Don’t Be Bored By The TUC, There’s More Than Just A March Happening In London Tomorrow


Tomorrow lots of people will be marching through London on the TUC’s Britain Needs A Pay Rise demonstration.  Sadly this slogan does not apply to those on TUC backed work experience schemes or Traineeships on which people don’t get paid at all.

Still many will wish to march anyway to show their disgust at the current austerity policies that are destroying so many lives.  But if you’re coming into  central London for the march why not make a day of it.  Instead and standing around at the end listening to a bunch of boring old bastards making speeches about action that will never materialise, jump on the tube over to East London where the annual Anarchist Bookfair will be taking place.

As well as lots of books, and other info stalls, many groups will be holding meetings and workshops, including Boycott Workfare at 2pm and the Focus E15 Mothers along with Action East End at 5pm.  See the website for full details of everything taking place.

Then, just down the road at 6pm, the biggest demonstration against the Poor Doors so far will be taking place.  Weekly protests have been held outside the plush yuppy tower block at 1 Commercial Road, E1 after it was revealed those living in the handful of social housing properties in the building are forced to use a different entrance to the latte slurping  twats who live in the posh flats.  With thousands of people from around the country coming to London this weekend, this is a chance to take the biggest stand yet against this form of social apartheid.

It’s time to move beyond marches and the same old political speakers giving the same old speeches.  We may not yet be at the point of “devastating the avenues where the wealthy live”, as once called for by famous American anarchist Lucy Parsons.  But we can certainly noise the bastards up a bit.


The Anarchist Bookfair is held this Saturday 18th October from 10am-7pm at the Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, E1 4NS.  The entire bookfair is wheelchair accessible and there will be an access point on the day.  There is a  creche for younger children and a kid’s space for those over 8.  For more info check their website.

The Poor Doors demonstration will be held at 6pm outside 1 Commercial Street, directly above Aldgate East tube station.

Then on Sunday 19th October an Anarcha-Feminist conference is being held at the same venue as the bookfair – Queen Mary University.  For more details visit their website or follow them on twitter @AFem2014.  Please help spread the word about all events.

The TUC march will be forming up at Victoria Embankment from 11am and will be heading to Hyde Park.

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116 responses to “Don’t Be Bored By The TUC, There’s More Than Just A March Happening In London Tomorrow

  1. Reblogged this on Guy Debord's Cat and commented:
    I can’t get to this tomorrow due to work commitments, but Johnny Void reminds us that the TUC isn’t the only game in town.

  2. Why would anyone support the TUC and the JCP Kapos that support the slavery of workfare and sanctioning the poor – sorry but there is no solidarity in sanctions and workfare slavery.

    The JCP kapos know what they are doing to people and most enjoy doing it – FUCK THEM.

  3. Landless Peasant

    I do hope none of this turns into a Riot, that would be terrible…

    • …………..and the price of fuel has fallen at the supermarket forecourt

      • ……..beware of the ebola laden water cannons

        • Landless Peasant

          I want to catch Ebola, I’m tired of living and the Doctors won’t give me a sick note. I hope ebola wipes out the entire human race.

          • Landless Peasant


          • Know how you feel my friend LP. There are countless thousands in our situation, i hear it every day.

            Suicides are commonplace as they heap the misery on. Soon cars will be overturned and mansions raised to the ground, attacks against the rich will feature strongly in the tabloids.

            The best form of defence is to attack, the cauldron is starting to simmer.

            Freud’s words signaled yet another escalation of the class war…………

            It would not surprise me one iota if a government minister was to be assassinated, the strength of revulsion has taken on new meanings.

          • Just looked in the fridge, nothing in the icebox, half a bottle of milk and some mouldy cheese slices………………..

        • and if u see CLAIMANT FRAUD at the bus stop and he wants a lift into town, run him down………..

