Iain Duncan Smith’s Plan To Privatise … Everything?

iain-duncan-smith-image-2Plans are underway to place up to one trillion pounds of public spending in the hands of investment companies and bankers.

Iain Duncan Smith gave a speech at the Social Investment Conference last week discussing how Social Impact Bonds are “transforming the whole culture of public spending”.  These bonds are the latest way to funnel tax payer’s money into the private sector by allowing investment companies to hand out contracts to run public services on a payment by results model.

The way it works is simple.  A bunch of city spivs and social enterprise bosses get together and decide they can fix a social problem such as street homelessness.  A list of ‘outcomes’ are drawn up, such as the number of homeless people they think can place in accommodation and the government agrees to give them lots of our money if they are successful.  The spivs then either lend or provide the upfront funding whilst all the social enterprise has to do is cook the books and make sure that these outcomes appear to be achieved.  If they are then the spivs get a juicy return on their initial investment.

According to Iain Duncan Smith a pilot scheme based on this funding model has already helped to cut rough sleeping in London by 30%.  This is a boringly transparent lie, street homelessness in London has almost doubled under this Government.  What he was referring to was a project run by two charities, St Mungos and Thamesreach, which focussed on 831 ‘entrenched’ rough sleepers*.  The most recent evaluation of the scheme says that one of these charities failed to meet their target to reduce rough sleeping and that performance overall was ‘mixed’.

On the Work Programme the payment by results model has led to perverse results, such as those who are most in need of help being ‘parked’, or abandoned, because they are not deemed profitable.  The ruthless benefit sanctions required to underpin the scheme, as no-one would volunteer for such a shoddy service, have led to desperate suffering.  The impact on long term unemployment has been virtually non-existent – the latest figures show that those who have been on the programme for two years are slightly less likely to have had a spell in work than if no scheme had existed.

This is the type of funding model that Iain Duncan Smith wants to introduce across public services, except instead of being in hock to the government then service providers will owe a debt to shadowy investment cartels.  These are not people who care about public services, all they care about is money, in fact that is the point.  The neo-liberal belief that greed is good means that greed should be introduced into every sector of our lives from social care to healthcare to education.  What they don’t seem to understand about greed –  or perhaps they do and don’t care – is that the instinct of the greedy is to do the least possible work for the most possible money.  If it is easier to cook the books than achieve genuine outcomes then that is what they will do.  If people are damaged in the process they don’t care.  If actions taken today lead to a greater cost tomorrow then that is not their problem. To allow this culture to take hold in public services is a toxic recipe for corruption and cost-cutting at the expense of care.

There should be no doubt in the scale of Iain Duncan Smith’s ambition.  At his speech last week he announced that the ‘first trillion’ of potential investment money had been identified, adding ominously “that’s what it cost to deliver our health and education systems for the last 5 years.”  Remember that.  This Government wants to privatise everything.  And so will the next one whoever is elected.  Social Impact Bonds were yet another Labour invention that Iain Duncan Smith has claimed as his own.

*Amusingly this is more rough sleepers than actually exist in London according to the latest figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government which claim only 742  people are currently sleeping on the streets in the capital.  This disparity comes from the annual street count, which is widely believed to be fixed and shows just how easy it is to generate any so-called ‘outcome’ you want even when there is no profit motive involved.

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57 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith’s Plan To Privatise … Everything?

  1. IDS: one of the most despicable of ‘human beings’ to ever walk the earth.

    • Eating cake as instructed

      Dave, if he or any are found to be involved in anything illegal bent unsavoury ie paedophile ring being investigated then when sacked all benefits pensions special branch protection etc should be removed as should protection of the law. Let the people decide the outcome. Despicable outcomes go unchecked not investigated and still folk perish.

      I don’t suppose it will anymore than the now confessed liars and inadequates at Hillsbrough will loose their pensions property and acquired wealth. Again, lives needlessly destroyed.


      North East MPs demand independent watchdog should investigate suicides by benefit claimants

      Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah has criticised the “sanctions” regime which cuts benefits for unemployment claimants accused of failing to look for work

      Benefit claimants are being left with no money at all for more than a fortnight because of a flawed benefits sanction regime, MPs have warned.

