Millionaires Threaten Protest March If They Have To Pay A Little Bit Of Tax


Following the cringe-making intervention of a hasbeen comedian, now posh twats are threatening a protest over any future mansion tax calling it a ‘humanitarian’ issue.

An article in the Ham and High newspaper reveals that Hampstead millionaires may even be planning a march against the proposed tax – although for now they have settled on a petition to the Labour Party.

One dismayed toff, art dealer James Butterwick, claims he may even have to close his – by invitation only – art gallery where he stores his collection of “museum quality paintings with flawless provenance.”  Is your heart bleeding?  Mine fucking isn’t.

Of course Butterwick is most worried about his dear old mam who lives in a house worth a mere £4 million and can’t afford to pay any more tax*.  Yet according to Butterworth’s linkedin page, his family could afford to send him to Eton College.

Hundreds of thousands of households are currently under threat of losing their home since the introduction of the Bedoom Tax.  Just down the road from Hampstead, young mothers are being socially cleansed from the capital due to the Benefit Cap, soaring rents and the desperate shortage of social housing.  The response from the rich has been to openly mock or turn their backs.  Yet now they expect us all to take their whining seriously just because someone has suggested they actually make a fair contribution towards the public services they depend on.  This is the real something for nothing culture.  They want the hospitals, the police, their bins emptying and the tree-lined streets.  But they don’t want to fucking pay for it.  That’s why they only pay a tiny fraction of their wealth in Council Tax compared to the rest of us.

Labour’s proposed mansion tax doesn’t go anywhere near far enough.  It is true it affects more people in London, but that’s because London has lots of rich people.  And London has a lot more poor people and many of them don’t have a home at all.  There are no Hampstead millionaires planning a protest march about that.

If you’ve heard enough from the arrogant rich join the Poor Doors demo tomorrow (Wednesday 12th November, 6pm 1 Commercial St, E1) which could see the biggest and most boisterous turn out yet after last week’s vindictive arrests.  Then on November 22nd head to Fitzroy Square to tell Griff Rhys Jones to fuck off if he doesn’t want to pay a little bit of tax on one of his mansions.  Class War will be announcing the details of their own Mansion Tax policy at this event.  Let’s make the rich feel uncomfortable for a change.

*It is hard to believe that anyone living in a £2 million pound house is actually that poor.  There is an easy solution however to the so-called problem of older people who have low incomes  but are living in houses that have increased sharply in value.  The handful judged to be in genuine need could pay the tax in the form of equity on their houses, to be recovered from their estates when they die.  Then they’d have nothing to complain about.  Alternatively they could take in a lodger or try and work a few more hours, the advice given by the government to people facing the Bedroom Tax.

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122 responses to “Millionaires Threaten Protest March If They Have To Pay A Little Bit Of Tax

  1. Eating cake as instructed

    The Reign of Terror springs to mind with greasy buggers suggesting the poor eat cake. I’ve met some truly foul property developers up north keen to price local farming communities out of living locally all so fkg Tarquin can go to some toffs nosed school. Explain that to worn out widow working three jobs at low pay to ensure her two kids get food shoes coats and even a sniff of a chance of a college education. It was bad in my day for working class but now proper jobs are replaced by free enforced volunteers pricing jobs out of the market altogether so Cameron and cronies can stand braying how many are in work. If these jobs are paying how come the housing benefit bill is rocketing? Is it due to toffs in mansions fingering their property for rent portfolios? Stiffing the poor? Of course it is!

  2. Last week, Labour peer Lord Melvyn Bragg joined Labour’s Hampstead and Kilburn MP Glenda Jackson in opposing the mansion tax, describing it as a “crude weapon” and warning it could have “wiped out Hampstead as a Labour seat”.

    Priceless from the champagne socialist propagandists that appear to have forgotten the cultural progressivism shit that they spread all over the working class.

  3. These rich bastards aren;t at all funny, do we care if they leave because having to pay extra taxes, i bloody well don;t!

  4. If they don’t like it tough titty!

  5. *laughs at the millionaires* I doubt the police will kettle them or spray them with water cannons.

