How The DWP Bribed Employers To Break Age Discrimination Laws With A ‘Golden Ticket’ Worth £2,275

wage-incentive-goldenticketJobcentres bribed employers with ‘golden tickets’ worth up to £2,275 to hire young people over older workers despite warnings from lawyers that this Wage Incentive scheme was probably illegal.

Figures released this week show that over one hundred thousand ‘Wage Incentive’ payments were doled out to employers before the scheme was quietly abandoned last Summer.  These payments could be claimed from the DWP every time an employer recruited someone under 25 who had previously been on benefits.  An early evaluation of the scheme found that it was riddled with abuse, with employers making backdated claims for workers they had already hired, or even using Wage Incentives as a tax-payer funded rolling stock of temporary staff.  This report came alongside warning from the DWP’s own lawyers that companies who took these payments faced the risk of legal challenges under age discrimination laws from older workers denied jobs .

Despite these warnings Wage Incentives continued and by the time a second evaluation was published all mention of employers abusing the scheme had magically disappeared.  What this evaluation found however was the huge amount of pressure Jobcentre staff were being placed under to encourage employers to hire younger workers and claim Wage Incentives.  According to the report some staff felt that older claimants were disadvantaged by ‘persistent pressure’ to concentrate on Wage Incentive jobs and that targets set by the DWP were unfair.

Both evaluations found that ‘self-marketing’ Wage Incentives proved one of the most effective ways to sell the scheme to employers.  This included encouraging young people to add details of the potential bribe to their CVs, mention it at interviews, or present employers with a shoddily designed ‘golden ticket’ like the one pictured above.  According to one Jobcentre worker: “The line from employers is usually – if I see two candidates exactly the same and one is eligible and one is not, I’ll take the wage incentive candidate.” 

In other words employers would hire a younger worker over an older one purely because they were paid by the government to do so.  It is clear that this discriminates against older workers and it seems likely this is one of the reasons why Wage Incentives were quietly scrapped in August last year.

Amusingly the DWP are now pretending that Wage Incentives were only ever intended as a “temporary measure to encourage employers to offer sustained paid employment to young people during the recession”.  This is transparent bollocks.   There was never any intention that this scheme was temporary and it was introduced and stayed in effect long after the official period of recession.

The truth is that Wage Incentives were unfair, ineffective, hugely expensive and probably illegal.  But that’s all just business as usual at the DWP and not usually enough to cause one of Iain Duncan Smith’s crazy schemes to be brought to an end.  Yet significantly, even many grasping employers found Wage Incentives too much to stomach.  According to the recent evaluation one Jobcentre said:  “Some of our large and national employers won’t take wage incentive on because they don’t want bad or adverse publicity, if they think it looks like a bribe.”

Astonishingly the report says that in “one or two extreme cases, larger employers … were so opposed to the wage incentive that they would consider only recruiting candidates aged 25 and over” adding that “Other employers have said ‘it’s unethical, we don’t want to know about it”.

Don’t believe the fucking hype, employers have not suddenly turned into a bunch of hippies, they are just worried about their reputations.  If anything this shows the success that groups such as Boycott Workfare and claimants themselves have had in exposing the exploitation and naked profiteering at the heart of DWP backed schemes.  Everything the DWP try and do is toxic now.  Let’s make sure it stays that way.

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116 responses to “How The DWP Bribed Employers To Break Age Discrimination Laws With A ‘Golden Ticket’ Worth £2,275

  1. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  2. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


    • Get a fucking job

      • Fuck off

        • Double dole ?? try working 5 jobs 65 plus hours a week, it’s call dignity and self respect.

          • I’ll up your 5 jobs to 7 and see your 65+ hours/week; this just seems not altogether likely … how are there enough hours in the day to be reading and commenting on here?!

            How many people truly juggle 5 jobs? Three, maybe.

            If true, by some strange bending of the rules of time, that would not be my version of dignity and self-respect.

            • No wonder your unemployed

              • You usesless troll. Hope you never need to claim any benefits anytime soon. Oh wait a minute, yes I do.

                • The days of people sitting on there arse are long gone, Iain duncan smiths a cunt but, you cant say there are no jobs volunteer do anything but languish ffs

              • overburdenddonkey

                80hrs/wk job inc travel downtime, no benefits, no time to sleep, no time for leisure, no time for domestics, min wage…how can one sum that up to be self respect and dignity? sounds like slavery to me…

                • Nine hours a day over 7 days i do Who mentioned 80 hours ? if you turned all your anger into looking for work ..well You know the rest

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ‘Who mentioned 80 hours’ you did, unless you have a tardis? (65hrs work i assume you travel so i added 15hrs)
                  yeah, that’ll be right redirect my anger @ the slave system, into work, is exactly how the system operates…btw i’m a time served hgv mechanic started in the 60’s…heard of pensions yet?

