Jobcentre Busy-Bodies To Outrank Healthcare Professionals In Treatment For Addictions

Iain_Duncan_Smith_pissedJobcentre busy-bodies could soon have the power to force people in treatment for drug or alcohol problems to take up full time ‘work related activity’ if they are unable to beat their addictions quickly enough.

The DWP has published guidance on the support (stop laughing) that will be offered to people claiming Universal Credit who have a dependency on drugs or alcohol.  Claimants will be given six months to undergo what the Jobcentre calls ‘structured treatment’ during which period they may not be required to look or prepare for work.  After this has elapsed however it will be a very diferent story.

The guidance warns that any further treatment will only be taken into account in a Claimant Comitment if Jobcentre advisors agree this if the best way for a claimant to achieve their ’employment goals’.  This truly chilling move means that the newly named ‘work coaches’ will be able to demand someone attends workfare raher than continue with treatment for their condition.  Jobcentre staff have no adequate training to make these decisions but they will now have more power over patients than the medical professionals treating them.  It is not hard to imagine some jumped up sanction happy Jobcenre twat deciding someone who has relapsed needs a short sharp shock of forced work which they will possibly fail to attend and end up being sanctioned for.

Of course the Jobcentre cannot actually stop anyone attending treatment.  But if a counselling or support sessions happens to clash with what they’ve decided you should do that day then you may face benefits being stopped for choosing getting better over ‘work related activity’.

The good news is that Iain Duncan Smith’s plan to force people into treatment seems to have been quietly abandoned, at least officially.  The document states that: “You will not be forced by your work coach into receiving treatment.”

It does not say what will happen if you refuse treatment.  It all sounds a bit like so-called voluntary unpaid work schemes.  There is a danger that if someone doesn’t agree to go into treatment then they may end up being sent on workfare instead.

Whilst some people with dependencies can lead functional lives the stark fact is that the most chaotic drug and alcohol users are not fit for work.  And they won’t get fit for work within six months.  Some people have to wait that long to get into rehab.  Whilst the pampered rich may be able to check into a plush private clinic and then go back to their warm homes and affluent lifestyles, the poorest face long waiting lists, shit housing, and now, the likelihood of benefit sanctions.

If there were any grown ups at the DWP then they would understand that addiction is a serious and complex health problem which cannot always simply be fixed in six months.  An adequate social security system needs to accept this and not drive people into the ground if they are unable to work.  Employers are hardly rushing out to hire people with current drug and alcohol problems anyway.  There are two million people without these problems desperately looking for work after all.

But a realistic approach to how society handles addiction would not get Iain Duncan Smith any pats on the head from the Daily Mail.  So instead the Government is adopting policies based on lazy tabloid stereotypes which will do more harm than good.  And cost more money in the long run.  It’s enough to drive you to fucking drink.

You can read the guidance at:

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      Today the National Audit Office has had the bottle to raise concerns about “THE FLAGSHIP UNIVERSAL CREDIT”, meeting it’s time schedules, already running six months late…………….

      But hey!, don’t be alarmed! What’s a few more dead claimants to the DWP?

      ………………………Absolutely fuck all!

      While over 600,000 disabled are left picking up crumbs the DWP’S goal of etnic cleansing is fast becoming a reality.
      Just how many more they can kill, hinges on one idiot’s dream, that’s right, MURDERER IAIN DUNCAN SMITH, the scumbag of politics!

      Toss a few more billion pounds at the project, the only collateral damage is human life, so cheap at the moment……………………….


      From: Ian White

      27 November 2014

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

      Please may I make the following request under the Freedom of
      information Act 2000?

      My Request has 2 parts, firstly part I am seeking clarity of the
      Law and in order to do this you need to answer QA below.

      A. When ever you send out a “proof of entitlement letter” that
      letter always has the line/phrase …”How much the law says you
      need to live on” what exactly is this law (name of the law), that
      you refer to in these documents you send out to claimants as
      statement of facts?

      I require this answered to such a level I can look up that Law, I
      am asking specifically for the Law you refer to not any Act/s as an
      Act is NOT LAW and only a “legal/statutory instrument”.

      B, My second question/s is relating to the “Under Occupancy charge”
      (Bedroom Tax).

      1, How many people in the UK have appealed their Bedroom Tax (BT)?

      2, At first tier Appeal tribunals how many successfully won their
      appeal against this “Tax”?

      3, Of those that won, how many have the DWP stepped in on and
      appealed the outcome taking it to an Upper Tier tribunal?

      4, It is my understanding that all those that the DWP have taken to
      the Upper Tier are now “parked” pending a test case at the Supreme
      Court.I know this to be true as I am one of those people and
      gotthis information which I can provide proof of from the Tribunals
      Service and the DWP itself and via my MP.

      4i, How many appeals are “parked up” in waiting for the above
      Supreme Court ruling?

      4ii, What is the Supreme Court case and reference number? equally
      to the point I can look it up?

      4iii, What, if any as yet, is the date of this Supreme Court

      4iv, What is the total cost in Pounds thus far (to the nearest
      Thousand) from April 1st 2013 to the date of this request, that the
      DWP have spent on appeals to the First and Upper Tier? To include
      all legal advice and court time?

      Should you need any clarity on my request please do not hesitate to
      contact me.


        ………………….strange how things that the DWP fear are held back from the public.


        Committee launch inquiry into benefit sanctions
        06 November 2014

        The Work and Pensions Committee has decided to conduct an inquiry into benefit sanctions policy. This inquiry will consider aspects of sanctions policy which were outside the remit of the Oakley Review (PDF, 566KB).
        Terms of reference for the inquiry

        Submissions of no more than 3,000 words are invited from interested organisations and individuals.

        R Davis left an annotation (26 November 2014)

        Sadly, the weblink for the submission of electronic evidence to the Committee referred to above is presently not working – you can find the House of Commons article here:

        I have requested that the correct link details be provided and updated on this website for anyone that wishes to contribute.

        I can confirm that the weblink for the House of Commons Select Committee to submit written evidence to their inquiry has now been restored. I urge anyone on the receiving end of mis-treatment, staff abuse or other maladministration to go to the weblink and upload a file for their consideration.

        Nothing will change if we don’t make the Select Committee aware of the issues within the system.






          ………………….sadly, these people will not be able to respond, victims of the DWP……..

