Fuck Landlords, Fuck Politicians, It’s Time To Take Our City Back From The Rich

right-to-buyIn a world run for people, not private profit, sorting out a place to live would be no big deal. There are already far more empty homes than there are homeless people. They are not even that expensive to build – bricks are cheap. At least not so expensive that building your own home would be a project that takes a lifetime. And that’s how long most of us end up paying for them.

The cost of buying a home is so huge that most of the shrinking few with the incomes to consider it have to take out a 25 year loan at eye-watering interest rates. The rest of us spend much of our working lives making our landlords richer as rents take up an ever higher slice of wages.

Of course this only applies if you are poor, or even just not particularly rich. We may spend our lives grafting and struggling to keep a roof over our heads but if you can afford two roofs, then suddenly the fucked housing market becomes an endless source of free money. Our money.

The antidote to this grotesque exploitation of our most basic human need is socially built, managed and controlled housing at a cost real people can afford. The current system of council and social housing is far from perfect and could be radically improved, but almost anything is better than abandoning millions to slum landlords or homelessness.  That is the choice facing increasing numbers of people as the private housing market soars ever more out of control.

As anyone who’s ever been a private tenant knows, most landlords range from absent and inept to downright criminal and violent. Yet it is them and their bank balances that dictate government policy, not the safety and security of their tenants. That is why in 2013 the Right To Buy bribe, the discount for those wanting to buy their council house, was increased to over £100,000 in London. Since then the number of formerly socially owned houses bought by private individuals has predictably soared – to levels not seen since the height of Labour’s Right To Buy give away. Many of those homes will eventually end up in the hands of private landlords.

Many of these houses are not being replaced by social housing as the government pledged they would be. Last year Inside Housing reported that 80% of councils are struggling to replace houses lost to Right To Buy due to the ‘bureaucratic and inflexible’ nature of the scheme. Which is no doubt exactly what this government hoped for.

Even the tiny amount of social housing that is being built is not council housing in the way most understand it.  Instead the properties are offered on conditional fixed and short term tenancies at so-called affordable rents, set at 80% of those in the private sector and unaffordable for the vast majority.  In London these affordable rents can run to hundreds of pounds a week.  At a time when social housing is needed more desperately than ever it is being quietly eradicated and sold off and none of the main political parties have any real plans to change that.

A city that cannot house its people should be ungovernable.  A string of victories last year, from the New Era Estate, the Class War poor doors campaign and the E15 Focus mums shows that when people fight back they can win.  It’s the chinless fucking idiots living in the glass and concrete penthouses above our heads who should feel insecure in this city, not the people who built it and run it.  Because when it comes right down to it, they need us a lot and we don’t need them at all.

A march for homes will be taking place in London this Saturday 31st January with meeting points in both East and South London.  Campaigners from the E15 Focus group will lead the march from Shoreditch Church, Shoreditch High Street E1 6JN at noon, whilst in South London the assembly point is St Maryʼs Churchyard, Elephant & Castle SE1 6SQ.  Both marches will converge at City Hall by Tower Bridge.  A squatters block will join the march and has been called by the new(ish) Rabble website.   Please help spread the word.

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264 responses to “Fuck Landlords, Fuck Politicians, It’s Time To Take Our City Back From The Rich

  1. @Johnny you can add this part too..housing associations usually invented by an ex councellor on the make..ideally they are meant to be charities ..but if you increase business then ceo of HA gets a big bonus
    Now one of the ways HA increases business is taking over homeless hostels
    One housing in camden was given arlington house homeless unit after getting the contract to refurb the place
    So homeless unit becomes private rented …it doesnt stop there one housing group got contract to run the care service for mental health hostel
    Then cut staff to save money thus making the service almost useless
    Its put clients in the stupid position of having TWO housing associations to deal with
    1 their shit landlord
    2 housing group supplying their ( lack of ) care

  2. overburdenddonkey

    as you point out jv there is plenty of m/t property needing tlc…
    eco-homes and villages are soooo easy and cheap to build, there is plenty of land,…but then we come up against big obstacles, the maintenance of right wing voter pools…localism and land use planning system, local structure plans and misuse of la21 …all homes should be in public ownership….run by the public for the benefit of the public…

  3. Social housing is being obliterated as I have said before suspect that Scots housing associations are targeting welfare and full housing benefit claimants for eviction.

    Have to say on the small ground of social housing we are standing on we are getting slaughtered.

  4. From the letters page of today’s Metro:

    “I don’t understand why people criticise the welfare system. I am a paranoid schizophrenic but medication keeps me well. I receive £260 a week in benefits and are given a free housing association flat in a nice area. I also receive a free travel pass which allows me travel all over Scotland. I enjoy meals out, buy nice clothes and attend a brilliant mental health project. The DWP have told me that my benefits are safe and won’t be cut. Life is good.”

    And it is true because I have worked with these people, one even confessed to working on the side as a painter and decorator earning £100 a a day cash-in-hand. How can this largesse be justified? Of someone will on to say that “disabled” people have more expenses, it’s not like they pay for their Largactil! These fookers are laughing at us and taking the piss as we defend them. How can on one hand can this be sanctioned by the DWP and on the other hand the same department is literally sanctioning jobseekers such a David Clapson RIP six-foot under? It is when hard-working taxpayers read these letter from someone who is obviously cognisant to write a smirking letter into a newspaper that they get angry – but they direct their anger at the wrong people. Something is definitely amiss with the welfare state.

    • I suspect “Salary Slave’s” diatribe is predictable fiction, written by a paid Tory shill. The Tories have plenty of funds to shill, spam and otherwise penetrate social media in order to spread their propaganda. Don’t forget that £75,000,000 war-chest the Tories have.

      • Salary Slave posted exactly the same piece on Ipswich unemployed Action blog. And others, perhaps ?

        Tory shill sounds like a good bet.

        • Rotten Tomatoes

          lol it’s not the first time a daily heil journalist or the dwp press office has posted on here 😀

        • You haven’t challenged the ‘facts’ though – if ‘disabled’ claimants really getting paid £260 a week (4 times what a jobseeker receives!) when their living expenses will be no more it does make a mockery of those having to jump over increasingly higher hoops to receive their pittance, and being subjected to arbitrary sanction as well as being farmed out as slave labour!

          • Mags – is the Metro a reliable source of information? The Metro is published by DMG Media: the “DMG” stands for Daily Mail Group. Paul Dacre is Editor-in-Chief. So yes, “Salary Slave” could well be a Metro (ie Daily Heil) “journalist”.