    • Molotov Cocktail

      Too right LP… perish the thought… 😉

  4. ‘It’s time to move beyond marches and the same old political speakers giving the same old speeches’
    Yes indeed.
    So come along to the Anarchist Bookfair and spend the day swapping quotes from the Guardian to each other. Then translate this into real political action by running into the street shouting the rich and the Tories, are all wankers. That should arouse the huddled masses.
    Or maybe just quietly work for the return of a Labour Government. One that will take care of the poor.

    • Landless Peasant

      “One that will take care of the poor.”

      How? By continuing Benefit Sanctions, furthering the proliferation of Foodbanks? Or will Labour increase JSA to the correct legal amount as defined by the Council of Europe, i.e. about £130 p/w ? I only ask you because Labour refuse to answer me those questions and so I have to presume the worse.

    • Landless Peasant

      Unless I get answers I’m voting Green.

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  6. Landless Peasant

    Why should I vote Labour when they won’t even answer my fucking questions?

  7. Fuck the T-U-fucking-C...

    … and their fucking bullshit A-B fucking marches!

  8. Get in the Labour Party, demand answers, turf out the professional politicians, what is the alternative? Green is a wasted vote, so is Class War, TUSC and the rest.
    But the trouble is Landless Peasant and other comrades, you are asking for a government – the state – that will cater for you. And as long as you ask that question the best answer is vote Labour
    But as I said – the Bookfair is where they will swap Guardian quotes, because that is all anarchist are doing

    • Class War is a wasted vote!? Not if we win the General Election and Ian Bone is returned as Prime Minister! Expect to see a few heads roll – literally!

      • I think Class War will struggle to make any headway, unless voters in a constituency gain sudden elightenment – it’s good that they are fielding candidates though, and hopefully will add some badly needed colour to an election campaign that will otherwise be excrutiating to watch with Labour and the Tories trying to out nasty each other. What could be fun, and more to the point, more practical is supporting Class War candidates for local council elections – Westminster may make policies, but it’s local government that implements those decisions, and at the very least a few Class War councillors could make things very hard for those councils more disposed towards compliance with Westminster edict. I well remember the Labour Party run councils implementing Thatcher’s Poll Tax in the South Wales valley. Instead of dragging their feet in it’s collection, or ‘forgetting’ about who had paid, and who had not, they showed themselves as Thatcher’s willing helpers in not only collecting the tax, but in prosecuting those who refused/failed to pay. Sadly, this led to the weak ‘victory’ as the Poll Tax wasn’t so much defeated, but watered down into the Council Tax, another inquitous charge that we are all now subject too.

        Vote Green, vote anything, (apart from UKIP or BNP) that ensures that we don’t get the Tories again. Labour will no doubt be equally as nasty, but they are perhaps more vulnerable as they pretend to be the party that cares – ok, so not many are prepared to light a fire under them to ensure that they act according to the wishes of their constituents: this could change. But they all have offices that can be ‘visited’ en masse by groups of us, who then decide that we ain’t leaving until they hear us out, and have given us assurances that they will raise the matter in Parliament – hang it, that’d work for any MP, even Tory MPs.

        We do have power, there are lots of us, and only a few of them. We all have pretty good access to social media and YouTube etc, we can turn it to our advantage – if mass visits to MPs constituency offices are released on video it could have a dramatic effect. Democracy might not really exist in the UK, but we ourselves have to take partial responsibility for that, and as such we can change the situation. Voting in general elections is a bit of a lottery, but democracy is something that happens every day. Organisations such as 38 Degrees are beginning to show the way – why else did the Tories bring in the Gagging Act? Their friends, big business and a certain powerful foreign ally can still lobby them, but groups of ordinary citizens banded together into groups like Change, or 38 Degrees can’t? All of us are capable of e-mailing our MPs and asking our friends to do the same.

        Things will almost certainly become even grimmer for those of us on the poor end of society, but there is hope, if we all stick together and just steadily build our movement, challenge those who claim to represent us, always remembering that humour is a very powerful weapon: authority never works when it looks ridiculous. Heavens above, it’s not as if we even need to break into a sweat with the sad bunch of cretins we have a politicians, Freud, Smith, Cameron, Miliband and Balls, as well as many others virtually do the job for us.

