#proudtowork – Yet Another Money Grabbing Scam From The Welfare-To-Work Parasites

Welfare to Work bosses pictured at yesterday’s #proudtowork launch

The body established to lie on behalf of the fraud ridden welfare-to-work industry have launched a new campaign on the back of a report so breath-takingly dishonest it would make Iain Duncan Smith blush.

According to the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA), the floundering Work Programme has been a huge success and is set to add £18 billion to the economy.  This is based on a report which ERSA commisioned from a consultancy company called Europe Economics who have mangled the figures in an attempt to hoodwink the DWP into giving Work Programme providers like A4e and G4S even more tax payer’s cash.

The report claims that around 100,000 people have gained jobs over the last three years as a direct result of the Work Programme.  Whether this is true is almost impossible to establish.  Long term unemployment has fallen, but only stands at 20,000 lower than back in 2010 when this Government weren’t elected.  Economic growth has eventually returned which would cause unemployment across the board to fall.  The report claims to have accounted for this by looking at the number of job vacancies, but what they don’t measure is the huge rise in self-employment.  According to ERSA boss Kirsty McHugh at the launch of the report, one in ten of the job outcomes on the Work Programme is self-employment.  There is no evidence wheher this self-employment is actually making claimants any money or whether they have just transferred their claim over to Working Tax Credits after pressure from their Work Programme provider.

The report decides to completely ignore Employment Support Allowance (better known as sickness benefit) claimants on the Work Programme, the worst performing aspect of the scheme.  It acknowledges that the growth in people getting jobs could be down to other welfare reforms and that the Work Programme might just be displacing jobs elsewhere. In truth they have pulled this figure out of their arses.

But then it gets worse.  The £18 billion they claim the Work Programme has added to the economy is over the next 50 years.  This is made up of the extra money the claimant will receive over their working life, the money saved by the government in benefit payments, and some magical money added on top which they pretend it will save businesses.  The problem with this figure, and it’s a fuckin big one, is that it assumes that everyone who gets a job and keeps it on the Work Programme is a 17 year old with 50 years of working life ahead of them.  17 year olds aren’t even eligible for the Work Programme.

Even taking their bungled figures at face value, all the report shows is that the Work Programme is adding £140 milion a year to the economy.  It is costing around three times that.  People leaving the Work Programme are now being forced onto the £300 million Help To Work scheme.  These costs will go on and on as new schemes are devised to harass and demoralise unemployed people.  Even when the figurs are spun to the point of parody by the very same industry that is raking in all that money, all they can do is show the Work Programme is costing a fortune to achieve virtually fuck all. But then being paid a fortune to do fuck all has long been about the only speciality of the UK’s biggest benefits scam, the welfare to work industry.

ERSA have launched a twitter page as part of their latest marketing strategy to lie bout the success of the Work Programme in the hope of being paid more of our money.  You can find them @Proud_to_Work and they are tweeting using the hashtag #proudtowork.

The report is available at: http://ersa.org.uk/media/news/work-programme-add-%C2%A318bn-value-uk-economy

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159 responses to “#proudtowork – Yet Another Money Grabbing Scam From The Welfare-To-Work Parasites


      DEVASTATED that his benefits had been stopped, a man with epilepsy hanged himself.

      Trevor Drakard had been deemed fit for employment, after a back-to-work assessment.

      The 50-year-old, who never married and had few friends, took his own life at his home in Sunderland.

      An inquest into his death heard Mr Drakard had been diagnosed with epilepsy from the age of six and was receiving Incapacity Benefit.

      Coroner’s officer Neville Dixon told a hearing in Sunderland: “In the past few months he had been deemed fit to work and his benefits were stopped.

      “He had been in the process of appealing with the Citizens Advice Bureau.

      “He had been feeling very down in recent weeks, due to the stress of losing his benefits.”

      A “lonely person”, Mr Drakard had also lost two close friends in the last three years.

      He would meet his parents for dinner three times a week, the hearing was told.

      They last saw him on July 18, after dropping him off at his home in General Graham Street.

      When they were unable to get in touch with him about signing papers relating to his benefits, they called round to the house and found Mr Drakard’s body in his bedroom.

      Senior coroner Derek Winter said Mr Drakard would have been unconscious “in a small number of seconds” and died shortly after.

      Tests showed he had still been taking his epilepsy medication.

      Mr Winter said he was satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt that Mr Drakard had been responsible for his own death.

      Speaking after the hearing, Sunderland MP Julie Elliot said: “This case is tragic and need not have happened. My thoughts are with Mr Drakards’ family and friends.

      “Sadly, the removal of benefits to genuinely sick people is becoming all too common, having a devastating impact on people’s lives and in this case a tragic outcome.

      “The system is not fit for purpose – the Government needs to act now to stop anymore tragedies occurring and causing unnecessary hardship to people.”

      Verdict: Suicide.


      • Iain Duncan Smith MP

        Ho, ho, ho 🙂

        We are working for you.

        The Rt. Hon, Iain Duncan Smith MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

      • …and this poor gentleman is one of many unfortunately. The tories don’t give a monkeys bollo*k, for them it’s a positive outcome. That’s why we must use our vote wisely and put pressure on MPs about this cruel and heartless treatment of the sick and disabled, because there but for the grace of God.

  1. Rosemarie Harris

    The trouble with these reports is they are not understanding the way it really works.. Or dosen’t depending if you are on it.
    These people get paid to do a report and it’s big business they get paid a small fortune to ‘see it their way’ They have no first hand experience of the work programme they just tell it how they want it to be, facts only get in the way!
    i am thinking if i lie and write reports i might actually get employment!

