Huge Success For Campaigners As Rage Against Maximus Explodes Onto The Streets Across The UK

Disabled protesters block Victoria Street bringing traffic chaos.

Disabled protesters block Victoria Street bringing traffic chaos.

Over 30 towns and cities held protests yesterday against the involvement of sinister US based outsourcing company Maximus in the despised Work Capability Assessments.

Maximus take over from Atos this week carrying out the tests used to strip benefits from sick and disabled people by finding them ‘fit for work’.  Atos were chased out of their lucrative contract with the DWP after a string of protests destroyed their carefully crafted corporate identity and campaigners have vowed to do the same to Maximus.

In London up to a hundred disabled people and supporters descended on their non-descript London offices where a noisy and determined protest took place outside their front door.  Protesters then took to the streets and occupied a roundabout where a Work Capability Assessment circus was held with events including a jumping through hoops display and a box lifting competition – a reference to one of the criteria in the assessments used to find people fit for work.  The circus ended with a rousing chorus of David Cameron Is A Wanker from the Kilburn Unemployed Workker’s Group.

Protesters then marched towards Parliament Square, stopping briefly outside the locked down and fenced off Department of Work and Pensions before blocking the busy Victoria Street.  Whilst a low key police presence looked on protesters held the road for almost an hour, bringing traffic to a standstill.

The protest was organised by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), alongside Black Triangle, Mental Health Resistence Network, UK Uncut, #newapproach and many more.  Protests also took place across England, Scotland and Wales, with even a solidarity protest outside Maximus’ offices in Toronto, Canada.  For a round up of tweets, pics, video and reports so far visit DPAC’s website.

The hashtag for the day #maximarse also briefly trended on twitter as thousands of people vented their outrage about the company online.  This proved so popular that a panicking Maximus quickly bought the domain name as spotted by @refuted.

The day was a huge success for campaigners and showed that simply changing the bastards carrying out these assessments has done nothing to dampen the rage against these nasty and vindictive tests.  Yesterday was just the start.    The best thing Maximus could do now is cut their losses and scuttle off back under a rock because all this contract is going to do is cost them lots and lots of money.

For a video of the Victoria Street blockade and report visit:

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76 responses to “Huge Success For Campaigners As Rage Against Maximus Explodes Onto The Streets Across The UK

  1. Vote for CLASS WAR!!







  2. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  3. Reblogged this on Blinded by the Darkness and commented:
    Plymouth had about ten people protesting … they aren’t very good at PR and I’m not filming them any more after Unison accused me of trying to steal their camera!

  4. Everyone should listen to and share the Cameron song 😀

  5. Maximarse The Movie…

  6. An excellent day in London – am working on the images I made and they will be on my blog soon.

    With reference to Maximus buying – it appears they have been on a shopping spree as .org etc have also been bought. It is almost as if they are being advised as to tactics by someone who used to campaign;-)

    • Wonder if someone will buy

    • Sue Marsh is a pile of shite

      Too fucking right… it was sell-out sue’s idea to buy up these domain names – what a fucking unadulterated great big, steaming pile shite sue marsh is.

    • Not Sue Marsh, stop doing this shit, last warning – jv

      • You can’t polish a turd.

      • Do you think you are making things better Sue? I heard that there were going to be no changes to the WCA, and Lichfield has pretty much recommended this too in his latest report. With no changes, what can we hope for? A cup of tea before execution? Comfy scatter cushions? Personally I don’t blame you for trying, but didn’t everyone agree it needs scrapping not tinkering with? It was the WCA, not ATOS that was Judged by Professor Harrington to be ‘inhumane and mechanistic.’ Changing the company running the Assessments, may mean they are carried out more professionaly but the staff as ATOS being poorly qualified, rude and a bit useless, was really more of a side issue anyway.

        • I couldn’t give a fuck about you lead-swingers any more. I’m on £75,000 a year for three and a half years, am voting Conservative in May (hoping to keep Iain Duncan Smith and Lord David Freud in the DWP for another five years, and hoping that the upper rate of tax will end up being slashed as much a you lazy bastard’s welfare payments.

          The unworking class can kiss my arse, I’ve got a high-paying job at last!

          Fuck the lot of you, losers!

      • A microsecond, then reality kicked in.

        Same WCA, same corporate pimping off the state. Better wall paper and faux smiles and a new logo ain’t going to change the same test, the same software, the same computers, the same desks, the same offices, and mostly the same staff, and the same OUTCOMES.

        Motives? Why should I bother to try & discern your motives? I’d hate to be so bloody desperate (about life) that I’d sell the disabled and vulnerable down the swany river. And personally I’d never work for any company that has been sued for fraud and incompetence while milking the systems for money intended to go to the vulnerable across three continents. No polish will put a shine on that turd.

