More Sanctions On The Way For Claimants With A Mental Health Condition In Scotland

work-makes-meThe DWP are currently tendering for a pilot scheme in Scotland which will see claimants on both unemployment and sickness benefits forced to attend training and possibly even workfare under the threat of benefits being stopped.

Around 450 claimants in the West of Scotland Jobcentre Plus District are expected to be forced onto the scheme if Jobcentre staff decide they have “low self esteem; and/or limited capability to manage stressful or challenging situations.”

Unlike the Work Programme, this scheme will not be aimed at people who have been on benefits for a long time.  Instead the tender documents state that those referred are likely to be people whose period of unemployment is less than 26 weeks, suggesting people could be sent from the first day of their claim.

The DWP say they expect 20% of participants to enter an “educational training course” including work experience or sector based work academies – both better known as workfare.  It is unclear whether those on the programme will be forced to move into unpaid work, however the tender clearly states that benefit sanctions will be applied in the event of “failure to attend or participate in any meeting or activity, having been notified of the requirement to attend by the Supplier”.

Worryingly this mandatory activity could include referring claimants for specialist support to “manage health conditions” or “advice related to alcohol or substance misuse”.  This could mean Jobcentre busybodies and two bit welfare-to-work companies making decisions on people’s healthcare, not doctors.

One of the key aims of this scheme will be to “promote the positive impact working has on health and well being.”   This is the latest propaganda drive from the DWP, who are also plotting four more pilot schemes around the UK aimed at people with mental health conditions.  Whilst details so far are scant on what these programmes will involve, in the DWP staff newsletter they are being justified by bungling toff Lord Fraud on the grounds that: “Work is good for your mental health”.

According the the Health and Safety Executive the total number of cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2013/14 was 487 000.  Work can make you fucking miserable, as anyone who’s ever had a real job is likely to be all too aware.

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189 responses to “More Sanctions On The Way For Claimants With A Mental Health Condition In Scotland

  1. The DWP don`t see Mental Health as a medical condition or a disability. The DWP think that Mental Health can be cured without pills & medication & it`s just a self esteem & confidence issue.

    • overburdenddonkey ‘the myth of the chemical cure’…they use anxiety symptom to control victims…if others tell one what one’s self esteem is or ought to be, it is NOT self esteem but esteeming the other…they are not you!

      • That’s a classic simplistic ‘straw man’ argument. Very few mental health professionals now think in terms of drugs ‘curing’ mental health problems. Rather, drugs can help control symptoms and so allow the patient to function better, so that their real social and psychiatric problems can then be addressed over time. The real issue of course (which this ‘straw man’ argument ignores) is that the second part of the process is difficult and expensive, and is seldom provided effectively.

        • So is Thalidomide a metal Health Issue or is it a physical issue !!!! The Health Care Professionals system is floored. Perhaps reading Wiki will make you a doctor in denials.

        • straw man’ argument is a contradiction in terms.

        • overburdenddonkey

          i read and comprehend your post in the the 1st part is qualified by the other parts, in the whole…
          absolute 100% crap….where are these pages full of the ‘classic strawman argument’, on here? only from me it seems….there must be, according to you, reems and reems expressing your strawman arguement on www, show me?
 ‘the myth of chemical cure’…
          see also work of dr bob johnson and his healing work, in parkhurst prison, on his web site, and on twitter…. you’ve must have looked @ the youtube clips and other links i posted here…where is your evidences, for your claims, and where are the centre’s of excellence where PD (aka mhp’s), treatments are provided effectively? oh yes, and what are the effective treatment(s) of PD’s? name 1….and another thing what is the e and sa process, that it can be, in 1st cycle, from start to getting wrag or sg payments, from dwp, i want to know if you know it?
          dr bob johnson’s clinic has had to close due to lack of support…

          Click to access 176_16-18.pdf

          • overburdenddonkey

            ps typo; name, describe one effective therapy and how it works…

          • I’m sorry OBD, but I find it rather difficult to follow what you’re trying to say, maybe because of your unconventional punctuation and spelling, and maybe over-use of acronyms. I’m also not sure if perhaps English isn’t your first language. If so, you may find writing in your first language and then using Google Translate is helpful.

            Could you make your point again using some different words and I’ll do my very best to answer? Thanks.

            • Answer the question PT & stop being educated in politics avoiding any answer. What a throw back of education.

            • overburdenddonkey

              i’ve never had any comment anywhere of any kind regarding my use of the english language….and you don’t even understand everyday welfare system acronyms! you are greatly out of your depth…..

              • OBD – Sorry, I can only say as I see it. I simply didn’t understand what point you were trying to make. If you would like to try again I’ll do my best to answer.

                Yes, you’re right. Unlike you apparently, I’m not an expert in how to get the most out of the welfare system.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i’m sorry that you have a problem comprehending my posts, but as i don’t comprehend your problem with it, i cannot remedy it…dirt under and many others comprehend my posts…so a 99% result is good enough for me…perhaps try a different web site and see if others there understand you, if they don’t then unfortunately, you may feel alone and isolated…i see you have posted on tom pride for instance, are you well understood there…? unfortunately like yourself, i only have the mental capacity and experience of communication, as is relevant in this case, that i actually have…

                • Let’s try to get somewhere. Can we try a small part at a time? I would be grateful if you would explain what you meant by “there must be, according to you, reems and reems expressing your strawman arguement on www, show me?”? I don’t understand this because I was suggesting that it’s your straw man argument, not mine. I also didn’t say anything about reams of anything on the web, so that bit puzzles me too.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  NO, lets not….i have said all i need to say to be understood by those who understand me which is 99% and like i say that’s good enough for me…i don’t need you to understand me but only to know that i am understood and i know mostly that i am…

                • Fair enough, but if you don’t want me to understand you, then why bother replying to me at all?

                • Are you thick as shit PT, because your coming across that way.

                • A Fucking Tory Troll with disability Hate Crime. PT you sound like IDS.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  this is a forum..i reply to myself and to the forum 1st and foremost…so i don’t particularly reply directly to you…and i will continue to reply, as i see fit and is proper….if you don’t get that concept tough!

                  Click to access 176_16-18.pdf

                • I see. So when you put “PartTimer” at the beginning of your post then you’re replying everyone except me! I wonder who isn’t getting the concept!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  my point is to all, is and will always be that drugs/behaviourism block/intoxicate emotional responces…it’s very much like curing a noisy wheelbearing with ear muffs and a more powerful music amp, to muffle the protesting noises….

                • OBD – When you say that, do you mean that drugs should NEVER be used to help people with mental health problems?

                • Seems PT you are the only one who can`t communicate or read what people have said. You don`t seem to care your coming across as a complete prick. Don`t insult our Intelligence PT.

                • PT the Denial factory – The Tories love trolling.

