Luxury Hotel Booked For Annual One Day Workfare Conference, Tickets Just £450!

radisson-bluThe Employment Related Services Assosication (ERSA) have booked a luxury four star hotel as the venue for this year’s tax payer funded workfare conference.

ERSA are the trade body established to lie on behalf of graping welfare-to-work firms like A4e, G4S and Seetec.   These companies are paid billions of pounds to run the shoddy ‘back to work’ type training courses and workfare schemes now inflicted on unemployed and disabled benefit claimants.

Much of that money goes on glitzy back-slapping affairs like this year’s conference on December 1st which is due to be held at the luxury Radisson Blu Portman Hotel in Central London.  Here delegates will meet with politicians such as Esther McVe and discuss how to shovel even more money down the drain in the name of bullying people unable to find work.

Claimants themselves are not invited to the one day conference, with some tickets for the day long event costing as much as £450 – the equivalent of about seven and a half weeks unemployment benefit.  The official theme for this conference will be ‘All Change? Preparing for the General Election 2015’.  What they really man is let’s talk about how we can scam the next Government as much as we have this one.

Joining McVey as a speaker will be Mayor of Newham Robin Wales, preusmably  taking a break from his ceaseless work harassing, insulting and evicting homeless single parents like the Focus E15 mums.  Rarely will so many twats have been gathered in one place.

As such is seems only fair to warn the hotel’s customers who they will be forced to share a building with on that date.  You can tweet the Radison Blue Hotel chain @RadissonBlu or use their facebook page to tell prospective customers what to expect on December 1st.

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291 responses to “Luxury Hotel Booked For Annual One Day Workfare Conference, Tickets Just £450!

  1. Scumbags of a feather all flock together. The phrase could have been coined for this bunch of total bastards. Making a business for profit out of the economic and social misery of the less fortunate in society is the epitome of these pond life worms.

  2. Perhaps you are close to recognising the nature of bureaucratic capitalism today. These meetings, conferences, are taking place all over the country, and many in luxurious hotels overseas. The accommodate a few business men and women, loads of well payed employees from government funded back to work ful employments schemes, the health industries – where NHS staff mingle and network with private health suppliers and see eye to eye on the main issues – and people on the up in the unions and welfare and social services. Add a few environment experts with a greenish tinge to wallow in ethical issues concerning sustainable fucking energy and environmental protection. Throw in a few academics, a keynote address from Prof this or that, see how social workers and the like can relate it to their role in seeking empowerment for the masses. Its socialism folks, its arrived for those heading up the economic and social ladder. Many of these bastards were radical students of the sixties, now climbing up the conference led ladders. They are living life at the top. They are your people; you who campaign for full employment, welfare, save the planet, save the NHS, campaign for more welfare expenditure for these greedy bastards to hold conferences where they wallow in luxury.

    Or are you all so dumb as to believe that these are the traditional toffs, who give up their precious time on the grouse moors to mingle with this new class of upstarts. Naw, take it from me, these are the people the left are fighting for.

    How do I know this? I get invited to these conference, give them a talk or two, watch them – say NHS managers and managers from the private sector – tackle commonly share objectives like customer care and keeping the smile on the nurses face. Its all a con folks. They are the class enemy, but not that far removed from the classes which they claim to care about.

    • Yup!

      Working class heroes.

    • Landless Peasant

      “wallow in ethical issues concerning sustainable fucking energy and environmental protection”

      There’s nothing wrong with those things per se, but they need to be adequately funded and run not as another industry, and not rely on slave-labour but paid workers. Don’t think there really is much of a Left anymore, ‘cept Mr. Bone perhaps and SWP, but not at a mainstream level. Labour sold out when they ditched Clause IV.

    • I used to be a lecturer in the environmental waste reduction department of a university and we used to fly to the Caribbean and all sorts of exotic places for our ‘conferences’. You wouldn’t believe the largesse in these luxury hotels. Another thing is that the staff all drove great big gas-guzzling 4x4s. The ‘greeny’ nonsense is all a great big scam being perpetrated on the poor to reduce their standard of living.

      • Landless Peasant

        How do Green issues reduce poor peoples’ standard of living? Having a Recycling collection, for example, saves me from carrying the stuff back to the supermarket skips or the recycling tip. The banning of rubbish waste bonfires makes my air cleaner. I’m still voting Green and not Labour.

        • How do Green issues reduce poor peoples’ standard of living?
          Money that could go to poor people goes to green projects. If I had time I would give you links but they are easy to find. Just think. All of the green conferences in luxury hotels have to be paid by someone other than the green fairy. That is the poor.
          I tell this story for a giggle: since Thatcher, who put money into science funding for alternatives to fossil fuel (to beat the miners), governments have backed green science with our money. My colleague just had a quarter of a million for research into the impact of electric collars for dogs. I wrote a follow up report. Was told it had to be green otherwise the present government would not be interested. How to make electric shock collars a green issue? I looked into environment protection, forestry, new trees. Yep. The greens were backing research into the prevention of cattle grazing on land provided for new trees etc. Fences would be unsightly and expensive. So …fix a device to each cow’s ear so it gets an electric whack if it strays in the wrong place. Then I saw research on whacking predators if they go near farms etc. Bingo.. electric shocks on animals assist green policies. Government listens, money changes hands. Green is big business, which is why the BBC executives invest their pension fund into renewables, and educate the masses on the benefits of green policies. Enough? Well maybe look at Obama’s Thatcherite green policies with alternatives to fossil fuel and closing down of the coal industry in the US. Miners out of work, protesting, being arrested, and the green conscious left here refuse to discuss it.

          • Landless Peasant

            Bollocks. I’m still voting Green.

            • Landless Peasant


              electric dog collars should be illegal, and cattle farming /meat industry ought to be banned too.

              • Landless Peasant


                Obama’s better than that twat Bush anyway.

              • electric dog collars should be illegal, and cattle farming /meat industry ought to be banned too.

                I recommended the banning of the collars and following that the Welsh Assembly banned them, and I think they will go soon in the rest of the UK. Still working on the meat industry. I am supporting the campaign for CCCT cameras in slaughterhouses as a start … to wake the public up.

                As for voting: I will vote for the Elvis loves dogs party, which wants to reduce vets bills, ban the bedroom tax and much more.

                • Did Wales ban the use of the collar/shock fence combination devices too?

                  Are all these invisible fence devices going to be banned? They should be.

                  I’ve seen a few companies advertising them in England. Barbaric devices, teach nothing except fear, cause nothing but trauma. If an animal escapes the boundary (adrenalin) they have no way of returning inside the boundary (a safe area) once the adrenalin subsides. In horses and cattle, even the stronger electric fences prove useless long term. I’ve seen cattle deliberately leaning up against them. This is the stereotypese display of a severely distressed living being.

                  Whether they are considered green or not, I don’t care, they should all be banned, along with tasers and cattle prods. So much footage of animals being seriously abused before death by use of the pathetic but brutal stun devices, has garnered no shock and little coverage outside of activist circles. One covert operation gained many hours of footage of relentless abuse of terrified animals (adult and young) in a slaughterhouse, but a judge threw it out of court, labelling it inadmissible because those shown abusing animals had not given their consent, nor had those employing the abusers. Bottom line, those who can afford meat don’t give a flying fuck about how it got to their plate.

                  I’d guess that DWP/JC+/WPPs might consider using similar devices to keep the hapless unemployed contained during supervised job search. Don’t laugh, we are all animals.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yes, the barbed monkey, it teaches hurt is pigs gnaw the bars of their cages to stimulate noradrenalin receptors…they cause addictive behaviours…

                • Linda McCartney (Deceased)

                  If slaughterhouses had glass windows we would all be vegetarian… 😉

                • UKIP Voting White Van Man

                  Not me love… love me bacon sarnies too much 🙂

            • Big GREEN SCAM – the working class ruled to be environmentally toxic and unsustainable – green social cleansing.

              • Big GREEN SCAM – 5p on not only plastic bags but biodegradable carrier bags ka-ching 800 million x 5p in the retailers cash-till.

              • Landless Peasant

                It’s Capitalism that is environmentally toxic and unsustainable, which is why I’m voting Green, as they are more Socialist and anti-Capitalist than Labour.