          • I’ve known schizophrenics who got speed psychosis courtesy of base speed. I know they get shitloads of cash (£260 p.w. sounds about right), which they can then spend, unsupervised, on maintaining the habit that put them in hospital in the first place! (Or maybe that’s just in Wales!) Not to mention forming a booze and retail habit into the bargain. Yes, it does take the piss and is a gift to the right-wing press, but waddya gonna do? That’s political correctness for you…

            • @timfrom you are full of shite there are schizos where iive and are unmployable most times they are always saying they are skint and on the borrow and the premises they live is housing association and its a night mare living there power goes off then no heating then infestation of mice
              Then the staff cutbacks meaning if they got seriously unwell then no staff to deal with it at all
              Ppl on here are just wind up merchants i just hopw some poor mentally unwel person doesnt get the crap kicked out of them because lying shitbags are telling lies about mental health sufferers

              • @ bob… tell these low-life schizo cunts to fuck off (or better don’t answer the door) if they come round looking for money. Bet they knock your door on a Sunday cos you can’t possibly be out…. crafty cunts… 😉 that’s what they do round here. And they aren’t skint… they piss their cash up against the wall or whatever. It’s the likes of GEOFF you should have sympathy for… grafted all his life and now left to feed his partner and two kids on £28 a week. Fuck these “schizo” cunts – they are just taking the piss!.

                • and I bet these daily fucking heil cunts don’t have to deal with these cunts either…

                • @pschoo well they are all on meds and some are very unwell they shout their heada off one had to go back into hospital as he flipped out big time
                  They cut staff here thats the problem as contract went to privates

                • When did this place get invaded by fascists?

            • @timfrom you got split personality disorder ?
              You posted same phrase under different name

            • POIDH.

              You know, since we seem to be in the midst of a full-scale /b/tard onslaught.

          • Some on the left tend to focus on disability claimants to conceal the fact that they are also ideological opposed to unconditional welfare for the able-bodied unemployed.

          • OK, so let’s challenge the facts. Firstly, the person in question asserts that they are schizophrenic – which automatically puts the rest of their account into the box marked “unreliable”, because they may be in the middle of an episode right now. So I’m hesitant to raise further questions… but let’s assume for a second that the person in question is currently of sound mind.

            Secondly, £260 a week? Well, OK. If they’re still on income support, they’ll get the basic dole (£72.40). Now, if they’re schizophrenic, let’s assume that they genuinely require 24 hour supervision, and that because of this they have been granted high care rate DLA – £81.30. This entitles them to the standard and severe disability premiums on IS – £31.85 and £61.10 respectively. They get this because, as someone with a severe disability, their cost of living is reckoned to be that much higher. That totals £246.65. They may be entitled to the enhanced disability premium too, which adds £15.55 – a total of £262.20. So yes, £260 is feasible. However, the author is in danger of falling foul of the rules on DLA; if their circumstances have changed (eg. because they’ve found the right antipsychotic) and they no longer require 24 hour care, then they will no longer be eligible to receive that £260, and may well be liable to repay quite a lot of money.

            On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that they are not cognisant of the extent to which they still need care… in which case the £260pw figure is – put bluntly – society’s compensation to them for having to suffer schizophrenia.

            That was the principle on which the benefits system used to work, and remains the principle on which a civilised society pays benefits; it is society’s compensation to the individual for leaving them in shitty circumstances, whether those are not having a job or not being able to differentiate reality from hallucination. Argue about that at your cost. Because you could wake up with schizophrenia too, tomorrow; you could lose your family, your friends, your agency, your grasp of reality, your ability to control your own spending… I guarantee you that in that circumstance, £260pw won’t seem so very much at all.

            But what makes me smell a rat here is that the person believes that they have been assured by the DWP that their benefits are safe. I don’t think anyone recognises the reality of that! Which means that this person is either lying about that, or has not quite grasped the reality of their situation – which is that like the rest of us, they’re one bad WCA away from losing everything… including, for them, the very access to the medication that they assert is doing them so much good.

            TL;DR: The problems with JSA are that conditionality is hideously evil and £72.40 is ridiculously tiny. Not that someone with a severe, debilitating mental condition is “coining it”. If you really believe that it’s worth being severely disabled for £260pw, then by all means go and stand in front of a train. Nope? Well, then.

        • You should be so lucky

          Yes, you would have to be totally out of touch to write that piece of fiction.
          Honestly,nobody would pay £100 a day cash in hand for a non professional decorator. £40 would be nearer the mark.

      • I’m astounded that there are still people out there who are determined to maintain the “mental illnesses don’t really exist / aren’t really a big deal” line. Even when it comes to schizophrenia.

        People can be pretty lousy, it’s true, but they must have to work really really hard at being that hideous a human being.

    • Ah, divide and conquer, the old tactic of the ruling class. And still as successful as ever. If we’re looking at how much money each other has to spend and picking at that, we’re not looking at the systemic problems that leave us all in this shitty situation.

      Nice try, fuckwad, but if someone with schizophrenia is getting high rate DLA, I’m not going to assume they don’t deserve it. Because their lucid spell could end tomorrow, just like that, and it could take them three years to find another antipsychotic to keep it under control. And they could be kicked off benefits tomorrow, and the resulting shock of being forced into the sanctions system could trigger the mother of all relapses… which could take them – or, in extremis, one of their neighbours – off the planet.

      Presumably you would regard anyone who lost their life to someone in the grip of a schizophrenic episode (one of the 5% or so that are violent in nature) brought on by the sudden extreme stress of poverty as collateral damage? Their lives aren’t worth £260pw, you say? Hmm.

      (And “Largactil”? How fucking out of date ARE you? Did you not even think to Google “antipsychotic” before emitting your hateful screed?)

      disclaimer: I’m quite ignorant about schizophrenia, and I apologise unreservedly if I’ve said anything to offend anyone or reinforce any stereotypes (and I’m sure I have). But at least I’m not as ignorant as this fucker.

  5. Maliciously sanctioned for fun today by JCP work roach, have two Learn Direct sanctions pending. The female JCP work roach had a moral breakthrough she overcame the moral barriers that prevent human beings from destroying each other. Brutally conditioned as she now is, sharing the same standards as those who commit and participate in genocide.

    “I’m Just Doing My Job”

    • The Nuremberg defence: “Vi vas vonly vollowing vorders” has been found to be invalid!

      • The dissenting lower ranks faced possible execution if they did not follow orders, DWP/JCP work roaches are under no such duress in their culpable conduct.

        An academic wanting to understand the germination and motivation of a genocide as it forms in the minds of the lower ranks or non ideological actors of a society would do well to interview JCP work coaches regarding their sanction habits.

