Meet Richard A. Montoni – The Five Million Dollar Maximus Boss Here To Fleece The UK’s Benefits System

No wonder the cunt’s smiling.

Richard A. Montoni – the boss of US firm Maximus who will soon be carrying out the despised assessments for sickness and disability benefits – received a salary and compensation package worth over a staggering five million dollars in 2013.

Maximus specialise in outsourced government contracts.  They already run Iain Duncan Smith’s disastrous Work Programme in some parts of the UK, along with a new scheme to harass people on sick leave by declaring them fit to return to work on the back of a short phone call.  As well as operating in the US, Canada and Australia, Maximus also have a welfare-to-work contract with the Saudi Arabian government – where women are segregated in the workplace and forbidden from carrying out many jobs.  From March next year they will take over from Atos running the Work Capability Assessments (WCAs) designed to strip benefits from sick or disabled people.  These crude computer based tests have caused horrifying suffering and led to homelessness, ill health and tragically even suicides as people with serious health conditions are found fit for work and left without enough money to eat or keep the heating on.

Montoni is not the only one benefiting from a huge salary at the expense of tax payers around the world.  Maximus have been criticised in the US after it was revealed their top excecutives received compensation packages of $41,808,585 between 2008 and 2012.  According to Forbes, Montoni himself received a salary and share packages worth $5,136,321 in 2013.  With that kind of money on the table is it any wonder they have the morals of sewer rats?

Montoni is a hands on kind of boss, recently appearing in a DWP press release congratulating himself at swindling the UK government into handing him millions of pounds of our money.  The WCA contract is expected to be worth around half a billion, a chunk of which will end up in his pocket.  Whilst the Government this week attempts to stir up hatred towards asylum seekers fleeing war zones, here they are handing a fortune to some American fucking Dallas   reject who doesn’t even live in the UK.  Hate this smug bastard, because it is the rich who are stealing the world, not the poor.

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106 responses to “Meet Richard A. Montoni – The Five Million Dollar Maximus Boss Here To Fleece The UK’s Benefits System

  1. yet more heartache to come more abuse melted out whilst these fat cats get richer has the world gone entirely mad jeff3

    • Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

      Article 6

      If the Committee receives reliable information indicating grave or systematic violations by a State Party of rights set forth in the Convention, the Committee shall invite that State Party to cooperate in the examination of the information and to this end submit observations with regard to the information concerned.
      Taking into account any observations that may have been submitted by the State Party concerned as well as any other reliable information available to it, the Committee may designate one or more of its members to conduct an inquiry and to report urgently to the Committee. Where warranted and with the consent of the State Party, the inquiry may include a visit to its territory.
      After examining the findings of such an inquiry, the Committee shall transmit these findings to the State Party concerned together with any comments and recommendations.
      The State Party concerned shall, within six months of receiving the findings, comments and recommendations transmitted by the Committee, submit its observations to the Committee.
      Such an inquiry shall be conducted confidentially and the cooperation of the State Party shall be sought at all stages of the proceedings.

      …………………………………the government are awaiting a knock at the door……

  2. It don`t matter who wins the election then, whoever it is they will be getting Maximus. So poll A tricks don`t matter nor does voting !!

    What a sham & shambles !!

  3. Follow the money trail and the friggin’ slime trail is never far away from it.

    Low life twats getting rich on the backs of the suffering of others. No words to describe the contempt that the public should heap on these utter bastards.

  4. Landless Peasant

    Maybe some natural disaster will save us by destroying civilization? I hope so. Maybe a Pole Shift, or Hapgood’s earth-crust-displacement theory, or ebola? I hope the major cities of the western world will be destroyed.

  5. I don’t ever remember a single day I’ve not suffered since 2007 repeatedly asking questions isn’t making me better it’s causing me to question how much longer I can continue caring for another disabled person when I’m covering 168 hrs a week no carers allowance no respite care as others DLA doesn’t cover even one hour a week for team of three carers needed. I must stop doing this as it’s making my conditions worse.