                If I have to pay 5p for a carrier bag then I won’t buy one, I’ll use the shopping bag I take with me.

              • Reply to Lucy, appreciated your post. I admire you and what you are doing.

        • How about the rise in prices on energy, fuel and fuel?
          A green tax put on the poor so the multi million pound corprations can invest in infrastructure.
          Meanwhile manufactoring is moved abroad with cheap labour and no green taxes.
          How about the city buying and selling carbon allowances?
          How about the closing of coal mines and the local knock on affect of that?

          Man made global warming is a myth.

    • This is so true; thanks for saying it. It’s the professional middle classes who directly keep us down, far more than the plutocrats, although I suppose Marxists would say the latter are pulling the strings. The thing is, the do-gooders aren’t readily recognized as the class enemy that they are. This obfuscation is strengthened by the 99%/1% rhetoric.

      As for the environment, I too get pissed off with the way it’s used to distract attention from that great unmentionable, class. We’re all in it together, facing the environmental apocalypse! Forget these petty concerns with homelessness, forced labour, etc. And if said forced labour can be used to help the environment, who can complain?

      I also don’t like the way ecologism is used to override animal rights, in the justification of ‘culling’ of invasive species, for example, and, less directly, in the simple neglect by environmental groups of the horrific mass suffering of animals — unless they’re endangered, of course, which the worst and most numerous victims of speciesism are not.

      If it weren’t for these factors, of course I’d support environmental causes, and I do put out my recycling bins and sign petitions, etc. I just don’t share in the fashionable enthusiasm for ‘sustainability’.

      • Katherine, Lucy, I would love to discuss your comments at length, but in fairness it would take us off the topic. But we need to sort the ethics of animals first. Appealing to rights conflicts with the Green’s commitment to socialism, as according to the rights, appeal the interests of the individual animal trump those of the group. And the alternative to rights is welfarism, adopted by all EU governments, where (see the EU’s Article 9) animal interests can be over ruled on cost benefit grounds, which is a socialist standpoint. So we need an alternative …now try and open a discussion on this and watch the flak.
        You are so right in pointing out that it is the professional middle classes which keep us down. They came up from the sixties as radical students, took the long march through the institutions, and sold us out.

        • I don’t think homo sapiens are going to get anywhere with regard to the welfare of all living things, until they roundly own up and accept that they (we) are animals too.

          I think even the word “welfare” means different things to different factions of thought. The word “rights” when applied to non human species arouses total horror amongst so many, even the oppressed and totally impecunious. Are we really so desperate to keep such a distance between us and other species? Are we really all so shallow and frightened? We are rightly furious at the way our own are treated by the government, but our outrage needs to go beyond one species. I see this arrogant attitude pervading those who run “green” projects keeping animals for education or death. The arrogance of the hairless ape never ends and is used to justify endless abuse of all species, all environments.

          Dr Llareggub, is the Article 9 you refer to from the EU Directive on Animal Welfare? Along with our Animal Welfare Act of 2006, I see much in the way of obfuscation, the deliberate perpetuation of cash as the incentive to simply be humane, to be kind. I see twisting of the concept of humaneness, that has the sole purpose of filling pockets and bank accounts. In my experience, “green” doesn’t often mean humane, though some of the Green Party’s policies for humans do appear more sensible and fair than those from the main parties.

          Right now we are facing the current bunch of haters in government taking us out of the reach of the European Human Rights Act. If this happens, I can see grotesque revenge being taken on other species, simply because no one can tolerate one species having rights over another when it’s homo sapiens losing out.

          I believe that the only way out, the only way to survive will be humanist in origin and intent. We all, have massive potential to be wonderful and sociable from the minute we are born. When our potential is extinguished at an early age, with a similar brutality that we bestow on other species, we get what we see now, the beginnings of the end.

          Too many factions claim goodness, rightness, success for themselves all the while excluding the rest of all living beings.

          It’s only a few years since a group of well thought of Ethologists, at the Francis Crick Memorial Lecture presented a paper affirming what most of know already, that non human animals have a full range of emotions, just as we humans do. Their brains may be slightly different in layout, but they need, rely on and have emotion as much as we do to survive. With science being so slow to catch up, how long before those in power acknowledge and make reparation for their barbaric errors of thought?

          Just riffing, not arguing.

          PS: To JV. Sorry to be so way off topic. Thoughts intended to add to the cause, not fight it or distract from it.

          • Even if governments were capable of talking to animals do you think they would listen to them? Unless you have something to offer or bargain with you are worthless in a capitalist society.

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  4. Landless Peasant

    If there’s any willing Necromancers out there I hope they revive Guy Fawkes in time for the CONference.

  5. Landless Peasant

    How come we don’t get invited to this bun-fight in our honour? Pass the fucking vol-au-vents…

  6. overburdenddonkey

    they continue to big up the get a job you work shy, shirker to deflect from the truth…we are being failed…and they use these insidious schemes to manage decline, gloat, they don’t gaf about us, they suck us dry and then discard us…there are no jobs because of the way the global economy that we have no effective influence over has been restructured that excludes us…not only are tax receipts way down but there is a massive trade deficit…imports far outweigh exports in monetary terms…productivity is 35% lower than it was 35yrs ago…everything that created economic stability has been sold off…investors go anywhere they want get things made and sell where ever they can…the result is that there are fewer opps in the uk to sell our labour…stable bases of mass employment have vanished along with the capital and infrastructure that was once involved in providing claim as some do that immigrants are stealing our work is therefore far too simplistic and frankly immoral..the problem is caused by neoliberalism/capitalism, we are here as result of a clear historic pattern, accelerated by thatcherism et al, a truly unhealthy process that has and is engulfing many…the working class economy is regressing towards extinction…yet all the responsibility for this is being dumped on us the disempowered…

  7. Perhaps we should have a whip-around to pay for the ticket for a fifth-columnist who can covertly record everything going on – should any prospective attendee risk being searched for recording gear, then they should be competent in shorthand. Problem solved. All we need is someone starting up a company for the purpose of registering for the conference, then dissolve it when the job’s done. Lifting the stone sheltering those flatworms would be a delight.

  8. They’re twats.

    I have nothing else to say today.

  9. At least £200 travel – £100 food – £200 drink boozer – £300 a night Hotel & $450 free ticket.

    ———- TOTAL
    £1,250 per person each paid by the tax payer – 2 nights an extra £300
    ———- SUB TOTAL
    £1,550 per person.

  10. Equality and Human Rights Commission Guidance

    The United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities Equality

    The Convention describes the steps which governments must take to make sure disabled people enjoy their human rights to:

    # equality before the law without discrimination
    # make their own decisions
    # have their family life respected
    # freedom from exploitation, violence and abuse
    # an inclusive education
    # a decent standard of living
    # support to participate in society and live in the community
    # accessible physical environments and information

    When a country ‘signs’ the Convention it means it agrees with what the Convention says about human rights for disabled people.

    When a country ‘ratifies’ the Convention it agrees to do what the Convention says and make changes to ensure that the rights in the Convention are respected in practice.

    Why is the Convention important for disabled people in Britain?

    1. The government will be held to account by means of reports on its performance in promoting disabled people’s rights by the UN Disability

    2. It should give disabled people a stronger say in the policies that affect their lives. Government is expected to involve disabled people in the plans to implement the Convention when it is making new laws and policies which affect disabled people, and when it is writing reports for the UN on how
    the UK is meeting its obligations under the Convention.

    3. It sets new standards on how government and public bodies should ensure that disabled people’s human rights should be protected and promoted. This is the first human rights agreement that talks in detail about things like an inclusive education or the right to live where you want to.

    4. It puts wide-ranging responsibilities on government to take practical action to strengthen disabled people’s control over their own lives and full participation in society.

    5. It could lead to stronger and fuller protection against disability discrimination. Government may need to take action to close gaps in
    UK law on disability discrimination.

    6. It can be used to interpret the Human Rights Act and, alongside the Equality Duty, to challenge failure to respect human rights and to work towards disability equality.