  6. Johnny Void said – “There are already far more empty homes than there are homeless people”…… So why do we need to build more?

    • so that every private tenant can be offered a council house as well. in a location of their choosing. with a spare bedroom.

      • … and what will happen to all those extra empty houses? If nobody is living in them then they will fall into disrepair. Isn’t it far better to make full use of the housing we’ve already got?

        How about doubling (or more) the council tax on any empty home which is not in the process of being sold, rented or repaired?

  7. I never seen this on BBC news.

  8. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here shows again why council housing should make a return, and replace the expensive and exploitative private rental sector. The article gives information on the March For Homes due to take place in London this Saturday, and the times and places it will start from.

  9. Have spent most of the last 6 months being harassed (phantom appointments included) at the local jcp office in that time there are a lot of people from the local area that are notable by their absence at that jcp office.

    There is either a ghost register or they are trustafarians sampling the local environment.

  10. House are dirt cheap to build… a few bricks and a few pieces of plasterboard… it is not like it would take you a life-time building your own pad either… 😉

  11. Damn it, I’m going to have to give this site a miss for a while. It’s not good for me any more.

    • JP – Why do you feel that way? Surely there are still one or two people who are willing to have a robust and intelligent debate, rather than just irrational ranting?

      • PT – Why don`t you take your Disability Hate Crime some where else.

      • I can’t deal with conflict, emotionally. Even ending up stuck in an internet argument makes me feel physically ill, anxious, shaky. Sometimes for days. I seem to be one of those people who has “easy pickings” etched into their forehead. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. I’m sure you saw it there.

        Well, congratulations. Your definition of fun means I have to wait for you to go away before I feel well enough to come back.

        I’m in two minds about writing this reply, even, because no doubt you’ll use it as the pretext to try to get me into another pointless argument I can’t possibly win, because you need that excitement in your life. But I don’t. People like you barge into safe places and make them unsafe. You are, frankly, terrorists. You revel in other people’s fear. You make me sick. In a very literal way. You’re not even the first, or the worst to do this – although you could be the person who forced me to abandon an identity I’d used online for 15 years because they thought it was OK to start stalking me. I can’t tell. People like you burn through identities faster than acid burns through flesh – and with exactly the same corrosive effect. And thanks to the likes of you, nowhere online is a safe place for me – where once online was the ONLY safe place for me. Because of people like you, I have no social contact at all. I may as well not exist. And I’m sure this is how you like it. I’m sure that far from having the normal human response – guilt, shame, dismay – you’ll be punching the air and chanting “result!”. Just as I’m sure that if you saw someone teetering on the edge of a tall building, you’d stand at the bottom chanting “Jump!” until they did. And then tell everyone how weak and selfish they were.

        You asked. I answered. Now I’m going to go and shake for a while, and hopefully by the weekend I’ll feel better. And maybe in a month you’ll have taken your flamethrower to pastures new, and I’ll feel a little bit safer here again.

        Or you’ll entrench yourself in this place so deeply that it’ll only be you and your sockpuppets talking to each other. I’ve seen that happen too. But I hope JV stops things going that far.

        • Just Passing – Is this intended for me? If so, perhaps I can remind you of our very first exchange:

          Me – “The only class on an anonymous web site is the quality of opinion and argument. Class war exists only in the minds of those who recognise it…”
          You – “But you’ve already demonstrated that yours are devoid of substance, empathy and external input. Surely by your own reckoning, you should be shutting up about now?”

          I made a general point about class war, and YOU decided to make it personal and told me to shut up! If you can’t handle an internet argument then I suggest that you don’t start one.

        • P.S. Correction – second exchange.

        • P.P.S. Would like to discuss the housing problem sensibly rather than going off on personal tangents? We could start with the first point I made:
          Johnny Void said – “There are already far more empty homes than there are homeless people”…… So why do we need to build more?

        • overburdenddonkey

          just leaving
          i offer you my very best wishes…. and thank you for your very expressive and articulate posts, hopefully you’ll return…our imperialist culture is dreadfully toxic…keep the message’s of freedom coming from within..we will overcome one day…we can, we must….

          • OBD you just put fuel to the fire. OBD think of others instead of the tory paid troll. You have a responsibility !!

          • overburdenddonkey

            p s
            just leaving…the flooding trigger was ‘why do you feel that way’….

            • overburdenddonkey

              ‘why do feel that way’ is a very rude ignorant and intrusive question…a question for example NO TRUE therapist would dream of asking directly or implied and if they do, run like hell…
              anxiety is always a symptom of abuse…

              • “‘why do feel that way’ is a very rude ignorant and intrusive question…a question for example NO TRUE therapist would dream of asking”

                You think I’m a therapist???

              • OBD – I really don’t know which question you mean! Could you tell me the date and approximate time you asked it, or perhaps some of the words you used, and then maybe I can find it? You probably don’t believe me, but I actually want to answer…

                • The question PT is why as a Tory Troll are you making peoples lives a misery with insults & Disability Hate Crime !!!

                • It seems you have no knowledge PT just like IDS your boss.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  pt et al
                  BLUE PETER…

                • OBD – Did you mean your post on January 24, 2015 at 11:59 am which mentions ‘blue peter’? If so, you asked 4 questions (below). Which is the one you want me to answer?

                  “why don’t you replace your rudeness with emotional health?”
                  “do you think shouting, name calling, and attempting to humiliate people, is good for mental health?”
                  “your cure is to call others idiots, why is that? and who do you extend that treatment to by implication?”
                  “as it is all plainly there, and you deny it is all there, what does that make you?”

                • overburdenddonkey

                  pt et al
                  plainly the BLUE PETER question…

                • I never did like Blue Peter. Where`s Red Peter !!

                • The Question is “Who is your best Blue Peter Presenter PT?”

                • Blue Peter used to be better when it was in black & white & not smoke & mirrors !!


                • overburdenddonkey

                  shep…here’s a blue peter ie something i prepared earlier…

                • You mean it’s not one of the 4 questions you actually asked. So what on earth is a “Blue Peter question” then? Are you talking about the TV programme or the naval signal flag? Why can’t you just ask what you want to ask plainly? You keep going on about truth and then refuse to speak it yourself! I’m trying hard to have a rational conversation with you, but you seem to be trying to make it far more difficult than it needs to be.

                • 1 in what year did bolton wanderers win the FA cup ?
                  2 what size underpants did IDS claim for ?
                  3 when was the law of averages devised?

                • I think you are getting confused PT. Have you ever heard of a Blue Peter Badge?