  6. Just the western world ? Seems kinda racist/regionalist to me.

    • Landless Peasant

      It is the West that is to blame for all of this shit. If you knew the real history of how and why America exists and the true Occult nature of its relationship to Britain, you might understand.

      • I do know how America exists and you have to look at the forces which were pushing Europeans from the East.
        But why the gloom and despair? You have Russell Brand, Bone’s Class War, and Ken Loach’s Left Unity all committed to destroying capitalism. And come the General Election these fine people will be urging you to support Labour to prevent a Tory/Ukip alliance. All you have to do is withhold criticism and obey.

    • Fenriss,

      Progressive self-flagellation, we’re not worthy.

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    The scariest thing you’ll see this Halloween… and its coming to suck your lifeblood.

  8. I suspect (and really hope) that Maximus, by taking the contract, have just embarked on the road to ultimately being discredited, as were Atos. Even the name: Maximus… to me it has strong tones of oppression, of lording it over the poor; Maximus… big, powerful, uncaring, and not a million miles away from the name Maximilian, the Roman emperors.

    Just a thought.

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  10. so it’s not enough that they allow their trademark jobseekers GOVERNMENT website to be ran and controlled from america, now even the “healthcare professionals” are going to be employing the same disgusting principles that the americans have been plagued with for a fair bit now…

    why can’t any of this be ran on our own soil? it’s a disgrace, it’s shameful, no wonder our country has gone to shambles when the people at the top are so eager to shift everything outside so when the hat tips they can just fob the blame off on someone else, twist and turn, bend the law with quick fixes to legislation whenever they get confronted, when will it end? how far will it go?

  11. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    doesnt he look a bit like IDS?

  12. MAXIMUS ATOS – Emperor Montoni, MMXIV.

  13. Landless Peasant

    The notion of unpaid work is being relentlessly pushed and promoted in all corners of the media:

  14. Apart from (if said work is unwanted by those doing it, as I don’t want to slag off genuine volunteers) being slavery, unpaid work makes paid work harder to find.

    • Landless Peasant

      Voluntary work is all well and good for those who choose to do it, but it doesn’t pay the bills or put food on the table, and by being joyously promoted in this insidious way seeks to normalize the concept in the minds of the public and undermine the old fashioned concept of being paid a wage.

  15. Landless peasant that’s exactly what the fkrs want it’s their utopia to bring back indentured slavery truck shops in form of plastic card to monitor what we eat etc. my only regret is the forty years spent working manic hours should have gone on dishonest activities not hard graft I’d certainly be no worse off seen major fiddles of tax odd lot didn’t want to know when I proved deductions from 8 workers over many years weren’t passed over names didn’t exist on their system so god help those folk come pension time. Wrote off cos it’s easier.

    • You’re right about the use of the electronic bourse to monitor people’s private financial transactions, Seen em at it. The French and Indonesians have also experimented with the system, and it’s failed miserably. Where it’s been introduced, it’s been touted as more convenient for the citizen, and a way to keep their money safe and secure from thieves. Ha ha. When the Indonesians tried it, using a kind of credit card that could be topped up electronically, they found that its security was pathetically easy to break and there were counterfeit versions being sold in the markets three weeks after the wretched thing was introduced.

  16. Us And Them! For want of the price for tea and a slice…………..

  17. The chief executive officer of Maximus is Richard Montoni. Montoni received $16,194,847 in total compensation from 2008 to 2012, according to Morningstar, making him “America’s Highest Paid Caseworker.” Maximus’ top executives are making a fortune off of vulnerable populations as well; they received cumulative compensation of $41,808,585 over the same period.

    • “The outsourcing of health and human services operations to private for-profit firms raises significant concerns for sick or at-risk populations who depend on them, as well as for taxpayers who all too often foot the bill for substandard service,” said Lisa Graves Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy.