  2. Isn’t it true that the CEO of ERSA, Kirsty McHugh, is, or was, a Labour councillor.

    • This is scary. Most people would have found work anyway without work program …I certainly did! And some people have severe problems to overcome, addiction, ill health ect,. Surely they are more deserving off cash reward than so called providers, who probably did nothing to help said person into work

    • I learn she was a Labour councillor in Lambeth 14 years. Tho info doesn’t seem easy to find about that.t. I think they like to keep it very quiet

  3. Proud to Work sounds like a complete pee-take! It reminds me of primary school where the teacher might give one of the children a sticker for being ‘proud to help.’ So, what’s it to be then, A4e?! Are your ‘advisers’ going to give out ‘Proud to Work’ badges for people who are leaving the Work Programme to start jobs (which, in all likelihood, your ‘advisers’ did not find for them)?

    • More likely they will have us hand stitching yellow stars on our clothing, so that we can be easily identified as “Proud to Work”, for nothing and for the sole benefit of non tax paying corporations.
      After All Being Proud To Work Sets Us Free.

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    The lies just keep pouring out, unbelievable!

  5. I would be ashamed to be a part of this report – I could never sleep easy knowing the lies that have been told. But then I have a heart and not a brick in my chest.

  6. Thanks Johnny for publicizing these low life twats. I’m on twitter and noticed them about a week ago and have sent them quite a few tweets asking them for details of the great jobs they find people and how many people they have helped on to a sanction in their benefits?

    They are all part of an obnoxious twisted propaganda campaign to demean and demoralise anyone who is not working, for whatever reason.

    Just look at their name “Proud To Work” the insinuation being that there are millions of people who are not proud to work and we need to ridicule them make them feel as if they shouldn’t exist, get their benefits sanctioned etc. until they either die of starvation or kill themselves.

    This is what wanker organisations like @Proud_to_Work represent and i have told them that in no uncertain terms.

    There’s also another one that say they’re happy to be aligned with #Proudtowork! They’re called “IntrainingUK” and they’re the latest trying to profit from the misery of others.

    If you’re on twitter why don’t you tweet them your thoughts. https://twitter.com/IntrainingUK. and https://twitter.com/Proud_to_Work

    • I can just imagine my last Arse over Elbow ‘adviser’ saying to everyone in the jobsearch room, in as patronising a voice as possible: ‘Look! X has got a job. He’s PROUD to work!’ Remind anyone of a certain character on League of Gentlemen???

    • Yet the junkie Rangers fans in my street have No posters in there windows with no idea what is coming.

      It’s all very sad.

      • What do the junkie Sellic fans have in their windows? Terrorist IRA posters ?

        • I was taught in a proddie school and I have no faith in any religion or political party. You are tainted by your own very mind. The poison is seeping out of your every word and it has engulfed you. I feel sorry for you and I hope you enjoy your murdering queen who has backed these welfare reforms and killed many just like her ancestors and soldiers.

          • I am not a Protestant. I am not a Royalist. I was replying to you calling Rangers fans junkies. I am also unemployed and are just as much against the DWP Punishment/Sanction regime as everyone else on here.

    • Fascist cunts at the Bradford Telegraph & Argus have banned me from commenting. Pathetic cunts.

  7. This economic report focuses on data collection, nothing more nothing less. So called ‘impact assessment’ that tells us nothing of the misery faced by the long term unemployed in securing well paid work or finding any kind of work. Unemployment cannot be reduced to simplified relations , such as X maybe related to, or Y is the cause. We are talking about peoples lives here, which is far more complex. Econometrics approaches are not interested in finding out about individual experiences of people forced onto the work programme. These people are far too detached from real life. They make their money from ‘predictions’, which this unelected government depends on to stay in power. Wankers.

  8. I predict, that the Tories and Liberals will lose office in 2015. Anyone want to add to this ‘insight’ . Won’t cost you anything

    • Landless Peasant

      It’ll most likely be a Labour landslide, not that I care.

      • L.P Seriously, Can your remember anything as bad as what we have now? I know Labour are far from perfect, but for F…. Sake, food banks, unprecedented sanctions, death tolls, needs I go on?

        • Landless Peasant

          I know, it’s never been worse in living memory. But what are Labour doing/saying? Bugger all! they’re all in it together. TUC too. This is not the ‘Big Society’ it is the New World Order, the rule of Satan. I honestly and truly believe we are now living in/through Armageddon.

          • L.P I agree with you 100%. However, we have to start somewhere. Labour still have, somewhere, some common ground with the working classes. I know its a long shot, but we need to remind them of who we are, what we stand for and where They Have Gone Wrong. Its a gamble, but one I am prepared to take. Get Labour in office, work on them. and IF they fail us, we go for Class War.

            • Can’t see that ever happening under the present Labour regime/way of thinking Bernadette.

              They are so up themselves, the Labour front bench, it’s nauseating.

              I hear that Ed Miliband passed George Galloway today on a flight of stairs in Parliament, looked straight at him and blanked him completely! Didn’t even have the decency to ask the man how he was?

              Says it all about him both as a human being and a politician, after what George has just been through, that he couldn’t even acknowledge him and ask how he was feeling..

              • @Raining
                Ed Miliband is a Jew. George Galloway used the the term “Israeli Free” for Bradford and Milliband will have known the term “Jew Free” (Judenfrei) which was used by the Nazi’s during the Holocaust to describe an area in which the Jewish community was exterminated. I suspect the person who assaulted him knew this as well.

                • Yes but that was during the recent conflict in Gaza because of the actions the Israeli’s were taking murdering civilians. Everyone knows Galloway’s views on the conflict.

                  Anyway that’s no excuse for blanking the man. And he can’t make the excuse he didn’t see him! George said on his twitter feed he was looking straight at him and said nothing.

                  This is all in keeping right enough for someone who heads the present day Labour party. A bunch of fake socialists, in bed with the Tories at every turn. All meanwhile coining in the money. In bed with them on austerity, welfare cuts and also over the independence of Scotland.

