Come And Clean Our Mansion For No Pay … Just One Of Many Exciting Opportunities On Government Job Seeking Website

ujscreenshot3A cleaning job advertised on the government’s Universal Jobmatch website is asking potential candidates to carry out ‘volunteer shifts prior to engagement’ in breach of minimum wage laws. (H/T @AtosMiraclesfb)

The vacancy is at Thornton Manor, a stately home in Wirral which has been converted into a luxury wedding and conference centre.  According to one intrepid jobseeker who inquired about this job, potential recruits are expected to carry out a voluntary shift in case they don’t like it.  It was then admitted that actually this unpaid work is for the benefit of both parties although in some cases potential employees may not have to carry out a full shift.

This is the latest example of grasping employers using ‘try before you buy’ schemes to minimise the cost of recruitment.  Taking on staff involves a level of risk, and greedy companies are now trying to push the cost of that onto unemployed people by forcing them to work for free before they are given a proper job.  Of course starting a new job can also be risky.  There are no shortage of abusive and exploitative employers out there after all.  But there is little in place to protect unemployed people against that.

Thornton Manor are almost certainly acting unlawfully – they are not a charity and if people are expected to work then they are entitled to be paid the minimum wage.  Astonishingly however some companies running government workfare schems are openly advertising this kind of exploitation.  And it’s legal.

Those sent on unpaid work schemes by Jocentres have little or no workplace rights, including the right to a wage.  Welfare-to-work company Ixion Holdings are currently offering employers unpaid workers on Traineeships for up to six months with ‘nominal risk or cost implication’.  ixion-trybuy2

Ixion were also recently caught lying to potential employers that forced unpaid workers Community Work Placements are ‘volunteers’.  They are wrong about the time Traineeships are expected to work without pay as well.  The latest guidance states that the work experience element of a Traineeship should be 240 hours, or eight weeks.

What is taking place is a simple wealth grab from the very poorest to the rich.  Unemployed people being expected to bear the cost of risks associated with recruitment means fatter salaries for company directors.  It also means that under the cover of so-called work trials like these, unscrupulous companies can  maintain a rolling stock of free workers and never actually pay any of them.  And the DWP will cheer them on because making the life of unemployed people as miserable as possible is now far more important than helping them get jobs that pay a wage you can survive on.

Thornton Manor are on twitter @thorntonmanor and have a facebook page.

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148 responses to “Come And Clean Our Mansion For No Pay … Just One Of Many Exciting Opportunities On Government Job Seeking Website

  1. I see they have a TripAdvisor button on their fb page…maybe time for some reviews…?!

  2. ” Try before you buy” good grief unemployed people are marketized as products now

    • overburdenddonkey

      it’s ownership…the rich with their global ‘investment’s’, will try to drive all others into servitude…the neoliberal slave market…

      • @Donkey haha i demand a change of packaging , maybe videos of us will be deemed ‘ product placement ‘

        • overburdenddonkey

          we’ll be left on the reduced shelf…talking of extraordinary rendition (well almost)…
 graig murry has put himself forward to stand as an snp candidate ‘Labour has called on SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon to prevent Mr Murray being selected as a candidate because of his remarks about No voters’. hmmm, that might work!

        • what about those of us that are out of date and left on the shelf

          • @Totallygivenup time to rebrand and re imaginise your valued content within the labour marketplace to increase the expectorisation of net worth to businesses and commodify your skills base to suit market trends..
            Invest in forward thinking promotional items

            Eg make sandwich board with catchy slogans on to draw interest to your unit value within a contextualised
            work related exchange system
            of finance for activity related negotiations

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    I wonder how long before the workfare pimps start offering “Try one get one free” offers!

      • “SAD TIMES BOB”

        From: Donna Brown

        10 December 2014

        Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

        i am a single mum of 5 children and my council rented home is
        heated by domestic heating oil, i have no way of raising the money
        to buy 500 litres which is the lowest delivery amount, i am not
        able to apply for a social fund loan as i have not been claiming
        income support for 26 weeks or longer. i contacted my local council
        for help who said they have no means to assist me, i tred for a
        benefit advance but they said it is only for new claims not yet
        completed. Do my 5 children and i really have to suffer with no
        heating all winter, its already unbearably cold and 2 of my
        children are disabled

        Yours faithfully,
        Donna Brown

  4. I notice Thornton Manor is having a reading of A Christmas Carol, tickets a mere £50 each! But proceeds are going to the Wirral Dementia Appeal (is that what they’re calling Esther McVey’s campaign office?)

