Scandal! Are These DWP Fat Cats The UK’s Biggest Benefit Scroungers?

Howard Shiplee relaxes after another exhausting day spending our money.

Howard Shiplee relaxes after another exhausting day spending our money.

At a time when disabled people are being driven from their homes due to the Bedroom Tax, DWP mandarins are being paid huge sums of our money to implement bungled welfare reforms.

The department have just released the salaries of their senior staff  and there is no sign of austerity for those running beneits system. Four senior staff are paid over £150,000 a year, with Universal Credit boss Howard Shipley the highest paid at a whopping £195,000 plus. This huge salary comes despite the fact Universal Credit has been a disaster and Shiplee is believed to have spent most of the year on the sick.

The gormless civil servant in charge of the DWP, Robert Devereux, is the second highest paid, earning a minimum of £180,000 per year. This is almost 50 times more than a single adult on unemployment benefits is expected to survive on.

Outgoing IT boss Andy Nelson earnt over £175,000 in the last financial year, whilst his replacement Mayank Prakash is set to earn around £180,000. Kevin Cunnington, the Digital Transformation Director who runs the DWP website or something, earns at least £150,000. According to one website, which monitors salary trends, the average pay of an IT Director is £72,459 per year.

Not everyone at the DWP is enjoying such genorosity at our expense.  A recent investigation unearthed almost 5000 staff working either directly or indirectly for the department who are not even earning the living wage of £7.65 an hour (or £8.80 in London).  Many of them are cleaners or catering staff, meaning they do real jobs instead of sitting on their arses in pointless meetings all day.  The harder you work, the less you get, and never has that been truer than at the DWP under Iain Duncan Smith (annual salary £134,565).

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121 responses to “Scandal! Are These DWP Fat Cats The UK’s Biggest Benefit Scroungers?

  1. This is shocking and I also heard MP salary to rise by 9% to around 74k, , I’m sure the unemployed n. Esa claimants deserve it more.I’m a dinner lady n school cleaner, a lone parent. I got 1%!!

    • And still stealing full time work from those that do a hard day’s graft. You are no better than the rest of these scroungers love.


      Multinational takes charge of sick pay eligibility
      Written By: David Hencke
      Published: September 6, 2014 Last modified: September 4, 2014

      A multinational company will be able to order sick people back to work in England and Wales without a face-to-face examination under a new Government privatisation programme aimed to slash hundreds of millions of pounds off the sick pay bill.

      The Department of Work and Pensions announced as Parliament went into recess that it is handing over the assessment of eligibility for sick pay to Health Management Ltd, a subsidiary of American multinational, Maximus, which operates in the United States, Britain, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

      Maximus runs call centres, occupational health programmes, child support and job seekers programmes abroad and in the United Kingdom.

      The programme is to be rolled out from November to next May under the new Health and Work Service set up by the DWP and aims to save between up to £165 million a year by getting people back to work faster as part of Lord Freud’s welfare reforms.

      The Scottish government has declined to contract out the work to the private firm and will keep the assessment programme as part of the public service.

      From November, people off sick for four weeks will have to be referred to the private company by their GP to continue claiming sick pay or receiving a salary from their firm. A sick note from a doctor will only cover the first four weeks of an illness.

      According to a DWP paper this will affect nearly a million employees a year.

      The DWP also claim that by getting sick people back to work earlier will boost the economy by £900 million a year.

      Lord Freud said: “Providing support where it’s needed most will help to reduce the length of time employees take off sick which, in turn, will cut sick pay costs, improve economic output and reduce the chances of people falling out of work and having to claim benefits. “

      Under the new contract for Maximus, it will assign a caseworker to each sick person and draw up a Return to Work plan which should be shared with the employer and employee.

      If the sick person does not co-operate, they will not be eligible for sickness benefit.

      The paper reveals that the initial assessment will be made on the phone not in person and will probe non-health issues as well as the illness.

      The company will also provide an advice service.

      The new service has already raised concerns among employers.

      A commentary by Pinsent Mason, a law firm which advises employers, warns: “It remains to be seen how effective the new health service will be, particularly as any reports produced by HML will be based on advice delivered via the phone or internet, as opposed to a face-to-face offering.”

