The Virus Is Coming … Working Class Areas Face Influx Of Wankers

catford-greenLondon’s last few remaining working class areas are facing an influx of chinless fucking idiots as luxury flats spring up like a virus rampaging to the outskirts of the capital.

One of Boris Johnson’s last acts of public vandalism before he scuttles away to play politics in Westminster has been to declare parts of London as ‘Opportunity Areas’.  What he means is opportunities for landlords and property developers, not the residents of places like Catford, Wembly and Croydon who will slowly be decanted, evicted and priced out of their homes and communities.

Catford Green isn’t even a fucking place, but that’s the name of the plush new development being built by Barratt Homes on the previously abandoned Catford dogtrack.  It should have been called Catford Wasteland, because that’s what is was for the previous decade until someone worked out how to make some money from it.  Now this prime site, next to the river and the parkland of Ladywell Fields, is to be turned into posh flats that nobody local can afford.

Previously Catford Town Centre had been left to little more than a managed decline with the only significant act of recent years being the abrupt close of the eccentric indoor market and its replacement with a giant Poundland.  Now no expense is to be spared as Lewisham Council welcomes this influx of latte slurpng wankers into one of the poorest parts of London.  The same local authority that recently closed four libraries is planting trees, sprucing up shop fronts and has even bought out the leaseholds of many local businesses – no doubt to ensure only the right kind of shops in the future.  The kind that current residents won’t be able to afford to shop in.

Gentrification is not just a London phenomena.  Every time the rich find somewhere nice, interesting or convenient that’s ours they will try to take it away.  From the villages of the North Yorkshire moors to  Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, they want it fucking all.  Half the time they don’t even bother living there.  They still want it though.

But they don’t want us.  As the rich move in rents soar whilst parasites like Starbucks, Waitrose and Foxtons suck money out of local economies and shut down long standing local businesses.  Young people face increased harassment from police everytime some stupid yuppy twat manages to get themselves mugged for their iphone.  And slowly areas full of life, love and creativity turn into bland middle class Disneylands full of arseholes jabbering into smartphones about property prices all day.

The contempt these invaders hold for those whose homes they are stealing is easily found.  Just take a look at the comments of this article where someone who calls themselves a Guardianista complains that Catford Town Centre is “full of the ugliness described by some commenters already, drunks, junkies and other unsavoury types”.

Not to worry some wanker responds.  Catford’s “rough-round-the-edges charm” just needs to be “garnished with some of the pop-up pep of street food”.  Pass the fucking sick bag.

Across London, and around the UK, people are starting to fight back.  Whether communities uniting to challenge the Bedroom Tax, or the Focus E15 mums forcing the council to open up empty flats to homeless people, there is resistance everywhere. The weekly demonstrations against the odious ‘poor doors’ in Whitechapel are going from strength to strength – with an upcoming bonfire night theme protest looking lively.  In Barnet residents being thrown out of their council flats to make way for new posh flats have blockaded the building site costing the developers thousands.  This is the only thing these bastards understand.  Get in their fucking faces and cost them money.  Let’s not give up our homes and communities without the fight of our lives.

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91 responses to “The Virus Is Coming … Working Class Areas Face Influx Of Wankers

  1. They would not be a problem, if it were not for the fact that they make house prices too expensive for those who were living there before.

  2. Almost a sideshow in comparison to the social cleansing of welfare claimants from social housing across the UK, in the drive to create a destitute transient pressure group to scare the sheltered in work poor.

  3. Aren’t I glad I don’t live in “wonderful” London,mind you we up here in the North are told the streets are paved with gold;now that would be a sight to see.Then of course there are the wonderful royal parasite family,whom the “royalists”say people visit this country in the hope they will catch a glimpse of;it’s grim up here we don’t get to see all that.

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  5. There will have to be some areas not worth gentrifying or where will the Soweto-type townships be for the underclass to live. Otherwise how are the humble manual jobs to be taken care of. Heaven forfend that there should be no one on hand for street sweeping, loo cleaning, ciabatta dispensing etc.

    • They will be expected to shrivel in a cardboard box and die. There are plenty of people from around the world who will live 3 to a room to service these jobs.The fun starts when the tents and caravans etc start appearing in the gardens of these posh areas. Its actually happening where I live. Chronic overcrowding.Huge piles of scrap in the garden too.A smashing view for the wankers indeed.

  6. District 9 perhaps?
    (An extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth.)
    To the one percent we, the providers of their wealth are the extraterrestrials.
    Light your torches and sharpen your pitchforks, good people!

