Beggars To Be Grassed Up To DWP On New Scheme, Can The Salvation Army Sink Any Lower?


The entire homelessness industry has questions to answer about how they are treating those they claim to support, but none has sunk so low as Jesus’ little fucking helpers in the Salvation Army.

A local paper in York reports that the Salvation Army are now teaming up with the police in a scheme which will could see homeless people grassed up  to the DWP if they are caught begging.

According to the paper, Salvation Army members, along with the police and local council busy-bodies will be patrolling the streets of York hunting for beggars.  The charity claim they will provide housing advice whilst the police will be ‘reminding people’ that begging is against the law, no doubt by arresting them.  Not to be outdone, representatives from York Council say they will inform the DWP if people found begging are receiving any benefits.  Which means their benefits will be stopped.  And they’ll have to beg more.

None of this will trouble the Salvation Army, who are quite happy to have people’s benefits sanctioned themselves should someone refuse to work without pay in one of their shit charity shops.  Some charities have warned that benefit sanctions are causing people to beg just to be able to buy food.  This latest initiative will ensure that in York at least, anyone sanctioned by the Salvation Army and forced to beg will now face harassment and possible arrest under a scheme part run by the same Salvation Army.  A vicious noose is being tied around the neck of some of the poorest and most marginalised people in the UK.  And everyday some of the UK’s best known charities help pull it a little bit tighter.

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    • I think we need a meditation army to confuse those who wish to criminalise people sat looking calm – keep the busybodies busy , or let’s start a religion that practices gratitude by praying peacefully on the streets or giving to those praying out on the streets as a symbol of respect for their worth. No one is worthless nor undeserving. shame the so called Christians hate the world and fear others more than they appreciate or respect those who are not blessed as they are, to the point that they would deny those with lower social status the right to live, eat and be free to choose

  1. I swear to God, if I see any of that lot (the Salvation Army that is) out on the street, I’m gonna shove their tambourine where the sun don’t shine!

  2. The Police will be reminding people thar begging is against the law? Pehaps they should be reminding MP’s that paedophilia is against the law!







  4. Begging is against the law, is there a UK wide law or do the police rely on local ordinances?

    • It is not the act of begging that is criminalised it is your capacity to consent to give that has been criminalised.
      this so called democracy is based on assumed consent, yet actively deprives all of the capacity to make choices and act with self determination thereby negating consent.
      If a population is unable to consent then we cannot have a representative democracy therefore there can only be an authority to give permissions which dictates how we can respond. We live in a dictatorship , unrepresentative of almost everyone but people are too fearful of sanctions to be able choose how to act and not just be told.

    • Doesn’t seem to be enforced in Scotland I see guys with a cup in their hand all the time in Glasgow, though the pigs might move them on I cant be certain. They don’t really ask for money just sit with the cup like the Billy Connolly story about his pal that put money in a guys cup who was just having a cup of tea! Mind you some of the guys I’ve seen begging are in a bad way perhaps on street drugs perhaps on anti schizophrenia drugs but looking desperately ill. I’ve also seen from time to time foreigners sitting with a cup in the same place around Xmas. Either way pigs should leave them alone but with the Commonwealth games coming up I’m sure they’ll move them away from the city. I travelled round big cities in the UK a few years ago and nobody approached me anywhere even in London but on return to Glasgow I crossed over Union st from Central station, back home for all of two minutes and I was approached by a guy who was drunk asking for money “for beer..I admit it..I’m a fuckin alcoholic” he was already steaming right enough. Another day I came out the toilet in Lauders and a young guy was trying to tap me for some cash. “Glasgow it’s still a bit Dickensian” should be the city motto. still that’s polarised wealth for you.

