Burning Boris Sparks Arrests At Poor Doors Demo

poor-doorsTwo people were arrested last night after an unprovoked attack by police on a lively and good-natured protest against the notorious ‘poor doors’ in London.

Around a hundred people gathered outside the swanky entrance of 1 Commercial Street – a luxury block of flats with a handful of social housing properties included.  A weekly demonstration has been held outside the building ever since it emerged that the tenants living in social housing are forced to use a different door to the toffs occupying the posh flats.

Last night’s protest saw an effigy of London Mayor Boris Johnson burst into flames whilst an angry mob chanted “Burn Boris Burn”.  A heavy police presence looked on, but the mood remained jovial and defiant as people waved sparklers, whilst occassional red flares added some Bonfire Night pizazz.  After Boris was reduced to a pile of simmering embers, a clearly amused member of the fire brigade tipped water over the Mayor’s remains after instructions from police.

The protest, as on previous weeks, was scheduled to end at 7pm.  At around five to seven, just as things were starting to wind down, police lurched into the crowd grabbing several of the fantastically named Class War Women’s Death Brigade who were dancing with a banner.  Their target was Jane Nicholl, a member of the group and long standing supporter of the Poor Doors protest.  Despite valiant attempts from the crowd to release her, Jane was bundled into the back of a police van which was then promptly surrounded by protesters shocked at this senseless and unprovoked arrest.  Police reinforcements soon arrived and punchy coppers with dogs began to push protesters away leading to one more person being detained.

The arrest of Jane Nicholl, who was refused her medication and threatened with ludicrous arson charges, reveals a sinister pattern of events.  The only previous arrest at the these protests was of her partner and anarchist blogger Ian Bone, a high profile member of Class War who helped to instigate the demonstrations  It appears that the police are trying to force people off the streets by targetting and arresting those they have decided are ring leaders.  The only possible response to that is for as many people as possible to get down to next week’s Poor Doors protest and show the bastards we will not be intimidated.

Both Jane and the other person arrested were finally relased in the middle of the night.  Freedom Bookshop have issued a call for witness statements to help with any upcoming court cases.

Please helps spread the word: Poor Doors Demo, every Wednesday, 6pm, 1 Commercial Street, E1, next to Aldgate East tube

Pic: Guy Smallman

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109 responses to “Burning Boris Sparks Arrests At Poor Doors Demo

  1. Protesting is banned in the UK !!! Time to put the kettle on !!! Kettle In !!

  2. IDS: Universal Credit roll-out could be complete by 2018

    Published 05 November 2014 central-government.governmentcomputing.com

    Work and pensions secretary tells select committee that delayed roll out of benefits reform and supporting IT would not impact project costs

    Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has told a parliamentary select committee that the Universal Credit benefit reform, along with its supporting IT infrastructure, could be completed in just over four years, as his department pushes forward with a gradual roll-out across the UK.

    Full Article:

  3. Social housing properties – what kind of social housing is contained in these buildings is it “affordable housing” to buy or Council/H.A. managed?

  4. Keep your eyes on the poor door architects their next construction maybe more brutal and sinister than the social carbuncle of poor doors.

  5. Wonder if it actually referenced “Poor Door” on the architectural plan, if so bet they got nervous on reading the plan for the showers.

  6. overburdenddonkey

    we have a right to free expression it is absurd that we have no rights to be heard….logic dictates one cannot happen without the other…so why are we shifted miles away from the sites of legitimate protests? i mean the logical place to protest about parliament and the lack of democratic process, can only be within earshot of parliament…

  7. Well being fair I would be surprised if Boris new bugger all about this particular poor door, its not like he was actually viewing and approving plans personally when they were submitted. Burning an effigy of him is not very helpful really.
    Far better to wait for PMQ’s and precision bomb the chamber from orbit;Its the only way to be sure.

  8. Landless Peasant

    UK is not a free country it’s a fascist fucking Police State. Pity it was only a Boris effigy.

