This Is Our City Not Theirs, It’s Time To Tell The Rich To Fuck Off


As glass and concrete spindles made of luxury flats climb into the clouds above London below them lives a generation of children who will never be able to afford to live here when they are grown up.

Across the capital families and communities are being fractured as rents soar beyond poverty wages and benefit caps mean eviction and forced relocation for those who fall on hard times.  In central London at night huddled bodies in sleeping bags fill the shop doorways whilst camps of homeless migrants hide beneath bridges and in tunnels after finding out the city’s streets were actually paved with shit.  Social housing estates are being slowly run down, decanted and demolished to make way for the rich and a handful of so-called affordable properties that nobody local can afford.  Gentrification forces up rents and closes down well loved local pubs and markets to be replaced by hipster twats selling over-priced cupcakes or bowls of fucking Coco Pops to each other.

The rich should not just be unwelcome in this environmnent, they should be despised.  None of this has happened by accident.  As property prices rocket out of reach every last fucking brick has become an investment opportunity.  London does not have a housing problem, some of the most expensive properties in the city are empty and unused.  London has a rich people problem.

Yet as the social and cultural heart of the capital is ripped apart, a spectre is haunting London.  A spectre of toff-hating fucking rage.  Recently up to four thousand people marched on City Hall demanding homes, whilst a breakaway groups took to the roads and occupied empty flats on the Aylesbury Estate. Abandoned properties have been occupied throughout the capital from Stratford to Mayfair.  Shadowy American property developers Westbrook Partners were chased out of their ownership of the New Era Estate after threatening to hike rents.  Local groups who face losing their homes have brought construction sites to a standstill with blockades.  Last week bailiffs, the attack dogs of the rich, were pelted with paint bombs at their glitzy annual award ceremony.   And the boisterous Poor Doors demonstrations are back after pampered property developer Taylor McWilliams declared there was nothing he could be arsed to do to end social segregation in the building his company owns.

It is little wonder that the rich want us out of their playground.  Property developers now boast in adverts that there will be no social housing tenants in their luxury new flats.  Poor doors force low income tenants to use a different entrance to their homes than the rich who live in the same buildings.  Even gardens that were promised to low income residents are now to be fenced off and made available for posh cunts only.  David Cameron has threatened a policy which will socially cleanse the poor from the entire South East of England within a week of any Tory election victory.  But we are not fucking going anywhere.

At the recent housing march it was declared that the growing movement for homes is the beginning of the end of London’s housing crisis.  Escalation is now vital on every front.  It’s time to make the rich feel unwelcome.  To let them know that if they leave their luxury buildings empty they will be occupied.  If they force us to use poor doors we will mob their buildings and spoil their dinners.  That from the trust fund Tarquins destroying local communities to the plutocrats, bankers and global super-rich buying houses to keep empty as investments, we will hunt them down and make their lives as uncomfortable as they want to make ours.  There are fucking loads more of us than them.  The rich are here by our consent.  It’s time to tell them to fuck off.

Next Thursday (19th February) the Poor Doors demo will start at 6pm sharp, 1 Commercial Street, E1 and march to the site of the stolen garden at Tower Bridge SE1.  Then on Monday 23rd February Boris Johnson will be the target as housing campaigners flock to City Hall to block his budget.  If you have kids growing up in this city or plan to grow old here then you should be there, at both if you can.  This is our London, not theirs and we need to take it back.

Please help spread the word about both events, for more info on the Poor Doors protest visit Class War’s website and join/share the facebook event page for Block the Budget.

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  1. Aylesbury

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  2. Benefit Sanctions Wrongly Leaving Landlords with Mounting Rent Arrears

    RLA Landlords – 28th Jan 2015

    The RLA is concerned that sanctions imposed on Job Seeker Allowance (JSA) and Employment Support Allowance (ESA) claimants are unfairly leaving PRS landlords with mounting rent arrears.

    The problem is caused by the DWP misinforming councils on the proper status of JSA/ESA claims, following the imposition of a sanction. This then prompts suspensions and cancellations of Housing Benefit/Local Housing Allowance (LHA) claims when there’s simply no justification for this.

    The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has produced reports covering this issue:‘unintended’-housing-benefit-cuts-hit-tenants/7001667.article

    The problem has, if anything, got worse despite both the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Councils are well aware of its existence, not to mention the unnecessary rent arrears and untold misery it inflicts on tens of thousands of tenants. Landlords, already reeling from some of the worst effects of welfare reform, are also experiencing mounting rent arrears, caused by this same issue, which needs to be addressed by both councils and DWP urgently.