    • GEOFF REYNOLDS | October 26, 2014 at 10:12 am | Reply

      The BBC has started to mellow over the last week as more and more people are calling for their heads…………….

      Such biased reporting from a once renowned news service should not be tolerated, what they have become is nothing short of a con-dem trumpet.

      The lack of coverage of the plight of the UK citizens has put them on top of a pedestal of hate, in fact the user must dissect every thing they now tell us to elicit one ounce of truth!

      You have pissed on those who expected coverage of their plights, shit on those who are struggling even to exist and fostered the government false rhetoric on our economy being better than it really is.

      …………in fact many of my friends now turn to the alternative news channels like Al jazeera and Russia today to find out what is happening in the real world, because everything you say is now spun out of proportion for political gain.

      To pay for a service that gives me falsehoods is beyond contempt, the people of this nation should say fuck off to being made to fund this poisoned chalice of corporate greeds.

      Mr. Reckless | October 26, 2014 at 1:10 pm | Reply

      In Scotland nationalist think the BBC was safeguarding the Union, they are wrong what the were guarding with their anti-independence propaganda was the Jobs for life career path for themselves and their offspring – the solidarity of the bureaucratic class.

      This bureaucratic class has a destructive grip on Scotland that has destroyed the social mobility of the nation and imprisoned generations of the working class in destitution and squalor.

  7. Wise, if depressing words.

    Thing about the idiots who move into these places is that they think the whole world is exactly like their world. People poorer than themselves are invisible to them. Often they manage to go about their lives not ever looking at poorer people even if they walk past them. To them the whole world is poetry readings, crowd-funding and skiing holidays, etc. And they’re not just the obviously privileged types, but often, or even usually, have what they see as radical political views – which they try to remain faithful to merely by voting Labour and thinking they’re making a real difference.

    Yes, I am a snob. I hate these selfish, vain people.


    • Welcome to the new order, the social cleansing that says fuck off to the real and hello to the flunkies…………………..
      You are no longer wanted than syphilis to pile suffererers…………….stick your garbled marble accent where the sun don’t shine, Fred West in a handshake.

      My zippo would be working overtime to welcome these yuppies onto my hood.
      Whoever takes up the gauntlet will have to accept that they are the lower end of the market, tenants in a game of snobbery……………….


      Wherever you live, whatever the price, you are part of the existing floorshow, showing your wealth is tantamount to bragging in public, expect to be shafted and it will happen………………………….

      “You can plant as many fancy shrubs as you want but the greenery of weeds will always come back”……………the rose amongst thorns will always perish……….

      Hatred runs much deeper than boosting homes from the poor, you are unwanted, uninvited and awaiting the fate of a grave robber, move at your peril but keep looking behind you…………..

      The ghosts of those you displaced have a strange way of coming back to haunt you………………………

      • …………….just to report that contrary to lower crime statistics, a cooperative shop was ramraided in the early hours of this morning in Scarborough………………………………

        Apologies to those who were awoken, commiserations to those who lost out and good luck to those who work unnatural hours……………………

        • ………….just topping up my minimum wage, Guvnor………

          • ………………….contrary to public belief, i think Cameron will give the EU a tip, ten percent of one point seven billion is what?

            Just a fraction of a cripple’s independent living allowance or a full English breakfast to IDS…………….

            Barbed wire will not hold back the spectre’s of your past, your own memory will suffice, all those dead people scratching at their coffin lids to rebalance the books.


    • Thing about the idiots who move into these places is that they think the whole world is exactly like their world.

      Well its not is it? We live in a multiculture and anyone who dares to criticise it is a fascist in’nit. So the yuppies have their culture, workers have theirs, and we should show some multcultural respect for the toffs and yuppies. Out in the country – just the same. Small towns and country workers have their culture and the toffs, the hunters, and countryside alliance supporters have theirs. That’s multiculturalism folks – all cultures are equal. They sold you multiculturalism – which is really apartheid segregation and most of the left bought it thinking that the college boy relativism was anti facist, anti racist. So put up with it or stand up to multicultural apartheid, and have a bit of pride in our class culture. Hear that Class War, UAF, Antifa.