    • The police aren’t the only people with access to pepper spray, motorcycle helmets, batons and big shields. If they won’t kettle the rich, perhaps the community should do its own policing?

      • Sounds like this scabby government might be facing an insurrection before May. Don’t forget the 5,000 machine guns held by British constabularies – perhaps it’s down to the likelihood of insurrection. Should our troops be told to turn their guns on civilians, doubtless they’ll mutiny. But as for the police, especially the Met, I suspect they’ll use their machine guns with impunity.

    • They wont be marching themselves… they’ll send someone along to do it for them. Probably an unpaid intern.

  6. Eating cake as instructed

    Let them sod off. Useless entities parasites feeding off misfortune. A generation ago everyone holding a full time secure job could anticipate buying a small terraced home. Now thanks to their sorts a modest terraced home in many northern areas needs a salary of 40k to afford. Little wonder renting has grown buy to rent should be taxed at 90% all expense claims thereon scrutinised under heavy penalty. All working folk had dignity could afford their rent or mortgage decent markets for fresh food a beer and packet of fags. Now folk are trapped living day to day fearful of having no money to feed the kids. Still Lord Mayors banquet funds though eh Mr Cameron?

    • Buy to let is a criminal fucking joke. My ‘Landlord’ owns a 100 properties.
      Every 18 months a surveyor turns up from the bank.The surveyor measures and values the house,then the bank agree the estate has risen in value and lends the landlord the money to buy another house.Every year (the landlord) bleats that property prices are rocketing and the rent has to go up.Of course, he’s owned my home for years so his payments are going down,not up but he needs this years 4 wheel drive,.. Buy to let causes the poorest of society to pay for the property empires of the most unscrupulous.
      It is these very people who are pricing assisted tenants out,and enforcing the evictions with glee.
      WHY should we have to buy him houses?

      • Basically because that Thatcher hag introduced the “Right to Buy” council houses at a very reduced price, subsidised by the taxpayer. That let to go a flood of cheap, subsidised properties on the market that were (and still are) snapped up by “Buy to Let” slumlords.

  7. That`s good they will all be out on the march the rich people so no one at home so they all get their house robbed Now the fucking rich are interested.

    Blood Suckers.

    • Not to mention, lots of economic vampires all gathered together in one place…

      Pray for freak localised tidal waves. 🙂

  8. Love the last paragraph, Johnny
    Of course they can also do as they advise us, fucking downsize to a smaller gaff.
    Of course, them cunts can afford the costs incurred by moving house…

  9. “””””Art dealer James Butterwick, who lives in Hammersmith and is backing the campaign, said the proposed tax would force him to sell his home and business.

    “I have a gallery in my house and in order to survive I’d have to close my gallery,” he said.

    “For me it would mean the closing of my business, the selling of my house and a complete upheaval of everything that I hold dear.

    “The person I’m most concerned about is my mother who lives in a house which is probably worth £4m, which my father bought in 1960. She would have to move and at the age of 77 it would be extremely traumatic for her.””””

    Oh what a shame – Well fuck off then & stop moaning.

    • ‘She would have to move and at the age of 77 it would be extremely traumatic for her.’ I’m 77, in a private rental, not knowing how long it will be before the landlady decides to sell. Then, I don’t know how I’ll get another place, since I’m on Housing Benefit and have a dog, either of which circumstances would cause most landlords to refuse to rent to me. For so many working-class people, housing insecurity is a constant trauma, underlying their other experiences and concerns every moment of the day.

      That said, you have to admit that there’s something really funny about these rich bastards expecting sympathy. I’m sort of laughing …

      • Eating cake as instructed

        They haven’t the slightest clue of how ordinary folk live sick to the bone marrow over winter fuel bills hoping their shoes don’t start leaking how they’ll afford any Christmas present for grandchild and still have money for food. Communities aren’t just buildings there’s people making that community too. All ages torn away by poverty from support networks friends they can call on if taken I’ll or other crisis. Bastards will have us all living in workhouses again.