          Terry McGarvey, 48. Dangerously ill from polycytheamia, Terry asked for an ambulance to be called during his Work Capability Assessment. He knew that he wasn’t well enough to attend his WCA but feared that his benefits would be stopped if he did not. He died the following day.

          Elaine Lowe, 53. Suffering from COPD and fearful of losing her benefits. In desperation, Elaine chose to commit suicide.

          Mark Wood, 44. Found fit for work by Atos, against his Doctors advice and assertions that he had complex mental health problems. Starved to death after benefits stopped, weighing only 5st 8lb when he died.

          Paul Reekie, 48, the Leith based Poet and Author. Suffered from severe depression. Committed suicide after DWP stopped his benefits due to an Atos ‘fit for work’ decision.

          Leanne Chambers, 30. Suffered depression for many years which took a turn for the worst when she was called in for a WCA. Leanne committed suicide soon after.

          Karen Sherlock, 44. Multiple health issues. Found fit for work by Atos and denied benefits. Fought a long battle to get placed into the support group of ESA. Karen died the following month of a heart attack.

          Carl Payne, 42. Fears of losing his lifeline benefits due to welfare reform led this Father of two to take his own life.

          Tim Salter, 53. Blind and suffering from Agoraphobia. Tim hanged himself after Atos found him fit for work and stopped his benefits.

          Edward Jacques, 47 years old and suffering from HIV and Hepatitis C. Edward had a history of severe depression and self-harm. He took a fatal overdose after Atos found him fit for work and stopped his benefits.

          Linda Wootton, 49 years old. A double heart and lung transplant patient. Died just nine days after the government found her fit for work, their refusal letter arriving as she lay desperately ill in her hospital bed.

          Steven Cawthra, 55. His benefits stopped by the DWP and with rising debts, he saw suicide as the only way out of a desperate situation.

          Elenore Tatton, 39 years old. Died just weeks after the government found her fit for work.

          John Walker, 57, saddled with debt because of the bedroom tax, John took his own life.

          Brian McArdle, 57 years old. Suffered a fatal heart attack the day after his disability benefits were stopped.

          Stephen Hill, 53. Died of a heart attack one month after being found fit for work, even though he was waiting for major heart surgery.

          Jacqueline Harris, 53. A former Nurse who could hardly walk was found fit for work by Atos and her benefits withdrawn. in desperation, she took her own life.

          David Barr, 28. Suffering from severe mental difficulties. Threw himself from a bridge after being found fit for work by Atos and failing his appeal.

          David Groves, 56. Died of a heart attack the night before taking his work capability assessment. His widow claimed that it was the stress that killed him.

          Nicholas Peter Barker, 51. Shot himself after being told his benefits were being stopped. He was unable to work after a brain haemorrhage left him paralysed down one side.

          Mark and Helen Mullins, 48 and 59 years old. Forced to live on £57.50 a week and make 12 mile trips each week to get free vegetables to make soup. Mark and Helen both committed suicide.

          Richard Sanderson, 44. Unable to find a job and with his housing benefit cut forcing him to move, but with nowhere to go. Richard committed suicide.

          Martin Rust, 36 years old. A schizophrenic man who killed himself two months after the government found him fit to work.

          Craig Monk, 43. A vulnerable gentleman and a partial amputee who slipped so far into poverty that he hanged himself.

          Colin Traynor, 29, and suffering from epilepsy was stripped of his benefits. He appealed. Five weeks after his death his family found he had won his appeal.

          Elaine Christian, 57 years old. Worried about her work capability assessment, she was subsequently found at Holderness drain, drowned and with ten self inflicted wrist wounds.

          Christelle and Kayjah Pardoe, 32 years and 5 month old. Pregnant, her benefits stopped, Christelle, clutching her baby son jumped from a third floor balcony.

          Mark Scott, 46. His DLA and housing benefit stopped and sinking into deep depression, Mark died six weeks later.

          Cecilia Burns, 51. Found fit for work while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She died just a few weeks after she won her appeal against the Atos decision.

          Chris Cann, 57 years old. Found dead in his home just months after being told he had to undergo a medical assessment to prove he could not work.

          Peter Hodgson, 49. Called to JCP to see if he was suitable for volunteer work. Peter had suffered a stroke, a brain haemorrhage and had a fused leg. His appointment letter arrived a few days after he took his own life.

          Paul Willcoxsin, 33 years old. Suffered with mental health problems and worried about government cuts. Paul committed suicide by hanging himself.

          Stephanie Bottrill, 53. After paying £80 a month for bedroom tax, Stephanie could not afford heating in the winter, and lived on tinned custard. In desperation, she chose to walk in front of a lorry.

          Larry Newman suffered from a degenerative lung condition, his weight dropping from 10 to 7 stone. Atos awarded him zero points, he died just three months after submitting his appeal.

          Paul Turner, 52 years old. After suffering a heart attack, he was ordered to find a job in February. In April Paul died from ischaemic heart disease.

          Christopher Charles Harkness, 39. After finding out that the funding for his care home was being withdrawn, this man who suffered with mental health issues, took his own life.

          Sandra Louise Moon, 57. Suffering from a degenerative back condition, depression and increasingly worried about losing her incapacity benefit. Sandra committed suicide by taking an overdose.

          Lee Robinson, 39 years old. Took his own life after his housing benefit and council tax were taken away from him.

          David Coupe, 57. A Cancer sufferer found fit for work by Atos in 2012. David lost his sight, then his hearing, then his mobility, and then his life.

          Michael McNicholas, 34. Severely depressed and a recovering alcoholic. Michael committed suicide after being called in for a Work Capability Assessment by Atos.

          Victor Cuff, 59 and suffering from severe depression. Victor hanged himself after the DWP stopped his benefits.

          Charles Barden, 74. Charles committed suicide by hanging due to fears that the Bedroom Tax would leave him destitute and unable to cope.

          Ian Caress, 43. Suffered multiple health issues and deteriorating eyesight. Ian was found fit for work by Atos, he died ten months later having lost so much weight that his family said that he resembled a concentration camp victim.

          Iain Hodge, 30. Suffered from the life threatening illness, Hughes Syndrome. Found fit for work by Atos and benefits stopped, Iain took his own life.

          Wayne Grew, 37. Severely depressed due to government cuts and the fear of losing his job, Wayne committed suicide by hanging.

