Maximus Are The New Atos: Destroy Maximus

atos-black-triangleThe BBC are reporting that US company Maximus has won a £500 million contract to take over from Atos administering the despised Work Capability Assessment (WCA).

Maximus, who already have a contract running Iain Duncan Smith’s failing Work Programme, will now carry out the computer based assessments used to strip benefits from sick and disabled people by declaring them ‘fit for work’.

Atos claimed they pulled out of the WCA after staff were threatened.  But this was a fucking lie.  What happened to Atos was much more toxic.  Regular and repeated protests were held outside Atos offices all around the UK, including their glitzy London headquarters.  They were hounded off social media, whilst their corporate identity was repeatedly hijacked despite a string of petty legal threats.  Other parts of their business were affected.  The Co-operative bank were successfully lobbied to end their occupational health contract with Atos.

Everywhere Atos appeared they were hounded by disabled people and claimants determined to expose and disrupt them – and most of all cost them money.  Their attemp at resurrecting their image by sponsoring the Paralympics turned into  PR disaster as large and creative protests exposed this company’s true attitude towards sick and disabled people.  Recruitment events were picketed and  working for Atos beoame a badge of shame amongst healthcare professionals as the company grew increasingly despised.

These are the reasons why Atos abruptly ended their contract with the DWP.  And now we need to do it all again.

Unlike when Atos began the WCA, Maximus know exactly what they are getting into.  They know that these assessments have led to suicides, poverty and ill health.  They just don’t care, because the DWP has stuffed their mouths with gold to rescue the hated assessments.  All these bastards care about is money and so that is where to start.

The first step is gathering information.  Every twitter feed, facebook page, subsidiary business and hidden scandal needs to be unearthed.  We need to know where, and how they do business.  And we need to make sure that people the world over know what this nasty company is about to do to sick and disabled claimants in the UK.  Maximus will have done the sums and decided they can ride out any public outrage against their activities. Let’s surprise them.

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  1. Interesting comment and links here:-
    Just the first few paragraphs

    When Atos walked away from its contract to carry out Work Capability Assessments, the government needed to find a replacement. Today (29 October 2014) it was announced that the contract has been awarded to Maximus. Only time will tell of course, but for many disabled people the initial reaction may be, ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’.

    Maximus is an American corporation which has been accused of fraud in the US. It recently entered the health assessment ‘market’ in the UK by acquiring British company Health Management Limited (HML). Medical Director at HML is Professor Mike O’Donnell – who was previously Chief Medical Officer at Atos.

    In Professor O’Donnell’s Linkedin profile, he says that at Atos he was, ‘Responsible for Clinical Governance throughout the organisation.’

    Prior to being at Atos, Professor O’Donnell was Chief Medical Officer at Unum, a private insurance company which is alleged to have had a big influence over the Department for Work and Pensions in its reform of disability benefits and assessments.

    The Disability News Service has reported that in 2005, whilst at Unum, Professor O’Donnell wrote,

    ‘We know that our views and understanding are not yet in the mainstream of doctors’ thinking, but Government Policy is moving in the same direction, to a large extent being driven by our thinking and that of our close associates, both in the UK and overseas.”

    • In other words, it’s only a short matter of time before the ‘mainstream of doctors’ thinking becomes the same as our own…..and Government Policy will make sure that it happens!

    • So in fact, the same guy that led his former company into a position from which it couldn’t extricate itself quickly enough is about to do the same to his current company. Should the shareholders not be asking some questions about exactly whose interests he’s serving?

  2. Not the first contract they have had from our never elected government.

    MAXIMUS Awarded New Health and Work Service Program for the United Kingdom’s Department for Work and Pensions
    Contracts and Awards
    Friday, July 25, 2014 9:42 am EDT
    RESTON, Va.

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  4. it makes the whole ATOS tests invalid & Null & Void. The same will happen to Maximus if they are still using the same WCA tick box system.

    Not Worth The Paper It`s Written On – Not Fit For Purpose.

    Another failure by the DWP.

  5. Maximus have you read about the DWP WCA tests !!! Take a look. Too late !!!!

  6. Some foulness not unlike that perpetrated by UNUM before them to be read here:,_Inc.

    Surely there’s something good in America we could import instead of these corrupt parasites?

  7. Lots of unanswered questions here:

    * When are Maximus (or rather their puppet company in the UK, Health Management Services Ltd) taking over? I remember hearing “early 2015” mentioned before; is that before or after the election? If I were running this kind of company, I wouldn’t be so foolhardy as to take on a contract that could be legislated out of existence within two months of its starting – and Parliament is sovereign in this country, so Labour could well, were they so minded, unilaterally end all Tory contracts and force new tenders.

    * At present, repeat WCAs are suspended, which has given an awful lot of us a welcome breathing space. Does this mean they will be instantly resumed from the first day HMS take over, or will they be phased in again, or will they be left suspended? If repeat assessments are going to be ramped up again, how is HMS going to avoid the colossal backlog problems that ATOS, for all their ridiculously streamlined checkbox procedures, fell into ridiculously quickly? And when there are people out there who have been waiting over a year for their initial WCA, does it make any sense to add back assessments of people already known to be too ill to be bothered by anyone else?

    * What bids were received and rejected? If HMS were the only bidders, what hope is there of effective oversight / value for money?

    * How long before David Freud accepts a Maximus directorship? (My money’s on him being hired before next June. IDS, too, if the Tories lose the election.)

    This whole thing stinks. (And it’s given me a lovely little anxiety attack this evening – so thanks for that, powers that be. I do just love that whole experience of being mordantly terrified of the post.)