                • PT Ever heard of an IDS badge? Your not very good as a paid Tory Troll. Your Fired !!!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  pt et al
                  answer the plainly demarcated titled blue peter question and stop your obvious procrastination’s….

                • I got a lot more Blue Peter questions to ask PT since he wants to solve & answer all our questions in need !!!

                • The Blue Peter Theme tune needs updating – What do you think PT?

                • @razor if you play the Blue Peter theme tune backwards it sounds sinister and has encoded message which says “john noakes is the devil “

                • A simple yes or no will do PT for politics talk never answer the question. Shame the Admin is crap in politics !!!

                • OBD – You seem to be referring to your repeated statements about Dr Bob Johnson’s ‘treatment’ which supposedly cures 100% of all mental illness. Is that right?

                  You seriously need to understand the truth about several things, and try to move on:
                  1) Johnson is the only person who has ever claimed to be able to perform this miracle 100% cure.
                  2) He’s never managed to train anybody else to perform it.
                  3) He has never written a detailed description of how to perform it.
                  4) Nobody else has ever been able to replicate it.
                  5) Now (to quote him) “Dr Bob Johnson’s clinic is now closed” and he is only doing “medico-legal work”. He’s a fairly old man now, so if this supposed 100% cure for all mental illness ever even existed, the secret will go to the grave with him.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  pt et al
                  answer the blue peter question you were plainly asked and then we can move on, it is you who blocks further communications, and preventing a move on by refusing to answer that particular question….you have to acknowledge what was ACTUALLY SAID on his web site et al, by dr bob johnson, first…..

                • PT Your mental slavery is becoming oppressive – PT Your mental health is in a bad way & need to seek professional help. Round & round talking about the exact same thing for 2 weeks. PT DON¬T SPREAD YOUR MENTAL HEALTH ON OTHERS & EXCEPT YOU HAVE A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE. Don`t spread your lies to infect others SERIOUS>

                • Or perhaps PT you don`t care or give a shit about others !!!

                • If you can`t answer any questions PT why insult people?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  pt et al
                  your refusal to answer a simple question is plain for all to see…
                  you’re basing your opinions/posts on false or misrepresented, by you, information…and i don’t want anyone else to get the wrong impressions of his incredible work either based on what you’re saying…so it is on all counts right to correct you…yes i am obsessive in seeking truth and social justice…now answer the question plainly entitled blue peter….and we can move on, in discussion founded in truth and understanding…

                • “i don’t want anyone else to get the wrong impressions of his incredible work either based on what you’re saying”
                  “and we can move on, in discussion founded in truth and understanding”

                  … then all you have to do is to show everybody the evidence that Dr Bob Johnson can cure 100% of all mental illnesses. If you can’t, then I’m afraid it’s not the truth.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  pt et al
                  no! i don’t have to do that as you have distorted the foundation of that truth by misrepresenting what was ACTUALLY written and achieved by dr bob johnson, and will continue to do so based on that false info so we have to establish foundations of truth 1st…now answer the blue peter question… then i will move on in discussion with you, otherwise i cannot….

                • This thread sadly has become boring with tedious arguments slowing down any discussion ..maybe it was intentional

                • Sorry OBD, but you need to face the truth. Dr Bob Johnson claims in black and white on his web site that he can cure 100% of all mental illnesses. You and everybody else knows that this simply isn’t true.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  pt et al
                  then why not just answer my blue peter question, in that case….then we can move on in discussion?

                • 12” Dennis Brown & Ranking Joe – Slave Driver (& Dub)

                • I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to your Blue Peter question. I would like to know the answer though, so can you explain it to me?

                • Just keep spinning it out longer till ppl get sick of it and leave .thats the game

                • overburdenddonkey

                  pt et al
                  ok i’ll ask it again @ a future point…

                • Inna Rub-A-Dub Style Riddim Mix {John John} 2013

                • Oh well, if you can’t explain it either then I guess we will all have to remain in ignorance. That’s a shame, I was looking forward to hearing the answer.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  pt et al
                  you claimed the following info was not on his web site, this is on dr bob johnson’s home page as posted to you; http://www.truthtrustconsent.com/
                  ‘PSYCHOSIS’ here covers all psychotic symptoms, including all varieties of psychoses, ‘schizophrenias’, all ‘depressions’ manic or otherwise, bipolar, BPD, PD, ADHDs, anorexias, irrationalities, what have you – all are really variants of PTSD.’ which is what he ACTUALLY said…
                  this is what you claimed he said…..PartTimer | January 20, 2015 at 5:12 pm | As far as I can see, none of the Johnson links give any advice about how to treat clinical depression,,,,,just the old idea of ‘manic depression’ which is now termed bipolar disorder, and is a VERY different thing,,,,, Can you post a link which does?…..
                  and PartTimer | January 20, 2015 at 5:27 pm |
                  ‘Nope, I read it very carefully. An explanation of how to treat clinical depression is not there.’
                  you claimed that he said this…,’just the old idea of ‘manic depression’ which is now termed bipolar disorder, and is a VERY different thing’
                  when in fact he said this…..’all ‘depressions’ manic or otherwise, bipolar’…
                  my question was; what does that make you?

                • Is THAT the mysterious ‘Blue Peter’ question you were being so evasive about all this time??? For f**** sake, what a waste of time. I thought it was something interesting.

                  An explanation of how to treat clinical depression is NOT given on Dr Johnson’s web site, and anyone who cares to read it can see that it isn’t. So what does that make me?…… Correct.

                • It makes you a twat …you did ask

                • Yes bobchewie, I did ask… and I was wrong to think that OBD had any opinions that are worth taking seriously. I won’t make that mistake again.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  pt et al
                  ok i’ll ask the blue peter question again @ a later date since you persist in avoiding answering it….

                • OBD – No problem, ask your question as often as you like, and I will try to answer. I now realise that you have an obsession with Dr Bob Johnson as a preternatural guru, and you think that whatever he says cannot be questioned. I also realise that for the time being you are mentally unable to alter that perception. However, I think you are able to step outside your chosen mindset just for a moment and understand that others regard him as a charlatan (or even a nutter), and you can accept criticism of Him on that basis.