  10. Janet Street Porter on Ed Millibands proposed mansion tax,
    ‘ Their homes might have tripled in value in five years, but why should they leave the neighbourhoods where they and their families have grown up for generations? Affordable new homes are miles from where they work, in the outer suburbs or the countryside’ Must be a mate of Griff Rhys Jones. Fucking bitch.

  11. Westminster has the lowest council tax in the country some thing like £80 a year. So Westminster the rich places.

    • it starts around £30 a month, actually. Still the lowest in the country though.
      Paid for by business taxes. Extortionate numbers passed on to customers.
      £5 a pint. Somebody has to pay for all those hi vi vests walking about.

  12. So how many of you rich people are claiming child benefit? All of them because it`s there & they can.

  13. Hardship payments of Universal Credit have to be paid back once the sanction comes to an end. can see the department for deceit and sanctions being owed millions

    • I cant see how that is legal, actually. The reduced rate payments for those who’s benefits have been suspended exist because of laws concerning human need.I suspect there could be a challenge to this. But anyway. They will take it from your benefits at £8 a week. I owed the crisis fund a £100 for a decade.When ‘re’ unemployed I paid back £120, but that was worth half what I borrowed.
      Feeling so guilty..

    • It makes it even more important to Appeal then!

  14. Since the rich people are poor they are claiming Housing benefit – So £120 million overspent on housing benefit. Yes it`s a black hole where it`s gone the rich people do the most DWP Fraud !!

    • I don’t know about claiming it, but rich people are certainly *receiving* housing benefit. In some cases, it’s what makes them rich.

      If only there were some way to ensure that the rent I paid went back into the public purse, rather than lining the pockets of some distant landlord’s estate… maybe local government could, I don’t know, build a shitload of high quality housing and let it out to anyone who needs it at extremely attractive rents? That could work, right?

      • overburdenddonkey

        j p
        the shooting party and let’s not forget wealthfare…

        • overburdenddonkey

          p s j p et al
          an abstract from the above link…
          “There are a dozen ways in which it could have discharged the deficit without inflicting cuts in social security or other essential public services. It could have introduced land value taxation(12). Or it could have unlocked the deeply regressive banding of council tax which, as Ian Jack showed last month, ensures that the Ukrainean oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, who bought a double penthouse in One Hyde Park for £136m, pays less in tax for that property than do the owners of a £200,000 house in Blackburn(13,14).

          If even a flat council tax were applied – in other words, if everyone paid tax at the same rate – Mr Akhmetov might contribute around £2m a year to the exchequer, rather than £1,353. If council tax were progressive – in other words if those with the most expensive homes paid proportionately more – he might be charged £4 or 5m. Such taxes would have the additional benefit of suppressing house prices.”

  15. Rich people need to learn to cook spending £100 at least on 1 meal. The rich are the biggest moaners.

  16. I like tripping over at jobs £100 a job I got 6 jobs today trip trip fails Health & Safety. 6X£100= £600 a days work with no tax. No one believes me.

    The DWP is set up for fraud. The easiest thing to do is defraud the DWP & the rich people are doing just that & using disabled people as scape goats.

    • I believe you, but I only charge 100 if its the bs88 service head fuse.

      • £100 to change the main fuse ??!! ffs that’s just taking the piss. Anyone with half a brain cell can change a fucking fuse. The one in the leccy cupboard is easier to change than the fuse in a fucking plug ffs. City and Guilds Part 4 and all that bullshit just to change a fuse. It’s all a load of shit!

  17. Nice one Johnny. Small quibble, mind. Your suggestions for cash-poor elderly people living in £2m plus value houses are overly complex and open to abuse. How about the following instead:

    Failure to pay – on or before due date – results in immediate sale at auction.

    £500 000 from the auction price – less expenses for eviction and police action, emergency accommodation, site visits, fees for any unsuccessful legal challenges to eviction, auctioneers fees, and administration costs – to be retained by the former homeowner. All other assets also to be forfeit. .

    My suspicion is that the elderly rich would rapidly start moving, of their own accord, into smaller properties. At the urging of their children.