  5. Oh good lots of things to nick like the family silver & the silver spoons. Trust the rick people to show their wealth.

  6. DWP decision to close the Independent Living Fund ruled lawful

    Civil Service World: – Written by Sarah Aston on 9 December 2014

    The Department of Work and Pensions’ (DWP) decision to close the Independent Living Fund (ILF) for disabled people was ruled lawful by the High Court, on Monday 8 December.

    The ILF has been closed to new applicants since 2010 and this year the DWP announced plans to close the fund to existing participants.

    Back in October, the Equality and Human Rights Commission gave legal advice to a Judicial Review ​between two ILF users and the secretary of state for work and pensions that called into question the lawfulness of closing the Fund. The Commission told the High Court that closing the Fund would be inconsistent with the UK’s obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

    However, Mrs Justice Andrews declared the decision to be lawful.

    Speaking about the ruling on 8 December, minister for disabled people, Mark Harper said: “I welcome today’s High Court judgement.

    “We were always fully committed to supporting Independent Living Fund users. Local Authorities and devolved administrations will be fully funded to ensure that this happens.”

    The Fund is due to close on 30 June 2015 and funding will be transferred to local authorities.

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    So you will always be better off in work than out. How?

  8. Work Plan Booklet - what the am I all about?

    Do not tell the sanction centre that you have internet access at home otherwise they will expect you to log into that universal jobmatch shite & DAYS a fucking week!!

  9. Work Plan Booklet - what the am I all about?

    Do not tell the sanction centre that you have internet access at home otherwise they will expect you to log into that universal jobmatch shite & DAYS a fucking week.

    • Dont give them access,and change your email address. two jobcentre computers are running linux and cannot open Pdf files,but are connected to a printer.the others are running windows 7 and look to only give access to sites like indeed and jobmatch and email.they are full of pop up errors’ and not connected to the printer.

      found that they now demand screen captures of emails and applications,there looks to be concerns over data protection breeches.they are ignoring their own procedures,and everything else.

      The adviser turned and said “i don’t care” when told a complaint to my Mp was made.

      • Sounds like your JobcentrePlus is having a few IT issues – the Linux machines should be able to open .pdf files, so it seems to me that all that is required is that someone installs a .pdf reader program on those machines.

        It’s still entirely up to you how you supply your work search information, and a job log is more than adequate – it’s up to them to accuse you of not doing enough, and supplying the evidence. If your job log shows that you have done the requisite amount of job search then it couldl be really iffy if they falsely accuse you. Always useful to keep backup info, just in case, but your job log alone should be enough.

        As far as the Windows computers are concerned, again it’s the way they have been set up, and all they need is to be properly set up so that they connect with a printer.

        JobcentrePlus cannot demand that you sign up to Universal Jobmatch on your own computer at home, as you do not have to accept cookies on your own computer. Only when you use an IAD at a JobcentrePlus can they insist that you use Universal Jobmatch, and they can only mandate you to do that if they can prove that it is reasonable in your individual circumstances – so if you are supplying a full list of your job searches on your job log it’s unlikely that they could justify that it was reasonable to insist that you sign up to Universal Jobmatch, though I have no doubt that they would try such a stunt. Stand your ground, and be prepared to have a look at the Refuted website – which often links back to the DWP website, so you know it’s gospel.

        • A more cynical person might come to the conclusion that pdf’s aren’t supported as appeal forms are in that format.

          The whole thing is a botched shambles,their increasingly acting macho and relying on peoples lack of knowledge for their aims.

  10. Perhaps someone could explain to me something. People sent on welfare to work schemes, what rights they do have.??..surely they must be protected to some level…I mean, If a claimant was sent on one of these schemes and found themselves seriously injured or dead at no fault of their own because a slave master/employer failed to provide proper training then surely the employer would be at fault and he would be subject to the same rules as a genuine employer..? Yes-No????

    • That’s a very interesting question. I would think that there would have to be some sort of insurance cover for that eventuality, but who knows? Could be worth finding out, as something like that could very well work in favour of getting these schemes ended – especially if insurance started to cost them a lot.

