The Stench Of Racism That Has Always Haunted Iain Duncan Smith

ids-nazi1“Race will come back time and time again to hound the Conservative Party. It is a cancer that is in the body that will spread and eventually kill the Conservative Party.” Lord John Taylor 2001

News that long-term unemployment amongst young ethnic minorities has soared is far from the first time that Iain Duncan Smith has been plunged into a race row.

The comment above was made by Lord John Taylor, the Conservative Party’s first black peer, as Iain Duncan Smith’s Tory leadership bid descended into chaos.  IDS was forced to sack the Vice-Chair of his campaign Edgar Griffin after it was revealed that he was the father of Nick Griffin, the then leader of the BNP.  His wife Jean Griffin had previously stood as a BNP candidate against Iain Duncan Smith.  He was even known to have manned the BNP phonelines.  Griffin was unrepentant about being sacked, claiming that he was just an ‘ordinary Tory’ who shared the grassroots view in the party that ethnic minorities should be assisted with voluntary repatriation.  Iain Duncan Smith claimed the whole row was a smear campaign.

Edgar Griffin was not the only far right supporter of Iain Duncan Smith’s leadership bid.  The apartheid supporting Springbok Club had ‘no hesitation’ in backing his leadership campaign due to his “views and policies towards southern Africa”.  He was also supported by the notorious Monday Club, a right wing group of Tory MPs who campaigned to halt immigration and scrap race relations laws.

On winning the Tory leadership Iain Duncan Smith stuffed his shadow cabinet with extreme right-wingers.  The Monday Club’s support was repaid with the offer of a role for John Bercow – now the comedy speaker in the House of Commons – then a virulent racist and president of the club.  Previously Bercow had called for programme of “assisted repatriation” of immigrants.  IDS also gave a job to Eurosceptic Bill Cash, despite accusations he had cosied up to Italian fascists in an attempt to build an anti-EU alliance.

In 2003 IDS was forced to sack his Shadow Minister Ann Winterton when she was heard making a joke about about throwing a Pakistani out of a window because ‘they are ten a penny in my country’.  His leadership was rocked again by the resignation of Tory peer Lord Skidelsky who claimed the party had become  xenophobic, with ‘hysterical’ views on Europe.  It was not until 2007 that another of his appointments, Patrick Mercer, resigned from his Tory post following comments about “idle and useless” ethnic minority soldiers.

Throughout his time as leader IDS attempted to play down claims of Tory racism, even visiting Bradford to talk to some poor Asian people.  He  shut down his former cheerleaders the Monday Club, although this seems to have been based of pragmatism rather than principle.  Public opinion was fast turning against the Nasty Party as they Tories became known under Iain Duncan Smith.

IDS is too ambitious to let bigotry get in the way of his messianic lust for power.  His sudden and surprising conversion to supporting gay marriage came shortly after a cabinet reshuffle in which David Cameron had atempted to sack him as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.  He had never voted for LGBT rights in his life before.

There is still a hint of his former self in his policies however.  In a commons debate on immigration in 1992 Iain Duncan Smith blamed ethnic minorities for a housing crisis in his constituency saying: “The ethnic population of Waltham Forest, which is the fifth highest in London, has put pressure on housing demand.”

In 2013 Iain Duncan Smith introduced a Benefit Cap which is currently socially cleansing large families, many of them from ethnic minorities, from London boroughs like Waltham Forest.

Above pic from Sabcat, where you can even buy it on a t-shirt.

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59 responses to “The Stench Of Racism That Has Always Haunted Iain Duncan Smith

  1. I can’t be arsed with reasoned debate when it comes to IDS, so… He’s a cockwomblingfuckwit, and an evil one at that.


      Father killed himself after his benefits were cut and he was threatened with eviction

      Benjamin McDonald, 34, who had suffered from depression for 11 years, was found hanging in the fields where he played as a child

      Benjamin McDonald, was found hanging from a tree off Gib Hill Road

      A father-of-three killed himself after his benefits were cut and he was threatened with eviction.