  2. This government really detest the disabled and has done everything nasty except putting them in concentration camps or outright directly murdering them.

  3. Looks like a lot of fat could be trimmed here.

  4. I think you mean “there is no sign of austerity for those ruining the benefits system”

  5. In any other job, Howard Shiplee’s ass would have been FIRED! It is only because Incompetent Drivelling Slimeball is his boss that he has managed to sit tight, raking in a ludicrous amount for doing SFA.

  6. the “something for nothing culture” is actually in the small minded anally retentive business world of seedy landlords, grubby shopkeepers and small/big business capitalists who subscribe to zero hours contracts and non-unionised labour and want only profit from their labour force without having to pay them a living wage. All of them tolerated by complicit politicians.

  7. Rosemarie Harris

    This is where the DWP get their ideas ..They think the unemployed are like them …Just turn up and get your money and if you can’t be bothered to turn up just say i am ill….. It’s a shame that this lot are not signing on they would be using a food bank.

  8. It just shows how powerless the majority of us are even though we make up many millions of the population, all we can do is vote every five years and whoever wins the election they will look after their friends. I heard someone on television earlier saying that the 66k a politician gets is a pittance. What would they call the amount an unemployed person gets? Taking into account my housing benefit I get a total of 7k a year.

    • Riches beyond Belief ! How dare you complain?
      Mental note to self; Dear George; see that Mr ‘Rob’ is put on ‘De;’ Vitalots.
      Your Greatest fan, George.

    • Only powerless if you just stay in on your own and don’t join in with others to do something about it. There is far more we can do than ‘vote every five years’. If anyone ever thinks merely voting achieves anything they are seriously deluded – it’s an ongoing process. Running our society shouldn’t be left up to a bunch of expensive nonentities called politicians, it should be done by ordinary people like us. We don’t need government – we can do the job much more efficiently ourselves, and with better results.

      One thing you could do is perhaps think about getting involved in a small way (and that is something we could all do, with the emphasis on ‘small’ – if we all did that, think of the difference that would make?). There is a lot that can be done, and anything that raises awareness and actually gets people to start thinking instead of idiotically regurgitating pre-digested opinion fed to them by the mainstream media would be a good thing, and an excellent place to start.

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    Hello My name is Dean. I have been sent on the Community Work Placement at a recycling plant by Learn Direct. My jobcentre advisor said it would look good on my CV. Learn Direct are really supportive and sometime refund my travel expenses. I am hoping to be kept on as a full-time recycling operative. The Community Work Programme has been really good for me and has given me the chance to prove myself. Dean

    • sometime refund my travel expenses

      if its not your signing day they have to pay for travel there and back end of its in there contracts to pay it if going to ld office.

      and they have to pay for travel to the placement as well even if you have to sign on that week.

      u sure u not work at the dwp pmsl 😉

    • Dean. Your Advisor only told half the truth; this experience would only look good on your c.v. if you wanted a job at a recycling plant, but alas, there seems to be a large supply of free labor.
      I would make a suggestion to you;
      If you cannot get even the fair to work covered constantly,, how about telling them to
      ‘SHOVE IT UP THEIR ARSE’ ? Its most likely you will be tossed aside shortly.
      You would be doing yourself and others a favor in the long run.
      It might not seem like it, but trust me.
      A civil rebellion could turn out a pretty nasty affair.


      The only thing you have proven is that your labour is worthless and you are willing to be exploited and enslaved, that is not a very good admission to put on a CV.

    • Learn Direct seem to be doing a lot of this sort of thing. Would the recycling plant you work at be called Vertegen, in Bromborough, by any chance? Nominally run by JHP Ltd, a little googling reveals they are in turn owned by…drum roll…Learn Direct. How’s that for benefit scrounging?!

