Michael Green Lives! Grant Shapps’ Former Website Still Registered To His Fake ID

whois-shappsTory chairperson Grant Shapps has claimed that he got his dates mixed up after a recording of him pretending to be Michael Green in 2006 was uncovered by The Guardian.

Shapps had claimed he left the internet con-man business behind when he was elected as an MP in 2005.  The recording clearly proves this was a lie.  In fact his trafficpaymaster website is still registered in the US to Michael Green.  This is a breach of contract with ICANN who oversee internet domains in the US.  Were the website to have been used for any dubious purposes –  such as encouraging people to rip off the small businesses using google ads by flooding the net with fake websites – then this false registration would be an aggravating factor which could lead to an additional seven years in jail.

All of Michael Green’s websites have vanished and even been blocked from the internet archive project.  So there is no way of knowing for sure whether the Conservative Party were telling the truth when they said yesterday that: “his full name and biographical details were permanently published on the company’s main website”.  It seems strange to go to the trouble of using a fake name to register the website if this was the case.  There is no mention of Grant Shapps on any of the screenshots that scores of people managed to take of the sites before they disappeared.

Michael Green was also a regular contributor to the Warrior internet forums, alongside Sebastian Fox, another pseudonym used by his former company  howtocorp.com.  Most of these posts have been deleted as well, although a few still remain in which both of these non-existent people appear together.  Grant Shapps never mentioned his real identity there either.

Another website which has gone missing is trafficpaymaster.wordpress.com.  This site was removed from wordpress for violating their terms and conditions.  It only contained one post, made in July 2011 by someone calling themselves John Hilton, a ‘self-proclaimed’ internet marketing expert.  This post gave a suspiciously glowing review of the software that Grant Shapps’ company sold alongside handy details of where to purchase it.  The only links on the site point to the websites that Shapps used to run and the previously mentioned Warrior internet forums.  Because it was hosted on wordpress.com it cannot be hidden from the internet archive.  Fake reviews are likely to be illegal under consumer protection laws.  Whether John Hilton is also Grant Shapps, or his wife who he claimed took over the company, remains yet another mystery in the murky former world of the Conservative Party Chairman.

Shapps has repeatedly claimed he is the victim of political smears.  Judge for yourself.

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38 responses to “Michael Green Lives! Grant Shapps’ Former Website Still Registered To His Fake ID

  1. How is it not fraud or deception to enter a contract under a false name? Surely that is what he did when registering his website then regardless of what his site was to be used for. If any of us did it we’d be arrested but this guy seems to get away with it time after time. Makes you wonder what Ace he’s holding?

  2. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Green_%28humorist%29

    @Johnny Void I wondered where I had heard the name Michael Green before then I remembered. It was author of one of the funniest books I have ever read

    The author Michael Green wrote
    ” the art of coarse acting ”

    It’s all about Rubbish Actors.

    Seems to fit rather well then

  3. Btw I see the daily hate Front Page doing their ” it’s ok to be racist” shtick now

    No surprises there considering rothermere was big Fan of uncle Adolf Hitler

  4. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    More evidence of the dodgy business dealings by unconvicted fraudster ‘Michael Green’, aka Grant Shapps, now chairman of the Tory party. Johnny Void also reports how his dubious internet trading sites have now been taken down and vanished from the internet archive, except for one that was on WordPress and so exempt from the process. Several of the sites set up by Shapps seem to be operating very close to the edge of the law, if not actually over it.

    The fact that these sites have been deleted and Shapps’ has tried to erase them from history seems to be part of Tory policy. The party has, after all, been busily deleting from its website all the promises Cameron made before the last election that they had no intention of keeping. It’s more proof of the Totalitarian nature of the Conservative party in that they have Big Brother’s urge to control the past in order to control the present absolutely.

  5. they all fucking lie

    il just forget to pay my taxes for the year when i leave the country for spain this year. dont worry tory twats i wont be coming back! il also forget to vote tory and insted vote green, one less vote to let in you fuckers to screw us over again.