    Read More:

  3. I tried to get a property from a private landlord 5 years ago, after complications from a so-called routine op, but not one got back to me they just didn’t want to know. It’s not just London it’s all over the country. We need to tell landlords all over the country to fuck off, we won’t be beaten

  4. I wonder if they get all the low paid workers as well as the unemployed out of London. Who is going to look after the sewerage system? who is going to clean their posh houses? who is going to look after their fenced off gardens? Are they going to do all these jobs themselves? Probably not as they never probably had a real days work in their life.

    • overburdenddonkey

      they’ll just have another group of slightly better paid low paid workers, ad infinitum….effectively paying the rich to work, and reside…..

      • its still the same thing, they will still be poor, no I believe that what you deal out, gets dealt back at you. Aside from anything they can not live as they are forever because their system will not support them forever. Their is only so much money in the world and if they end up owning it all. There will be no talented people or people willing to make stuff or give them services any more. Because we can rely on each other to help each other. Who do they have really? If they do nothing as they are they will become helpless eventually, if they do not have anyone to wipe up after themselves. Reality will one day find them, the same reality we all have to live everyday and it will be shock when it does. It will happen I do not know when.

        • overburdenddonkey

          they just don’t care, as long as the families of the establishment have a heritage/dynasty/lineage…

          • your right they don’t care and I don’t understand how they can be so selfish. I’m sick of the fact there is no honour or decency any more. I don’t even want much, just equality.

            • overburdenddonkey

              we see the whole world…they’re literally trained as children to see only their world as having value, they have a massive sense of entitlement…
              they even claim greater anxiety and sense of loss as they have more to lose than us low life scum…their wealth insulates them from their denial, that’s what it’s for, we suffer so the they don’t need to suffer…ring any bells? they force us to follow their rules, grace, etiquette, and boundaries…know your place…we don’t have reflections in the mirror, it doesn’t matter if we’re @ the end of our phone lines or behind the letter boxes of our front doors., our pillows don’t know that it’s our heads resting on them..

              • I know in fact I watched a programme, something to do with living in Mayfair, its very enlightening, they are spoilt children yes. But I still say they have nothing, in away it is a bit like an hoarding syndrome I suppose. You we suffer so they do not have to? and in a sense we do, but who suffers more? I am guess they do only they just do not realise what hey are doing to themselves, they are only aware of the suffering their actions cause other people. This fun this discussion. I quite like taking part and definitely all the news passed along on here is a lot more informative than just reading the papers. Just thought I’d say, its nice to talk amongst intelligent people. And in their view we are low life scum, but they are wrong, very wrong. I would not want to ever be in their position with so much wealth, I would not like to think I would ever become them, that would be a nightmare. Having no money as I do even with all the worries and the struggles to live, I’d rather be like this than mean and selfish and alone and unloved. They have nothing that I want.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yep, you said it…it’s their loss….
                  but, i do wish they’d stop blaming/punishing/scapegoating us for their shit lives….it’s certainly good to talk to fellow travellers…. 🙂

                • Wealth has nothing to do with obsessive compulsive hoarding disorder; money buys FREEDOM and CHOICE! There is no law that says being ‘loaded’ means you have to drive a Lamborghini and own a fancy yacht: and as Tyler Durden said: “The things that you own end up owning you” It is like the lottery millionaire who said the best thing about winning the money was “no never have to put on that fucking boiler-suit ever again” or Colin Stagg the poor guy who received compensation after being fitted up for a murder he didn’t commit: “never having to set foot in a fucking jobcentre again.”

        • maybe automation will
          replace the poor servicing
          the rich..ive heard said that
          in ten to twenty years time
          automation will replace
          around 40-50% of jobs…
          or maybe places like london
          will be like ‘metropolis ‘
          with the poor workers living
          in the sewers underground
          ..”upstairs downstairs”.

          • it will be if we let it happen, trouble is no one I know outside my immediate family has an interest in politics and so with little interest into it people are just going to let it happen, if they don’t know, they will think its alright. And Mike Silver is right there is 200,000 people interested in you going shopping, he talks politics and about important issues and gets one like. if people aren’t interested as a democracy, then there is no democracy without the people in it. Maybe it is intentional that they don’t educate children in school with politics, maybe they don’t want you to know.

        • Maria, take a look in your local Oxfam shop and ask about their latest campaign. The poster for it has a picture of a red double-decker bus. It’s there to illustrate the truly staggering fact that the 80 wealthiest people on the planet, who could all fit on the double-decker bus, have more wealth than the poorest 3.5 billion people – that is pretty much half of all humanity. Oxfam thinks it’s time that was changed. I think that poverty needs to be abolished, along with extremes of wealth.