      • EX-Vertegen Slave

      • Another Fine Mess

        I can see there seems to be quite a few company names registered to the same place. Are you saying LD/JHP run the place? nothing would surprise me!
        How do the unpaid worker-slaves know which one they’re working for, what do they recycle there, other than the unemployed, perhaps the ex-slave could spill the beans.(recycled of course)

        • Another Fine Mess,
          When signing in in the morning, whether as a regular paid employee or dole-scum slave labour, it’s on a staff list with JHP Ltd printed at the top. Learn Direct own JHP and also have the JCP contract for allocating which work placement goes to which lucky victim. Wherever you end up, you can be pretty sure that, if it isn’t at Vertegen or another JHP company, it’ll be somewhere owned by one of LD’s very good friends. I asked the line manager if all these companies (ultimately, mostly the same company) getting taxpayer money shovelled into their pockets are possibly major Tory party donors, by any chance. He said nothing, but gave me a wide enough grin to be able to figure out the answer!
          As for what is recycled there, as far as the slave labour is concerned, you’ll be doing one of two things. Re-cycling printer cartridges or pvc door/window frames. As you may know, printer cartridges are designed, in the best built-in obsolescence tradition, to give out after a certain number of uses, whether they’re empty or not. The job is to drill holes in them and tip the ink powder into a big sack. There’s minimal breathing-protection (those paper masks you see Japanese tourists wearing) and it’s filthy as fuck. The other job is taking cut up lengths of pvc frame and stripping out the rubber seals and taking out screws, with a manual screwdriver, which were put in by a power-tool! It’s a Health and Safety bust waiting to happen, basically. Somebody really should…

    • In reply to Dean – if I was you mate I would refuse to do that CWP placement as they are only wanting you as slave labour and nothing else. At the end of your CWP, Learn Direct will wash their hands of you and forget about you and take another CWP mug on in your ‘voluntary place’ at the recycling place.

      I’m currently on CWP myself and was sent to a local ‘recycling’ depot in March, Cambridgeshire as a placement trainee by Seetec Wisbech. A word of advice for you. My so-called placement at CCORN (in March, cambs) was hazardous to my health and well-being as all I was ever expected to do was handle old, toxic paint in the pretence of testing, and mixing it for re-sale to the community.

      Tell your CWP placement to get knotted as they might get you handling asbestos without any PPE or correct training. I was never issued with full PPE or correct training at my previous CWP placement and it affected my hayfever condition so much I was forced into early exit from that place.

  11. So them in high places get paid a shit load of cash. What you gonna do?
    Nothing ever changes, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Money flows up hill, unlike crap.
    I for one would like to change the system but they, the elite, have made the system to benefit them and nothing can be done about it apart from maybe a revolution.
    Its time to bring out Madam Guillotine!

  12. The “shopkeepers” all seem to have their fingers in the till. What an immoral society we’ve become. Fill your boots then run, no wonder we’re broke!

    • No, the country is broke because the gubbermint gave Eight hundred thousand pounds for every tax payer in the country to the banks because, well, they had gambled it away. Now they have manipulated the economy so the poor actually pay for it.
      CAR PARK ! !

  13. I guess you may or may not appreciate, that I have actually been on strike for 3 years. I have not done a STROKE of work that would benefit the exchequer. I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE in keeping these useless scrounging thieving traitorous sell out bum wipes afloat in the house. Scoundrels, liars and Thieves, all.
    Getting round George Smith’s attempts to co-erse me into making some prat rich is not even difficult; Imagine that the people enforcing the rules have a 15% higher I.Q. than the Idiot writing them, and you will have a mental overlay of the picture. The guy is a thick as cold Tarmac.
    I will stay out of the labour market until the scum bag has gone, along with his Vampire Chums, and thats it.
    It’s no skin off my nose; I try to live up to the closed curtain type George hates. (its a once in a lifetime opportunity!)
    The Idiotic little Nazi can suck my Hampton for p.a.y.e.

  14. I didnt re-blog this anywhere.

    I have more tech than your entire family..

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  17. ranting on here will not solve shit

    Same people on here ranting week in week out for the past 3 years.. not made any difference as it ?

    • …………………..oh yes it has, Scotland are about to fuck Westminster and the Queen off and the UK government are under the cosh for gross, systemic breaches of Disability/Equality and Human Rights Laws………..the whole corrupt system is starting to fall apart as online petitions and blogs like these challenge the whole fetid system.