              • FUCK OFF!! CUNT!!

              • Currently not unemployed – but whenever I have been I don’t feel I should have to either apologise or explain to complete strangers. Especially antagonistic, judgemental strangers.

                My background is more of being in work than not in work, having said that (but this isn’t something I see as particularly virtuous – it doesn’t make me a better person or define who I am). Both of my parents stood up for workers rights in their workplaces, going on strike for better pay and conditions when the need arose (& sometimes won). They were never forced into a position where they had to work more than a standard working week (37.5) in order to have a half-decent standard of living, though, in order to be able to support their children. They did take paid overtime at times and were made redundant on occasion (today’s equivalent being the one-year, not-always-renewed/funding runs out, contract). So this ‘working 5 minimum wage jobs’, if true, isn’t something that should be worn like a badge of honour.

              • Go back to school and learn some grammar – it’s ‘No wonder you’re unemployed’

            • Working too many hours causes accidents – no fit employer would have these working hours – must be working through Agencies.

              • Yes but i work i give up, followed this blog since the Tories got in..same old folk commenting, Your saying you cant find any piad work in nearly five years bullshit

                • People that are commenting on this site as regards what is happening at the Jobcentre, Atos etc deserve a medal for sheer determination not giving up – I don’t think I could do it. It has been suggested that the person who caused the accident with the bin lorry in Glasgow was working too many hours through an Agency. That is how accidents are caused and people who are forced onto workfare whilst clearly unwell and not fit for work can cause injury to colleagues – not intentional – they just are not well enough to carry out the work.

                • Alert! Alert! Tory troll invading the void and phoning the comments in via Conservative Party Headquarters, somewhere in London.

                • Petite
                  I too have followed this blog for the last 5 years. I can say to you that it isn’t the “same old folk commenting”, for I am relatively new to making comments.

                  There are some stalwarts on here too, and thankfully so. Their contributions on here is vital as is anyone’s. It is how we keep reality and awareness alive and true, without being drowned in the quagmire of official propaganda. We are all wannabe Johnny Voids doing our bit.

                  I have worked for most of my life. I have been on Jobseekers for 2 weeks this time, so far, and in my opinion anybody “choosing” live under JSA / ESA “regime” would be insane. In the last few years this Regime has become draconian to the point of violating basic Human Rights.

                  Unless you can guarantee that you never become unemployed, sick or disabled, you should consider you stance. With a snap of the fingers you could find yourself under this very same regime. Then you will know.

                  Why have been following this blog so long?. Did you empathise at first, and then harden?. Did you buy into the propaganda?, or, have just become sanctimonious because you have so many jobs?. Try giving some of jobs up so that your fellow humans may benefit.

              • Brain surgeon …. nun (sex worker?)…. It can’t be much fun working all day 7 days per week at whatever. It must be tempting to have a go at people who aren’t – supposedly – ‘doing ANY work’. As Ages has pointed out, though, anyone intending to receive 70.00/week and housing benefit must now demonstrate their extensive, and expensive, job search – daily, ongoing and not excepting bank holidays, xmas, new year etc. etc. They must never get sick and are not allowed any (arranged, or otherwise) days off. There is no paid holiday or sick leave. There is, very often, no end in sight.

                All this can be done in the (relative to not being able to afford much heating in the winter/a fan in the summer) comfort of one’s home, unless JCP ‘advisers’ demand to hold ‘in-person’ interviews/meetings – up to several times a week under new rules – or issue diktats to send to the work pogram, including similar demands for regular attendance – in addition to those at the job centre – to complete (supervised) job search in scuzzy surroundings, while simultaneously explaining and producing in writing, over and over, “What I have done to look for work since we last had the conversation, three days ago … “.

          • If it’s on the minimum wage (or less) I’d call it sheer bloody stupidity.

          • Dignity and self-respect has nothing to do with work. More to do with moral compass.

      • What’s that I smell… Ahhh the Fragarant smell of Petite, a “Wooster (Money Hidden Abroad) Supporter”

        • The Tories are spending over £100,000 per month on Facebook alone (see Private Eye). After raking in tens of millions of pounds from dodgy sources and forcing through a 23% rise in allowable spending during the election (against the Electoral Commison’s wishes), I’m sure they have the resources to chuck at any websites critical of them. Their aim is to cause dissent and hopefully provoke threats of violence which will lead to the attention of the police or security services (anyone who does not enthusiastically support the government is labelled a terrorist these days).

          As for working all the hours god sends in a low paid job for “self-respect”, that’s what the rich tell the poor who no longer believe they’ll get their reward in the next life. In exchanging periods of the only life you will ever have for money, it’s sensible to get as much as you can.