                  What was the line spoken by the hapless Rachel Reeves? They were going to be “tougher on welfare than the Tories!” This is the Labour party we’re talking about! No wonder working class people feel betrayed by their political representatives.

                • @raining
                  George Galloway should never have used that term for the reason I gave. It’s a form of category error, e.g if you are not a worker then you must be a shirker, a character from Benefit St represents all unemployed, Israel represents all Jews, all Jews support what happened in Gaza….. Sure Galloway said Israeli Free but somebody who knows anything about 20th century history would see it as gutless version of the Jew hating slogan used by the Nazi’s to describe the extermination of Jews. If he has made apologies or tried to explain it away then I will read what you post. At face value the discourtesy you perceive in Ed Miliband ignoring him seems insignificant compared to his foolish remarks that detracted from any point he wanted to make over what was happening in Gaza.

                • @John McArthur- are you still on CWP at LAMH Recycle?! Apparently their Facebook page is now integrated with the LAMH one, although LAMH claim that LAMH Recycle is nothing to do with them?!!

          • my name is "my " name

            Have you heard, ” we don’t own the legal name?

  9. Landless Peasant

    Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins (as in Weil/Brecht) and is to be avoided.

  10. A Tory / Labour coalition. They may as well.

    We could call them the Tolys.

    • Cephalus, I am willing and able to cast my vote to get rid of these bastards, FOREVER. Once out of office, we work on who gets in. There is no easy solution, other than, I wish I was a wee Scot.

  11. I hope and pray we get yes and it will be a catalyst for change in the rest of the UK. Get yourself up here if we do get independence as we welcome everyone apart from tories in Scotland.

  12. The so-called Welfare-To-Work industry has its snout well and truly in the trough and it is not going to give up all that lovely money that it gets for doing a worse job than if it did not exist. It will lie and bribe in order to perpetuate its own existance. If Labour had any guts or brains they would announce not one penny more would go to this entirely parasitic business which simply did not exist before Blair brought it into being and Smith shovelled a bottomless pit of money at it. In all the time of dole offices, labour exchanges and job centres people found jobs simply because there were jobs, they weren’t desperately waiting for spotty little tossers to spout management bullshit at them. I’m sure its representatives will be greasing the wheels at all the party conferences. If it was abolished tomorrow, all that money could be spent on training or directly employing the unemployed rather than lining the pockets of corporate scum.

    • To be fair Kent, the ‘work programme’ does provide plenty of employment of spotty little tossers, many of whom even have worthless ‘psychology’ degrees…

      • Landless Peasant

        Not even that, most of them are Double Glazing Salesmen. A friend of mine who applied for a job as an Employment Adviser at the place he was doing the Work Programme at, didn’t even get an interview, and he has much prior experience as a University Lecturer and is a former BBC Editor. They don’t want anyone intelligent working for them.

        • @Landless Peasant- they also don’t want anyone who’s been on the Programme with them becoming a ‘colleague’ because it would be too awkward for them in view of the patronising way many of them speak to Work Programme ‘customers.’ It is also quite likely that Work Programme staff would have bitched about that ‘customer’ behind their back, with the result that there would already be tension if that person became their co-worker.

  13. I reckon it’s gonna kick-off big style very soon. Daily signing for everyone will be unworkable chaos, and it only takes a scuffle with G4SS goons to turn into an all-out battle. Once it happens in one over-crowded Jobcentre it will happen in them all. I predict full-scale Riots starting off in Jobcentres and the places getting totally wrecked.

  14. ………………
    W e had this discussion about daily all day attendance at jobcentres back in late April…..

    Chaos At The DWP As Bungled Help To Work Scheme Attempts To Launch (April 28th)

    …….We all pointed out the various Health & Safety issues involved. This seems to be the start of it. And itt really will be chaos. All those warnings totally brushed aside. Well…..they were warned !

    As for Bernadette’s hopes regarding Labour….We all understand those hopes for something better, but we also see not just what Labour have to say on most things, none of which inspires confidence, but we see their actions. We have seen them not bother to overturn the Bedroom Tax when they had a chance in Parliament a few months back. We have seen them side with the tories…oops….NEW NAZIS…..on the workfare retro legislation last year.
    And in Scotland…we know for definite the one thing Labour would devolve to Scotland (and the English cities) is you waiting for it….the WORK PROGRAM !?! so that’s MP Alistair Darling’s great big idea for the plebs. Vote “No” and he’ll kindly grant us workfare!
    It would be great if Labour really was going to do something to help us all, but with the present lot in charge, I don’t see it. And we now find out this above named Kirsty McHugh was a Labour councillor in London Lambeth a full 14 years, and yet there she is flogging workfare!
    Also, as much as ppl hate Cameron, they also hate Miliband.
    Labour hopes to get in merely because they ain’t the other lot who are in. That is a strategy doomed to failure. It neither helps they seem terrified of upsetting the Hitler press (DailyMail, etc).
    Labour has to do better, but if you had even the faintest idea how the Labour leaders are going about things in Scotland, where their voter base is beginning to implode as a result, you would have less confidence in that group of renegades.
    Alas, but that is the very sad reality of it.


    • Vote No and Labour will extend the WORK PROGRAM to local council authorities how mad is that. The LibLabCon has self destructed in Scotland they are morally and politically bankrupt.

      A political Union that is culpable in the deaths of its disabled veterans NO THANKS!

      • i think it i say it

        i prefer the local councils authorities to get the blood money from the work programme so they can invest it back into public services rather than giving it to private companies such as A4E (angry 4 ever) just give it to their shareholders.

  15. They state £18bn in value NOT £18 billion to the economy, they could add £18 to the economy and spin that as adding £18bn in value, the value being unquantifiable.

    Whatever happened to the National Audit Office (NAO).

  16. … for jack-shit! Yeah, right!