        Perhaps this November 5th it’s time to pension off Guy Fawkes, and put in his place an effigy of one of the above idiots?

    • overburdenddonkey

      to try to change an org from withing is futile you’ll end up ignored, delphi technique, frustrated and changed from within avoid avoid avoid…waste vote en mass, with tactical vote and massive turnout, for the most alt, fringe, sensible candidate, one can find…make the 2015ge a massive protest vote against neoliberalism/imperialism…reduce their mandate… a voter asks a question….

  9. Expect a few heads to roll – Class War is going nowhere. It has no policies other than a few benefit increases – which no one will take seriously – and an expression of hostility to the monarchy. Fortunately, the Establishment, like all political dictators, have a place near their hearts for court jesters, and Class War with its stunts will serve that purpose. As for the job of Prime Minister, that goes to the winning party leader who, in most parties, has been elected by the members.
    But the real weakness of bash the rich parties is that there are too many of the bloody rich. Just look around the country. Who are buying those posh houses, Mercedes, not just a few landowners with ancestors from the Norman conquests.

    • Yeah, and Class War has made a manifesto commitment to quadruple benefits, abolish sanctions and get rid of the work programme and all that shite. What’s not to like?

  10. We need real political change, not labour/tory ping pong every five years, that makes fuck all difference to peoples lives. Surely people can see through the illusion of choice that the public school posh boys throw up. They wont relinquish their power, and a russell brand love style revolution would easily be crushed. The only way forward for 99% of people is a massive violent insurrection to overthrow the corrupt, morally bankrupt greedy hierarchy.

  11. Melvyn

    Labour is for those who are happy to uphold the two party system, neither of which is any good to the proletariat.

  12. forget labels – of colour flags – forget the leaders – everyone is an individual. So act like an individual rather than make cash cows going to slaughter. Make it just a disabled camped out out side the Houses Of P[arliment & the police using brutal force to say a wheelchair was very very dangerous so I yet it loads & loads of time till the realization of it is being filmed.


  13. Disabled Vs Nothing – it is our right to have not only Human Rights but many
    others as well.



  15. Yes again poll a tricks stand in the way of Disabled Human Rights. So the Slaves Are Rebelling !!





  18. overburdenddonkey
    “We have crossed a threshold into an entirely new playing field of the campaign. Police Scotland are interviewing “witnesses” like Ruth Davidson and others of Westminster’s fifth column within Scotland regarding their questionable procedures during the referendum count. Ever fewer people in Scotland are accepting the story that we were not cheated. Of course we were cheated. If the vote itself wasn’t rigged, the campaign was completely rigged. A single Sunday edition lent its weight to the independence movement while the entire British government got behind the Better Together Call Centre to make sure every grandmother in Scotland received a threatening phone call. Even the chief of Better Together joked with his new chums at the Labour Party conference in Manchester that No could never have prevailed without ‘Operation Fear.’ Democracy is only democratic when the people are presented with all the facts and left in peace to come to their own decision.”

    • The vote was rigged obd, in every way possible. Putting fear into the pensioners, misreporting on the media, media bias and the uninvited politicians……………………..
      It had to fail because so many would lose out otherwise. Scotlands oil is a cash cow to Westminster and all it’s corrupt tentacles.
      Blair and Bush didn’t invade Afghanistan and Iraq to protect people, the motive was oil, just the same black gold that oozes out of your seabed.
      Even the vote count was rigged and the worthless vow was rigged.
      Even Brown was duped, but more the fool for believing such shit………..
      When Fenriss has a dig, deep down he realises that the ballot achieved nothing. The time frame for implementation of nothing keeps getting moved and the goalposts widened.
      Scotland has no other option but to fuck Westminster off and hold another vote now the other side realise they have been duped. Many will be kicking themselves for accepting the words of a tyrant.

      England should learn a lesson from you lads and lasses, you are all an inspiration to defeating the evil that takes people to take their own lives.
      The wrath of the people is being tested to the limit.

      Take the fight to them and watch them run……………..