          • Wish I could but my local Oxfam closed down a year ago. I know about where the wealth is I read the guardian and the independent you know as well as the degrading of the poor stories in the DM. Though I not sure what is happening in the guardian these days. I agree with you I think if there is to be capitalism it should at least be responsible capitalism and there is nothing responsible about it these days.

          • I’m afraid that Oxfam is not all it seems – please be wary with them. Swiss and Oxfam *may* be getting investigated – allegedly.

    • An old solution to an old problem – live-in staff, or more correctly the ultimate 24/7 slavery on pittance pay, if any, living under effective house arrest. The abuse of these house servants is already a problem among those trafficked into the UK as members of households. There will be a boom in workers hostels too, as in South Africa, and ME countries where the labourers are kept in servitude and dreadful conditions away from the distraction of watching their families struggle on the remittances sent home.

    • That’s what I was thinking too. Its bot just the lowly paid cleaners, tho, it’s firefighters, police, nurses, teachers, the lower paid civil servants and office workers. Some of these ppl can hardly afford getting into town as it is. If they lived further out, they wouldn’t be able to commute, and they wouldn’t have a job either.
      London, and a quite a few of the uppity burghs are going to have bigger trouble than they already do. The REGIME hasn’t a clue.

      • Its NOT just…etc, that shouldve read!

      • Seeing is believing

        Police. nurses and firefighters all jump the housing que and get offered nice peabody flats that others acn only dream of.The gubbermint knows how to look after its cops and emergency services , dont you worry about that!

        • @seeing is believing er not quite as Boris is intent to close down lots of fire stations because he wants to flog off the land to property dealers and the nurses have pay cuts and threats of them being told that they’ll be working for some private health vultures

          • He closed down about 13 in January last year. A city the size of London, and they are closing down firehouses, and cutting back on the number of pumpers and ladder trucks. It is disgraceful.
            If the ppl of London knew how little protection they actually have, they would not be happy at all. But I don’t think they have any idea of the reality.

            • @Gordon thanks for that. Yes we got info from firefighters themselves as they were trying to find out why these stations were being closed and in such numbers too
              Its very quite disturbing

    • Seeing is believing

      No, they expect immigrant workers to live three to a room so they can afford to service the job. They expect them to live in a shared hovel like this and turn up for work keen and fresh just like in the 30’s.They expect the existing work force to follow suit or starve.This is why the gates are still wide open.

      • You mean slavery. knowing them they will try to make it legal, workfare is virtual slavery and it is funny in a world where there is no work for paid workers, there is a lot of work to volunteer for. It not as if people are short of money to pay their workers either.

    • Edward Longshanks


  5. LUXURY APARTMENTS is the phrase used these days.

    They put up one right next to a railway bridge with no regard to privacy or vibration to the structure
    Passengers can gaze at the inhabitants and the inhabitants can look down on the passengers.. In both senses of the word
    Popular pubs have been closed and converted into LUXURY APARTMENTS some with no takers with property vultures jumping on the band wagon with little or no regard to the community at all

    London is being transformed into a faceless soul less zones of empty and near empty properties all set up to avoid tax and funnel drug money by oligarchs whilst tides of homeless families are left to rot and be treated as criminals for having the misfortune of become destitute
    And at the same time our former children in care were being systematically being abused by VIP politicians
    And even now when they seek justice and redress they are being abused again by Home Office playing games and misleading and lying to them and trying to obscure and cover up the crimes by those evil bastards
    And the security services complicity in the matter


      And add this stuff to it



      those present:

      The Rt Hon Margaret Thatcher MP
      Prime Minister

      The Rt Hon Wlliam Whitelaw
      Secretary of State for the Home Department

      The Rt Hon Lord Carrington
      Secretary of State for Foreign and
      Commonwealth Affairs

      The Rt Hon Sir Keith Joseph MP
      secreatary of State for Education and Science

      The Rt Hon James Prior MP
      The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

      The Rt Patrick Walker MP
      Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

      The Rt Hon George Younger MP
      Secretary of State for Scotland

      The Rt Hon Humphrey Atkins MP
      Lord Privy Seal

      The Rt John Biffen MP
      Secretary of State for Trade

      The Rt Hon Norman Fowler MP
      Secretary of State for Social Services

      The Rt Hon Baroness Young
      Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

