Rachel Reeves Is A Lying Bastard

boycott-workfare-real-jobsLabour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Rachel Reeves has probably never done a real day’s work in her pampered fucking life.  After graduating from Oxford and then the LSE she was handed a non-job at the British Embassy in Washington before returning to the UK to work in the banking sector.  She is every bit as clueless and out of touch as the chinless toffs in government she claims to oppose.

This week Reeves and her creepy underling Shadow Employment Minister Stephen Timms have been boasting about Labour’s plans to bully and impoverish unemployed people with their Compulsory Jobs Guarantee.  And just like Iain Duncan Smith she is quite happy to bend the truth to further her benefit sanctioning agenda.

According to Reeves, long term unemployment has soared recently with “a staggering 224% increase in the number of people (25 and over) who have been unemployed for over two years and claiming benefits.”

If this were true then readers of this blog would have heard all about it.  But it’s not, it’s a lie and Reeves knows it.  All government’s cook the books when it comes to unemployment and the last Labour administration were no exception.  Back then and just like now those on workfare were considered employed for the purposes of the unemployment figures.  According to the Office For National Statistics there were more people recorded on “government training & employment programmes”, otherwise known as workfare, in April 2010 than in January 2015.

Since when someone started workfare they were no longer classed as unemployed, then Labour decided they were no longer long-term unemployed.  That’s why Reeves can make the ludicrous claim there were only 41,100 people who had been out of work for two years in 2010.  What she means is there were only 41,100 people who were lucky enough not to have been sent on one of Labour’s shit training or workfare schemes for two years.

In an effort to make Labour look bad when Iain Duncan Smith took over he decided that in future people who have attended workfare should still be considered long-term unemployed, even if they are temporarily removed from the current unemployment figures.  This is the reason long term unemployment looks to have risen so steeply. That this actually ended up making Iain Duncan Smith look bad just shows what a dick he is.

This is not the only lie that Reeves has been parroting this week.  Labour will not force anyone’s who’s been out of work over two years to take up a job as the Daily Mail declared this week.  They can’t.  There aren’t enough jobs.  What they will do is force claimants to attend their workfare plus a sandwich scheme for six months or face benefit sanctions.  What this will mean is people required to work for 25 hours a week on the minimum wage plus another ten hours for free.  Which of course means they won’t be working for the minimum wage, but substantially less.

Reeves claims that this extra ten hours a week won’t be work at all, it will be ‘training and development’ provided by the employer.  An employer like Poundland.  She must think we’re fucking idiots.  She also declares that this will not have an impact on existing jobs, or at least that’s what she might mean when she says “Employers won’t be not be able to replace existing jobs or vacancies”.  For all her elite education she can barely string a sentence together.

Labour’s Jobs Guarantee is workfare.  It may be slightly different to Tory workfare, but the impact on jobs and working conditions for everybody will be the same.  As will the impact of benefit sanctions for those who refuse or are unable to do this forced work.  Perhaps most disturbingly it is a direct attack on the minimum wage, with participants only to be paid for two thirds of the hours they are actually working.  And it will be the tax payer funding those paltry wages, not employers who will no doubt be dump people back on the dole once the six month wage subsidy is over, as recently happened on the now abandoned Wage Incentive scheme introduced by Nick Clegg.

Make no mistake the current Tory Government are vermin.  But just like Iain Duncan Smith, Rachel Reeves is a lying bastard.  A lying bastard who is currently trying to cosy up to claimants by pretending Labour will tinker with the savage sickness benefits regime whilst her leader Ed Miliband hints that they might save the Independent Living Fund.  They have no fucking intention of doing either and they have no intention of ending workfare.  The so-called choice at this year’s general election is between a bunch of privileged toffs who are open in their intentions, or snivelling fake Oxbridge twats in the Labour Party who will happily use our poverty to further their careers and then stab us in the back just as hard.  Fuck the lot of them.  Vote for Class War, with a brick or a ballot paper.