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  18. DWP now also quietly ‘transferring’ people still completing the old-style Help to Work Programme onto the new Help to Work Programme. Even though the DWP’s own rules state that the Help to Work Scheme only applies to those people whose Work Programme Completers Interview was on or after the 28th April 2014. See Below:

    Help to Work package (for JSA claimants whose Work Programme Completer Interview is on or after 28 April 2014)

    The Help to Work (HtW) package is help and support, based on a claimant’s individual circumstances. It is comprised of three distinct elements:

    Mandatory Intervention Regime (MIR)

    Daily Work Search Reviews (Daily WSR)

    Community Work Placements (CWP)

    The HtW package of support applies to Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) claimants whose Work Programme Completer Interview (WPCI) is on or after 28 April 2014.

    Where the WPCI date is prior to 28 April 2014, the previous JSA Post Work Programme Support (PWPS) guidance must be followed.

    By ignoring all the above, or relying on the fact that most people simply don’t know the regulations, the DWP are able to force the unsuspecting claimant onto the much stricter ‘Help to Work Conditions’, such as Daily Work Search Reviews, which were not part of the original Post Work Programme Support Scheme.

    • The only ‘support’ you will need is a brace for your back if you are sent on this CWP shite. There is no way anyone is meant to survive this mediaeval torture for 26 weeks, no fucking way!

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  20. http://www.thirdsector.co.uk/interview-kirsty-mchugh-says-charities-need-joint-ventures-win-contracts/finance/article/1149021

    Kirsty McHugh – The chief executive of the Employment Related Services Association, occupies an unusual position……. [sorry… laughing starts here]

    ….McHugh, who was a Labour councillor in Lambeth for 14 years….. [ Herne Hill ward – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lambeth_Council_election,_2006#Herne_Hill ]

    McHugh CV:
    2010: Chief executive, Employment Related Services Association
    2002: National regeneration and partnerships director, Business in the Community
    1999: Senior policy manager, British Chamber of Commerce
    1998: Public affairs manager, Camargue
    1997: Parliamentary assistant, Barry Gardiner MP
    1993: Media and parliamentary officer, Chamber of Shipping

    In short, her nose has been in all sorts of quango and quango-like troughs. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough troughs for the millions of harassed unemployed.
    [I’ve stopped laughing now. It wasn’t fucking funny anyway.]

    Keep up the good work Void man.

  21. I’ve been reading the comments but I really don’t believe that it will be a landslide victory for Labour at the next election. We all know that Labour will continue with some form of workfare and tell us that it will be of benefit to us. When Labour came into power in 1997 they made a big thing of the data protection act but years before they lost power they started taking our rights away from us. They also took away the right to claim pension credits at 60. If Scotland does vote yes, only Labour would lose out as the tories won’t lose any MP’s.

  22. A4e Staff = Proud to Sit on their Asses getting Paid for doing Jack Shit!

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  25. “This is based on a report which ERSA commisioned from a consultancy company called Europe Economics…”.

    This is where the problem lies; being part of Europe. Unfortunately the only way to avoid Euro-centric ploys is to vote UKIP.

  26. @A4e Sucks
    I am still protesting each morning outside the Lamh Recycle premises in Motherwell. Lamh have given me an assurance in writing, as previously described, and I have no reason to believe they are telling an untruth but I will contact them again over the Facebook page and report back with their explanation.

    • Galloway never mentioned anything about Jews. Galloway has a problem with the terrorist state of Israel which is nothing to do with Judaism. The state of Israel is a Zionist state. Again Zionism is nothing to do with Judaism. They are polar opposites.

      The trick the Israeli state has tried to pull over the years is that it represents the interests of Jews. It does not. It is a Zionist entity set up by atheists who had no religious belief at all.

      If you want i can link you to plenty of literature that explains the real meaning behind Zionism and how real Judaism is vehemently opposed to it and the very existence of the state of Israel and the reasons why.

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  28. Should be changed to either #proudtospoutshit,#proudtosteal or #proudtolie.I was on the WP with A4E,they never got a job for me or the other people I saw when I attended their waste of space centre.

  29. The REAL purpose of workfare schemes is to force jobseekers into signing-off! You can forget all that ‘help and support’ bullcrap.
    These schemes are DELIBERATELY chosen to be the most appalling, horrific, dirty dangerous work imaginable. You can forget all that bullcrap about “Health & Safety”, there is absolutely no way anyone is expected to survive 4 weeks let alone 26 weeks on one of these schemes without losing a limb, a spinal injury, having an eye gouged out, having a heavy weight crushing their foot, being run over by a forklift. These schemes represent an absolutely shocking abuse of basic human rights being carried out in 21 century UK!

    • I’ve noticed that practically all the CWP placements I’ve seen mentioned on social networking pages are at recycling plants. God knows how people with a variety of health conditions and disabilities are supposed to manage! Taking no account of an individual’s disability or health condition is actually in breach of disability discrimination law. I would love to see the DWP and CWP ‘providers’ taken to court for this.

      • I’m am trying to get to the bottom of an asbestos scare (with no help from the DWP) at a recycling plant in Motherwell (not Lamh) that has no name over the building.

        A young man on MWA approached me at the end of last week after seeing me protesting outside Lamh Recycle. He was given a gas mask because of an asbestos problem with the roof but when he expressed concern at this at this they immediately offered to put him in a charity shop. The HSE have regulation governing work with asbestos: http://www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos/regulations.htm

        When I visited the place yesterday all the doors of the big shed were wide open to elements which should help spread whatever asbesots fibres there may be across the local community and their children. The vans parked inside the building were marked “Job Well Done” and there was North Lanarkshire Council waste disposal truck parked outside with old doors piled near the door for, so I assume, recycling.

        If this is accurate then it seems that not only is labour cheap for Osborne, Duncan-Smith and the other millionaires in our government but life itself.