  18. …………………”A MESSAGE TO THE BBC”



    …………….and please remember who you represent;









    …………………..and all and sundry having hidden offshore accounts in tax havens

  19. The house cost £1,450,000 in 1998 and is now estimated to be worth about £7,000,000.

  20. Bonnie Greer gives Griff Rhys Jones travel advice in mansion tax row

    24Dash – Wednesday 5th November 2014

    In a highbrow critique of Labour’s ongoing mansion tax controversy, author Bonnie Greer has told comedian Griff Rhys Jones to “pack up and p*** off”, according to the Daily Telegraph.

    Greer’s constructive suggestion came after Rhys Jones told the paper he would emigrate if Labour came to power and imposed the tax on homes worth over £2 million. This very much includes Rhys Jones’s Georgian splendour on Fitzroy Square, one of central London’s most beautiful squares.

    Greer, who lives nearby but has not yet been told to “p*** off yourself” by Rhys Jones, objected to complaints about the policy when there were rough sleepers enduring genuine hardship in the area.

    Always keen to help, Greer also suggested that Rhys Jones could donate his home to a housing charity or the NHS.

    As of 6.30pm today, he had not done this.

    24Dash: –

    • Bonnie Greer, Officer of the Order of the British Empire, cant stand the woman a self conscious racist.

      • It’s good to see you’re finally admitting the intentionality of your own racism.

        Oh, wait, you weren’t signing your work, were you?

        I don’t know… you hand one oafish fascist figurehead his arse on national TV, and all his little jackbooted sheep never forgive you for it…

        • just passing,

          They are different sides of the same opportunistic coin one could not do without the other manifesting their own deep seated grievances by dividing their respective groupthink audience into mindless thugs baying for blood.

          “It’s good to see you’re finally admitting the intentionality of your own racism.”

          Classic totalitarian accusation of a thought crime what is your remedy to march people off to the concentration camp for political indoctrination, … gazing into the abyss my friend!

  21. Don`t Blackmail charities saying you won`t be able to give to charities to avoid paying Tax. Rich people give to charity to get out of paying tax.

    Stop the blackmail.

    • For maximum effectiveness, I just tell the truth: “I’m sorry, but once I’ve paid my bills, covered my care costs, and bought what little food I can afford, I have absolutely nothing left even for emergencies. If it wasn’t for organisations like yours encouraging the reduction of opportunities for paid employment so that people can be forced into unpaid positions under threat of losing everything, then I could have applied for a job and might have something to spare for you.” Simples!

  22. ………and no kettling by the police on these distinguished toff’s, just a chance of an autograph and a promise of file deletion should the kiddy fiddling papers drop onto the wrong desks………..

  23. They will be 3 rich people on the march because nothing will change by marching & protesting. Could be on the phone to Hollywood.


    Burgle their homes and trash the premises………….

  25. Landless Peasant

    It’s time these idle rich scroungers & parasites were made to clean the streets. We must do all we can to end this entitlement culture.

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  27. The leaders need £1billion to win the election in keeping cover ups covered up !!! May 2015 at any cost even being a Rogue state !!

  28. To prove I have sent a letter to the DWP I have copies. The DWP say they never received my letter yet I have proof. The foundation of failure from the start to get rid of paper work & make it all digital so it is owned by ATOS who will be still running the DWP`s IT System. Maximus is in partnership with ATOS weather they know it or not.

    The paper trails are being got rid of at the DWP & put onto ATOS so the DWP hiding behind ATOS again. ATOS is not going away Maximus.

    Corporate Genocide fuck up on behalf of the DWP.


  29. I did say many moons ago that you cant get blood out of a stone,and when the poor are dry the demand for taxes will shift up the social ladder.
    Those with 2 million £ properties and a nest egg to pop to the weathers on hampstead hill every afternoon with will have to go to work or sell a painting.
    Crying into my asda price tea.

  30. The is a Rich class war your not as rich as me because I live in Holland Park. Class War for rich people. What utter bullshit because you are braindead without being disabled thick O.

  31. When the rich spend £200 a head eating out because they have not learnt to cook.


    Because we never got out of the recession with that waste of cover ups. Confidence tricksters.