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69 responses to “Rachel Reeves Is A Lying Bastard

  1. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  2. Keep up the Good Work Johnny V. Exposing the lies and deceit for all to see. Donation on its way.

  3. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


  4. they all fucking lie

    well they all fucking lie so what are we going to do about it? there are lots of students who are not going to vote this year and that will just go in favour of the twats in power at the moment (ie) the tory’s. i thought this was a collation goverment, so much for nick cleg doing his part.

  5. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


    • Double dole how about going getting a fucking job!! don’t give me that shit there are non out there i would clean toilets if i had to and have done!

      • Whatever you think of the jobs market (probably what you read in the Daily Mail), the Office of National Statistics thinks otherwise, namely there are 0.5m full and part-time vacancies (bare in mind only 1 in 38 jobs created since 2008 has been salaried and full time, they are most likely to be part-time and zero hour). Since there are 2.1m job seekers, looks like you are full of shit, doesn’t it?

  6. As thick as two short planks Reeves is. Despite her so called ‘education’ she is a hapless buffoon who openly parrots the Tory mantra of coming down hard on the unemployed. This is the ugly face of the Labour party make no mistake about it. They have long ago deserted the people they once claimed to represent and they make no pretence about it.

  7. Sick of these fucking cunts

    Seriously sick of these fucking IDS, Rachel fucking Reeves, Stephen fucking Timms and assorted cunts, why don’t they all just go and fuck off and die! Give us peace for fuck’ sake!

  8. Yeah, right. During the War when the country was in a much worse condition the govt managed to bring about near 100% employment, so they can do it when they want to. Which of the parties is going to do what is necessary to provide sufficient living wage jobs for everyone in the country who wants one? Unemployment is CAUSED by the govt not by the unemployed. Our govts have sucked up to the trans nationals, been complicit in off shoring jobs, sabotaged our industries (Thatcher), drained local economies in taking our taxes then not using them for the services we paid the taxes for, undermined local businesses which provide local employment and keep our money circulating in our communities, and in the face of JOB SHORTAGES which they are directly responsible for causing make it impossible for young people to upgrade their qualifications, (university fees), put the retirement age back and try to force the disabled into work without the support they need and force sick and dying people to search for work . Our govts are cretins, incompetent or are deliberately applying a downright evil agenda. The battle cry for the next election should be WHO IS GOING TO PROVIDE LIVING WAGE JOBS?

    • overburdenddonkey

      yep and shortly afterwards introduced the welfare state and built many new homes….nationalized industry and the railways etc etc….
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz5dl9fhj7o prof allyson pollock on the establishment of the welfare state in particular the nhs…

      • overburdened donkey – yep, let’s pretend Thatcher actually believed what she said about privatisation and it wasn’t just a golden opportunity to practice class warfare against the working class who for the first time in history had access to decent jobs and decent housing. Privatisation was supposed to offer a better deal for customers, with competition bringing prices down and offering a better service. Well the experiment failed. Nationalisation worked better. Govt mismanagement again. How do we get people who will govern for the good of the country and not for the sole benefit of monopolists.

        • overburdenddonkey

          rid ourselves of the fears they use to control and govern us with….people need to rediscover the courage of their convictions…weaken the right wing mandate by voting for left wing independent’s, class war, green, snp, ssp…with massive turnouts…vote for the young and those yet to be born…

    • “During the War when the country was in a much worse condition the govt managed to bring about near 100% employment, so they can do it when they want to.”

      To use your own phrase – “Yeah, right.”

      They took up to 3.5 million people (mostly men) and put them in the army. There were more in the Navy, the RAF, the marines etc. That left lots of ordinary jobs with no one there to do them. So they first asked and then ordered young unmarried women to work on farms whose produce was most needed since we could import very little food (think German subs). More women had to go and work in the munitions factories, since arms and armament (eg guns, bullets, aircraft) were in constant need of replacement. In shops, schools, offices, police forces, shipyards etc women were doing the work which had, before the war, been done by men.