          Kevin Bennett, 40. Kevin a sufferer of schizophrenia and mental illness became so depressed after his JSA was stopped that he became a virtual recluse. Kevin was found dead in his flat several months later.

          David Elwyn Hughs Harries, 48. A disabled man who could no longer cope after his parents died, could find no help from the government via benefits. David took an overdose as a way out of his solitude.

          Denis Jones, 58. A disabled man crushed by the pressures of government cuts, in particular the Bedroom Tax, and unable to survive by himself. Denis was found dead in his flat.

          Shaun Pilkington, 58. Unable to cope any more, Shaun shot himself dead after receiving a letter from the DWP informing him that his ESA was being stopped.

          Paul ?, 51. Died in a freezing cold flat after his ESA was stopped. Paul appealed the decision and won on the day that he lost his battle to live.

          Chris MaGuire, 61. Deeply depressed and incapable of work, Chris was summonsed by Atos for a Work Capability Assessment and deemed fit for work. On appeal, a judge overturned the Atos decision and ordered them to leave him alone for at least a year, which they did not do. In desperation, Chris took his own life, unable to cope anymore.

          Peter Duut, a Dutch national with terminal cancer living in the UK for many years found that he was not entitled to benefits unless he was active in the labour market. Peter died leaving his wife destitute, and unable to pay for his funeral.

          George Scollen, age unknown. Took his own life after the government closed the Remploy factory he had worked in for 40 years.

          Julian Little, 47. Wheelchair bound and suffering from kidney failure, Julian faced the harsh restrictions of the Bedroom Tax and the loss of his essential dialysis room. He died shortly after being ordered to downgrade.

          Miss DE, Early 50’s. Suffering from mental illness, this lady committed suicide less than a month after an Atos assessor gave her zero points and declared her fit for work.

          Robert Barlow, 47. Suffering from a brain tumour, a heart defect and awaiting a transplant, Robert was deemed fit for work by Atos and his benefits were withdrawn. He died penniless less than two years later.

          Carl Joseph Foster-Brown, 58. As a direct consequence of the wholly unjustifiable actions of the Job centre and DWP, this man took his own life.

          Martin Hadfield, 20 years old. Disillusioned with the lack of jobs available in this country but too proud to claim benefits. Utterly demoralised, Martin took his own life by hanging himself.

          Annette Francis, 30. A mum-of-one suffering from severe mental illness, found dead after her disability benefits were ceased.

          Ian Jordan, 60. His benefits slashed after Atos and the DWP declared Ian, a sufferer of Barratt’s Oesophagus, fit for work, caused him to run up massive debts in order to survive. Ian was found dead in his flat after taking an overdose.

          Janet McCall, 53. Terminally ill with pulmonary fibrosis and declared ‘Fit for Work’ by Atos and the DWP, this lady died 5 months after her benefits were stopped.

          Stuart Holley, 23. A man driven to suicide by the DWP’s incessant pressure and threat of sanctions for not being able to find a job.

          Graham Shawcross, 63. A sufferer of the debilitating disease, Addison’s. Died of a heart attack due to the stress of an Atos ‘Fit for Work’ decision.

          David Clapson, 59 years old. A diabetic ex-soldier deprived of the means to survive by the DWP and the governments harsh welfare reforms, David died all but penniless, starving and alone, his electricity run out.

          Chris Smith, 59. Declared ‘Fit for Work’ by Atos as he lay dying of Cancer in his hospital bed.

          Nathan Hartwell, 36, died of heart failure after an 18-month battle with the ­Department for Works and Pensions.

          Michael Connolly, 60. A Father of One, increasingly worried about finances after his benefits were cut. Committed suicide by taking 13 times the fatal dose of prescription medicine on the 30th October – His Birthday.

          Jan Mandeville, 52, A lady suffering from Fibromyalgia, driven to the point of mental and physical breakdown by this governments welfare reforms. Jan was found dead in her home after battling the DWP for ESA and DLA.

          Trevor Drakard, 50 years old. A shy and reserved, severe epileptic who suffered regular and terrifying fits almost his entire life, hounded to suicide by the DWP who threatened to stop his life-line benefits.

          Death of a severely disabled Dorset resident, unnamed, who took her own life while battling the bedroom tax.

          • ……………..Like all government committees, the Work and Pensions is an integral part of government strategy that will completely ignore any of the publics submissions…………..

            “If a contract is deemed to be illegal by PLACING DURESS UPON THE SIGNATORY, then how come it is being used by the DWP to enforce WORKFARE?”

      • @Geoff Reynolds
        “How much the law says you need to live on”
        Those in receipt of means-tested Pension Guarantee Credit get £150 a week, That £150 is the minimum income you need to survive. JSA is just £79. Draw your own conclusions. Forget the Tory lies claiming that pensioners and others are a drain on what’s left of the welfare state – we are paid by the Pension Service from the ring-fenced and FULLY-TOPPED UP National Insurance fund. That’s OUR money.

  1. This is very worrying. Addictions, besides being complex in themselves, often mask undiagnosed serious mental health problems. One can envisage that in years to come people will look back at this witch hunt of sick and disabled people and recognise it as being a shameful time in British history, a bit like the execution of soldiers with PTSD in WW1.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes, used to be called LMF (lack of moral fibre), hark, i hear the clip clop of horses hooves….hackneys, drays, and carts, speeding past…deuced if i can find a good shoemaker in town, these days…more magic from the dwp…can i see their special formula for curing addictions.. i’m sure the rest of the world is waiting with baited breath in anticipation of it’s general release…i suspect a nobel prize to clinical psychiatry and medicine, will be in the bag…

  2. The stress of these changes being forced onto people will make their condition worse not better. Also, what about Health & Safety issues for regular workers – what would happen if a paid employee was involved in an accident caused by some poor soul on workfare – would the employer be covered by their employment liability insurance? Somehow, I don’t think so – any claims would be Null and Void!!!!! Diagnosing the sick and disabled should be left with every individual’s own Doctor and save the Country a fortune in employing some big business corporation. Or are GP’s not to be trusted to do their job? Think about what you are doing all you Companies who support workfare – you could end up with big problems if a member of your staff ends up in an accident caused by your greed – getting people to work for zero wages.