                • Let`s put the Disability Hate Crime Law in force. So PT go for it breaking Disability Hate Crime Laws & Cease & Desist.

                • OBD, SRSPS, JP – I find this hostility and reticence to engage in a sensible discussion very strange. Isn’t a discussion about whether and how drugs should be used in mental health care important, for both the patients and society in general?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you have already refused to add to the discussion….

                • I have NOT refused to add to the discussion! Where do you think I did that? Your very first post on this topic was about the use of drugs in mental health. I assume you posted because you’re interested in that subject and you have some opinions about it. I hope, as responsible citizen, that you do.

                  Do you think drugs have a role in helping people with mental health problems, whether in the short or log term?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i have already expressed my opinions on the subject and my posts remain unanswered…i refuse to move on in conversation with you until you answer the relevant sections of my above posts….and in fact all other unanswered questions i have already put to you…

                • As far as I can see I’ve responded to all of your points. If I’ve missed one or more then please let me know which they were and I’ll do my best to answer.

                  Do you think drugs have a role in helping some people with mental health problems?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i have already made my position clear and i refuse to move on….we can hardly have any conversation if you don’t comprehend what i post…99% of people do understand me, which is good enough for me….

                • You said you’ll move on if I answer your points, and I’m saying that I WILL answer them, but I can only possibly do that if you’ll say which points they are!

                  Are you asking me if I agree that drugs do not ‘cure’ mental health problems?

                • Move on people – IDS & the DWP have their trolls activated.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  it’s up to you to comprehend me and my posts if you don’t there is nothing i can add except to reiterate…i have already made my position clear and i refuse to move on….we can hardly have any conversation if you don’t comprehend what i post…99% of people do understand me, which is good enough for me….i see no point in pursuing this pointless diatribe…your original post to me makes your position clear to me on mh treatments, and what you believe they are…i have countered those claims with links and with my words…when you have something sensible to add to the conversation please do..

                • OK. What do you think of CBT? Do you think it’s a better way of helping people with (for instance) clinical depression than prescribing antidepressant drugs, or can both be useful? What do you think of exercise as a therapy for depression?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you agreed to post if you had any thing sensible to add, please stick to that agreement!… there is no point in posting to you when you continually ignore what i’ve posted…your knowledge of this subject is far too shallow..
                  i have posted very good educational links, and words….i will add the following, as this is an implied feature in all of my posts on the subject…anything that keeps one GUMMED in the PRESENT IS BAD for the recovery of emotional health, and serves to put a brake on recovery, which is why mhp’s are endemic in our culture…the problems/ roots OF RECOVERY are HISTORIC and not caused in the PRESENT….

                • …but isn’t this topic all about mental health problems, what they mean for people’s ability to work, and what our government is doing (or failing to do) about it? The most common mental health problem is cited as ‘clinical depression’, so it makes sense to discuss it. Surely you have an opinion about what we as a society should do to help people suffering from depression? You’ve said quite clearly that you don’t subscribe to the idea of a chemical ‘cure’. So what alternative do you favour?

                • P.S. I agree that mental health problems must inevitably have some cause in the past, but it’s foolish to disregard the effect of the future. After all, what else is anxiety? It is also axiomatic that any resolutions can only lie in the future, and THAT is what I thought we’re discussing….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  how many times do i have to post see the work of DR BOB JOHNSON before it sinks in…

                • As far as I can see, none of the Johnson links give any advice about how to treat clinical depression, just the old idea of ‘manic depression’ which is now termed bipolar disorder, and is a VERY different thing. Can you post a link which does?

                  Besides, the government couldn’t employ Johnson to treat every patient in the country with clinical depression! In any case, you said his clinic is now closed, so who or what else should the government turn to?

                • overburdenddonkey

         all the required info is there…if you want to see it that is!
                  you agreed to post if you had any thing sensible to add, please stick to that agreement!… there is no point in posting to you when you continually ignore what i’ve posted…your knowledge of this subject is far too shallow..
                  i have posted very good educational links, and words….i will add the following, as this is an implied feature in all of my posts on the subject…anything that keeps one GUMMED in the PRESENT IS BAD for the recovery of emotional health, and serves to put a brake on recovery, which is why mhp’s are endemic in our culture…the problems/ roots OF RECOVERY are HISTORIC and not caused in the PRESENT….since you insist on not sticking to agreements i will no longer post to you on this thread unless you have some thing sensible to add….

                • Nope, I read it very carefully. An explanation of how to treat clinical depression is not there.

                • OBD – I was just wondering, have you told the Heath Secretary and Shadow Heath Secretary that (with a couple of notable exceptions) the teachings of Dr Bob Johnson will solve all the mental health problems in the UK? If so, did you get a good response?

              • Obvious concern troll is obvious. Leave him to argue with himself; he’s not worth a second of any of our time.

              • Move on people – IDS & the DWP have their trolls activated.

    • “google the words, MAXIMUS CORRUPTION and see just how many hits you get”

      I was totally amazes that everywhere they have their grubby tentacles there are cases of corrupt government officials…………….

      It seems as though one thing is common to all their operations, there is never any competition in the tendering process, they always get the contract unopposed………………………………


      Persons acting on behalf of MAXIMUS have corrupted the bidding process to ensure that they went forward.
      We should dig really deep to find out all about the other prospective clients and also what crucial information was leaked to MAXIMUS that would help them in the bidding process
      Our government are totally corrupt from top to bottom, we all know that, but who stood to gain and who has been bribed to ensure this seamless transition of a fully documented, bunch of crooks.

      It stands to reason that you would never in a month of sundays, unleash these criminals on your worst enemy, let alone the weakest and disabled.

      All the ministers concerned should be examined very closely for what is evident is a gross misconduct in office that will lead to more and more deaths, as we have already witnessed with ATOS.



      Friday, February 24, 2012
      Long history of Maximus Corruption
      Maximus has been building an empire of corruption since 2000. You can read about it HERE. The article discusses Maximus’ role in one of the biggest fraud schemes in the history of New York. In 2000, during Guiliani’s administration, Maximus managed to gain a $469 million dollar contract through New York’s HHS. Complaints began when other companies realized that Maximus was given a “head start” on contract bidding, by being allowed access to information from New York’s Human Resources Administration, that was not given to competing companies.

      Yet another story involves the $30.5 million dollar lawsuit filed through the Department of Justice. Maximus admits to submitting “fraudulent medicaid claims”. Former division manager, Benjamin Turner, is responsible for blowing the whistle on this crime. Click here to read article. The Department of Justice released a statement about the lawsuit, and here is a snippet from the article:

      “According to the US DOJ Press Release, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division, Peter D. Keisler said ” The Maximus settlement demonstrates the Justice Department’s strong commitment to vigorously pursuing those companies that defraud the Medicaid program.”