      And a Commons inquiry called for the creation of a new independent watchdog to examine cases where people who had been stripped of benefits commit suicide.

      The findings were published by the Commons Work and Pensions Committee, a cross-party committee.


  2. Eating cake as instructed

    Increasingly obvious to vote conservative is to condemn many generations to abject poverty and misery. The spiel isn’t adding up. The well off have benefited but ordinary folk? No way. High streets shops still empty markets sparse custom most Brits have little income they dare spend. Personal borrowing on increase just to make ends meet isn’t proof we are all in it together. Latchkey kids likely to fall prey to paedophiles as mum/dad are on some slave labour work experience scheme making likelihood of actual paid well job vacancies unlikely. Working people relying on food banks so not to starve isn’t we are all in it together. I’m glad my son is grown and away, parenthood now is undervalued undermined and before the politicos bang the drum I always had a job being a divorced parent, often up to six casual jobs to make ends meet pay for childcare, but we didn’t have to depend on foodbanks, ate well from markets. Homelessness and inadequate housing is a scourge on society and selling off public housing should stop affordable rent is nothing of the sort!

    • “Increasingly obvious to vote conservative is to condemn many generations to abject poverty and misery”

      Trouble is, the majority DIDN’T vote Tory last time round… but we got it anyway. And if Labour should win this time around, I have to say that I fully expect it to be business as usual…with the emphasis on “business”.

  3. Jeffery Davies

    Isnt private sector shown thats its not to be trusted dipping into the tax payers pot like those in charge fraudulent claiming for more monies whilst not providing any extra this going private is not the way forward but keeping such under government’s control this devil rtu ids needs to have his coller felt under the banner of crimes against his own people’s jeff3

  4. Reblogged this on Lindas Blog and commented:
    Ive read IDS’s speech (link within this blog).
    Everything within in this is aimed at making the Corporations and Banks richer on the backs of those already suffering from this Darwinist view of the poor and disabled.

    I have no words to describe how this makes me feel!!!!
    but I do know this, when I hear things like this it makes me want to reach for my sleeping tablets…………

  5. Reblogged this on glynismillward189 and commented:
    These little SH*TS are on a last gasp before the election

  6. What they are doing is turning the sick the disabled the unemployed and the working poor into a very profitable business. We have become chips on the stock market. Our suffering and fear has become a resource and a commodity.

    May they Burn in Hell and Damnation!!

    The working classes have character, tenacity, great work ethics, they are innovative and resourceful and have a real sense of community.
    These qualities however are being railroaded and distorted with the current policies, which intentionally isolate and create fear……..

  7. We need to throw this government out this year if we want to save what remains of our public services.

  8. Just like the WP/MWA/CWP/WCA !

  9. I’d never realised what brilliant satirists the Monty Python crew were until I watched their movie ‘The Meaning of Life’ last night.

    The scene in the posh nosh restaurant is a clever metaphor for the lunacy of trickle down economics. There’s this huge, obnoxious lard arse called Mr Creosote stuffing his face with everything on the menu and knocking back the wine and ale. He represents the financial and banking elite – you know, those wealth and job creators that might get scared and run away to live in the same country as their money if we tax them too much.

    Then there is the servile Head Waiter who panders to ‘Monsieur Creosote’s’ every wish. He plays the politicians, journalists and broadcasters who speak on behalf of wealthy people and work so tirelessly to make wealthy people even wealthier.

    The customers who tut -tut at Creosote’s revolting performance are the middle classes in society. While they clearly share the same values as Creosote they also have more manners and less appetite than the inflated bastard.

    This leaves the cleaning lady who is ordered to mop up copious amounts of vomit expelled by Creosote. She is immediately recognisable as the poorer people in society.

    The magical charms of trickle down economic policy is played out when the Head Waiter persuades Creosote to put away ‘just one more wafer thin mint’ and then fat diner explodes, showering everyone in the restaurant with vomit, bile and intestines.

    • I always remember them pulling their carts along the paths, shouting:- “Bring out yer dead, bring out yer dead”. Then dead bodies being thrown onto the carts.