      The UK government were desperately short of labour throughout the war.

      If you want to re-create those conditions, then just have another world war (minus the nukes). That way we can arrange to have large numbers of the workforce removed from it to shoot other people and to be shot, bombed, gassed, drowned, blinded, burned etc etc – thereby removing themselves from the workforce and, in the case of the many injured, providing more jobs for nurses, doctors and all the other staff needed to keep hospitals going.

      What’s more, we could kick start the US employment market by creating work for Americans building tanks, ships, planes for us to buy from them to keep the war going.

      War is conspicuous consumption on a grand scale.

      It also bankrupted the UK for years – if you think we have “austerity” badly you should take a look at the immediate years after the war – when all the men came home and demanded their jobs in factories, offices, shops and shipyards back from the women. The new Labour government managed to start the welfare state – but bread had to be rationed and the women took up some of their “free time” after being chucked out of work, queuing for food.

      I agree that the government has a responsibility towards the job market, but saying that a world war shows how to get full employment is – to say the least – not helpful.

      • My only point was the government can bring about full employment – when they want to. High unemployment is happening because it is govt policy. It does not have to be a war. FDR did quite well with the New Deal. The unemployed are being scapegoated for the govts policy. The problem is not unemployment but shortage of jobs – the govts responsibility – and failure.

        • There is, as I understand it, still some doubt about the degree of success achieved by the New Deal. There are those who point out that the insatiable demand for men and goods generated by the war (even before the US entered as combatants) was in itself a huge economic stimulus package. You turn out fast-build, low spec ships to cross the Atlantic, during which lots of them get sunk and create the need for more ships – that’s the way to create an almost boundless market for shipbuilding skills.

          I’m not denying that public investment in infrastructure jobs can reduce unemployment and help get an economy moving – though even then it has to be investment which generates jobs at home, not just involving buying in lots of half-built machines etc from abroad. No good building a new railway line if you buy the rails and rolling stock from the Germans and then give the construction work to private firms who hire workers from Eastern Europe to do the jobs. I’m not immigrant-bashing, just pointing out that an old-fashioned belief that work and investment made in the UK will not, these days, necessarily mean that the British unemployment figures will receive the full benefit of that investment.

          Even the once reliable service economy no longer guarantees local jobs. We desperately need to have more people working in the care sector. If they are all Philipinas, however, the UK unemployment totals will not go down.

          If the TTIP goes through, then the UK will have still less control over what investment they can or cannot make in the UK market – and that’s over and above the constraints placed on them by European law. And what the EU can control pales into insignificance besides the influence of international capital.

          So, I don’t place as much faith as some into the amount that a government can achieve by choosing to invest – even assuming that I would trust this government to make any sensible investment choices. And as for the Labour party – well, do the words “Public Private Partnerships” cause your heart to sink or soar?

          My answer? Stop making a fetish out of employment – give people just enough to live on, without demanding they look for work and then let those who want to have cars and foreign holidays – or the satisfaction of doing a job – have the jobs that are available. There are lots of people who really do want to work – probably enough to fill most of the genuine vacancies – without making a fetish out of forcing the unemployable to keep proving that they are sending out cvs.

          I wonder how many of the Tories (in all parties) are so convinced of the need for everyone to be in paid employment that they would force the wives of rich men not to stay at home supervising the cook and cleaner and giving coffee mornings to other rich men’s wives. Or does the fact that those wives are supported by their husbands (who don’t pay very much tax and so can afford that luxury) make the damage to their health of “being out of the workplace” insignificant?

          Ditto those who can afford to retire at 55. And in both cases the tax structure of the UK over the last 30 years has effectively meant that the “tax payer” (hard-working or not) is supporting both those groups of people. So why not support the poor in badly-paid idleness?

