Here Comes Pauline … Supervised Jobsearch Revives The Worst Of The Past

pauline-pensIt is hard to imagine that anyone could have watched the League of Gentlemen’s brutal satire on the job clubs of the 1980s and 90s and thought that it seemed like a good way to help people  find work.

But Iain Duncan Smith did.  He probably thought it was a fucking documentary.  And so his latest Supervised Jobsearch pilots have wrapped up all the cringe-making aspects of past back to work schemes and rolled them up into one Pauline inspired fuck up – although USB sticks, not pens will be the latest obsession for job club staff.usb-sticks-are-the-new-pensSupervised Jobsearch was Iain Duncan Smith’s big idea at last year’s Tory Party conference.  It then seemed to have been largely forgotten about until someone at the DWP panicked and realised they’d have to cobble some shit together in time for this year’s conference.  As usual this involved throwing money at the grasping welfare-to-work sector who have been brought in to manage the scheme which will see unemployed people warehoused for 35 hours a week pointlessly pretending to apply for the same handful of jobs over and over again.

There is little doubt that this scheme is intended as punishment for unemployment, rather than any kind of genuine help for unemployed people.  According to recently published guidlines for the companies running the scheme (h/t @refuted) they will receive no additional payments for actually finding people work.  In fact getting people jobs is barely mentioned once. Instead they will be paid 10% of the contract value when the participant starts, a further 5% per month for the next six months and the final 60% when the period of incarceration ends.  5% of the value of the contact will only be paid if the providers can show they have administerd what are known as DMA’s correctly, meaning referrals to the Jobcentre for benefit sanctions.  There seems to be no mention anywhere of job outcome payments.  Benefit sanctions are the true purpose of Iain Duncan Smith’s latest crazy scheme.

The welfare-to-work sector – who have run a long campaign complaining that they are expected to get people jobs for the money we give them – will be pissing themselves.  All they now have to do is shut people in a room with a computer for 35 hours a week, make sure all the paperwork is correctly filled out and Iain Duncan Smith will shower them with tax payer’s money.  This is possibly their  biggest benefit scam so far.  But you won’t see that on the front page of the Daily Mail.

The provider guidance can be found at:

Of note is Annex L which states that “claimants cannot be mandated to apply for vacancies which include a zero-hours contract”.

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118 responses to “Here Comes Pauline … Supervised Jobsearch Revives The Worst Of The Past

  1. Whoops my USB stick has fallen down the toilet again and omg how did my usb stick get in the microwave.
    Hmmm how about, how did that virus end up on my usb stick? Lol

    • Unfortunately USB sticks won’t be cropping up in jobsearch sessions any time soon. A4e doesn’t allow them and I’m sure that other ‘providers’ don’t either. It’s a shame though as I’m sure there would be much fun to be had introducing viruses etc to A4e’s network. It’s a right pain in the arse because there’s no device to save CVs to, so the ‘advisers’ tell us to download CVs from an email account onto the computer desktop each jobsearch, which puts our personal info at risk if we forget to delete CVs from the desktop when the session is finished.

      • Yeah, a couple of months ago someone uploaded a virus from a USB stick and brought the whole system down hehehehe

        • Oh, ain’t that a shame!!!

          • which is why those machines are remotely re imaged often so they can be up and running again quickly. some asshole at Pluss (they are like a4e)
            tried doing this, so I reported it as he attempted to do it across the 4 pcs that weren’t inuse. no way was i going to allow some dickhead to ruin the resources i use to do my job search.

            • Landless Peasant

              WTF? You sound like a right cunt. “no way was i going to allow some dickhead to ruin the resources i use to do my job search”. If I had my way, if I possibly could, I would crash a plane into the fucking building.

              • better to report some one than be a fucking terrorist

                • Landless Peasant

                  You’re a Class Traitor. Get on with your fucking Jobsearch.