  5. i got a sanction for turning up at army of angels on time told i was unsuitable and told to leave, said i wont get a sanction but i still did.

    and from what they said on there fb against me if you turn up looking scruffy they will do the same as they done to me cos they dont want you at there store.

    some fkn charity that is that does that, jcp wont give you a grant for any new clothes for mwa yet they want to sell tatty old clothes in there store fkn joke.

    pinnacle ppl also staff the salvation army store here as well for mwa

    • I hope you appealed the sanction. How the hell can they justify turning someone away because of the clothes they’re wearing when that person probably doesn’t have any spare money to buy new clothes after essential costs have been met out of their meagre benefits money?! Also, how dare they go then go on Facebook slagging you off! This sort of issue really highlights what is so wrong about unpaid work placements- send someone on one, complain that they don’t have smart clothes, but don’t provide them with the financial means to afford decent clothing. Perhaps it might also be worth writing to your MP- the pitfalls of mandating people with little money to work unpaid need to be highlighted.

      • i went on the army of angles fb page to thank them for my sanction doubt and that the store was over run with mwa slaves, i used both hands to count them pmsl at least 10 i could see there wondering round with a sweeping brush. aa then had to posts removed and had a warning of Facebook for telling the truth.

        Andrew Partridge Post this one then as well if you like ….. When you turn up for a work placement in dirty unwashed clothing looking like you were dragged through a hedge backwards wearing dark sunglass’s it don’t give any body a decent image now does it !!!!!

        Andrew Partridge ^^^^ dick head , do you mean WHOLE store , if so get your facts right before you post pathetic , stupid , comments , I have been a VOLUNTEER since November last year , and we have only used a handful of the mwa / pinnacle people , I take it you are the reject from society that we didn’t want in the shop
        army of ass holes removed these posts and mine.

        i had brand new clothes so say clean and tidy and was given me marching orders all because they dont want the public to know they use mwa slaves on mass at there shop.

        so if you get a mwa letter and then post on there fb page that you will be doing a 4 week stint @ 7hrs a day with no pay they will not want you in there store complete and utter cunts.

        i have one all my sanctions so far and the above proves i went even if they think im a smelly tramp that cant add up 😉

        • also the letter from pinnacle people said it was from. business support services on behalf of the secretary of state.

          it is not within his powers to do this as its a private company for profit,
          i wrote that on my letter and they soon took um all of us and refused to give me mine back.

          it also had my time table on it and dates i was to be a slave.

          pinnacle had been sub contracted from rehab group as they have the contract for this area and was told pinnacle get 250 quid for each placement and the rest goes to rehab group and prob give a back hander to army of angles to use there store tho i cant prove this atm.

  6. being a peado is against the law but it doesnt stop mps and people high up doing it , its a pitty the police dont get there morals right and investigate that instead of going after people who need to live , do they think people want to beg , no they dont do they think the kids wanted to be abused no they never so coppers and gods army do the right thing and go after the real criminals

  7. I hate the Sally Army so much that I can’t think of any suitable things to say about this without the blogs turning blue!

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    The Sally Army, doing Jesus’ work?

    • ………….
      Regards “SalvationArmy”…. It must be pointed out that these ppl are not Christian…That is absolute!
      As they do not accept Baptism, which Our Lord COMMANDED, it follows therefore, this strange sect denies the teachings of Our Lord. It denies the dogmas laid down by Christ Himself.
      It is time folks fully understood that point, and that this strange group that calls itself an army, is unacceptable. It is anything but Christian. Jesus did not found an “army”, but a Church ! And this group of evil renegades, who are nothing more than a nazi outfit as Geoff, rightly says, are not, and never have been a part of it.

  9. I’ve got connections with the Salvation Army.I’ll be in touch with them in the morning,I’ll keep you informed.

  10. This is what happens when you put business management in charge of running charity’s plus the six figure salaries they pay themselves.

  11. The Slavenation Army –

    There are six things that the LORD strongly dislikes, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.

    —Proverbs 6:16–19

  12. “if they are caught begging.”

    The “Salvation Army members” are doing just that in a city that I visit, they even have a few buskers playing music (if you can call it music ?) in the background.

    That makes the Salvation Army a bunch of….Hypocrites!.

  13. Wait so the salvos are offering housing to beggars and that’s bad? Gee your a hard marker mate.

    • “Wait so the salvos are offering housing to beggars and that’s bad?”

      Jack hugg,

      No, it doesn’t say that, read what it say’s…..

