On 30 Grand A Year With A Couple Of Kids? Then You Aren’t Paying A Penny Towards The Social Security Bill

osborne-toffGeorge Osborne’s tax breakdown reveals that a medium income family with a couple of kids receives more in what the government calls ‘welfare’ than they pay in income tax towards the social security bill.

The Treasury is to send out statements on government spending to every household in the country as part of a crude attempt to outrage tax payers by showing how much public spending goes towards benefit claimants.  But what the figures show is that many of those tax payers are actually scrounging themselves.

When the Treasury say ‘Welfare’ they mean Child Benefit, Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits, Housing Benefit, Disability Living Allowance (DLA and its replacement PIP), out of work sickness and disability benefits, Carer’s Allowance, Income Support for Lone Parents and a range of smaller benefits.  It also means those on the dole – which represents just 3% of the total spend.  A significant amount of Housing Benefit and DLA goes to pensioners, along with those in work.  Many people claiming Child Tax Credits are working, and all of those claiming Working Tax Credits.  Child Benefit goes to everyone with kids, except for very high earners.  Even some people claiming the dole may be working part time.

Using this definition of welfare, we are almost all net beneficiaries unless we are reasonably well off.  A family with two children and an income of £30,000 a year will receive £1770.60 in Child Benefit payments annually.  This is higher than the amount a family earning this sum contributes to ‘welfare’ – which the Treasury says is £1663.  Depending on this family’s cirucmstances, they may also be eligible for Child Tax Credits of around £1000 a year.  Suddenly the word scrounger doesn’t look so attractive.

Even someone non-disabled and without kids is still getting good value out of the Welfare State.  Private insurance against sickness, disability or unemployment is eye-wateringly expensive and doesn’t provide anywhere near the same level of cover as social security benefits.  The welfare state is good value for everyone except the very rich.  That’s why the very rich want to take it away.

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147 responses to “On 30 Grand A Year With A Couple Of Kids? Then You Aren’t Paying A Penny Towards The Social Security Bill

  1. Universal credit is costing £200,000 per claimant to process !!!

    Why? Money Laundering !!

    • …………in a freedom of information request to Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson has denied reports than funds from Universal Credit have been used to secure research and build of his latest spacecraft………….

      The Maximus logo appears on both wings and the fuselage and Lord Freud indicated that the disabled will not need passports, although those on jobseekers will.

      Tickets will not be one way only………….


  3. Maximus & Atos genocide death camps trading in human cargo of the uks disabled people. Slave Trading in slavery. Stop slandering disabled people.

    • State pensions 46%:

      If you wanna save money George, that’s the area to do it in.

      • marie le pensioner

        @Obi Wan Kenobi:
        state pensions are paid for by upwards of 35 years of national insurance, income tax and other contributions made by the
        recipient during their working lives. this contrasts with the situation
        of many many other scroungers who post on this blog.

        • @marie

          “scroungers who post on this blog.”

          What is a scrounger !! Someone who has a job for 50p an hour who gets topped up by the state. Disability is not scrounging just to be abused by able bodied people doing fraud.

          Yet another Disability Hate Crime breach !!

        • How, pray tell, is working for 35 years (and paying national insurance) then losing your job and claiming jobseekers allowance, or becoming sick/disabled and claiming ESA any different? A pensioner got old, a sick person got sick and an unemployed person lost their job, they have all paid national insurance, so how is the state pension not a benefit if the other two are? By the way I will be 60 next year, so will soon be a pensioner myself.

        • marie le pensioner,

          I can honestly say, I haven’t seen any members of the royal family posting “on this blog”!.

        • Not playing that game.

          State pensions are not paid for by the recipient, they are paid for by the current tax payer, hence the recurring political finance clanger of importing more cheap labour every time population ‘growth’ levels off.
          The money paid in by the recipient has long since been slighted away into some coffer or other. Take Winston’s road tax for example.
          The ‘agreement’ that is your pension payment lifetime deal is a laughing stock and you have been conned into poverty . I also think its nearer 50 years than 35.

        • Marie that is a common myth. People paying into National Insurance, income tax etc only support todays costs, so pensions etc are paid for by today’s tax payers. This is why the retirement age is rising and there are concerns about an ageing population with insufficient working-age (and child bearing age) to keep the system afloat.