                • fuck the torys

                  a class traitor WFT are you talking about, yes i will get on with my job search, as a matter of fact i have 2 lined up for next week. all with out the help of that shit hole of a site UJM.

        • Which ‘provider’ was that? Was it A4e?

        • Can’t upload anything like that when using thin clients which connect to remote servers such as the ones Jobcentres and most Work Programme providers use. Server operating systems are easily secured and thin clients don’t have hard (or solid state) disks.

          • lol I used to wonder why the computers in my slave provider were so small 😀

          • There is one good thing about thin-client/server technology which is that it is usually barely functional because Work Programme providers connect too many clients to too few servers meaning that the network runs incredibly slowly, often too slowly to be much use, and disconnects client repeatedly from the server which is annoying. Basically speed and reliability is piss poor and makes using the internet (or any other resource) inconstant and unreliable.

  2. IDS as an IQ of a slug

    so if there were only 10 jobs in your area then you have to apply for the same jobs every day for weeks the employers or going to pissed with this ill thought out scheme very quickly

    • You are absolutely correct. There are only so many jobs you can apply for, and that’s it. cv-libray, indeed and reed have all got the same fucking vacancies on them.

      I think the idea is to drive claimants mad like you see polar bears in captivity pacing their pens continually all day long.

  3. Passive resistance? I have a nice little device that plugs in and shorts out the electrics,can be set for any time you want,that will drive them batshit crazy,also most computers will be filtered,simply google “bypass filter” click on address and download what you I said passive resistance.

    • Good advice about bypassing filters- might have to try that one 😉

      • you weren’t intelligent enough to figure it out for your self? they keep records of what sites are accessed and anything that is deemed no jobsearch worthy is added to the block list on the DNS settings that cannot be changed. they use openDNS IIRC

        its noobs like you who are fucking up pcs for every one else. think its funny do ya?

        • So your advice would be to comply,collaborate? Don’t rock the boat,it might effect me? You are a contradiction,in previous posts you have a FTW attitude? or not!

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      Once at a4e I was the only computer savvy person, and so their tutors asked ME to fix their computers with a call from their tech agency.. yes there are blocks, i even tried to apply for a job and it was blocked by their own filters..

  4. overburdenddonkey

    nasty corrosive toxic barbaric suffocating stifling and intimidating…blaming the victim and the victim can never recover self esteem…

    • This “victim” did.
      What didnt kill me, made me stronger, though it was touch and go at the time

      • overburdenddonkey

        only if one is not totally trapped in their claws, this is @ the point where the light of sanctuary is no longer available…or holding onto a glimmer of self…the light of self has not yet been extinguished…this removes almost all opportunities to heal, it is supposed to!! (blocks self expression).

      • Friedrich Nietzsche


  5. Landless Peasant

    Funny, at one time you weren’t allowed to use USB dongles in those back-to-work shit-holes, but now you are. That opens up a new range of possibilities for accessing their system and introducing viruses.

    • try what ever you want, the pcs are fire-walled off from any user databases so no one can “hack in” and do damage also any changes that are made such as desktop resolution are reset on the next reboot. bth most users those computers couldn’t hack them selves out of a wet paper bag let alone into a government database.

      • True. All of this software will be sandboxed and impossible to infiltrate or damage, which is why Universal Jobmatch is still going and hasn’t been brought down. The only thing that might work is to overload servers (especially thier database) causing them to crash, but this won’t happen because logins prevent too many people from accessing clusters of servers at the same time, even using botnets. Whatever else happens mere users will be powerless to do anything attack-like with the IT.

    • No, you’re wrong. No one will be able to upload viruses to the servers because the servers will be set only to execute files with the correct permissions associated with administrators, e.g., root user or superuser, and users in Jobcentres and Work Programme offices, even the staff themselves, won’t have accounts which enjoy those permissions.