      “The charity claim they will provide housing advice “

    • Ever been in one? Think open prison where you pay for the privilege, and get turfed out on your are for any made up digression from their ridiculous rules on the drop of a hat

  14. jeffrey davies

    onward Christian soldier but they marching under the banner of greed which hasn’t help them one little bit but taking this blood money one wonders how can it call it self a charity when dealing in sanctions isn’t life strange when good isn’t that but evil turds whose only goal is to make money out of its slaves bodies jeff3

  15. Kiss the Devil

    A man has admitted sparking an emergency evacuation of Dundee’s Wellgate Centre by letting off chilli spray in a job centre lift. lol 🙂

    Chilli Spray Let Off in Jokecentre Lift lol 🙂

    • LMFAO oh my god this is sooo funny, “women and children vomiting” lol.
      Kind of beggs the question wtf was children doing there? And vomiting from Chilli?

      Also it looks like the chilli guy is going to jail. So is it against the law to spray chilli?
      What about garlic? Or even aftershave?

      The blame lays with the usual over knee jerk reaction by the police state!

      • Chilli Con Carne

        With any luck the Sheriff will have chilli-ed out 🙂 by the time this guy appears for sentencing, and chilli guy may escape with a spell of UNPAID WORK! What are they going to do if someone farts in the jokecentre – call out a Hazardous Substances Unit? RFLMAO

        • Hot Spicy Curry with Extra Hot Chilli

          UNPAID WORK lol The jokecentre could have sentenced this chilli guy to UNPAID WORK in the first place lol Save the hassle of a court appearance lol

  16. Sorry I’ going to go against the grain here and I want to ask ‘why would you be begging if you get benefits and have not been sanctioned’It’s the same as getting money for working the fiddle while getting benefits this is no different,I knew a person on benefits begging and earning a good 30 pound a day so in a round about shay they are committing fraud.


      Are you so thick as not to understand that people are being denied the basic welfare to live?
      I am supposed to be disabled for life and they have had me living on £32 per week for more than a year after stealing my disability benefits.
      I have a partner and two children…………….

      Are you truly oblivious to what is going on in the real world or did you just want to shop a bad apple?

      It almost sounds as though you are uneasy with the sight of people who need to beg to eke out a lowly existence, put your name forward as a prospective tory candidate as your total ignorance is just what the electorate needs.

      I know what it is like to be hungry and undernourished, do you?
      I doubt it?
      An accident at work took away my ability to perform everyday tasks!

      Next time you see someone in a precarious situation, try and understand why they need to do this. Don’t try and brand everyone as a typical cheat, by doing this you are following the mantra our government expects you to follow.









  18. As promised,I contacted a Major Dunkinson of York Salvation Army this morning.The Major relayed to me the Army’s position in all this.He stated that the Army is not involved in any decisions with regard to sanctions by the DWP.He further stated that the Army’s role is to help those who are genuinely homeless get any help and services that are available.

    My own record in all this is that whilst I am normally an easy going guy,I have a zero tolerance to any attacks on those who have nothing.I was involved some years ago following the decision by Nottingham City Council to stop Churches etc handing out blankets to the homeless.I was also involved in the far more recent campaign against metal spikes put up by Tesco amongst others to deter homeless people.

    I am afraid though that it is a case of accepting that night follows day on this particular issue.We must accept that there are some people who are begging not shall we say out of genuine need,though to support a possible drug habit.Whether they may have a drug habit introduces many issues that again I could write about for ever!

    • Fuck the Sally Ann

      “He stated that the Army is not involved in any decisions with regard to sanctions by the DWP.” Indeed, it’s not the Sally Arny that issues sanctions directly. The Sally Army merely grass claimants up the the Jobcentre in order for the DWP “decision maker” to issue sanctions; therefore the Sally Army are entirely blameless and absolved from all responsibly for sanctions. Pull the other one, Major Hardon!

      • Yes exactly Major Hardon is talking a load of crap. They agree to take slave workers on and grass them to the DWP if they don;t turn up or work hard enough which then leads to a sanction.

        No different to the SlaveNation army sanctioning them themselves.

        Wankers and hypocrites.

    • He’s not a major.