      This article was written in 2007, and from what I am seeing, Maximus is still being allowed to fraud everyone. They have aggressively taken over everything from child support services to human services. According to the above article, Maximus raked in $700 million in revenue in 2006, and that number continues to grow.

      One way to perhaps put a stop to this vile, corrupt organization? More whistle blowers! Benjamin Turner was awarded 4.93 million dollars for his role in exposing these criminals. If you are interested in becoming a whistle blower and exposing fraud that you are aware of (former Maximus workers, and current workers) then you can visit this Law Blog located here, that is chock full of information to help you on your way to exposing these creeps. I know if I had any inside information from working for these corrupt scumbags, I would sure jump on the whistle blower bandwagon.

      • “Family Maintenance Enforcement Corruption In Canada – Maximus & Themis Exposed”.

        This Blog is dedicated to the financial destruction of Maximus Canada Inc. and Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd., the people who created them, the people who operate them, and the people who profit from them.

        Maximus and Themis are part of one of the greatest schemes of human rights violations in Canadian history.

        Themis, under the leadership of Maximus, has destroyed and impoverished families throughout Canada.

        By publishing the facts about Maximus and Themis we hope to educate the readers so that, over time, there will be a critical mass of public opinion and information that will lead to the downfall of this gangster operation.

        If you have any information on, or personal experience with Maximus or Themis, the people who operate these notorious companies and profit from them, please share that information with us.

        Information and knowledge are power and the more damaging information about Maximus and Themis that is published, the easier it will be to financially destroy these companies and the people associated with them.

          ………….by Chelsey Jay

          To Lord David Freud.

          I always pride myself on the fact that, even though disability came into my life, uninvited and out of the blue, I have still remained the same person as I always was previous.

          Hard working, ambitious and with good morales.

          I was training to be a nurse before this.

          Before that I worked in a Accounts Office.

          Before that I worked in a Restaurant.

          Before that, a paper round.

          And what do I do now?

          I fight people like you.

          The small minded.

          The ignorant.

          I feel so rude addressing someone whom I’ve never met with such vulgar adjectives – but then you have just addressed over 10 million people you’ve never met with your very own vulgarity, so, I guess, you’ve kind of out done me there sir?

          As one of those 10 million. I have to ask…

          What right do you have, to put a value on me?

          Is this value based on my intellect or achievements?

          No it is not is it Lord Freud?

          Its based on your positively illiterate and shameful view, that disabled people, are not worth the same as able bodied people in the workplace.

          Which leads me to assume, that you are so full of your own self importance, that you can so carelessly share such a bigoted and inaccurate opinion in such a nonchalant manner, without even a second thought to how idiotic and vile you sound?

          “The Ego is not master in its own house. ” – Sigmund Freud

          I believe that it was your Great Grandfather that made that quote was it not sir?

          How bittersweet and true.

          The PM has demanded you apologise for what you have said.

          But I argue you shouldn’t.

          A sorry means nothing if the person saying it has been directed to, not by their own culpability or guiltiness, but by other peoples.

          What do I think you should do? (I know right, advice from a £2 an hour disabled person?!)


          Resign on the basis that you do not feel you are worthy of your title, your position in Government, in society.

          That you are going to educate yourself in the real life of people with disabilities – given that you clearly are clueless and ill-informed.

          Then, and only then, dish out an apology.

          One thats heartfelt, thats nurtured, that has grown.

          Not one that your flustered party has forced you to muster up.

          Chelsey Jay

          • Getting rich on disability denial
            Debbie Jolly reports on US insurance giant Unum, whose ‘biopsychosocial model’ is being used to justify the devastating cuts in disability benefits
            February 2013

            When the Tory work and pensions undersecretary Lord David Freud set out his vision of welfare reform for disabled people he used a number of references to back up his plans. No fewer than 170 of these references came from a group of academics based at or connected to Cardiff University’s Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research.

            This centre, originally led by the ex‑chief medical officer at the Department for Work and Pensions, Sir Mansel Alyward, was funded by the US-based insurance giant Unum to the tune of £1.6 million from 2004 to 2009. The objective was to add academic credibility to the ‘biopsychosocial model’ that has underpinned disability benefits reform since the early 1990s – a model used as part of the government’s disability benefits crackdown by the private company Atos in identifying who is deemed to be ‘fit for work’ and hence ineligible for disability support.

            So what is the biopsychosocial model? In this context, its key postulate is that an emphasis on medical causes and effects has failed to provide an adequate basis for disability benefits policy, and therefore much greater emphasis should be placed on the psychological attitudes and beliefs of individuals. It posits that disability – and the ability to work in particular – is not just a medically definable, physical matter but one that has a social and psychological dimension too. And it is used to underpin the assertion that to a very large extent the growth in the cost of disability benefits must surely be the result of people faking those disabilities.

            A whole set of workshops run by Unum with such charming titles as ‘Malingering and illness deception’ should leave us in no doubt about where this approach is coming from. A glance at popular media would appear to substantiate such a view. However, the headline figures of those considered ‘fit for work’ by Atos always miss the successful appeals at tribunal, which significantly reduce those figures (and incidentally cost the taxpayer £50-80 million per year). Who is gaining from this system?

            Unum’s second vice-president John LoCascio was brought into UK government circles as early as 1992 to ‘manage’ incapacity benefit claims. He was also responsible for bringing in ‘health assessors’ and training them by Unum criteria in biopsychosocial views of individual capacity. Back in the US this approach led to the company (which currently provides disability insurance for 25 million workers, half the US market) systematically refusing to pay out on huge numbers of insurance claims. One of its working practices that received widespread negative attention involved rewarding employees with ‘hungry vulture awards’ for their success in closing claims.

            Unum’s behaviour resulted in it being accused of being ‘an outlaw company – it is a company that for years has operated in an illegal fashion’ by California insurance commissioner John Garamendi in 2005, when it was charged with more than 25 violations of state law and fined $8 million. These charges followed a financial and regulatory settlement in the previous year with 48 US states following investigations of Unum’s alleged abuses.

            Nevertheless this same basic approach was to prove useful in helping with the UK’s welfare reform and in overriding the basis of medical opinion as the deciding factor on a whole set of conditions. And the more the government bought into disability denial with its contracted private companies such as Atos and supporting academics, the more Unum stood to benefit from increased market returns on its insurance business as disabled people saw their minimal welfare support diminishing.

            The company was quick to seize its opportunities. As early as 1997, with the roll out of the all work test to assess fitness for work for benefit purposes, in which John LoCascio had played a major part, Unum launched an expensive advertising campaign. One ad ran: ‘April 13, unlucky for some. Because tomorrow the new rules on state incapacity benefit announced in the 1993 autumn budget come into effect. Which means that if you fall ill and have to rely on state incapacity benefit, you could be in serious trouble.’

            Unlucky for some, lucky for Unum.


