mounting thier defence
    severley compromised or removed due to denial of all benefit income
    have any meaningful Equity of Arms in comparrison to the full
    might of the State that D.W.P. has at its disposal in its appeal

    How can an impoverished, ill, starving, benefit denied appellant
    claimant to have a fair hearing?
    How many legal professionals are the D.W.P. allowed compared to
    claimants lack of legal representation?

    Yours faithfully,

    Colin Lindley

  27. overburdenddonkey
    ‘Society and its prevailing sense of values leads to another form of alienation. It alienates some from humanity. It partially de-humanises some people, makes them insensitive, ruthless in their handling of fellow human beings, self-centred and grasping. The irony is, they are often considered normal and well-adjusted. It is my sincere contention that anyone who can be totally adjusted to our society is in greater need of psychiatric analysis and treatment than anyone else.’

  28. overburdenddonkey

    Left Labour MPs plan rebellion after election, opening up a deal with the SNP….

  29. Wake Up Britain For Sanity’s Sake

    Oppose Universal Credit

    Have Common Sense Do Not Vote Conservative or Liberal Democrat

  30. With the General Election it is Important that People Vote Namely to
    Get the Tories and Liberal Democrats Out of Office

    Grumbling and Burying the Head in the Sand is Not the Answer

  31. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here lays bare the time the DWP believes the unemployed should spend each day of the 35 hours they are expected to look for work each week. This is a joke.

    For most people, you couldn’t spend up to half an hour each day reviewing and updating your CV. There simply wouldn’t be any point, as there probably wouldn’t be anything new you could add. As for looking for jobs in the local and national papers, well, good luck with that. Newspapers can be expensive, and to take all of them would be extremely hard for those struggling to make ends meet. Furthermore, not all of them actually put in job ads. The Bristol Post used to have a Thursday supplement containing situations vacant, but I haven’t seen that in the paper for some time. As for the trade journals, you’d either have to have a subscription to them already, or live near to a very good library, which took them. Again, more expense. You can also expect that it could be difficult finding enough to talk about job vacancies for half an hour every day. Most likely the answer you’d get would be, ‘Same as I said yesterday. And the day before’. As for setting yourself up as self-employed, that all depends on whether you have a suitable set of skills or professional background. Quite apart from the fact that, as Mike, Johnny and the others have already blogged about, most of the self-employed jobs created through the government’s welfare reforms are really only the poor and desperate reduced to the very last resort of selling off their property. Their ‘businesses’ are fragile, pay much less than the minimum wage, and will mostly likely collapse.

    Mr Void also points out that the DWP’s own legislation means that they can’t force you to fill up your day uselessly looking for jobs, if you’ve done all you can do and it simply doesn’t fill up the time. He also puts up the address for the Guidance on Work Related Activity, and provides a link to a site providing up to date information on the Department’s rules.

  32. I think I was lucky to get a job when I did! A year ago I was being badgered about volunteering. Some of the placements I looked at were nothing bar unpaid labour and others seemed to be more money laundering schemes (why does a retired businessman soddenly decide to set up an obscure charity). When I did find a place and started to enjoy the work I considered doing two days a week only to be told by JC+ “you can’t do that as you will not have enough time to look for work”. They were already pressurising me to apply for more jobs each week when my view was that you should spend your time looking for and applying for jobs you stand a chance of getting. The lunatics run the government and the job centres, and bypass common sense!

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