      These people need to stop calling themselves by military ranks.

      Noone else calls themselves Captain this or Major that. It’s ridiculous.

    • “The Major relayed to me the Army’s position in all this.He stated that the Army is not involved in any decisions with regard to sanctions by the DWP.”

      You know., this really fucking annoys me. Because its dishonest bullshit and dishonest bullshit spewed from the mouths of people who claim they are some kind of moral authority.

      No, the SA are not involved in imposing sanctions. Of course they aren’t you stupid cunt. They don’t have to be. All they do is run to the DWP and tell them that their new slave is misbehaving and the DWP do the dirty work for them and there is plenty of evidence of that. Just ask any poor sod mandated to work in one of their crap charity shops what happens if he doesn’t turn up.

      You are either stupid or dishonest or both but even a thick cunt like you can understand this., VOLUNTEERING IS MEANT TO BE VOLUNTARY and forcing someone to work under threat of starvation is they refuse is the antithesis of volunteering,. Its forced labour and the SA is up to its filthy necks in it.

  19. the salvation army

    oh yes we sink a lot lower than that just wait see mr void.

  20. Is this an “ACT” or the “LAW” big big difference. Blantently not the “LAW” no your rights people!!

  21. Not surpsed by this at all. The Sally Army have always been a bunch of reactionary tossers. Read Jack London for an account of having to queue up all morning in the rain and having to sing hymns before being given a cup of tea and a bit of bread for breakfast.

    “Now, about the Salvation Army in general I know nothing, and whatever criticism I shall make here is of that particular portion of the Salvation Army which does business on Blackfriars Road near the Surrey Theatre. In the first place, this forcing of men who have been up all night to stand on their feet for hours longer, is as cruel as it is needless. We were weak, famished, and exhausted from our night’s hardship and lack of sleep, and yet there we stood, and stood, and stood, without rhyme or reason.

    Now, about the Salvation Army in general I know nothing, and whatever criticism I shall make here is of that particular portion of the Salvation Army which does business on Blackfriars Road near the Surrey Theatre. In the first place, this forcing of men who have been up all night to stand on their feet for hours longer, is as cruel as it is needless. We were weak, famished, and exhausted from our night’s hardship and lack of sleep, and yet there we stood, and stood, and stood, without rhyme or reason.”

  22. Time to redeploy the SKELETON ARMY ?

    “The Skeleton Army was a diffuse group, particularly in Southern England, that opposed and disrupted The Salvation Army’s marches against alcohol in the late 19th century. Clashes between the two groups led to the deaths of several Salvationists and injuries to many others.”

  23. Well untynewear I think not!It appears that the Skeleton Army were a paid army of rabble,paid by owners of alehouses etc!I come back now to explain my own connection with the Salvation Army.My sister is Major Muriel McLenehan who was given the MBE for the services she gave in the aftermath of the London Bombings.

    • overburdenddonkey

      and my uncles, 1st cousin’s, nephew’s daughter is the queen of sheba…so what, it does not give you any credence and even less moral authority that you cannot speak for yourself…go on wax lyrical about the causes of addictive behaviours, coz all i’ll likely see is a set of rules on how to be good without really trying..the very set of rules that is rote repeated by capitalist christains all over the planet…with its absurd implicated precepts of good and evil, which condenses down to what ever human beings do is a lifestyle choice….

    • Just as the Salvation Army is a paid rabble of oh so holy better than thou bunch of creeps doing the work of the capitalist elite. I’m a member of the IWW, an old foe of the SA, and the only use we ever had for you scum was to nick the tunes of SA songs and write our own words so that we could sing along to the music played by SA bands, but singing words that made sense/took the piss out of the SA.

  24. Salvation Army? The S. A. That’s what Hitler’s Brownshirts were called.
    A coincidence, or history repeating itself?