          It may be an unpalatable truth for some, but the immigration of young people from EU countries is vital, especially those from places like Poland and the Czech Republic who come here to work in the caring jobs. They also put down roots and settle here raising families, and are largely responsible for the boom in births in the UK, births that are vital to maintain a balanced demographic profile.

          I think Obi’s comment was really a tongue in cheek taunt to George… He may be an idiot, but I doubt that even he would be politically stupid enough to launch the kind of attack on pensioners as has been launched on the disabled and unemployed.

          We all pay tax, even unemployed people pay tax, and if we have ever been in work we will have also paid National Insurance. Pensioners are in receipt of ‘welfare’ just as much as the unemployed and disabled, as well as those who are in receipt of myriad other benefits.

          The system is complicated, bureaucratic, expensive and inefficient, and is sorely in need of replacement. Madcap ideas such as Universal Credit are not the way, and a much saner approach would be a Unconditional Basic Income for all, thus abolishing pensions, unemployment benefits etc, as well as the bureaucracy that adds hugely to the bill.

          • I don’t think you will be a pensioner next year at 60. the days of being a pensioner at 60 are gone. We’re all to be hounded for extra years. My pension age will supposedly be 66 but what’s the betting they’ll have shifted or shafted the goalposts by then 😦

      • 46% of the welfare budget spent on pensions… 😉 … are you sure love 😉 … I’ll need to just go and get me specs…. 🙂

        • Pensioner, Actually approx 76% of the total benefit bill is spent on pensioners (DWP statistics). The state pension alone accounts for 46%, but if you factor in the other benefits which a lot of pensioners receive ie: housing benefit, council tax benefit, pension credit, state second pension, disability living allowance, attendance allowance, winter fuel allowance etc etc approx 122 billion of the 160 billion is spent on pensioners. The remaining 38 billion is spent on working age claimants in the form of: housing benefit (a very large chunk of the total because of sky high rents)) council tax support, sickness benefit, DLA, carers allowance, child benefit, jobseekers allowance (which accounts for less than 3% of the total bill by the way).

          The benefit bill is increasing dramatically year on year, because pensioner numbers are rising quickly year on year as we are living longer. There are less young people (whose taxes pay for current pensions and all other benefits) than ever before in relation to older people. These two combined factors are creating a massive problem, and that is why the Government is “tinkering” with working age benefits, and blaming the sick, disabled and jobseekers for the problem. The problem is neither their’s or pensioners’, it is the fault of all Governments for not realising that as people lived longer this was bound to happen, and for not formulating a plan, years ago, to deal with it. Blaming the unemployed, sick and disabled is despicable, but they decided to blame someone, anyone rather than the real culprits, themselves, and no party will blame the “grey vote” because more people in this age group vote than any other, to antagonise them would be political suicide.

          By the way I do not begrudge pensioners 1p, I will be 60 next year, so I am almost a pensioner!

      • Boy, have they done a good job of dividing us by age. See Marie le Pensioner’s attack on ‘scroungers’, and your own suggestion that pensions be cut. Don’t worry, politicians are already considering the following: means-testing the pension; putting pensioners on workfare; and cutting the pension to the level of JSA.

        Well, what’s wrong with that? ask embittered unemployed people. What’s wrong is that they should be raising JSA, not reducing the pension in the usual race to the bottom. They should be abolishing workfare for anyone, not imposing it on old people. They should be introducing more universal benefits rather than means-testing those that exist.

        And before you go on portraying us as privileged characters, may I point out that, even when there’s full employment, an elderly person, even if fit to work, hasn’t a hope in hell of getting a job, and may even be blamed for trying to get one — we’d be ‘taking jobs from the young’, just as immigrants are either ‘taking jobs from native Brits’ or ‘scrounging off benefits’.

        I regularly campaign for claimants’ rights, and have never joined a pensioners’ group. (Maybe I should, just to combat all this prejudice and the threats from government.) So it’s rather disheartening to encounter yet another attack on my age group on a blog like this.