    • overburdenddonkey

      j p
      looking in, with a few months to go before the 2015ge, it does not seem feasible that maximus can ensure a future contract, unless it is being “locked in”…

    • JP
      A nice thought that Labour (if they are successful in May 2015, of course) would end all Tory contracts….but do you really think they would?! It will all be locked in with the most enormous penalties for cancellation/early determination…..and possibly/probably a nice under the table bung for any possible future Labour minister in charge of overseeing the continuing shower of shit!!

      • No, I don’t think they would – unless I’ve severely underestimated Ed Miliband, and what is presenting as cowardice and indecision is actually frustration that he can’t be honest about his plans. (I don’t think that’s the case, sadly.)

        But they *could*. The first bill they present to the Commons could be a bill that renders all exit penalty clauses with the public sector null and void, and the courts would have little choice but to enforce it – after all, if parliament can vote to ignore court rulings on compensating benefit recipients, they can also vote to invalidate contracts that would compensate the vultures flying over the welfare state. TTIP may change that, but then parliament could also vote to abandon TTIP.

        Parliamentary sovereignty – in particular, the inability of a current parliament to bind future parliaments – is an enormously powerful tool; in the wrong hands, it’s immensely dangerous, as we’ve seen over the past three and a half decades and particularly vividly over the past four years – but it can also get the country out of a hole like nothing else can.

        • Of course, if this were done, then outsourcing would be somewhat more difficult, given the inability to get any company to sign up to a contract less than three years before an election. (Or ever, if Labour were to repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act. Which they absolutely should, given that it only came into existence so the Tories wouldn’t cut and run in 2012.

  8. Landless Peasant

    These vultures are fucking scum.

  9. Maximus is also the company IDS and the DWP have contracted to take over from doctors, who are no longer able to sign people off sick from work for more than 4 weeks. Workers who are off sick are to be contacted by Maximus’s Occupational Health Advisors, offering them ‘help’ to return to work asap. This could include sending people with mental health problems for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy etc… This new policy was reportedly due to be rolled out this october, there is also ‘conditionality’ attached to recieving sick pay through this new policy. Ie coercing people who are sick back to work, probably in an attempt to halt the every growing numbers of people claiming ESA. The policy is out there. I have posted it on a number of blogs. just that, as usual, the media do not appear to think it of any importance.. People will only become aware of it when they are off sick from work, and then get a phone call from MAXIMUS!!!!

    • Do you have any links about this?
      Also, it just occurred to me – for mental and behavioural illnesses surely this harassment by Maximus would contravene (is it) clauses 29 and 35 of ESA decision making where the claimant must not be put at risk by being forced to do this or that, get work, go on training etc., in other words they should be put in the support group if medically appropriate.

      • overburdenddonkey

        yeah, i agree it is harassment and intimidation…for any class of sickness or disability…
        here’s one…

      • The WCA is already proven discriminatory. Even the DWP have stopped contesting that point; they’re simply refusing to do anything about it until the Upper Tribunal rules on what has to happen to bring it into compliance.

        The idea of a government having been found to act discriminatorily, but continuing to do so regardless, still astonishes me. I know, I’m naive. Must be the autism; I keep expecting people in power to behave other than sociopathically.

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    ANOTHER dark cloud on the horizon for the sick and disabled. But hey, Maximus are also contracted to act as occupational health advisors for the DWP and the companies we work for. With conditionality built in.


    Maximus, Inc. Sued by EEOC for Disability Discrimination

    Business Management and Logistic Consulting Services Company Failed to Promote Woman It Perceived as Disabled, Federal Agency Says

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Maximus, Inc., headquartered in Reston, Va., violated federal law when it refused to promote a female employee because it regarded her as disabled, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged in a lawsuit it filed today. Maximus has locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, and employs more than 6,500 employees.

    According to the EEOC’s complaint, Thelma Austin was hired by Maximus as a client services representative (CSR) on January 16, 2007. Around July 24, 2009, Austin applied for a promotion to the position of senior client services representative (SCSR). The next day Austin suffered a stroke and was out of work until Oct. 5, 2009. She worked until Oct. 16, when her leg gave way as a result of the residual effects from the stroke, and she fell. Austin was out of work again on medical leave until Nov. 9.

    Austin returned to work around Nov. 9, 2009, with a medical clearance form that cleared her to work but indicated that Austin would need “physical therapy at some point.” Later that same day, Austin was informed that while she was qualified for the SCSR position, she had not been selected due to her need for physical therapy in the future.

    According to the complaint, Austin was told specifically that Maximus was concerned she might miss the mandatory training required for all individuals promoted to the SCSR position because of her need for physical therapy. Although Austin assured Maximus that she would attend all of the required training, Maximus did not select her based on its unsubstantiated fears that she would not be present for all of the training. The complaint alleges that Austin was at work and available to attend the mandatory training, and would have attended the training but for Maximus’s unlawful disqualification of her.


    Maximus said 146 people had “unconfirmed positives” on their drug tests, meaning the person had some banned substance in his or her system. Some of them could have had valid explanations such as a medical condition that required a prescription painkiller. But the cases should have been flagged for further review.


      Maximus Settles Fraud Case for $30.5 Million

      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Tuesday, July 24, 2007

      Maximus, a Reston company that provides consulting services for local and state social service agencies, settled a Medicaid fraud lawsuit with the federal government for $30.5 million yesterday.

      Separately, the company announced that it had hired UBS Investment Bank to review its strategic options and would consider putting itself up for sale.

