Evict The Bailiffs!

evict-the-bailiffsvia Focus E15

#EvictTheBailiffs at the British Credit Awards! Weds. Feb. 11, 18:00 SHARP!

Focus E15 invite you to the Brewery (52 Chiswell Street, EC1Y 4SD) for 6pm sharp on Weds. Feb. 11, to welcome those arriving at the 2015 British Credit Awards’ £4,000-per-table black-tie affair, in which bailiffs and debt collectors will be receiving awards for making families homeless.

Since companies like ‘The Sherriff’s Office’ receive nominations by throwing people and their belongings out onto the cold streets of London, we intend to turn the front entrance of the Brewery into a mock eviction site for attendees to experience before an evening of champagne, three-course dinners, and the kudos of their peers.

We encourage anyone concerned with social cleansing and the criminalisation of poverty to bring rubbish bags, boxes, and broken pieces of furniture to scatter across the front entrance of the Brewery as guests arrive to receive awards like ‘Enforcement Team of the Year,’ ‘Third Party Debt Collection Team of the Year’ and ‘Consumer Collections Team of the Year.’

We encourage a peaceful but outraged action, and particularly hope those with first-hand experience of bailiff evictions will come out and share their stories with attendees as they enter the venue.


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79 responses to “Evict The Bailiffs!

  1. They have a hashtag for this event! #ICMCreditAwards I might leave some kind words of support for them… 😉

  2. Anyone receiving an award at this fiasco should make their Mother feel very proud – I would die of shame.

    • There’ll be someone, somewhere, massively and mummy-pleasingly proud to put the ‘Third Party Debt Collection Team of the Year’ award, on their mantelpiece

  3. DWP issues SIAM service desk provider tender

    Central Government Computing – 5th Feb 2015

    Suppliers have until March 3 to express interest in four year contract focused on boosting self-service functions for users

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has issued a tender to appoint a service integration and management (SIAM) service desk provider under a four year contract valued between £30m and £40m.

    As part of a wider departmental transformation strategy, the DWP is looking for a company to provide problem, incident, service request and knowledge management services under the terms of the proposed contract, which can be extended for an additional 12 months.

    Suppliers wishing to participate in the tender process have until March 3 to register their interest through a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ), with invitation to tender (ITT) documents expected to be dispatched by March 23. Six to eight suppliers are expected to be shortlisted during the process.

    Read More:

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  5. MP asks civil servant to search benefit death reports to check on DWP blame

    DNS – 6th Feb 2015

    senior civil servant has been asked by an MP to examine whether any of the 49 secret reviews into benefit-related deaths concluded that the government had been partly to blame.

    The question came as Conservative employment minister Esther McVey was giving evidence to an inquiry into benefit sanctions policy.

    Labour MP Debbie Abrahams, a member of the work and pensions committee that is conducting the inquiry, told McVey there was “an increasing… and a worrying number of deaths that are being associated with sanctions”.

    Her questions came in the wake of a series of Freedom of Information Act requests by Disability News Service (DNS), which have revealed that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has carried out 60 – a figure later corrected by civil servants to 49 – internal “peer” reviews into benefit-related deaths since February 2012.

    Read More:

  6. Work Programme staff were told to increase sanctions against clients, says former employee

    New Statesman – 4th Feb 2015

    A former employee of three separate Work Programme providers describes how staff members were compelled to increase sanctions in order to hit financial targets.

    From 2011, at the dawn of the Work Programme, to 2014, I worked on three separate Work Programme provider contracts. At some point during each of these I, with my then colleagues, was approached by various levels of management and told in no uncertain terms to increase the number of sanctions raised on our clients.

    Read More:

  7. Great idea hope it’s a success!

  8. DWP published statistics that it nearly trebled the number of sanction decision makers.

    Now have 4 sanctions on my jsa claim, JCP work roach maliciously sanctioning on top of sanction it is f*cking madness.

  9. overburdenddonkey

    wow! @ 1st i thought no way could they be so callous as to celebrate evictions…golded boot of the year awards…perhaps turned into a mini series, to honour these ‘hero’s’…

  10. Vote for CLASS WAR!!


    • CLASS WAR’s poster offers DOUBLE DOLE AND PENSION.

      The Greens had and then lost the Citizen Income at the same rate as the Dole at £72 per week.

      The state pension is lost altogether to huge numbers of men and women with no other pension provision, from next year on and from 6 April 2016 from the the flat rate pension.


      The contracting out / opting out, that began on 6 April 1978, from the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme that became the State Second Pension from 2002, has lost state pension even if you paid / had credited to you a NI record history.