    • I honestly think the UK government are on the cusp of being found guilty of a lesser charge arising from claims of corporate manslaughter.
      The shame that will follow will exacerbate their present problems, no end.
      DWP Decision makers already imagine that they are more knowledgeable than time served physicians, a legacy of ATOS brainwashing.
      Soon we will see a challenge to their so called knowledge from the family of one of those who has succumbed to death as a result.
      ……………………it’s only a matter of time before the house of cards collapses………………
      Todays announcement that staff cuts and bed shortages are leaving more mental health services under unprecedented strain will obviously push these people into the DWP’s venus flytrap of death.

      Shouldn’t Iain Duncan Smith be on these trials, as he is obviously pissed……………….
      ……………..with power over the most vulnerable, it would seem.

      • “SIGNING A CONTRACT UNDER DURESS”……………….think again pinhead, you are in breach of the law……….

        Your Claimant Commitment if you are dependent on drugs and/or alcohol
        Dependency on drugs and/or alcohol can act as a major barrier to finding work.
        If you have a drug and/or alcohol dependency, Universal Credit allows you time and space to
        engage with treatment to support your recovery – we call this structured treatment.
        When you claim Universal Credit you will have to accept a Claimant Commitment. This is a
        record of the responsibilities you have accepted in return for receiving Universal Credit and
        the consequences of not meeting them.
        If you are dependent on drugs and/or alcohol and you decide to tell your work coach, they
        will do all they can to support you.
        You will not be forced by your work coach into receiving treatment.

        …………………………the ravings of a lunatic who finds it hard to accept that he is a complete nobody, a pimple on the arse of mankind………

  3. £80 Billion cuts over last 4 1/2 years gone to pay banker bonuses £81 Billion FACT!
    Now tell me why we don’t need a revolution ?

    Tor Tor Tor

  4. OFF TOPIC:- Anybody seen what’s happened at [Ipswich Unemployed Action] ?


      His father wanted to report as much as he could about the Nazis when working for the BBC, but now poor Christopher has lost the bottle to force the DWP to release mortality information from an organisation worse than the Nazi’s, the DWP…………………………….

      “Christopher Sidney Matthew Graham (born 21 September 1950) is the UK Information Commissioner. He took over the role from Richard Thomas on 29 June 2009. Prior to his current appointment, Graham was Director General of the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority.”

      “Christopher Graham’s father, David Maurice Graham (1911–99), served as a broadcaster with the BBC External Services from 1939 to 1971. He reported on the liberation of the Nazi death camps”

      ………………………….keep running, little man.

      • “why are the DWP fighting to get this freedom of information request removed?”
        Surely they haven’t been lying again?

        From: Uldis Ludeks

        20 September 2014

        Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
        Leicester’s three jobcentres, Charles St, New Walk and Wellington
        Street each had two specific Disability Employment Advisers. These
        have been reassigned and Works Coaches now fulfil the role. For
        each Jobcentre I would like to know:

        At what date the Disability Employment Advisers were reassigned?
        How many Works Coaches have taken their place at each Jobcentre?
        When did the Works Coaches complete their training for this
        important role? Please give as a percentage by date, i.e. 25% by
        01/08/14, 75% by 01/09/14 etc.

        With reference to the training provided:
        Was it tutored learning, e-learning or other?
        How long did the training take?
        What were the major learning subjects, (Just one word, i.e. ESA
        Legislation, etc.)
        Is the training recorded in the Employee’s electronic training on
        the staff management system?

        Thank you
        Yours faithfully,

        Uldis Ludeks

        Link to this

        • “new titles for unskilled DWP staff”

          Disability Employment Advisers (DEA) have not been reassigned, though they
          will deal with a wider remit of Jobcentre Plus services, as well as the core
          DEA role where required. All Advisers working in Jobcentres had a change of
          job title, so they are now called Work Coaches.

          Fully trained DEA’s have not been replaced and remain in every Leicester
          City Jobcentre Plus (JCP) site.

          We are unable to answer the questions about the training of Work Coaches to
          do the DEA role, as there has been no need for such training to take place.
          If you have any queries about this letter please contact us quoting the
          reference number above.
          Yours sincerely,

          DWP Central FoI Team


            From: Uldis Ludeks

            25 November 2014

            Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

            Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of
            Information reviews.

            I am writing to request an internal review of Department for Work
            and Pensions’s handling of my FOI request ‘Leicester Disability
            Employment Advisers replaced by Work Coaches’.

            The response is untrue. All of the Disability Employment Advisors
            in Leicester were reassigned within the last 6-9 months.

            At New Walk Jobcentre Leicester they were:
            Shah Bhana, Michelle Bryant, Vib Patel and Victoria Barnes

            At Wellington Street Leicester they were:
            Johnny Owen, John Buxton and Jassal Chamund

            If you check their personal records you will find they were taken
            off DEA work. They were not replaced. I know members of Work
            Coaches who state clearly that for over six months they were told
            to undertake the DEA role themselves despite having not received
            any training. The head of the PCS union will be able to confirm
            this as he held meeting with The Area Manager to discuss the
            matter. I understand that following this freedom of information
            request they have now been reinstated. Who was responsible for
            leaving the vulnerable to their own devices for 6-9 months? Was it
            the area Manager or did the instruction come from higher up?

            A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is
            available on the Internet at this address:

            Yours faithfully,

            Uldis Ludeks

  5. First of all there has to be Treatment Centres before you can send anyone there.

    • There already are. The government has been cultivating them in stealth like mushrooms for some time.

      Terrifying places like the sordid ‘Sorted Project’ in Edinburgh to which people are already being referred by the courts to be put on workfare while being ‘treated’ for addictions.

      Rather than the (bog) standard CBT brainwashing (which is useless enough), they use a technique known as the Transtheoratical Method – better known as the Shock Doctrine. This involves traumatising people (they don’t say how) until they mentally dissociate, creating an alter personality (as in MPD/DID) which can be reprogrammed as a good little slavey. Should a person resist they can go to jail, as well as risking sanctions. It goes without saying that nobody referred to these programmes is in any position to give informed consent.

      Upgrading addicts into zombie drones may appear to cosmetically ‘fix’ damaged people in the short term, but in the long term their pre-existing mental health issues will be complicated by the deliberately induced post traumatic stress and dissociative disorders inflicted as a ‘cure’. It boils down to poor people being processed like livestock and no longer considered human. Incidentally no staff there seem to be medically trained in any way, exactly like the Jobcentres.