        • Greeny cunts can fuck off

          Yeah, the fucking doors were meant for ‘re-fucking-cycling’ aright…. full of fucking rusty nails, fungi spores and whatnot. TOP TIP: Through your rubbish in with the trash. Say fuck off to these greeny, re-cycling, slave labour scam. Some poor workfare victim has to sort through and process all this fucking shit, remember that, next time you are tempted to throw your half-full water bottle in the office ‘re-cycling’ bin thinking :”wow, I am saving the planet :)” Don’t worry, the planet will survive – but you won’t! A lot of scammers are making big, big bucks, driving around in great big gas-guzzling fucking tanks, living in fucking mansions whilst destroying the health and breaking the backs of the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. Remember: BAG IT! BIN IT! CHUCK IT TO FUCK!

        • @John McArthur

          Local authorities in England and Wale have something known as a “Definitive Map” that details footpaths, industrial estates and their tenants, amongst other things. Check whether the same applies to Scotland and if so, ask to see it. If they don’t play ball, submit an FOI request.

  30. An MWA victim takes to song!
    (from a tweet) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFspXLKWfm8

    • Another Fine Mess

      Yet another recycling company declaring itself a social enterprise or not-for-profit – just so it can can get a steady stream of unpaid workers/slaves from the JC. Are recycling dumps becoming the new workhouses, I smell another scandal developing.
      Investigation will be on-going – as they say.

      • Boycott Recycling

        But they ARE for profiit, AFM. All the compacted shite that the workfare slaves produced is SOLD for a PROFIT. Witness the laughing rich bosses rolling in in their 14 plate Beemers from their up-market pads in the leafy green suburbs.. It is a fucking SCAM!! The public need to be made aware of what really is behind this exploitative, brutal and abusive ‘recycling’ racket. BOYCOTT RECYCLING!!

  31. I’ve just received my electricity bill and the total to pay far exceeds the 1% increase in benefits. I wouldn’t be surprised if we in South Wales pay more for our water than anyone else in Britain. £550 a year for water is high, if anyone pays more I would be interested to hear how much. If this 1% a year increase is maintained for much longer we are all going to be in dire straits. The forecast of more austerity measures must make it tempting for the scots to vote yes as it can’t be much worse and possibly a lot better for them if they do. Vote no and spend the rest of your life wondering what would have happened if I voted yes. I have listened to a number of debates on television over independence but no one has yet said if they would increase future benefits over the set 1%.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Since camoron said everybody has to be put on the lowest tarriff everyones gas and electric bill went up, because the companies simply got rid of the lowest tariffs. As usual the poorest and those on social tariffs got hit the hardest with their bills doubling.

      Some are paying £700 to £1000 for water!

  32. Slavery and Slavery Collaboration is Evil

    Socialism through Political Revolution is the Answer Not
    Pandering to the Bone Headed Ignorance of the Plight of the
    Poor Fuelled by Tawdry Tabloids

  33. Salvation Army MWA and CWP
    Following a tip off from a reliable source I visited the Salvation Army shop in Motherwelll Brandon Parade this afternoon. I asked the lady on the desk if the Salvation Army was continuing to take MWA and Community Work Placements from the Job Centre. The answer was YES. (The tip off said that the forced labour was from 4 weeks upwards)

    I said that the SA had issued a statement in March saying no involvement with CWP but as of today it has been deleted. See original tweeter feed and web link here:

    The lady then went and made a phone call and after a while she came back but this time in locked down mode, i, e no further comment and any questions to be raised with their media office on: 020 3657 7555. She refused to give her name. I noticed in the backroom a white board with “Sales Targets” to be met.

    My initial interest was sparked by a person (not the reliable source mentioned above) on an MWA placement at another Recycle place in Motherwell but because he expressed concern about having to work with a gas mask due to asbestos he was offered a transfer to a charity shop. My brother in law died in May 2012 due to asbestosis so you can guess that I am trying to get to the bottom of this but at present all I have got from the DWP is the usual kind of response from an organisation that now uses a ex Sun editor for it’s soap boxing.

    Any information on other SA stores using CWP?

    • Using google chrome in our local library the SA page CWP only displays a photo but no text but it does display on IE so in theory their policy on CWP hasn’t changed. Maybe there are local shops doing their own thing or the they don’t know the difference between MWA and CWP.

      • I was doing a Google search to see if I could find out anything else about recycling plants in North Lanarkshire, when I came across this: http://www.northlanarkshire.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=8341&p=0 What struck me most about this newsletter is the patronising way in which the people featured (all of whom have disabilities) are portrayed. Completely cringeworthy is the ‘line up’ of unemployed featured on the ‘noticeboard’ near the bottom of the newsletter. As you can see, one man had been working unpaid in a British Heart Foundation warehouse for a year but had still not been offered paid employment- proof that unpaid ‘community’ placements do NOT help people get back into work.

        (Btw I’m not sure how old the newsletter is, as it doesn’t seem to have a date on it, but it seems to have been published at some point in the past few years).

        • a police officer


        • a police officer


  34. With all this stress and harassment and worrying about the future i’ve started to feel really depressed by it all.

    You look ahead and all you can see is a big black friggin’ hole without a chink of daylight.

    This constant hounding of people and looking over their shoulders forcing them to do this and do that; it’s an appalling breach of people’s civil rights if not human rights.

    I wish someone would answer this question: How is it possible to sit in a JCP and jobsearch all day when the amount of jobs that you would want to apply for is tiny? Weeks could go by when i looked at that gov job site where i didn’t apply for anything because the jobs were so crap. Once in a blue moon one would come up that i thought sounded ok so i’d apply for it. But they would be few and far between.

    So essentially is this nonsense someone from the JC sitting behind you forcing you to apply for jobs that you wouldn’t normally touch with a barge pole under threat that if you don’t seem to be trying hard enough you’ll be sanctioned?

    How is the JC going to find space to have all these people sitting there all day?

    The mind friggin’ boggles, it really does.