      The Rt Hon Norman Tebbit MP
      Secretary of State for Employment

      The Rt Hon Sir Goffrey Howe QC MP
      Chancellor of the Exchequer

      The Rt Hon Francis Pym MP
      Lord President of the Council

      The Rt Hon John Nott MP
      Secretary of State of Defence

      The Rt Hon Michael Heseltine MP
      Secretary of State for the Environment

      The Rt Hon Nicholas Edwards MP
      Secretary of State for Wales

      The Rt Hon Patrick Jenkln MP
      Secretary of State for Industry

      The Rt Hon David Howell MP
      Secretary of State for Transport

      The Rt Hon Leon Brittan QC MP
      Chief Secretary, Treasury

      The Rt Hon Nigel Lawson MP
      Secretary of State for Energy

      The Rt Hon Cecil Parkinson MP
      Paymaster General

      he intended to make a statement in the House of Commons that
      afternoon about the allegations of criminal sexual misconduct made
      against persons employed at or otherwise connected with the Kincora
      House boys home in Northern Ireland. The accusations now being
      investigated by the police included suggestions that security in the
      Province might have been compromised by the use of blackmail
      against those concerned. He proposed to announce that the
      Government intended to set up a public inquiry under a High Court
      judge once the police had completed their investigations into the
      alleged offences and any subsequent criminal proceedings had been
      concluded. The precise form of the judicial inquiry would be
      decided at a later date. The Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster
      Constabulary (RUC) would also invite Her Majesty’s Chief
      lnspector of Constabulary to arrange for another Chief Constable
      to investigate the handling of the affair by the RUC.

      The Cabinet Took note


      • overburdenddonkey

        nothing will change, they have all the votes they need to continue to be in power, they’ll say it’s all in the past boxes ticked, dealt with, same is in southern ireland 1in4, nothing ever gets done, they put up the shutters…
        facing the abuse heals NOT facing the abusers…CSA/CA inquiries heal no one…we already know we were abused…CSA/CA is rife….
        “I’m an emotional plumber. I tell these men I’m teaching them about their emotions and where they come from and what is going on inside their head. I’m showing them that reality is bearable, that it’s not lethal after all. The most significantly difficult thing to understand in life is other people but what’s most fascinating about people is that they are repairable.These people have been battered and abused all through their childhood and then the prison system comes along and carries on battering and abusing them. I want to stop punishing them and help them.” Bob Johnson may well be on to something, but he knows that his discoveries are political cyanide for a Home Secretary who wants blood-red meat to feed to public opinion.
        Parkhurst Prison has asked the Home Office to analyse Johnson’s results so that they have hard evidence on which to build policy. The Home Office has done nothing. Johnson submitted a paper about his work to the Reed Committee on mentally disordered offenders. The Committee did not even acknowledge it. Johnson went to London to talk to the Prisons Minister, Peter Lloyd. He thought Lloyd understood what he was saying, but he has yet to see any action.’ nothing will ever change until the punishment stops, and the healing begins….where have all the flowers gone?

        • Am not going there… I’ve seen enough images of abuse victims and stuff done to them and read plenty of reports
          Horrible stuff. Abusers I have no regard for narcissists arrogant selfish.

          No more

          • overburdenddonkey

            you’re experience/expression gives sympathy not empathy, you’re not in the shoes of the victims of abuse, and not able to see the whole picture….
            as if, we’re permanently frozen, we’re not, and need your permanent support, we don’t…you’re excluding millions of CSA/CA victims…you don’t think that victims have a right to heal and that victims should focus entirely on abusers, who are also victims of abuse…you’re trying to change the system by shaming them, expecting them to listen and change, shaming them won’t stop them…empowering people to stand up to them will stop them…what’s best for the victims is healing from the dire affects of abuse(s)…what’s this ‘no more’ thing, that i should yield to your higher authority on the subject…? abuse is stopped by empowering people to stand up for themselves…pedos pick on vulnerable children who can’t stand up for themselves, pedos victims are already victims of abuse…

              • overburdenddonkey

                no to what? that i should stop expressing my views and bow to you and others in your ‘team’….refusal to discuss and acknowledge….my insights… conversation on the subject….being challenged….healing victims….to hearing truth! no to what, chewie? you claim peados cannot be healed this is untrue, the causes of these symptoms can be healed….

                • No just don’t go on claiming I don’t care about victims
                  And that abusers are victims

                  I cannot post the disgusting things they write on photos and videos of children. It’s vile.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  p s the biggest cover up of all is that a known cure is available, and has been for many years…why aren’t you and your ‘team’ screaming about that….oh yes, you’re too busy blaming shaming some abusers, who are also abuse victims…it’s not called the cycle of abuse for nothing…more rules, laws, and regulations to combat it…puts us all into a tighter and tighter straight jacket…they’ll create laws that restricts our freedoms even more, saying it’s for the common good…can’t you see that?
                  crb checks is a massive intrusion and pointless, like looking for crime by checking parking tickets @ a police station, the vast majority of CSA/CA offenders never get a record…