      However, training or no training (there should be training provided, but this is the UK for goodness sakes!) you might find that the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 makes each and every one of us responsible under the law for both our own safety and that of other workers around us.

      It’s quite likely a bit of a weird and maybe grey area, but could well be worth exploiting, as all these places should have at least Employer’s Liability insurance I would think. It would seem to be a glaring omission otherwise, but who knows?

    • Workfare Resistance Information Network

      But when a jobseeker starts a workfare placement they are given a form to sign which effectively waives all rights under health and safety and absolves the provider/dwp/employer form all responsibility. i.e. you will acknowledge that you have been ‘trained’, accept full responsibility for your own health and safety. Incidentally, to claim PAYMENT from the DWP for the placement the provider has to PROVE at a MINIMUM you have STARTED the PLACEMENT and you have SIGNED UP TO the Health and Safety Agreement (Read the Guidance)… of course it is not MANDATORY that you sign ANY of the provider’s paperwork, so if you don’t sign the Health and Safety Waiver…. then your ‘placement’ isn’t going very far and the provider is sure as hell not going to get paid… 😀

    • Workfare Resistance Information Network (WRIN)

      But when a jobseeker starts a workfare placement they are given a form to sign which effectively waives all rights under health and safety and absolves the provider/dwp/employer form all responsibility. i.e. you will acknowledge that you have been ‘trained’, accept full responsibility for your own health and safety. Incidentally, to claim PAYMENT from the DWP for the placement the provider has to PROVE at a MINIMUM you have STARTED the PLACEMENT and you have SIGNED UP TO the Health and Safety Agreement (Read the Guidance)… of course it is not MANDATORY that you sign ANY of the provider’s paperwork, so if you don’t sign the Health and Safety Waiver…. then your ‘placement’ isn’t going very far and the provider is sure as hell not going to get paid….. 😀

  11. I come from the Wirral and the Lever family were very philanthropic; William Lever founded his soap factory Lever Bros, and built the Port Sunlight estate to house his workers, The last Lord Leverhulme must be spinning in his grave over the fate of his Thornton Hough ancestral seat.

    When a teenager I had a summer job at Lever’s and was paid the full rate

  12. overburdenddonkey–benefits-and-high-taxes-make-us-all-richer-while-inequality-takes-a-hammer-to-a-countrys-growth-9914941.html yet another tory myth debunked and the nordic countries are correct in their economic policies distribute wealth = prosperity for all….

  13. been following this blog now for 2 years now same old names moaning and shit but yet doing fuck all!! do you really think ranting on this is going to change anything no disrespect to JV but the folk commenting day in day out you have been at it two or 3 years as anything changed ?? as it fuck!

    • @Jammy and you are doing exactly what about it all ?

    • So not up with the latest DWP plan – All Medicals Will Be carried Out At The Jobcentre Behind Bullet Proof Glass – Can`t wait for Maximus to get in staff.

    • What makes you think we’re doing fuck all? What do you know about how we spend our time?

      Yes, it’s frustrating that things are getting worse; it took time to get rid of slavery (apart from workfare), to win the universal franchise, to end apartheid, etc., and it will take time to get rid of the present vicious regime. Meanwhile, it’s our party and we’ll moan if we want to.

    • Just on a personal note (in that time) I’ve contacted my local bus company – which is the main one of the bigger local authorities and asked them to take down their offensive ‘scroungers make you angry’ Crimestoppers campaign from the inside of their busses – these were as long as the bus on both top decks. They did this with almost no hesitation.

      Looked into volunteering at a foodbank (whilst unemployed) – found that this was not something I could do due to their treatment of their ‘customers’. Found another food bank which was run of very different lines and made a new friend there.

      Been on the public sector’s demonstration which was national. Joined the IWW union and became way, way more politically aware than in the past 25 years put together – when believing that the Labour party were on the side of and would support the working and the non-paid working people of the world.

      Found a job. Looking into what I can do to stop Work Programme from contacting/harassing my new place of work – all very much due to the information, compassion for other people and the solidarity here.

