Benefit Sanctions Are Political Admits Welfare To Work Boss As Housing Charities Flee Work Programme

sanction-sabsThe Chief Executive of ERSA, the trade body established to lie on behalf of the welfare to work industry, has said that benefit sanctions are ‘political’ and called for a better evidence base for the current regime.

Kirsty McHugh made the comments in an interview with Inside Housing magazine discussing the number of homelessness charities and Housing Associations that have ended their involvement with Iain Duncan Smith’s Work Programme.  According to McHugh:

“(Work Programme) Providers want to be able to make a judgement themselves as to whether there is good reason why a client has or hasn’t broken the conditions of their benefit. But right now the system does not allow this.

“For political reasons, this government likes a “stick”, but I think we need a better evidence base.”

This flies in the face of the DWP’s current position, which is that benefit sanctions ‘help’ people gain work, even giving them a ‘welcome jolt’.  In reality, as those involced in the Work Programme know only too well, they often destroy people’s chances of finding a job as those sanctioned sink into poverty, destitution and ill health.

Inside Housing also spoke to the boss of SHP – the homelessness charity who pulled out of the Work Programme saying that sanctions were causing people to beg and steal to survive.  Chef Executive Liz Rutherford gives a vivid description of the type of people who face losing their benefits: “They might be people who were sleeping rough, or with severe mental health difficulties or people with an addiction. They were people who basically needed to deal with these [issues] before looking for work.”

This sentiment is even shared by the odious Bromford Group, the welfare reform loving housing association who recently quit the Work Programme after whining that they weren’t making enough money out of it.  According to John Wade, boss of Bromford Support, they were having people referrd to them that weren’t expected to get a job ‘in a million years’ by the welfare-to-work companies running the scheme.

Both SHP and Bromford have spotted the huge scam that underpins the welfare-to-work industry.  As SHP point out there is an “‘assumption that something like 30% of those referred to the Work Programme will get a job anyway” whilst Bromford say: “[Prime contractors] would have already modelled, for example, that, if they got 28% of every 100 people into work, then they’ve done fine [as a return on their investment].”

In other words, the welfare-to-work companies represented by ERSA can do precisely fuck all and still get paid billions of our money.  Their Chief Executive even admits this is going on, warning that there is a danger people on the sickness and disability benefit ESA are being ‘parked by the system’.

ERSA’s criticisms of the Work Programme show an industry panicking that the game might be up as the dreadful performance of the scheme has shined new light on their grubby little racket. But no matter what they plead, they are fully culpable for the horrific suffering that benefit sanctions have inflicted, often on some of the most marginalised people in society.

The welfare-to-work industry was born with the emergence of Tony Blair’s New Deal, the first attempt at mass workfare and compulsory training for those over 18.  For the first time large companies like Reed and Manpower were given eye-watering sums of money to harass unemployed people by forcing them into endless pointless activity.  The so-called training they offered was so sub-standard that the only way the government could make people attend was by threatening to take their benefits away.  As such the welfare-to-work sector has always been dependent on benefit sanctions for its survival.  Their fake concern now is merely them attempting to be given even more power over claimants lives by pleading that they should make the decision about who gets sanctioned, not the Jobcentre.  They will want more money for this responsibility of course.  The tragedy is that the DWP is currently being run by such a bunch of fucking idiots that they will probably get it.

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292 responses to “Benefit Sanctions Are Political Admits Welfare To Work Boss As Housing Charities Flee Work Programme

  1. Now this is the issue that should be top of the agenda at the Labour conference.
    I am not holding my breath . . .

  2. So the Workfare Providers themselves want to have the power to sanction peoples’ Benefits? Fuck that.

    • Devolved powers of sanctions is what Alistair Darling meant by handing the WP to local authorities. TB the evil one wanted to hand over welfare to be administered by local churches and mosques – submit or be sanctioned.

      A4e and other WP providers have the power to instigate sanctions DWP just rubber stamp them.

      Sanctions are politically motivated who would have ever believed that. 🙂

    • Work Programme is fucking SHITE!!

      Yeah LP, not being able to directly cut off a human being’s only source of income and kick them out onto the street is one thing that really grates on these work programme provider cunts!

      • WORKING LINKS are scum! They try anything to get their hands on their money. I even heard a story that someone told them to piss off they weren’t going on their nazi Work program brainwashing course and they got them sanctioned. The person then got a phone call two years later asking if they’d got a friggin’ job?!!!!

        They told them to get lost, they were getting no information. This is so that if the person told them they were now in employment they’d have marked it down that it was due to them so they could get their bonus!!

        Total bottom feeding scum bastards.

        • Yep, if someone is foolish enough to let slip where they’re working, the very fact they were ever referred to the Work Programme (even if they never attended) can be enough for the greedy bastards to get their hands on up to 2 years of job outcome and sustainment payments.

          • Just can’t believe how low those bastards are. Having the temerity to phone someone up, two years down the line, and then ask outright for private personal info that is sod all to do with them is just … well words fail me!!!!

            Imagine you worked in a shithole job like that!! You’d be ashamed to tell anyone what you did for a living. Really horrible. What kind of creeps would do a job like that? I’d rather be penniless and on the streets with nothing than do that.

            Basically they’re as low and scummy as you can get.

            • They were probably phoning up to find out if the sanctioned claimant was dead!

              • Yeah GF and they’d probably have claimed their fee if the person who answered the phone said that the person in question was deceased.

                I would put nothing past those scummy bastards.

                ‘Working Links’ are degenerates. What kind of sick minded moron works for a place like that?

    • There is not a chance in hell that will happen, most of them know fuck all about the system at the end of the day. If your standard jobcentre monkey cannot legally sanction someone, there is no way they will allow the pimps to do so.

  3. the job center will never allow that taking away all there feeling of importance no way.

  4. The Official Opposition have a Duty to be an Opposition to
    Destructive Regime Diktats

    Degrading Oppression has to be Challenged

    Caring Socialist Policies into Office Now and Forever

  5. only the gren party seems to be doing that.

    • overburdenddonkey

      the scottish greens have alienated me by calling for unity, so there now will not be a chance in hell of them getting my vote..

      • The progressive left could never deliver independence, it is a political contradiction being inclusive and supporting an exclusive agenda.

        Aye Scotland.

      • OBD: Exactly right. No way i would ever condone working with the bastards who went out of their way to wreck our independence dream.

        Who in their right mind would do that?

  6. A4e staff should have their pay sanctioned for being late for meetings and jobsearches with ‘customers.’ They should also be sanctioned for ‘forgetting’ to inform ‘customers’ when appointments have been cancelled.

    • “They should also be sanctioned for ‘forgetting’ to inform ‘customers’ when appointments have been cancelled.’

      My WP provider – Ingeus – forgot to inform me that an appointment had been MADE… then tried to sanction me for not attending an appointment I didn’t know about (got it overturned, though).

      They try to get you both coming and going, dont they ?

      • They’re arseholes. I really hope they go under! Anyone who gets a job should avoid telling them or giving the Jobcentre employer’s name and contact details to prevent these fraudsters claiming their job outcome payments. I don’t know if many people realise this, but A4e now says it can get employer details off the Jobcentre without permission, so it’s also important not to give the Jobcentre specifics.