                • ever seen a victim of a snuff video made by those scumbags? I have and it’s horrific and you want to call them victims awww poor things nasty ppl wanna take away their right to torture and kill young people

                  Just sod off

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i have never said that they aren’t abusers…they are also victims of abuse their sufferings need to be healed, or the cycle of abuse continues unabated…hitler et al murdered millions because they were abused as children, because they as children had no one to trust and turn to for love empathy and compassion…so as the child could see for themselves that they were being treated badly and that another world is available…

  6. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    A little reminder to the NIMBYs across southern Essex… Far from queuing up to leave the capital to colonise the green fields of Essex as some elements on the populist and far right are claiming, working class Londoners of all creeds and colours are fighting tooth and nail to stay in their city. To understand what’s happening across southern Essex with the pressure to build thousands of more homes, it’s essential to understand what is going on in London. It’s also essential that people in Essex reject the divisive crap coming from the likes of UKIP and support the housing struggles that are emerging across London…

  7. #UKIP100Days WTF is that all about?

    Political distraction and manipulation script by the nudge unit maybe?


  8. In Deep Shit on CH4 – 16th Feb 2015

    “”What we are trying trying to do”””

    • Give him enough rope … someone, please.

    • Another Fine Mess

      No wonder he thinks his deforms are working, everytime he visits a JC it’s empty, for his safety, and he thinks it’s empty because everyone has got jobs.

      • @Afm all he needs is a pimple or boil on the top of his head and he would look like a right tit

      • What we don’t see off-camera is a big, burly copper (with tattoos and a Village people style moustache) holding Idi Amin’s hand to reassure him to be all big and manly.

        Broadmoor Hospital is currently missing one of their more dangerous, psychotic patients. He was last seen on Channel Four news, standing in an empty jobcentre with delusional thoughts about Universal Credit.

    • It is very bad for the CONS to let IDS out of his cupboard & put at the front of the CONS Media PR. IDS don`t come across well to voters just like when he was the failed leader of the CONS party. IDS main job is to piss every one off with his mumble mumble SPEAK LOUDER IDS WE CAN`T HEAR YOU. MUMBLE MUMBLE.

      • The manager of, Coffins, caskets and urns, registered in Bermuda, said, “UNIVERSAL CREDIT”, (a shortcut to the cemetery), was the most inspiring programme he had witnessed………………………

        The workforce, relatives of Mark Harpers illegal Columbian cleaner, were now working a 25 hour day for £2 per hour, in line with Lord Freuds intended disability payment schedule.

        Meanwhile, the Freedom of Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, had filed a complaint with the local council about the lack of light coming through his office windows,


  9. Seeing is believing

    Nice to see the weasel put on the spot for a change!
    Dont expect the licence to be scrapped any time soon, I bet George is fucking fuming about it down the blower right now.

  10. Sweaty, fat, sociopathic bar stool. IDS

  11. Seeing is believing

    ‘You said there would be a million people on U.C. by now;’
    ‘There are 50,000.’
    ‘Yes, but’
    ‘And you have wasted 40 million on computer software;
    ‘But the big bang tax thingy didnt work to start with either’
    HA HA HA HA HA FUCKING HELL, I am in pieces! Cheers, George! I am on the 4th can now,I will go up the off licence with my giro in the morning!

  12. Seeing is believing

    Post Office benefits only bank account card then.

  13. Seeing is believing

    Dont be ridiculous chewie,or i wont build you that bio mass reactor.

    • Don’t think real claimants would be dissing nurses or firefighters some how

      • And why the fuck should nurses, fire-fighters and fucking coppers get priority for housing, Bob. And why the fuck should nurses, fire-fighters, and especially fucking coppers (not withstanding their platinum private health care schemes) get priority for NHS treatment? Why the fuck, Bob? Incidentally, the NHS already prioritises health care by ‘profession’ – coppers are given a ‘code X’ which is the highest category.

  14. Seeing is believing

    ‘Police. nurses and firefighters all jump the housing que and get offered nice peabody flats that others acn only dream of.The gubbermint knows how to look after its cops and emergency services , dont you worry about that!’
    I see no disrespect there. Perhaps you joined me in that celebratory drink?

    • No but you can just fuck off…

    • The opening of the chasm between the shirking and striving working class as public service workers accept the security of the bribes abandoning the underclass to its last stand fate.

      #UKIP100Days a muscular liberal (and) progressive C4 attempt to open-up an ethnic fissure within the working class to marginalise and push the working class vote back into alignment with the muscular liberal (and) progressive establishment – C4 risked playing a dirty race card for the establishment.

      C4 comfort troll programming.