      • overburdenddonkey

        yep! which is why i plug the work of dr bob johnson…although he does not do clinical work anymore he is doing medico-legal work still, details on his web site…

  6. “Jobcentre staff have no adequate training to make these decisions but they will now have more power over patients than the medical professionals treating them.”

    This doesnt come as a surprise,the jobcentre far exceeds its powers’,increasingly attempting to interfere in peoples lives.

    Jobcentre desk staff have no hesitation in handing out their “expert” views.claiming to see something that no one else see’s.more bizarre is the diagnosis that people should be at their doctor’s as they are unwell.this brought on by compounded stress of already susceptible people with illnesses and disabilities, by their tone and behavior. as for no adequate training,there doesn’t look to be any at all,only the ability to lie bully and cheat.and keep up an appearance.

  7. Reblogged this on glynismillward189 and commented:
    Honestly the DWP are enough to drive anyone to drink! I am an ex nurse. I did 3 years basic training, then a further 2 years to gain a diploma in orthopaedics. I also undertook a psychiatric secondment. During this time I was subjected to examinations and on going assessments as well as doing written case studies (thesis) which I had to pass in order to continue, so I take great exception to untrained people being let loose on people suffering with addiction. The causes of addiction are many and complex and CANNOT be dealt with by DWP.

  8. If you go to the pub with a friend (who buys you a sandwich and a pint) before you go to your work search review – and beer is on your breath – you might end being classed as an alcoholic and up going on “structured treatment”- And what happens to this information they keep? these records in their computers? Could it affect someone later if an unqualified Jobcentre bottom feeder makes a diagnosis that classifies someone as an alcoholic or drug addict, sends them to rehabilitation. Will it end up on someone’s medical records ? Would this have to be disclosed to a potential employer? – perhaps the tick box disclosure drugs and alcohol treatment.

    • A while ago, the (not-so) nice lady behind the desk at jobcentre(minus) speculated out loud – didn’t ask directly – just threw a casual statement into the tension-mix – about any “passive/agressive” tendencies … The symptoms noticed had been increasingly apparent to me too, increasing fortnight upon fortnight. They were indicative of a state of highly-defensive, barely-suppressed terror (with some barely-controlled fury – ok) – more accurately recognised as ‘Increasing Sanctions Distress’ – or ‘ISD’.

      This minion (oops) wore the (hopeful) expression of someone very desparate for their – up til then – undiscovered, amazing ability to diagnose quasi-medical conditions to become a self-fulfilling prophecy (had she seen – surely not read – ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest’?). Seeming for all the world like someone racking their brain for ways to capitalise on this sudden, ‘revelatory’ judgement.

      By making the statement, she thought that she was on the way to proving her own theory, insofar as any reply (even a pregnant pause) could be said to ‘verify’ the diagnosis … she was on a roll – it was only a very short step to there from telling people, day in, day out, that their job search wasn’t good enough/they were not ‘doing all they could’ etc.

      • * The term ‘lady’ is purely passive-agressive. Any resemblance to persons living or dead (inside) who have attempted to impose a removal of the spare JSA subsiy from ‘difficult customers’ is, of course, entirely coincidental.

  9. As only a trained first aider if I treat anyone who later dies I would end up in court on possible charges of manslaughter or if my certification isn’t current at the time and I treat some one I could also then end up being locked up, what makes the dwp exempt from taking all of these examinations to make them able to diagnose possible illnesses or accidental injuries.
    If they are allowed to make these decisions without proper training then they should be up before the courts and charged with malpractice and be given the sentence that they deserve, this plan of theres needs to be stopped before thousands more die due to there being incapable of making a proper diagnosis of peoples health this should be left as it is with the G.P’s and hospital specialists that know there job inside out.

  10. I met an old friend last year who was out of work but due to the assets he has, he cannot sign on, though he has very little money coming in.

    He told me that he’d been reliant on alcohol for some time. He had tried to stop but due to this he’d had a number of fits and ended up in hospital many times. He learned from medical staff that is VERY dangerous just to stop drinking; you are supposed to cut it down by a third for a while, then another and so on.

    If people are then sanctioned for not complying with ‘treatment’ (whatever that is supposed to be), it could lead to serious health problems, even death.

    I can’t condemn people who are in this situation; I’ve never been an alcoholic but I’ve certainly been a heavy drinker at times due to all the stress when I was forced to give up the job that I loved due to chronic ill health. Sometimes it was the only thing that got me through that horrible first few years.

    It’s sad that we have so many in society for whom there is nothing left for them other to drink!!

  11. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This will undoubtedly result in even further deaths of the very poorest and most desperate in our society. Many of those forced to live on the streets have drug and alcohol issues, as well as mental health problems that prevent them getting a full time job or successfully finding a home. As it stands, the life expectancy of these unfortunately can be extremely short. Putting them into the hands of ‘job coaches’, who have derisory levels of training, for many of them will probably be a death sentence.

    To gauge how murderously incompetent this proposal is, take a look at the comments by Thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady, Keith Warrilow and Sasson Hann. The Wibbly Wobbly Senior Lady and Warrilow point just how much training is required before a nurse or first aider is considered competent to treat people, including those with drug or alcohol problems. Warrilow also points out that if someone dies after having been treated by a first aider, the first aider may be liable for prosecution for manslaughter. I also understand that doctors and other medical professionals have special insurance to cover such eventualities. I very much doubt the ‘job coaches’ IDS has set up have any, nor any real understanding of the realities of alcoholism or drug addiction. As for IDS, his department’s moronic levels of understanding of psychology is clearly shown by the fact that they seem to believe that behavioural therapy will act as a panacea for any type of personal problems preventing someone from getting a job. Hann’s comment from their friend’s experience of coming off alcohol is a vital lesson. I didn’t know that if you were an alcoholic, you have to give it up in stages, and that simply stopping the booze may also result in damaged health. I doubt many other people realise this important detail too. In which case, any demand by a job coach that an alcoholic should simply stop will result in further damage to their health.

    None of this will bother IDS the slightest, of course. He and his fellow murderers, Esther McVie and Mike Penning, and the others in the Coalition have shown absolutely no compunction about the others, who have been killed by their policies. This won’t make them either.