      • Landless Peasant

        And when was the last time they invited Ian Bone on to Question Time? The BBC (Big Brother Club) have also now banned ME from using their online complaints procedure, saying that I have to write to them if I want to make a complaint, whereas every other fucker can use the online complaints. Establishment bastards.

  19. The SNP set the biased question,16 and 17 yr olds got the vote,there was a scumbag Tory Government in power and you still couldn’t fuckin win.

    • overburdenddonkey

      imv it should be 15…and issues like education devolved to 11 + yr old school children as well as adults…
      the indyref was given because it was recognized that scotland is a country..
      you voted no! you voted for the scumbags, you voted to be crushed by WM, you know, the people who run the dwp that you CLAIM to hate!…BT said that pensioners would get no pension, there would be no transplants, the NHS would collapse, the vow, high interest rates, runs on the banks, higher food prices, borders, stock market collapse, oil run out, no currency, debt default, massive jobs losses (1m ) and devomax proclaimed by crash, a question that was not even on the ballot paper etc etc….by the 20th cameron said it was all meaningless….we were blanket bombed in the last few days with labour mp’s and other moral rule breaking, which many see as the defacto breaking of purdah….if that had happened elsewhere, the establishment would have been up in arms, claiming that an election had been interfered with…we had the full might of UKOK imperialism against us and we still only lost by 6%…
      BT refused to directly debate with YES, claiming that we were/are a bullying virus…the UK is not even a country, yet we were branded separatists blood and soil nationalists, fascists, etc…even after UKWM had acknowledged the legitimate right of scotland to hold an indyref, it did all in it’s power to interfere with that right ….an egg was thrown @ murphy it was headlines and evidence of organised extreme violence, yet the person who threw it lived above a local shop…serious threats were issued against YES leaders, yet MSM never reported it, some were even attempted…they did all in their power to goad. provoke and try to marr proceedings to create ugliness, we got through it knowing we are right…and they failed…we are still here..and now we boycott those who have betrayed us to stop them from having the power to do it again, we will not reconcile with liars and cheats, only the duped..
      it is simply amazing that despite all of that we got 45% of the vote…

  20. “If the vote itself wasn’t rigged, the campaign was completely rigged” The Yes campaign was rigged ? By who ? Rigsby ?

  21. overburdenddonkey

    New Figures Show ‘Staggering’ 15% Decline In Incomes Of Britain’s Poorest

  22. Landless Peasant

    Bradford Credit Union claim that the main purpose of their existence is to educate people how not to be poor. Silly me, squandering all that vast amount of JSA I get on bills…

  23. Class war bloc on the march tomorrow-meet 11am T Square. After march meet up uncut bloc at Hyde Park Corner to march to occupy Parliament Square.

  24. going back to the original point of the Void post, the issue is truly affordable housing, not just 80% of the fucked up market rate. Real homes for real people. And don’t rely on any political party to back the poorest people in society. Labour, tories, libdems, greens, none of them have the courage to break the london housing market and build decent homes for families, not one one-bedroom rabbit hutches. London needs homes, not flash apartments. WTF you need a concierge for? Like you can’t actually open your own front door?

  25. You lot are mentally ill, and smell of urine

  26. So no one has trust in you dodgy dave. Un Elected Ego trip. Because Your worth It Being dodgy, Dave that was more than a gentlemans handshake with ATOS & Health Care Professional Bullies.who do the same as the DWP.

    Shut it down as more as you want your un elected ego to get emotional. Better hand out gagging orders – Lord fraud has one & now dodgy Dave has got a gagging order over Scotland . Sounds like a robber that has criminal blood on his hands of 40,0000 disabled people that have been slaughtered as slaves in a slave tradin tick box system UNUM. WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT YOUR STOCK EXCHANGED TRADING WHICH HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR A LONG TIME WHAT EVER SILLY LEADER IS IN PLACE> JUMP SHIP THE DEAD WEIGHT OF 40,000 DISABLED DEATHS AT THE HANDS OF THE DWP ATOS UNUM & THE STATE>






  28. I only vote so I can kick the government in the ass legally via the ballot box, as the ones I want to win have no chance of winning.