    • What they’re doing is psychological torture. I’m sure there could be a case under Human Rights legislation, especially in view of the fact that being required to do this will exacerbate existing mental health conditions.

    • Stay optimistic, Raining. Serial killers always get caught in the end………

    • ……..
      I sure know how you feel Raining. But I don’t see how this all day at the JobCenter thing is gonna work either. It will be a disaster in no time.
      We hope in a few weeks time it will all implode. After a YES vote Westminster will be in total chaos.
      That’s of course if the plebs in Bradford don’t implode the JobCenters with riots and stuffs!

      • Yeah i’m praying for a YES vote Gordon and think not only will it be good for Scotland it will be a massive shake up for Westminster and a huge shock to their system that can benefit us all.

        It might be the boot up the arse that Westminster and politics in this country in general has needed for decades.

  35. talking about wasting money now every Welfare claimant has to get an attitude tests dame i’ll fail that one foe shore http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/11078359/Welfare-claimants-to-get-attitude-tests-employment-minister-reveals.html

    • *for

    • Landless Peasant

      Attitude test? WTF? That is definitely the thin end of the wedge! I would fail too, BUT would have a legitimate reason for doing so, i.e. a diagnosed Personality Disorder, so then what? Do I get a Sick Note? Doubt it. Can they change me? No. My condition is caused by Brain development during early childhood and is Genetic.

      • ……….
        I would like to know the legal basis for this, for I don’t think there is any legal requirement.
        E. McVey’s own say so is not any legal basis for anything. It has to be done thru Parliament surely?
        But not for nothing do I now call the bad bism McVey, Irma Gresse…Gresse was a young concentration camp commandant. She got bumped off after the World War Two at age 23. She was insane, defo, but was as evil as McVey!

        • Commandant Iain Duncan Schmidt (Executed)

          Ves, I vemeber Irma, very well 🙂 she vould varade varound ve camp in va nude vand vif vany vinmate so vuch vas glanced at ver vey ver SHOT!! 🙂

    • A few years back i did a course in advanced hypnosis and another course in neuro linguistic programming, what we are seeing now is an attempt to “Get your mind right Luke”. Brainwashing to accommodate change…….
      Probably a mind altering therapy dreamt up by the ministry of silly walks, the infamous, Nudge Unit.

      If the job doesn’t suit you, can they alter your perception of the barriers that stand in the way?

      A shit job on shit pay will always be exactly what it is, shit………………..

      I wonder if old shithead, Lord Freud, is using up any of his relation, Clement’s, brainchild ?

      Attitude tests are nothing but advanced, dangerous tools in the hands of complete amateurs, the side effects may have long disturbing effects on the psychological side of a claimant. Who gave the all clear for this kind of mind manipulation?

      No studies have been done or no risk assessment, they are literally toying with an unknown quantity.

      ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s like that advert on television, “GOLD FOR THE PRICE OF SILVER”.
      I have heard people quoting the expression.

      The same old shit as used by the tory party, “We inherited it from the last labour government”
      Keep repeating the mantra and people start to believe it!

      ………..hence, “scroungers and skivers”, “plasma tv’s and drawn curtains”

      The DWP utilising mind altering techniques on it’s paperwork to claimants, “may have your benefit stopped”, the word “must” plastered all over the place……….
      Simple things like, “if you do not do this, your benefit may be stopped”

      These idiots are using neuro linguistic programming to fuck with your minds.
      You are not aware of how much this instils a change in your attitude to fellow human beings and government policy.


  36. Another victim of Cameron, IDS, McVey and their cronies, takes his own life.

    More blood on their hands! The list of their victims is growing and will continue unless something drastic is done.


    • overburdenddonkey

      fucking monsters…

    • …………….Every time someone dies, i send a copy of the article to the “SPECIAL RAPPORTEUR OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS”

      They must have hell of a dossier on the crimes perpetrated against UK subjects………….

  37. Another Fine Mess

    Another pile of Waste Programme 6u115h!t.

    Over 160 employers call for politicians to set aside their differences and back the Work Programme

    In the middle it mentions Dean O’Reilly.
    “With the help of the Work Programme I have gone from being out of work for years to running my own businesses”

    Certainly looks like someone with plenty of barriers to employment, Not. And where’s the big gap in his employment.

  38. @Proud_to_Work Following 223, Followers 102.

    Interesting looking at their following and followers lists – not a very impressive clique, never has so much subjugation been inflicted on so many by so few, why so difficult to overthrow?

  39. overburdenddonkey

    today in glasgow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DaQVxbB-2U
    news in the last 10mins is; yes is now swung 12 points in 2 weeks and is @ 51% YES…

    • Shame that the Donald Dewer statue is so dominant in the video.

      Dewar, a left of centre politician representing one of Glasgow’s peripheral housing estates with high levels of deprivation, amassed a personal fortune well in excess of £2,000,000 including public utility shares, antiques and artwork worth over £400,000.

    • The REAL choice the Scotch is to vote NO for more of the same shit being delivered by the spadeful from those cunts in Westminster or to vote YES for a Neo-Nazi fascist state with Alex Haddock at the helm. As they say, they choice is yours 😉

      • ……
        Ermm……Tell us my dear….just what is “fascist” about First Minister Alex Salmond? He has condemed the NEW NAZIS social security abolition project from Westminster as “insane”. He has condemned the BedroomTax. He has condemned the upkeep of nuclear weapons. He wants Scotland to be part of the international community.
        So what is your problem? Been reading to much of the Hitler Daily per chance?
        Salmond is Fist Minister in Scotland because the majority of voters here put him there. More than can be said for D. Cameron who may not be fascist as such….but sure implements not so much fascit policies, but pure unadulterated murdering NAZI ones!

      • You gotta laugh at these soft southern eejits who feel they are entitled to comment on Scotch (!?) politics. If you can’t even get the name of the First Minister of Scotland – Alex Salmond – correct then please refrain from posting your imbecilic comments you daft southern bawbags.