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    This presumably follows the deal between the homelessness charities and the government, which sees them get more funding and the homeless get sanctioned if they do not take reasonable steps to get into accommodation. It also probably follows from local or national legislation, which sees beggars as a nuisance. I think there’s already legislation prohibiting aggressive begging. Bristol, and I think, a number of other cities have also tried to discourage their citizens from giving to beggars on the grounds that it’s actually bad for their health, as they will just go and spend the money on alcohol or drugs.
    It does, however, go against the attitude of the Sally Ann’s founder. Booth started out as a Methodist, but started shocking his respectable congregation by bringing beggars and the homeless, including alcoholics, to church. This is about the opposite. This is designed to sweep the streets of beggars and the homeless so that the respectable aren’t disturbed their sight, and people can then be taken in by Tory claims that poverty is actually decreasing, thanks to their finely thought out and intelligent policies. It’s a way of disguising reality, rather than facing up to it and challenging its root causes.

  26. Matthew Griffiths

    Read Jack London’s ‘People of the Abyss’ (1903) and read about his encounters with them in the East End in their early days… he didn’t think much of them either, even back then.

  27. peter crompton

    If begging is illegal,why when i walk through Blackburn shopping centre,are there people asking for money for rspca,cancer research,heart foundation,water for africa,etc,im on jsa cant find work and paying bedroom tax,and these idiots who have never worked, begging me for money,why arnt they arr
    ested,the only ones who would get any money of me ,if i had any,would be the people with a dog and hat,or chip tray,the country is run by nazies,and the country will soon be no morer

  28. I think you will find that what once were charities have their heads turn by given money from the government, gone are the people who used to care, replaced by money grabbers Remploy RNID salvation army all gone, the only real charities about are those who have nothing to do with the government and it schemes any more. As is it is the salvation army it seems is no longer full of Christians.

  29. Rosemarie Harris

    If the Sally army really cared about people and not money then why do they tell the DWP if someone dosen’t do what they want. This is how someone gets their money stopped and if they don’t have money how do they pay the bills? Perhaps by prayer! or perhaps they don’t and they beg, borrow or steal. Either way this company should be avoided by unemployed/disabled and caring people because they don’t give a shit about the people they say they care about, If Christ was around now this lot would have got drunk on the wine in the disguise of helping him and his drinking problem!
    All so called charity’s are companies but some do believe in Voluntary in the proper terms .. These charity’s we need to support.

  30. If The Government wasn’t making people poor, cutting benefits, forcing the disabled to work for welfare, if there was no bedroom tax, if council’s were evicting people for specious reasons, and people weren’t being sanctioned by the Dwp, they probably would need to be beg.
    Punishing people, for being poor? when does it end?.

  31. The usual excuse used by the police and other bastions of the Corporate State to harass or even arrest beggars, is that the money they collect will be used to finance a drug and/or drink habit. The way around that is to buy them a hot drink or even better, buy them a takeaway from the local chippy. Even give them some baccy if they smoke – I’m a lifelong non-smoker but I know a ciggy can be a comfort when in dire straits. Anything to throw a spanner in the Tories’ Corporate State and help those in need. Cut out the middle-man and give them food. The police and local authorities can’t do anything about that.

    • So far, never yet encountered anyone who turns down a hot drink/food and says no thanks, could you just give me the money instead as I need to fund my drink/drugs habit. The only thing I’ve been asked lately was if a sandwhich containing seafood could be swapped for another one as the person would suffer an allergic reaction otherwise – not difficult and not a problem. Also many people do not want to talk about their situation – and why should they – but sometimes having a conversation can mean that the person at least knows that they are being recognised as a fellow human being who had a life before they were on the street and still has a life – even if it has gone pear-shaped for whatever reason for the time being. Have heard this expressed recently.

  32. I forgot, when a neighbour was sanctioned and absolutely destitute, while he was given by the local food bank, When doing my shopping I also added a can of Irish stew or something else he liked, to give him.

  33. Tories discuss stripping benefits claimants who refuse treatment for depression

    Senior ministers now believe the rules should be reviewed in order to reduce the “huge” numbers of people who are declared unfit for work due to mental health problems.

  34. Hey guys! Thought you all might get a chuckle outta this! Tesco tweeted a response to an inquiry about were they involved in schemes where people work for their dole?