              …………….words from the mouth of a complete idiot

              Unum biopsychosocial view of health

              ENABLING a holistic view of health “We know that most people who visit their doctors do not have conventional explanations for most of their symptoms” “The biopsychosocial model tells us that what keeps people off sick often has little or no relation to what they went off with in the first place”. “We believe that we are making very positive moves to make that philosophy even more relevant, by ensuring that we learn from experience and by fully embedding the lessons that we learn from our academic colleaguesat the UnumProvident Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research”. Michael O’Donnell, Chief Medical Officer, UnumProvident


      Any contract that contains an implied threat of cessation of benefit/sanction is null and void if challenged in court.

      I have also note that the persons hired to carry out the mental cognitive examinations, (THE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS, EX BEDPAN WASHERS) will need the DDAM CERTIFICATE.



      • economic duress

        – Historically within contract law, a claim that a contract was voidable for duress could only be successful if a threat to the person (i.e. physical duress) had induced the contract. Now, however, a contract may be voidable for economic duress. The essential elements are that an illegitimate threat is made (e.g. to breach an existing contract or to commit a tort) and that the injured party has no practical alternative to agreeing to the terms set out by the person making the threat. See also voidable contract.



          I can confirm that the Department deliberately did not refer to a legal contract in the previous
          Freedom of Information response. Rather, we referred to a contractual concept because the
          Claimant Commitment is intended to be about a very specific two-way bargain: claimants are
          provided with financial support; and in return for that financial support we expect them to do
          everything that they can to prepare for and find work.

          The Department is committed to providing claimants with help to find work, more work or better
          paid work for those who can work whilst supporting those that cannot work.

          Yours sincerely,

          DWP Central FoI Team

  2. maybe its for the best, after all, the devil makes work for idle hands.

  3. Reblogged this on markcatlin3695's Blog and commented:
    These people are absolutely determined to kill vulnerable people by whatever means necessary aren’t they?

  4. one of the scary things in there is there seems to be no differentiation between jsa & esa. Scope and Remploy have been involved in similar operations with workchoice but at least that was voluntary, and they couldn’t interfere with your own management of your health…So in 13 weeks someone with no expertise or training can tell you they know more than you and ‘cure’ you into employment, of course that’s going to happen, and how are jcp going to identify customers? All frontline staff know is that you have a disability unless you tellt hem more, so are they qualified to diagnose medical problems now?

    • I believe I heard it said by one of the DWP officials that ALL DWP ‘Work Coaches’ their new name are to receive training to become Mental Health Specialists.
      Would perhaps be better if they were all committed!!

  5. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the new signing routines that began this year, maybe this is only in scotland too. We got a slip that says:


    You have to see a senior “Job-coach” who will let you log onto one of the computers there to verify your Sent emails correspond with your UJ activities before being allowed to see another person who will sign you on?!

    This is just what I was told in December but on Monday they said the system isn’t up yet so had to take my word on my activity.

    • Bollocks to ujm

      Fucking helll…. this back-door access is tantamount to giving the DWP access to your UJM account… fucking slimey DWP cunts!

      • Forgive my ignorance but it is my understanding that access to an individual’s ujm account is protected by a log-in ID and a password; if that is the case then what is the point of said log-in ID and passwords – if you are are going to give DWP access you may as well post your security details on a board in the foyer of the jobcentre.

        • Pissed off jobseeker

          Exactly, I couldn’t give a flying fuck if the next-door neighbour, the butcher, baker, candle-stick maker or the old woman down the road with TWELVE (12!) cats – who needs TWELVE (12!) cats ffs – has access to to my ujm account but if there is ONE person/organisation I DO NOT want to have access it is the fucking jobcentre/dwp. So why bother with all this ID/password bollocks if the jobcentre are just going to coerce/bully/threaten jobseekers into giving them access. Why even bother to set up an account with an ID/password in the first place, what is the fucking point?!

          • The question isn’t who needs 12 cats, but what would happen to those cats without her. Kind of a microcosm of society there, actually.

      • lol I can just see myself typing in my ujm password – “thejobcentrercuntsandujmisapileofshite” – in front of a jobcentre operative 😀

    • Hasnot – They have no right to access your email account or access your UJM account, you don’t have to make your cv public, and you don’t need to log in to UJM in order to jobsearch on UJM or record your jobseeking activity in UJM either – you can stilll use pen and paper, no matter what they say. Scotland’s (unhappily) still part of the UK, therefore the rules will be the same whether North or South.

      • “Scotland’s (unhappily) still part of the UK, therefore the rules will be the same whether North or South.”

        When signing on wee Irvine is accompanied by his MP and escorted by 12 high flying human rights lawyers courtesy of the British taxpayer – NOT.

        There is no recourse to the law at that level only the thug law of the JCP work roaches, everything they do has no regard for the law.

        DISCONTINUANCE the new sanctions – denial of claim entitlement consequently nothing to appeal against.

        JCP “leading beyond authority.”

    • I study/respond/apply for every new “Programme” that the DWP/JCP/IDS spout about..the latest one is Training for those over 50,on the DWP site after you follow the prompts it eventually says to ask your Work Coach (?) so I asked..the response? £ucking clueless,they are unaware of any programme/training,I produce a print out,ask to see a Manager and remind them that they raised a doubt that I am not actively seeking employment! Are they actually doing their job? Why are they not aware of their own programmes?

    • Hasnot, I have the goods on Snt staff at my Job Centre. Bluntly told them no way in hell i was going to use UJM. Was on Sick for a month until Dec. Now back to JSA. No one, I repeat no one has pressed me since on using UJM. I expect some fool to try it one and I will give them just one wernng before I bring the hammer down on their knees.

      You don’t have to use UJM. Not unless they change the Information Act. And Contract Law – which is not going to happen.

      Check Ipswich/Refuted for which there are links here.

    • When I was mandated to create an UJM account, I wrote my UJM user ID along with a password on the Jobseeker Direction letter. I left it with them – of course, the password was random and not the password to the account. I wonder if they tried it lol

  6. Work doesn’t make me depressed, it makes me fucking RICH!!!! £194.77 per day after tax. Fantastic!!!!!

  7. Mental Health Taskforce

    The taskforce will include the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt, Home Secretary Theresa May, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, Business Secretary Vince Cable, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander and ministers from Education, Health and Defence.

    The taskforce will meet within days and urgently examine:
    •how we can improve mental health services for young people
    •welfare and employment issues and helping people back into work
    •how we can improve crisis care and prevent the large numbers of people with severe mental health problems ending up in police cells and prisons

    Happy New Year! It’s our first edition of Touchbase for 2015 and we are starting with reports on two new measures to help people return to, or stay in work when they fall ill.
    The Fit for Work service will provide support for workers, employers and GPs when someone is off sick from work for four weeks or more. We know that research shows that the longer someone is off sick, the harder it is for them to get back to work. So the aim is to help people get back to work as soon as possible.
    In other news, an extra £12 million is being invested to help people with mental health conditions to return to work. Again, there is evidence that mental issues can be costly, not only to individuals, but also to health services and businesses.

