What Lies Behind The Archbishop’s Demand For State Run Foodbanks Is Every Bit As Nasty As Iain Duncan Smith


Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Dressed like a tit as usual.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will launch a report in parliament this week which calls on the government to fund the growing network of foodbanks – many of which are run by churches. This is his toxic solution to the growing hunger crisis which has emerged after the string of vindictive and bungled welfare reforms implemented by Iain Duncan Smith.

It is shameful that so many people are now dependent on foodbanks just to be able to feed their children, but to enshrine this charity within the social security system would be a disaster.  What poor people need is more money, not more foodbanks.  This is just common  sense.  But you won’t hear calls for an end to vicious cuts to social security from the clowns behind Welby’s report.

One of the authors of the report is Frank Field.  This vile piece of shit was asked to think the unthinkable on welfare reform back in 1997 before being sacked a year later for talking such incomprehensible drivel that even Tony Blair called his ideas “unfathomable”.  Sadly this did not shut him up and he has been  whinging from the sidelines ever since.

Shortly after the current government weren’t elected Field accepted a job with them as a Poverty Tsar, whatever the fuck that means.  He also sits on the advisory board of the right-wing Centre for Social Justice who first proposed many of the coalition’s welfare reforms.  In 2009 he said that the most important task for the dying Labour administration was “to build up a system of workfare” and called for stricter benefit sanctions.  In 2011 he was still at it and demanded more sanctions on the Tory Work Programme to tackle “recidivist, workless claimants” who he claims are “barely able to read or write”.

Now the bastard has got what he wanted – with approaching one million benefit claims sanctioned in the last year – he wants to further undermine social security by entrenching emergency food supplies within the system.  Field has gone on, and fucking on, for years about ending what he calls means tested welfare.  This means benefit payments given to people because they have no money.  Instead he has devised an elaborate semi-privatised insurance based model that no-one but him seems to understand.  You can see why he is so pally with fellow messianic crank Iain Duncan Smith.

Field’s plans would mean an end to social security for vast swathes of the population who are unable to find work.  He knows that to achieve this then something needs to be done to stop bodies piling up in the street.  His vision no doubt is queues of the undeserving poor lining up at state run foodbanks to be handed out of date food thrown out by supermarkets.  This will be suitable punishment for their fecklessness.

And he has found a useful fucking idiot in the Church of England to do his dirty work for him.  A man whose incisive understanding of poverty was no doubt first gained in the torrid dormitories of Eton where he was educated.  An Archbishop who has presided over a redundant church which has had nothing meaningful to say about the breath-taking greed of the rampant rich which is defining the modern era.

The sad truth is, that with some notable exceptions, the response from prominent Christians to Iain Duncan Smith’s relentless war on the poor has often been contemptible.  When disabled campaigners gathered in the grounds of Westminster Abbey in outrage at the abolition of the Independent Living Fund, the reaction from the Dean of Westminster was to stand back whilst police violently assaulted, kettled and abused the protesters.  The Salvation Army have been praised by the DWP for holding the ‘line on workfare’ when other more decent charities have pulled out in horror at the suffering caused by the sanctions which underpin the regime.  Archbishop of York John Sentamu pretends to oppose workfare, but is still president of the YMCA, another government funded defender of forced work and benefit sanctions.  Whilst those on the lowest incomes have seen their lives destroyed by this Goverment, the response from many of Jesus’ most important little helpers has been hypocrisy, cowardice and even naked profiteering.

It comes as no surprise that it should be the Mail of Sunday who have given space to Archbishop Welby to air his views.  They must be pissing themselves.  This is how the welfare state is lost.  By the liberal arm of the establishment hijacking the argument away from us and presenting their watered down demands as the compassionate solution.  Yet there is no compassion in the insecurity and desperation of people without enough money to feed themselves and forced to rely on the state for food parcels.