      • @shirley re: the busses stuff etc etc
        Well done you excellent ..just shows those adverts are bloody pointless and stupid propaganda
        And all the stuff you did too , very good well done

  14. move on with your lives painful to watch

  15. CWP – believe that this may also be used like zero contracts, the claimant being shuffled between slave gangmasters at short notice for short periods.

    • Look at the employment terms – if taken on “full time” employment at that place the contract of employment is for zero hours. Labour is committed to abolish zero hours contracts should the current scum get booted out next May.

  16. All in all with not paying Mansion Tax & getting free cleaners – Simply all breaking the work Health & Safety Laws.

  17. Can the piece of shit clean the piece of shit from my shitty toilet, then clean the DWP`s shitty toilets all for nothing – with no time to clean my toilet. All bullshitters apply.

  18. Oh I found a Diamond Ring in the bathroom.

  19. QUICK HIDE THE FAMILIY SILVER A DWP WORK PLACEMENT IS COMING – Hope the butler`s not on the work programme as well !!!

  20. If you can`t take demeaning medicine don`t give demeaning medicine. Old proverb.

  21. Organize your disabled life with a DWP life trainer. Quick & easy results.

  22. Music Therapy Time

    12” Dennis Brown & Ranking Joe – Slave Driver (& Dub)

  23. Try Before You Buy, eh ?

    Yet another Del-boy type concept designed to bring comfort and joy to the heart of any chief executive who feels that unemployed people should prove themselves worthy of and grateful for a job with his or her organisation.

    It’s a form of extended interview. And one that works out well for the jobseekers who get to bestow that organisation with their labour (free of charge) in the fervent hope that they might be one to be accepted for the vacancy, to become an employee with all the financial riches that that status entails.

    Works out pretty good for the prospective ’employers ‘as well. Any concerns, real or imagined, they may have about taking on unemployed types will be dispersed, and even better, they’ll also get people working like bastards trying to secure themselves a job and not have to actually pay them any money.

    Let’s hope this idea of trial runs at no cost catches on and even extends to other areas of economic exchanges.

    Now I’ve never bought anything from Tesco, Morrisons or Sainsburys so I have no idea whether or not those companies could fulfill my retail requirements on a permanent basis. They certainly wish to make profits in the longer term on the goods and services they are trying to flog, but I would want them to prove themselves fit and proper to make profits from my custom.

    So I’ll be writing to the chief executives of the above named outfits and telling them that as a new, prospective customer I want to test the goods they stock and the customer services they offer free of charge on a probationary basis for the next 3 months.

    I wonder whether the concept

  24. overburdenddonkey

    pension60 on smith new non powers to scotland, aka rearranging the furniture and stealing the sofa…

  25. These ‘trials’ have been going on for years and still are in the bar trade.
    In central london the pile of c.v.’s is four or five deep every day behind the counter.Anybody who isnt young and good looking has their c.v. dumped in the bin the minute they leave and the more blessed are called in for a trial on a saturday evening.If somebody jacks it in the last trial-ee is given a job.
    Obviously there are no english employed,the money is diabolical as is the work load.Most of the starters are ‘students’ ; of English language schools without classes doing non existent courses.They live 3 to a room and stick it until they are sick of it and sod off back home.
    Nursing homes are no different, with a rotary door of free workers turning up from the council for ‘work experience’ to get a diploma in force feeding grandma’s cairns and brown 20 pence a piece fish slices and crap digestive biscuits when the visitors have left for the day.There is no money for the workers; its only £750 a week to live there.

    • There is no fucking way you are going to get a job in a bar if you are not young and good-looking. In fact you need to look like a supermodel. Doubt if Kate Moss could get a job in a bar… 😀

  26. “a. In a virtually-empty House of Commons, a handful of MPs stood up to oppose the cheap-work conservatives on the front bench, with a Labour Whip instructing party MPs to let the workfare bill pass, and cheat thousands of the poorest people in the UK out of the money the courts had ruled they were due.”

  27. Another Fine Mess

    They might have been getting their cleaning done for free since March.

    • Must be meticulous in there work.Must be prepared to work week ends.Must have own transport.Zero hours contract.Must talk filthy to the boss whilst bent over. .
      I hope the place gets struck by lightning and burns to the ground.