        • ” but A4e now says it can get employer details off the Jobcentre without permission,”

          Isn’t that absolutely illegal under Data Protection legislation?

          • I would have thought so, but I got a smug letter from A4e head office in Sheffield earlier this year informing me that, although I had not agreed to give them my employer details if I got a job, they would be able to get them from the Jobcentre regardless. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let A4e get its grasping mitts on any job outcome money if I get a job.

            • If you manage to get a job off your own bat then just sign off – you don’t have to tell JC+ why. They might insist because the poverty pimp concerned won’t get their blood money otherwise. Just tell them you’ve won on the Lottery, Great Aunt Ermentrude left you some money, be inventive. 😉

        • Which is why you should send a withdrawal of consent to share personal information to the Workfare provider AND the JCP, best use ‘signed for’ delivery so you can then track it online and see when it was delivered and who signed for it.

          You can find template letters on the Refuted website.

    • They should be sanctioned because they are a4e staff, – no other reason is needed.

  7. What does it mean housing associations have pulled out of welfare to work. They don’t take on people on workfare do they? They have no say in whether a person is sanctioned or not. Great article but not clear about it.

    • sorry Moira, some Housing Associations and homelessness charities had Work Programme sub-contracts to deliver work related activity on behalf of the big companies like A4e, but many have now pulled out.

      • Sorry. I’m being thick but I don’t understand. I’m on a4e work program which has nothing to do with housing assoc who I just rent home from. They provide homes not DWP stuff.

        • and some of them provide training etc on the work programme in the same way that some charities do, it depends where you live and what where people like a4e decide to sned you, this link explains more:

          • Further, I would think that the ethos of housing associations is very much that of the prevailing regime – they have become increasingly corporate over the past 25 years, and are often heavily involved in what can only be described as social control.

            Social housing is yet another area becoming blighted by the ‘professionalism’ of detached career ladder climbers who rarely have any connection or understanding of tenants.

            Housing associations should be directly controlled by those who matter – the tenants.

  8. aww…it’s wee moira salmond , you still drying drying up alex’s tears

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  10. In the days of Blair the providers used to have a target of 40% in employment on the new deal programmes. I have completed four

    I watched a bit of the labour conference today and after listening to Balls and Reeves they appeared to be trying to speak in a way that suggested they might do good if they win power next year. The problem for me was that as much as they tried I got the impression that they were unable to show any emotion to match the rhetoric. Still no mention of ending workfare and it looks like they will follow the tories and tell us that workfare will be good for us.

    • If Labour are relying on getting in because of the Scottish based mps they are fucked. They are muck here now and they are the new Tories. They will be lucky to win 10 seats in Scotland in May.

      Us scots want the no voters to suffer, so we will fuck the Labour party hard in Scotland. They made us suffer so they will suffer back. I’m sorry but we are all fucked no matter who is in power.

      • overburdenddonkey

        yep, elect all (+2 from england) pro indy mp’s and pack holyrood with pro indy msp’s…snp membership alone has gone up from 10000 to 50000 in 2 days they couldn’t take more, coz their web site crashed several times with the soaring demand..many who voted no now regret it, having realized that they were times ahead..

      • The name of the Red Tories campaign is a deceptive political deflection. The NO vote being targeted was is in fact the Labour Party and a large part of the Trade Union movement in Scotland not Red Tories which is something different altogether. To call them Red Tories is disinformation something like Blue Labour would be more appropriate.

        • Red Tories would support self determination and welfare Blue Labour support authoritarian centralisation and in-work subsidies that profit employers.

  11. Oh, they will follow the Tories and tell us workfare is good for us because at the end of the day they’ve got nothing else to offer. Well nothing common-sensical anyway.

  12. overburdenddonkey

    there are rally’s next w/e all over scotland so i’ve been led to believe … 8 oct in glasgow..
    and bbc one sunday 28th sept glasgow…

  13. Hope yese git smashed all over George Square again, what a laugh that was

  14. J Void. The government keeps repeating a mantra about 600,000 vacancies. Please could you dissect this figure to indicate the REAL number of jobs available. I have to attend some nonsense with a ‘ Work Coach’ this week. One of the Job Centre Plus creatures kept repeating this figure. I am sick of it!

    • Ask the Job Centre clowns how can 2.1 million unemployed fit into 600,000 vacancies. Every time i sign on i ask them the same question, haven’t got an answer yet.

    • Another Fine Mess

      I’ve posted on the headline vacancies figure a few times here.

      If there really are 600,000 vacancies just sitting there, why doesn’t the JC just give them out to the unemployed?

      If employers advertised for longer on UJ we could get the number listed there to 2 million ‘vacancies’ and then we could just do away with JSA, because there’s loads of jobs. LOL

      We all know most of them don’t exist. If you took away all the fakes, repeats and those which already have 50+ applications, you’d be left with about 10k.

  15. overburdenddonkey

    “Man with brain damage and ‘uncontrolled’ epilepsy hanged himself when DWP threatened to cut benefits”


      This evil, contemptible bastard is the mainstay of all the deaths that have been caused by this government.
      Every attack on the innocent has been rubber stamped by this cretin. His children must be aware their father is nothing less than a serial killer who sold his soul to the Private Health Insurance Industry through the Faculty of Occupational Medicine……………….


    • I linked to the article and cried when I read it. Poor Trevor and his poor parents aged 80 and 86 finding his body.
      We need to fight those psychopaths in govt. and the DWP – we have all given them control over our lives.

  16. Those work coaches just repeat the lines they are told to spout. A guy calling himself a work coach told me over six months ago that all the unemployed could find jobs easily if they wanted to. I told him that he was talking nonsense but he still managed to keep a straight face although he could be overheard by everyone.
    Clearly the management at the jobcentre are telling the staff to spout all the garbage so complaining to the manager of the office is pointless. They probably want us to show some aggressive behaviour so they can justify in suspending benefits. We have to tread very carefully when they try to upset us with nonsense.

    • “all the unemployed could find jobs easily if they wanted to”

      While I was a unpaid slave at a recyling workhouse, at least some of the paid staff there thought that us slaves were there out of choice.
      Getting up at all hours and getting dirty all day (some for 6 months!!) just so that we could scrounge 60 quid a week in benefits, rather than “just take” a £250 a week NWW job instead.
      They really need a course of unemployment and mwa themselves to educate themselves.
      When I say paid staff, we only ever found about 4 who got paid, and about 18 unpaid slaves. A total con.

      • Disgusting! Vertegen is clearly being propped up by unpaid labour.

        • It’s possibly even worse than that, as you can see in the pic there’s 6 company names on the one building…. but we didn’t even find 6 paid workers!!! Quite a few of us slaves just thought it was a con for learn direct and virtegen to collect taxpayers money and unpaid workers!

  17. Fuck this shit. I’ve had enough. Bollocks to the cunts.

    • L.P, don’t let the bastards grind you down. Easier said than done, I know.
      I Jumped off JSA just before I was Pushed by a bully advisor. Got a back breaking cleaning job at 12 hours a week on minimum wage, claimed HB and C T reduction (still gotta pay the fucking bedroom and council tax contribution) but I feel free. Effectively, I am earning £3.00 per week more than JSA. Better days are ahead.