By all means support your local foodbank this Christmas.  Kids can’t be left to go hungry because of a point of principle or long term political aim.  We are not bastards like them.  But state funded foodbanks as part of the social security system are a line that must not be crossed.  Don’t buy into this fake fucking concern from zealots like Frank Field who helped to create the current situation.  And let’s leave Welby to slink away back to doing what he does best.  Like lying to small children that they will be tortured for eternity if they don’t pretend to love a non-existent man in the sky.

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99 responses to “What Lies Behind The Archbishop’s Demand For State Run Foodbanks Is Every Bit As Nasty As Iain Duncan Smith

  1. Reblogged this on markcatlin3695's Blog and commented:
    Rich fools with sado-masochistic tendencies making thousands suffer whilst they line their pockets. The whole sickening system needs burning down and rebuilding by those who care and will put people first.

  2. Justin in time nah iv sent endless emails to this one and other
    bishops but it seems they supping with old nick and haven’t
    seen their flock being descemated by the imps in power sadly
    the christ men have gone over to their eternal enemy jeff3

    • ” sadly the christ men have gone over to their eternal enemy”, long ago.

      Some who have been sanctioned find their nearest foodbank can be 3 miles
      or more away from where they live, so without any benefits they have to walk in order to be fed.
      I’m sure the clerical hierarchy would consider it a worthwhile pilgrimage!
      I would like to see them and all of the political establishment in sackcloth. walking on hot coals for their hypocrisy.

  3. I posted this earlier or rather last night on DWPEXAM…….
    I add a few bits here.
    The man who holds office of Canterbury Archbishop, (I don’t accept he is the real one!) has got it all wrong here. He, by his report is actually normalizing the concept of having Foodbanks. While the report does call for an overhaul of the sanctions system, it does not give the powerful denunciation this set of rules deserve.

    It is these very sanctions that have lead to many ppl having to find a Foodbank in the first place.

    It is also the present chaotic workings of DWP these days, that insist on keeping folks waiting weeks and weeks before they get any benefits for new claimants, and for the sick and disabled to be put thru the outrageous ATOS style assessments.
    I am thus not impressed in the least with this reports suggestions. Way too mild, and way too much trying not to be seen as political taking sides.
    If Rev Canterbury considers having state foodbanks in any capacity must exist, instead of demanding ppl don’t ever need them at all, then he is too much a tory for my liking.
    It is outright condemnations we demand from Church leaders, not tame garbage like this!

  4. Eating Cake as Instructed

    Where is the Royal College of GP’s or whatever in this? Surely a claimants own GP knows best what condition his patient is in? Atos et al are proven wrong repeatedly many deaths have occurred. It was always about persecution of sick and disabled now it’s extended to undeserving poor who have jobs but can’t afford to live as wages are insufficient. Where are the Human Rights Lawyers? There may not immediately be any money in taking such cases but kudos well earned will follow success. Political manoeuvres all scared I reckon of not being in with the in crowd…..queues at food banks growing rapidly. What about disabled housebound/those at work who cannot get there as unable? Let’s hear the real truth on forthcoming cuts sanctions local rent allowances – the stuff kept back because it’ll wreck any chances of reelection?

  5. We are supposed to have the sixth richest economy and here we are in the 21st century,people going “cap in hand”to foodbanks,it’s a bloody disgrace,modesty stops me from expressing my true words.
    At this time the Liberals want it made illegal to not give away in foreign aid less than they are giving now,money borrowed to give away.
    People sacked in the public sector,to save money,then give the money saved given away overseas,it’s the politics of the asylum.

  6. Great post, Food Bank Plus has nothing to do with non-existent man in the sky and everything to do with man made political eschatology.

  7. Well done, Johnny, for saying what I think about nasty Frank Field. Tying food for poor people to charity will be a step back to Victorian ideas of poverty – not that we’re not almost there as it is. Who can doubt that the Workhouse is the next policy to be revived? No hyperbole about that.