    Anyway they replied in the affirmative. So i go in to Boycott Workfare a couple of mins ago and BW have a screen shot of Tesco’s now deleted tweet!!!! LOL! This is friggin’ rich isn’t it? Is that not a straight up admittance that they know their involvement in Workfare is reprehensible? If they think it’s good being involved in Workfare why did they remove that tweet?

    Check it out here and thanks to BW for getting that screen shot so that it was not lost!

    • Another Fine Mess

      Is that not a straight up admittance that they know their involvement in Workfare is reprehensible?
      Yes. I didn’t know they’d deleted it.

      • Think they realised “we’ve f—-d up here with this! better delete that tweet!” LOL!

        • Another Fine Mess

          I wonder if they’ll still think the ‘Government Workfare Scheme’ is a such a good idea, when they get sacked and end up ‘working for their benefit’ and having to do 35 hours jobsearch themselves.

          • That would be poetic justice and i’d love to see it happen! Give the wankers a taste of their own medicine!

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    Shame of The Salvos!!

  36. totallygivenup

    as a christian ive alwys questioned there need for uniforms and rank,being ex forces,if they get past a certain rank,major i think they can use it as a title, i will be asking the next one i see and im going to contact there head office,this gives all christians a bad name,also collaboraties with an evil scheme and regime

  37. Surely if they were in receipt of benefit/s there would be no need to beg? Are you suggesting that those receiving housing benefit and JSA are entitled to beg for bonus funds? Which is a crock same as anyone working and claiming should be bubbled as they are royally f*cking it up for any genuine job seeker. This whole blog reeks of iffy information and half truths; also the low dig at the fact the organisation is religious is childish in the extreme. Have a go at them for promoting workfare by all means but the fact they are Christians isn’t a crime last time I checked. If you want an iffy religion that genuinely promotes hatred, bigotry and violence you need look no further than Islam. But of course that isn’t politically correct so no-one will take a pop at that.

    • And Christianity isn’t bigoted and doesn’t promote hatred and violence? What about the Crusades, what about the Christianity of many Bible Belt Americans that actively promotes the idea of Armageddon that it’s trying hard to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. They failed to make the prophecy work in the Cold War, so now they need a new enemy, and so they have focussed on an old ‘enemy’. In medieval times, it was ostensibly Jeruslaem. (plus lots of loot) but nowadays it’s oil that is the lure. A lot of new knowledge was also found, but that was supressed for centuries by the Roman Catholic church as they didn’t want people to know about the things that the Arab world had discoverd as it would have undermined their power. What about the Christian Mr Iain Duncan Smith, what about the Chrisitian Mr Tony Blair, the Chrisitian Mr David Cameron? Are a;; these Chrisitian Extremeists? Bent on implememting a Christian Extremeist terror campaign on Islamic countries? Islamic extremism isn’t nice, but let’s get a sense of proportion here. Neither 9/11 or 7/7 were justified, and both remain terrible acts of terror, but both pale almost into insignificance compared to the numbers of innocent lives lost in both Afghanistan and Iraq since the USA and the UK invaded in 2001 and 2003 respectively. Where is the sense of moral outrage there? Or is it that they are Muslims and so don’t matter?

      I don’t like religion very much at all, and would love to see people get with the programme and ditch all such superstitiious rubbish, but compared to Christianity Islam is actually a much more peaceful religion.

      People aren’t having a go at Chrsitianity, per se, but rather the bigots and hypocrites who claim to be Christian.

      If you’re going to make assertions, at least go and do some background reading, then, at the very least you would be well enough informed not to make such stupid observations and end up looking like a prat.

    • Landless Peasant

      @ O M E N

      “Surely if they were in receipt of benefit/s there would be no need to beg?”

      Benefits are under-paid and are nowhere near enough to live on. My entire fortnight’s money usually lasts about 2 – 3 hours.

  38. Landless Peasant

    Now this:

    Mental health job support scheme piloted

    They can fuck right off.