      • overburdenddonkey

        they try to blame the yes camp for sterling uncertainty.. oh, dear they don’t get away with it…

        • Good debate obd, strange how they persist in trying to apportion the blame firmly on the yes supporters…………
          The crooks who man the corrupt money tables in our illustrious London’s square mile are the reason the economy is drawing blanks.

          The tail is now wagging the dog and the clowns of Westminster hate it.

          Watch out for some last minute dirty tricks as the event moves closer, judicial intervention or whatever……..


      • Geoff, if Scotland do leave the UK, I can assure you it has fuck all to do with this or any other blog. I’ll be glad when the vote’s done with, then those smug, liberated Scots can fuck off into the sunset and their brave new tomorrow and GET THE OFF-TOPIC FUCK OFF THIS BLOG! And since when have the Govt been under the cosh for breaching Disability/Equality/Human Rights law? As you well know, they enjoy complete impunity on that score.
        Mr “Ranting on here will not solve shit”, of course you’re right, but it’s a useful safety valve for sad people with an irresistible urge to be big fish in what is an extremely small pond!

        • ………it has everything to do with it and i don’t need advice from you or anybody else…….
          If you don’t like our topic, why come on this site?
          The UK government are under investigation for gross, systemic breaches of human rights against the disabled, FACT!

          • Duh, cos this site’s supposed to relate to unemployment, not the Scottish Independence debate! As for “our topic”, who runs this site exactly and who is this “we”?


          Aug 2014
          Activists welcome UN inquiry ‘decision’
          By john pring

          newslatestDisabled activists have welcomed the UN’s apparent decision to launch an inquiry into allegations of “grave or systematic” violations of its disability convention by the UK government.

          Disability News Service (DNS) revealed last week that the UN’s Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) appears to have made the UK the subject of its first inquiry into alleged violations of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

          CRPD has refused to confirm or deny that the UK is being investigated, because the process is carried out confidentially, but a recording has emerged [watch from one hour and four minutes] of a former member of the committee revealing that the inquiry has been launched.

          The DNS story spread rapidly across social media, and was mentioned by a string of disability blogs after it was published on 15 August, although the news has yet to be picked up by the mainstream press.

          Julie Newman, acting chair of the UK Disabled People’s Council, said she hoped the inquiry would provide “some form of legitimate challenge” to government attacks on disabled people’s rights.

          She said: “I hope it’s happening and I hope there is a way of putting some teeth into it.”

          Newman said she hoped the inquiry would eventually force the government to “backtrack”, and added: “One of the things that has disturbed me greatly is there doesn’t seem to be any accountability.

          “For a government to be so implacable in insisting on its course of action without any resort to due care and attention is appalling.

          “The breaches are now so blatant, the fact that people are dying and the coroner’s courts are recognising suicides or lack of care as direct results of benefit reform… there is a limit to how much can be said without anybody listening, and if it has to be from outside the country, so be it.”

          Kate Green, Labour’s shadow minister for disabled people, said: “After leading the way internationally on disability rights for decades, it is very disappointing that under the current government the UK appears to be the first country to be investigated for a breach.

          “The coalition has let down disabled people – demonstrated in shameful policies like the bedroom tax and the rising numbers of disabled people facing absolute poverty.”

          Philip Connolly, policy and communications manager for Disability Rights UK, said the possibility of an inquiry was “welcome news”.

          He said: “At our recent independent living conference we reviewed the progress of UK governments since 2009 and documented the erosion of disabled people’s rights.

          “It may now be the case that international lawyers are coming to similar viewpoints.

          “We would now expect parliament to obtain confirmation from the government whether this is indeed the case when it reconvenes in around 10 days’ time.”

          And Jane Young, a disabled consultant and campaigner and lead author of last month’s report by the Just Fair consortium, Dignity and Opportunity for All – which suggested that the UK had gone from being an international leader in disability rights to risking becoming a “systematic violator of these same rights” – also welcomed the apparent decision to carry out the inquiry.

          She said: “All disabled people and people with a long term health condition should welcome scrutiny by the UN disability committee of the UK’s compliance with its obligations under the UNCRPD to respect and realise disabled people’s human rights.”

          But she added: “The committee needs space, away from the gaze of publicity, to make its findings on the evidence.