      • Thanks Bernadette, I was feeling the pre-signing-on stress but am now greatly relieved now mission accomplished. They didn’t give me any grief this time. I inquired about the so-called ‘Attitude Test’ too whilst there, but the Adviser had not heard of it and knew nothing about it.

  18. I just say to Mr Alex Salmond – you lost the argument, you lost the referendum, you’ve lost office, and now you’ve lost the plot. The people of Scotland are sovereign and the people of Scotland have said “no thanks” to separation and you must accept that result.’

    • The people of Scotland are sovereign and that power can not be gifted to a usurper, Scots that relinquish sovereign power are no longer sovereign but are subjugated to the usurper. The sovereign power ratio of the 45 negates the subjugated 55 their votes are null and void.

  19. Alex Salmond has not gone anywhere Fenriss, he’s just resting a wee while. He will be gathering all his thoughts, contemplating the future and thinking about the SCUM that let Scotland down. Happy days are ahead!!!!

    • Bernie H Block, who areyou referring to as SCUM ?

      • Scum as in stupid voters who believed the Westminster cronies. Did you think I meant YOU?

        • So, according to scum, every one of the 2 million who voted NO where too stupid to know what they were doing ?

          • Exactly.

            • overburdenddonkey

              exactly that…too stupid, too feart, too duped, and suffering from “thatcherite stockholm syndrome”, to see that what we need….which is a job creation economic model (run for the people by the people), and not a job seeking economic model as we now have, run by the state…that syphons wealth to the rich from the poor in form of wealthfare…and to me this is the core issue…we need to get our hands on the capital before we can transform our lives…blair to merkle “why is the german economy so resilient” “duh! we still make things” was the reply…and not JUST the economy of the city of london WM £, run for the phew by the phew…as is now! the money laundering economy needs to be ended…

              • obd, the local circulation of money will, indeed, go a long way to addressing the discrepancies between, and within, local authority councils.
                They work for us!!!!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  that’s not what i said….i said that the national policy should be a jobs creation economy, and not a job seeking economy..i do not agree that LA’s should have anymore than intrinsic power to create local jobs than they have now….the people should be in firm control of that process not the bankers..rather than filling a shed up and just retailing goods…create the goods for the local uk economy..for me it is not a matter of local elections but of a jobs creating democracy..where the devoid work/jobs creating sector is prioritized.. our economic productivity has fallen 35% in 35yrs, which is why there is so much unemployment and poor wages…retail service sector et al does not create the extra real long term jobs our economy guarantee and the way localism operates causes subservience to local LA lairds etc etc…my axiom is no one poor and no one rich…we need a specific well funded jobs creation bank set up…we need to stop our economy becoming a conduit to fill up off shore bank a/c’s..we need to get away from the bully takes all culture…

      • Get back under yer brig ya tit

        Fuckin you ya wee dobber! noo dae wan yer no wanted here.

  20. Salmonds finished, no more expenses claim cheating for him on the westminster gravy train. The bold Nicola Sturgeon is the future.

  21. Nicola Sturgeon may well be the future. But the ‘enlightened one’ is NOT going anywhere.

  22. Alex Salmond “the enlightened one” compared to Buddha I’ve heard it all now.

  23. At least you’ve got a sense of humour. So there must be some true Celtic bones in you, somewhere. Well done Fenriss x

  24. Yes to a Caring Society Not a Slavery Society

    Yes to All For One and One For All No to Every Man for Himself
    Mentality of too many in the Townie Trance

  25. What have I missed? What is the role of a housing assoc/landlord in the Work Programme?

  26. The people of Scotland are sovereign and that power can not be gifted to a usurper, Scots that relinquish sovereign power are no longer sovereign but are subjugated to the usurper. The sovereign power ratio of the 45 negates the subjugated 55 their votes are null and void.

  27. overburdenddonkey Max Keiser on how Scots lost tons of cash by voting ‘NO’ to independence…

  28. overburdenddonkey no love lost for the no camp, she tells ’em plain..

  29. What part of NO do Salmond and his monkey supporters not understand?

    Your dream is over.

    You lost.

    When I put a cross in the ‘No’ box last Thursday it was like sticking a knife into their collective hearts.

    It was a magic feeling.

  30. the voice of sanity max keiser

  31. Johnny, are you going to keep allowing Fenriss to post here even though he celebrates and encourages the violence against the yes supporters in George Square?

      …………you don’t have to make my mind up, the evidence is overwhelming.

      Trevor Drakard had been deemed fit for employment, after a back-to-work assessment.

      The 50-year-old, who never married and had few friends, took his own life at his home in Sunderland.

      An inquest into his death heard Mr Drakard had been diagnosed with epilepsy from the age of six and was receiving Incapacity Benefit.

      Coroner’s officer Neville Dixon told a hearing in Sunderland:

      “In the past few months he had been deemed fit to work and his benefits were stopped.

      “He had been in the process of appealing with the Citizens Advice Bureau.

      “He had been feeling very down in recent weeks, due to the stress of losing his benefits.”

      A “lonely person”, Mr Drakard had also lost two close friends in the last three years.

      He would meet his parents for dinner three times a week, the hearing was told.

      They last saw him on July 18, after dropping him off at his home in General Graham Street.

      When they were unable to get in touch with him about signing papers relating to his benefits, they called round to the house and found Mr Drakard’s body in his bedroom.


      “The DWP said, Mr. Drakard was not found fit for work”


      • Which would lead me to assume that the member of staff who made the decision to stop Mr Drakards benefits, is still doing their job…………..

        and probably happy in the knowledge that targets were met for that month.
        The loss of one human life is a tragedy, the deaths of countless thousands is state assisted genocide, ethnic cleansing on an epic scale not seen since the nazis…………………

    • I am a Pacifist. I don’t believe in violence.

  32. I also worked at vertegen, before hand i was working towards being self employed (was number one composer in the world) i wasnt far off erning enough to live on just through royalties from strangers using my music. Now thanks to vertegen and the time i spent their im no longer number 1 in fact im miles from it. And the damage to my fingers while working for the 7 companies disgused as Vertegen my fingers are fkd!!! I am no longer the composer i was… Meanwhile one man with 7 companies has abused the system… Endangered lives and raped the tax payer..

  33. overburdenddonkey

    would you believe that between the indyref and today, new oil recovery methods mean, oil can be recovered very cheaply and will last for decades..

  34. A Lot of ” Modern People ” are like Plastic Dummies devoid of
    Character and Feeling Materialistic and Superficial

    Yes to a Caring Society No to a Plastic Puppets Society

  35. heraldscotland circulation 23,900 and falling by the day

    • Same for all the other rags; when I was a nipper the Daily Rectum used to have “Daily circulation 2,000,000” emblazoned on its front page – now it’s like 20!

  36. We are such a multicultural nation that the vast majority of people from abroad who have settled in Britain will think of themselves as British rather than scottish, welsh, irish or english. Many people who were born in other parts of the UK would more than likely vote to keep Scotland as part of the UK. I wonder what the vote would have been if only people born in Scotland had the right to vote in the referendum. Probably a lot closer.

