Don’t Believe The Hype: Universal Credit Is No Closer To Being Workable Than It Was In 2010

Universal-credit-nudgeJobcentres sources are suggesting that Iain Ducan Smith will attempt to roll out Universal Credit across the country in February 2015.  This will allow the Tories to pretend that the project is on track and functioning in the run up to the general election.

Don’t believe a word of it.  This is Iain Duncan Smith’s biggest benefit fraud yet.  The truth is that Universal Credit looks no closer to being a functional and scalable system than it did when the Secretary of State first scribbled down plans for wide-ranging reform of the benefits system on the back of an evelope in 2010.

Universal Credit will only be inflicted on new, single claimants on the  unemployment benefit Jobseeker’s Allowance.  This has already been the case in the pilot schemes for the new benefit, and represents the simplest, and easiest to process claims.  As reported by Channel 4’s Dispataches last night, should the circumstances of these claims change, such as someone moving in with a partner or starting part time work, then the system collapses into chaos.

Equally importantly is that a DWP insider says that behind the scenes local authorities are still administering much of the housing element of Universal Credit.  Whilst payments will come from the DWP, claimants are referred to their local council if they have any queries about their claim.  This is the replacement for Housing Benefit and by far the most complicated part of any claim – requiring large amounts of evidence and specialist local knowledge of housing markets.  How the DWP will eventually absorb this knowledge is anybody’s guess.  Meanwhile those who need help with mortgage interest payments instead of rents will not yet be eligible for Universal Credit and will remain on the current system.  As will people living in supported or temporary accommodation.

You do not need a fancy fucking computer system to pay everyone £72.40 a week – the current rate of Jobseeker’s Allowance for those over 25.  And that’s all that appears to be happening for new Universl Credit claimants.  All Iain Duncan Smith has achieved in four years of bungling the introduction of Universal Credit is to design a clunky online form to pay the most simple form of out of work benefit at the same rate it is paid now.  Or in the words of a DWP source: it’s still exactly the same just under a different name.

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132 responses to “Don’t Believe The Hype: Universal Credit Is No Closer To Being Workable Than It Was In 2010

  1. IDS didn’t come up with the idea in 2010. Here he is talking about it in 1994 in, surprise, the Daily Mail and well done to @BendyGirl for preserving the record.

    • The Welfare Reform ideology (if it can be called that) goes way back to at least the early nineteen-nineties, to make IDS the Tory celebrity hate figure lets all the other welfare reform crackpots off the hook, basically IDS squatted on a liberal welfare hating crackpot agenda.

  2. Dreadful Ch 4 programme. The narrator talks like we are all dummies. It`s simple for simple people. Oh dear it`s not that easy. Utter crap.

  3. ““How on earth can IDS substantiate £7bn Universal Credit savings”

    • overburdenddonkey

      he’s admitted that he is punishing people for not taking available work….the £7bn/yr would come if people take that work…the big downfall in his plan is there are no fcuking jobs too take….as the so called free market economy rather than create jobs has/is destroying jobs…income tax receipts are well down, therefore so is UK productivity per capita… the whole UC thing is an act, a role play, an illusion, to play to the public gallery….

      • It’s all part of the neo-liberal plan OBD, along with the con of globalization to have a standing army of jobless willing to work for the worst jobs with the worst conditions and pay. As manufacturing declines to lower and lower levels the only jobs left are the shittiest most pathetic one’s imaginable. Hence the need to constantly threaten and bully and sanction vulnerable people into taking these ‘non jobs’.

        A friggin’ disgrace.

        • The socialist hate unconditional welfare and that’s why the Labour Party and the TUC implicitly support the welfare reforms – which in practice are the dismantling of the post war welfare state.

  4. DWP Accused of ‘Planting Fake Tweets’ Praising Universal Credit Scheme

    Government department says ‘fake tweet’ was deleted because of spelling errors

    International Business Times
    By Ewan Palmer
    October 28, 2014 13:07 BST

    The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has been accused of making fake tweets praising its flagship welfare programme, Universal Credit, on the eve of a report suggesting the government is struggling to implement it.