  10. RIP unemploymentmovement

    Down but not forgotten



  11. overburdenddonkey

    they’ll continue to commodify and profitise everything, under the pretext of providing services that they dictate are helpful, aka how can we sell this that or the other concepts to ease our voters guilt, keep their portfolio values up without guilt….and don’t think red tories are/will be any different…they’re all in it together, ukok….

  12. Privatise dodgy & privatise bogus. Privatise words & privatise illusions

  13. The Tories have already privatised huge chunks of services.

    Barnet council is the first council to be entirely privatised, with wages being cut and whole social housing estates evicted for the houses/land to be sold to developers to build luxury flats.

    The left leaning blogs are not granting posts to the real old fashioned Labour, that are agaisnt austerity, welfare abolition and the end of the state pension:

    Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

    Mebyon Kernow in Cornwall

    Labour cannot get sufficient votes, from the lowest voter turnout in UK history coming in May, to form a government.

    Neither can the Tories.

    Labour even with the SNP is still insufficient votes to form a majority government.

    So the plans are already afoot for a second general election later this year.

    And then.

    From even fewer voter tunout.

    A Tory and Labour coalition.

    TUSC are running over 124 MP candidates this year,
    so 1/6th of the seats
    so should have the right of equal billing to the big parties.

    TUSC is getting nil coverage in the blogs, forums and newspapers supposedly caring about the poor.

    Class War is closer to the truth, that the poor are more like 75 per cent of the population.

    Mebyon Kernow is in a Cornwall with single figure majorities of the sitting Tory and Lib Dem MPs.

    The more coverage in blogs, the more reblogging and sharing in social media, the greater chance for MPs for the first time coming direct from the people, and not some public school educated toff only for the rich earning £125,00 and above which is overwhelmingly men only.

    Why am I justa lone voice in the wilderness?


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  15. totallygivenup

    when i read the comments oh here i have a glmmier of hope just a tiny bit good decent people who “get it” but a mooch around other sities and youtube,brings you down with a crash it seems the young people have created theyre own soap opera worlds getting tatts watching corrie watching towie…they dont realise that unlike our generation,who were allowed to “opt out” “dont do politics”…they have been rail roaded by the sun and ukip not understanding the long term consequences they cant afford to say “fuck it” on may 8th farage and cam@ron will stand shoulder to shoulder in the rose garden “job done”…then the pain will really begin dave already making plans for a 3rd term…one last point sundays fiascob over farage another load of brownie points for the brown shirts but would the national sympathy be ringing out if it was ian smith not farage?

  16. Snoop Doggy Dogshit

    Wow! Monitising poverty. Turing the poor into a cash cow to be milked until she’s dry. Jesus Christ! More shit from the Centre for Social Justice being channeled by Iain Duncan Smith. Incredible! I’m speechless.


    The doctors’ union is set to alert every GP in the country to two regulations that campaigners believe could protect disabled people facing controversial “fitness for work” tests.

    The regulations – part of the rules that shape the work capability assessment (WCA), which tests eligibility for employment and support allowance (ESA) – state that a person should not be found fit for work if such a decision would pose “a substantial risk” to their “mental or physical health.”

    Activists claim the WCA has been linked with relapses, self-harm and even suicides among those who have been assessed.


    • The newish problem with the reg 29 and reg 35 thing is that there is now gender discrimination added to the mix.

      Because men are considered more likely to commit suicide (this is backed by statistics, more men kill themselves than women) Women who are claiming ESA and using these two regs to achieve the correct decision of being put in the Support Group on their claim cannot now “just” claim (with the same evidence as men) that work related activity or work would put them at risk, women can only use reg 29 and reg 39 if they are homeless, divorced or have some other “additional factor” that would leave them at risk of substantial harm.

      This came in during January this year.


      • Women also tend to take overdoses and other half-hearted measures. and make sure that they will be found conveniently in time. Men commit suicide by irreversible means such as hanging, shooting, throwing themselves of a cliff, etc.

        • Very young women (girls – aged around 14+) are a relatively high risk group to overdose – or take overdose/s if they are less lucky/have less support.

