2000 Workfare Staff Planned For Tax Office Next Year, And The PCS Union Is Doing … Nothing At All

TUC-A5-ProtestThe TUC’s recent grovelling endorsement of unpaid – and soon to be mandatory – Traineeships has caused dismay amongst many in the trade union movement with protests even planned outside their London offices.

This is not the first time to TUC have enthusiastically backed unpaid work.  Last year they were involved in the ‘week of workfare’, a shabby inititiative organised by the DWP funded Fair Train to rehabilitate workfare by introducing a quality standard for so called work experience schemes.  The whole thing turned out to be an embarrassing flop for everybody involved, but showed just how far the TUC are prepared to go to support the very same kind of unpaid work experience that they rightly oppose when it comes to graduates working as interns for no pay

Anger at the TUC’s latest announcement even emerged at last month’s conference when the PCS Union accused them of breaking their own policies that all work experience schemes should be both paid and voluntary.  No-one knows better than the PCS, who represent thousands of DWP staff, that no current Jobcentre schemes are genuinely voluntary.  Whilst claimants live in fear of being plunged into destitution by benefit sanctions for something as simple as being late to a meeting, it is hardly surprising some may agree to so-called non-mandatory workfare.  If they refuse they could simply be sent on mandatory workfare somewhere else, or face being cooped up in a Jobcentre for 30 hours a week for the next six months.

Sadly however, information has come to light that once again the PCS Union are all mouth and no trouers when it comes to opposing workfare and sanctions.  HMRC are currently planning to recruit over 1000 young unemployed people this year – and double that in 2015 – to work in the tax office for up to six weeks without pay.  This comes despite job losses at HMRC and there is already evidence that these new workfare staff will be replacing the roles of formerly paid employees.  According to rank and file PCS activists, during a pilot of this new scheme: “those brought in on workfare … were given jobs involving ‘filing, linking, correspondence and data entry.’  In other words, the jobs currently done by the AA grade who are being culled wholesale through post room digitalisation and privatisation as well as office closures.”

The DWP have also had their fair share of workfare staff which so far the PCS have failed to do anything about, although they are pretending they have.  In a briefing for members sent out in 2012, the union boasted that they had negotiated that “that DWP hosted work experience placements do not exploit those who take them up.”

It is hard to understand exactly how the PCS think that  young people bullied into working without pay are not being exploited.  That’s young people like Nisha, who was forced to spend the day on Twitter promoting unpaid work on behalf of Iain Duncan Smith.  Despite doing a far better job of dodging objections to workfare than the chinless pricks currently occuying the DWP Press Office, Nisha was not paid a penny for her work.

The PCS claim to oppose benefit sanctions, but have done nothing practical to end this practice that their members administer in Jobcentres.  They also claim to oppose unpaid work, yet the workplaces they are strongest in are riddled with workfare.  And opposing workfare means more than just making speeches or getting leaflets printed.  In the words of some grassroots PCS members this means:

“HMRC offices which utilise workfare placements need to be targeted for staff walkouts and external protests. Directors who sanction workfare should be faced with communication blockades. Those brought in on workfare need to be informed of their rights and supported by the union in every way possible. Strikes and industrial action on the job need to disrupt the day to day running of things in the fight over jobs and staffing.”

Or as some unions point out, the answer to unpaid work is simple:

As part of the Week of Action Against Workfare,  Kilburn Unemployed Workers have called a protest this Monday (tomorrow 6th October) outside the TUC’s main offices in London in response to this craven betrayal of young people’s right to be paid for the work they do.  Meet at 1pm outside Congress House, 23-28 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3LS.

Events are planned to oppose workfare throughout next week and throughout the UK, visit Boycott Workfare’s website for full details and spread the word!

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38 responses to “2000 Workfare Staff Planned For Tax Office Next Year, And The PCS Union Is Doing … Nothing At All

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  2. Great, so now the government will be getting free staff.

    • Sanctioned by a cunt at jcp

      I hope so! There’s no better place to be to be a spanner in the works.

      • 😉

      • Will six months be a realistic time for a member of the P.C.S. UNION to tech a young intern all the skills necessary for murdering benefit claimants?
        You have to accept that there is quite an art to taking someones life, it is always easier to take the life of someone least able to fight back, starting with the disabled………………
        By the end of six months the junior will have commanded all the skills that are needed to look someone straight in the eyes as they give them the sanction that will men life or death.

        One thing is for certain, they will have all the required skills to access a P.C.S. UNION CARD,the fundamental basis of taking somebody’s food or roof from them and helping them into a zip up body bag.

  3. Using workfare to destroy paid jobs. And hoping nobody will notice?

  4. When their own jobs end up destroyed by workfare, and they end up on workfare themselves, they’ll realise why workfare is a bad idea.

  5. PCS are cunts! In any case, anyone sent on a mandatory unpaid placement at HMRC will have an ideal opportunity to cause chaos….. ‘Accidentally on purpose’ putting paperwork into the wrong files, making ‘errors’ whilst entering data or ‘accidentally’ deleting it, ‘accidentally’ spilling coffee on computer equipment. I’m sure there are many other ideas. Just plead ignorance if anyone realises- chances are it will take them a while to realise that stuff has mysteriously found itself in the wrong files, by which time there will be a lot of pissed off members of the public.

    • I thought HMRC staff were supposed to sign some sort of confidentiality document to prevent them misusing the data they have access to. Since I can’t see any way non-employees can be made to agree to such a thing, it could be a great opportunity to find out the tax details of celebs and politicians and sell them to the tabloids.

    • or better still give yourself a BIG Tax rebate but in the end this will be an home goal for the HMRC as you can’t force someone to sign the Non-disclosure agreement.