  6. Michael Green, Grant Shapps, Sebastian Fox (and alleged others). All the many faces of a cockwomblingfuckwit effing cun’servative. At least he has had the tory death knell and his time is short, for he has “the full support” of Camoron. So long Mr Green/Shapps/Fox.

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  11. I recall the story about Shapps from 2 years ago, here n the Void. One would’ve thought the US authorities would be looking into it by now.
    If some poor dude tried to get away with something like that on JSA, they would be in jail. Time this guy was in jail.

    • About the Author

      About the author Michael Green:

      Like all new business people, I had hoped that I would find that magic combination that

      would grow my company into something really special.

      of course I wanted to earn a good income, but I was looking for something more than

      I wanted my business to take on a life of its own, to grow even when I wasn’t at

      work, to provide me with a lifestyle and freedoms that few small businesspeople ever


      Well that was the dream anyway!

      But it didn’t take me long to discover that day-to-day trading in a new business can be a

      long hard battle. Quite literally! Working days would start at the crack of dawn and

      carry on through to late evening and beyond.

      And the financial rewards were nothing for me to write home about either. Cash was

      tight and the creditors were never far away from my door.

      Something had to change, but what?

  12. As soon as I laid eyes on Shapps a few years ago, I knew instantly he was not to be trusted, even before he opened his mouth. With some people you just know. Same applies to Jeremy Hunt. Unfortunately Shapps is one of that rent-a-twat group who do the rounds of TV and radio stations, week after week, even outside of election campaigns. He is never off our screens. You know the bunch: Rachel Reeves, Shapps, Ummuna, Danny and Douglas Alexander, etc. There’s about thirty of them. Imagine, most people in Britain think the whole of politics is about what these arseholes spew out. I stopped watching most political TV programmes a few months ago, because of this.

    • Speech and Drama Coach

      The ‘regulars’ that appear constantly on TV/Radio have all been trained in presentation/acting/speech and drama. Just look at the way the come across, listen to the way they speak. Compare and contrast to a ‘professional’ TV/Radio presenter – it is so obvious. The don’t just drag a politician of off the street and put them on a TV screen or in front of a radio mike.

      • Speech and Drama Coach

        PS saying all that there is only so much you can do with the likes of, say, Gordon Brown or Ed Milliband. But, then again, Brown was and Milliband is to a degree ‘sheltered’ from TV/radio exposure – Milliand in particular just comes across as ‘odd’.

      • Yes, they all have media training. One aspect of it which has appeared in recent years a lot is a specific hand clench. You may have noticed it. It’s not a clenched fist (that would be deemed too emotional). An open hand would considered, they think, too indecisive. Pointing seen as too prescriptive and dominant. So they opted for this bloody ridiculous loosely-clenched half-fist, with the thumb pointing forward, resting across the index finger. Now, if someone, say a friend was speaking to you, and he or she was doing this hand gesture, you’d think they were a complete idiot. No one does it. Except politicians. I feel like screaming when I see it, and that’s a lot. Media training in this respect has it wrong: it makes the politician appear false… the last thing they want to achieve.
        No one really knows where it came from: some say Clinton. I actually did see it, of all places, in the film ‘Falling Down’ with Michael Douglas, when I watched some clips recently. It’s the politician who he’s thinking of assassinating who does the gesture.
        This all interests me, if not others …

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  14. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  15. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  16. An MP should only be allowed one job – work for their constituency. It just goes to show the amount of spare time they have on their hands. Watched a programme last night set in the House of Commons where a vote was going on to allow voters to sack their MP. Of course it did not go through but I could not believe the antics that went on – they are like a bunch of gaggling geese – gives me the impression that nothing is taken seriously.

  17. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    And eventually the lying tory bastard was caught lying…again!
    Fantastic, now dont let it drop until Labour win the Election.

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