          “It’s important that we don’t try to speculate on the topic of the inquiry or pre-judge the outcome, however tempting that may be.”

          The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) made no attempt this week to deny that CRPD had launched an inquiry into potential violations of the convention by the UK.

          A DWP spokesman said: “All United Nations inquiry processes are confidential. That confidentiality should be respected.

          “The UK is working hard on protecting the human rights of all its citizens in accordance with human rights law, including under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

          “The UK is cooperating fully with the UN and supports its treaty monitoring mechanisms.”

          Meanwhile, DWP has again refused to offer any explanation for why the number of disabled people having out-of-work benefits temporarily removed for breaching strict conditions soared in the first three months of this year.

          The figures show that 2,882 decisions were made to sanction claimants of employment and support allowance in December 2013, rising to 3,750 in January 2014, them 4,698 in February and 7,507 in March, an increase of nearly 580 per cent since March 2013.

          But DWP has refused to explain why it believes the numbers have shot up.

          A DWP spokeswoman said: “As you can see from the numbers, there’s been an increase in the number of those on ESA WRAG [work-related activity group] who aren’t taking up all of the support that is offered to them – but it’s clear that the overwhelming majority of claimants – ie around 99 per cent – are doing the right thing and taking up the support.”

          But when asked again why the numbers had risen so drastically, she said: “I’m satisfied we’ve answered your questions.”

          21 August 2014

        • overburdenddonkey

          i’m sorry that you don’t find YOUR comments satisfying and shape changing..please try harder, perhaps next time with a little more imagination and conviction!

    • Even if it just makes people feel better, sharing how they feel with others who feel likewise, then it’s achieving things. It creates a feeling we can help each other stay informed and support each other.

      Only through talking and writing and campaigning and pressuring are we going to change things and that’s what the regulars on here do.

      You see the referendum that’s now going to be held? That was achieved through people ranting and talking. Now we get a chance to get rid of Tory governments from Scotland forever because of it.

      • And Raining, yes, sharing, staying informed and supporting each other are important, but come on – people say the same things over and over again on here, with minor variations in creative profanity, and it can get very tedious very quickly, particularly when you recall the intolerance and hatred shown towards people who don’t follow Void comment thread orthodoxy…

  18. Speaking of the over paid and overly lunched. Here’s Mark Serwotka who tells us about his health problem and how he is kept alive. One assumes he has been treated fairly and with compassion in pursuit of healthcare, rightly so. Alas the same fairness and compassion has not been meted out to those on benefits, who some members of the PCS gleefully sanction, every single day.

    I wonder how well he’d do if he had to cope with the constant threat of destitution and relentless bullying by the DWP?

  19. What a sad country we reside in. Just tuned in to the BBC news and all they can talk about is this Kate expecting another child. Going on and on and on about it. The BBC make me want to friggin’ puke. They are such total arse lickers it’s nauseating!

    With people getting sanctioned and having to rely on foodbanks while losing their homes and they seriously expect anyone to be interested in this!!!!

    A country the UK is that has seriously lost the plot. They get involved in illegal wars killing millions all over the world and then stuff like this at home and the plebs are supposed to rejoice!!!

    BBC royal watcher go and get stuffed and get yourself another proper job..

    • Sadly far too many people are supportive of the monarchy… and lap this kind of crap up and won’t hear a word said against that band of parasites.

      • Yeah i find it sickening how people like that BBC Royal watcher gushes relentlessly about it all as if because Kate’s having another child that’s supposed to make life all fine and dandy for us.

        It’s like they think “Oh Kate’s having a second child meanwhile i have absolutely no money, am about to be evicted and put on the street to live in a cardboard box while attending the foodbank. But! isn’t life grand and all well in the world ‘cos Kate’s dropping another child?”

    • Perfect distraction come the election though isn’t it? Royal births swamp the media every time. Ugh.

  20. Landless Peasant

    So much for Austerity. These parasites should be made to clean the streets with a toothbrush. Fucking scum.

  21. Landless Peasant

    I’m sick to death of going out to sign-on and spending 35 hours a week job-searching so that professional scroungers and shirkers like Shiplee and Devereux can loaf around getting drunk/stoned whilst watching Jeremy Kyle on Sky TV.