      Some forums give this loss of top up to the state pension, as great as £165 per week.

      The current state pension is £113.10.

      So the state pension should be today £278.10 per week.


      Huge numbers get a pro rata state pension as low as £30 per week from National Insurance history conditionality. Especially women.

      Poorest workers in the UK may have never been in the National Insurance Fund.

      State benefit entitlement begins where your wage is over £111 per week* (2014-2015 Tax Year lower earnings limit.

      Your national insurance contributions (NIC) earn you the right to receive certain benefits.

      Employers are also expected to pay Class 1 NICs (known as secondary contributions) at 13.8% on the earnings of each employee who earns more than the primary threshold*.

      Benefits which depend on NIC contribution / credits include:

      Maternity Allowance
      Contribution-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
      Contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance
      Widow’s Benefits
      Basic State Pension

      Read more at:

      The flat rate pension grants nil state pension for less than 10 years NI record history.

      Today, you get some state pension with at least 1 year’s NI record in your employment history or from your benefit history.


      • It’s a fucking con that; I remember my folks out working wayback in the 70s and paying extra for a pension ‘top-up’, now when it’s time to retire its a great big FUCK OFF! Why do we keep falling for these fucking cons?!

  11. As Local Councils prepare their budgets for next year things that are going are free parking for those left with a blue badge, reductions in disabled children’s buses, reductions in disabled peoples resources – seems some Councils think improving town centre lighting is more important than services to disabled people.


    • overburdenddonkey

      ‘IS THIS TYRANNY EVER GOING TO END?’…not until true democracy is restored…..’democracy’ can only flourish with vitality giving vitals of life for all @ base….@ present we live in a system based on economic apartheid!…

    • Jeremy, only when you pay THEM, and you know who I am refering to, to be our Overlords… HSBC et al, oh, wait a min….

    • Massive breaches of human rights and civil liberties the question is where are the muscular liberal human rights lawyer to terrorize the DWP with their golden tongues?

      Maybe benefit claimants are not political correct enough for the good society progressive legal elite.

    • I was wondering when someone was going to bring this up – I realized this a year or two ago. Forget the EU, it a lot more basic than that – think the basis of English Law. Fairness in process etc, “Equality of Arms” [Look that up on Google], and one or two other small matters….

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    nice one jono!

  13. I was watching the BBC Two programme ‘Inside the commons’ last night at 9:00pm and guess what..

    The programme couldn’t resist showing a fleeting cameo appearance from two of the biggest smug tory tossers in history, namely the two creators of the destruction of the welfare state and the hated bedroom tax – Idiotic Dumb shite and fester mcvile. As usual IDS was seen laughing his lazy ass off and old fester herself was being a dopey old bint with less than two on-the-blink brain cells working.

    If he loses his cushy, lazy lifestyle in May’s election he could always get himself a job as a p/t toilet cleaner – he is well used to talking sh*te so that job role is right up his street and he has already got the qualifications to be an ass-licker to Camoron.

  14. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    I’ve just this morning come back from a talk in which money was collected for a local initiative to help the homeless. The speaker stated he was trying to get money for them that evening, as he himself had narrowly escaped being thrown out of his house on many occasions. At a time when rents have risen beyond many people’s means to pay them, when housing benefit is being cut and withdrawn completely from the under 25s, too many people are making too much money from the threat of homelessness. And there’s a real scandal in that many homes, rather than being used to rehouse others after their previous tenants are evicted, are simply left empty. In many of these cases, it would have been better to let their former tenants have them on a reduced rent. But no: greed dictates they should lie untenanted, in order to boost demand. Pressure should be put on the bailiffs, as well as on slum landlords, who are seeking to prosper through rackrenting and throwing the poor and helpless out on the streets.

  15. http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/02/10/rip-andrew-sherrat-another-victim-of-fitforwork-dwp/ another death on Iain Duncan smiths hands how many is that now must be 20 thousand plus!!!

    • Friggin’ serial killer and he’s still walking free. How can that cretin sleep at night with the corpses of thousands of people on his conscience? Unemployed, poor, sick or disabled it matters not a jot to a person that can only be described as an unfeeling monster.

  16. how on earth is he not in court ??