  15. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  16. Most of our political class in our so-called big parties enter politics through the aristocratic mindset taught them in public schools and on through Oxford or Cambridge.

    This political class serves people earning £125,000 and above and always have been within a plutocracy.

    There is a way to get out of this scenario.
    See how at:

    • “truly shocking indeed”

      Nothing really shocks us anymore but it’s becoming very clear to see that universal credit is destroying lives for both working and non-working people.

      One man has been claiming universal credit but he got sick so he did the responsible thing — he went to his doctor and got a sick note.

      The doctor stated his medical condition on his sick note so he took it into the jobcentre. He was told that this sick note wasn’t good enough and that he needed to get another one because it needed the words “he’s got worse” written on it.

      He went back to the doctor and got another sick note. The doctor quite rightly said he couldn’t write that on a sick note, but described the patient’s condition instead.

      The man took his new sick note in and staff again claimed that it wasn’t good enough.



      • overburdenddonkey

        a symptom of t2diabetes is obesity, millions suffer from t2d, but it costs the nhs bns, so they blame the victims of it, for it…one lacks energy but one is supposed to function as if one is super slim, not unwell and fit!!! …..or starvation due to malnutrition, yet they are now saying/implying that it’s the cause of t2d, when they also know it’s not…they may even offer gastric bands, to stop people from getting the energy they crave to carry on doing work…obesity is often caused by malnutrition, a great article here on this crazy policy, of blaming victims…

        • overburdenddonkey

          re sick note approval…they give the man the run around so eventually he gives up as his condition has gotten so bad, he finds another way of coping with it and carries on struggling to keep working…
          more pass the buck…to his coffin and their coffers..

  17. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void gives here a vivid description of the social cleansing being carried out in London, and urges people to join the anti-poor doors demonstration and protest against Boris Johnson’s budget this Thursday. While the protest is very about what is happening in London, it’s also happening in the rest of the UK as well. There are parts of Bristol where the property prices have made homes unaffordable to local people. A few years ago Private Eye carried a story about how the purchase of an area of working class homes in one of the northern cities. These were compulsorily purchased from their occupiers, and then redone as luxury homes for the rich. All in the name of improvement and the renovation of working class housing, which in fact saw the working class evicted from the area. Similar protests to those described by Johnny Void are badly needed elsewhere, before Cameron and his cronies make more people homeless. You wonder if they really intend to create third-world conditions, with luxury homes for the few, and the starving masses crammed into shanty towns and tent cities.

  18. Key workers, like teachers get the best social housing. The biggest change in council social housing is a council flat is not for life now it get reviewed every 2 years.

  19. ”Universal credit ‘a nightmare’, says claimant who advertised welfare reform”.

    A claimant who featured in a Government film about universal-credit said it is riddled with computer problems and could push people into hardship.
    In the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) film, Daniel Pacey said it helped him find work and was far better than jobseeker’s allowance. But he told the BBC a six-week delay before the first payment and further monthly payments were “a nightmare”.

    The DWP said the benefit replicates the world of work and tackles dependency.

    A spokesman said: “Universal credit is simplifying the benefit system and [makes] the transition into employment smoother.

    “Our work coaches discuss budgeting support with all claimants and nearly 80% say they are confident in their ability to manage a monthly budget.”

    Mr Pacey, 24, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, said: ”It might be easy for a government minister to make their wages last a month. But I’d like to see them make £250 last four weeks while looking for work.”

  20. Idi Amin Smith said to us last year he could easily live off £53 per week.


  21. You couldn’t make it up – deal to end scandal of Norwich disability centre with no access falls through

    EDP 24 Eastern Daily Press – Tuesday, February 17, 2015 9:31 AM

    A deal to bring to an end the scandal of the Norwich disability centre, which cannot be accessed by people in wheelchairs, has fallen through eight months after the government promised action.

    Almost three years after the first protests highlighted the plight of disabled people, which at one point saw people with limited mobility sent a map and told to travel to Ipswich, the Department for Work and Pensions said a ground floor solution had still not been found.

    Read More:

    • “””But a DWP spokesman has now said: “Unfortunately and due to circumstances outside our control the deal for our preferred ground floor location fell through.”””””

      • Timeline

        March 2012 – A first protest is held at the Norwich office of Atos, which is paid £100m a year by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to conduct the tests, after it would not make appointments for wheelchair users as the centre is on the second floor.

        February 2014 – Campaigners stage another protest outside the centre with people still being send hundreds of miles for appointments elsewhere.

        June 2014 – Disabilities minister Mike Penning admits the situation is “wholly unacceptable”, and says he would be taking action to leave St Mary’s House in Duke Street as soon as possible.