    • Frankly i cant believe the protesters, however legitimate, were stupid enough to include fire. That was asking for an arson charge.
      Give the Filth fuck all to work with.

      • … and burning the real boris johnson would have set the protesters up for a murder charge or gbh if they were lucky.

        • Landless Peasant

          ok, ok, I see your point(s), but you’d think you might be able to burn a ‘Guy’ on Bonfire night without much trouble wouldn’t you?

  9. If people showed up ten thousand strong or so, that would make it harder for police to arrest everybody.

    • all that would happen would be that 100,000 coppers would descend like a plaque of locusts… there never seems to be any shortage of coppers… almost like an infinite supply of these government thug cunts

  10. Ministry of Justice awards £125m end user computing deal to Atos

    Atos shortlisted for last procurement before it was scrapped in June 2013 after Cabinet Office intervention

    By Charlotte Jee | Computerworld UK | Published 11:30, 6th November 2014

    The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has awarded Atos a four-year contract worth £125 million for end user computing services.

    The department has been working on the deal for about three years, as part of its ‘Future IT Sourcing’ or ‘FITS’ programme.

    The search for a supplier was cancelled and the entire procurement process went back to the drawing board in June 2013 after an intervention by HM Treasury and the Cabinet Office.

    Full Article: –

    • An MoJ spokesperson told ComputerworldUK that Atos will be responsible for providing end user computing services to about 90,000 users across its estate.

      “The MoJ and Atos will now enter a period of planning that will enable transition to a new way of working during 2015”, he added.

      Atos already provides major infrastructure services to the MoJ under a 10 year deal worth about £500 million.

    • What ? ‘WTF does Atos know about software? A less discrete ‘buddy bung’ I have yet to see.

  11. UoN students protest ATOS recruiting on campus

    University Of Nottingham – Posted On 30 Oct 2014

    A group of students protested the presence of French multinational company, ATOS, at two recruitment events on University Park Campus earlier this week.

    Students were concerned over the actions of subsidiary company, ATOS Healthcare, who were contracted by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to carry out Work Capability Assessments of people looking to claim Employment Support Allowance (ESA).

    On Monday, students placed banners opposite the ATOS recruitment desk in Portland Building. ATOS’s contact at the University of Nottingham (UoN) told the protestors that pre-arranged permission was required to protest inside the building.

    On Tuesday, a larger number of students appeared at the Careers in Science Fair. A group of students bore a petition entitled, ‘Students and staff against #AtosAtUoN’.

    Full Article:

  12. The world of UK politics is nothing but a charade where the parties appear to represent different views, but all aspire to one………..

    They are playing to the crowd, in the same way wrestling bouts are acted out, the media following strict instructions from their twisted hierarchy who call the shots of the great powerhouses in global banking.

    Prime ministers question time is truly pathetic, grown people playing out a foregone conclusion……………

    The public accounts committee is all part of the game, a pretence to appear that something is being done, driven by public outrage.

    Our papers yesterday reported that Debbie Abraham’s had challenged IDS about falsifying unemployment figures using sanctions.
    All governments have done exactly the same, massaging figures is the norm nowadays.

    I, personally, don’t believe one iota of what we are told, the various committees are playing to the crowd, stalling here and there to pretend the voice of the people is being obeyed, whilst delivering the same objectives of the puppeteers, the rich.

    Prior to the demonstration last night, certain police were instructed to arrest those two significant figures at whatever cost……….

    What upset them more than anything is the fact that the protestors followed the rules of law and did not go beyond the parameters, that could be seen as committing an offence……..
    “TRUE TO THEIR INSTRUCTIONS, THE POLICE HAD TO CONCOCT SOME REASON TO PULL THEM IN”, which they did admirably, to the confusion of the large crowd who witnessed them as doing nothing whatsoever to incite arrest.

    …………………….Had the real Mayor of London been burnt to a crisp, the crowd would have had reason to celebrate, as would the many thousands driven from their homes, the broken families, the disabled and the poor, who would have cause to party till the early hours……………..