  39. overburdenddonkey

    l p
    yes, more soul crushing nihilism…

    Click to access 176_16-18.pdf

  40. l p
    they want to find reasons/justifications for scrapping the WRAG group of esa (it was/is only a matter of time once they introduced the new categories) – so everyone can be put in the group ‘below’ where they would be by rights – so hardly anyone makes it into the support group – first time out anyway – and it’s a fight to get into the WRAG group. They can try to shift more people “off sickness benefits” – even if the reality is that they are sent to apply for jsa instead, with the extra conditionality/lower rates of money that entails.

    Their ill-health/conditions haven’t altered or magically disappeared, just the goalposts have moved. I’ve just read that thousands of people who were categorised as being in poverty ’til recently – and still have only the same amount of money coming in – are no longer [classed as] ‘poor’. This is since what defined ‘poor’ officially has been altered to protect the guilty …

    • overburdenddonkey

      s n
      protect the guilty…which is exactly what they are doing right now by intensifying blaming the victim by using these evil numbing mind control methods….any one who is not aware of their methodology should extrapolate it from the excellent vid of dr lucy reynolds on the health and social care bill….we are being openly commodified….deserving undeserving…

      • obd,
        This is sickening.
        There were some leaflets mentioning these ‘health advis-ors’ (it’s always ‘ors’ for advice-givers like these) when i was sent to the work pogrom. Had a look but didn’t keep one – the gist of the leaflets seemed to be suggesting that it is all very straightforward, and that if someone feels ‘a little bit down’ (depressed/agorophobic/suicidal etc.) & this may be part of why they are not “in work” they just needed to pop over the way to see an HPA or whatever the acronym is, at the local onestopshop – more traditionally where you’d go to discuss housing benefit (support)/council tax etc. … for ‘a friendly chat’. This would soon reveal that if they then begin (say) going swimming/walking to the swimming baths once a week – things would soon seem a lot less bleak & they would be …. wait for it, wait for it … “helped into work” shortly afterwards. No need for a GP. Voila,

        • overburdenddonkey

          s n
          basically they are doing it to destroy self esteem aka self confidence…
          so that they put themselves in the driving seat….they’ll be calling themselves life coaches next…occupational health is where their new gold is, persuading people that their problems are all in the mind perceptions, and work/seeking work is the cure…suits the insane govt that weren’t elected, it is what capitalism is, devour/consume until all is destroyed…they want total dominance of the work force…and is the very reason why the socialist labour party was founded…the new coal face is in qualifying for benefits in endlessly seeking non-existent work, health care and homes….

          • with everyone too weakened/shattered/exhausted to notice they no longer live in what was supposed to be a democracy and has become a police state while they/we were otherwise occupied trying to make ends meet? … til hit by water cannon while on their way to a minimum wage job (the ‘luckiest’) or to work for our benefits / justify receiving them at SanctionCentrePlus (they should just get on and re-name it).

            … it’s like sci-fi – gone mad – no need to write the next dystopian novel.

          • Talking therapies – This was implemented under Labour when general practitioners told their unemployed mental health patients to get a job. The group blame game and the surrender of the personality to the collective is a socialist notion – the right to psychological privacy in a sense is the right to intellectual property and should be enforced and protected by law when necessary.

            • overburdenddonkey

              talking therapies are PASSIVE, and therefore shift nothing, the inner unexpressed thunder must be vented, all of it…the box of terrors must be m/tied, and approached to see, know, that the box is m/t. this is what recovers personality…talking therapies keep the victim away from the box….they invade space by threatening to remove vitals of life and/or removing them..hitler got in by numbing peoples minds with terror, by causing panic to shut down mind and resistence…true socialism has no leaders but guides..the goal is to restore free access to the vitals of life via comfortable toil….this is easily achievable….but achievement is brutally blocked by capitalist sanction and conditionality..
              skara brea….

        • Landless Peasant

          Yeah but when you have a diagnosed Personality Disorder caused by an under-developed Brain due to a combination of Genetic predisposition and Social factors such as Parental relationships, then no amount of friendly chatting is going to cure you, and the problems you face are a little more than just feeling a bit down. They won’t even give me a Sick Note, just Meds to keep me balanced. I just claim JSA.

          • LP,

            I also claim JSA after having IB removed, did not want to get dizzied in the ESA revolving door.