        “Working to improve the WCA” is rather like hearing Miss World wanting to work for world peace. Yeah.

        • Giles Wilderbeast

          They might change the heading on the letter paper so it reads Maximus instead of Atos. Maybe rename their HQ Maximus House instead of Atos House. Oh and I think the Nazis are paying them 2 or 3 times more than they were paying Atos so expect assembly line style Fit for work assessments with map to the job centre at the end of it. Though I’ve head that they will find you fit for work before going through the motions of the fake assessment. But shore wasn’t that what Atos did also don’t you know?

      • Sue your role is to relate to the customers that is all, in customer service. Read your description role on Maximus`s web site.

      • totallygivenup

        watched her with chunky mark,fuck all wrong her just a simpering arsehole

  7. Keviun Scardifield

    The bloody do gooders have helped the Government do this, by insisting we be called disabled they have demeaned and downgraded us, you can disabled a car by clamping it, you can disabled a watch torch and many things by taking out the battery but guess what you can re-enable all of them by putting them back together. You cannot re-enable me I am a cripple and I will be a cripple for the rest of my life

    • Disabled is bad choice of words – it makes it too easy for the jobcentre/’work programme’ to put their disabled victims on course called “Enable”.

  8. overburdenddonkey

    well done folks stunning stuff…

  9. But MAXIMARSE doesn’t have any corporate identity to sully… its already proven to fuck over people and its paymasters fraudulently in many countries, UK, Australia, UAE, et. al.

    It was the only company rotten enough and disreputable enough to put in a bid to run the WCA which is why its earning so much more than Atos. IDS specifically chose them to bid, because you can’t tarnish shit.

    If you are a rouge company with no morals, no ethics, and no reputation in other areas that might be affected by doing a shit job of WCA and who routinely fraudulently claim money then what have they got to lose by doing IDS’s dirty work… especially when they probably have already factored in an “oh shit we got found out and have to pay some back” percentage into the business plan.

    Atos only quit because it had other business interests that were being affected by its WCA work, MAXIMUS have gone into this contract in full knowledge that it doesn’t give a fuck, will never give a fuck, and expects to get paid handsomely for fucking people over.

  10. Thanks for letting us know about the Demo and how it went. The Media are a bit rubbish at reporting this sort of stuff. Sadly I could only be there in spirit. Reckon it we were all as fit as the WCA finds us, there would have been a massive turn out that really could not be ignored. Well done to those who did turn out. You may have been few, compared to how many would have liked to be, there but stopping traffic and being noticed is GREAT!

  11. The WCA – It’s important to remember that these assessments are not a ‘medical’, as the public may believe. They are officially described as a ‘functional assessment’:

    • Until the policy makers can talk & speak & write the Queen`s English it`s all gobbledygook

    • Giles Wilderbeast

      My friend said they handed him his fit for work statement with a map to the job centre BEFORE they did the fake assessment. Said they said it would speed the process up as they had a lot of sick people to send to the job centre that day. When asked what qualifications the “assessor” had my friend was told the assessor gained a lot of his experience from his recent 3-day visit to Lourdes!

  12. Government fitness for work test is making disabled people sicker, report claims

    The Independent – 3rd March 2015

    The government test to prove that disabled and sick people are unable to work is causing an increase in physical pain, worsening their condition or delaying their recovery, according to a new survey.

    Leonard Cheshire, a charity that works with disabled people, surveyed 350 individuals who had been through the workplace capability assessment, which is used to establish whether benefit claimants are well enough to return to work.

    More than six in 10 (65 per cent) of those who had gone through the process said they had ended up with more pain afterwards. Almost three quarters (72 per cent) said they found the assessment had a negative impact on their mental or physical health, or both. The same number described the face to face appointment as stressful.

    Read More:

    • And not a medical person is sight or any info on anything medical. Perhaps it`s now the DWP Wiki Medical Page.

      • ‘functional assessment’ In Deep Shit.


        Fury as Con-Dem welfare axeman Iain Duncan Smith gets set to slash housing budget leaving vulnerable families at risk of homelessness

        AFTER failing in his bid to impose the bedroom tax on Scotland, it’s feared the Tory multi-millionaire’s latest attack on welfare will leave deprived families at risk of homelessness.

        • I’m kinda at a loss here to see just what the Daily Record is complaining about…..After all. that was one newspaper, if we could call it that, who flogged the “No” vote in September ruthlessly. We warned anyone who cared to listen worse was to come from Westminster. Alas, with the help of rags like the Record setting up Gordon Brown as some kind of superhero, not enough ppl took heed of our warnings.
          No doubt, the Record is still very proud of itself. It might not be once Labour is nearly wiped out in Scotland. Labour could have and should have destroyed the present tory-Lib Regime ages ago.
          But have been so utterly useless, so in love with so many tory social security polices, where it comes up with worse ones of its own, they let these evil satanists in power away with almost everything!
          Wonder what the Daily Record thinks of the Labouor MP calling for a tory – Labour alliance at Westminster ?
          We all hope of course that the tories don’t get to do any of this after May, and Labour are forced to become a bit civilized as well, like they used to be !