    ………………..as for IDS, showing disbelief at being told his policies have led to death, the noose is tightening, you evil bastard, and you know it……..

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  14. reblogging this and will keep promoting the poor door protests

  15. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Yet another demonstration that the authorities really, really don’t like any kind of organised protests against them, no matter how peaceful.

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  17. This is similar to the situation before WW2. A country of rich bastards being served by the poor whom have to use the service entrance.

    Perhaps, this another one of Boris’ bizare visions!

  18. lol at tory toff John Humphrys cunt on the Today problem sympathising with some toff cunt buddy of that de Freitas who committed suicide because she couldn’t face going on trial although she was prepared to put a guy she had allegedly falsely accused of rape on trial! Without going into the ins and outs of this tiff between toffs the fact that the accused (obviously another toff) had £200 grand to spare to mount a private prosecution against this fellow toff highlights the inequality of access to the so-called justice system. What would a poor person do in the same circumstances? ffs you can’t even get a brief to represent you at a tribunal!

  19. we have to dread at least 5 more years of this,the tories are successfully pitting poor against poor dividing the haves and havenots theyre plan is working sadly the only time many will wake up is when they have a family crisis or nevervous breakdown and maximus will sanction theyre tax credits by then it will be too late…time to switch the lights out

  20. last night they had a parliamentary session on the living wage…6 MPS turned up fucking 6 shows the contempt held for all on lowpay nopay and their families its going to have to get a damn site worse before its gets better

    • To hear them all talk they work all the hours God sends.

    • While I agree its disgusting… it should be noted that thursday evening is the worst time for a debate as a lot of wankers leave for friday/weekend “constituency” work… or, as we know it, “fuck off early for a long weekend in their second homes.”

      That said, was this just a debate or was there a vote, if there was a vote how many atteneded the vote and how many used other means such as paring or postal or pre-registered. If there was a vote and the number was high, then that is even more damming as they voted without attending… something I find absolutely disreputable.

  21. Affordable housing is not social housing, “affordable housing” in private developments is property set at a “local” rent between council and private rents and property purchased through government help to buy scams.

    The people in these developments are probably the aspirational lifestyle gurus that think they are eating cake when they when the walk through the poor door, the feisty Jane Nicholl is worth more than their aspirations.

  22. People involved with UAF and others have been (smugly) encouraged by the Government’s plans to toughen up on extremism. They thought it was about getting tough with the BNP and EDL.

    But get this right. Class War’s demonstration – as I have come to realize – is the kind of threat the establishment fears most. It is not controlled by the professional left. They are going to get tough with Class War and the doors demonstration. The establishment have provided professional left leaders – look at them. Brand, and several millionaire celebrities, and those regular professional leftists who write for the Guardian and in a considerable way direct left activists to approved causes. But not Class War.

    Watch out for the phony alliances supported by the professional left. . Anonymous are a nasty bunch of class enemies, despite their identity with the left. If they are connected with the US Anonymous, they are scum. Would you support a group who have called for the raping of the cop’s wife after the Ferguson shooting. That is not working class politics my friends.

    I have made my criticisms of Class War – that is politics – but on the issue of the doors they have identified how class divisions dominate. Let’s support them.

    • But while what is essentially a conflict of striving/middle class privilege is being highlighted in the “affordable housing” poor doors campaign, access to real social housing for the working class is being degraded.

      Affordable housing with or without poor doors is not social housing they should not be confused. A few years down the line those few properties that are set aside as “affordable housing” will reach market levels of rent (beyond housing benefit or wages) or be sold off.

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  24. ………….all the media coverage of ebola deaths, our troop numbers killed in the theatre of war and road deaths caused by drink driving, seem to pale into significance when compared to the countless thousands murdered by the DWP………………



  25. overburdenddonkey

    http://new.livestream.com/IndependenceLive/GeorgeMonbiot talks about scotland challenging the establishment and MSM…

    • As Scotland drifts in the post-referendum wake, the further independence fades over-the-horizon.