    7. It can be used by disabled people and their organisations as a framework to negotiate and influence national and local matters – for example when a local authority is proposing to withdraw essential social support services which will affect disabled people’s rights to live independently.

    8. It should help promote positive attitudes towards disabled people as the government has an obligation to raise awareness and foster respect for the rights and dignity of disabled persons, to tackle prejudice and abuse against disabled people, and to promote awareness of what disabled people can
    contribute to society.

  11. One for the DWP

    The Convention describes the steps which governments must take to make sure disabled people enjoy their human rights to:

    # equality before the law without discrimination

  12. The government is breaking ever disability law in fact that have not missed one out to cut a long story short.

  13. pissflaps

  14. Business Corporate Money – Greed is where they make mistakes graves ones at that. The prophecy of business is foolhardy in so called court protection because you have tied the courts & judges hands to control the Church & state – courts & the Law – Read your history greedy money grabbers – Stock Market Crash & that is before May 2015 – Housing bubble bursts & back to the triple dip recession because there was never an upturn just some confidence in lazy sales in business.

    The Corporations have no borders MPs do but not if they are part [shareholder] of Capita, Serco, Atos & the other 11 sub contractors they use.

    So the DWP is a Corporation which means no one is liable for anything like Hillsborough like so many other injustices no one is held to account. That is where the MPs are hiding little slave in a big world of Corporate Manslaughter. MPs have been very quick to take up the offer of important business not like being an MP.

    So DWP the charge is Corporate Manslaughter for starters.

    IDS it won`t go away plundering the tax payer into another recession because of like expensive gambles. RECESSION CHRISTMAS SALES CAN`T SAVE THE CONS.

    The whole world could not exist without adverts.


    Don`t talk in contradictions which happen to be utter bullshit. Don`t waste my time – The MPs are now wasting tax payers money on their lawyers at £2,000 an hour.




    Not some kids political party squabble.


    How many UK MPs have shares in ATOS, CAPITA, SERCO, G4S?
    And which [names] MPs have shares in ATOS, CAPITA, SERCO, G4S?

    No reply

    So guilty as charged.


      Just ring them up or send a recorded delivery request. I received three huge envelopes that contained all the information that i required to challenge a DWP decision.

      They have in their possession a wealth of information that you are party to.

      Indeed, the content of my information that they held on my medical conditions was seven inches deep.

      When they ask for your medical history it is just a stalling tactic, they have every sick note and every medical diagnosis that you have ever been granted benefits on.

      “The information that you will receive will enforce your day at a tribunal, the facts of your individual case speak volumes and often show the DWP to be out and out liars”

      Here are a couple of recommendations;

      Alison Stevens left an annotation ( 7 March 2013)

      Serve the DWP, and Atos healthcare with a data protection request.
      Under section 7 of the data protection act 1998, both of these agencies have a mandatory 40 WORKING DAYS TO SUPPLY YOU WITH COPIES OF ALL DATA THEY HOLD ON FILE ABOUT YOU.

      A basic data access could cost you £10, but the DWP, and atos do not usually charge for anything,
      I issued both Atos and the DWP, with the former in 2012, Atos told me over the telephone that they do not hold any data on you, but two days later a big parcel of files arrived by recorded delivery two days later.
      Also the DWP gave me full disclosure to all my files.
      If they breach the 40 working day compliance time write a letter to the information commissioner who will look into the breach and try and help to get the files for you, also use the DWP and Atos complaints procedure and ask them to investigate the breach.


      Alan Long left an annotation ( 7 March 2013)

      Hello Alison.Thank you for your note about the Data Protection Act requests. I’ve put in three so far. My first to ATOS was a farce so I repeated the request again using a template I found.The second will be sent to a Jobcentre in Wales tomorrow. I am also hopeful three complaints to ATOS sent via my MP will get a response. I appreciate your kind help and thank you again


      J Newman left an annotation ( 7 March 2013)

      Another tip – specify the ’from’ and ‘to’ dates you want or you might get a whole load of stuff of no interest. I’m not sure how precise an SAR can be in relation to specific documents, so you may find you get everything they have between the dates you specify – including a CD with any calls to the JCP 0845 line.


      John Slater left an annotation ( 7 March 2013)

      You are welcome. You might want to look up ‘Subject Access Requests'(SAR) as these are the formal way of requesting data that organisations hold about you. The ICO and other organisations, such as the Citizens Advice, may have template documents for SAR which usually cite the legislation and the statutory timescales involved


      Here is a transcript from the DWP that clearly shows the information you can request. Why delay, ask for it now and be prepared.

      The personal information that the Department holds about you under the Data Protection Act
      1998 instead. By handling your request under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998,
      DWP are protecting your rights over your own personal information.

      Requests for personal information are dealt with by Data Protection Officers within DWP. Your
      request was passed to the appropriate Data Protection Officer. The timescale for handling
      requests under the Data Protection Act is 40 calendar days from receipt, although we do aim to
      respond as soon as possible. If the information you requested under the Data Protection Act is
      still outstanding, you may wish to contact your benefit office to discuss your concerns.

      Yours sincerely

      Business Management Team
      Health & Disability Assessments (Operations)

  17. Yes DWP staling tactic – When they say to me we want medical stuff – I say you already have it, I am not going to give any more to make my circumstances change. The GP says Why do you need 5 of the same medical document? I say the DWP have lost all 4 of them [or maybe I`m lying] So the DWP can now trading in ID fraud.

    If you are difficult [like me] the DWP will then leave you alone & go on to someone easier & quicker to process through the system. See cash cows as fast as possible.

    So yes the DWP stalling tactic – Know It Well.


  18. “last week i spent more than half of my £32 weekly pittance on mailing evidence to the HUMAN RIGHTS RAPPORTEUR”
    …………….I may have gone without food, but the buzz it gives me is well worth all the pain they inflict.

    • ………………… today the powers that be, are wondering why disability hate crimes have increased and the CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE has seen a drop in convictions.

      You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why peoples frustrations and hatred are firmly aimed at the disabled and poor, it’s UK government policy…………………

      The con-dem manifesto was brought to life on the back of the old, divide and rule strategy, camouflage the truth by putting the boot in them less able to respond.

      Let’s face it, Lord Freud is the most despicable, evil bastard, who ever walked this earth.
      His politics put Hitler’s shame into the shade, being nothing more than a neo-nazi in a suit.
      He thrives on hurting people, having similar instincts to a serial killer, but with darker undertones………………

      If you do research into his grandfather, Sigmund Freud, you will read a lot about him being a total nutcase, the genetics have been passed down the line and manifest themselves in the jackbooted bully we have today.

      ……………………………..and the reason the bringing less convictions against disability hate crime is obvious……….

      any department carrying the Queens logo, the DWP, the COURTS AND TRIBUNALS, the CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE actively persecute the poor and disabled on the instructions of their twisted masters.


    Prosecutors have pledged to do more to tackle disability hate crime after a drop in the number of convictions.

    The total number of hate crime convictions rose by over 1,000 in 2013/14, according a report by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

    But convictions for hate crimes against disabled people dropped, prompting the CPS to pledge fresh action.

    Director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders acknowledged there was “more to do” to combat such crimes

  20. If you multiply the 46,000, that the government have put to death using welfare cuts, by the benefits saved, i am sure the officials of ERSA should have a hotel upgrade to the Ritz, at least…………………


    LONDON — A major security breach occurred in the House of Commons when a man in the public gallery hurled marbles at MPs from the public gallery.

    The man stood up and shouted, while the marbles are understood to have damaged the glass screen in the gallery.
    Members of the public were detained in the public gallery while the man, who had different coloured eyes, was detained by police officers.

    When questioned by the Telegraph the man swore and declined to answer. Asked what his protest was about he replied: “No comment mate.”

    Police officers at the scene declined to say whether he was under arrest.

    The man declined to give his name. Asked about why he had thrown the marbles he said: “You can ask but you are not going to get it.”

    He added: “That was not a protest. Last week I heard them say it was us and them, the elite and us.”

  22. …………….if i was invited to this taxpayer funded freebie, i think i would investigate to see if any workfare where on site.

    The i would start to question what i was drinking and eating………………….