        Answer me this: when you get old — and you will, barring some catastrophe — do you want to be begging for means-tested benefits, or cleaning up the park on workfare in order to ‘give something back’, or trying to prove to Maximus that you’re too infirm to work? Would you not like to look forward to some degree of security, dignity, and rest, when you reach the end of the line and have no more opportunities or prospect of improving your situation?

        Whatever you wish for today’s old people is what will happen to you later on.

        • Well said Katherine, we all fight for those on benefits and will not be part of a divide and conquer mentality against those that are IN NEED, although I do think some RICH pensioners should be means tested as were those receiving child benefits.
          The welfare state is a good thing and was set up as an insurance policy for the needy not the greedy, so let’s see it deuniversalized for the richest who don’t need it.

          • I have no argument with benefits being means-tested. That is the fairest way is it not?

            • The most economic to implement are universal benefits. The Green Party mooted the idea of a Basic Income Scheme decades ago where every citizen gets an income, regardless of work or status. Then people who wish to work or can work can earn on top. NOT to be confused at all with the bastardization that is Illicit Dole Slasher’s mess. There’s nothing universal about UC as there are too many conditions attached. No, if you Google Unconditional Basic Income or Citizens Income you will see a lot more about it. The idea is steadily gaining traction across Europe. With CI you get rid of this ridiculous idea of the ‘work ethic’ too. Carers, volunteers, artists, parents etc all recognised as being valuable members of society.
              I’ve got some links if you’re interested 🙂

    • Can’t see anything about MPs pay and pensions, or the House of Lords pay?

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  5. Landless Peasant

    Let’s not forget that Benefits being illegally grossly underpaid, contrary to the Council of Europe.


  6. can;t add to much today as this nasty little Goverment is really making me ill in so many ways, but i;m just going say without sounding wicked, i really hope these nasty mp’s have to suffer sometime in their dirty rich little useless lifes with some kind of Disability, that would be justice!

  7. Let them send me one and they will get the reply that I want a full breakdown of the welfare part of the bill. including sponging MP’s

  8. A country with no receipts & it`s people having to trade with no receipts. Was it really there !!! £200,000 to process each Universal Credit Claim. That is where one of the places the £120 Billion a year the disabled people & services are getting each year !!!

    Shoddy !!



  11. You want your £1 million back I have been getting [DWP Defrauding]for over 30 years !!! That will cost you the DWP £300,000 in lawyers fees !! I thought the DWP liked spending money !!!

  12. I work for 10p an hour – Who said it was £2 an hour !!!

  13. “The welfare state is good value for everyone except the very rich. That’s why the very rich want to take it away.”

    Johnny Void, is it really the very rich that want to take it away, experience the most hostility from the unproductive middle class to the wanna be middle class working class.

  14. DWP made easy to get out of Cold weather Payments !!! Sanctioned !!! Freeze to death !!!!

  15. Be fair, I am sure “George Osborne’s tax breakdown” will tell us all how much tax avoidance and tax evasion he allows his rich friends/tory donors get away with!. I also think he will tell us all how many MPs have off-shore accounts that they don’t pay tax on, and who pays monies into them.

    There again, he may not…LOL.

  16. Back to the Tony Blair contract with ATOS !!!

  17. On 30 Grand A Year

    Yes, I am “on 30 grand a year with a couple of kids” and yes Mr Void, I find your comments damned objectionable. I also find it damned objectionable to be fleeced for taxes in order to support the lifestyles of bone-idle-, benefit scroungers who are too lazy to get off their fat backsides to do a days work!

    • Yes, and i hope your wife or kids never develop a disability or meet with an accident at work.

      I also find your comments objectionable but you will go far in this world as ignorance is the trait of an upwardly mobile……..

      I am disabled and made to live on £32 per week, i also have kids and a missus.
      Feel free to spit on me,abuse or hit me if you see me out,

      for i am worthless and not fit to stand on your shadow………..

    • Don’t want to pay tax well insist on paying for everything that you benefit from directly or indirectly out of that 30 grand a year.

      Bad bout of food poisoning cha-ching there goes 30 grand, non tax subsidised private education for 2 kids a year cha-ching there goes another 30 grand, doubt you would last long.

    • Landless Peasant

      So when your kids leave school and have no job will they too be ‘benefit scroungers’?