  28. Has anyone got a full time job from working for nothing full time !!! Yes full time at 20p an hour increasing to £1.20 an hour in 3 years time !!! Shows how broken & despirate the rich people have got, controlling figures & peoples mind set. The confidence Tricksters PLC aka Disability Confident PLC !!! As I say anything to win the election !!! Now the Civil Servants are looking for professional confidence trickster to help out the MP`s in finishing the job. Without them the confidence trick doesn`t work, unlike cleaning for zero playing on words to get promoted to zero hours on 50p an hour plus taxed without going through the books. Trip what a trip up – thing to trip you up at every step or wheel turn.

  29. Yeah.Take a warehouse job for e.g. .
    You used to work 13 weeks and if you could count and carry stuff you kept the job.Now you have to work for an agency for 3 years first. But thats not enough.
    You have to work zero hours contract for the agency. Now the agency wont take you on unless you have done 3 lots of free workfare for em doing the same job.If your lucky.Chances are you will just go round in circles doing the same job temporarily for nothing whilst using jobmatch every night to keep getting your dole money.What a crock.

  30. The things still on there,Zero hours contract too.Christmas the most busiest time,their letting people be exploited and couldn’t care less.

  31. When I was a kid doing factory work I thought; If everybody went self employed the boss would be fucked. Nobody would eat shit, they’d do something else.But those in charge will just keep trawling from further and further down the worlds poorest for slaves and scream at the indiginus population to live the same as the new slaves do.Three to a fucking room?
    I.D.S. Can stuff it up his Arse!

  32. Cameron planning for if he wins the general election.

    • Nope, thats In Deep Shit’s department. He will have ”work will set you free’- sponsored by ATOS in partnership with A4e’ written over the front gate.

    • Arbeit Macht Frei

      … yeah, this ‘facility’ is scheduled for re-opening!


      ………………..this is what he said;

      I hadn’t realised that there were three Auschwitz camps: Auschwitz 1 had been a Polish army barracks, converted into a concentration camp for political prisoners and Jews. In a space smaller than the Houses of Parliament, 20,000 people were confined. Beaten, marched huge distances to work and fed only meagre rations, they died in large numbers. It was at Auschwitz 1 that the Nazis began to experiment with different ways of murdering their victims. The first gas chamber was built in the camp and in September 1941, 850 malnourished and ill people were gassed for the first time. In some of the ‘barracks’ the conditions have been reproduced and it is difficult to describe the inhuman squalor in which they lived. In one small courtyard, movingly surrounded by candles and prayer cards, stood a small wall where prisoners were shot routinely for the smallest reasons.

    • Expansion of the work programme….

    • when he wins tony very very sadly its “when”,heard yesterday in my local chemist from a kids behind the counter “did you see the programme about immigrants getting my money,im voting cameron at least hes going to sort it” oh from the mouths of babeis…i nearly found myselg telling her,theres nothing he can do its all lies they are in the EU end of story…peace time to go..

    • Cheek of that total bastard goin’ to Auschwitz when his Nazi government are killing poor sick and disabled people by the thousand. A friggin’ fraud he is, a hypocrite of the absolute worst kind. Why didn’t he have his Himmler IDS and McVile alongside him? That would have just crowned the insult.

      Goin’ there to Auschwitz and acting all solemn when he’s doing the same thing in his own back yard but covering up his bloody crimes so that people don’t get to know the full scale of what’s going on.

      • @Raining could be worse and having that frog faced git garage running the show with his privatise the NHS and having designated ares for breast feeding in hospitals providing you can get there on time by using immigrant free driving lanes unless gay marriage causes some flooding

  33. Radio Scotland tweets: This morning Louise will be joined by Steve Webb, Minister for Pensions. Call with your questions on 0500 92 95 00
    Radio Scotland promotion
    Listen to the show from 08:50. (today)

  34. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    The good Void here reports how employers like Thornton Manor in Wirral and Ixion are using ‘try before join’ workfare schemes as a form of cheap labour. In my opinion, this goes further than this, and is another step in the process of converting the unemployed into helots, state slaves such as those in ancient Sparta, who can be used and abused by their aristocratic masters as they see fit. We’re going back 200 years here, as this is a government that seems to regard, in practice if not in its rhetoric, the abolition of slavery as a loony-left attack on the natural order of things, which Cameron and co are determined to correct.

    • Not an aristocratic more a deluded striving class that is a derivative of the working class, there is no underlying ideology (left or right) other than the self-appointed power they hold over the wilfully subservient.