  23. overburdenddonkey

    “One of the big surprises in the UK economy over the last few years has been that unemployment has not risen to 4 million, which many, me included, were expecting. What’s often said is that this is because many people are working part time, for low pay, and so are being kept off the unemployment statistics. What this research shows that this is, at least in part, because of the growing number of self employed people who make very little from that activity.” – See more at:
    the problem we no longer manufacture/build what we service and repair nor much of what is retailed in the uk…nor do we handle goods in the same way nor mine, nor do we service and repair as much as we used to…there is simply not the work available to pay the self employed…

  24. Thing is how much does it cost to send you scroungers on a course? Triple that price at least. If it wasn’t for my advisor I probably wouldn’t be starting work next week. It isn’t a generalisation when stating the majority of those claiming disability are bone idle cunts of the lowest order or muppets merely feeling sorry for themselves. Get a job you cunts.

  25. CSW – Civil Service World: 23rd October 2014 – Written by Sarah Aston

    DWP inconsistent with ‘UK’s international commitments to support disabled people’

    The Department of Work and Pensions’ (DWP) decision to close the Independent Living Fund (ILF) for disabled people was challenged by the Equality and Human Rights Commission on 22 October.

    The Commission gave expert legal advice to the High Court yesterday, intervening in the Judicial Review of the government’s decision to close the ILF to existing claimants.

    Although the Fund has been closed to new users since 2010, the DWP this year announced renewed plans to cease funding for existing claimants next year, if the closure goes ahead.

    The ILF supports disabled people to live independently and participate in society as workers, in education and in pursuing their interests.

    Under plans put forward by the DWP, the ILF will close and disabled people will be assessed under different criteria; the Commission stated that this could result in significantly reduced support.

    According to the Commission, almost 20,000 severely disabled people risk losing essential funding support for their independence.

    This, the Commission argues, is inconsistent with the UK’s obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

    Rebecca Hilsenrath, chief legal officer for the Commission, said: “When the closure of the Fund was considered previously, the Court of Appeal found that insufficient consideration had been given to the consequences, which are potentially very grave for some recipients.

    The extent of the impact is still unclear, but if the closure goes ahead it will be a regressive step in terms of the right of disabled people to live independently.”

    CSW – Civil Service World: –

  26. The Sentinel – Stokes Local Paper – October 21, 2014

    Tories continue disabled attack

    WATCHING Question Time this week, I was taken aback at the support for Lord Freud and his remarks about the disabled not being worth the same as the able bodied.

    Lord Freud has excused himself by saying he meant the disabled would work for two pounds an hour and then top up their earnings to the minimum wage.

    This is a subsidy of just over two thirds, and people were swallowing it.

    What they didn’t bring forward on the programme was the Tory policy is to scrap subsidies and put the disabled into the mainstream.

    This is the reason they closed all the Remploy factories to get rid of this overload on expenses.

    Is Lord Freud really telling us the truth? I’m afraid his excuse doesn’t ring true.

    Ask any disabled person who is looking for work; they are still attacking the vulnerable.

    The attack on the disabled by this Government continued after the assault on the factories.

    It then brought in the discredited ATOS to punish some more.

    If they give ATOS an extension on their contract, there will be no disabled people in this country, all will be classed as fit for work – the living and the dead.

    Then there’s the disgusting Bedroom Tax which punished thousands in the most uncivilised way, and two thirds of those affected, again, were the disabled.

    Now the Tories want to get rid of the EU Human Rights Bill and introduce their own.

    The future with the Tories is no future at all if you are disabled, and who will be next in line to be at their mercy? It certainly won’t be the privileged and the cronies.

    MR D PAYNE Milton

    TheSentinel: –

  27. Now Tory Norman Tebbit suggests the young unemployed should pull up ragwort from grass verges in return for benefits:

    He also lumps in ‘low level criminals’ to do this alongside them too. So being out of work becomes akin to being a crime then?

    There are those who suggest pulling up ragwort would be wrong as it supports a wide variety of insect life including bees. But even leaving this aside, if young jobseekers are made to do this, then why employ anyone ever again to perform similar tasks? presumably Tebbit will be ensuring all jobseekers so utilised will be given full training, protective equipment and tools?

    Besides, pulling up weeds it futile as they simply grow back strong as ever unless you can pull them up roots and all every time. Indeed, whenever I see local council workers in my area tackling overgrown weeds, they SPRAY them with weed killer. They do NOT bend over pulling up every individual plant!

  28. overburdenddonkey

    “Mr Mulholland, who is facing leg amputation, was sanctioned for 9-weeks by his local jobcentre for missing an appointment. Mr Mulholland missed this appointment after his ulcerated legs left him unable to get to the jobcentre.” says it all really, grim… 😦

    • …….while British people starve, Neo-Liberals like this man live high on the hog.
      Claim: Scotland’s first minister voted on only six days in the Commons in the financial year 2007/8 yet claimed £1,751.50 for food – over a third of the maximum permitted annual amount, the Sunday Telegraph said.
      Alex Salmond
      Mr Salmond, who is MP for Banff and Buchan as well as MSP for Gordon, also claimed £800 for August and September 2005, when Parliament was in recess, the paper added. It said he claimed £3,200, the maximum food allowance, for eight months in 2005/6. In the same year he received £54.75 for towels, £540 for bed linen, £650.40 in curtains and £1,093 for a bed. Authorities also docked £9 from his claim for a stay at a hotel in London in July 2005 because he had included drinks from hotel room mini bar.

  29. Landless Peasant


  30. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Interested to Know!

    Rastafari – Would have thought cannabis and music were sensual pleasures and because of that censored?

  31. The Coke Snorting Stockbrokers

    Tesco (TSCO) profits fall 47% lol 😀

  32. you can insult disabled people all you want, but the insults are coming from IDS`s Office.

  33. Who cares about Poll A Tricks Who Cares about the the Independent Rasta Army – Who cares about Tesco – who cares about IDS? The Tory Trolls.

  34. The lesson learnt is don`t try & discredit people you will only discredit IDS your boss. Well ask IDS what to do next.





  36. Music Therapy is important don`t forget – Whoopsy Healthcare Professional.

    Trinity – Vampire

  37. Young People To Face Workfare In Supermarkets Or 780 Hours Forced Community Work Osborne Announces

    David Sylver | December 10, 2013 at 9:27 am | Reply

    What they are forgetting (and conveniently isn’t mentioned) is the sheer level of administration this will entail. Although some will obviously be stung by the proposals logic dictates it’ll be little more than a human lottery who does what/goes where. By sheer force of numbers no public body could successfully manage that amount of people. Here’s hoping my number isn’t up; cheers!


    How come that in December 2013, you were wondering if your number was up????????????

      David Sylver | July 8, 2013 at 4:41 pm | Reply

      If offered a Workfare placement is it mandatory to accept? Obviously you could refuse and be sanctioned but in legal terms are you within your rights to formally refuse?

  38. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System, As your doing requests, do you have any Skrewdriver ?

  39. DWP abandons Universal Credit claimant goal
    Neil Merrett
    Published 23 October 2014 – central-overnment.governmentcomputing

    500,000 recipients expected to switch to combined benefits system by 2017, as department decides to drop setting further user targets in national rollout plan

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said it remains committed to rolling out Universal Credit nationally from next year, despite scrapping plans to set targets for when it will switch certain amounts of users to the benefits reform programme.

    Speaking at a media briefing event to launch the ‘Universal Credit at work’ progress report yesterday, secretary of state for work and pensions Iain Duncan Smith told the Financial Times (subscription necessary) that a policy of setting targets for the number of users to be moved onto the new benefits system had been abandoned.

    The report has also set out the DWP’s wider aims to have the benefit provided to users all across the UK in a gradual rollout, as well as detailing commitments to introduce a digital service to support the benefits reform plan with a “controlled test” starting this year.

    The release of the report comes ahead of the publication of findings by the National Audit Office (NAO) into the implementation of Universal Credit, which is now scheduled to be released by late November.