    In Full –

  5. IT be like pip payments- a major fck up(some people waiting 11 months for a payment). universal credit- watched thast program even call centers that handle it saying unworkable!/ that complete cnut ids- ibs as i like call him-waisted £140 million on it already. he on crusade to attack the poor. its back to 30s-im just waiting for the workhouse to come back. how can you search 35 hours week for job when theres no full time ones there?

  6. You couldn`t even plan a failure on such a massive scale. But there again it`s IDS running it.

    • ………….any organisation that utilises medically ignorant Decision Makers, educated by ATOS is walking a tightrope that the HUMAN RIGHTS should jump upon…………..

      The private health insurers are advising the DWP how to cut welfare benefits in a coup that will drive the disabled to take out health insurance.

      Conflict of interest is undeniable, as are the mountain of corpses that the DWP are frantic to hide from public scrutiny…

  7. Landless Peasant

    How the fuck does he get away with it?

    • I think that’s pretty obvious! He’s fiddled the unemployment figures enough so that Osborne and Cameron can claim there’s a recovery. He’s gold-plated, fireproof, at least until enough people start asking where the tax take is if there’s all these people working. Then they might start looking at the figures and he might have to go but I imagine he’ll just go to the many companies he’s ladled public money out to and ask for his cut. He’s organised himself a very cushy future.

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      He was party chairman.. so he learned all the nasty little secrets thats why IDS is fireproof

  8. Landless Peasant

    Be very careful about what you divulge to your GP or Shrink. I can’t say too much about it but my Quack, having got some info out of me, is now using that as leverage to force me to work in a fucking Charity Shop, which I cannot face doing and is the type of threat I was facing from the DWP that caused me Stress and to seek medical help in the first place. They won’t give me a Sick Note, just Meds, and now this. I feel like I’m being blackmailed. Cunts. I’ll have little choice but to go along with it for the time being, until the coast is clear then I’ll stop doing it and will NEVER visit a Doctor ever again no matter what health problems I’m suffering from. Capitalists, Politicians, Charities, Churches, Doctors, THEY are all in it together. Do not trust ANYONE in any position of authority.

    • Just watching the disability debate on the BBC politics channel…………….

      Oh how they all want to help us all, the debate is absolutely pathetic, they quote how they fought for the Disability Discrimination Act and the security it affords us.

      Absolute fucking tosh, the courts have been instructed to ignore all disability legislation protection……………..

      Over two hundred MP’S with links to the health industry says it all, you are being sold down the river by self greed.


      It won’t be long before the £2 for spastics law is enabled…..

      • ……………………the noble LORD FREUD, what an oxymoron, he has planted more people in urns and coffins than anybody…………..


        Send ATOS and the DWP to the main theatre’s of war……………

        they will definitely kill more but the death toll will be hidden…………

      • tanny grey tompson dissapoints me,shes joined the club,shes had a good life,just lucky,she could have found it a lot lot different

    • Not long ago I posted on Facebook about a Work Programme ‘provider’ which was advertising for a manager to be based in a doctors’ surgery (I think it was somewhere in London). They were going to work ‘alongside doctors’ to get people back into work, so it does not surprise me that some GPs are now involved in the disgusting harassment of people who are unemployed. You should have asked the quack if he would be happy to work unpaid in a charity shop instead of sitting back and collecting his
      £80 000 a year salary (or whatever it is he gets).

      • Very true and i’m not surprised at all. They are working hand in glove with the government and their SS branch the DWP.

        Yes i hope the doctor is giving all his salary away to charity then? Clearly he feels it acceptable for people to work for nothing, so why doesn’t he lead by example?

    • I used to live in a council house

      Will you be marching to support the NHS?

  9. overburdenddonkey
    “Today’s Britain: where the poor are forced to steal or beg from food banks
    MPs who fiddled thousands got off lightly, yet they have created a system where the hungry go to jail”

    • “How can someone who has been deemed to be disabled for life, be found fit for work………….
      A DWP Decision Maker wrote to me saying, “however, it is indeed possible to be found incapable of all work under DLA examination, but be capable of work under ESA examination”……………….

      I sent a copy of the letter to the Special Rapporteur for EU human rights for her perusal………..

  10. I used to live in a council house

    Thank God we have Russell Brand to defend us and protect the poor. Buy his book and work for the revolution.