    • Thats quite amusing to a guy who has spent decades in construction,shovelling concrete or tarmac all day,hod carrying, worked specialist contracts 12hr shifts with a day off every twenty. I spent two years stacking 20 tons of gas cylinders an hour on a lorry when I was a boy,12 hr days in the winter come snow or flu. What do YOU actually know about a days work? Not much more than pen pushing and office gossip I wager.

      • Blah, blah! To paraphrase Python:
        Ist Yorkshireman: “Luxury! When I were a lad, we had to live in a hole in t’ground. Had to work down pit 20 hours a day for tuppence a month and pay pit owner for permission to come to work”.
        2nd Yorkshireman: “We were evicted from our hole in t’ground. Had to go and live in a lake”.
        3rd Yorkshiremen: “You were lucky to have a lake!” etc
        That’s not working, that’s loud-mouthed masochism.
        “A working class hero is something to be…But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see” (John Lennon).
        You’re welcome.

    • Why are you so mean-spirited and vile towards your other members of the human race in the UK? When I was working full-time as a legal secretary for just under £10K a year, I did not mind paying 21% of my gross salary in tax and NI. Why do you? You sound really stressed out and angry. Think of others. One day they might be wiping your backside in a nursing home. Think on.

  18. I apologise before posting the following:-

    Taken from the Sun 31.10.14. By Katie Ignoramus Hopkins. (Last two paragraphs).
    Cutting back on sickness benefits, will deliver miracle cures of biblical proportions.
    IDS is a Jesus of our time , curing, the sick, the lame and lazy, just with
    a touch of his benefit- busting bald head.

  19. “Admittedly, Trident is hugely expensive. In 2016, the Westminster parliament will vote to decide whether to replace the current Trident system. If parliament decides to do so, the total lifetime cost to UK taxpayers will be £100 billion. Meanwhile, all of the UK establishment parties promise more austerity for the poorest and most vulnerable.”



  20. overburdenddonkey

    “DWP orders man to work without pay for company that let him go
    John McArthur is sanctioned by jobcentre after refusing ‘forced labour’ at firm where he was previously paid minimum wage.” good on you john…

    • overburdenddonkey

      p s read the comments over 730 and rising..

    • John McArthur, you are a true inspiration to the many, a shining light to those who cannot see the truth through their rose tinted spectacles.
      Every day you stand is another nail in the coffin of the DWP and it’s policy of hate,

      Bless you.

    • LoopyTunes davidcallun1957

      04 November 2014 9:23am

      Unbelievably, last year the National Lottery paid them £453,608 to “extend their existing Work With Us project helping people with mental health issues who are long term unemployed back to work” (you couldn’t make it up!).

      So, they’ve:

      1. Sacked their employees
      2. Taken half a million in charity funding for a project aimed at getting people back in work.
      3. Re”employed” their previous employee(s?), and paid them nothing.
      4. Got a sack load of money from the government for taking advantage of the unemployed (without actually tackling unemployment!).

      If I was the national lottery I’d be asking for my money back!

  21. Its all a dodgy fucking lie again. The pie chart that shows the amount spend on welfare also includes pensions!!


  22. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Another excellent article from the Void, once again overturning prejudice and misconceptions about who really benefits from the welfare state. The fact that most of the people benefiting from the welfare state are actually medium-income families won’t faze Osborne and his fellow butchers one little bit. Much Tory rhetoric is directed against the welfare state because it supposedly creates ‘welfare dependency’. In their view, the middle income groups should be happy to have the welfare payments that support them withdrawn, as this will make them sturdy, thrifty, independent citizens rather than serfs dependent on the largesse of the state. Well, that’s their fantasy, anyway.

  23. At 200k per claimant, it would be cheaper long term to offer a buy out option;
    Take 200k and never get benefits until you retire. I would take it. Its only a years salary with perks for an m.p,who would say its not much these days.. A smaller amount for those over 50 perhaps. The attitude when they are hosing it into the pockets of the private sector is it is peanuts. When they publish these figures they say its a fortune and bankrupting the country. I think we all know where the money is going.


    From: James Marks

    28 October 2014

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    I would like to know whether you have ever used sock-puppet twitter
    accounts, that is, fake accounts where you, via your press office,
    purport to be genuine members of the public praising Universal
    Credit. If you have used sock-puppet accounts then I request you
    reveal how many and what are the names of these fake
    identities.This is a form of deception.