      Benjamin McDonald, 34, who had suffered from depression for 11 years, was found hanging in the fields where he played as a child in Nelson, Lancashire, an inquest heard.

      Mr McDonald’s sister Mickayla Carr told an inquest in Burnley, Lancs that her brother – who was found dead in November last year – was a “happy-go-lucky” person who doted on his five-year-old daughter.


        Anita Bellows

        Dear Anita,

        Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 07 February
        2015 . You asked:-

        Esther McVey confirmed during the Work and Pensions Committee
        session on the 4th of February 2015, that DWP conducted 49 peer
        reviews after deaths of claimants, but Chris Hayes said that ‘we have
        found no particular case where, as a direct result of sanctions alone,
        that has led to someone being in that situation’.
        I would like to know how many claimants out of the 49 peer reviewed
        cases had received a sanction. This includes previous sanctions and
        sanctions at the time of their death.
        And if it is within the cost limits, the number of sanctions for each
        claimant will also be useful

        It is occasionally necessary to extend the 20 working day time limit for issuing
        a response. In the case of your request, I need to extend the time limit
        because the information requested must be considered under one of the
        exemptions to which the public interest test applies. In this case it is section
        36. This extra time is needed in order to make a determination as to the
        public interest.

        Accordingly, I hope to let you have a response by 07 April 2015.
        If you have any queries about this letter please contact us quoting the
        reference number above.
        Yours sincerely,

        DWP Central FoI Team

  2. overburdenddonkey

    imo the uk experienced just 15yrs of radical change 1945/60….that progress has all but been contained….halted….we’re back to being ruled by top hatted toffs, with silver topped canes….if i heard the clip clop of a hackney carriage in the cities, i wouldn’t be surprised….

    • Oveburden, as far as George “Pretenious” Smith is concerned only if YOU were the horse….
      The horse is useful for Hunting. We the great unwashed have other uses.

  3. All the race card does is polarise any debate into absurdities the debate then becomes so dangerously charged that most reasonable people disengage but hey maybe that is the point.

  4. Long term ethnic minority unemployed have to find ways fill their days. Going on-line is one way to do it. Sooner or later they will come across extremist sites and then…..

    As you have sown, so shall ye reap.

  5. Iain Duncan Smith blamed ethnic minorities for a housing crisis in his constituency saying: “The ethnic population of Waltham Forest, which is the fifth highest in London, has put pressure on housing demand.”

    Typical of the Tories, blame all they do and it is political of course in an attempt to deflect attention away from the real criminals in the country, the politicians who run the show for the rich. Smith will want to privatize all the housing that is left and then rack up the rents. I blame Thatcher the one who created a nanny state for the rich.

  6. overburdenddonkey

    i went through such horrors, but you sure as hell don’t listen to me!

    • I will tell you this. I have testimony from victims on a daily basis and we check it out and it is remarkable just how well it checks our. It’s often surprising how it does

      Just amazes me how anti establishment types are ready to tug their forelocks and say I am jolly cross with you. I hope you don’t mind sir. hope I didn’t upset you

      • overburdenddonkey

        you’re the one putting the establishment in charge of the process, not me!

      • Well, thta;#8217&s the beauty of it. Some folks will opt for Brian, and others will go with Joe. And they will have a myriad of different reasons. If I wanted to have a species named after me, I’d go with Brian because he seems like a better bet, even at 5:2. If I have a general bias in favor of the little guy, Joe’s my man. If I have a huge collection of stuffed lemurs in my bedroom, I’d send my money to Madagascar.I think the best part is that everyone who contributes will have a personal connection to the project they support.

  7. There’s a reason why the Tories are called the Nasty Party. Just like the Ministry of Justice is known as the Ministry of Injustice….

  8. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, I refer to the SS uniform IDS is wearing. I would hazard to bet he has one of these for real, you know, just in case!.