      In 2004, the state of Wisconsin entered into a contract with Maximus to ensure the state received as much federal funding as possible for a mental health program serving young people, and paid Maximus a contingency fee for all the Medicaid money it garnered for the state. In September 2013, a federal audit charged that the state, acting on Maximus’ advice, engaged in improper billing and as a result the state may have to return some or all of the funding it received. Wisconsin improperly claimed $19 for every $20 reported and now taxpayers may be on the hook for tens of millions.


        That was not the first time Maximus landed in hot water for improper billing. In July 2007, Maximus, Inc. agreed to pay $30.5 million to settle a criminal investigation regarding falsified Medicaid claims. The federal government alleged that Maximus colluded with the District of Columbia’s Child and Family Services Agency to help it falsify claims to Medicaid for services provided to children in DC’s foster care program

        • Whilst in the UK, Rich also met with the Minister of State for Employment, Esther McVey MP to discuss MAXIMUS’ ongoing partnership with the Department of Work and Pensions, and to outline for her the work Maximus has done in similar programmes across the world.

          He also held discussions with Neil O’Brien, Special Advisor to the Treasury on Work and Pensions, and other senior Government officials.

          Speaking about his visit, Rich said:

          “It’s great to come to London and see for myself the progress that’s been made by the whole MAXIMUS UK team, where they have established excellent Work Programme schemes in two of the most challenging regions of the country, all the while adhering to the core MAXIMUS values.

          “I was delighted to also have the opportunity to meet with the Minister for Employment, Esther McVey. Her commitment to the Work Programme and to helping the long-term unemployed in the UK is fantastic and I have no doubt she will have great success in addressing the employment needs of the population.

          “I look forward to spending more time in London in the months and years ahead as Maximus UK continues to help the UK Government serve its citizens.”

          • Eric Greenwood (4727)

            Neil o Brien.. or could that be Mr N.O. Brain

            • Neil O’Brien is now a Special Adviser to George Osborne at the Treasury.

              Neil led Policy Exchange for five years, cementing the think tank’s position as the leading policy organisation in the UK.

              Prior to joining Policy Exchange, Neil was director of Open Europe, a cross-party think tank working for free market reform in Europe

              • ……..O’BRIEN, ANOTHER EVIL BASTARD;

                This is where we can turn to Neil O’Brien, Director of Cameron-freindly thinktank Policiy Exchange.

                In response to Fraser and I, he suggests six “Welfare reform” solutions that help the square this circle.

                Of his six ideas, two involve toughening conditionality so more benefits can be withheld if people don’t seek work. Think of this as the “stick” approach to Benefits reform.

                The great advantage of increasing conditionality is that it is cheap and encourages people to work. The great downside is that some people will fall into deep poverty.

                Three of Neil’s other ideas are likely to have up front costs – they are trying to identify and support the most problematic claimants early and help them. This is worthwhile, but likely to be marginally a short term cost increase (you’d likely need to hire lots of rehabilitation and training staff,for example), so let’s put them aside for the moment.

                The final idea is reforming housing benefit. I assume Neil means finding ways to reduce how much we pay out. This might involve widening housing supply in the rented sector, or reducing eligibility.

      • overburdenddonkey

        maximus and nhs privatization have nothing to do with health care…as soon as profit becomes a motive health care goes down the drain, it is plainly about justifying the austerity mask…the sole purpose is profits for the banks, to keep the rich rich and the poor in their place…iceland had the right idea, bail out the people and jail the bankers…

  18. We can do exactly what we did with Atos, but we start now and keep going! This is just another toxic American company that even the Americans don’t want. Atos was the same, let’s step up and start showing them what they are going to get on a daily basis in this country!

  19. Concerns were raised after it emerged Maximus were fined £20million in 2007 over
    allegations they cheated US health care firm Medicaid by making tens of thousands of false claims. Maximus paid the penalty but didn’t accept liability.