  11. Rosemarie Harris

    All this money wasted because IDS didn’t / couldn’t understand the problem he wanted to fix!
    If this Government had spent all the money on ‘proper’ courses rather than this failure and with the money spent on the work programme most of us would have the higher education/ training to do the jobs that need quality people… but no we get crap courses and lent out to do ‘Charity ‘ work!
    teaching us that if you get people free and the goods free you can make a profit!!….. Donkeys the lot of them.

    • Landless Peasant

      I don’t think IDS ever really wanted to fix any ‘problem’, just an evil egotistical rich greedy man who hates the Poor, who wants to make a name for himself and gather more wealth for him and his cronies by crushing the under-dog.

      • Landless Peasant

        Assisted by, and with the full blessing of, many so-called charities, some hypocritical clergy, and NHS Doctors! Bastards the lot of ’em.

    Tell that to the families who have lost a loved one, you murdering, evil, heinous bastards…………..

    • The commons Westminster chamber has only a handful of MP’s present at the disability debate, this speaks volumes…………

    • What a joke they are! “Apply sanctions as a last resort!” and how is that going to help anyone improve their circumstances?


  13. MP`s Twiiter War !!!
    DWP Vs ATOS War !!
    No Disabled People !!!

    All things made up by MP`s

  14. MP`s have no public interest !!! Prove It !!! Failures !!!

  15. False Sense Of Security – Is False Built Up Confidence which is a trickster. The convince people the whole world [rich mps] is going to end & we have to convince everyone to believe us. The PR office has a lack of ideas & has passing it on to the Think Tank at £5,000 a day. Still no progress. It`s looking like money laundering in laymans terms.

  16. Delexicalled is that how you spell it Sick A Cell !!!

    PHD, MD


    From: Mr A Holland

    27 October 2014

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    My illness’s include Severe Depression, Social Anxiety, Rheumatoid
    Arthritis (this is painful swelling of the joints from regular
    movments or sat in same position for more than 5 minutes)
    I failed my ATOS assement from the corrupt company that was put in
    charge, the report was full of lies, i showed i was in pain, he
    said “social anxiety? well your here so you cant be suffering from
    that” catch 22? we have to turn up else we fail and lose our money.
    I sent much infomation surrounded my illness’s i was still turned
    down, i appealed, my appeal was rejected even by the court……………………………………..

    • The cover up is called High Treason.
      It`s not slander it`s the disabled.

    • overburdenddonkey

      trouble is social anxiety is a misdiagnosis…the proper label is PTSD or C-PTSD…these have all been diluted down to sub group labels as declared in the latest DSM, that don’t relate to the fuller diagnosis descriptive of PTSD or C-PTSD…SA does not fully describe the very real symptoms nor the frozen anxious mind that is attached to this m/t diagnosis..which when confronted with the catch22 question, the sufferer couldn’t answer, their mind would be caught up in a frozen stammer trying to keep oneself safe or in safety and empowered…there may also be a series/range of undiagnosed physiological disorders for example, t2diabeties (is one of these)..
      2/3 trips out the sufferer can cope with, beyond that the anxieties build up until the victim without enough respite, is unable to cope with these situations…not going = no income…

      • They need to stop referring to trauma and its attendant disorders as “mental illness” too. It’s psychiatric injury. As are most of the mental health conditions – all caused by trauma of one sort or another.

        We don’t use the DSM in the UK, but doctors of all kinds here, still refer to it as gospel. That’s when they can be bothered to refer to anything except their own prejudices and ignorance.

        Latest foot in mouth event from a friend’s GP who is named as the practice MH GP – “your life sounds like something out of Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit”

        A lifetime that contained horrific, severe and relentless abuse of all kinds cut down to nothing and compared to a cheap work of fiction. The GP laughed as she said it too. My friend was speechless and luckily for the GP, non violent.

        I agree with Landless Peasant, just don’t tell them anything if you can help it. If they offer you psychiatric drugs, refuse them. There is plenty of accurate and authentic information/evidence out there about the greed and non scientific whimsy that went into the development of these drugs and the permanent harm that they do. Doctors dole out these poisons without care (and frequently without knowledge) All that matters is that the box is ticked, the individual labelled/oppressed and the funding claimed.

        The living being in front of them does not matter in any shape or form.