    • But the nub of the Rev’s suggestion is that the state will be responsible for the food banks, the church will be their agents. In the USA where churches run food banks, the hungry are often coerced into praying to the invisible man before food is given. No religious observance, no food.

      And how would we like the CofE being govt agents in deciding who are the deserving or undeserving of charity?

      Plans for modern workhouses have already been floated – see other blogs for the recent discussions on the proposals.

      As I remarked on another blog in this topic – Eton running the church & state? Help us all, if we don’t end up back in the 1930’s or 1830’s. We need to start agitating, now, and everywhere, There was a demo this week under the “anti-austerity” banner – we need one in every town, every week, We need the fit to help defend the elderly, ill and disabled. And we need to show that resistance is everywhere, and counted in the millions.

    • A few years ago I found myself standing about 5 feet away from Mr Field on an overcrowded train on the Wirral line. I knew in the back of my mind something about him being asked to “think the unthinkable” regarding welfare reform, but was a bit sketchy about the details, so held my tongue. I apologise for letting him get off at Chester unchallenged, which I regret to this day…

  8. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    When we saw Welby’s demands for more foodbanks on the front of the Daily Mail, we thought there would be a catch…

  9. Welby is really doing his part in fulfilling biblical prophecy….”Suffer the little children to come unto me”

  10. Watching this “Gov’t” is like a B movie gone bad,who do you trust? Seem’s all these Assholes on on a serious Bloody Crack trip,fuck the Citizens that built this Country,let them starve,but give a BILLION a Month away in Foreign Aid,pay more for Welfare reform than what it is saving,force people to move to non existent smaller homes,while larger properties stand vacant and provide DHA to Councils that refuse to allocate it….Up The Revolution!

  11. “If You Can’t Trust the Vatican Bank, Whom Can You Trust?”


    All the same, all far right organisations, there for only one reason, control the weak minded, its worked well through the centuries!.

  12. Hear hear, my thoughts exactly! We need to treat the illness, not the symptoms!!! Absolutely disgusting!

  13. Well said JV. The hypocrisy from these bastards is nothing short of breathtaking. The Archbishop is right in the thick of the plot along with them. He will not come out and slam them good and hard and tell them that there should never be a time when benefit sanctions are justified, the fall out of which is what drives people to have to rely on foodbanks. He won’t because he’s spineless and complicit in the whole thing. They are part of the problem the church, not a part of the solution.

    In the modern age they are archaic and are seen as out of touch and that’s why church membership has nosedived in recent years.

    They have nothing to offer if this is the shit they come out with.

    • It would take an old Etonian to see a way to profit from the misery – Welby wants the church to be able to get a slice of the cake while the poor get other peoples food cast-offs. After all why should the Sally Army be the only Cross-carrying bastards getting the money?

      Did the story not tell of “Jesus” throwing the merchants from the temple? Do we need Welby inviting them back in again to show how morally corrupt they all are?

  14. Adequate benefits which could not be sanctioned away so easily would do away with food banks. Are food banks now set to become a go to solution for mass malnutrition, even starvation, caused by an unfair and inadequate pared down social security system? It’s enough to make Jesus Christ weep tears of blood.

  15. Frank Field is a BS spouting,holier than thou,hypocritical,public menace.He has been allowed to talk dangerous crap about the unemployed and poor for years. He should literally be locked up so that the poor and vulnerable are protected from his crackpot schemes that in reality only wealthy business benefit from.

  16. Look at the picture. Just look at it.What is wrong with the state of that man in the 21st century? There isnt a days work in ‘im! Dressed like a travelling entertainer.Talking crap for a living.That clowns get up alone cost a months wages.What a bag of self absorbed self righteous shit.His rent ,food and ex’s come out of the gullible’s pockets. He belongs in the lords with all the other over blown pompous useless fancy dress wearing wealth absorbing wind bags.
    ‘Blessed are the Ori’ !