    In 2010, they paid out £1.3million in a lawsuit brought by the state of Connecticut for the “abject failure” of their computer system, which was supposed to run a police database.

    The Scottish Government said: “We’ve long made our concerns clear about the current assessment process. We hope the Department for Work and Pensions take these concerns on board and work to implement measures that allow greater confidence in the process


    I CERTAINLY DIDN’T……………………………………………

    • Just seen this, simple mathematics really;

      Its complex but basically not till loads of people get declared fit for work as said already.

      simple answer is at least 167,224 people would need to be declared fit to work to break even let alone “save” £500 million and thats just from new claimants.

      When they declare these people fit and put them onto JSA (assuming they stay on JSA for a while being unable to find a job due to there disability etc) its important to consider the money is the same for ESA and JSA before the ESA work capability assessment. So any savings come from denying people the “group” component of ESA that tops it up depending on how you score in the assessment, so if we do the sums another way than above (several ways you could find a different figure for this its complex)….

      (JSA and ESA assessment rate personal allowance for over 25y old is £72.40 weekly)

      ESA money added to personal allowance following successful work capability assessment =

      Wrag group £28.75
      support group £35.70


      using the Wrag value as a mid range example so £28.75 x 52 weeks = £1495 annually

      Since wrag or support group awards are usually 2 years then 2 years worth of wrag money = £2990 (this is on top of personal allowance)

      and finally £500 million divided into £2990 = 167,224 people will need to be denied a 2 year award of Wrag in this three year period just to break even. (assuming these people go on to claim JSA for 2 years)

      • Specifically, that’s 168,000 *more* than ATOS would have declared fit for work. The other half of the equation, stopping people from appealing, is already in place, now that you have to ask the DWP for a reconsideration – and they cut you off without a penny while they warm their arses for as long as they please doing it.

  21. “maximus will be eyeing up the uk student loan debt contract next……..

    Maximus Inc. has been awarded an $848 million contract from the U.S. Department of Education to run a student debt collection system for the department’s Office of Federal Student Aid, the company announced Tuesday.
    Under the potential 10-year, three-month contract, Maximus will provide operations and maintenance support for the FSA’s Debt Management and Collections System, or DMCS, which manages the $150 billion outstanding federal student loan portfolio and secures repayment from federal student loan borrowers.

  22. “Flicking the ash from his gold banded, hand rolled cuban cigar down Esther’s cleavage, he turned and smiled to David Freud”…………

    …………………”Fuck paying them two pounds an hour, when my guys finish with them, they will be pushing up daisies”

    Iain’s eyes lit up, the pound signs doing somersaults in his twisted mind,,,,,,,



  23. MAXIMUS will probably be used to assess our injured troops, those unlucky enough to make it back to meet an enemy far worse than Isis or theTaliban………………

    Leading veterans’ charities have slammed the UK government’s crackdown on welfare benefits, which is affecting former army war veterans, who are now disabled.

    Severely wounded veterans that took part in the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were once entitled to incapacity benefits and are now being told they no longer qualify.

    These controversial judgments have pushed thousands of ex-soldiers to the breadline.

    The chief executive of the Veterans Charity, Danny Greeno said, “It is becoming an unbearable situation. It should not be happening to people who have served their country. The people doing these assessments need to be properly qualified.”

    Greeno added that many of these ex-soldiers are already on the breadline and that most of them are unable to work as they suffer with post-traumatic stress disorder.

    An example shows 35 year-old Mark Dryden, who lost his right arm due to a roadside bomb in Iraq. He was awarded incapacity benefit in 2008 but had it withdrawn this year under the coalition government’s measures of savage cuts to the benefit system.