  8. “Work can make you fucking miserable, as anyone who’s ever had a real job is likely to be all too aware.”… too fucking right… work drove me to drink, and almost drove me over the brink into taking my own life… fuck work…

  9. Arbeit Macht Frei

    Work makes me free 😀


      …….and yet;
      Freud researched and wrote his welfare “shake-up” plan in just three weeks (Daily Telegraph, 1st May 2006). It recommended that the existing role of private firms (such as UNUM and Atos) in the Government’s “Welfare to Work” programme be dramatically increased;

      For such an idiot to come up with a welfare shake up plan in just three weeks is nothing short of fiction…………….

      David Freud was groomed by UNUM and asked to present dodgy evidence to the House of Lords that was written by two UNUM employees.
      The fact that the evidence that was submitted by members of a private health insurance company was withheld intentionally by Freud.

      Spiralling suicide rates as connected to work capability assessments are all down to Freud and his deceitful address to the Lords, plying them with uncorroborated evidence that had been deliberately manufactured to deny disability.


        Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Welfare Reform

        The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Welfare Reform is responsible for:

        Universal Credit
        Housing Benefit
        benefit cap (a limit on the total amount of benefit people can get)
        the Social Security Advisory Committee
        credit unions
        mental health review
        the Health and Work Service
        bereavement benefits
        health and safety
        every suicide recorded on welfare reforms

  10. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This isn’t about curing people, or making them. It’s about getting them into unpaid work as quickly as possible to cut down on the welfare bill and allow employers to profit from them. It’s also another policy that the Tories nicked from the Nazis. One of the commenters on this post has simply identified themselves as Arbeit Macht Frei. This is actually entirely accurate on this point. The Nazis similarly sent neurotics to the concentration camps, who were only released when they showed that they had been cured. Of course, for many the cure was only temporary and they relapsed once they were released from the camps. As for the commandants, who enjoyed the power they had over the neurotics, historians of Nazi Germany have said that they enjoyed the god-like power it gave them over the lives of their inmates. The same could be said of the morons, who formulated this ignorant and exploitative policy.

  11. “17 jan 2012 Freuds address to house of lords”

    “One of the other things that is happening-and is probably the biggest difference in emphasis between DLA and PIP-is that PIP is trying to take account of people with mental health problems in a way that DLA finds much harder. That is why the assessments and activities that are looked at are very different. Therefore, PIP is different and there are changes. Some people will lose out but they are the people who need the money less. That is the point of making the adjustment. However, the overall sum remains that £12 billion.”

    ……………….meaning you are a less worthy human being if you have a mental health problem………………….


    • “17 JAN 2012 HOUSE OF LORDS”

      I sent round a rather interesting piece of analysis to many noble Lords in the Committee, called Models of Sickness and Disability, which showed the differences between the models, explaining the medical model, the reaction of the social model against the pure medical model and the synthesis of the biopsychosocial model. The summary of the biopsychosocial model in the analysis is that:

      “Sickness and disability are best overcome by an appropriate combination of healthcare, rehabilitation, personal effort and social/work adjustments”.

      There is a coherent theory behind this assessment.








    • Freud is a sad apology for a human being.

    • Oi Geoff,

      While you’re pounding away at your keyboard (and probably your pecker as well), I’ll be having this for my dinner:

      1st course:
      ceviche of scallops, shaved kohlrabi, seaweed oil & frozen horseradish
      2nd course:
      native lobster, tomato butter & basil (for two people to share)
      3rd course:
      cornish sea bass, brassicas, chopped oyster & sake
      4th course:
      black cherries w/ chocolate caramel, kirsch & vanilla

      All washed down with a couple of bottles of very expensive plonk.

      Yum yum!!!!

      That’s what you get when you’re earning £194.77 per day (after tax) instead of sitting around on your fat arse whinging about how much benefit money you get for being bone idle.

      “The welfare class can kiss my ass, I’ve got a well-paid job at last”

      • ok enough of this eh, pretending to be someone who has recently commented on here isn’t on really, no matter who it is or if its obviously a joke

      • Yeah, and GEOFF will be having his usual mushy peas and out-of-date cuppa soup… fuck you Susie… go and choke on your fucking lobster thermador…

      • What do you do for a living, write menus, or fairytales? PS If you really do eat all that for lunch, I expect your arse is large enough for everyone on social security (we’re in the UK not the USA) to kiss your arse at the same time. Well, that’s my daily laugh taken care of. Next!

  13. Lord Freud is now the Health & Safety Department at the DWP.

  14. Sue Marsh re-tweeted this quote from Mother Theresa, but her re-tweeted version had God removed. Perhaps the quote sums up her explanation of her action in taking the job with Maximus. Maybe she really does think she can make a difference, although I’m not saying she can.
    “People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
    If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
    If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.
    If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.
    What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.
    If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
    The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.
    Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.
    In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

    • That’s about as puke-making as Maggie’s quotes from St Francis of Assisi on the doorstep of No 10. That went well, didn’t, for the gentle and the deserving so dear to St Francis? Blair was another one who adopted the “saintly” attitude, and we all know that he lives by the profits of the most disgusting regimes, and in the company of arms dealers and political whores, not by the prophets of Judao-Christianity.

      Perhaps it will prove you CAN judge people by the company they keep.

      I’m not religious, but I really hate people (of any or no persuasion) using these religious texts, out of context, like we’re all going to think they are themselves more “saintly”. NO. It doesn’t work that way. If anyone is feeling a little under pressure, then take it on the chin. It’s a really adult thing to do, take responsibility for your own actions. Tweeting or quoting these sources, reducing it to twaddle, just make’s people think “what a prat”, not “oh, how lovely how serene, oh how it really makes you think”, and especially as whoever is quoting this is trying to say “look, I’m forgiving, I’m kind, I’m honest & sincere, I’m………”. NO, it’s the stuff of fridge magnets.

      BTW – I do seem to be the only one who has been replied to by said person on this blog. Don’t know why, still “not bovvered”.

  15. Work makes me sad, depressed etc. Yeah cos you’re a lazy ass scrounger who just wants to sit on their backside all day everyday and….sorry I was possessed by Katie Hopkins there FUCK THIS TORY SCUM GOVERNMENT!

  16. “Sue Marsh re-tweeted this quote from Mother Theresa, but her re-tweeted version had God removed.”

    God removed – so presumably it is between herself and Maximus Ego.