          Let the few jobs there are go to those who really want the jobs or the money and stop hounding the sick and the inadequate to no purpose. Except, I suppose, giving work to those who enjoy hounding. Take IDS, for example. (Please, take IDS and put him somewhere his skills might be useful – 3rd assistant secretary at a golf club, perhaps – not 2nd, because the 2nd assistant has to use a computer.)

          • Many good points and I agree with most of them. But most of all it is the governments responsibility. They made the situation. It is up to them to deal with the job shortage they created and stop blaming the unemployed for the situation the government constructed.

  9. …it’s just as I’ve been saying to those that have been putting their hopes on Labour being better than the Tories, it ain’t gonna happen!

  10. Victimised by the “Welfare cuts?”, these are your “Rights”, please use them or lose them.

    It may be useful to print this off for future reference. Compare and contrast with:
    Art 1 vs state mistreatment
    Art 2 ex David Clapson
    Art 3 vs well being.
    Art 4 vs benefit sanctions
    Art 5 vs workfare
    Art 6 vs homelessness
    Art 7 vs state snooping
    Art 8 vs UJM and public CV’s
    Art 15 vs workfare
    Art 17 vs homelessness
    Art 21 vs discrimination
    Art 26 for the disabled
    Art 31 for time off
    Art 33 for legal aid, anti austerity, and benefit rights
    Art 34 for social assistance.

    Suggest those affected write an email to “Liberty” describing your own situation.


    If enough of us do this, and direct our efforts, who knows, Strasbourg might get to hear about it.

    Hoping Johnny Void gets behind this!.

    Any comments are welcome.

  11. LOL! Guys! Look over to the right where it says Ipswich Unemployed Action and read that about IDS doing an IRONMAN event!!! LOL! Friggin’ hysterical!

  12. It is a seriously stupid and insulting policy.

    Doe she honestly think people – a great thick mass and a wad of people on the dole for this length of time – are suddenly going to be offered jobs?

    The DWP can’t even get their electronic signing-on machines to work let alone find work for hundreds of thousands.

    And what happened to the campaign for the Living Wage?

    Are the unemployed going to be excluded from this?

    As you say it’s more likely to end up with workfare.

    But even that, I would lay a hefty wager, could not be organised for the numbers involved.

    It’s bleedin’ fantasy politics.

    Life is toff for Reeves and her “creepy underling” Shadow Employment Minister Stephen Timm.

  13. Labour went Downhill by too much Following the Poxy Tories

    The Pratts who Kept Voting Tory in Thatchers Tyranny and Voted
    Tory in 2010 have a Lot to Answer For

    It is Important that Millions Vote to Get the Tories and Liberal Democrats
    Out Instead of Just Grumbling

  14. Its a big vote winner, bashing welfare claimant`s, half the country is doing it.
    Perhaps Ms Reeves is hoping for a few Tories and Kippers to join her.
    As she shakes her tambourine in parliament singing……..
    “Come and join us”.

  15. I have a cunning plan Class War.

    Class War cannot gain the 326 MPs in the UK government to form a majority on its own.

    In Europe there is a long history of multi party coalitions.

    Socialist parties have a unique opportunity to stitch together a real coalition of the left, by winning in most if not all of the 194 marginals in the UK (other than in Scotland and Wales which have something like left wing parties as Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru).

    There is a unique set of circumstances that could bring out voters, because their lives depend on socialism in government in 2015.


  16. The Jobs Guarantee would offer six month long jobs to the long-term unemployed paid at least the minimum wage. Employers will be expected to provide training and development for Jobs Guarantee participants for a minimum of 10 hours a week. Employers will be not be able to replace existing jobs or vacancies, and Jobs Guarantee roles must not lead to someone else losing their job or seeing a reduction in hours.