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    Mr Void here reveals Richard A Montoni, the boss of Maximus, as another parasite getting rich from the harassment of the poor, the sick and the desperate, of the same type as the head of ATOS. Maximus, Unum, Capita, Serco and G4S: none of them have any moral worth whatsoever, and all should be shown the official boot immediately. But they’ve got our politicians in their pockets, so unfortunately there’s absolutely no chance of that.

  25. But there is no political profit in this, as the general population catch-up and become aware that this is not welfare reform but corruption ALL the major uk political parties will be heavily damaged. Particularly when the main casualties of that corruption have been the disabled, welfare reform has nothing to do with austerity it is a front for corruption. Legitimate disability and JSA monies have been seized fraudulently there is no getting away form that fact – the welfare system is not being reformed by the rule of law but by criminal deception.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      agreed…the void between what is happening now and what ought to be, must be filled in….welfare “reform” is a deception to draw attention away from what is really going on…namely the city of london £, the banking system, WM and the financial markets, that are robbing us blind…

      • overburdenddonkey scots would vote yes if there was an indyref poll today….which proves beyond doubt, scotlands (the scottish people’s), unease with the no vote, as more and more people reject the union in the light of hindsight…”omg, what have we done!”


          Today i received a demand from the NHS business services authority for £111.00p.
          I have been told that i must pay it in 28 days or a surcharge of £46.50p will be added, failing that i will be taken to court………………

          Apparently my dentist checked my teeth on the 19 august this year and the examination bill for 11 minutes work was £18. 00.

          When i went to the counter afterwards to get my repeat examination date i told the lady that i was only receiving £32.32p per week from the DWP, yet had previously been deemed, disabled for life until ATOS were used to steal my benefits.
          The lady asked me what the £32.32p was payable to me for, i explained that i was in receipt of Industrial Injuries Benefit for an accident at work.

          She was of the opinion that i did not have to pay because the meagre amount i was given to live on was absurd………….

          ……………….My dental inspection cost £18.00, the penalty from the NHS is £92.50p, plus an extra £46.50 if i do not pay within 28 days.

          i will let you all know when the court proceedings commence……

          • This is friggin’ outrageous! and getting worse by the minute.

            I detest this country and the government are the most corrupt evil bastards going. Asking a man that only gets £32 per week to pay dentist fee’s!!!

            I mean have you ever heard the likes of that kind of vindictiveness and cruelty?

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    Scotland would now vote for independence, poll finds
    Just six weeks after majority voted no, YouGov survey finds 52% of people in favour of leaving UK

    Scottish yes voter Two-fifths of people in Scotland think there will be another referendum within 10 years, the poll found. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA

    Scotland would vote yes to independence if another referendum were held today – just six weeks after a majority voted no, a poll has found.

    Independence now has the backing of 52% of people in Scotland compared with 48% for the union, a YouGov poll for the Times has found.

    When those who would not vote or do not know are included, the split is 49% for yes and 45% for no, the poll of 1,078 Scottish adults between 27 and 30 October found.

    Scotland voted 55% in favour of keeping the UK together in the referendum on 18 September.


    A senior executive at the company used by the Government to oversee disability benefits has attempted to amend his career history amid anger from disability campaigners that the welfare state is now being run by private sector “henchmen”.

    Professor Michael O’Donnell, the former medical director of Atos, now plays a senior role in the American company Maximus, which has won a £500m Government contract to decide whether disabled people are able to return to work. His previous company walked away from the contract, which was supposed to end in 2015.




      ……….the new Josef Mengele’s, Angels of Death of the Disabled Community.

      • “the cripples bite back”

        Oct 2014
        ‘Isolated’ woman set for court action over PIP delays
        By john pring

        newslatest A disabled woman left “financially and socially isolated” after waiting more than six months for her claim for the new disability benefit to be processed is taking legal action against the government.

        Ms C, from Kent, claims she is struggling to eat and heat her home because of the delays with her application for personal independence payment (PIP).