    I make this request because it would seem that an operator of the
    DWP Press Office twitter account accidentally copied and pasted a
    message intended for a sock puppet account, from the DWP Press
    Office twitter account. An embarrassing error. The tweet can be
    found here:

    and is from DWP Press Office @dwppressoffice, dated 27th Oct 2014 @

    it reads: “Thanks to #UniversalCredit, I’m in a permenant job now”

    Yours faithfully,

    Dwaine Gibson

    Link to this

  25. and the biggest lie ever………………….

    In response, I can advise that neither the Department nor Atos Healthcare hold any
    documentation that links the LiMA software, used for Work Capability Assessments, with Unum,
    the insurance industry or Mansel Aylward.
    If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number

    Yours sincerely

    Business Management Team DWP

  26. Some self employed and freelance workers opt out of paying national insurance contributions, yet they still claim child benefit and receive treatment from the NHS free of charge.

    I recently posted how Newcastle hospital were giving their staff car tax etc as a way of reducing their national insurance contributions.

    Osborne has recently given business a reduction in their National insurance contributions.

    Civil servants can opt to take the whole of their pension pots on retirement, to help their children onto the property ladder or to fund some other luxury purchase.

    This government is deliberately trying to run down, deplete or even bankrupt both the welfare state and the NHS.

    Waiting lists for all hospital departments are a mile long, yet we are told every year that more and more is being paid into the NHS, not to mention the aggressive campaigns for macmillan nurses, cancer, lottery charities etc that are fetching in revenue, so just where is all of this money going, because it’s not on bloody services?

    As Johnnie Void rightly points out, most welfare goes on the middle and upper classes not the poorest, so stop tv programmes that class those on benefits as unworthy scroungers or defrauders and start doing programmes on tax avoidance and evasion of the rich you TWATS!


    • Not playing that game.

      Many ‘freelance’ workers have no choice, believe it or not.
      Take a well known london minicab firm for example. Every driver is forced to rent a car and pay for the lions share of ex’s whilst having no employment rights whatsoever. 80 hr weeks are commonly worked to meet a target of contract fares. Many of the normal staff have no employed status either.
      This has all been brought about by gov. policy, and jobseakers are being pushed towards slavery outfits like this. Its quite some wrangling required,but get round employment laws they do,whilst the owners are worth hundreds of millions. Literally hundreds of millions. of pounds.
      Being ‘freelance’ is abused by employers more than workers these days.

      • Not playing that game.

        The employers get round employment laws that is, not the drivers who only break a living wage for all those hours.

        • Not playing the game.

          Tell them to shove their jobs until they pay both a living wage and into a national insurance scheme, not force you to be self employed.

  27. Rolling in it at the broadcasters expense.

    As t.v. programs are funded by advertising or the licence fee, I actually support neither. I stream every program I watch through my pc from primewire and other free services. I watch what I want when I want and incur no obligations.
    If the populace switched to similar methods they would become less like sheep and the bbc would go bankrupt.

  28. Housing Bubble crash – Everything Crash – Triple Dip Recession – All based on false confidence tricksters. The Think Tank of Hustlers think of ways of hustling people out of money. The Disabled Think Tank has the policy of a mass of cash cow cattle that needs taking to market to be sold for the highest bidder. Spend 100 times the cost to implement & hustle to get the fool extent of what can be gain for no work at all. It seems disability is not an individual but a PLC on mass to create 100 Disabled PLC`s all helping disabled people into slavery.

    Everyone now relies on the state hand outs, top ups & it`s become a rat race in a benefits Class System War & disabled people are the piece of shit on the abled bodied shoe, who is also getting benefits. So a benefits war with claiments to distract people from the DWP slave trading in human disabled cargo. The proof of Disability Hate Crime is society as we know it today. All the £billions thrown at Disability Awareness PLC & Disability Confident PLC !! The disabled run it. If it was not for the disabled there would be no £ million bonus & money for IDS to waste. The two faced story is that the Tax Payer blames the disabled for the credit Crunch, yet we know that the disabled caused the credit crunch. The contradiction Policy of Mental Games to be a hustler is the Flag Ship Welfare Reform bankrupt leaders who have to rely on the disabled to make things have on the stock exchange.