      “Maximus accepts responsibility for the conduct of its employees, and since that time, we have taken remedial actions to improve oversight to prevent a recurrence,” chief executive Richard Montoni said in a statement.


    N.Y. Judge Shelves Welfare Contracts Won by Maximus; Procurement Process Ruled ‘Corrupted’

    The company announced in January that New York City had awarded it contracts worth $103 million over three years to train welfare recipients, assess their skills and place them in jobs. A Maximus spokesman said yesterday that “we did nothing inappropriate” and that New York City “ran a legitimate procurement process.”

    The New York judge ruled that Maximus “misled” the city’s Human Resources Administration about the role a former senior policy adviser to Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani played in the company’s proposal. On another issue, New York Supreme Court Judge William J. Davis wrote that Maximus “was granted an unfair advantage in the contracting process” because it was talking to officials at the agency in January 1999, months before the city began formally soliciting proposals.


    Maximus Gets Minimal Results
    November 11, 1997

    Anyone looking for validation that privatizing isn’t a panacea need look no further than Maximus Inc., the Virginia company that is supposedly managing a state program designed to reimburse working welfare recipients for child-care costs.

    The program is a linchpin of the welfare-reform package that was adopted to move beneficiaries — and particularly single mothers — off government assistance and into the workplace.

    Maximus was hired in April to help make it happen. Now, company officials admit they’re months behind in payments and it may be December before they can straighten out the mess. Child- care centers have laid off employees or shut their doors, and some parents have been forced to quit their jobs because of the mess


    Gender Discrimination Lawsuit: In September 2000, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that Maximus “violated federal law by paying lower wages to women than to men placed in the same jobs in a Milwaukee warehouse.”[24] The EEOC ruling found that a woman was paid $7.01 an hour for the same work as her male colleagues who received $8.13 an hour. The wage discrimination took place under the auspices of MaxStaff, one of Maximus’ subsidiaries that functions as a temporary employment agency. Despite claims by Maximus executives that the difference was based on the woman being paid a training wage in a program for people with little job history, the commission ruled that “the evidence indicates that female employees working in warehouse positions had substantially equal qualifications to males working in the same positions, but were paid lower wages even though females were performing the same duties as males.


    Racial Discrimination Complaint: In June 2002, two African-American managers in Milwaukee filed employment discrimination complaints against Maximus alleging they had been passed over for promotions and paid less because of their race.[25] The two managers also brought to light that the W-2 agency’s top staff was so lacking in diversity that employees referred to it as “White Castle,” despite the fact that at the time 79 percent of Maximus employees who worked in the Wisconsin Works program are minorities

  17. HMS Flagship – Atos top brass jumping ship to Maximus – So same crappy tick box system then.

    the backlogs will be even worst – About 2025 !!


    Health and Safety Complaints

    Maximus facilities have been targeted for inspection by the United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) in Arizona (2010), California (2011), and Iowa (2012). Two of those inspections followed safety and health complaints


      Maximus is an American corporation which has been accused of fraud in the US. It recently entered the health assessment ‘market’ in the UK by acquiring British company Health Management Limited (HML). Medical Director at HML is Professor Mike O’Donnell – who was previously Chief Medical Officer at Atos.


      The Disability News Service has reported that in 2005, whilst at Unum, Professor O’Donnell wrote,

      ‘We know that our views and understanding are not yet in the mainstream of doctors’ thinking, but Government Policy is moving in the same direction, to a large extent being driven by our thinking and that of our close associates, both in the UK and overseas.

      Chief Medical Officer
      Atos Healthcare

      Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

      March 2011 – February 2013 (2 years)

      Responsible for Clinical Governance throughout the organisation and directly involved in OH delivery.
      Chief Medical Officer

      Public Company; 10,001+ employees; UNM; Insurance industry

      March 2000 – September 2010 (10 years 7 months)
      Senior Medical Advisor
      Axa-PPP Occupational Health

      1999 – 2002 (3 years)

  19. You can`t sign proper contract if the person might not be in office. Why would a company like Maximus take that gamble !!!

  20. Since Dodgy Dave might not be here after May 2015 are the other parties contracted to maximus after you lose the election !! That`s the only reason why Maximus take the contract on till 2018 or whenever. Or it`s another Money Laundering Scam !!

  21. Anything to get away from the Universal Credit bad news !!! BUMP – How`s PIP Going !!!

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    Maximus is just Atos with a different name. Let’s start lobbying firms that use them and start the same demos that we did with Atos.

  23. Rosemarie Harris

    This is interesting but it was always going to be an shity American Company as most companies in this country are in no hurry to shit on the disabled .. Yet. Maximusfuckus don’t know what they have let themselves in for ,or the so called Dr’s or Nurses. Lets show then!!!!

    • Having worked for a US company in the past rosemarie, they are totally ruthless and operate under a culture of their way,black and white thinking,cover ups,they like their pound of flesh.never again.

      Theres going to be trouble.this organisation looks a nasty affair. the Uk is looking to america,its a big mistake.europe is talked about in the media,as if we’re on another continent but we are much of this culture has crept in.



    Work and Pensions Committee: Formal Minutes 2010

    Employment and Support Allowance
    Lisa Coleman, General Manager, DWP Medical Services, Dr Laura Crawford,
    Clinical Director and Professor Michael O’Donnell, Chief Medical Officer, Atos
    Healthcare; and Professor Malcolm Harrington





    ……… for the boys

    • The ever odious ‘WORKING LINKS’ in there eh! Always represented aren’t they? Whenever there’s any snout dipping to be done that name always comes up.

    • Working Links Are SCUM!!