          As serious whatever form a suicide attempt takes if the intent could – or might not – be to end life; whether or not an overdose is “half-hearted” -?non fatal – can result stem from luck rather than management – but it’s a sign of great distress. People resort to using means near to hand or that make the most ‘sense’ to them – eg. the idea of going to sleep and not waking up can seem attractive/painless/irrevocable, whilst having access to a gun or being in public to commit a desperate act could be inconceivable to many.

          Samaritans are in 24/7 for anyone needing to talk to someone in confidence – it’s not necessary feel suicidal to riing, email or visit:-

          “Razors pain you,
          Rivers are damp,
          Acids stain you,
          And drugs cause cramp.
          Guns aren’t lawful,
          Nooses give,
          Gas smells awful.
          you might as well live.”

          Dorothy Parker

        •  In reply to Doctors comment: “Women also tend to take overdoses and other half-hearted measures. and make sure that they will be found conveniently in time. Men commit suicide by irreversible means such as hanging, shooting, throwing themselves of a cliff, etc.”

          Witch discipline are you trained in if indeed you are a doctor? Im guessing here but could it be any of the following Doc of Dark ArtsDoc of BullshitDoc of BioPsychoSocialFuckingBabble.Doc of Inhumane PsychologyDoc of F all? Having asked the question however……. Im really not interested…….

          • It isn’t a doctor, it’s just another misogynist. There’s quite a few of them that hang around activist blogs. Depressing innit.

  18. Sanctions push people into poverty, says Westminster committee
    Stephen Naysmith
    Social affairs correspondent
    Tuesday 24 March 2015

    Benefit sanctions risk plunging families into food poverty and there is no evidence they work, according to an influential Westminster committee.

    The Work and Pensions committee has called for a full independent review of the regime for punishing claimants who are deemed to have broken job centre or employability rules.

    The report questions the hardship payment system which is meant to help people facing severe poverty, but which routinely denies people any payment until 15 days after benefits are stopped.

    It also criticises the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for quadrupling the minimum sanction period, and making other changes, without first seeking evidence on the way this will affect claimants.

    Overall, the report says, evidence is needed on whether sanctions are effective in making people find work or engage with employment support. Meanwhile it calls for more transparency about the suicides of benefit claimants who have been affected by benefit sanctions.



    Ahead of the report’s publication today, Dame Anne Begg MP, chair of the work and pensions committee, said: “Recent research suggests benefit sanctions are contributing to food poverty. No claimant should have their benefit payment reduced to zero where they are at risk of severe financial hardship, to the extent of not being able to feed themselves or their families, or pay the rent.”


    • overburdenddonkey

      that would happen in every case @ least they admit/imply that they are making a judgement/choice to impose austerity onto others…the stick to squeeze more more more out of the downtrodden…


    ……………………………..the new name for Iain Duncan Smith’s personal killing spree

    The report points out that 49 so called ‘peer reviews’ have been carried out internally by the DWP since February 2012 after the death of a benefit claimant. In 33 of these cases, there have been recommendations for changing the system.

    However the DWP has not revealed how many of these cases involved sanctions or how policies and procedures have changed as a result

  21. In May 2015 the UK goes to the polls to choose a new Government. However, whoever gets into power will unlikely make much difference to the way the disabled are treated. Within the UK we have a political elite who pass power back and forth to each other, with very little attempt at positive change, except cosmetic change. For Maximus read Atos, for the Conservatives read Labour.


  22. Yes indeed voting wont change how they are treated, they are all at war with the disabled. I am lucky in that I am not disabled but that can happen to anyone at anytime. Smith and Milliband and the rest of the part leaders are nasty pieces of work.

  23. The market is doing the work of the eugenicist.

  24. And yet again, what will we, the people do? Nothing, as per usual…

  25. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    Complaining and moaning while just letting it happen…

  26. the same names have been moaning on here for four years

    • overburdenddonkey

      and you’ll be the same type who claims our predicament is caused by having no commitment!

  27. Did a 301 on all the categories to avoid the duplicate content. FYI

  28. We now suffer from chronic or degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

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