        The introduction of PIP – which is gradually replacing working-age disability living allowance – has been hit by lengthy backlogs and delays, with some claimants having to wait more than a year just to be assessed.

        Ms C applied for PIP in January this year after her health condition worsened and she was forced to leave her job.

        She said: “The delay has had a massive impact on my life. I applied for PIP so I could look after myself, but without it I can barely eat and only ever leave my house for a weekly trip to a supermarket.

        “While PIP wouldn’t solve all of my problems, without it I just feel financially and socially isolated.”

        Last month, Disability News Service reported how new government figures appeared to show that at least 150,000 disabled people had been waiting longer than four months for the government to decide on their PIP claims.

        The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) figures also showed that about 490,000 people registered a new PIP claim between its launch in April 2013 and 31 July 2014. But of those claims, only 200,000 had so far been cleared.

        Ms C is being represented by solicitors Irwin Mitchell, which has applied for a judicial review to examine the actions of Conservative work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith, on the grounds that such lengthy delays “amount to a failure to reach a decision within a reasonable time”.

        They argue that taking six months or more to determine PIP claims is unreasonable, because the purpose of the benefit is to support disabled people of working-age who have extra costs caused by long-term ill-health or disability.

        Anne-Marie Irwin, a public law specialist with Irwin Mitchell, said: “The delays that our client and potentially thousands of others have faced are simply unnecessary and unacceptable, as they need this support to be able to get the most from everyday life.

        “This issue has left our client struggling to cope financially, with the strain and stress of these issues also having a significant impact on her health and wellbeing.

        “We’ve been left with little choice but to take this action to ensure that the voice of our client is heard.”

        This week, the Conservative minister for disabled people, Mark Harper, told MPs that the government was “moving in the right direction” with the PIP delays and that by the end of the year “no-one will have to wait more than 16 weeks for their assessment”.

        Harper said: “I understand the frustrations that people have experienced. There have been cases in my constituency of people waiting too long.

        “I have been frank about that, and my top priority is to improve that situation.”

  29. Senior Atos executive finds new role at the American company taking over disability benefit

    Independent – Hannah Fearn – Friday 31 October 2014

    A senior executive at the company used by the Government to oversee disability benefits has attempted to amend his career history amid anger from disability campaigners that the welfare state is now being run by private sector “henchmen”.

    Professor Michael O’Donnell, the former medical director of Atos, now plays a senior role in the American company Maximus, which has won a £500m Government contract to decide whether disabled people are able to return to work. His previous company walked away from the contract, which was supposed to end in 2015.

    Despite Government promises of a fresh start, Professor O’Donnell now works as the medical director of Health Management Limited (HML) which is a subsidiary of Maximus. The company claims he will not be directly involved in the delivery of the new contract, but all reference to Professor O’Donnell’s previous role at Atos was removed from his career history on the business networking site LinkedIn this week – which MPs and campaigners fear is an effort to conceal the close relationship between the two organisations.

    Full Article:
    Independent: –

    • Professor Michael O’Donnell money laundering !! Same workings as ATOS business plan !!! So it`s worse than ATOS because Maximus have already started the cover up & lies !!

    • The Independent contacted Mr O’Donnell’s office but he did not respond to our inquiries.

      A spokesperson for the Department for Work and Pensions said: “To make sure there is a seamless transfer from Atos, Maximus will inevitably draw on many of the existing Atos assessors. Mike O’Donnell is medical director of the Health Management Ltd and will not be supporting Maximus in its management of the work capability assessment contract.”

      A spokesperson for Maximus said Professor O’Donnell would not be involved in administering the new contract. “We are in the process of appointing a chief medical officer for this role. How Mr O’Donnell manages his social media is entirely a matter for him to decide,” he added.

    • ……..they are all pissing in the same pot. If you explore links to the new UK MAXIMUS bosses they are inextricably linked to JOBCENTREPLUS.

      They are creating personal wealth from the misfortune of those they are elected to represent.