      William ‘CUNT’ Smith went in with the Working Links bricks – this cunt has been in the poverty pimp business since its inception – CUNT!

  26. Anyroadup folks…..have we got any nearer to providing the requisite jobs for all of these people who are to be ‘found’ fit for work, by whatever bunch of scum suckers so ‘finds’ them?….a few opportunities at Lloyds Bank, maybe?….

    • Of course not. This isn’t about jobs; it’s about pushing people into the sanctions system (and therefore off benefits). Every year the Support Group criteria get narrower, and every year the difference between the WRA group and ordinary JSA is eroded further, a process Universal Credit seems designed to facilitate (so we should all be grateful that it’s apparently stillborn).

    Are they trying to get rid of work related sickness benefit completely?
    Welfare state is being destroyed. and Labour will say nothing.

    • Ministers are considering drastically cutting the main Employment and Support Allowance sickness benefit, internal documents seen by the BBC suggest.

      Are these part of the same documents that were leaked this summer to the BBC, and if so why did they withhold the news of such a big cut.

      Scottish referendum maybe!

    • I thought the welfare state had parliamentary sovereignty and could not be touched?

      • Umm… no.

        Parliamentary sovereignty / supremacy is simply the doctrine that nothing may bind the will of Parliament – not the courts, not international treaties, and crucially nothing done by Parliament in the past. Much is written about British constitutional law, but Parliamentary sovereignty renders pretty much all of it void – because we HAVE no constitution that cannot be voided, immediately, by a simple majority in Parliament.

        A written constitution – specifically limiting the powers of Parliament, enumerating the rights of citizens, and, crucially, granting the judiciary the right to strike down laws violating that constitution – would go some way to mitigating the train wreck that is British democracy. But here’s the catch: Introducing a written constitution to the country would be every bit as much of a coup d’etat as abolishing Parliament and establishing a dictatorship.

        So as you can see, the welfare state is just another act passed by a previous Parliament; and like dog licensing, breach of promise or trial by combat, can be consigned to the history books by just one more MP voting to do so than votes to not.

        So is the right to an election every 5 years. Or at all. Think about that when next Chris Grayling says something preposterously authoritarian. Consider that all that man needs to get himself appointed as dictator-in-perpetuity is one more MP that will support him than will vote against. And don’t imagine for a second he wouldn’t leap at the opportunity.

      • That was what I thought, knowing that a future government may want to dismantle the welfare state they put mechanisms in place to make it difficult to unravel.

  28. Maximus needs to be made as unpopular and despised as Atos. Then it’ll learn it’s lesson.

    • No it wont, dispite all the bad press and “illegal shit,” to use a technical term, in the US it is still given contracts in the US and has now been given another UK contract. If all the illegal shit in the US is not a reason to bar it, and all the bad press is no reason for it to change its ways, then it is obvious that the DWP a) couldn’t give a shit and b) they are the only ones with a reputation so poor they don’t give a shit about any bad news and press in the UK as they are so tarnished that they are the only ones who bid.

      That said, if the “DR’s/Medical advisers/Workfair staff” who were wary of joining ATOS are also lothed to join Maximus then who the fuck is going to be doing the work? Seriously what level of incompetence and negligence will be needed to join a company that has a worse rep than atos? I get the feeling that none of them will have any medical training at all and will just be extensions of the computer… just there to ask the questions and push the buttons.

    • Further to the excellent reply already, you need to remember that these deals are made in backrooms between civil servants (or possibly David Freud) and people they Know and Consider Sound. People like this Michael O’Donnell guy.

      I’d go so far as to say that the real reason ATOS pulled out / were kicked out was because O’Donnell had moved on by then, so the Civil Service no longer considered them Sound.

      Their public reputation had nothing to do with it, beyond providing a useful cover story.

      I think the most useful place to start digging might be at uncovering links between David Freud and Michael O’Donnell. Either a longstanding personal connection, or evidence of one feathering the other’s nest. Because they would seem to have stitched up the entire welfare state between the two of them – while the *government* changed beneath them, no less!

      • Michael O’Donnell was the author of the 2005 internal Unum report that was written when he was the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Unum Insurance. Michael O’Donnell is now the CMO for Atos Healthcare…..

      • …………….start researching the Facullty of Occupational Medicine, Bill Gunnyeon Chief Medical Advisor of the DWP, Professor Michael O’donnel, Mansel Aylward and UNUM and the links to the prvvate health industry, atos and Cardiff University…………….

        • UNUM Cardiff University, government grants etc etc………

          In 1999, New Labour introduced its first Welfare Reform Act. All new claimants had to attend a compulsory work focused interview. Mansel Aylward, now chief medical officer of the DWP, devised a new personal capability assessment (PCA). The emphasis was no longer on entitlement, but on what a person is capable of doing. The task of administrating the PCA was contracted out and is now run by the US corporation Atos Origin. Its computerised evaluation of claims driven by clearance time targets has resulted in significant numbers of rejected claims, particularly for those with mental illness.

          Unum has built up its influence in Britain. In July 2004, it opened its £1.6m Unum Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research at Cardiff University. The company appointed Mansel Aylward as director following his retirement from the DWP in April. The launch event was attended by Archie Kirkwood, recently appointed chair of the House of Commons select committee on work and pensions. Malcolm Wicks, minister of state in the DWP, gave a speech praising the partnership between industry and the university.