  37. overburdenddonkey

    miliband mentioned saving the NHS by repealing the X party sponsored, crash was the master of PFI’s, health and social care act..but there was no mention of TTIP!

  38. The MP’s are talking about not allowing scottish MP’s to vote on matters concerning England. Maybe we should have a rule that says that no one can stand for parliament in a constituency that they were not born in. So often the main parties tend to find a safe seat for their pals.

  39. Abu Qatada will soon be on his way home, probably to a nice hidden compensation deal, ready to watch us go into a new politically defined war……

    • Cameron has just appeared on tv, saying he is disgusted with the maiming and killing of innocent people…………….

      I thought that was his strategy in the uk?

      • ………… imaginary community centre where 95% of MWA participants wanted to continue….

        From: Mr Harris

        23 September 2014

        Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

        Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of
        Information reviews.

        I am writing to request an internal review of Department for Work
        and Pensions’s handling of my FOI request ‘Community Centre where
        95% of the MWA participants wanted to continue’.

        You have refused to name the Community Centre claiming exemption
        from disclosure under sections 29(1)(a), 29(1)b, 36(2)(c) and 43(2)
        of the Freedom of Information Act 2000

        I refer you to Department for Work and Pensions v (1) The
        Information Commissioner, (2) FZ [2014] UKUT 0334 (AAC) and
        GIA/2568/2013 & GIA/2569/2013 which in a similar case showed the
        claimed exemptions not to apply.

        I accept your reasons for not sending me the name of the Manager
        and the number of volunteers.

        A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is
        available on the Internet at this address:

        Yours faithfully,

        Mr Harris

  40. Esther McVey recently announced that Jobcentre busy-bodies will soon be expected to quiz new claimants to assess their “attitudes, behavioural norms and levels of self-belief”. A small pilot scheme is currently taking place which is soon to be extended to 27,000 unemployed people. Those who fail this cranky assessment and are judged ‘disengaged’ or ‘despondant’ will no doubt face being ‘helped’ with forced unpaid work and benefit sanctions.

    The only disengaged and despondant not to mention, their attitudes, behavioural norms and levels of self-belief is ALL politicians and ALL job centre staff.

    • Guy Fawkes:

      You don’t refuse the Psychometric test, but if it is to carried out, you demand that a qualified adviser from the psychological institute be present whilst the test is administered.

      If this is not possible then the test itself is mute and any results obtained are also mute, and the test is illegal.

      • obi

        I trust the qualified advisers from the psychologival institute less than I trust the non qualified who have been put in charge of such tests.

        The fact that such tests exist at all for anybody, in any situation, is a load of crap in my opinion. Just who do these psychoanalytical profilers think they are, qualified or not?

  41. PS Forgot to add all of those involved with psychobabble too!

  42. Labour Party making a fool of a 91 year old man while the money spinning privatisation contracts are stuffed in their collective wallets.

    This old man will be pleased to know the young Scots of the 45 did vote for social justice against a hostile Labour Party.

  43. Miliband: “rewarding hard work”, “working people”, “hard working families”, “those in work”, blah, blah….

    What about those not in work? What do we get? More bullying, threats, sanctions, starvation, deaths. FUCK OFF MILIBAND.

    • ……….i thought exactly the same, as if to say the unemployed are going to continue to be shafted.

    • That’s it LP. The total truth. That tosser Miliband is friggin’ useless as are the whole Labour party. Since when did a person’s worth as a human being depend on whether they work or not?

      What those pricks really mean is if you are out of work, for whatever reason, then you are less than human and worthy of no human kindness or humanity.

      I detest the Labour party and all their careerist politicians. They don’t have a scooby about the real world. That’s why i was so desperate for independence, to get away from those tits.

      If i hear that “hard working people who do the right thing” BS one more time i’m gonna friggin’ puke! I swear it.

  44. overburdenddonkey
    “One thing I think is clear – there will never be another referendum. But don’t breathe a sigh of relief if, as a No voter, you have come this far down the page. Westminster allowed it only because the elite thought it would be a walkover – like 70-30. The campaign gave them a fright, so never again will they risk it.

    But we do not need a referendum, where a biased BBC and print media could set the agenda each day in favour of their side, with attacks on Alex Salmond that were vicious in the extreme.

    No, come the 2016 Holyrood election, all we shall need is a majority of the votes and seats won on a mandate for independence, and Scotland shall have it. As I leave this column for the last time, that is something someone else will write about one day, not so far away.”

  45. Why wait until the 2016 Holyrood election the SNP could trigger and election tomorrow.

    Politically time is on there side but I doubt there will be another referendum more likely a democratic Hollyrood – Westminster standoff.

  46. Can’t believe people are STILL going on and on about Scotland FFS. Forget it. It’s over.

  47. “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” WC

    Purrrrrrrrrring plenty of ways to skin a cat.

    No independence without referendum: Sturgeon’s vow as she launches SNP leadership bid

    Support for Welsh independence has fallen to its lowest recorded level in the wake of the Scottish referendum, according to a poll for BBC Wales.

    The survey, carried out days after Scotland voted “No”, found 3% wanted to Wales to be independent.

  50. I will quote myself from over a decade ago, to give context I was swept up in 18-25 New Deal and on my work placement. At the time their was a small recession (just before the .com bubble) and as per usual those on benefits were being blamed, sanctions against people were increasing and I was talking to my advisor:

    > Clearly the government isn’t as broke as you are telling me because they can afford to pay this £2,500 per head per month to companies like [scammer I was sent to] and eat the increase to my JSA without issue. You want to know how to fix this, how to reduce the unemployed figures? ears pricked up

    > Give US the money. Give us that two grand a month for six months because everyone I have spoken to has issues that you [the DSS/DWP] can’t deal with and don’t offer solutions for but can be solved with a short but massive injection of money in to their lives.

    > Two grand. That’s driving lessons, that’s three good meals a day, that’s a computer with internet access for job hunting, that’s entertainment so we can get ourselves out of this depression induced mental hellhole, it’s suits and shoes for job interviews, it’s a car and petrol to get us to where we need to be. It’s ALL of these things and more besides. So don’t sit their and tell me you are doing this to help us when all we’re seeing is you giving the one resource we could actually make use of to someone else!

    I really don’t see how the situation has changed much over the years. The government is still trying to outsource chunks of the benefits system to companies that want to run it as a revenue stream and the only way to do that is a per head payment be it when that person finds work or as an ongoing concern for the duration.

    It simply doesn’t work. In fact it costs tax payers (which does include people on welfare, don’t know about anyone else but I’m not VAT exempt) more than simply paying the JSA. More in fact that just injecting the cash directly in to the unemployed.

  51. Rather than an unemployment register, a non-coercive register of skills where the unemployed and skilled workers would be remunerated and financed to pass on their knowledge and skills to each other – such as driving lessons.

    The money plundered from the treasury by the likes of a4e would have had more of an impact if it had been put straight into the pockets of the unemployed.

    • instead of into the pockets of Emma Harrison and David Blunkett.