  33. It says on the BBC NEWS that one in 10 sausages and processed pork meat products in England and Wales, has Hepatitis E………………..

    Therefore the humble sausage gets more airtime than the protest demonstrations that are appearing up and down our miserable isles………

    If it takes two weeks to see a GP, the sausages will be very upset and far past their sell by date………………..

  34. “how can this statement from maximus be true, given that they are using the same “LIMA TICKBOX CRAP” as used by and patented by ATOS?……..

    MAXIMUS Chief Executive Richard Montoni said: “We were chosen for this contract because we are experts in helping people who use government healthcare and other social services programmes.

    “There are many challenges that will take some time to overcome. However, we believe that we have the clinical expertise and fresh approach that will reduce waiting times, improve clinical quality and deliver an improved customer experience.”

    ……………………………………CORPORATE MURDER RULES O.K.



    • Geoff, please.
      “How can this statement from Maximus bebtrue, given that they are using the same “LIMA TICKBOX CRAP” as used and patented by UNUM?
      FTFY. 🙂

  35. Reblogged this on markcatlin3695's Blog and commented:
    I bet that’s the only protest march that would be reported by the BBC

  36. overburdenddonkey max keiser on banks et al and guest ATD…

    • The BBC is a British Broadcasting Company paid for by public subscription via a tv licence, yet refuse to divulge the pay of their senior staff when asked in a freedom of information request……………….

      “What are they frightened of releasing this information, given that it is our subscriptions that fund it”

      This is part of a response to the BBC;

      Your response is that the BBC does not hold this information. I do not
      believe that the BBC does not have a defined budget for senior
      management pay instead of simply dipping into a bottomless pit of cash.

      The BBC is either saying that it does not know how much money it pays to
      its senior managers or it is refusing to say. Will the internal reviewer please
      make clear which is the case. Or, preferably, ensure that my questions are
      answered properly.

      This response misses the point completely, and I believe deliberately. That
      the BBC does not hold the information on how much it pays senior
      managers is simply not credible.”

      • Because the BBC refuse to disclose the rates of pay to it’s senior managers, is another reason for the people of this country to say,


        We are the corporations lifeblood, without us they would not exist………

        Every single penny of our licence fees should be accountable for, the biased reporting of late shows corruption exists…………………..

        • overburdenddonkey

          as well as a bbc and general MSM boycott in scotland… we now have this among many other brand new media outlets..

          • We now trust the foreign networks more than our own obd, Al Jazeera and Russia Today give out more truthful coverage than Sky or the Beeb.
            Everything we are told is a complete crock of shit with heavily biased state undertones.
            If they cannot succeed with fear alone they try to baffle us with bullshit.

            Huge cracks are starting to appear in the State projected veneer. You have to be a good liar to carry it off and these jokers are best left alone to shoot themselves in the foot, they do not need our help………..

        • I don’t have a TV Licence because I don’t watch TV. However for those who need their fix of televisual ordure can legally watch catch-up TV without a licence. A TV Licence is required to watch TV as it is broadcast, nothing else.

          • ………have you seen this Pete?

            From: Richard Alexander

            1 November 2014

            Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

            Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (‘the Act’)
            would you please provide me with the following:

            (1)-The total number of UK-wide TV Licence cancellations
            for the full month of October 2014.

            (2)-The total number of TV Licence cancellations in Scotland
            for the full month of October 2014.

            I understand there may be some caveats attached to the figures
            which i am requesting. These caveats are not important to me –
            so if it will save you some time i am quite happy for you just to
            supply me with the figures requested.

            Thank you for your time and help on this matter.

            Yours faithfully,

            Richard Alexander.

            Link to this

            • Thanks Geoff.
              The figures I have indicate that 20% of adult households are Legally Licence Free, while the BBC maintain that figures is just 5%.