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  9. This was tried in Bromley Common – new school – no entry for residents, only for those bussed in. That enxclusion rules was quickly changed when school told it would be burnt down within two weeks of opening… I wonder why…

  10. these are the opening salvos of what is going to be the biggest class devide war ever,there will be many casualties all of which will be sick poor,no pay low pay….ide wish for a revolution but a reveolution has to come from the young,but theyre too busy getting the latest tatts or watching the fucking xfactor and looking in mirrors,just maybe when hobborns national service bill goes through they just might wake up

  11. ‘Across London, and around the UK, people are starting to fight back’.

    Damn right they are. And a lot of fights are not reported. I would like to put in a word for anarchism here. Not much about – too many fight backs are led by centralist parties or groups calling themselves anarchist, but with a leadership structure identical to corporate management. If there is going to be change – big change – it will have to come from ordinary people, and some of the anarchists and socialists might not always like what they say. Too many unquestioned bosses leading the fightback


    A man desperate to get back into work has blasted the benefits system after his money was docked when he admitted that he helped his dyslexic brother with his reading.

    Michael Droushiotis from Mansfield Woodhouse was left gobsmacked after his Job Seekers’ Allowance and his housing benefit was slashed to virtually nothing after telling the JobCentre about him assisting his sibling.

    Receiving around £240 a fortnight, his last payment was just £18, and feared he would be left homeless if the situation had not been rectified.

    It was during a meeting at the JobCentre in Mansfield that he told them he had offered to help his brother understand contracts for a recruiting business he had set up, something that he did as a favour, and was not paid for.

    The 30-year-old, who lives in a flat on Gardiners Court, explained: “They asked me if I’d been looking for work, which I have been, and asked me if I was doing anything else, so I told them I was helping my brother to read

  13. One to watch: C4 Dispatches on Monday #IDS’S #UniversalCredit FIASCO
    Dispatches is back on Oct 27th at 8pm with Benefits Britain. Universal Credit brings together half a dozen working age benefits and is meant to slash costs, reduce fraud and help claimants back to work. Liz MacKean investigates whether it is working or not in a pilot area at Warrington.

    Liz MacKean reports from Warrington

  14. Leaked universal credit memo shows jobcentre staff struggling with rollout

    Jobcentre whistleblower tells Dispatches that computerised benefits scheme is ‘unworkable, poorly designed and out of date’

    Shiv Malik
    The Guardian, Monday 27 October 2014 10.53 GMT

    A leaked staff memo at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) appears to show the government is still struggling to roll out its flagship welfare programme, Universal Credit (UC), across the UK.

    The memo, seen by the Guardian and titled: “Ideas please: Sinking”, appears to be a plea from a jobcentre manager to her staff for solutions to tackle an ever-growing workload brought about by the new system for delivering social security to more than 7 million people.

    The internal email, sent in late September and uncovered by Channel 4’s Dispatches as part of an investigation into UC to air on Monday evening, appears to show that one of the 60 centres where the scheme has been rolled out is generating such a substantial backlog of claims, centre staff will have to work three times more than their limit to clear it.

    UC, which is projected to generate £7bn in economic growth to the UK, will combine six major benefits, including jobseeker’s allowance and housing benefit, into a single payment which will rise and fall more smoothly with people’s circumstances.

    The DWP had promised to have 1 million people on the scheme by April 2014 but, dogged by delays and tens of millions of pounds of IT write-downs and write-offs, the original timetable has been scrapped. Just 15,000 people are on the system.

    Last week, the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, declared that the project would not be tied to a final delivery date. “Arbitrary dates and deadlines are the enemy of secure delivery,” he said.

    A jobcentre employee has alleged that the UC claims process, which is meant to save the government hundreds of millions in staff costs by being highly computerised, is unable to handle complicated cases. The whistleblower told Dispatches:“The IT works for single claimants, the straightforward cases. More complex claims have to be done manually. That’s slow and easy to get wrong.”

    He added that UC’s IT for staff on the ground is “completely unworkable, badly designed”, and already “out of date”.

    The DWP minister, Mark Harper, has denied there were problems. He said he had spoken to frontline staff at the 100 service centres rolling out UC and received “nothing but positive feedback”.

    A DWP spokesperson added: “There is no evidence that more complex cases cannot be dealt with successfully.”

    The Guardian has previously reported on how leaked Whitehall documents warned of a failing IT system, more than £1m in wasted expenditure, and how only 25,000 claimants would likely be served by the system by the time of the general election next year.

    The government has written off or written down £130m on the project, which is designed to revolutionise the culture around claiming benefits. It now expects 100,000 people to be on the system by May and for 100 centres to be involved in its delivery by the end of this year.