  29. Kick them Before The Election – Who`s Not fit For Purpose – The Onus Is On The Burden Of Proof.

  30. Dodgy Dave your lawyers have given up on you, never take advice & of course you keep sacking them. Civil servants are bored trying to get you to listen ATOS Dave.

    Passionate – Dodgy dave we`re not X Factor now – Why Not Dave ???

  31. Will the PCS (SCUM) be taking part in this fucking bullshit A-B march? Let us all march shoulder- to-shoulder with the sanctioning bastard ‘decision makers’; let us all fight for more pay, longer tea-breaks and bigger pensions for the greedy jobcentre and Nazi bastard jobcentre staff; let us all show support for the very same cunts who are throwing us into destitution – talk about cutting your own throat!

    • From Boycott Workfare:

      “The Trades Union Congress was bombarded with tweets and emails, while claimants from Kilburn demonstrated, asking the TUC how it can march for a “pay rise” while actively supporting “no-pay” Traineeships for young people and sanctions.”

      They can shove their fucking ‘pay-rise’ up their fucking arses!

  32. Marches don`t get nowhere just put the kettle on – Kettle In.

  33. Once ebola hits the UK the Tories & NHS are fucked. – All down to the Royal free in North London. Ebloa outbreak in the UK Dodgy Daves Sacking. Cant Control it all Dave !!

    • The NHS could never cope with several simultaneous Ebola outbreaks in the UK, it will be the Army that will be doing the containment and mop-up operations.

  34. A lot of time and effort to criminalise and crush an unemployable middle-aged nobody from calming £53 subsistence – what are they afraid of?

  35. overburdenddonkey

  36. Phonecall With DWP Compliance Admin Worker Michelle

    • Police involvement against the DWP using –

      Cease and desist

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Jump to: navigation, search

      A cease and desist letter, also known as “infringement letter” or “demand letter,” is an aggressive-toned document sent to an individual or business to halt purportedly unlawful activity (“cease”) and not take it up again later (“desist”). The letter may warn that if the recipient by deadlines set in the letter does not cease and desist specified conduct, or take certain actions, that party may be sued.[1][2] The letter may demand money as payment for damages, attorneys’ fees and costs.

      In most jurisdictions sending a cease and desist letter is not required as a prelude to litigation, as the victim of an infringement may simply file a lawsuit.[citation needed] However, if a letter contains terms and conditions to fully resolve the matter, the sender will agree not to file suit if the recipient complies with the sender’s demands.[citation needed]

      Although cease and desist letters are not exclusively used in the area of intellectual property, such letters “are frequently utilized in disputes concerning intellectual property and represent an important feature of the intellectual property law landscape.”[2] The holder of an intellectual property right such as a copyrighted work, a trademark, or a patent, may send the cease and desist letter to inform a third party “of the right holders’ rights, identity, and intentions to enforce the rights.”[2] The letter may merely contain a licensing offer, or may be an explicit threat of a lawsuit. A cease and desist letter often triggers licensing negotiations, and is a frequent first step towards litigation.[2]

      Receiving numerous cease and desist letters may be very costly for the recipient. Each claim in the letters has to be evaluated, and it should be decided whether to answer to the letters, “whether or not to obtain an attorney’s opinion letter, prepare for a lawsuit, and perhaps initiate [in case of letters regarding a potential patent infringement] a search for alternatives and the development of design-around technologies.”[2]

      Cease and desist letters are sometimes used to intimidate recipients and can be “an effective tool used by corporations to chill the critical speech of gripe sites operators.”[3] A company owning a trademark may send such letter to a gripe site operator alleging a trademark infringement, although the actual use of the trademark by the gripe site operator may fall under a fair use exception (in compliance with, in the U.S., the protection of free speech under the First Amendment).[3]

    • “Our officer wouldn’t have lied on anything like that, she’s not allowed to.”(!!!) Hilarious!