  13. Insider Transaction Update: Maximus, Inc. Chief of Human Capital Sells Company Shares

    Maximus, Inc. (NYSE:MMS), Andrekovich Mark, Chief of Human Capital of Maximus Inc, unloaded 3,185 shares at an average price of $60 on February 26, 2015. The total amount of the transaction was worth $191,100, according to the disclosed information with the Securities and Exchange Commission in a Form 4 filing. Andrekovich Mark now owns 22,542 shares of Maximus Inc.

  14. Sue Marsh retweeted
    Inspirational Quotes @InspowerMinds · Mar 1
    I don’t regret the things i’ve done, i regret the things i didn’t do when i had the chance to do it

    Like saying “No” to Maximus, Sue?

  15. Her blog has been hijacked by spam posts eg “My name is x, and I want to tell you about the great things which happened in my life since I sent money to a complete stranger (who specialises in, amongst other things “any sickness”).

  16. Ah A Tory Wooster notices Sanctions are “Inhumane” – might be a vote loser amongst certain people… [Not to RTU Smith though or his mate Cami]

  17. #maximarze, still free



      From: I Cau

      3 March 2015

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

      Further to the publication

      2 MARCH, 2015
      New DWP guidance on updated advice to healthcare professionals
      developed separately from Upper Tribunal decision on what evidence
      of work-related activity is required for Substantial risk to health
      arising from being found capable of work-related activity

      Please can you give a copy of the said DWP guidance on updated
      advice to HCP on what evidence of work-related activity is required
      for Substantial risk to health arising from being found capable of
      work-related activity

      Yours faithfully,

      I Cau

      Link to this



      From: Sarah Conner

      2 March 2015

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
      1. How many duel CD recorders do Maximus have in their possession
      to be used to record assessments and what is the model number(s) of
      the machine

      2. How many duel tape recorders do maximus have in their possession
      to be used to record assessments and what is the model number(s) of
      the machine

      3. What is the cost per duel CD recorder + VAT

      4. What is the cost per duel tape recorder + VAT

      5. Do the CD recorders have a battery back up in case of power
      failure to finalise a disc and eject it from the machine

      Yours faithfully,

      Sarah Conner

      Link to this



        Will people be able to ask, and be allowed to have their assessments with Maximus
        recorded? On 1/2/12 Chris Grayling said “Anyone that wishes their assessment
        recorded may do so.” Or words to that effect.
        Have Maximus been given any additional money in their contract to buy duel CD
        recording machines and if so how much?

        Yes, individuals are able to request that their assessments recorded but must make the
        request at least 48 hours in advance.

        The contract with Maximus provides for dual recording of assessments (audio tape or
        CD) however, contract costs are agreed commercially in confidence and are therefore
        not disclosed and are exempt from release under Section 43 of the Freedom of
        Information Act.

  18. Moggy Paw Lore

    Only been there a day and already Maximess have hassled a friend by phone who said on her form she can’t cope on the phone

  19. they all fucking lie

    well what are we suposed to do about this farce the goverment have decided to carry out the WCA’s ? we cant kick maxfarcemas out as the next party who get in will find another provider and we will be in the same boat again.

  20. Reblogged this on markcatlin3695's Blog and commented:
    Protest and Survive!!!

  21. ATOS, Capital, Maximus e.t.c no matter what company is chosen these or others our answers will always be changed by the DWP, bring witnesses and have the assessment recorded to stand any chance at all.

  22. Surveillance State Scotalnd

    Plans for a new identity database are to be debated by MSPs amid civil liberty concerns.

    Under the proposals more than 100 public bodies, including HMRC[/DWP], would be able to access adults’ private data on the NHS Central Register (NHSCR).

    Wee Nicola’s Big Brother Database

  23. I hope you people realise that you’re probably upsetting Sue Marsh.

    Shame on you.

  24. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This is great, inspiring news from Johnny Void. He describes here the protests against Maximus up and down Britain, including the Circus held in London to demonstrate some of the stupid and demeaning physical tests claimants have been put through. And as the article shows, the outrage even went global, with solidarity demonstration against them in Toronto. And you can tell just how rattled Maximus are as, according to the good Mr Void, they bought the domain name after being bombarded with comments on Twitter.

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  26. Colorado Springs DUI Attorneys

  27. When I click on your RSS feed it gives me a page of weird text, is the malfunction on my end?

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