          The aim of the centre is to transform the ideology of welfare and so help develop the market for Unum’s products. In 2005, the centre produced a monograph The Scientific & Conceptual Basis of Incapacity Benefits (TSO, 2005) written by Aylward and his colleague Gordon Waddell. It provides the framework for the 2006 welfare reform bill. Its methodology is the same one that informs the work of Unum

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    It’s been pointed out many times before, including by Private Eye, and by bloggers like Mr Void just how nasty Maximus is. Johnny Void here shows again just how deeply vindictive and exploitative Maximus is, seeking to profit from the misery and despair of those the government wishes to throw off benefit in order to create a demoralised, impoverished and therefore tractable working class. He also takes very good aim at ATOS’ statements that they are trying to get out of the government’s contracts for simple business reasons and concern for the welfare of their staff. He shows this to be also rubbish, intended to disguise the fact that ATOS has been embarrassed by the massive bad publicity generated by campaigners like DPAC. With ATOS withdrawing from the Work Capability Assessment, it’s high time the same tactics and spotlight was turned on Maximus.

  31. Current E-mail link on this page has been disabled (No pun intended) Wonder why?

    • Once again, the governments private propaganda arm, the BBC, has released information to the public that the DWP are planning to cut ESA payments……………..
      They use the old, tried and tested system of saying, “in a leaked memo”………….

      Here is the article;

      Ministers are considering drastically cutting the main Employment and Support Allowance sickness benefit, internal documents seen by the BBC suggest.

      New claimants, judged to be capable of work with appropriate support, could be given just 50p more per week than people on job seekers allowance.

      Current recipients get almost £30 per week more.

      The Department for Work and Pensions said the ESA proposals were not government policy.

      The papers reveal that the government has also been forced to hire extra staff to clear the backlog on the benefit.

      Some 100 healthcare professionals are being hired to carry out fitness-for-work tests. The staff, who will be employed through the Pertemps agency, will help to reduce a backlog of more than 600,000 cases.

      They currently get £28.75 more per week but the documents show plans are being discussed to cut that to just 50p more than jobseekers allowance. People receiving JSA, who are aged 25 or over, currently get £72.40 per week


      If it was the latter, it could sound the death knell of the DWP’s vicious attacks on the disabled, given that they are being investigated by the EU for gross systemic breaches of human rights legislation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      ………on the other hand it could be a timely release to coincide with the announcement that a company, more renegade and unscrupulous than ATOS, has been chosen to carry on the onslaught, torture and death count of the vulnerable.




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  33. “Forget the one point seven billion pounds owed to the EU by our government, the DWP are going to get the biggest kick up the arse in modern times that will open up a deluge of claims”……………


    • I sent five letters, all recorded delivery, to five different people working within the DWP, to ask why a man deemed disabled for life, was being forced to exist on £32 per week for the last fifteen months……..

      I did not receive even one reply so i sent copies of the letters to the HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL……………

      I would urge anyone to do the same

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  35. Anyone placed in the WRAG group cannot be mandated to work;

    A claimant must provide medical evidence from their own healthcare
    professional until the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) has been applied.
    Where a claimant has been placed in the Work Related Activity Group
    following the WCA they must as a condition to receiving ESA complete
    reasonable work related activity (WRA). The WRA must be reasonable given
    each individuals own circumstances. A claimant can be mandated to attend
    Jobcentre Plus or Work Programme Provider interviews and / or attended
    training for example but cannot be mandated to work.
    If you have any queries about this letter please contact us quoting the
    reference number above.
    Yours sincerely,

    DWP Central FoI Team

    • What a friggin’ joke! “Where a claimant has been placed in the Work Related Activity Group
      following the WCA they must as a condition to receiving ESA complete
      reasonable work related activity (WRA)”

      So in essence there’s very little difference between being on JSA as regards conditionality and ESA WRAG. That’s the bottom line. At the end of the day a sick person is claiming sickness benefit because they don’t feel able to work, for whatever reason. To then force them into engaging in stressful activities like going to jobcentre’s and attending sessions designed to browbeat them will make their health conditions worse.

      A sick person is being threatened that if they don’t comply fully with conditions a JC is imposing on them then they’ll be sanctioned. Hardly a proper way of doing things is it?

      What a pathetic joke this country’s welfare system has turned into..

  36. Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    Ref:War hero loses benefits after selling poppies

    Since i am unable to find the information in the public domain,
    please can you supply this information for me.


    S. T, a 60-year-old war veteran, has had his Jobseeker’s Allowance
    stopped, after telling Jobcentre Staff that he had been selling
    poppies to raise money for the Royal British Legion charity.

    “We make it clear to people at the start of their claim what the
    rules are and that they risk losing their benefits if they don’t
    play by them.”

    A) Please print the rules for me.

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    An exceptional article written by a Campaigner against the Injustice facing disabled & sick people in the UK…

  38. A pair of disabled brothers could be thrown out of the house they grew up in after their serviceman father and mother died of cancer within months of each other.

    Clive Samson, 50, and his 49-year-old brother Peter, lost their father Geoffrey, a regular at the Gravesend branch of the Royal British Legion, to pancreatic cancer in December 2012.

    Just five months after the former RAF serviceman passed away aged 73, his wife of more than 50 years, Yvonne, succumbed to breast cancer and lymphoma at the age of 72.

    The tenancy of the Samsons’ three-bed, semi-detached 1930s council house in Orchard Lea, Westwood Road in Betsham, near Southfleet, was in Mrs Samson’s name.

  39. I’m not sure if anyone has this info already but I’ve managed to track down the contact email details for the two joint Managing directors?

    The first one is Mr.Chris Blackwell –

    The second one is Mr.William Smith –

    I hope this may be useful to some people????