  9. iMatt – thanks for reminding me about Derek Laud. I remember him, and the way he got into Private Eye for some of the stories he span about himself to make it appear that he came from a more elevated social status than he actually did. If I remember correctly, he was in Eye back in the 1990s because he was claiming that his father was the Jamaican ambassador. Except he wasn’t. His parents were both solidly working class. I think his father was a bus driver, and his mother a cleaner in a care home. Like so many other people’s parents. Anyone else would have been proud of their parents regardless of what they did for a living. Some would even have praised and admired their parents for giving them the confidence, encouragement and personal skills to better themselves. Not so Laud.

    snip: sorry but enough with this stuff – jv

  10. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here describes IDS’ own, deeply racist background and the long list of racists, who’ve supported him during his critical career. These include Nick Griffin’s father, the South African pro-Apartheid Springbok Club, the anti-immigration Monday club, John Bercow, who supported ‘assisted repatriation’ for immigrants, and Bill Cash, who supposedly tried to ally himself with the Italian Fascist against the EU. Then there was the incident with Ann Winterton joking about the cheapness of British Pakistani lives, and the resignation of Patrick Mercer for sneering at the supposed courage and quality of British soldiers from ethnic minorities. Mr Void also reminds everyone how, when IDS was the MP for Waltham Forest, he blamed ethnic minorities for the housing crisis there.

    I know genuinely anti-racist Tories, but I’ve also been told by former Tory activists that the Conservative party at its upper levels really doesn’t like Blacks at all. And its significant that IDS’ commitment to gay rights is as shallow as his apparent conversion to anti-racism. He wasn’t a supporter of gay marriage until Cameron threatened to sack him.

    So it really isn’t surprising that under the Coalition ethnic minorities have been severely hit by long-term unemployment. The Conservatives hate and detest the affirmative action programmes anyway, and much of the Tories’ election strategy has been an adapted version of the American Republicans’ ‘Southern Strategy’, where they played on White resentment at competition from Black and other ethnic minorities benefiting from ‘positive discrimination’. You can see it in the Daily Heil and in the Spectator.

    Which raises a very, very disturbing thought: is the starvation brought on by Cameron’s and IDS welfare reforms an intentional ethnic genocide? Mike has estimated that 52,000 people a year may have been killed through starvation and despair due to RTU’s system of benefit sanctions. For the long-term unemployed, benefit sanctions are a recurrent danger. If IDS is as deeply racist as it seems, is there a deliberately racial component to the mass death of the jobless and working class orchestrated by the Tories?

  11. I wonder what the ‘sanctions regime’ is for wearing that Iain Duncan Smith t-shirt inside a Jobcentre.

    • … you have to be careful about how fast or slowly you speak and any perceived or – heavens to Betsy – actual criticism of their Stricter regime can be met with incredulity (then probably stored away in a memory-bank somewhere until there is a ‘less-than’ perfect job search evidence at any time). It’s already tyrannical@JCP-

  12. UKIP – True Colours revealed.

    Thin edge of the Wedge for Nazi Nasty Party Lite:

    First it was don’t let the unemployed drive… then Oh we have loads of Naxi’s we’ve had to let go because they let the Cat out of the Bag too Early…Next up will be as we want True Tory votes, UKIP Gov. will back euthenasia for the undesirables, as the list gets ever longer… Why pay for deportation when you can kill them? Which is cheaper? Its all for austerity sake as and we’re all in it together….

    • But are the race discrimination laws not divisive and discriminatory where the more urgent needs of a person maybe ignored and the person discriminated against simply to satisfy discrimination laws and equality targets and ratios.

      The assumption of the discrimination laws is that everyone is inherently racist.

      • As I suffered from this kind of shit in the civil service – no I do not think it is divisive. The bottom line is if everything is open and fair no problem. unfortuntely things with these sh*&s are not so you need to shine a light on them.
        The support I had from ordinary staff & powerless managers says it all to me and others.