    • Driving Instructor

      Anyone (jobseeker) who thinks they are going to pass a UK driving test with a few hours behind the wheel is kidding themselves!! As well as lot of ££s you need a lot of perseverance too because you are going to stumble and fall flat on your face many a time… give up… go back to it…

  52. What I got out of a4e, they got their plundered profit, I got sanctioned still unemployed.

  53. Humiliated blind woman asked by ATOS benefits assessor: ‘How many fingers am I holding up?’

    • If I were visually impaired and an Atossss assessor had done that to me, I would have been tempted to say: “I don’t know, but perhaps you can tell me how many I am holding up?” (at which point I would turn my hand round and display my index and middle fingers to her).

  54. Natasha said: “There are so many people receiving benefits that they don’t really deserve, people who don’t want to work.
    Poor Natasha – not only is she a victim of this evil government, but she actually believes their lies.


      Disabled couple win Bedroom Tax exemption – but welfare chiefs appeal to overturn decision

      Sep 24, 2014 22:00
      By Luke Traynor

      Jacqueline Carmichael, 42, who has spina bifida, and Jayson, 52, won an exemption when a tribunal ruled the tax breached their human rights.

      A couple who beat the Bedroom Tax because of disability said they felt “betrayed” after welfare chiefs decided to try to overturn their court victory.

      Jacqueline Carmichael, 42, who has spina bifida, and Jayson, 52, won an exemption when a tribunal ruled the tax breached their human rights.

      The couple were penalised for having a spare room in their flat in Southport, Merseyside, even though wheelchair-bound Jacqueline’s condition makes it impossible for them to share a bedroom.

      The Department for Work and Pensions will appeal.

      Mr Carmichael said: “We are shocked and saddened.

      Julian Hamilton / Daily Mirror Disabled Jacqueline Carmichael
      Court battle: The home of the Carmichaels

      “Now we could be faced with a big bill if the Upper Tribunal overturn this decision.

      “We’re exasperated that this case has to be fought once again. We feel hounded and betrayed.

      “This development makes us feel despondent. Our win was important as it set a precedent for a lot of similar disabled people.”

      Last February, the Carmichaels were among five disabled families who took their fight to the High Court where their pleas against the bedroom tax were rejected.

      A DWP spokeswoman said £345million of Discretionary Housing Payments had been allocated “to help the most vulnerable people since reforms were introduced”.
      Follow us: @DailyMirror on Twitter | DailyMirror on Facebook


      • What kind of society openly abuses the less fortunate in this way?

        What evil drives the DWP to persecute the most vulnerable and least able to fight back?
        Having a disability of this magnitude is probably the worst thing that any human being would ever have to struggle with.
        Why would anyone of a sane mind want to make life so unbearable for the underprivileged that they commit suicide?

        Society is based on how it treats it’ weakest, the shower of shit in parliament want dragging out and made to face the broken Britain that they seem to be oblivious of……………………….

        HUMAN RIGHTS, don’t make me laugh, these cunts are going into a war that most disagree with vehemently, stealing benefits to pay for bullets.

        How many missiles does it take to get our own country in order?
        The yellow bastards in Westminster will never engage in combat, paying peanuts to the estate kids who will fill the body bags……………..

        No Crispin, Rupert or Giles, just some cannon fodder who will come back blown to bits to be actively interrogated by ATOS to deny paying them benefits.

        ……………………..two wars, one against the poorest and disabled, the other to generate wealth for the Tory donors itching to engage in battle as weapons sales buoy the stock markets.

        We need this war as much as this poor lady needs to pay a bedroom subsidy.

        How long till they show our captured airmen being beheaded?

        Who do these so called politicians represent?
        ………………it’s not the electorate in any way, shape or form………..

  55. From: Trudy Baddams

    26 August 2014

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    I would like to know more about ESA Decision Makers.
    Who are they?
    Who do they work for?
    What qualifications do they have?
    Are they medically trained? And by whom?

    Yours faithfully,

    Trudy Baddams


    From: Trudy Baddams

    24 September 2014

    Dear DWP freedom-of-information-requests,
    You have not responded to my questions and by law, you should
    normally have responded promptly and by 23 September 2014, today is
    the 24th September, please respond.

    Yours sincerely,

    Trudy Baddams

    Link to this

  56. From: Trudy Baddams

    26 August 2014

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    I would like to know;
    How many of the 850,000 (according to Ms Mcvey) empty bedrooms have
    been freed up since the onset of the spare room subsidy being
    I would also like to know where the ‘Spare Room Subsidy’ evolved,
    there was never any mention of breaking down figures of housing
    benefit in such away prior to the introduction of its removal?
    How many people have been removed from their homes because of this
    How many have successfully moved to smaller properties.
    How many are still trapped in their under occupied house where
    there are to few smaller properties?.

    Yours faithfully,
    T baddams

    Link to this

  57. Forced Labour is Nazi Slavery invocative of Arbeit Macht Frei
    ” Work makes You Free ” on Auschwitz

    Seriously Slavery is Slavery and Needs to be Condemned

    Britons Never Shall be Slaves

  58. No to Neo Liberalism and Neo Nazism

  59. overburdenddonkey

    To win 1.6 million votes for independence in the face of ruthless opposition from all the forces of the old, reactionary, corrupt capitalist society is an incredible achievement, and a powerful platform to continue the struggle from. ”

    • OBD,
      The corrupt capitalist can be accused of class war but another observation could be that socialists were fighting a cultural war against the traditional Scots working class.

      • overburdenddonkey

        for me there should be only one telling product of any political action and is @ the kernel of true socialism it is; free access to vitality giving vitals of life, leading to full emotional health…we @ a great distance from achieving that constantly thwarted goal, in order to feed capitalist objectives however thinly disguised they may be by hidden agendas..

        • The Capitalist economic class war and the Socialists cultural war both share the same outcome the destruction of the traditional Scots working class.

          • overburdenddonkey

            no to nato, maybe to efta,, take the krona as currency, and be a social democratic republic..we need a well funded jobs creation bank, not a chance of getting it now though.
            i value perma-culture, work share, worker coops, food growing coops, food coops, eco-houses, land rights, polly tunnels, hydroponics, aquaculture, solar capture et al and eco-villages, with central resources hub.
            what do we have now a cascade up effect centralized system, all trickle down plugged, that will never change until we #indyscot.
            end global poverty NOW!

            • end global poverty NOW!

              But the Scots working class laugh at that rhetoric to them it is the Babel of middle class global social workers. Like a celebrity that kidnaps an African child as a pet fashion accessory while neglecting her own kids.

              Think Jim Sillars was shocked when he toured the housing schemes of Scotland, the questions that raises is where has he been all these decades?

              • overburdenddonkey

                personally, i come from 50’s abject working class poverty, when complete shoes and even socks were a luxury…so don’t presume to lecture me on it…i know the climb out of it that i have had no choice but to endure..

                • Yet you self righteously lecture Scots on global poverty while your own Scots backyard is a cesspit of social squalor.