  40. Given that the unacceptable practice of Unum Insurance was previously exposed by MPs during a House of Commons debate in 1999(22), the question remains as to why was this highly discredited American corporate
    insurance giant ever permitted to influence UK welfare reforms and why the national press, en masse, refuse to expose this insurance company’s confirmed influence despite it being identified by a BBC News report in 2007?(23) The recent exposure of a 2005 internal Unum report, that actively boasted that the company was ‘driving government thinking’ regarding the reform of Incapacity Benefit (24) leads to the much more sinister possibility
    that the DWP are simply administrators of these brutal welfare reforms, and that the perpetrators of the devastation caused to the victims of this UK government funded medical tyranny are, in fact, Unum Insurance. Michael
    O’Donnell was the author of the 2005 internal Unum report that was written when he was the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Unum Insurance. Michael O’Donnell is now the CMO for Atos Healthcare…..

  41. Of course there is a link to buddies Lord Fraud & Michael O’Donnell they are the ones keeping IDS in his job !!

  42. DWP Press Release – part of –

    The new contract will run from March 2015 for an initial period of three years. MAXIMUS specialises in delivering health and employment services for governments across the world. It is already a key Work Programme provider in the UK and was recently awarded the contract to deliver the new Fit for Work service.

    To make sure that there is a seamless transfer from Atos to MAXIMUS most of the Atos assessor healthcare professionals will transfer to MAXIMUS, which will also use the existing Atos infrastructure.

    On top of recruiting additional healthcare professionals, MAXIMUS also plans to make further improvements to people’s experience of an assessment and will seek to continually improve the service they offer. It will increase the number of specialists who conduct assessments, including experts in mental health. They will also spend more time with people before their assessment to fully explain the process and provide Disability Awareness training for all staff through Disability Rights UK.

  43. Landless Peasant

    NHS Doctors have become as irrelevant as the Politicians.

  44. The biggest breach of welfare contract is the one with the people, breaking and declaring corrupt government contracts null and void would not be a breach of trust, contracts are not indestructible.

    Labour would be deceiving the people if the claimed they could not terminate the contracts.

  45. Landless Peasant

    Cuts to employment and support allowance

    • overburdenddonkey

      l p
      ESC as you know states there ought to be a 40% increase in benefits…
      a cut of £30/wk, on top of all of the other conditionalities will be devastating..
      we really do need a citizens basic income….

      • First things first if the fight for sub-subsistence and shelter under the present welfare system is not going in a good direction then the fight for a citizens basic income is not going anywhere.

        The bottom rungs of the welfare state that serves the able-bodied unemployed is already looking dangerously close to breaking point.

        • overburdenddonkey

          yes i know welfare is in a very deep pit, but fight for both/all…which basically means working out what is actually going on generically and expressing that…which is what to a large extent i do…and i do see the seeds of division that the state is trying to create…i steered away from highlighting that..

  46. overburdenddonkey

    slab gala dinner… tonight…

    • What is the obsession with glorifying Food Banks, is it the aspiration to humiliate the Scots poor by having them stand in the Food Bank line?

      Fuck off with the Food Bank glorification.

      • Landless Peasant

        Couldn’t agree more. The blanket acceptance of Foodbanks in our Society completely undermines the notion of Universal Benefits. There shouldn’t BE any fucking Foodbanks. They are an obscenity.

        • I think (many) see them as just an extension of harvest festival-type traditions – just give a tin of stew or an old packet of jelly from the back of the cupboard once a year to those in greater need, and all’s well with the world. Civic duty done/conscience salved and the issue of “the less well off” addressed.

      • overburdenddonkey

        yes they are obscene but we have to get rid of the system that causes them 1st…ie 1st things 1st…

        • Landless Peasant

          I’m now volunteering at a Foodbank in the city. Seeing the other side of it. People are putting in a huge effort, it’s like a Relief Center distributing Aid, which essentially it is, & busy too, like a Rescue Appeal for Kosovo or Bangladesh, but lacking the TV cameras. And it still says that the State is abandoning us by not living up to its responsibilities. These places are run on the ground at grassroots level by hard working volunteers with good intentions, and a lot of people are in need.

    • ……….each of the first forty six thousand railway sleepers should be engraved with the names of those the DWP sought to kill under the disguise of welfare reform.

      ……………..the UK BURMA railway of Death…….

  47. “HS2 or a living wage, put to a public referendum, i know what would be chosen?”

    ………………at least £50 billion available for a toff’s demented dream while the bulk of the UK is living from hand to mouth and the DWP carry out it’s ethnic cleansing programmes.

    Everybody i know condemns this waste of funds, but who do the jokers in Westminster really represent?

    One things for sure, it certainly ain’t you or me……………………

      ……..the link to the health insurance industry

      In a memorandum submitted to the House of Commons select committee on work and pensions, Unum define their method of working: “Our extended experience … has shown us that the correct model to apply when helping people to return to work is a bio-psychosocial one.” Waddell and Aylward adopt the same argument in their monograph. Disease is the only objective, medically diagnosable pathology. Sickness is a temporary phenomenon. Illness is a behaviour. IB trends are a social phenomenon rather than a health problem. The solution is not to cure the sick, but a “fundamental transformation in the way society deals with sickness and disabilities” (p123). The goal and outcome of treatment is work, because work is therapeutic. Worklessness is a serious risk to life. It is “one of the greatest known risks to public health: the risk is equivalent to smoking 10 packets of cigarettes per day” (p17). No one who is ill should have a straightforward right to incapacity benefit. David Freud adopts the same spurious sociology in his report.