      • Then we wouldn’t need laws to protect any other group of people from discrimination either – women for example. The assumption that 50 percent of the population, or more, could potentially be inherently misogynist or just slightly sexist?

        Niggle Forage is arguing for scrapping laws that came in to offer protection for whenever someone does come up against blatant discrimination – and ok, you might not want to work there anyway – but you may have needed the job & could fight the case with law on your side – which might mean that the next person to work there is less affected by sa(i)d discrimination.

        See also the DD Act – Forage & co. might be ‘disability-blind’ and want to ditch this to.

        • overburdenddonkey

          s n
          DD is not inclusive, subsidiarity is missing from it…ie many affect individual’s are not enabled to represent themselves….but must convey to an advocate and if the advocate does not get emotional inclusion and/or exclusion then one’s cause is lost…and one is left wide open to being told what one’s rights/entitlements are, rather than them being demanded by others/advocate as natural rights…

          • Okay. I’ve never had recourse to it personally but know someone at the moment who’s having all sorts of employer-related issues due to chronic ill-health and a lack of willingness by the employer to take into reasonable consideration/allow for their condition. I think they are hoping to rely on the DD Act to offer some back-up that wouldn’t otherwise be there if there was simply a ‘level playing field’ (god how i hate that phrase).

            • overburdenddonkey

              s n
              the process will very likely be physically and therefore emotionally draining/exhausting for any person in that situation, for which one has to commit endless open ended energy to, but is this even considered under the DD act? is it more of a hindrance than a help? under natural rights that persons chronic ill health would be naturally considered…it really depends on how well an individual in such circumstances is supported by others therefore their levels of ‘social credit’…

              • obd,
                you’re not wrong. As above, they’re well-supported by those without any power (ie. colleagues and friends) and also in this case via their union – for what that may be worth. I don’t know enough about the Act to know if it’s likely to be more of a hindrance but the employer themselves are the main hindrance. They will put money before people every time & it seems to be very ‘survival of the fittest’ in all senses of the word in the WofW – I’m definitely not ‘fit’ for work in this sense – it’s completely draining what with all their rules & regs even if not battling a chronic condition … or not quite the ‘right’ fit in any other way …

  13. Arbiet Macht Frei (again) is IDS a paedo?

    Racism in IDS case is the tip of the iceberg, he is a full blown Nazi who wants Hitler to rise from the dead as a biblical savior messiah. IDS just hates any person that he thinks he is superior to… just about 95% of the people on earth. He thinks we all should bow and scrape to the rich classes (white upper middle class only of course)

  14. CoCoa Tea – Dance Inna Parliament – 2001 JA 7″

  15. Pinchers – Enough Is Enough (Greensleeves) 1997 UK 12″

  16. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  17. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  18. OT: Crapita & Weekend Signups

    Just over at Ipswich Unemployed and saw something that sparked a distrubing thought:

    Another Fine Mess,

    This is interesting. Why? Recently it has been revealed that Crapita has been awarded a contract to ‘Look After’ [should that really read “Stitch up”? I wonder] new claimants via phone as ‘supposedly’ DWP staff cannot cope. [no evidence to support that claim is available so must be a lie – so why the award of the contract. Such Changes are NEVER in favour of the claimants so this MUST be bad news in some way].

    I wonder if loads and loads of claimants are going to be told they have an appointment – turn up, then get told have no record.

    For instance. If Crapita is doing the bookings they will need access to UC. How can they have access in a call centre that is not full of civil servants – the law is clear about such access and they won’t have it [reason why health lines must be populated by health workers – police phone lines etc etc]. Lets not even think of Information Act.

    Lets not even think about the issues concerning people beng called in for other types of interviews.

    This smells like a hightening of the Sanctions Machine.

    So all in all there is the potential for a high ‘Pucker factor’ here.

  19. keep it up Iain

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