  37. The DWP Compliance Officer Who Got Owned, Gets Owned Again!

  38. Guide To Stopping Harassment From the DWP September 18, 2014

    Hi folks, here is the long awaited guide to stopping harassment from the DWP, and how to legally protect yourself from unlawful, behaviour inflicted by the DWP, Jobcentre Plus, or any other organisation, including G4S security staff contracted to the DWP/Jobcentre Plus.

    What is Harassment?

    Harassment is generally defined as any course of action which causes the recipient to feel distressed, humiliated or threatened. In law, the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 provides a legal remedy for recipients of harassment if it can be shown that an offence has occurred as a result of:
    •a course of conduct;
    •which amounts to harassment of another; and
    •which the defendant knows, or ought to know amounts to harassment of another.

    This specific piece of legislation is what I have relied upon to prevent the DWP from harassing me further, as detailed in my Cease and Desist letter dated the 11th of September 2014.

    Example of Harassment
    •Jobcentre Plus advisers behaving in a manner which causes you to feel distressed, humiliated or threatened. This could be anything from the way they speak to you, to more specific actions, such as threatening to stop your benefits for no reason (i.e. an unlawful sanction).
    •Being forced to attend a Work Programme related activity despite it not being in your immediate or long-term interest
    •Being repeatedly called to pointless interviews or meetings at the Jobcentre Plus/DWP
    •Causing unnecessary delays when processing complaints, claims, appeals or other documents
    •Making false accusations or claims about you
    •Misrepresenting information you have given

    These are just a few examples of what may constitute harassment, however, each case will be judged on its individual merits and what one person may find cause for harassment, another may not. If you feel distressed, humiliated or threatened by an incident, and other people would feel the same in the same circumstances, then you will be entitled to class that behaviour as harassment.

    Proving Harassment

    Under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, there is a level of proof required to show harassment has occurred.

    Essentially, it must be shown that:
    •two incidents have occurred from the same individual or group of people;
    •the conduct was targeted towards an individual (i.e. You);
    •the conduct was intended to cause distress; and
    •the conduct was oppressive and unreasonable.

    In practice, if you can show that there had been at least two separate incidents which made you feel distressed, humiliated or threatened and that they knew it would cause you distress, then the probability is that you will have a good case to prove harassment.

    How to Stop The Harassment

    The moment that the DWP act in a manner which causes you to feel distressed, humiliated or threatened, you must complain to them in writing that their behaviour made you feel that way and that you don’t wish to be treated in that manner. Send the letter by Recorded Delivery or make sure you get a signed and dated copy and receipt from the DWP if you hand deliver it.

    Once the letter of complaint has been sent, if you experience a second incident which makes you feel distressed, humiliated or threatened, then you need to have ready a Cease and Desist letter ready to give to them and simply hand it to them without telling them what it is and once they accept the letter, inform them that it is a Cease and Desist letter for harassment and that if they breach the terms of the Cease and Desist letter then you will file charges for harassment and get the police involved.

    The important point after the letter has been handed in is to maintain the pressure on them to get the outcome which you require. I will be posting audio clips of my various phone calls where I had to invoke the power of the Cease and Desist letter and you will hear for yourself just how fearful the DWP employees get when confronted with someone who knows their rights, can remain calm and assertive, plus has the power to threaten the DWP employee with a visit from the police if the person in question can be shown to have breached the terms stated in the Cease and Desist letter.

    What to Do if They Don’t Stop the Harassment

    If after the Cease and Desist letter has been handed in they continue their course of harassment, then you are within your legal rights to phone the police and demand that they investigate your claim of harassment against the DWP or the individual in question. Inform the police that you have given them a lawful Cease and Desist letter for harassment and that they have breached the terms of the letter and you now wish to formally press charges against the DWP or named individual.