          • The Boomtown Rats

            The Boomtown Rats – I Don’t Like Mondays 🙂

          • The Boomtown Rats

            The Boomtown Rats – Diamond Smiles 🙂

          • Can you believe these people with their leaflets, insisting day is night, sanctions are to “help” people / all of the answers are within ourselves if we only “try hard enough” and have a PMA/’Can-Do attitude’.

            The work programme, as well as having leaflets on ‘Healthcare Advisors’, had motivational-type posters on the (otherwise very grim) walls saying things like “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!” and “Climb Every Mountain, Ford Every Stream!” (not that one really). Maxims / self-help mantras that would be almost laughable if they weren’t so Orwellian.

            (Slowly recovering from the gruelling experience – six months on).

  41. Jack the Ripper may have been a member of the Salvation Army. Someone has just written a book putting forward this theory. If this were true, would it really surprise anyone?

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  43. The Condems are driving people to the abyss and the Starvation Army are helping them, exploiting people when they are meant to be decent.


    Hi, (to cut a long story short), I was homeless 3 years ago, a friend took me in put me up on the settee while I claimed JSA and looked for work etc. But because my friend was a female friend, they said we was a couple (she is Gay) so we are just good friends. Anyway DWP stopped my money I got told begging is not allowed where i live. So NO money, no begging – now I take to the streets Steal push-bikes to sell, break in to homes, shops etc steal then sell stuff to BUY food and toiletries etc thats how I have been forced to live for nearly TWO (2) years now. Am I sorry i have to do this and live this way ? Of course I am but at 56 years old, not in the best of health and as we know hard to get or find a job. I am forced to Break The Law to FEED Myself.. but that’s life.. Yes I have worked nearly all my life – but now no work this is how my Country (Gov and DWP) treat me..

    (And no I do not do drugs, including Alcohol or Tobacco) do not have SKY, No mobile phone as any money I make from stealing MUST go on food, toiletries etc.. In the past I have been nearly A whole week without food.. But they must be other’s out there worse off then me… (And before any say, It’s my mates computer and Internet), I just use it sometimes

    Best wishes to all..

    • Lance Armstrong

      I would be careful stealing push-bikes if I were you because if the wrong person catches you they will knock your head right off. Not only that, it likely to be somebody’s sole means of transport, could even belong to someone on JSA.

  45. reading first line in subject header of the email update i first thought it said,Beggars To Be Gassed”,wouldn’t surprise me if that were to actually happen under these evil pigs.

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  47. jeffrey davies

    im afraid reading some comments they think we are cuckoo or there isn’t something wrong with our governments policys but they have listened to that scrounger notice were we all get purses overflowing with monies yet they cant or wont open their eyes to the sad fact that no matter whot this lot have made a mockery of the charitys by using them in its schemes but then the charitys have to ask themselves who puts those coppers in their tins and by taking the blood money of theirs dam themselves from the poorest giving something back yet you can argue all you like but whot ever you think its evil this lot does if its not that whot else is it and seeing that person holding out that cup would get a cup of coffee or sandwhich from those who have a heart not a kicking not a judgement has its states in life it could be you there but arguing over charitys nah it isn’t worth their salt has you see they sat down with old nick supping at his table and until they wake up to the fact then its more of this abuse jeff3

  48. Maureen Armstrong

    This is a disgrace. I will no longer support the Sally army and will not visit YORK anymore. Lovely city but if this is the way it treats the homeless and poor people they deserve to lose the tourists and visitors. Shame on the council.

  49. Non Violent Begging is Not a Crime it is the Oppression of the Poor
    by the Greed of the Rich and their Apparatus of Repression which
    is the Real Crime
    A Poor Man Begging for Subsistence Non Violently is
    Not an Offence against Common Decency it is the Selfishness
    of the Rich which is an Offence against Common Decency

    Non Violent Begging is Not Abuse the Abuse of Children by
    Monster Politicians like Cyril Smith and other such Perverts is

  50. I was housed by the sallie army for a month, some of the staff were fucking psychos, never again. Thankfully, got my own place now, no thanks to these religious freaks.

  51. Salvation salvation id rather doubt more like slave trading at the sally army

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