  17. Well said John , as ever you nail it mate, and heres me sitting in
    cold and dark and freezing so called care home whilst both housing associations one housing who employ the staff whilst cutting back on them and family mozaic cant be arsed to sort out the electric or
    heating but are happy to take the rent and hike it up when they feel like it

  18. Council estate Christmas card apology http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/30368218

    The Sanata Claus ” benefit scrounger council house ” Christmas Card from Clintons
    Ho ho its just a laugh ennit ?

    • That’s fucked up. Seriously fucked up.


      Just goes to show the attitude of out of touch media types who dream up everything from cards like these to tv shows like benefits britain.

      this country is becoming an open sewer.

  19. Alms for the poor, alms for the poor, this isn’t as daft as you might think, we are going to go back to serfdom to the state & servitude to church

  20. what has happened to this country.people having to go to foodbanks is a disgrace,while the likes of ids claim more in expenses than some people have to live on.it is now worse than it was 100 years ago.does this goverment care at all about it’s own people.

  21. overburdenddonkey

    http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/dec/07/champagne-house-of-lords-reform-taxpayer?CMP=fb_gu you think you have it tough imagine not having the right vintage of champagne…..

  22. overburdenddonkey

    what lies behind it…greed….self righteousness and contempt for his flock….the deluded shepard….state run feeding troughs….might as well advocate matrix style feeding plants…trying to goad shame from these morons is futile…the moral compass of don’t work don’t eat…not leading by example then….you starve 1st tell me if it’s ok and i’ll join you….the sad truth is that many will see this call as compassionate caring for ‘the poor’….

  23. JobCentre Plus to FoodBank plus they are enjoying taking the piss with the knowledge that there is no real opposition and that they will probably get away with their nefarious agenda.

    Kyrie eleison.

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  25. “From The Sun newspaper in 2008: ‘DR ROWAN Williams earns £67,790-a-year and lives in a riverside palace. Other perks as the Archbishop of Canterbury include a generous final salary pension and a chauffeur driven car.”

    I suppose that Welby, who worked for 11 years in the oil industry, earns a lot more than his predecessor did six years ago. No doubt the Archbishop will be having a good Christmas this year… and next year… and the year after that until he dies. Alright for some.

  26. This is only the beginning. If this right wing scum get another five years the oppression of the poor, the old and the ill will get worse. Welcome to the 1930’s!

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  28. Great piece, Mr Void. I have re-blogged…

  29. Frank Field was and always has been a cunt – those supporting him as the last vestige of ‘decent welfare’ are fucking deluded

  30. Well said Johnny!

    You have excelled yourself – and speak for millions!

    These are our thoughts yesterday – we looked up the history of the stuff:

    “Pauperland. Poverty and the Poor in Britain. Jeremy Seabrook. Hurst & Company.

    Pauperland is the story of how “the laws of commerce” became the “laws of God” and of those who have suffered along the way.”


  31. What's The Fucking Point?

    Abolish Benefit Sanctions and there’ll be no need for Foodbanks. Simple. It’s all being done by design.

  32. overburdenddonkey

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-30346060 a mind bogging read…
    the reality is that these politicians, the political elite, imposed austerity, slashed jobs and pay to boost their incomes and 65% of food bank users in scotland are IN WORK…35yrs too late thatcher must go…

  33. I think the role of the Poverty Tsar is to encourage the expansion of poverty.

  34. overburdenddonkey

    we live under an imperialist system where might is right and bullies ALWAYS prosper…don’t have wealthy home owning parents…by and large, you’re fucked…

  35. “If any man will not work, neither let him eat.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10)

    Christianity, despite what many continue to believe, is not all sweetness and light as the above quotation proves. And, of course, by any man it doesn’t mean the idle rich just we “plebs”. Not for nothing has religion proved to be the best form of social control ever devised to control the masses; the time is long overdue for it to be consigned to the dustbin of history, along with the capitalist economic system which nurtures it.