    Well, we’ll see about that. It’s down to us to make this forced labour scheme unworkable. The first thing everyone needs to do who is put on this scheme is not to sign any of the provider’s paperwork. Attend all apointments, by all means. Be polite and cordial. But don’t sign anything, not a damn thing.

    • This sounds like a very good strategy. Joining a union would also be a good idea, especially is it’s a union like the IWW or IWA, as they are both controlled by the members, and not the bureaucrats.

  17. Magenta stupid Rachel Reeves wittingly or unwittingly is opening the door to a time limited welfare system or strictly contribution based system.

  18. another update on the jobcentre course I am doing.today we have been reading goldilocks.we had to answer questions about it.i am not joking,that’s what we have been doing.who the hell thinks of these courses up.

    • No wonder they don’t help people into proper jobs and instead fob us off with un-paid forced slavery under the pretence of Work Programme.

      They all need a kick up the ass for making you read children’s stories.

    • Hey Daz, we had to name any many songs with the word ‘rain in it. We also has to make a shoe out of cardboard to see who was the most’ creative’. I was shit at both and I have a DEGREE!!!! Fucking Wankers the lot of them.

      • Bernadette – I suppose you could take something from these sessions – “Why does it always rain on me?” “Because you’re unemployed.” “How useful is this government?” “About as useful as a cardboard shoe.”
        I can’t think of anything that Daz could take from his session though.

  19. Benefit claimant 2015 –

    “Without New Deal I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

    Sanctioned into penury and conscripted into slavery.

    • Without New Deal, I wouldn’t be fucked about by brain-dead nonces all wanting to make a quick buck at my mis-fortune off being out of work.

      A clear message to the one and only slapheaded old berk, Idi amin smith. I am not a criminal for being out of work, so stop treating me like one.

      Get a real job, smithy, and one where you don’t make it with a fake CV.

  20. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    With reference to the front cover of our paper which bears the headline “Stuff the lot of them!”, this is why we think Labour are total scum…

  21. Great Britain 2015 whre it’s either the current Work Programme placement scam forced at us by the Condemns, or after May’s election it will be Labour’s Compulsory work guarantee.

    Which every way we look at it, we are all fucked into slavery for nothing all because there are NO FUCKING JOBS.

    Paid jobs are being replaced by un-paid work placements where companies get the work orders done for them without having to pay a decent living wage to the person forced to attend the scam. Those greedy companies eagerly taking on people must be rubbing their hands in glee at the money thrown at them by the likes of Seetec, Working links and A4E.

    The work programme doesn’t work as the stupid wankers squatting in government are so preening to the likes of the Daily Fail. All it does it massage the true un-employment figures to lower numbers all while the JSA claimants are doing un-paid forced slave labour and menial jobs for un-scrupulous companies short of a few quid or two.

    SLAVERY IS DEEMED ILLEGAL BY THE UNITED NATIONS AND THE EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS. Yet the elite silver spoon tosspots concooned in the rich and wealthy world they live in, haven’t got a fucking clue about how the rest of the British people live and have to scrape by every day.

    Camoron promised to protect the weak, frail, poor and vulnerable members of society in his October 2010 speech. Fucking lying, two-faced gimboid soon turned about face and went back on his word didn’t he when his live-in lover Idi Amin Smith racked up benefit cuts and the illegal sanction increases. Four weeks sanction for not doing enough for the Jobcentre chimps. Fucking ECHR wants to do something about this breach of human rights for people unable to find work and yet work their asses off 35 hours a week applying for the same jobs over and over again.

    Roll on the revolution when we stand up against the clowns and demented nobheads in Downing Street and hang them all from the lamp posts for crimes against Human rights and the countless deaths they have brought about through the bedroom tax, sanctions, enforced illegal slavery and benefit cuts.

    Labour and the tories will always steal each others policies and laws. Labour brought in New Deal, which failed so they re-named in Flexible New Deal. When this failed and the nob tories grabbed power, they re-named it as the work programme. Now labour want to reclaim this un-paid bollocks and change its name to compulsory work guarantee.