      Yes people cast their vote on the day but there was no mass movement, this was evident the day after when the hundreds of thousands did not openly mourn at the Scottish parliament.

      Some Scots would be forgiven for thinking that Scottish independence is the visible infighting of what could be termed “Civic Scotland” and not a bona fide independence movement.

        • The bbc are attempting to confuse the (Scottish) devolution of power with the (English) dilution of power to the regions – UK localism. One article even ludicrously implies that Liverpool’s Militant tendency was the instigator of Scots devolution. The game is obviously to divide and conquer to set Scots councils against the Scottish Parliament and sell UK localism as Scots devo-max.


          • overburdenddonkey

            mr r
            their version of localism is being forced to stay in an area (working class containment from cradle to grave), unless one has own property(ies) and good salary/gentleman’s income…this will mean areas of extremes, gross divisions…with budget shortfalls made up by local taxation…common weal therefore destroyed…my father comes from l/pool, my grand father a l/pool docker, staunch socialists…they would never countenance merchants and paupers and devolution as opposed to independence…all the latest polls in scotland demand a strong scottish parliament by big margins…with strong centrally funded and even nationalized prime services…not fiefdoms…
            the very idea that militant tendency would want a system of localism governance controlled/ruled by the state (kingdom) of WM is ludicrous…power devolved is power retained…MT were reacting to the crushing grip WM had over l/pool…they were demanding massive inward investment to crate new jobs…not devolution…lest ye forget..are the bbc also claiming the miners wanted devolution? #crazy

            • overburdenddonkey

              p s mr r
              of course l/pool was autonomous/independent geographically from WM/london…it was a labour intensive port, trading the globe, with all the celtic and nordic nations, people from every part of the planet arrived, departed and many made l/pool their home…@ it’s peak was a highly integrated, bustling, and cosmopolitan city…

  26. fucking dispise IDS

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jGsYTyPLiM this bastard is sick in the head he needs sectioning he’s fucking ruthless argggggggggggh i fucking hate the bastard

  27. Part-time workers ‘may face benefit sanctions’

    6th Nov 2014 – Lancashire Evening Post

    Part-time workers could face benefits sanctions if they turn down extra hours under the new Universal Credit (UC) system, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has confirmed.

    Mr Duncan Smith said that pilots being carried out in the North West of England had found that employers were more ready to take on UC claimants than those on the old-style Jobseeker’s 
Allowance (JSA) because it was easier to extend their hours as more work became available.

    He told the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee that trials were being conducted on removing in-work benefits from those who reject additional hours under a system known as “in-work conditionality”.

    Full Article:

  28. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    Poor doors or 19th century service doors for the servants??


    ……………………..assessments were done by real medical doctors, then it was handed to unqualified piss pan washers of ATOS, now CAPITA and MAXIMUS employ the same soda jerks to steal it by phone……………………..


    6) Finally, and I think for the safety of vulnerable people with
    mental health problems and indeed anyone that believes, like I do,
    that this method does not constitute a fair and accurate
    assessment, do claimants have the right to refuse to have the face
    to face conducted by Capita OR Atos over the phone, as this surely
    breaches the face to face assessment criteria? If they do refuse,
    will this have an impact on their claim, will the file be returned
    to DWP stating “non-compliance” and their claim then closed or, as
    it’s not a legal requirement, should we just be telling people to
    withhold their telephone numbers, making it impossible for this
    totally ineffectual method of assessment to take place?

    Yours faithfully,

    Ms K Sutton

    Link to this https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/face_to_face_pip_assessments_bei#incoming-581965

    • …………and please remember, if you were in receipt of Disability Living Allowance or PIP and denied ESA, this may be of value when appealing a negative decision……………

      From: Georgina Smith

      6 November 2014

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

      There is a legal requirement for DWP DMs to take into account the
      relevance of a DLA award when deciding on the claimant’s ESA award:

      “Case law (JW v SSWP (ESA) [2012] UKUT 256 (AAC)CE/2894/2011)
      obliges Decision Makers to take into account the relevance of a
      claimant’s existing DLA award when considering a Work Capability
      Assessment — there may be sufficient “common ground” for one to
      provide material evidence in respect of the other.”