              • overburdenddonkey

                pt et al
                i also continue to note that you have not again, as yet, claimed not to comprehend me….
                as it is you who refuse to correct your false representation of his work by claiming he said something he hasn’t actually said….the problem to solve remains firmly within your remit….my attempts to correct you have thus far been futile, see blue peter post for details…i hope to be able to do so in the future…btw clinical depression, is covered in the term, ‘all ‘depressions’ manic or otherwise, bipolar, BPD, PD, ADHDs, anorexias,’ ie ‘all ‘depressions’…which is not the subject of my dispute with you, you so carefully refer to as if it is….the problem is clearly you trying to discredit him by saying his views are old fashioned et al….and creating a dispute over what was actually written in his works….and wanting me to explain what he has already covered in his writings, an impossible task in this format…. you said, ‘,just the old idea of ‘manic depression’ which is now termed bipolar disorder, and is a VERY different thing,,,,, Can you post a link which does?…..’
                he said, ‘http://www.truthtrustconsent.com/ ‘PSYCHOSIS’ here covers all psychotic symptoms, including all varieties of psychoses, ‘schizophrenias’, all ‘depressions’ manic or otherwise, bipolar, BPD, PD, ADHDs, anorexias, irrationalities, what have you – all are really variants of PTSD.’
                look there is no mention of the following in what you said he said as quoted above…you said; ‘just the old idea of ‘manic depression’ which is now termed bipolar disorder, and is a VERY different thing,,,,,HE CLEARLY NEVER SAID THAT….but you implicitly, obsessively insist that he has, by not correcting your statements….
                unless you’re prepared/able to quote his work honestly, we are not going to be able to move on in discussion about his work…and your frozen archaic mindset concepts of MH treatments will remain intact…..

                • OBD – You made a few mistakes. I think you meant to write – “…it is you who refuse to correct your false representation of His work by claiming He said something He hasn’t actually said”

        • Yes JP complete bullshit you a get !!!

    • overburdenddonkey

      j p
      some people just don’t want to hear truth, prefer to be remain immersed in their ignorance and in their ‘comfort zone’s’…horses to water and all that!…take care of yersel….“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” mark twain…it’s often disappointing to know what’s out there, but it’s also strengthening in the long run to know it…

      • OBD – Some people are willing to question what others claim is the truth, and some are also willing to talk with ANYONE about what they themselves believe to be the truth. I am willing to do both. Are you?

      • …have you ever wondered what the last 6 words of that quote mean?

      • some people just don’t want to hear truth, …

        Pitting working class against working class – welfare reform was born of the ideological dictates of the left and the good society progressives in the UK. A political fact that has not gone unnoticed by many in the working class constituency hence the gradual shift of the British working class to the right. When the mob is baying for blood then the only refuge is to bay for the blood of the mob.

        • I see the daily hate on front page is banging on about yet another CRACKDOWN ON WORKSHY how many is that now
          ? and the death toll amongst claimants is rising and jcp whose new role is to deny benefits rather than offer job search support how many claimants will be ‘cracked’ and ‘ down’ permanently ie dead i wonder


            The good society progressives raging towards full employment and the dystopian collective of hard working families.

          • Saw that on the news last night Bob with Nazi boy Cameron on spouting about it. He says he wants to see people get into work and have a good standard of living and be able to care for their families. What an utter tosser and imbecile this person is! Does he not know the majority of people going to foodbanks have jobs that are of such shit quality that they’re forced to go there to survive?

            Yes he wants them off the official Unemployment figures, and any way will do; CWP, WP, MWA and any other variants they can think up. Then they can falsify the figures by claiming they’re not UE. They’re now ‘working for their dole!’

  12. @ Pschoo my uncle of 60 a paranoid schizophrenic had his benefits cut from 226,00 a week to 109.00 so your full of shit!

  13. Good luck on your march this coming Saturday – all those who are taking part.

  14. @Muffin
    If your uncle is 62 or over he should claim Pension Guarantee Credit – that’s just under £150pw. Then he should claim disability on top. Claiming PGC will put him out of the Jobcentre Minus system. PGC is paid by the Pension Service.

  15. The Bullingdon Boys

    These cunts have got toff written all over them… wonder what happened to them all… 😀

    • Hmm is that Paul Gregg to the left just out of shot?

      Paul Gregg – Formally a member of the Council of Economic Advisors at HM Treasury 1997-2006, where he worked on unemployment, welfare reform and child poverty.

      • Not forgetting, Boris the bigfoot clown, who rides a bike, slides down wires and cuts fire stations in the metropolis.

  16. ………………There are two types of contributors to these pages. The genuine ones who are feeling harrassed, destitute and left to rot…….

    and the jokers who cannot accept that the government are pursuing a policy of etnic cleansing and try to ridicule those in greatest need.

    I do not have to hide behind an alias or pseudonym, i am plain, ordinary me.

    It really saddens me to see deiberate attempts by others to try and demean the plight of the many who subscribe to these columns.

    It is nothing short of desperation when the perpetrators of evil acts try to dilute the hostility and grief of those they chose to harm. Anyone can try to muffle the pain and anguish of their victims, but these people are being paid to try and silence us.

    The bully is always a bully for they know no different. To suffer in silence is absolute hell, a trouble shared is often a trouble halved…………….

    The trolls and Shills that now manifest their evil on sites such as this, contribute to the sickening rise in suicides that are clearly abundant as fallout from welfare reforms.

    …………………………”you can use as many names as you wish to propogate hatred, for you are nothing but parasites that feed off human misery.”

  17. Prior to Christmas, i went without even the basics to bring a smile to the face of my postman and dustman……………
    I gave them £10 each as appreciation of what they did for me.

    Ten pounds is a great amount when you exist on a meagre £33 and are disabled, but those smiles meant a great deal more.

    They work tirelessly, day in day out, through all kinds of weathers, taken for granted by many.

    Surround me with real people any day of the week, for they are the true face of human kindness.

    The bankers, the hedge fund managers, the dwp, the judiciary, the harbingers of death and immorality……………………










  19. DECISION MAKER – the imaginary friend of the jcp work roaches they invoke him with the religiosity of a death cult.

    Should appeals be lodged with a Ouija board.


    Dear A.Clerk,

    Freedom of Information ref: 2014- IR258/270/279/328

    Thank you for your request for an internal review of your Freedom of Information request 2014-
    2002 which was answered on 8 September 2014.

    You asked:

    “I am writing to request an internal review of Department for Work and Pensions’s
    handling of my FOI request ‘Atos Deaths’.

    You have refused to respond to my request within 20 working days and are now
    breaking the law.
    Please respond immediately!!”

    “I am writing to request an internal review of Department for Work and Pensions’s
    handling of my FOI request ‘Atos Deaths’.

    You have refused to respond to my request within 20 working days.

    Please respond immediately!!”

    “I am writing to request an internal review of Department for Work and Pensions’s
    handling of my FOI request ‘Atos Deaths’.

    Further to my recent correspondence in respect of this request I do not seem to have
    had a reply which is very disappointing to say the least. As a tax payer, I would have
    appreciated a timely response that was in line with existing foi law.
    Perhaps you can re-instil my faith in this government by replying?”