  36. Another Fine Mess

    Live Work & Pensions Questions on freeview 131 now.

  37. The leaders don`t feel a there is a need for food banks. The leaders have over riden jesus !!

  38. Badoo & Toyan – Rocking Of The Five Thousand 12′ -1980

  39. Minister: ‘We don’t warn social workers when vulnerable claimants are sanctioned’

    DNS – john pring – 5th Dec 2014

    A minister has admitted that it is not government policy to warn health or social services when “vulnerable” service-users have had their benefits “sanctioned”.

    The admission by the Conservative employment minister Esther McVey comes just weeks after her department admitted to Disability News Service (DNS) that it had carried out 60 secret reviews into benefit-related deaths since February 2012.

    McVey was responding to a written parliamentary question from Labour’s shadow employment minister, Stephen Timms.

    Timms asked whether it was Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) policy that Jobcentre Plus officials should “liaise with health and social services agencies when benefit sanctions are applied to vulnerable individuals”.

    But McVey replied: “There is no formal policy to liaise with health and social services agencies when a sanction is applied.”

    She said DWP “recognises the importance of ensuring claimants understand the requirements they must fulfil to get benefit, the consequences of not complying and support available when sanctioned, including reconsideration, appeal and hardship payments”.

    She added: “As part of this, work coaches also encourage claimants to engage third party support where this is available.”

    In Full At DNS: –

  40. On benefits? Your CV is going in the bin’, jobseekers are told

    Hastings Observer – 6th Dec 2014

    A job advert posted on Facebook, telling jobseekers that applications from people on benefits would be ‘going in the bin’, has been branded ‘derogatory’ and ‘insulting’.

    A member of staff from the Hastings Garden Centre took to the social networking website in a bid to find a new cook for the centre’s cafe.

    But the advert, posted on The Bexhill-On-Sea Group, contained the line “if you are in receipt of benefits your application is going in the bin”, prompting outrage from fellow Facebook users.

    The ill-advised and unofficial job advert was quickly removed from the site, but not before many had expressed their anger and disbelief.

    Read In Full:

  41. Over 2,000 Assaults Have Happened At Jobcentres

    The government’s benefits sanctions should be scrapped for the safety of jobcentre staff, a union spokesman told BuzzFeed News.

    BuzzFeedNews – 11th nov 2014

    Over 2,000 assaults have taken place at jobcentres since 2011, according to government figures.

    The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union, which represents jobcentre staff, said “vicious” benefit sanctions are partly responsible, and has called on them to be scrapped for the safety of jobcentre workers.

    “We’d never condone attacks on frontline staff,” said a PCS spokesman. “But we can understand why these attacks have increased because of the vicious nature of the policies that the advisers are forced to impose.”

    “Every day the rhetoric from the government increases. They say people out of work are scroungers and all they need is to be beaten with a stick and they’ll rush back to work.”

    Read In Full: –

  42. Benefit reforms needed to tackle food poverty, cross-party report finds

    PublicFinance.co.uk – By Richard Johnstone | 8 December 2014

    The government has been urged to speed up benefit payments and reform the current sanctions regime in a bid to reduce food poverty in the UK.

    A report published today by the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger in the United Kingdom found that there were far too many people going hungry in the country, with increasing numbers reliant on food banks.

    Read In Full: –

  43. Jacob Miller – On The 12 Days Of Ismas

  44. All set up for a food bank class war. Fill in the form first [contract] oh dear you didn`t past the class war test.

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  46. With people leaving the Church in droves Welby has to find other ways to get his people into their lives (and to protect the CofE’s £5,200,000,000 investment fund!). He is also planning savings clubs in schools to help raise children’s financial awareness. I don’t think these clubs will help those kids whose parents have nothing, but I suppose some form of “accept poverty” brainwashing will attract government funding for the Church.