  12. One of the major pathways into alcoholism is shit employment.
    How many times have you seen some poor git in the pub every night drinking on his own or maybe you know someone who is out from 5pm friday until sunday night without fail,always seeming to be partying.Chances are they have a shit job with an employer who rides there arse mercilessly,flogging them and constantly eroding their self worth.
    This is the tory ideal;destroy workers rights and hound them to slavery then moan when the alcohol they take to numb depression leaves them unfit for whipping.Forcing them to go back to the same bastards who caused the problem and do it for nothing is going to make them feel even WORSE!
    Talk about rub it in? These toffee nosed wankers should be put at a coal face for 6 months,see how they fucking feel about it then!

  13. dirt under their feet

    A relative has begun the 35 hours a week supervised jobsearch. Someone who does not have psychiatric problems, but suspects it won’t be long under this regime before he develops conditions of mental distress.

    The supervised jobsearch is a complete waste of time, where he is not being required to do any more actual proof of job searches a week than he usually does at home, but must spend all day for five days a week (for 13 weeks) so ’employed’, with occasion chats about his cv or interview technique, all which he’s done umpteen times before. Really, how much can be said about the same thing, over and over… and over?

    Of course any diversion from this mind-numbing routine, that is no more than an instrument to inflict mental torment, will immediately receive a sanction. Already he does not know how to bare contemplating it on and on and on… for three months. It is simply state-induced psychiological torture.

    Not only that but he has been taken away from a useful voluntary job in order to do it – not one of the nasty enforced ones (which is probably why they don’t like it). Is there no sense or reason? Well, obviously, no.

    So a scamming outfit has large monies for the contract of overseeing it, all from the taxpayer, while again there is no investment put into job growth; only even more for these overseers of the punishment of those not finding jobs that don’t exist.

    Moreover their assertion that this is to take people out of the benefit system is unlikely to be the result, as when people do get a job – nearly always entirely from their own efforts, and in spite of the scammers who get a fee for it – it still rarely pays enough to take them out of the benefit system, especially in this low-wage area.

    This after he has increasingly been harassed at his signing-in sessions, where they have been bullyingly finding something wrong with whatever he does, even though he always carefully does everything as instructed.

    Is it not likely that there will be some who will start turning to drink or drugs in order to ‘cope’ with being put through all of this? – just for millionaire politicians to boast that they’re doing something about unemployment – which their corporate chums have insisted they create for available cheap and unpaid labour.

    Definitely those who have addiction problems are not likely to have those improved by anything that is done to them by the DWP, especially when they’re being ‘helpful’.

  14. the jcp dread me going to sign on i have to date floored 6 work coaches to the point none of them want to deal with me any more and get a different one every time i go sign on.

    in fact they even empty the hole floor when i go in the place now as they dont want ppl hearing what they can and cant do to ppl and try to dictate how i hand in my job search ect and i got the fact that for the last 5 years i have not had to do any of this shit they send ppl on because i will not enter in to a contract with a 3rd party or sign a data waver so fucked um all from the start and the jcp have no answer to it or nothing left to send me on.

  15. all we can do is pray that they get kicked out in the next general election.if we have to put up with these for another 5 years,heaven help us

  16. Medicals For Sanctions PLC – Not Fit For Purpose.

    The threat of a sanction makes it all not Worth The Paper It`s Written On.

    Breaking Disability Human Rights Again.

    The Threat Of The Onus Is On The Burden Of Proof is not a threat DWP just contradiction Policies.

    Threats are breaking the Equality Law & The Human Rights Law.

    DWP ranting GOD & Jesus.

  17. DWP & JobCentre – What`s The Difference between DF 118 & A Bottle Of Wine?

    Stop confusing the DWP & JobCentre Staff I gave them a choice of answer & they get confused with choices work brainwashed in a Tick Box System.

  18. DWP JobCentre Medicals done between Bullet Proof Glass with the patient & the Idiot Expert. Don`t you want to take my blood pressure !!! Of course you can`t the bullet proof glass is in the way !!!


    The questions the DWP has ‘borrowed’ come from the ‘Values in Action Inventory of Strengths’ test devised by Christopher Peterson and Martin ‘Marty’ Seligman. In 2001, Marty Seligman allegedly convened a ‘counter-terrorism and psychology’ meeting at his home, attended by, among others, the alleged creator of the CIA torture program, Dr. James Mitchell, and CIA Director of Behavioral Sciences Research, Kirk M. Hubbard.


    Following this meeting, the CIA hired Dr Mitchell’s firm, Jessen and Associates, to devise an interrogation programme. In the same year, 2002, Kirk Hubbard invited Prof. Seligman to give a 3-hour lecture to the Navy SERE school in San Diego on his ‘learned helplessness’ concepts – a lecture attended by Mitchell, Jessen and Hubbard, and co-sponsored by the CIA.

    Later the same year, the APA (American Psychological Association) amended its ethics rules to allow psychologists to ‘override’ their ethics when following orders from the CIA and the military, and the ‘enhanced interrogation’ programme – including the now-infamous ‘waterboarding’ technique and locking detainees in a ‘dog box’ – was launched.

    A series of meetings, seminars and ‘workshops’ spun off from this, and an ethics ‘task force’ was launched by the APA to oversee the process – with 6 of its 10 members being psychologists employed by the CIA and military.

    The results of the programme have been publicised, with journalists and even the occasional supportive politician undergoing waterboarding to see whether it’s as bad as has been claimed. As far as I know, no one has been able to bear it for very long.

    In 2010, anti-corruption procurement processes were bypassed to aware a $31m, ‘no-bid’, sole-source contract to the University of Pennsylvania’s ‘Positive Psychology Center’ for training US soldiers in resistance to interrogation. The unit is directed by Prof. Seligman.

  20. This is disgusting. i used to work in addictions field and hard core drugs users often have serious underlying issues that need tackling first. Many of those who ended up in rehab had been sexually abused as children.

  21. Pingback: Jobcentre Busy-Bodies To Outrank Healthcare Professionals In Treatment For Addictions – The Void | Vox Political

  22. Here is another Policy link to the ‘Fit For Work’ Policy the Gov have contracted Maximus to implement.
    GPs will no longer be able to write sick notes after 4 weeks. Maximum have won a Gov Contract to get sick people back to work quickly using rather questionable tactics.

    Please reblog link, Im new to all this and dont know how to get this out there but its important people get to know about this new policy thats going to hit people who are working and suffering from depression etc.

    Click to access fit-for-work.pdf

  23. Sooner or later people are going to kick off. The reason people have benefits is so they don’t demonstrate/riot/rob people.