    While the overall aims of Universal Credit have been broadly supported across parliament, the coalition’s implementation of the project has come under fire from bodies including the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and the opposition Labour Party over accusations that it is in trouble. Critics have pointed to an alleged lack of transparency over the project’s cost and a failure to meet deadlines as a signal that the DWP’s approach to the project is experiencing numerous difficulties, despite the Major Projects Authority (MPA) maintaining earlier this year that the project was now on track.

    The MPA told the PAC in June that Universal Credit (UC) was “relatively stable” after its own report gave the project an unprecedented ‘reset’ rating, rather than a red, amber or green category. The Labour Party meanwhile formed a ‘Universal Credit Rescue Committee’ earlier this year to outline a strategy for how the party should proceed to address concerns about the viability of the welfare reforms if it comes to power in next May’s General Election.

    Despite the criticisms, DWP head Ian Duncan Smith has expressed hope that the implementation of Universal Credit – designed to merge employment and support allowance, income support, child tax credit, working tax credit, and housing benefit into a single payment – would be completed by 2020.

    According to figures in the new DWP report, Universal Credit is expected to serve 7.7m recipients once the project has been rolled out. As of September 2014, the number of recipients claiming the benefit was calculated at 14,710.

    By May 2015, the DWP report said it expected to have migrated 100,000 recipients onto the benefit, with the figure rising to 500,000 people a year later, though no further targets would be set after this date.

    “DWP are not setting targets for numbers in receipt of Universal Credit at various points in time,” said the department’s report. “Final numbers will vary according to a number of factors such as the economic circumstances over time and behavioural change of claimants.”

    After launching Universal Credit nationally for childless single claimants with or without housing costs by 2015, DWP said that it hoped to begin discontinue offering legacy benefits systems such as Jobseeker’s Allowance to new claimants by 2016. By 2017, the department aims to have shut down legacy benefit provision to new applications from all claimants.

    In order to support the Universal Credit rollout, the report said DWP was also running a controlled test of a digital service to support the programme designed to enhance functionality like allowing recipients to update changes to their status online.

    “The Digital Service is being developed, and will be operated, in-house. The department has already recruited many new people with relevant skills and experience. By operating in this way, the department will have more control over how the service works, and be able to make adjustments to the service more quickly, reflecting what is learned from live operation,” said the DWP report.
    “The costs of operation should also be lower than more traditional IT systems, with their reliance on external contracted support.”

    The report added that as part of efforts to manage fraud and security risks within Universal Credit, the cross government GOV.UK Verify identity assurance tool will be implemented into the system. In addition, a risk assessment system providing information on methods of cyber crime, individual claimant circumstance and details of their current online session would also be implemented to determine where additional measures such as face-to-face checks may be required.

    central-overnment.governmentcomputing: –

  40. UK Verify identity assurance tool will be implemented into the system.

    Sounds ominous?

  41. Thousands with degenerative conditions classified as ‘fit to work in future’ – despite no possibility of improvement

    The Independent. Thursday 23 October 2014
    Emily Dugan

    More than a third of people with degenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis are having their benefits slashed because the Department for Work and Pensions deems they will recover enough to look for work.

    Thousands of those with diseases that only worsen with time – and who have become too ill to work – are being denied full Employment Support Allowance. Instead they are assessed as suitable for work-related activity which is designed for people likely to recover to the point where they can seek employment.

    People in The Work-Related Activity Group receive less money and the threat of sanctions if they do not attend regular sessions. Many also have this benefit removed after a year as an added “incentive” to find employment.

    Steve Ford, Chief Executive at Parkinson’s UK, said: “These latest figures are an utter disgrace and serve to underline just how little the Government cares for those with progressive conditions like Parkinson’s. To set up a system which tells people who’ve had to give up work because of a debilitating, progressive condition that they’ll recover, is humiliating and nothing short of a farce.

    “These nonsensical decisions are a prime example of how benefits assessors lack even the most basic levels of understanding of the conditions they are looking at.”

    When people with illnesses and disabilities are assessed for ESA they are either paid full support, told they are fit to work or, if they are deemed likely to recover, put into a third Work-Related Activity Group to apply for jobs and prepare for the workplace.

    Almost 8,000 people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Parkinson’s Disease, Cystic Fibrosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis have been put on this third, lesser benefit. Of these, 5,000 were put into the category despite assessors explicitly recognising on reports that their prospect of working is “unlikely in the longer term”.

    The figures were released by the Government following a Freedom of Information request from a coalition of charities working with people with degenerative and progressive conditions.

    Experts say the new data highlights just how poorly those living with progressive conditions are understood by benefits assessors. Atos healthcare has come under staunch criticism for the way it conducts the assessments and has pulled out early of a DWP contract to provide the service.

    Over the last five years seven out of 10 new claimants with a progressive condition have been reassessed two or more times on the same claim, which health experts say causes unnecessary stress and anxiety for people who are already unwell.

    Mr Ford said: “There can be no more excuses. Those who are severely unwell should not be subject to the ongoing indignity of repeated assessments. The Government must let common sense prevail and ensure that anyone living with a condition that can only get worse is automatically placed in the Support Group, and given the assistance they desperately need.”

    The five charities behind the investigation – The MS Society, Parkinson’s UK, Motor Neurone Disease Association, the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society and The Cystic Fibrosis Trust – are calling for people deemed unlikely to return to work in the longer term to be automatically placed in the support group.

    Shadow Minister for Disabled People Kate Green said: “This worrying report suggests too many sick and disabled people aren’t being treated with the dignity and respect they deserve under the Tories. Labour has called for fundamental reform of Work Capability Assessment which isn’t working for thousands of sick and disabled people. We will look carefully at how the system of assessments works for people with degenerative conditions and ensure it treats them fairly.”

    Between October 2008 and September last year, 7,800 people with degenerative conditions were put into the work-related activity group. Of these, 3,000 had multiple sclerosis, 800 had Parkinson’s, 3,800 had rheumatoid arthritis, 100 had motor neurone disease and 100 had cystic fibrosis.

    Ailsa Bosworth, chief executive of the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, said: “To continue to regularly reassess claimants with progressive conditions, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, is absurd and unnecessary. We know that most people with Rheumatoid Arthritis want to work for as long as they possibly can and will only claim ESA as a last resort.”

    An Atos Healthcare spokeswoman said: “Our healthcare professionals are trained in the assessment of chronic and progressive conditions such as Parkinson’s and understand that, sadly, some people’s conditions will only get worse over time. In line with Employment and Support Allowance policy we are required to assess an individual’s level of function at the present time, rather than what may happen in the future.”

    A DWP spokesman said: “It’s not fair to write someone off as unable to work if they are at the early stages of a progressive condition – and many people welcome support to prepare for work if they feel able to. If the effects of someone’s condition are considered severe enough based on their application and evidence, they will not be required to attend a face-to-face assessment. Our reforms support people into work where they are able, instead of writing them off.”

    Case study

    Chris Haigh, 57, from Southport, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2005. His wife Karen, 54, says he was traumatised when he was told to look for work.

    “We’d filled out a few forms and we were waiting for Chris to be called for a medical exam. But instead only two weeks after sending the forms off we got a call from DWP to say that Chris would be put in the Work Related Activity Group. I could physically see his whole body slump as the call went on. We were told his current benefit was going to stop in November and he would be reporting to the job centre to apply for work. How can you make a judgement about something that serious without seeing someone?

    “Chris stopped working at the end of 2005 having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s earlier in the year. He had been self-employed repairing washing machines and tumble driers and had noticed the symptoms 18 months before he was diagnosed. The loss of dexterity made it impossible. I’ve watched his condition progress. He has mobility problems and can’t walk far and he suffers from a tremor internally as well as externally which makes him exhausted. He also has stiffness which means he sometimes can’t move at all and he’s on an awful lot of medication.”

    “The person at Atos who did the assessment was a nurse, not even a doctor, and she claimed on the form to have met him before but she never had. We contacted our local MP and within 48 hours of him contacting DWP the decision was overturned. Someone from DWP even called to apologise for the two weeks he waited he was very unwell because anxiety and stress exacerbates the condition.

    The Independent: ––despite-no-possibility-of-improvement-9811910.html

    • “””A DWP spokesman said: “It’s not fair to write someone off as unable to work if they are at the early stages of a progressive condition – and many people welcome support to prepare for work if they feel able to. If the effects of someone’s condition are considered severe enough based on their application and evidence, they will not be required to attend a face-to-face assessment. Our reforms support people into work where they are able, instead of writing them off.”””