                  Witnessed with utter contempt as that collective swathe of hypocrisy marched down the Mound under the banner of Make Poverty History in 2005.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i have not lectured anybody…ending global poverty starts in one’s own backyard…

  60. overburdenddonkey

    “Seven days has seen everything change and nothing change. The Yes campaign has refused to be put back in the box and there are still faces creased with worry in the corridors of Whitehall power.”

    Scotland can be “independent” from London, but not capitalist markets

    Alex Salmond ‘won’t step down’ in event of No vote
    Liar Liar, kilts on fire !

    • It is of no concern to workers in Scotland whether they are governed from London or by a separate independent government in Edinburgh, …

      A political world where there is no cause and effect just the stagnation of the status quo. Like being forced to watch the loop programming of Citizen Smith in a lunatic asylum.

      Fenriss are you sure your not the self-proclaimed leader of the revolutionary Tooting Popular Front? 🙂

      Aye Scotland


    Leading SNP activist resigns blaming Alex Salmond’s lying as the final straw

    In his resignation letter to Sturgeon, Bhatti wrote: “The sight of the First Minister being caught LYING but refusing to admit it was a disgrace to the office, the party and to Scotland, and was the final straw.”

  64. overburdenddonkey

    “Soon enough, the defiant Twitter hashtag “the45” (as in percent) would be in full effect, but at that point, a sense of sadness and lost opportunity was inescapable; at times, what with the vulture-like presence of the Socialist Workers party and the odd person getting lost in conspiracy theory, the whole thing threatened to put me in mind of the decline phase of the Occupy movement. That said, there were also sparks of vitality, usually of the kind one doesn’t find at, say, a Labour party conference: it sounds unlikely, but a massed out-of-tune version of the Proclaimers’ hit I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) brimmed with an infectious sense of defianceand purpose.

    This week came truly remarkable news, of a huge surge in post-referendum activity – ironically enough, on the side that supposedly lost. By yesterday morning, the SNP was claiming to have attracted 37,000 new members in the five days since the referendum, surpassing its pre-referendum membership of 25,000.”

  65. A Country Free of Oppression and Tyranny a Country Free of
    Degrading Destitution and Corrupting Obscene Wealth with
    Protected Public Services Welfare NHS Utilities

    A Britain where the People who Live in Britain are Not Slaves

    Constructive and Caring Patriotism

  66. Neo Liberalism is like Neo Nazism Destructive of Compassion
    Human Decency and the UnderDog

    In a United Independent Socialist Britain People can have a
    Present and a Future Free of Tyranny Oppression Degrading
    Destitution Squalor and the Evil that Comes with the I Am
    All Right Jack Mentality of Neo Liberalism

    The Union Jack and Red Flag two Flags of Freedom Side by Side

    Unity Not Division

    Fenriss | September 26, 2014 at 1:50 pm | Reply

    Alex Salmond’s Continuing Embrace of Scottish Neoliberalism

  67. In my humble opinion it would have worked out like this if Scotland had gained its independence…..

    Before the referendum had been signed between Salmond and Cameron a deal had been done, a deal that could not have been told to the people.
    The deal was that in the event of Scotland voting for independence Scotland could have a full currency union and in return Scotland would keep Trident.

    Just my humble opinion.

    500 VOTES FOR GOING TO WAR, 40 AGAINST…………………..

    ………….which goes to show that the parliamentarians really represent the views of the electorate…

  69. Question for DWP/JCP staff do you get some kind of perverted gratification in sanctioning young people on only their 3rd signing appointment?

    Bet IDS will accelerate sanctions in Scotland as punishment for Scots insolence.

    • yeah, me sis got a 26 week sanction on her second signing appointment for not actively seeking work for not applying for a driving job even though she is still trying to save for lessons… she burst into tears when she heard… jobcentre staff are lower then scum…. pure evil…

      • Sanctioned for not applying for a driving job even though she wasn’t able to drive?! I hope she appealed! This kind of thing should also be brought to the attention of her local MP.

        • … attention of her local MP. Would be a very stupid UK MP that did not know about young people being sanctioned, They are all in it together.

          • Of course they’ll all know about sanctions. What is particularly disgraceful about this case is that she was sanctioned for not applying for a job that she couldn’t possibly do- this is exactly the kind of thing which should be brought up in parliament. Not even Cameron could argue that there was anything fair about it.

  70. Electoral fraud…

  71. DWP/JCP pcs union – how can they be claiming to be helping or nudging young people into the workforce when they sanction a raw and green teenager on entering the job market on initial contact. That is not only a deception but could destroy that young persons confidence and seriously undermine their future outcomes – there can be only one motivation in such cases – a political motive.

    What law is IDS going to graffiti on the back of a fag packet to justify his subversion of young peoples life opportunities and to protect his pcs union co-conspirators?

    I ask the question again what kind of perverted gratification does such political deception and destruction of life afford?

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      part of me thinks they want a cowed slave workforce..destroy someones confidence and they will vote how you wish…

  72. Inside Housing also spoke to the boss of SHP – the homelessness charity who pulled out of the Work Programme saying that sanctions were causing people to beg and steal to survive.

    Is there a UK national emergency contingency plan to feed and shelter the tens of thousands of British citizens that will be made homeless by welfare reform, competent governments have policy impact assessments?

  73. overburdenddonkey

    it’s not over, nor do yessers feel defeated….

  74. overburdenddonkey
    “Sir Harry Burns took to Twitter to suggest the lower the income of Scots the more likely they were to vote Yes – with the middle classes voting to keep the status quo. His comments immediately provoked a fierce online debate.”

  75. Do you not think that building the IDS aesthetic of FOOD BANKS in Glasgow’s George Square is just a wee bit insulting to Scotland’s poor?

  76. Just spotted this:-
    25 February 2012 Last updated at 08:17 .
    Burger King leaves work experience scheme for jobless

  77. Mr Reckless said the Conservative leadership was “part of the problem that is holding our country back”.

  78. overburdenddonkey the #indyscot peoples movement, flourishes….

  79. OBD’s bold predictions berfore the Ref. came to nothing. His wild assertions after are also doomed to failure. 55 beats 45 every time. No Surrender

  80. overburdenddonkey the #indyscot peoples movement is not defeated, it has only just gotten warmed up..

    • As the movement solidifies the danger is that it becomes politically exclusive and lacks social breadth and depth, there are already signs that this is happening.

      • overburdenddonkey

        there’s always something int there?

        • “Sharing pictures of your willy is frightfully silly”

          Tory MP for Braintree Brooks Newmark has resigned as minister for civil society following Sunday Mirror allegations he shared sexually explicit images of himself with an undercover reporter over social media.

  81. overburdenddonkey

    you’d think postal votes were only to be opened on polling day, so as to keep key campaigning info confidential, and respect the voter, but apparently not….

    • Our own security services played a large part in swinging the voting figures.
      Like somebody has also mentioned, why would the three stooges all rush up to Scotland, Labour MP’s as well, if they had prior knowledge that the No vote was ahead?

      It does not make any sense whatsoever……….

      Time will ultimately reveal the whole ballot to have been nothing but a carefully orchestrated scam on behalf of those who had the most to lose, the money men government puppeteers.
      The postal ballots should not have been even opened prior to the event, the breaking of the seals on the ballot boxes effectively nullifies the whole process giving insider information to certain parties who were in a position to profit from the leaked numbers.
      The clip on you tube of the guy finding a bag of ballot papers is evidence that a criminal activity has taken place.