  48. Jim Murphy to Lose Seat

    Scottish Labour Party in Turmoil

    Shock Poll Predicts:
    Labour Wipe out in Scotland
    SNP Landslide

    Traitor Jim Murphy to Lose Seat
    Millipede had Nae Chance of Being PM

    • Red Tory scum to be almost wiped out of Scotland by the next election!

      Reckon they may only end up with 4 seats. I don’t want them to get any!

      Dirty filthy scum. Betrayed the WC, betrayed Scotland and everything we aspire to be.

      Whatever you do at the next election fellow Scots please don’t vote Labour. Spoil your ballot paper before voting for that Tory/austerity collaborating bunch..

  49. “This is the basis of the claptrap that the DWP has underwritten it’s welfare policy upon, biopsychosocial bullshit from so called disability experts sitting on prominent committees and think tanks”

    Assessment of work capability for a
    social security benefit
    Sir Mansel Aylward CB
    : Centre for Psychosocial and Disability
    School of Medicine, Cardiff
    And Chair
    : Public Health Wales

    Click to access mansel-aylward.pdf

    SIR MANSEL AYLWARD was the Chief medical officer of the DWP for many years, clearly he should have been locked in a padded cell, the guy is a fucking idiot………………………………….

    “all our medical conditions are psychological according to this nutter”

  50. In my endeavour to survive without any kind of benefit and the moral theft of state pension payout at 60 so my joining the 530,000 women first to lose this food and fuel money from 2013, I have looked about me for other political parties offering any hope.

    The most recent reason to sign my petition is:
    …I should have received my pension this month and I am very angry at Gordon Brown and David Cameron. One is as bad as the other.

    But in amongst those losing state pension payout are women born from 1953 who will never get any state pension for life, already losing disability benefit, and this is also inflicted upon men born from 1951.

    From emails sent to Labour, there is no interest in helping any of us, in getting rid of the cruel benefits regime that is the cause of the 70 per cent rise in benefit sanctions, denying food vouchers to food banks and so a rise in starvation, in the main to those in work, even at 60 with health issues and liable for Workfare or a young family with a new baby.

    The Greens’ 2015 manifesto pledge offers:

    Citizen Income, universal, non-means tested,
    no assessment and re-assessments to gain it, just automatic by reason of citizenship.
    With a supplement for the disabled.

    With no requirement to be seeking work and nothing to do with any private contractors, as the Citizen Income replaces most benefit.

    The Greens offer a Basic State Pension that is equal and more of the Citizen Income, again with a supplement for the disabled.

    As Labour appears from the most recent poll, about to lose all but
    4 Labour MPs out of 40 Labour MPs in Scotland, Labour cannot form a government in Westminster even with Tories on even less in England.

    If Labour cannot do a u-turn on pensions and benefit, then perhaps the time has come for a electoral pact between The Greens and Labour in England and Wales, giving The Greens sole power over pensions and benefit (the Citizen Income replacement) in a coalition agreement.


  51. Just trying to resubscribe to your blog

  52. The Council has 5 recycling bin procedures, the necessity is to wash and sort the waste for refuse collection will this count as felonious voluntary work and attract a DWP compliance doubt.

    140,000 households x5 household sorting and Council collections must be an increase in the carbon footprint – Green Scam.


      ………..see the video of the activists trying to gatecrash Miliband’s private party as the announcement that disabled ESA is to be cut…………….



      • overburdenddonkey

        during the indyref campaign labour showed their true colours to the everyone in the UK…they abandon the people to get power @ any costs..
        now they pay the price for their seen by all betrayal…they got caught up in the heat of the no campaign, and expected business as usual, post indyref…just because some were browbeaten they thought that the no vote would be so devastating that we would go back into our boxes, but once the people were awakened the box had vanished, they openly and gleefully expressed the SNP had been routed, that the dream of indyscot was over, and that we should go back to being led once more…their plan has spectacularly backfired…the campaign for social justice continues, stronger than ever…we shattered stereotyped image of scotland and the scottish people we have discovered our voices…support for the 3 main indyscot parties is now over 60% of the electorate…some defeat, eh, people…

        • OBD you are absolutely correct, i was a stauch Labour supporter but i have noticed how their moral compass has gone walkabout.

          They play to their puppeteers the corporate giants pulling the strings, the grass roots principles swallowed up by greed of the individual.

          Con dems set the agenda and the Labour party walks tentatively around it, not wanting to rock the boat, devoid of any challenge that may spur them on.

          As a disabled person, i cringe with every piece of news that has been directed at us, i truly live in fear for what the future will bring, as will many of the subscribers to this blog.

          Being starved, made to live on £32 per week is probably the worst scenario anyone could face, at least in prison you receive a hot meal……

          The people of the UK should unite against the likes of MAXIMUS, and say fuck off, a rebellion would put them out of action completely.

          Where i live, people are tooling up for the big confrontation, the class war………………

          Eating £200 meals in front of the poor and disabled is just the tinder to ignite the first backlash that will ultimately spread from city to city faster than an ebola epidemic……….


        • overburdenddonkey,

          There is a tendency to look at the Scottish indy debate as exclusively a political battle within the progressive left. A Scots progressive left that as a whole for decades not only betrayed the Scots working class and became the masters of their poverty but failed to deliver independence.

          Looking past the progressive left ideology the sociopolitical undertones in Scotland are much more complex and as yet have not found an expression that recognises those major ideological failings of the progressive left.

      • overburdenddonkey
        Anas Sarwar Booed at Glasgow Stop Bombing Gaza 19-07-2014

    • Landless Peasant

      I was sorting the waste in my home Recycling bins yesterday, i.e. removing the needles & beer tins my neighbours had chucked in the paper bin….