      Yes DWP write them off as cash cows !!

      • DWP failed employee with Asperger’s


        The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been ordered to pay
        a woman with Asperger’s syndrome a total of £70,000 after an
        employment tribunal found it to be guilty of disability

        The Business Disability Forum has reported that the tribunal, held
        in Dundee, heard how the woman was asked to return to work but felt
        that a breakdown in trust and confidence led to high levels of
        anxiety which she was unable to overcome.

        The DWP was judged to have subjected the claimant to harassment due
        to her Asperger’s. The syndrome, which is a form of autism, shows
        no outward signs but can cause difficulties in social communication
        and interaction.

        Many people with Asperger’s syndrome have a variety of skills that
        enable them to thrive in a variety of roles. However, they are
        often disadvantaged when it comes to securing employment because of
        their difficulties with social skills.

        The National Autistic Society said that many employers do not
        realise that people with some autism spectrum disorders, such as
        Asperger’s syndrome, can be highly skilled and qualified as well as
        being extremely employable.

        The tribunal initially awarded damages to the claimant of £54,000
        as compensation for constructive unfair dismissal and disability
        discrimination. In a further hearing, another £17,500 was ordered
        to be paid by the DWP for failing to comply with a re-employment

        Judge Ian McFatridge said that the DWP had “treated the claimant
        extremely badly”.

        “We were required to take into account the fact that the claimant
        is psychologically unable to return to work with the respondents
        and that this is something which has been brought on by the
        respondents’ treatment of her,” he explained.

        A DWP spokesperson said that it acknowledged the tribunal’s
        findings and works hard to ensure that it achieves its commitments
        to good practice in employing and working with disabled people.

  42. Landless Peasant

    Get my dole tomorrow, but have just quickly worked out that after I’ve done paying everything out I’m going to be left with less than a tenner for a fortnight’s food. Fuck me. It’s going to be a tight two weeks this time.

    • Landless Peasant

      In fact, on second thoughts, I won’t even have a tenner, I will have nothing at all left for food for the next two weeks. Which means of course that in reality I’ll have no choice but to not pay some of my bills, namely my Council Tax, in order to eat.

  43. does anyone know what to write in these claiment commitment packs.i have to see my coach/advisor next week and i have no idea what to put in this pack.

    • Claimant commitment book – there are only six signing on appointment spaces, looks like it could be a sanction prompt for the work coach when a claimant hits the 5th or 6th appointment.

    • It’s not mandatory to use the claimant commitment booklet. You can present your job search evidence in any form you want.

    • Landless Peasant

      I don’t know as I haven’t got one yet (a booklet) but when they do give me one I might use it to practice writing suicide notes.

  44. Since when have they pulled in both claimants of a joint claim to sign on individually every fortnight?

  45. JSA joint claim form has space for primary claimant and two partners (presumably 3 adult claimants) what is that all about?

    • Religious Historian

      To cater for polygamists. Mormons practice polygamy; their founder Joseph Smith had at least 33 wives. Polygamy is also popular in Islam; the prophet Mohammed had 13 wives, the most famous of which as Aisha whom he married when she was 9-years-old and he was 54.

  46. Maybe they think you’re Jacob Zuma

  47. overburdenddonkey
    • An Atos Healthcare spokeswoman said: “Our healthcare professionals are trained in the assessment of chronic and progressive conditions such as Parkinson’s and understand that, sadly, some people’s conditions will only get worse over time. In line with Employment and Support Allowance policy we are required to assess an individual’s level of function at the present time, rather than what may happen in the future.”

      ……………………………………………………………..seventeen days in house training using classmates as disabled role play, four of those days on keyboard skills to operate LIMA BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL DISABILITY DENIAL TICK BOXES.


      • Re Role Players
        Atos Healthcare use experienced actors to perform the role-play for interviewee scenarios.
        Actors are not required to have any training other than “role play” for this activity. They act the
        role play scenarios which are approved by Atos Healthcare trainers.

        Atos Healthcare use experienced actors who perform the role-play for scenarios approved as
        part of the training.
        HCPs are trained in communication skills and physical examination as part of the initial training.
        The purpose of the role play is to use these skills in action. The interview and assessment is
        critically reviewed by the trainer and the new HCP is given appropriate feedback.
        Unfortunately it is not possible to provide a specific answer as to the length of training completed
        by a HCP as the length of training depends on a number of factors including the employment
        status of the individual (whether sessional or full-time) and also on the benefit type of work the
        HCP has been employed to undertake. In addition, once the initial training has been completed
        they have to complete a number of assessments that meet a specified quality threshold.
        If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number above.
        Yours sincerely

        Business Management Team
        Health & Disability Assessments (Operations)

        ……………………………”hurry up with the eyepatch, it’s my turn to be blind”

      • It was announced at the time that Atos had made a “substantial financial settlement” to the DWP, now headed up by Iain Duncan Smith, for “significant quality failures” in its reports on people’s ability to work. Atos was given the contract worth £500 million by the Labour government in 2008. Until now details of the fine have been kept hush-hush to avoid embarrassing the company.

        So what does the department have to say about the £30 million our Whitehall mole tells us Atos paid it? “They are paying us a financial settlement but we can’t disclose the amount for commercial reasons,” says the DWP spokesperson. Perhaps Atos would like to confirm or deny the figure. “It’s all legally bound up, I can’t comment,” says its company spokesperson. But is the £30 million correct? “Will you tell me who gave you the figure?” was Atos’s only reply.

        The real question is not who blabbed but why it’s all coming out now. Could it have anything to do with the fact that senior Atos staff spent Monday complaining to a Parliamentary Select Committee that they had been “vilified” for the Government’s mistakes and someone felt this might have been a whinge too far.

    • Three generations have never worked obviously IDS was referring to the Royal Family.

      • 3 Generations have been without work without adequate amount of hours to bring them off benefits and inadequate pay.

        • I’ll rephrase that, 3 generations have been without enough work or enough pay to keep them off benefits!
          As someone commented most of which was under a tory government.

  48. Landless Peasant

    Just seen Russell Brand on Newsnight, he’s not wrong.

  49. Landless Peasant


  50. Landless Peasant

    Less than £10 for a fortnight’s food. Is that why my Father fought in WW2 ? Fuck this shit. Fuck Capitalism. Fuck David Cameron. Fuck the DWP. Fuck Austerity. Fuck the UK plc. Fuck the Economy. FTW.

  51. Landless Peasant

    I don’t recall that Jesus said anything about enslaving the poor by threatening them with starvation. Cardinal Nichols is one big fucking hypocrite. The Pope is a Satanist. Burn in Hell you charlatan cunts.


    Another year of memories
    of savage cuts and political sleaze,
    bringing the poor down to their knees
    as slaves of business and charities.

    All who join this gravy train
    add another link to Screwge’s chain,
    for nothing has ever caused such pain,
    than the BLACK-SMITH’s ‘heart of iron’ disdain.

    The angels in the highlands sang
    of freedom from this ghoulish gang,
    who preached their twisted probity
    while dodging responsibility………

    for those they put into their grave
    At the behest of leader Dodgy Dave,
    and his’ wizard of Oz’ another black knave,
    who lied about all the money they’d save.

    Devilish Nick dealt the hand of fate,
    by linking up with the party of hate
    which leaves hin out of future debate
    or the liberals ever running the state.

    The Red herring party of Nigel Farrage
    has a bluish ,purple camouflage
    where he and his colourful entourage
    want to steal 2 crowns plus their service charge.

    The Green’s don’t seem such a ball of slime,
    they’d protect the earth till the end of time.
    It’s where DINKY – MUPPIE and NIMBY’S combine
    to give us all lectures and a bloody hard time.

    Labours no longer a labour of love.
    Another iron fist in a puppet glove.
    We need a party from Heaven above
    to rewrite the wrongs of you.Gov.

    To All of those that this government has screwed
    Harassed and sanctioned or left without food.
    Don’t let them spoil Christmas for you and your brood.
    Jesus remember was more than a ‘Cool Dude’.