    The extent of being a country with a dictatorship to now being a rogue state [ask Europe dodgy dave] breaking Human Rights which seems to be their policy. Dodgy Dave Human Rights Bill ££££££££££££££££ from the disabled. You know that`s the only way to stop the disabled. Rogue State. The thing about Think Tanks is they never listen to their lawyers, the lawyers don`t care they het paid double. You say you a hustle but really you are a LAZY bum that`s why the hustle don`t work. You got to work a hustle to get the hustle to pay otherwise it is called threats what to FB & Twtiter that MAXIMUS KILLS IDS. Anti Social Media the onus is on the burden of proof.


  29. I reckon we can get at least £800 Billion out of the disabled !!!

    You got 50p for a cup of tea !!!

  30. just by accident i came accross “people like us” on the iplayer (dont have tv),its well worth a watch,pick a sink estate weed out all the dole recievers single mothers folk on mobility scooters and publically lash them by giving them airtime,thinking theyre clever add a typical chav narration and hey presto a divide is built,very clever poropaganda,one example a young woman who declares “i cant work ive got 2 kids to look after and im a single mum” like having kids is an illness,bbc3 has a pseudo middle class following amongst the young,many over 18 able to vote clever bbc fucking clever

    • Almost as bad as that “Barely Legal Drivers”: “Oh look Tabitha has just run into a lamppost, rear-ended a cyclist, mowed down an elderly pedestrian on the zebra-crossing and careered into the school bus forcing it off the road and down a ravine resulting in the deaths of dozens of schoolchildren”, yet the dizzy cow STILL ‘wins’ a fucking Range Rover!

      • BBC3 is fucking SHITE

        And what about her brother, Tarquin caused a motorway pile-up resulting in multiple deaths and injures and the toff cunt still won (i.e. given to him by his toff parents – it’s not like these cunts actually work for anything) a fucking Beemer! The toff cunts on this fucking show should BANNED from driving for LIFE!

      • I agree BBC are shite which is why I don’t pay the licence. Do not have a TV anyway. Youtube is far superior and I can watch it when I want to.

    • and its programming like this is and the cover ups that go on in the bbc is why i told them to go shove the licence fee up there ass. i had one of the licence goons visit me today 2 months after stopping my licence. he tried so hard to get a signal on a tv that had NO Fucking aerial connected.

      • Strange how GCHQ at Cheltenham can recognise the risk of freedom of speech on social networks bringing about an increase in jihadist activity, yet not notice being radicalised by slick propaganda on the con-dem communications arm, the BBC…………


  31. Jobcentres go digital

    Signing pads have been installed at my local JCP are these going to replace the cordial interaction with a work coach every fortnight?

    Can I refuse to give the DWP a digital signature in fear of identity theft?

    • you could refuse but any new claims would properly have a clause that a digital signature is part of the process to sign on,

      my local council office has had digital signature pads for at least the past 10 years, when ever you are handing over evidance of income etc they ask you to sign the paper work and if the pad does not work you sign with a pen.

      if you have a bank account / post ofice account then you would have had to provide a signature.

      • The stazi are coming

        Digital signature storage is easy to get round if you are concerned about yours ending up in a database; simply sign the first time and afterwards with your ‘other’ hand.That way, your real signature i.e. the one you use for legal and financial purposes will never be stored on a database open to sale or fraudulent access.The less personal data any authority stores on its citizens the better.

    • IDS (Incapable of Doing Simplethings)

      you have to remember that a signature can look like anything you like you could draw a dog turd if you like and call it your signature they cant do anything about it.

      • Working Links Are CUNTS!!

        that’s a handy tip if you are ever on the work programme and they are bending your arm up your back for a ‘signature’ so they can claim their ££S, just draw a dog turd, cock or cunt and laugh in their fucking face. no way they are going to get paid. keep the old ‘signing on’ sig separate 😉

      • What sort of dog turd?

    • Me postman has had a signing pad for years!!

  32. channel 4’s ‘make leicester British’, instead of talking about immigration ended up as a programme about intergration. Load of rubbish!

    • Landless Peasant

      I didn’t watch it, but what’s wrong with integration? Surely that is the only way forward.