      The claimant on community work placements is not being threatened with sanction for being unemployed they are being threatened with sanction to accept forced servitude.

      • overburdenddonkey

        mr r
        well @ least the gale force breeze has dropped and the snow is melting round my bit, might go outside in a min for a warm up….

  35. Worried coming up to pension age

    Hey Steve. We are a couple on JSA with no private pension. According to your government our JSA will end when I reach 60 but we won’t be able to claim a ‘flat’ pension until I am 80! How are we supposed to survive the intervening 20 years?

  36. DWP overturns bedroom tax room size judgement

    InsideHousing: – 11th Dec 2014

    The Department for Work and Pensions has overturned a tribunal’s decision to exempt two brothers from the bedroom tax due to room size.

    The landmark ruling is a blow to anyone hoping to challenge the bedroom tax solely by arguing that a room is too small to be considered a bedroom because of overcrowding definitions in the relevant Housing Acts in Scotland and England.

    The upper tribunal ruling, which is binding on all first-tier tribunals in Britain, found there was no relevant link between the overcrowding definitions in the Housing Act and bedroom tax regulations. The Housing Acts state that a room between 50 and 70 square feet is only sufficient for a child under the age of 10.


  37. £660m universal credit IT system faces axe

    LocalGovernmentChronicle: – 10th Dec 2014

    About £660m of investment in an IT system that processes universal credit claims could be written off, MPs have been told.

    The public accounts committee heard on Wednesday that just £34m of assets from a £697m IT programme would be used if the government chose to switch to a new digital system that is being trialled by Sutton LBC. The remainder would be written off.

    However, a decision on whether to roll the Sutton digital system to the rest of the country will not be made until after the general election, the public accounts committee heard on Wednesday.


    • “Does this mean that the DWP could have given £11 million pounds to each and every one of the 60 people they investigated after dying from welfare changes?”

      …………………there seems no end to the wanton waste of taxpayers money that the DWP treat as confetti whilst their victims scrabble for crumbs to survive.



        …………..supposed to integrate six benefits into one, it’s now a christmas cracker joke…….



  38. Universal Credit system comes to Grantham Jobcentre

    Grantham Journal: – 9th Dec 2014

    Grantham Jobcentre is one of 150 Jobcentres around the country that will start taking Universal Credit claims for the first time from February next year.

    Universal Credit merges six benefits into one and simplifies the system so that people will always be better off in work, according to the Department for Work and Pensions.

    What’s more, it adds, for the first time people will be helped when they are in work to earn more.

    Minister for welfare reform Lord Freud said: “We’ve already seen remarkable successes, with Universal Credit claimants moving into work faster and staying in work longer. As part of our long-term economic plan, people in Grantham will have the financial security of knowing that working more pays more money.

    “Our work coaches in Grantham Jobcentre will give claimants tailored support they need to get into work and for the first time will give people support when they are in work to earn more.”

    Read More:

    • Lord Freud said “I have still got a gagging order, but everyone forgot”


      You can tell what a runaway success Universal Credit is, when the DWP chose Granthem in Lincolnshire…………………………….


      ………………………and out of these 18,000, the DWP will have to preselect the claimants to suit the remit of the software, what a fucking sick joke !!!

  39. DWP PRESS RELEASE 9th Dec 2014

    Minister of State for Disabled People Mark Harper said:

    “Everyone deserves to be able to go Christmas shopping or enjoy a festive meal or drink with their friends or colleagues. People with disabilities are no exception. I’m calling on the retail and hospitality industry to look at what more they can do to better cater for disabled people.

    “This isn’t just about doing what’s right. Businesses are missing a trick by not doing more to tap into this market. A fifth of the British population has a disability and they and their households have a spending power of over £200 billion. Improving accessibility is a no-brainer.”

    Read In Full:

  40. Seems Esther McVey has gone quiet doing a report on 60 disabled DWP deaths. So you do admit disabled DWP deaths then DWP 1 is enough but 60 – How did the DWP & Esther McVey come to the figure of 60 DWP Deaths !! More DWP & MP`s with gagging orders.