    The deluded put their faith in polls and politicians!

  53. pennyless starving

    hello fellow sufferers to bald cunt duncan nazi smiths poisonous regime, i am currently still awaiting on a tribunal regarding Illegal sanctions Applied to my jsa in January i have just phoned said courts, and was told nothing can be done until the decision, of the reilly / wilson case at a Supreme court , as been heard..i have no idea what this means, and was told they can not give me a time as to when my case will be heard can anybody help me. thanks in advance and stay strong.

  54. pennyless starving

    hello fellow sufferers to bald cunt duncan nazi smiths poisonous regime, i am currently still awaiting on a tribunal regarding Illegal sanctions Applied to my jsa in January i have just phoned said courts, and was told nothing can be done until the decision, of the reilly / wilson case at a Supreme court , as been heard..i have no idea what this means, and was told they can not give me a time as to when my case will be heard can anybody help me. thanks in advance and stay strong.

  55. pennyless starving

    how come my post as not Appeared at bottom ?

  56. pennyless starving

    thanks for your quick response Geoff, sorry to sound thick but what does it mean? is there no way of getting back the 6 months dole i Illegally lost ? with demands from a jumped up Nazi bastard at the local sanction center , she knew i could not fulfill . thanks in advance Sir

  57. Made the sideswipe at my own appeal that jsa conditionality/sanction regime was in contention and that a lower court can not contradict a higher court, not sure if that contributed to the sanction being struck.

  58. Kenny ‘bawbag’ MacAskill despite of reciving a great big “FUCK OFF YOU TOTALITARIAN NAZI CUNT” in the indy ref and just to show that he can still bully the people of Scotland is to introduce new draconian drink-driving legislation where a fucking wine gum will put you over the limit. Thank fuck these fascist cunts lost the referendum. Any old fucking excuse to criminliase and lock up the people of Scotland a la the Sexual Offence Act, Extreme Porn Act, Farting at Football Matches Act, Abolition of Corrobration and the multitude of other shit that emanates from this bullshit pathetic excuse of a Parliament. We are the 45 and fuck you Salmon!

    MacKaskill to Lock Up Drivers for having a Wine Gum

    • Police Scotland, the most corrupt organisation in Scotland and who are in bed with this bawbag MacKaskill love this shit – intimidate, criminalise, imprison is the name of the game in fascist Salmon’s totalitarian Scotland.

    • As an ex copper, in my experience most drink drivers are well over the current limit. Readings of three or four times are not uncommon. By reducing the limit you run the risk of unintentionally targeting people who haven’t consumed enough alcohol to impair driving . It smacks of another form of tax raising and controlling ordinary people. Fuck you MacKaskill you cunt!

    • Also the penalties for drink-driving are draconian. As well as a fine, imprisonment, disqualification, endorsement that stays on your licence for eleven years, your insurance (if you can get it) will go through the roof. If you drive for a living you will become unemployed/unemployable, an employer won’t touch you anyway for any job if they know you have a DD on your licence, also you won’t be able to hire any vehicles. There is all a possibly for marriage/relationship breakdown if a partner is unable to work. And to top if all off you will have to resit an extended driving test to get your license back. All for ingesting a wine gum. This will the horrific consequences to ordinary Scots of this appalling piece of draconian legislation. That £400 billion ‘parliament’ on the Mound should be put to better use and turned into a homeless shelter. MacKaskill is an utter cunt!

      • You would probably have had more chance of voting in a party that you DID want if you had voted to go independent.

        • Jockina McTavish

          Why the fuck should Scots suffer these draconian penalties when a driver just a few yards south of the border gets off scot free in EXACTLY the same circumstance? It is fucking outrageous. Rumour has it that MacKaskill has even more draconian laws in the pipeline – he has motorists particularly in his sight. He won’t be happy until motorists are all driven off the roads and onto bicycles. And when that happens Scotland will be the only country in the world where you have to have a licence, MOT, insurance and pay £1000 a year tax to ride a bike.

          • Jockina McTavish

            … In the same way a magazine you take on the train perfectly legally at London Euston can land you with life imprisonment when you get off the train at Edinburgh Haymarket!

        • overburdenddonkey

          the fight for indyscot is far from over… and well over a million voters will vote in a way so as to achieve this goal…

    • overburdenddonkey

      we are
      the SSP conference on livestream… stowed out…

  59. It means that the government are reluctant to pay back the £130 million that they stole from you, despite being told that they must pay you back what you are entitled.
    They have appealed the courts decision, but this i see as nothing more than a stalling tactic. Money is no object to the DWP when they steal at will from those who cannot fight back, their legal bill to their friends in high places has been put into the millions bracket.

    “it was quoted, that if they were to repay the money back that it would be seen as you receiving a treat or a bonus”

    Hopefully the Courts of Human Rights will piss on their bonfire of vanity, once and for all.

    • The Nazi want out of Europe for TWO reasons:

      1. Abolishment of Human Rights legislation.

      2. Restoration of the Death Penalty.

  60. Well done Johnny and thanks for getting that evil swine’s comments removed. We don’t need anyone like him making already vulnerable people feel worse about their situation.

  61. UK to pay £1.7 Billion to Europe – That`s for showing off & lying about how good The UK is every things up & the bad things are down.

    Who`s the bully in Europe Dave Dave Dave it`s not all about Dodgy Bully Dave.

  62. Has anyone heard anything from Bob Chewie???

  63. Why do you keep calling GEOFF Sir ? Is there something we should know ?

  64. thanks sir

  65. Local jcp is in total meltdown their Incompetence is off the chart, they ask if I can work a computer when they can not even access their own computer systems. In their frustration they strike out and sanction the claimants – I lodge this appeal against the total insanity of the dwp.

  66. Human Trafficking within the UK, from the DWP/JCP to WORKFARE PROVIDER to PLACE OF LABOUR.

    Trafficking involves the transportation of persons in the UK in order to exploit them by the use of force, violence, deception, intimidation, coercion or abuse of their vulnerability. The form of exploitation includes sexual and bonded labour exploitation and servitude. Those who are trafficked have little choice in what happens to them and usually suffer abuse due to the threats and use of violence against them and/or their family, or through debt bondage.

  67. Landless Peasant

    Sound advice from CaMoron today; always pay your Bills in arrears, NEVER on time or in advance, especially Income Tax, Council Tax, Bedroom Tax, and Rent, but also all Utility bills too. Always wait until at least a final demand arrives or wait until you get a letter threatening Court action, EVERY time, just like the Government recommend.

    • Landless Peasant

      Written in response to the £1.7 Billion Euro bill, and Cameron’s ensuing bluster for the benefit of the ukippers (….yawn). But, yeah, what’s good for the Goose and all that, so always refuse to pay your Bills on time, just like our Prime Minister’s example.


    ‘Modern day slavery’ farmer David Doran jailed for four years

    David Daniel Doran, 42, pleaded guilty midway through his trial to making Darrell Simester, from Worcestershire, perform forced or compulsory labour.

    Judge Neil Bidder QC at Cardiff Crown Court told Doran the way he had treated him was “repellent and wrong” and “not much better than a slave”.

    The victim worked up to 16 hours a day.

    DWP/PCS Union JCP Kapos take note.HUMAN TRAFFICKING is a criminal offence.


    Benefit sanctions regime for unemployed to be investigated by MPs
    Department for Work and Pensions select committee inquiry follows death of ex-soldier after jobseeker’s allowance stopped

    Patrick Wintour, political editor
    The Guardian, Thursday 23 October 2014 16.51 BST

    gill thompson benefit sanctions Gill Thompson started a petition of more than 211,000 signatures calling for an inquiry into benefit sanctions, after the death of her diabetic brother. Photograph: Linda Nylind for the Guardian

    An inquiry into how the benefit sanctions regime is administered is to be mounted by the Department for Work and Pensions select committee.

    The Commons all-party committee has already looked at the issue during other inquiries, and the DWP has held internal and external reviews specifically into how the sanctions regime is communicated on the Work Programme.

    The new select committee inquiry, likely to be completed before the general election, follows the death of an ex-soldier after his jobseeker’s allowance was stopped.