  3. This from IDS who says people should ‘play by the rules’. Not by the laws, though, apparently.

  4. It’s blooming sanctuary people need from this guy – not sanctions and bribes – wonder why he is still an MP – hope redrumlisa takes his seat away for good.

  5. One thing I learned in Government was if I wanted to know the answer to a question I followed the money… FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  6. Vote for CLASS WAR!!

  7. you cant make these stories up rtu ids needs to be charged for crimes against his own people but each day another little bit more of how the dwp goes about its work its criminal but ids doesn’t care one iota jeff3

  8. The dirty lying bastards, I complained to my work coach last year that I was being discriminated against because of my age, as I had applied for hundreds of jobs, I am 56, “Oh no” says he, “they are not allowed to do that”. Well now we know why?

  9. This is so wrong on many accounts young people already get an advantage on the older unemployed person. As BizzieLizzie has already said “Applied for hundreds of jobs and felt that employers were discriminated against the age ” It hard enough to find jobs you can do to apply for without the Government shitting on us as well all the time making us jump through all the hoops knowing that whatever we do to try to get a job we were being stiched up…. Bastards!!!!

  10. Jesusisananarchist

    received an email today from ‘ volunteer centre Lewisham ‘ entitled ‘ Volunteer pooh pickers ‘ :
    ” I apologise if this email offends anyone but it is a genuine query, and no it’s not early April Fools.

    Lewisham’s environment and residents are unfortunately suffering because we have some irresponsible dog owners who have no regard for other people or the environment and fail to clean up after their dogs.
    This is unpleasant and unhealthy.

    There is clearly a substantial piece of work to be done to make dog owners responsible, and demonstrate the love that they have for their pets by cleaning up.

    We are trying to find out whether there are brave souls out there who would volunteer to be poo pickers. 20 minutes a week cleaning up a small area and engaging with dog owners to help reduce this problem.
    Volunteers would be equipped with gloves, bags and pooper scoopers.

    I am contacting you because when you registered with volunteer Centre Lewisham you identified environment as one of the areas that you would be interested in volunteering in. Of course this is probably not what you envisaged. However, we are just trying to identify whether people would do this role to clean up the area and educate dog owners.

    I would appreciate it if you could reply ONLY if you would consider this role if we developed it, and which ward you live in, if you know it.

    Just reply YES and the name of the ward.

    I would like to stress that I do know that a great many dog owners are responsible, and certainly am not suggesting that they all do this. Just that it is a problem in the borough.

    Many thanks


    Kay Kelleher
    Chief Executive

  11. Yep sounds about right. Pick up shit for shit wages, that’s great IDS, I am now a self-employed shit picker. Another one off the dole!

  12. Think I may have noticed and mentioned it a while ago on the void. Just saying

  13. I remember A4e promoting this last year. Every email from their ‘advisers’ got sent out with a reminder that employers could get this extra money by taking on a young person- it was like they were being pimped out!

  14. Well I did not get an interview for that job I spent four days on completing the application form which was like a catalogue. Waste of time – I feel as if my present employer has got me gripped in a flaming vice.

  15. If they would put the retirement age back to 60 then there would be more jobs for young people.

    • I so agree with you. Our pensions are there but they are calling them “spare money” – well give us our spare money back and give it to who rightfully deserves it – those who paid in for all or most of their working lives – 60 for women and 65 for men – although I’d say 60 for men as well.

    • Very good idea. I have to wait until I am 67 now! They changed the goalposts without telling us. I was hoping to get a pension at 60. Seven years robbed from me.

  16. I take offense to your comment ‘grasping employer’. I employ people but have always ignored incentives to employ the younger person as it is immoral and blatantly used to get free/cheap labour. I have been of this opinion since YTS days. I pay more than the going rate and we all reap the benefits

  17. DWP spending money on companies to encourage the employment of 25 year old’s or under. Nothing short of discrimination and bribery. Meanwhile a new jobseeker has to wait 1 week after applying, before JSA starts to pay.

    As I remember it, JSA would be paid by BACS transfer via the banks, and before that, it used to be a Giro.

    Can anyone tell me why the DWP said they will pay via cheque?. DWP know my bank account number. Is this all to do with payment delays, since a cheque takes time to clear, or / and to stop the cheque in the event of a doubt been raised?.
    Anyone else had this?.

    • The DWP are taking the piss, Ages. When they have to cover their ass the DWP can have money in your bank account in under 20 mins – they must use InstaPayments, FasterPayments or whatever it’s called. Tell the fuckers to transfer your money NOW!!

    • BACS is the slow 3 day payment system. Nowadays, money can be transferred INSTANTLY. Bollocks to waiting for cheques to clear and all that shit.