      • Landless Peasant

        Fuck it then, I’m no IT expert, I’ll just have to spill a cuppa on the keyboard instead…

        • Membrane keyboards, the most common, are waterproof and just get sticky if you spill liquids over them. Microswitch keyboards can be fucked up with liquids but, because they’re expensive, aren’t normally seen these days. The best policy would be to pretend to be pig ignorant and keep asking the staff how to use websites and such like just to piss them off.

          • LOL Leslie- that reminds me of a woman who used to attend A4e jobsearch sessions with me. It used to crack me up seeing her wind up the ‘adviser’ each session by saying she had forgotten her email password. I was starting to wonder whether she was really that bad at using ICT when I spotted her outside the building looking very slick at using a smartphone!

  6. Landless Peasant

    Apart from that it’s the same old bullshit I was forced to do 14 years ago.

    • When I joined a Jobclub in the 1980s I was told to apply for 50 jobs a day, which was impossible. How anybody could possibly spend 7 hours a day (35 hours a week) looking for work is beyond me. Surely nobody could possibly keep that up for long, especially people in rural areas. So how the heck will people be able to fill the hours? Especially when everybody in the Jobclub will probably be applying for the same vacancy at the same time whenever a position is advertised!

      • Landless Peasant

        You don’t. You just there pretending to look for jobs whilst staring into space. The coaches/tutors don’t care. The company still gets paid for you sitting there doing nowt.

  7. Perhaps they’ll merge it with something from Fat-fighters to make sure you really get out of your “comfort zone”.

  8. Is it not the case you do not have to sign any of the provider’s paperwork, i.e. contracts, work plans, job logs, data protection waivers and so on. Is it not also the case you can say that you do not consent to supply them with any information, i.e. personal data, every time they ask you a question.

    Is not the case you tell them that you’re not refusing to attend, you’re just not consenting to tell them anything about yourself.

    • A4e reckons it can now get employer contact details straight from the Jobcentre without permission, so my advice is avoid giving the Jobcentre those details if you get a job. Just sign off and perhaps indicate the kind of work you’ll be doing, but don’t give them any info that A4e could use to claim job outcome payments.

      • when you sign off you have to tell HMRC where you are working for tax reasons. they JCP will get notified of this new work place and of you were on some a4e thing the jpc will let them know if you fused to do so. no matter what you do a4e or other provider will get the money.

        • It could take time though- unless you’re self employed, the onus is on the employer not the employee to keep HMRC updated. Also, HMRC isn’t exactly known for being efficient, and will be even less so if it is true that they are planning on having 2000 people working unpaid at HMRC offices in exchange for their benefits. A4e etc are still expected to keep in regular contact with employers for up to 2 years to check that someone is still working somewhere- even if A4e manages to get its greedy mitts on a job outcome fee, it could still be prevented from getting sustainment payments if the employer agrees not to share employee information with them. For whatever reason, DWP statistics show that some job outcomes do not get validated.

          • It’s still simple to prevent a payment going to your Workfare provider – send a letter withdrawing your consent for JCP+ from sharing your personal data. likewise your new employer and the HMRC if you’re truly paranoid. This will ensure that your infromation is given in confidence to the relevant agencies for the purposes of deducting tax NI etc. If then the Workfare gets a payment for you, you know there has been a breach of confidentiality – don’t worry, you’ll know if your Workfare provider hasn’t recieved payment as they’ll make your local bailiff company look like amateurs to the extent you’ll have to threaten them with the plod if they don’t stop harassing you.

            The only information you have to give on the ES40JPW is that you are signing off – you don’t have to tell them why, though there is a (small) space for that – leave it blank or simply put that you have got a job. The only info that your Worlkfare provider should have is what the JCP+ gave them when you signed up, if they have more than than that it’s because you gave them it, or they made it up, and bearing in mind that you don’t even have to give a phone number or an e-mail address when you claim (though I’m not sure what the situation with UC is yet) it could mean that your Workfare provider will only have your address – in which case return any letters from them with ‘Gone Away’ written accross them!