    The Dispatches investigation will also allege that UC’s failures are leaving claimants in desperate circumstances. One couple told the programme it took three months to register their change-in-life circumstances, leaving them struggling to feed themselves and their child.

    Jay Montrose had previously been living on his own and claiming UC as a single person. In June he moved in with his partner, Nikki Colton, who is pregnant, and their four-year-old son, Ethan.

    After being informed they would be treated as joint claimants under the scheme, Montrose and Colton told Dispatches their claim took so long to process, they were unable to pay for food, rent and other bills, built up debts of £2,500 and an eventually received eviction notice from their landlord. The couple said they received the correct money only after staff told them their claim was being processed manually.

    “I was worried because I’m pregnant at the moment and I should be eating at least enough to get me through. I shouldn’t be living off a packet of crisps in the day because that was all that [we had] that could be spared and that Ethan didn’t need,” Colton told Dispatches.

    The DWP said the couple’s claim had been delayed because the pair had failed to complete the correct forms. Responding to Dispatches’ findings, a spokesman told the Guardian: “Universal credit’s IT system is robust and effective, and we have trained 26,300 work coaches who are successfully providing new support to claimants to help them better prepare for work.

    “We are rolling UC out in a safe and controlled way to ensure we can make changes to the system if necessary. But there is absolutely no evidence that cases cannot be dealt with. When fully rolled out, UC will make 3 million families better off by £177 a month and lift up to 300,000 children out of poverty.”

    • Dispatches: Benefits Britain is on Channel 4 at 8pm GMT on Monday 27 October.

    The Guardian: –

  15. Universal credit is a tale of failure that’s still unfolding

    The wildly over-ambitious timetable, the soaring costs, the human suffering – Iain Duncan Smith’s flagship policy has been flagship disaster

    Jonathan Portes, Monday 27 October 2014 09.00 GMT

    (snipped – jv)

    theguardian: –

  16. Hi Stepping, can you just put a summary and link to long pieces from elsewhere so people on phones etc don’t have to scroll through loads of text. Thanks – jv

  17. Landless Peasant

    I’m lucky enough to live in an area that’s still Toff-free, and is likely to remain that way due to its reputation as a no-go area even by most of the rest of the working class in my city. You are likely to get stabbed,shot, robbed, raped, or murdered in broad daylight in my neighbourhood, as many have been. But we’ve also had some of the worst (best?) riots ever seen in mainland Britain in modern times. Jeremy and Jemima wouldn’t last two minutes round here.

    • overburdenddonkey

      l p
      i would vote green, classwar, or for any other non right wing party, if i still lived in england wales or NI…imo you have to form tactical voting alliances and with a massive turnout vote them out or @ least reduce their mandate this time, for the next time…it’ll probably take 2/3 elections to get rid of them…
      many in scotland certainly the 1.6m+ yes peoples movement intend to send as many yes mp’s to WM…and plan a couple of mp’s from england.. hopefully plaid cymru and others can do the same…there can be little doubt that WM will be a hung parliament after 2015ge..40+ proindy mp’s will likely hold the balance of power, with no formal alliances, we live in interesting times….

      • Landless Peasant

        ‘Interesting times’, yes, as in the Chinese proverb!

      • I hope that Plaid Cymru do better than they have done in recent times, but I won’t hold my breath. Plaid Cymru, should in my view, be going straight for Labour’s jugular, but they aren’t even really snapping at their heels – to mix a couple of metaphors. I think we may just have a situation once again where there are no Tories in Scotland or Wales, but we’ll still have a Tory government that isn’t necessarily Conservative, or even ConDem.

    • In Scarborough, building firms have been known to pay protection money to a local gang so the site would not be robbed………..

    • DWP + JCP = SCUM! Hounding a man lying ill in hospital. Bottom feeding bastards.

      • This story is heart rendering, Raining. It should have been the headlines in every paper but was deliberately played down…………
        It shows what total shithouses A4e really are, ringing a man in hospital undergoing a bypass to tell him he must complete his training.

        It’s a wonder the parasites didn’t push his hospital bed to the training area to pick up their blood money!

  18. No disabled people die they get jobs & are in work as an employment figure. The benefit is kept running because they get top ups & Universal Credit. Yes how the DWP works. There are no disabled people in the UK.

    Labels & tick boxes.

    DWP can`t compute disability.


  19. JSA, hardship payments, and housing benefit claims all maladministered and subverted both deliberately and by incompetence.

    A welfare system that is effectively dead and buried by the mismanagement of the relevant government departments and threatens to bring the rule of law in the UK into disrepute.