        December 2014 – DWP says it is in the process of securing two ground floor assessment rooms. It is hoped that the new rooms – in addition to the current assessment rooms – should be ready for use early in the new year.

        January 2014 – Mark Harper, minister for disabled people, tells Norwich South MP Simon Wright that the medical assessment centre, used by private firm Atos, has taken on two extra rooms and that the DWP was drawing up final proposals and was working towards a “go-live” date at the end of January.

        February 2014 – The DWP admits a deal for ground floor rooms cannot be reached.

        • what is so difficult about clearing out a room downstairs? its not brain surgery. Can’t even do their job? a simple job?

          • Maria, maria, you don’t understand the complexities of these things [Sorry must go into George (Iian Duncan “Prenetious”) Smith Mode],
            a] a contract at £250 a hour must be let to assess the situation
            b] a contract to assess the gathered information [same cost]
            c] a committee [including those on the exclusive provider contract – lovely jubbly] must look at the results. Costs in rea World about £1500. In Contract World qouted as £12 grand and rising. They will instruct construction or in this case return to a] above and repeat.
            Nothing gets done, but the Gov gets charged for nothing getting done.
            Welcome to the world of skimming the top…
            This is my experience.

            • so that is so everyone can get paid for a simple job for more than one wage? too much bureaucracy then and paying a few too much and the masses too little?


        The roll-out of universal credit will cost less than expected and is being carefully delivered “stage-by-stage”, the work and pensions secretary says.

        Iain Duncan Smith told the BBC the new benefit was £600m under budget and had been implemented gradually on advice.

        …………………..Sadly, the only things that will rolled out will be the pall bearers gurney’s that will need fitting with skate board performance wheels to keep up with the ever increasing death toll of DWP Ethnic cleansing policy.

        The whole fetid system of claimant persecution hasn’t even got out of the starting blocks, so heralding enormous savings is the brainchild of an idiot.

        £600 million is peanuts to the actual costs that will be incurred putting the mistakes right………………………….


  22. George smith is a wanker an absolute useless gormless lying little cunt!! ignore the Iain and the Duncan bit he made them up The murdering bastard is called GEORGE SMITH! the bastard will need protection till the day he dies Horrible cunt!!


    From: Mr Harris

    13 February 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    On 4 February 2015, Rt Hon Esther McVey MP, Minister of State for
    Employment told the Work and Pensions Committee “… and there is
    further research that, should somebody have been sanctioned, it
    helps them into work afterwards.”

    Please supply me with the research the Minister referred to that
    “should somebody have been sanctioned, it helps them into work

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr Harris

    Link to this

  24. …………………..i thought, To kill a mockingbird, was a book about an assassination attempt on Esther?

  25. “Shadowy American property developers Westbrook Partners were chased out of their ownership of the New Era Estate after threatening to hike rents.” – but replaced by a “charity” which will hike rents.

  26. Stage one social cleansing was in the late seventies in Scotland when urban communities were dispersed to the satellite housing schemes orbiting the major cities. The destruction of those communities was under the political slogan of regeneration, a slogan that is now being used for the encroachment of “affordable housing” new builds onto what was social housing land on the schemes.

    The peoples of the satellite housing schemes were never able or allowed to rekindled the spirit of the old urban working class communities. 😦

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      yeah, i remember the start of that, for the 1966 world cup in their case, as my grandparents and their extended family were moved out of liverpool, to the luxury suburbs of speke…i’d never seen anything like it, and not since thank god, sadly i was never to return, the community spirit was all but gone…
      the shindigs prior to that in full family/community mode were fantastic…yes, the fragmentation and destruction of communities for the greater good of profit!

  27. Out with the Rich and in with the poor.

  28. Decent People in ” Modern Britain ” Feel Alienated by Obnoxious Policies coming from Westminster .

    From the Homeless being Victimised to Tax Breaks for Millionaires and VAT Outrage to Filth undermining the Innocence of Children as Young as 5 Years of Age as so called” Sex Education ” .

    Politicians in the Ivory Tower of the Palace of Westminster are Arrogant and Out of Touch with Feeling in the Country beyond the Luxury of Westminster ..

    The Innocence of Children and Childhood is Sacrosanct and it is Morally Wrong to Force Parents to have Inflicted upon Children as Young as 5 Years of Age Filth known as So Called ” Sex Education ” .

    What would be more Helpful to Protecting the Innocence of Children and Childhoodis to Raise the Age of Consent to 18 Years of Age and Capital Punishment For Child Abuse so that Monsters like Jimmy Savile cannot Abuse any more Children.