    If the harassment is solely from one individual, or the same group of individuals, then you can also insist that the police investigate an allegation of Misconduct in Public Office, an offence which can be proven by proving malicious harassment from employees who hold Public Offices, such as Jobcentre Plus advisers. The offence also carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

    It is a good idea to have copies of all evidence readily available for the police to investigate as this will make it appear an easier case for them to look into (harassment is pretty much clear cut in cases involved mistreatment at the hands of an organisation).

    If the police refuse to take your allegations seriously, or refuse to investigate, you should ask to speak to the Duty Sergeant and make a formal complaint about their refusal to investigate a crime despite having proof of said crime.

    My Case

    By the time I gave them the Cease and Desist letter I had been subject to harassment for around 3 months and was fed up of it and sought out a legal remedy to prevent them behaving in that manner. I found a Cease and Desist letter template and when I handed it in, it certainly had the desired effect and they started treating me with respect. Even the people I spoke to over the phone were respectful, especially when I pointed out that they could face arrest and jail time if they behaved in a manner which I felt constituted harassment.

    Since handing in the Cease and Desist letter, the DWP have managed to turn around in 5 days what they had failed to do in over 2 months. I have only had to involve the police for one DWP employee (so far!), and that was for the DWP Compliance Officer, Miss Maria Clark, who fraudulently completed a report stating that I had refused entry and not being available for the home visit they inflicted upon me when I started complaining about being sanctioned.

    By tomorrow (Thursday the 18th of September 2014) the DWP will have:
    •Overturned all three of the unlawful sanctions that they have inflicted upon me (with no further evidence relied on by me)
    •Paid back what was lawfully mine
    •Be forced to issue a humbling apology
    •Uphold my demand for compensation for the stress and hardship caused by the DWP’s harassment (I requested one week’s benefit payment for each week that I have been affected by this. Given that they started this on the 21st of June 2014, that is going to be a pretty large bill for them).
    •And, saving the best for last: DWP Compliance Officer Miss Maria Clark will hopefully have had a visit and questioning from the police for charges relating to harassment and Misconduct in Public Office, which is a Common Law offence and carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

    It can, and has been done, and if you need specific guidance for your circumstances, please contact me and I will be happy to help.

    Forever free and independent.


  39. Jobcentre Plus Adviser Gets Owned with a Lesson In Law 29/8/14 (JSUK News Exclusive)

  40. DWP JobCentre advisor keeps asking questions that are impossible to answer!

    “We can`t close the claim if you cant answer the question!


    [Your name]
    [Your address]

    [Perpetrator’s name]
    [Perpetrator’s address]

    [Today’s date]

    RE: Cease and desist from [stalking/harassing/etc.]

    Dear [Perpetrator]:

    This CEASE AND DESIST ORDER is to inform you that your persistent actions including but not limited to [insert actions here (example: calling me in the middle of the night and hanging up, waiting outside my house, etc)] have become unbearable. You are ORDERED TO STOP such activities immediately as they are being done in violation of the law.

    I have the right to remain free from these activities as they constitute [harassment/stalking/etc.], and I will pursue any legal remedies available to me against you if these activities continue. These remedies include but are not limited to: contacting law enforcement to obtain criminal sanctions against you, and suing you civilly for damages I have incurred as a result of your actions.

    Again, you must IMMEDIATELY STOP [unwanted activities] and send me written confirmation that you will stop such activities. You risk incurring some very severe legal consequences if you fail to comply with this demand.

    This letter acts as your final warning to discontinue this unwanted conduct before I pursue legal actions against you. At this time, I am not contacting the authorities or filing civil suit against you, as I hope we can resolve this matter without authoritative involvement. I am not under any circumstances, however, waiving any legal rights I have presently, or future legal remedies against you by sending you this letter. This order acts as ONE FINAL CHANCE for you to cease your illegal activities before I exercise my rights.

    To ensure compliance with this letter, and to halt any legal action I may take against you, I require you to fill in and sign the attached form and mail it back to me within 10 days of your receipt of this letter. Failure to do so will act as evidence of your infringement upon my legal rights, and I will immediately seek legal avenues to remedy the situation.