  17. Umm – like somebody said, is the DWP performing miracles now? What about incurable conditions. I am dyspraxic. It means slow processing speed, terrible short term memory and inability to multi task (I can’t drive a car). Nonetheless I have clocked up 35 years in employment (the rest at University). I am now retired. I was able to choose jobs where I could work at a steady space with minimum distractions. But the workplace has changed. The kind of jobs I did no longer exist. Employees are expected to be Olympic fit, work at Olympic speed, be multi-talented and do six things simultaneously. In my last work place, normal, strong men, were starting to break down under work overload ( and they were famously hard-working African and Polish migrants).

    • Jeremy 'I did not use the 'N' word' Clarkson

      What you mean multi-tasking when using driving a car? Using a mobile phone at the same time? 😀

      • You’re scaring me. When I was old enough my Dad took me out on the country roads for my first driving lesson. When we came back he was grey and shaking and never spoke of the experience again. For me driving a car is multi-tasking. You have to do things with your feet, other things with your hands, watch the instruments, watch what is going on outside. For me I could concentrate on driving or watching the road – not both together. Not a good choice for a driver! I have slow reactions. If a pedestrian had stepped out in front of me by the time I had figured out what the situation was and then responded to it…. I can ride a bike – much simpler, and it is only my own neck I am risking. Can’t dance either. I would need two extra legs to stay still and hold me up while the other two were moving about – if I could remember in what order. 🙂

        • Barely Legal Driver

          lol I remember watching (out of the corner of my eye 😉 ) my first driving instructor sat shaking like a leaf with hair stood on end as I ‘opened it up’ on the dual carriageway, then ‘forgot’ to brake on the approach to the roundabout (thank goodness for dual controls :D). That was the last ‘lesson’ I had with that unfortunate individual 😀 I think with driving you need to have to have the control of the car “automated” so it leaves your mind to concentrate on the road: darn the that pedestrian who has stepped onto the zebra crossing 😀 If you have to keep thinking what pedal to press you aren’t going to get very far 😀

  18. Reblogged this on Ramblings of a Fibro Fogged Mind and commented:
    New DWP pilot schemes for those with MH conditions… thanks to Johnny Void for this blog post… Dxxx

  19. Not all employment is good for your mental health according to an article in the British Medical Journal

    “Overall, unemployed respondents had poorer mental health than those who were employed. However the mental health of those who were unemployed was comparable or superior to those in jobs of the poorest psychosocial quality”.

    “those in the poorest quality jobs showed greater decline in mental health than those who were unemployed”.

    “the transition from unemployment to a poor quality job was more detrimental to mental health than remaining unemployed”.

    There are other articles on there relating to employment and health.

    “Job insecurity and poor health”

    “Worked to death?”

  20. DWP/JCP claim ownership of personal details and the rights to disseminate those details to arm’s length providers and CWP end users.

    The JCP work roach logic is that the government owns the rights to personal details because those details are surrendered when making a claim for JSA and/or when creating a UJM account which is their property, therefore personal UJM log in details are also their property.

  21. My soon-to-end CWP placement provider (whom I have been with since the beginning of October 2014) are now showing their true colours by constantly asking me to stay on with them as a un-paid volunteer. Not content in having to be there 8:00am to 4:00pm four days a week on the illegal work scheme from October 2014 to January 2015, they are now using all sorts of desperation tactics on me to try and get me to stay with them two or three days a week for nothing.

    I did ask them a couple of weeks ago if they would take me on as a full time worker on their payroll, but all I got was ”We won’t be able to pay you wages, but instead just your bus fares in advance if you stay on with us after you finish your placement time with us”

    I’m fucking dreading Monday next week as this is my last day being a fucking numpty slave on what I thought was banned and made illegal in the 19th Century. Monday I expect to be harassed into making a decision I will sooner or later regret myself, considering I do NOT want un-paid work anywhere but instead PAID employment, as what my JCP keeps banging into me about and wants me to do.

    After doing a total of nearly 16 years un-paid work on and off, either because I wanted to do so myself (such as helping out on a local heritage railway organisation) or more often than not forced into doing through New Deal and every government bollocks since, voluntary work is something I clearly don’t want anymore and will do everything in my power to avoid nowadays.

    As for my time on CWP, the last three months have bore absolutely NO resemblence to actual work experience as I was led to believe by corrupt desk chimpanzees pretending to work in Seetec. The only thing I have been made to do most of the time on placement is empty dustbins, take out the rubbish, wash and dry other people’s cups and saucers ( as they were too fucking lazy to do this themselves), mop the floor, make cups of tea or coffee for other people, and be a personal shopper by having to cut into my lunch break nearly every day as they wante dme to go into Tesco and get whatever they wanted. Too fucking lazy to go into Tesco themselves, so I had to interupt my lunch break with a shopping list they gave me..

    Fucking glad when next Monday is over and no longer having to run about after them either with a shopping bag or a dustbin bag half of the time I was supposed to instead do FUCKING work experience in their garage / workshop as was the reason I was sent there by twats in mickey mouse desk jobs getting as much money as possible out of me each week for six months.

    One of the people at my placement has got it into her head that I have said to her I would like to stay on two days a week voluntary at my soon-to-end placement. The fuck did I ever say that at any time to anybody there since last October. All I asked was to be offered paid employment by them, not to be an un-paid lackey running about all day with a dustbin bag in my hand (as the silly moo would be a good suggestion for me to do in future), or to go back and forwards to Tesco and be their personal shopper the minute I go for my lunch break.

    Next week, after I have finished, Seetec, in all their fucked up wisdom will be sending another poor victim, thus replacing me. As long as Seetec get as much money as possible, it’s all they give a fuck about. The sooner CWP is scrapped the better for us all. As soon as you end placement, you are pushed to one side and replaced with not even a thank you for being where you was sent to by money obsessed pigs.

    • What possessed you to do all that?

      Lucky you did not drop their shopping money down a drain or break the cups while you washed them.

  22. Some silly cow at my placement following me around half of the day and just would not leave me alone at all and let me get on with what I wassent do to in the first place and that was work experience in their garage/workshop, but instead insisting I run about after her making her cups of tea, go to Tesco as her personal shopper, or making me go round with a dustbin bag, knowing full well that should I refuse any of this Seetec would have been informed and I would have been labelled a lazy troublemaker.

    Many times my workshop manager told her to leave me alone and for a short while she would. But sooner or later she would start snooping around me in the garage wanting to know what I would be doing or insisting I do things for her instead. Lazy cow.

    • As CWP becomes the norm vulnerable claimants will become the targets of criminal exploitation by not only CWP end users but their employees – do XXX or you will be reported for sanction.