              The TV Licence enforcement arm of the BBC is contracted to a scummy outsourcing outfit: Capita Business Services. Capita’s goons are basically salesmen with no more powers than the milkman. Those goons earn £20 commission should they stitch up a householder. TV Licensing goons lie and perjure themselves to meet targets. Should a TV Licensing goon knock on your door ask for identification and if it’s TVL, slam the door in their faces. Should the goon ask whether you are so-and-so say nothing and slam the door. Every bit of info you (even your name) goes into Capita’s database which they then seek to use against you.

              • yes, i have to go short on food to pay that bloody licence, for what? those wealthy bastards demanding more and more for their old rubbish every bloody year!

              • Fuck tv licensing

                We’ve had these tvl goon cunts on the other side of the door holding a great big fucking antenna with the tv blaring away in the front room 😀 tvl is a fucking joke! There is fuck all they can do. 😀

              • This site BBC TV Licence is good – a collection of the threatograms these 👿 bbc/tvl 👿 cunts send out to little old ladies with dodgy pacemakers: “Dr Mr Void/Little Old Lady. You have not responded to our previous letters. We want to ensure you have the information you may need before a hearing is set at your local court. Please read the information below and keep for your records. You will be allowed to take it into court with you. Your faithfully A Cunt TV Licensing Enforcement” WTF! Never mind Jimmy Savile cover-ups one read at that site should be enough to put anyone off paying the telly tax for life.

          • Incorrect. A TV licence is required to watch and record TV as it is broadcast. Watching catch up TV, listening to the radio through a TV, and using a TV as a monitor to play CDs, DVDs, and games are all legal under any circumstances, but you cannot legally use a DVR to capture the output from Dave (to give an example) for later viewing unless you have first paid the TV tax. Simples!

  37. – Toff Shit !

  38. is a heap of fucking shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  39. Griff Rhys Jones is fucking toff SCUM!!

    Griff Rhys fucking Jones is one of those toff cunts who don’t want to pay any taxes because “we don’t use any services”… like he jumps out of his bedroom without touching the pavement in the morning to get into his car and his car just like magically floats above the road without touching the tarmac that the hard-working taxpayer had forked out for. What a CUNT!!!!!!

  40. Minimal Maximus bid ‘could scupper fitness for work improvements’

    DNS – By john pring – 7th Nov 2014

    But two separate sources close to the outsourcing industry have told Disability News Service (DNS) that Maximus was awarded the contract by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) because it bid about £50 million less per year than its rival.

    Both sources confirmed that this means Maximus will have far less leeway than Interserve would have had to fund improvements to the WCA system.

    Disability New Service: –

  41. Q. How many DWP lawyers does it take to do a cover up on one thing?

    A. 25 at £2,000 An Hour. = £80,000 +++ Great use of tax payers money.

    So £200,000 to make the Unemployment figures go down 115,000 + admin about £400,000 to fiddle the figures.

    Well done lawyers wasting tax payers money.

  42. The banks are in shit having to pay back £2 billion RECCESSION

  43. overburdenddonkey

    ed says stop it or i’ll get angry… “The support to shadow ministers including Ed Balls, Chuka Umunna and Tristram Hunt comes after the Guardian revealed PwC’s role in establishing potentially favourable tax structures for hundreds of companies around the world – including many British businesses – in Luxembourg.
    Such arrangements, though entirely legal, have been criticised by politicians from all three major parties as depriving the exchequer of billions in much-needed revenue. Just last year, Ed Miliband vowed to tackle such schemes, warning businesses that “politicians – not companies – set the rules”.

  44. What the fuck is is with so many tv progs/films now being shown with great big black borders down the side – like the telly had shrunk in the wash!? Is this some sort of push – from the fucking nudge unit – to get us to buy bigger tellies for chrimbo… an attempt to ‘kick-start’ the fucking economy, one last desperate attempt by camoron to win the fucking election!?

  45. overburdenddonkey

    a brick got more likes on face book than jim murphy mp…

  46. Would that be in The Scum? Or one of pornographer Desmond’s rags?

  47. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    In all seriousness, none of the rich will march due to the fact that the 99% of the population could be “marching” with them.
    I do have one thing to say about it all – why have the 99% just bleated like sheep instead of stopping it all? It’s not like there is anyone to actually stop us – not really, so why?

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