      • ……………..similarly, how can members of the HOUSE OF LORDS take part in any votes concerning health, when over two hundred of them have vested interests………….


  30. So if Labour wins in May 20155 they will still be contracted to Maximus.



  31. overburdenddonkey “The biggest drain on the welfare state is not disabled people. That’s why a suggestion to squeeze back on young disabled people again is cruel AND bad economics.” i just wonder how many times this has to be said before the general public grasp this message…

  32. Maximus Death Camps hired out by ATOS. Maximus Slave Trading Of Human Cargo.



    • Definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010

      You’re disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.

      ……………unless you live in the UK where the government have instructed the DWP and Judiciary to simply ignore the legislation because it will never be challenged by the poorest who rely upon it, due to legal aid being withdrawn.

  34. Corrupt Utter bastards! this Vile government, I fucking detest IDS

  35. General Election;

    IDS – Wanted – Dead or Alive!

    • The people you have fucked over (and have forced people to commit suicide in the name of your fucked up and totally misguided welfare reforms) whilst you were in power won’t ever forget you, If you think you can just sail off into the sunset… You have another think coming – you fucking idiot!

  36. they come across as
    nervous cos deep down they realize
    they will spend the rest of their
    grubby lives looking over their
    shoulder..and even afterwards their
    caskets will have to be embedded
    in tons of concrete like jimmy
    savile cos those multitude of folk
    who have had their lives destroyed
    ..will not surely forget


      ………………..the announcement, a few day’s back by Iain Duncan Smith, that sets out to examine new legislation and the effects on families, is just an attempt to further distance himself and his cronies from claims of “CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER”.
      ……………….nothing more, nothing less………………

      Spouting shit like the paragraph released below is nothing more than camouflage to hide the extent of misery and death piled upon the most vulnerable…………………

      For the first time ever, the new guidance sets out five questions that all policy or legislation across government needs to address before it can be agreed by ministers. The guidance has been drawn up in consultation with families groups. This approach makes clear that all departments need to fully understand how government policies support strong family relationships and will allow departments to identify and take action to address any policies that could undermine them
      Before any legislation is enacted, it is incumbent on parliament to make sure an impact assessment has been thoroughly carried out to see if the new law will have a negative effect on the electorate.

      Time and again, freedom of information requests have been forwarded to the DWP asking about the so called impact assessments surrounding the welfare reforms………..

      Strangely, the only impact assessments that seem to exist state that the impact on the claimants will be hardly significant whatsoever, but the mound of dead bodies, poverty and sickness, tell a completely different story!

      People should be asking lots of questions as to who carried out the impact assessments?
      To whom were they responsible?
      What links they had with government ministers?

      “Purporting to examine legislative impacts on families is an insult when mortality statistics are being withheld by the DWP”.


      • ……..then ask yourselves:


        The message from our government is clear;



        ……………IF IT HAD ANY BACKBONE, THAT IS…………..

  37. Since the days of Thatcher people have become less caring. Looking after number one has been the priority for many. Most people don’t care what the government does if it doesn’t affect them directly.
    We have laws to protect us that the government can simply ignore and the MPs in power will never have to face the consequences unless you call resigning on a big pension payback.
    What is the chance of even the labour party putting candidates in safe labour seats who are unemployed or in minimum wage jobs?
    It’s a gravy train and every one of them will say they didn’t go into politics to make money but complain about earning a basic salary of over 66k. They can claim in one year expenses that total more than a minimum wage person gets for a full years pay.