        • ………….
          Agreed…but thankfully, at least on this blog, his type ( supposing “he’s” is a “his” that is )… are few and far between. Most of the Southerners who comment here are all for freedom. Most dudes here have lotsa common sense. Pity we have to put up with these room oners every now and then!

      • overburdenddonkey

        it is an independence referendum, not an election!
        we have an election in may 2016, it is then we choose an independent government.

        • So why then are the “YES” campaign handing out leaflets that say:

          “What does a YES vote guarantee?
          And end to sanctions…”

          Will and ‘independent’ Scotland be sanction-free come the 19 September?
          Or do sanctioned Scots jobseekers have to wait until May 2016 until their sanctions are lifted? Or are these leaflets pure lies?

          And what if come May 2016 the Scots ‘choose’ the ‘wrong’ Government? There are a lot of right-wing/fascist/Nazi fuckers in Scottish politics wearing different coloured rosettes who (openly) support the present New Nazi regime at Westminster, and who would in fact take Scotland further down the totalitarian path. Scottish Tories are shit! Scottish Labour are shit! The SNP are shit! Just who would form this ‘new’ government in May 2016 – a ‘parcel ‘o rogues’ no doubt…. 😉

          • People in September are voting for the SNP’s proposals. It is only they and the Scottish Greens who support independence. Anyway, facts are the facts. In the entire history of separatism, the leader that takes power of the newly-seceded state remains in power for a very long time afterwards. That’s just a historic fact; it happened in the Republic of Ireland when De Valera was in power until he was 91 years old. Alex Salmond has been using his donors’ money for his campaign and all resources he can get hold of at his disposal so he gets a Yes vote. That would only continue after independence, corporate businesses and multi-millionaires based in Scotland have been bankrolling his White Paper to see its policies implemented so he cuts corporation tax. There is nothing anti-Tory about the SNP (Tartan Tories) and they are openly capitalist; they supported Thatcher and opposed Callaghan’s nationalisation of the North Sea oil company.

            • overburdenddonkey

              aye/naw…king of clay..
              sanctions/WP/WCA/PIP will end likely unofficially on sept 19th 2014 if yes, if no things will get much much worse, for 1 thing it will be seen as a vote of confidence in WM…see SG website for changes…yes there is always a danger of a right wing lean….we are NOT voting for the white paper nor the SNP, fuck the SNP…but the right to self determination after elections may 2016…when you can vote for who you like…there is a massive informed, grassroots movement, this movement has grown way beyond the greens and snp, new paties will emerge we already have PR..
              can you not see the tyranny we live under NOW?
              see work of jimmy reid foundation…webluebook…women for indy…radical indy campaign..work of jim sillars, the ssp, scot anarchist’s, biz 4 scot, al, et al, et al…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kktV6Hp7Pw8

            • Nothing will change in Scotland if they vote yes, nothing will change in England if it’s a yes vote .They just think it will. Same country, same shit ,same problems.

            • ………..The SNP did not support Thatcher. Labour cut corporation tax 1st thing when Blair came to power. So it’s alright for Labour to cut tax, but not for anyone else?
              Just where on earth do some folks get this hatred of Alex Salmond and SNP from? Why this thing about fascist? How can a party that wants to abolish the Bedroom Tax, is against the present Westminster welfare policies, and wants to renationalize the mail service, keep water in public hands (Scottish Water has been kept a public utility mainly at the insistence of SNP ) and wants to give folks the Living Wage, be anything other than a progressive party?

              I take it some folk hate the SNP because Labour say there are right wing, while Labour are more right wing than Margaret Thatcher these days. By contrast, SNP are probably to the left of Michael Foot from the 1980s!
              Then again, the media in London. especially certain of the tabloids have done their best to misrepresent Salmond anyway they can.

              And anyway, ppl who don’t like SNP can just as easy vote them out of office soon enough.
              It is sad to hear those who want the above kinds of policies prepared to stay with a far worse system and not aim to make things better for some misplaced and ill informed prejudice against one political party.
              As many of us keep saying, a YES vote will force major change at Westminster, for the better too.
              The alternative changes nothing.

              • That’s NOT strictly true Gordon: The SNP might not have i directly supported Thatcher but it was the SNP voting with the Tories on the Motion of No Confidence vote that secured the downfall of the Callaghan government in 1979 which ushered in the era of Thatcherism. Salmond and Co. might not like to be reminded of it but is an historical FACT.

                And another uncomfortable fact is the SNP MPs who have voted in favour of the return of the death penalty.

                • ……..
                  Regards SNP and the 1979 No Confidence Motion against Labour in 1979, it must be remembered that Labour had just denied the will of the Scottish ppl for an Assembly. One miserable little unknown MP who was from Scotland, but served as MP for someplace in England forced a rule whereby 40 percent of electorate had to turn out for the vote. The turnout was about 37%. The majority who voted were in favor of the Assembly, but Prime Minister James Callaghan, refused to grant the will of the Scottish voters. One of the reasons the turnout may have been low is that the Assembly being planned wasn’t very strong. But it would have been better than nothing. The tories who still had a sizeable vote at the time “up North” told their voters they would give them something better than what Labour was offering. (Sound familiar?).
                  What then was the SNP supposed to do, seeing Labour had just refused the Assembly,as the 40 percent rule could have been waived. Besides, all the MPs from other parties voted against Labour. Including David Steel’s liberals. The Welsh Plaid being the exception. Labour lost by 1 vote. We don’t hear them being called tartan tories, and yet Steel’s, new party, Lib Dems have been the most tory of the lot. Had Callaghan supported a Freedom of Information idea of the Liberals, long before 3.30pm the day of the vote, it might have won.
                  Had Callghan called an election in late 1978, the chances are Labour would have won it. But thereafter the UK was plunged into turmoil, with strikes all over the place. After that, Labour were finished. Even with a Scottish Assembly, Labour would still not have won a UK election in 1979. It was over.
                  A lot of the blame is Labour’s who not for the first time, would betray the working ppl.
                  When a Labour Prime Minister tells a striking fireman that his pay of just under £40 a week was more than adequate for him and his family to live on, then tell us why anyone should feel he was worth voting for?
                  It wasn’t just the Scots Labour betrayed, it was everybody.
                  And the SNP has moved much further to the left since that time.
                  This constant going back to what happened 40 years ago is nonsense, when we consider the paths taken by Labour and SNP today.

