Support The Sweets Way Occupation, Let’s Take Our Cities Back

How the fuck is a child supposed to understand why they don’t have a home? These are kids who see their parents going out to work long hours for shit wages, or battling illness, or struggling to find work. They see a parent who loves them, cares for them, feeds them – who does all the things that a parent is supposed to do – and yet that is not enough. The most basic form of human security, even survival, is now fast becoming something only the affluent can afford in many parts of the UK.

Almost every day seems to bring another story of low income families being forced from their homes to make way for luxury flats, as property developers turn the ground we walk on into a chance for them to increase their millions. And if anyone complains than the rich simply call on the machinery of the state – coppers, courts and bailiffs – to enforce their so-called property rights with unfeeling violence. Kids have no reference point for this kind of behaviour. They are taught to share and look after each other. There could hardly be a worse preparation for the realities of cut-throat capitalism.

Not one of the main political parties gives a shit about the desperate shortage of genuinely affordable housing. Most MPs care far more about their own property portfolios than they do about their homeless constituents. None of them have ever had to explain to their children why they have to move far away from their schools, friends and families, only to be placed in yet more temporary housing, sometimes in a different city, to await their next forced relocation.

The video above tells the story of children currently being socially cleansed from their homes on the Sweets Way estate in Barnet (ht @IzzyKoksal). These are not families that were living in luxury central London homes. Barnet is a suburb, so far from the centre of London that the aristocratic local MP Theresa Villiers used our money to help her buy a second home nearer Parliament.   This was a quiet and modest estate where people had lived for over five years. Now they face eviction, with some offered temporary properties as far away as Birmingham and others abandoned by the council completely.

One of the empty flats on the estate was occupied over the weekend as the tenants mount a fightback against this demolition of both their homes and their lives. Similar struggles are emerging across London and they are winning. We are only powerless when we play by their rules. Occupations and collective action, legal or otherwise, are the only tools we have. Fuck the law, fuck the bailiffs and fuck the rich they serve. This is our city. Let’s take it back.

For more info on the Sweets Way tenants visit Barnet Housing Action’s website or follow them on twitter @SweetsWayN20

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25 responses to “Support The Sweets Way Occupation, Let’s Take Our Cities Back

  1. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  2. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  3. For heaven’ sake, get out and VOTE on May 7th. Hopefully the resulting shambles in Parliament will lead to so much infighting they’ll leave us alone for the next five years.

  4. Will definitely vote in person not on-line in case of Vote rigging by Atos xx

  5. overburdenddonkey

    i wish the sweets way occupation movement every success…people 1st…common weal…

  6. Just stay put and let them shove their evictions up their collective arse!!

  7. It is now becoming almost inescapable, a conclusion reached that whoever forms the next Government / Dictatorship will carry on in the same way as others before them, nothing changing.
    We know they think “The peasants are revolting”
    It seems that what is needed is for the media to one day report “The peasants are revolting!”
    That may be what it takes, I am sad to say.

  8. Off Topic.

    One for the disabled to look at.
    The CRPD. The UN Convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities has began an enquiry procedure regarding the “grave and systemic violations of persons with disabilities in the UK”, as dated 19 June 2014.

    See and hear this for yourselves. Start at 1 hr 4 minutes in

  9. Apologies, the link has gone to first video in a playlist.
    It is the 9th video titled “Thursday Morning – the 19 of June 2014”.
    Watch and listen from 1 hr 4 minutes on.

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    Let’s do it!

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    Johnny Void here calls attention to the eviction of the residents of Sweet’s Way in Barnet. This is another working class area that’s being socially cleansed in order to build luxury, upmarket accommodation for the rich. The video accompanying this piece shows the people of Sweet’s Way themselves talking about how the council’s treating them and the immense problems and distress this has caused. Many of the speakers are children, who naturally talk about it from their point of view.

    Some of the residents have been given housing in Enfield, though others are being moved much further away, like Birmingham. Enfield is the next London borough, though the children point out that this is still over an hour away from the schools, which they are attending. Several haven’t been offered anywhere. They’re living at relatives, or, worse, were thrown out onto the street, only to be given temporary accommodation at the very last minute. And some of those, who have been given homes in Enfield, will be in the same situation again in a year’s time, as those homes are also scheduled for demolition.

    The stress this is causing is also destroying lives. One woman and her daughter talk about how their husband and father was literally driven out of his wits due to worrying about the situation. This poor bloke is now in a mental hospital, and his daughter is understandably upset that she cannot even visit her dad. For others, the disruption is less dramatic, but also presents its dangers. Several of the children point out that this has occurred while they’re doing their sats, and they worry about how well they’ll do.

    And as they point out, it isn’t just Barnet this is happening to. It’s happening all over London and in other towns up and down the country. Private Eye several years ago reported how one of the northern local councils compulsorily purchased an area of working class housing, whose residents were evicted in order to turn them into luxury flats. This is exactly the same case here. As one of the residents in the video remarks, there’s no reason for the houses to be demolished as they are well-built. It’s just Barnet council victimising the very poorest in order to gentrify the borough.

    People are being thrown onto the street, though as IDS massages the figures and the police move them out to locations where they can’t be seen, they will be ignored and invisible. You’re going to hear a lot of nonsense in the coming weeks from the Tories about how wonderful and prosperous the country is, thanks to them. It is. For a minute, privileged few. This shows the growing reality. It has to be stopped, not just in London, but throughout the country.

  12. How it all started

    In November 1996, Annington purchased 57,434 homes from the MoD in England and Wales. This portfolio of homes was known as the ‘Married Quarters Estate’.

    The majority of these homes are leased back to the MoD for continued use as service accommodation. Each year, those homes that are no longer needed by the MoD are handed back to Annington. The MoD continues to manage and maintain the properties it rents, whilst Annington has sole responsibility for surplus properties handed over.

    Nice scam – wonder if Annington recovered the full purchase price from the MOD Lend-Lease payments to Annington?

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    Well this is just horrific:

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    We have to support these people, and all the other homes and estates that are socially cleansing London and other cities!

  15. Part of the System Part of the Problem System Collaborators
    Majority of the People Majority of the Problem
    The Masses that go Along like Sheep with what Happens and
    Wreck the Efforts of the Few

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