      • Ex Vertegen Slave

        LP, you do realise that all your ‘re-cycled’ junkie needle shit ends up back in a ‘recycling facility’ where workfare slaves have to sort through it?

        • Landless Peasant

          I know they employ mainly young workers on lowish wages and very long shifts as I’ve applied for those jobs in the past but am too old & they didn’t want me. But what should I do, not recycle?

  53. white van man and sun readers and the BBC wil ensure UKIP join the tories for a UKIP/CON government next may,i for one will take the ultimate action if this happens,the sheeples have been divided milliband is unelectable,ba ba they say nige will sort not realising nige is torie through and through,the propaganda is working…were are doomed to a life of misery

  54. overburdenddonkey
  55. Pingback: Meet Richard A. Montoni – The Five Million Dollar Maximus Boss Here To Fleece The UK’s Benefits System | the void

  56. I guess if the SNP won most of the scottish seats in the next election they could form a coalition with labour and make sure Scotland got a good deal. They might even be able to put pressure on labour to improve things for the rest of us.

    • An irreconcilable coalition now that would cause a riot.

    • overburdenddonkey

      i doubt there will a consensus among the scottish people for that, although informal alliances will happen…the snp have themselves already said that they will not eat with the devil even with a long spoon…there is now over a 58% will for indyscot withing the next 5yrs…the snp will push for an; end to austerity, sanctions, PIP, WCA, WP, an increase in pensions, end inappropriate 0hr contracts….for a £10/hr min wage and job creation powers….abolition of the lords…
      labour are history…

  57. Hopefully we can hit the ground running with this lot and make the more “toxic” than ATOS were I predicted that ATOS would fold as soon as it started to hurt their core business (IT Computing) it had started to report losses in that department 18 months before they announced they were to pull out. It seems to me that if the same can be done with Maximus our safety will be assured we need our own NHS Doctors carrying out assessments. I cannot believe they have put Odonnell in charge again he has been at the head of the last 2 who have been trying this, maybe he is the one to bring to book for working for such charlatens.

  58. People Need to Oppose Victimisation of the Poor and Vulnerable

    Stuff I Am All Right Jack Materialism and Selfishness

    Stuff Tyranny and Oppression


  60. Here is the link to another Government Policy called the ‘Fit For Work’ which the Gov have contracted Maximus to implement.

    This will be targeted mostly on people off sick from work with mental health issues.

    To summarise, GPs will only be able to write sick notes for up to 4 weeks. You will then be contacted by Maximus who will take over your occupational health. Their job is to get you ‘Fit for Work’ asap. The policy outlines in Orwellian Double speak, its aims. There is the suggestion that Psychological Therapies could be used to ‘Help’ depressed people return to work quicker. I have also read in another document that Conditionality could be part of their tool box. Are we surprised. Well no not really when our government use the brainstorming of a bunch of Behavioural Psychologists aka Camerons ‘Nudge Unit’ to inform its policies and propaganda machine.
    November 26, 2014 by loobitzh | Edit

    Click to access fit-for-work.pdf

    I have also uploaded the document on my blog

    • Just having a look at the new Health and Work service, In July 2014, Lord Freud announced that the government’s new Health and Work Service in England and Wales will be delivered by Health Management Limited, a MAXIMUS company. Health Management Limited (HML) offer occupational therapy based interventions, drawing on a limited range of methods, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), pain management coping strategies, physiotherapy and work-related stress management.

      As part of the government’s “long-term economic plan” the new service will help employees and employers to “manage sickness absence”, cutting costs for employers and the state. Of course, HML is an “independent medical review business”, which was developed over several decades of serving public health insurance programs in the United States.

      Currently, gov pilots are hounding people claiming ESA, using the same methods. THis said, back in 2011, when I was in the WRAG , some “advisor” gave me advice on a black box treatment called methotrexate – a chemotherapy, on the grounds that it helped her friend who had rheumatoid arthritis. I have lupus, and the treatment nearly killed me because I have a fecking bleeding disorder, which mtx tends to make worse. MTX can kill you suddenly, out of the blue. It can cause liver, kidney and heart failure, sudden blindness, lung fibrosis amongst many other things. Who the feck did this job coach think she was, telling someone they need a drug that she knew NOTHING about?

      This is the future, medically unqualified jobsworths advising very ill people on how to “manage” their illness so they can be bulldozed into shit, low paid, insecure jobs, where they may kill themselves and their co-workers because sometimes, PEOPLE REALLY AREN’T FIT FOR WORK, ffs. Like the Glasgow lorry driver who killed 6 people – he wasn’t fit for work.

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  64. My neurosurgeon who performed the operation on my back told me I could no longer do the work I did, but these *@!**** said I’m fit for work!

  65. MAXIMUS serves as a contractor in three regions under the UK’s Work Programme initiative, which was a key part of the conservatives failing welfare “reforms”.

    Sick and disabled people in the UK are being “assessed” by a company that has a history of discrimination against disabled people. In September 2011, MAXIMUS Inc. was sued by U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for disability discrimination for failure to promote a female employee because it regarded her as disabled. MAXIMUS settled the lawsuit in August 2012. Previously, in 2007, MAXIMUS settled a lawsuit brought against it by the United States government for falsifying Medicaid claims for $30.5 million.

    Hardly a company that has a trust-inspiring track record. Mind you, this government isn’t particularly trust-inspiring either. Corruption has a gravitational pull and accretion tendency, it seems. It ain’t candyfloss that the tories are spinning, that’s for sure

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