      Similarly the very persons who rallied against the invasion of foreign soil were conveniently laid to rest.
      The Chilcott Inquiry will be one of the most expensive pieces of fiction ever written, with all linking evidence to Blair and Bush’s combined involvement, lies and deceit, magically erased.

      • did you forget to take your tablets geoff ?

      • overburdenddonkey

        “It does not make any sense whatsoever”….it does when yes were tipped by yougov and canadian (re quebec) pollsters to win a landslide…the PV’s, total PV’s cast= 790000, showed a 60/40 in favour of no and distinctly, a massive no from the elderly, 1.2 m 65+ pensioner group 73% = 800000 voting no more than enough to swing the overall vote to no…in fact the overall result of +55’s was no…pensioners were specifically told, during the campaign, that voting yes would lose their state pension by the no camp, (they ramped this fear up in the final few days)..which is a plain lie by the no camp, coupled to the VOW, it worked…state pensions are already paid for by contributions and continued to be paid for by the govt via contributions already made…they also said 60m+ contribute to pensions which is another plain lie…@ least 25m people don’t pay NI + millions in work poverty jsa/esa and employers subsidies paid….the final few week of the tv debates they could rarely find enough no voters for participation…. he made out that we were about to leave PARADISE.. …
        IT WAS THE SCOTTISH PEOPLE AND THE EU WHO INSISTED ON THE CREATION OF THE SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT AND NOT LABOUR, THEY WERE RELUCTANTLY FORCED TO DELIVER IT…the count itself was done superbly… scotland was constantly told it was an economic basket case, but the facts say differently, as does the establishments fight to keep the resources of scotland for themselves..

  82. YES LOST because we started off from somewhere between 25% and 30%, and had to face the full wrath of the British state, the media and corporate interests, not to mention people’s natural resistance to change – no matter how ridiculous Gordon Brown’s devolution timetable was, or the unionists’ recent track record of enhanced devolution, it was clearly enough to convince wavering No voters to give the union another chance. Pain can make critical faculties go out the window.

  83. However, we certainly didn’t LOSE because of shenanigans at the counts, and perpetuating such stories only hinders the attempts that are currently being made to move on from the result and onto the second phase of this wide-ranging and thriving independence movement (Women For Independence and the Radical Independence Campaign are already planning their next conferences in the coming weeks).

  84. As an official referendum agent for Wings Over Scotland who witnessed the counting procedures first-hand, I hope these words might carry at least a bit of weight amongst online activists. Believe me, if anything dodgy had been happening, this vile cybernat would have been screaming it from the rafters.

    • Fenriss, get your self over to Sports World and buy a singlet vest with a plunging neckline. Put it on backwards as it will highlight the big yellow stripe running up the centre of your back.
      Deserters should be taken outside and shot.
      You not only let yourself down, you also let the whole of your country down as you will soon find out. Fifty percent of nothing is still nothing and thats what you sold your soul for, absolutely nothing…………..
      As for taking tablets, the only pain i get is from cowards like yourself who want everything whilst prepared to do nothing, riding on the backs of those brave enough to bring about reform.
      OBD and the others have you weighed up to a tee, the first to disappear at the sniff of a fight…………

      ……………………get some running shoes as well as you will need them to disappear into the sunset as you leave the others to fight. Watch out for the white feathers in your letterbox and buy more white bedding that you may raise in an act of brazen cowardice.


  85. Referendum – dum democracy.

    Being generous at 30% what kind of nationalist would risk the national pride against a formidable foe and from such a low base?

  86. Just to illustrate how our government controls the media, i was taking to a friend in Malaysia who told me the headlines in their papers were of a frenchman being beheaded.
    This was deliberately withheld from ours as the crucial vote to go into war was taken by our parliamentarians.
    ……………mind you, it wont be long till we see one of our captured airman begging for his life clad in an orange jump suit with a knife at his throat…………….

    Wars are fantastic, especially when it;s someone else doing the fighting and not one of your own……..


      • ………………a beginners guide to collective nouns:
        a pride of lions
        a shoal of fish
        a flock of birds
        a fenriss of invertebrates (creatures without a spinal column), or backbone…………

        • …………did your office meet it’s sanction targets this week Fenriss?

        • I stood up to be counted when the time came,GEOFF,my NO vote was amongst the 2 million plus other winning votes.

          • @Fenriss does your heart say otherwise “However, we certainly didn’t LOSE because of shenanigans at the counts,” note the we.

            It takes a very brave man/women to change, the uncertain is frightening for the human race that’s why God was created. My granny was Scottish she would have wanted a Yes, my father is Scottish he wanted a No vote because he thinks that Scotland can affect greater change from within. This is why a close vote with a strong vote yes vote from the youth was vital. It gives the rotten British establishment some food for thought

          • overburdenddonkey

            “I am on JS Allowance, you cretinous traitor. I come on this site because it does a good job exposing what the DWP vermin are doing to the British uunemployed” you’re in 2 places @ once, the dwp is NOT a rogue dept, acting on it’s own behalf it works WITH UKOK WM…
            are you not able to see that a no vote gave a mandate to the UK govt that wasn’t elected and the dwp to do as they want…UKOK…fenriss we have no power to stop them now, you and your likes gave it all away…since 2010 WM have torn £2bn/year from the welfare budget of scotland alone…and now we have to fight to get it all back, and people like you will fight to retain it yet @ the same time claiming to fight to get rid of it!!! luckily we are still fighting for a geography lesson for you these islands, in which we live are called the BRITISH ISLES…the republic of ireland is in the british isles..but not in the UK as it is indy from the UKOK..

            • I never mentioned the British Isles. I know what the British Isles are.. So what the feck are you talking about ?

              • overburdenddonkey

                yes you did…you said;”I am on JS Allowance, you cretinous traitor. I come on this site because it does a good job exposing what the DWP vermin are doing to the BRITISH uunemployed”….but you also support the union that crushes you….perhaps you could have said some of the BRITISH unemployed therefore excluding the republic of ireland, the IoM and the channel isles et al..but then you’re still referring to the WM union…so you avoid saying the WM union, coz it’s too close to home, and instead say BRITISH…

    “Nicola Sturgeon: Disappointment of independence referendum DEFEAT was enormous”
    “Internal SNP polling had suggested they were on course to celebrate a stunning Yes victory for the independence campaign but instead they were CRUSHED 55-45 by No voters.”
    “Sturgeon ruled out a referendum anytime soon. She said: “What I hope will be a feature of my leadership, if I am elected, is straight-talking. I’m going to be straight about this. I’m NOT planning for a referendum. I don’t think there is an appetite out there for another in the near future.”