      • your right, you cant force some one to sing a NDA but if that NDA is a requirement of the job and haveing to under go a high level CRB check the applicant will not be passed into working with data.

        if any one on a workprogram for HMRC thinks they will get away with sabotaging live data and equipmment they will soon find out the hardway that its not cool to fuck with other peopels lives.

    • Sanctioned by a cunt at jcp

      Don’t be silly A4e Sucks. The people on workfare will be sweeping the floors, making the tea and cleaning the toilets. They will not be allowed anywhere near the ‘paperwork’.

      By the way. It’s very easy to block toilets and cause a flood if anyone is ordered to a workfare placement!!

  6. i thought that is what the hmrc staff did anyway pmsl

  7. The logical ultimate conclusion of workfare is that nobody will have a job and everybody will be paid £70 a week by the state to go to work,including M.P.’s
    I wonder how Dave and George will cope with the drop in earnings?

    • Spot on… this where it is heading…. everybody a state employee on £70… Endgame! Some folk are just too thick to see it though…

    • Hey, in Poland we had government shops, government factories and government everything… you work and you paid very little by government! Everyone one work and paid by government!

      • Poland is a poor country, but in this country Dave and George have filled their boots from the public coffers, as government ministers.

  8. A4e Sucks beat me to it.

    Even without deliberate action, chaos will be guaranteed. As anyone who has ever worked in an office with systems that take a bit of time to get used to, temporary staff (especially when they have no interest in being there) will get things wrong that take the rest of the staff longer to fix than if they’d done the job themselves in the first place.

    Add in a fair degree of malicious action on the part of the Unpaid Slaves and the degree of chaos could exponetial.

    Another carefully thought-through plan…

    • Sanctioned by a cunt at jcp

      If people on workfare don’t do all they can to fuck their exploiters up, they should be ashamed of themselves.

      Don’t be sheeple people, get up off your knees and be the most awkward bastard you can be. Without being sanctioned that is!!

  9. Sanctioned by a cunt at jcp

    I can’t wait to be put on workfare! I need to get revenge on some cunt for being sanctioned by some cunt at JCP. A worfare provider will do nicely. Exploiting bastards need a fucking slap ’round the chops.

  10. As well as the TUC supporting slave labour, all the three main parties do as well. I don’t know what is happening to this country. Have we been taken over by giant lizards from space or something? If politicians think I am going to vote for any party that has this disgusting policy,they can think again.

  11. Down with Slavery and Oppression

    Forward to Peaceful Socialist Revolution

    Better All For One and One For All than the Evil Neo Liberal
    Every Man for Himself

    We Need Mass Protests about the Misery of the Past 4 Years
    under the Con Dem Nazis and Also to Call upon People to have
    the Common Sense and Human Decency Not to Vote for the
    Tories and Liberal Democrats in 2015 as 5 More Years of these
    Nazi Boneheads is 5 more Years of Suffering for the UnderDog in
    this Island of Oppression as Well as to Oppose any more Rubbish
    from the Con Dems Victimising the Poor

    Down with Oppression Yes to a Better Future Free of Oppression

    • In the run up to the General Election, people should share Cameron’s Conference Rap again and again so that the tories’ real agenda is not forgotten!

    • so who shall we vote for? mr blobby ? nigle fassard ? the green party?

  12. Without breaching the Data Protection Act 1998 and as a Legitimate
    Matter of Public Concern there is Information about MPS Expenses
    online or at least there was and should be

    It is an Outrage the Greed of MPS on Expenses the Victimisation of
    the Poor and the Suffering of the Poor

    A4e Sucks | October 5, 2014 at 10:03 pm | Reply Ooh- imagine getting tory MPs’ details and broadcasting them all over the internet!

  13. Very Good Point so Less People are Stupid Enough to Vote Tory
    as too Many Numbskulls were in May 2010 and Betrayed Social
    Justice in Britain in the First Place

    Tories Out of Office Socialism into Office

    A4e Sucks | October 6, 2014 at 11:10 am | Reply In the run up to the General Election, people should share Cameron’s Conference Rap again and again so that the tories’ real agenda is not forgotten!

    • overburdenddonkey

      no opp
      “Tories Out of Office Socialism into Office”..can you give a party name to the socialist’s that you want to see in office? imv we need to get imperialists out of office..and demand land rights for all…

  14. “for fucks sake, give ebola a chance, you can’t expect the P.C.S. UNION to manage to kill everyone”

    • ……………mind you, they have been nominated for an entry in the Guinness book of records for withholding the most deaths on UK soil since records began………..

      • …………..but please remember, it was ATOS that discredited real doctors appraisals of disability, putting the knife in was left to P.C.S. UNION MEMBERS……..

  15. Labour was Socialist under Michael Foot and we Need to get the
    Country to Socialism so it is Needed as much Socialism as

    I want to see People come together and put enough Support
    for a Socialist Britain

    overburdenddonkey | October 6, 2014 at 11:30 am | Reply no opp
    “Tories Out of Office Socialism into Office”..can you give a party name to the socialist’s that you want to see in office? imv we need to get imperialists out of office..and demand land rights for all…

  16. We do Need Things to Get Better Not to Get Worse

    People Need to take an Interest in Politics which is more
    Important than Football and Designer Clothes

    • Moronic and overcapitalised ‘demands’ for socialism now (esp through the Labour Party) will achieve nothing.

      Nor will a change of government, as it will still be government doing things for people when people should be doing things for themselves.

      The question is how are people going to become engaged in a political debate when the majority remain pitifully ignorant about politics, and often seem to follow the lead of the Daily Mail unquestioningly, and think that a vote for UKIP is a wise move.

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