    What utter shite that will never create jobs. Throw money at these slavery schemes and before long paid jobs will simply cease to exist. Each and every person or working age in this country will sooner or later find themselves all on the work programme gravy train where we will get only get paid JSA as wages.

  22. The other week whilst vegetating in my local job centre, they had the audacity to make me attend an ad-hoc pre-screening interview with a local training company with the slight possibility that if I completed the companies’ five week un-paid work training course I would get a paid job with the said company.

    During this ad-hoc session with a training job coach rep from the local company I was given a leaflet all about what this company does and what training opportunities they offer. However, the leaflet explained in small print that I would be paid JSA as my wages during my five week training attendance with said company.

    Surely it is against the law to be paid JSA as wages, and not instead actually be paid a proper training wage for five weeks. JSA, is awarded upon evidence of job-seeking activity presented to the JCP on a weekly basis, and thus determined by the number of required steps agreed between the JCP customer and the JCP work roach, not for JSA to be awarded as a replacement wage.

    I’m glad this company never phoned me back as they promised they would do if they could find me suitable training on their site as I would have told them to get stuffed over the written small print of ”we will pay your JSA as wages during your five week attendance with us”

    • Fen, I understand, that. what you are referring to is the Jobseeker’s (Back to work Scheme) Act 2103. They have us by the balls, so to speak.

  23. people of Leeds take note – we need this bastard woman out of a job so she can practice what she preaches – another gross labour frontbencher who has no clue about the real world – she can fuck right off

  24. Jobseeker’s allowance is based upon the amount the law says you need to live on.
    The Job-seekers Act is NOT an act of law. If it was an act of law then it would instead read as ‘The Job-seeker’s law’ The JSA act isn’t even recognised by the European court of human rights. In which act of law does the Job-seeker’s Act actually fall within? I would like to know where I stand in a legal position before I sue the government for everything they have got.

  25. I’ve just made a donation , this site is invaluable … Keep up the good work !

  26. Before people become candidates for main political parties, they must be pulled into some kind of secret meeting where others’ make sure that their ‘Imagination’ and ‘Empathy’ switches are turned off, and secured in the off position with vast amounts of duct tape. But that’s not why they go on like this.

    At the core of all these policies is an arrogance, a belief that the kind of ordinary people who will be affected by them are not as ‘deserving’ as they are. That attitude is embedded in the media too. Of course the truth is that the kind of ordinary people who will be affected are not as privileged as they are.

    Seems to me the more privileged someone is, the less able they are to admit it.

    From those whose lives have been charmed by wealth, education and opportunity, you hear a never ending loop of ridiculous things like: “I’ve worked hard for what I’ve got” or “this is the politics of envy” and from the most desperate deniers of good fortune, you hear that they plan workfare and cuts in subsistence allowances for everyone else. Can you really imagine Rachel Reeves seeing her children sent to Poundland for ten unpaid hours a week of ‘training and development’ happily waving them off onto a bus with a packed lunch? No, neither can I, and I can’t understand why the fuck people like this are even in the Labour Party.

    I still remember my mother crying when my parents came to pick me up from working late on Youth Training back in the early nineties. She was heartbroken because I was ‘earning’ less than a pound an hour.

    I’d like to think we’ve evolved far enough to understand our own psychology, and to work actively to subdue and subvert it for the good of all. Clearly, we haven’t, because the one per cent are still where they were last week, last year, last century.

    But there are cycles and circles of change that run into decades and centuries. If we can’t make a unanimous decision as a species, then there will be uprisings. It’s inevitable. Tony Benn still believed in the Labour Party right to the end, maybe he was right and even that will come around in the end.

    If ever a certain day comes, and I catch one of these better-than-the-rest-of-you I’ve-worked-hard-for-what-I’ve-got workfare-jobs-guarantee harpies on our side of the barricades I’ll… well… there’s an ethical dilemma.