      • These people don’t want immigration, most of them want to bloody run the country!

        • You should watch the programme, it was pure propaganda and sympathy for immigrants.
          People in THIS country are suffering because of immigration and they do not get washers and fridges supplied in housing association properties.
          Apparently the programme makers divided the immigrants into a single parent with a job and a single parent without a job.
          How have foreigners got jobs over British people, the Polish bloke said he worked washing cars for £30 a day, but did not say what he is doing now, but none of them were hard done by from what I could see, which was only what the programme makers WANT US TO SEE, WHICH IS THEIR OWN AGENDA’S.

          • overburdenddonkey

            you rightly point out that WM is destroying services, working people’s incomes and encouraging equity release to artificially boost spending…yet @ the same time you blame immigrants for the problem, make up your mind!
            common weal!

            • OBD

              Immigration is not helping as sibonmwyr says it is, because if there are no jobs for the indiginous population then there are no jobs for foreigners to help pay the welfare and pensions bill.
              In the 60’s there were plenty of jobs and we were grateful to the immigrants that came here to run our public services, amidst all of the flak and discrimination they received, they too are complaining about the new breed of immigrant as shown on the ch 4 soap/documentary and were put into situations that FORCED them to alter their view to some extent, but we are being told what to do by European and commonwealth countries regarding immigration which is not beneficial to us at present.
              The long term unemployed have been given nothing but rubbish training in jobs that were redundant before anyone was employed in them.

              • Ali (Curry House Owner)

                @ guy fawkes if it wasn’t for immigration there would be no curry houses; take-aways selling chips n cheese, onion rings and pakoras! Where would you be then?

                • Ali

                  I cook everything myself from curry’s to cakes and pastries and always have done!
                  I do buy the occasional takeaway when I want a rest from the grind. 🙂

              • overburdenddonkey

                i guess there’s a boom round your way in building and maintenance of ships, windturbines, oil platforms etc NOT…..we are being sucked dry by venture capitalists et al as well you know…the pye graph in this post clearly shows that 7m in work people are not paying income tax…

                • Who said there was a boom round my way? In fact round our way there has been mass unemployment for the last 30 years and as you rightly say those that are in work are usually part-timers or are being paid so little they are taken out of the tax bracket, while those earning the most have been given concessions, perks as well as tax reductions, that is if they are not already tax evading in off shore accounts or tax havens.
                  Why are you arguing with me on something we both agree about????

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i said there is NOT a boom…
                  i don’t agree that immigration is a problem it is 35 yrs of jobs destruction, profit taking without infrastructure investment and siting jobs anywhere on the globe that is the problem…which most WM politicians have invested in…there is virtually no jobs creation happening in the UK now…we import far too much…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  p s we import far too much and export far too little…the tax take is far too low…hence the £1.6trl + in borrowing and billions spent on masking WM “incompetence” @ creating jobs, ie blaming the poor…productivity is now 35% lower than it was 35yrs ago…and £bns in uncollected taxes,
                  wealthfare and a few people owning our land etc etc etc ….stop blaming the working class poor for what thatcher has done!

                • OBD

                  I don’t blame the working class poor for what Thatcher has done if you were referring to me personally.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you are saying working class poor immigrants are stealing “our” jobs..

                • OBD

                  Before you do any more twisting of what I say, let me put you straight.
                  I am against immigration not working class immigrants, because of the shortage of work for our own people.
                  The immigrants that were potrayed on the Channel 4 programme may be trying to give the impression that they are working class by trying to make out they are workers, because they have been put on work programmes cleaning toilets or picking veg, but they aspire to belong to a higher class and will vote accordingly, so I am opposed to those that think as such because they are traitors of the working class.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  the shortage of work is not caused by immigration…

                • I didn’t say the shortage of work was caused by immigration, but when work is in short supply immigration will only exasperate the problem.
                  Our infrastructure in housing and schooling is stretched to the limit also and has given this government the perfect opportunity for those that do blame immigrants instead of themselves for the shortage of work, housing, hospitals etc. and also to come up with daylight robbery of working class benefits in the form of bedroom tax and sanctions.