    Hundreds of thousands of citizens defrauded of legitimate monies claimed.

  20. David Cameron ‘shoved after confrontation in Leeds’

    Richard Hartley-Parkinson for 27 Oct 2014 1:08 pm

    The Prime Minister has allegedly been shoved by a man while in Leeds to talk about the next stage of the High Speed rail network.

    BBC reporter Dan Johnson said that David Cameron had been confronted by a man near Leeds Civic Hall adding that there was video footage of the incident.

    It was later reported that it all happened when Cameron left the hall and a man ran across the road to push the Prime Minister.

    His security team is then believed to have pushed the man back before he was taken away by police.

    In Full –

  21. Oh great more middle class wankers who want to shut down the kebab shops and turn them into twee organic latte cafes

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  23. The real problem isn’t that the rich get better housing than the poor, but that there are rich and poor. I realize that, given the actual situation, we need to try to keep what little we have, but let’s aim higher.

  24. overburdenddonkey
    “The experiences of volunteers there are not of dealing with skivers or cheats, but with vulnerable people whose dignity has been washed out of them by austerity and who are embarrassed by their situation. Some come admitting they skip evening meals so they have enough to feed their children. Some are children bringing fathers or mothers who are too proud to make the trip on their own. Many are working, sometimes with two jobs, but on low pay.”

    • Armando writes with an unsteady hand regarding Scots poverty, that paragraph conjures the austerity-friendly hard working family member making the eco sustainable trip to the trendy food bank in the Fiat 500.

      Do not even know where the local food bank is, or if there even is one.

    • Two of my mates have been to the docs with signs of depression, obd, relentlessly targetted for no fault of their own, they were made redundant.

      There’s no wonder the sick count is rising and doctors time is limited, everyone’s on a downer, including myself and most of the contributors to the blog………….

      What’s the collective noun for all of us? Could it be a “depression”?

  25. Sack The Security Guards

    Farting about with his jacket blinkered trying to look smart.

    • So what’s the difference between IDS and IBS? One’s a horrible pain in the arse…the other’s irritable bowel syndrome.


        ………………….so universal that the DWP have to hand pick the claimants to suit the software…………

        So far, the DWP have wasted the equivalent of £190 thousand pounds per claimant on this fiasco.

        It takes some believing but where else would a person be still in a job after making this,


        ……….only the DWP, it would seem………..

  26. Dispatches – Benefits Britain, Oct 27th.

    Poverty Soap Doc. all’s well that ends well, go home wash the dirt off and have a glass of wine.

  27. Dispatches – Benefits Britain, Oct 27th.

    Dame Anne Begg. so full of welfare reform contradictions and conveniently exclusive in her definition of vulnerable people – typical Scots Labour politician. Yes Anne we are just begging for more of that slooooooooow welfare reform.

  28. Dispatches – Benefits Britain, Oct 27th.

    Thought the Universal Credit Pilot was only for single claimants if so why was the couple in the programme subject to the UC Pilot.

    • maybe siamese twins but A4e get paid twice

    • From today Hammersmith, Bath, Rugby, Harrogate and Inverness will take new claims from couples as well as those from single people. Other sites in the north west of England and Wales will also make this change from this summer.

      Minister for Welfare Reform Lord Freud said:

      Universal Credit is transforming people’s lives and is available in a growing number of areas. Today we take on the first new claims from couples.


      …………………….transforming peoples lives, driving them to despair and suicide


        Unum has been lobbying, sitting on expert groups and hosting meetings at party conferences of all colours ever since. And lo and behold, in May this year, Unum’s then medical officer Prof Michael O’Donnell jumped ship to become chief medical officer at Atos. He barely had time to catch his breath before giving evidence to the Commons committee looking at the welfare reform bill.

        Despite all of this, the DWP has repeatedly brushed of enquiries about the relationship with Unum, including one from Norman Lamb, Nick Clegg’s health advisor, and has continued to involve Unum with policy making – something which is still happening at the moment. It appears that it doesn’t matter which government is in power as the DWP seems to pay more attention to private insurance companies than ministers when making policy.

    • Because once in the clutches of UC you can’t get off it… even if your circumstances change to a point that UC has not yet been implemented/does not work for that specific case.

      You can’t go from UC to a joint claim for a non UC benefit, the non UC claimants have to transfer to UC even if UC does not work for that group. Also applies where a UC claimant partners up with a working person/family unit/etc. they are transferred onto a joint UC claim as its both an “In work” and “Out of work benefit.”