    The State of this Country is an Abyss of Evil which Needs’ Cleaning Up

    • Anyone been on YouTube of late? There are about 2000 US child sex predators and about 800 UK child sex predators acting openly and posting uploading and making lewd comments on child videos and harassing threatening them whilst Google YouTube does nothing to prevent it except close the accounts of those who draw attention flag and complain
      Did not the boss of Google promise to clean all that up to Scameron?

      Well he was lying

      Anyone feel strongly about this matter can assisted by hunting these bastards down and make a huge fuss about it and their behavior and complain

    • overburdenddonkey

      Decent People in ” Modern Britain ” Feel Alienated by Obnoxious Policies coming from Westminster . i agree..
      From the Homeless being Victimised to Tax Breaks for Millionaires and VAT Outrage, i agree
      the rest of your post is highly conflicting, and would take me too long to explain…except…’What would be more Helpful to Protecting the Innocence of Children and Childhoodis to Raise the Age of Consent to 18 Years of Age and Capital Punishment For Child Abuse so that Monsters like Jimmy Savile cannot Abuse any more Children.’
      emotionally healthy parents/children/adults don’t need state protection or anyone else’s for that matter….and as for murder, i certainly don’t approve of that…
      wow! so you agree with punishment and oppression…..

  29. The More Peaceful Protests the Better

  30. Child Abuse is Murder of Innocence

    Decent People in ” Modern Britain ” Feel Alienated by Obnoxious Policies coming from Westminster . i agree..
    From the Homeless being Victimised to Tax Breaks for Millionaires and VAT Outrage, i agree
    the rest of your post is highly conflicting, and would take me too long to explain…except…’What would be more Helpful to Protecting the Innocence of Children and Childhoodis to Raise the Age of Consent to 18 Years of Age and Capital Punishment For Child Abuse so that Monsters like Jimmy Savile cannot Abuse any more Children.’
    emotionally healthy parents/children/adults don’t need state protection or anyone else’s for that matter….and as for murder, i certainly don’t approve of that…
    wow! so you agree with punishment and oppression…..

    • overburdenddonkey

      CHILD ABUSE DESTROYS SELF ESTEEM aka self confidence…which healing recovers/restores…those who perpetuate the toxic myth that there is no cure for emotional injuries, either do so for their own gratification and/or they are in denial of the emotional injuries caused by the abuse they have suffered….

    • Maybe you have not seen and read about what these paedo criminals are capable of and detailed reports of their abuses
      I have. It’s horrible stuff.
      Imagine being a parent going to mortuary and seeing what’s left of your child after those ‘people” have had their way with them.

  31. Oppression is the Suffering of the Poor
    Decent People Deserve Human Rights
    Scum like Jimmy Savile Deserve to of been Hanged For what
    he done to his Victims
    A Britain where the Poor are Cared For and Free of Filth and
    Evil I Support

  32. It shows the Need For Child Molesters to be Punished by Capital
    Punishment via the Formal Restoration of the Death Penalty

    Too many Do Gooders put the ” Rights ” of Murderers and
    Child Abusers before their Victims

    It also Shows the Evil Nature of Pornography in Degrading
    People by taking Love out of them and Replacing it with
    Sick Lust

    Britain Need’s Cleaning Up Morally

    bobchewie | February 18, 2015 at 11:29 am | Reply Anyone been on YouTube of late? There are about 2000 US child sex predators and about 800 UK child sex predators acting openly and posting uploading and making lewd comments on child videos and harassing threatening them whilst Google YouTube does nothing to prevent it except close the accounts of those who draw attention flag and complain
    Did not the boss of Google promise to clean all that up to Scameron?

    Well he was lying

    Anyone feel strongly about this matter can assisted by hunting these bastards down and make a huge fuss about it and their behavior and complain

    • overburdenddonkey

      btw noop I AM a survivor of severe child abuse….not a do gooder, but someone who knows what i am talking about, unlike some….pedophilia is a symptom of abuse and the root causes of it are 100% curable and have been for many yrs now…those who say it’s not, have a lot to answer for….

      • You are so wrong it’s untrue. These offenders were not damaged people not all abused turn out to be offenders either
        This was highly organised networks using trafficking and transport and key players in every part of society and it was paid for and monies made from and re invested in the ‘ business ‘ on a scale that is terrifying

        You cannot tell me that this was just a bunch of individuals that were disturbed a bit. And a magic doctor would make them all better

        Re offending rates are in 70% range most deny they are doing anything wrong and it’s just society old fashioned attitude

        They tried to abolish age of consent in fact they didn’t give a stuff if any consent given or nothe mostly not how can a five yr old consent to anything as depraved as that

        Noooop it’s you who is wrong

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