        • overburdenddonkey

          what an extremely rude and ignorant GP…ridiculed and humiliated your friends attempt to tell their story and set themselves free…their message is “build a wall around it” and forget it and remember too forget it, something i call formembering, a crazy notion causing in itself even more extreme anxiety and obviously sapping energy..the torture that causes psy injuries become’s who one is, it’s all one knows, it is one’s only view of the world and what’s out their…self-esteem blocked…it defines one (rom programmed), and blocks escape from this toxic on a razor’s edge is very uncomfortable…the only way is to unpak these frozen terrors, and this frees one’s mind NOT to refreeze or cap the mind still further by strengthening the wall, this wall needs to be demolished…and the sword of truth shall set you free, truth conquers all…
          “unsafe @ any dose” “mad in america” etc…..
          moncrieffs LATEST BOOK – The Bitterest Pills: The Troubling Story of Antipsychotic Drugs
          “Antipsychotic (neuroleptic) drugs have become some of the biggest blockbusters of the early 21st century, increasingly prescribed not just to people with ‘schizophrenia’ or other severe forms of mental disturbance but for a range of more common psychological complaints. This book challenges the accepted account that portrays antipsychotics as specific treatments that target an underlying brain disease and explores early views that suggested, in contrast, that antipsychotics achieve their effects by inducing a state of neurological suppression. Professional enthusiasm for antipsychotics eclipsed this understanding, exaggerated the benefits of antipsychotics and minimized or ignored evidence of their toxic effects.”

          • Formembering, perfect, I’ll remember that and use it. It hits the nail.
            The oppressive techniques that these idiot doctors use ensure that they keep themselves in a very well paid job, at the expense of those they are paid to help. Parasites.

            Thanks for the heads up on the new Moncrieff too!

            • overburdenddonkey

              yeah, they stamp on people, crush people, it’s a bit like throwing a radio against the wall coz the sound and/or what is being said triggers unpleasant memories…they put people back in the box…shut the mind down, shut the sound down…


    From: Trudy Baddams

    25 October 2014

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    a claimant has to provide a sick / fit note to claim ESA this
    proves he has been signed off work by his own healthcare
    professional, he is entitled to ESA, is it correct that he can be
    mandated / forced to work for his ESA?

    Yours faithfully,

    Trudy Baddams

    Link to this

  19. Look- A4e think they can just say ‘sorry’ and everything will be ok:

    No it won’t, A4e- you’re generally disorganised and incompetent, so this won’t have been a one off.

  20. DWP I want it in writing. DWP do you have a Admin Office? No it`s not a Freedom Of Information Request it`s a question you are trying to avoid because DWP you don`t have an Admin Department that writes & sends & receives letters.

    Well since it`s a DWP Cold Call. DWP I am not saying or doing nothing you can put it in writing.
    Bye bye !!

  21. Landless Peasant

    It’s this fucking ‘Nudge’ philosophy that’s entered the psyche that’s at the heart of our problems. Yes, even the Doctors are a party to it.They will use anything they can against you. Tell them nowt. Say FUCK ALL about FUCK ALL. DO NOT TRUST THEM. The NHS is becoming The Nudge Health Service.

    • The nudge join-up was done under Labour’s Pathways strategy – they all chatter to each other. The housing officer becomes your doctor and your doctor becomes your work coach – mix match and nudge kapos.

      • Landless Peasant

        Yes exactly what’s happening. Hence my Housing Association is now sending leaflets about back-to-work bollocks.

  22. Nudge PLC – Integrity Department PLC – Disability Confident PLC

    All falls under the banner fraud

  23. Landless Peasant

    Nudged to drudge by the DWP and the NHS. FUCK THE LOT OF THEM.

  24. Landless Peasant

    Feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, suicidal, at the end of your tether, got a drug problem? You might want to think about visiting your Doctor for help. If your Doctors are like mine, THINK AGAIN. I got no help, no sick note, just further pressure. NHS = Nudge Harassment Service

    • Doctor prescribed 2 years at a4e as ebola cure, Hosing Officer prescribed eviction as cancer cure.

    • You are correct. On visiting my GP he also said to me that his own wife had back problems but was able to work, it was like a lecture rather than a diagnosis.
      Upon reading FOI reports from the DWP, it has been mentioned on more than one occasion, that when anyone fails an ESA examination, the GP is contacted and told not to issue any further sick notes as you have been found, fit to work……………
      They are, all in it together, as you say…………….