      However, as DLA has now been replaced by PIP can you provide the
      guidelines, legislation, case law, etc., that ensures that people
      claiming ESA who have PIP not DLA are not treated differently just
      because the benefit is slightly different and has a new name?

      Can you confirm that the case law that applied to DLA should also
      encompass PIP as DLA’s replacement?

      Yours faithfully,

      Georgina Smith

      Link to this

  30. Surely the Police would have to have some justification for arresting someone in these situations. If for example they objected to the effigy burning, they could simply have told ppl to put the fire out and stand back a bit. A sense of proportion is all they needed. To just barge in like that afterwards is kind of stupid. Could these protestors not take legal action against the Police for wrongful arrest, and use of excessive force? Also, if ppl have been denied access to medicines, can some law not be found that indicts Police on endangerment to life?

    Seems to many of us that London Police, especially have big problems when it comes to protests

  31. iain duncan smith's arsehole

    lol at the guvmint minister on da Today programme saying dat we don’t do retrospective legislation – that would be unfair! lol 😀

    …………….a story with two meanings:


    US firm ‘gets benefits contract’
    Sickness benefit cuts ‘considered’

    A firm that will carry out capability assessments on benefit claimants for the government says it could take 18 months to reduce the existing backlog.

    US-based Maximus Health Services will replace the current firm Atos in March 2015 on a three-year £500m contract.

    There are currently more than 600,000 claimants waiting to be assessed; some have been on the list for months.

    The president of Maximus, Leslie Wolfe, told the BBC: “Improvements won’t happen overnight.”

    She said: “It’ll take some time to hire the health care professionals. The expectation is that in between 12 and 18 months, we should be able to catch up on the waiting times.”

    Atos, which has been doing capability assessments for people claiming Employment and Support Allowance since 2008, is quitting its contract early after reaching an agreement with the Department for Work and Pensions.



    Acting as the governments media glove puppet, the BBC would like to frighten more of the disabled community into committing suicide by announcing that they are to be persecuted for longer by the DWP.

    Whilst breaching every known Disability, Equality and Human Rights Legislation, Maximus will continue the carnage first brought about by the now disgraced, ATOS HEALTHCARE.

    Deaths are not apparent, as voiced by Iain Duncan Smith recently as his department endeavour to withhold welfare mortality statistics.

    On the “Totem Pole of Life”, you, the disabled, score absolute zero, because you are nothing more than “damaged stock”, “tainted goods” and a burden on society.

    For this reason it is incumbent on the state, to persecute you by withholding any benefits that you may be entitled to that makes your mental or physical burden lighter.

    Sometimes it is more noble to bow out gracefully than to succumb to our protracted hatred………………………..

  33. 1st is was Maximus had a 1 year contract, then it appears to be 3 years. Maximus has now only realized what they have got into with the DWP contracts. A bit of advice Maximus it`s mafia style. Maximus is now saying what do we do, if that is to the DWP then Maximus is doomed. But if Maximus is saying that to me then How come you have not the staff alredy set up instead of saying 18 months is the DWP don`t change the contract with Maximus behind Maximus`s back. OK Maximus sue the uk government. I Told you it was mafia style maximus.

    DWP Vs MAXIMUS Round 1

    MAXIMUS Vs DWP Round 2

    18 months later 15,000 more disabled people dead !!


  34. The Emotional Blackmail Policy the DWP are using to assist their Slave Trading Policy is breaking every Human Rights Law – Equality Law which makes the uk a rogue state. Read your books to know who is talking shit all the time threatening & treating people like bits of shit on their shoe pulling a funny face. Disabled people have no voice even the ones that can speak.