    • overburdenddonkey

      all i’ve seen in the last 35yrs for many, is poverty increasing and more millionaire politicians….a housing crisis, £1.6trl debt, the NHS on it’s knees, and a welfare system that doesn’t, and NOTHING spent on desperately needed job creation, or in lieu of that a citizens basic income….some mp’s expenses are approaching £200000/yr = very poor value for money…money for old rope…they took the money on the back of solving problems, but their actions have simply made them much much worse, with a promise of future improvements, when even the basic standards of humanity are not being met..lets face it wouldn’t be hard to bring improvement given the dire state of things as they are…

  38. SNP deputy leader candidates on Scottish Sunday Politics Show – dumbstruck on social justice, big on cutting corporation tax. Also they are mute on a second referendum, an option that should be kept live in all the SNP’s election manifestos.

    The danger is that they have abandoned social justice and independence for Third Way inertia and bureaucratic power.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      i know you are right to raise those concerns…have faith in yourself, many feel the same as you do, including myself…58% of the scottish people want another indyref within 5 yrs…it is the only reason for the current mass support of the snp, ssp, is social justice and indyscot… woa betide them if it is not delivered very soon…or they will go the way of labour…we must not let the snp wallow in smug grandeur of losing the indyref but coming out as victors on the backs, hopes, and aspirations of the scottish people, it will not be tolerated…they should now facilitate the emergence of radical socialist scottish politics…which is what the people of scotland clearly want and need…this must happen now…

  39. look whose helping him

    Professor Herr Doktor Mike O’Donnell Formerly Chief Medical Officer at ‪#‎Unum‬ and ‪#‎Atos‬ and now ‪#‎Maximus‬ hides his history with Atos on ‪#‎Linkedin‬ profile FULL STORY IN TODAY’s INDEPENDENT:…/senior-atos-executive-finds-… and see also Letter to The Guardian:…/private-firms-disability-asses…
    Professor Herr Doktor Mike O’Donnell Formerly Chief Medical Officer at #Unum and #Atos and now #Maximus hides his history with Atos on #Linkedin profile FULL STORY IN TODAY’s INDEPENDENT: and see also Letter to The Guardian:
    Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights

    Professor Herr Doktor Mike O’Donnell Formerly Chief Medical Officer at ‪#‎Unum‬ and ‪#‎Atos‬ and now ‪#‎Maximus‬ hides his history with Atos on ‪#‎Linkedin‬ profile FULL STORY IN TODAY’s INDEPENDENT:…/senior-atos-executive-finds-… and see also Letter to The Guardian:…/private-firms-disability-asses

  40. Taxpayers to receive summary detailing how takings are spent

    George Osborne sending out twenty-four million Annual Tax Summaries to incite welfare hatred.

  41. Just one of a small bunch of arrogant bureaucratic bastards destroying peoples lives by reducing them to poverty; whilst they live high off the hog.

    When will this obnoxious state of affairs end?


      A woman whose benefits had been stopped stole food from a supermarket.

      Wendy Rogers, 51, of Garstang Road East, Poulton, pleaded guilty to two offences of theft.

      Chrissie Hunt, prosecuting, said Rogers took a shoulder of pork from Asda on September 28, and the following day returned to the store and took a packet of cream cheese.

      Trevor Colebourne, defending, said his client, who had no previous convictions, was severely disabled and had had numerous operations.

      At the time of the theft she had problems over her benefits and was penniless.

      Rogers was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £15 victims’ surcharge by Blackpool magistrates.

  42. Iain complusive Liar smith

    How Iain Duncan Smith voted since 2001
    Randomly generated selection of topics. See full list.

    Voted very strongly against raising welfare benefits at least in line with prices Source
    Voted very strongly against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability this cunt is the lowest of the low

  43. JCP death kapo deluded enough to think that hanging up rags in a scam charity shop is work experience.

  44. JCP death kapo wants everyone to believe that it is the mystical decision maker that initiates sanctions and there is no blood their hands.

  45. For The Attention Of Richard A. Montoni

    “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” – Mark 10:25



    ……….Tax letters sent to households give misinformation intended to step up hatred of welfare dependents……

  47. Pingback: The Work Capability Assessment Is About To Get Worse, Less People To Be Placed In Support Group Say DWP | the void

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