    • moaning about it on here aint gunna do shit is it..change doctors there not all bad mine is sound i don’t e ven need to attend for a new sick note she posts me one out

      • Landless Peasant

        I can’t, the Doctor is blackmailing me into doing his bidding. If I don’t do what he says, or if I stop going, he’s threatening me that the Police will be involved. I’m up shit creek without a fucking paddle. Bastards. I feel like jumping under the 8.15 to Leeds.

        • How the hell can the doctor threaten you with the police? I would put in a complaint about that doctor to the General Medical Council.

        • Landless Peasant

          Wow, ….Phew…..the rollercoaster ride of Therapy, I take it all back, I think I was experiencing an initial adverse reaction to Therapy! That was close.

        • Landless Peasant

          And the Foodbank wasn’t so bad after all. Doc was right it will do me good.

  25. ian spunken smith

    ids is still in a job because his constant fuck ups keep the public eye off Cameron and Osborne the bloke drives me fucking mad every time i see the evil murdering bastard! i had a letter from him via my local MP the useless cunt could not even spell my local job center correctly, in five years time they won’t be any welfare there trying to privatize it like they did the royal mail .i signed off cant cope with the bullshit i now get no income whatsoever, my girlfriend been keeping me for months. one last thing my local jobcenter was vandalized with spray paint in big bold fuck off letters it read.. department for deceit and sanctions i n big red paint all the way down the wall of the shithole¬

  26. Landless Peasant

    Foodbanks are also part of the problem not the solution. They undermine the notion of Universal Benefits, and should not exist in a civilized society.

  27. In the Dispatches programme last night a retarded lad was given a ridiculous set of conditions to obey on his “Claimant Commitment”, e.g., 35 hours jobseeking and job related preparation to get ready for work. Now I’ve got two degrees and four A levels and have no idea whatsoever as per what the heck I could do for seven hours every weekday, on my own, to look for work. Nor, if I was on benefits, can I imagine how I would have the means to carry out a condition like this: How on earth could anybody on Jobseeker’s Allowance be able to pay for the electricity, computer, internet connection, stationary, stamps, telephone and transport needed to jobseek full-time? And where are all of these jobs anyway? How could anybody find enough positions to apply for to satisfy the Jobcentres ridiculous demands?

    This poor kid was obviously going to repeatedly fail and get sanctioned as a consequence. This is really bad stuff people, when the vulnerable get treated in this heartless fashion. God help Britain’s needy if IDS really does try to implement Universal Credit countrywide. The idiot needs shooting.

  28. Landless Peasant

    I have just applied for an unpaid voluntary job at the local Foodbank, completely against my will and under pressure and direct threats from my Doctor. I feel sick with worry and apprehension. I do not want to do it or even be there. Hopefully I will get run over on the way there.

    • I don’t understand how your doctor can get away with this? Please explain more about the kinds of things he has been saying to you. He deserves to be reported.

      • Landless Peasant

        Sorry, I shouldn’t have been venting my spleen on here about it but it’s weighing on me heavily and I’ve been going through some anguish, BUT I can’t say any more about it, it also involves someone else and is complicated, though I was the one who had helped someone…it’s fkd up.

  29. Lets hope we are all registering to vote and encouraging all that we know who are subject to these inhumane policies to register and hence vote out these nasty scumbags in May 2015.

  30. Watford FC season ticket holders still outnumber Universal Credit claimants

  31. Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and their salary sacrifice car scheme

    Product – Salary Sacrifice
    Employee Size – 14,000

    The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Newcastle Hospitals) is one of the most successful,teaching NHS Trusts in the country offering more nationally accredited specialist services than any other group of hospitals in the UK and have a staff base of around 14,000.

    Choosing a provider

    Although Newcastle Hospitals already had a salary sacrifice car scheme in place for their employees, the Trust decided to go out to tender and shortlisted three different suppliers. There was one stand-out provider, CPC Drive who work in partnership with contract hire & salary sacrifice specialist, Tusker. With their award-winning salary sacrifice car scheme, the Trust had no hesitation in awarding the contract, which covers approximately 14,000 employees.