    “I am writing to request an internal review of Department for Work and Pensions’s
    handling of my FOI request ‘Atos Deaths’.

    Further to my recent correspondence in respect of this request I do not seem to have
    had a reply which is very disappointing to say the least. As a tax payer, I would have
    appreciated a timely response.
    Perhaps you can re-instil my faith in this government by replying?”

    In your original request you asked:

    “Under the Freedom Of Information act I would like to request the number of recorded
    deaths of the UK population judged to be fit for work following assessments by

    This should include all deaths including “Suicides.”

    Please also provide details of ongoing legal investigations into the deaths of the UK
    population judged to be fit for work following assessments by ATOS/WORK

    I am of a senior grade to the person who dealt with your request previously, and can confirm
    that I have carried out an internal review. In conducting my review, I have discussed the
    reasons why the original reply was late and the handling and the decisions made by the officer
    who handled it.

    Your original request was received on 27 April 2014 and a reply was due by 27 May 2014. I
    can see that this did not happen and apologise for the delay in providing the response.

    If you have any queries about this letter please contact us quoting the reference number

    Yours sincerely,

    DWP Central FoI Team

    ………………………….”KEEP ON RUNNING”

    • @GEOFF FOI system is a joke…every excuse to avoid answering
      To date i have had one FOI removed rejected and marked ‘ HIDDEN ‘
      the others still outstanding and even though ive been assigned a case worker on each so far ive heard NOTHING in fact suffice to say since being told of case worker it went quiet soon after . I can only conclude this is deliberate making it look like they give a fuck when they just want to you to drop it all

      • I also had one called “suicide 1” that went walkabout Bob. The freedom of information officer is just another governmental patsy that kowtows to his seniors, the secret handshake moth ball brigade.
        I found out recently that the same female doctor, J P MANNERS, who was present at both my tribunals wasn’t even licenced by the GMC.

        Hopefully the bastards will be brought to bear for all their illegal activities.

        It’s a pity that kiddyfiddler Brittan will escape scrutiny Bob.
        A few arses will be twitching, not that i watch a lot of train journey programmes………………….

        • @GEOFF already the disinfo spinners were quick out on the Brittan death even the paid for ” hired guns” like David Rose the ” journalist ‘
          Trouble is this is more than just Brittan
          alione its about an international organised paedo network thats been in place for years
          So far we have uncovered parts of the UK based network which is good but then you see it stretches out further to overseas

        • Lol… Yet the person you mean still has quite a high profile and a lucrative contract with ITV …. Jobs for the boys?

        • Michael Portillo




    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    Will people be able to ask, and be allowed to have their
    assessments with Maximus recorded? On 1/2/12 Chris Grayling said
    “Anyone that wishes their assessment recorded may do so.” Or words
    to that effect.
    Have Maximus been given any additional money in their contract to
    buy dual CD recording machines and if so how much?

    Yours faithfully,

    Sarah Conner

    Link to this





    • Respect the Food Bankers good intentions but they are Mary Macleod’s useful idiots.

    • Er er er er Ah ah ah I I I I – Taking the piss out of stuttering.

    • dirt under their feet

      Now this is real low life.

      The usual mantra about how it’s all about helping people escape welfare dependency and finding jobs. Jobs (where they are really happening, which isn’t at all as much as the government pretends) actually keeping people dependant on social security (as it should be) to survive, because the jobs they are forced to do are so insecure and poorly paid.

      So those freed-to-work are in reality kept fighting over and grateful for the scraps thrown to them. As intended, they are kept powerless. Too worried about surviving, too divided by rhetoric about who is more deserving, to get together and overthrow the oppressors. While there will be someone else somewhere else who will be making lots of money out of their having to accept such poorly paid and insecure jobs; or just from finding ways to remove their income altogether.

      This from a so-called public servant (in fact servant only of the rich), someone being supported very generously from the public purse, someone living comfortably at our expense; and then laughing about the suffering being caused, by voting to take away any comfort or security from others, while just spouting all of the usual blatant lies about how much better off people are being forced off of any support or income. The dead would disagree, but their voices have been quieted.

      A supporter of the silent mini holocaust being enacted in this country; where anyone not opposing, or who is voting for, these Tory putting-nothing-back public-subsidised scroungers, who are our real social scum, are just as guilty.


    If this is a response by an MP, THEN GOD FORESAKE US.



    Our reference: VTR 5010
    Date: 20 January 2015

    Dear Mr. Couling

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 16 November
    2014. You requested:-

    I want an electronic copy of that review writing guidance you use when
    “suicide is associated with DWP activity”

    We apologise that we have not responded to your request within the requisite
    period of time; however it is taking us longer than anticipated to fulfil your

    DWP Central FoI Team

    • @GEOFF these benefit related deaths are a national scandal and could easily have been prevented but no its election politics with ” vote winners ” like CRACKDOWN ON WORKSHY
      really are issues like that what ppl vote on ? Yes o vote for any party that ” cracks down on workshy
      Well then if its all about ( all together now deep breath ” SAVING TAX PAYERS MONEY ” as if that would happen anyway or you could ask joe taxpayer to write a cheque to maximus
      Then read any item on a benefit related suicide and smugly say ” thats my money well spent “

  24. Are we back to disability yet !!! Talking crap on shit !!!

  25. Delays and disarray shatter lives of new disability claimants

    Disabled and ill people unable to get to hospital and forced out of their homes as personal independence payments (PIP) come under scrutiny by MPs

    The Guardian – Tuesday 27 January 2015 13.00 GMT

    Mark Harper, the minister for disabled people, will appear in front of the work and pensions select committee on Wednesday today to defend the government’s troubled record on implementation of the new disability benefit, the personal independence payment (PIP).

    He will be hoping that the session goes more smoothly than last June’s hearing on the same subject by the public accounts committee when its chair, Margaret Hodge, said the launch of the new assessment system had been “nothing short of a fiasco” and accused the government of letting down “some of the most vulnerable in society”.

    Read More:

    • Mental Health (Employment Opportunities)
      Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions
      2:30 pm

      Mark Harper (Minister of State (Department for Work and Pensions) (Disabled People); Forest of Dean, Conservative)

      The Government are committed to helping people with mental health problems into work. We are piloting a number of innovative approaches to employment support for those with mental health problems, and the Access to Work mental health support service can help people with a mental health condition who are absent from work or who are finding it difficult to get back into work.