  88. The scottish referendum is still being discussed on here but it’s over and sadly the NO’s have it. Even though most of us on this website are in receipt of some kind of benefit we are still a minority when it comes to votes at a general election. It’s understandable that pensioners would want to protect what they have now as the thought of being in your 70’s or 80’s and struggling isn’t a nice thought. At least the state pension for them is around double what we receive on JSA. We have to move on and stop squabbling amongst ourselves and try to inform everyone of any unfairness that is being handed out by this government and expose companies who sign up for workfare. When we see or hear something that could benefit claimants then we must inform as many people as possible. People are suffering from sanctions with the prospect of more severe hardship and we seem to still be bickering about a referendum that has been voted on. It’s time to move on.

    • overburdenddonkey

      i am informing others of unfairness!
      the state pension is NOT double jsa but a measly £113/wk…40% lower than ESC states it should sweden it’s £26000/yr…£500/wk…denemark £15000/wk…£300/wk…words bounce off them, they have the money etc we don’t that is the fundamental problem…no one is stopping you from contributing something else rather than moaning about what others say…..

    • “Even though most of us on this website are in receipt of some kind of benefit” – not so, Rob! On the contrary audience research by BARB shows that 98% of commenters on ‘the Void’ are in full-time employment on an average household income on £100,000 and in socio-economics group AA! Why do you think this site is plastered with adverts for super-cars and luxury watches?

  89. OBD,
    Doesn’t the government top up the state pension to guarantee a minimum weekly income that totals a bit more than £113 a week.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes, but it is means tested PGC men, and pension age female, 62 and a bit get it now, coz pension age escalator…and after 2016 perhaps 2018 it is single tier, 35yr contributions @ 66 yrs old, 0 before that age and on jsa/esa or wages, rate not fixed yet, but this maybe £142/wk…and below 7yrs or 10yrs contributions 0 and pro rata above that… so the pension for many actually goes down or one is dead before 66 is reached, UKOK…

      • overburdenddonkey

        means testing also means that to get top up as well as savings etc that ones company pension if one has one is given notional income treatment..course one can always cash it in and feed it to the rich…

        • overburdenddonkey

          p s rob
          shouldn’t you be fighting for a citizens basic income of £140/wk?
          but now with indyref opp gone, well for the next few months @ least, cat in hells chance for ALL of the british isles comes to mind… #indyscot peoples movement is stronger than ever, we are immovable… why not be inspired and do the same

  90. I just had a look on a pension credit calculator and it looks like a pensioner on £113 a week could get around £35 more a week pension credit. That would take them up to around £148 a week.

    • If someone asked pensioners would they refuse this increase if it meant the single unemployed person who lives on the least could have more income, I for one would agree to it as a soon to be pensioner and I know many who would also.

      The reason there is going to be such a vast increase in pensions is because the interest rate is going up and so too will inflation to match it no doubt.

  91. Most of the Scots working class will not be around to collect a pension, due to low life expectancy. Starting to see the threadbare uniform of the malnourished underclass return to Scotland’s streets in greater numbers.

  92. overburdenddonkey if this is a defeat, wait till the party when we have finally won social justice……

  93. Greg Hemphill admits he is a traitor. Wonder what Ford thinks of that.

    • The cowardy custard of life , my dear, is the epitome of all you expect………..
      keep running back to your masters, frozen in fear as one would expect, will damn you to all you aspire……………………………..

      yellow belly………



          • ………….place your cross in the box that epitomises your choice of life change, a no vote excludes you from that all you wish to happen, stuck in a never ending circle of deceit…………………..

  94. DWP’s confession: ‘We ignore benefit-related deaths’

    This government has a lot to answer for .cameron in the commons claiming to assist the minorities against isis by bombing. the red lines crossed at home,carried out by his policies against the disabled.wheres the commons rant by him about that,and benefit sanctions and the affects of those.

    • The Scottish government should be collating DWP/JCP culpability in the cases concerning Scottish benefit claimants, not only the deaths of claimants but the defrauding of legitimate claims.

      A post independent Scotland could have pushed the mistreatment of its citizens by the UK DWP on to the international human rights stage.

    • ………….. pure genius to my ears Ken, the truth is coming out,,,,,,

  95. GEOFFREY REYNOLDS (Account suspended)
    This user has been banned from WhatDoTheyKnow

    They have been given the following explanation:

    You have been banned after two warnings for repeatedly breaching our policy on annotations (…)

    • It was the DWP who put pressure on the website to get him banned. The truth always hurts the state bullies.
      Highlighting the thousands of deaths and suicides at the hands of the killers in power should be applauded. What have you done?
      absolutely nothing i would venture.

  96. More likely he was banned for talking unintelligible shite.

    • talking unintelligible shite –Gordon Brown, the progressive megalomaniac common purpose madman.

      Fenriss you voted for this man and his purring Brit-Cult, were you out your face on something?

      • Never voted for Labour,Tory,LibDem or SNP.

        • Why do you persist in making statements on a blog where it is evident everyone disagrees with you?

          • ????? I am in agreement with most people on this blog in their opposition to the DWP punishment sanction regime. I have been sanctioned myself in the past. I have a different opinion to some on the issue of so called Scottish independence.

        • Supranationalist sacrifice democracy and nationhood in the interests of the supra-state, preservation of the supra political entity becomes greater than the interests and preservation of the component citizens – resulting in a democratic and cultural deficit.


      • Having a disability renders many people incapable of the hand movements and eye coordination that you might be blessed with. If you disagree with the topic, why slate the people who make contributions on the theme.
        These blog sites are for people who speak out against what is being thrust upon them against their will. You had the opportunity to bring about change and decided not to rock the boat.
        I therefore agree with MR REYNOLDS, that, not only are you blatantly yellow Fenriss, you have mental problems as well.

        • The majority of the Scottish people agree with me hence the massive NO vote. Why can’t you accept that the Yes vote lost and stop the pathetic name calling of NO voters like “cowards,traitors,yellow, mentally ill”or whatever other shite you can come up with. I actually like reading this blog but some of the fantastic nonsense that GEOFF and obd come up with is unbelievable. So toddle on Toddy. Britain for the British.

          • overburdenddonkey

            a 6% majority is not massive…. Britain for the British. what do you mean? there is no political state called britain, britain is a group of islands as well being a group of countries…you must be again referring to the union that crushes you! please stop insulting the countries of britain that does not agree with your views…the 55+ age group that agree with you, were provably lied to ie they would not get their pensions….the labour party even claimed that they set up the scottish para-lia-ment as an implied act of freewill, they were ordered to do it.. .

            • FFS… The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as Britain

              • overburdenddonkey

                scotland is also commonly called england…but it’s not is it?
                you voted for the unionists that has and is crushing you..we could have stopped this WM union carnage in it’s tracks…

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  98. This organization uses Workfare:

    St Vincent de Paul Society

    “The St Vincent de Paul Society (or as it is often known – the SVP) is an international Christian voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty…”

    In Bradford:

    I know someone who has been sent there to hump furniture about all day long for 6 months or he loses his JSA.

    Looks like our fellow Britons in Northern Ireland (Protestant and Catholic) have the good sense to reject all the crap that Alex Salmonds friends Sinn Fein spout at them. The Union we will maintain. N.S

    Things go from bad to worse for overburdendonkey, first the jacobites are crushed in the referendum, second the Ulster people would vote the same way and third it looks like he is going to be first in line for one of these cards.

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