  27. The only impact votes in the 2015ge will be a vote for UKIP in England and a SNP vote in Scotland. Voting any other way will continue the ride and tie muscular liberal donkey democracy at Westminster.

    UKIP could do more damage to the Conservative Party which would be in the interests of the working class than a ideologically befuddled Labour Party that negates working class interests could do in the same 5 year term.

  28. Reblogged this on markcatlin3695's Blog and commented:
    They all are;

  29. Community Work Programme Mark II

    It is not a ‘job’ though; it will be along the lines of:

    “You have been referred to following OPPORTUNITY – Jobs Guarantee Scheme. Your contacts details have been passed to Learn Direct; they will be in contact with you shortly. If you do not attend or fail to participate in this provision your benefits may be affected.”

    How the fuck is that a job? It is CWP under a different name,

    • 17 January, 2001
      One of the most significant learning developments ever created in Scotland was officially launched by first minister Henry McLeish and minister for enterprise and lifelong learning, Wendy Alexander today.
      The Scottish University for Industry, brand name – learndirect scotland, aims to help Scots enhance their skills and employability and Scottish companies improve their competitiveness by embracing lifelong learning.

      Learndirect – is this the root of the present day CWP provider?

      • Why should a claimant be sanctioned for declining to be conscripted to what any enquiring mind would recognise as a murky enterprise.

  30. Not on this topic but wanted to get the info out promptly; details of Edinburgh anti-Maximus demo now confirmed:

    1pm Mon 2nd March at Maximus assessment centre, Argyle House, 3 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9SJ

  31. Pingback: You cannot buy democracy | Gabriel Vents

  32. it still looks better than whats on offer at the moment.

  33. Don’t worry. Labour isn’t going to win the next general election. Oh… hang on a sec… if Labour don’t win that means the Conservatives… OH SHIT!

  34. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    You just know that whichever way you vote you are going to be screwed!

  35. Why not just make it 37.5 hours a week at National Minimum Wage instead of 25 hours, but oh wait a minute, that would make sense wouldn’t it.

    37.5hrs x £6.50p = £243.75p

    Not mega but better than now’t.

  36. Yeah, Labour are a waste of time, let’s have another 5 years of sensible Tory rule…well, we all know that’s what is going to happen, a UKIP/Tory coalition…

    I see no issue with the policy myself, you do get people sitting on their ass waiting for a certain job to come their way, despite the fact that type of employment has gone the way of the dodo.

    Some years ago I had a pretty good job in a specialized field of IT, my body and brain being worth almost what said it was, then a change in technology meant my role was redundant to the UK job market. Now, I could have been like so many other folks and kept going to the Jobcentre saying that I was trained in a certain field, and so was only able to work in that field, and ignore all the other mundane and poorly paid jobs in my area everyone else avoids -except the Eastern Europeans. I didn’t I took the first agency job that came up, working in a factory, it gave me a different perspective and eventually set me into another career path…meanwhile my contemporaries are still signing on, getting poorer by the minute and still expecting to be the high-faluting essential key people they were a few years ago.

    Face facts, Britain, the days of a job for life are long long gone, you can’t complain about your unemployment situation all the time there are local jobs -even if it means wiping the asses of the elderly…jobs you can and should do, people come to the UK from thousands of miles away and do these jobs, I’d take a 100 foreigners working in care-homes or sweeping the streets over even one privileged, home-grown, lazy pink-skinned Brit with an entitlement mentality…

  37. Down with Slave Labour Tyranny Oppression and the Greed of Bosses
    Using Humans as Slave Labour

    Tax the Rich Hands Off the Poor

    Thatcher was an Evil Tyrant

  38. Facts are the Tories have Wrecked the Country Shutting Down Dockyards

    Facts are Britain is Better Off with Socialism Not Slavery

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    Where to turn?

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