      • House of Commons

        Monday 26 January 2015

        The House met at half-past Two o’clock


        [Mr Speaker in the Chair]

        Oral Answers to Questions

        Work and Pensions

        The Secretary of State was asked—

        Innovation Fund for Young People


        • Mr Duncan Smith: The hon. Lady, like many on the Opposition Benches, is living in cloud cuckoo land. They invent a whole series of issues about this. First, we get these lines about the fact that evictions are up. In fact, evictions are a very small proportion and are down. They say that rent arrears are up, but they are stable and have not risen. They say that homelessness is up, but it is actually down. The reality is that every time the Opposition talk about this subject, they invent these issues. But never once in the whole of the time they were

          • Stick to the party line IDS. Lots of slander I notice.

            • Employment and Support Allowance

              18. Sheila Gilmore (Edinburgh East) (Lab): What recent assessment he has made of the reasons for changes in the number of employment and support allowance claimants. [907190]

              The Minister for Disabled People (Mr Mark Harper): Under this Government, the number of people in receipt of out-of-work benefits has fallen by 899,000, and there are 93,000 fewer people on incapacity benefit since May 2010.

              Sheila Gilmore: I thank the Minister for that answer, but I think he is absolutely clear that the number of people on incapacity benefit who have been found unfit for work is far higher than the Department for Work and Pensions predicted. Is it not time that Ministers dropped the scrounger rhetoric and accepted that if people are to move back towards employment, they need real help and support?

              Mr Harper: I do not know whom the hon. Lady has heard using that rhetoric, but it is certainly not me or members of this Government. [Interruption.] It is no good her waving at us. It may be reported like that in newspapers, but Ministers do not use that sort of language. I have been very clear that people who are able to go to work with the right support will receive employment and support allowance. I am sure she was listening to the long exchange we had earlier on mental health support. Half the people on ESA have a mental health problem. She will have heard me set out the considerable range of things we are doing to help them to get back into work.

              Kate Green (Stretford and Urmston) (Lab): Ministers are spending £8 billion more than planned on incapacity benefit and ESA because they cannot assess people quickly enough, they cannot reassess them, and the failing Work programme cannot get them into sustained employment. Even the Minister for Employment, the right hon. Member for Wirral West (Esther McVey), admitted a few moments ago that it is achieving a 90% failure rate. Now the Tories say that they want to cut £12 billion from social security spending, and disabled people are worried that they will be paying for this catalogue of Tory welfare failure. What reassurance can the Minister offer them?

              Mr Harper: I listened carefully, but it is a bit rich for the hon. Lady to criticise the issues we had with the assessment process. There were issues with the assessment provider that her Government appointed, which is why we appointed a new contractor, Maximus, which will start work in March, and I am confident that that will improve the assessment process and get people back into work. Getting people back into work is how we will continue to reduce the benefits bill, which I remind her rose enormously when her party was in government.

              26 Jan 2015 : Column 561

              • Ot has fuck all to do with getting people into work and more to do with diverting large sums of money into maximus bank accounts

                • Money Laundering again. The Government find the best why to Money Launder is through disabled people. Disability Confident PLC.

                • GEOFF REYNOLDS


                  The Immigration Minister sensationally quit last night for employing a Colombian cleaner who was in the country illegally – and he may now be hit with a £5,000 fine.

                  Mark Harper – tipped to be a future Prime Minister – said he had offered his resignation because he had failed to carry out checks that would have established she was in the UK unlawfully.

                  He now faces a fine for not keeping copies of the immigration papers shown to him by the cleaner.

                  …………………..did he get a fine, i doubt it?

              • http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/conservatives-under-fire-after-labelling-7305282



                Health and Disability Assessments: Exploring the role of Occupational Therapists

                You are invited to a Serco Event: Health and Disability Assessments: Exploring the role of Occupational Therapists

                Date: Thursday 19th April, 10.30 – 15.00
                Venue: College of Occupational Therapists
                Cost: Free to BAOT Members

                The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) are seeking organisations to conduct objective and independent Health and Disability Assessments, to help ensure that state support is targeted at the right individuals, that the support reflects their circumstances and that fraud and error are reduced.

                Serco are seeking to engage with OTs and OT Businesses to explore how they can support the delivery of a range of Health and Disability Assessments, traditionally conducted by Medics.

                The event, chaired by Dr Stephen Duckworth OBE Ph.D. MSc LRCP MRCS FDS (Honorary) will cover:

                • An introduction to the DWP Health and Disability Services Assessment Framework
                • The role of the OT in Health & Disability Assessment
                • Opportunities to work with Serco
                • Setting up and running a small business

                If you are interested in finding out more about this event and how to register, please click on the following link:


                For more information about Serco, please visit our website:


                • GEOFF REYNOLDS


                  Unum itself has a sophisticated system for measuring peoples’ capacities, and advising them how to make the most of them through personal advisers. This is in its interests, as it can save huge payouts in benefits. But it is also in the client’s interests, since most people would rather work than doss.’

                  These views were very much reinforced by Dr Stephen Duckworth, founder of Disability Matters, a commercial consultancy seeking to develop relationships with organisations promoting opportunities for disabled people in employment and customer service.

                  He said: ‘The political, economic, social and technological environments are all very supportive for a transference from public incapacity benefit to private income protection. Income protection providers will need to deliver more effective rehabilitation services in order to reduce premium costs so they can sell income protection more widely to the UK workforce.

                  We can import a great deal of expertise from the other side of the Atlantic ‘ where the whole income protection field is inseparably interwoven with rehabilitation


                • GEOFF REYNOLDS


                  This is a grand venture for the Shadow Rehabilitation Council. It deserves both Government and private sector support, and, indeed, is seeking funding from the Government over this summer.

                  Joy Reymond is head of rehabilitation services at Unum

                  For more information, contact the chair, Stephen Duckworth at stephen@disabilitymatters.com; or Mark Baylis at Mark.Baylis@iua.co.uk or Joy Reymond at joy.reymond@unum.co.uk

                • SERCO the evil empire

          • @razor and thats IDS cheif liar talking there .

            • The 10 Commandments of IDS.

              1. Thou shall not be disabled
              2. Thou will be a slave.
              3. I spend other peoples money goodie goodie
              & on it goes.

              • @razor i wonder what the business model on this is ?
                1 find lots of vulnerable ppl to blame who cannot answer back
                2 exploit them in every way ..breif against to friendly newspapers to stoke up the anger factor blame culture
                3 use this to divert cash to business chums
                4 er thats it

                • @bobchewie – It`s the really vulnerable people that don`t stand a chance to fight back. They stick to the rules & still get treated like a piece of shit of the DWP`s shoe. That`s why there needs to be people who can fight their corner in getting some truths & rights about the whole scandal of Disabled Ethnic Cleansing in a rogue state the uk 2015.