    Anyone can fake a medical at now Maximus – If you act a bit – So I go Maximus Medical & fake it – I have everything the Healthcare Reject knows no different but still passes me fit for work. So it`s a floored system. But more importantly it makes all the Medicals in the past contract null & Void – Not Worth The Paper Its Written On. But still the question – All these disabled people stuck in no mans land on Fake Sanctions !!!!

    The reality is its gonna take another 10 years to sort out & at how many disabled deaths !!! Disabled Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Of The Disabled is Dodgy Daves Plan. Your getting emotional Dodgy Dave you got to personal in business. FAILURE !!

  35. Dodgy Dave you are not getting a Dodgy Dave Disability Hate Crime Against Dodgy Dave, Dodgy Dave. Civil Servant chat !! Dodgy Dave is charged for Disability Hate Crime Against the disabled.


    ……………..In a 2007 speech, Mr Cameron described how he cared for the “severely disabled” Ivan.

    “It’s what I do at the start of each day. It’s sharpened my focus on the world of care assessments, eligibility criteria, disability living allowance, respite breaks, OTs, SENCOs, and other sets of initials……………………..

    “Believe this bullshit, do you?”

    I, for one, think stories like this are a total crock of shit….
    Cameron’s hatred of the disabled is a reflection of the anchor and embarrassment that poor little Ivan was to his parents………….

    Cameron hated the ties to something that was imperfect, it nagged at him constantly, a flaw in his character, something to be hidden from all those who knew him, the media especially……………………

    All those years of wasted attention pushed his twisted ambition to rid the UK of anything that even remotely reminded him of his son, the dawn of disability hate was to entering a new phase. All he needed was to find some other individuals who shared the same contempt for those who bore a mental or physical disability.

    It did not take long, the evil that he required was already rampant in the minds of those already closest to him, his cabinet………..

    ……………and thus, the greatest ethnic cleansing exercise in the history of the world since the holocaust was to be enacted on the poor, vulnerable and weak………..


    • Like he`s the only one to know of a disabled human being. The emotional slaughter that you dodgy dave put on disabled people is more than a personal emotion. The personal emotion needs to be put to sleep so you don`t have to be reminded every time you see a disabled person. The passion & emotion is heart rendering Dodgy Dave but really, look at it from outside your world of what you think & can handle about the disabled. Every disabled person is now a scape goat for dodgy daves emotional feelings towards his personal life. Yet he has no guilt in murdering disabled people through Corporate Manslaughter. That makes less harmfull when you can earn money out of it.

      We the disabled don`t have to get all emotional about it & swear all the time. That is playing your genocide games of fraud !!

        • …………the death of his own son must have been some form of closure on all that had haunted him whilst in the political arena…………..

          Creating a policy of hatred against those who represented his darkest dreams, an extension of his fear manifested in a twisted legislation,
          to seek and destroy his enemy within, a truly warped mind………..


            • ……….seeing the 46,000 ceramic white carnations in the DWP garden of remembrance, the tall blonde lady turned to her friend and said, “the DWP would never have succeeded in putting all these poor souls to rest without help from the PCS”.

              ………………………..at which the friend replied, “MAXIMUS and CAPITA will fill another three fields”……………

              • Antique gun owners are being urged to hand in their weapons in a gun amnesty in an effort to prevent weapons falling into the wrong hands…………………
                Reading in between the lines, i think the balance of power may be showing signs of a revival……..

  37. “SELL-OFF”

    • ………..if only they would wake up Annos.

      The wealth of the 1%, greater than the health of 65 million, not really a class war, more an annihilation of the poor.
      I am struggling to feed myself now, let alone paying private health insurance to the corporate leeches that use our politicians like arm extensions…………………………

      Like all insurance companies, they try to get out of paying out claims. Eradicate that problem and watch the shareholders celebrate.

      Whether it is declining insurance to flood victims or cold bloodedly taking vital benefits from the poor and disabled, our ministers play a vital part in dismantling our welfare state.