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  18. Edinburgh bin lorry driver was asleep at wheel

    Joining up up the dots… Edinburgh City Council employ agencies bin-lorry drivers from gang-master agency Addecco…. Glasgow City Council also employs agency drivers? from Addecco? Now this is really getting into conspiracy theory whacko land, the mother of consiracy theories… “Harry Clarke was an agency driver ’employed’ by Addecco who also also fell asleep at the wheel” – innocent people have lost their lives through the greed and incompetence of a gang-master agency (possible linked to the ‘work programme’ what a preposterous suggestion! Kind of like when Working Links sent that poor guy to the docks – he was DECAPITATED! Fact: these has been a spate of bin-lorry out-of-control crashes of late, innocent people have lost their lives. If this was true you would expect a clamour to have these slave agencies shut down. In fact, a commitment to shut these places down was in Tony Blair’s election manifesto.

    • It is not like Auntie Beeb can come out with is explicitly: “‘Harry Clarke’, an agency driver contracted by Adecco fell asleep at wheel” – you are supposed to read between the lines… 😉 but anyone reading the story about the Edinburgh bin-lorry will be thinking the same thing… 😉 And no doubt the BBC 😀

    • Yes, it couldn’t possiblly have been an over-worked agency driver who fell asleep at the wheel of this bin-lorry causing it to veer out of control taking innocents lives with it.

      • And even less likely that he was sent to the agency from the ‘work programme’; those fuckers Ingeus or Working Links.

  19. Rachel Reeves the Violet-Red IDS.

    • She is a friggin’ idiot! As simple as that. She doesn’t have the savvy to come up with anything remotely intelligent so she trots out the same ‘bash the unemployed’ mantra of the Tories.

      How she ever managed to become an MP is incredible. An incompetent red Tory airhead.

      • Rachel Reeves recalls how when she was eight years old her father pointed out former Labour leader Neil Kinnock on the television and “told us that was who we voted for”.

  20. overburdenddonkey

    ‘According to a report in The Times, work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith is keen for the party to include a pledge in its election manifesto to give people who have managed to stay in work for a year a free council or housing association home. As part of the deal, the recipient would no longer be allowed to claim housing benefit, and would have to pay out 35% of the proceeds if the house was sold within three years of the handover. The plan has been met with disbelief across the housing sector. Michelle Reid, chief executive of Cynon Taf Housing, tweeted: “It’s taken decades but I am finally left speechless. So once we’ve given all the houses away, what next?….Anyone?”’

    • This proposal is rife for fraud. Kind like the days of buy-your-council-home during Thatcher’s Reign of Terror; scammers were even ‘buying’ there old granny and grandpas home; those who had sold their council home were immediately re-housed in another council home which they then proceeded to sell… and were again immediately re-housed in another council home… There will be lots of ‘deals’ being done if IDS’ hare-brained proposal ever comes to fruition.

      • Surely this just proves once again the iain duncan cunt is a knobhead – why are we paying this tyrannical liar and thief to get away with this sort of shit?

    • IDS is a cunning bastard – housing associations will now be even more reluctant to house claimants on full housing benefit in fear that the property will be sold into the private sector.

      Full housing benefit recipients are already being pressured with eviction by housing associations due to the high risk of rent default due to sanctions and other welfare reforms.

  21. Like Thatcher’s scheme it is a LONG TERM plan, in the SHORT TERM tenants made a quick buck and mostly pissed it up against the wall on colour TVs and package holidays in Florida but in the LONG TERM it was successful in that it achieved Thatcher’s aim of the destruction of social housing and the transfer of ownership onto the rich/middle-classes. The same would happen with this scheme. Also it is worth pointing out that even if you ‘own’ a council/housing association property you can still be liable for all sorts of charges. i.e if the rubbish chute needs unblocked or the lift needs renewed etc. It is intended to get rid of the last remnants of social housing – all this talk about building more social housing from the proceeds of sales if complete and utter bollocks. Thatcher said the same thing!

  22. A grieving sister whose brother died after being hit by benefits sanctions has slammed a minister as “shameless” for defending the measure.

    Gill Thompson handed a picture of her brother, David Clapson, to Employment Minister Esther McVey, after the MP was grilled by a select committee about the sanctions regime.

    Mr Clapson, a former soldier, died at his home in Hillside, Stevenage, on July 20, 2013. He was told his jobseekers’ allowance (JSA) of £71.70 a week would be stopped in a letter dated five days earlier.

    Appearing before the panel, the unapologetic Miss McVey said her Government’s longer sanctions were less harsh than the “variable” ones they replaced.

    The minister also said that the measure was a “key element” of the system, with which 99 per cent of claimants complied, and that hardship payments could help affected JSA claimants after two weeks.

    Confronting her afterwards, an emotional Mrs Thompson, 58, gave Miss McVey a picture of her brother and said the two-week wait for hardship payments was a “death sentence” for a diabetic.