  23. If this new scheme is couched in terms of treatment then it is well outside the law relating to mental illness. For someone with a recognised condition, that is diagnosed by a qualified psychiatrist or medical practitioner ie a GP trained in this area, then the only time they can be subjected to enforced treatment is when they are subject to a section which allows for treatment to be imposed. Anyone who claims to be a practitioner in any form be it qualified nurse or doctor would be breaking the law and can be prosecuted. I had to spend 3 years training before passing my examinations and then being able to register has a Qualified Mental Nurse the same applies to all the other related professions. For someone newly diagnosed with stress related conditions to thrust them back into the world of work would be like pushing them off a cliff edge and would be culpable homicide. This has already happened in thousands of cases as anyone who has been following the stories related the Work Capability Arsenic process. IDS and Cameron visiting the death camps and having their photos taken under those famous gates with “Arbeit Macht Frei” above them was no coincidence but a deliberate act of contempt for future victims and a despicable slur on the millions who died during that period of history.

  24. Good to see that cunt Osborne getting pulled up on BBC News 24 over his ‘election bribe’ pensioner bonds: “we haven’t seen the same ‘tough choices’ taken over pensioner benefits”, “austerity appears to stop at 65”, “anyone would think an election was only 4 months away”, “all the chancellor is doing is putting more on the ‘credit card’ for future generations to pay off”, “we have a pension ‘triple lock of 2.5% above inflation when inflation is falling”purely politics”, “cunt”….

    • … and “a give-away to cash-rich pensioners”… fucking cunt

    • Whoever said austerity stops at 65 hasn’t been keeping up with the robbery of many thousands through state pension age reforms. Austerity now continues until at least 67, and for pensioners who have been robbed of housing benefits, it is indeed a lifetime of austerity. But I guess we have all kind of guessed that as far as Osborne and rich tory boy mates are concerned, we shall only be allowed to end our personal austerity by dying.

  25. Iain Duncan Smith facing ‘hypocrisy’ claims over inaccessible office

    DNS By John Pring – 16th Jan 2015

    The architect of the government’s sweeping welfare reforms is facing accusations of hypocrisy, after becoming the third minister with responsibilities for disability equality to be shamed over an inaccessible constituency office.

    Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has been the key figure behind the coalition’s attempts to force disabled people off out-of-work benefits, and has spoken of wanting to see a society that “uses all its talents”, with businesses sharing best practice on employing disabled people.

    But to enter Duncan Smith’s constituency office in Station Road, Chingford, north-east London, visitors need to negotiate a double doorstep and then climb a flight of stairs.

    A volunteer who answered the front door leading to the rented first-floor offices, the headquarters of Chingford and Woodford Green Conservative Association, told Disability News Service (DNS) that the association could not afford to rent accessible premises.

    She said: “That was a decision we had to take when we had to rent premises in order to cut costs.

    Read More:

  26. Psychosocial

    For a concept to be psychosocial means it relates to one’s psychological development in, and interaction with, a social environment. The individual needs not be fully aware of this relationship with his or her environment. It was first commonly used by psychologist Erik Erikson in his stages of social development. Contrasted with social psychology, which attempts to explain social patterns within the individual. It is usually used in the context of “psychosocial intervention,” which is commonly used alongside psycho-educational or psycho-pharmacological interventions and points toward solutions for individual challenges in interacting with an element of the social environment.

    Problems that occur in one’s psychosocial functioning can be referred to as “psychosocial dysfunction” or “psychosocial morbidity.” This refers to the lack of development or atrophy of the psychosocial self, often occurring alongside other dysfunctions that may be physical, emotional, or cognitive in nature.

    Psychosocial support is an approach to victims of disaster, catastrophe or violence to foster resilience of communities and individuals. It aims at easing resumption of normal life, facilitate affected people participation to their convalescence and preventing pathological consequences of potentially traumatic situations.

    Psychosocial Network is a network of practitioners of psychosocial work and serves the information sharing need of diverse people in the psychosocial field – ranging from grassroots practitioners to UN policy-makers.

    The Association for Psychosocial Studies is a newly established learned society, bringing together researchers, academics and practitioners who are interested in contributing to the development of this exciting inter/trans-disciplinary field of study. The Association for Psychosocial Studies organise regular conferences, seminars and workshops that explore a wide range of psychosocial phenomena and perspectives. The Journal of Psychosocial Studies is a new peer reviewed journal currently available online.


    Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP), have been known by many other names or terms, including Psy Ops, Political Warfare, “Hearts and Minds,” and propaganda.[1] Various techniques are used, and are aimed at influencing a target audience’s value system, belief system, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior. It is used to induce confessions or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator’s objectives, and are sometimes combined with black operations or false flag tactics. Target audiences can be governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

    In Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes, Jacques Ellul discusses psychological warfare as a common peace policy practice between nations as a form of indirect aggression in place of military aggression. This type of propaganda drains the public opinion of an opposing regime by stripping away its power on public opinion. This form of aggression is hard to defend against because no international court of justice is capable of protecting against psychological aggression since it cannot be legally adjudicated. The only defense is using the same means of psychological warfare. It is the burden of every government to defend its state against propaganda aggression. “Here the propagandists is [sic] dealing with a foreign adversary whose morale he seeks to destroy by psychological means so that the opponent begins to doubt the validity of his beliefs and actions.”[2][3]

    • Demoralization is, in a context of warfare and national security, a process in psychological warfare with the objective to erode morale among enemy combatants and/or non-combatants, to encourage them to retreat, surrender or defect, rather than defeating them in combat.

      Methods of demoralization include hit-and-run attacks such as snipers, commerce raiding, strategic bombing, static operations such as sieges and naval blockades, disturbing the enemy with less-lethal weapons and incapacitating agents, intimidation such as display of force concentration, and propaganda.

  28. Very true concerned key. Perhaps when the court case of A4e employees who falsified the personal details together with the number of people who had supposedly got jobs arrives in March it will highlight the lengths these Suppliers are prepared to go to in order to fulfill their targets – hope this case gets loads of publicity and the people who supposedly signed the paperwork take the Supplier the full road with a claim for identity theft.

  29. TheOnlyWayIsEssex

    Can’t for the life of us see how whatever is happening up in the barren wasteland known as Scotchland affects the rest of us in anyway whatsoever… let the caber-tossing Jocks eat haggis we say.

    • The point is – it is a Pilot Scheme – if it is successful in Scotland, it won’t be long in making it’s way to England. Another point – I don’t like Haggis!!!!

    • “Should Scotland be an independent country?”. NO=55%

      Scotland ceased to be a country on the 19th September 2014 by the word trick of the referendum question, Scotland was already an independent country, the NO vote was a revoking of that nation status making Scotland as English as Essex. This point of sovereignty is lost on many Scots nationalists.

      Was it a set-up from the start?