              • There is no getting away from it, Gordon, Alex Salmond is the most HATED man in Scotland… and Nicola Strugeon is a close second!

  40. Landless Peasant

    Fuck the DWP and the Tory scum. Death to them all. IDS is a CUNT. Cameron is a FUCKING LIAR. Osborne is a POSH PRICK fucking COKE HEAD. WANKERS the lot of them. Bollocks to the Work Programme. Fuck Capitalism. Fuck the Economy. Fuck Politicians. Fuck the Jobcentre.

    • Fuck these CUNTS!!

      Too fucking right! Fuck these CUNTS!!

    • The capitalist pig economy is not as well as Georgie Porgie like to make out. Shares in the big supermarkets are in freefall…. Tesco (TSCO) will be shutting up shop soon at this rate. Hell mend the cunts!!

    • If these Tesco (TSCO) cunts go out of business it will be a poke in the eye for Georgie Porgie. The cunts have just cut their dividend payment by 75%! lol Short fucking Tesco until it falls through the floor. Buy :), fucking bye Tesco 🙂 lol

  41. I’m too sexy for my love too sexy for my love
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    And I’m too sexy for this song

    • Is this supposed to be what IDS likes to sing in the shower or something???


        I’VE KILLED THOUSANDS…………………..

        …………….AND I’M GONNA KILL MORE…………………..

        • Martin O'Loughlin

          Geoff or should that be GEOFF stop giving it the BOLDage you crusty Dalek. You are doing my swede in with such BOLDness captain.

  42. Have always managed housing association rent payments 1 month in arrears as HB is paid a month behind. Last week HA sent a threatening letter of intent to evict on that 1 month shortfall.

    In my mind the real reason is socioeconomic cleansing to clear unemployed tenants on full housing benefit from HA stock.


  43. How ironic that Iain Duncan Smith was born a Scot, yet his punitive policies could well be a big part of why many will vote Yes to leave the Union.

  44. Anyone in Scotland who is sick of the Work Programme and CWP should vote Yes, as Eck has said that there will be none of it if Scotland goes independent. There will be no more crap from A4e etc if you Scots decide to leave!

    • Will and ‘independent’ Scotland still have fucking jobcentres? The first act of an independent Scotland should be to drag everyone of those fucking jobcentre/third-party collaborators workers out of their fucking offices and SHOOT the fucking CUNTS!!

  45. Where the fuck do these cunts who work for the dwp/jc draw the line?

    You are referred to the following Opportunity – Workfare for 52 weeks
    You are referred to the following Opportunity – Workfare for 2 years
    You are referred to the following Opportunity – Indefinite Workfare
    You are referred to the following Opportunity – Work Camp
    You are referred to the following Opportunity – Concentration Camp
    You are referred to the following Opportunity – Death by Hanging

    Is there a line? Is there a point when these PCS union members will refuse to press the button?

  46. Beginning to wonder of Iain Duncan Schmidt’s welfare policies are part of a ploy to separate Scotland from the UK. The Scots really have had enough of this shite coming from Westminster. The big push to a YES vote is going come from welfare. If Scotland does break from the UK it will be all down to IDS and IDS alone.

  47. Martin O'Loughlin

    Get a job you scrounging Davros cunts.

    • GetYourFactsRight

      @ Martin… it’s a common misconception that the majority of commenters on the Void are on benefits of some form when in actual fact audience research by BARB indicates that a whooping 98% of commenters on the Void are in full-time employment. So, go put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  48. Martin O'Loughlin


    • overburdenddonkey

      do you have something constructive to say, some in depth point that you need to get off your chest…or is sniping enough for you?

    • ………….
      When doctors sign ppl off work or tell them that they cannot work, how does that make those folks “scroungers” If ppl are looking for work, day after day, but there are no jobs they can apply for, simply because there no jobs for them, how does that make them “scroungers” If folks are applying for dozens and dozens of jobs and hearing nothing back form employers, or they actually get interviews, but hear nothing back, how does that make them same?
      You seem to be saying everyone on any kind of benefit is at it.
      What then of the millions getting family allowance for their children? That is a state benefit. But millions get this, and still insist they’re not on benefits!

  49. I sincerely hope we get a yes’ vote, then just maybe, the Dicktats in Westminster will actually wake up to the heinous crimes they have committed.

  50. The 8th of September Mark’s the Anniversary of the Start of the Siege of Leningrad in 1941 .

    This Epic Siege is a Testimony to the Heroism of Russian People during the Siege their TerribleSuffering and the Horrific Brutality of the Nazi Aggressors

    Worthy of the Title of Hero City Leningrad

    Nazism Needs to be Opposed Now just as Then

    No to Neo Nazism No to Neo Liberalism

  51. If a Majority in Scotland Voted to Leave the United Kingdom they would
    be Away from Tory Bonehead Dictatorship ( Not Forgetting Margaret
    Thatcher’s Evil Regime ) but what about Poor People in England and
    Wales ?

    Would England and Wales be under a One Party Tory Nazi Dictatorship
    with Liberal Democrat Support Forever ?

    The Whole of Great Britain Need’s to have Socialist Government which
    Cares For the Poor and Vulnerable Welfare NHS Public Services

    Toff Tyrant Free Zone

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