  41. RECESSION 2015 – Still not out of the recession from 2009 all false confidence tricksters. RECESSION









  43. Did anyone watch Russell Brand on question time? The panel was stacked against him and he was told more or less to shut up by MP Mary creagh, when shouting out the truth to Penny Mordaunt about there being nobody worth voting for.
    Journalist Camilla Cavendish spoke up for all MP’s, after all the press and government feed off one another so would not want a real democratic parliament with no MP’s, just voters on the other end of a keyboard and any old pen pusher carrying out the wishes of what the people decide.

    • Brand and Farage were the only panellists that had anything to say, the response was to try and discredit their contributions with charges of misogyny and racism.

  44. PS When discussing immigration, Mary Creagh piped up with only 10% of land mass in the uk is built on ( and most of that is on flood plains, cess pits, wells and landfills), when asked to elaborate she had nothing to say.
    We have rich landowners who own most of the prime green field land, and they don’t all live in the country.
    We need good arable land for growing otherwise we would be at the mercy of other countries if we were to import all of our food, just as we are with the oil.
    The greens and conservationist nimbys will make sure that nobody builds on the rest that is worth having, that is if the ordinary indigenous people can afford to buy, ( they can’t even afford to buy on brown field reclaimed areas).

  45. OBD
    There may be land which you say is available, but who owns it and what is it available for – I stand by the fact that Joe Bloggs will not get a sniff at it!
    What do you not agree with me with?

    • overburdenddonkey

      i’m going to have an argument with you, i know my stuff, i’ve posted on this subject often, which you have acknowledged that you have read….
      you’re trying to justify your stance on immigration…see common weal…it is all doable….if the nordic counties can have a distributive economy so can we in the UK….no one rich no one poor…

  46. Do the nordic countries have as much immigration?
    You are constantly trying to potray me as a racist, but I think you are not realistic, you live on pipe dreams.
    As much as I would like us to have a redistributative economy as well as land, it is going to be one hell of a fight to get it and will be fighting for the same ideals as you, so stop arguing with me for nothing or trying to portray me as a racist because I want what is best for British people first and foremost.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes…no, not true….knowing how things can be and ought to be is the basis foundation stane, of all campaigns for change…can’t forget the past and move on until the past is fully healed and things are restored as they ought to be….

  47. How far into the past are you going?
    The only time the ordinary person owned land was when we were cave dwellers wasn’t it and we had to share it with remnants of dinosaurs then. 🙂

    • overburdenddonkey

      skara brea (note; no weapons have been found there) and back to the roots dawn of humanity and in personal history to birth, thence back to the dawn of humanity… see also almost 1m yr old foot prints in norfolk… see inuit many names for types of snow and histories of 1st nations people’s around the globe… go back to our future’s… see their struggles to rescue themselves from the toxic grip of imperialism…

  48. Land reform in Scotland is the equivalent of the fox hunting debate in England – political class war grandstanding but of irrelevance to the condition of the people – it will end up a profit grab for the political cronies of civic Scotland.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      it could be, is that what you want? it’s your voice…
      the idea imo is to reduce the number of masters that we currently serve from many to a few…ie a movement from the radical, to being no longer radical but normal…indyscot…we are the change, demand it!!…

      • But most of those radicals are same apparatchiks that administered the squalor on the working class schemes, all they have done is rebrand themselves – the phoney nationalism of entryism.

  49. I’m beginning to wonder if there is anything or anyone you can believe in that comes from the human sphere anymore.
    I too think it will be a landgrab for the best plots from the apparatchiks.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r fawkes
      but they already control/own it, …the other half is control by a few more, same pattern of land ownership/control throughout the ukok… i thought you 2 were activist’s, why don’t you know this?
      if land control/ownership devolved down to a 100000 more so much the better imv… see the work of the common weal joined up thinking and eagle’s view… no one’s gonna spoon feed you…

  50. If the people took control of the country, then land should belong to the people not the apparatchicks, who at present control not own surplus land that has not been sold off to anyone from anywhere who has got the money to buy up the British Isles.

  51. Speaking as a stupid pleb, can somebody explain how working is always better than not working when it involves not being paid? If I am not going to get paid for work will my landlord let me live for free?

  52. Disgusting just how Delusional People have been to Support the Tories

    It is Important that People Bother to Vote in the Next General Election
    instead of Grumble and Grumble
    No to Slave Labour Exploitation

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