    • ………….read this morning that Tony Blair was about to get an award, it must be for delaying the Chilcott Inquiry into a war that has made us the terrorists fantasy isle.
      The only award that this fucker deserves is an anvil round his neck, as for Save the Children, just count how many in the UK are without a mum or dad because of his tryst with his transatlantic bum chum, Bush……………

    • It’s not going to kick off if it was going to it would of happened by now! and it won’t solve anything anyway


    How DEAEP helped Former soldier with ESA Claim
    November 24, 2014 / jaynel62

    One of the long term cases we are dealing with at DEAEP is Burt, he initially came to us for help in January 2014, a deterioration of his health had left him unable to work and in October 2013 he’d claimed ESA. He received an award in January and he’d been placed into WRAG, his range of physical and mental health difficulties were such it was clear he was in the wrong group, therefore he we supported him submit a mandatory reconsideration (MR) claim to be moved into the Support Group.

    In October 2014, Burt received the letter informing him his 365 limit for NI contribution based ESA was ending, so we reapplied for Income based ESA including up to date health information from his specialists demonstrating his further health deterioration. He was immediately re-awarded and the decision maker had again placed him in WRAG, ergo we resubmitted a MR for inclusion into the Support group.

    A fortnight ago Burt received a mandatory Work-focussed interview for today, which we arranged to attend at, and everything was running smoothly until Friday when he received another two letters; one for him to attend a conditionality interview on the following day (Saturday) and the second was the start date for him to begin The Work Programme with A4 on Thursday this week!

    Burt immediately phoned the DWP and said he could not possibly get to the JobCentre the next day, but he would be attending today; the call centre operator said this was fine and she believed the letters to be duplicates and to ignore them!

    We attended Burt’s interview with him this morning, and after the interviewer explained the reasons for the meeting today, (the changes under Welfare Reform) we entered into a debate as to why Burt was not fit for work. We explained how Burt’s Army induced PTSD and Depression, along with his crushed Spine, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Sciatica and Emphysema; meant he is in constant pain and is fatigued from perpetual Nightmares. Fortunately the personal advisor (PA) we met with was not only willing to listen, she was also suffering from disillusionment with Welfare Reform; she shared with us that before the changes, she as his PA, had the authority to decide which group Burt ought to be in, and in her opinion he should be in the support group. When we asked if there were any approximate time scales for MR she said No but the decision makers were still considering our request submitted in January!

    She then cancelled the Conditionality interview and completed the Work Programme Action plan, which was due to be filled at Thursdays appointment, with the statement “customer will respond to or attend all appointments booked by work coach or external advisors“; this allowing either Burt or ourselves the option to advise A4 of non-attendance, until such time the decision makers determine the mandatory reconsideration request.

    For me there are Three key points arising from this experience:

    The Personal Advisor is the one who communicates directly with the customer, therefore they are best paced to determine which group ESA claimants should be in?

    There are far too many ‘sections’ (14 according to the PA today) in the JobCentre, all dealing with small parts of the ‘customers journey’, and as with Burt, claimants can be called in for each separate part; this causes major difficulties for sick, disabled and financially vulnerable claimants and obvious confusion for call centre staff. Claimants should have One PA who manages their claims for beginning to end?

    Some staff at JobCentre are as sick of the ludicrous outcomes of Welfare Reform as we are, and are trying doing their job; but they’re not medically trained and therefore are not be best paced to make such vital decisions.

    If anyone finds themselves in similar situations and would like support please contact us at DEAEP, we’re here to help.

  25. So Sick Of This Shit

    They surely cannot maintain this level of oppression for ever. Something must eventually give.

    “Stay strong in your beliefs. Don’t let anyone grind you down and make you feel hopeless.”

  26. Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR) at JCP the first clue was the use of military style acronyms – an acronym soup tyranny.

  27. So Sick Of This Shit

    It’s officially a (costly) shambles.

    Universal Credit: Watchdog warns of cost of further delays

  28. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    Please read carefully. The comments are very pertinent.


    • Published on 18 Nov 2014

      Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions attended the Social Justice Conference on 18th November 2014. In this video he explains what social justice means.

    • In my experience, all the alcoholics and heroin addicts I know and have known, none of them will ever attend or complete any form of Workfare or comply with any of this bullshit in any way. It’s a total non-starter. Many will end up on the streets, many will end up dead.

  30. fuck you George Duncan smith you lying fucking cunt!

  31. Glossy dead eyes THE SIGNS OF WORRY

  32. This Tory Bonehead Garbage has Got to be Opposed

    Socialism Not Slavery

    Britain Get Out of the Tory Trance

  33. javascript:;

    A card to send to IDS?

  34. Drug addicts who intermittent take drugs die of overdoses as the body has gone out of whack even more. Alcoholics are starving already as their body is also out of whack to digest food. This is why one of the obvious signs of addiction is the drawn face look, much like those on life threatening diseases.

    The Jobcentres would have had far less work if the retirement age had remained at 60 for women since 2013, as women have to sign on for
    6 more years, where men also have to sign on for 1 more year.

    A huge number of women born from 1953 and men born from 1951
    will get NIL STATE PENSION so will be on benefit for life
    with three quarters of the rest on far far less than even today, lowest level as it is of all rich nations bar poor Mexico.

    Does this mean millions forever going to the Jobcentre?

    The Greens are reluctant to say the solution for all this, saving billions on benefits admin, by their 2015 manifesto pledge:

    – automatic, universal, Citizen Income, non-withdrawable
    to level of basic tax allowance
    without any need to be actively seeking work, to be in work or not

    – Bettered State Pension, with a full state pension to all citizens,
    leaving no citizen without any pension at all

    Alcoholics can be any age, as you are never cured and can always relapse if take even one drink.

    Drug Addiction cannot be paid for by benefits, as it costs huge money to keep on a constant supply of drugs, as the brain has stopped generating many brain chemicals, as happens with clinical depression.

    To be a drug addict means either being a sex worker or an active thief to keep up with a full addiction.

    Drug and alcohol treatment saves money not only for the NHS re hospital admissions and emergency ambulance care, but also for the Police, the insurance industry, the courts system, the Prison Service, and council bills for crematoriums etc etc.

    • Those born after 1953 will not get NIL state pension, they may get nil incomes related pension if they stayed at home to rear children (a job in itself) but will still be entitled to a state pension, I don’t know where you get your information.