  30. Despite the jobcentre going digital we we are still using toilet paper to wipe our arses… what gives?

  31. The whole idea of the new “disability reforms” is to keep you in an endless loop of complete stress, so big bucks can be made. Work providers and such like will not survive otherwise. Even if any individual had a strong mind but physical disabilities, the system will try and break you, leaving you to completely go into panic mode.
    They can piss off.
    Dear oh dear!! me a spiritual person swearing.
    The closure of the ILF is just another way of private companies getting their greedy hands on making a profit from vulnerable folks.
    No carers, cannot afford 24/7 care!!! “tuff”, you will have to go into a “home” run by nutters all funded by what was yours originally.
    makes my blood boil !!!!!
    That psychological crap they coming out with is a very dangerous game to be playing with (again it keeps you in the stressed loop) for their own gain.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong in trying to make sense of your own mental health.
    I just hate it being exploited for capital gain and agendas.

  32. Negligent infliction of emotional distress

    The tort of negligent infliction of emotional distress (NIED) is a controversial cause of action, which is available in nearly all U.S. states but is severely constrained and limited in the majority of them. The underlying concept is that one has a legal duty to use reasonable care to avoid causing emotional distress to another individual. If one fails in this duty and unreasonably causes emotional distress to another person, that actor will be liable for monetary damages to the injured individual. The tort is to be contrasted with intentional infliction of emotional distress in that there is no need to prove intent to inflict distress. That is, an accidental infliction, if negligent, is sufficient to support a cause of action.

    • An additional criticism of the tort is that it leads to abuse of liability insurance coverage. Most liability insurance policies provide for coverage of negligently inflicted injuries but exclude coverage of intentionally inflicted injuries. If a victim is intentionally injured by a person, many theorists perceive that the victim will tend to recast the claim as being one for negligence in order to fall within the coverage of the insurance policy.

  33. daily mail reader

    i found out the man next door was claiming dla so i chopped him up with a meat clever and buried him under the conservatory.

  34. List of the local authorities and jobcentres that will begin to deliver Universal Credit between February and April 2015.

  35. Universal Credit data sharing between DWP and local support providers, to enable them to assess and provide support to vulnerable people as part of the Universal Support (formerly Local Support Services Framework) initiative. A consultation on draft Regulations.

    How we consult
    Freedom of information
    1.16 The information you send us may need to be passed to colleagues within the Department for Work and Pensions, published in a summary of responses received and referred to in the published consultation report.

    1.17 All information contained in your response, including personal information, may be subject to publication or disclosure if requested under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. By providing personal information for the purposes of the public consultation exercise, it is understood that you consent to its disclosure and publication. If this is not the case, you should limit any personal information provided, or remove it completely. If you want the information in your response to the consultation to be kept confidential, you should explain why as part of your response, although we cannot guarantee to do this.

    For The Full 19 Pages on a PDF

    Click to access universal-credit-data-sharing-local-support-providers-consultation.pdf

  36. More crap from the DWP Press Releases – 15th Jan 2015

    Pension tips for teenagers

    An expectation of an £800 a week pension is an example of why teenagers need a wake-up call about the importance of saving for old age.

    An optimistic expectation of an £800 a week State Pension is an example of why teenagers soon to enter the world of work need a wake-up call about the importance of saving for old age.

    Read More:


    ……………………60 peer reviews into the deaths of welfare relate related state assisted killings and nobody is the wiser……………………

    But the issue will not go away and i will make sure of it!

    Like a red rag to a bull, i will keep bringing it up at each and every occasion.

    The whole scenario is being played down because there is an election on the horizon and murdering cunts like FREUD and SMITH being in the public eye for the wrong reasons would swing the vote.

    The freedom of information department and it’s bent commissioner are nothing but a joke, kowtowing to the ministers who call the shots.


    They can duck and dive but the truth will inevitably seep out, just like pus from the giant boil that is the condem think tank.


      It is occasionally necessary to extend the 20 working day time limit for issuing
      a response. In the case of your request, I need to again extend the time limit
      because the information requested must be considered under one of the
      exemptions to which the public interest test applies. This extra time is needed
      in order to make a determination as to the public interest.

      Accordingly, I hope to let you have a response by 11 February 2015.
      If you have any queries about this letter please contact us quoting the
      reference number above.
      Yours sincerely,

      DWP Central FoI Team


        From: Trudy Baddams

        10 January 2015

        Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

        How many homeless people in the UK in December 2013?

        Yours faithfully,

        Trudy Baddams


        Dear Trudy Baddams,

        Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.

        You can expect a reply by 6/2/15 unless I need to come back to you to clarify your request or the balance of the public interest test needs to be considered.

        If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number above.

        Yours sincerely

        DWP Central FoI Team


          There must have been over twenty freedom of information requests to the DWP over the last few years that challenge the statement@


          They have wriggled from side to side and quoted every piece of crap that was ever possible, notwithstanding, they have never answered the question yet.

          The reason is they can’t, there is no law that states the minimum you need to exist, because if there was,


  38. The Pilot Scheme in Scotland – £197,000 – remuneration seems high to target 450 claimants – within the areas selected by DWP. Just goes to show the profit these ‘Supplier companies’ are making. It would be cheaper to hire a ‘hit man’. A total waste of taxpayers cash. The Pilot Scheme is also the name of a Play written by one of my relatives – it’s about capitalism in Scotland two years after the No vote. Just thought I would share that information with you all.

  39. daily mail reader

    poor people should be bioled alive.

  40. overburdenddonkey

    the findings and analysis of a recent poll are well worth looking @ as it clearly shows that UK politics is way out of sync with UK public opinion…

    • WoS poll.

      Yup it was the Scots glitterati of Internationalism that lost it, how many times did they qualify their indyref opinions by stating “but I am not a nationalist”. My guess is that if they had won the referendum they would have retreated to a federalist position within the UK, the wording and referendum mechanism would have accommodated such a retreat.

      The left think Scotland is socialist to the bone they really should get out of their echo chamber a wee bit more.

  41. “Today’s slavery focuses on big profits and cheap lives. It is not about owning people like before, but about using them as completely disposable tools for making money.”

    • Exactly. “Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy” Kevin Bales, University of California 1999

    • While the bleeding heart artists and social entrepreneurs distract the British peoples by fixating their sentimentality overseas the British underclass are being cast into slavery – make no mistake the community work programme is slavery.

      As with UK poverty will the excusing of slavery become relative?

      • overburdenddonkey

        mr r
        yep, by using my cognative evapouration dish and the wisdom of sherlock holmes…i conclude that the victims of slavery so downtrodden by it as we are so often are…are easily scapegoated and blamed for the plight we suffer…this has been going on since and before the imperial roman empire…

  42. Sheople are Slaves to Trendy Fads and Fashions which is why Spin
    seems to matter More than Substance

    Breaking Up Britain would of done Nothing to Help the Poor of England
    and Wales

    A United Independent Socialist Britain Better than Misery

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  45. another update on the jobcentre course I am we have been joining dots on a piece of on earth is this meant to help us find a couldn’t make it up.these courses should be all’s a waste of time and money

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