  9. overburdenddonkey

    double standards to save mp’s reputational damage..

  10. What the Hell is going on? supervised job seekers ? what we really need is a supervised Duncan smith , hes obviously spending more time dreaming up more and more cruel and degrading ways to treat people less fortunate than him self . Its all a smoke screen to hide the real things going on like a mass rip off campaign on the British people .the unemployment benefit belongs to the people not him , its the £200 for passing go on the stupid systems monopoly board and without it its straight to jail , as no one can Homestead or live off free land . so he should realize the ridiculous position people are in and do something to actually help , rather than , give everyone the cane for asking for another bowl of rice . what dreadful system designed to entrap people into poverty or jail . they should accept facts that their is no decent work because they have greedily over taxed and driven business out the country , then say sorry to everyone then stand down and let a government form who actually care more about the country and its people than themselves and their bonuses. … Fines don’t bother the rich but ruin a poor mans life , how it that balanced and fair ?Its time for change . we are all in this together …. a cattle market …..

  11. 1.16
    ‘JSA claimants referred to Supervised Jobsearch will have agreed a Claimant Commitment (CC) / JSAg with JCP which will state that the claimant has been referred to Supervised Jobsearch. The CC / JSAg places a strong focus on the responsibility that claimants have to do all they can to look for work.’

    What if they haven’t agreed?

  12. I feel like there should be a disclaimer on every application / cover letter sent while being captive in such a despicable environment that i imagine this would be. employers want people who are applying because they want the job, not because their situations finds them in such a desperate state with a hitler breathing down their neck and the fear of being sanctioned or even losing their mind.

    • Gail Sheridan?! That wouldn’t be the wife of CONVICTED CRIMINAL and PERJURER Tommy Sheridan by any chance?

    • Just been on the INDYSCOT blog obd, the comments are coming through at a totally alarming rate.
      Westminster is under serious threat and the politicians know it. Their bastion of power is coming under attack from all sides.

      Just wait till the European Court of Human Rights starts to play ball……….

      ……..mind you they will try to hide it, as they try to hide the escalating death count from welfare reforms……..


      The uk government has decided to do fuck all about monitoring people coming into the uk while the intelligent nations are doing all they can to stop EBOLA………………
      Is this some kind of sick joke to welcome the virus on our people?

      Think of the cost, not only in money, but human lives if the virus hits these shores.

      “They could always fill the 3 water cannons with disinfectant and spray the comedians who reckon to protect our people”


      • One thing is for sure, the politicians will have made moves to make sure the Ebola anti virus is readily available for themselves and maybe their families…………

        Meanwhile the rest of the population will be instructed to take the old stockpile of Tamiflu that was mis-ordered the last time we came under threat.
        Ordinary people are expendable, but politicians must be saved at all cost.

        It will be a toss up to see who kills the most, the DWP or EBOLA.

        • There isn’t any approved treatment for Ebola, whilst efforts are being made to make a vaccine, at the moment there is only care available to give the body’s immune system the best chance of dealing with the infection.

      • Dr Brian McCloskey, director of global health at PHE, said: “Our robust, well-developed and well-tested NHS systems for managing unusual infectious diseases are all active permanently, and always available and regularly tested and proven to be effective.

        There are 40 flights a week arriving in the UK from three West African countries – Nigeria, Ghana and The Gambia.




        Tamiflu won’t save you from Ebola, GEOFF. You will get a tickly cough one evening and be in a body bag before dawn breaks the next morning. If Ebola gets into the UK it will decimate the population! Still, we will be expected to “DON’T PANIC – CARRY ON AS USUAL!”

        • This sounds bad, but I’m starting to think that an ebola outbreak killing off a significant percentage of the population is the only one some of us will get job (if we survive, that is).