    Mrs Thompson, who has pledged to continue her campaign for reform, said: “She was shameless.”

    Speaking to the Mercury, she continued: “I was just heartbroken. These are not statistics, they are people with names and families.

    “There was no empathy and by the way she spoke I don’t think lessons have been learned. Esther was just so cold.

    “They are totally disrespectful of all those people who have come forward. My point is that with a two-week wait for hardship payments, David had no chance.”

    Mrs Thompson asked: “Do we really want to live in a society that lets people die because of these procedures? They reward the rich, persecute the poor and victimise the vulnerable.

    “We have lost our loved one and we cannot bring him back but we must not let his memory be just a statistic. This is not a numbers game.”

    MP Debbie Abrahams, who instigated the inquiry into sanctions after hearing about Mr Clapson, was one of those who questioned the minister at its final session last Wednesday.

    Talking afterwards, she said: “Once again Esther McVey has shown a stunning disregard for the mountain of evidence provided during this inquiry from individuals, academics and organisations.

    “They have seen first hand, or worse, experienced, the effect of this Government’s inhumane approach to sanctioning, especially against vulnerable people.

    “I can’t imagine how it felt for Gill, who has battled so hard to get answers about her brother’s death, to have to listen to Esther say support is there for vulnerable people who are sanctioned.

    “Where was that support when her brother David needed it?”

    A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said: “It’s only fair that in return for receiving benefits we expect jobseekers to be available for – and looking for – work.

    “Sanctions are used in a small minority of cases where they do not.

    “Decisions aren’t taken lightly and anyone who disagrees has the right to appeal. We also have a well-established system of hardship provision for vulnerable claimants

    “Our sympathy is with the family of Mr Clapson.”

    The DWP added that it had not been told of any problems around Mr Clapson’s condition or medication and said he had failed to attend two work programme appointments.

    It was further added by the DWP that they had contacted Mr Clapson by mail and phone, but were unable to reach him, and that the former soldier had not applied for hardship payments or appealed his sanction.

    The inquiry is expected to report its conclusions later this year.

    • Knowing DWP reasons for non-attendance – a] sanctioned so no money so could not attend, b] too ill to attend despite – medical histry being on dwp system so – Sanctioned, or c] he was dead

  23. Thought I would share this joke with you all.

    An old priest lay dying in a Hospice – he asked the staff to contact IDS and Esther McVey to visit him on his death bed. Seeing the opportunity to get good press reports the two of them decided to go and visit the priest. The press were invited and they both entered the room where the priest lay. He took their hands at either side of the bed and said “I have always lived my life according to the way Jesus lived and now I want to die according to the same way Jesus died between two murdering, callous, thieving B******S like you. lol

    • Yes, HSBC and the ConLibs frount bench can tell us all about that & give useful tips too! [wink wink]

      But be happy at least we’ve got Beer, Bingo and Whippets – Flat Caps soon to be added for free!

  24. UC – Wide sharing of claimant’s data. “John Slater”

    It now appears that despite stating in its consultation document that refusing to share your data could adversely impact your UC claim that the DWP is now stating that it categorically won’t happen:

    “In respect of data sharing for Universal Support provision, the legislation allows for data to be shared, this will happen following a conversation with a claimant during which they will have the opportunity to decline to share some or all of the information. If someone prefers not to share information, there is categorically no impact on their claim for Universal Credit. Giving consent will enable Universal Support partnerships to offer tailored and more holistic support more quickly this will help to ensure that people get the level of support they need

    We will be taking steps to ensure that data sharing complies with data protection principles; that claimant confidentiality is not compromised; and that no claimant is inadvertently put at risk. We are developing procedures and guidance that will clarify this.”

    I have to wonder if this will make it through to JCP staff who will probably use refusal as an excuse to sanction.

    Click to access FoI%2090%20reply.pdf

  25. I just came across your blog researching the Glasgow Bin Lorry ‘accident’.
    I checked with Glasgow Council and they maintain, Harry Clarke wasn’t ‘agency’. By the way, their press office treated me as if I was a neferious scumbag and how dare I ask…
    I’ve done a study of both this incident and the Clutha, have a look at my blog please…

  26. Don’t do Shark Zuckerwanks dream anymore. I’m free. X

  27. Evict “Property Ownership”? Take back what has been stolen? Just a thought like.
    200,000 new homes, created in The Common Land. Overnight? Aledgedly….
    I don’t mind having a small Home; as long as I can feed my Family from the Garden.


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