  22. The lawyers are taking Chris Grayling to court over what he has done to legal aid:
    “The claimants [law firms ] have a right to expect procedural fairness. What they got was a caricature of fairness: empty assurances, bluff and bully, divide and rule, fronted by a senior member of the government.”
    The article is worth a read:

    Surprise, surprise, he trained under Iain Duncan-Smith in the DWP before moving to MOJ. He took it all to heart (or whatever you call the thing he has).

    One of the commentators notes:
    “A brief snapshot of the latest figures shows that claims against employers for unpaid wages were down 85% year on year since the introduction of fees. In real terms this means that thousands of people are literally being cheated of their wages because they cannot afford to sue their employers to recover them and/or cannot risk hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of fees.

  23. The Selfishness Greed and Arrogance of the Rich is Reprehensible
    and Need’s to be Resolutely Opposed

    Oppose Universal Credit Tax the Rich and Hands Off the Poor

    Stand Up For the Poor and Suffering

    Socialism Not Slavery

  24. It takes the Biscuit this Massive MP’S Payrise One Hears of

    Rich Politicians are the Real Scroungers

    Where is the Outrage from the Public at Large about this Diabolical
    Situation ?

  25. Mass Protests would Help that would Require Millions to Put Social
    Justice and the Plight of the Underdog before the Rubbish in some

  26. Off topic –

    Great… Another royal scrounger we will have to soon feed, wipe its arse and bow down to in future out of our taxes. Those squatters in Buckingham Palace should all fuck off to North Korea if they still refuse to pay their own way and instead force us to kowtow to them.

  27. Compare and contrast 21st century Britain…

    * MP’s pay rises by 9%

    whilst –

    * Jobseekers sanction threats go through the roof

    The money saved through illegal JSA sanctions is indeed clearly being channelled towards creating fat bonuses for the lazy fucktards in the DWP. This makes the Sheriff of Nottingham look like Mother Teresa, fucking greedy fucking fat pigs in the shit trough called government. ‘Rob the poor to feed the rich’ is the new mantra now replacing ‘we are all in it together’.

    • When interest rates go up mp’s expenses will be increased also to cover their second homes, while the rest of us are forced to pay bedroom tax for our rented properties.

    • overburdenddonkey

      fen tiger
      the WM fear factory see the pay rise as a productivity bonus….ripping peasants off is the new “moral” highground…


    I naturally assume their new Computer tech is in this country illegally….

  29. When the yes vote happens, remember to kick the Queen out of Balmoral……….

  30. The Tories are breaking this country – Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith and his fluffer Esther McVile are murdering tens of thousands of people by welfare cuts, firstly assessing people saying they are fit for work when they are not, then when these people who are disabled, dying of Cancer, have life changing diseases such as mental health problems etc cannot do the slave labour work scheme designed to be registered as work (so fiddles the unemployment figures stating there are X amount in employment when there isn’t, they have been sanctioned or sent on a workfare slave labour scheme) they get sanctioned, now this mean ALL their money is stopped, they are left with NOTHING, many starve to death, the others have either taken their own life or died of their disease because they never had money to get treatment or food or medicine.

    This is Nazi Law in the UK in 2014

  31. quote…’The gormless civil servant in charge of the DWP, Robert Devereux, is the second highest paid, earning a minimum of £180,000 per year. This is almost 50 times more than a single adult on unemployment benefits is expected to survive on.’…..should that not be 500 times more, I do not get and am sure that nobody on benefits gets £90,000.00 per year

  32. “LAME DUCK MORE LIKE”, the worlds most expensive lemon!

    A senior industry source said the appointment was perfect timing for Shiplee. He said: “Howard Shiplee is the leading client project manager in the country, if not the world. He has a proven track record in project delivery as epitomised by Ascot and other major projects.

    He is the leading client project manager in the UK, if not the world

    The source added: “Howard brings unrivalled experience of delivering the big occasions under intense pressure. He has a huge number of contacts within the industry and will give David Higgins and the senior team at the ODA confidence and an expert insight into what is happening at the core of the Olympic projects.