  13. They still wouldn’t have enough computers to put people on all day jobsearch at the same time so maybe it will be six months jobsearch then six months workfare. Non stop until we reach retirement.
    Spending all day looking through the same vacancies would cause immense stress to the individual as the futility sinks in. A guaranteed way to bring mental breakdowns to the masses.

  14. can they roll intime before they lose the election.

  15. Landless Peasant

    Supervised jobsearch my arse. The computers don’t even work in those shit-holes anyway, so you end up just sat there twiddling your thumbs. Total bullshit.

  16. Another Fine Mess

    Politicians should stop bullying young jobless people into trying to find work

    I get the impression I’ve read the article before, even though it was only published today.
    When I worked with young people they didn’t need training, training, training, they just needed paid work. One comment mentions this.

  17. Pingback: Here Comes Pauline ... Supervised Jobsearch Rev...

  18. How can a normal person work for Jobcentre+? Oh, I forgot they are egregious fuckers.

    • Landless Peasant

      It’s like being a Copper, you have to be a human robot with no capacity to think for yourself and devoid of empathy/emotions.

      • cool. where do i apply, i can switch off and be just like the twats that sit in front of me every 2 weeks. Ive been signing on since june and JCP has still not provided me with a job coach, every time i goto sign on the person im due to see for a review has moved into a new departmnet.

        if they cant keep people in one place them selves then how do they expect others who are attending to keep going over the same shit with a new person each time they sign on.

      • Interestingly, it was coppers who applied for and performed the job of hangman’s assistant. How devoid of empathy/emotions do you have to be to do a job like that. It was also a copper who confirmed by sight and that the human being they saw being led to the gallows was the same human being they saw being sentenced to death; the copper would give the nod to the governor who would in turn give the nod to the hangman.

      • It was the hangmans’ assistant who handcuffed the prisoner, then led them to the gallows, shackled them whilst stood on the gallows, and stood on two planks of wood laid across the trap-door holding onto the prisoner until the trap-door was sprung. If the prisoner resisted, wouldn’t stand up or otherwise struggled these coppers (hangman’s assistants) were trained to strap the prisoner to a wooden board and hold it upright with the prisoner attached until the trap-door was sprung. This is mentality of and shows what coppers are capable of -totally devoid of human empathy and emotions.

  19. Look up “panopticon” on the web and tell me if this latter scheme isn’t a modern form of the same thing.

  20. Jurgen is right! It is the fucking Bentham’s Panopticon reborn! Shit!

  21. Please share this video:

    Disgusting treatment of a lady (Jacqueline Chick) by G4S staff at Southampton Jobcentre.


      G4S is a British-Danish private security company that provides services and equipment to Israeli prisons, checkpoints, the Apartheid Wall and the Israeli police. G4S provides security systems and other services for major Israeli prisons which hold Palestinian political prisoners from occupied Palestinian territory inside Israel. This is in contravention of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention which prohibits the transfer of prisoners from occupied territory into the territory of the occupier. G4S also provides equipment for prisons and detention facilities in the occupied West Bank, at which human rights organisations have documented systematic torture and ill treatment of Palestinian prisoners, including child prisoners. G4S provides equipment and services to Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank that form part of the route of Israel’s illegal Wall and to the terminals isolating the occupied and besieged territory of Gaza. G4S has also signed contracts for equipment and services for the West Bank Israeli Police headquarters and to private businesses based in illegal Israeli settlements. – See more at:

    • In any decent company that would mean instant dismissal at the very least. In G4S it probably means promotion. Any bets as to whether he’s an ex-copper

  22. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    In the league of gentlemen, its cathy carter smith who was obsessed with the computers, like pauline was with pens..

  23. Well, look at it this way, at least you can keep warm in the winter and will have some company and people to talk to. If free coffee/tea and a lunch are provided, heck, maybe it won’t be so bad after all.

    • overburdenddonkey

      how about decent benefits without hassle, so that you can buy your own coffee, provide your own heat, and a trip to the pub to socialize?