    More than 211,000 people signed a petition started by Gill Thompson after her diabetic brother, David Clapson, 59, was found dead in his home.

    Thompson’s three-month campaign called for an independent inquiry into benefit sanctions – when money is withheld from claimants if they fail to meet agreed terms.

    Clapson, of Stevenage, Hertfordshire, who worked for 29 years, died three weeks after his £71.70 weekly allowance was stopped. When his body was found by a friend, his electricity card was out of credit, which meant the fridge where he kept the insulin on which his life depended had not been working.

    There is intense controversy over whether jobcentres are asked to work to targets for the number of claimants sanctioned each month. The DWP acknowledges that statistics on sanctions are collated centrally and that managers can be contacted if their performance is out of line with other jobcentres. But it says this is a matter of good management, and no league tables are compiled or targets set.

    Thompson said her petition for an inquiry was not just for Clapson. “Nothing can replace him, but the one thing I thought I could do was to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I’m not normally a campaigner and David wasn’t someone who liked being made a fuss of, but sometimes in life there are certain things you have to do – and starting this petition was one of them.”

    The issue is one that all political parties are reluctant to take up, partly because public opinion is thought to be hostile to “benefit scroungers”.

    A DWP source said Clapson was sanctioned after failing to attend two work programme appointments. “He still continued to sign on at the Jobcentre, however, so there was no indication that he was experiencing problems with his condition or his medication. He was phoned twice, written to twice and told which form to fill in to claim hardship payments, but he never applied for one, and didn’t appeal his sanction.”

    A spokesperson for the department said: “It’s only right that people claiming benefits should do everything they can to find work if they are able. Sanctions are only used as a last resort for a tiny minority who don’t follow the rules, and hardship payments are available if people need them”.

    The spokesperson said that each month around 95% of claimants followed the rules and did not receive a sanction

  70. man who stole to eat is jailed

    £12.60 – Waste of Police time in comparison with the hundreds of millions defrauded by the DWP/JCP from legitimate benefit claimants.

  71. A4e is a FRAUUUUDDDD!!!!!! Just felt like saying that because these greedy bastards make me so mad! How the hell can Scameron whine about the EU bill yet continue to plough millions into the pockets of these con artists?! I hate A4e, I hate A4e, I HATE A4e!!! May all the staff lose their so-called jobs and end up in the dole queue soon!

  72. A4e is a con which needs to be shut down ASAP and Emma Harrison should be forced to pay back her ill-gotten millions!

  73. For all you English supporters of OBD’s so called Independent Scotland. if it ever happened it would condemn England to a perpetual Tory government,

  74. SugarRush

  75. Clears the board for an SNP monopoly of Scottish politics – stand down Greens and Socialists.

  76. overburdenddonkey

  77. Imagine the right wing shite that’s espoused at these events. The people who organise them will have to ensure that the speeches are given before anyone eats because no-one will be able to listen to the self serving bullshit and keep food down.

  78. This mornings news held a shock for military personnel who will be informed that their rents are due to increase, but even stranger still is the company ANNINGTON HOMES, a wholly owned subsidiary of the TERRA FIRMA group that buy and renovate ex MOD property.

    Raising the rents raises the price of the property and rakes in more profit, here is some news from 2003;

    Some Facts:

    Annington Homes [A subsidary of the Nomura Corp] bought the 57,600 MQ’s held by the MOD in 1996. They paid an Avge of 28,000 per house [The 2 beds at Kineton cost 5,000 and sold last week for 100,000 each].

    It gets better – The MOD then leased back the Qtrs from Annington. The MOD are contracted to pay for all upkeep and modernisation of the Qtr whilst they rent it [funny that, its usually the Landlord’s responsibility isn’t it]. Under the terms of the deal, Annington Homes were to be allowed to sell 600-700 houses per annum as they became surplus.

    By Mar 2002, DHE actually handed over 12,000 Qtrs for disposal – Almost 8000 more than would have been released under the agreement.

    So why was this done? – well the Govt of the day felt, quite rightly that it was wrong for MQ’s to stand empty whilst people were Homeless. Annington Homes do sell their houses off at less than the going mkt rate.

    I cannot decide if this is a scandal or whether Annington Homes are just very good buisnessmen. Fair play to them, they are raking it in at the moment.

    Still, 1 in 4 homeless are Ex Servicemen. The MQ’s and Single Accommodation is universally in a shocking state due to lack of funds and DHE are percieved to be in bed with Annington at a senior level.

    ………………………………………….make up your own minds why the rents of service personnel are to rise, offshore tax havens, etc. etc……….

    I’m sure the fact that Nomura Securities’ Principal Finance unit – the boys who brought you Annington – was headed at the time and until recently by Guy Hands, William Hague’s best friend, had nothing at all to do with it

  79. Dodgy Dave is not good under pressure he gets angry.

  80. Latest drivel on Yes votes abject failure ” the proviso that the 55 voted on a false prospectus. “

  81. overburdenddonkey Miliband barred Lamont from attacking bedroom tax for 12 months.
    interesting events.
    but what really struck me was so little respect for the sovereignty of scotland as a unique and very different country, compared to other unique countries of the
    reads like a soap opera.
    it is all about conformity and compliance…
    “little boxes”
    Dirty Revolution – This Community…a bit cheesy but lyrics true…

  82. and Marine LePen and Harriet Harman joining me for a threesome.

  83. and Marine LePen and Harriet Harman joining me for a threesome

  84. gathering to discuss “the final solution”

  85. The BBC has started to mellow over the last week as more and more people are calling for their heads…………….

    Such biased reporting from a once renowned news service should not be tolerated, what they have become is nothing short of a con-dem trumpet.

    The lack of coverage of the plight of the UK citizens has put them on top of a pedestal of hate, in fact the user must dissect every thing they now tell us to elicit one ounce of truth!

    You have pissed on those who expected coverage of their plights, shit on those who are struggling even to exist and fostered the government false rhetoric on our economy being better than it really is.

    …………in fact many of my friends now turn to the alternative news channels like Al jazeera and Russia today to find out what is happening in the real world, because everything you say is now spun out of proportion for political gain.

    To pay for a service that gives me falsehoods is beyond contempt, the people of this nation should say fuck off to being made to fund this poisoned chalice of corporate greeds.


  86. Generations of Scots Labour Party politicians, Generations of Scots working class poverty.

  87. We have to take care what we say now as new silencing laws are in the think tank , on line trolling will get you 2 years jail soon , freedom of speech is a think of the past , the mid finger up in public is a £60 on the spot fine , all this is the start to the cattle gates that guides you into a silent shuffle with rationed food stamps . They are turning up the heat to force the sick and old back into work as a scape goat for their own disaster ideas, but at the same time making it harder needing more qualifications, the desire to make the A levels harder said it all , we are all being forced into a corner and hit with bigger and bigger sticks until the money falls out . in the 60s anyone could work , walk into an engineering company and operate a pillar drill ,pick up a shovel and become a construction engineer. work was around and easy to obtain , all this messing everyone about and forced to jump through hoops , is beyond a joke , NVQ to become a cleaner ? safety gone bananas to create themselves work . the job is all about now to put a person behind a desk , that shouts and screams at someone whose ill .. placed on probation for being sick now in the WRAG group ,all created by a sadist , its all going to end in chaos .. its time to vote for voting them out as soon as they start to be twisted to everyone , as after all the people are the country not the MPs . they should treat everyone with respect , and not like just cattle . they should just shut up and get their heads down and THEY work for a change and create 10 jobs for everyone in the country , before they start devising devious plans to make a hard life unbearable . Its like Monty Python the lot of it . Stay silent and shuffle off to have your life stolen on the tax farm, speak out and be victimized and sent in jail . We need a new approach to being human and moving forward . not stagnating and taking the blame just because the rich want all the pie .

  88. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    I’m reblogging this as it shows just how massively profitable bullying and degrading the poor, desperate and jobless is for the workfare providers. These people are parasites, and it’s time these companies were closed down. As for the vicious governmental thugs who support them, like Esther McLie, it’s high time they were thrown out of power and forced to find work for themselves.

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