      Just a shame it doesn’t work and requires a huge manual fudge to get it to spit out the correct payments for anything but “single person, no dependants, single (not shared) accommodation.”

      • Basically there was still fit for purpose life in the old dog, welfare reform is an act of vindictive political vandalism, of itself it is politically incoherent.

  29. Scottish Welfare Fund – the danger is that this becomes a social enterprise fraud pot, rather than having an equal access welfare system administered by accountable civil servants the danger is that dispensing the funds becomes the privilege of the stock based Third Sector in Scotland.

  30. The urgent need is for a Scottish Welfare Department otherwise the budgets will be misappropriated to privileged client groups and not distributed by fairness and need.

  31. there comeing ,like invation of the body snatchers the yuppies are pileing into shepards bush like a tisunami more of them every week like a plague young white wealthy middleclass ….profetionals…. just last week I was on the uxbridge road and I heard all this noise music ect and get this …….it was the opening of an orchards London leading upmarket letting agency and estate agents …they were having a …funky…party,lol,lol ballons champaine ……..hipsters…all swanning about trying to be cool ,,and this is on the uxbridge road shepards bush,lol 20 years agp they wouldn’t have eveny wiped there ares on the place just like hackney I have them now moveing into my building [a mutli occupancy dump damp rats overcrowding ect ect super high rents buying the shit flats like trying to put lipstick on a pig,lol] I say hello they sneer like they have shit under there noses one even from next door asked me to clean my curtains as ……..wanted t a attract a better class of renter ..well I told ….it….to fuck of,lol realy is the invation of the body snatchers,lo,l help

  32. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Mr Void here discusses the situation in London, where the working class and the poor are being pushed out of their traditional neighbourhoods as Boris and his friends gentrify them, pushing up property prices beyond the reach of any but the most affluent. It’s a particularly thorny issue in Black neighbourhoods. One Black resident complained in the press recently about an influx of White hipsters hanging round certain bars, behaving in a rowdy and anti-social manner. She was upset that they weren’t being told to move on by the police, as a Black crowd would have been if they were seen congregating and causing trouble and mess in a White neighbourhood.
    As Mr Void points out, this isn’t just a problem for London, but also for other places as well. He didn’t mention it, but one of those place is Bristol. It’s on the M5 corridor, and so property prices in parts of the city are comparable to those in the capital, and are indeed out of the pocket of local people.

    • So are they a new yuppie generation or are they themselves being displaced from parts of London by the Global Oligarchy?

  33. Clive Baulch, People Before Profit

    I live in Lewisham and pass this site “Catford Green” everyday on my way to the food Bank in Deptford where I work. Last two weeks I see that a large shop which has been empty for years and happens to be owned by the Council is now receiving a lot of TLC and is being made over as a large COSTA Coffee shop. Gentrification has begun, boys and girls.

  34. Think its a burglars dream! Don’t have to travel far for the wonga for their crack, enjoy your MacBook while you still can you posh cunts!!!!

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  36. You should have titled this blogpost “Waah, waah, I’m a thick, parochial, human-shaped turd, and I’m going to feel better about it by blaming and mocking people who are better-off, luckier or harder-working than me.”

    To the author and every commenter on this post: Try stopping your incessant whinging about being victimised and take a good long hard look in the mirror. Then get off your pimply, entitled arses and WORK to make something better of yourself. It may not cushy, it may not be fair. But, surprise, nothing is. Life is tough. London changes all the time – you change with it, or you perish. You think you are above the way of the world? That you are special? You think you have a right to live in any neighbourhood forever, untouched by the rest of the world, expecting to always live the way you once did, mouth firmly affixed to the state’s sagging tit? That everyone else who adapts, struggles, strives, stands on their own two feet and succeeds is a mug? Wake up and smell the goddamned coffee, Starbucks or not, matey!

    ‘Love, life and creativity’? Don’t make me laugh. Have you seen the same addict-infested, bum-strewn, wino-splattered streets I have? I say clear them all out, the sooner the better, and make it – and others like it – a decent place for the tens of thousands of law-abiding, tax-paying families who have been patiently queuing round the block for half a chance, and are actually grateful for it. And, “managed to get themselves mugged” indeed! The iPhones just fly out of their rightful owners’ pockets and into the clammy, scabby paws of some feral chav, do they? Do the world a favour: choke on your anarchist bile and rot in your mum’s box-room, you moaning, bitter, little shit!

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