  35. Just how pissed and/or stoned was Gidiot at today’s PMQs ?

    • Hey Keith, Maybe, just maybe, Gidiot had, had, to much cocaine. Or maybe, just maybe, he was having a ‘mild’ stroke. You never know!!!

  36. I wonder how many Tories are alcoholic’s and drug dependent? No doubt they will get the best treatment (if it exits), allowed time of from work and full wages paid. Just a thought!!!

  37. That you should have read KentAllard.


    ………after admitting that they have investigated 60 claimant deaths;

    Our reference: 4715
    Date: 14/11/2014

    Dear Ms Baddams,

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 27/10/2014.

    You asked:

    Is it true that 11 disabled people have committed suicide in circumstances
    where the coroner has said as a result of assessments under the WCA?


    I am sorry but the Department does not hold information on Coroners
    If you have any queries about this letter please contact us quoting the
    reference number above.
    Yours sincerely,

    DWP Central FoI Team




  39. Jim Murphy is a fucking traitor!!

    lol at the treacherous cunt mi5 man Jim Murphy telling Sarah Montague that it’s “fantastic” that IDS’s heap of shite UC (universal cock-up) will remain part of the UK rather than being devolved to fuck. What a cunt utter cunt Jim fucking Murphy is!!

    • overburdenddonkey

      subject to WM parl approval; it is recommended today that scotland is given stunning new powers to set highway speed limits and increase the number of bi-lingual signs on roads and public buildings… the VOW which no one admits to authouring, is hailed as a monumental democratic achievement, of BS baffling brains… we were promised home rule, less defence and foreign affairs…the MSM responce to smith com report of over 70% less than that, “is as near as dammit”…in the words of a famous song “there maybe trouble ahead.”….as one stunned but pragmatic scot stated today “Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.”

    • overburdenddonkey

      jim murphy, the spectator campaigner of the year, gets a warm reception from his adoring public in glasgow…

  40. im going to put my head above the firing line…at the moment i live in sheltered accomodation,due to cancer and mental health issues im surrounded by young 20 somethings most of who,m have had drug issues,they laugh all night and day,drive cars DLA cars,life is really cushy.i dont know the right or wrongs of it,its confusing,funding has been stopped so in 2 months time im homeless im them its a joke..maybe not a popular view,but sadly theyve everybody with the same brush

    • What there will probably be is a preferred welfare client base to maintain the unproductive (Third Sector) plundering class, the majority will be locked out of any welfare provisions.

  41. 100,000 sick and disable dead so far…but one australian cricket player dies huge news

    • …’s not just you thinking it, i thought exactly the same thing, flipping across news channels to see if i was right.
      The deaths of so many poor and disabled are deliberately hidden from the media spotlight whilst the government breach every law ever written to safeguard the most vulnerable.

      Many, many more will meet an untimely end, just to be brushed off as a piece of unwanted trash. The impulse to end it all, to take your own life, to free yourself of the horror, must be in the minds of countless thousands.

      What we are seeing, is no accident, it was an evil experiment in Genocide, Ethnic cleansing at the behest of private health insurance company UNUM who introduced their ideals to gullible ministers.

      The experiment has gone out of control like a giant snowball gathering bodies as it rolls forward………………

      They are in a state of panic as the increasing death toll becomes more and more embarrassing, rather than admit liability they choose to look away whilst instructing their media chums to block all coverage.


  42. “Osborne”

  43. Oppose Tyranny and Oppression Oppose Tory Arrogance

    Redistribution of Wealth from Rich to Poor

  44. The system is Null & Void – Not Worth The Paper It`s Written On – Not Fit For Purpose.

    Not much more to say otherwise it becomes Poll A Tricks breaking Human Rights Laws.

    Disabled people are not defenceless.

  45. Half-blind widow killed herself after her incapacity benefit was axed because she was fit enough to catch a bus.

  46. Are the ruling class so morally bankrupt that they have to manslaughter the weak and vulnerable to demonstrate to the British striving classes how tough they are on “benefit scroungers”?

    The dumb striving classes on BBC QT applauded the “Making Work Pay” rant believing that by the sanctioning of unemployment benefits their in work benefits will increase or that divisive “Making Work Pay” rant will somehow deliver them a living wage.

    • Watched that QT last night and here we have the classic scenario of a woman asking a question of the panel because she’s been brainwashed by the Daily Fail and Tory propaganda machine to believe that people on benefits are to blame for all her problems.

      I’ve got news for you Mrs maybe if your employer paid a proper wage in the first place you wouldn’t be in the situation you’re in. For too long exploitative employers have got away with paying rock bottom wages and then looking to the rest of society to top it up with tax credits. If your employer paid what they should you wouldn’t need tax credits in the first place.

      The enemy here is the government and crooked employers who want to have their cake and eat it too.

      • She was on Tax Credits as well so how is that different? She will be in for a shock when Iain Dungheap Shit cuts those under Universal Chaos. That QT panel were a joke. They weren’t so bad on immigration so when the Q was asked about benefits I was hoping for better, at least from Jo Brand and Chuka. As for the audience, where was the dissent? Where were the hisses and boos? It must be something about Romford

  47. Addicts kill themselves, whore themselves, deal drug themselves and commit all sorts of crimes in order to feed their habit. People so in the grip of addiction won’t simply stop poisoning themselves with their drug of choice becasue you threaten to cut their benefits. They simply will not be able to. If you could cure such sick people of their disease by threatening them or sanctioning their benefits I’m sure America, whose jails are awash with men and women addicts of all kinds, would have discovered this decades ago.

    This approach is so stupid and cruel and vile that it beggers belief.

    Iain Duncan Smith should be taken out and shot.

  48. SNP consensus – disingenuous heid the baw politics having Scottish football clubs promote food banks in order to break the justified stigma attached to food banks and the Scottish working class rejection of exploitative social entrepreneurs.

    The SNP should disassociate itself from the exploitative Scottish third sector and the cronyism powerbase of what is referred to as civic Scotland.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      consensus with poverty enabling is wrong, we must tell them this…but we are where we are and people do need their next meal, without feeling indebted…we must shift away from right wing culturally embedded poverty enabling… but how, imo the common weal offers much….

  49. Hey, I see you have a twitter account, do you tweet all your new posts?

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