  24. Tory Boneheads and Masses Hyponotised in a Trance of Blindness

    Wake Up Britain Hyponotised Nation of Sheep

  25. MP Expenses Card

  26. At a4e I would not fill the kettle to the top and keep boiling it at every opportunity, I would not make lots of cups of coffee using 5 sugars and loads of milk and pour down sink and make more, I would never place tons of toilet paper down the loo, and I would never use a Stanley knife to make invisible cuts in keyboard cables as this would would cost them too much money and would eat into a4e profits and annoy them.

  27. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    I was at standguide when they ran the first scheme after the job centres pulled out of the jobclubs (curiously it was about the same time as league of gentlemans pauline occured),, i never thought i would miss those days so long as you looked as if you were doing something they would leave you alone mostly.. then a4e got them.. and while at first someone who knew what it was like was in charge, she soon got replaced by policy plonks, then it went worse.. now we are back to the job clubs, but with all the nastiness of the work programme

  28. overburdenddonkey every step they take we’re watching…

  29. overburdenddonkey

    labour in action…OPINION – PITCORTHIE PRIMARY: Labour politicians used our kids’ distress to further their own agenda–pitcorthie-primary-labour-politicians-used-our-kids-distress-to-further-their-own-agenda/


      From: jimmy3

      7 October 2014

      Dear DWP,

      Please would you kindly produce information held in electronic form
      of emails sent from Iain Duncan Smith containing the words
      “Corporate Manslaughter” from the most recent working back in time
      until my limit has been reached.

      If the above returns no results then would you kindly produce
      information held in electronic form of emails sent from all DWP
      Ministers containing the words “Corporate Manslaughter” from the
      most recent working back in time until my limit has been reached.

      If the above also returns no results then would you kindly produce
      information held in electronic form of emails sent from all DWP
      staff whose records are subject to FoI containing the words
      “Corporate Manslaughter” from the most recent working back in time
      until my limit has been reached.

      I accept that identities may need to be removed in applicable cases
      in the spirit of the Act.

      Yours faithfully,

      Mr Glynne Powell.

      Link to this

  30. There is no doubt whatsover that the thousands of deaths leading from sanctions and increased welfare hostility lies firmly in the lap of the DWP.
    They are far beyond being just ordinary killers, they have reinvented welfare to be an instrument of terror, finely honed to drive claimants to end their lives.

    Hiding the mortality statistics only strengthens the case for a full Human Rights Inquiry immediately.

  31. overburdenddonkey

    tax fraud 15 x greater than benefit fraud yet media talk about benefit fraud 600% more…

    • overburdenddonkey

      p s should really be 70 x greater…

      • ………..strange how they can showcase those in dire straits obd, yet the name of the banker, and that of his bank involved in the trillions Libor fiddle have been withheld………….

  32. Smash the System

    Those Tory cunts and their jobcentre goons need to be smashed.

  33. Smash the System

    So we are going back to the old New Deal days then, stuck in an office all day staring at a computer screen. I thought the slags in Government rubbished those types of schemes as being wasteful when labour was running them!

  34. Post Offices will never close in Bradford lol – too many wanting to cash their Giros and collect their family allowance; can’t speak a word of English but then why should they when they have signs in Polish, Urdu, Slovakian, Latvian, Punjabi… but hey it keeps the government happy with their utopia of a multi cultural society.

    • I have many friends from different walks of life, chinese, indian, malayan, having several religions, dress codes and moral and ethical values.
      Never do i purport to know their language, but they all speak a modicum of english, therefore it is i, who is ignorant, not them……………
      They all understand good from bad and wealth and poverty, our diets are very different but we all seek to live a meaningful life.
      It is fascinating to listen to other peoples points of view from around the globe and sometimes i sit at a table and enjoy the views they express.

      Knowledge is a learning curve that gets more exciting, the more you are able to extract.
      Whether Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Islam, i’m always ready to understand how the global narratives form the complete jigsaw of society today.