      • Faster Cash,
        Thanks. I spoke to them today at the JCP, and was told we do not send cheques. It turns out, they lost my bank account details although these were provided in the online application. How are the going to cope with UC?

    • Instantaneous sanctions doubt there is even a credible decision making process between a work roach instigated sanction and the jsa payment being seized.

  18. Talk about hitting a nail on the head!. PLEASE READ the first comment below the main article.

  19. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here describes the scandal of the ‘Wage Incentive’ scheme, in which employers were paid up to £2,275 by the government to take on unemployed young people under 25, rather than older workers. The scheme was quietly abandoned last summer after opposition from employers, who considered it grossly unethical. Like the rest of the government’s schemes for getting the unemployed back into work through Workfare, it was open to massive abuse. Mr Void states that firms were fiddling the books to claim extra money for their staff, or using it as a supply of cheap labour. The DWP’s own lawyers also warned that the scheme was probably illegal under the age discrimination laws, meaning that employers and the government could be sued by older workers, who had been passed over jobs in favour of younger people.
    This is one scheme that the government certainly did not tout, probably because it was so risky. It could well have lost them a slice of the pensioners’ vote, with many older people also keen to continue working past retirement. Or at least, that’s what’s claimed. Either way, it’s another example of this government’s expensive and corrupt methods of combating unemployment, which simply don’t work.

  20. Between September 2013-April 2014 I applied for 384 jobs under the HIT SQUAD (remember them?) and in all cases was unsuccessful, No why I had no FUCKING luck. ‘The Kids’ were taken on as I was deemed too fucking old. Fucking Bastards. I cried myself throughout all of that horrible period, fear and anxiety of being sanctioned. However, I was lucky, I never got sanctioned. I got a backbreaking job as a cleaner. I did continue to sigh on however, for my STAMP. The perverse JSA bastards, as they are, hounded me to take on more work, when I was crippled with knee pain. So I stopped signing on. I am talking to you BARRY FROM SELLY OAK JOBCENTRE, YOU FUCKING WANKER. I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL.

  21. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal.

  22. I always laugh at Republicans,of whatever variety.

    • Daily Record shifts the progressive cybernats to the far-right of Jim Murphy, they are all far-right swivel eyed loons now, maybe the DR has a SNP/UKIP fear campaign in mind – tomorrow’s DR headline vote SNP get a UKIP government.

    • Pity that NHS whistle-blowers were not as well defended as a NHS uniformed political party exponent.

    • overburdenddonkey

      if the girl is a nurse, she’s not allowed to express a political view in an advert for any political party, in uniform…ie in this case labour…coz the nhs is supposed to be politically neutral….it’s in the nurses rules…..
      but you have read that in the wings blogs, i’ve posted above…

  23. Since when was Bath in Scotland ?

  24. SLAB will be on the political mortuary slab if the try to position the SNP to their right as a Scots nasty party, one hundred thousand uniformed Suzanne Hunter’s will not be able to revive the Scots Labour Branch – SLAB/DNR.

  25. BREAKING NEWS: SNP’s A&E CRISIS – MILLIONS of Scots forced to wait for more than 4 weeks to see a doctor.

    “Working as a nurse I see Jim Murphy’s knob every day. I can tell you the NHS is a shambles. Vote Scottish Labour to save our NHS” – Suzanne, Clackmannanshire

    Isn’t the NHS apolitical? How can a NHS nurse come out in support of the odious MI5-man Jim ‘Traitor’ Murphy and the all but dead-an-buried sottish labour party.

  26. It is this lassie who is on that sack-load of shite posters (you should see the size of these leaflets) SLAB has given the postie to deliver. The only thing SLAB will deliver is a load of posties with broken backs.

  27. Pictures on elections leaflets are always ‘stock photos’ anyway – take a closer look at next BNP one – guaranteed to have a picture of a ‘doctor’, ‘nurse’, ‘happy family’, Nick Grifiin’s ‘cock’….

  28. Does anyone really believe that is a real doctor?

  29. “As as NHS doctor I see the damage done to our health services by Labour every day. I will be voting SNP” – Jim, NHS doctor

  30. Nicola - NHS nurse

    “As an NHS nurse I see the damage done to our health care services every day. it is vital that we save our NHS from the ravages of the SNP. I will be voting Labour.” – Nicola, NHS nurse.

  31. The Tory plan to hit 515,000 social housing pensioners with the bedroom tax

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  33. wingsoversomerset

  34. Wings Over Scotland

    This ‘nurse’ is a fucking actress after all:

  35. Wings Over Scotland

    Full expose here

    We have all been had!

  36. Wings Over Scotland

  37. I am sure that this happened in my case. I am not signing on now, but when I was up until Feb. 2013, I hardly ever got an interview because they had worked out from my CV that I was 52.

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    que faire pour etre enceinte rapidement

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