  33. Would you mind telling me how much iain Duncan sniths secretary, Charlie elphick, gets please?

  34. Wish this fucking Scottish shite would finish. Every thread on here is infested with #indyef drivel talk. If the kilt-wearing, caber-tossing Jocks do claim independence we should make bag-pipe playing an act of war! At least we can have a good reason not to have to listen to fucking Scottish football results ever again – as if we give a flying fuck anyway.

    • @Verve
      If Scotland wins independence the whole Westminster house of cards could come down. Camoron, Gidiot , IDS together with the rest of their hangers-on would be torpedoed under the waterline.

    • Verve: What do you expect? This is the single most important event to hit these isles in hundreds of years. The decision is going to have a massive effect on politics and political issues and the fall out from it is going to be felt by everyone that stays in the UK if it’s a YES vote.

      That’s why everyone’s talking about it and discussing issues related to it and politics in general.

      We’d be a strange bunch if we weren’t discussing it and the implications it brings for everyone Scottish, English, Welsh, or Northern Irish.

      Also as wild swimmer says Cameron may have to resign if it’s a YES vote as he’s been the person at the helm when it happened.

    • ffs Verve, this isn’t Kate Middleton’s new hair-style we are are discussing, and the #indyref isn’t a “Scottish only” issue. If the Scots vote “YES” the seismic shock waves will rip the Palace of Westminster to shreds like a modern-day Guy Fawkes.

  35. @Geoff Reynolds

    The Queen cannot do anything else other than sign Government legislation. Using her Royal prerogative to do otherwise would result in a constitutional crisis. Mind you, that would put the cat amongst the Tory pigeons…………..

  36. @Geoff Reynolds

    The Queen cannot do anything else other than sign Government legislation. Using her Royal prerogative to do otherwise would result in a constitutional crisis. Mind you, that would put the cat amongst the Tory pigeons………….. isn’t that a good idea?

  37. WordPress’ system won’t let me post the remark I made previously – it claims that my previous post is there, but it isn’t. Anybody else had this problem?

  38. One Hears that a Demonstration in London will be taking place soon

    The More People that Protest For Social Justice such as Restoring
    the Welfare State the Better

    Challenge the Victimisation of the Poor and Vulnerable

  39. Sickening to Hear that Apparently after 4 Years of Tory Nazi Dictatorship
    and the Rubbish on the Idiot Box of TV 212,000 People have been the
    Victims of Nazi Scum Shit Physically Attacking Them

    This is Fecking Well Evil

    Get the Con Dem Nazi Bastards Out of Office and Let the Brainwashed
    Nazi Scum who have Collaborated Hang their Heads in Shame

  40. It is Disgraceful how Sheople out There can be as Thick as Shit
    to Believe that the Poor are ” Scroungers ” .

    It is Rich Arsehole Politicians and Slave Driving Bastard Bosses with their
    Greed Arrogance and Evil who are the Real Scroungers

    Modern Britain is a Cesspit of Evil

  41. Forward to Social Justice and a Caring Society

  42. I know this is an old article but does anyone know why I get the message “Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe” when I do a google search for Mayank Prakesh? I don’t get that message when searching for Howard Shiplee or the others mentioned in the article. Is there something out there we should know?

  43. WTF do you mongs expect a fucking director to be paid?
    There are a handful of civil servants on this. And most of the rest are on 15k to 30k, haven’t had ANY pay rise since ‘AUSTERITY’ started, had their CONTRACTS of Employment rewritten, and their pension stolen to pay for corrupt, greedy bankers. (The High Court ruled the government’s actions illegal, so the government changed the law! – NICE!)
    But hey, let’s not let FACTS get in the way of bigoted, semi-literate propaganda!
    And how would any of these fuckers get ANY fucking benefit without DWP? They’d get FUCK ALL!
    Finally, it’s not DWP staff that make policy, it’s Osborne, and to a lesser extent, IDS.
    Any fucker moaning about this is merely a sad, deluded twat, who wants EVERYONE to have less than them! Who shouts about other people’s pay, yet couldn’t do the said job themselves! LAUGHABLE!
    Anyone who wants to see ineptitude should look up Jennie Page ‘CB-fucking-E’!

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