                • GEOFF REYNOLDS
  26. ………….no doubt the likes of Freud, Smith and Mcvey will have picked up a few useful tips from scenes of the Holocaust, after all, the welfare reforms are just a spin off from the Nazi horrors of the extermination of a species.

  27. “In London today, Prime Minister David Cameron announced the commitment to set up the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation with £50 million coming from central government.
    He said: “It is time for Britain as a nation to stand up to say we will remember. We will not allow any excuse of anti-semitism in our country. We will not allow any form of prejudice to disrupt the multi-faith democracy we are so proud to call our home.
    “Today we stand together whatever our faith, whatever our creed, whatever our politics. We stand in remembrance of those who were murdered in the darkest hours of human history. And we stand united in our resolve to fight prejudice and discrimination in all its forms.”

    Meanwhile, he and his government continue to kill disabled people
    Cameron is a cunt, a criminal cunt

  28. Was the curtain raiser of the holocaust not the mandating of the indigenous workshy to undertake community work placements?

  29. Was the curtain raiser of the holocaust not the mandating of the indigenous workshy to undertake community work placements?

    They promote the image of forced labour or concentration camps to mask from the public mind that they can kill in the community.

  30. DR UKs new training contract – DPAC 26 January 2015

    Disability Rights UK provides training to improve accessibility of assessments

    Disability Rights UK has decided to accept the contract to deliver a training programme for Maximus health professionals on disability equality.

    The Disability Rights UK Board discussed this at length before deciding to do this work. DR UK believes that the Work Capability Assessment needs radical overhaul: it is simply not fit for purpose. It is often experienced as punitive, it has no validity (there is no link between the points system and whether someone can or cannot work) – and the way it has been delivered is far too often inaccessible, disrespectful and distressing.

    DR UK campaigns against the sanctions regime – see http://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/news/2015/january/disability-rights-uk-impact-sanctions, against the failing Work Programme http://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/news/2013/october/liz-sayce-criticises-non-work-programme – and for a radically changed system.

    At the same time literally millions of people are going through these assessments. All main political parties envisage some form of assessment in the future.

    Read More:


    Now that, to me, appears as though almost two in every three of those who are presently receiving DLA will either lose all of their benefit or lose some of their benefit once all these changes are rolled out. That seems a very high proportion: two out of every three who are presently on DLA or were projected to be on DLA by 2018 could lose either some or all of their benefit. Is that a figure you would accept?


  32. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/jan/28/disability-charity-training-staff-atos-maximus-work-capability-assessments

    Phil Friend doing his usual ‘get rich quick scheme by acting like a nazi ‘ – all in the best possible taste. he has long been a trauitor to diasbled people and here’s yet more evidence Disability Rights UK , like Sue Marsh, are now part of the ‘opposition’ – bastards

  33. letter from Local job center .. Have you let us know about these changes then it lists lots of examples , and at the bottom in big bold letters it says.. Do not wait until your next interview to report these or Similar changes as failure to notify could result in a civil penalty or further action. ??

  34. letter from Local job center .. Have you let us know about these changes then it lists lots of examples , and at the bottom in big bold letters it says.. Do not wait until your next interview to report these or Similar changes as failure to notify could result in a civil penalty or further action. ??

    • Looks like they are trying to put the frighteners on you ragamuffin; it’s the old: “we know something that you know that you haven’t told us about but we are not going to tell you what we know”.

  35. If they re-made the film “The Full Monty” – wonder if the men would be sanctioned for practicing their dance routine in the dole queue? Also, if employers refused to sign up for workfare then this slavery regime would stop.

  36. I’ve just been driven out of my home due to harassment by a complete nutjob of a neighbour and curently have no fixed abode and am ill. How the fuck am I meant to keep it together to not lose my Benefits? Wish I was dead.

    • @in limbo hey stay with it and dont give up i was harassed by neighbours too and ended up in a hostel for a while …dont give up mate please

    • Hang in there mate. Be assured all the regulars on the site here are behind you as i think most of us have suffered at the hands of these DWP/JCP. bastards.

  37. I am hoping and praying for nuclear holocaust to destroy the world, or at least Bradford…..

  38. overburdenddonkey

    i have no idea of the types, entirety, of stock m/t homes represent…most older stock is not ecologically sound in any case, high running costs…mostly there value is in the land they occupy…
    homes are m/t, no one is atm going to force occupation, coz it makes a mockery of state policy to help the rich get richer, nor would imo would it be right to…build around the problem and their values will drop and then they will be sold off…many will remember jv’s posts re council tax valuations of properties and how this is grossly disproportionate to actual property values depending on location….(a hefty tax might cause a shift in lowering the nos of m/t homes, in sought after locations, 2nd homes, buy to let, but some how i doubt it) some homes are m/t coz no one wants to live in them, ie coz of the bedroom tax, are sometimes bulldozed and sites redeveloped….
    to give house price inflation of 1.1% pa they need to be built @ the rate of over 320000pa…
    therefore to create affordable housing many more than that need to be built or made available, and they must be also affordable in every way….there is an acknowledged housing crisis in the UK that has been growing acutely since council housing stock sell off and lack of building new homes…this will require a number of fix component parts….house prices and rents need to be driven down…it’s worth also remembering that less than 12% of the land in the uk is built on amounting to the vast majority of the population being crammed into 3m of the 60m acres of the uk land mass…housing needs to be differently planned than as was in industrial scale work focused housing uk…it now needs a strong emphasis on ecological human natural habitat sustainable development…
    and all other aspects of perma-cultural development, far more re-emphasis put on community…many existing developments whatever there economic configuration can no longer provide this, even if it ever could do, except in mining and mill communities (to post on this subject now would be difficult, many will know what i mean)….imo childhood disposable family income defines what class one belongs to…poverty in the uk is rife…we need to produce much more for our home markets than we now do, productivity is 40% lower than it was 35 yrs ago…all these things must be embraced in the uk and ie a move away from sole factory ownership’s….the emphasis should be on that human beings are the centre of concerns for development and have a right to a healthy and productive lifestyle in harmony with nature…many more eco-homes and villages need to be constructed (modular homes even that can be grown or receded according to occupancy needs)…green city policies thrashed out by inhabitants, the era of being told what is best for us by the state imo is not conducive to harmonious living…a movement for change such as jv advocates is vital for us all…
    common weal…

  39. Well The Gulf between Rich and Poor has to be Addressed
    by a Socialist Agenda and a Socialist Government Not just another
    Bunch of Capitalist Roadsters

    Housing is a Basic Human Right Down with Greed Profitering

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