    “We selected CPC Drive as our new provider to give our employees better terms, reduced risk and improved service levels, and to reduce the work involved in administering the scheme,” said David Malone, Newcastle Hospitals Green Transport and Staff Benefits Advisor.

    As well as the salary sacrifice vehicles, CPC Drive and Tusker were also awarded the contract to provide cars for Newcastle Hospitals company car lease scheme for essential car users. What exactly is the salary sacrifice car scheme? The salary sacrifice car scheme is open to staff across all sites both full time and part time who meet the Trust’s minimum requirements for the scheme. The scheme allows eligible employees to drive a brand new car with maintenance and motor insurance included via a salary sacrifice arrangement allowing the employee to benefit from associated income tax and National Insurance savings and the Trust to benefit from savings on Class 1A National Insurance contributions.

    NHS trusts trying to get out of paying National Insurance contributions.

  32. PS why doesn’t the NHS provide buses for their staff then there will be plenty of room for visitors to patients to park for free???

    • Landless Peasant

      And why don’t the NHS provide cleaners for seriously & dangerously mentally ill people living in so-called supported accommodation and who don’t have long to live, rather than leaving them to fester in absolute filth and squalor as I have witnessed?

  33. There are 15 hospitals in Newcastle for apopulation of 280,000 there is 1 in Hartlepool with very few services for a population of 92,000.


    …………on a visit to Camp Bastion in 2012, Cameron assured the troops that anyone who was awarded a lifetime disability would get it for life………

    The injured troops have now been receiving envelopes saying they must go for reappraisal examinations, nothing is sacred with these comedians as headlines have shown in the past………..

    Daily Mail online 1 June 2013

    A record number of wounded war veterans have been denied disability benefits in the past year
    after undergoing tests carried out by the Government’s controversial assessment company.

    Hundreds of injured ex-soldiers are being declared fit for work by Atos Healthcare in spite of
    physical and mental injuries they suffered in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Last night, the Royal British Legion (RBL) announced a 72 per cent annual rise in former
    soldiers having their applications to receive Employment Support Allowance (ESA) turned down.
    Several hundred wounded personnel were denied the benefit on the basis of physical
    examinations conducted by Atos, according to the RBL.

    The company is contracted by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to assess benefits
    claimants’ capability to work.

    In one case, Lance Corporal Mark Dryden, 35 – a former member of the Royal Regiment of
    Fusiliers who, after an explosion in Iraq, lost his right arm and the full use of his left – was asked
    by Atos assessors if he was left or right-handed. He is now taking his case against the DWP to a
    benefits tribunal.

    • ………..and lo and behold, on this mornings BBC NEWS;

      The government is failing to abide by its military covenant, medical experts who treat injured soldiers have said.

      Leading professors in psychology and orthopaedics say the healthcare system is not providing veterans with the service they have been promised.

      The Armed Forces Covenant, described as a duty of care to the armed forces, states veterans will be “sustained and rewarded” for the rest of their lives.

      A Ministry of Defence spokesman said it was “fully committed” to the covenant.



      ………………this is how our fallen hero’s are treated, they fear ATOS more than the Taliban, it seems………..

      Response: Atos Healthcare will assess both the physical and mental “scars of combat” and are
      able to assess the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Servicemen discharged from the
      Forces are entitled to a pension when their disability was caused or aggravated by service. For
      those who claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), a physical examination is a small
      part of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) process and people are only asked to do what
      they can and what is comfortable, with their specific consent. Ex-armed forces personnel who
      claim ESA are likely to have a variety of health conditions both physical and mental health
      related. The WCA would identify these as part of the existing WCA process.

      Anyone wishing to claim ESA will undergo the WCA process. The WCA is based on the premise
      that eligibility should not be based on a person’s medical condition, but rather on the way that
      their medical condition limits their functional capability. Following the WCA, Atos Healthcare
      provides a medical report to the DWP. The DWP Decision Maker considers the Atos Healthcare
      advice as well all other available evidence.

      …………………….Military covenant, care for life for our wounded, forget it mate!


      Limbless, wartorn and left on the scrapheap to die…………………..

      • …………………limbless, scarred, fatigued and often suffering from post war mental disorders, then thrown to the baying wolves of the likes of ATOS or CAPITA, to take away the little that is left…………
        They even drag their heals with the compensation claims;

        The Ministry of Defence has said it is aware of serious delays in dealing with compensation claims for injured armed forces veterans.