      I have actually sat around a big table with all the aforesaid peoples with the inclusion of Scottish, Irish and Welsh members, a good time was experienced by all, especially when the Scot brought a guitar out.
      Beer flowed freely, even the muslims had a few drinks………

      The people you talk of are human beings, albeit dressed differently to yourself. Understanding them is something you will have to come to terms with.

      This blog is not racially motivated, but brings together feelings expressed as a direct tyranny against the whole structure of our society in the UK.
      It focuses on the evil that man does to man, not the colour of their skin.

      …………nevertheless, i still recognise the acts of the Coalition government, the DWP and the PCS UNION as nothing more than subhuman…………………………….


  35. Spliffy jeans explicit

    The i pad tablet style computers are now in my local sanction center 22 of them, you cant sit down to use them though, and for some reason i keep treding in dogshit on the way in, and make sure i stink to high heaven of weed delibratly blow the smoke from from my spliff allover my coat, they fucking hate it as i stink the whole floor out nazi bastards

  36. overburdenddonkey

    “I have no idea how to reach out to No voters because I find the majority of them stupid beyond my understanding. This is not because they desired an end result different to that I desired. That is a perfectly legitimate choice. It is because, by voting No, they are going to get an end result which is not what they wanted at all, and that was very obvious. Asking me to reach out to these unbelievably thick people is like asking me to go for a drive with someone who, against my advice, drove the wrong way down a motorway, causing a lot of people to get hurt as a result.”

    • “NOT THICK, JUST FRIGHTENED”………………………………….

      To achieve something you must first give something or surrender something in return.
      They chose to do neither, frightened of the consequence of their actions after being force fed complete drivel from the biased BBC and scumsuckers who were hurriedly shipped in to tip the scales………

      They agreed to let status quo prevail, no win no gain.

      Running from the enemy is the act of cowardice that you would not expect of your own people, indeed they are now kicking themselves after accepting a blank cheque, not even redeemable in La La Land…………

      It’s no good saying, if only…………………………………………

      Westminster fucks everyone, did they imagine for one minute the tide was turning.
      I even think Brown sold you all out, as did Darling………….

      …………………from Westminster, of course!

  37. Far from being a ‘utopia’ a multi racial society has always existed within these islands. The Roman Soldiers who invaded and conquered these isles (except Scotland!) were of every race creed and colour and represented their empire in being such. Try pointing your finger at the real enemy, the ruling class. Admittedly It’s a little bit more difficult to use your brain than swallow wholesale what the media tells us, but much more satisying in the long run.

  38. People do not see the real issue behind all the bad treatment they receive. all the picking on the poor is a Right wing tactic that has been used many a time in the past as a smoke screen to cover the fact that the countries money has really been squandered by the people at the top , and the middle class will have to pay but only after they have been brainwashed into thinking the poor are at fault . under cover of the chaos created the rich have time to hide their tracks . the crazy thing is , the middle class are being converted without knowing into a right wing fascist , who thinks nothing of turning a blind eye to the weak and unfortunate who usually die through cold or malnourishment a slow lingering death created by an evil greedy machine that the truly ignorant support via selfishness , spite and hate . then what happens is prices rise high enough to put a large percent of the poor in jail , the middle class who think is a good thing are ignorant to the fact that it is they who pay for the twisted system . Only when it is far too late do the middle class realize that prices are too high to live a normal life and they become a prisoner to work , enslaved , fighting hard to not lose their homes , but its no good , they will lose their homes , and the whole system is deliberate theft of houses and earnings . with the poor dead and dying in jail hated all the way . whilst the rich sit back with a fat cigar living off the interest flicking ash on your head as you struggle to serve them .

  39. And how will this “Help” the unemployed? or is it just another way to shovel money into the “Providers” pocket,they provided SFA on the Work Programme and now the Pigs need feeding again,so let’s fuck with the unemployed….again!

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