    [your signature]___
    [your printed name]


    I, [insert perpetrator’s name here] do hereby agree to stop [insert unwanted activities here] which are in violation of [your full name]‘s rights. I understand that this is my final chance to cease these activities. I understand that [your full name] potentially has the right to pursue legal action against me relating to my engagement in these activities, but [he/she] will not pursue those rights in contemplation of my compliance with this written demand. I further understand that [your full name] has not waived [his/her] rights and may pursue legal remedies against me if I fail to abide by this agreement. I understand that this agreement is not specifically limited to the activities named herein. I will not engage in any activity now or in the future done for the purpose of [stalking/harassing] [your full name]. I furthermore agree not to engage in any activity, regardless of its official title, that is done in violation of [your full name]‘s legal rights. If I fail to cease performing these activities, [your full name] may pursue legal action against me in accordance [his/her] legal rights. This agreement acts as a contract between [perpetrator’s name] and [your full name]. Forbearing enforcement of legally enforceable remedies is sufficient consideration to support this agreement. This agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. Any statements made orally, written, or otherwise which are not contained herein shall have no impact on either parties’ rights or obligations elaborated in this agreement.

    Date ____________________

    [perpetrator’s printed name]

    [perpetrator’s signature]

  42. Those from the other site beware it is jail for you trolls!!!!!
    What a joke, petty pride and his puppets complaining again.

    It’s about time we locked up the journalists who peddle a right wing agenda in the form of propaganda against the sick and the unemployed, who are real victims.

    I don’t agree with any of it, the bloggers and so called moderators are going too far for what after all is only words against those that can give it but can’t take it without complaining or banning.

    • What’s this about GF? Your problems with Tom Pride on that other site? I don’t go on there so haven’t found out what go’s on over there. What did he do?

      Well if they’re gonna change the law so you get jailed for saying something on social media then they better build a ton more jails ‘cos they’ll be bursting at the seams.

    • Black from the Deep South

      And in order to push through the agenda they always have to make it “emotive” by pushing “rape” into the mix – nothing more guaranteed to stir up prejudices, hatred and irrational thought than “rape”. Everything, is all concocted, twisted and put out there deliberately to “stir debate” and further and agenda – Stella Creasy “trolls”, Judy Finengan’s remarks, Chole Madedely “rape threats”, Ched Evans… Freud’s “off-the-cuff” remarks… nothing but opinion forming propaganda.

  43. There are many types of trolls. I as an archivist is seen as a troll. I may do 100 post a day filling in the whole of a Record Labels releases. The whole point of something like twitter is to troll. 2 minutes without being on it & involved is scary !!

  44. Lord fraud is a troll & all the Media thanking my Fraud for his blitz on the media Dodgy Dave is a Troll .

  45. Trolls are those that are using aliases but posting from different addresses, to make it look like they are legitimate commenters on the same site and different sites.
    I have been accused of being a troll, yet I use the same pseudonym always unless in jest not malice.

  46. “If the government thinks dishing out abuse online should result in jail, fair enough. But the laws must also apply to newspaper barons too.”
    This is Tom Prides reply, he is the control freak wanting to dictate policy, how is it ‘FAIR ENOUGH’? especially when his right hand puppet insults everyone on there.
    So much for free speech on his web site!

    • Recovering Twiiter/Facebook/Blog Addict

      It is a sad day when the prison are full of people who have offended someone’s sensitivities by some remark they have made on twiiter, a facebook post or a blog comment. The solution is just to turn the time-wasting, pointless shit OFF!! Go cold turkey; F=find another hobby, basket-weaving or piano tuning would be more productive. Eventually, you won’t give a rat’s arse who Tom Pride or some other non-entity is saying on their blog. There was a world before twiiter, facebook and blogs you know.

  47. What are you doing on this site if you are supposed to be a recovering non-participant?
    I am proving that Mr gay Pride is a hypocrite, who bans people who defend their opinions against liars, which he supports.
    I don’t give up or will be shut up that easily!

  48. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Down with Oppression Tyranny the None so Blind as Those who will
    Not See and the I Am All Right Jacks

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