      Their success measured in dollar signs, our demise measured by grave markers……………..


  38. Just watching the band at London’s cenotaph playing “Rule Britannia”, someone should sing the part to IDS “Britons never, never, never shall be slaves”!

    • Catalonia – “Turn-out appeared brisk, with large queues forming outside many polling centres.”

      The “incredible” turnout figures at the Scottish referendum did not appear to generate large queues outside polling centres! Invisible voters?

      • overburdenddonkey

        mr r
        the refpoll is illegal..they threatened some of the unofficial refpolling station’s with prosecution if they opened…so people found their way to the refpolling stations that were opened…it’s a mock refpoll, but this has not deterred catalans from turning out to vote in their droves, it’s a statement “we are independent, try stopping us!”…hats off, to these very determined people…

        • overburdenddonkey

          re catalonia; great news, 2m votes cast si..si today, with 14days to go…they hoped for 1.2m si..si votes today! 🙂

  39. wakeupbeforeitstoolate

    Reblogged this on Wake Up Before It's Too Late and commented:
    Terrible abuse of police powers!

  40. Published on 7 Nov 2014

    Deadly silence from the DWP at how ££ much a minute !!!

    • PCS death kapos in the “Digital Age”, remote digital solutions and daily signing at jobcentres are the electronic tagging and false imprisonment of claimants.

      • Digital signing doesn’t incur any staff costs so it will be digital DAILY signing – having to turn up EVERY DAY (at random times) to ‘sign’ an electronic pad! They could even open up a small front-end part of the jobcentre housing an indestructible signing-pad like a bookies roulette machine or even affix an ATM-style ‘signing-pad’ to the jobcentre to enable SEVEN (7) DAYS A WEEK SIGNING! A veritable electronic ball and chain

        • Also, it could be twice, three four as many times as they want. Signing-on could operate on a 24/365 basis. And, at random times; the next random time being generated at ‘given’ to the jobseeker at each signing-on ‘appointment’.

          • All they need is enough space to house enough machines.

          • They could also introduce signing on at random jobcentres or anywhere else a ‘signing on pad’ was located. Jobseekers could be expected to travel up and down the country to sign at random jobcentres. Then it could be networked with signing-pads located in other European countries and then world-wide…. until jobseekers just gave up or automatically ‘signed-off’ for ‘failing to satisfy the Labour Market conditions for Actively Seeking Employment’.

  41. pcs union (Scotland) death kapos share the same “I’m Just Doing My Job” script as all those other well known historical practitioners of state sanctioned death solutions.

  42. The DWP is acting as a autonomous police state within the British government, it acts outside the rule of law and claimants do not have the protection of due process that the average citizen may have recourse to. The status of claimants is lower than that of a common criminal.

  43. The totalitarian nudge at the DWP is something more than a welfare reform exercise it appears to be a totalitarian coercion and conditioning system that could be applied across the population.

  44. ok what im going to say may not be popular but im going to say it..whilst waiting in que in the local shop,2 young women were talking so loudly i couldnt help but hear,one said to the other “ive been fucking sanctiond by those shitheads” other girl “im ok got kids haha cant touch me” other girl”i dont want kids but if thats what it takes for fucking peace” more was said but you get the jist im sure and i no way blame them for it,this is the governments doing reap what they sow…

  45. No to Suffering Misery or Oppression Inflicted upon the Poor
    Socialism Not Slavery

  46. Indeed the Words of Rule Britannia !
    Britons Never Shall be Slaves should mean Something

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  48. Landless Peasant

    Check out Chinese company ABP – abuse of Human Rights, illegal and uncompensated demolitions of inhabited homes and destruction of peoples’ personal possessions – given development contract for London’s Royal Albert Docks, large donations to Conservative Party, dodgy dealings – Boris Johnson, Lord Bates & Chinese wife – investigation uncovered by Chanel 4 News. Tory scum, fucking stinks of corruption. Boris is a lying money-grabbing cunt.

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