                • exacerbate not exasperate, I am the one that is exasperated with those that refuse to see immigration as a problem.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  how ever you look @ unemployment, infrastructural problems et al..WM is responsible for it, not immigrants…

                • OBD

                  You admit there are infrastructure problems and immigration will make these problems worse – my final word on the subject.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  no! i didn’t say immigrants cause the problems, you have….i’ll spell it out in more detail; i said unemployment and infrastructural problems for all affected uk subjects, the poor working classes are caused by WM politics…there have been 35yrs of neglect by WM, and it is sad that you should want to encourage that neglect by blaming immigration for it…

                • It!

          • They get washers and fridges supplied because they are the preferred clients – to one ideology they are the new revolutionaries to the other ideology they undermine working class cohesion.

          • Landless Peasant

            My Housing Association provide washers, cookers, etc. on rental, added on to the rent amount, paid by H.B.


      • The stazi are coming

        Didnt Atlee think along those lines?

      • This is how much freedom of speech the British people have, my video is DISABLED, no wonder it has no say.

        It’s like living under fascism, the amount of propaganda that the gulible British are falling for against themselves and their own.

      • Bernard Manning

        ffs guy Chuuby fucking Brown is hardly politically correct, is he? ;D btw my mother-in-law has come round to our house at Christmas seven years running. This year we’re having a change. We’re going to let her in 😀

        • Bernard

          Now if I was your usual shrinking violet or politically correct feminist, I would take offence at these mother in law jokes. 🙂

    • Now that an employment tribunal has ruled that employers must include overtime payments in holiday pay, the employers will be looking at ways to reduce overtime……………..
      Signalling drops in wages and increased forced workfare to make up the deficit it would seem.
      No doubt a legal challenge, an appeal, will take the issue higher, as will an attempt to block back pay using retrospective legislation…………

      Welcome to the real UK, WHERE THE WORKFORCE IS TREATED LIKE SHIT………………….

      • …………….already the CBI are spouting shit, saying the decision on overtime may force small employers into receivership……………

        Oh how the mighty run when faced with giving the workers their due entitlements….

        • small employers probably will go into receivership, but not the large ones who have all the say in the country.
          The small employers would never have been able to set up in business in the first place if it was not for using the unemployed or apprentices as cheap labour.
          The CBI have always spouted a load of crap, from Ruth Lea to Digby Jones.

  33. Bounty Killer & Jah Cure – A Murdah – [Inna Rub A Dub Style Riddim] July 2013

  34. Down with Tory Tyranny and the Selfishness of too Many Rich People

    We Need Compassion and Common Sense in Politics Not for Politics
    to be Dominated by Out of Touch Rich Boneheads

  35. People had to Struggle For the Right to Vote

    It is Important that People Exercise this and that there are Candidates
    who are Not Rich Supremacists

    Scrap the Election Deposit in Order to Stand For Parliament so
    Poor People can Stand For Parliament

    Elections must Not be about Money Making

    I Hope that Rich Supremacist Boneheads do Not Win the Rochester and Strood By Election or any By Election come to Think of it

  36. Landless Peasant

    “Working antisocial hours can prematurely age the brain and dull intellectual ability, scientists warn.”


  37. Income Tax is only 25 per cent of tax from people to government.

    Stealth indirect taxes, sin taxes (motoring, drink and tobacco) and VAT is 75 per cent of tax from all, in or out of work, and however long we live.

    The poor spend all their money,
    have suffered a great inflation in food prices and energy bills and
    pay more of their money in stealth taxes as a percentage of their money then other income levels.

    The rise in employment will not bring in more income tax, as the new jobs are low waged below the basic tax allowance.

    The welfare state is a round robin of money from the poor and squeezed middle back to them, or it was, til MPs kept most of the money for themselves with ther 100 million in expenses shared between 650 mostly wealthy male MPs, and the 11 per cent pay rise in 2015 which is about exactly the same as the denied state pension payout to owmen at 60 from 2013, which then means that these women brn from 1953 and a lot of men born from 1951, lose all state pension, their sole food money, for life.

  38. I can easily tell what is going to happen at the next election. Common Purpose means that they will have decided amongst themselves what the result will be in advance. We will get a hung parliament which is the same thing we have now. I just hope Bedroom Tax is axed, that is my main concern.

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