        It said delays were down to a rising number of cases and because there were fewer staff dealing with the claims.

        One veterans’ group said waiting times for claimants had increased from 82 days in 2010 to 219 days in 2014.

        But Veterans UK, which processes claims and administers compensation, disputed this, saying the service was improving.

        A letter from Defence Minister Anna Soubry, which has been seen by the BBC, revealed the MoD was aware of the backlog……………

        ……………………………….fast enough to send you to your death on the battlefield but completely ignored when you need it most…….

        The last time I phoned them I was told my claim had been passed on to a case worker, but it’s now just in another queue.

        They said it might be weeks before I hear anything as they’re completely snowed under with thousands of backlogged cases.

        …………………… time you hear about anybody thinking of enlisting in the UK FORCES, take them to one side and explain the enemy is not on the field of combat, but in the halls of Westminster, where all the real cowards sit and deliberate your expendability as cannon fodder…………………..

  35. I see you have been reading that nasty Daily Mail again GEOFF.Shame on you.

  36. overburdenddonkey.

    Spot on and a good description – frozen anxious mind – a life destroyer.

  37. Hansard 23 oct 2014

    “hasn’t this bastard gone yet?”

    Lord Freud: We have one of the most flexible structures of work in Europe. In other countries you see a huge concentration of people working the full number of hours, whereas here there is a much smoother position. We have systems to support people doing partial and full work hours. In fact, in the way in which it is devised, universal credit will make the situation even more flexible in the future.

  38. DWP under fire for £1.4bn of overpaid housing benefit 17 October 2014

    The Government’s failure to provide councils with sufficient funding or incentives has contributed to housing benefit overpayments rocketing to £1.4bn, a spending watchdog has revealed.

    The National Audit Office (NAO) found overpayment due to fraud and error accounted for 5.8% of spending on the benefit over the last year – up from £980m (4.6%) in 2010-11.

    Two-thirds of payments were due to claimant error, around a quarter were down to fraud and 11% were caused by official error.

    Full Article: –

  39. That`s where the £1.7 Billion has gone for Europe.

  40. Join the British army & get treated like shit down ATOS. The British Soldier fears ATOS more than anything.

    On & on about 543 soldiers died in 10 years.

    Context –

    46,000 Disabled people died at the hands of IDS & ATOS.

  41. An update on Lamh Recycle in Motherwell who are using slave labour via MWA and CWP. I have continued to protest each morning outside their premises. On Monday a reporter and photographer from the Motherwell Times arrive unexpectedly and published the story on their front page today which can be read at this link:

    • A hut, a few recycled computer system, some “furthest removed from the labour market” speal, a recognised Scottish charity number and Cha Ching your fit to go.

      Oh and remember the green sustainability front, environment before people.

  42. elament – eLanarkshire Mental Health Resources

    LAMH Recycle Ltd.
    Method of Referral: Self-referral; and other agencies (GP surgeries, Psychiatrists).

  43. Maybe the Scottish health minister should answer if it is Scottish government policy to refer patients via GP surgeries on to the workfare programme for the benefit and profit of private social enterprises.

  44. Survival of the species

  45. Fuck Off DWP it`s Tourette syndrome fuck DWP C**ts !!

    A Sanction proves it`s a disability & sanctioned for Swearing.


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  47. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Another excellent piece worth reblogging from the Void. I’ve no doubt as we approach the election next year, the propaganda will increase touting Universal Credit as a massive achievement. IDS seems to believe it is, and despite … Smith’s manifest lack of talent for government, Cameron seems determined to keep him on and sweet. Possibly IDS knows where the bodies are buried. This is a timely reminder of what a complete and utter waste of time and money Universal Credit has been, and how it really hasn’t done anything except make the lives of people forced onto it even more miserable.

    • It keeps them tied to benefits and conditionality.

    • Don’t forget the money poured into this black hole, and is continued to be added to this cockup is – can’t be used for tax cuts to the foolish who believe the tripe they come out with [the middle class], or their rich chums… oh dear.

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  49. Tax the Rich Hands off the Poor

    Oppose Universal Credit Support Increased Welfare Benefits

    Oppose Media Victimisation of the Poor and Vulnerable

    Socialism Not Slavery

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