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  48. Reblogged this on Wessex Solidarity and commented:
    If you only read one post this year read this one.

  49. Boneheaded to Say the Least

    Socialism Not Slavery Welfare Not Warfare

  50. It canot be denied that it is the churches in England are over half of the food banks. They get no state subsidy, apart from the erratic donations from councils who have cut the emergency funds.

    Coming to women born from 1953 and men born from 1951 is
    NIL STATE PENSION from the flat rate pension from 2016 that will mean penniless starvation, without food, fuel and housing money, as the state is due to shrink to 1930s levels, before the 1945 welfare state.

    Fareshare, the source of surplus food to food banks, does not get a subsidy from the state, whereas the private profit making energy from waste factories do get state subsidy, burning the still edible surplus food. Meaning over 400,000 tonnes of food lost to the starving. Farehsare gets only 5,000 tonnes.

    Charities in Europe run daily free cafes offering a free cooked hot meal and a hot drink, 7 days a week.

    The church in Greece is the main lifeline to the cashless Greeks, every growing on the street.

    No mainstream party will subsidise food banks, because then it would prove that welfare reform has been the cause. So the church will not get that money, as it would be an admission of guilt by government by default.

    The Archbishop is trying, by a roundabout means, to get the politicians to trip themselves up and admit they are culpable for the 70 per cent rise in starvation and the huge rise in malnutriton hospital admissions, that doctors are saying again and again is happening in England and Wales.

    In amongst welfare changes is pension reform, that has left the poor without state pension payout since 2013, when the money is sitting pretty and called a surplus inside the National Insurance Fund, that has been full for decades, not needing a top up from tax.

    The poor 60 to 66 are liable to workfare, bedroom tax, lost benefits by delays or sanctions or outright loss especially disability / chronic sick benefits.

    Even War Veterans already getting the lowest state pension of all rich nations bar poor Mexico, could loss all disability benefit with the move from DLA to PIP.

    Amongst the disabled are the 2.6 million poor pensioners on far far below the breadline or barely on it.

    • I think jr is still supping with old nick pensioner no excuses he tells em one thing then retracts its another day but justin realy speak out with the other fifty eight bishops march on downing street nah hes inbed with them still jeff3

  51. The hidden truth about food banks is that you have to be “referred” to them by the local council, if they feel that you qualify for a “gift of food” there are only 3 claims per year. also you are only entitled to claim welfare support for supermarket food vouchers / energy vouchers once again 3 times per year what they give you is a total insult and it’s truly degrading to have to beg

    • There was this attempt by a faily Hate journo who wrote this article claiming anyone could get Free food just to discredit the whole thing
      He said “:Get free food , no questions asked ”
      stupid knob that he is wrote
      “All i had to do was answer a few questions ”
      total tit, shot himself in the nuts and as you say you have to be referred and you only get minimum , i think in the photo he had bought that stuff anyway
      Makes you wonder why they would sink,that low to do that though

    • “Last night the Archbishop called for a £150m state-backed system to end food poverty in Britain forever.

      Why not ask the very wealthy people (The Church Commission) who worship someone they haven’t seen , and never will, to put their hands in their ever-bulging wallets and fund these food banks instead of expecting the ever burdened taxpayer to feed these parasites.”

      Comment from The Northern Echo

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  53. To incorporate foodbanks into the welfare system would be detrimental to health, patronise those of us who are struggling and return to the shame of the poor laws. People on benefits, sanctioned, with no recourse or in low paid work should still be able to make their own choices and have fresh food rather than having to accept what they are given.

  54. Jeffery Davies

    Oh jr jr still supping with old nick I see isnt it time for you to show the wicked up and save your flock from them jeff3

  55. I am glad someone else is awake to what an evil corrupt slimy carcass Frank Field is.

  56. Ah but jr on about food banks while his flock is quietly culled by rtu ids yep how quaint the bishop ask oh dear his staff runneth away

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